In a week of death, where the news of the suicide of Mr Richman a father of one of the alleged Sandy Hook victims, follows two more apparent suicides of two teenage survivors of the February 2018 Parkland, Florida, school shooting, and then for good measure the judge involved in reopening Epstein case dies as well, all a co-incidence? time will tell, if not someone is panicking and removing weak links in the evidence trail, are they not? something else apparently died this week as well, Russian collusion and with it Democrat distraction. Trump follows up with we need to deal with the Left, no, need to deal with all the criminals Mr. Trump, speaking of criminals we had notorious criminal, human rights abuser, orchestrator of death and destruction being welcomed in the White House, yes the worlds most famous House not country of IsRAel and Netanyahu turned up for Trumps support, given it is re-election time for him this month. As forecasted would happen in last weeks show the Israeli Defense Force used excessive force in retaliation to rockets fired by Hamas, who are alleged by Israel as being terrorists against Israel, and yet evidence points to Israel funding Hamas.
This week I went on Tank and Dans show this Tuesday, which I thought was a good show shame Dan wasn’t audible, but Tank and I covered many topics, and was a good show, but as always, it does’nt please the all and The keenan/amanah team in particular decided I was talking out of my ass and are threatening again, “So I caution you again that your false slander and defamation comments can and may get you in major financial trouble and get you off the air permanently” all very Robert David Steele style threats that to me today, and not befitting of someone allegedly holding a high esteemed title of The Amanah.
Which is a Muslim title and states the following ” It is the moral responsibility of fulfilling one’s obligations due to Allah and fulfilling one’s obligations due to Allah’s (willing) servants (other people). It also means “free will.”
I am sure Mr. Obama is pissed a non Muslim was credited with the holy of holies for the Muslim Community, and he was overlooked, yet despite searching for 15 minutes of references in Indonesia newspapers for Keenan as The Amanah, giving it is such an important title, I found none, the question remains is, if Neil is all changed like I am told he is and all so spiritual now, he would have picked the phone up and spoken to me himself directly, and apologized for the slander and lies he wrote about me, and also the death threats he issued against me and Kim in 2016. He didn’t and will never do so, either the original Neil or the copy as many others are stating.


As work was ongoing for last few weeks, I decided it was best to not reveal certain things that were ongoing, being tested or in negotiations to preserve the work being undertaken.
Of course there was a date deadline which was mentioned back in February, of March 15th and new system of the clowns was coming online, except they put it online in a sleight of hand move on March 9th, and that all came crashing down around their ears also.
Rothschild’s again promised funds by the 15th regardless, Trump had set a deadline for that date and was supposed to move on, but Mnuchin was given another date of March 20th and so the MWHT work was held off again by the government.
March 20th came and went and yet again the Rothschild’s produced no funds, they never will for two reasons, one they don’t have any and two, they, along with Mnuchin and others working for the old system, are part of a program to crash and burn America.
I was asked recently why the stock market was going up not down, because it was inflated to stop the clowns crashing it and the subsequently world economies with it, is why.
Stocks going on massive slide, clowns buy up all the stocks with fake supernotes, which would only be realized after the event, clowns then re-inflate the market, and they not only have increased funds, but bigger slice of the market pie, the Rothschild’s did this to the UK back in the 1800’s.
Last week several large transfers were sent out and did land at the tellers screen, which is an advancement on several previous attempts, clearance levels, kicked back levels, frequency beams blocking the codes that transfer the funds, mirrored servers, re routing funds attempts, removing account into secret sections of the banking system, to name but a few of the issues we faced and have overcome.
So the funds did land and that brought in The Secret Service, who apparently were created to protect the dollar in some format, and received a fee for doing so on each time new money was brought into circulation, and also the bank received a fee also, this was paid to them previously by The Federal Reserve, suffice to say they have received no fees and subsequently no budget for the last 10 years.
All of them have been paid, but they have received no budget as proposed back in 1865 when the Secret Service was created, and this is another example of a group that is operating outside of government now, like so many others who have ran this country badly.
Progress continues and we will strive for the day, when the QS and the Trust works as planned with or without them, I will not give dates as that leads to disappointment, few really understand the depth of this work we have undertaken, a system that has been in place a long time with so many tentacles it’s not funny, but slowly but surely we are streamlining that mass, and a clearer path is now in front of us.
message to the clowns, the families, the houses the dragons, agencies, cor-pirates, bloodline groups and the Draco DNA family themselves The Rothschilds – WHO MADE WHO, WHO MADE YOU.

So, the fabled Mueller report finally came out, and revealed what this show has said all along, no Russian collusion, they just had to blame someone for failing to get their latest stooge in Hillary, Trump cleared but not quite, a typical response to keep the door open for more distraction, a bit like putting contentious narratives inside bills so they can argue over it or delay it, Brexit and the wall spring to mind.
To date when writing this piece there is debate, whether they will open up the whole inquiry documents to the public, another sideways move and another opportunity to site the usual bs excuse of national security, funny they can mention national security for that, yet nothing happens to people like Obama, Hillary, Mnuchin, Cheney, Erik Prince, Pelosi, The Fed or The IRS amongst others who by their very existence are a threat to national security, yes, lets ignore all that and focus on distraction pieces.
I warned nothing would come of it, or out of it, that would have any value to our members or listeners, as we are ahead of the game with regards to knowing stuff many others don’t, and that has and will be borne out.
Two years to decide what some in the alt media already knew, $30-35M wasted to arrest one or two lower level people and no real high profile ones, the special counsel’s office employed 19 lawyers and was assisted by about 40 F.B.I. agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants and other staff. About 500 witnesses were interviewed, and 13 foreign governments were asked to turn over evidence, 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants and obtained more than 230 orders for communications records, for Trump to say we have to look at the left, no we have to look at ALL criminals in ALL departments of the government, and in particular those who operate outside of the government, like all the 3, 4 & 5 letter NGO’s and also it’s contractor database.
Two years has passed now and the Democrats no longer have something to distract the public with, and what have they done in two years other than hate and criticize Trump? nothing, all the focus went on that, and their guarantees of Trump had done this that and the other have all floundered, now it’s back to the policies again, or will it?
Republicans what have you really done in 2 years? have the decent paying jobs returned? Are less Americans in poverty, off foodstamps? Have a large number of vets lives improved? Have the bankruptcies declined? Have our roads, bridges and highways been improved? Have chemtrails stopped? Are children in less danger from pedos, trafficking, vaccines, poor teaching and curriculums? Has the criminal stealing of homes been stopped? Has our food and water been improved? Are we looking after the elderly better? Has justice been improved? Has healthcare and its subsidiaries been improved? Have you worked hard to fix or replace the damaged towns and cities damaged by various weather events? The answer is no, some small improvements here and there but in comparison to the spending during 2017 and 2018 a total of $8T has been spent, and we the people are asking what have you done with it.
$8T spent of our money and we see zero real or tangible improvement to our lives. This is what American people really need to focus on, not who is more criminal than the other, the reality is all in government circles have been involved in some sort of skullduggery, none are clean, but the real crime is they are perpetuating is a daily event, and syphoning our funds out of a system, that we the people are paying for, and yet get jackshit in return.
Look what happened over the xmas and New Year, government was shut down, other than some subsidiary govt staff who didn’t get paid initially, did you notice a difference? did you notice it was back open? NO, because it is not operating for us is why.
So, you can carry on with the distraction piece of Russian collusion or you can demand that the $4T per year allocated as a budget, is actually being spent on us, and not phoney foundations, govt contractors, conglomerates, NGO, fake security groups, Israel, 900 overseas bases, a ridiculous number of American bases on home soil that don’t get used for American purposes anyway,
535 politicians all fiddling whilst America burns, Nero fiddled with a violin, these people fiddle with our minds, humanity, each other private parts, our economy and worst of all fiddle with our children, either physically, mentally or sexually, and yet we the people don’t hold them accountable, that in and of itself is why the shitshow continues.
It’s funny that the few who have stood up and tried to fix things, and make things fair again, come under far more scrutiny than the ones doing things against you, like the idiots questioning Kim’s divorce, what actual difference does it make to your lives if Kim has been divorced, evicted or not?
It’s far easier to blame the few who have stood up you see, than for some to do something yourself, either directly or indirectly as support to those who will risk their lives for the benefit of the all.
That mindset has to change, and a total redirect of where your energy goes, arguing over Republican and Democrat, Comey, Mueller, Mc Cabe, Trump, Pelosi, Clinton, Page, Strock, Sessions, Rosenstein has achieved what? nothing, I warned it was all a distraction 2 years ago, they love to provide you with distractions, and both sleepers and awake people gobble it all up, like a free buffet, but after the buffet is gone, the big question is again, what happens next?

Ah the federal expense sheet most would freak out at the sheer waste which is deliberate, those that work in the inner circle run off the same extortion expenses that the CEO’s do, all at our expense.
They live the high life, whilst we work and struggle just to get by. Here is a list of just one month expenses is September last year.
Games, Toys and wheeled goods $2.1M, Paint and brushes $412K, Musical instruments $1.7M, I phones and I pads $7.7M, work out equipment $9.8M, expensive meals including lobster $4.6M.
Nice group of perks whilst we have people on foodstamps, homeless, on the streets and vets with various maladies.
This is what happens when things go unchecked, zero accountability, these clowns are paid off with the high life to keep quiet and not do their jobs, and this thinking is what this group is trying to change.
Funding is great, but if we are going to replicate their world of excess, it will fail. Need not greed is the mantra.

In the 2018 budget 85% of categories of spending where cut, $10.9B from State dept which included UN, peacekeeping and fake climate change cuts, sounds good so did it get transferred to the people based funding? err not exactly, Dept of Vets got added $4.5B in which in my opinion should have come out of the DOD funds not the public funds, $15.1 cut from Dept of Health and Human services, including phasing out of US public health services, Dept of Education cut $9.2B, Dept of Agriculture cut $4.7B Includes the elimination of food for education and water and wastewater loan programs. Dept of energy cut $1.7B including research into renewable energy. HUD over low income families to have homes cut $6.2B, Dept of Interior cut $1.6B eliminating 4000 jobs, Dept of Labor cut $2.6B  Eliminates funding for senior-work programs, grants for non-profits and public agencies used for health training, and closes some Job Corps centers, Dept of Transport cut $2.4B cuts to air and rail travel programs, including privatizing off Air traffic control, that will go to the Chinese or Israeli’s then, EPA cut $2.5B Eliminates more than 50 programs and 3,200 jobs, NASA cut $100M Cuts funding for Earth science programs and missions, and eliminates the Office of Education, Cuts funding for the Education program by $62.7 million. SBA cut $100M Eliminates technical-assistance grant programs.
So other than the vets what went up? DHS $2.8B and the largest increase for 2018, yes you guessed it the DOD, the group that loses trillions of dollars at a time and cant account for it, an extra $52B for them, so all the cuts were in essential services for the people and was given over to a spying agency and the military.
Message to politicians, we cant eat missiles, planes and warships FSS, military spending will not fix infrastructure, feed, clothe or house people, you know Mr. Trump the same people who provide the funding to begin with, use our money where we need it, not for the fucking clowns.

Just recently it was announced on Dinar Chronicles or one of the other major GCR/RV sites that people seeking to exchange Dinar and Zims will be required to give two drops of blood and get a Bio ID based on their DNA – oh dear

The name Benelux is formed from joining the first two or three letters of each country’s name – Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg – and was first used to name the customs agreement that initiated the union (signed in 1944). It is now used more generally to refer to the geographic, economic and cultural grouping of the three countries. The main institutions of the Union are the Committee of Ministers, the Benelux Parliament, the Council of the Union and the Secretariat-General, while the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property and the Benelux Court of Justice cover the same territory but are not part of the Union. The Benelux General Secretariat is located in Brussels. It is the central administrative pillar of the Benelux Union. It handles the secretariat of the Committee of Ministers, the Council of Economic Union and the various committees and working parties. A Benelux Parliament (originally referred to as an “Interparliamentary Consultative Council”) was created in 1955. This parliamentary assembly is composed of 21 members of the Dutch parliament, 21 members of the Belgian national and regional parliaments, and 7 members of the Luxembourg parliament. In 1944, exiled representatives of the three countries signed the London Customs Convention, the treaty that established the Benelux Customs Union. Ratified in 1947, the treaty was in force from 1948 until it was superseded by the Benelux Economic Union. The treaty establishing the Benelux Economic Union was signed on 3 February 1958 in The Hague and came into force on 1 November 1960 to promote the free movement of workers, capital, services, and goods in the region. Under the Treaty the Union implies the co-operation of economic, financial and social policies.

The Jussie Smollet case of so called famous people getting away from real justice, highlights the ongoing problem we face today in society, of one rule for us and no rules for them. Make no mistake this was another think tank led plot, involving real actors now, as the think tank plots and previous failures of using more general public actors failed, under an avalanche of exposure by the alt media.
The people have cottoned onto it now, and seeing through the illusion, so this time they used a real paid actor to play their divide and conquer games, to our credit, that has failed as well.
Now many in the black community may well be celebrating, citing the usual anti black roles the police play, and yes they do play that role, and a triumph over the police and the system, but they would be wrong to do so in this instance.
Had Mr. Smollet’s role come to fruition, we would have had riots, maimings and killings of innocent people, many of which would have been in your own color, and I call on the black community to support me in condemning and boycotting Mr. Smollet, as a message that both races will not tolerate, deliberately trying to divide our communities with their plots.

As a matter of note regarding the police racism issue, of targeting blacks, I watched a documentary 7 or 8 years back, of using video scenes and testing police responses to the video.
Will they use their firearm, how quickly and how frequent, will they detain and arrest them and other scenarios played out. It was found out that white cops would shoot far more quickly and frequently, if a black man was in the video, bearing out the case of white cops all too ready to fire on a black man, except they also ran the same scenarios for black cops, and it was determined, they also were likely to shoot a black man in the video, than a white man in the video also.
They ran scenario after scenario and all the results were the same, both white and black cops were more likely to shoot if a black man was in the video game.
This cannot be put down to purely racism, and could be more a case, people of both colors are more frightened, and more likely to act in a deadly action, if a black man appears at a crime scene.
This suggests a deep ensconced fear of black people, rather than racism, the question is why? Is it the case that black people are more violent? black people more likely to be involved in crime? Is there an inherent gene that black people have more propensity for violence? Like the documentary done with babies under 1 year old, the white kids pushed the black kids out of the play pen in a vast majority of the cases, the society role, states it is the parents to blame, me thinks it is a genetic memory from a long time back, and that is the real issue here, maybe connected to the Rus and Garden Of Eden story.
It may also go back further again, as refugees from various planets were brought here for safety or an experiment depending on which narrative, but we were not all from the same planet.
The frankly ridiculous idea that we all came out of Africa or Adam and Eve or Lilith, is beyond stupid at this point, and my own knowledge supported by others, suggest a deep genetic issue between the two peoples of different planets, question is, are we going to perpetuate it, or are we going to work together to fix it?
It would help far more if we were allowed to tell the real truth of our past, not the bs versions we have been fed.
But like Obama, Mr. Smollett sold his own people out and should be told he is no longer welcome in any community, until he owns up who put him up to that, why he did it, and tells the public what is really going on.

Mentioning Obama given it was Chicago it appears the fox is out of the hen house, but now the foxx is under attack. The woman who presented the case recused herself from it, citing familiarity, yeah right Mrs. Foxx, issue is she was put under pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood department of Langley 3 and the Obamas, to stifle and shut down the case, oops.
Tina Tchen, a Chicago lawyer and former chief of staff to first lady Michelle Obama, had put Foxx in touch with members of Jussie Smollet’s family days after he told police he was the victim of a homophobic, racist attack.

The story of Queen Esther and an early example of a certain group installing themselves in high positions to gain political favor and subvert justice for the goal of the House of Israel. She made a request to her husband and King to save the Jewish peoples, who had installed her. This request seemed reasonable enough to King Ahasuerus, and he authorized Haman to prepare for a day in the near future when the Jewish problem could be solved. Unbeknownst to them, the king’s favorite wife, Esther, was a secret Jew, after she was smuggled into the palace to give her charms to the King, and so the Jewish harlot became Queen. The Jews soon learned of King Ahasuerus’ plan, and Mordecai hurried to the palace, where he informed Esther of the peril of the Jews. Esther boldly went to the King, said that she was a Jewess, and dared him to carry out Hainan’s request. The King was unable to resist her charms, and he agreed to do anything she asked. Esther asked only that the gallows which Haman was building to hang Mordecai and the other Jewish conspirators should be completed, and then that the King should have Haman hung there instead. The King agreed, and when Haman had been hung, Esther forced the King to inaugurate a reign of terror against his gentile subjects. Esther VIII: 7, “Then the King Ahasuerus said unto Esther the Queen and to Mordecai, the Jew, Behold, I have given Esther the house of Haman, and him they have hanged on the gallows, because he laid his hands upon the Jews.” The Jews made further demands, and again the King agreed, because he was unable to deny Esther anything. Esther VIII;11: “Wherein the King granted the Jews which were in every city to gather themselves together, and to stand for their life, to destroy, to slay, and to cause to perish, all the power of the people and province that would assault them, both little ones and women, and to take the spoil of them for a prey.”
This verse reveals the innate bloodthirstiness of the Jews, in their demand to be allowed to massacre women and children who had done them no harm. Hainan’s action against them had been planned as a governmental program, but the Jewish counter-attack became a wild slaughter of the innocents. The massacre begins, as described in Esther VIII: 17. “And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the King’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.” At Esther’s request, King Ahasuerus now hung all of Hainan’s ten sons, their only crime having been that Haman had been their father, and his house and goods were given to Esther’s relatives. The massacres of the gentiles were carried out throughout the Persian Empire, and the bloodletting of the native leaders so weakened the nation that soon afterwards the empire was easily conquered by Alexander the Great. Because Haman had cast the lot, or Pur, to attack the Jews, the victorious Jews took the name of Purim, or Day of the Lot, to celebrate their victory over the gentiles. The, last verse of Esther describes their happy Jewish community; Esther X : 3, “For Mordecai the Jew was next to King Ahasuerus, and great among the Jews, and accepted of the multitude of his brethren, seeking the wealth of his people, and speaking peace to all his seed.”

Who controls The Treasury of the US? this was from 2011 but has not changed much since, Of the twenty-six(26) U.S. Treasury Department senior officials, eighteen(18) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 69%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews are over-represented among the U.S. Treasury Department senior officials by a factor of 34.5 times times(3,450 percent). This has been the case over money and the cult of RA for the last 2000 or more years, the same cult of RA who started the usury system, the taxes system, who resides over the House of Israel now? Rothschild’s, who controlled all the banks? Rothschild’s. The back story of the Romans controlling the funds 2000 years ago when a certain person tipped over the tables of money, is the Romans were the modern day mafia, (for those who don’t know the mafia was created for and by the Vatican church) the Romans were the enforcement arm, of the collection of wealth from the people to feed the cult, whilst the hidden hand remained in the background, now known as the Jews, but real label is Cult of RA, and all hail Marduk. These people and I use that term loosely are parasites, harvesting up everything for their Draconian king, well fuck these people can easily be done, by removing your money from their banks, and freemasons walking away from their fake fraternity, you may call it a brotherhood, oh it is a brotherhood alright, the brotherhood of the snake and the cult of Ba’al, another title of Marduk.

I see Linda Moulton Howe decided to out David Wilcock as a parasite, seems people are now starting to cotton on with what I had stated re Wilcock, when I finally went public about him and Corey, of what I knew previously but wanted more confirmations before outing him and them, back in June of 2015.
Wilcock outing whistleblowers of which he has previous, and admitted on one of his videos that he outed stuff that got people killed back in 2013, Wilcock stealing others material, he has used some of our show in recent blogs, he used the CV group behind the show for materials for a while, then used Corey and Harry, until Harry was pushed out for saying this story is bs, Harry is Shane the Ruiner, but he has done it to so many.
You see this has always been the problem with Wilcock, he is interested in David Wilcock only, a true law of one if you like, another follower of the cult of RA, as was Edgar Casey I might add.
Linda called it out, for first 1/2 hour it was all about pushing money for David, buy my book, cd, videos etc no doubt, we see it often in his blogs, followed by a load of teasers that actually say or deliver nothing, and then some copied or stolen material of others. Look we all use others words, comments or materials at times, no one has the sole knowledge, we all have pieces of the puzzle, but Wilcock’s desire to control everything at all costs, including the cost of peoples lives, needs to be addressed.
His bs narrative and over sensationalizing clickbait headlines that says a lot and delivers nothing, as dates came and went, throwing people under the bus, runs away when heat gets turned on him and then writes a whole dramatization of how poor David has been attacked or hacked has more than run it’s course, and it is time people really recognized that.
David Wilcock is not interested in disclosure at all, only stating their version of disclosure, which to date has gone nowhere, David and Corey want full disclosure and you only want drip fed disclosure, was thrown at me when I outed them, time as always tells the story, and since Randy Maugans took up the baton, that was hijacked by another agent of MI5 Bill Ryan, along with installed mystery man to control the narrative again, The Dark Journalist, their whole narrative has fell apart, as I stated back in 2015.
The olive branch to David to come forward Randy and I put out in 2017, is still available David, tell the truth of how you are a part of the system, all bought and paid for and by whom, then lets start anew and push forward together.

An article about Syria and Iran being a co-operative force with the support of Russia came to my intention this week, and has hidden clues that support the FRWL series, these two pieces stood out, What has emerged from the key visit of President Rouhani to Iraq is something much larger than the military alliance, alluded to above: These states are unfolding a regional ‘Belt-and-Road’ trading area, stretching from Lattakia’s port on the Mediterranean (likely contracted out to Iranian management) across to the border with Pakistan (and perhaps ultimately to India, too). of course it is going to India, with istan countries controlled, Syria, Lebanon laid to waste, Jordan and Southern Turkey attacked it is charting the path from Egypt to India again, look at the map.
Wherever Pompeo travels on his journeys through the region, he cannot fail but to notice that US policies – and the constancy of such policies – are not trusted (even this week, ‘old US ally’ Egypt has turned to Russia for the purchase of military aircraft, and India is defying the US over its oil imports from Venezuela). Egypt has now gone from the source of the cult over to Israel, there are plans to extend Israel west of Gaza all the way to the Nile, new base of operations for the cult. India defying the US is a geopolitical move of weakening America and crashing it’s economy as pushed by the Rothschilds/Dragon groups of transferring the power and finance to the East.

There are two and maybe even three types of awakening, the first hurdle of awakening has happened to all who listen to this show, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.
First awakening is accepting the narratives we have been told on many subjects that pervades through our lives and lifestyles, were all based on lies, half truths and spell magic.
The illiterate for this century will not be those who can’t read or write, it will be those who cannot unlearn the lies.
The first can be and is in many cases the most painful, when you learn schools, doctors, judges, police, governments are all operating against us, not for us, a harsh and sobering reality is garnered over time as to the sheer depth of it, and that type of awakening is still ongoing.
You will only learn a fraction of what is and has gone on, on this planet in this lifetime, so don’t be too hard on yourselves for not knowing everything, or feel too stupid for missing the obvious, the signs, symbols and words were all there to see, yet many couldn’t and many still don’t.
How and why is that? programming is the pure and simple answer, we were programmed from childhood to believe in narrow fields of knowledge and consciousness, for many of you going back 10 years ago, the idea that vaccines are bs, some famous people are different sexes than they portray, some people are not what you thought, due to doubles or clones, govts would poison us with chemtrails, fluoride, GMO’s, pharmas, psychedelics drugs, everyone is spying on us, false flags etc all seems a world away from your knowledge base now.
It’s been some journey of expanding your mind and thinking, and yet you have achieved it, and yet so few of you recognize your own development on that level, instead of admiring how far you have come, too many focus on what they don’t know, glass half full or half empty.
It is beyond extraordinary what we have all achieved in just a decade, and many of you are in a stage we would call the later stages of your life, decades and decades of programming, wiped out in under a decade from you, and yet do you ever stop and look in the mirror and say, wow what an achievement I have done with my life?
People have no idea how difficult unlearning the lies is, unhooking from the programs, I was fortunate or destined I never bought into the mind control programs, but too many did, but I have still been on a journey of discovery of how deep the lies go, will that rabbit hole end? no, there are too many of them, layer upon layer, that goes way deeper and further than you can all imagine.
THI from my point of view has given you a glimpse closer to the bigger picture than many of the other shows, some of my information relayed is not new, we have all learned from each other, but the connecting of the dots, which is the key to begin to understanding what is, and has gone on here is, packaged in a way all levels of learning can feel they can get some sort of grip on it, that is the essence of THI, tying things together,
As the story book style must listen to shows proves, it is the only way disclosure can be delivered, those shows are spanning 4-5 years and yet there is still way more to learn and understand.
Awakening two is recognizing you are not just a meat suit, you are also spirit and soul, this in and of itself can be a difficult concept to absorb, moreso for the religious fraternity, as everything about that program is about being outside of yourself, when the focus needs to be what’s on the inside.
During this awakening you learn dream time is not about being asleep, but actually another part of you is awake, only the suit sleeps.
During this phase depending where your soul development has reached, do you face the demons, all kinds of nasties chasing you, battles ensuing, traps set like an ancient Greek maze, people and things attacking you or using you as a sex object, suggestive programming inserted into your mind and also the potential for vessel infestation, all part of the learning curve of being in the real hologram and trap set called lower astral, the real place of hell.
Much of humanity is stuck in lower astral due to lower vibrational thinking and acting patterns, everyone themselves can correct this, with a little bit of effort, the shadow and inner work is key to that.
During this awakening you may also experience higher astral where the bliss, harmony and indescribable feelings of love abound, that is higher astral and it is where heaven resides, except that is a trap also, it is the guarding gate to the real higher developmental stage known as the mental planes.
Should you escape that realm then another awakening occurs, a real awakening of some magnitude, as some of your so called junk DNA starts to switch on, no longer are battles a part of the every night scene during your dream time, suddenly you realize your own powers and you are only limited by your own imagination, at these levels the interference with you can reduce drastically, as your own abilities can now counteract their dark magic, narrow viewing and hearing fields, and your senses beyond 5, get ramped up exponentially, depending on your input into it, it is not a magic sponge, like shadow and inner work, it requires you to work on it.
From moving solar systems to avoid rock wars, rescuing beings off other worlds, transporting yourself to new worlds, in this universe and beyond.
Meeting or seeing creatures you never thought possible, involved in missions to fix things here and outside, attending meetings of galactic and beyond situations, flying above the earth to see it in it’s full splendor, dealing with rogue elements who have played games here a long time, maybe even finding out and visiting your original home world and much more, but the key is you find your own power and importance in the scheme of things, where you went wrong in past lives and this, how much you have brought on yourself here in this lifetime, how hard will you go to correct the future, not the past.
But these abilities have to be used in balance and the ultimate in personal responsibility, as some of them will be retained within the vessel also, not just the spirit, more 3D earth based abilities will manifest, healing self and others, either by being with them or from an infinite distance, weather manipulation, bilocation, remote viewing are some of the examples.
Too often in the past and present, people have turned themselves into the modern version of a god, I am all powerful blah blah, a true warrior never brags what he or she can do, just acts out quietly to affect the desired changes required at a given time.
Sometimes when on this level of activity, some expect they will and should be active each night, that is not the case, you may go months with no recall of activity and then bang lots of it, it’s called horses for courses, you will dip in when it is time only.
The point is, we are all a god if we work on ourselves, we are part of source, and part of all creation, god just means higher evolved being, not the lord Anu or the almighty, and we all bow down to them, NO, never put anyone or anything above your own heart, that is the message of source, all encompassing and developing, not all bow down to Draco Reptilian kings, as proposed in many of the scriptures they wrote, not we wrote.
So, if you gain your abilities and you are thinking I am a god or the Neo, you are going badly astray, that is the unbalanced ego thinking, and that ultimately leads to your own downfall.
The majority of people are Smiths on this planet, whether people like that analysis or not, many not deliberately being Smiths but just going along with the plan, the plan was we all fail though, operating service to self and in a competitive dog eat dog world, cheating, stealing, hiding behind masks, is all being a Smith, then you have the other ones operating in unbalanced ego thinking they are the NEO, the only one, the chosen one, that NEO is a mask hiding a Smith.
The key is to teach millions to be Neo’s not Neo, where we all strive for the greater good, all willing to put ourselves and lives on the line for the greater good, not just the one.
That is the real hidden message within The Matrix movie, it is not about striving to be the one and the hero, it is about potentially sacrificing yourself for the benefit of the all.
This level of awakening can be all so magic but it comes with a warning, defend not attack, you can’t just go around wiping out Draco, Mantids or Grays that is going down to their level, and that will cost you your abilities, using your power over others for your own ends, again will cost you your abilities, why? because you are misusing it for the self, when it is about service by, for and to others at that level, to teach the others to gain a higher evolutionary path, not elevate yourself above and at the expense of others, and become the new god.
It requires the highest forms of discipline, reactionary moves is not conducive to higher evolution, thinking in the now and the future is, for the benefit, for as many of the all as possible, to try and save as many of the all as possible, to try and progress for the many of the all as possible, me, myself and I have to be cast aside for we and us.
That is the challenge every being faces, a tough school in many ways, but the benefits are fulfilling, should you take on the task to improve and develop yourself, only you can do that, nobody else can fix it for you, there is no magic pill, cheat or frequency wave that will magically develop your own soul development, that can only be done by you, only you can save you perhaps now makes more sense, I am sincerely hoping.
All 3 of these awakenings have the effect of you losing interest in certain pastimes, changes of lifestyle and a change of scenery is generally required, one that is more conducive to the new you, people complain mainly of one thing though on this path, that they have lost people, yes you have lost people because they are not on same frequency, yet you should consider this, yes you lost people, but you gained yourself.


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