truth honor and integrity show | December 6,2018 |

*Clowns in the past week have tried to leverage resources against 19 African countries which is bad enough, but they went one step further to try and leverage Alaska following SSp induced earthquake and also Paradise in California which was also induced by same SSp clowns. Military in Paradise CA is not our military, it’s theirs.

*All negotiations with clowns, Deep State, Dragon Families, The Order, Bloodline Families, Militaries etc have now been cancelled due to their inability to face reality, we are not wasting anymore time, whilst you piddle about waiting for some divine intervention, your gods to return, Rothschild’s RV or some fake elderly Chinese people to bail you out, we told you many years ago – it’s not happening, did you listen? some did, majority of those groups no, ya see they think they are all so special with their titles and badges, they know everything with their funny handshakes clubs, one day reality will bite and time is on our side not yours. We have planned for the future, whilst you plotted your own demise, one day you will all see that. Don’t bother contacting us with another of your fake plans to help humanity in order to steal funds, it won’t work anymore on any level, comply with peace treaty or die, it’s that simple. We will accommodate you when you really want to help all others, we both know you will all have to come to us in the end, just don’t come with your I am or we are special attitude, we are not interested in that hierarchical bs’ery either.
In our world everyone will be treated as equal, not some compartmentalized slave system, that is your world, not ours.

*What the Bush death announcement brings is another shockwave through society and will have a ripple effect throughout the slave minions operating for the cabal. Bush snr carried an aura around with him that induced fear and made people follow orders or pay the price, that family has carried that aura for over 100 years, but with the announcement of his passing, that aura of fear is now gone. George W and Jeb just do not carry the same power and fear factor he had, their stock will weaken quickly and enable more to come forward and expose, with the kingpin gone. It symbolizes another crack in the old system, that can’t or wont be replaced, and as they topple one by one, our opportunity to replace them with something better will also increase. The sands of time are running low on Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Jacob Rothschild and Clintons. tick tock.

*Update from Monday’s show realm 7 now gone also, will update further as more details become available

*It is expected something rather big publically could happen between now and the next show

*Ongoing public awareness is increasing, portal people call it riots, we call it freedom, it will spread around the globe

*Pentagon people and other depts of deep state, yes we know your broke, oops, fix shit on behalf of the American people and pay will arrive

*Q and some members have been referencing the Payseur family, and I listened to one q anon type guy on the internet referencing it also of how The Payseurs bought out The Vatican for $400M+ in 1860-70’s time, how they set up the Rothschilds and the Spring family as the front runners for their hidden operations, this is classic cabal or the order tactics, along with changing their names or changing the vowels in their name or shortening or increasing their name, there are many variants of how they do that, infact most of the famous name actors and actress altered their name to cover up their Jewish/Germanic identities, even on the alt media Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone whose real name is Silverstein, Reizinger (or is it Ratzinger hence pope connections) becomes Reitz.
Tactic of using people as the public battering ram or public fall guy has gone on for a long time, latest American version is Trump, it matters not whether Trump is a good guy, bad or indifferent when you have a whole heap of clowns running the show all largely unknown, and all hidden away under the banner of the deep state, except the deep state is also a front group. Like the Vatican and Pope Francis, he no more dictates Vatican policy, anymore than you or I, all done by grey and black popes under the tutelage of the black nobility group.
Yes I can confirm the Payseurs were a player in the game, and yes can confirm they were a part of The Trust and can now confirm they are losing wealth, power and assets the same as all the other clowns.
I mentioned the Spring family earlier and how names change, well the Q anon was referencing a document that In my opinion goes way too deep, and is way too detailed for an ordinary researcher, they have had to have been involved in some intelligence program one way or another to garner and put out that information, the document is contained on the CIA website and the author is Fritz Springmeister, which some of you may have heard on the internet, remember that name change again, is it really Fritz Spring and meister was added later? I could be wrong and will hold my hands up if that is the case, but why is an internet researchers document on a publically available Langley website?

*The outpouring of pure vomit of a man, and I say that loosely, this week, for a man who I predicted when his death would be revealed in past shows, and finally confirmed publically anyway, of the 4 year loop theory I first considered in 2013, confirmed privately in 2015 and announced Bush death date week back then. This 4 year loop is all about creating a timeline back so they can win, it won’t work no matter how much they try to convince people it is 2014. Drake and Anna both put out narratives in the past month of incidents that took place in 2014, Wilcock was caught doing 2012 repeat articles in his blog in 2016, there are many other articles floating around the alt media dated 2014 as well, this is another program, time for people to recognize it. Should the 4 year loop continue late next November will see us all experience a positive global shift of a major magnitude, expect Hillary to die (already has for those who are new) to be announced in September 2020, although rumors it could be closer than we think also abound.
We all have people in the cabal that we dislike more than others, mine was Bush snr, Scherff Snr real name, satan spawn from the loins of Nazi funder Prescott Bush, who when found guilty after the war, a ruling was made that no Bush family member would ever serve as a politician again, and yet we ended up with 2 more generations, and a national disgrace of an election in 2000, that there was far too little opposition to.
OSS with SS being the operative part, morphed into the CIA, riddled with former Nazis brought here mainly in Operations Paperclip and Overcast approved by President Trumann, who followed Hoover (whose father was of German-Swiss ancestry with perhaps real name is Huber) and Roosevelt (who attended school not in America, but Germany from age of 9) Trumann, it was he who signed off on Paperclip, he also signed off on NATO, again there is German ancestry in his family, perhaps their real name is Trumann double N not single N, his middle initial of S he had, yet he had no middle name, perhaps he missed an S off? as in SS, was then followed by Eisenhower you couldn’t get a more Germanic name if you tried, he approved the building of Langley in Virginia 1959 and also laid the cornerstone of it, signifying freemasonry, he who set up the Nazi laden NASA also, he also infamously sold 2% of the American population into an ET abductions program in 1954.
Quite how this country had Germanic leaning people at the head of The White House from 1929 through to 1961 and there was no apparent rejection of it is, is beyond me, almost as naive of Britain having a German in the Palace during both wars.
Bush Snr having lurked in the background of the CIA was finally appointed head of it, although only for one year, smacks of clear out to me to install more of their own program people in.
So having cleared out the Nazis link from the White House in came another family bloodline group called The Kennedy’s, who vowed to remove many things, but their main goal was against The Bush family line, Bush family won out as that day in Dallas proved, with GHW Bush standing outside repository with father of Ted Cruz watching it all unfold, and yes he was involved in it.
GHW Bush was involved in many rogue things during his lifetime, the more lesser known one was his starring role in the MK Ultra program, involving children aged 6 months onwards, where they put children in a closed off pen and introduced large cats, snakes of the venomous types, scorpions and spiders of the venomous types, where they enticed the animals or other species to attack the children to see which ones had less fear, those exhibiting less fear went into the next program, the rest got mauled or killed off. Bush Snr was the main leader of that program, alongside the entity known as the Queen Mother. He was leader in the Skull and bones, a main player in the worship of Moloch the owl entity in Bohemian Grove plus a whole heap of other programs that involved killing and torturing masses of people in America and various other countries.
We wont forget yours and your families role in 9/11 either with other psychopaths Cheney and Rumsfeld, to roll out your Langley buddies inspired document called The Patriot Act within a month of it happening either.
Who can forget his legendary lizard eyes speech in 1981 about the New World Order, PLAY SPEECH, this man and his family of drug runners have brought untold misery to many people, death to many people, both played and orchestrated in the takeover of America the country, into a fascist regime that perpetrates through every single department of government, and the all departments him and his ilk created operating outside of government, so please spare us the vomit inducing eulogies all over the media, this man was despicable in levels of depravity bordering on satanic, and yes he was one of them also. Back in 2014 when he really died, like the biblical story the Bush went on fire, only this Bush wont talk anymore, ironically the only truth that ever came out of this mans mouth was to the journalist, where he said “if the people ever found out what we have done, they would chase us down in the streets and lynch us” not quite Mr. Scherff not quite, but you met your maker and burned again didn’t you?, unlike many of your victims, I do hope you rest in peace, ya see Mr. Bush some of us do have compassion, one hopes your return to source, will garner some for you. You went up in ashes just like your New World Order dream. Goodbye psychopath.

*Did you know after WW1 1919 Russia became Communist, and after WW2 1949 China became Communist, co-incidence I think not. Whilst everyone in chaos lets write in new programs, that have nothing to do with either country, and everything to do with creating programs for future plans and hostility.

*This week I was called the little dictator, then someone else who thinks, that I think, I am the “one”. not that I care much of people with that mindset as it  all based on envy and their own insecurity, they both have much to offer in and of themselves, but choose to drag others down to their level, than do the work to elevate themselves. We were accused of being all about the money, well if that was the case why did Kim turn down substantial offer to walk away and hand over the trust? We could have been on a nice sunny warm beach resort sipping drinks and smoking fine cigars, rather than being in a very small region in the middle of nowhere 7k up a mountain in siberian style for me anyway, temperatures, worrying about snipers on every corner is part of our every day lives, but these people with shallow thinking ignore that and just throw mud hoping some of it sticks, it sticks alright but not to intended recipient, just them. Ms. Von Reitz launched extraordinary tirade accusing Kim and team of launching EMP weapons on her in Alaska, like she is that important, like anyone never mind us, would launch a 7.1 earthquake just to keep an old script reading internet fool quiet, personally when the quake happened I wonder whether it was Anna who caused the earthquake by dropping her bullshit file, which appears to grow more extensive by the day, all very frustrating when the same people could offer so much more, then drag others down due to their own weaknesses and insecurities. These are just some of the signs of the changes in my circle, but I am hearing through many members the same is happening in their lives also, now we did warn this would take place and some will take it on board and prepare themselves, others either pre-occupied or not trusting in themselves enough, choose to not prepare and wait until it all unfolds, then wonder what hit them. Irritability, projection, anger without cause, argumentative, irrational are all symptoms you will face and observe in these coming times, what we prepare for here is not those people, but us, I warned back in November 2016 it was too late for the non believers in anything except the official script crafted for them, to not have an easier landing.
You can’t unlearn your life in a few years, aligned with better practices of thinking, acting and lifestyles, even after all the groundbreaking shows we have had in THI, there are still some shock to the system type shows unveiling at regular intervals, but you have had 31 months of THI to absorb and process all that, plus other shows that all add to the bigger picture, you gave yourself a chance to scratch the surface, never mind go down the rabbit hole.
Those people outside of us never who took the path of unlearning, then defining a new path, a new course and new way of how to interact with each other, without the over reaching doctrine, rhetoric or stagnant learning presented to us, have held humanity back at enormous cost to us and themselves, they are just too stupid to see it.
Too content to keep their own shallow bubble around them and hope nothing interferes with their small bubble world, with their banal thinking of govts look after us, the military saves us from boogeymen, staged killing events dont happen, wars are about fighting the bad guys, banks look after our money, the church and it’s leaders, priest, bishops and cardinal are there for us and the biggest classic of all, the portal people tell the truth!! Newsflash for the small world service to self bubble world people, they are not.
We the breakaway group coined by Shane who will be on the show one day next monday, have to step aside and focus on you and us as stated two years ago, it is not being selfish, it is being realistic, we should not feel guilty, we all tried to help them, and boy have we tried, they are just not ready for reality, and want to continue the city of light pill world of illusion, they are riddled with fear and their own self doubts, mired in the savior program, children amongst adults, always wanting parenting, never taking responsibility, never offering solutions, only adding problems which have impacted all our lives, it is they who are selfish, they who should feel guilty, as it is they who have ignored all the ills of this world, at great cost to us all.
Everyone was given a choice, conscious or sub conscious, they turned their backs on us and life in general, those people are just not ready for the higher frequencies already permeating through this planet, the two worlds gap will get wider as time goes on, don’t fear it, embrace it.

*Monday’s show was another ground breaker in many ways, as it connected so many of the dots on so many levels, every person on the planet will have been triggered in one way or another by that show, as it spoke to us all in so many different ways. Some felt stupid, but how can you feel stupid if you don’t have the knowledge? what is stupid is, you have the knowledge and don’t use it.
Many were crying during and after the show for a variety of reasons, because it triggered so many emotions within each of us, it was always going to be that way.
As you all know much of our history is false, and there have been and are many hidden aspects and this was the latest.
I don’t think the real impact of certain events has been fully absorbed by people yet, and only over time will the stark reality of what has already taken place here already, be deemed extraordinary.
But the externalization of everything in life has taken it’s toll in so many ways, that nobody now knows how to fully accept internal gratifications and benefits, due to all being switched to the external aspects.
Like I have said before funding is an external aspect, infact all currency is an external aspect of the transfer of the internal life force energy.
People wanting mass arrests like it is the be all and end all, is another externalize effect due in part to their own guilt and shame, whilst mired in frustration of how we allowed this to all happen, all in front of our face. There will always be people around who will need to be arrested for crimes, there have been many in the past who never paid for their crimes externally anyway, internally they did, both when alive and also when dead, karma sees to that, and a return to source and your own judgement sees to that.
People even sold their soul as because they and others cant see the soul, as it is internal, and so their thinking is, is it doesn’t matter.
Same applies to being heart damaged by a loved one or someone who has passed on, this is particularly more difficult in males, as it is not considered manly to cry, females can cry and garner the sympathy, although sometimes that crying aspect is used as a manipulation tool to garner sympathy, where none is warranted, you may see people upset in the external, but the internal hurts far more, as many of you will know. Those who sold their souls and dabbled in the dark arts, have darkened their souls and it spreads like a cancer, which is an interesting analogy as the same dark spirit beings who consume you, reside in the same place cancer comes from, the astral layer.
Given the increase in possible walk ins and vessel possession over last 60 or so years, could it be the real reason why cancer rates have skyrocketed, despite many more people now being non smokers than previous generations? newsflash: cancer is NOT caused by smoking, all the ancients smoked and none of them had cancer.
Rothschilds have been involved in Cabalism, Jewish Sabbatism, or Frankism, all of which are involved in witchcraft. This belief is strengthened by the Rothschild’s use of the occultic Seal of Solomon as a family symbol, Remember the six-pointed star was the symbol of Moloch and Ashteroth. The occultic hexagram is on the Knesset, and is also displayed on the Jewish flag. “…the six-pointed star [had] made its way from Egyptian pagan rituals of worship, to the goddess Ashteroth and Moloch, to King Solomon when he went into idolatry, “Then it progressed through the magic arts, witchcraft [including Arab magicians, Druids, witches and Satanists], astrology (in which It was no new thing), through the Cabala to Isaac Luria, a Cabalist, in the 16th century, to Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changed his name to this symbol, to Zionism, to the Knesset of the new State of Israel, to the flag of Israel and Its medical organization equivalent to the Red Cross. It was speculated that Hitler was totally controlled by a demonic spirit(s); that he simply gave himself over to Satan’s control. An ex-member of the Satanic Hierarchy of the Illuminati expressed a belief to me that there have been certain evil men through-out history that have totally given themselves over to possession by Satan. That these men (Hitler, Ghengis Khan, for example) have been anti-christ types, simply human containers for the residence of a very powerful demonic spirit, or even Satan himself. The ex-illuminati member believed that when Satan no longer had need for the body of his anti-christ he would discard It with death and find another willing soul to sacrifice his bodily control to the devil. These evil figures would not be ‘The” Anti-Christ, explained the informant, but would have allowed themselves to taken over by “the spirit” of the Anti-Christ. You have to understand though that terms like AntiChrist, satan, lucifer, lilith, RA, the lord have all been played by various beings, like a role play in a theater or film, if you were reproducing Gone with the wind movie you would need new actors and actresses, in different eras of time, different characters played different roles, and contrary to the many people in alt media who think they are the re-incarnation of this or that being, not all were heroes either.


*how can you trust others, when many dont trust themselves? 
reality is defined by the person in essence on what you experience, what is unique in this “time” period is, we are finding it is a common theme amongst the group, shared experiences  
what is real to you is not always real to others, but you should never define your own experiences by others, that is externalizing when your truth is internal
some things can be investigated and proof garnered, but most of this “war” is largely providing no external proof, it takes an inner knowing and trust to make sense of the limitations of our 5 senses in here, some have more senses and those are the ones who “see” for real.
we are the sin eaters, we swallowed the poison and are now providing the antidote, and it is up to us all to do that to the best of our abilities.
Final song can be interpreted in perhaps in a different way, people giving the badges and guns away, and laying down the symbols of oppression, and approaching heavens door not for death, but going through the astral heavens door onto the mental planes and I step up of your own progression, the object is for us all to knock on that door and burst through and another of humanity souls lights up like a beacon, this is what they have really blocked for so long, the door awaits and the choice is yours.


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