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As the alt media delves into the pits of clickbait headlines, a cesspit of stupidity and irresponsibility, littered with fear and doom porn of where all going to die of 5G, which is the latest fear laden drama to focus and hold attentions, much like the chemtrails previously, or CERN, H1N1, Ebola, throw in Nibiru, Yellowstone, the sun’s going to die or send radiation and the pole shifts, shake them up and they always come back around, like the BBC at christmas repeat after repeat after repeat, but none of those things previously put out in ultimate doom moments, worked as planned did they? so why is 5G any different? 1/3 of the questions this week all asking about 5G, ignoring the fact I have answered it several times, you have to look at where your attention is going, those promoting these types of clickbait headlines, why are you bothering with them, is that all you want to hear, we are all going to die? fine if you do, but don’t be surprised if nothing makes any sense to you, when you drag yourself through the mire of the finished and corrupted alt media. Yes there is some left in the alt media trying their best but it’s become needle in a haystack stuff, as their knowledge base is largely pre 2014. No one is saying 5G is great, but history suggests it will be nowhere near as harmful either, do cabal have anti 5G pills to take? why won’t they suffer the same as everyone else.
Brexit descended into the chaos and delays I predicted on election night of Brexit, an all too predictable happening from my perspective, same applies with the wall in America, more distraction.
I will repeat again you will make no sense of what is being said across alt media, very few have anywhere near the real truth, tweets are a waste of time understanding they are now propaganda pieces that works both ways, and the less said about the portal people news the better, pure folly listening to any of what they say currently, as spin machine of bs’ery is in overload permanently now, until something changes.
This show does not speculate unless it is said so, some clown yesterday decided to post a post govt shutdown Trump plan, now if that was a real plan, that idiot just ruined it and put many peoples lives at risk, new plans could require many weeks or months to come up with a new plan, and potentially ruin all plans, Butch Robinson and the other idiots who think outing plans valid or otherwise, you are beyond stupid, this is war you complete retards, do you not understand that, people are putting their lives on the line to save people like you, it is beyond retarded that level of thinking.
Now you all know why the Trust chose me to present the information, because I am responsible with and for it, I put out stuff when safe to do so, I will not discuss plans, operations or answer insider questions as that is irresponsible, this show is for your benefit, not mine, I know what is going on. Think and act different is the mantra.
Media complaining oh these poor people not getting paid because of nasty man Trump caused the shutdown, I didn’t hear them complain when unemployment was high, or people getting paid poverty wages, or the vast amounts wasted by bureaucracy, or the missing $23.5T out of the DOD account, or the lack of pay and support of the veterans, no, the govt shuts down and suddenly the portal people think oh the poor people, spare us the bs, your not interested in the people, otherwise you wouldn’t peddle drama laden lies and distortions every time you open your mouths on any channel. Their system is collapsing whilst they run around distracting and pushing Stockholm syndrome narratives, the old days were the best they said, no it was an illusion, it was just the same as now, except now you are more aware of it than then. Our show has proven consistently we have what is real and what is not by now, to the new members you will see that as well over time. Stay tuned here as elsewhere now their song always remains the same, utter bs, fear porn and distraction.

* President Trump on Thursday abruptly denied military aircraft to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a foreign trip just minutes before the congressional delegation was set to depart, in a stunning response to her call to delay the State of the Union address amid the government shutdown. In a curt letter, Trump said her trip has been “postponed.” “Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed. We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the Shutdown is over. In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate,” Trump wrote. “I also feel that, during this period, it would be better if you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the Strong Border Security movement to end the Shutdown. Obviously, if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative.”

Trump also  announced that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, among others would not be going to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland The group was going to attend the summit from Jan. 22 through Jan. 25, the White House said.

*US military have invaded the border of Panama and Columbia now in an attempt to blockade all oil deliveries into various countries including America. They are attempting to cut off all energy to countries to force them into staying in the old system, which on a broader picture has failed, on a smaller picture is failing rapidly.
We have mentioned in previous shows that the clowns are funnelling stolen oil from Iraq and middle east into Venezuela with the help of the Farc guerrillas operating from Venezuela but also situated throughout Central America.
Heard reports coming from on the ground that they are turning off the power of businesses and homes, so no reports come out. They have also turned off oil pipes to a trickle in those regions to further close down those countries.

*President of Panama was forced to attend a meeting being held in Miami Florida and given threats and other instructions of what he to do or comply with or face all kinds of sanctions, threats and other attacks on his country. For those that don’t know Miami is headquarters of Blackwater group, Mr. Eric Prince and his band of mercenary goons, seems he is back here now after his failed attempt to hand the trust back over to the clowns, failed attempt to takeover military theater of operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Yemen, none of those theaters of war are what you have been told they are, Afghanistan was not because of Bin Laden but the fact the Taliban group (who are a paid mercenary group of the cabal) went rogue on the cabal and closed down all the poppy field production in late 2001, America sent it’s son and daughters there to reopen those fields, that was achieved within first 3 months, and yet according to the media it took them 9 years to locate Bin Laden, funny that isn’t it.
3 months to open the poppy fields but 9 years to find one man? greatest military in the world that is imbued with the most sophisticated spying and location technologies according to the portal people that they couldn’t find one man who was a former CIA operative known as Tim Osman, when you add in the fact of the spying program known as 5 eyes (actually it was 9 eyes) that in and of itself is a national embarrassment which no one was brought to book for, but on one of their ritual sacrifice days May 1st they captured him, killed him and transferred him to a warship and body was dumped into sea, before you could say autopsy? Is that the way things normally happen? clearly not, so why don’t so many people question that bs narrative? The reality is Bin Laden died in December 2001 of kidney failure having had one of his handlers attend his death bed Donald Rumsfeld, all very pally and they were friends, playing the game you see.

*Gas Shortage in Haiti, Gas price in Zimbabwe is now 12 dollars per gallon and people are rioting in the streets

Gas shortage in Mexico, becoming a National Crisis situation, it is important that people in these countries understand this is nothing to do with America or Mr. Trump, neither ordered these attacks, these were all done by the minions operating within the government, agencies and the military pushing the old failed regime to keep going, it won’t work long term but will do short term. Whilst unpleasant the conditions it creates, remember they can’t keep repeating failed programs forever, eventually they will run out of options, in essence they have now and using more extreme public measures now, but a knowledgeable public will at least get to see the hidden aspects of the old regime, making it’s death rattle.


*These invasions was not ordered by Congress or The Commander in Chief, neither were consulted as per our Constitution (which regular THI listeners will know we don’t have our Constitution but theirs, there is 4 Constitutions floating around currently in America, none apply to the people they way the people believe it to be.
The invasion was ordered by NATO, this will again not surprise regular THI listeners, but with so many new listeners now I have to add in, America does not have a military, no matter what you have been told all your lives, you are sending your sons and daughters to fight for rogue elements groups and nothing to do with freedoms, deleting so called rogue regimes or American interests or the American people, the American people have to get this fact into their heads, your military is ran and controlled by Rothschilds, SSp (for those new none of the SSP has any interest in we the people- none of them, no matter what the other SSP paid agents like Kramer, Corey Goode and others tell you otherwise) Dragon groups (none of them are interested in humanity either, I don’t care which color- The so called Red Dragon Ambassador has been ripping off people to the tune of millions in Europe, where did the money go to? Hong Kong HSBC, the main money laundering bank for the cabal in the East, no ifs or buts on that fact, this is the same bank they try to leverage cash, digital or otherwise, oil, gold etc to pull more fake money out to keep operating their failed system. The Red Dragon guy did an interview in November/December time 2016 with Cobra, where he stated “the top guy at the head of the dragon groups is a Reptillian” the question to be answered by the listeners is, since when have reptillians done anything beneficial for humanity? 2nd question is, seen as so many don’t believe in reptillians etc is, why are you following or giving money to a person who believes in that narrative?
NATO is Rothschild’s private army which you, the America people are paying for by and large, same applies to the UN, America people and funds largely paid for that rogue enterprise.
Word on the street is America will be pulling out of both NATO and UN entirely in the near future.

* We now have the full and corroborated evidence Nancy Pelosi and others are planning a 9 11 type attack on the Capital Building during the state of the union, which she initiated in her bizarre letter this week, to take place on January 29th with the intention to eliminate the President and Vice President for her to become president by the end of the month.
In a sub plot the blame would then be shifted onto ISIS with the intention to then wipe out the middle east, and also force the troop withdrawal from Syria to stop, this is straight out of the Dick Cheney handbook.

*Pelosi/Shumer and 109 lobbyists held top meeting in puerto rico over the weekend of how to get rid of Trump and fully takeover the country, ignoring the fact that this was operating outside of government capacity, but why are the Democrats holding meetings in Puerto Rico about American interests, without the approval of The President? why, because they were laying plans to oust the President, funny that Kim and I were going to be charged with treason back in September on a bizarrely spun narrative of we were over throwing the government, and yet Pelosi can waste taxpayers money (who paid for all that trip they thought was in secret?) on doing an overthrow for real.

*Trump arranged another meeting again this week to resolve the government shutdown and also issues over the wall, and Pelosi and the Democrats failed to turn up. I don’t care which party you to support, this is a national disgrace. What would happen if you failed to turn up for work? would you get paid? would you get fired? or both? and yet these vampiric parasites who are paid according to popular opinion to operate the government on behalf of we the people, can just refuse to turn up for work, but still get paid, all whilst the portal people (the media) say absolutely nothing.
Following these two indiscretions by Pelosi where it is clear she is not acting in American peoples interests, plus her failure to protect American peoples safety in lieu of the border wall, plus her deliberate attempts to keep the Government closed and costing many people their pay and putting their financial security at risk, plus trying to introduce a fake currency into America called the Treasury Reserve Note to replace the failed and bankrupt Federal Reserve Note at the behest of the Rothschilds, along with dereliction of duty. Where she can find time to flee to Puerto Rico, and was scheduled to fly to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan none of which was beneficial to the American people.
I am going to set up a petition to have Pelosi and her cohorts ousted out of politics altogether and I am asking all alt media again to support and sign this petition.
This is we the people letting them know we will not tolerate their rogue organizations or people running it, not only this country but threatening, invading and ruining every other country as well.

In my opinion Pelosi is running for President, not 2020 but now, this is their game, Pelosi and Hillary stitched up Mike Pence big time and his ego ran with it, get Trump out in goes Pence, except they played Pence and have the dirt so he wouldn’t be selected either, leaving face lift woman The Speaker of the House next in line, or so they think. This is why the impeachment narrative is being pushed, they cant get 2/3 of the votes to carry that out, either way, so that is mute.
Pelosi as President, really, she has been a representative of LaLa Land better known as California since 1987, has California improved or got worse in that time? progressively worse bordering on murderous, riddled with debts, death, false flags, sales to Chinese, zero border controls, riddled with gangs (some of which her party members paid to come in, with guns supplied to them by another Democrat Eric Holder in Operation Fast and furious) droughts, weather wars, higher home and rent prices forcing people out, then when that doesn’t happen quick enough, they burn people out, that is Pelosi’s legacy as a politician in one state, and she and others think she is capable of looking after 50? err no thanks go and retire you, incompetent, completely unsane old bag, Pelosi has just borrowed another $5M from a bank to extend her wine property in St.helena region of California, funny hers and Rothschilds winery never burned down in fires isn’t it? Pelosi getting paid and can afford a $5M credit extension whilst the workers in the government suffer?
Pelosi is beyond a disgrace to this country, her record before recent appointment was appalling and did not warrant her elevation at 78 years of age into a high profile position based on her working skills, as they are just not there, no she is the next puppet as Hillary got badly exposed and was pushed aside as warned in this show 3 months back.

*MS-13 gangs sent to region to attack Kim and the team again on Monday, Kim and some of the team had to flee. MS-13 along with Farc guerrillas are what is pouring through the southern border to attack the American people at the request of the clowns and supported by the clowns party of choice the Democrats, plus some of those in the Republican party also, so not all one sided.

*This type of attack on Kim and team was repeated again this time on request of John Von Wright, the new Pindar, rumor has it he will not last long in that role and another replacement is lined up.

*Zimbabwe is considering a new currency for their country, and before the RV currencies clowns all jump up and down with it’s happening the Zims are revaluing, no they are not, and will never revalue like the paid agents of the Rothschilds/ Chinese Elders and Dragon groups have been bs’ing you with for years, a new currency will replace the old Zim currency and that currency will be null and void, all as I said back in late 2013 early 2014. You have been duped into a repeated scam like the dinars, which they knew would become valueless, and they sold them all off to you, with the lure of great riches, an all too common theme and all too common seducement that we the people fall for, we have to stop doing that.
Latest repeat scam is cryptos, bitcoins et al, again people have fallen for it, if cryptos were valid and will buck the cabal system, why is the corrupt and bankrupt IMF telling 134 countries to scrap their currencies and go crypto? please think beyond the riches and think sensible.

*No press witch hunt for Pelosi or Democrats it seems, allowed to say the most outrageous statements, threats and distortions about The President of their country, with no recall, no questioning of why or the validity of their statements, no questioning of their support for the wall before Trump got into office, but now they oppose it, isn’t that what journalists are supposed to do, question things? why is it all one sided? we all know why in this group, time to boycott all MSM news outlets, let them know we don’t want their bs’ery anymore.
They are brainwashing vast quantities of American peoples minds, with the most corrupt, deceitful lies and drivel ever heard, how is it 80% of American people are not aware we have no American National bank? or 90%+ don’t know the IRS is not an American company, does not disperse the so called taxes to the American government, why haven’t these so called journalists disclosed these basic facts to the people?

The  “religion”  of the HOLY CAT is from Egypt,  catholic indicating a person having an abnormal desire for or dependence on.
Is the holy see really sea, or the letter C symbolizing the cat, which is highly prevalent in Egyptology.
The word holy in French which is predominantly Latin means Saint, which has a more earthly based connotation than what is described as holy. St. Clair, and given these elements of society seem to think they are above and beyond everyone else with titles et al, is the word Holy just another title of a group of people who have elevated opinions of themselves.

Was watching a series on Cleopatra and the story of Egypt and Rome, which appears to echo all the elements of the bible, in regards to royalty, decadence and debauchery, thrown in with a whole heap of incest. Then I remembered the theory that Marc Anthony was the person known as “jesus” and how Rome and Egypt, it certainly fits the timeline of events according to their history, but I got thinking about the royals and the term ER, which they say is about Elizabeth Regina, Elizabeth is her name Reg means King and Regina means queen, but one wonders whether ER really means Egypt and Rome.

Q. Where can THI members (and others) find documents which can serve as proof or verification that the Manna world holding trust is real? well there was the first public news item proving MWHT exists and has substantial funds to give to countries via that Liberia article in December. It is rather difficult in some aspects to garner what people deem as proof? what would proof look like? A letter? a document? if so which type? can’t documents and letters be forged? The issue is people think there should be a website, a blog etc to provide validity, but this type of Trust has neither, although uses THI and occasionally Speakproject and Tank to put out information. The Trust has been running for thousands of years and it is only recently been shown that it exists via largely by this show, this was the choice of the person and show the Trust wanted to deliver the information from, and it is up to everyone to decide whether the information we put out is valid. I would put out the Sovereignty letter that I have read out a few times but it has sensitive information on it that applies from country to country. It is the equivalent of an average person asking Angela Merkel or Trump access to their letters, they would say no clearly, but we have been given a peak into a world that too few get anywhere near to, whether that is enough to satisfy everyone, that is unlikely, but we try. Did anyone ask the Rothschilds, Mandela, Soekarno, Marcos, Gaddafi for proof of The Trust? Did anyone ask for proof of the St.Germaine Trust? they could try but having seen every Trust that existed as part of the global trust now known as MWHT, St. germaine was not on there, I have seen the most extraordinary documents original constitution, nicea creed, hidden acts of Congress, all 6500 Trusts, the wealth contained within every country asset wise and every bank holding assets and much more, the question then does not come down to does the MWHT exist, but do you believe what I am telling you, that is for you all to answer, not me.

*The topic of past life memory and recall came up recently and the consequences of it can be wide ranging. Many will have had some sort of recall of their past, but dismissed it as a co-incidence or deja vu. The topic of returning memories of all past lives has been under discussion on the higher levels, should all the memories return to the beings who went through the memory wipes technology, and then were recycled back onto a planet with no recall, no knowledge of soul progression and back to the level of kindergarten each reincarnation.
The problem with humanity is it holds onto the negative frequencies of pain, trauma, death, carnage and loss, rather than the memories triumph, pleasure, compassion, camaraderie, soul mates, love and bliss, this reaction whether it is just a by product of being here or something on a deeper level is yet to be disclosed.
We hold onto the negative low vibrational frequencies far more than the beneficial higher vibrational frequencies and experiences, dis -ease like PTSD which is generally applied to war trauma events, but why do we not have a 4 letter acronym of positive events in our lives? like love, marriage, children, grand children, friendship, caring and sharing elements, why no focus groups on that, surely that is a more pleasant experience and memory, than always going over the trauma events?
So, with that background and having many in the alt media community have faced blocks in their lives, targetting, psychic attacks, ridiculed by society, how would returning past lives memory be in too many ways beneficial?
Some like the idea they will be told they were something special or important in previous lives, like King or Queen, royalty, RA, Greek or Roman gods, Solomon, Jesus or Mary Magdelene et al, this is pure imbalanced ego thinking, which has no bearing in todays struggles or life paths, that is all about look at me I was important and should be honored for being important, no, it is important to do important things now than be important in past lives, create your own legacy in the here and now, is the path forward, like Kim, has she gone around saying I was this that and the other, I am this bloodline, was this royalty and I have that status? no, she is being Kim, and that is enough.
High level discussions about how many lifetime memories should be restored once certain conditions have been completed, have been discussed, and the consensus is just one, of which I support, too many of who do recall past lives have been totally thrown off balance in this lifetime, to even consider more than one.
Traumas of trying to save many peoples lives, refugee status, war, destruction, loss habitat, loss of loved ones and loss of their home world have not been kind to people who have remembered those circumstances, I know that personally from observing our own members, never mind others afar.
People riddled with guilt because they couldn’t save more, couldn’t do more and the great sense of loss, runs very deep through the psyche, of those with memories, why is that? Why is it very few have recalled memories of happy lifetimes, of those that has been relayed to me at least.
Given all that, how would you feel if you suddenly remembered all that, would you cope? can you handle the impact of maybe you didn’t do the right things in previous lives, that had major impacts on the lives of others? is it not a burden enough remembering the negative impacts and processing of this lifetime? How would you vote if asked? none, 1 lifetime? 2? or all? Something for you all to ponder on.

During a guest radio appearance, a CNN legal analyst said the show’s host, who is black, has benefited from “white privilege.” The segment aired Tuesday during a SiriusXM show hosted by David Webb, who is also a contributor at Fox News. His guest during the segment was Areva Martin, a civil rights attorney and CNN legal analyst. According to a clip posted to Twitter, Webb details his rise in the media, saying he always saw his qualifications as a more important issue than his color. “Well, David, that’s a whole ‘nother long conversation about white privilege, the things that you have the privilege of doing that people of color don’t have the privilege of,” said Martin. When Webb asks how he benefits, Martin said it’s “by virtue of being a white male.” “Areva, I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve been better prepped. I’m black,” said Webb. Webb then scolds Martin for making the assumption, going through his qualifications ultimately leading him to Fox News “where I’m told apparently blacks aren’t supposed to work.”  ah the perceptions fed to a gullible public in the world of divide and conquer, do people really think on those levels still and why? black people suffered badly in the past, but the reality fact is, so did white and every other color peoples as well, this bs of my suffering is worse than your suffering serves no purpose except keep you in low vibration, pure and simple.
I could reel off a load of figures of white people working to support people of color, the benefits packages that are steered away from the so called white privileged, and how historically white people pay most of the taxes, they are all facts but what purpose would it be to ram those facts down peoples throats? none. People thinking white privilege need, to look around and focus less on themselves and their fellow peoples of color, what part of it’s the system do you people not get? not color of skin, race, gender or creed or the government either, it is the system that created your perceived opinions, and the system that created it.
Yes the system is made up of predominantly white Europeans, but what happens to those people of color who make it into the top echelons of society? like Obama, I ask the black people what did he do for you in 8 years? nothing in terms of help or support that’s a certainty, but maybe he taught you all a dark lesson, you have to do something for yourselves and your people, because once your people reach the top, you can guarantee they will do nothing for you.
Kanye West, Tu Pac, the multitude of black sportsman, infact is it not the case that most of the American sports are predominantly black oriented, and we all know they are earning vast sums of money, Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby I could go on and on, what did they do with their wealth? did they help your communities? create teaching programs to get people on a better footing? help the poor? help with drug, drink or prostitution problems? Some may have, but has it changed anything? are the black communities still ghettos? why don’t the people in the community clean their own area up? why is that a white mans problem or privilege?
You can carry on blaming all of your ills on white people, but your own people have done way more damage to your people than you realize, go and check out Dane Calloways YT channel, the gist of the matter is you haven’t looked after each other enough, that is the top and bottom line, you can spend your whole lifetimes pointing blame on others, or drop it and deal with the issues at hand and strive to improve conditions in your own communities.
Extra funding thrown into a situation will only help, if the mindset has changed, it is this aspect that is the foundation of this show, yes we know the cabal have done this and that to us, but we all went along with it, ooh we can’t take on the cabal they are too big and powerful, so we turn on the weaker ones and moan about them, that is cowardly behavior.
The problems we all face is our own mindsets, our levels of thinking are too shallow, our levels of being change too shallow, our levels of wanting others to fix everything for you, whilst complaining about big brother, big govt and Illuminati is both shallow and also highly contradictory, our levels of support for each other is too shallow, our love for one another is too shallow, our desire for fame and wealth is shallow, money is the be all and end all is too shallow, our desire to trample over everyone to reach the perceived top of the cor-pirate ladder is too shallow, our support of nature, animals and plant life is too shallow.
Our apathy is not too shallow sadly, that runs deep, all those aspects we can correct within and around ourselves, can we not?
The reason why is in the final song.

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