truth honor and integrity show | November 21,2018 |

truth honor and integrity show | November 21,2018 |

I want to thank the members for their efforts every day and more-so this week, to the member with the large donation to my patreon, thank you I am humbled by your generosity, to the members who made a stringent effort to get out information about THI and also about Kim and The Trust to a wider audience, thank you all.
Over the course of alt media there have been several money oriented platforms put forward, and we all had interest in some of them as a potential possibility of improving our own lives initially, our members have largely moved on from that thinking level, of not I and my, but we and us, but these internet based money programs have been everywhere.
Be it NESARA/GESARA/St. Germaine Trust/Jim Willie, Clif High, Bix Weir and others of buy gold and silver has they are going to sky rocket/Cestui Que Vie Trust and the birth certificate fund/OPPT/The RV, dinars,zins and currency revaluation with Tony, Tank, Gilliland, Schmidt, Shrout and several others/Neil Keenan and The collateral accounts which also involved AVR/Karen Hudes and WB/OITC with Mr. Crayford plus Ray Dam/VK Durham claims they owned this and that trust, then we had crypto currencies and blockchain plastered all over the internet, quite a list and I am sure there are others I have forgotten, due to sheer volume of them.
Now in 2016 if we take out the personal attachments of Kim and I, a new money program came along speaking about The Manna Trust, promising funds for the countries and also the people, evidence was provided in quite a bit of detail and people demanded more proof, fine, more proof was provided and then even a former RV stalwart jumped on board, based purely on the evidence provided, both by word and actions. The Trust has delivered funds to some countries including America (think the last 3 budgets), but not to the people from an outside point of view, and that could possibly be used in an argument against the trust and it’s validity, another promise not fulfilled, they may say, and yet the intel last week with regards to what happened in The Treasury and some others, have shown the exact reasons why the people haven’t started receiving the funds.
So that is the background story of this piece, so here we are in 2018, having had the alt media bombarded us with money based schemes, all of which just put out some information, all of which promised tomorrow, next day or 2 weeks and many of them now proven to be frauds at worst, misled at best, but the one things all the programs above have in common, is all of them at various stages and some still continue, to have their narratives and programs and the people that cover them, are plastered all over the alt media, particularly during the time period 2010-2014, it took up almost all of the alt media did it not?
From a public view it could be seen as a positive change via these people striving to get this fund or trust, from an over view it could be seen as a distraction, but who are the masters of distraction? yes the cabal and their agency minions. Questions you all have to answer is why having plastered all over the internet for so long all the above people and their programs, has one group and money program been not only left out of the internet, but avoided at all costs, yes I have heard the stories of alt media people being paid to not put certain people on the internet and it doesn’t surprise me in the least, I see it as another desperation act personally.
So, why hasn’t THI and The Trust been used as another distraction on the internet and has been actively blocked as many of the members found out for themselves this week and other weeks, (although a particularly unpleasant character in Cosmic Voice did post it there this week, with his special brand of rhetoric against me, but that matters not to me, kudos to opening your mind a bit) so could it be because it is actually not a distraction, but something very real and a threat to their system? The discrepancies are far and wide, mass over promotion of money programs and then ignore one in particular that comes forward. Question for new listeners is why? why have they used all of the above people in distraction programs and ignored this one? I am not here to provide that answer for you, you need to make up that decision for yourself, once you do, you will understand things in a much better way I suspect.
One of the questions asked today is, why is it that they do not want you or the trust to get any credit for anything that you guys have done up to this point?
Perhaps a comment left by email from one of the listeners described it best, You are not invited onto other shows because I think you are invisible to most. I go through the same thing. It’s your frequency is just so high, in my opinion. What you are doing is so extraordinary and on such a high frequency and vibration that others cannot connect, so it makes you “invisible”. Something to really ponder on in alignment with the two worlds theory, I released to THI listeners back in the fall of 2016.

*A version of the US military landed in Haiti at the weekend not to protect Haitians, restore order or give back the billions stolen by Clinton Foundation, no they were sent there at request of Hillary to protect American interests. Hillary has no interest in Americans unless skinning their children or taking money off them, did you know Hillary is a dragon member, not the black American dragon member oh no, the blue dragon which is the UK.
If Hillary was that interested in Americans, why didn’t she order troops to go and help the California people, which after all is a so called Blue state, whatever that bollocks means.
Portal people describing riots in Haiti, it is not riots at all, the people who are fully aware of what’s going on, and they are fighting back to protect their country and the resources of which these mercenaries are trying to steal, all of it out there is all being orchestrated by another family member of Hillary, her brother Tony Rodham.
Is it any wonder their kids are plain at best and stupid, Hillary is a Rothschilds and Bill is a Rockerfeller, a marriage of convenience, can’t think of a worst combination for a marriage or children, sick family, sick bloodlines.
The American people need to stand up and remind their sons and daughters in the military who they are really working for, for those close to military bases hand out fliers and let them know, it is time to protect Americans not dragon groups dotted all over the world, or Rothtillians.

*Chinese “elders” and also connected to some alleged Chinese Royals spoke to us this weekend and wanted Kim to fly to China for a meeting, to make a deal. This is a common theme for Kim people asking her to travel to other places, whereby they can kidnap her, there has been several attempts to do this both direct and indirect, she and we are not that stupid. Kim told them right now I do not believe they want to do good things, and requested them to release the Pentagon from their contract by 5pm EST Sunday (the contract Kim is referring to for the benefit of the new members is, The Pentagon did a deal to sell all of Americas military equipment and hardware to a Chinese group, on behalf of The Black Dragons who are stationed in both countries, and the US Military are currently leasing it back from them, yes all our planes, ships, tanks, missiles and weaponry belong to this Chinese group, I must stress it is not the Chinese govt) Kim stated she will release intel on everything they are doing to every intelligence agency world wide, plus all Central banks, and including a complete copy of the contract to the Dept of Treasury and also Mr. Trump directly, should they not release the military hardware contract. Tip for members and new listeners is, when you hear of issues in MSM between America and China, like tariffs and other issues, it is largely to do with The Dragon groups issues imposed on each country, and very little to do with both countries or their respective governments. Important piece to understand, TAPP, TP deals were nothing to do with countries, only dragon groups and off world trade syphoning the relevant countries.

* Following their failure to meet the deadline which we both suspected they wouldn’t. Kim then prepared and sent out a 2779 page intel report with a 2 page summary being sent to all countries intelligence agencies and the military world wide, with special edition sent directly to President Donald Trump, and in case you people with badges forget, he is The Commander in Chief. The Central banks were sent the copies so they can all see how things really work with these Chinese Elders and how their transactions always lead to no pay on the contracts they negotiate, or fail to provide proof of funds to pay out in the future.

*All major govt, military and agencies departments are now in total shock, panic, indecision and wells the fargo do we do now is order of their day. A case of should we stick or twist, that decision will be made for you soon, whether you like it or not, you will all be judged by the public in the near future, of which decisions you all made, I hope you all make the right one.

*Following on from Trump being blocked from releasing the funds from MWHT via The Treasury last week, we have had two separate cases in past week whereby two separate judges have decided to over rule the President of this country and tell him what he can and can’t do. First a judge bans and overturns the ruling on the CNN agent Jim Acosta’s press pass, then another paid judge (they always are in current system) decides to block Trump from banning immigrants seeking asylum (1. these are not immigrants 2. they are mercenaries, another system paid group) Just who is running this country? clearly not Mr. Trump, and this is what all Americans need to start grasping, the whole country is being hijacked on so many levels, be it the financial assassination program, false flags, deliberately destroying American peoples homes, businesses and infrastructure via fake storms or engineered fires. I can tell you here and now, he is doing the best he can in very trying circumstances, with war hawk factions piping in his ear, threatening this, that and the other, treasonous scumbags within the military, agencies and the government, backed by the equally treasonous media. This country is under full scale attack whilst the people sleep, and others argue party politics or when is the funds arriving?
Are country is under heavy attack and people are oblivious to it, if you want to get the gist of what is playing out now minus the nuclear bombs, go and watch the series Jericho, a series from 2006-2008 it has all the ingredients, mercenary military acting as real military, fake govt masked as a corporation and even mentions the group Citadel, we referenced last week, all in your face, unless actions are taken soon the incidents and life in the town of Jericho, will be replicated all over this country and Canada.

*The Federal Reserve rocked up to The Treasury and the Government this trying to get them both to declare America bankrupt, this is the 3rd or 4th time they have tried to do this in the past century, all other attempts and threats worked, this one won’t, reasons why will be later in the show.

*Pope Francis, Benjamin Netanyahu and also the bank JP Morgan have all this week requested to call Kim and work with us, like I said many months back, all of them will have to come to us one day, all of them, we’ll see whether this is a genuine attempt to correct things or another one of their lets play games and delay tactics again, like the so called Chinese Elder/Royals at the weekend.

*Word of warning about the internet, many of you have heard of YT’s, some blogs and sites going down, but what we have found out is far worse than put out currently, the clowns are decimating the internet currently with articles whether from blogs, websites or news media that doesn’t fit into their narrative, is all being removed from the internet. Wikipedia and other similar sites are disappearing not only whole pages, but also altering documents and narratives on the internet to suit their agenda, they are changing the history again. Search for historical documents and past history are now starting to disappear at an increasing pace, Search engines are bringing next to nothing up that we in the alt media would search for, it is all being stripped away. If you have sites or articles saved and wish to keep those details, you will have to copy and paste into a separate file on a hard drive, as links and articles relevant to alt media are being deleted rapidly.

*Weather management using space based power systems was filed December 2010 by a company called Solaren. Description of it is, a space based power system and method of altering weather using space borne energy. The space based power system maintains proper position and alignment of system component without using connecting structures.
Power system elements are launched into orbit and the free floating power system elements are maintained in proper system alignment. in other words in geo stationary orbit. Energy from the space based element is applied to a weather element, such as a hurricane, and later the weather element to weaken or dissipate the weather element. The weather element can be altered by changing the temperature of a section of it, which can also change airflows and the direction of the storm. In 2011 the same people in an email stated they are the first to propose solar generator based in space, that beam down RF waves to a receptor site and convert it into DC current, initially receptor site was Mojave Desert but moved it to Sebastopol, with is located in the wine region in Sonama County California, which is exactly the same area where 2 consecutive ridges of low pressure was located in last 2 weeks, what are the chances? In 2016 PG & E announced their decision to purchase 200 MW of energy from a space based platform, that company is Solaren, PG & E is ran by Rothschilds, Rothschilds are also the owners of many wine fields dotted around California, conveniently none of theirs have burned in any fire, but quite a few other winery burned in earlier fires. Funny that isn’t how life throws up these little quirks and how easily people brush over them as a coincidence. Well actually it is not funny given 100’s have died, 10K’s have lost their homes and business, and over 1000 are missing, it is just not funny. Previous fires burned many of the new pot fields putting those new business out of business, in comes Monsanto/Bayer (bayer is a rothschild name also) and apparently are going to take over the whole of the N. American pot industry, hence reason supply issues are running at record lows in Canada, they are stalling the current business’s for takeover and then they run the whole industry. I told you all the pot legalization thing was another cabal oriented plan, which too many yet again have fallen for it. Get wise to it, the pattern always repeats.

* because their other programs to eliminate people failed it is clear now they have a new way of disrupting things – weather wars. they are able to create high and low ridges of pressure and this steers it, CA had a low stationed just north of SF off the coast, that moved out and another one went into exactly the same position, but it is all a co-incidence right? the outcome? it created by complete accident according to portal people, more wind less rain, all whilst the portal people named fires raged, but here’s where I have a problem, because I apply common sense, some logical thinking and something oblivious to too many people these days, critical thinking.
Many of you will have seen the pictures and videos across the internet, but I struggle to see how an ordinary brush fire (their words not mine) incinerates brick or breeze block to complete dust, or how fires that have the ability in Santa Ana winds, that were gusting 30-70mph range, depending on which portal people coverage you listened to, so we have raging fires being blown by gale force winds and yet fires can burn in an open field in a complete straight line, and then can carve through a house in windy conditions mind, and completely cut that house in half, with no evidence of burning in part of the house left standing, no fire marks on the roof shingles, nothing,  But don’t mind me I’m just a conspiracy theorist or so they say.
But again lets look at some of their evidence not mine, “Ordinary bricks begin to decompose at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.” Temperatures for making and firing bricks in a kiln is 900-1200F, so if you fire bricks in a kiln at 1200F how can they decompose at same temperature? so those two figures don’t make sense for a start, but lets ignore those silly little discrepancies shall we?  Next figures, grass burns at 518F and trees at 572F both were bone dry because of prevailing conditions, so if they didn’t go on fire, whichever neither did for most of it, it means the temperatures in the fire didn’t reach 518F would it not? their next figures given to us is the wildfires were burning at 1472F which would account for brick issue temperature disintegration, but please explain how 1472F does not burn grass at 518F or trees at 572F burning point? Given we have seen evidence of melted car windscreens which requires temperatures of around 2400F, how does a 1472F fire melt glass? Then we see the awful sight of people being cremated in their cars, cremation temperatures range between 1400 and 1800F, and yet not hot enough to burn grass and trees, which require the least temperatures to burn. I mean does this really make any sense whatsoever?
Here is a song that explains straight line fires that burn at odds temps it is called Firedance and 2nd song reflects this town that was raised to the ground literally but lies on top of a gold strata, that place is Paradise, which just happens to be alongside where ridge of low pressure was and almost in geographic alignment to Sebastopol, where the Rothschilds PG&E and solar based tech is based, oh my.

*Naeim Giladi, is the author of the book: “Ben-Gurion’s Scandals: How The Haganah and Mossad Eliminated Jews” (Dandelion Books, LLC, Tempe Arizona, 2nd expanded edition 2003).
Stalin’s decision to use the Zionists in establishing the state of Israel after the Second World War was motivated primarily by his intent to oppose the United States in the oil rich Middle East. The temporary Soviet support for the Zionists materialized in the form of allowing 711,000 Jews to exit from countries behind the Iron Curtain in 1945-1947, supposedly in order to emigrate to Palestine. The Zionists advertised this migration under the code-name “Briha” –  escape of Jews from Europe. In reality, the vast majority of Jews preferred to go to the United States or stay in France. Of the 711,000 Jewish refugees, panicked by some fifteen pogroms staged by the NKVD in 1945-1947, with some Zionist assistance, only 232,000 actually went to Palestine. Only the pogrom of Kielce on the 4th of July, 1946 was described in the world press, naturally the Soviet version. Fifteen other pogroms in the satellite states, four of them in Budapest alone, were never reported in the world media, or were reported in such a way that they did not survive in public memory. The Zionists organized the groups of Jewish refugees who left Poland mainly through the cities of Szczecin and Klodzko. The Soviet terror apparatus in Kielce conducted show-trials of nine Poles, who under torture signed confessions and were immediately executed. Later, their families provided evidence that none of the executed men were present in Kielce on the 4th of July, 1946. The Bishop of Kielce, Czeslaw Kaczmarek, was tortured for forty hours and lost nineteen teeth before Jewish security officers were able to extract from him an incriminating statement. They acted under the supervision of colonel Jozef Rózanski Goldberg, director of the ministry of national security (MBP), who wrote a threatening note to Bishop Kaczmarek: “I have smashed the faces of lawyers, and I warn you, Bishop Kaczmarek, not to ever seek legal help.”
The Soviet terror apparatus organized the departure for Palestine of Jewish war-veterans and provided them with weapons manufactured in Czechoslovakia. In March 1947, the Soviet Union, represented by Andrei Gromyko, was the first member state of the United Nations to demand the partition of Palestine and creation there of the state of Israel as a new member of the UN. The UN authorized the Partition of Palestine in November 1947, and on May 14, 1948, the state of Israel was founded.
In exchange for helping to bring the United States into the First World War, the British proclaimed Palestine as a “Jewish Homeland.” This was done in a letter of November 2, 1917 written by the foreign secretary, Arthur Balfour, to the chief  Zionist in Gr. Britain, Walter Rothschild.
When you consider who really took over Russia during the so called Bolshevik revolution that had nothing to do with Russians, and everything to do with Khazarian political ideology, zero to do with the jews or their religion, even though the latter is fairly insideous to humanity, you begin to see the picture.
What his – story wont tell you is Hitler twice arranged for the safe transportation of the Jewish people, remember his mother was a Jew, once in a meeting with Winston Churchill and Menachem Begin to move them all to Palestine, which was/is a British colony country, Menachem Begin refused, this was in 1942-43 time, so before any of the now legendary accounts of atrocities (which was refuted by Red Cross official documents of the time and other civil rights groups who reported on what went on in the camps, all reported they were being looked after well) and also a 50c per head deal to return them to wherever required to the Rothschilds, which they also refused to undertake, and again you see the picture here, when you have an open mind. Two attempts to remove and save the Jewish people from the camps, and both were refused by so called people of their own ilk.
Question is, why did the worlds media from 1888 to 1945 mention the term 6M Jews over 130 separate occasions in their publications? Why that figure? why not mention 150K which is the exact figure the Red Cross determined the amount of Jews in the camps? Why has the Holocaust Plaque been reduced several times from the official figure of 6M and if memory serves me correct down to less than 2M now? Look killing one Jewish person to me is too much, but I will repeat again this is not anti jewish, and this is all about how the control system uses certain peoples and countries for their own agendas, they care not about any peoples or any country, and only how they can leverage it in a way for their total gains.
But, the jewish peoples have to get off their high horse and their goyim narratives, as the longer that goes on, the more they will use you as pawns, message to the jewish people still thinking the goyim (us are shit under their shoe) who do you think will save you? It wont be yahweh or Jehovah that’s a guarantee, if he was saving you, you wouldn’t have gone through so much strife, for so long to begin with, reality is it will be the so called goyim who save you, time you embraced them. Time for us all to embrace each other me thinks.

*Question to ponder, have you ever heard of someone who was an artist, an archeologist with a keen interest in mysticism and lifes hidden treasures, or a spiritualist ever turning into a homicidal megalomaniac? Now what if the person had all 3 of them traits, would you think it possible for that person to be a homicidal megalomaniac? I’m not answering it, i’m asking the question, but what if I tell you those were the personal traits of one Adolf Hitler, does that change your opinion? I for one am no apologist or supporter of Adolf Hitler, but I would like to see these questions explained before I make my own mind up on how evil he was, and not be forced fed information on a massive scale, that borders on propaganda, propaganda as most know now, is based in and of lies.

*Humboldt County is where most of our group lives, but people in neighboring counties have been joining, too, especially Trinity County. We also have a few people from the counties of Del Norte, Mendocino, Sonoma, and Shasta County so far. Some of our achievements this year: -Identified thousands of democratic conservatives -developed a conservative communications network -learned key stuff about our liberal enemies -learned from mistakes we made -engaged hundreds of people to fight for changes -started & maintaining ongoing discussions of solutions -keeping people riled up about our situation

*branding people via birth certificates Kim mentioned about how they assess each person lifes tax earnings and base their value on you from thereonin. So they assess you to pay $2M in all taxes over your working life, they believe you will only be at a base lower level of earning over your entire working life, compared to someone they assess to pay say $10m in taxes over a working lifetime. Questions arise from this is, are they then if you are assessed in lower taxes, confining you to jobs in minimum or low wage pay sectors only? Have you ever wondered why only certain people get the higher paid jobs? and even when you are qualified get overlooked for certain positions? Could it be your stock value they assess and attribute it to your tax earnings via the birth certificate and the cattle number known as social security or national insurance, determines which jobs you can have and which jobs you cant? Now I know personally some people are deliberately blacklisted from certain jobs or in some cases, any jobs as they blackball you via your SS or NI number, this has gone on a long time. Key questions to find out for us all in the future is, just how much of your life has been dictated by hidden forces and rules, whereby you where confined to be a lower earning person by some exclusive committee, none of us knew existed.

*Had an interesting conversation with a friend last week, who has re-appeared having gone through a rough period in his life and hopefully from my perspective continues some of the positive work he was doing back in 2104 with the program members, and chime in occasionally when time allows, of how he feels life and this world is going, that person was Shane the ruiner. The reason I bring it up is he said something on the call that highly resonates with me, when we were discussing the SSp and I mentioned they are the Nazi breakaway group, he said yes but we are the real breakaway group.
After a quick ponder I agreed with his notion, in essence we are exactly what he stated, this also ties into what I stated back in 2016 about the two worlds overlaying each other and how it works.
Reasons why is, we have taken steps to step out of their world and have started to create a new one in our image, not theirs. We no longer accept their lies, wars, divide and conquer (although that program will take some time to correct fully) no longer tolerate the political shenanigans, their methods of health, education, legalities, criminality and downright psychopathic behaviors, and we are all working towards correcting that in our own way.
A new breakaway world where Politicians are for and by the people, teachers who will actually teach something of value and not teach children how to pass a test, health workers heal and cure not manage conditions, leaders who guide and teach to advance the all, not rule over people with an authoritative iron fist of my way or the highway, nations coming together and working side by side, law people enforcing the law not legal babble bs’ery

*well people have focused on chemtrails a long time, and I mentioned back in 2014 it didnt make any sense, we all breathe the same air, unless it was an ET off world program, now it makes less sense as their interference is limited or gone, plus humans in general have become immune to them.
The same applies to the furore over 5G again it doesn’t make sense when we all will take in the frequencies, not saying 5G or chemtrails are good by any means, but perhaps not as devastating as some make out?
Now it could well all be orchestrated by an underground group to get rid of surface population as well, think SSp and something I hope to get greater knowledge on over the next year or so. something to ponder on? Rest assured if it is, the peace treaty will be enforced on those elements.

*Nancy Id like to add a suggestion to your People’s Club new business model. Every company should have a small classroom for mentorship and apprenticeship studies even if it is an hour a day or a home study program that each employee can elect or choose as a way to improve themselves. Good business models follow natural law and employees should understand this.  There are books on this. A good company organizational chart template follows natural law. There are divisions, some more important than others for company survival. There’s quality control. There are learning manuals for each job description and even an ethics department in which employees  are sent if they screw up. He’s given a chance to mend his ways. Each employee is considered valuable. Each employee is encouraged to improve their knowledge.

*Drake has lost his way and that show he is doing with kent dunn ended any credibility he had left. Drake has stated this week that Marduk was back and he was seeking him out and he will take him out – oh dear Drake, you might get away with that with some elements in CV who are stuck in the 2013-14 time loop narrative, or the Quantum Shift or is it shit group, but not in this group Drake, sorry, the very fact you are a sharing a show with a channeler is in and of itself a 180 from the Drake we all knew when I left CV, I’m sorry Drake but you are becoming an embarrassment now, which I personally find sad, despite him selling me out for the Wilcock/Keenan mafia group. The reality is Drake is reading old logs out of the now disbanded ET group which ran in the background  of the Cosmic Voice group from 2013 and 2014 when certain missions were carried out by people within that group, I can confirm yes that Marduk was in Africa for the fake Mandela funeral in November/December 2014 time, Mandela had died though the previous June, and the reason Marduk was there for the fake public funeral was, which was another one of their ritual style ceremonies, Marduk was being guarded by American troops there, but Mandela was a former trustee of the Trust (so not a good guy – sorry) and why he was there.  Marduk was annunaki and part of the draco group, in a human looking vessel here, he was the nephew of Anu who is better known in the bible as The Lord. As for Marduk he was removed permanently by us in November 2016 after our request to the council was approved for his permanent removal.

*Did you know the IRS was not approved by an act of Congress, this means that income taxes are not enforceable, but before everyone rushes off and stops paying tax, please hold fire on that action whilst current system in place, is worked out and corrected, we don’t need people going to jail. The only act of Congress approved was the Tax and Revenue service which is still in place in some states, not the Internal Revenue Service, and it is the Tax and Revenue service which has the real authority, but that has remained a dormant government department since the 1930’s as I understand, (due to much messing with articles on the internet mentioned earlier, cross checking that information has now become needle in a haystack time)
So what we are working on now is a dismantling of the IRS which does not require Congressional oversight or approval, and a transition over to the official government name and department called the Tax and Revenue Services, once that transition is completed the IRS has no authority or legitimacy to collect taxes, I repeat once that transition is completed, that will end the IRS as we know it. The new department TRS will be staffed with new people and will not include any high profile or positions people within the current IRS structure. Following that transition three now separate departments will be merged into one, which will cut costs and also resolve cross issues, the three are the Criminal Investigation Unit, The Treasury Investigation Unit and also the IRS Investigation unit, maybe the latter unit will be one who gets more investigated than anyone outside lol, anyway this will streamline depts which is the main effect of it.
Once the Tax & Revenue Service is up and running, the transition will not require much, in the way that it will have impact for the average person, but we are working on a deal with the new department to eliminate income tax completely for all Americans, and introduce a spending tax of 10%.
We are also working a Social Security pension fund structure, all of what you pay into that fund currently was going to the IRS and was then being transferred to a Swiss Rothschilds Bank until Kim stepped in, when the IRS sent the Roths $780B this past year and she confiscated it all and put it all back into the Trust.
As an idea which will be put forward by The Trust should it be approved, maybe a portion of your income tax not paid, which would be a volunteer only program, could be paid to The Trust or a Govt Dept depending on which is selected, into an extra pension fund that you know will be protected and not run the risk of it being stolen or misused by some so called broker (which to me equals snake oil salesman) or some Wall Street jackass. Just an idea.  

*The Trust contacted the Chinese Treasury this week to negotiate a deal with them directly with regards to the debt America owes China the country, not the elders or the dragon groups. As of Tuesday morning the $1.476T debt owed by America to China was settled in full by The Trust to The Peoples Bank of China, in return the Chinese Treasury returned all of the Treasury debt bond notes to signify debt paid in full, So America is now free of Chinese debt.
Following that deal and fittingly not a surprise like a kid running for the ice cream van, the Federal Reserve turned up at the Treasury Department asking for their payouts on their debt notes totalling $196T, so Kim collected all the debt notes for $196T and paid it back all the debt to the Fed, but wait just a minute, Kim and The Trust owns all of The Federal Reserve, so Kim chatted with herself for a bit as a representative of both the trust and the fed, and paid back the $196T to herself and then returned it all back to The Trust haha and zeroed out all the Fed debt on behalf of America.
So America now has no debt to China or The Federal Reserve all wiped out in one quick swoop. Following this move by Kim and the team, the Federal reserve people who spent all day debating in The Treasury and delaying some of our other work with The Treasury, The Treasury turned round and booted The Federal Reserve people out of The Treasury and they were told they have no authority to come back there anymore. Oh happy days indeed. The Trump administration now has the wherewithall to remove The Federal Reserve from our shores once and for all, make it happen and quickly, with tomorrow being Thanksgiving I ask you all to give a small Thanksgiving to Kim and the team as well, we have achieved so much this year despite clowns and limited resources, and in some cases a complete lack of support.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all, enjoy it and spare a thought for all those native Americans who were slaughtered on that day, his story has rarely told the real truth of what happened in the past, this show strives to correct it, together we all move forward and remember to all those who live on their own at this time, you never with THI should feel that you walk alone, you don’t.

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