truth honor integrity show_jan 24, 2019

Having watched a video this week now where some clowns paid or otherwise, challenge a guy for wearing a hat with MAGA on, and some girl offering a BJ to punch people with MAGA hat on, the two worlds comes right into view, one video was stating people are afraid of people with that hat on, you should now realize the power of the portal people (msm newsreaders) why they branding things as something not based in reality to create whatever situation they desire, and certain sections of the stupid public always buy into it. Hate Trump they cry and people follow regardless whether they know the man or his stance, no the portal people said hate him so we follow like sheep, hate or fear a hat? can understand if it was the protection force for the Democrats formerly known as the KKK, then they might raise fear, but a bloody baseball cap creates fear, deary me have these people heard themselves, thankfully the russians never came to this country as half the population would shit themselves to death in fear. Heard it all now, call in the national guard, have a curfew as someone in the town somewhere is wearing a maga hat, i’m terrified, and there is some people who think we should wait for these people to reach vibration and transition, you will have a long wait with those idiots, frightened of a hat oh my.

The information contained within this show is for the listeners benefit, what you choose to do with that information is your choice alone to make. I don’t request emails telling me how great it is, and by the same token I don’t need emails telling me I’m a piece of shit, I talk out of my ass, or Kim and the Trust is bogus, fine if you believe that, don’t let me stop you with your choices.
In same token I don’t need to know your choices either, use your energy on the various RV, blue chicken and crypto sites if that’s what you believe in, it will be far more beneficial to you, than wasting your time attempt to trash me, it doesn’t work, we know your games and we laugh at your emails. I just never understood the concept of writing to another alt media to tell them they are bs, what a waste of energy that is, the same applies to going on Trumps twitter and arguing over whether Trump or Pelosi, Qanon is real or bs, what drives these people? maybe at the end of the day they are just bots (more common than you think) or sad no life agency trolls and shills, or just maybe they are Stockholm syndrome just fighting to protect the system that enslaves them?

US Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has cancelled plans to visit American troops in Afghanistan due to claims the White House “leaked” her security plan. The news comes one day after Mr Trump banned the Democratic delegation from using a military aircraft for the trip. Mrs Pelosi’s spokesman said on Friday that security officials had determined that Mr Trump’s announcement “had significantly increased the danger”. The row rages on on the 28th day of a US partial government shutdown. House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi’s spokesman said that after Mr Trump revoked use of a military aircraft “multiple” White House officials then leaked her plan to fly Democratic members of Congress on a commercial airline to Afghanistan. Drew Hammill said in a statement: “In the middle of the night, the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service provided an updated threat assessment detailing that the President announcing this sensitive travel had significantly increased the danger to the delegation and to the troops, security, and other officials supporting the trip.” “In light of the grave threats caused by the President’s action, the delegation has decided to postpone the trip so as not to further endanger our troops and security personnel, or the other travellers on the flights.”- BBC wrote that bs as directed by Blue Dragon led MI5/6 and is pure spin machine rubbish- security plan? ok for pelosi to have security but not the American people? visiting american troops? troops means they are a fighting machine, so why are so many protecting poppy fields? they are not troops but actually drug pushers. Utter lies anyway about visiting troops, she was getting orders/instructions to NATO, just like Mnuchin was going to do in Davos, Switzerland, to get more orders from Roths and Chinese Elders, these people are beyond stupid, we hear and see wherever you go.

Some people have said these bills were put in before, some have yes, but what is different this time is their is funding to support those bills and input from The Trust that goes way beyond previous bills.
Below is the text of H.R 204, this plays into the Sovereignty letter dated January 27th 2018 and declared by Kim and The Trust as the master sovereign of the planet.

Something else to make viral, things we have stated in the shows now starting to make the public.


This Act may be cited as the “American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2019”.


(a) Repeal.–The United Nations Participation Act of 1945 (Public Law 79-264; 22 U.S.C. 287 et seq.) is repealed.

(b) Termination of Membership in United Nations.–The President shall terminate all membership by the United States in the United Nations, and in any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations.

(c) Closure of United States Mission to United Nations.–The United States Mission to the United Nations is closed. Any remaining functions of such office shall not be carried out.   (a split from United States agreement, we are not the US – a stage 1 effort, more stages to that once delivered)


(a) Repeal.–The United Nations Headquarters Agreement Act (Public Law 80-357) is repealed.

(b) Withdrawal.–The United States withdraws from the agreement between the United States of America and the United Nations regarding the headquarters of the United Nations (signed at Lake Success, New York, on June 26, 1947, which was brought into effect by the United Nations Headquarters Agreement Act). (potential closure of UN HQ in NY and off our soil)



No funds are authorized to be appropriated or otherwise made available for assessed or voluntary contributions of the United States to the United Nations or to any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations, except that funds may be appropriated to facilitate termination of United States membership and withdrawal of United States personnel and equipment, in accordance with sections 2 and 3, respectively. Upon termination of United States membership, no payments shall be made to the United Nations or to any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations, out of any funds appropriated prior to such termination or out of any other funds available for such purposes. (all funds slush or otherwise will be removed, including UNESCO, IMF and the World Bank)


(a) Termination.–No funds are authorized to be appropriated or otherwise made available for any United States contribution to any United Nations military or peacekeeping operation or force.

(b) Terminations of United States Participation in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.–No funds may be obligated or expended to support the participation of any member of the Armed Forces of the United States as part of any United Nations military or peacekeeping operation or force. No member of the Armed Forces of the United States may serve under the command of the United Nations. (UN have no peacekeepers only mercenaries that rape, pillage and commit genocide, this would end our contribution to that)


(a) Withdrawal From United States Government Property.–The United Nations (including any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations) may not occupy or use any property or facility of the United States Government.

(b) Diplomatic Immunity.–No officer or employee of the United Nations (including any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations) or any representative, officer, or employee of any mission to the United Nations of any foreign government shall be entitled to enjoy the privileges and immunities of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of April 18, 1961, nor may any such privileges and immunities be extended to any such individual. The privileges, exemptions, and immunities provided for in the International Organizations Immunities Act of December 29, 1945 (59 Stat. 669; 22 U.S.C. 288 et seq.), or in any agreement or treaty to which the United States is a party, including the agreement entitled “Agreement Between the United Nations and the United States of America Regarding the Headquarters of the United Nations”, signed June 26, 1947 (22 U.S.C. 287 note), and the Convention on Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations, entered into force with respect to the United States on April 29, 1970 (21 UST 1418; TIAS 6900; UNTS

16), shall not apply to the United Nations or to any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations, to the officers and employees of the United Nations, or of any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations, or to the families, suites, or servants of such officers or employees. (removes all UN offices, embassadors and employees within America and removes their immunity to the law they hold currently)


The joint resolution entitled “A joint resolution providing for membership and participation by the United States in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, and authorizing an appropriation therefor”, approved July 30, 1946 (Public Law 79-565, 22 U.S.C. 287m et seq.), is repealed. (this removes us from the dodgy black budget research programs and also the propaganda programs implemented via the UN)


The United Nations Environment Program Participation Act of 1973 (22 U.S.C. 287 note) is repealed. (think Paris Climate accord and other fake climate change programs)



The joint resolution entitled “Joint Resolution providing for membership and participation by the United States in the World Health Organization and authorizing an appropriation therefor”, approved June 14, 1948 (22 U.S.C. 290), is repealed. (ends our participation of global genocide, WHO is a misnomer, it is they with their black budget research programs from Section 7 who created most of all known diseases, including specific genetic diseases, and then forced vaccines and pharmaceuticals of death on people globally)


Effective on the date of the enactment of this Act, the United States will end any participation in any conventions and agreements with the United Nations and any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations. Any remaining functions of such conventions and agreements shall not be carried out.


Nothing in this Act shall be construed to affect the rights of employees under subchapter IV of chapter 35 of title 5, United States Code, relating to reemployment after service with an international organization.


Effective on the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State shall notify the United Nations and any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations of the provisions of this Act.



Except as otherwise provided, this Act and the amendments made by this Act shall take effect on the date that is two years after the date of the enactment of this Act

Kim is working with several countries in Africa, with teaching lessons, and also how we intend to facilitate the improvements on infrastructure, developments, projects, people life improvements and the return of each countries assets that were stolen by her predecessor.

Once it is safe to return the assets and they can protect their assets, all of them will go back to the country and the people of origin. I will not give out details of which country we are speaking to or the details of their assets, as this immediately rolls out UN mercenaries publically known as peace keepers, peace keepers they are not, unless you spell peace into piece, where they take a piece of this and piece of that, IMF thugs or rogue elements within that countries military to attack them, like Zimbabwe and The Congo currently.
All the assets are mapped and also recorded, so there is no ifs or buts of who or where it belongs to.
The turmoil in Africa currently, is related to Manna World Holding Trust interjection there.

*Rothschild also threatened to shut down American banking system today (monday) don’t know whether those clowns realized it was a bank holiday here day, so was closed anyway

*The deep state is burning, their threats to shut down the financial system have failed, So now they are doing their other business to break us, which includes messing with phones, internet, banking online, atm’s, false flag shootings that make no sense, fake gas leaks or pressure and threatening various other countries, but they underestimate the American people and the drivers of this movement, like all else they do, it will ultimately fail.

*Clowns are threatening the Vietnam government, if they don’t revalue their currency 3 to the dollar, now, the threat is they will be not be included when the RV happens, not much of a threat that to me, as it is never happening anyway. But this is to make people globally aware of how these clowns work.

*The bots installed into the banking system mentioned recently have now all been removed, another hurdle out of the way, eventually they will run out of options and the funds will be delivered, whether they like it or not.

*Two competing measures to end the partial U.S. government shutdown fell short in the Senate on Thursday, as lawmakers explored an option to end a month-long impasse with the White House and fund government operations for three weeks while talks continue. A bill backed by Republican President Donald Trump to end the shutdown by funding the wall he wants to build on the U.S.-Mexico border and a separate bill supported by Democrats to reopen shuttered agencies without such funding did not get the votes required to advance in the 100-member chamber. In the democrat bill believe it or not is a disaster relief fund bill, you can’t make this shit up, it was Hillary, Mnuchin and mercenary thugs out of Citadel that blocked the $105B disaster relief fund the Trust gave to Trump, Trump may not be saying this due to blocks, but he needs to call out things more in the media than currently, tell the public about disaster relief block and who did it, stop allowing media to run the narrative.

*Cobra mentioning the term Annabelle in recent blog is indicative of the Cobra since November 2016, Annabelle is one of the cabal financial systems they have been trying to implement to replace the Quantum system held by The Trust, the fact that Cobra thinks it’s something positive, is indicative of where he is at now, Annabelle system is cabal. All very disappointing to me, but I warned in December 2016 there was a change in Cobra, once he linked up with Red Dragon and The Blue Chicken cult, writing was on the wall. for those who don’t know I have spoken personally to Cobra 3 times and know who he is or who he was, maybe an indicator.

*Jesper Ellerman of Kingdom of Manna, is running around S. Africa and other African countries threatening all and sundry to not work with Manna WHT, and to wait for his paymasters pay out from The Rothschilds. Jesper believes he can get into the system and work his codes and deliver the Trust to the Rothschilds, he has failed 4 times already, but then the RV has failed over 1500 times and some people think it is still valid? But the deeper questions come to light from a Danish newspaper dated 2004 and updated 2012, One has to question Jesper Ellermann or is it Peter Ellermann or is it Jesper Peter Ellermann as to how and why they are still allowed to run around anywhere, following 2 separate convictions that has only recently come to light, one in 2000 after three cases of serious assault rape on foreign women, where in two cases he threatened them with a knife and in one case with a gun, to which he was sent to a psychiatric facility, only to get out and commit another rape of a 14 year old girl in 2004, he then got an affidavit indefinitely at a psychiatric hospital for his leadership role in the Java band group rape, of the 14 year old girl. This is why the trust or Kim will no longer have anything to do with him and cut him and Kingdom of Manna crew off in the summer of 2017, he is working directly for the Rothschilds, and his paid role was to do everything to stop Kim and The Trust.
Questions arise is, who let him out? Why is Tzu Xander still working for, with and also protecting him? (he does know of his past and chooses to ignore it) This is a classic case of someone taking a plea bargain with the elites or agency groups like Neil Keenan did back in 1995, whereby the get let of prison time to work for them, but eventually your past always catches up with you, and generally end up in more trouble than you started with.

*Question of the day. what is a humanitarian? Is a humanitarian someone who can only spend Rothschilds based funds (which no longer exists)  or are they open to any funds delivered for humanitarian projects? A real humanitarian would be open to all sources of funding would they not?
The issue here is Rothschilds and the term humanitarian are about as far apart as the next galaxy, Rothschilds were one of the main trustees of The Trust before Kim took over, and they delivered a sum total to humanity of $0, so we can ignore David Rothschilds and his flagrant lying of i’m a humanitarian, my ass he is.

*Having now failed in their attempts to defuse or eliminate the existence of the Manna World Holding Trust following the Liberia news item, which they thought would be a negative, but turned out positive for us, they have now gone into lets discredit it mode, of either The Trust or Kim, sending minions to look into her background and pull up anything they can hope to stick.
1. MWHT does not have a blog or website, which is no different to the previous Trustee, only difference is now the public are getting to hear about it via this show and also through Tank.
2. Kim is not working for the Bushes the latest bs, not working for MIT previous bs, and is not working for Langley either.
3. Ignore all global references to the term Manna, The Trust nor Kim are not connected to any other ventures or operations under the banner of Manna, only the Manna World Holding Trust, there is no subsidiaries.
4. Kim’s name comes up on a poorly written, none detailed almost childlike report from 5 years ago citing she was involved in a rip off, bizarrely that site cannot be removed or adjusted to amend updated details, despite the reporter offering zero evidence to their bogus support claims, there was no rip off, check for yourself.
5. Beware when The Trust is rolled out, of false claims that it is Rothschilds money or the RV/GCR, it’s not, if it was they would have taken on the challenge she made directly to the Rothschilds, and also to the Rothschild’s puppet Jesper Ellermann (formerly of Kingdom of Manna until his role in it became clear of who he was really working for) and also to Leo Wanta, and also to Anna Von Reitz and her band of former Trustees, the challenge was give her your codes and accounts and if any funds are or were contained in those accounts, that is supported by documented proof it belongs to the recipient, Kim will hand over all the funds or assets, to date none of them took up the challenge, I wonder why? You would think these people would be scrambling it get their alleged funds back they all cry are owed to them, Kim offered to give them all back when proof of funds could be provided, and yet none stepped forward? AVR was asked for the list of trustees she says is owed money from the Trust, she refused to name them, how can you return alleged funds with no names? simple the names she holds were all the criminal elite bloodline families is why, like her own family line, The Hapsburgs, amongst others.
6. Kim has not stolen any funds from anyone, she was appointed as The Trustee and has changed it’s path from harvesting to returning the funds and assets stolen from us all, for that she is called every name under the sun by these harvesting agents of death, a bit like the hat piece at the beginning, it is a classic branding program which is ran mainly by CFR, they are the main branding company for items, people or governments and policies, but you can brand things all you like, real issue is people fall for it with no evidence of why they are doing so, that is unsanity. Write a bogus rip off report on a site that can’t be taken down (which should tell you who that site belongs to) and label a person a fraud, but provide no evidence of what fraud took place? and people just accept that?
7. Kim, nor I or any members of the team has received any pay outs of any description from The Trust to date, I am sure most agree we should have been paid for the extensive amounts of work done on behalf of The Trust, particularly Kim, but due to the blocks to bank accounts for members of the public or anyone connected with The Trust, none of us can receive any funds as it stands, but it won’t always be the case.
8. There is only one Kim and Trustee, so the copies of Kim running around Africa and other countries are not the real one, she is here and will remain here until conditions improve for her to travel.

Extreme police violence and war injuries
France on the verge of a civil war or military coup The Yellow Vests movement is making momentum as a world wide protest against the globalists, the oppression and exploitation of the people. In Europe there have been protests in France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, United Kingdom and Turkey, as well as in various countries outside of Europe like Canada and Australia. In France the Yellow Vests movement is huge. Every week hundreds of thousands of people march the street. On January 19, 2019 it was the 10th week of protests. Demonstrations took place in more than 50 major cities throughout France and thousands of manifestations. The mainstream propaganda media lies about the number of participants. They claim that in the past weeks throughout France 84.000 people participated. This is a blatant lie as the police admitted that they mobilized 80.000 police officers for the Yellow Vests protests. According to the French police syndicate of angry police officers (SFP: Syndicat France Police policiers en colère) in the past two weeks there was an average of 355.000 demonstrators per week.

Extreme police violence and disproportionate weapons
The mainstream propaganda media suggests that the demonstrators are violent and the police therefore needs to defend themselves with heavy armour and weapons. The truth is that the protesters are primarily peaceful and unarmed, where the police forces exhibit extreme violence against the people. The police forces are often the aggressors and there are many reports that they deliberately escalate a peaceful demonstration by attacking the crowd with tear gas and water canons, throwing hand grenades or shooting with LBD 40 guns, also known as the Flashball gun. The injuries caused by these LBD 40 guns (the newer model) or Flashball guns (the old model) are comparable with war injuries one sees on the battle field. The mainstream media uses the euphemism ‘rubber bullet’ or ‘ball of defence’, but this projectile that is fired at 100 meters per second causes very serious injuries, mutilations in the face, (skull) fractures, brain injuries and internal bleedings. There have been more than 100 severely injured casualties and at least 10 deaths. The French police union SFP confirms that primarily the innocent bystanders are hit by this weapon and not the rebels and trouble makers. A few examples of the casualties of police violence: On French TV a 19 year old girl spoke about how a Flashball fractured her jaw. She had 3 surgeries and since has a major scar at the side of her mouth, with additional surgeries to go in order to repair the damage. In the same TV show Antoine Boudinet, a young guy, told the reporter how he lost his hand after the CRS police (military police) had thrown a hand grenade into the crowd. His right hand was amputated. Several protesters lost their hand. At least 15 people lost their eye, as a result of being hit by a Flashball. One of the victims is a 15 year old girl. Several videos shot from different angles show how Olivier Beziade was fleeing from a tear gas attack and chased by a squad of CRS military police. He ran into a quiet shopping street and was of no threat to the police. He was shot by a Flashball, hit in the head an fell unconscious flat on his face. He is in coma ever since, suffers a cerebral haemorrhage and it is unclear whether he will ever recover. He is a father of 3 children and worked as a volunteer at the local fire brigade. He is one of many with severe brain injury that are in a coma. (see for yourself and look at the many videos on the Twitter account of https://twitter.com/NiemandsKnegt or the French journalist https://twitter.com/davduf)

Ombudsman and medical specialists demand ban on Flashball guns
These are just a few examples of the innocent victims that suffered unacceptable injuries, as a result of disproportionate police violence. They are scarred for life. There are a hundred of these stories. The journalist David Dufresne meticulously collects the statistics about these injuries. When he presented his results in a French TV show, he broke down in tears. Throughout France special interest groups and medical specialists, such as plastic surgeons specialized in facial transplantations, demand a ban on these weapons. Amnesty International already wrote a letter to the French Minister of Internal Affairs in 2002, to refrain from using the Flashball guns. The minister almost immediately ignored this advice. In 2015 also the Defender of Rights called for a ban of this type of guns, given the serious injuries these weapons can cause, also for bystanders.

Pressure within the police department
Several police unions raised questions about the orders from higher ups, commanding to shoot with the LBD 40 guns. But the pressure among the police is enormous and there is little to no room for critical questions or disobedience. The suicide level is sky-rocketing, already 7 police officers committed suicide in the first 3 weeks of this year. Many officers call in sick and many more are on the verge of a burn-out. Especially since they have to work long working days, 6 days a week, under extreme pressure from both sides of the conflict. The police union SFP wrote an open letter to president Macron to renounce the violence and orders to attack, but Macron and his ministers won’t bulge. Macron tries to even escalate the situation by setting up different groups against each other. It looks like they are trying to create as many injuries as possible to set an example. This is a form of state terrorism. In a way it would be best if the police would call in sick en masse, so the government and the control system will lose this layer of protection. Yet there are other violent groups that received helmets and LBD 40 / Flashball guns or iron bars. They are not part of the regular police, as they are often not wearing a uniform. They are chasing people down the streets like vicious bloodhounds, to attack anyone with a yellow vest. It is unclear whether they are part of La BAC (La Brigade Anti-Criminalité), or a group of mercenaries. They are wearing masks. Nobody knows where they come from, who they are and if they are even French to begin with. These groups are extremely violent and try to cause as much damage as possible. The victims are not necessarily standing on the front line. People are chased in the streets by police squads and mercenaries and even attacked while waiting for the bus to go home. Also women. There are several videos of a single woman being attacked by a dozen heavily armoured military police officers and beaten to mash. Even first aid volunteers and the press are attacked by either the CRS police, La Bac, or one of these mercenary groups. This is clearly against the Geneva convention.

France is reaching the breaking point
Thousands of demonstrators have been arrested, including a 13 year old girl. Their only ‘felony’ was that they demonstrated without the permission to protest, or being outside the restricted zone. When the people need permission to protest or voice their opinion, this is a clear sign that there is no real democracy. The French people are waking up en masse to the harsh reality of the oppressive control structure, that clearly will go to any length to protect the system. I think we are getting close to the point where the elastic band in France will snap. I think there is a likely scenario that the military will step in when Macron decides to use live ammunition. There are reports of CRS police seen with semi-automatic weapons. There are unconfirmed reports that these weapons were actually used during Saturday’s protest (Saturday January the 19th). December 7th 2018 a number of French generals wrote an open letter to Macron when he signed the Marrakesh treaty and accused him from treason and betrayal of the French people. A military coup is certainly a realistic scenario that could play out, given the serious situation France is in. The Yellow Vests movement is no longer just a protest against ecotax, the increase of living costs or political positions. It is a revolt against the government. Macron and his stooges need to go. He does not seem to understand his position has become untenable by allowing this type of violence, in a desperate attempt to hold his position. Whatever happens next it will hopefully clear the way for a new political system of true democracy.
I am told that the Yellow Vest movement is not only now in France, but Taiwan, UK, Canada, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Australia, NZ.

*indians – india theory?In light of the staged attack on Native people by so called Trump supporters, all theater folks of divide and conquer, Tyler Durden did a good piece on Zerohedge this week that covers that. In the From Russia with love series I did, I mentioned the sub grey peoples essentially modern day Jewish peoples, who were cast out of the garden of Eden which is located in India, and they went exiled to the land of the false mountains, now known as Egypt, so they all went west around 5000 years ago.
Those peoples in India were worshipping the Dark Mother, at the time 5k years ago all India people were black, the darker black, as these were the people out of Africa, subsequent mixing with people of Southern Russia enabled the lighter black, then brown skin coloring, and a new color they deemed as the sub grey people, known as the Khazarians, it took them 200 years to get from India to Egypt as they tried to integrate in the various Southern Rus regions and were subsequently thrown out.
But what if, some went east, north east to be precise, across the land bridge into Alaska, through modern day Canada and into North America? What if the term Indians is a real depiction? If correct, the ancestors of the Native Americans were the Kali-ma worshippers situated in the original Garden of Eden by The Ganges.
If correct, this explains the various colors of the different tribes now based in North America, something to ponder on, at this stage it is a theory only.

*what if gematria is a code and does it predicts stuff? Some people like to point to Gematria as some sort of
mystic guide to determine the future and various other connections. I have been told that some use it to bet on things and have had good success, where did this code originate? who put it together? who presented it to the public and why?
We appear to know little of those questions, a google search which is as valid as Snopes.com, brings up the following descriptions: Gematria originated as an Assyro-Babylonian-Greek system of alphanumeric code or cipher that was later adopted into Jewish culture. A Hebrew numerological system used in kabbalah and other forms of Jewish mysticism that assigns numerical values to words based on the fixed numerical values of their letters.My impression is that Hebrew and Kabbalah was introduced by the Annunaki, so from that perspective alone, it raises some issues of what it’s intention is, but what if this code is an ancient AI read out of all the previous loops? of course predictions would come true, as based on the repeat movies of the previous 5 loops. Everything that happened in loop 1 was repeated in the subsequent loops of time afterwards, with minor adjustment for more control, this is where Aug Tellez fell short, his narrative is all the previous 5 loops not in sequence, but its like it was put in a spin cycle and then all randomly came out, it didn’t or he didnt make sense as this loop ends the repeat movie cycle.
For those new we were wrapped into a mobius loop that lasted 13k years per loop, that has lasted the last 78K years, this loop ends or has ended depending on opinion, and we are no longer trapped in a groundhog day style system.

*For those new and a refresher for regular listeners, Randy Maugans did a small presentation of it on Off Planet Radio this week so check it out. The reality of the full control structure has at best only revealed to the public around 25% of the whole structure. This would include bilderbergers, CFR, IMF, UN, secret societies, the former Illuminati, military and politicians, who are in bottom 1% of the system, dragon groups and they all came under the 301 families, not the 13 or 26 families known on the internet. Essentially all these group we think are the top of the tree or pyramid, are actually the bottom of the system, and they were not as important as they all thought. These groups were the harvesters, which was then collected higher up the chain and then moved into The Trust owned by Marduk. Those above the families were collectors of the harvest and also protectors of those within the 4 wheeled circle. A vast control system beyond the comprehension of all on the planet, no matter how high up the chain they all thought they were, the reality is far different and getting that across to them has been an ardous task in most cases, but Kim and this show has been getting through to many over the past 2.5 years, more and more of the minions are going neutral, not necessarily our friends, but no longer playing the game for those who think they are at the top, but in reality are or were nowhere near it.
With most of the 4 wheels now collapsed and main controller Marduk now gone, the harvesting minions think they are now the new controllers, they can think what they like, we know different.
As their business, banking, media, governments empire of control all collapse in around them, which is ongoing, more of their minions will walk away.
There is only one copy and very few people have even seen or known of that documents existence, I studied the only copy of it in detail, last year to work out the final pieces of it, of who is what, when, where and why, between Kim and I plus some valuable input from Shane, we were finally able to work out the whole structure in it’s entirety, now we have the task of teaching the other 7.5B, all in due course. 16500 years of building and tweeking that structure into a full on harvesting program, smashed into something unrecognisable from the original in barely a decade. Real history will judge that as a remarkable event in years to come.

*The cabal are now in full panic and crazy mode now and all should be ultra vigilant, particularly around energy plants and pipelines, they are trying to shut this country down in every way possible, and you have to do your utmost to prevent it, by standing strong in the face of such evil. It should matter not whether you like Trump or not, whether you are Republican, Democrat, Liberal or some other banal branch of politics, politics are not what is at stake here, it is your very freedom and way of life they are intent on destroying, we the people are what counts.
If your marching for blacks only, women only, natives only, anti immigrant or some other one sided movement, you are part of the problem, all of you. March for all of the people, until you realize ALL lives matter you are part of the problem the system created for you, and you went along with it.
Trump or other Presidents before him never made the policies, they just passed the message forward to you from the system, and you ran with it, we have to be a lot more clever than that.
Should we blindly trust Trump? no, he is still in the system, in my opinion based on the interactions with him, with our help he is breaking down the system, to allow the people to have a say in things again, look at the bills that have gone in for voting, that The Trust and the team played a large part in.
The Sovereignty act, the tax reform and the disaster relief program, none of them came from the politicians, it came from the people via The Trust, and Trump ran with them, now whether you like Trump or not, that is a significant change in policy from all previous Presidency’s, is it not? This is not about personalities or image, that is all part of the old system, this is about people making change, real change, and as long as Mr. Trump is doing more right than wrong, this show will be supporting him in his endeavors, but with caution, not because of Mr. Trump, but because of the nest of vipers around him, that coerce, threaten and abuse the man, it can be all so easy to buckle to their demands under that type of pressure, so far he hasn’t.
To the people who point to US invasions as evidence Trump has lost the plot, not one of those invasions were implemented by Trump, all of them by the people who really ran this country, The Rothschilds, Deep State, Dragon groups and various agencies, they are your target of ire, not politicians per se.

They are doing everything now to shut us up, police thugs attacking yellow vests, police thugs attacking children protesting outside of school, jailing Ben Gilroy and Brian McCarthy in Ireland to name but a few, why? because they are shitting themselves, that we the people are now rising up, they wish to shut us up, but we will shout louder, they wish to knock us down, but we will stand up and stand our ground, they use violence to shut us up, we use peace and non conformity in return. Remember these people are not all powerful, they never were it’s all an illusion, only our energy gave them power, only cowards control other people, why? because they fear us, is the top and bottom line. The key is what we do, not them, do we cower in fear, do we play divide and conquer games, do we dance at the behest of the luciferian satanic clowns or do we stand up and fight for all the people of the world, this host, show, OYM and OffPlanetRadio along with The Trust will back you all the way.


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