A source within the British government has notified the ITCCS that its Field Secretary, Kevin Annett, is facing imminent arrest and incarceration anywhere in Canada or England because of the actions of a state-funded group known as the “International Tribunal of Natural Justice” (ITNJ). 

According to the source, the British Security Service has placed Annett on a “Priority 1” list of people to be arrested and detained for questioning and “psychiatric examination”, after a letter demanding such action was received by the British Home Office from two ITNJ officers, Sacha Stone and former CIA operative Robert David Steele. 

Stone and Steele recently threatened Annett in writing that they might report him to “the authorities for psychiatric evaluation and possible removal from the public sphere”, to quote Steele’s email of 16 March. These threats were issued to Kevin Annett after he responded to Sacha Stone’s unprovoked attack on him last week and questioned the legitimacy of the ITNJ as a genuine inquiry into crimes against children by Church and State.

To quote Stone’s and Steele’s threats made to Kevin Annett on 15 and 16 March respectively, If I hear from you again, or if you malign the ITNJ whose undertakings are extraordinarily well documented, I may refer you to relevant authorities for a mental health examination as well as investigation for fraud and sedition. Sacha Stone, , sacha@humanitad.org  

you are henceforth blocked as being an obvious lunatic with no legal standing.  I will defer to the ITNJ as to what legal action, including referral of you as an individual (Mr. Kevin Annett) to the authorities for psychiatric evaluation and possible removal from the public sphere. Robert David Steele, robert.david.steele.vivas@gmail.com

Mr. Stone’s accusation of “sedition” by Kevin Annett is revealing, since British Law defines it as “any overt conduct that tends toward insurrection against the Crown.” Stone thereby appears to be speaking in the name of the Crown in the role of one of its officers making a formal charge against Annett, who for years has publicly advocated an end to Crown rule and the establishment of sovereign Republics in England and Canada. 

The threat by both men as ITNJ officers to have Annett psychiatrically institutionalized is also significant, based as the ITNJ is in England. For under British law, and specifically the notorious “Fixated Threat Assessment Act” of 2006 (FTAA), any Commonwealth citizen, including Canadians like Kevin Annett, can be detained for “psychiatric examination” if they exhibit “unusual concern for particular issues, alleged wrongdoing or key public figures including the British Royal Family”. This broad “Thought Crime” statute is modeled on the repressive laws from the Soviet Union and has been condemned by governments and human rights groups around the world.

These actions by Stone and Steele give credence to the mounting evidence that ITNJ is a British government front organization, especially since that government responded in less than 24 hours to the ITNJ demand to arrest Kevin Annett. 

ITNJ first appeared suddenly in the summer of 2018, accompanied by widespread exposure in the mainstream media. It has held its events at luxurious facilities in the Westminster district of downtown London, close to Parliament. Its officers include an Anglican Bishop and a “former” CIA officer. The ITNJ has continually refused to reveal the source or amount of its funding. However, recent evidence uncovered by the ITCCS and Kevin Annett indicates that the ITNJ in fact operates from an undisclosed budget totaling over eight million pounds, or $13 million US, provided from a secret covert operations fund of the British secret service, MI5.

The aforementioned government source refers to this evidence and specifically to a copy of an MI5 memo indicating that the ITNJ’s term of fiscal operation is open ended “depending on the most desirous course required for it (ITNJ) to guide and control the efforts of sex abuse survivors to speak publicly.”

ITCCS was on the verge of releasing this damning evidence to the world when the ITNJ officers Stone and Steele attacked Kevin Annett and demanded that the British government have him incarcerated.

In a letter to that government today, the ITCCS Directorate declared,

“In our opinion the ITNJ is an arm of the British security service and is working actively to silence Kevin Annett under the Fixated Threat law. We consider such an attack against Kevin as an assault on all of us and on all of the children who will die without our work. This latest assault is nothing less than an attempt by the criminally convicted British Crown to silence one of its most vocal and intelligent critics. It is a crime of lawless violence by the British government and we demand that it and MI5 immediately cease and desist from any action against Kevin Annett.”

The ITCCS has also launched a legal and diplomatic offensive against this threat to its co-founder and front line leader, Kevin Annett, including with Amnesty International, at the United Nations and within the European Union. We urge everyone to write to Stone and Steele and to their respective politicians and demand that the British Crown’s attack on Kevin Annett stop. 

Clowns tried hacking the system on Thursday night for their big pay day Friday – it failed, lots of fried servers and blocks done again

March 15th came and went and still we wait, not our fault or doing I might add, but delays are becoming an increasing concern of lack of support.

Progress being made on some fronts more work was completed this week and will be revealed when safe to do so, and some cases it is either stalling or not being made, mainly in the field we can’t control, but we will keep trying to get people to see sense and or just do their jobs.

*The world of politics eh, a cesspit of lurid behavior, back stabbing, corruption, fraud, lobbyists, control system agenda driven people whether co-erced or not, a world of divide and conquer, take your pick from Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, left or right and a whole heap of other bs labels to all keep you distracted.
Personalities comes into it, some go the male or female vote, some go the color vote, some go the nationality route, media dictates all of it, to impose what the system wants you to hear, and not what you need to hear.
That is the current role model of the world of politics, life and tv drama all played out in the political arena, one could argue that politicians are a reflection of society, and with good cause I feel also.
Too many get embroiled in all of the above noise and fail to address the real issues, drama becomes all to addictive.
He or she is sleeping with this one or that one, when people forget that a sizeable chunk of those political marriages are shams, to cover up homosexuality, or the main case, keep things in house, as in the families House.
For a few examples, both Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush were both known as being lesbians, and yet they married, George junior for being gay and yet he got married, Bill Clinton should never have married anyone, because he liked the new model too much, but Bill was a Rockefeller and Hillary a Rothschild, and so the marriage was arranged. The Hilton family married a Rothschild’s family recently, they have done this for hundreds of years now, it’s a sham.
Why are prominent politicians married to partners of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo, it’s all about keeping it in House is why, keeping the masses out of the party, and out of what is really going on.
The problem the people face is we must learn to not focus on the labels or the personalities, all of that is the distraction, you want to solve politics and our government, you have to leave behind the personalities, labels and the drama, and focus on one thing only, the policies only, it is fixing them that dictates the direction the country is going in.
So, when the election time comes around again and people vote for labels and personalities again, instead of what did my senator vote for or against? was it for my or our benefit? then you will understand why this or any other country never changes.

*history of the IRS read out

*I want to say straight off if people really died in Christchurch NZ last week I am sorry for your loss, we can only assume they died as we were not there, just because the news reports it is fact, does not make it so, but the reaction of the worlds media makes things look highly suspicious. This was the media report “About 10 to 20 minutes before the attack in New Zealand, someone posted on the /pol/section of 8chan, a message board popular with the alt-right”. The post included links to the suspect’s Facebook page, where he stated he would be live-streaming and published a rambling and hate-filled document.
49 people died and the narrative who did it, why and links to Trump within minutes or hours is all too convenient for me. It’s resembles a pre arranged script. Four people arrested becomes one, silence on what happened to the other three, reports to two gunmen, suddenly becomes one and to top it all off the police where having a training exercise all at the same time, same shit different, different country, and this is why they deleted the video, to cover up their own fake story.
This comes just 9 months after the children of the Parkland school shooting in Florida, turned up in Christchurch NZ, beware Norway they attended their recently, so called traumatised kids parading around the world to highlight gun issues, which school psychologist allows this shit, unless of course they are not traumatised at all, and just playing roles of actors, are they skipping lessons to do this work?
Question is why are the so called victims of a shooting going parading around the world? Highlighting one incident that has some many holes in it, it resembles a Swiss cheese. Where is David Hogg these days? did you get exposed as an actor too much David? Hogg is like David Wilcock, heat gets turned on and does a runner.
In reality land real murders take place largely in secret or secluded places, so as to not get captured, and detectives spends weeks and months piecing the crime scene altogether and looking for clues, but these terrorist are quite remarkable people, they not only carry it all out, they let authorities know who did it, and then do a video of themselves committing murder, and then all too often, conveniently die before an investigation is carried out.
Do these people actually die either the victims or alleged perpetrators? who knows, but one thing I do know is people don’t normally confess to doing crimes, like these conscious minded terrorists, they are completely unique in society, where everyone lies to others and themselves, the terrorists, oh no they tell the whole world they have killed up front, they also leave clues lying around handily so that detectives don’t have much investigating to do, like the passport that came out of a pocket, out of a plane that not only crashed into a concrete building but exploded in a ball of fire, survived a burning inferno 76 floors up, then went on another journey and did the Disney Tower of terror ride on steroids, plunged through fire, concrete and melting steel, exhibit strange melting properties, unlike the non burning grass in Paradise CA, and then fell 76 floors, avoided getting trapped in any rubble, avoided being buried in 6-8″ of ash and landed right in front of an NYPD cop for evidence, it’s remarkable stuff, these terrorists and their passports, only thing missing was a copy of the Koran. Another question is why are these massacre events appear to be only in mosques or synagogues?
Then you have media giants condemning anyone this week, playing the online video posted on Youtube accusing each other of using death as a clickbait item, oh how sanctimonious these portal people are, because a more public platform posted a national story before they did, followed by more spinning of this is the right wing and or links to Nazis or white supremacists again, all conveniently packaged for the headline for the sheeple.
Youtube spent all day removing the video, funny the Media Broadcasting Standards don’t do the same for the death and violence the main stream media shows, who can forget the coverage of shock and awe, presenters almost salivating as bombs raining down and killing thousands, where was the removal of that for sensitivities? just maybe it was not for sensitivities they were banning all footage, gunmen or otherwise, maybe they were attempting to cover something else up entirely? 
The reality is they were blocking it because it was all an MK Ultra staged event is why, manchurian candidate.
Right on cue like The Patriot Act, in steps the NZ Prime Minister stating the following, The New Zealand PM has promised changes to firearms regulations in the wake of Friday’s attack. It’s funny we don’t hear, we have to look at our way of running government when one or more are done for corruption, fraud or kiddie fiddling isn’t it? Or we have to look at the robber barons in the government doing backdoor deals to steal all the natives land Ms Ardern, oh no anything that can be used to impinge on the peoples rights, lets work to fix that, whilst all kinds of criminality pervades their whole government.

* “In the wake of the shooting, several world leaders have called on social media companies to take more responsibility for the extremist material posted on their platforms. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said social networks were “the publisher not just the postman”, in reference to their potential liability for the material shared on them”. Really? Mrs. Ardern, and who made you the worlds police of who can deliver news or not? essentially what she was saying is they decide what you can and cant see or hear, I think you should focus more on keeping in check what looks suspiciously like a penis personally, or was that a staged distraction piece to deflect real issues?
Well, message for you Jacinda and your fellow criminal band of stiflers, we decide, not you, we are here to provide balance as neither governments or media provide balance or truth, we are past the time for believing your fake narratives, false flag attempts to garner a solution for the system, we the people don’t want.
Manchurian man fires a gun, people get banned from it and new legislation is announced, Facebook, Google, Twitter promote child pornography, soliciting children, gratutuitous violence and nothing happens to them, or is it ever brought up as a national or international concern. NSA and various other rogue agencies are illegally spying on all people, hacking into their banks and accounts and yet where is the outrage for that? is it ever mentioned by govts or media? NO. But now the social media shows something that hasn’t been filtered by these same rogue elements, we have to ban that, delete it and then give our bs version of events for the ignorant public. Doesn’t work that way anymore Mr or Mrs. Ardern, too many now have caught onto your bs’ery and we ain’t going away no matter how much you try to restrict us.

*Alt right to blame for NZ attack, alt right linked with white extremists, Chan 8 they are labelling as white supremacists and so then they can link it to Trump and Q, this is a program insertion method. Miss Piggy chimed in Chelsea Clinton commenting on the attack which was on Muslims, decided it was better to reference anti semitism, which as we all know now, is only linked to the people of Israel, what has Muslims being killed roughly 8K miles away got to do with Israel or Jews persecution? nothing, it is the same program insertion method is why, people who are in trauma lets remind them of the holocaust shall we, like that is the most important tragic event in history, ignoring the fact the same people who brought you the holocaust theme, murdered 70-90M Russians! (did you know the term holocaust was not introduced until 1957)
Be aware of the memes and themes and connect the patterns, this leads you to connect the dots and see what is real and what is not. The Media has gone into overdrive on right wing or alt right narrative, all fits into nicely what I covered in Tuesdays show does it not? So lets look at the statistics shall we, Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, recorded five right-wing terror plots in 2017, all of which were in the UK. This was out of a total of 205 potential or successful attacks recorded by European intelligence agencies, with 137 “separatist”, 24 “left-wing” and 33 “jihadist” plots among them, and so whilst all terrorist attacks are not good, whether engineered or not, the alt right was the least trouble by a wide margin.
In 2017, a total of 1,219 terror suspects were arrested. Of these, 20 were classified as far-right extremists (705 were “jihadists”). So, lets get this right, 20 classed as alt right out 1219 arrested is more of a problem, and yet has less incidents and crimes than the other 3 sections? Who created the alt right? who are linked with the alt right and in particular KKK, the democrats, and yet they accuse Trump of it, why? because if Trump shoots back no you are the alt right, it will look childish, a classic agency think tank tactic of accuse the other of doing what you are doing, ain’t that right Bubba? Who created the jihadists? the agency people at the request of the Egyptian/Israelites is who.
No one is saying these alt right people are alright, but like I said in recent show, with white demographics going down 2/3’s in under 100 years, where is the meme of white lives matter? to me all lives matter, but people are being steered into a genocide program too few can see through.

*Well I can’t go through this show and not reference From russia with love 3 can I, Parts 1 and 2 set the stage, but 3 has started to really connect the dots of what has really gone on, how they put it all in our faces, and yet too many couldn’t see it.
This revision of our history is on a more massive scale than you all can comprehend, the jigsaw puzzles of all jigsaw puzzles, except many of the pieces in the box were removed or damaged. I am hoping with those 3 shows I have managed to get you all to a least see some of the puzzle forming into a picture we can recognize now.
Fake history, death, destruction, pedestary, child sacrifice, wars, rape, pillage, convert, invading the very institutions we require to care or look after us, clever word and spell magic abounds into every book relevant to our story, twisted beyond all reasoning into a system of harvesting.
Stole everything along the way including child innocence, child’s lives, towns, villages and cities and eventually whole countries.
But with religion they stole our humanity, in terms of life force energy, souls, who and what we are, made everything external, when all you seek is internal, and if that wasn’t enough these same godly people partake in a sacrifice ceremony that uses children for their own sick needs, you choose to ignore it by continuing to go to church is fine, but let it be known you are a participant in a cult that holds no value for life or more importantly children, still want that on your own conscience? just because you can’t stand in your own sovereignty and need a fake god to worship and or save you as a crutch? I am sorry but that is the reality, but my church is not like that Thomas, bollocks, they are the evidence is overwhelming, you can ignore it, but I won’t.
Whether many are participating or not, the whole religion thing is a cancer to this planet, but Thomas my religion is different, really well here is a bit of a timeline of how they all lead back not to Rome, but Baal which is a title, played by Marduk, Brotherhood of the snake, which took part in human sacrifice, cannibalism and were sodomites, then came the Torah, is it Torah or TO RA, same timeline, to-rah led into the Talmud, yes that book that tells you all non Jews were created so they wouldn’t be served by beasts, nice godly book that isn’t it, then came Judaism known as the synagogue of satan (which is another title not a single being) they along with their Egyptian Kali Ma brethren lured in Rome and created Christianity, after their named savior had already died, so Jesus was NOT a Christian, in came Cat-holics and worship of Ra again, in came an offspring of Christianity, a sect of Christianity called Islam in 600’s AD, around 1100’s another christian sect split and created the Muslim religion, all worshipping Allah without realizing the word Allah is the god, then in the 1500’s a group of protesting cat-holics decided they didn’t like the fraud and corruption of the cat-holic church, and another religion was spawned the Protestant.
Protestant morphed into another small sects of Cat-holics like Methodist, Baptists, Episcopal, Pentacostal and other derivatives, all goes back to the same worship of Baal, Ra and Marduk who played both of those roles.
1800’s brought in another religion when a group of Ra followers made the heroic journey across The Plains of America or so we are told known as The Pioneers, pioneer means foot soldier, foot comes from the term ped, as in pedestary, pedophile and likely why there is a reference to footwear, shoes or lack of them in the pictures Q put up recently, the pioneers were thrown out of? New York, ended up in Utah and built the Church of Zion, another temple and religion to Ra, this time the Mormons.
Still want to go to church? Freemasons were created to take the hidden underground route of all worship everything Egyptian, and how the Egyptians were the best masons on the planet, their not and they never built the Pyramids either. That snake paid to cover up all history in that region Zahi Hawass should be removed from society in my opinion.
Are you a freemason? you are a participant against humanity then, like religious people, you have to walk away, neither organizations are anywhere near what we are led to believe, they are cults against humanity.  
We have been steered towards the abyss by these psychopaths hell bent on worshipping the fake gods, whose only interest in us, is to harvest us, it’s all documented now, and yet so many want to meet up or visit these harvesters? Full ET disclosure they cry, you can’t handle the full disclosure, i’m sorry but that is a fact on so many levels.
Yet through it all, we have all survived that is the key point here, odds stacked by ridiculous levels against us and yet here we all are still here and fighting back, in your darkest hours, remember that as a source of pride, we have survived against all odds, and remained for the large part still human.

*knowledge know means to have a piece of information or a certain understanding of something, ledge a relatively narrow, projecting part, a reef, ridge, shelf or line. knowledge a narrow line of information.

*Isaac Sackler a former member of The Sackler family now embroiled in the Opoid crisis and subsequent lawsuit,  back a 100 years married his partner Sophie, except Sophie turns out to be a Greenberg. Like The Sackler family, The Greenbergs were also born in New York and also to Jewish parents, and the list just keeps on growing, does it not.
I was intrigued by the list of the number of art, cultural or archeological sites this family has exhibitions in, like why an Jewish person would be so interested in Egyptology, Sackler family has half of the Dendur monuments in the Met Museum in New York, but just why would Egypt donate it to The Sackler family and place it in New York unless there is a direct link. FRWL 3 will provide that link.
American Museum of Natural History’s Sackler Educational Laboratory, New York. Dia Art Foundation’s Sackler Institute, New York Guggenheim Museum’s Sackler Center for Arts Education, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Sackler Wing, New York.
Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archeology’s Sackler Keeper of Antiquities, University of Oxford, UK
British Museum’s Raymond and Beverly Sackler Rooms, London
City & Guilds of London Art School’s Sackler Library, UK
Dulwich Picture Gallery’s Sackler Director and Sackler Centre for Arts Education, London
National Gallery‘s Sackler Room, London
Natural History Museum’s Sackler Biodiversity Imaging Laboratory, London
Royal Ballet School, London (funded by the Sackler Trust)
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew’s Sackler Crossing, Richmond, UK
Royal College of Art‘s Sackler Building, London
Royal Opera, London (Dame Theresa Sackler is an honorary director)
Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London
Shakespeare’s Globe’s Sackler Studios, London
Tate Modern‘s Sackler Escalator, London
University of Cambridge’s Raymond and Beverley Sackler Distinguished Lecture in Archaeology, UK
University of Oxford’s Sackler Library, UK
Victoria and Albert Museum‘s Sackler Courtyard, London
Westminster Abbey’s stained glass window for Dr. Mortimer Sackler, London
France Louvre’s Sackler Wing of Oriental Antiquities, Paris
Germany Jewish Museum Berlin‘s Sackler Staircase, Germany

Sheryl Kara Sandberg  is an American technology executive, activist, author, and billionaire. She is the chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook and founder of Leanin.org. In June 2012, she was elected to Facebook’s board of directors by the existing board members, becoming the first woman to serve on its board. Before she joined Facebook as its COO, Sandberg was vice president of global online sales and operations at Google, and was involved in launching Google’s philanthropic arm Google.org. Before Google, Sandberg served as chief of staff for United States Secretary of the Treasury Lawrence Summers. Sandberg was born in 1969 in Washington, D.C. to a Jewish family.
In 2009 Sandberg was named to the board of The Walt Disney Company. She was previously a board member of Starbucks, Brookings Institution and Ad Council (advertising platform for NGO’s and agencies)
In 2004, she married Dave Goldberg, then an executive with Yahoo! and later CEO of SurveyMonkey (a cloud based software company).

“Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner’s report that will lead to our demise. It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 – Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only. The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States Offices, Officials, and Departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the Constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolved, the receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the United States. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, being an established Socialist/Communist order under a new governor for America. This act was instituted and established by transferring and/or placing the Office of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. Public Law 94- 564, page 8, Section H.R. 13955 reads in part: “The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States?’

*How all can have a positive influence on themselves and those around them. We have all been in a situation where one person drags the whole room down with negativity or just generally complaining, how you all feel flat, uncomfortable and wanting to avoid, or in some cases slap that person.
So, if that one person or group can have that effect to create low vibration, why can’t people do the opposite and create the opposite effect? Is it not the case we tolerate and absorb too easily these low vibrational frequencies?
No one goes into deliberately lower someone else’s vibration in most cases, but why does it become so addictive and so easy a suit to wear?
It only takes one person to mention they are sick, their life is not much fun, and in chimes others saying the same things, it is almost addictive behaviors, life can be shit, the world is messed up, but the world is messed up in portion because we are.
Too often we all jump into victimhood mode, and I was no different until around early thirties, the world and life is against me, nobody likes me etc, until one day I decided, maybe I am playing a role in this and it is not all external, things changed drastically for me thereonin, low confidence, self worth and insecurities started to melt away and a new lease of life was born, suddenly the guy who didn’t want to go on vacations, not only wanted to go on them, but emigrate to vacation place!! That took another 8 years, but by that time I was a completely different person.
I no longer allowed personal drama and bad incidents around effect me too much, 45-55 balance achieves that, I still get a load of shit, attacks, interference and fun and games as this telling the truth game has many pitfalls, as we all know.
Who would have thought trying to teach people the truth, would have lead to people who have never met or spoken to you, attack you for the sake of it, it is a sad state of affairs, but it is also reflective of society today, those who won’t face reality, are ego or money driven, or just riddled with layers and layers of personal insecurity, they see anyone who vibrates higher as a threat.
But, he doesn’t have to be that way, it never did, and we don’t need executive orders, govt bills, rules or legislation to change how we are, it just takes you to sit down and life review where you are at, where you can improve and where you would like yourselves to be in terms of life now and how you can create your future in your image, not societies generalized low vibration image.
Life is all about swings, high and low, ups and downs, like the metronome is just doesn’t stop, unless you interact, don’t get too down if things are not going your way, and don’t get to up if things are, just take it all in your stride, 45-55, a 5% correction is manageable, 20, 30 or 40% are not.
There is no way I can do or be involved with what I do, with my pendulum swinging from side to side, I would literally spiral out of control or sync, life would be reactive which is regressive, and not proactive which is progressive.
It is all about the balance, how can you achieve balance with anger, mood swings, reactionary behaviors, negativity, complaining, the answer is you can’t, you can’t properly meditate with those emotions swirling inside of you either, meditation is about attaining an inner peace, being with yourself, not the world, but how can you do that, with chaos and lower vibrational thinking patterns pervading most of your cells?
Some people often wonder why am I always sick? in many cases it is because of stress, because you haven’t been able to attain balance or inner peace in your life, this puts undue strain on your immune system and lowers it’s abilities, viruses love that and they will attack you with glee, a lower immune system then interacts with lower vibrational frequencies and a bond is made, but someone who masters their own being, will deflect all of that as a natural course, it won’t interact as the body alerts you and instinct moves you away.
So, you have to alter your path, and the first thing you have to look at and do is, be honest with yourself, a lot harder than many think, we lie to ourselves constantly and then recreate an image of us to present to others, but that is a mask and subsequently an illusion, like being in the hall of mirrors, you become distorted, how can a distorted image be the best version of you? no matter how many times you lie to yourself and circle, it is not you.
This is why the shadow and inner work is so important, but it only reaps benefits by being honest with yourself, it will be painful doing that work, as the onion layers you have created of not addressing the issues mounted up and became much larger than it ever needed to be.
Traumas, pain, anxieties, shame, guilt and anger all bubble to the surface, but they all have to be transmuted into something more positive, that can take time depending on the individual, it is a process, it won’t take one session or two weeks, it can take years depending on how many layers or how condensed the low vibrational frequencies are.
But as each layer is processed, released or at peace with, those gaps have to be replaced with something more positive and a higher vibrational frequency, and preferably source based energies.
First thing to fix that after releasing it, is praise yourself for the accomplishment of overcoming that hurdle, a hurdle you have held onto because you couldn’t face it, well now you have, and praise away, self praise when in truth can lift you far higher than external praise can ever do, it will also perhaps make you realize how many of you knock yourself lower by your own comments.
Suddenly you will feel lighter, why? because your lower frequency has been reduced, these low frequencies weigh heavy on our body’s immune system, mind and heart, denser is 3D lighter is heading towards 4D in 4D you are 10% of the denseness you are in 3D.
Most heart conditions are not because the person smokes or eats fatty food, it is because the heart has been put under too much stress and the person has not adequately dealt with it, it applies with other conditions also.
Operating in love, caring for others, helping others, non judgmental balanced state, positive outlook all raise your frequency, and creates and enhances your own psi field, you will then attract like minded psi fields and your circle of influence increases, the lower frequency people will suddenly fade from your life.
This whilst is not the external change many seek, but if all change internally, most of the external desires will cease to be as important.

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