truth honor integrity | jan_30, 2019

It has come my attention that people are suggesting or believing that The Peoples Club(TPC) is charging for proposals being submitted for Trust funding, this is NOT the case for the Peoples club, and furthermore we will not be charging for proposals in anyway shape or form.
Kre8change/Tank group is doing so currently along with some preferred vendor program before the funds arrive, but neither I, Kim, The Trust or The Peoples club will be agreeing with or participating in any advance charges for proposals or funding, nor are we receiving any of these charges.
The Trust or TPC will not be participating in any commissions deals for projects or otherwise, either in or out of The Trust or TPC either.
THI and TPC will not be receiving any apps related to this pay up front fee either.
I have not been consulted in anyway shape or form to participate in this, and even if I had, I would not agree with this, what Tank and Kre8change do with their site or group should not be seen as reflective of our group or The Trust, whilst we are part of a wider team, there are points of interest we both disagree on. I will be making no further comments on it or the individuals involved.

This next song triggered me into something rather heavy thinking and in download mode, humanity has for too long dabbled in the past, by going back to try to change the past and subsequently try to alter the future, this was our biggest mistake. We have to observe the past, from a place of neutral not active or reactive, assess it, develop hindsight and bring it into the now, and correct it from the here and now to create the different future, not the past. The lyrics from the song will give you all the deeper meaning.
Black Sabbath – Megalomania

*The announcement from Trump was this “If we don’t get a fair deal from Congress the government will either shut down on February 15 again. “Or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the United States to address this emergency.”This does not necessarily mean mass arrests etc will happen, I have said for a reason you will not make sense of public statements hereonin.

*The State of the Union speech was pushed back to allow Pelosi and Deep State crew more time to oust The President, following their failed 9/11 style plot of eliminate the President and VP to allow Pelosi to takeover the govt.

*The Fed and Mnuchin tried a plot this week to steal funds sent by MWHT to Mr. Trump, MWHT sent $2B to keep the government going in moderate form, part of those funds are also to pay back pay to all those who were laid off, at Trump’s request.

*Mnuchin and The Fed were asking for Trump to ask for $1.3T for a whole budget, to which Mnuchin would get all the credit for, but here is the kicker, they asked for the whole budget to be transferred via The Fed and then to be passed onto The US treasury, money for the government goes directly to The Treasury not the bankrupt defunct Fed Reserve.
This is the levels of their desperation now, they think we are that stupid to send them anything, never mind $1.3T, sorry Mr. Mnuchin and The Fed, we ain’t that stupid as you have found out, that’s not happening. Irony is the $1.3T Mnuchin asked for is the exact same figure the acting Venezuelan President requested the return of, their alleged funds held by the US, funny that.

*Mr. Trump is receiving and sometimes acting on some very bad intel from The Deep State, Black Dragons group of which Pelosi is head of, he needs to be more savvy with what he is taking on board.

*Clowns have tried to raid Venezuela, Zambia and also Zimbabwe to leverage their inground resources via Hong Kong exchange this week, that failed so Pelosi told them to attack Egypt next.

*Wells the Fargo have approached Kim this week stating they are willing to work with her, this usually means Kim listens to the ir bs plans and lack of micro and macro finance knowledge, and then turns around and says that’s not happening. We’ll see how that unfolds, but another sign of their desperation.

*So the story of Venezuela issues are now reaching the YT’ers and varying degrees of narrative put forth, mentioning of The US have their funds, Bank of England has their gold, reality is The Vatican itself looted all of Venezuela’s wealth, oops.
Maduro current president or Guiado acting self installed President, who is who and what is what. Maduro whilst not great is not responsible for all the ills of Venezuela, it was all staged that way, Guiado is a US deep state puppet and if you think things in Venezuela are bad now and will improve with Guiado, you will be badly mistaken.
Here is the background of what really happened in Venezuela, back in 2012-2013 the Dragons, Agency people formed a background group to the 5 eyes group, involving several countries including America and Russia, this group is known as The Glue, and they teamed up to overthrow Mr. Chavez of Venezuela. except Mr. Chavez was a hugely popular leader in Venezuela. Chavez and Bush both hated each other, because the latter wanted a piece of the oil and inground resources, and Chavez refused and then nationalized the whole industry. Chavez was selling gas to his people for 9 cents a gallon, which made other countries rage at the prices they were selling it at. Chavez also gave cheap or free oil to low income people in America who were struggling.
They also did some sales to China and an $8B deal was done, subsequently that $8B went missing.
As Chavez was not bending to global clowns, they gave him an accelerated version of cancer to take him out, and he died within 10 days.
In Came Maduro and more particularly the Generals and the military out of Venezuela who arranged a contract with Chinese Elders whereby they would all get paid $T’s for Venezuela’s oil, this was in 2013, with Chavez out of the way they thought they would all get rich, just like all the others who have been promised massive riches, you all know what happened next, yes they never got paid, generals and the military in Venezuela have waited for 6 years, and the clowns have blamed it all on Maduro, again a familiar tactic of blame this and that one for the delays on promises, except it never materialises regardless of who or what is in charge, one day all generals will see not only through the illusion, but their own stupidity.
Over the last 6 months the generals have been getting rather pissy of lack of pay outs and are broke, again sound familiar? have now started to threaten the Rothschilds/Chinese Elders, threats won’t work Generals, only actions against them work.
Maduro has been told that Trump is out to kill him, via the Columbian govt and the mafia, this is total bs, John Bolton had blocked any contact between Trump and Maduro, but Trump needs to not listen to the clowns around him also, they are setting him up.
Also in 2013 the Rothschild’s owned printing company De La Rue over printed vast quantities of Venezuela bolivars, pallets and pallets of them stored in Hungary and various other countries, and yes the clowns have started selling the overprinted valueless currencies to the gullible on the internet, coming soon the RV based on Bolivars smfh. Here is the recent history for those thinking of buying these rogue notes, The main currency of Venezuela since 20 August 2018 has been the bolívar soberano. Since that date, it has been due to replace the bolívar fuerte  after a transition period. The primary reason for replacement, at a rate of 1 Bs.S. to 100,000 Bs.F, was hyperinflation, who created the hyperinflation? The Rothschilds, who will get really paid out on the selling of these notes? The Rothschilds, who won’t get paid out on these notes as promised? the generals, the military and the people who buy them, same plan repeated over and over again, and yet so many people fall for it, the lure of bits of paper with numbers on, appears to make all involved lose all their common sense and any rational thinking, time to change that.
Message to the Generals and military of every country who have been made promises of riches, it is time you all got together and went directly after the people who have made you blatant false promises, you will never be paid out, no matter how many full moons, rituals, eclipses or sacrifices, you have been duped and played for fools, time for you all to work for your people and not these genocidal maniacs.

*General Mattis who was fired is now still working in the system for the clowns central command in Florida against President Trump

*Rothschilds have stolen $100k’s worth of diamonds out of Angola,  these diamonds are being held in Dubai, and they can’t sell them onto the big diamond companies, and so are trying to use the diamonds via certificates to fund and takeover Venezuela using what is known as Kimberley certificates, and no these are nothing to do with our Kim, but named after mines in Kimberley South Africa, Kimberley certificates are used to transfer diamonds, they can’t use them as Angola certificates in case the generals in Angola work out what they are up to, to the Angola generals, now you know you have been duped as well.

*Generals in South America, Africa and even Russian oligarchs are now hating every so called Chinese linked so called investment group right now, they have all worked out this was another plot and delaying tactic, for example if we just take over this or that country or this or that resource then we will all get our payouts, nope, not happening, like ever.
These Chinese investment groups that have scrambled all over the world using up their excess supply of US dollars not for investments, but to wreck that country, it’s finances and it’s economy, well it appears all of these groups are now real tired of waiting for something to take place, please target the real culprits and not use the countries and their people to suffer any further. Generals it’s time to gather in your masses, and launch witch hunt on those ruining everything, do something of real honor for the first times in your working life, deal with the clowns, before they deal with you.

*Zimbabwe is still under a state of emergency, people are being killed and tortured in that country, and what for you may ask? the fucking RV! Zimbabwe has refused point blank that they will ever revalue their Zims currency, infact they are going to change their currency to another currency altogether, leaving the Zims valueless, oops.
People globally are dying, being tortured, suffering all courtesy of the Rothschilds/Chinese Elders, Militaries, Agencies and the plethora of paid agents or just plain stupid people in the alt media pushing the RV, you people in the alt media have had more than long enough to learn the truth of your own stupidity, the RV will never take place, it was never possible to take place, and each and everyone of you supporting it, are all participants in global genocide, you still want to wait and promote the RV? fine, but all of you have blood on your hands and are propagating genocide, and at the same time delaying the real funds being released that is designed not to make you all millionaires, billionaires or trillionaires, but to save humanity, I hope you all go to the lower astral at night, as you certainly don’t deserve to sleep peacefully. Greedy self serving bastards the lot of you.

*The invasion of Panama, Columbia and Venezuela along with a stop off to Haiti, none of which was approved by Congress, or the Commander in Chief, neither were consulted either tells all Americans this country is not being ran by the Government in any way shape or form, but foreign based bankers, mercenaries and dragon groups, along with the treasonous MSM, not only in this country but most other countries also, all who are blaming Trump, now you know the truth, are you still going to blame Trump? or get off your backside and protect this country? regardless of which stupid party you have followed like sheep, there are snakes in both.


*People ask why no arrests, why are clowns still walking around? valid questions to ask and a source of frustration amongst us all, in particular the people connected with Q, who seem to be losing faith a bit in the trust the plan, the problem is they don’t know the plan, and neither should they, this is war after all, and not for internet people in general to know intimate details or plans, only unlearn the lies and support the people taking these clowns on.
So, why no arrests? fairly simple for those in THI as you all know the depth of the system of control, it goes way beyond government, way beyond, we have a cancer in this country in all kinds of hidden realms, hidden people, hidden groups and hidden mercenaries.
The deep state as it is known has punctuated into every govt department, every agency, heirarchy of the military and also The Pentagon. The Nazi element ran from 1947 onwards, although there is evidence of their involvement here, long before Project Paperclip, they have placed people in all the top positions in every department, including local govt, and the AIPAC Zionist crew also, these all have to be cleared out before any real justice, arrests or any people based policies can be implemented.
Person X has committed a crime or several, who investigates them? the CIA? FBI? Military led tribunals? when all 3 of them are riddled with anti American agents? look at how they have handled the fake Russian collusion investigation, it’s not an investigation, but a witch hunt to find the most tenuous links to Russia they can find and hope it sticks, whilst ignoring the elephant in the room like Obama, Hillary, Comey and Mnuchin selling American resources off to Russia and Uranium in particular, to be funneled in Iran, yes that Iran, you know the one they tell us is all so evil and a terrorist state.
Those Russians are evil and are coming to get us, and those 4 sells them fusionable weapon materials? erm hello mcfly.
Person X goes into a court, do you think that trial will be done fair and justice would prevail? when the whole justice system was riddled with anti justice clowns? all paid agents of the Deep State and lets keep the status quo, of one rule for the people, and one rule for them, and that rule is, they are immune from prosecution, no matter what crimes they commit?
This is the reality folks, some will say well Trump could get a team around him, but would he or you know who you can trust? in a theater riddled by corruption, back stabbers, double agents, threatened or frightened individuals, or people going along with the old system, because they are terrified their own criminality will get exposed, or worried about their own paychecks.
This is a sample of the field of operation that Trump is working within, and that is just one aspect of it.

*Trump “Never thought I’d say this but I think @johnrobertsFox and @GillianHTurner @FoxNews have even less understanding of the Wall negotiations than the folks at FAKE NEWS CNN & NBC!” Trump tweeted.
@realDonaldTrump This is NOT right. I stand by my colleagues @johnrobertsFox and @GillianHTurner They don’t deserve this. No reporter does. They are doing their jobs and reporting the facts. They are not opinion journalists and deserve the respect from the @WhiteHouse they cover. Bullying journalists is not Presidential they cried, A: you are not journalists, real journalists investigates all stories not become a 1 sided agency script reader B: if you are going to talk shite all day every day about a person, eventually that person responds back, perhaps you need to change the script? It’s classic flip flopping the real bullies blames the other to deflect their own behaviors.

*So Trump ended the government shutdown and the media rhetoric ramps up further, oblivious to the real issues at hand, but fully aware of their role in distorting truth, allowing criminals free reign to roam amongst us, allowing known criminals to continue to run this country into the ground, allowing anti American mouthpieces to proliferate their dirge and diatribe with no cross questioning or making them prove the bullshittery they are spitting out.
Trump cannot do right from wrong, goes to a funeral, gets criticized, doesn’t go to a funeral gets criticized, same applies to official meetings goes or doesn’t and criticized.
Why hasn’t the media reported some really juicy scoops on their airwaves? heaven knows they need to do something to keep on air, their numbers are plummeting faster than Stormy Daniels knickers have.
How about the biggest story in past 8 months, like the SSP (secret space program) firing a missile from American soil at Air Force one? nope, crickets, or how about Pelosi and Shumer planning a 9/11 on the Capital building in a plot to make the old bag, the president? nope again, crickets, or how about the $105B injection of funds into a bankrupt country, to fix all of the peoples homes and infrastructure in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, N & S Carolina and California, blocked by Hillary, Mnuchin and Citadel/weiss mercenary group instead The Treasury? nope, crickets again. Or why a certain General wanted and tried to personally take Trump out recently? or ask why the NYPD wont testify or release the child face skinning video by Hillary and her lesbian partner Huma Abedin? or ask why Pelosi’s security is so vital for a trip, but not the American people? or why 900k children go missing permanently in America each year? why do they ask for Trumps tax records and ignore Obama has no records whatsoever, or ignored the fact he was not even an American citizen? Why haven’t they covered the bills H.R 24/25 and 204? simple, these portal people acting as fake journalists all took the blood money to spout lies, distortions, complete delusion, confusion and agency or deep state scripted propaganda, that is so far from reality, it’s not even funny anymore.
Warning to Mr. Trump you need to start spitting out in public or on tweets the above facts, or these treasonous turds will swamp you, stand up and speak out, enough have your back, defensive tweets are fine, we need attacking tweets now or speeches, you are losing the media war, no matter how fake they are, call the above out please.
I said back in 2013 we have 2 problems in this country, the military and the media, we the people can do more against these clowns, just shut them down, they are the main reason, so many in this country talk out of their ass, they have been educated not taught, riddled with drama laden bs, whilst so many in this country and others suffer. It’s time the whole of the alt media got under these people’s skins and make them feel as uncomfortable, as we do when we hear them, open their shite filled pie holes.
I don’t care if one or two on CNN or more in particular work for Fox are ok, if they had any real gumption they would walk away from them, and call them out.
It’s taking blood money, every news media presenter are a blight on humanity, and beyond reproach in my opinion.
Occasionally they put people on their shows who talk common sense, then the blonde clones that are on every channel jump in and shut them down, or just talk over them so they cant speak, is that journalism or open debate? utter vaccuous cretins with zero minds of there own, and who rely on B movie style scriptwriters to portray their opinions.
We the people are not interested in their opinions as their viewing figures show, time to end their opinions once and for all, add in the clowns on the catastrophic fear and doom channel also, known as the weather channel, as in we don’t know weather or whether, your all going to die today or tomorrow channel.
The key part to the announcement from Trump was this “If we don’t get a fair deal from Congress the government will either shut down on February 15 again. “Or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the United States to address this emergency.” take note.

*Hurricane Michael blew through SE America 3 months ago next week, and in response to Emily Mahoney Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Time Kathryn Varn who wrote an article in respective newspapers asking why is there little to no response via FEMA or the low donations sent in for the disaster relief. I will tell you why, lets see if you can write the truth, because here it is.
FEMA has no money, govt has no money, FEMA has no intentions of spending money on those areas even if they had money, the government had agreed a $105B disaster relief fund from The Manna World Holding Trust to put back together again Florida, Georgia, Alabama, N & S. Carolina and California, the funds were available to go in November, after due diligence was done on the provider of the funds MWHT, which was approved by Homeland Security, The US Treasury and other respective govt departments.
Mr. Trump signed off on it and made arrangements with US Treasury to facilitate the use of government cards to which then the MWHT would then load those cards to the tune of $105B to allow repairs to begin.
MWHT had everything prepared before hand, temporary housing, thousands of generators, trucks and all kinds of other equipment all prepared to launch, what happened next should alarm every single American.
The Ambassador for MWHT went into The Treasury to collect the cards for loading the funds, as he was receiving the cards, so called security agents representing group Citadel NY and a subsidiary of it Weiss security who are a spin off of Citadel, approached the ambassador and proceeded to escort him out of the building, The Treasury people stated he has ours and The President’s authority to be here, the security guards essentially told them they didn’t care about authority or what Trump says, and removed him from the building.
This was ordered by Hillary Clinton and Steven Mnuchin, neither are helping America and both are working on behalf of The Rothschild’s family and what is known as The Deep State, these groups are holding this country to ransom and have been doing for last numbers of years, and unless you people operating as journalists start to write the real truth, millions of Americans are going to suffer like those in Hurricane Michael.
So Emily Mahoney and Kathyrn Varn do you want to write bs all your lives or do you want a scoop for you and your paper, write to me at, truth.honor.and.integrity@gmail.com for further details, should you have the gumption and real honor to fight for your people and this country.

* In the light of Brexit which in my opinion was Baron Rothschilds Exit, transferring all power and wealth to the East and forcing the West into bankruptcy.
Think about it, since when have the establishment, really allowed the public any real say in politics? like never, so the fact they allowed this vote to go ahead, means it was done with a hidden intention, does it not?
Of course things haven’t gone too well for baron Rothschilds and the transfer to the East, courtesy of The Trust, which is why he tried to get back in control of the UK just over 12 months ago, hence the delay or a new vote, which will over turn first vote, they will make sure of that, and Br exit becomes BR entrance again, that slimey snake of a family, hedges all bets so they win, which is why they are backing all 5 factions. Maybe all the 5 factions can pair together their brain cells and come up with one head of common sense between them, and realize this clown family is playing you all, playing you all for fools, with fake titles, false promises and fake portrayals of riches that will never materialize, and eliminate those harvesting and raping clowns out of society once and for all.

*pope has never had the right to declare a sovereign, he was a sub sovereign, it was m and now kim to declare sovereignty, queen is a sovereign, but does not own the crown, its roths. king john and magna carta uk sold all its subjects out, king no longer in power, created parliament parley speak, ment mind aka mind speak, then rolled in govt govern control ment mind = mind control – The charter only spoke about freemen and not the majority of people who were peasants. No monarch of England ever had unrestricted, or ‘absolute’, essentially Magna Carta was another powerplay, kings removed and replaced by families, the 301 families listed on the document. we are all monarchs not just royalty you know, so magna carta stripped the peasants of all rights in essence, it only applied to the freemen, subjects were not freemen. The Magna carta is in my opinion is not something we should be abiding by.

You think the IRA bombing campaign started in the UK in the 1970’s? think again, their history always repeats itself.
On 23 November 1867, three Fenians, William Philip Allen, Michael O’Brian, and Michael Larkin, known as the Manchester Martyrs, were executed in Salford for their attack on a police van to release Fenians held captive earlier that year.
On 13 December 1867, the Fenians exploded a bomb in attempt to free one of their members being held on remand at Clerkenwell Prison in London. The explosion damaged nearby houses, killed 12 people and caused 120 injuries. None of the prisoners escaped.
Patrick J. Whelan, was hanged in Ottawa for the assassination of Irish Canadian politician, Thomas D’Arcy McGee in 1868.
Sein Fein allegiance with ira and adams/mcguiness who were both working for the system
truth about battle of the boyne, william of orange was not british, but dutch, he was made king of england for his endeavours.
This shows what these people do over a prolonged period of time, playing the same games over and over, sometimes even using the same characters despite the gap in time. The sleight of hand is a common theme, The Order loves nothing more than watching us all go down blind alleys, they throw in a narrative and a direction they wish people to go, and largely we have every time, but some can see beyond the illusion and sleight of hand and are now pulling back the curtain on their fake theater productions.
Take Ireland, they believe the Brits and The Queen is the source of all their ills, now neither of those have covered themselves in any glory that we do know, but both are the fall guys for that particular narrative. Battle of the Boyne was not done by the Brits, but actually the Dutch royal house groups and in particular the House of Orange, William of Orange celebration done by The Protestants, is beyond stupid given it was nearly 400 years ago, even more stupid when it is celebrating someone who was A: part of the system of control against us and B: that person was from Holland not the UK, think different is the key.
As for the Catholics and your fight, is again beyond stupid, if you don’t bother to learn your own history, once you learn that the IRA, Sein Fein, Fenians were never fighting for you, but were fighting for the system to eliminate you and your history, Scotia real name of Ireland or Eire had much history that goes against the narrative the system, and in particular The Roman Catholic church wants to portray.
Your church you all worship have destroyed every aspects of your life, every day of your life, you have chosen to ignore their crimes, unlike the Catholics of the 1500’s who were protesting against the church, which later morphed into a religion called Protestantism, you are fighting your own people, do you not realize that? you have all been played.
Now do you carry on hating your own people and play the program/system game, or do you use the brains you were given and realize the problem is not politicians (you give them far too much credit than they deserve) north or south, catholic or protestant, the problem is you, all of you, time to correct it is it not, try coming together as people, not as Irish, not as Catholic, not as Protestant, not as supporters of Dutch kings or Pope worshippers, just people.

*There is a common theme around the world about The Chinese Elders, despite no one being able to name one of them, no one appears to know who exactly these fabled elderly gentlemen are, but the common consensus is they are reverent, wisdom based and benevolent and how they all want to save the world, but where were these same fantastic elders when Pol Pot and Chairman Mao who was Kuomintang I might add, when those two were committing genocide in their own country and the neighboring one, where were these oh so nice elders then? benevolent my ass

*Question to ponder if the Cold War was about the rise of Communism why wasn’t China a cold war enemy as well, given their population was 10 times that of Russia? one of life’s great mysteries it seems, or the real truth, the cold war was all bs.

Update after Yellow Vests Act 11, the 11th week of protest
The SFP (Syndicat French Police) estimates the number of participants in the Yellow Vests protest at 330,000. This includes evening manifestations and Yellow Vests at roundabouts. They estimated the pro-Macron demonstration at 3,500 (boosted by the media to 10,000), only 1% of the Yellow Vests. Apart from the demonstrations protesters also block traffic, destroyed speeding cameras and toll gates at the highway, organised a bank run, destroyed ATM machines, etc. There are thousands of manifestations for 11 weeks now.
Pressure on police increases
On top of the day time demonstrations, the Yellow Vests also organised the Yellow Night, to wear out the police. The police has to work 16 hour working days (or more) when mobilized for the events. Often on top of a 5 day full time work week. More and more police officers call in sick. They are harassed by the authorities and pressured to go back to work. Last week the 11th police officer committed suicide since the beginning of this year. You see more and more cops without uniform, so it looks like they are recruiting more mercenaries.
Police violence
The demonstrations last Saturday started peacefully. Unfortunately some demonstrations in the big cities again turned out into a violent clash between the police and the protesters. The scene as can be seen in the many video-clips shared on Twitter and Youtube looks more like a war zone and massacre than a democratic Western nation. On Saturday January 26th one of the figure heads of the Yellow Vests movement, Jerome Rodrigues, was injured. He probably lost his right eye. The scene was filmed and there are reasons to believe it was a deliberate attack on one of the main figure heads of the Yellow Vests movement. A hand grenade and a Flashball was fired at him at the same time. Just before the attack someone screamed: “Lower your thing (gun). Do not point it at the head.” Three seconds later Jerome was hit. Internal police investigators have launched an inquiry, as has the Paris prosecutor. More than 80 similar inquiries have been launched following serious injuries or legal complaints during the Yellow Vests protests. The violence seems to escalate. The mercenaries (of which the police claims belong to La BAC) seem to get orders to kill. There are several photo’s and a video that show these mercenaries and police officers with a hammer as a weapon.

Taking stock after 11 weeks:*
– at least 6000 people arrested (not clear how many are still in custody)
– 13 people died – ±1100 casualties among police – ±2200 casualties among protesters – 104 severely wounded: amputees, brain injuries, organ failure, permanent handicap – 2 are the coma, – at least 18 people have lost an eye – at least 4 people have lost a hand – 11 police officers committed suicide.

European army
Last week president Macron signed the Aachen treaty with Angela Merkel, paving the way for a European army. In the past few weeks a number of European tanks, with a European flag instead of a French flag, have been spotted in the streets of France.

What do the Yellow Vests want?
The majority of the movement is realising that a few tokens like temporary tax cuts, is not going to solve their problem. They are becoming more and more aware of the repressive system, that is operating on behalf of an elite and not the majority of the people. Since the Yellow Vests movement the system is showing it’s real face. Therefore they are ready to embrace a real solution. One of the ideas that the majority supports is the RIC: Referendum Initiative by the Citizens. RIC would reform the political system and change it from a representative system to a participants system. People would have a direct say in the legislation and no longer have to depend on representatives. In brief they would be able to: • Initiate a referendum (votes are binding)  Propose legislation • Able to change the constitution • Abolish existing laws • Repeal of representatives.
These reform measures would give the power back to the people. It will also give them the opportunity to exit Europe (Frexit).
Needless to say the ruling elite does not want this implemented. They came up with a ruse to divide the movement and control the opposition, by forming a new political party: Gilet Jaune (Yellow Vest) RIC. Not RIC as abbreviation of Referendum Initiative by the Citizens, but Ralliement d’initiative citoyenne, which means something like Rally of the Initiative by the Citizens.This political party will run for the upcoming European (s)elections this spring. The party has 10 candidates. One of the candidates Marc Doyer was an avid supporter of Macron in December last year. This initiative reeks like controlled opposition. It’s a common theme, that a second organisation is founded that is a copy of a successful yet threatening grassroots movement. (For instance: ITNJ as a copy of the ITCCS) This copy is a mirrored version of the original, often with opposite objectives. This copy organisation seems to have funding in a short time, has access to resources and gets lots of positive media coverage. The mainstream propaganda media has up until now mostly ignored or downplayed the police violence against the Yellow Vests movement, as well as ignored their version of RIC. But now the MSM suddenly promotes the new political party Yellow Vests RIC. This is highly suspicious.
Having watched some of the videos of violence in France, kudos to the French people for fighting back against the cops. Now you know I don’t condone violence per se, but under such provocation people have the right to defend themselves from such brutal tactics used by those in navy uniforms, some cops got back and more what they dish out on a regular basis. I warned back in 2014 cops would be in big trouble once the people rose, I even invited an ex cop onto the show who had been on PBS, he declined.
But the world over has watched these glorified thugs intimidate, shoot at, maim and kill people day after day for something as trivial as a traffic offense, it was only a matter of time before people said enough is enough.
Cops will suffer increasing injuries and deaths at the hands of the public, as they are the first line of defense to protect the criminal elite, cops should tell the criminal elite to go and do their own dirty work and face the public.
Time for the cops to step down in various places of discord, and if they do I hope the public support them, I hope the public then don’t abuse the situation by looting and going on crime sprees like what happened Brazil when cops went on strike, this type of behavior is why we need a control system, if we all acted responsibly there is no need for it, both have a responsibility to come together. But for cops, you lot are in big trouble, hiding behind your shields, your weaponry, arrogance and thuggery to protect a system that doesn’t give a single shit about you, like everyone else they will throw you under the bus.
To the cops in France and globally, ask yourselves what am I protecting here? why have I been sent to Israeli military training to do a police job? why am I being asked to spray chemicals in peoples eyes? why am I being asked to maim and kill people who are protesting about life? Why have all police been given mind control radios? why am I protecting something that is damaging my own friends and family? Why am I attacking my own people?
Down tools and embrace the protestors, they will welcome you, we all want the same things deep down, so why risk your life for a system that crushes us all, #copswalkaway or better still keep your weaponry and join the protestors #copsfightthesystem
Maybe this is what the bureaucrats fear and why they want an EU army? a collection of paid mercenary thugs, some of those groups we will name after this song.

*Some new names for you all to take note of with regards to mercenary style so called security groups, first one you will be familiar with Academi as it is the new name of Blackwater group, here is some others Triple Canopy, Omniplex, Constellis, AMK9, Olive group, Centerra, EdinburghInternational, tdi and Strategic Social

*Things happening on an increasing basis in our lives now, attacks by family members, partners leaving, discord in your own circles, less things making sense in the world is  1. test of your resolve 2. wheat and chaffe disconnection evidenced 3. the 2 worlds getting wider. Why are you noticing it and what is your reactions? Your frequency level has changed, you are not in their paradigm anymore, we warned all of the above would take place as far back as 2015, warned further in certain aspects in the subsequent years since, don’t fear it, don’t react to it, just embrace where you are and where you are at.

*imagine your psi field(for those new, it is like your aura) is like an item of clothing, you love that old worn out jacket and refuse to replace it, but its not the jacket you hold onto, it is the frequency of it, all so comfortable despite holes, tears and out of shape, you hold onto it until it falls off your back, or the wife bins it on trash day so you can’t recover it, the same applies to our psi field on an individual and collective level.
Question is, how will you fare walking in a 50mph blizzard of snow with that jacket on, not too well and wearer may change jackets, and yet many choose to ignore their own personal jacket and leave holes in it and wander around life in a blizzard of negative frequencies day after day, and wonder why life is crap?
Some will say well I can’t see it so its not real, no one can see air but we still breathe it, no one can see god, jesus or Mohammed but 4.5B believe it, denying it’s existence is a frequency based suicide program.
Imagine inside the jacket is a cup filled with oil, and you attempt to clean that cup with water, what happens? the oil stays and the water skims off, and so neither the cup or the item of clothing gets cleansed, it just sits there, except unlike the cup or jacket, ours festers, expands, proliferates and weigh’s us down.
The cup which is the inner you, is filled with negative frequencies of anger, frustration, anguish, envy, insecurities, inferiority complex, little me, victimhood/savoir program, hurt, pain and traumas, a vicious cocktail of frequencies, none of which is helpful to you in this life or future lives for that matter, a thick viscous soup that leaves you, in essence like walking through life in treacle(molasses for Americans).
So that is what you have become, a thick soup, then we come to the garment you wear known as your psi field, again that is thick in oil full of holes and tears, you try to wash it and it rolls off it, too greasy or slippery, so you have to break it down to clean that field also.
A psi field full of holes is an entrance point for astral level infections, dark spirit and extinct critters, for those new, cancer comes from an astral level infection, not physical level.
Your field is filled with your inner trauma, and also the angers and frustrations of everyone else in your close environment or you engage with, and you think you can thrive in that environment? you think your inner light can shine like a beacon in that environment? nope the oil is that thick not enough of your inner light penetrates.
You have become a walking stream of negative lower level frequencies, your psi field is connected to other lower level frequencies, and you become a walking wifi delivery system of negative frequencies, and you drag them through your lives, day after day.
At some point you will have had a fall out with someone, be it vocal or by violence, and you no longer speak to that person, and you think that is that? nope, you have a tentacle or cord still connected with that frequency or person, because you never let it go.
Now imagine all the other tentacles you have, with all the other people you have had bad interactions with? you are like a villain trapped by Spiderman, meshed in a negative web, that you may perceive was not your doing, but a differing percentage of that interaction, was down to you and your reactions to it, this is the essence of why your shadow and inner work is the most important thing you can do, you repeat behaviors and bad scenarios in your life, because you didn’t address the previous ones, I guess it’s time to cut some cords, is it not?
Every sexual intercourse encounter you have had creates a cord also, so whilst it was fun at the time you notched up all those encounters, perhaps it was not the best interaction for you overall was it? I imagine some thinking back now, of the ones they have slept with,and going holy f, really Thomas I did not want to hear that, well I have said you will hear what you need to know, not what you want to know, that sexual cord lasts for 7 years.
The global psi field is also a thick treacle, mired in discord, disconnection, distortions and lies, your psi field you wear is based on lies and the masking of lies that you embrace, because it is or was not the real you was it, we have all worn masks to cover our own perceived weaknesses, a dropping of the mask leaves the real you, if you don’t like the real you, or not enough if the real you is being shown? that is up to you to correct it.
We accepted the narrative fed to us and it became part of our field, like the old worn out jacket, we held onto it for far too long, but there is a tiny light inside of you all that is chirping away going, this field, this life and your whole reality is bs, the whole field holds all the lies we have been fed, on and in all aspects of life, the field in essence is like an AI copy of illusion, it’s a mask, we are not phantom of the opera men or women, we are a shining beacon, so why do we all dull that light with bs and fakery?
As your inner light gets bigger, and as you cut more of your cords via inner work, you reach a tipping point where the light shines more than the oily dark shadows, and its screaming, get out of this field, this is your knowledge based awakening, and suddenly things start to make more sense, the fog has been lifted, and your inner and outer vision is suddenly a whole lot clearer.
Reality just walked in your door, and slapped you out of your self induced coma, no more back in the permanent sleeper pods for you, you can’t undo what you have learned and go back, because that you, no longer exists, why? because you are no longer in that field or frequency anymore, and finally in your life, you begin to grow.
Despite all your cords, disconnections, traumas, strife, pain and consuming volumes of negative frequencies, consumed the lies, and wearing proudly and stubbornly wore your masks of illusion, having slept for vast parts of your life, had clever manipulators pulling strings in the background, walking through life in a vast vat of treacle, you came out the other side and shine your beacons of light, as only an organic human can, give yourselves all a pat on the back for even getting this far, still waiting for the event? you were the event.

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