truth honor integrity_feb 21, 2019

I ask all to shield up now this show and ride is about to get real bumpy.
Message to all members and listeners our group will come under even heavier attack than previously now, as the truth hammers launched in this show and work done by Kim and MWHT, have bitten deep. They will use all methods to distract you, sway you and discredit me and this group hereonin. Do not let them throw you, do not let them create doubts where there is none, stay in observer mode and do not get immersed in their games. This show or host has never been frightened to call it as it is, tonight’s show will be powerful, painful in some aspects and connect many of the dots and reveal the hidden element and plans, that they thought was lost to his-story, tonight I will reveal it, some aspects of tonight’s pieces will be combined with other recent pieces I have done, and will be combined together, into another must listen to show, that compliments the previous ones.
The theme for tonight’s show is, some peoples are not who you thought they were, I ask all to listen to the entire broadcast, before making snap judgments or any misguided opinions based on the narrative we have been fed all our lives.

The editor and publisher of a local paper in Alabama is under fire for penning an editorial calling for mass lynchings by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The opinion piece ran in his print-only newspaper, the Democrat-Reporter, last Thursday, Goodloe Sutton confirmed on Tuesday. He said Democrats were going to raise taxes and that the KKK should hang them and raid Washington DC. Alabama lawmakers have called for Sutton to resign. The KKK is one of the oldest white supremacy groups in the US, formed just after the civil war. The group was behind many of the lynchings, rapes and violent attacks on African Americans in the 1900s.The editorial began garnering attention online after students from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, tweeted photographs of the article. Sutton could not be immediately reached for comment on the matter. He was once a celebrated journalist, commended for his ethics by other news outlets – including the New York Times and American Journalism Review. A short editorial piece published without a byline on 14 February was entitled: “Klan needs to ride again.” “Time for the Ku Klux Klan to night ride again,” the article said.

Why would a celebrated journalist come up with this piece? it makes no sense, the gist of it is, is this show, my December 20th show, Dane Callaway and also Qanons have been piecing together the links between the KKK and The Democrats is why, so lets have a controversial piece written that separates the two groups, this is the whole gist of this piece, a deliberate distraction piece they use so often. This article also rewrites history, KKK was formed in 1860’s and was against Jews not blacks, it was also against The Republicans as my piece December 20th show pointed out, why? because they the KKK were the Democratic militaristic and defense arm of that party. This is a deliberate think tank group piece designed to distance two connected dots and separate them to a gullible and naive public, again now you should all see how they work, twist and spin everything to defuse and confuse, hopefully now you all see the pattern and learn to connect the dots yourselves. Essentially this piece is a compliment to those who exposed the KKK and Democrats.

A summit of central European leaders in Israel has been cancelled because of an Israel-Poland row over the Holocaust. Poland withdrew after being angered by comments from Israeli leaders about Polish complicity in the Holocaust. In particular, Israel’s acting Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz used the phrase, “Poles imbibe anti-Semitism with their mother’s milk”. Nazi Germany murdered six million Jews, mostly in Poland. Some Poles did collaborate with the Nazis. Mr Katz’s remarks were “racist and unacceptable”, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said. There was also Polish fury at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for saying “Poles co-operated with the Germans” during the Holocaust. About six million Polish citizens died in World War Two, of whom about three million were Jews. The meeting hosted by Israel was meant to bring together the four-nation Visegrad Group: Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. But on Monday Israel said the three prime ministers attending – without Poland – would have bilateral meetings with Mr Netanyahu.

Every single time there is a meeting to thrash stuff out, someone says something controversial that disrupts or cancels the meeting, or a deliberately fired rocket at their own people, disrupts other meetings between Palestine and Israel, how many more times does this have to happen before world leaders begin to see through this illusion. The leaders operating under the banner of Israel, have no interest in peace or to be fair or interested in humanity, only their unsane program and humanity destroying religious dogma, more of which will be revealed later in op-ed pieces.


*The LA incidents of helicopters in sequence going down main streets there and other events, as per usual the internet is awash with misdirection of what really took place. Following the deep states and the SSp moves, who are operating from an island off the coast off Seattle, they began activating more MS-13 gangs to cause and instigating further trouble in California, ICE was instructed to call in the National Guard, to head off some of that carnage they are endeavoring to create. I suspect that region will become rather hostile and develop certain created disaster events in the near future. Heads up to all people of that whole coastline.

*The US Treasury has been in meeting for 2 days this week, as they attempt to act and call upon the $2.8Q bonds owed by The Federal Reserve to the Treasury. Things are heating up between treasury and fed, Treasury is saying pay now and Fed says it needs time to liquidate assets, what assets are they referring to? The Fed has no assets left, and providing some do their jobs and keep their nerve, this will be one that won’t be too big to fail. Reality is yet again they are stalling, “liquidate assets” translates to “waiting on chinese elders to bail us out with a problem with fake RV.

* Jan 31st show Warning to Mr. Trump you need to start spitting out in public or on tweets the above facts, or these treasonous turds will swamp you, stand up and speak out, enough have your back, defensive tweets are fine, we need attacking tweets now or speeches, you are losing the media war, no matter how fake they are, call the above out please.

* Feb 18th Trump wrote, “’The biggest abuse of power and corruption scandal in our history, and it’s much worse than we thought. Andrew McCabe (FBI) admitted to plotting a coup (government overthrow) when he was serving in the FBI, before he was fired for lying & leaking. co-incidence? you all make your own minds up on that. Further message, throw in the missile attempt last summer by the SSp and name them, then drop the capital building 9/11 coup involving Pelosi, Black Dragon group and also Erik Prince, get Devos out of the administration, smacks of insider to me. Get rid of Mnuchin like now, who cares if he is their latest chosen one, the man is a treasonous snake.

James Woods @RealJamesWoods If these actions were directed against a sitting Democrat president, this would be a Watergate level story in the national media by now. Was there an attempt by an acting DAG to weaponize the DOJ in a presidential coup d’etàt? of course, and this underlines the depth of the system against the people, it involves all the media, and elements in govt, pentagon, cia, fbi, nsa, dhs, supreme courts, all lower courts, judges and lawyers (of which over 3/4 of congress are lawyers, which is against original constitution as BAR is a title of nobility or representing a foreign power), it ropes in all the people known as famous, in sports, business, film, tv shows as they all sold out for their illusion of fame and lots of pieces of paper and vacuous materialistic trinkets.

*You will all get to hear of the MWHT real soon as they are preparing an all out mainstream media assault on the group to prevent any of the public getting on board with it.
This will involve all the top media, as they have already made attempts to contact us to do discrediting pieces, on The Trust and all members of the team.
The Alt media agents will throw their pieces in also, any doubts you had about me revealing the ones not working for the people, will I suspect be laid bare soon.
Previous attempts via fake rip off reports that shouted fraud, but left no details of what that fraud was, will not and have not worked, recent attempts by David Rae (Whistleblower site) to throw MWHT and Kim as some sort of fraud, again with no details have also failed, so then he attempted to get to my ego and saying I am too good for Kim and we can work together, that also failed. His was one of several attempts since last summer to get me away from Kim, suggests they are kind of concerned of us working together does it not, backhanded compliment to me, and validates why I put myself at risk and also life on hold to work directly with Kim and the team.

*Part of the reasons behind the media war launched on us is, privately we at the MWHT have made giant strides in the many things we are involved in, in exposing the trafficking enterprise, not only with the wall, but other avenues also(which shuts up those who think we are all about the money and the Trust funds) and also the child sex trafficking and pedophile rings, high profile people in the media are all involved in.
It goes way beyond Nxium or Comet Ping Pong, involves most of the high profile people, either coerced or not, if all of them are arrested there will literally be no so called famous personalities left on Tv, which is why we need a new Tv channel and get real people, none pedophile people, non corrupt people spitting out the real truth, not the plethora of script written lies, distortions and total bs we have been fed since 1923 and CBS, who started the propaganda machine.
Having read the 1934 Telecommunications act in full, you will be staggered to know that all bandwidth is owned by US Military Inc, who are subsequently ran by the Rothschilds, there will be further connecting dots on that later. The phones, cable, radio and TV frequencies and communications are all owned by the Military, all of it was created and designed to be a propaganda machine. The head of CNN is now going to run a hit piece on us, using his PR (public relations) to cover up another PR (pedophile ring) his own. Watch this space.

* AMC Theaters, One of the largest theater companies world wide was bought by Chinese several years ago. Shanghai Film Fund is now funding 70% of movies produced in Hollywood. If a film refuses funding from Shanghai Film Fund, then AMC Theater will refuse to show the film. The rogue Chinese elements have basically taken control over USA Film making and Hollywood.

So in essence, they are promoting and feeding the Pedophile Network via the Triads in San Francisco, and also the new Hollywood in Vancouver, British Columbia. Only second to the Mexico/USA border in human trafficking entering the USA is the port in San Francisco, CA. It is known that the port there, since the days of the opium wars have been controlled by The Black Dragon Society which is comprised of the Kuomintang out of China (which runs the Triads) and the Bush Family. Now the Bush Family has not been in charge of Black Dragon of North America for a while, it was Cheney and the latest head was Pelosi (hence her recent trip or attempted trip to Afghanistan). This is the same family Eric Prince works for. Clowns have now gone back to Obama, who is now the Black Dragon of North American, after Pelosi failed her takeover The President role by the end of January, in a mass 9/11 style event in the Capital Building whilst Trump was delivering the original SOTU speech that was cancelled. Pelosi of course would have been out of the country at the time.

*This technically is a news item but ties into the just mentioned piece, YouTube is in damage-control mode after several large companies, including Disney, Nestlé, McDonalds and Epic Games, pulled ads in response to a report accusing the platform of harboring a pedophile ring hiding in plain sight. Multiple major corporations have temporarily suspended all YouTube advertising after learning their ads were playing before videos featuring minors as young as five performing sexualized versions of everyday activities. The advertisers were informed by Wired on Wednesday that their ads were playing before videos similar to the clips highlighted in blogger Matt Watson’s video exposé, posted earlier this week. Most responded with shock.

Disney is in it deep, the original Disney crew before Walt’s death were not involved in pedophilia, it was the subsequent leaders of Disney that took over that company, current CEO of Disney Bob Iger was born to a Jewish family in New York City, former CEO was Michael Eisner was born to an affluent, secular Jewish family in Mount Kisco, New York, Eisner also brought in Jeffrey Katzenberg who was also born in New York City, to a Jewish family, following a takeover against Eisner in the 1990’s, Roy Disney along with Stanley Gold, Gold was also born to a Jewish family in Los Angeles, California. Bob Iger also moved to Disney to Shanghai, Iger co-chaired a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on August 22, 2016. Iger was named to President-elect Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum on December 2, 2016. He resigned from Trump’s Advisory Council on June 1, 2017 after Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. In June 2012, Steven Spielberg, also born of a Jewish family and the founder of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, presented Iger with the Ambassador for Humanity Award, the Institute’s highest honor. Then we have another who is head of film industry that has been exposed recently, Harvey Weinstein, Harvey was not surprisingly born in New York to Jewish parents, lets throw in another one, Jeffrey Epstein born in New York, born to Jewish parents, The Bronfman sisters involved in Nxium born into a Jewish family, their father was leader of the World Jewish Congress, who said this In his book, The Making of a Jew, he explained: First, he called for the release of all so-called Prisoners of Zion, the Jews imprisoned for expressing a desire to emigrate to Israel. Bronfman also wanted freedom for Jews in the Soviet Union to practice their religion. Finally, he called for the freedom for Soviet Jews to learn Hebrew, which was forbidden at the time, those statements will become clearer in later pieces. Anthony Weiner born in New York to Jewish parents, Keith Ranierre born in New York, where was Nxium started? New York. Who is the guy in The US Treasury blocking the MWHT funds in support of the Jewish based banker family The Rothschilds? Steven Mnuchin, who was born funnily enough in New York, to funny enough Jewish parents, who ran The Fed Reserve? born in New York to Jewish parents? Alan Greenspan, and who dictated foreign policy during the 9/11 phase and operation, and took part in Project for the New American Century Richard Perle, born in New York and to Jewish parents, what building and organization thinks it rules the world? The UN, where is it situated? New York? who runs it? the Jewish element, and perhaps you now start to see a picture, if you don’t now, you will see later.
So these parasites took over the parks and the Disney brand that gives so much magic to children and adults alike, I know I have been several dozen times, it is a magical world, and turned it into a monsterous organization, riddled the symbology, leter M’s everywhere for Moloch as in Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse, subliminal advertisements, allow known rogue ET’s walking amongst us in the parks (I know I have seen them), install underground tunnels in DisneyWorld where children go missing, tunnels rumored to be leading to a creepy small town around the Apopka Vineland road area, where an old lady sits on the porch watching and monitoring all who goes into the 2-3 block village, and also rumored the tunnels go to a mysterious Military base in the heart of Orlando, owned by Lockheed Martin.
All of that has to be brought to light and brought down and the whole think repackaged back to it’s original intention.
Of course Nestle are famous for their quote “it is not a human right to have clean water” McDonalds apart from serving shite replicas of food, containing all kinds of things including human fetuses, use what as their logo? The Clown, that is and was a subliminal message to the children who experience them in their sleep. As for epic games, all video games are designed to change your brain pattern into chaos and worse, more subliminal programming, lowers your attention spans and is creating for you the virtual reality loop, they want you to jump into next, after exiting the loop/matrix.
These monsterous bastards have destroyed the innocence of childhood, and led the children into the adult world riddled with abuse, self doubts and trauma, to fulfill a satanic agenda that has duped many peoples and their fake borders known as countries, we all have an obligation to route out this evil, and give the children a chance to grow, you want to ignore it? to those who do, go and fuck yourselves, as you are a blight to and of humanity, and are accessories to it at this point.


*The California problem and I will say thanks to one of the QAnons for digging this up, 4 families, 3 generations all working together to control everything. Governor Brown, Pelosi, Gavin Newsome and Getty family, I highlight this because A: it connects dots and B: for the public to see how easy it is to gain control. This is how the system does things, then they get the police, local councillors, judges and the court systems to protect them, but it all starts with a few people, 4 families control 40M people in one state. Like Texas, the texas rangers, oil fields, high finance all controlled by The Bushes, Texas has 29M people and all largely controlled by one family.

*truth honor integrity OP-ED_tomorrow_belongs_to_me has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Martinique, Malta, New Caledonia, Netherlands, French Polynesia, Poland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, French Southern Territories, Wallis and Futuna, Mayotte

*U.S. retail sales recorded their biggest drop in more than nine years in December as receipts fell across the board, suggesting a sharp slowdown in economic activity at the end of 2018. The Commerce Department said on Thursday retail sales tumbled 1.2 percent, the largest decline since September 2009 when the economy was emerging from recession. December online internet sales (non-store retailers) tumbled 3.9% MoM – the biggest drop ever.
Coresight Research released an outlook of 2019 store closures Wednesday, saying there’s “no light at the end of the tunnel.”According to the global market research firm’s report, six weeks into 2019, U.S. retailers have announced 2,187 closings, up 23 percent compared to last year. Those closings include 749 Gymboree stores251 Shopko stores and 94 Charlotte Russe locations.
U.S. discount retailer Payless ShoeSource Inc plans to close all of its approximately 2,300 stores when it files for bankruptcy later this month for the second time in as many years, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.
Bankruptcies also are continuing at a rapid pace “with the number of filings in the first six weeks of 2019 already at one-third of last year’s total,” the report states.
More than 7 million Americans are 90 days or more behind on their vehicle loans as of the end of 2018, according to data released Tuesday by the New York Federal Reserve. That’s more than 1 million higher than the peak in 2010 as the country was recovering from its worst downturn since the Great Depression. People are going to realize that we checked into the monetary roach motel that I talked about from the beginning and that there’s no way out, and then the dollar is going to fall like a stone.
When they find out that it’s never over and it didn’t work, then there’s going to be nothing propping up the dollar and it’s going to drop like a stone, the price of gold is going to take off, and the recession that we’re entering into, which is going to be an inflationary recession, is going to be worse than what we now call the Great Recession. Maybe it’s taken longer than we might have thought to play out, but this is the beginning of the end.”
This obviously goes against what Mr. Trump is saying, but there are times when the govt has to lie or use propaganda to calm the waters, this as it stands is for our benefit, but I don’t need to have those restrictions and will call it as it is. The country is collapsing in on itself and fading fast, due to being hijacked by globalist psychopaths of which there is 350K of which inside our country.

* The media is controlling all of the narrative and this is where the alt media should be pushing what is real, for our whole platform this is our time and what do we have? distraction pieces, bs’ery and almost comedic levels of disclosure that serves little to no purpose.
Yes, we have Q whatever the intentions behind that, is exposing somethings, but where are the rest of the main platforms in the alt media? all covering Wilcock and his expanding band of the blue chicken’s cult, Cassidy still putting out shows with old information, Clif High using Microsoft Oracle and Langley Facebook style algorithms platforms to base his narrative on, like that’s going to work or help us, Von Reitz pushing for globalist elite families to control the Trust, like that has ever worked, Gilliland, Cobra and others still pushing nesara, gesara, rv’s, drake telling listeners he is taking out people who were dead 2 years ago and pushing ET packages, and the latest, buy my book, money harvesting and dark djinn fest, Contact in the desert, labelled the Woodstock of UFO conferences, aptly named as Woodstock was from 50 years ago, and most of the material is that old and older, all repackaged as new disclosure, but it’s not new and no matter how much we all like discussing ET’s, it is not helpful to the now, not one iota.
We have already had disclosure on ET’s we know they are real, so why the continuous hunt to find out what you already know? distraction is why, world burns whilst these clowns push something we already know, and even if you don’t know, what is proving ET’s exist going to do to fix this planet? well, the ET’s can come down and wave a magic wand or in many cases eyes and butt probes, and fix everything for us, wrong, they won’t and never will, lets collectively get off our lazy asses and lets fix our own mess.
ET is a savior program that will never arrive, whilst you wait, you do nothing, which is exactly what the paid agents involved in these conference are all doing, whether knowingly or not.
The names roll off the tongue Wilcock, Noory, Eisenhower, Tellinger, Gilliland, Harramein, Hancock, Ancient Aliens show people, Nick Pope who works for MI5/6, Michael Salla, Stephen Bassett, Robert David Steele’s love child and puppet Jordan Sather, Linda Moulton Howe, Jimmy Church and others all playing their game, not ours. Significant are those who are missing from the line up Corey Goode (thrown under the bus as this show and Randy’s stated would happen back in 2017) Stillness in the storm people and Theresa, Kerry Cassidy as Wilcock ousted her as the main front person, and CIA agent Steven Greer(friend of the Clintons), who was brought in to further control the narrative and takeover the whole show, but his demeanor and attitude pissed too many off and he was dropped by the above consortium, plus the increasing comedic double act Kent Dunn and Drake Bailey with the channeller.
None of these people are providing solutions, only distractions, we don’t need distractions in the now, we need solutions for the survival of our species, not disclosure of entities, that have by and large have led to us near to extinction, think about that for a minute.
Say every President or Prime Minister tomorrow announces ET disclosure, what does it change? will it feed the starving? provide clean water to billions? prevent child trafficking, slavery, sex trafficking, organ harvesting, ritual abuse or sacrifice, poverty, injustice or crime?
NO, so it has no real value, other than the few proving to themselves and people in their circle that they are not nutty, why do we have those doubts about ourselves and our own experiences? why do we to go to those lengths of self doubts? almost to the point of torturing ourselves? just stop it.
Now all of them above have contributed hugely in one way or another, but here they are pushing out ET disclosure in it’s various guises, most of which is decades old, RV people along with nesara, gesara and et bloody packages are pushing out hopium at best, and savior distraction programs at worst, none of it will help fix the gamut of world ills. I will ask you all again step down from your false platforms, whether paid or not, and come and really help your listeners and followers with something more tangible and real, like solutions to the worlds ills, with real knowledge, real ideas and something that is tangible and not based in illusion. Come and join us as one and lets all get the show on the road to Freedom.

*Politic drama distraction, why are their sexual affairs more important or relevant than your own? Trump or Clinton slept with this person or that, some fake talent person off the telly is sleeping around and it becomes the hot topic of discussion, all goes viral, everyone chipping in their points of view, some add fake mock outrage, or get all sanctimonious I wouldn’t tolerate or do
that, really? of those who reported and many don’t, 1 in 4 men have an extra marital affair and 1 in 5.5 women, reality is it is far higher one would be safe to say. Women 18-30 are more likely than men to have affairs, the gap only gets wider in men whose age is above 50, but increases exponentially above the age of 70 strangely.
So, your average bar gathering of all male or all female going out for a beer, contains at least 1 or more who have had an extra marital affair, and yet I fail to see why it becomes a major topic of discussion if someone on the TV does it? it is voyeurism on a massive scale prying into other peoples lives, which reflects a lack of focusing on their own indiscretions, habits, mannerisms or lifestyles.
Essentially this is another example of externalism, ooh look that person has done wrong and had an affair, when someone in your own circle or even themselves has done exactly the same, cabal doesn’t need Big Brother, we do that to ourselves.

* Seven UK MPs(now 8) have resigned from the Labour Party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to Brexit and anti-Semitism. They are: Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Mike Gapes, Gavin Shuker and Ann Coffey. Ms Berger said Labour had become institutionally anti-Semitic and she was “embarrassed and ashamed” to stay. Mr Corbyn said he was “disappointed” the MPs had felt unable to continue working for the policies that “inspired millions” at the 2017 election. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said the “honourable thing for them to do” would be to stand down as MPs and seek to return to Parliament in by-elections. He said Luciana Berger’s decision to quit was a “wake-up call for the Labour Party” over anti-Semitism, saying: “We were slow to acknowledge we had a problem and even slower to deal with it.”
Who is Luciana Berger? is a British politician who has served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Liverpool Wavertree since 2010. She was a member of the Labour Party until 2019, when she resigned to join The Independent Group. As a member of the Labour Shadow Cabinet, she was Shadow Minister for Public Health from 2013 to 2015 and then Shadow Minister for Mental Health from 2015 to 2016. Born in London to a Jewish family, and her real name is Goldsmith, Berger was educated at the Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls before studying at the University of Birmingham and Birkbeck, University of London.
So you have 2 political power house countries with politicians whose only role or interest appears to be a created country 3000 and 6000 miles apart is of more importance, than their own country and their peoples. That country has broken more UN rules than all countries combined, and yet gets away with it as America and Britain veto any actions, broken several Geneva convention rules and the same 2 countries veto that as well.
The same 2 countries funnel massive amounts of funds, equipment and military arms into that country at the expense of the needs of their own people, and the people are asking in both countries is why? Surely these 7 walk out Mp’s in the UK have far more pressing concerns in the UK than someone calling out a country, or it’s people that’s over 3000 miles away? Rampant pedophilia, rampant poverty, rampant crime, rampant abuse of the system by their own peers, and nearly 3 years later cannot deliver an agreement the public voted for in Brexit, but no, these people like so many around the world think that criticizing anything connected to Israel is the most prominent thing ever, well it is not.
Until Israel returns the land back to the real owners based on 1967 baseline, or preferably learns to share it, stops killing people, running an apartheid program, cutting off water, agriculture, roads and limiting access for people to walk free, stops creating fake false flags on their own people (reality is they are not interested in their own people, as WW2 revealed) and blaming it on Palestinians, Hezzbollah or some other fake group created as an illusion of an enemy, drastically improves it’s human rights record, stop interfering in other countries, stops creating rules in other countries to criminalize any criticisms, stops playing both sides of the game, stops spying on every nation, stops installing politicians and lobbyists in other countries and apologizes for the USS Liberty incident, then that country to use a Bush and Rumsfeld narrative, is an axis of evil and a pariah state. If that is labelled anti semitism, fine then I stand accused, I call it the truth, and the truth never fears investigation, something the puppets protecting that state have gone to great lengths to avoid the real truth coming out.
Until that full truth is revealed this whole planet is under threat from the parasitic entities that run that country, and everyone is under threat, none moreso than the jewish peoples themselves, they sold you out in WW2 and have sold you out ever since, and will do another mass genocide on you to fulfill their goals, make no mistake about that, they will always blame the Arabs, Palestinians, Iran, Syrians and the Nazis, but the problem was them all along.
70-90M Russians and Slavonic Ayrans, millions more in the Middle east and everywhere else they have infiltrated, and for what?
There is a reason these parasites have been thrown out of 106 countries in the last 2000 years, there is a reason the same people were thrown out of the original Garden of Eden, these people are the Kali Ma descendants, and have created and wreaked havoc wherever they have gone, all based on a genocide book called The Talmud, that elevates those people above 99% of the rest of the planet, including their so called own.
I hope one day I get to see all the people of Israel rise up against the real enemy, as one day they will find out that the real enemies, like in America and Britain, the real enemies are within their own borders.

*Who are the URs? they were the originals here, and yes they were white as a matter of reference, not to paint a picture of superiority, but actual facts, they were packed with extra abilities of telepathy, telekinesis, spirituality, advanced technology that was body, heart and mind based not external like now, using what is known as Vril energy, had planet and interplanetary craft for travel, known as vitmaras and vitmanas, agriculture, art, creativity and ways of living way above all who followed here. They taught and their base of operation was Da’Arya, which was a continent north of Russia, which is likely known as Hyperborea, when things were more tropical based up there, than now. They were teachers of the highest form of personal responsibility, nature, growth all done in a non violent way, they only defended, never attacked. They went onto teaching the peoples of Rus, and spread out in all directions, north, south, east and west and encompassed 2/3rd of the globe. The Rus taught the Slavonic Ayrans and it all spread out across the planet, with advanced building techniques, that were later passed onto to the peoples known as Tartarians, they came in peace and tried to teach the tribal peoples of different ways of life and living, not existing and sacrificing under the Kali Ma, with varying degrees of success.
But the dark forces always fought back and around every 13K year mark as the gate out of the loop or the matrix approached, and unleashed desert creating weapons, various floods or threw rocks at our planet, to prevent the peoples escaping the system and reaching the higher frequencies realms many had attained back then. Now not so much, due to the interference, distraction games and their really successful divide and conquer programs, tonight we lift the lid on what really has been going on here, for thousands of years.

*Following on from my From Russia with Love series, and more recently the theory that the Indians in America were possibly the peoples who fled, or were thrown out of the garden of eden in India and the Kali Ma dark mother worship and sacrificing. Something else got me thinking that may or may not be correct, but it certainly at this point appears to fit in, with what went on in that region at a later date.
What if along the way of the exodus, some of those discarded did go north out of India as the others exiled went west towards Egypt, the ones who went north over a period of time raised a vast army, because of you go north out of India you will reach the land now known as Mongolia, which is famous for the wars further north and west of that region, and the entity known as Genghis Khan.
Who went on various conquests against all and sundry we are led to believe, but I suspect now to be against one peoples only, The Rus and the Slavonic Ayrans.
The name Khan is the asian spelling of Cohen, Cohen being of the Ashkenazi jewish line and related to Noah, he who lets not forget, was given the heads up about the flood from the so called gods, of which I believe Noah was from that group.
So we had the Khazarian jews who fled west, and Ashkenazi jews who went north and their leader in the 1200’s was Genghis Khan, who it is suspected was not fully human, given some of his exploits and antics.
Genghis Khan attacked the north and the so called barbarians, the reality is, those barbarians were far more advanced than anything on this planet, and the reality is, due to several attacks over time as well as the Khan group, it was The Rus who built the so called great wall of China, not the Chinese.
Is there evidence that backs this up? yes the defense posts are facing the wrong way for it to have been built by the Chinese, that evidence can be found all along the wall, also look at the construction, and match it with other construction around the world, it is Rus or Tartarian, most of which has been attributed to The Greeks or Romans, but most of them were built long before their construction period.
Khan and his army also went west to follow the Khazarian route also, and landed in Iran (known as the land of Ayrans) why would a group from Mongolia go so far west to attack that one country? look at the distance on the map, it is near 3000 miles, it would be a massive undertaking now, never mind back then.
Khan arrived in Nishapur in Iran, which is close to Urartu and Nishapur which is on Lake Urmia, all close to the Caucasian mountains which means white, UR artu and Lake UR mia is the clue, like the UR al mountains and the original Jerusalem, which was UR usalem in Russia, this was an UR region, UR means the original or the earliest.
In one day Khan slaughtered 1 million 768 thousand peoples in Nishapur in the land of the Ayrans, and a place not to far away from the original Kingdom of Manna, which was also in Iran.
Do you think it is possible for a load of people on horseback with spears, bow and arrows and swords to kill that many in one day as recorded? no, Khan had advanced weaponry and was given help by the dark off or in world forces, is the more common sense thinking answer, to many that will be seen as not possible, but that is because they only think advanced weaponry is a last century invention, when archeological evidence right across the Middle East shows extensive radioactive fall out layers in the past, proving a nuclear war back then, took place thousands of years ago, and the little known fact the Russia was attacked by nuclear weapons in 1812, could well tell a different story.
The ones who were exiled out of the Garden of Eden (modern day India) to Egypt, it appears at the same time as the rise of the cult of Amun – Ra, again they are hebrew deities, Amun means the hidden, and this entity who wasn’t even here in form at any stage is worshipped by most religions when you end the prayer with Amen. Again Amun- Ra followers did rituals and sacrifices, as they did back in India, it spread it throughout the world. Amun – Ra came from Mount Zion region, which is where the modern day term Zionist came from, hence the book which the system tries to deny exists, but in reality it does, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which is a book about Jewish world domination, it is all there if you look and connect the dots.
Jewish is the latest label used designed to create divide and conquer, replace Jew with forces of the dark where necessary.
The modern day owner of King Solomon’s ring, The Rothschilds, what is on the ring? a 6 pointed star, which country is represented by the 6 pointed star? Israel, except the star of David as it is called, came not from Israel, but Egypt. Early scholars and researchers reciting ancient books all state King Solomon was of Egypt not Israel, the fact that a search for Ancient Egyptian Seal of Solomon brings up 6 discounting articles straight off the bat, before observing the evidence, suggests a cover up for me.
“In retrospect, the six-pointed star was an Egyptian occult symbol which KING SOLOMON adopted when he went into idolatry and witchcraft and built an altar for Ashteroth”, it was his love for Ashteroth that led to his descent into the dark magic realms.
Look at the pictures of Solomon’s ring, it has an Egyptian head dress on both sides of the ring.
These Egyptians and later Israelites were the Kali Ma peoples from India, who then went on their world domination scheme, desecrating all things white, all things Rus and all things Aryan, using in our modern day terms, first they all but killed most of the Rus in russia, then set about creating their next stage of operation, the country of Germany was used as a vehicle in WW2, creating the division of Ayran peoples between Russia and Germany, which led to the creation of the state of Israel and then onto America, after the end of the war via Project Paperclip and Nazis, which is National Zionism, not German at all, but the Kali Ma peoples.
This is a global problem and has nothing to do with Israel the country or the majority of it’s people, we have all been duped, but look at this passage for a clue as to who these people are, Acts 7:37-43 This is that Moses…to whom our fathers would not obey, but thrust him from them, and IN THEIR HEARTS TURNED BACK AGAIN INTO EGYPT… And they made a calf in those days, (calf is bull, as in Buy Bull as in Baphomet, which is also represented as the 6 pointed star) and offered sacrifices unto the idol, and rejoiced in the works of their own hands. Then God turned, and gave them up to worship the HOST OF HEAVEN: as it is written in the book of the prophets, O ye house of Israel, have ye offered to Me slain beasts and sacrifices by the space of FORTY YEARS IN THE WILDERNESS? Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the STAR OF YOUR GOD REMPHAN, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon. The key parts is, it says the house of israel, it didn’t say the house of Egypt did it, it was a house, like house of orange, bavaria, hapsburg, saxe-coburg-gotha, these are all the royal bloodline group, and the house of Israel, it’s the house of Isis and Ra (as in Amun Ra out of Egypt) and El means god.
The worship of these satanists goes onto today, with the worship of Moloch in Bohemian Grove, The House of Rothschilds with their Ring of Solomon moved to a new base in Switzerland, which means twin sisters as in Isis.
Jesus they say is the King of the Jews, and what is inscribed on the cross? IHS, Isis, Horus and Set, as in Setan, as in Saturn, the 6 pointed star is a representation of Yehwah, which also represents Saturn, who do the Jews worship now, Yehwah, can you all see the picture now?
There is also a global worship of the Black Virgins, also called Black Madonnas, and it’s origin is unknown to the researcher who wrote this “Whoever the enigmatic Black Virgin may be, she holds a powerful attraction for her millions of devotees around the world.  Her sacred sites stand on highly charged earth energy centers, enhanced by megalithic ley-lines and sacred architecture.”
this is how the Kali Ma and their sacrificial aligned followers, reached a critical mass, they took over all of the earth grids of source charged energies and replaced it with the dark energies. This is how all the tribal peoples ended up playing the sacrifice rituals.
It appears throughout history starting at 110K years ago with the Rus texts not the Vedic texts, commonly associated with India, it was not, it came from the Rus and the Ayrans who travelled south and east, the original teachings distorted into the vedics religion and human sacrifice, which later morphed into the modern day religion of Hinduism, so throughout history the peoples of Rus have been targetted more than any other peoples or nation on the planet, the question is why?
Why did the off world beings target them 110K years ago and destroy the whole continent of Da’Arya, why did the Ashkenazi jews and Khan try to eliminate them in the 1200’s, why was tartaria on every map in 14 & 15th centuries get almost eliminated from history? who dropped nuclear weapons on them in the 1800’s? why did the Khazarian Jews try to eliminate them in the 1900’s with the fake Bolshevik revolution? why is there a global propaganda against them that all things Russian are bad, when adversely there is a global propaganda, to not critique or question in anyway the country of Israel, you see there is the direct connection, when the Rus and Ayran peoples brought us so much knowledge and enlightenment, far more than any other group on this planet ever.
Northern parts of Russia still to this day have a much higher vibration than anywhere else on the planet, that is not supposition, that is actually fact, based on the reports of the people who have been there.
Perhaps it was they who were the real teachers here? as it was they who delivered the real person and teacher known as Jesus, but whose real name was Radomir, and it was they who produced the blonde haired blue eyed person known as Mary Magdelene, both were hunted to death by the Roman Catholic church aligned with their demonic worship masters.
One day the real story will be revealed, but if we keep ignoring the real genocide on this planet, that is not blacks, or jews, a religious persecution, but the Ayran people and their descendants, then those real teachings and the teachers will ultimately be lost forever.

*As an addition to the above pieces and also the piece I did on Friday of the overtaking and elimination of the whites, here is a piece by a Jewish person named Israel Cohen (that name again) said back in 1912, again during the time period I mentioned in the last show. “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them into the program of The Communist party. We will invest to instill in the whites a guilt complex over their exploitation of the negroes. We will aid the negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the negro will be able to intermarry with the whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”
Breaking this down confirms all that I wrote about in the series From Russia with Love, 1.blacks mixing with whites for an agenda, back then it was to boost voodoo magic, now it is similar with an added political agenda. 2. confirms the communist party is nothing to do with Russia or China and everything to do with Khazarian and Ashkenazi Jews 3. look at all the top american sports and also entertainment, most are black which is fine in and of itself, but how many are there because of this program, instead of their talent? 4. Confirming their takedown and takeover of America, it’s all there in your faces, they are their words not mine, ” and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” 5. all divide and conquer ” our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions”
And before any half witted retard thinks of shouting racist or anti semitic think again, they are using blacks and jews here in a program that they are totally unaware of, and one which they did not consent to, in essence they are pawns in their insideous game.

*So how did they do it, simple, they took over the media and launched propaganda, first the newspapers, then radio, then television and finally cable and onto the internet.
Here is a quote by the same guy who introduced dumbing down education in America (for those new education means the training of animals, which religious book declares all peoples except them as animals? The Talmud), Henry Ford back in 1920.
“Controlling the worlds sources of news, Jews can always prepare the minds of the people for their next moves. The greatest exposure has yet to be made, is the way the news is manufactured, and the way in which the minds of whole nations is molded for a purpose. When the powerful Jew is at last traced and his hand revealed, then comes the ready cry of persecution and it echoes through the worlds press. The real causes of the persecution ( which is the oppression of the peoples by the financial practices of the jews) are never given publicity.
So, there was Henry Ford near 100 years ago telling you the news is faked, how they mold whole nations into a belief system they created, how the world has been financially hijacked by these Khazarian psychopaths operating for and by The Talmud, in which all peoples not abiding by that book are essentially a piece of shit under their shoes, these are the human embodiments and in fact in some cases not, from the Draco and Annunaki line, both known as the chosen ones, both operate under the divide and conquer rule and both operate in sleight of hand and hidden realms.
As a sidenote was it possibly the case the Hitler exposed the Khazarian Jews in the 1930’s and 1940’s, did he not say who was the issue? the jewish bankers, so the line used by Henry Ford ” When the powerful Jew is at last traced and his hand revealed, then comes the ready cry of persecution and it echoes through the worlds press” hence the jew persecution narrative rolled out, with the 6M Jews figure, which was mentioned 138 times in the press between 1880 and 1941, there is that timeline again mentioned in last weeks piece, is it not?
These are the Kali Ma peoples that have blighted this planet for over 110K years, for us to really prosper here, they must be exposed, the light needs to shine on these cockroaches, and the issue dealt with once and for all, preferably in a non violent ways, we do not have to plunge to the despicable levels these anti human parasites have, and I hope one day all the jewish peoples rise up and expose it also, they have been pawns in a game that was not of their own making.
This completes the cycle of my Russia with love series in many aspects, it’s all there right in your face, and you can choose too ignore it or hide behind the racism card, or face up to reality.
The Dark forces have been against the UR’s meaning the originals from as far back as 110K years, 7.5K ago was the destruction of the Ayran Atlantis, 5K years ago there was another conflict in the original Garden of Eden, 1000 years ago they killed Radomir and ultimately Mary Magdelene both of which were Rus/Ayran and quite possibly part of the URS teachers who came down from Ursa Minor constellation, 800 years ago with Khan (Cohen) did another mass ritual sacrifice on The Rus and Ayrans, 1500’s the Catholic church was torturing and murdering another Urs teacher Anna and wiping out The Cathars, and also Mary and Radomir’s offspring line, 1800’s the nuclear bombing of Russia, 1900’s deleting the tsar’s line except not all were eliminated, and 1900’s brought the loss of 70-90M Rus and created Communism that has nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with the Jews, as stated by the Israel Cohen piece, they then went onto the Slavonic regions including Germany and eliminated many of them also, played the Aryan race card that all whites, are only supremacists, when if you go back to 5K years ago, they the Rus/Ayrans all came in peace, to teach, not to destroy or eliminate, then came the fake cold war, which was against communism we were told, and yet China wasn’t included? except as Israel Cohen piece proves Communism is a Jewish propaganda machine not Russian, Chinese or Vietnam, and now we have the propaganda in portal people news of Russian collusion.
Subsequently the white population has gone from 30%+ down to 12% in under 100 years, if NATO which is an anagram of ATON, another “Egyptian god” and no that is not a coincidence, has it’s way, that 12% will plunge to the point of extinction, who are NATO always readying to attack? Russia.
Like I said in the last show, where are the save the whites banners, memes, charities or groups? oh they do exist, but they are branded by the dark forces think tank groups as right wing, fascist, supremacists, violent and hate filled groups, so the public turn away from it, as a reminder of what Ford stated ” and the way in which, the minds of whole nations is molded for a purpose” and you begin to see how it all plays out.
Israel was molded and set up as that nation to carry the banner, but these psychopaths are in every nation, not just Israel.
These people are not Jews, Jewish or Israelis at all, they are the dark forces, The Kali Ma and The Amun Ra forces of evil, desecrating the whole of humanity, with their satanic propensity to dabble in the dark arts, produce mass genocide and the most heinous levels of crime ever.
But a final reminder, if you are hating on all Jews for this, your thinking is at, portal people rhetoric level, in other words beyond stupid, find out the real truth behind it, and the vast majority of peoples known as Jews have been lied to, played for fools and used as pawns in the worst game this planet has ever witnessed , we need to embrace those people, teach them, not denigrate them, just like the UR’s, The Rus and The Ayrans did all those years ago.

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