truth honor integrity show 2_7_19

Theme for this week will be contradictions, actual thinking not just the headline, deep ponderings, thought processes of yourself and those around you, leader or follower, I or we, are you helping or hindering, are you empowering or disempowering? The ability to think on what you say or what you write has to be taken up a notch, for greater understanding and clarity.
As the stench of desperation floats thickly through the air, one must be aware of adding to in these times, the shit has really hit the fan and splattering everywhere, most shit is coming out of clown pants I must add, but we must stay calm in the face of such whirling fans. Some people complain I have been a bit short with them or not contributing as much recently, you have to understand the levels I and we are working at here, some of the questions asked have not been carefully thought out, I open up emails and there is questions and long life stories and personal issues, I go on the FB page and the questions start, I go on the mewe page and the questions start, you know sometimes you just have to and like to just wind down a bit, most times I can deal with or address the volumes of requests and sometimes I can’t, so if I go on the chat and 2-3 people are all asking the same question on hybrids, which is not particularly relevant to fixing the now, then understand my answers back will not always be what you want to hear, sometimes I will pose questions back as the answer, which is asking the person to think more, I am asking you all to think more. The clowns are trying to push us to saturation point, where we quit, we don’t need the added work or demands increasing within our group also. I will not answer plans, operational stuff or personal details that are irrelevant, like Kims divorce settlement documents, what relevance is that? and shows a complete lack of thinking or understanding of what is going on currently. Kim and I need your support in the best ways you can, not extra demands of our time. Ya see even Mr. Patience has tolerance levels.  In the news this week is a plethora of things I warned of, reported on or revealed, it’s staggering that it is all coming out now, remember the 2 words for this year? consolidation and validation. *Following certain Chinese groups sending a volume of hit squad clowns to attack Kim and team, plus several other fun and games emanating out of China, Kim sent orders to China to fix all issues and remove clowns within 48 hours or actions would be taken, like previous threats they ignored and like previous warnings, the team delivered. On Saturday the money transfer system CIPS was taken down, and also their other transfer and data communications system, the satellite Satcom was also taken down, it was then found out that Satcom is linked to a similar US military satellite system ran out of Florida. They had to roll out an old 1980 comms system to get back up and running, any further fun and games will be met with same intent back and more.*Following that last exchange, we got on the ground reports that China started pulling people and investors out of America and also large parts of Africa, President Xi has been made aware of activities taking part by elements of people operating in his country, and has been asked to step up efforts to shut down their Deep State participants.*The Federal Reserve on Tuesday due to failing in other attempts to stop Trump and Trust pushing forward, got their hackers out and created a firewall around the whole Treasury, preventing all transactions in or out of The Treasury, perhaps there was certain funds were due to be transacted that day? That issue was fixed. So they then compromised the Treasury and The President’s financial terminals to block all transactions, work was underway on Wednesday to repair both, and was fixed by the team for today.*Trump responded and is preparing legal papers with full executive orders to block The Federal Reserve all access to The Treasury terminals or access to The Treasury building and all other government interactions, we will have further details on that when available, essentially from a public perspective it closes The Fed, although I personally believe authorities should storm the building and close it down altogether as an enemy of state. *Follow up on last weeks news Wells The Fargo contacting us for a meeting and work deals, predictably they backed out on Friday, why? RV was paying out Monday, and you all know what happened Monday – it failed

*On Monday for the second time in 3 months Mr. Munchkin presented a gold certificate to Mr. Trump for funding leveraging again, a gold certificate that was found to be fraud again, Trump has fired this snake twice already and almost came to blows with him last month, and yet he still lingers around like some bad curry meal. This is what the conditions are Trump is working under currently.*Pelosi word has it has been fired already by Black Dragon group for failing to eliminate Mr. Trump and Mike Pence in 9/11 style Capital building plot and takeover the Presidency herself by the end of January. Pelosi – you failed oops  *Eric Prince and his band of assassins now starting up a new venture again, again in China, a Blackwater style Muslim training camp in Xianjing, like the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq, under the new banner Frontier Services group, Prince predictably denies all knowledge of the deal despite being one of the directors, the training group is designed to tackle the Uighurs Muslim group in Northern China following a military crackdown on them. Frontier services group have also got a license for Airport services, VIP protection and cash escort hmm in Cambodia, so expect some sort of uprising and skullduggery there next.

*Follow on from previous story which came in this morning, Eric Prince was told by the Chinese Government he can not build a Muslim Terrorist Training Base in China and will not be afforded any land, he lied to the Chinese Government, and the China Government has pulled all support.
Eric is on the warpath as he was caught by Chinese and the Trust LIEING to Chinese Officials over his and “Frontier Group” intentions, and on various other operations, in order for the Chinese Government to make certain decisions that were in favor of the Black Dragon Group. China Government was given full reports of activities and they were able to confirm the information to be true. *it is being reported that the FED has printed pallets full of counterfeit USD which is currently being held in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. There are many Blackwater Operatives in these locations looking for a way to legitimize these counterfeit US dollars at the moment.


*As no coincidence, Trump was due to meet Kim Jong Un in the United States until early this week when the meeting was moved to Vietnam, all a co-incidence Trump meeting in Vietnam given currencies, Eric Prince operation both moving to Vietnam? This is all tied together. imo to take Trump out at the behest of The Black Dragon group, Mr. Trump tell Kim Jong Un to come here for yours and his safety.*It has been suggested by the Trust already to the White House they change the location of the meeting to some other country outside of Asia if the USA is not accepted by both parties.We have heard rumors of threats coming from Blackwater, to try to force Trump to sign off on this USD, and split profits with themselves and North Korea, as well as potential threats on his life if he does not comply.

Laos has also become a hotbed of cabal activities now that China is pulling out.*Rumors at this point, are swirling all over the internet, that the United Nations is to be moved to Laos as promised by Rothschild’s, if they launder the counterfeit US dollars and become Blackwater’s Asian Headquarters. Message to Laos, it will NEVER happen! Rothschild and the Dragon Families have had plans to move the United Nations to Norway if it ever is to leave the United States. Who is in control of Norway? NATO, the Rothschilds own private army, which this country and several others has been funding.

*A little explanation of the former banking system before The Trust and the Quantum system changed it, there was 7 levels of banking and level 3 was main banks level for interacting within the system, Level 4 is where The Oracle systems operate from, agencies and military, Level 5 is The Pentagon and their interactions within the system, Level 6 is The Fed, Level 7 is The Trust, always has been.
The interference ongoing via levels 4, 5 and level 6 is beyond comprehension and if fully outed, no one would use a bank again.
Level 5 and Level 6 were syphoning money out of the banks with impunity, every single credit card transaction they were taking between 1/4 and 1/2 a penny on each level from Visa and Mastercard, ever wonder why credit card charges and transaction are so high, they are the reason. This is where many of the blocks of funds and syphoning of funds took place, so Kim and the team have been working for a while on how to correct this, recently which was confirmed by agency puppet David Rae on his discredit blog, we cut the access flow of levels 4,5 & 6 and shut them down altogether, now 4,5 and 6 are all level 7, which is Kim. This is a source of the recent upturn in panic, as it is another of their flows of funds cut off, and also a blocking mechanism against The Trust.

*You may see more issues with banks now and Wells the Fargo was down today, Bank of America is at the point of declaring bankruptcy now, I have warned you several times of banking with the known more prevalent cabal banks, and if you think the FDIC will get you are money back, think again, they are bankrupt also. *This final intel piece would not normally be in the intel, but given the seriousness of what is going on now it is prudent to be in here. I gave a general warning of several alt media groups using agents and puppets within FB and the Mewe group to do anything to discredit me, Kim or The Trust, evidence of that warning has already came forth in a Facebook post by KOM and Rothschilds puppet Jan Roskott, ya see Jan likes to play games, asks me for proof, proof is provided, but that proof doesn’t fit the people who operate his vessel you see, so Jan decides to post a news item suggesting I have been arrested for rape of children. Another clown Bubba sending people to a Whistleblower site operated by a 350lb sad sack called David Rae who lives in his mothers basement, throwing out all the fake allegations Neil Keenan and Drake threw at me, which Keenan withdrew from with a mild apology in the subsequent 3 months after that post, the Keenan team made, but this matters not to these clowns. Mr Rae’s tactics as I have all the emails he sent to me and Kim was to create a split between Kim and I, common tactic recently is it not? well it failed, he was suggesting that Kim is a psychopath and yet in same email marvelled at how clever Kim is, remember the opening piece about thinking about what you say and write? so because Kim is a psycho, that I should takeover Kim’s role haha too funny, they don’t know me too well do you they haha, you think my ego is unbalanced enough to replace Kim, oh dear, not worked out me too well have you? Couldn’t get me on the 5 hooks, so now trying to massage my ego out of balance, nice try, but it failed.
This is the levels these people are at now, as I posted in the warning. Clowns have pulled so many intelligence files on me and even more so on Kim, they must have a national archive now, and all came up blank on mine and Kim’s, apart from her former links to Jesper Ellerman until she found out he works for the Rothschilds, hence they start to fabricate stuff, I’m involved in fraud, involved in stealing The Peoples club funds, even involved in rape of children, this is what they do.
I ask all members to be on alert for people friending you within the groups, their tactics whilst not very professional, can sway some with their bs’ery, that is their sole purpose of this exercise, create a rift within the group, why? because this group sees and knows the bigger picture, something their tiny minds are unable to see or comprehend. Truth it seems brings out the worst in people, the old line you can’t handle the truth, is far more prevalent than those who can, truth is painful, but truth is our version of a planetary reset, where we all stay and face it, rather than all dying and not, embrace it and stand your ground. I guess if people needed to know whether we are winning or not in the truth war, the battle between light and dark, the battle between service to self and service to others, you now are beginning to see the proof of it, the air of desperation exudes out globally now. Clowns will always be clowns, it’s what they do, our truth has had a far deeper impact than most listeners have realized, our truth will prevail us and lead to a progression of our species, whether they like it or not. Kim and I are cabal’s principal enemies 1 & 2 now, our crime? telling the truth, we will continue that with vigor despite their increasing attempts at taking us out, for those that doubt that, try walking in our shoes for a day, I dare you, you have no idea. Only the truth and love can set you free.


*State of the Union brought much in the way of progression in the country on a range of topics, but a few key things stood out, one a heads up towards MWHT when he said 3/4 of the way through of new investment is coming in, lots of it, Pelosi’s twisted face look said it all, starting off all smug, the lizard style lips licking got worse and gave way to sullen faces and furrowed brow.
The many women’s movements for the last 100 years to promote women into more higher profiled roles, were given a hearty slap in the face by the women representing Democrats, all dressed in white, old habits and traditions die hard eh Democrats and your direct links with the Ku Klux Klan, you just forgot your hats, but those women not only badly misrepresented all women with their childish behavior, but gave misogynistic men a stick to beat women with, you were an utter disgrace to the female model.
Politics is serious business or should be, but your antics were beyond a disgrace, celebrating more women in work and backslapping yourselves in a carefully choreographed scene, was crass in the extreme, but it got worse
Your stony silence on maternity leave announcement, abortion rules and child trafficking solutions put forward has been noted by many, you are the epitomy of the brash, harsh and I don’t give an F about anything except me attitude brought forward by The Feminist movement, females equals mother and mothering, and you sat there in utter contempt about improvements being proffered for the wellbeing of not yet born and young children with a cold heartless contempt, is a slap in the face for the people who voted for you, but the whole country and worse your fellow females globally, you all showed your dropped mask, and it is beyond ugly. Ms. Cortez fresh from opening her fat mouth on all channels and platforms in a desperate attempt to keep the old IRS running, yes you may fool many Ms. Cortez with your carefully choreographed words, but we ain’t stupid you are reading an old guard script, sat there stony faced also during the speech on children and motherhood, you too lady are ugly outside and more importantly inside.
Our foreign policy directives and directions are still being skewed and relayed to Mr. Trump as relayed within his speech, his support for the hostile US Military Inc led invasion in favor of Venezuelas presidential candidate Mr. Guiado is a prime example, my sorry Mr. Trump you have been badly misled with that narrative, as we have warned.
Mr. Trump mentioned several times about American interests first and how no one will be allowed to interfere in American interests again, which is fine, so why the contradictory message of then interfering with other countries rights to be able to deal with their own interests as well? Only when there is a humanitarian crisis should we go into another country, after they requested our help and it was approved by Congress, not at the behest of rogue elements within our country on an oil deal heist on behalf of the criminal elites.
Trump speech had many highlights until near the end for me and the lovefest of all things Israel made me want to do my favorite mewe gif of vomit, highlighting Israeli people dying is fine, all lives lost should be noted, but the failure to address and balance the deaths of Palestinians, Lebanese or Syrians at the hands of the same peoples he is praising for their bravery, is sickening to me. Burbling about The holocaust that allegedly took place 70 years ago, and yet ignores the real holocaust perpetrated by these same people, who not only killed their own in those camps, but massacred 70-90M Russian between WW1 and WW2, shows a complete lack of knowledge within world leaders, Mr. Trump I will support you all the way if you are doing the right thing, but you have been badly misled of cozying up to these people, and is also a massive slap in the face of American veterans who survived the USS Liberty deliberate attack by the Israelis, 170 were injured, but worse the 34 American heroes as you called them, who died that day as well.
The question that still lingers to this day, are we just protecting American interests only, or is it Israel’s interests as well? the jury remains out on that question for me.

*The holocaust brings in much discourse and much discord also, as despite failing numerous times to produce the actual evidence
that 6M jews died in horrific circumstances during WW2, as several global researchers have discovered, one life lost is important I want to make that clear, but here are some of the figures that dwarf the alleged 6M figure, Germany lost 7-9M of it’s people, China lost 20M with some estimates they actually lost nearer 50M and Russia lost 24M people during WW2, even the Dutch East Indies lost between 3-4M people, Poland lost 5.6M some of which were Polish Jews, Phillipines lost 1M, and even the small country of Rumania lost 833K which is only 35K less than the total American and British people, of 450k and 418K respectively, 25M battle wounded, 15M battle deaths and a staggering 45M civilian deaths, and yet all we hear is about one group of peoples deaths, who didn’t even have a country, until Britain stole land off the Palestinians and gave it to them, not to be nice to the jews or some fake biblical prophecy, oh no, to establish a military base for a future hostile takeover of the Middle East lands and resources, and the sooner the world including the jews wake up to that reality, the world will always be on the edge of hostility, and we will continue to be railroaded into not questioning the holocaust or make rules denying the public from criticizing anything related to Israel. There is an old saying, the truth never fears investigation, that saying has to apply to all me thinks.
*The Woman who Discovered $200 MILLION missing from E.U. Accounts
Every month, millions of pounds is being siphoned-off into secret bank accounts or wasted by the E.U. Even though the E.U. SuperState was formed way back in the 1970s, the E.U. did not employ a proper accountant until 2002! Her name was Marta Andreasen and in January 2002 she began her new job in Brussels as Chief Accountant. She and other whistleblowers discovered that millions of pounds of British tax payers’ money was being sent into SECRET BANK ACCOUNTS and actually disappearing – what’s more – when E.U. Commissioner NEIL KINNOCK, who was vice-president of the E.U., was told, the whistleblowers were smeared, suspended and then fired from their jobs…The E.U.’s budget is £360+ million per DAY…The E.U. has destroyed trade by enforcing rigid, complicated and overly huge VAT taxes. VAT has risen in Britain from 17.5% to nearly 30% – and most of that cash is siphoned into SECRET E.U. BANK ACCOUNTS which were exposed in 2001 – but then a complex cat’n’mouse game with Commissioner NEIL KINNOCK whitewashed mainstream press interest in the matter… And the BBC never dare to mention these secret bank accounts, nor the E.U.’s number-crunching watchdog ‘Eurostat’ which is at the centre of one of the scams which has seen millions go missing…Marta Andreasen was hired as the EU’s first proper chief accountant in 2002. She was in charge of 130 staff and, surprisingly, was the first properly qualified accountant to hold the post. She did her job correctly – and in no time at all, identified that £170 million was missing or unaccounted for in the E.U. budget – that’s more than $200 million! The corrupt E.U. immediately slapped her with a disciplinary charge for “defamation” and she was suspended from her job. maxresdefault-1Marta Andreasen’s ‘crime’ was to refuse to ratify the European Commission accounts – this means that the massive £143 billion per year budget was NOT accounted for in it’s entirety – and many millions were missing or not properly recorded. Andreasen went public with her concerns on 1 August 2002 and subsequently caught massive public support. The E.U. treated her unfairly – instead of investigating the secret bank accounts and missing millions – they fired her. Andreasen was fully suspended from her job by the Commission in May 2002 (for “violating Articles 12 and 21 of staff regulations; “failure to show sufficient loyalty and respect to E.U. bosses”). But she did indeed show loyalty and respect – loyalty to the TRUTH and RESPECT FOR THE TAX PAYER who has been fleeced and defrauded for decades by the E.U…The E.U.’s secret bank accounts have never been properly investigated – some were set up by employees of Eurostat – which, laughably is meant to be the statistical watchdog of the E.U. – Eurostat allegedly used a double accounting system to transfer large amounts of money to secret bank accounts not monitored by auditors like Marta Andreasen! Between four and five million euros was thought to have been “siphoned off”, mostly between 1996 and 2001 – an average of around $1 million per year disappearing without trace – and that is just ONE department at the E.U.! Not a single person from Eurostat was fired. In fact, they carry on in their merry little way with cavalier arrogance – knowing full well that E.U. politicians are IMMUNE TO PROSECUTION. The incompetence of Eurostat is staggering – in 2002 Eurostat produced a map of the EU that didn’t include Wales! The Eurostat scandal ran for years. In 2001, a lady statistician stumbled on the multi-million dollar Eurostat scam, which involved secret accounts in Luxembourg. Miss Dorte Schmidt-Brown, a Dane who had worked at Eurostat since 1993, whistle blew that there were several suspicious contracts. Some had been awarded on the basis of nepotism, and payments had been made for work that was never carried out! She pointed out to NEIL KINNOCK that more than £1 million worth of ‘research work’ was given to Eurogramme, a London-based company run by Edward Ojo, a former commission employee. The Welsh Mr Kinnock is thought to have ‘sniffed around’ the million dollar scandal, but was allegedly scared off – with the famous Eurostat map being published thereafter which left Wales off the globe! Miss Dorte Schmidt-Brown was intimidated into taking sick leave and says she felt threatened and beleaguered – hardly no official E.U. employee championed her expose of the Eurostat scandal. None of Schmidt-Brown’s allegations have ever been disproven – in fact, it is the tip of a giant fraud iceberg. She now lives on a 35,000 euros-a-year invalidity pension [which is three times what a disabled British person gets]. She did, however, receive a public apology from Neil Kinnock for the Commission’s handling of her ‘complaint’. The statement from Kinnock proves that many millions have been defrauded by E.U. employees – and that the Eurostat scam may still be ongoing – no one knows for sure…

*Some details on Mr. Mueller, Father was Head of Gestapo, he Oversaw 9/11 Investigations – and was given FBI Dir job 7 days before 9/11, Obama extended his term for 2 years
Comey was his “apprentice”, Comey was new Deep State Protector, Comey got axed by Trump, Comey’s Deputy AG appoints Mueller as new Protector of Deep State
Mueller starts leaking and lawyering up against Trump
Mueller is building his own computer network to operate on
Mueller is creating an alternate infrastructure of power to circumvent Trump being in charge.
Mueller must be our target. He is the operator, he is someone who is actually behind the curtain.
Not a politican. Not in spotlight often. Methods not often looked at. He is a deep state operator who came in to help clean up what Comey was removed from operating.
Let’s bring more attention to Robert Mueller and his history.

*Small word on something that came up on FB last week, some took umbrage on my stance about flat earth, and I added my usual humor into it, which some didn’t like, always something someone doesn’t like it seems these days, but the key core of it is this. The key question is what difference does it make if earth is flat round, ovoid, rectangle or penis shaped? what does it change? Does it solve the financial crisis? 49K children dying every day? organ harvesting? the homeless situation? famine? disease? prevent wars or violence? global suffering? no, so it is a distraction piece, which I personally know was introduced into the alt media by Langley (CIA), it’s what they do, and too many fall for the distraction, rather than focus on what is real.
This group is not about distractions, there are a plethora of alt media sites that specialize in distractions you can delve into, this group will not be part of that, ever. I really don’t care whether I am right or wrong on this subject, as it solves absolutely nothing.
It’s like the argument we are going 4 or 5D, one would think we need to fix things in 3D before taking our distorted mindsets elsewhere, should we not? This show will always call things as it is, some will agree and some will disagree and some will project, as I have got them into a thinking pattern they were not yet comfortable with, a case in point on mewe chat this week.

* Thule that more than 100 inhabitants were forcibly relocated and given days to leave after the Danish authorities (Greenland was ruled by the Danish until 1979) struck up a deal allowing America to set up a top-secret airbase. The U.S. government established an anti-aircraft missile artillery unit, but no nuclear warheads were ever permitted. The site was strategically selected because of its location between Moscow and Washington D.C. The unexpected arrival of American soldiers is said to have caused great distress to the Inuit community, as they had to scramble to find a new spot of land. They spent around seven months living in tents in frigid temperatures with some succumbing to the bitter cold. Eventually, they found a spot 65 miles away with similar hunting opportunities and they named the settlement New Thule or Qaanaaq. Walking around ‘old Thule’, the Innuit’s abandoned village had a haunting feel. It was a mixture of renovated wooden homes now used by air base personnel for weekend breaks and completely abandoned turf huts.

*Several contentious topics of debate have been presented to us to divide and conquer via alt media and the portal people. Black lives matter promoting a split between blacks and other colors, transgender and the LBQT movement promoting gender divide and conquer, the male female agenda promoting a further split, immigrants illegal or not is further divide and conquering, until people grasp you cannot be an immigrant illegal or otherwise on your own planet FSS, anti muslim, russians, chinese etc promoting divide and conquer fear programs, guns and no guns, wall or no wall, even Trump or no Trump, the list is endless to an observer, not so much if you mire yourself in the middle of it, and you wonder why you struggle to make sense of it? mired in it sees only trees, overview observer sees the forest.
So, it was only matter of time before the next divisive piece was rolled out and in pops the band of divide and conquer experts masquerading under the illusion of being democrats, smoke and mirrors folks, and the new one is abortion.
Now, we in this group all know why the extension of the timing of abortions is being brought forward, yes to facilitate the various uses they have for fetuses and their dark ritual stuff they are embroiled in, but remember the cabal never put things forward for one purpose only, it is always 3 or 4 reasons, so lets leave the ritualistic aspect out of it as that is well covered.
They know this will generate reactions in the alt media, it is designed that way, why? to throw you off balance, into anger based irrational thinking processes, as too many of you are now working them and their game out, is the pure and simple answer.
Next we will come to the ever increasing none logic of contradictory statements because too many of us don’t get a basic understanding of what we are saying or writing, we don’t critical think enough is the key problem, narratives based on books in last century going back to 2000 years ago form a basis of not our thinking process, but their thinking program for us.
A woman not a man or the government or the law carries a child around in her body for around 9 months, but many people think they have an opinion (well actually it is not their own opinion, it’s the consensus of others, steered by faceless people in think tank groups) they have the right and the opinion to pass judgement and decide whether that woman has the right or otherwise to decide her and her childs destiny is the gist of it.
Many complain over the big brother society we have now, and yet don’t realize it is they who are big brother, the system only creates the idea, but it is we who manifest and carry out that program.
Who gave anyone the right to decide whether a mother is allowed to terminate her child or not? what next? the people decide who eats or not? well that has already happened as not enough people care about the ones with no food, or the people who railed against the Nestle CEO saying water is not a human right, and yet never think for one second of the day, week or month about the 40% who dont have access to clean water, are you beginning to see how and why now, I say most of the worlds issues are not down to the cabal, but ourselves, they produce the game, but we play it, like they produce 2 fake politician candidates and we vote for them, was Hillary or Trump our choices? no, recognize the pattern and you will see the problems and then work on the solutions, word of caution you will not see the patterns mired inside of it, like the trees and the forest.
Where do I stand on abortion in general? not that my opinion is anymore important than yours, except perhaps I think more deeper on things than most is, it is solely the womans choice what she does with her body, taking that away plays into the contradictory thinking many possess without realizing it, and to support that statement, this last sentence brings it home.
The one thing that is forgotten too easily in all of this, comes down to one word that has resonated out of this group, due to connections to MWHT, sovereignty, many demanding our sovereignty, and yet were is the sovereignty for the mother with a child? think long and hard on this piece.

*Magic, light and dark perceived to be very different, but in reality it’s not, both can be devastating and both come with a price, a heavy price where humanity is concerned. A line in the series The Magicians, magic was introduce to humanity by the gods to destroy them, a nice throwaway line in the middle of the script most would dismiss as inconsequential, because it is only fiction right? wrong.
Magic is illusion they say, so the gods gave us illusion to destroy ourselves? infact they gave us so much illusion and magic, we can no longer grasp on a planetary wide level, what is real and what is not.
Clever staged theater abounds everywhere, and on many levels does it not, like politics, the classic old staged theater puppet show of Punch and Judy, one portrayed as a baddie and one good, but if they are both operated by the same string puller, it matters not who is good or who is bad, this is the classic magician trick, the sleight of hand, is it not?
I know many will see magic as fun and a chance to balance things out to the dark magic, but what if it is not magic at all and it is all just a sleight of hand parlor trick, done by non form entities giving the illusion, you performed the magic, when you never and then it is you who pays the price for the magic, is it worth it?
All magic is external, again another example of people externalizing things, when you should be internalizing things.
The magic is external, because it is not you performing it, the real magic, or the correct term is real abilities when your frequency has gone up sufficiently and your junk dna starts to be switched on, these are latent abilities within us all.
Magic is just lazy mans tech, like a cheat sheet on a video game, all the tech we ever needed is within us, provided you are prepared to work towards it, and also be responsible with it as well, as you can lose that ability far quicker than you can gain it.

*here is something for all to ponder on: a consensus on the chat is people are getting tired of the sleepers, but what would your reactions be if ALL the sleepers vanished overnight? have you contemplated if potentially 85% or more suddenly vanish? How would you cope? Would you mourn for the missing and lose track of your own mission and purpose? Would you mourn but then become more energized and focused on mission and purpose? What if you thought you were awake but you still remain, how would that feel? Would you think you were cheated, would you be envious of those gone, will it be all consuming to you? Would you think you have in some way failed? does that deflate you or inspire you to achieve a greater height? The 15% will miss the 85% but will 85% notice, and would it be the case they will mourn more, or will the 15% mourn more the loss of 85%. For the ones who have already seen the videos of those disappearing in large numbers, how did that fact affect you personally, will seeing the real event be easier now you have seen or worse?

*Ponder of the day to all who post about 5G which appears to me now to be the latest agency scripted distraction meme, no one is saying it’s great or not harmful, but the question is where was the concern for 1G, 2G, 3G or 4G? why is 5G garnering so much more attention than all the others combined? Q2 do the elites, corpirates, bankers, families or royals take anti 5G pills, wipe on anti 5G cream or wear a none 5G faraday cage or hat? 

*A video was posted by another ex military or agency person this week was posted to the group, which referenced the Diebold Foundation which is ran out of Connecticut, which is suspicious in and of itself, but we are told by these ex military and ex agency guys that we have to believe what they are saying, because they were in the military or the agencies, and this makes them more knowledgeable than we are, based on what? given the fact that all military are drugged to the eyeballs and told to follow scripts and orders, how can we believe a word they say? what if their script given to them is bs?
We have to move away from the elevated status we give to military, agency and politicians, that somehow they are more important than us and worse they know more than us, because I can assure you now, they don’t, If Donald Trump is 26 levels below Majestic level, it means he doesn’t have the need to know, a 26 level gap of secrecy, that the portal people tell you is denied to the leader of the free world, think about that.
So, the whole video was based on science and documents from 1958 which is over looked by most people, do you not think even some of our limiting, controlled science has not advanced in 61 years? are they saying we have learnt nothing in 60 years and they will base this narrative just on those documents? Now those documents are released from classified status, explaining pole flips, sloshing oceans, sun micro bursts and basically saying we are all going to die now in 2046-48, great, but what happened to where all going to die in Y2K, what happened to where all going to die in 2012, or where all going to die in 2017 from Zika virus, should we not by now think their predictions are all bollox? they all failed, so why should we all shit our pants because these clowns now think, we are all going to die in 27-29 years time? with their track record, should we believe a word they say?
Question to ponder on all dates based on prophecies, have you factored in the fact that the calendar has been meddled with several times, with estimates of 300-1000 being missing altogether? or why are there is still so many different calendars globally?
The same applies to astrology, how can you accurately base your predictions on a 12 zodiac sign chart, with 1 zodiac missing?
Question to ponder is why do all these so called classified documents only reveal pending doom, disaster scenarios and negative plots? have you ever seen a positive classified document on were we are all going to thrive, grow and the species develops? Noooooo, that doesn’t fit the programming agenda of fear and doom.
This whole thing of the videos of doom, biblical prophecy, declassified documents are all designed for one thing, low vibration, it is a global program, and it is up to everyone to correct themselves and step out of it, some people always feel they are not doing enough or need to do more on an external level, key words external level, because in some ways they feel they can only have an effect if it is visible to others, that is seeking external gratification is it not? the real gratification and the real way to fix things here are all internal. Why do people choose to significantly ignore that fact? Where your energy goes.

* If Source is the Creator, how could a mere reptilian alien (Anu) call himself Sovereign Lord (according to your statement that the Lord of the Bible is Anu) and claim to be the Creator? island in pacific in ww2
Are in any way the words of Jesus deceiving people? If Jesus is not The One sent to us, why is it then that evils spirits are tied up and driven out in His name? Christ as the Son of God, (the message of dont follow me follow the words or message)
if it we’re possible that I’ve been deceived to such a point: what place would christians (the ones in the right frequency, which I know quite a few) have in the years to come within the Foundation for the People and the new system? I’m sure that nobody would force someone into leaving his/her faith in Christ behind, if that is what made him or her out of darkness and into the Light; so what would be the way with them (with me)?  (are you seriously suggesting the foundation or me will cut christians out of the funding or a role in it? I have consistently spoke about the all without conditions in every single show, this to me is indicative of the whole religious programming it is all divide and conquer, and if you are not part of us, you are against us, I am not interested if you are christian, gay, black, disabled, jewish, even politicians or any other label you choose to box yourself in, I’m interested in wellbeing of people, not labels.)

I’m asking this because I’m not willing nor ready to deny Jesus, to leave my faith, but on the other hand I don’t want to teach my kids anything based on a lie. It is not a lie for me, of course, because it is based on my life experience. I do my best to live what I teach. (are you in a possible self conflict, of what you believe with this statement and one previously, ” if it we’re possible that I’ve been deceived to such a point” (i’m not here to change your mind, i’m here to empower people and give them the truth to the best of my knowledge.)
I’m homeschooling my little ones, and I want to teach them right. And my two teenage daughters grew up nurtered, loved and cared for, and they also share our faith, but we know and told them that they need to go through their own experience of truly KNOWING Jesus. ( the words you used, they need to truly experience knowing Jesus, that surely has to be their own choice only? you saying they need to is that not you deciding for them? which is not a sovereign choice they are making, but in essence a directive you are imposing, is it not?)
But for me now, teaching them “right” equals God is Love, love is love, god is another label, many people exhibit love because they have chosen to give their love, because of love, not because of god.
(I dont wish to be or strive to pull this person who sent this in apart on this narrative as it is emotive, but I have highlighted it because of the opening statement is we are not thinking enough on the words we write or what we actually saying, and I hope that helps some.)

*I have noticed a lower energy and vibration within the group over the past few weeks, clearly not operating in the 45-55 baseline, and these type of videos always pop up at that time, videos I referenced in previous piece, co-incidence? nope, you lower your vibration and you start to draw yourself to these types of shows, it’s all about attraction, high vibration people will not be drawn towards them and subsequently not have them in their field, and will subsequently stay in their own vibration.
These types of shows are all pre 2014 news, infact pre 2012, the internet was littered with these types of agency clowns, spouting fear and what is even worse – biblical prophecy, we are told this is gods book, and yet no one asks why god can warn us we are all going to die in some giant disaster at regular intervals, and yet despite so called advanced knowledge of this, he does jackshit to prevent it? does anyone not question where that god is coming from? gods all knowing and all so powerful and yet won’t prevent mass genocide of his creations? come on people THINK.
For years as a kid I saw religious people carrying placards on their back and front with messages of doom, basically saying if you don’t go to church your all going to die, repent or the lord will strike you down, jesus saves those who follow him, really? There are 4.5B religious people on the planet why is the lord, the son of god or god not saving them from genocide then? why is he not just destroying the atheists? this is a lack of clear critical thinking, and people then make up excuses well the lord works in mysterious ways and he has a plan (sounds like Q) and that plan is, make everyone suffer, die, be sacrificed, cruelty and torture and then when you haven’t had enough of that, he will throw in a global catastrophe for good measure as well, and many people believe in that fake excuse, but why is the lord not accountable?
Further questions to ponder, have you ever seen a talking snake? Have you ever seen a bush go spontaneously on fire and talk to you? have you ever questioned why the god of creation throws out his first 2 children out of the house for eating a sodding apple? have you ever seen someone part an ocean and then close it back up when the bad guys arrive? Have you ever seen a fiery chariot come down on a mountain and hand you a book? Have you ever questioned who is the father? who is the son? who is the holy ghost? or where and who is the mother? Have you ever seen an immaculate conception? Well, have you?
But the bible teaches morals and righteousness they say, in a book that includes genocide predictions, incest, beastiality, famines, pestilence, heirarchy, smiting people, follow this person or book or your all going to die? Or a church that is riddled in pedophilia and ritual sacrifice, that goes to great lengths to cover that knowledge up, is that based in morals or righteousness?
Is the fact that around 3/4 of catholics world wide are living in poverty, whilst the Vatican Bank and vaults were stuffed with riches beyond all reason, is that based in morals or righteousness?
Have you ever asked why the lord would considered it a good practice for humans to be practising cannibalism, which is done symbolically at every mass, eat the flesh and drink the blood of christ?
Or the fact the Talmudic Jews can kill, sexually molest girls from age of 3 and boys from age of 9, steal or maim none followers with impunity, is that based in morals or righteousness?
Or the fact most of Islam treats women as second class citizens, is that the word of Allah and is that based on good morals or righteousness?
All of the above are points to ponder, but if you followed them through, or you told someone you had seen a talking snake would get you locked up in jail or a lunatic asylum would they not? think about it and I mean really think about it, people get locked up for saying they hear voices in their heads, and yet don’t for the saying there is a white bearded man sitting on a cloud watching and judging everyone? or a man from 2000 years ago is coming back from the dead to save them? Is this level of unsanity our species baseline?
A total seducement of words we have no critical thinking on, I am asked to provide proof of this that and the other, yet where is the proof of The Lord, God, Jesus, Mohammed, Allah, Virgin Mary, well it’s in the book Thomas, well I write a mini book each week, the transcript of this show, and yet some don’t see that as being proof of what is being said? why the disparity? what propagates that level of non thinking?
The world is riddled with dichotomies, the people are riddled with it and it is all down to the dualities aspect, religion is duality, because it doesn’t allow you the triality aspect of it, YOU, and your balanced assessment, because when you really look at and analyse what they are getting across to you, no sane minded person would ever follow those dire practices, or to put it in it’s correct context – programming.
Is the fact the vatican and its swiss army of protectors, saying their protection is more important than their followers? why didnt the Vatican send the swiss army to defend catholics to France in the 1800’s or Ireland in the 1600’s?
In essence you are allowing them to override your soul development, growth and knowledge base, like the internet data harvesting programs of google and microsoft, you are allowing them to stifle and hinder your progress, you are allowing them to dictate your life and remove your soveriegnty, you are allowing them to syphon your life force energy, you have allowed them to steal your souls, and no that is not figuratively speaking either that is a fact, you are allowing them to set an external program where everything is outside of you, when your real gifts, truth and magic is inside of you.
Question is are you a follower or a leader, and no a leader is not just one person, one god or one Neo, we all have the potential to be a leader, not in an egotistical way, but in charting a better path for our future, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, is that not a duty more than an obligation?
Some will complain well if it will take 40 years to fix it all, I will be dead, so what’s the point? that is service to self thinking and indicative of the competitive dog eat dog world we see today, I won’t be around to see the finished product, but that hasn’t stopped me from in many ways sacrificing over 2/3 of my life for a greater cause than just I.
It’s all about progression, and all must participate in every way they can to achieve that goal, the bigger picture here is not mass arrests, Trump, Kim or I, or trust funding, the bigger picture here is about protecting the survival of our species, and then going onto, progressing it.
You have all had a life opportunity here, no matter how much strife or struggles you have absorbed, isn’t life the most precious thing and not pieces of paper with numbers on it, or Mercedes benz cars, or the latest fashion given to you by the branding companies known as The Council of 300, no, your here to give the opportunity to the billions that follow our passing, a chance of having a better life, because if that is not the most important thing to embrace, you are clearly not as awake or as compassionate as you thought you were, it’s none human thinking.
To the ones who are, embrace how far you have come and what you have achieved inwardly, the problem is no one gives recognition to inward achievements, it is all fake degrees, college accreditations, badges for killing people, titles, land and resources for harvesting people and pieces of paper for cor-pirating life force energy. If you are living your life at the expense of others, you are vampiric in nature, a parasite, the key is to get rid of people thinking a parasitic lifestyle is the way forward, and changing it to a goal of improvement for us ALL. Question for all the alt media puppets, Black Dragons, Blackwater and Deep State clowns, it’s not what you believe that counts, its how did you love?

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