truth honor integrity_feb 28, 2019

*Triple Canopy, Academi, etc Goons, were abandoned without the last month’s pay in Iraq!

*Things are all not too well with Mr. Trump currently, either by coercion or not, I cannot and will not ignore what is in front of us currently, it can all change of course, but I have always said I will call it as it is.
Rumors that have circulated on the internet said the following: “Thousands of fictitious sealed indictments. With AG William Barr in place there will be no prosecutions of the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas or any other crime family including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Even career criminal George Soros will skate. The nomination of Barr just 2 days after the funeral reflects the likelihood that the truce offer was immediately accepted by both sides and that Barr would enforce the non-prosecution agreement as Attorney General.” With regards to that piece, any deals would have been with the Black Dragon group currently ran by Obama. Soros is dead, Bushes rendered mute, Junior and Jeb just do not have that aura of fear or power GHW Bush did, Dick Cheney runs Bush jnr like he did whilst he was in the White House, so much so Cheney was screwing both of Bush jnr’s daughters, with the approval of their dad. Hillary has died and the double or clone is on its way out also, along with her fake husband, which is all good, but these are all puppets of a much larger system, puppets come and go, but the system remains until fully dismantled. Whether this deal is correct or not remains to be seen, but backs up what I have said repeatedly, we can never fully trust a politician 100% or anywhere near that figure, it’s pure folly given what has gone on previously. I will support Trump 100% providing he is doing the right thing for and by the people, if he is not, I will call it out, regardless of who it is.

*Here is what I know, Trump went to Vietnam to meet up with Chinese Elders and in particular the Chinese Black Dragon representative Eric Prince, Kim Jong Un was a side issue, as revealed in todays news the talks broke down, all to familiar is it not? like Brexit, Israel and Palestine issue and the wall here. The key was to note and remember the recent intel regarding Prince and fake notes and cash transit license for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia? Appears Trump either by designed or was badly led at this point we are unsure, but he was going to use the pallets of fake USD notes from the clowns to pay for the budget. Except it all went wrong.
As we have stated previously, certain things out of certain vaults and bunkers have been removed to a safe location where clowns and their agents can’t access. Trump sent secret service to go and collect all the pallets, they spent 3 hours driving around from vault to vault and found? nothing, oops. One day people will listen to what we have to say, because far more times than not, what we state bears out. It is unsure at this time whether Trump was in on it, because of the alleged above made deals with the American Black Dragon or he just wanted to see for himself. Apparently Trump is really pissed at what took place, not as pissed as we are, as we warned him not to go and what would happen. Apparently whilst there he was threatened several times also.
Appears Trump has now dropped Eric Prince since that incident, quite why he went in with that shysters is beyond me, but we’ll see b
I am not happy with the following either, Trump continuing to follow up with attacks on Maduro and Venezuela along with backstabber Pence is not putting America first.
Continued drama and arguing over the wall with fake media and playing politics games when solutions have already been given as far back as last March, is not putting America first.
Near 12 months out from MWHT bailing out America with it’s budget, (MWHT went onto funding the budget continually up to this month) of which the Trust is entitled to a 2% admin fee (the 2% fee is not coming out of the government money I wish to make that clear, it is coming out of the Trust and has always operated that way) which is still being blocked from payment 12 months later is also not a good sign and not putting America first.
It is now 4 months since MWHT agreed to fund entirely, the disaster relief for the weather torn states, it was all approved until it was time to load the funds to get it started, and nothing has been mentioned since except delays, meanwhile many American families are living in tents throughout the winter, this is not putting America first.
13 months on now from declaring America sovereign, the government has still not acted upon it, this is not putting America first.
Working with a known terrorist in most sensible peoples mindset, who has twice in past 12 months went to work for the so called enemy China, Mr. Eric Prince, in a week where Trump tweeted about banning a Muslim woman
Hoda Muthana who was operating for the Islamic State group allegedly, from returning to the country, yet Prince, Pelosi, Hillary and Mnuchin all walk and travel free within our own borders, despite all of them committing high treason, is not putting America first.
Trump insisting on meeting in Vietnam in Kim Jong Un, where Mr. Prince and his Chinese Dragon counterparts are all in place there, refer to recent intel update on that, which is suggestive at this point of working with them, not against them, is not putting America first.
3 months on after MWHT settled America’s debt to China and also the debt to the Federal Reserve again to which The Trust has again not been allowed to access the 2% admin fee, Trump has not announced America is essentially debt free, so no we don’t owe $22T and so don’t need austerity policies that always affect the people, and yet surprisingly or not, there is no austerity for our biggest expenditure, the military, who continue to disappear our funds as rapidly as melting snow on a hot summer day, this is not putting America first. Message to Trump – sort it out and fast before this whole country sinks into an abyss, being Nero will not look good on your CV, and we all know what happened to Nero in the end.

*Because of the lack of support stated above work was underway this week to further correct the banking system to prevent the various malevolents from blocking funds to the people.

*On Monday Kim shut down the entire Fed server, due to them initiating blocks on all accounts accepting or sending over $10,000, then the Fed decided to notify all banks that the banks had to call them to approve all transactions above that threshold, it seems some banks are now lower than $10K, due to extreme liquidity situations, so the Fed server is now completely kapput as of Monday. Fed has been calling all hackers in to try and fix their server since Monday, including asking the CIA to fix it.

*For the first time since 2012 all the banking system witnessed new allocation numbers for new money coming into the system, the Fed has no allocation numbers as this was stopped several years back, no allocation numbers equals no way to print money and so no funds.

*ACH/EFT and Swift transactions are no longer going via The Fed anymore, this should speed up these transactions, all transfers or wires should now be like Swift and require government only administrators

*Following on from a recent description on the levels of banking 3 thru 6, Level 5 which was The Pentagon level of access to the banking system has now been disabled permanently, due to interference and also syphoning out of the system.
Level 5 has now been replaced by Level 3 which was where all the banks were located on, this provides a more direct link for the delivery of banking transactions, no more going through various channels, each of which were syphoning funds from each transaction. Fed and Pentagon were taking 1/4 or 1/2 penny off every credit card transaction, this is why credit card fees are so high for customer and business owners.

*Many states are now holding back on prompt delivery of Social Security, benefits checks, alimony pay, tax refunds and other state money transfers due to severe liquidity crisis, banks thresholds of what you can take out or check/wires or transfers out of your accounts, is being lowered almost daily now.

*A new system was implemented by cabal in Hong Kong last night, that whole system was deleted within 8 minutes

*Around the same time cabal then tried to hack into Citibank and HSBC, that was prevented also

*Message to the clowns we are aware of your fun and games for the Ides of March, all so predictable, and will fail.

*Following the transfer of 3 separate transactions of funds done this week, that all 37 departments who have access to the money system, be that The Treasury, NSA, GCHQ, CIA, BIS you name it, every time Kim transfers funds, they all see it.
The funds were going into Bank of America, and suddenly it was announced they could see the funds, and just as quickly they disappeared, like magic, all 3 transactions vanished off the screens. Kim went into the system and located who was interfering with the transaction. Because the Fed is now blind, they got other systems to operate for them, NSA system in Missouri, another system in Texas and the main system in Fort Bragg had not only tried to steal the MWHT funds, it became apparent they have been syphoning funds out of all banks and peoples accounts since Monday when the Fed server was ruined.
Missouri, Texas were deleted permanently, the Fort Bragg one was kept open to find all the funds stolen and then returned to the owners, the 3 transfers located and returned to The Trust,  then the Fort Bragg server and their whole system was deleted permanently. oops.

*The 2% Trust fee, I need to cover as some people will use it against us and in particular Kim. When the trust does funding or purchase deals, which it does at times to make investments for and on behalf of The Trust, the trustee is entitled to a 2% admin fee, this has always been the way. The fee comes out of the trust fund, that used to go into the pocket of the main trustee, which her predecessor did, and the fee is to cover expenses and salary for the trustee, but Kim decided to use that fee to cover projects and not to enrich herself.
The Trust initially will need its own office or embassy, given it is a country unto itself, equipment, several staff for various reasons like analytics for projects, computers etc and all the other things that our required to operate The Trust, unlike the previous incumbent, all of it will be transparent.
To date Kim has received a sum total of $0 for the trillions of dollars sent out to various countries around the world, despite promises to deliver from various countries, most of which were blocked by Rothschilds, IMF or UN goons, but Trump promised it would be different, and to date, hasn’t delivered on any of those promises, to get the funds that is owed directly to The Trustee.
Out of those funds Kim was going to pay herself, bearing in mind she has done this job 6 years now with no pay, her team also has received no pay for the work they have done for the duration, and also to start the projects funding for the various peoples designated to receive project funds like The Peoples Club and Kre8change, all this was coming out of her 2% admin fee, of which essentially she is entitled to keep all of it, like her predecessor did, but she has chosen to give the bulk of it back to the people.

* Rome: A Vatican source has disclosed that a trio of senior Cardinals ousted Jorge Bergoglio today from his position as “Supreme Pontiff”. His deposing came just prior to a Ninth Circle cult ceremony at the Jesuit San Lorenzo Piscibus church in Rome, where Bergoglio’s removal will be ratified with a sacrificial ritual.

The new ruling Triumvirate will consist of the Vatican Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Canada and Cardinal Gerhard Muller of Germany. Bergoglio will retain his public position as “Pope Francis” for now, but will have no authority or voice within the Curia or so-called “Holy See”.

According to the source, “Francis was caught off guard by this move because it came from two of his closest supporters, Parolin and Ouellet. It was the typical Roman stabbing of Caesar in the back. The three Cardinals represent the political and financial muscle of the Vatican; Parolin, obviously, as Secretary of State, Ouellet as the head of the Congregation of the Bishops, and Muller as head of all doctrine and the Vatican Bank, through his control of Cardinal Reinhard Marx, chief of the Council of the Economy.”

All three Cardinals also figure prominently within the secret Ninth Circle sacrificial cult, particularly Marc Ouellet, who presided at a Circle coven in Montreal last December 21. The Ninth Circle, a child sacrificial cult established by the Jesuits in the sixteenth century, will be holding a special ceremony at midnight this weekend, February 23-24, to “sanctify” the new papal regime with the ritual killing of a child. The three ruling Cardinals will likely be at the ceremony. 

In response, a European nation – probably Spain – has lodged a diplomatic “message of concern” to Cardinal Parolin’s office concerning the impending Ninth Circle ceremony and has asked Italian police to investigate. The ITCCS has dispatched a team of special Sheriffs to attempt to disrupt the ceremony as they did successfully at the Marie Reine du Monde Cathedral in Montreal in the fall of 2016.


ITCCS asks all people of conscience to converge on the San Lorenzo Piscibus church by sundown this Saturday February 23 to aid in the disruption of this bloody ritual:
If you believe the official media accounts, “Pope Francis” spent the last several days in Rome conferring with a group of Cardinals and then all of his Bishops about child abuse in the Catholic Church. In truth, the event was a cover story designed to camouflage a palace coup at the Vatican.
 Operating behind the smokescreen of the widely-publicized conference, three senior Cardinals assumed the reins of power from Francis last Friday February 22 in a repetition of the fate of his predecessor, “Pope Benedict”, who was forced to resign from his office on February 11, 2013. As with Benedict, Francis was deposed just prior to the regular February 23-24 conclave of the elite Ninth Circle sacrificial cult at the San Lorenzo Piscibus church, just a block from Vatican City. But unlike six years ago, the Ninth Circle never held its grisly ceremony this past weekend, thanks to a diplomatic protest and a crowd of angry demonstrators. According to a confidential and high level source within the Roman Curia, the removal of Pope Francis occurred last Friday morning when the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, met with Francis in the presence of two other senior Cardinals: Marc Ouellet of Canada and Gerhard Mueller of Germany. All three men are actively associated with the Ninth Circle. On behalf of the Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Ouellet informed Francis that he had lost the confidence of both the Bishops and the College of Cardinals. Secretary of State Parolin followed by stating that henceforth he, Ouellet and Mueller would operate as interim co-adjudators of the Holy See and the Papacy, thereby removing Francis from office. To avoid adding to the crisis within their church, Francis’ removal would be kept secret from the public and he would remain as a figurehead but would exercise no authority. 

*1. The Judeo-Christian/ Islamic (Abrahamic) god teaches you: if you don’t believe and serve him, you will end up in a place forever separate from him. You will burn forever in a lake of fire after judgement (Revelations 20:4-15), and you are judged by him. In the Heathen view, the afterlife is action based. You are judged by your honour and the legacy you leave in life. You are not judged by some deity, but by your kinsmen and the generations after you. Instead of eternal bliss or damnation, you stand with your ancestors, and become part of their legacy.
2. The Abrahamic god teaches you need salvation. As soon as you are born, you are a “sinner”. And salvation through sin is only through him, the god who made you a sinner. Heathenism teaches that you are great. Your ancestors, family and folk are great. Heathenism brings you upwards and encourages you to be stronger and greater.
3. The Abrahamic god demands that you serve and submit to him. Your life means nothing without him. Heathen gods do not demand such a thing. To you they are like kinsmen.
4. The Abrahamic god commands you to hate the world, your family, and your folk, especially if they do not serve and submit to him (Matthew 10:31-42 and 1 John 2:15-17). There is a list of over 600 laws you must follow (first five books of the bible, or the Torah), and forgiveness for breaking any of these laws is only through him (Matthew 5:17). You are separate from nature, and he is separate from you. Heathenism teaches you to love nature, your family, folk and the world. Because you are part of it. And the greatest “sin” is to hate and dishonour them. The only “law” is to honour the legacy of your forefathers and pass it to your descedants. No meaningless laws on what kind of clothes you wear, or when and how you eat, etc. The gods live within you, your folk, family, and nature. You are not separate from them, but they are a part of you.
5. Heathenry is nature based. Whereas Judeo-Christianity /Islam is “supreme deity” based. The Heathen gods are your people’s gods, while the Abrahamic god is a foreign, a non-European god.

Student homelessness has hit an all-time high following a significant spike over the past three years, with 20 states experiencing a surge of 10 percent or more, new federal data released last week indicate. The data also found that students who experience homelessness are significantly less likely to graduate from high school. More than 1.3 million public school students experienced homelessness during the 2016-17 school year, a 7 percent increase over three years ago and the largest number ever recorded. Over the past decade, the population of students experiencing homelessness has spiked by a startling 70 percent. Meanwhile, 14 percent of homeless youth resided in shelters, 6 percent lived in hotels or motels, and 4 percent were identified as unsheltered. The unsheltered category saw the most growth, increasing by 27 percent over the three-year period. Homelessness has significant academic ramifications. Utilizing data from 44 states, the report shows that students who experienced homelessness during the 2016-17 school year had a graduation rate of 64 percent — compared with a 77.6 percent graduation rate among other low-income students, and a national average of 84.1 percent. Among students who experienced homelessness in 2016-17, about 30 percent were proficient in reading and 25 percent were proficient in mathematics.

*The situation in Haiti reaching Venezuela proportions, Inflation has been in the double digits since 2014, and the price hikes are angering many people in Haiti, where about 60 per cent of its nearly 10.5 million people struggle to get by on about $2 a day. A recent report by the U.S. Agency for International Development said about half the country is undernourished, all courtesy of The Clintons, Pelosi and rogue US military.

*kudos to randy, emily and shane, they covered a very sensitive topic in recent show regarding sexuality and the labels surrounding it, as they all said why cant we just be people? 60+ different labels for gender now, how ridiculous is that? Which total retard comes up with all these descriptions, do they not stop and think on these matters? clearly not.
Look I get that many people are not comfortable with gays, well actually if truth be known it is more to do with male gays than females, is it not? The bible and religious program has done much to create that division more than any half wit civil servant has ever done, it goes against god they cry, which one I ask? do you know which one you are praying to, have you met him? plus have you realized god or jesus never wrote any books? How can you be so sure those are gods words? the answer 100% is you can’t, you have assumed, which is not fact.
The irony is which is not funny in anyway shape or form, these same preachers are the ones doing homosexual acts, not with adults, no! the children, and they stand there and deliver sermons of what we can and cannot do, telling us we are all sinners and come into my gossip box and confess to your sins, if anyone needs to go into confession, it is these very preachers themselves who have to confess, not get covered up by those allegedly on high.
So, these anti life preachers set all the rules of what is sin (the god of sin is knowledge for those new) can’t do this or that, whilst doing the very same acts themselves, these people are sick, but it doesn’t help us that so many still prop up that system to this day. If you wish to pray and follow god, stay at home and do it.
The point is, the real god source of which we are all a part of, would not play the Eharmony game of matchmaker, surely the object of us all is to love each other, and if two people love each other, does it matter if they are the same sex? More importantly is it any of your business who other people chose to love or be? Ya see everyones talks of ending Big brother, but the people are the biggest proponents of it.
Do I care if Randy is bisexual or straight gay? no, will it affect my relationship with him? no, why should it? do I care if Shane’s child is transgendered? no, the point is it is nobody’s business what people choose to be, what people do in their bedrooms and with whom, is again nobodies business.
The only issue I have is when it becomes a program, and both of these groups have become part of a program from where I stand. On the one hand these people want to be left alone, then on the other they want people to recognize or label them, and few realize they are doing both, but you cant have it both ways, and some of those communities really need to think about what they are getting across, they need to be more definitive of their path.
We have to get to a point where there is no need for anyone to come out as they call it, why should anyone have to announce it? this is the dichotomy situation again is it not? a need to be blended into society, but also a need to be recognized as a label, it is something the gay communities need to ponder on I feel, I don’t go up to people and say hello i’m white, heterosexual male, so why should a gay person feel they have the need or want to deliver who or what they are? That is not a critique, it is an observation, that perhaps needs to be pondered on, because to most of society we are seeing different messages, which will not help the integration into society for the all.
Is it not the case the only time we need to know what sexuality a person is, is when that person expresses an interest in us, otherwise it should have no relevance, in my opinion.
I don’t think some of the actions of doing parades and putting it in peoples faces helps, society is just not ready for it clearly, it takes time, and I compare it to the alt media, when it first started there was very few of us, as too many in society were not ready to learn truth, but over time, many more jumped on board with it, even facebook moderators, a more softly softly approach is required until people are ready, ramming anything in peoples faces has always met resistance, no matter what the subject.
But this topics real issue is Political Correctness, which essentially means we label everything and talk bollocks, I warned of this back in the 1990’s of where it would go, it is stifling discourse, all people treading on eggshells over saying certain words, many not knowing which words are correct to say or not, and ultimately it is creating more division, which is exactly what the program wanted. Kudos to Randy and Shane for bringing up sensitive subjects, that were also personal to them, and kudos to Emily for providing the balance to the relevant topics discussed.

*The alt media and even our own group appears to be all focused on one topic currently, as most of the posts all have the same theme 5G, I have tried several times to point out discrepancies over it, like do the cabal have anti 5G pills or masks to avoid it?
where was the focus on 1 through 4G? when a whole group of people focus on one thing, the one thing I can guarantee as an observer, is it is a program, just like chemtrails, global warming, flat earth, nibiru, jade helm, fema detention camps, the RV all like 5G is fear based or distraction based programming, learn to step back from it and ask your own questions and you will likely see it the same way.
I would ask again where was the focus of 1-4G, why hasn’t everybody died or suffered in mass numbers from that? where was the mass focus of 49K children dying each day? where is the mass focus against our history being a lie, or mass focus of 8-900K children in America going missing permanently each year? or mass focus of the fact that America had no govt, no constitution, no rights, no ownership of property or even your children, no currency, no national bank, illegal tax collectors, no american law system, or why we have known criminals walking amongst us and nobody does nothing? or why all banks with our money are currently all bankrupt? or why hasn’t American sovereignty been addressed, but the agency led alt media throws out a bone and suddenly everyone runs to chomp on it? it is predictive and predictable behavior, and is not thinking or acting different.
No one is saying it is safe or it shouldn’t be a point of concern, but it is NOT THE main concern currently, and the alt media is being led a merry dance with a fear and distraction based program.

Loop news rears its head again today, A $1 million bounty is being offered for the capture of son of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Hamza bin Laden, now 30 and dubbed the “crown prince of jihad”, has been the subject of speculation for years with reports of him in Pakistan, Afghanistan or under house arrest in Iran. In a statement, the U.S. State Department told the Mirror: “The Justice Program is offering a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to the identification or location in any country of al-Qa’ida (AQ) key leader Hamza bin Laden. “Hamza bin Laden is the son of deceased former AQ leader Usama bin Laden and is emerging as a leader in the AQ franchise. “Since at least August 2015, he has released audio and video messages on the Internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the United States and its Western allies, and he has threatened attacks against the United States in revenge for the May 2011 killing of his father by U.S. service members.” Last August it was revealed he had married the daughter of Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker in the 9/11 terror attacks.

Source Channeling: This piece came out of the land of fantasy and delusion that is prevalent in their blogs, yes its the RV world blogs of fake 800 numbers, where everyone turns up in Reno all full of hopium of its all happening 2-3 times a week, and yet surprisingly to them it doesn’t. inteldinarchronicles is a deep state site designed to keep everyone waiting and doing nothing, it also makes what was once a human with some intelligence, into something who under normal circumstances would be institutionalized. Here is the latest claims of the short bus crew
All Social Security recipients will receive $2500.00 per month in 30 days after NESARA. Thats $250B a month and $3T a year which is more than the GDP of every country around the world except USA, China, Japan and Germany.
All Income Taxes collected will be refunded + fines & fees in 60 to 90 days after NESARA.
(Have these people inquired whether the IRS holds that amount to repay it? the figures suggest not)
Health Care, Education & the Right to Pursue Our Dreams will be the Government’s Responsibility.
(Really havent thought this one out have they, right to pursue our dreams is the govt responsibility? oh dear)
All PP Funds recipients will initially receive $25,000,000 in a Trust after receiving a letter via a mail carrier, military or Light courier (A. I.) Signing will activate the nondisclosure & Trust.
Then they’ll be required to call, make an appointment at the bank & spend about 45 minutes at paper work.
In 30 days a new PP Fund will be available to join & they will follow this sequence of steps until All of Us are millionaires.
Be sure to leave some money in the Trust to keep it open as the next installment (Undisclosed Amount) Follows the 1st.
The Prosperity Funds will finance the Humanitarian Programs available with a Proposal to improve our world.
(Have you ever heard such unsanity thinking as this $25M each is $825T for Americans only based on 330M Americans, to inject volumes of any level of funds you have to balance it with an asset to support it, or the whole economy collapses, your million dollar note will be worth less than a dollar within first 5 minutes of $825T being placed into the system, these people are beyond stupid.)
The St. Germain Trust is 400 Quadrillion (18 Zeros) as is Quan Yin’s Trust…Total 800 Quadrillion, Quan means when, yin means dark, so when the dark happens? 2 weeks then ,she is often referred to as the Goddess of the Southern Sea — or Indian Archipelago, There are temples all over China dedicated to this goddess, and she is worshiped by women in South China more than in the North, on the 19th day of the 2nd, 6th and 9th moons.
(So a dark female from India now residing in china, doing moon rituals? oh my after last weeks show, kali ma goes to china? is Quan a derivative of Khan which is Cohen. Sometimes she is represented as possessing eleven heads, how and why is someone with 11 heads an object of worship?
The St. germain Trust doesn’t and has never existed, period, no matter which half wit says so, I have personally seen all the trusts and 0 said St. germaine. The global GDP is currently around $80T, that is 80 followed by 12 zeros, and these goons think we should add into the system 800 followed by 15 zeros, 1 quadrillion is 1000 trillion, global gdp is 80 trillion.)
To finance equitable housing, clean water, sewage & infrastructure around the world.
3D Printers, Computers & Robotics, etc. will accomplish these within a year.
(3d printer been out a while, question is if everyone is getting a 3d printer, why would they need $25M in a trust? what would you spend it on, if you could print it out)
There will be many projects to Enhance life & Beautify Mother Earth.
(but giving everyone with a materialistic mindset $25M will destroy it not enhance it you utter idiots)
There’ll be elections 120 days after Interim Gov’t replaces corporate u.s.
(Drake said that back in 2011)
Disclosure Announcements will follow NESARA in 30 to 60 days.
(nesara funds is for American farmers compensation only, not the general public)
Banks will be closed for 3 to 7 days to become Basel 3 & 4 Compliant.
(basel complaint? oh you mean Rothschilds compliant, Basel is Switzerland and Rothschilds owned, still think its a good idea? what happened or changed with Basel 1 & 2 compliant? nothing)
RV & GCR are ready for the auspicious moment with Funds in all the banks.
(not happening, financially impossible, please show where the $4.5Q in assets are available to support this venture, it is 3/4 planets worth of assets)
Homes, Offices, vehicles, etc will run on unlimited zero point electrical space energy.
(fine, how is that going to be accomplished? how will the oil or utilities companies react to that? hundreds of thousands of people will lose their jobs, how will you accommodate them?)
Radionic Devices & Herbs will replace many conventional practices to heal all conditions.
(will herbs be organic or gmo like most of the new pot industry?)
After Contact, in 6 to 8 months, 2nd Wave Technologies including Anti-Gravity Cars that teleport.
(we have already had contact, so why havent we had all these so called new tech?)
Replicators, Body Adjusting Beds, Multi media (holodecks) & Beams Ships 7 minutes to any star or galaxy.
(good luck with that, machine world, travelling in tin cans is outdated tech did you not know?)
In 12 to 14 months after Contact we will spend 3 days in the Light Chambers & 7 to 10 days in training.
(which light? the lucifer chamber? after all he is the light bringer or so we are told, 7-10 days training for what? how to spend our $25M trust fund whilst having replicators and or 3d printing machines? if we have replicators and 3d printers, why would we need money?)
All of this is the same loop news rubbish put out by Drake and Wilcock back in 2011, there have been 208 2 week periods since then and jackshit of the above has happened in 8 years, it’s all coming, it never. The majority of the above is based in fantasy land, even the things that are valid and a good possibility, is mired in a thinking process by people who clearly have no idea of how anything works or operates on this planet, if we are going to really fix this planet we will and have to come up with several solutions that match realistic goals, with rational thinking not retarded levels of non thinking shown above. Reality based thinking not delusional.

*Trump has gone on full scale attack on the media this week, but who cares what portal people say or think? this is the key, they have nothing to offer us, they know way less than us, so what value do they have for us? except wasting precious life force energy and time? those people are vacuous cretins they bring nothing of value to the table of life, and should be removed immediately, various ideas of how to do it, have been pushed forward from this show, it is way past time at least one of those suggestions was acted upon.

The 1936–39 Arab revolt in British Palestine inflicted great economic and infrastructural damage on Jaffa. It began on 19 April 1936 with a riot remembered as “the Bloody Day in Jaffa“, which ended with 9 Jews killed and scores injured. It was not a riot they were aware of what was coming next, being thrown out of their homes. The Arab leadership declared a general strike, which began in the Jaffa Port, a place that had already become a symbol of Arab resistance. Military reinforcements were brought in from Malta and Egypt to subdue the rioting which spread throughout the country. The Old City, with its maze of homes, winding alleyways and underground sewer system, provided an ideal escape route for the rioters fleeing the British army. In May, municipal services were cut off, the old city was barricaded, and access roads were covered with glass shards and nails. In June, British bombers dropped boxes of leaflets in Arabic requesting the inhabitants to evacuate that same day. On the evening of 17 June 1936, 1500 British soldiers entered Jaffa and a British warship sealed off escape routes by sea. The British Royal Engineers blew up homes from east to west, leaving an open strip that cut through the heart of the city from end to end. On 29 June, security forces implemented another stage of the plan, carving a swath from north to south. The mandatory authorities claimed the operation was part of a “facelift” of the old city. In 1945, Jaffa had a population of 94,310, of whom 50,880 were Muslims, 28,000 were Jews, 15,400 were Christians and 30 were classified as “other”. The Christians were mostly Greek Orthodox and about one-sixth of them were members of the Eastern Catholic Churches. One of the most prominent members of the Arab Christian community was the Greek Orthodox Issa El-Issa, publisher of the newspaper Falastin. In 1947, the UN Special Commission on Palestine recommended that Jaffa be included in the planned Jewish state. Due to the large Arab majority, however, it was instead designated as part of the Arab state in the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine.

*In relation to fake news and Donald Trump’s greeting gesture, one must ask these days what is the correct way to address people? Some like to bear hug, some like to kiss on side of the cheek, some like to kiss on the lips, some like to shake hands and some like to embrace. But is it not the case now that many of us are frightened or nervy of what exchange we should do with each other? why has a simple embrace become so bad and created nervous reactions in so many of us, particularly men?
Hugging each other has almost become a no no, what is wrong with it? why does it have to be associated with potential sexual predatory behavior, why have we allowed ourselves to be thinking that way? Most men can’t glance at a woman now for fear of being called a pervert, have all men suddenly become perverts over the last 30 years, if not, then why is that the predominant thought in the females? we are all predators, it is just wrong thinking and another program designed to all remove human emotions from us all, is it not? Like the phone issue, people now prefer to type 2D words to people, than actually speak to them in 3D, like the deliberate program going on for a while of closing down pubs, why? to stop people congregating and talking to each other, no that is not a supposition, it is a fact. It is all part of a program to dehumanize us, like the recent announcement of sex robots, can you not see where it is all going? anti human and into non emotion robotic world, aka transhumanism.
I have had a number of requests from some females recently expressing their interests in me, which I took seriously and I was kind of flattered, at no point did I think this was predatory behavior, and yet if the roles were reversed, too often allegations and nasty name calling is thrown back at you, this has to stop, there is nothing wrong with expressing you have a desire to be with someone else, and nothing wrong to politely reject it either, but this launching into extremes of I was violated bs is beyond fake at best, and severely damaging at worst.
The damage done is often hidden as we all know, which is why so many of us are riddled with unaddressed shadow or inner work, whether it is expressing an interest in someone or a simple greeting gesture, we have to move away from the thinking it is somehow all predatory, because 95% of the time it isn’t. Those falsely accused go into a shell, because the worst thing in society you can accuse someone of is, a sexual advance, most people wont investigate it, they just hear the allegation and accept it, for an example Julian Assange, people just accepted it.
The reality is the allegation of a sexual crime is often used to effect for those in political power, to coerce others into doing their dirty work, they know the public will revulse in most cases, and not bother looking into whether the crime took place or not, and it has crept into our society, with women making false claims of rape or other similar allegations to get back at or get rid of those people.
Women making false claims of any sexual advance should receive same sentence they accused the attacker in my opinion, if rape is 15 years, the false accuser is 15 years also, that might stop these ridiculous fake claims being made against innocent people, that damages most of them for the rest of their lives, because gossipy people will always exist and always cast doubts on that person, whether proven innocent or not. if only those who gossip spend as much time on their own lives as they do interfering or invading others, how much better would the world be today.
We are collectively creating a society devoid of emotions, frightened to speak or embrace each other, don’t know how to engage each other, there is 82M single households in America alone, 82M and all because of the way society has been created by the system, and yet we have all too easily bought into it. Just look at the statistics 
In 2017, the U.S. census reported 110.6 million unmarried people over the age of 18—that’s 45.2 percent of the American adult population, In 1960, 72 percent of adults were married. Among today’s growing single population, 63 percent have never been married, 23 percent are divorced, and 13 percent are widowed. Of that staggering single population, the majority of which are living independently of their own accord, 53 percent of singles are women. Do that amount of people really wish to be alone? particularly the women? I would suggest not, and I would also suggest the Feminist movement is the biggest single cause of it by far.
Society has to start making better choices, a hug, kiss or compliment has to stop being deemed as sexual predatory behavior, it is damaging to the love we all need in life, no matter how many bad partners we have all had, the absence of love, creates fear, fear equals low vibration, which feeds the system against us. Go hug a human for source sakes, we all need it.


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