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Hi all, this piece was largely written as part of the intel portion for last weeks show, but due to ongoing things between then and midnight last night, it was decided to hold off putting it out until today, to allow the 72 hours to pass in peace and balance,whilst some people trained and competent in those fields of operation,interacted, negotiated and dealt with the issues at hand, this is anotheraspect of the inner war I speak of. Initial part will give you the backgroundto able to understand what has been going on.

We have the 3D physical level we all observe, then the next level is theetheric which must be obtained by a child between the ages 0-6, otherwise thatchild will never progress beyond astral. Then we have the astral which was thensplit into 2 sections by the imbalance, lower astral is comprised of only Gmatter and the higher astral has F and G.
All species that have access to higher astral bodies are classed as supermammals, like elephants, dolphins and homosapiens, but due to our specialqualities only us have the potential to develop the 4 planes beyond astral,known as the 4 mental planes.
The lower astral is where the vampiric, non corporeal, demonic, loosh farmingfactories reside, this is where people who have battles in dream time areinhabiting, as their development to the upper astral and 4 mental plains iseither not completed or blocked.
When you go into dream time, it is your spirit that leaves and goes there, notthe vessel, the vessel provides a protective safety zone, call it free will ifyou like, called the psi field I covered in earlier shows, unless it is hasbeen overtaken by form of possession, now the spirit if it’s cut off from goingthrough the 7 channels, it runs only into the hell realm (lower astral whichalso has 7 levels) and can get into situations where it is under heavy attack.
Many of you will recall in dream time the battling aspect and fighting themoff, or running away from something during dreamtime, but you will also haveexperienced a dire situation when your spirit is at the point of death, many ofyou will remember awakening very quickly and jumping up or lashing out, eitherawake or part awake, breathing very heavily and or emotionally upset.
Well the reason for these experiences is your spirit was literally at the pointof death, and the spirit had to slam back into the body very quickly forprotection the vessel provides, some will recall not being able to scream orspeak whilst awake, this paralysis is part due to the spirit not being fullyback into the body, as the brain has not reactivated sufficiently for it tofunction.
If the spirit doesn’t succeed in getting to the sanctuary of the vessel, thebody dies, and this is mostly the cause of people dying in their sleep, thespirit never got back quick enough for the vessel to survive.
So what occurs during sleep, well sleep and rest times are the bodies way ofclearing out the toxins, but also when the spirit goes out to play, when we gointo sleep mode the vessel and spirit are still as one, and as the body shutsdown, and so does the brain activity, once brain and organ activity is minimal,the spirit then leaves.
This could also explain as to why there is little to no memory of the dreamtime, as then brain is only engaged in keeping the functions of the vesselalive, as the spirit is returning, the brain fires up again and the spiritenters in due course, you reawaken once the spirit fully re-enters.
It could be at the half waking stage that some conscious memory is transferred,retained and able to be recalled in full waking mode, but if the spirit has toenter quickly to avoid astral predators, then that chance of recall is lost,and only the anxiety of rapid awakening is recalled, many know they have beenspooked, but don’t have a reason why, this explains it.
Other issues of recall of spirit travels is the concept of time, the vesselmaybe asleep for 2 hours, but the spirit maybe gone for a few years, thechances of recalling that amount of data are slim, as our brain does not carryenough RAM for that amount of total recall, the reason people wake up aroundevery two hours is, that is the safe amount of time the spirit can be out ofbody, a non return means you die in your sleep.
The other reason is the spirit maybe involved in secret missions, whereby itbecomes a security issue in the waking mode, due to people telling the story orpeople, beings or machines being able to read a persons thoughts via telepathy.
The issue of little to no memory can be improved two ways, many of you arehaving unusual sleep patterns, some are waking up to 3 times a night, someremember the 1st dream but by morning have completely forgotten, solve this bygetting up and writing down what you recall straight away, before going back tosleep, it maybe a puzzle you have to work out in waking life, so write down asmuch as possible.
The second way of improving memory by the individual, and this is why I havebeen saying be in tune with your self, by a merging of body and spirit courtesyof your own spiritual growth, this can lead to more of the missing knowledge ofyou being revealed in the waking time, whilst access was largely blocked in thepast, it is much less of a barrier now. Lower astral would in earthly terms bedefined as hell, upper astral has a bliss aspect to it and would be describedas heaven, the astral is where these terms derived from, but beware theheavenly bliss is also an astral trap as well.
My theory is, the ones trapped here and at this point is an unknown, haveeither never completed their human evolutionary cycle, was prevented fromcompleting it, or were descended down the evolutionary cycle back into thephysical, etheric and lower astral realms, these 3 layers they control and findit easier to manipulate.
Remember I have said previously very few humans reach the mental planes? oncean individual reaches the mental planes, it becomes very difficult to knockthem off the path, only you can knock yourself off this path, mental planesabilities requires the ultimate in responsibility, abuse that ability and youwill lose it and can face dropping back down into astral level, due toirresponsibility, a desire to become god like, abuse of abilities and wipe outall and sundry, is not responsible decision making, remember on mental planelevel you can defend only, not attack.
So what was their plan and how was it accomplished? to subdue humanity and keepthem in lower 3 planes, it was mainly done by the amount of killing of otherpeople and creatures, that this planet has endured, endless wars created bythem, that have an effect to reduce each killer and the victim down theevolutionary cycle, with the sole purpose of feeding the machine via loosh, anddoing so prevent billions of people progressing onto the mental planes ofevolution, where the real advancements on the soul and physical level takeplace, this in my opinion is how and why they did it.
So this issue could only be resolved by soul beings who have gone through thefull 7 cycles of planetary level of soul growth, (after that comes 7 levels ofCosmic or Galactic growth, then 7 levels of Universal growth) and then chose tosacrifice part of themselves to come back into here to fix it.
Once in here they could also educate from inside the construct, this mayexplain the narrative of the beings known as Jesus, Radomir, Buddha andKrishna, and whole heap of other teachers like The Urs, all came into here atsignificant times to breakdown the construct or the trap, and at the same timeincrease human consciousness to the mental plane levels, where breakout andbreakthrough could be achieved, this could be looked at or a description of,what is described on the internet as The Event.

That piece brings us to our next piece and a little bit of history for you. 3000years ago when King Solomon walked the Earth he initially I hear was workingdirect for source, another teacher, but he did something that went badly wrong,and will show another example of all magic comes with a price.
The temple he was building was not the first temple which everyone refers to,but the 2nd one, the first being in Hyperborea and suspected to be the lostcontinent of Da Arya which sank off the northern coast of Russia 110K yearsago, when the 2nd of the 3 moons we had here back then, crashed into Midgard(the real name of this planet, earth just means an inhabited planet) and thatwhole continent sank, lost to history and erased from our knowledge base untilrecently, this is why I get annoyed with changing names of places like Netherlandsfrom Holland, it is how they delete and rewrite history going forward, anderase the parts of history for future generations.
Russia was Rus, and is missing the region known as Tartaria, which was on allmaps from 500 years ago, and yet too few have even heard of it now.
During the building of the 2nd temple, he decided to use what we now call TheDemons to build it, he was given a ring that worked magic, but he didn’tbelieve it and used a child to cast the spell that summonsed forth each demonspirit one by one, for further details of the event and the roles and the specifictypes of interference each demon exhibited and carried out, read the full textof The Testament of Solomon.
As each one was summoned forward the ring was thrown at the chest of each demonand that bound them to here, and Solomon put them to work on building thetemple, this was a catastrophic mistake, and why I warn of the dangers of magic(light or dark, they both come with a price or consequences that are notconducive).
Warning for those that use magic a message, you are not performing the magicyourself, you are calling in the dark spirits to do so for you, once here theywreak havoc, on you and everyone else.
Many of you have heard of the Ring of Solomon, that still exists and is worn bythe Rothschilds at this time, no surprise there is there, quite frankly I’mgetting sick of speaking or hearing that name, time it was banished in myopinion, but whilst Rothschilds and their extanded family network achievedwealth, assets and power, it all came at a very heavy price for them and theirfamily members, a darkened soul incapable of love or compassion, essentiallyRothschilds are Rumpelstiltskin.
Look we all need the dark, as they provide the lessons to those not followingthat path, but the heavy swing of darkness here and other places throughoutthis universe, tilted way beyond balance.
It is rumored that this universe was created by a source being who wanted onlylight, if that is correct, that experiment has failed badly, the dark came in withwhat is known as the fractal virus, and began to corrupt everything, otherentities then took advantage both humanoid and none human looking, and thewhole Universe tilted badly to the dark in the region of 83%, this is why Ispeak of the 45-55 balance, a 5% correction either way can easily be fixed, 33%in this case has taken many thousands if not millions of years to correct.
Those of the light, need the dark to provide an opposite to enable you torecognize which path you are on, it’s the dance of life, as we contain both theability to be an angel and a demon, it is about which path you choose, and is onlyyours to make, but with this type of imbalance, it was more a case of the pathopen to you, that looked all lovely and light, but was actually a seducementinto the darkness.
When in darkness, we all stumble around bumping into things, looking for thelight switch or a slither of light to find our way round, if you go into thebathroom in the dark, in the mirror you see the shadow of you only, but whenyou switch on the light, the shadow is integrated within you.
Integrating the shadow aspect of you of determining your own path, is key workfor us all, along with the inner work, ignore one or both, and you stand in thedark, stumbling around, bumping into things and stepping on all kinds, bangingyour body into some cabinet, they are the externalization damage shown, of whatyou are doing to yourself. Internally, the damage manifests itself in anger,insecurity, frustration, repeated events happening to you, envy, narcissism andprojection towards others, in which you think, you are highlighting theirissues, but essentially you are highlighting your own, these traits all show alack of integrated shadow work and lack of inner trauma work on the self, theprojection onto others is the mirror image of you in the dark bathroom.
The next piece focuses on Solomon, a timescale and the implications of now andgoing forward, a reminder this was written before the 72 hours, an update willbe provided later.
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The significance of this event 3000 years ago, is it created a covenant, andunlike some property covenant that lasts 10 years, this one carried a 3000 yearcovenant, which is set to expire next week.
Issues that arise from this is are as follows:
1. it ends the demons, which were bound here under the covenant
2. what happens if they are not bound here after covenant ends?
3. if they are requested to leave here, where will they go?
4. for a demon to inhabit here, they have to take over a soul and vessel here,and the soul goes into the harvesting realm known as the astral, straight swap
5. their departure of them going back, means the original soul is restored here,but is it too damaged?
6. If there are thousands or millions or possibly billions of souls returning,what will be the outcome of that return?
7. Will those inhabited or better term possessed, having their own soulsreturned, simply lose it mentally?
8. if losing it is the outcome, should those people be moved away from theorganic soul people for both our safety? if so where?
9. what if their souls return carries memory of past lives, and all the traumaand pain, plus parts of it having been consumed, how will they react to that?
10. How would the organic soul beings react here if thousands, millions orbillions disappeared for their development and recovery?  Remember the series 4400?
These are the questions and thought process that have been played out recentlyand we have been working on.
Before I go deeper into this, I need to backtrack into theories and informationI have put out in various shows, that involves the sleepers or some term themsynths, a synth short for synthetic is a bio bot, a synthetic based human withno soul and is operated by a central hub computer system (the movie Extinctionexplains that) and for a while I went along with that general synopsis, butsomething never felt 100% right over that scenario, particularly given thefigures of 85% synths and 15% organic souls.
With no concrete evidence of who implemented that level of change here, I beganto think deeper and then it came to me, as it often does when I needinformation on a particular subject, these 85% are not all synths, there maywell be a percentage of synths, given cloning facilities dotted here and there,but a far more damaging a sinister issue of soul possession or better known aswalk ins.
This to me made much more sense, once I explored all the avenues ofpossibilities.
Remember all demons, djinns or spirits whichever you choose to call them, areall non physical entities, they cant eat food like those in the physical realm,only consume life force energy off others, and can only become physical, ifcalled in and they then subsequently enter a physical vessel, at that point theperson you knew inhabiting the vessel, officially no longer exists, you willstill see the external aspect of facial features and body types, but theinternally real aspect of that person is gone, and substituted with a darkentity presence, with varying degrees of external projection, but they are verysubtle in most cases, they wish to hold onto this vessel undetected.
As I understand it, the souls in here that inhabit the vessels energy is waybeyond other species, and so is considered a must have vessel.

So what where the conditions and modes of operations for these walk ins toarrive in such vast numbers?
Here are some of the examples
1. alcohol, they call it spirits for a reason, genie is a modern term fordjinn, and who comes out of the bottle when it is rubbed? the genie or thedjinn, which grants you 3 wishes, it is not wishes it is magic, which theyperform, only you pay the price, of soul possession in most cases.
2. drugs, pot or other psychedelics, the Greek original meaning of that is breathe,life and soul, soul being the operative word. Psyche being of the mind, delicscomes from the term delos, which means manifestation, so you have manifestedsomething in your mind, the origin? from the spirit realm aka the astral, I canhear many going no no no, but I’m sorry this is exactly what those drugs do,and people wonder why, people who take them change? think about it, they havechanged because in many cases, it’s not them anymore. They say it expands yourconsciousness, but have you considered it is not your consciousness that hasexpanded? it is you and the entity that has expanded. I can still hear manysaying no or bs, I’m sorry but they are the facts.
3. mushrooms, they call it magic mushrooms for a reason, and all magic comeswith a price  
4. Ayahuasca and other derivatives described as hallucinogenic or is ithallucino – genie, again it calls in the spirits, all done by so calledshamans, which really means shar man, shar means time or era, so they are timemen, just not our time but theirs. The South Americans and many other tribalpeople were tricked into these ceremonies by the rogue ET groups here to engagea covenant or contract, they had with the demons or djinns here.
Whereby they do their magic and dirty deeds, which comes with no karma as theyhave no physical form, djinns get to inhabit vessels and also consume lifeforce energy, both in here and also the astral realm. Most of the ancienttribes were taught the Kali-ma (the dark mother) worship which spread rightthrough most, if not all early tribal groups here on this planet, they werealso taught sacrifice ceremonies as well, all under the auspices of worshippingthe gods and in particular the Kali-ma.
As a link to this and Solomon story, the tribe who collected the treasuresSolomon acquired, left for Africa and then proceeded East, stayed in what isnow called Solomon Island, Polynesia and Samao, and then went and residedpermanently in New Zealand, known now as the Maoris, it was this group thatsigned the 16500 year agreement with The Draco, that put this planet underMarshall Law, they took the offer from The Draco in return for weaponry tofight a tribal war they were losing, with the new weaponry they won out, but weall lost. It was the same tribe with The Trust that initiated the start of thepeace treaty, which was completed in August 2016 as well. Perhaps the Maoriswere infected by the demons contained within the treasures of Solomon?
5. Tribal based ceremonies involving circles, rhythmic beats to bring in theirancestors, except it wasn’t their ancestors they are bringing in.
6. Witchcraft, Druidism and Paganism all involved in bringing in the demons,djinns or dark spirits. Female witches congregated in a circle, often with apentagram, which is on Solomon’s ring, and called in the spirits, the circle theycreate is the portal, or the gateway to call them in, whilst the witches standon the edge of the circle all connected to each other by hand, to bind thecircle and open the portal. People may tell you they are light witches andfully believe it, but in reality, you have been fooled and seduced by the dark.
7. Then they got people praying to The Lord who is Anu (Draco reptile king,which is an energy harvester, which again feeds these very entities, all partof the pact they made with the demons. All external praying is harvesting yourenergy.
8. Mediums and channellers also call in the spirits but they have no idea whoor what they are calling in either.
9. We had alchemists who created potions that again depending on what was mixedcalled on the spirits to manifest, but they only manifest into another body.Magic potions or is it Magi potions, like earlier genic when removing the Cbecame geni, as in djinn, Magic without the c is magi, now the most famous Magiis Sinbad who was the owner of 7 djinns, the genie in the bottle, like alcoholis, Arabic term Al -kuhl was the origin of the alcohol, Al means god, Khulmeans ghoul, which means spirit, so it means the spirit god.
In the 17th century alcohol was then described as a distilled and rectifiedspirit. A description of rectified spirits is, Rectified spirit, also known as neutral spirits, rectifiedalcohol, or ethyl alcohol ofagricultural origin is highly concentrated ethanol (Iwonder whether adding ethanol to our gas, is another way to infect us?) thathas been purified by means of repeated distillation in a process calledrectification. In some countries (e.g. India), denaturedalcohol or denatured rectified spirit may commonly be available as”rectified spirit”, but it is poisonous and ingestion can be fatal.Wine is a neutral spirit also, still want to consume that amount of drinks?
10. The native Americans use a term wetiko for a different type of walk in, Wetikomeaning means solely for the self, but can only host on people who exhibitsimilar traits for greed, selfishness and service to self and excess.
11. Then people began at a later date to sell their soul out for fame, wealthand titles, oblivious to the real value of what they were giving away, sellingyour soul is not metaphorical, it is a literal selling of your soul and lifeforce, which is why so many famous people look blank, vacant, act strange,appear aloof, never seem happy, life filled with drama to keep them and thewalk ins occupied, all theater and fakery.
So, having perhaps not believed it was possible to replace that many peoplewith walk ins at the beginning of this piece, perhaps you might havereconsidered that possibility, having absorbed that list, and also hopefully considercorrecting some of your own lifestyle habits?
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So back to the covenant again, now you have a gist of the background to this myanswers and solutions are, if covenant ends soon the demons bound here, need toreturn to source direct, they shouldn’t be bound here or the astral either way,it only served nefarious purposes for them and us.
Issues of them leaving and the potential of the soul returning to the rightfulowner, following the removal of the walk in, it will be a case of wait and see,how those people react to that return, will it come with longer memories andhow will that be received or processed?
Will they become more or less zombie like which many people are exhibiting thattrait already, will they rejoice of their own reconnection and return of lifeforce energy?
The biggest issue is if they completely lose it mentally upon reconnection, andshould we be separated whilst they absorb their what is essentially a rebirth,is there enough of us to look after them, clearly not. If we are separatedwhere will we or they go?
Will it be like the 4400 in the series of the same name, who all on one dayjust vanished? A key line in that show is from the vast majority who were leftbehind, who spoke through mediums to some of the 4400, we miss all 4400 of you,the return quote was we miss all 7B of you.
That series could well be describing the harvesting of large numbers of humansthat has happened in the past, it is rumored there were 20M Mayans here at onestage of their development, that were likely on the right path, and yet theyall disappeared without a trace, just a few skeletons left here and there, butno evidence of the 20M missing.
This is really what the entity known as RA is all about, harvesting, Marduk hadplayed the role of RA in the past, and when the time was right, that entitywould have returned again to harvest here again, in what would have been thefinal time for us. Maybe that is who the scripture books are really referringto, when stating the messiah will return, their messiah not ours, it is theirbook, not ours.
That term messiah originates from the Hebrew books, which I believe are theAnnunaki books, both groups were called The Chosen ones, look at the etymologyof the term Messiah: from the Hebrewword “Mashiach” which means “Annointed One.” In the HebrewScriptures, Mashiach was used of priests and kings, as well as a future leaderwho would be both priest and king. That right there tells you they wereordinary priests and kings falsely elevated into some god or son of god being,these people love to elevate themselves with their fake titles, and that isexactly what the Christian entity known as Jesus is, my belief Jesus is acreated name by the Roman Church in league with The Draco, for it is they whocreated the heirarchical structure here, in their classic divide and conquertactics, there was no letter J in the writings before 14C, why would you changethe name of the most important man in our history? it doesnt make any sense atbest, and completely disrepectful at worst.
The real Jesus was based on a Rus man called Radomir whose wife was MaryMagdelene and they had children, and were hunted down to death by The RomanCatholic church, Radomir died in 1086, so those who researched the missing oradded on years of history, can add that fact to the list.
This explains some of The Templars who fled with treasures and artifactsarrived in America in the 1000’s, same timeline, for further research you cansee on many church stain glass artwork, “jesus” had blue eyes, Marymagdelene is portrayed with blonde hair and blue eyes, this makes them aryanand Rus, which is where the term Russia came from, maybe a coincidence maybenot but was Radomir referenced when the Russians named their space station Mir?
It could well be the covenant endswithout much fanfare, but we are preparing for the unknown as well.
These issues have been discussed at length amongst the team and with TheCouncil, of which was in the best path to take, these are big decisions to makeand a pity it never came to light until so late in the day. The final decisionswill always be taken in what is best for the all, what is the best and mostsafest path for all of humanity. May source be with us in those decisions.
This trap set up many call The Matrix was created by technology and frequencyaltering, who created it or who set it all up at this point is unknown by me,but I do know who took full advantage of it.
The Draco and the Mantid groups, Mantids are the tech beings and Draco themilitaristic types, by distorting what we know as time, with frequencymanipulation, they created time loops, repeated every 13k years, whichco-incides with human and the planet development into a higher frequency zone, atime/space more conducive to evolved beings, it is not a matter of beingtransported in some tin cans to another world, this is a frequency change asthe whole solar system moves into the new frequency zone, that contains all theprimary matters required for the higher frequency, one of those primary matters(which are the key building blocks for matter and life, was removed here, whichmade this zone more susceptible to inorganic life, the primary matter G) thiswas the 6th loop of 78K years, that trap ended in 2015.
They sectioned off zones and made a pact with non form creatures, human or not,to be in that zone and harvest energy from the physical 3D beings, I suspectthis was a trick played on these people and beings, and may have been done byusing the fake light people saw in OBE’s or NDE’s.
The non form beings had no way to obtain sustenance in any other way than byconsuming energy, souls and spirits, this then weakened those on a physical 3Dlevel, and allowed others to get on with harvesting the rest of the beings andresources on this planet.
Those that came into 3D of a higher frequency which stood out like a beaconhere, became targeted by both non form and physical form entities, thoseenergies are like the je ne sais quoi to both forms, and explains the heavytargeting and interference in those peoples lives. From 2000 onwards childrenwith extra strands of dna and higher frequencies arrived here to elevate theconsciousness, and drive a better path forward for our species, this was againcounteracted by targeting, which has gone on since the first batch came in 1959onwards.
They created disease called ADHD and drugged them, to stifle brain and souldevelopment to counteract that, the main reason those children are fidgety,erratic and sometimes troublesome is, they are struggling to adapt to the lowerfrequencies here, once they reach adolescent age, most learn to adapt,providing drugs have not had too much of a damaging effect.

That was written for the last show and things have developed since then,
the 3000 year covenant ended at midnight last night and the request was made toreturn, not only those demons bound here by Solomon, but also those in thelower astral as well, by yesterday realms 3, 4 , 5 and 6 were emptied andreports of 12 more needed emptying, all to be returned back to source. Two ofthe realms left by their own choice, I suspect that was 1 and 2.
The 7 layers of hell is being emptied out, for their benefit and ours, all willreturn to source.
All souls that have been harvested have been returned to source, many were toodamaged to be brought back in as I understand it, returning to source willallow that soul to be healed and rebirthed.
This is of enormous benefit to not only humanity, but those that were trappedand denied access of a return to source, for many lifetimes and many years, Iappreciate this is not an instant provable item from the external aspect, butover time the difference will be marked.
We often seek the external aspect of things like funding or mass arrests, butlike painting a house, the preparation is the key to a good job, the paintcovers all the real work, and we appreciate the external job finished, but itis the hidden internal aspect that makes the external gain approval.
This is another key event in our history that many will over look due to theexternalization of everything, but once you go within all is revealed to you inmany aspects, money is external version of your life force, projection of angeris an internal aspect of your own ills, envy of others, is an internal failingof yourself, a need for saviors is an internal failure of yourself, showingtrust to others should only be done, when you have learnt to trust yourselves, yourgod is not external to you, but is within you, remember People only love god orgods when they have failed to remember their own connection to source.
We will march forward better with greater knowledge and a will to correct things,but the main correction is not outside of us, but within us all.
The real changes going on, on this planet and elsewhere are the internalchanges, it is the inner war that is contained within each and everyone of us,a war everyone must fight within themselves and then help others overcome.
You don’t achieve that by external fighting, projection, gaslighting, pointingfingers and blame towards all others, whilst neglecting your own input into it.
Time for us all to look in the mirror and not reflect on the external image yousee, but go beyond the image and look inside, what do you really see? itrequires being honest with yourself, which is easier said than done, do youwant real truth of you or the masked version you have presented to others?
That choice on a collective scale is now not an option, the masks of illusion Itold you all about in 2016, is dropping rapidly, and your mirror image ofillusion is coming out into the light, whether you like that fact or not.
This then teaches personal responsibility for the first real time, no longercan you just show the mask and hide the inner demons, those who dropped theirswill see it in clear vision, it is the wheat and chaffe time, no one will beleft out, but those who have done their work will shine like beacons, thosethat haven’t will continue to struggle through life, not necessarilyexternally, but internally.
Changes are coming, but changes have happened and change is in the now, but canyou feel it?

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