truth honor and integrity show | November 29,2018

Word of warning again I feel is required about Q & A, I dont think some of you realize the dangers you put people in with your questions and also potentially ruining plans that have been made and worked on for quite some time. Look I know you all want to know the ins and outs of everything, I have been where you are before 2013, so I do get that, but you have to consider the safety of people involved over the need to know every little detail. One of our team was poisoned with Phentanol this week again, this is the 5th or 6th attempt at poisoning one of our group this year, this is war folks and you really need to grasp that fact
You get told on this show way more details than any other show, but you have to be a lot more responsible with your questions than some of you are currently. We have agents scattered on both pages currently causing disruption and distraction, but questions of wanting to know who is working with who, plans on this and plans on that, how will you fix this or what are you plans for this (revealing plans or operations is pure folly, people really need to grasp that, so if you ask for the plans to be made available, and I answer, am I not telling the cabal our plans as well?) is X working with Y, (me saying yes X works with Y is going to be of what benefit to the person who asked it? what have you gained from knowing that answer? what if clowns find out X works with Y, and they block those 2 working or kill one or both of them? was that answer really worth it?) do I like or approve of this or that alt media is not helping either, the fact you asked the question, means you dont trust them and want me to validate it, why do you need me to validate what you already suspect? Plus it adds another group of clowns to come onto the pages and play divide and conquer. We have enough with the CV group, Keenan group, Tank, Aug Tellez, Lily Earthling, Wilcock and Corey groups coming in here or in private and creating mayhem without adding more. I go through every question sent eventually, but sometimes I cant answer, but by me not answering, can also provide info to those that pry on us, a non answer can be just as telling as giving the answer. You have to think more sensibly about what you are asking and what are the implications of me answering that question or not. This is war folks you have to recognize this, and asking q’s like I have just stated, is potentially putting me and many others at great risk. I put out information and as many details when it is safe to do so, asking me publically to go deeper is at times putting things at risk, nothing ever gets held back from you except where I exert responsibility for the information, that puts people at risk or potentially ruins plans, it is that aspect only that gets held back until those plans, people or issues are deemed safe to do so.

*Following our attack on underground black budget base servers last week due to them blocking transfers, it appears it achieved more than we hoped for, as those servers it appears was the eyes and ears to spy and listen to everyone, and suddenly they went totally blind and couldn’t see or track anyone or anything. Deep state tried to rectify this by sending rogue contractors inside The Pentagon to install a new system or try and restore parts of the original, so much for the Pentagon being safe and secure then.

*Cabal, factions, deep state have all gone into meltdown mode this week, as their desperation attempts to keep or restore the old order or system repeatedly fails. They then started issuing nuclear threats to various countries or regions, and also biological warfare threats were issued, all in a vain attempt to keep the illusion of control going, too many are just not following them anymore and many are refusing to bow to their threats also, their position will also become much weaker once the next 72 hours passes with no incident or disruptions.

*As part of the UK’s theme for the IMF gathering, the Chancellor is promoting all things Fintech and Britain’s “world-leading expertise and influence in finance to shape global views towards new financial technology.” The Chancellor expects the UK to “lead global efforts to design a regulatory approach to crypto-assets and distributed ledger technology (IE blockchain). Currently, there is a “crypto task-force” working in the UK that expects to publish a report on the UK’s approach to digital assets before the end of the year. The Chancellor stated: “International cooperation has made our financial system safer, simpler and fairer since 2008. At home, our banking reforms have protected people and given them more confidence that their money is safe. The UK’s world-leading expertise means that we are in a unique position to shape the future approach to emerging technology like blockchain so that they benefit businesses, people and the economy. This week I’ll be making sure British interests are represented at the very top of international finance.”
Two things from this, this confirms our earlier this month intel, were we told you the IMF approached 134 countries to get them to switch to cryptos, secondly, this also confirms they want and need cryptos because they have no assets and or little fiat wealth any longer, this is desperation attempt on an extraordinary scale, and full on admittance they have lost almost complete control of the old financial system. Like a spoiled child who doesnt get their way, they pick up the ball and run off with it and start a new game with fresh air currencies and its open source blockchain trapping system, essentially another financial slavery system, because the people now control the real money and real assets system – oops. So I really do not want to hear the crypto or blockchain bucks the system and gets around the cabal, because clearly they created it as a back up system, and sadly yet again so many fell for it. All the old systems be it IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle all contained backdoors in their software and hardware, and the requirement going forward is to create a brand new platform and system, with no outside influence.

*There is a massive shift inside The vatican ongoing currently this month and is expected to continue a more forward path, infighting within the church has reached epic proportions with many of the top people there under a lockdown due to safety issues. The reason for the infighting is the vast majority of people inside The Vatican have now decided to step away from the factions and cabal and work towards a world peace with Manna Trust in tow. Top people are tired of waiting for their pay outs there via the RV from The Rothschilds and have taken step to remove all connections to them.
Vatican like many other top organizations are now struggling to pay their staff and also utilities and want to move to a better position with regards to the people. The Pope for his part wants to prosecute all of the pedophiles and is fully aware now of the issues surrounding the previous Pope and is working to address those issues. The Pope is also working with all other religious heads on declaring a peace treaty between all the religions, that can and will be enforced, and no this is not one world religion. As for the entities and demons below The Vatican they are no longer permitted to interfere in this process.

*Discussions are now taking place at the highest levels of the Roman and other churches, on the potential of an eventual winding down of the experiment called religion. Massive changes are expected over the coming over next years, certain disclosures mainly to the masses will tip many over the edge, and often in times of pain or trauma, many seek out the church for comfort.
The risk at this point in time, for people to completely lose it, was considered too great a burden to bear for the general populace to out it in one go.
This, like other disclosures in the past and for the future will be a gradual phasing in and phasing out process, you will see a merging or reconciliation attempts between all the religions over the coming years, apologies will be given, immunity to crimes is being discussed but no decisions made on that yet.
Church leaders, like many other leaders are now finding out they were lied to also, to me that doesn’t exonerate some of their more heinous behaviors over the centuries, either way this is the beginning of the end of what was known as religion, there is no definitive date set yet, but I would expect it to happen this lifetime.

*US Govt and The Treasury have been shown a video of a vault that houses a portion of the physical assets held by The  Manna World Holding Trust, it does not just include gold, but many other minerals and also elements, and once both departments have satisfied The Trust that they are capable of safe guarding the physical assets, they will be transferred to the relevant destinations for use as an asset base.

*The Ukraine and Russia issue is largely all fakery, all played out by NATO/IMF & UN, they are intimidating countries to join the EU, for two reasons one they can then claim under the EU for each new nations to sign over their inground resources to the UN as the UN is broke, and also with their latest ruling of 2% of that countries GDP must go to NATO (who are also broke) under the guise that they will protect you, yeah right NATO is not there to protect any single country whatsoever, only to further the causes of The Rothschild’s family and steal the wealth of each nation. NATO/IMF & UN are telling countries of East Europe that Russia plans to invade their countries and they must join up with the EU for them to protect them. Message to all East European countries and leaders, ignore NATO/IMF & UN these are all bankrupt entities, the IMF alone owes the trust $189T none of which they can pay back, they have no power, only threats and lies and they are trying to loot you, the same as they loot every other country. Many of those countries formerly under their control are now realizing these groups are not in anyones interest but themselves and their globalist agendas. So no Russia is not going to attack you, it’s all bs, beware of false flag events happening in your respective countries in an attempt to blame Russia for that also

*So retard friday, better known as Black Friday has come and gone, and people queue’d up all night in frigid temperatures, fought, pushed and dragged each other all over a few bargains they perceive they are getting for materialistic things. What people don’t get is they are not getting bargains that day, but they are being ripped off every other day that is not Black Friday, because if they can sell a lot of items for that price that day, why not the rest of the year? I worked in a retail shop over Christmas one year, I was assigned the task of changing the prices 5 times from week before Xmas to January 2nd, at first I put the prices up around 15% then lowered to sales price of 10% off, which meant price was cheaper before the holiday sales. So say an item was $10, plus 15% iss now $11.50 less 10% is $10.39, so items based on $10 were 39c per $10 dearer, this is what they do. I got thrown out of a furniture store during sales time for pointing out the sofa was 150 gbp dearer in the sale than before it and was alerting customers of the rip off.  So, the next holdiay xmas is almost upon us and the debt cycle imposed on us but we bought into continues, people and parents feel the need to outspend their circle and the cycle continues. Don’t but what you can’t afford is my message, and dont play the guilt game of “well the kids will miss out” it is a marketing trap designed to get you to spend more than you want. Maybe the kids missing out will give them some much needed appreciate of life, and the fact the amount of money you spend on them equals how much you love them, nope and that needs to be corrected. The only way is to end the cycle, teach them values of life not life is valued by money. Vast money wasted on xmas cards most cant afford, when you barely speak to 2/3rd upwards from one xmas to the next, just stop the cycle, $3,4,5 and more dollars each for a card with a message on that somebody else wrote, they are not your words or message in the card, they are marketing scripts. People get bonuses and some forward pay from xmas and then proceed to give it all back, as the materialistic greed swallows it all up with clever marketing and competition between us, lets just stop it, it’s only one day out of 365 why do so many put themselves under that level of stress for one day, when The Vatican announced 4 years ago it is not Jesus’s birthday, why all the stress of that day for something we have no idea now what we are actually celebrating. Then we have the biggest issue of xmas holidays where all the stresses mainly financial build up and lead to family and friend arguments, people turn to excessive drink and the cycle of abuse continues, but biggest issue is the divorce rate over that time period sky rockets, which has lasting implications for mom and dad, but greatest implication for the children, was it all worth it one day out of the year. You buy and get what you need not greed.

*I did an intel piece on why American soldiers cant all return home as it stands recently, due to heavy drug and chemical abuse of them, plus the mind control aspect. I have spoken to a few people regarding this now, and they are all saying the same thing, people they knew before they left for duty are all coming back not the same person, the reason is in the name, they are soul diers, not soldiers, they have all died inside figuratively speaking and in some cases for real. This is a national disgrace and needs to be rectified quickly.
Solution? we have many military bases dotted all over America, some of which can be decommissioned and repurposed into a hospital center for the returning troops. Staff versed in all aspects of drug and chemical abuse, mind control abuse and PTSD issues all done in a safe enclosed environment, until the soldiers are ready to return to the public. Some will say how can this implemented or who pays for it, it can be implemented by the people demanding the return of their sons and daughters, they are not fighting for freedoms, America or the worlds people, once we demand in sufficient numbers enough is enough, it ends. As for paying for it, there is an expensive thing called a Military budget, well over half of it is wasted as it stands at $716B today, 10% or more of that each year can go towards saving our own sons and daughters from the program called military service, and it is a program of abuse and mind control, where all the benefits of it goes to the psychopaths implementing the program.
We create jobs like engineering, computer learning and other professions that get rolled into military training, whereby they were the only viable group to offer that training, so we need to start to create training sections outside of the military.
They deliberately cut off the training programs to general public, so people were forced into the only option of joining the military and then subsequently pushed into military service in some falsely created battlefield.

*Trolls and shills in alt media coming from everywhere to disrupt the group, stay cautious and try not to react, these people are shallow and stupid, following scripts and order for people who ultimately plan to genocide them if they win.
As a follow up from last weeks piece, despite a multitude of attempts by members to other radio stations, none of them replied, make of that as you will.
Many people getting irritated both within and outside the group, it is a projection of global angst, frustration and desperate of the old order, and is currently being manifested.
Learn to ride the waves of ups and downs, stay 45-55 so it doesn’t send you off track, there is plenty within and outside the group wanting you off track currently, don’t play their game, they have nothing to offer but being spooks, shills and trolls now, such sad lives they lead, follow the orders of psychopaths.

*One of the issues I need to correct and I am asking people to understand is how many in alt media are working for a faction. Now the factions are at war with each other and they are revealing a lot about the other 4 opposing factions, which is great to hear as we get some disclosure out of it, and so because this person exposes lots of the cabal or certain factions, that means they are on our side, big mistake people are making currently and they are reacting against me for pointing out this person and that person works for a faction. I warned of this when I did the factions show in November 2015, we have to be smarter than that and that is why I did that show, to give you all the same opportunity to work out who is who, for those who could put 2 +2 together, that show exposed who Neil Keenan was working for at the time, all the clues for you to work it out where provided. One example of this is George Webb, he is a Zionist who admitted to working for Mossad, now he will tell you all the juicy gossip and details of the crimes of all the other factions, but conveniently leaves one out, just like Robert David Steele, tips for you all to work out, is which faction they leave out of their disclosures, which alt media people are connected to each other, it means they are working together as a tag team, and more likely than not, for a faction.

*ok here we go this will likely yield a wave of different sets of emotions, something so off the wall but something that also might make sense.
Occasionally I get what I will call downloads of information, is it from HS or another aspect of my own multi dimensionality no idea at this point. but this next piece of information, may bring ah ah moments and may bring wtf.
It comes in 2 parts that may or not be connected as always time will tell.
For many 1000’s of years our sun has been interfered with and possibly switched out for an alternate version that was not conducive to our life here.
The sun as some may or may not know, is a portal that allows things through and into this system and allows things out to other portal suns to wherever that destination is.
Recently we had a solar eclipse and that triggered some events on the real bigger picture scale, they of course, have tried to interfere with that process, well -it failed and we have progressed onward.
In the past week a crystalline orb which is the power pack that has been missing from our original sun for a long time, it had been removed and held underground, for how long i am not sure at this point, anyway it was recovered and was returned to the suns core, what we can derive from this is, that aspect of the restoration here is now completed, with the new organic sun, prospects for organic life and systems should improve dramatically but no timescales were forwarded, so the sun and planets are now restored fully or very close to it.
I watched a recent show on discovery channel I think, were they were at a loss as to why the sun isnt doing what they think it should do, lack of sun spots, solar minimum and maximum now awry, and the 11 year cycle (interesting number) is way off their charts, why? because they dont know or realize the composition of our sun has changed, and old paradigm models no longer work, oops.
In fact much of their old paradigm science models will no longer work either, as time will show.
With the sun fully re- established means the way home is now on the horizon, wherever that home may be for each of you, it may also trigger a series of beneficial ET groups to come and help here, once we have made good on the ground.
So the big question most will be asking is why does it look like hell in a handbasket then, because we haven’t chosen to be the change we wish to see is why, most think it is outside of their responsibility or outside of their capabilities, but here is the kicker and the mind blower are ya ready?
What if all we are seeing is not happening on our world but theirs? I have discussed and detailed the 2 worlds a number of times, since first bringing it forward around 13-14 months ago.
Initially some thought that far fetched and thats understandable, but as time has gone on and more and more of the symptoms of the synopsis have been revealing themselves at a rapid pace.
Well, the two worlds now is reaching a rapid pace and getting more strange by the day, this is literally two worlds side by side, that occasionally interact with each other, but is mainly bled through by the portal people who I will explain about later.
I mentioned about the separation of the 2 worlds around 4-6 weeks ago, this was witnessed and subsequent confirmations received since, well what we are witnessing now is the echo of events being played out, but its not real.
The old world is buzzing through to this world, it’s negative and psychotic frequencies to overlay into our world that nothing has changed, But the issue is the residual resonance of those malfrequencies still lingers on like last weeks curry meal, the curry has gone but the smell remains, and this is symbolic of the residual frequencies that are still around to tune in with your memory set and also due to programming set memory, but once you recognize your own knowing and learn to counteract those frequencies by non consent, those frequencies for you will cease to exist, amd more elements of the real organic world will bleed through into your reality.
These are some of the examples, we have all seen strange cities appearing on the sky line, all have witnessed the increase in synchronicities, co-incidences, the mandella effect, all remember now certain people dying and then redying, all have witnessed major events with large casualties and yet few appear to be actually dead, even Sandy Hook records for the month of that event showed up as 0 deaths or homicides for that county for that month in the FBI database, strange glitches appearing in front of you, increase in orbs out of the corner of your eye, or those that linger for 2-4 seconds, buildings going missing when driving one way but reappearing when you drive back, nazi base appeared in the middle of Australia this year and then disappeared, and the key one, things phase shifting in and out, both objects and people.
We have false flags being reported by the AI media and internet, and recorded date wise before the actual events, donation pages set up again before the events takes place, Fema turned up before 9/11, FBI turned up before the Mandalay Bay incident, is just 2 examples, so where is all this leading to? good question, well here is my download that may explain what is taking place.
All the events are not happening here but on the other world, and is being played out like a movie scene in this world, disaster drills being turned out as real events, no they are the replays of the other world, whose time is ahead of ours (which also may explain how the looking glass technology works – who knows) as the event in one virtual world plays out, they repeat the event into our world to maintain the illusion of non reality inorganic world. In essence it is a hypnotic suggestion to entrance us into their negative world, where the nazis actually reign supreme, it requires our consent to participate to their perceptual matrix bubble, once agreed to and aligned with, it pushes you into their world of illusion.
Who are the purveyors of all this? well I mentioned earlier about the portal people, those that operate to align the two worlds, for the average folk these are your newsreaders, it is they who deliver to you what they want you to know or believe, the vast majority infact maybe all of these so called people maybe clones or the generative adversarial networks which work to manufacture people, there was a video I put out recently that is supportive of this hypothesis, also around 12-18 months ago someone on the internet did a photo page of the many newsreaders around America and remarked how all similar they looked, blonde just past the shoulder length hair, straight with a hair part on their right side, look for yourselves. Is this cloning/ synthetic or a computer generated vessel to read out the news?
To add to the mix of mindfuckery and to re-enforce the illusion, synthetics were added to the mix to make everything inorganic look like normal, to uphold the status quo, making our lives more hectic, chaotic, stressful, filled with angst and frustration.
One of the many things that puzzle me with the increase in phones with cameras, is why is their hardly anyone meeting the so called famous people and taking a picture? The internet should be flooded of pictures of the famous in shops, restaurants, theaters, bars, airports or vacation places and yet hardly anybody sees these people – why? well maybe they are not a part of our world either, with their satanic and cult like groups and rituals, all kinds of reported debauchery, all of which appears to go unchecked.
Over a number of years now we have heard the term ascension bandied about, infact Mr. Wilcock told us all he was ascending on 12/21/12 no ifs or buts about it and yet it never happened, why? because the perception was we were getting airlifted off the planets by some flavor of the day ET, bearing in mind this was 2012 and this date was known as -2BC, as in two years before the BC not before christ but before the Blue Chickens.
Well what if we have already ascended, not in ships, biospheres or carted off planet by some archangels, but ascended enough in our consciousness to bring about the return of the organic world and life that humans had long before the interference of psychotic AI, Draco, Mantids, Greys, Abraxans and the often overlooked and undernamed group who were possibly the worst types of skullduggery, where the humanoid Alduzzani, all of those like the cabal here are control freaks, but also a collection of very weak species, as only the weak formed in a collective wish to control others.
All of them are frightened of our capabilities and chose to entrap us within this construct system, so they remain kings/gods or solar beings in their own tiny insecure minds.
I wrote in CV and mentioned it on the shows several times that January 1st 2013 was their end of the game, yes they loop a cheat on us by adding 4 years up to December 31st 2016, but in reality their stall for more time ended in the summer of 2015, then it was a case of monitoring between then and the end of 2016, which I then forecasted an increase in the unravelling, the highlights of which are as follows, many will be exposed, some who are thought to be good are not, some who are thought to be bad are not either, news will come at us from all angles and much will be disclosed, as we are nearing the back of this year, do you think those predictions have been borne out? your choice
We have been on a stair step of awareness across a broad spectrum of fields, and I would like to think this show has prepared you all well for it, lets look at the main aspects of life here and how things are changing, due to a precipitous rise in awareness, the political illusion not just in USA but everywhere is collapsing in on itself, politicians being caught out with fraud, corruption, collusion, sex crimes, treason and crimes against humanity, all are now being exposed more than ever and that field is collapsing in on itself, so much so now that many see through the illusion and dont vote and also are railing against their politicians. The illusion was, that politicians are there to look after the country and more importantly it’s people, reality is they do neither, the reason we have no organic constitution or real American govt is because we the organic souls have not stepped into it and reclaimed it.
The fix for this is, we the people step up and into those roles, currently we have no candidates only those provided for us, the illusion of voting for their candidates will phase out, provided we step up and into those roles, then most importantly not repeat the mistakes and ways they did, a new way of governing, that doesnt create wars for profit, infact works to eliminate war, doesnt sign off peoples rights, bend over to societies greed merchants, rapes the country and the people of their wealth, but uses every accountable cent towards providing a better living life, not just an existence for all the people.
Religions, again like politicians exposed on a massive scale, add in their worship of the draco lord that is Anu, add in their ritual sacrifice, sexual criminality, child trafficking and their illusionary bubble of religion is it is beneficial to the people, that illusion bubble has clearly been popped to the reality of what it is, is a control system, of looshing your energy in churches largely situated on leylines for maximum output by getting you to worship their lord or god Anu, I would imagine many will feel very sick when they found out they worshipped a lizard and the demonics.
They also worship the fake solar beings as well, look at the word sol ar, given inorganic sun was a mirror effect, sol means sun, now mirror version ar and you have RA, RA god of the sun, my ass he is, RA is also Marduk, it is another one of the titles the Annunaki gave to each other that made them feel so self important and they should be worshipped by the humans, who they see as inferior, essentially they played the role of god/source, a fake illusionary version.
What is the fix for this, well it will be difficult transition phase on this subject, but as more of the truth reveals, as more of the people gain a more spiritual outlook, the desire to seek outside of yourself, which is what religion promotes, will be rendered mute.

*I asked all to ride the current frequency tension wave pulling on so many people now, it will pass, but also request you all to hold a good space for you and the rest of this planet over the next 3 days after today. We need as many people as possible operating in peace and love through these next few days, to dampen the effects currently ongoing and preventing something else manifesting. Manifest peace within you and manifest peace on a global scale and ensure this week passes without a nasty surprises. We are on the brink of some subtle and many not so subtle changes and it is important we get off on the right foot , all is unfolding and progressing nicely along now and we need you all in a good head space. Others are testing you, just dont play their game and play your own game of peace and balance.


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