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Trump doing a Walmart style roll back of N Korea sanctions, roll back of cancelling funding for Great Lakes clean up, and roll back of funding for special Olympics, The host of CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ Jake Tapper, has tried to defend the network’s coverage of ‘Russiagate’, claiming it actually got nothing wrong. “I’m not sure what you’re saying the media got wrong. The media reported the investigation was going on. Other than the people in the media on the left, not on this network, I don’t know anybody that got anything wrong,” Tapper stated. Fox & Friends displayed a graphic on Sunday referring to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras as “3 Mexican countries.” Ukraine goes to being ran by clowns to potentially having a comedian as their PM, A Belgian pigeon-race champion has become the most expensive bird of its kind ever sold after the feathered racer almost tripled the previous highest price to €1.25 million ($1.4 million). clowns think they rule the world but actually drool the world, bunch of windowlickers.

An NGO co-funded by George Soros was spared prosecution in 2016 after the US urged Ukraine to drop a corruption probe targeting the group, the Hill reported, pointing to potential shenanigans during the US presidential election. Bankrolled by the Obama administration and Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) was under investigation as part of a larger probe by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office into the misallocation of $4.4 million in US funds to fight corruption in the eastern European country. As the 2016 presidential race heated up back in the United States, the US Embassy in Kiev gave Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko “a list of people whom we should not prosecute” as part of the probe. Ultimately, no action was taken against AntAC. Lutsenko told the paper that he believes the embassy wanted the probe nixed because it could have exposed the Democrats to a potential scandal during the 2016 election. A State Department official who spoke with the Hill said that while the request to nix the probe was unusual, Washington feared that AntAC was being targeted as retribution for the group’s advocacy for anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine. AntAC wasn’t just the benefactor of well-connected patrons – at the time it was also collaborating with FBI agents to uncover then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s business dealings in Ukraine. Manafort later became a high-profile target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian collusion, and was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison for tax fraud and other financial crimes. Lutsenko divulged in an interview with the Hill last week that he has opened an investigation into whether Ukrainian officials leaked financial records during the 2016 US presidential campaign in an effort to sway the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. While AntAC may have failed to help the FBI find the Russia collusion smoking gun, the group’s activities constitute yet another link between the anti-climactic Russiagate probe and Soros, a Democrat mega-donor who bet big on Hillary Clinton taking the White House in 2016. In 2017, the billionaire philanthropist siphoned money into a new group, the Democracy Integrity Project, which later partnered with Fusion GPS to create the now-infamous Steele dossier. Spokespersons for AntAC and the Soros umbrella group Open Society Foundations declined to comment on the Hill’s scoop.

Most of the UK wants out of the EU except London and Scotland, Scotland is no surprise recently given they didnt even vote for their own independence, Scots have a healthy and sometimes not dislike of England and yet voted to stay part of it. As for London, most in that region like New Yorkers and Parisienne are money oriented people with little care for anything or anyone else, solution is simple, build taller Hadrians wall to Scotland and let them stay in EU, build wall around M25 and let them stay in EU, create separate government and treasury outside of the M25 and see how long they last. Problem solved.

Thomas Richard Hobson Petersen and the heavenlymanna site are nothing to do with MWHT and Kim or THI and myself, we did not get consulted on this and subsequently did not give approval, please do not send any money to that site, appears to be another snake oil opportunist at this point, making money on the back of others, all very cabal thinking that, and things won’t change long term with that mindset.
The funds could come out tomorrow or 2 weeks, but with that type of thinking we will be back in same position within 6-12 months, they will just syphon off the funds and restart. Time to start thinking better in my opinion.

As for the court of ages video done by the complete retard done by Cindy Kay Currier, she has no court, has no authority, has no brain cells either to be signing off the trust to Jesper Ellerman and KOM, and neither will trust funds be routed through the child trafficking on and off world group known as Swissindo be happening either, this is an embarrassment that KOM and crew will go to such lengths to be recognized, an utter embarrassment. Offer still stands Jesper and crew, live on air validation of proof of who has the codes and ownership of the trust, you ran away last time from the offer, will you do it again?

Just to let you know there has been a co-ordinated attempt to injure, harm or kill Kim, myself and the team that has ramped up exponentially over the last few months. Djinn and psychic attacks carrying viruses. The attacks via questions, fake blogs and websites all designed to weaken our resolve. Our computers and phones have been hacked, threats against us both have also ramped up. Neither us will be swayed by those tactics it only steels our resolve. Rest assured to those who play games, we will have our day.

The Pentagon and some Secret Service launched an all out assault on Kim last Friday, General Dunford signed an order to track a Kim, there is a number of them running around claiming to be the original and causing mayhem, he ordered a search and rescue squad of 12 to snatch Kim out of Wright Patterson Air Force base.
The basis of their argument was citing Kim as a terrorist, then she was planning on crash the financial system of America, funny how the very people who are terrorists and were planning to crash and burn America, are accusing the ones of saving it, when they are the ones doing it, a very common theme these days, see Democrat comments, see Bubbas blurb (hear his twitter got suspended) news media are classic spins of this reverse statements.

Mr. Trump is currently under severe pressure from clowns, and has literally been handcuffed in many aspects of running the government. Clowns in full scale panic to stem the tide, up to we the people to put pressure on. These clowns will go to great lengths to protect their failed system, and it has failed, because unbeknown to them it was designed to. They have lost the banking system and their backdoor and syphoning programs, so they came up with other alternatives, and why the IMF who lets not forget are not sovereign anymore so cannot force any country to do anything, threatening countries like they are trying to do, neither is the UN sovereign also.
People in the government, military, press, agencies and justice fields who are interested in not only saving this country, but the rest of the world also, now is the time to speak up and speak out, these clowns all work together and why they are still running a system, when in all reality it has collapsed, we have to work together with as much vigor. Task force time Donald.

Latest clown attempt to alter what we have changed is, IBM as in I be Marduk have created a new system we are informed, lets see how long that lasts. IBM World Wire is a new financial service created to simultaneously clear and settle cross-border payments in real time. It integrates with all existing payment systems to replace costly opacity with affordable transparency. How IBM World Wire works IBM World Wire uses both blockchain technology and the Stellar protocol to make it possible for financial institutions to settle and clear cross-border payments in a matter of seconds. It works by using a stablecoin or other digital assets as a bridge between any two fiat currencies. By doing this, the digital asset is able to facilitate the transaction between the two banking institutions and supplies them with important settlement instructions and information. The institutions will still be able to use their existing payment systems, but they will be seamlessly connected to World Wire’s APIs to allow the system to convert the first fiat currency into a digital asset. (this in and of itself tells you they no longer have control or enough of the physical assets, does it not?) After this, IBM World Wire changes the digital asset into a second fiat currency in order to complete the transaction(in other words the syphon funds of it). All transactions are then recorded onto an immutable blockchain to allow for the clearing of the transaction.
How can it change global payments? IBM World Wire has the ability to completely disrupt the current banking system(why would they disrupt a system they control?). It is a simple and configuration-ready solution that can integrate with any system. It can also support payments of any size to any destination in the world in a variety of asset types. Faster payments World Wire can provide much faster payment processing than the average payment system due to its simultaneous clearing and settlement features. It has also reduced the amount of time needed to resolve disputes. The service eliminates the need for multiple parties to execute the process of transactions due to the use of blockchain and its decentralised technology.
Lower costs: The service has also reduced the capital requirements for all cross-border transactions due to its use of blockchain technology. It also has lower clearing costs and has reduced the time needed to connect new markets to capital flows.
Increased efficiency: Finally, IBM World Wire is unique against any other payment system as it has one exchange fee between all currencies, making it easy for customers to know they are using a fair system. Blockchain technology also allows the service to have end-to-end transparency of all transactions carried out. (copying Kim’s call for transparency and allows them to filter out the lower raffle, and acquire the syphoned funds to an even smaller group, meanwhile still using CIA 2 and NSA creations of metadata collection.
Why we need World Wire If a company, business, or financial institution wants to send money across borders today, it requires a series of intermediaries for the clearing and settlement of the transaction. With each transaction, there is an added cost and time to the process(because many were syphoning is why). However, IBM has changed this. By using IBM World Wire, the clearing and settlement of each transaction happens near real time(again copying Kims method). By using digital assets to settle all transactions, the solution serves as an agreed-upon store of value exchanged between two or more parties. Along with this, IBM also has the ability to integrate payment messages, meaning all funds can be transferred at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional banking and payment systems(which is exactly the same as the Quantum System they refuse to allow to operate, why? because they cant control or syphon it is why). The future of global payments We already know current global payment systems aren’t adequate enough for the high number of transactions that are happening across the world. But with solutions like IBM World Wire and other blockchain and crypto payment systems, people will finally have the ability to send money globally with ease.
This is another attempt to circumnavigate their now defunct banking system and block off the Trust and the Quantum System.
Yet again evidence of them using blockchain and crypto for transfers, for two reasons 1. it is more metadata collections on the people and 2. what must become clear now to all is, they don’t have enough or more importantly the control of currencies anymore, I know people in alt media are pushing the blockchain, crypto and open sources and too many are falling for it, but this is their only way it seems of getting back in and in control of the worlds finances.

This weeks Op-eds as well as figures I put out last week, are real ways to wake some up to the reality we are being shafted at least, ignore the ET stuff and even criminality stuff, this stuff affects every single human in this country, every minute of the day, and this should be the focus of attention.
Some will say we can’t change much, wrong thinking, we changed Monsanto, we changed the vaccine fraud, we changed the banking system, we changed the veteran issue, we changed the child trafficking and the sex cults, and several other things, how?
by people working together and exposing things. Why do you think FB, Go ogle, Twitter are banning stuff left, right and center? because we forced them to is why, so I don’t want to hear anyone saying WE can’t do much, we can do everything to push them back and continue to defend our onslaught, changing to crypto, banning blogs, blocking stuff are all defensive moves by the cabal, a change from the onslaught of offensive moves they have made for thousands of years. Never underestimate your own power, because rest assured they don’t, they are shit scared of it.
The federal government estimated it would receive $3.645 trillion in revenue. Most of the taxes are paid by you, either through income or payroll taxes: Income taxes contribute $1.824 trillion or 50% of total receipts. Social Security, Medicare, and other payroll taxes add $1.295 trillion or 36%. Corporate taxes supply $255 billion or 7%. Excise taxes and tariffs contribute $157 billion or 4%. Earnings from the Federal Reserve’s holdings add $49 billion or 2%. Those are interest payments on the U.S. Treasury debt the Fed acquired through quantitative easing. Estate taxes and other miscellaneous revenue supply the remaining 2%.
Social Security costs are currently covered 100% by payroll taxes and interest on investments. Until 2010, there was more coming into the Social Security Trust Fund than being paid out. Thanks to its investments, the Trust Fund is still running a surplus. But, the Trust Fund’s Board estimates that this surplus will be depleted by 2032. Social Security revenue, from payroll taxes and interest earned, will cover only 77% of the benefits promised to retirees. For those that don’t know the SS fund is paid by The Trust, and the income streams they take out of your pay is another slush fund for the system, not only do they take it via your pay, they also tax it in some states as well. IRS is another slush fund, none of it goes to America or it’s government.
The discretionary budget will be $1.426 trillion. More than half goes toward military spending, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and other defense-related departments. The rest must pay for all other domestic programs. The largest are Health and Human Services, Education, and Housing and Urban Development.
There is an emergency fund of $200.1 billion. Most of it goes to Overseas Contingency Operations to pay for wars. A growing portions is set aside for disaster relief for hurricanes and wildfires.  Military spending was included in the budget. The biggest expense was the Department of Defense base budget at $576 billion. Overseas Contingency Operations were estimated to cost approximately $174 billion. That pays for the war on terror costs triggered by the 9/11 attacks. These include ongoing costs from the war in Iraq and the Afghanistan war. Military spending included $212.9 billion for defense-related departments. These include Homeland Security, the State Department, and Veterans Affairs. These departments also receive emergency funding of $26.1 billion. Add it up, and the total U.S. spending on defense is $989 billion. $989B per year on a war machine that does and has absolutely no benefit for America or Americans. To put this spending into perspective in comparison to the GDP of whole countries, only 16 countries have their whole GDP not just military spending, higher than our military spending, let that sink in, American military only spending is the 17th highest expenditure globally.

Recently announced is the building of new B21 bombers, The Air Force will retire the B-1 Lancers and B-2 Spirits once series production of the B-21 begins. “We are procuring the B-21 Raider as a long-range, highly survivable aircraft capable of penetrating enemy airspace with a mix of weapons,” Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Dave Goldfein said in the release. “It is a central part of a penetrating joint team.” The head of the U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command expects 100 B-21 bombers will be the minimum ordered and envisions some 175–200 bombers in service by 2030. At $550 million per plane in FY10 dollars, the entire program could cost American taxpayers $165-200B. These planes are only for the weak countries, those without air forces or minimal, America in modern day has never attacked a country with good air forces, look at all the countries attacked since WW2 and see if that statement is supported.
Again I will say we cant eat planes, that $165-200B should be used for the people, a staggering waste of money and these are the facts that we the people need to alert the public, of why there is poor infrastructure, why some many homeless, 23M children in poverty, 46M on food stamps, why vets get little to no support, because vast quantities of our money are for death and destruction. In my opinion the military should pay for all the care for all the vets, they created it and yet we pay for it twice?

Here is another waste of money ascertained by our so called government, which it is not, it requires under The U.S. Constitution a census counting the number of residents every 10 years. Results are used to draw political boundaries, allocate seats in Congress and at the state and local level, and distribute roughly $800 billion of federal funds. At a cost which is higher in spending than 70 countries total GDP. Funny they will cite The Constitution for that, and yet ignore the rest of it, when the public apply the Constitution isn’t it, remember Bush Jnr, said it is just a piece of paper, well the public should notify them the same when being asked to participate in a slave number count. $13-20B is another giant waste of resources when they have spying machines on steroids that can easily determine the figures, without invading peoples privacy. How much data do you actually need?

Here is another act of stupidity and pointless waste of money. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) 2020 campaign raised $18.2 million in the first six weeks, his campaign manager Faiz Shakir announced on Tuesday. That total came from nearly 900,000 donors and the average contribution was $20. Additionally Shakir said the campaign had $28 million cash on hand, owing to the money it was able to transfer from Sanders’ Senate campaign committee. A: the man had no chance last time B: has no chance this time
C: why are Americans giving so much money away to a failed politician D: Even if he wins the Democrat nominee, do you really want a 78 year old running the country? Having experience is one thing, but where is the youth input, and I am not talking about paid actors in the role, yes you Alexandria Cortez, you are a fake paid actor playing a role, but do we really need a person 13 years beyond retirement age running the country?

“The United States will not tolerate hostile foreign military powers meddling with the Western Hemisphere’s shared goals of democracy, security, and the rule of law. The Venezuelan military must stand with the people of Venezuela.” — John Bolton March 25, 2019 1. US is not a democracy Mr. Bolton 2. US is a hostile foreign military 3. pot meet kettle 4. what you are saying is only the Rothschild’s led US military are allowed to interfere in other countries, which they have done, 60+ elections and 81 countries invaded by US military since WW2, not one of which has attacked America.
Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza expressed disbelief over Washington’s attempt to frame defense cooperation between Venezuela and Russia as some sort of devious imperialist plot. He noted that it was pure “cynicism” for the US, with “more than 800 military bases in the world,” to lecture others about alleged foreign meddling.
This is the direct response to the intel we put out on Venezuela recently, the Generals there, learned and accepted the truth they will never be paid out on their currencies, like they were promised, about time some of the currently treasonous Generals in this country did the same. There used to be a derogatory sentence to people out of reality called your living in lala land, perhaps that needs to be change your living in dinarland.

A freelance journalist has gone public about a bizarre intimidation attempt by a senior MSNBC editor who tried to “bully” him into keeping a story under wraps – on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, not the network. MSNBC politics managing editor Dafna Linzer tried to pressure Yashar Ali, a journalist who has written for the Huffington Post and New York Magazine, into holding back the release of the Democratic primary debate dates, Ali has claimed in a series of tweets. Linzer wasn’t trying to beat him to the story, or calling on behalf of her own network at all – she was acting wholly on behalf of the DNC, according to Ali. This technically is a news item but through it in op-eds to expose further the criminal MSM and how they really operate, how to change it? stop watching it, target their twitters and other sites, call them all out as liars and newsreaders as treasonous sell outs.

President Trump reacted Wednesday to a request made to the IRS by House Democrats for six years of his tax returns, saying he was “not inclined” to make them public as they remain “under audit.” Democrats are seeking Trump’s tax returns to investigate allegations of corruption against the president and his businesses, and the president’s legal team is promising a vigorous fight to keep them private. Russian collusion becomes business collusion, this is being pushed by Alexandre Cortez, fine Ms Cortez, you publish your payments from Clinton Foundation and others showing you are a paid actor acting as a politician, or how about we audit the Fed or the IRS or the DOD, or the various agencies, or even better the so called security services groups who are operating as the government Ms. Cortez then we can really see what is and what is not important. While we are at it can we see all Obama’s real papers.
How about you tell the public why you are pushing the Green deal? because the deal would bring in millions or billions of dollars for the Pelosi’s.
She identifies as Catholic and described her faith and its impact on her life and campaign for criminal justice reform in an article in America, the magazine of the Jesuit order in the United States. Ocasio-Cortez said that she has Sephardic Jewish ancestry, although she does not practice the faith. Yet again born in New York with Jewish ancestry, I hope people are beginning to see the depth of this problem, the problem is not they are Jewish per se, the fact that so many of these people are running this country and badly I might add, how they just spring to prominent positions with little to no background, bearing in mind Cortez is just 29 years old and was waiting on tables and working as a bartender a few years back, then suddenly is thrust into the middle of a political circle, way beyond normal guidelines, it doesn’t make sense, it only makes sense if there was some collusion to get her there, ya see Cortez cited collusion, when she has been the beneficiary of collusion.

Here are the ingredients of vaccines, time for my mewe gif again, Vero cells which are monkey or pig related, MRC-5 which is male human cells from aborted babies, WI-38 female human cells from aborted babies, Fetal Bovine serum which is blood harvested from baby cows, MSG known neurotoxin, Formaldehyde known carcinogen, Aluminum known neurotoxin, Acetone which is nail polish remover, Polysorbate 80 carcinogen also known to stunt brain development, Embryo Cell Culture which is from baby chickens, MDCK which are dog kidney cells and Human albumin which is GMO human dna inserted into yeast.

Rothschild’s  will never deliver the GCR/RV why? they have no funds or assets to support it
MWHT trust funds will be made available for all of humanity – when? when the people in authority quit following the failed old system ran by The Rothschild’s and release the blocking of the funds
Rothschild’s as a trustee of The Trust gave out $0 to humanity, used it to build their empire
MWHT trustee is offering to return all the assets belonging to the relevant countries and fund humanitarian projects globally, rebuild infrastructure and communities
Rothschild’s continuing, America will stay with no sovereignty, no Constitution, no government, No national bank or currency, no military and no future.
MWHT has declared America sovereign, when implemented it will give the government the opportunity to restore all of the above and we will have a bright future
Rothschilds stifles the economy, new technology, development and infrastructure
MWHT promises at the end of the blocking of the funds to develop every country on the planet, which will fund all economies in an asset backed and balanced way, and fund new technology and infrastructure developments
Rothschilds continues to add debt to every country and its people
MWHT strives to eliminate debt of every country and give the people an opportunity to thrive
Rothschilds controls the US Military and yet we pay for it, for them it will be a continuation of war on terror
MWHT will help the government fund the military providing they quit the Rothschilds led wars, and strived for peace, including funding health and healing centers around America for the damaged returning troops and veterans.
Rothschilds have looted every country with their banks, and held every country hostage via financial tyranny
MWHT will restock every bank into liquidity and real funds will flow, restore every country on the planet once the Rothschild’s reign of terror is ended

Did you know in 1979 the term person was redefined as, a variety of entities other than human beings.
Did you know the US Treasury was officially closed in 1921 and transferred all their duties over to the Federal Reserve banks
Did you know under the constitution only gold and silver are declared as money? currency is not money, redeemable currency must promise to pay in gold or silver coins.
Did you know US government or Congress were not authorized by the Constitution to issue currency, only coin.
Did you know Fed Reserve notes are essentially unsigned checks, designed for the sole purpose of creating debt, whenever there an increase in supply of money (quantitative easing) it must be backed by an asset like gold or silver, if not it creates inflation.
What is inflation, a secret form of tax, the Fed Reserve has unlimited access to print out all currencies (substitute money) with their only cost is the printing paper, they then lend out the dollar bill to governments at the cost of 10c per dollar.
Essentially they are promissory notes, but promissory notes to pay the Fed debt only.
Did you know you can only pay off a debt by using gold, silver, barter or commodity, with Federal Reserve notes you can only discharge a debt, discharge is a way of paying off debt via bankruptcy remember, the debt is discharged but they still own the asset, like houses, cars etc, so you have discharged your debt, not paid off your debt. You cannot pay a debt off with currency system, only gold and silver coins.
Federal reserve demanded that interest payments must be made in gold, now you know why Fort Knox is empty, but there is no stipulation in Federal Reserve act to repay the principle, because technically there was no principle is why.
Did you know most Americans held free and clear allodial titles until Fed reserve act 1913, they pledged all the property within America to the Federal Reserve board of Governors, to which the trustees there then held the stock title, and because you can only discharge the debt with currency, they hold lien of the debt until payable by gold and silver, and subsequently claim the title to your assets.
The US citizen known as tenant or franchisee was registered as a beneficiary of the trust via their birth certificate.
Then In 1933 the Fed pledged all of the present and future properties, assets and labor of their now called subjects, (subject means a person under control or dominion of another, to render submissive or a dependent, or bind under) under the 14th Amendment US citizen to the Federal Reserve.
In return the Federal Reserve agreed to extend the US Corporation all the credit (currency which is substitute money) it needed, in return the US corporation operating as a government, had to assigned over all collateral and securities to the Fed as a condition of the loans.
Issue was the Federal Reserve never had any assets, for their support or to print the currency and back it, so where did their assets come from? they assigned the private property of their subjects, or slaves is better term, as collateral against the unpayable Federal debt, why is it unpayable, because you need gold and silver to pay off the debt is why, hence the gold and silver heist from the American public announced the same year 1933, where it became illegal to own gold and silver, and so preventing the public paying off their debt.
They also pledged unincorporated federal territories, now know as National parks, your birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations as collateral against the federal debt.
Essentially the Federal Reserve declared themselves as a Sovereign and we are renting our homes not buying them, that is why when after you have discharged your mortgage and you get the title, it says on it you are the tenant still, why, because you can only pay off your debt in gold and silver, not currency, still think a GCR/RV is viable? a global currency reset hmm, that means devaluing it ( which is another tax) in most cases as they print more off, and hand you over more debt. People still wanting GCR/RV are beyond stupid at this point, you are pushing for your own death sentence. Think about this for one moment infact think for the rest of your lives and we wont all be in this mess, Rothschild’s gives you $25K each which is not supported by an asset and so inflation kicks in, goes from 3% to 20K% like Venezuela, like what they did to the Germans in 1930’s, and Argentina also recently, so there is precedent for it, suddenly the dollar is worth only 10% overnight and your $25K goes down to $2.5K, but with inflation cost of goods goes up, how far do you think your $2.5K will go? with massive inflation it will be essentially worth in spending power a couple of hundred dollars, so from $25K you have a few hundred dollars, and once that is gone, well, your all going to die, and no I am not laughing this time, because I am serious.

propaganda pro pagan da, for pagan skin
It is a co-incidence the word religion is I reg lion, I king lion, lion is the worship of the cat and cat holics and Amun Ra.

Some people have been having doubts because MWHT doesn’t have documents, or is not on the news, not mentioned by Trump and or Q, and I get that to a degree, but you are forgetting this is a leading organization, that is deliberately either being stifled, and when that failed, then it was discredited. People asked for proof I said Liberia article, it wasn’t enough, I said Anna Von Reitz admitted in one of her rants, that A: the trust exists and B: Kim is the Trustee, that was not enough either, then Leo Wanta comes out and repeats what Anna said, but went on to say Kim has stolen all their funds, now the only thing out of those three you can have doubts over would be, did Kim steal the funds?, the rest is proof it exists, and it has funds, and Kim is the Trustee.
But that is not enough for some, well I would say have you listened to the 5-6 shows Kim has been on, including two shows who asked their own questions? if you have, and you still haven’t made up your mind, then no amount of documents will determine proof to you, so why bother asking. Essentially you are saying I can’t make my own mind up, that is your failing and lesson to learn, not put the onus on others to make your own mind up.
I don’t ask anyone to believe a single word of this show, you are given a narrative of a balanced perspective of life, politics and history, it is your choice whether you agree with a little, some, all or none of it, if it is the latter, the question is why are you wasting your own energy on something or someone you don’t believe in? Why don’t you go and chart your own path in life and you make an attempt to fix this planet, than waste time critiquing someone you don’t believe in?
It is fine if you don’t believe in Kim or I, but please go away and do something more constructive with your lives, something that is service to others, not service to self.
Some people have difficulty in not being accepted in their circle because of their beliefs, or their circle won’t believe the stuff that comes from this show or others, and too often frustration gets the better of them, and points the finger back at the teacher, that achieves nothing, projecting at others, is an inner turmoil you have to address within.
Question remains is, who made us responsible for waking others up? who assigned us that role? was their a contract to do so?
should we have been paid to do that?
We try to do that because unlike them, we care, they don’t, I’m sorry if that is your partner, loved one, friend or associates, but that is the harsh truth and reality, they don’t care or don’t care enough, so why should you get angry and mired in frustration because they don’t give a shit? Think about it, it will help all who believe and the ones who don’t.
I get a lot of enjoyment not necessarily from doing the shows, but seeing the people improve their own lives in various ways, that is what drives me, I was asked recently what I want out of what I am doing, money, fame, recognition was proffered, none of them was my reply, I want to help people, get people to think and act different, be the change not wait for it, correcting injustices on this world of which there are many, the response was well what do you want for you? the answer was I am not in it for me, it comes across like some alien concept, which is why we have so much work to do. Good luck to the people who try to label or define me, many have tried and all have failed, an enigma in many ways.
If it was all about me, I would have quit this a long time ago, the abuse, the questioning with agendas, the threats physically and verbally, death threats, isolation, sacrifice all of which Kim has gone through also, whilst internet warriors spend their days critiquing, none of them would spend 1 hour in our shoes, I promise you.
Here is a thought, does the country America have papers and documents that proves it is real? If so which documents would you constitute as proof? Who would you ask or go to in this country for proof of said documents? Would they give them to you to post on the internet? Think about that for a second, I mean really think.
Some people forget “The Trust” is actually a country, known as the “unknown country” why? because it operated outside of the masses, it didn’t operate under rules, regulations or statutes, why? because HE designed it that way, the harvester cared not for humans or their laws, something people should consider when asking certain questions or proof.
MWHT is the name Kim chose, it is not a Trust per se in the public perception of a trust, it is a country, outside of all other countries, all of which were just pawns in the game.
Questions are only of value when applied to learning something new, all others are essentially a waste of energy and value.

I am going to end this show with a piece I did in December last year as a reminder to us all.
How can you trust others, when many don’t trust themselves?
Reality is defined by the person, in essence, on what you experience, what is unique in this “time” period is, and yet we are finding it is a common theme amongst our group, of shared experiences.
What is real to you, is not always real to others, but you should never define your own experiences by others, that is externalizing when your truth is internal.
Some things can be investigated and proof garnered, but most of this “war” is largely providing no external proof, it takes an inner knowing and trust, to make sense of the limitations of our 5 senses in here, some have more senses and those are the ones who “see” for real.
We are the sin eaters, we swallowed the poison and are now providing the antidote, and it is up to us all to do that to the best of our abilities.
Final song can be interpreted in perhaps in a different way, people giving the badges and guns away, and laying down the symbols of oppression, and approaching heavens door not for death, but going through the astral heavens door onto the mental planes and a step up of your own progression, the object is for us all to knock on that door, and burst through, and another of humanity souls, lights up like a beacon.
This is what they have really blocked for so long, the door awaits and the choice is yours.
Heaven is not a 1 in 2 choice you get when you die, it is an inner state of being when you achieve your own bliss and inner peace.



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