As Q promises it’s all happening soon, Trump goes all Israel and Jewish, dems voting to keep illegals voting,  Brexit falters again, the wall is still being debated, russian collusion or lack of it rolls on, the world is still spinning on a flat surface acccording to some, The RV is still happening, the yellow vest movement is expanding, jobs still going missing, but the economy is still fine or so we are told, welcome to THI show where things happen as we say they do, so what’s new? well, FRWL 3 is now ready for a show, just need to select a time now.
Members helping each other this week pleases me no end, thanks to Michele, Rosetta and Myra for helping Marilyn and also to Lacy for creating THI centers for hopefully will include each state, then we have now THI Holland
I have a zoom call with people from Australia, New Zealand on Saturday night at 8pm those on that side of the globe are all welcome, message me tomorrow for zoom link to attend.

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro has praised the armed forces for staying loyal to him and defeating a “coup” led by the US and opposition leader Juan Guaidó. During a rally, Mr Maduro also blamed Venezuela’s widespread power cuts on “cyber attacks” by the opposition. His remarks came during a day of protests in the country by pro-government and opposition groups. In the capital Caracas, some supporters of Mr Guaidó scuffled with police. Mr. Maduro has retained the support of the military and close allies including Russia and China since Mr Guaidó declared himself interim president on 23 January. Speaking outside the Miraflores presidential palace, Mr Maduro referred to Mr Guaidó as “a clown and a puppet” of the US. “They invited the armed forces to carry out a military coup and their reply was clear – they have defeated the coup plotters,” he said.

The Senate on Wednesday again rebuked President Trump for his continued defense of Saudi Arabia after the killing of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, voting for a second time to end American military assistance for the kingdom’s war in Yemen and to curtail presidential war powers. The 54-to-46 vote, condemning a nearly four-year conflict in Yemen that has killed thousands of civilians and inflicted a devastating famine, sets the foundation for what could become Mr. Trump’s first presidential veto, with the House expected to overwhelmingly pass the measure, possibly this month. The vote also might be the opening salvo in a week where Senate Republicans have the opportunity to hit back at the president’s aggressive use of executive power. On Thursday, the chamber will vote on a resolution that would overturn Mr. Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to secure funding for his border wall. Maybe FRWL 3 will explain why this is ongoing.

GCHQ, NSA, Bangladesh Command Center, Benghazi Airforce Base, Shanghai Defense Forces, British Intelligence Services All hacking illegally into the American Banking System on Friday, all of it stopped after British intelligence servers went down.

We found a bunch of “permissions” in Level 3 banking that shouldn’t be there, Google as an example was in there, Some universities, well over 200,000 permitted access to the banking on level 3, of that just shy of 300 were agencies.
This perhaps explain also why FB, Go ogle, twitter and others had a problem the same day.

The use of sex and entrapment is a more often used tool than people think in the authority sections of society, they all have dirt on each other, purposely done that way to remove or denigrate person A, B or C.
Some of it involves what you would class as using prostitutes all age appropriate and all consenting, a bit say like Stormy Daniels, most of the corporate world at the top end use those services, fine by me accept when it is being charged as expenses which eventually feeds down to us to pay for that, via taxes or higher costs for products.
Others are involved in the same but with same sex partners, which again is fine until the said victim wants to cover it all up of their homosexuality, that then becomes a leverage against that person.
They are always looking for a leverage of business malpractice or some sexual indiscretion.
Then we have another category altogether of sex with children, again used at the top end to have leverage over certain individuals, some of these encounters are because certain ones want to do it with children, others are coerced into going along with the program, and some are set up and didn’t go along with the sex act but have been used in some sort of stage set to create the illusion of doing so.
So that is background of all the top echelons of society and how it operates.
Now certain figures have mud on Trump, that does not involve children I want to make clear, but enough to sway public opinion and we know who is collecting and garnering that information to get Trump out of the way. So lets turn the tables.
One high level man has just lost his wife after she found out what he was doing, and she walked away from him. Video evidence was shown to many involved in investigating it, including his wife. This same man is also blackmailing his whole department as he is the go to man to arrange these types of parties. The Parties involve young girls aged around 10-13, many of them crying and extremely upset at what is happening and how they are dragged into this arena. The girls are brought into the center of the room and the “clients” select which ones they wish to engage in having sex with. This man in particular “the organizer” was caught on video with a 13 year old very distressed girl, and his wife has witnessed it. That person is Steven Mnuchin head of the Dept of US Treasury. This is what we are up against folks, and because so many others have had their sexual encounters recorded, many are frightened of speaking out, incase people find out what they have done, that they wish to keep a secret. be it affairs, sex with prostitutes, homosexual encounters or sex with children, this is why this is all a closed shop, they all have dirt on each other.

There was a Black Dragon meeting arranged recently that has brought old tricky dicky cheney back into the fold, things are obviously not going as well as they planned it seems. Orders went out to certain Republicans to vote against Trump and this is what you are seeing in the recent votes, back tracking and going against party voting.

Clients of Germany’s biggest bank who have invested in the exchange-traded commodity Xetra-Gold are facing problems when they want to obtain physical gold, according to German analytic website Godmode-Trader.de. Xetra-Gold is a bond on the Deutsche Börse commodities market, and Deutsche Bank is a designated sponsor. On the website, Xetra-Gold says its clients have the right for physical delivery of gold. “Physically backed: The issuer uses the proceeds from the issue of Xetra-Gold to purchase gold. The physical gold is held in custody for the issuer in the Frankfurt vaults of Clearstream Banking AG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Börse. In order to facilitate the delivery of physical gold, the issuer holds a further limited amount of gold on an unallocated weight account with Umicore AG & Co.,” says Xetra-Gold. However, despite claims that every virtual gram of gold is backed by the same amount of physical gold, clients have been refused the precious metal upon demand. According to Godmode Trader, its reader “sought physical delivery of his holdings of Xetra-Gold. For this he approached, as instructed by the German Börse document, his principal bank, Deutsche Bank.” However, he was told that “the service” was no longer available for “reasons of business policy. The article went on to say it’s not yet clear whether other banks are still delivering gold through Xetra. Xetra-Gold says its holdings amount to over 85 tons of gold. “At the same time, the number of deliveries of physical gold has risen to nearly 900, at a total volume of over 4 tons”, and the assets it manages reach €3.5 billion. Thus, troubles with delivering even small gold amounts to retail clients by Deutsche Bank may indicate that a global physical gold shortage is only growing. According to the World Gold Council, Germany has the world’s second largest gold reserves at 3,381 metric tons. However, there has been a public backlash against the government for keeping most of the country’s gold reserves abroad.

I have been asked to explain the Liberia issue that took place last November time, as some who are deliberately hard of hearing or just plain retarded in one particular case.
So here goes, MWHT was speaking directly to the government of Liberia and made arrangements for $5.9B to go to Liberia for development and infrastructure for their country, until certain agency type people decided they would steal the money from the MWHT for their own benefit, this involved CIA, UN and IMF mainly.
For the benefit of the ones who are unable to put two and two together, this means three things. 1. MWHT exists 2. MWHT has funds available and 3. MWHT can transfer funds to governments, as some people appear intent on denying all 3 of those facts, it was all covered in the newspaper story.
But this didn’t please the clowns denying it’s existence, and a hit squad of fake internet warriors, who have rogue connections and criminal reports on themselves choose to ignore these facts.
One of our representatives in Liberia, who Kim has dealt with in recent times, has been listed as a co-defendant of theft from the MWHT, whether that turns out to be real remains to be seen, innocent until proven guilty.
But the point is, if correct and he was stealing from The Trust itself, he will be dealt with by the subsequent courts. But these half wits think they can twist it, to the MWHT stealing from the Liberian Govt, you can’t make these levels of senility up you would think, well some can and waste their entire week focusing on me and Kim, trying to play cover up the fact that the MWHT exists. oops
Message to the failed Montauk experiment with the split personalities, known as, one day he is David Ray, the next Bubba and the next Barry Biggum, nice try but you failed.
Boundless Informant (stylized as BOUNDLESSINFORMANT) is a big data analysis and data visualization tool used by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). It gives NSA managers summaries of the NSA’s worldwide data collection activities by counting metadata. The existence of this tool was disclosed by documents leaked by Edward Snowden, who worked at the NSA for the defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. Those disclosed documents were in a direct contradiction to the NSA’s assurance to United States Congress that it does not collect any type of data on millions of Americans.
Intelligence gathered by the United States government inside the United States or specifically targeting US citizens is legally required to be gathered in compliance with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) and under the authority of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA court). NSA global data mining projects have existed for decades, but recent programs of intelligence gathering and analysis that include data gathered from inside the United States such as PRISM were enabled by changes to US surveillance law introduced under President Bush and renewed under President Obama in December 2012. Boundless Informant was first publicly revealed on June 8, 2013, after classified documents about the program were leaked to The Guardian. This report contained a Top Secret heat map produced by the Boundless Informant program summarizing data records from 504 separate DNR and DNI collection sources or SIGADs. In the map, countries that are under surveillance are assigned a color from green to red (which does not correspond to intensity of surveillance). As this map shows that almost 3 billion data elements from inside the United States were captured by the NSA over a 30-day period ending in March 2013, Snowden stated that this tool was collecting more information on Americans located within the United States than on Russians in Russia. Snowden stated that he raised concerns with two superiors in the Hawaii regional base of the NSA Threat Operations Center and two superiors in the Technology Directorate of the NSA beginning in October 2012, and therefore that counted as using internal dissent channels in the NSA. Snowden added that coworkers often were “astonished to learn” about this detail and did not wish to know any more about the program, and that until April 2012 he often asked these colleagues “What do you think the public would do if this was on the front page?” Vanee Vines, an NSA spokesperson, stated that “After extensive investigation, including interviews with his former NSA supervisors and co-workers, we have not found any evidence to support Mr. Snowden’s contention that he brought these matters to anyone’s attention.” The first publication about Boundless Informant was followed by screenshots from this program showing charts with details about the data that NSA allegedly collected from several European countries between December 10, 2012 and January 8, 2013. These charts were published by a major news outlet from each of these countries:
July 29, 2013: Germany: a big chart about this country, showing more than 552 million telephony and internet data, alongside four smaller charts about The Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy were published by the magazine Der Spiegel.
October 20, 2013: France: a chart showing almost 70 million telephony metadata was published by the newspaper Le Monde.
October 28, 2013: Spain: a chart showing 60 million telephony metadata was published by the newspaper El Mundo.
November 19, 2013: Norway: a chart showing 33 million telephony metadata was published by the tabloid paper Dagbladet.
December 6, 2013: Italy: a chart showing almost 46 million telephony metadata was published by the tabloid paper L’Espresso
February 8, 2014: The Netherlands: a chart showing 1.8 million telephony metadata was published by the newspaper NRC Handelsblad
Initially, these media wrote that the BoundlessInformant charts showed how much phonecalls NSA intercepted from a particular country. A first correction of this interpretation is that the program doesn’t count the content of phone calls, but only the metadata thereof. A second correction is about by whom and where these data were collected. On August 5, a week after the publication of a chart from BoundlessInformant in Germany, the German intelligence agency BND said that they collected these data from foreign communications, related to military operations abroad. A similar statement was made by the Norwegian military intelligence service, after a chart about Norway was published on November 19. On February 4, 2014, the Dutch government revealed that the 1.8 million metadata in the chart about the Netherlands were not collected by NSA, but instead by the Dutch military intelligence service MIVD, also to support military operations, which almost led to the resignation of the Dutch interior minister. On October 29, 2013, NSA-director Keith B. Alexander declared that accusations in French, Spanish and Italian media about NSA intercepting millions of phone calls from these countries are “completely false”. He added that “This is not information that we collected on European citizens. It represents information that we and our NATO allies have collected in defense of our countries and in support of military operations. Although the initial reports in European media stated that the various charts presented the numbers of phone calls intercepted by NSA, a powerpoint presentation and a FAQ document published by The Guardian, say that BoundlessInformant is counting and analysing DNI (internet) and DNR (telephony) metadata records passing through the NSA’s signals intelligence systems, and are therefore not showing how much content of internet and telephone communications is intercepted. Data analyzed by Boundless Informant includes electronic surveillance program records and telephone call metadata records stored in an NSA data archive called GM-PLACE. It does not include FISA data, according to the FAQ memo. PRISM, a government codename for a collection effort known officially as US-984XN, which was revealed at the same time as Boundless Informant, is one source of DNR data. According to published slides, Boundless Informant leverages Free and Open Source Software—and is therefore “available to all NSA developers”—and corporate services hosted in the cloud. The tool uses HDFS, MapReduce, and Accumulo (formerly Cloudbase) for data processing.
For all those that are investigating Bitcoin. It is an NSA invention designed to collect METADATA into a program run by the NSA called “Boundless Informant”, blockchain metadata mining operation designed to spy more effectively for corporate assassination purposes. All those pushing bitcoin or crypto as an alternative to the FED are full of it. The NSA data systems have ALWAYS been run by the Dragon Families/Fed families since it’s inception. Why do you think they call it the FIVE EYES, which was actually NINE EYES? Should be more like thousands if not billions of eyes.
NSA is a subsidiary of GCHQ, CIA, add in KGB, MI5&6, Debka (Mossad), Pine Gap and a few others all made up the original five eyes (same group as five star trust, a bit like the black program, blackwater) which morphed into 9 eyes, and now morphed into millions of eyes.
The original 5 eyes spied on each others countries, not to gain superiority over the other countries, oh no, all that is the illusion you see, CIA. KGB, Mossad and MI5/6 all work together and have done since WW2, they all spy on each others peoples to get around country spying and prying laws, then they transfer the data over to the relevant country, so America spies on Russians to give data to KGB, KGB spies on Americans to give date to NSA or Langley, this gets around the none spying on citizens rules within their own country.

There is very little money spent by all the countries on real spying as portrayed in the movies, they spy on us, not countries, they are finding out who is the threats to the system, and then subsequently target them, all based in fear.
Boundless Informant leverages Free and Open Source Software—and is therefore “available to all NSA developers, which alt media personality has been going around advocating Open Source? yes are not so alt media friendly CIA & NATO agent Robert David Steele, like the clown we exposed last week, it’s all too easy to promote stuff based on headlines, because they know not too many will dig deeper into it, so if you had doubts about Steele and his intentions within the community, there is your answer.

*The co-creator and star of Fleabag says she worries about being labelled a “bad feminist” when writing the TV comedy. Phoebe Waller-Bridge told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that there were “so many potholes in the road” for people with feminist values. And the dramatist, who is also behind the hit series Killing Eve, said audiences were “exhausted by seeing women being brutalised on screen”. There was something “oddly empowering” about women being violent, she said. I’m sorry but it just isn’t, violence is or should only be required to defend yourself, not to go about punching people to show how much of a feminists or male oriented you are, such poor role models these programmed agents set.

*Real definition is – having objective independent existence, Tor , an Internet communication method for enabling online anonymity, Third Order Regular, a designation of the Third Order of Saint Francis. A papal decree of 1447 organized the more isolated communities into a new and separate religious order with its own rule of life. From that point, members were defined either as Third Order Regular (T.O.R.; i.e. living under a Regula or “Rule”), or as the Third Order Secular, for those members of the Order who lived in the world. In the later centuries of the Franciscan movement, the Order of Regular Tertiaries was considered as equivalent to the friars of the First Order. Tertiaries (from the Latin tertiarius, relative to “third”), or what are known as “Third Orders”, are those persons who live according to the Third Rule of religious orders, either in a religious community or outside of a monastery in the world. The idea which forms the basis of this institute is in general that persons who on account of certain circumstances cannot enter a religious order, strictly so-called, may, nevertheless, as far as possible enjoy the advantages and privileges of religious orders.  As to the place where the Third Order was first introduced, nothing certain is known. The preponderance of opinion is for Florence, chiefly on the authority of Mariano of Florence, or Faenza, who cites the first papal bull known on the subject, suggest that 1221 was the earliest date for founding of the Third Order. Initiated by Pope Innocent III, is it Pope Innocent Third Order? he who administered the Magna Carta, which contrary to some was an attempt at transferring the power of the Kings to the families, in other words a faction war. Estates were being stolen from the people and also the barons at the time, barons are titles of nobility and so not the common people, as often portrayed. First drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury to make peace between the unpopular King and a group of rebel barons, it promised the protection of church rights, protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, and limitations on feudal payments to the Crown, to be implemented through a council of 25 barons. Neither side stood behind their commitments, and the charter was annulled by Pope Innocent III, leading to the First Barons’ War. Research by Victorian historians showed that the original 1215 charter had concerned the medieval relationship between the monarch and the barons, rather than the rights of ordinary people. Magna means great, Carta means charter, charter means contract, franchise, a special privilege, immunity, or exemption, certify
Franchising is based on a marketing concept which can be adopted by an organization as a strategy for business expansion. Where implemented, a franchiser licenses its know-how, procedures, intellectual property, use of its business model, brand, and rights to sell its branded products and services to a franchisee. In return the franchisee pays certain fees and agrees to comply with certain obligations, typically set out in a Franchise Agreement. The word “franchise” is of Anglo-French derivation—from franc, meaning free. Nevertheless, the rudiments of modern franchising date back to the Middle Ages when landowners made franchise-like agreements with tax collectors, who retained a percentage of the money they collected and turned the rest over.

Three important payments are made to a franchisor: (a) a royalty for the trademark, (b) reimbursement for the training and advisory services given to the franchisee, and (c) a percentage of the individual business unit’s sales. Franchise fees are on average 6.7% with an additional average marketing fee of 2%, all going back to the hidden third order. Magna also means this in French, who ran Britain back in 1200, King John was the third of the Angevin kings, a royal house of French origin. Magna is French is third-person singular past historic of magner. These are the people who brought about the 3rd crusade, Richard the Lionheart (lion reference to Egypt) venerated in UK, where he was born and raised in England but spent very little time there during his adult life, perhaps as little as six months, and also The Plantagenets.
Estate definition is kind of broad, but here are a few that may lead to a conclusion, landed property, from Latin word status, meaning social position of the aristocracy, in other words the elites, collective assets of a dead person or debtor.
Real tor definition is your estate has been taken over by a third party entity.

*Slave, first used as the Slavs (white Aryans) were conquered and sold into slav -ery, welsh name for Wales, means not free, servile
The Slavic word for slaves in Russian is rab, Serb Croatian is rob, Old Slavonic is rabu, and orbu which is the root word for orphan, the slavonic word is also the source of the word robot. Rabbi means rab master, in other words slave master.

*Pedo means boy child, Ped-estary mean man sodomizing a boy and is mentioned in the Talmud, Ped-ophile someone who
sexually engages with children and then we arrive at a term right in our face of those who look after children ped-iatrician

Quite where he thinks a budget that is near 4 times the normal rate is coming from, is beyond me. Talks about cutting aid to countries except we all know by now that one country in particular won’t be cut off from aid, Egypt Mark 2 now known as Israel. Military spending increase oh dear, the giant elephant in the room, still not located to $2.3T conveniently forgotten by 9/11, or the later figure of $9.5T missing, which is about 7 years American GDP, I wouldn’t mind if they defended or looked after this country or it’s people, or if they looked after the soul diers under their command, they don’t, not one iota. Generals sitting there with pallets of stolen Dinar from Iraq all waiting for their RV pay out, leaving the country hanging by a thread politically, geopolitically and financially, to them life is all about The Rothschilds, Dragon group, private contractors and looting other countries to keep the same 3 groups running the world at our expense. Go and check out Haliburton and in particularly Bechtel and the amount of contracts they have got between them, you will be staggered.
Here is how it works create war, print out bonds, leverage said bonds to print out more money, bomb said country, rebuild it using Haliburton and Bechtel all using the peoples money and then when the bonds (which are IOU’s) are payable, pass debt onto the people, whilst they keep all the spoils of war, like pallets of dinars, dongs or zims.
It is time we wake up to the inherent dangers and damage the elephant in the room known as the US Military, United States is not America, it is a European conglomerate from Vienna in 1820’s. 
Cuts in medicaid, social security and other welfare programs announced today, more austerity for the people whilst the system of control keeps its budget?
Ignoring the fact the $22T debt was paid off, seems the government is now ignoring that fact also, these measures of austerity for the people is not what was promised in the campaign was it? three simple solutions will turn this country around financially and put us all on a better footing 1. remove all US military bases globally 2. delete several of the so called agencies, why do we need NSA or DHS or CIA take your pick which two need removing 3. End the Fed, which ends the IRS and collect American peoples taxes that will go to this country, not some foreign syphoning system.
Meanwhile jobs and business in particular are sieving fast, despite what the media and government propaganda are telling you, a few quick searches yourself will show that, so if you cut welfare which in and of itself is fine, western world has become dependant states, the people don’t need dependency, they need growth, and they only way we will have growth is new money, which only The Trust can supply.
So, if you are cutting back on dependency, you have to replace it with something else, to get people off dependency do you not, except the businesses are collapsing, so with nothing to replace it with, you actually need increased dependency, not less.
These are dangerous times, what happens with people who have no support? chaos is what, that proposal is going to generate chaos and mass unrest.
Now we can all blame Trump, but lets put it into perspective, he is 26 levels of national security below the top end of the Deep State, he is circled by Rothtillian Generals and others with badges of dishonor on their shoulders, snakes like Mnuchin in The Treasury, Langley is split into 3 sections all fighting for different factions, a VP who has done deals with Pelosi to make him President, threats from the likes of Erik Prince and private mercenary contractors, Dragon groups and fake Chinese Elders, and if all that wasn’t enough, we have the Egyptian Israelite group who appear to have Trump in their pocket, a son in law who works with Mossad, a daughter who switched her religion to Judaism, the fact he was bailed out of bankruptcy at least 3 times by the Rothschild’s, and that’s ignoring what dirt Trump has got up to before the Presidency and the cover up of that.
What your left with is not a pretty picture, but it can be changed by the people, by 2020 unless things change, which they can very quickly, I would like to see the people turn against all politicians and politics and demand a real change.
We the people can change the landscape with a little bit of effort, you don’t like Wall St, pull your money out, don’t like certain or all banks, pull our money out. Don’t like corporate shopping conglomerates like Amazon, dont buy their goods. Don’t like certain oil companies, don’t buy gas there. Cut off their money supply, pay down mortgages, pay down credit cards, they rely on our interest payments, no interest payments no funds to play games with us. When you go shopping ask yourself do I really need this item? be a bit mean with yourself, and instead use that money saved to pay off interest, because when you pay off interest, you will have so much more financial freedom to buy what you want.
Stop competing with each other, no keeping up with the Jones’s will end most of their financial stranglehold they have on us, so instead of getting tax refund and buying a new car etc, pay down their interest bearing accounts, that is being the change. Look what happened to Monsanto or the vaccine industry, we the people have hammered them, where the system now decides to ban people off platform promoting it, that is we the people exercising our imprint on them, not the other way round, so if alt media can come together on them, why not the rest of the system?
Celebrate what you have, not what society tells you that you need, it’s all a trap. As mentioned last week, we in the western world are still by and large amongst the worlds top 15%, it is us in the westernized world that feeds the beast, it is time we got thinking caps on, on how we the people starve the beast. No more of our money going to feed the military industrial complex in this country or others, they don’t protect us, they protect the system. End the thought programming that joining the Military is somehow an object of pride, it is not, it’s a lesson in stupidity, where you risk yours and your children’s lives to feed lard arsed CEO’s and Generals consumed by greed, ego and sacrifice, and what for? your freedoms? what a load of bollocks that is, people are only free when they are in control of their own lives, no matter what the American agency based think tanks tells us, we in America were never free, that is a total illusion, home of the brave? that has yet to be decided, currently the jury is out.
All these actions to some might seem small, but like Monsanto and the vaccine exposure, it has a ripple effect, for another example the yellow vest movement, it just takes each of us to look at our lives and lifestyles, where we put our money and where we spend it, is our choice currently, use it.


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