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A warning once again, you will not make any sense out of national or public speeches, tweets or msm portal people, trying to make sense of that will not serve you well going forward. This is a war and in war time we don’t give our enemies opportunities to ruin plans or strategies, unless you are stupid or working for them. Speculations are not exactly helpful either, stick to the facts known, and to our regular listeners you are told more of what is real than any other show, embrace it, don’t jeopardize it by asking me leading questions on plans or strategies, this is not a game, this is war. People posting potential plans of Trump and team on the internet, is beyond stupid and completely irresponsible, you people haven’t got the brains you were born with, many people put their lives on the line day after day to correct things and work out plans and strategies to end this slavery system, and all you can do is post it, it get some YT scoop? really, what if the Reduction in Force plan posted on the internet, prompted the cabal to plot a new 9/11 Capital building plot to kill The President and install Pelosi, was it worth posting that? You have to act more responsible than that, peoples lives are on line for you idiots. THInk and act different. We are in a war, not some internet popularity game. FSS.

Mnuchin and Trump almost went to blows about him trying to serve 2 masters, Mnuchin who has already been fired twice in past 2 months for several indiscretions in his position, like blocking the funding for the disaster relief areas of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, N & S Carolina and California, a $105B project from The Manna World Holding Trust to restore all those areas impacted by the so called storms, Mnuchin and Hillary along with armed mercenaries from the group known as Citadel in NY, who incidentally also control the whole of NYPD, stopped that relief taking place. Mnuchin who apparently was picked as the latest “chosen one” there are several is working directly for the Rothschilds and fake Chinese Elders along with the Deep States of America and China. Neither deep states are the actual governments, remember that when rhetoric between the two countries, it applies to the dragon groups and deep state, not the respective governments.

This show warned about a certain general many months back did we not, and how he would be removed, despite words to the contrary on a certain blog, which did take place, the same general is now exhibiting the behavior we knew privately many months ago and warned Mr. Trump accordingly. General Mattis is now ordering thugs to remove the president, as he is being mislead into thinking that Mr.Trump is blocking his dinar cash in extravaganza, funny that, I don’t recall them blaming Obama or Bush jnr or Bill Clinton of blocking it, because that is how long they have been stringing people along with the fake RV folks.

There is an emergency situation of horrible genocide going on in Zimbabwe all in the name of Rothschild Lies and the RV/GCR that doesn’t exist, 4000+ people dead, due to mercenary thugs trying to get their President, who we have spoken to several times to revalue their Zims, like the dinar, that is not happening folks.

In Mexico, the so called pipeline explosion was directly related to the intel from Thursday’s show, the clowns are shutting down all energy supplies in some South American countries, Haiti and also Central American and Mexico, several bomb plots were foiled but the Mexico City one wasn’t successful in preventing that tragedy, that has killed 66 to date and 85 people are missing. These people who are carrying these acts out are the same people opposing the wall like Pelosi, Schumer, Mnuchin, Hillary, Obama et al. People in Canada around pipeline and refineries need to be vigilant also, the idea is to cut off oil to America and freeze us out into backing down, all oil refineries in America are controlled by the Rothschilds owned military known as the US military.
Investigations team are being sent to Haliburton over the Mexico pipeline, as they built it, likely with the Mossad Stuxnet system built by Zionists in Israel, like the Fukishima plant.
I would advise all to top up their cars as not only could oil be scarce but they may also bump up the prices.

Reports also of CIA2, ops people all jumping ship and quitting due to Pelosi barking out orders that are insane even by their standards, in her new position, the head of Black Dragon group for North America, previously held by Bush snr and Cheney.


We now have the full and corroborated evidence Nancy Pelosi and others are planning a 9 11 type attack on the Capital Building during the state of the union, which she initiated in her bizarre letter this week, to take place on January 29th with the intention to eliminate the President and Vice President for her to become president by the end of the month, in a sub plot the blame would then be shifted onto ISIS with the intention to then wipe out the middle east, and also force the troop withdrawal from Syria to stop, this is straight out of the Dick Cheney Black Dragon handbook. Investigations are now ongoing regarding Capital Building plot.
After Trump blocked Pelosi wasting American taxpayer money during a govt shutdown to travel to Afghanistan to not meet troops, but to liaise with Rothschilds private army known as NATO, Pelosi still went via Reagan airport Washington, showing complete disregard for all Americans, the country is in total turmoil and this treasonous weasel flies out of the country to get or give further instructions for NATO? Treasonous behavior, her and her cohorts fail to turn up for work this week, then fly out of the country instead of helping fix the dire situation here, whilst 800K people have no pay, lets see if the equally treasonous media put that trip in it’s correct light, or ignore it or deny it like her Puerto Rico trip last week. Lets ignore the party politics and ask the question is, is this trip Pelosi is making suitable or beneficial to the American people, with such chaos going on? Is it suitable for a leader to make no attempt to correct the govt shutdown, whereby they actually dismissed The Presidents offer even before he had finished his speech? Is this the way normal politicians operate? Is this what the American people want or need, if not do something and target this treasonous and murderous piece of shit out and as far away from politics as possible.

What is the RV well here is a full explanation for those new.
A collection of currencies collected around the world, most of them stolen loot out of invaded countries or printed out by the Rothschilds owned printing company called De La Rue, that would essentially be revalued at X times the current valuation and other currencies would be devalued at X times the current rate.
For example if the RV had validity and went ahead, the talk was the $ would devalued by between 50-80%, Zims, dongs and dinars which were held in vast quantities by the cabal after they looted those countries would increase by 3-10 times their current value. Most top military, mercenary groups, so called terrorist groups, politicians and media giants were paid in dinars not dollars on the promise each note would pay out 3 to 10 times its current value, and so making them all multi millionaires overnight, this is what is stopping the authorities moving as they all want their payouts, except nobody appears to have gotten through their single brain cell thinking and told them a. its not happening b. you have been duped and c. current banking system cant handle influx of that kind and would totally collapse all banks globally within 5 minutes of it being banked.
To pull off the RV requires a down payment that is larger than all the money spent by everyone in the last 500 years or more, and assets to back it that would require a number of Earths not just this one to support it, now ask yourselves is that scenario eminently possible? This is the stark reality of what people are promoting on the internet.
So what was the RV goals?
The Plan to eliminate America as the major role player started back in the 70’s and goal was to financially cripple the country, weaken and then eliminate the dollar, or so it has a value of a peso, remove the guns from the people, declare many terrorists and load into FEMA camps and reduce 85% of other countries who are trading with the dollar into oblivion, why do you think the US military sold all their equipment to the Asian faction and are now leasing it back? for those that are new, I mean every plane, ship, weapons or missile belonging to the USA inc military, (for those new our current military does not belong to America, does not operate for and by America either, Rothschilds and Jesuit puppets, with a heavy leaning to the Zionists thrown in) so how was it done, well with Rothschilds and minions emptying all the American and govt bank accounts ably supported by the Fed, there has been no money to run the country since November 2016 and they have been selling stuff off and getting DOD credit vouchers since, all of that military hardware was paid for by the people, was sold to the Asian faction, all of it, work is still underway to get it all back.
The RV was a bank, corporate and cabal bail out to kick start not humanitarian programs, but to start the 90% humanity genocide programs, pure and simple and anyone who thinks different at this stage with all the information that is available, is either beyond stupid bordering on retarded, a rothschilds agent or a cabal puppet, there is no other category, so take your pick, the RV was a harvesting program, pure and simple, but people fell for it for seducement purposes, a promise of free money, and we have all fell for that at some stage particularly in times of economic downturn, but it is short term gain and long term pain, what is required now for first time ever is short term pain and long term gain, enough of the seducements, false promises, of RV’s, PPP’s, ET packages, Nesara/Gesara, OPPT birth certificate pay outs it was all illusion designed to string us all along whilst they raped and pillaged, due to the former Trust holders, their ability to do any of the above has been drastically reduced and edging towards being eliminated altogether.

Why do we need a wall with Mexico?
wall is to prevent the free movement of 10’s of thousands and possibly 100’s thousands of humans from S.America whose regions are riddled with  poverty, drug laden and war zones being transported into private holdings, which is a polite term for concentration camps ran by the Bush cartel who operate and control The Texas rangers groups. So what is the purpose and reasons for the wall, well the purpose is to prevent, mercenaries, acronym led groups created by our own agencies, drug gangs, gangs intent on and that live for violence which are later used to do the dirty work of others in a plea bargain, the sex trade and trafficking, child trafficking, child porn industry, human slavery selling, or the worse aspects of this is people are being used for snuff movies, dissecting them live or otherwise for organ harvesting which are then sold to the hospitals for between $90-225K depending on which organ, extracting children’s adrenal glands for the kool aid juice the elites drink that helps with life longevity, and you think that lot is bad enough, the worst thing depending on your perspective is some humans are used for food. Wall will go down deep enough to encounter any tunnels underneath, wall is expected cost roughly $35B in total.
So what has been coming in are caravans of death, the latest one Trump alluded to contained 1000 people to be used in various forms, hezbollah and other mercenary arabs funnelled into Venezuela and onto these caravans, all arranged for by Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood group lesser known as Langley 3 group, Langley 2 is Nazis/Nato elements

The spin machine has now started on the Manna World Holding Trust, no longer can they deny it, like the cabal, MSM and most of alt media have for the last 3 years, so now they go onto their next stage of trashing it, with false accusations about what the Trusts is, and allegations about The Trustee holder Kim Goguen, neither will fly and we want to thank Mr. Wanta and his criminal globalist NATO/Rothschilds/CIA agent pal Robert David Steele for bringing it into the light. This was the response today from the trustee Kim.

Firstly the US Treasury, also referred to as the USA Treasury WAS NOT A GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION. It was a deep state controlled company which went defunct in 2014. The US Treasury was controlled by the same people as the Federal Reserve and is defunct. As we all know the Federal Reserve’s private influence over the Republic/US Government is almost now defunct thanks to President Donald Trump and his supporters. This has the deep state reeling, which is why Mr. Steele and Mr. Wanta both of the deep state UN Organizations that participated in the over throw of the USSR installing the Red Dragon (a Russian/Austrian man) into power. The Red Dragon is NOT Asian, but is a Russian who assisted in the divide of State owned companies of the USSR into the private sector establishing the Deep State of Russia all for the small price of 10% of all the profits. This Red Dragon man is part of the “Dragon” organization which is also the deep state of America. Although Mr. Wanta may have participated in perpetuating the Globalist Agenda under Reagan by stealing trillions of dollars under the advice of the United Nations and the Dragon Families, he was NOT the owner. He was a CIA Agent sent to do a job. ARGO Trust was formed by much the same, during the fall of the Shah of Iran these funds were stolen by other CIA agents working for Bush/Cheney which at the time was the BLACK DRAGON head of North America. Bush Sr. arranged for what we call Langley 2, Farm 2, Farm 41. A group of highly trained CIA contractors and agents who reported directly to the Black Dragon at the time was BUSH Sr., which is who Mr. Wanta worked for. He, essentially stole funds from the USSR and gave them to Bush Sr. who then put them into an off ledger account he never thought he would loose control over. The Black Dragon organization for those who do not know, is half run by Chinese Tang Family and half by Americans (Bush Sr held the position, then Cheney, then Eric Prince, then Some Airforce General for a brief period of time now as of last weekend it is Pelosi). The Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Golden Dragon, Blue Dragon all report to the Pindar (currently Jon Von Wright) and Rothschild.

Was Wanta told a fairy tale that these funds he stole would be used to “help America” sure probably, but they were NEVER his, NEVER under his name, and NEVER intended to help America, but only to perpetuate the Globalist Deep State Agenda. 

This Deep State (Global Deep State) stole funds, raped countries, killed presidents all in the name of controlling resources of the planet. The Party who sat 5 levels ABOVE the Pindar always was in control, sending his little minions to do his bidding. His Agenda? To control all the world’s in-ground resources. Did he succeed? Yes. By 2007 he had everything, then he cut the Dragons off from his fully controlled money supply. Wanta was just a cog in the wheel, as was Bush, as was all the rest of the deep state actors we have all come to know and hate. 

The Department of United States Treasury is a Government Department, not in any way affiliated with the US Treasury. Mr. Thomas Melville does NOT WORK FOR THE Department of United States Treasury nor US Treasury. He is a person with some government connections who a few years ago tried to help Wanta. Mr. Melville through Ms. Goguen was shown accounts Leo Wanta claimed to control with the FULL INTELLIGENCE FILE ATTACHED. He then understood everything Wanta was told and is telling was a LIE. Hence the message going to Leo Wanta. To this very day the Black Dragon continues to try to get a hold of the funds stolen during the Cold War, and they are all being blocked. Again, Wanta was just a CIA agent who participated in stealing for the Globalist Agenda. His life as he reports it is true, he was kidnapped etc. etc. Why? Because he was one of hundreds of agents that participated in overthrowing the USSR, no other reason. 

Argo was all about everything they stole from Iran. Same cookie cutter plan, different location. This Globalist Agenda had been going on for a very long time in an intricate plan, not written by any Dragon, but written by the Master. The party in Control. Who died in 2016. That is where Manna and Ms. Goguen came in. She took over for him, in that seat high above the Pindar and any dragon family. It took 4 years from the time she managed to obtain the position to sort out exactly what happened, who was involved and how to fix it. She developed a plan of her own, to distribute the funds back to the countries from which they originated along with interest and control over their own resources once again.

It is not as easy as it sounds, there are many who acted in the deep state plan, Wanta being one of millions over the years. The deep state, aka the Order, aka Rothchild, aka Chinese Elders, and its many ancillary organizations such as the Jesuits, Templars, FreeMasons, IRA and others that believe this money belongs to them. Why? Because that is what they were told. It did not, it never did, TRUSTEES is all they were, never owners, all slaves to the Master they served. They are still trying to execute on the Globalist Agenda which is not possible without control over the assets. 

All of the assets accumulated by the deep state bad actors was sorted over a 2 year period and set for redistribution, half to the people of the world and half to the governments of the world. This is why the deep state is fighting so hard against distribution, once that happens their structure is LOST FOREVER. 

They are using various means to try to acquire inground resources of countries such as Vietnam, Russia, Zimbabwe at this very moment. Why does this plan fail? Because they already assigned them to their Master’s accounts which is now run by Ms. Goguen. The assets will ONLY be released to it’s originating country and the citizens of that country. They will NOT go back to any Dragon, nor Rothschild nor any of the other nefarious characters that knowingly participated in the Globalist Agenda. 

The Globalist Agenda is currently known as the GCR, RV, Global Reset. A plan developed by Rothschild in order to regain control over the planet and all the nations of planet earth. However, the plan has no basis in macro nor micro economics and it continues to fail. Big promises made to big name people by Rothschild are making these bad actors do crazy things in order to achieve a goal which does not exist. They are still continuing to erupt nations into war, kill presidents all based on a LIE which will never end in success. 

4000 people have died in the last few weeks in Zimbabwe, 10000 more are refugees into neighboring countries, why? Because Rothschild failed to install their stooge Chamisa. Chamisa had flown to London many times during his campaign to meet with Rothchild and promised to give them all the in ground resources of Zimbabwe in exchange for pretty papers called “Zim Notes” everyone thinks is going to revaluate on a one to one to the USD. Is this possible? No. Currency works on supply and demand. Assets of a Nation are only one part of a currency’s value, you also must meet the demand (new development, new infrastructure, new production lines) which support the influx of new currency. Any over print of currency without a supporting reason for it’s issuance will result in a devaluation. There is currently around 7 Quadrillion of Zim Notes held by various people in the world all on the promise it will revaluate. How could Zimbabwe, a country who’s landmass isn’t even half the size of the United States possibly generate 7 Quadrillion in “NEW BUSINESS”??? The answer is it can not. The Gross Domestic Product of the ENTIRE PLANET is only 114 Trillion A YEAR! So IF Zimbabwe pledged all of it’s in ground resources to Rothschild, there is no way the ZIM would ever value at 1:1 to the USD with 7 Quadrillion in circulation. Yet the Zimbabwe Generals were made big promises of becoming trillionares and are killing citizens, and attempting to kill the current president based on these promises by a bunch of has beens. 

The solution in Zimbabwe is simple, create a new currency based on real numbers. Forget the old Zim and rebuild. It’s going to take the Current President, the Generals, The Ministries and the PEOPLE to make that happen. It will be a slow process IF they can all work together, but if they do they will be an Independent Nation based on the hard work of it’s people. They can do it, but not when they are not standing together, not by transferring ownership to the deep state, but by their own hands and good business practices. 

Same in the United States, The Republic. Why did Obama try to re-assign all the in ground assets of the United States to the Dragons? Why did Clinton (both Bill and Hillary)? Same reason as above in Zimbabwe. The plan never changes, it’s always the same, just change location rinse and repeat. 

So who is Wanta? A patriotic man who thought he was doing a job for the President of the United States by taking money from another nation to support America. Who was he really? One of a Million Cogs in the deep state wheel stealing from other Nations and donating it to the deep state for Global Control. Sorry Wanta but it’s true. 

As for Mr. Melville, he had the privledge of see all of this first hand and when he figured it all out he called Wanta to tell him what happened. Not as an employee of the US Treasury, nor the Department of Treasury, but as a patriotic citizen. 

Ms. Goguen didn’t steal anything or Kogan as Wanta calls her, she obtained a position far above Wanta’s comprehension, has full access to all of the plans and agendas of her predecessor and decided to reverse the course of history by using the system created by her predecessor. 

Since Mr. Wanta was so “gracious” to share Mr. Melville’s phone number, a man he claims in his interview works for a government entity who intended to help him with the entire world. I will choose to share Mr. Wanta’s phone number with all of you so you can call him with questions personally, his number is 470-595-5711 or you can email him at vikinginternational.usa@gmail.com

A message from Ms. Goguen, Mr. Wanta your associate Ms. Kay Higgens phoned Mr. Melville and asked him for release codes and claimed you were sitting with Mr. Trump at the time. That was a lie, you were not. Please stop trying to make yourself seem like you are actually doing something other than talking shit on the internet about something you know very little about. My response was “If you have an account number, I will grant access to the Department of Treasury, President Trump or whomever you want to the off ledger system, and if your name is anywhere on there I will give you a release code and you can have it” Sadly, no account exists. 

To Mr. Canady that posted this article, you have ZERO facts to support what you wrote here, and you claim journalistic credit for this article. If you write one more article about Mr. Melville, Manna or myself with no proof of anything you state prepare for a lawsuit. As everything you wrote is heresay from a cranky old man that was used by the deepstate and is angry about it. 

Well we are now in a full scale war, no ifs or buts and it will and does involve most countries not just America. America is main focus as the cabal are trying to bring it down and in doing so will collapse all other countries as well.
186 Countries are in some way tied to the now defunct and operating without a license Federal Reserve and it’s note, so you bring America down financially, the rest of the world will go with it.
Those new to this show need to know this group and show, works alongside a real Trust that holds all of the world’s assets, including the Federal Reserve and all of it’s banks, Washington DC, The Crown of England and much more, that Trust is called The Manna World Holding Trust, you will hear a lot more about it in the near future, and we have been working diligently largely in the background for the last 4-5 years.
In the last 2 months The Trust has eliminated all American debt to China and wiped out the countries debt to the Federal Reserve, all $20T of it, they will tell you it still exists, the reality is it doesn’t, like the Fed itself, it’s all an illusion now.
We have also worked on shutting down the Federal Reserve collection agency known as the IRS, and put forward a proposal that eliminates the illegal taxing on your wages in America and replacing it with a 10% spending tax, that applies to all. This bill is known as HR25 time for all Americans to support that bill, the Trust also declared America sovereign on January 27th 2018 which frees it from the Crown of England, which is Rothschilds not the Queen, although this has yet to be implemented, as the clearing of the decks continues.
The Trust or should I say the 6500 Trusts were taken over by the Trustee Kim Goguen (for those new who will do a search please for her ignore the ridiculous cabal attempts to slander her on the ripoff report) following several breaches of contracts and misuse of the Trust by the former trustees, which included the likes of Mandela, Gaddafi, Soekarno and M1 Collateral account related Ferdinand Marcos who held stolen gold belonging to the Trust, plus the fact the contracts ended for all the former Trustees, Kim took over her predecessor back in 2012-13 time, all 6500 trusts have now been rolled into one trust, under the name of Manna World Holding Trust.
A lot of the various bunkers or vaults mentioned around the internet, all actually belong to the trust, some of which was stolen from various countries by the criminal elite harvesters, all gold and other resources have been mapped and recorded, and all the assets stolen from each country will be returned to them, so diamonds stored will go back to the country of origin, a lot of the gold was stolen from Russia and the Slavik Ayran countries, will also be subsequently returned, smelting it down to cover tracks will not work, the Quantum System held by The Trust is far to advanced to render that type of operation mute.
All the relevant vaults and bunkers were emptied 4-5 years ago leaving behind some documents and other trinkets only, into a 100% safe location, that is not accessible by anybody except the 4-5 people on this planet with the right intent, DNA and or frequency, attempting to access will result in death for all others.
The predecessor of the trust and all the other trustees had no interest at all in humanity, including the infamous Chinese Elders, they held the Trust for thousands of years, and used the proceeds to build their NWO based empire, with the sole reason of harvesting all the world’s resources and it’s people as well, via the agenda 21 and 30 programs.
Many people will have heard of the 90% reduction of humanity, but unbeknown to the 10% they were to be eliminated also following stage 1, I can assure you that program will no longer be viable.
There have been several claims on the internet over the past decade of all kinds of accounts for humanitarian projects, prosperity packages, debt elimination and the list goes on, none of them are based in reality. St. Germaine Trust doesn’t exist (I have personally seen all 6500 trusts including all the assets contained within each one, none contained St. germaine) NESARA/GESARA doesn’t exist, Neil Keenan and collateral accounts was a misguided illusion to steal the real accounts by Chinese Elders, the Asian faction and the Rothschilds, The RV/GCR was the biggest scam ever and will never take place, it is not physically possible to undertake it or support it with assets, which is required to implement it, you would need 4 planets worth of assets to support it.
The RV/GCR was formulated by Bush snr et al, steal a load of essentially worthless currencies like dinars, zims and dongs, print a load extra up all done by the De La Rue printing company owned by the Rothschilds, then they used the corrupt alt media platforms to sell it to the public, so in essence the public has funded them to keep going,  as no new money was coming into the system since 2009, when the Federal Reserve was blocked from printing more notes by The Trust.
There is $7 Quadrillion worth of Zim notes in circulation now, the global gdp is $114T (T=12 zeros, Q=15 zeros) to put that amount into the system, you would need $7Q worth of development, infrastructure, services or projects to balance that out, now given the world spends $114T a year, can anyone with any basic common sense state how the world can justify projects totalling $7Q, never mind just one small country like Zimbabwe? this is beyond ridiculous folks and part of the utter bs they have been feeding you in the alt media.
Again for those new, the alt media is ran by rogue elements out of Langley, NSA and so called Universities and many of your bigger names you all follow outside of this group are paid agents of them, I wish I was wrong on that, but I know 100% that I am not.
For those who don’t know cryptos, blockchains and bitcoins etc are all the same scam, no matter who tells you different, sell unvalued paper or fresh air computer tokens for your real money, spin you a tale you will make hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars on it, they collect the money and run, and leave internet scammers or badly duped alt media to keep you all on tenderhooks of it’s all happening, we have to get real, it’s not, I appreciate it’s not what many people want to hear, but this show will not be telling you what you want to hear based on illusions, it will tell you what you need to hear, based as near to the truth as possible.
We have had enough bs over the last decade of alt media, this host and show will not be adding to it.
So the RV/GCR is all about revaluing the worlds currencies according to the narrative, yet in December the corrupt, bankrupt and now defunct IMF (ran by the same clowns who brought you all of the above just addressed, for added note The trust declared bankrupt the IMF/WB/ and the UN, all are owned by the Trust, those operating it now are Rothschilds factions) IMF told 134 countries including the UK to scrap all of their currencies and implement cryptos, which a: tells the crypto peddling people who believed cryptos was getting around the cabal was an illusion and b: it tells you they no longer have control over the worlds currencies, the reason being is The Manna World Holding Trust does.
Many new will be thinking of how The Trust came to own so much, we think the same way, The Trust unbeknown to all the Illuminati/cabal and deep state levels was just collecting all our resources, these ignorant and in some case utterly retarded minions did all the donkey work for them, and in return got lots of pieces of paper with numbers on them making them rich, but the main Trustee cared not for valueless to him anyway, pieces of paper called currency, he handed it out to the greedy gullible trustees and their minions like confetti, here have your bits of paper, whilst he and others collected all the real assets of resources, the people and their souls, yes you heard that right, the most valuable asset on the planet, the human souls and their life force energy, which people traded for pieces of paper, that has been stopped.
The Manna World Holding Trust and it’s trustee is committed 100% to returning all the funds, assets, buildings, resources and lands back to the countries and it’s people, all stolen by the former Trustee holder and his band of minions, who were largely unaware of the big plans, in essence they were harvesting agents.
For those new to this show, even the most detailed researchers who have uncovered what we all call the cabal, were only covering the bottom 25-30% of the control structure, those regular in THI know who the others are or in some cases were, but for this show I will not be referencing them, should you choose to go deeper, we have a plethora of must listen to shows on the thinkdifferent.thepeoplesclub.org website under podcasts.
Manna World Holding Trust is what has kept America running for the past 2 years, America has not had a real budget since 1970’s, we are currently keeping the basics of the government running in conjunction with the request of Mr. Trump.
MWHT is not just working with American president but we have spoken to many world leaders at various times, some more than others, you will see a pattern of those we have spoken to as those countries come under attack from the cabal, via fake terrorists groups (as all of them are rand and funded by the cabal) mercenary groups like Blackwater, the IMF/World Bank/UN so called peace makers or the criminal organization called WHO, who have created, administered and dispersed most if not all of the disease globally via vaccines, toxic poisons or chemicals.
The overview of what the Manna World Holding trust is about to unveil once the cabal blocks are removed on getting the funding to the people, is 50% will go to the countries having proven they can protect the funds and also removed rogue elements intent on stealing it, and 50% to the people to fund their own projects, innovations and programs of their choice. If you think this is here to enrich you or your group, please go away, we will be funding all kinds of ideas supported by the people, based n the benefit of all, not one, that is replicating the cabal, all their businesses without injection of funds from The Trusts, have or will fail.
So, If you have big ideas about becoming next Gates or Bezos with your company or group, this group will not entertain you, it’s parasitic behavior, and creates a new slavery system, this group will not be promoting or tolerating those systems. This is about us all being prosperous in the basic needs of life, like clean water and nutritional food, shelter, clothing, energy, many in the west will complain of poverty or having less, but most of us in western world have most if not all of those basics, 1.3B in this world still dont have electricity, 40% no clean water or sanitation, 40-60% dont have 2-3 meals per day and many don’t have proper homes, so the mantra for we the people, has to be need not greed, for every millionaire, it creates 10’s of thousands who have nothing.
Earning over $250K creates that vacuum, you dont need $250K a year to live a comfortable life, you are flaunting a lavish lifestyle, while so many don’t even have the basics, please stop and think on that, excessive earnings are service to self, we have to go to service to others, or we will fail like the cabal have, they are like the ouro bourus, if you keep eating your own tail, eventually you have nothing left. For those new asking how much Kim or I earn currently? Kim relies on her partner and gets $0 out of the Trust, and I rely on patreon donations and also earn $0 out of the trust.
If we are going to succeed, you all need a change of mindset, end the comparative and ultra competitive thinking of status based on your home, car, handbag, shoes and Iphone, it’s all shallow and narrow minded thinking, replace it with caring and sharing with all in your own communities, making sure everyone has the basic needs, support each other, this is how the cabal have trampled all over us, as we are divided on so many aspects of society.
The cabal prospered because we allowed it, we are all responsible for the worlds ills, whether you like that fact or not, it is the truth of the matter, doesn’t matter that 49K children per day 22K due to sex or labor slavery, adrenalchrome, body part harvesting or food (yes I said as food) and 27K per day to malnutrition related disease, doesn’t matter that the murderous USA inc military operated not by the government, but the Rothschilds groups have invaded, looted, raped and pillaged and destroyed 81 countries since WW2, or the billions of people living in poverty including the 46M in the so called richest country in the world, America, I could go on all night with what we have all ignored, we too easily went along with their plans, and in many cases we implemented many ourselves, that has to stop, a dead Iraqi is just as important as a dead American, it’s one of us no matter what the corrupt media have told you otherwise, with their version of his-story, not ours.
Manna World Holding Trust is working with real American patriots, we have engaged the corrupt elements as well to garner a deal for them to step down, they won’t, these are the psychopaths, but we have been successful in getting many of their minions to step down, that will be a major plus as we work through this barrage of evil, the key was teaching them what is real and what is not, via this show and the many calls Kim has had with all world leaders.
We have plans and ideas to work on 489 different aspects of life that needs revolutionising and will continue to do so until it’s complete, we cannot do this on our own and this will require the participation of everyone on this planet, to turn it back into the jewel it should be, we will not do that fighting or competing with each other, displaying greed or disregard for your fellow man, we have a final opportunity to get this planet and it’s people into an adult based, knowledgeable, peaceful species with an abundance in the basics of life, and then allow us all to be the creators we all are.
We will have more shows and updates when the time is called for them so stay tuned to the FB and Mewe pages.
Enjoy the holiday on Monday as Tuesday may well get interesting.

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