truth honor integrity_march 7, 2019

Clowns are introducing a new system for March 15th, their new system will deliver the much awaited RV/GCR and all the banks, corrupt agencies, politicians and the treasonous generals will all get their pay outs at the expense of the American people, or so they think, reality is, it will fail like all the other attempts, it’s just another delaying tactic.
Trump has allegedly given them until this date or the country will move on to a new way of operating, you all know there is only one avenue forward.

*As of Friday The US Treasury was $27M in the red, by Monday that reached $175M as they were all instructed to wait for Monday’s payout – it failed, that’s why the market dipped on Monday, the clowns are trying to crash the whole economy between now and the 15th as a back up, again another delaying tactic.

*Kim and the team were doing regular maintenance over the weekend and rechecking the system for flaws or back doors, then she tried to do a transfer to see how many would chime into the system to watch it unfold, she waited long enough for the numbers to mount up, and 647 hooks and viruses into the system were recorded, all looking and waiting to pounce on Kim transferring funds, 647 of them got deleted out of the system permanently as of Sunday, oops.

*The Fed on Monday was $125M in the negative and are now banking on the new system on march 15th delivering, not happening

*On Monday with the Fed in a panic, the Fed was offered a deal to go from a private bank to a public bank, and were asked how much would it cost to do so, and the Trust which owns The Federal Reserve would fund the transition, on the proviso all of their 12 banks stepped down and all of them stopped blocking funds and all of them cleaned up their act.

*One of the reasons for dancing with the devil was laid bare on Monday also for Kim and the team, whilst Nero fiddled again, we have an issue of the highest category of national security this country maybe has ever faced. As all banks now have zero liquidity left including Federal Reserve and the fact that all foreign currency reserves of USD held on behalf of most countries globally in the Federal Reserve has gone, vanished, emptied. When the rest of the world finds out this is a fact, we could end up with several countries wanting to attack us, either by mercenary or terrorist groups or all out war threats. All countries who had USD held on their behalf at The Federal Reserve is gone, same applies to all the gold held on reserve, this is why President Maduro asked for all Venezuela’s reserves back, he knows. If this is not the primary concern of all departments, then this country is doomed. We are not concerned about Muellers, Comey et al, there are far more prominent things that need full attention, and waiting for March 15th will not help matters one iota.

*Tuesday with financial issues for the country ramping up and more prying eyes into the system than is necessary, all monitoring USD, most of which should not be prying into other countries finances, like you GCHQ, or you BIS amongst others, 37 different organizations all following the flow of USD, all 37 got cut off from monitoring, only The US Treasury now can monitor USD.

Heiress Abigail Disney thinks corporate America is being paid too much. The granddaughter of Roy Disney, co-founder of The Walt Disney Company with brother Walt Disney, said she thinks “CEOs in general are paid far too much,” on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Thursday. Disney refused to comment on whether she thinks Disney CEO Bob Iger is paid too much. But she did say, “If you’re CEO salary is at the 700, 600, 500 times your median workers pay, there is nobody on earth, Jesus Christ himself isn’t worth 500 times his median workers pay.” On Monday, Iger agreed to a new compensation contract that cut his maximum potential annual pay by $13.5 million. He was awarded $65.6 million for his performance last fiscal year, the result of a pay bump for extending his tenure at Disney through 2021 and stock awards in excess of $35 million. This year, however, the company eliminated a $500,000 boost to his base salary, keeping it at $3 million. It also cut his potential cash bonus from $20 million to $12 million and reduced his long-term incentive pay from $25 million to $20 million, the company said in a securities filing Monday. Disney has long been a proponent for lowering executive paychecks and taxing the rich more.”The problem is that there’s a systematic favoring of people who have accumulated an enormous amount of wealth,” she said. Disney signed on to a letter with about 200 other millionaires living in New York last month, asking lawmakers to introduce a “millionaires tax” on households earning more than $5 million to help fund affordable housing, infrastructure and other initiatives.
The reason I put this piece in Op-ed’s is because I have covered recently the issues of this and excessive earnings. There is 2 problems with this, are Abigail Disney and Alexandria Cortez promoting higher taxes on the rich for the benefit of the people, or is it a back door sneaky attempt to keep the corrupt IRS going? get people to vote for higher taxes on the rich, is the people voting to consent to continuing the IRS is it not?
The issue of higher earnings has to be addressed, nobody needs to earn over $1/4M a year never mind $65m, it is beyond evil those levels of earnings, need not greed, lets look at this figure, if you paid a worker $20 an hour and they worked a 35 hour week, Bob Iger’s salary would cover 1802 peoples yearly salary, Disney hours are 40 and $10 an hour that equals 3153 peoples yearly salary, how does a generally overweight lard arse equate to earning the same amount 3153 people do working 40 hours a week for a whole year? or the 6.5M people of Haiti earning just $2 an hour?
I know some of these salaries are inflated so they get around the corporate tax structure, but if the corporate tax structure was clean and transparent there is no need for these levels of earnings.
This is why I set up the Peoples club earnings structure, I don’t believe anyone in any company should be earning more than 5 times the lowest salary, it is beyond obscene and creates haves and have nots. For those who like to pry and make comparisons, my salary for The Peoples club when it starts was set at $50K a year, ya see, need not greed.
If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of the world.
If you have money in your bank, money in your wallet and some loose change lying around the house, you are in the top 8% of the worlds wealthy.
It’s all about perspective isn’t it, and something we often forget when waiting for million dollar pay outs from RV’s or GCR’s or Nesara, we are richer than most in the western world, and whilst many of us are struggling in some way, it pales into insignificance some of the levels people around the world are enduring, but these excessive CEO salaries have to end, if we are to create a civilized society where all people prosper, not just the few.
The 14 defining characteristics of Fascism which is related to Germany but is no more German, than Communism is to Russia or China, all rolled out by the same largely hidden element, and rolled into labelling countries and their peoples, when it is a hidden program that has gone on thousands of years. All Americans should take note of this in particular, they have ran a program here for a long time about how America is the greatest, bestest, fastest, leader of everything from sport to military, it is a false mask program to hide the real intentions, in the UK we called it buttering people up, once it sticks in the psyche a bit like being called the chosen ones, the ruling element play havoc with those peoples, as they are too preoccupied with we are the greatest, that everything gets stripped away before you notice.
It’s a psychological game that has been played on peoples and countries, and just as devastating as the divide and conquer program.
I remember being on a mainly American forum back in 2004-2006 time and reading what people said mainly, then I would chime in with a hammer and watch how it unfolded. My hammer that day was, America is the 4th Reich, don’t talk stupid you don’t think us Americans would fall for that do you, my reply was you already have, look around.
Mass indignation was abound, except one person who said you know what I never thought that but I can see where your coming from, but we have the Constitution and Bill of Rights, my reply was when you research deeper, you will find you have neither, it’s all an illusion. Lets see how many boxes it ticks
1. powerful and continuing Nationalism 2. disdain for human rights 3. Identification of enemies as a unifying cause 4. supremacy of the military 5. Rampant sexism 6. Controlled mass media 7. obsession with national security 8. religion and government intertwined 9. Corporate power protected 10. Labor power suppressed 11. disdain for intellectuals and the arts 12. obsession with crime and punishment 13. Rampant cronyism and corruption 14. fraudulent elections
Now fascism is not just another label, it is a program, Fascism and how it is ran, is no different from the modern day Communism is ran, neither is Democracy, that is the biggest oxymoron ever, Socialism again no different, Republic is a reference to Rome and the Houses rule, left, right, center, conservative, liberals are the cabals joke on people to distract them even further, it boggles my mind when I hear those terms, because when you really step back and think on it, absolutely zero of it makes any sense.
I’m a left leaning conservative, what in source does that mean? have you had a stroke and your torso is leaning to the left, and if you are a conservative do you dress blandly? I’m on the right, ok your stroke went down the other side then, but i’m a right wing, are you a bird? and doesn’t being right leaning subsequently equal fascist? No, not me i’m not a fascist, but you just said you are right wing, right and left wing are both military terms, I will remind you of number 4 in the list, the supremacy of the military.
Now you see why I state we have to think, really think, then think and act different.

Democrats in both Houses for legislation sponsored by Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D-MD) and co-sponsored by Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, commonly known as BDS. Anyone guilty of violating the prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison. According to the ACLU, the Cardin legislation would “bar U.S. persons from supporting boycotts against Israel, including its settlements in the Palestinian Occupied Territories (emphasis mine) conducted by international governmental organizations, such as the United Nations and the European Union. It would also… include penalties for simply requesting information about such boycotts. Violations would be subject to a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison….This bill would impose civil and criminal punishment on individuals solely because of their political beliefs about Israel and its policies.”
Benjamin Cardin is not his original name it is Kardonsky, born of Jewish Parents in Russia, member of the Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Beta Delta, Beta Sigma Tau and Beta Sigma Rho. Which is predominantly Jewish but the Pi Lambda Phi has a distinct Egyptian flavor on it’s crest. Cardin was reelected nine times, rarely facing serious opposition and even running unopposed in 1992. In the 2000 round of redistricting, his district was redrawn to add significant portions of Anne Arundel County, including the state capital of Annapolis. His last two opponents hailed from Anne Arundel and nearly carried the district’s portion of that county.

We live in such an overtly sexual and promiscuous society these days, but does anyone stop to consider the consequences? Entity attachment through sex is just one aspect nobody seems to even be aware of. We firstly must come to understand just how truly powerful sex actually is, I mean think about it through sex we actually create life! Sex is powerful on a level most of us never even consider. Sex magic has long been known about by occultists, and they know full well about its ability to manifest not only life but many other human desires or needs.
Engaging in sex opens an energy vortex up, and depending on who you’re sleeping with, that can also open you up to whatever he or she may have harvesting on their energy.
Entity attachment through sex is very real and we need to start taking it seriously. Sex between a truly loving couple literally has the ability to anchor essence energy down into this reality. This is one of the reasons low vibrational sex is encouraged because if sex is coming from a place of darkness, lack of love or lust then that type of energy and those entities coming down, will be of a parasitic and negative nature. This Tinder society where its all about a drunken one night stand, where nobody wants to commit is harming us in ways we do not even understand. When you have sex with someone you remain energetically corded to them for 7 years, some argue it is for life, but my knowledge says 7 years which may co-incide with the blood cycle changing every 7 years, unless you have some energy work to cut them.
Women can actually take up to 50% of the man’s karma also. You’re are also effectively potentially passing on and sharing that person’s entity attachments, which can then start to change your own habits and behaviour. It is quite common to see that if the relationship is toxic, the less toxic person can actually start to take on the personality traits of the other person. We have to understand that we live in a multidimensional reality with different forms of consciousness that exist just outside of our visible sight, much of these consciousnesses are distorted and reside in 4D, the closest to our dimension. Many of which are parasitic bottom feeders just waiting for an opportunity for you to open yourself up. This is why sex is one of the 5 hooks, it is also another avenue of possession, particularly via anal sex, the occult practising people know this and why it is used on mainly young boys in pedophile circles, that particular practice is more powerful.
I did a piece about 85% being synths last March, and then altered my perspective a bit to suggest 85% of this planet is infected with host possession, it made more sense than the 85% synths, perhaps people will now begin to see the possibility now, that that prediction is more correct than people thought, and why this planet is so messed up.
Another one of the new age programs that was pushed onto the public as being all love and light is, tantric sex, having listened to the above, perhaps a rethink of that should be looked at, and if you are not certain and remember my recent shows about the Kali Ma and dark practices that came out of India and spread into Egypt, then into Europe, tantric sex started in India and is wrapped in Hinduism and Buddhism both of which are a bastardized and corrupted versions of the Vedas.
I was sent this poem by one of the members and it was written by a person from my home town, fits in nicely with what I described back in 2015 of the Masks of Illusion.
One night a poem came up to a poet From now on, it said, you must wear a mask.
What kind of mask? asked the poet.
A rose mask, said the poem. I’ve used it already, said the poet, I’ve exhausted it.
Then wear the mask that’s made out of a nightingale’s song, use that mask.
Oh, it’s an old mask, said the poet, it’s all used up.
Nonsense, said the poem, it’s the perfect mask,
still, try on the god mask, now that mask illuminates heaven.
It’s a tight mask, said the poet, and the stars crawl about in it like ants.
Then try on the troubador’s mask, or the singer’s mask, try on all the popular masks.
I have, said the poet, but they fit so easily.
The poem was getting impatient, it stamped its feet like a child,
it screamed. Then try on your own face, try the one mask that terrifies,
the mask only you could possibly use, the mask only you could wear out.
The poet tore at his face til it bled, this mask? he yelled, this mask?
Yes, said the poem, yes.
But the poet was tired of masks,
he had lived too long with them, he snatched at the poem and stuck it in his face.
Its screams were muffled, it wept, it tried to be lyrical, it wriggled into his eyes and mouth.
Next day his friends were afraid of him, he looked so distorted. Now it’s the right mask, said the poem, the right mask. It clung to him lovingly and never let go again.
We at THI and MWHT are used to low level idiots playing games trolling and other shenanigans all designed to throw us off track, and the latest clown I will address tonight is not only a paid shill but an outright criminal as well, so lets shine the spotlight of another corrupt alt media person shall we.
Given their continuing email onslaught were they accuse Kim of fraud dating back to 2009, and yet despite repeated requests to supply evidence, none was forthcoming.
Due to several lewd emails accusing Kim of sleeping with all and sundry, again no evidence supplied because there is none.
Claims of fraud against me, which again David Rae aka Bubba aka Barry Biggum refuse to provide proof or anything resembling evidence, because there is none, so David and his criminal connections make stuff up and use blackmail and extortion to profit from.
Like his website also fails to provide evidence against anyone he accuses, and when people approach him to remove them from their website as evidence has shown he was just posting random people, or stealing data from other sites who have done proper criminal organizations like David Rae demanded money off people wrongly accused, to remove them from the website, check it out for yourself, thewhistleblowers.info.
So hear is what we know, David Rae provides no evidence to support a single claim on “his” website.
David Rae works for Blackwater, with possible links to SSp given his location, and also given his location I suspect Dean Chambers of CV and the Keenan group is involved also, it fits his forte.
David has criminal records for fraud himself
David is involved in securities scams and operating without a license, as he was exposed in this piece
Bond Seller 7th of Aug, 2014
I completely AGREE with the complaint, they are also selling securities in the USA and beyond without a license!! The securities they are selling are bogus, because they do not own them even though they say they do, they use a false offshore bank, and people are falling for it!
Also, of more concern from what I read is that they started off by selling this bogus Bull S*** security from other clients who they trust, only to turn on the clients and blame the clients for giving them the securities to sell in the first place.
How can they possibly say they are hunting down the villains who brought them the securities when it was these criminals who were selling them!

EX-Senior Investigator of THEWHISTLEBLOWERS
Today the world is on fire with the spread of corruption, crime and terrorism. The fuel for this fire is money laundering, which is only possible with the participation of corrupt bankers.
The core objective of the unique investigative journalism on the website THEWHISTLEBLOWERS.ORG is to uncover and destroy money laundering networks, which will reduce corruption, crime and terrorism.
THEWHISTLEBLOWERS has been hit by over 5,000 DDOS attacks from a criminal cyber campaign in the past to silence the voice of THEWHISTLEBLOWERS forever and erase the website from the internet – but so far in vain! David and partner sanjay kalpoe who has since left David’s scamming exercise, only for David to then turn on him and add him to his fake website as you can see here: Traitor SANJAY KALPOE
In July 2015, things turned out differently. The ex-investigator SANJAY KALPOE commits internal treachery for low motives, can be bribed to his personal financial advantage and deletes without warning.

thewhistleblowers.org This website and its owners are already known for publishing information that does not correspond to reality and have not been adequately proven.
The site is owned by David Rea, U.S. citizen and Sanjay Kalpoe, Dutch citizen. The page “thewhistleblowers.org”, is housed in a pirate servers company whose owner has already served prison sentences.
Also the owners and managers of the website, David Rea and Sanjay Kalpoe have been several reports of fraud and comply with pending imprisonment.
So it’s not the best example to say who is right or wrong. They leverage their contacts to offer investment programs that are pure scam.
As of 2016 David Rae had an outstanding arrest warrant
Rea a Con Man 20th of Feb, 2016
David Rea has an Arrest Warrant awaiting him and he is fully aware of it…Why do you think he and partners are not stateside..They will eventually spend A LOT of in in PRISON…David and Sanjay are CROOKS of the Highest level seeking to launder as much money and assets as possible while blaming others for the very same thing if their deal does not close.
Sanjay Kalpoe and his partner Anthony Heavenrich will be in Jail soon as the SEC is heavily Investigating him for not being a licensed banker Yet he clams he owned a bank and has defrauded many investors with his gmail bank email address. Here is the SEC site where he has been report for bank fraud as well as his Two partners David Rae & Sanjay Kalpoe http://www.sec.gov/spotlight/finreporting-audittaskforce.shtml They have 17 fraud complaints
Then we find two separate rip off reports of David Rae or David John Rae listed as living in Maryland, but works for real estate in Washington State? with a website owned by a bent cop in India, gets about doesn’t he, people on the run always do.
Blackmails financial people for financial gains he proclaims to have access to the banking world, but only produces words but no evidence of his professed experience and relationships.
David Rea has presented in the past: Fraudulent Gold Certificates, Fake Instruments, Fake Sovereign Accounts, Fake Funds, Fake contacts and links at top 50 banks, Fake JV and Contract agreements “I have had personal experiences with David and his partner in crime Anthony claiming to be the owner of Instruments and funds when in fact everything he presented was fraudulent, bogus, fake, leased and not owned in any way. David has asked for money from investors many times to enter into programs or commodity opportunities that have not been successful. When it comes time to pay out opportunities he will in fact make many excuses blaming everyone else why the opportunity has not worked, or that the funds are locked up in a court hearing, locked up in a trade opportunity that is being investigated where in fact there was never an opportunity in the 1st place.”
Malaysia Forex brokerage put out a warning BLACK LIST 8211 URGENT COMMUNICATION: DAVID JOHN Rae ANTHONY HEAVENRICH Sanjay Kalpoe scam company and if you come into contact with these guys, call the Police or FBI. David John Rea and his friend Antonius Richard de Caluw, aka Anthony Heavenrich. With the help of the false bank Testudo Capital Asset Management and their link Eurolink Investment Group, they collect passports and bank documents. Then they post all documents on their website: thewhistleblowers. org then says you are money launderers. If you have contact with these guys, call the FBI or police immediately because they are scammers and in 2012 they stole 40,000 euros from 2 customers. Testudo is a ghostbank. They do not have permission to use the word: BANK. It is a fraud. and they offer MTN (A medium-term note (MTN) is a debt note that usually matures (is paid back) in 5–10 years )for their Ponzi 8217s system.

It has recently come to the Company’s attention that certain individuals have established and published a website purporting to be a platform to expose banking, NGO and governmental corruption and in some of the more recent iterations thereof have linked Al Masah to alleged corrupt and criminal activities by publishing false statements which suggest that our Company is involved in an alleged international banking scam using fake ABN Amro documents. The website is established and maintained by Mr Sanjay Kalpoe, Mr David Rea, and Mr Anthony Hemelrijk (aka Anthony HeavenRich) whose sole aim appears to be to discredit reputable individuals and organizations in various manners. However, the individualsthemselves appear to have questionable backgrounds and public records show that some of them have been accused of criminal activities including blackmail and financial fraud crimes including wire transfer fraud and have also been the subject of bankruptcy proceedings.

His website: thewhistleblowers.info, is not associated to any regulatory authority, he is the fraudster. He is part of Damar Real Estate LLC, and Damar Investment Group also.
He hides behind an e-mail address and a non-regulated website, he is not financially regulated, he is not a lawyer and has never shown evidence of this, but he thinks he can try and ruin people’s live with threats, so that he can gain financially from blackmail.
People who engage with him should also be recognized as fraudsters; no genuine financial entity would engage with this man. If you ever come across this man do not engage contact with him, he will make you believe he has contacts all over the world, but he has nothing and is just a fraudster and manipulator.
We also uncovered David Rae’s website is not owned by David, but Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Sinha New Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, India, not involved in trafficking are you David? Mr. Sinha who was a cop, was involved in several controversies accused of scuttling several high profile cases that went to court, and managed to keep his jobs or was promoted to paid higher jobs. Check it all out for yourselves at this site exposing these criminals and accusing others of doing what they are doing. Website created 7/31/15
I was also shown evidence that innocent people were posted on his website and gave full proof they were not the person David and his criminal buddies were exposing and they were asking to be removed from the website, David’s reply? send money and I will remove you, that is blackmail and extortion David.
This is a warning to all in the alt media and further underlines my assertions that 90%+ of the alt media is corrupted, fake website set up purporting to investigate crime and money laundering, when it is really a cover up of their own crimes, and all about cornering the market.
If you look closely at his website, it actually exposes no one, the videos are between 30-90 seconds and says nothing, no evidence, no proof and just throw out some headlines and hope people judge it based on the headline, which too many do, look deeper and there is no exposure of anyone, but Bubba is not alone in that fact is he? Like Anna Von Reitz and many others, it all falls apart when you ask questions back, then comes the distraction tactics, anything but answer the question or provide proof to support your claims.
It was the same this week when one member only came into the group, and she did not come in alone either, we know the patterns, just came in to discredit Kevin Annett, she was asked to provide proof that he was a scammer and none arrived, same with the crew who came in trying to link me and Dr. Naidu in a joint scamming exercise, when I have had no real involvement with him since 2016.
I looked into Dr. Naidu and his money platform, it could have worked, except either by naivety or not, he chose to put those funds in HSBC Hong Kong and that ended my involvement, as there was no way that bank would pay out that fund.
Kevin Annett, I cant see where the, he is a scammer is coming from, he makes his money writing books on his experiences and selling them, he is not forcing people to buy them, I don’t know whether he has a donation site or not, but again donations are not compulsory are they?
One book in particular he spent thousands of hours working with 4 boys who verified the Queen and Prince Phillip took children out of a home in Canada and never returned them, those 4 boys were initially terrified to speak to Kevin, why? because Kevin was a Pastor, and they were terrified of church people due to the abuse they handed out to them, one by one those 4 people learned to trust Kevin and he wrote their story, in particular about William Coombes who was murdered by the system in St. Pauls hospital Vancouver, involving the hospital, social service, the RCMP and the church, to me that work should be given credit regardless of whether Kevin is a nice person or not, but no, these programmed peoples run around and discredit anything bad being exposed like zombies, oblivious to the work and threats this entails.
Kevin has done many thousands of miles and years of work highlighting the pedophiles and elite ritual practices, that is what I do know and can testify personally, I also know he has been under several threats on his life and severe disruptions also, blocked speaking in the UK, again these are facts I know personally.
As for Kevin’s personality aspects, again I met him and he appeared fine, but others have complained his behavior is not good, I wasn’t there so I can’t comment on it, I can only go on what I know and in this case what I saw.
Maybe frustrations gets the better of Kevin at times, I don’t know, but I can understand and empathizes with anyone trying to expose these criminals, the selfless devotion, the risks to your life and the sacrifices made, only for sad life internet warriors to spend their time looking for faults in others, when the real faults are within themselves
Quite a list of baggage to carry around when you are accusing others is it not Bubba, but poor Bubba was given the short straw by his Blackwater friends, to take on and discredit two people who have had a plethora of security reports pulled on both of us, to check out our background and to see if they can find dirt, sadly for them neither Kim or I had none, neither of us are attached to the 5 hooks, neither of us are unbalanced in the ego, so the authorities have a big problem, of how they can discredit or sway people with no easy paths, simple, they use criminals who have been charged to do their dirty work hoping some of it sticks, in return for a lighter sentence or a deletion of their crimes, as long as they continue to work for the elites, David Rae is one of these people, he is not alone in that type of program.
David has delusions of grandeur I mix in high international circles he says, you sure do David, funny you only have 47 listeners for such a high profile international organization you have isn’t it, but those high circles as we all know David are criminals, and they have you playing the puppet, and dancing to an un-rythmical tune David, have Blackwater paid you yet or was it just a reduced sentence for criminal enterprise? I hope they never paid you in dinars, because like the real high profile people David, you won’t get paid either.
David like many others of these internet warriors needs help, projecting false claims onto others is a clear sign of inner mental turmoil within and of themselves, until he addresses his own failings of really scamming people, then he has no right to judge others, and that doesn’t just apply to David, most projections at others are inner reflections of themselves, and it is important we all address our own issues.
Your fake website has now been exposed on a real international stage David, and you have a choice, carry on your childlike games or come and be a part of the solution, working for criminal elites or helping the people David? choose wisely

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