truth honor & integrity show | december 13,2018

I played a song a few months back called the tide is turning, and it has, the increase in the public actively participating in global demonstrations against the corrupt system is now beginning to go viral, once that happens it pulls in more of the fence sitters, pulls in more into the alt media circle, which will expose more people with the potential to pass onto the others, of the crimes and corruption played on the people, to all those who took part and supported the yellow vest movement, led by the people of France and spilled into other countries kudos. To the cops who laid down their arms and helmets in support kudos. To the people in Israel and Palestine demonstrating for peace together with no publicity, due to corrupt zionist led media kudos to you also

*”If we don’t get what we want, one way or the other, whether it’s through you, through military, through anything you want to call, I will shut down the government,” Mr Trump said. “And I am proud to shut down the government for border security. I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down.”

*Trump deliberately brought in Schumer and Pelosi in with the media to tear them a new asshole, wall is a side issue, he knows the wall is funded and where it is coming from, all a strategy game, pity Pence sat there like a showroom dummy

*Clowns from the Pentagon and Langley at the behest of Chinese Elders and rothschilds spent all day Monday in The Treasury office trying to force them into accepting Treasury Reserve Notes and or United States notes backed by an SKR which was fake and had no backing. The Trust had forewarned them in an extensive brief the day before following Rothschilds secret meeting(not that secret we never found out -oops) planning all this at the weekend, they tried again Tuesday and got rebuffed again, essentially this was confirmed as a fake currency by both The Trust and The Treasury. This was to fund the budget and all those depts and banks who are running in negative equity now and have been for past month, The Trust gave $250M to The Treasury to pay peoples wages only. To those who keep doubting that they are still in control and have loads of funds to keep going, this incident, plus the IMF telling 134 countries to ditch their currencies and go crypto, tells you a very different picture, like I said we can play the long game, they can’t.
Message to the clowns, when are you going to ignite some of your brain cells into critical thinking mode? you have waited and waited for the fabled RV based on asset backed currencies since the last century, and they keep telling you tomorrow, yet if they had the asset backs they say they have, why are they producing fake currencies like supernotes (double allocation numbered notes) and fake SKR’s, question is are you that retarded? or just a treasonous selfish bastard? waiting for your billions of dollars of dinars pay out, which will never arrive, whilst the people in this country and globally suffer. Reminder this planet is designated now for humans, not to carry out plans for Rothtillians and their old failed Draco system. Sink or swim time, swim with us or drown with the old system, either way we don’t care, but you might, it is your groups they are drowning.

Special drawing rights (SDR) refer to an international type of monetary reserve currency created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1969 that operates as a supplement to the existing money reserves of member countries. Created in response to concerns about the limitations of gold and dollars as the sole means of settling international accounts, SDRs augment international liquidity by supplementing the standard reserve currencies. An SDR is essentially an artificial currency instrument used by the IMF, and is built from a basket of important national currencies. The IMF uses SDRs for internal accounting purposes. SDRs are allocated by the IMF to its member countries and are backed by the full faith and credit of the member countries’ governments. The makeup of the SDR is re-evaluated every five years. Essentially countries like S. Korea gave their assets to Hong Kong and they draw off it, a bit like how bank of england and originally America collected their wealth, it was based on the assets of other countries, issue arises when the country asks for it back, as it has already been leveraged by 10’s of times and those countries holding have nothing left, remember Germany asking for their gold back? The US said it would take 7 years to return, which is exactly the same amount that is mined over 7 years, in other words it was gone.

Supernotes are copies of the original notes, all notes have an allocation number on, and all of them are registered within the trust, so should they show up, the system recognizes them and can delete them, this is why they are going around doing cash deals, like the Monsanto/Bayer transaction and also the Obama and Hillary cash to Iran deal. Countries will no longer allow allocations of new numbers on notes and so they took to printing note copies, largely done by the De La Rue printing companies owned by Rothschild’s, message to all nations please remove De La Rue from your countries, they are a hostile takeover group operating in your country, charging 10% on all notes printed and wrecking all your economies, you and we don’t need them.
Declare your country sovereign with The Trust, you can then create your own national banks and Treasury devoid of external influence and subsequently print your own currencies at lower cost and also without external influence, this measure will revitalize every country on the planet, I hope more of you step forward to a new future and away from the dark shadows of the failed old systems. African countries need to remove Citibank from all your countries as all transactions in your countries have to go through Citibank, you don’t need them, they are vampiric. South and Central American countries needs to remove all Wells the Fargo banks, they like Citibank operate in the same way, remove them by declaring sovereignty.

*All I can say is there is a lot going on now on so many levels, key words are fear and desperation on their part, not ours, we are progressing nicely with our teaching project, more are now coming forward including clowns, at this point they are only offering bs deals, which we ignore now, and wait until they return with better ideals not deals, no more deals for them are on the table, you chose to ignore the table existed and then what was on offer, now you have neither. Things are in a stand off pattern in many respects, one were we hold the all the aces. the clowns hold the jokers card outside of the game and are stuck in the box.

* Adrenochrome, a chemical known since at least the 1930s, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine) in mammals. The chemical especially concentrates in the body during times of high “fight or flight” response conditions, such as during extreme trauma and suffering. Elite instead kidnap children, rape, and torture them in order to concentrate the adrenaline/epinephrine in their glands, then harvest the adrenochrome from the glands while the subject is living (adrenochrome does not last long in a corpse) and finally murder the victim after the drug is extracted. Alternately, the subject may be kept alive for repeated extractions; in this case, a needle is plunged into the eye to extract the adrenochrome from the brain stem without cutting into the skull. They also run massive child trafficking rings all over the world, which buy and sell children (adrenochrome more readily concentrates in a child’s glands, since the glands do not grow much with age, and since children experience massively heightened “fight or flight” reactions and increased adrenaline surges as a result of trauma). Now you know why 900K children go missing in America alone each year.
The name of Google’s GPU ( Graphics processing unit) is named adreno. Google released Chrome in September 2008, and obtained their GPU in 2009 and immediately renamed it to adreno. Adrenochrome is a legendary drug for the elite involved in occult rituals. Allegedly, children are horribly tortured and traumatized so their bodies produce a lot of adrenaline in their blood. The torturers then murder the children and drink this spiked blood of the children. google is really go ogle as in lets spy on you. Those sick bastards need to be closed down in the future along with Gates and Microsoft, am hoping many come forward with their plans for a new internet and platforms minus those two satanic empires, we will fund them from The Trust when the blocks are removed.

*no USN, no TRN, no crypto currencies, we have vast quantities of funds digital and physical assets available for every country all contained within Manna World Holding Trust. The trust who paid the last 3 American budgets I might add, otherwise this country would already have been bankrupt. IMF are threatening 134 countries this month to ditch their currencies and switch to crypto, that will be blocked. IMF are bankrupt is why, they owe The Trust $180T alone. The trust hand delivered declaring American sovereignty to Mr. Trump on January 27th 2018 and yet we wait for it to be implemented. The trust blocked the Fed from trading or using USD on American soil, the trust also revoked The Feds license as it had expired. The Trust also paid off the American debt to the Fed of $196T last week, as The Trust owns The Fed as it was pledged to The Trust years ago, no money changed hands as essentially The Trust wiped the debt, so the $21T debt is officially not owed anymore. The Trust is also working to get back all American military hardware sold to a Chinese group (not the govt) Military are currently leasing it back from them, this was to keep military funded as The Treasury was being looted (by Rothschilds) and have had no funds for years, Military is waiting for RV pay out from Rothschilds/Chinese Elders which they are incapable of paying, it would require a down payment of $4.25 Quadrillion to start the RV, they dont have the assets to support floating $4.25Q, it is impossible. Trust gave money to Trump for the wall last year – Rothschilds raided The treasury and stole that, The Trust who controls the Quantum System which now has control of every bank, was able to locate the stolen funds and draw it back into The Trust. The Trust did the same this year when the IRS sent $780B to Swiss Rothschilds account of our collected taxes, Trust located it and put it all back in the Trust for later dispersement to the countries and the people. The Trust closed down the official UN last year, collected all the rogue funds the UN collected fraudulently from participating countries, gave all funds stolen back to the countries. The Trust has spoken to or worked with all top officials in each country over the last 18-24 months and many are ready to work with The Trust and ditch the Rothschilds/Chinese Elders who ran The Trust previously, but they were cut off in 2007 and this brought in the global recession, as the elites only had money they looted from The Trust. The Trust owns every piece of land, all inground and above ground resources and assets, all banks including central and all buildings, as everything was put into the Trust as collateral, and subsequently pledged to The Trust, and as they never paid back the liens, The Trust owns everything. The trust has told the world we will return all funds and assets owed to each country, then the rest of the funds will be split 50% for the countries and 50% to the people, via projects. The Trust agreed a deal directly with president Trump 2 weeks ago for the trust to give America $105B to run the disaster relief for Florida, georgia, Alabama, N & S Carolina and California as FEMA has no money, the $105B was a gift out of The Trust, Trump agreed the deal and instructed The Treasury to issue cards which The Trust would load up to the tune of $105B, when Hillary and Mnuchin backed by security forces known as Citadel, stormed The Treasury and removed our ambassador and blocked the funding of the disaster relief program. I can say a lot more on this, the above is just the overview surface view, for further details contact me Thomas at, truth.honor.and.integrity@gmail.com and we will expand on things or listen to Truth, Honor & Integrity show. That was posted on the Greg Hunter page twice and he ignored it, so it looks like he is another paid operative that avoids the full truth, just gives people it in soundbites of political intrigue like Catherine Austin Fitts, that really has no bearing of what is really going on, that is portal people distraction theater.


*Shane show we had on Monday brought up a lot of confirms for this show in some aspects of where we are going, how we can be the change, lets not wait for them, either the system or the sleepers, but push forward with how we wish the world to be regardless of what they or others think, because of our nature and desire to help, we will always be ready and available to pick them up and guide them on their path, when they are ready.
The gist of what Shane was saying in his own way, was mirroring in many of our shows, we are the change, and also the two worlds theory proposed in 2015, but now becoming reality with our own two eyes.
The breakaway group of leaders who tread the pathway for others, like the pioneers who trekked across America 3-500 years ago, this time we trek globally. In many ways that show was cathartic for Shane from my perspective, which over time he will see more, I know more than most his journey through life and the epic struggles, sadistic ways of being involved in that circle, a circle of death not life, how one can triumph over tragedy, they tried the sink and sink method with him, but he always swam, but he has swam for far too long in my opinion, and if the others choose the sink method on him again, they will face the same consequences they have had in the recent past, message to those clowns and entities play straight and leave him be or die, it’s that simple.
Should Shane choose the right path and is not interfered with, he will play a major role here over time, a role that will be revealed over time, an important role in our history of coming together as one, any interference in that will have consequences for those who meddle, you people and beings have had your time and lost, now it’s our time. Get on the source energy train or be left at the station for thousands of years, your choice.

* Some 56% of Americans say they want a partner who provides financial security more than “head over heels” love (44%), according to a survey released Friday by Merrill Edge, an online discount investment service that’s a division of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This sentiment is held in almost equal measure by both men and women (54% and 57%). Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2010) is the only generation to choose love (54%) over money (47%). For instance, iPhone owners are 21 times more likely to judge others negatively for having a less expensive Android, while those who have an Android are only 15 times more likely to judge others negatively for having an iPhone. And those who have older models of either smartphone are 56% less likely to get a date, according to a recent survey of more than 5,500 singletons aged 18 and over by dating site Match.com.  Couples who spend $20,000 on their wedding are 46% more likely than average to get divorced; that risk falls to 29% higher than average for those who spend $10,000 to $20,000.

As new primary school data is released, BBC analysis suggests it will take 50 years to close the achievement gap between England’s rich and poor pupils. If the pace of change remains the same as it has done since 2011, poor pupils will not catch up until 2070, it shows. This year, 51% of the poorest pupils reached the expected level in their national end-of-primary school tests. This compares with 70% of their better-off peers, leaving a gap of 19 percentage points.

*Integrity (from “integer” = the whole of anything, a whole number not a fraction – think “whole character” not a fraction of one!) speaks of the unimpaired state of one’s mind and heart, of moral soundness and purity, of incorruptness, of uprightness, of honesty. Just as we would talk about a whole number, so also we can talk about a whole person who is undivided. A person of integrity is living rightly, not divided, nor being a different person in different circumstances. A person of integrity is the same person in private that he or she is in public. Integrity has the same root word as does the word integrated. A leader of integrity has taken the principles that govern his life, internalized them, and integrated them into every area of his life. Integrity is not like a weathervane that changes direction with every shift of the social winds.

*Group emotions and thinking are really now starting to flow, many on the brink of tears and many expelling them. The reason being is, people are now picking up on the new energetic flow circulating globally, this is down to the change in frequencies and also the source energy flow spiralling out in all directions. The message is love, compassion and understanding and away from finger pointing blame games, the reality is you all played the game, you all participated in creating this monstrous world, bedevilled by greed, evil, ill intent, competitive and comparative mindsets.
We had forgotten the basics in life, how to enjoy it, how to revel in simplicity, nature is simple, why have we complicated life so much?
An energy clearing is underway for those ready to receive it, sadly many aren’t, they are mired in their vampiric ways of harvesting off others, due to their repeated failure to stand in their own responsibility, sovereignty, powers and energies, failure to do their shadow and inner work, it is all too easy to lean on and harvest others energies and life force, by doing nothing for themselves, never mind others.
It is all about input, shadow and inner work can only be done by you, some can help you with it, but no one can fix what is inside you, but you, in essence this separates wheat and the chaffe, all are wheat but only few recognize it, from those who talk it but wont walk it, those of personal responsibility and those who want the savior program, those who wish to lead and those stuck in follower mode.

*It all comes down to you and what you allow or accept, low or high vibration, you will not reach mental planes and higher consciousness in the lower vibrational state, it is not possible. Low vibration traits are Anger, hate, fear, sadness, worry, confusion, chaos, apathy, pain, suffering, blame, shame, guilt, and the two key ones to overcome, closed mind and the far more damaging, closed heart. Anger and hate are projections, Fear leads to sadness and worry for the future, fear is a future word as it hasn’t happened, but can happen as you have not addressed your own ability to change that future, confusion, chaos and apathy are something they created but you bought into, blame, shame and guilt are your own failure to address your shadow and inner work, closed minds are the cancer of society, closed hearts are the blockages at the solar plexus, and why so many go with gut instincts and not heart.
Higher vibrations are joy, happiness and kindness, compassion, clarity, wonder, reverence, calm, curiosity, with 2 key vibrations of open mind and open heart. joy and happiness are of your own making, never let anyone else decide your mood for you, kindness and compassion remember costs nothing materialistic only your loving energy, clarity comes with understanding, wonder is your manifest abilities, reverence is respect, like saying treat others how you would like to be treated in return, calm ah the calm 45-55 anyone, I have said it often enough now, calm brings balance, which is centering, curiosity is what brought you here and has added benefits for me anyway, as the saying goes curiosity killed the cat haha, curiosity can lead to the opening of the mind and the final stage of really opening your heart, which has all the 5 senses and some extra when switched on fully.

*People always ask why is everything taking so much time? my first answer is you don’t fully understand or comprehend the depth of change undertaken and required here.
THI has been going for just over 2.5 years and those who have been with us from the start are just now really grasping what has and is unfolding. THI is different from all other shows on the internet as it covers a gamut of topics in a variety of formats, although I must mention Randy Maugans shows as well as a point of learning.
We have undergone a relearning exercise in many ways, what is being attempted is a 120 shift to what you thought you knew or assumed you knew, all sent from the world of illusion, into a new real version called reality, and it won’t be a virtual reality one either.
The Virtual reality world Shane described is, for those who are not ready for organic reality, they love the city of light pill and world of illusion too much, it is an addiction and will become the 6th hook in essence, but remember that is their free will choice, they chose that path, it is not your fault in any way shape or form, they took the path of illusion, so I want no one who listens to this to feel any shame, guilt or remorse because they couldn’t get them to shift, we have tried our best and rescued many, they are your focus for now.
It requires strong people, it entails much rejection, it asks people to work on themselves, trust themselves before trusting others, requires critical, logical and common sense thinking, which sadly is very rare on this planet, and yet are these not, or should these not, be the basics of life and discussion, it shows how far we fell, critical, logical and common sense are the basics and yet it now looks almost like genius levels of thinking, it shouldn’t be that way.
So, for 2.5 years THI members have basically had a body soft and hardware rewrite, a removal of the malware and spyware out of your system, a deletion of the old programs that they and you installed, all phased out and a new set of ideals to operate from, all launched from the safe platform base, where you can be the real you, not the mask, called THI.
But it has taken for most of you 2.5 years and some are still working their way through it, like the pacman maze, some will still go down blind alleys and blocked passages, for a long time that was all there was, blocked passages and blind alleyways, I said in last show of 2017 this quote which some may have understood then and some not, more will now understand this quote near 12 months later “2018 will be the year of the Unveiling, doors will be opened on all levels, for you to walk through.” and walk through many of you have done.
But the system rewrite you all chose to undertake, I can’t force anyone to do anything I can only guide in my own way, and this is why I have never really advertised or over promoted THI as it is not for everyone, most are just not ready for it, but rejoice in the many who are and have re-found a soul connection between us all.
What is happening is two fold like a wave, some on downward wave and some on the up wave, many of you started out before THI on the up wave, you realized something is not right with this world, so you had a head start, and yet despite the head start you still underwent a new learning curve that has taken some time to adjust to, and then launch yourself on your path of discovery about you and all around you, but what about the people who were on the down wave? do they not have to take some time to navigate the down wave first, before plateauing and then joining the up wave, if it has taken you 2.5 years, how long do you expect them to get to your level? hmm you may be saying or thinking now.
THI is like a dimmer switch we increased the light as people processed and grasped each stage of it, a gradual turning up of the switch, but the others and particular those in the worlds top positions had their light on full, except it wasn’t light at all, but dark, mirror magic illusion and why they called themselves the Illuminated ones, sorry for them but it was the false light you absorbed, an illusion of the real light and it’s message, for those people, they have to dim the light in phases until it goes dark, and then start the real light journey back up again, how long do you think those people will take to reach your level and understanding? your thinking now, holy shit that may take forever, for some of them yes, but not all.
This is why we need to push forward in and on our path, we can’t wait for them, we have to be the change and drag them along for the ride, immigration going forward will not be country to country, but from their world into ours. Remember the saying posted again this week in the group “the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do change world, join and embrace the crazy train – all aboard hahah.

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