Center, ground, shield

Centering and Grounding are vital skills for self-care and self-development. As we strengthen our physical and subtle bodies by releasing old patterns and programmes, we are creating more space for Source energy to infuse our inner space and transform the artificial constructs into natural resonance and order.
Centering and grounding are not just about bringing ourselves into present time/space so that we can take action from a balanced state. The practice also provides us with an anchor to protect your body, mind and Spirit while we explore our multi-dimensional and trans-dimensional selves in ‘other’ realities. Now that we have shifted into Sovereign space and the astral levels have mostly been cleared, we have the opportunity to access our ‘superpowers’ through exploring inner space and retrieving parts of ourselves that have been stolen, given away, traded or lost. In other words, we are making ourselves WHOLE.
In terms of terrestrial physics, Superstring theorists have discovered at least 6 dimensions curled up within our DNA – in addition to the four physical dimensions of this constructed reality. These six inner dimensions are accessed by navigating inner space. Meditation, as we have known it, has been part of our limiting programmes. As Sovereign beings we now claim all aspects of ourselves, step into our superpowers and take action based in Source guided by Natural and Universal Law. Our GNA connects us to Source energy through our DNA and RNA. We are healing ourselves when we centre, ground and shield. As part of a daily practise we empower ourselves and the causal fields in which we act. The practice is STRONG. Done with regular affirmations of right action and will, we become invulnerable to ‘attack’ (both inner and outer) and remove our bodies from the old realities and dimensions where our humanity has been deliberately oppressed and harvested. In essence we become the shield!
Being mindful of this knowledge, settle yourself sitting (not laying down), hands loosely in your lap. We will use the useful techniques of conscious breathing and eye movement to clear the mind, centering ourselves in this moment and space. Closing your eyes, inhale through the nose and ‘look’ left (eyes shut). When full of breath, exhale in your own time while moving eyes to the right. See yourself gathering up the frustrations of our daily lives, the feelings, thoughts, energies of others that we have picked up and the patterns that are triggered, with the inhale (look left). You can turn your head physically also if it helps you to focus.  As you breathe out through your nose, turn eyes smoothly to the right and see in your mind’s eye the energies being exhaled. You may find that your breath feels ‘hot’ as you continue. Your eyes may become scratchy or prickly, and you may leak tears. This is all energy discharging. If you become stuck on a thought or feeling, just breathe and keep your eyes moving. Discharging energies, feelings (E-motion), thoughts, other people’s energies is intense! If you need to take a break, bring eyes to centre, halt your breath and look left – right and back to centre. Breath again normally. This completes the cycle. Always complete the session in this manner.
With practice, this rhythm of breath and eye movement will start clearing your physical and energetic bodies, and you will find that breathing becomes less intense. This is the natural feeling as we come into our centres. If you find yourself being distracted by thoughts or feeling, focus on breathing through another short cycle until you come back to centre and the thoughts and feelings move through you and dissipate. Bring your attention to your heart centre and slightly above that, the higher heart. This is the ‘new’ energetic centre that we are developing now as Source energy flows into us and we connect with each other and all beings on Midgard Earth through natural law. Breathe mindfully into this centre just experiencing it. You may feel to place your hands over the area as your mind’s eye sees Source energy flowing into this centre from the crown centre on the top of your head and from above your head. See the higher heart filling and flowing down through the lower heart, solar plexus, sacral and base energy centres, down your legs and out through the soles of your feet through the skin of the earth and down to meet the core of our planet. What you will experience with that connection is a mixing of earth and cosmic energies meeting and rising up to create a natural shield around you in a bubble that encloses you completely and is connected to the earth. Trust that it is happening even if you may not see it clearly at first! As with all inner experiences, how you see your connection is up to you. Take note of your experiences and write them down in a journal as your practice develops. The most important part is the knowledge that your shield is generated by you, from you, for you with the Source and our planetary being. You can ‘bling up’ your shield with personal embellishments such as firewalls etc! When you centre, ground and shield at night before sleep, you clear the day’s energies and frustrations from mind and body and spirit. You will sleep better, dream better and do your dreamwork with fresh energy. It will protect you in your night work. When you center, ground and shield in the morning, you release all the night stresses and energies and patterns, leaving you in a balanced and protected state. Daily practice makes us stronger, fitter, healthier and more confident, because this practice is also part of our evolution as Sovereign beings. This practice assists us to move into the new reality of our Sovereign state, where we are the leaders of humanity. So, to recap:
  1. Sit comfortably with hands resting in your lap. Closing your eyes and feel your breath going in and out of your nostrils, mouth closed.
  2. With eyes closed, breath in through your nose, looking smoothly to your left. You can move your head slightly to follow your eyes if you feel to.
  3. When inhale is complete, exhale slowly through your nose while smoothly moving eyes(head) to the right.
  4. Repeat in a steady, smooth rhythm, inhale – look left, exhale – look right in synchronization with your breathing.
  5. When you find an emotional energy or thought rising, gather it up in the inhale and release it with the exhale. You may find that your breath feels ‘hot’ or comes as a colour. You may feel an emotional release of some kind…tears, anger, grief etc. Let is all flow out, breathing in a rhythmic pattern.
  6. If you need to rest, bring your head to centre, halt your breathing, look left, right and back to centre. Breath normally.
  7. Whatever rises for release just let it flow out, don’t examine it or try and analyse it. Your body’s subtle energetic system is clearing itself in readiness for coming into your centre and grounding yourself.
  8. You will come naturally into your centre after clearing has occurred. As you come into your centre you will find a calmness there. It is always there for us.
  9. Bring your eyes and head to centre. Halt the breath, look left, right, and return to centre. Resume breathing normally. This completes the circuit and session.
  10. Breathe into the higher heart centre (above the old heart chakra) and feel the glow. Breathe and smile!
  11. See Source energy entering through the crown of you head and filling your heart centre, lighting up your brain, mind, spirit, eyes, throat down through heart centre, solar plexus, sacral and base energy centres, down your legs and out through soles of feet into the earth and to the core of our planet.
  12. When Source and our personal energies meet terrestrial energies, your shield will automatically generate and you will feel a flooding of energies up and around you. This is your shield. It is naturally generated by your connection to self, Source and planetary being.
  13. Repeat as often as you like, day or night. Practise brings results quickly.
You are a Sovereign Being! Smile. Feel the gratitude. Take action through goodwill for all beings. Combine this connection with your positive affirmations, such as: “I assert my personal sovereignty, embodying Source, acting in alignment with Natural Law” (make your own, personal to you). SMILE !
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