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I played that as a reminder, not to denigrate America, but to use it as a platform to build something better, to be the country we want it to be, not what we thought it was, where we are not judged of how great the country is because of our military might or sport or some other banal subject, but how we built the people up into a role model to follow and a progression for our youth, how we created one vast community of caring and sharing. Two things jump out from that speech, he said America’s military spending was 26th back in 2013, now just 6 years later it is 17th, and the idea it was all so much better in the old days, it wasn’t, all these same clowns we discuss in these shows were all still there back then and planning our demise, the only difference now is, you know about what they are, and were doing, illusion and ignorance is not and never was the good old days.

Attorneys for former White House Counsel Gregory B. Craig said Wednesday that he expects to face federal charges in the coming days in relationship to legal work he did for the Ukrainian government in 2012. The expected indictment — which his attorneys called “a misguided abuse of prosecutorial discretion” — stems from work Craig did with GOP lobbyist Paul Manafort on behalf of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice in 2012. At the time, Craig was a partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, the law firm he joined after ending his tenure as counsel to President Barack Obama. I guess we are Biden our time for him

Hold the next two pieces in your mind when intel piece comes out.
Speaking to Jewish Republicans on Saturday, Donald Trump claimed a Democratic victory in 2020 could be damaging for Israel. In response, the executive director of a group representing Jewish Democrats lamented the president’s “assault on decency and truth” and criticised his remarks about the impending Israeli election. Speaking at the annual meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), Trump touted two precedent-shredding actions: moving the US embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. “We got you something that you wanted,” Trump said, adding: “Unlike other presidents, I keep my promises.” The RJC backed Trump in 2016. It is backed by Sheldon Adelson, a casino magnate and rightwing megadonor. On Saturday, Trump met Adelson before speaking. Adelson and his wife received a standing ovation when they entered the ballroom. In 2016, the Adelsons gave Trump $30m. They followed that with $100m for Republicans in 2018. In November, Miriam Adelson joined Elvis, Babe Ruth and other famous Americans in being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. “I know that the Republican Jewish Coalition will help lead our party to another historic victory,” Trump said. “We need more Republicans. Let’s go, so we can win everything.” Jewish voters are often liberal but Republicans hope to narrow the gap. Trump earned standing ovations for the embassy move and the Golan Heights recognition.

US President Donald Trump has designated Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organisation. It is the first time the US has labelled another nation’s military as a terrorist organisation. Iran swiftly retaliated by declaring US Central Command as a terrorist organisation, Iran state news reported. Washington-Tehran tensions have risen since Mr Trump withdrew the US from the international Iran nuclear pact. Numerous IRGC and affiliated entities have previously been subjected to US sanctions in connection with alleged proliferation activities, support for terrorism and human rights abuses. Mr Trump’s statement on Monday said: “This unprecedented step, led by the Department of State, recognises the reality that Iran is not only a State Sponsor of Terrorism, but that the IRGC actively participates in, finances, and promotes terrorism as a tool of statecraft.”

The next three pieces are all interconnected and telling, when information is merged from previous shows.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is about to lose two of his most trusted aides, just as House Democrats ramp up pressure on his department to release President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Eli Miller, chief of staff at Treasury and a former Trump campaign official, will leave the department next week, according to a staff wide email sent Friday afternoon. Close Treasury observers say Miller is expected to join the private sector. In a statement, Mnuchin called Miller an instrumental leader “who has been constantly at my side, and he will be very difficult to replace.” Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs Tony Sayegh has also planned for months to leave by the end of May and is interviewing candidates for his replacement as the agency’s top communications official.

The US Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, who enforced some of President Trump’s controversial border policies, has resigned. Ms Nielsen called it “an honour of a lifetime” to work in the department. President Trump tweeted she would be temporarily replaced by Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. Ms Nielsen was responsible for implementing the proposed border wall and the separation of migrant families. Ms Nielsen first joined Mr Trump’s administration in January 2017 as an assistant to the former Homeland Security chief John Kelly. She became Mr Kelly’s deputy when he moved to become White House chief of staff, but returned to lead her former department later that year. Ms Nielsen defended border policies such as holding children in wire enclosures in the face of strong condemnation and intense questioning by Democrats in Congress.

U.S. Secret Service Director Randolph ‘Tex’ Alles is stepping down from his post, officials said Monday, in the latest shake-up at the Department of Homeland Security following outgoing Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s resignation. Sources told Fox News on Monday that Alles was notified 10 days ago to “prepare an exit plan,” in a signal that a transition in leadership at the Department of Homeland Security was imminent. Alles was told that he should be prepared to leave his post as head of the Secret Service as part of that transition. “United States Secret Service director Randolph ‘Tex’ Alles has done a great job at the agency over the last two years, and the President is thankful for his over 40 years of service to the country,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a brief statement Monday.

Tripling down on the policy of regime change in Caracas, the US on Friday imposed sanctions against 35 ships and two companies which it says are involved in transporting oil from Venezuela to Cuba. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin accused Cuba of “providing a lifeline” to the “illegitimate… regime” of President Nicolas Maduro through “oil-for-repression schemes.” Washington recognized the self-proclaimed opposition leader Juan Guaido as “interim president” of Venezuela at the end of January, but efforts to install him in power have stalled as the police, military and much of Venezuela’s population remained loyal to elected authorities. oops. This piece tells you Mnuchin and co are running this country’s foreign policy, not Trump.
Mnuchin accusing others of illegitimate regime oh my the height of hypocrisy that statement is. Even the democrats are getting sick of Mnuchin given Maxine Waters interaction this week.

With a disaster relief bill deadlocked in the Senate, House Democrats are prepared to move ahead with their own package that includes billions of dollars in aid for the rain-swollen Midwest. The Democrats’ revised bill would add $2.5 billion for heartland states reeling from catastrophic floods, an overture to Republicans after months of partisan bickering. The blame for this lies solely with Mnuchin, Hillary, Citadel and Weiss group who stormed The Treasury building back in November to block MWHT delivering $105B disaster relief funds to the people, all because Rothchilds and FEMA want to carry on syphoning funds out of the country, Rothschild’s told Mnuchin and co they would deliver the funds for the disaster back in November, like the RV we all still wait, well, we will wait forever if that is the case, or the hierarchy in this country can grow a set and think of Americans outside of themselves for once.

Julian Assange being arrested and extradited may have a silver lining for the alt media people that are tuned in

Word on the street I was told that several have agreed to resign from team Mnuchin

An attempt to refloat all the banks again was made by Kim and The Trust to try and end in impasse between the new and old system, promises were made and guaranteed, and it all went ahead, then came the stalling part, initially because the RV was on Tuesday, then when that failed again, more delays and distractions of where their input and promises had to be kept. Wednesday Kim pulled all of the money back into The Trust, yet again Kim did all the work for them in the set up, contracts and delivery of the funds, and yet again they blocked the peoples money aspect. Maybe more stringent measures will unfold, time will tell.

So with all the capital accounts pulled back into the Trust and the banks back into severe liquidity problems, of their own making as they will not fly straight, Kim put the banks on notice, with the following statement. Capital will only be released by The Trust upon sufficient crediting of liquidity, 20% to capital loan account and 80% for the projects. Take it or leave it


HSBC london tried to leverage historical bonds For 10 Trillion USD?!?! Unfortunately it was rejected based on no allocation, only The Trust can allocate new numbers of notes for circulation of new money, and it was rejected

In the next move several agencies and organizations were notified of their inability to protect the financial system of the USA, So they were removed entirely from seeing into the financial system, and also from messing about or a key point, of being allowed to maintain any sets of books.

The back story about Iran, Israel, Saudi and Yemen, all about shipping lanes and hence the principality created known as Tel Aviv, due to the port of Jaffa. Khomeini Iran, Netanyahu Israel, Bush America and Saudi Prince were all in on a deal to export cheap oil out of Iran, Khomeini was a trustee of The Trust also. Those four between them created the conditions where they could pilfer cheap or in some cases free oil out Iraq and Iran, but to create those conditions you need to have an enemy and then a subsequent military presence in the area to pull that off. Iraq was set up via alleged invasion of Kuwait, which is of course another shipping port and route out for the shipping. That lead to gulf war 1 and presence established. Prior to that in 1984 Iran was set up as the future boogeyman with the same 4 countries participating including Iran, or Khomeini at the least, and Iran was sold nuclear weapons in 1984 by which country? Israel. So you have all the rhetoric and fear given to Jewish people of Iran etc is going to attack us, and are close to building nuclear weapons to bomb us, when their leaders gave the so called enemy nuclear weapons to begin with 35 years back, so Iran doesn’t have to build any nuclear weapons, Israel gave that to them.
All part of the illusion game you see, and why you cannot point fingers at countries, it is not the countries per se, it is the programs and puppet lackeys behind it.
So these 4 groups divvy up the oil flow and then take over the ports to export it out, Americas portion goes to Houston, Texas, and which also involves Aramaco Saudi Arabia. These groups as I said are getting cheap oil at $25 a barrel, and sometimes for free, then sell it at double the value or more.
What is the real cost of producing oil, once the initial cost of setting up a pump is made usually around $10M, the operating costs to produce a barrel of oil is less than 1 dollar, and yet they are raping countries and the people with ridiculous profit margins for something that is now 100 years out of date technology.
The Gaza strip also coastal port place was annexed because it has massive gas fields underneath it also, so these same clowns can control that.
The Golan Heights which in 2015 was found to have a massive gas and oil field, the main company there is called Genie Oil, whose head guy is Howard Jonas, born in New York and born by Jewish parents, a comment becoming all too familiar now isn’t it?
So, how was Howard Jonas set up in the Golan Heights? he was granted exclusive oil and gas exploration rights in the southern part of the Golan Heights by the Netanyahu government, see the links now? Of course neglecting the fact it is sovereign territory and doesn’t belong to Israel, but we are told we have to overlook that fact because Israel is our friend, try telling that to the 34 killed and 174 wounded Americans on the USS Liberty. Jonas is also head man of the group IDT media, and of the 5000 employees working there, between 25-40% are Jewish, bearing in mind the demographics for America, Jewish makes up 2%, all about keeping it in house you see. All about the deals you see, and lets keep it all in house, House spelt with a capital H.

Senator running for office Kirsten Gillibrand family has links to nxium “Her father Doug Rutnik came to work as a consultant for NXIVM. … He was fired, they sued him, and they had to pay him $100,000,” former NXIVM employee Frank Parlato told Big League Politics. “Her father’s wife, her stepmother, was also a member of NXIVM. … Doug got her into the cult, Gillibrand’s father got Gillibrand’s future stepmother into the cult. Doug left the cult because he was sued. Clare Bronfman, after her father was sued, donated money to Gillibrand. Gillibrand accepted it.”
Nor is it a coincidence that Lynn de Rothschild is on the Board of the Bronfman Rothschild Company, considering that she has been linked to quite a number of child abuse conspiracies in the last years. Both the Rothschild’s and the Bronfman’s, incidentally, have close ties to John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Now you know why they wanted Hillary as President as Nxium would never have come to light.

Did you know the Eugenics programs operating in England and Wales that birth rate went from 35.3 per thousand in 1871 to 18.3 in 1926

Military pay for categories E1 – E7 years service and their monthly pay, given this comes out of a budget of $989B a year, are these salaries suitable for risking your life?

2 or less $1,600 $1,793 $1,886 $2,089 $2,278 $2,487 $2,875  
Over 10 $1,600 $1,793 $2,126 $2,536 $3,214 $3,480 $3,875

Military Bases in USA, states with most bases are California and Virginia, California has 9 army 16 navy 7 airforce 6 marine and 2 coast guard, do we really need that amount of bases in one state? One would suggest we only need that amount for all of lower 48 not just one state. Virginia has 8 army 10 navy 1 airforce 1 marine and 7 coast guard, again why that many in that particular state? In comparison DC has 3 army 4 navy 2 airforce 1 marines and 3 coast guards.
Why does Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and Nevada have naval bases?
Or why do we have to pay for over 800 military bases in 70 different countries, that is 1/3 of the countries on the planet, no one publically knows the correct figures as it is not disclosed, when in comparison Britain, France and Russia combined have 30. Number of Chinese bases outside of their territory, 1.

A small comment about how to strategize the economy and who The Trust should or should not speak to or deal with, Kim to a point has an obligation to negotiate with anyone, providing those who she negotiates operates in a better way.
Some have said no more money for the government, some have said no more money for the banks, don’t prop up the stock markets, and I get that and that has been discussed at various intervals.
But what is often overlooked in these statements, and something I am asking all to look at and ponder on.
What are the consequences of no more money for government or the stock market? well for a start, the cabal want to crash both, so that is a predicament in and of itself is it not? it is what they want, the complete the financial destruction of America, although certain people within our government are doing that for them, due to lack of actions not undertaken.
My questions back is do you have a viable alternative to that choice? You may think you do, but you don’t, the alternative is this, ponder long and hard, all government workers pay would cease overnight, all 2.3M, with no back pay this time, government would shut down again. All agencies would quickly run out of money, all the banks would quickly run out of money, if banks run out of money who is paying your payroll? SS, tax returns and foodstamps would be hindered or ceased, the country will collapse within one week, with violent anarchy and who has the biggest guns rules, then they will roll out something else, they have been trying to implement since Jade Helm, martial law, these are not fear tactics, these are the real facts based on our knowledge, not supposition.
This country would turn into a bloodbath overnight, and I am not saying that lightly either, this country and it’s people have been pampered to, when taken in comparison to most other countries, how will the pampered and those who hand over their own power, personal responsibility and sovereign over to the government react? Well the government have to fix it, only to realize finally the government in this country, runs nothing, who do they go to then to fix the problems?
It is a last resort solution only, and not to be taken as lightly as some have suggested, that’s lack of real thinking, all actions have a consequence, too many have forgotten that future thinking mode, if this happens, what will happen as a consequence next?
The problem is not them per se, it is the people as a collective, cabal all work together and stick to the plan, we create plans and someone always wants to come in and change them, so their own importance is more prevalent or riding off the backs of others, all ego based thinking and not conducive to a collective movement. Alt media is classic example, instead of all focusing on the massive waste of our tax dollars, or why are our tax dollars illegal, or why we have no constitution, military or rights, they focus on FISA docs, politicians affairs, flat earth, RV pay outs and other piles of excrement, they are laughing at us as a collective.
So, what happens if a group of people cannot govern, control or look after themselves? others come in and do it for them, and how has that worked out for us?
Think different.

A timocracy (from Greek τιμή timē, “price, worth” and -κρατία -kratia, “rule”)[1] in Aristotle’s Politics is a state where only property owners may participate in government. The more extreme forms of timocracy, where power derives entirely from wealth with no regard for social or civic responsibility, may shift in their form and become a plutocracy where the wealthy rule.
plutarchy is a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income. The first known use of the term in English dates from 1631. Unlike systems such as democracy, capitalism, socialism or anarchism, plutocracy is not rooted in an established political philosophy. The concept of plutocracy may be advocated by the wealthy classes of a society in an indirect or surreptitious fashion, though the term itself is almost always used in a pejorative sense, plutocrats ignore their social responsibilities, using their power to serve their own purposes and thereby increasing poverty and nurturing class conflict, corrupting societies with greed and hedonism.
In the political jargon and propaganda of Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and the Communist International, western democratic states were referred to as plutocracies, with the implication being that a small number of extremely wealthy individuals were controlling the countries and holding them to ransom. Plutocracy replaced democracy and capitalism as the principal fascist term for the United States and Great Britain during the Second World War. For the Nazis, the term was often a code word for “the Jews“. Make of that what you will.

I thought I would review some old papers I read and bring one item of it to the fore in this show.
The looking glass technology, this is a mixture of Orion and Sirius cube technology, this is why there is black cubes located everywhere, Mecca being the prime one, the water monument at One World trade center, other black cubes dotted around New York, it is reptillian mind control technology. It was based on the old Golden Sun disc of Mu technology, and yes it is known as a remote viewing machine, and can predict the future,  but if we all understood time and space properly, our science doesn’t, then we too can predict the future or charter a different path.
What is the future, everything that is in front of you, as you walk forward you are heading into the future, look behind you or walk backwards, it is the past, standing still is not the now either, as you are always in motion, motion is time and space, and yet can be argued it is neither also, so you are always moving, you just don’t perceive it that way.
We often hear of changes in timelines, and many think some outside forces that can manipulate it or change it, which can be done with certain technology, and on those levels it can also be done by people whose abilities have switched on, to counteract it.
But a more basic level of changing the timelines is done on a daily basis, when proper thinking is applied, as is the case on this planet in too many aspects, we often forget or fail to recognize our own input into changing timelines.
I can hear people now thinking, what is he saying? here we go Thomas is now telling us we can change timelines, OMG now I will have to learn something else, does this guy stop haha, well once you end your own limitation program of little me, you will realize you are more than just a label, so how does it work?
Humanity is a creature of habit, if you analyse your day you will see the repeat patterns, so because we repeat so many patterns, those who are using AI capabilities, can predict with good measure the exact path you are charting, and so can interject in your life path on a day to day basis.
What do I mean by that, well say one particular person is creating an issue to the system, and they are aware of the day to day patterns, they can install another person in that pattern to intervene in a certain way, that changes your timeline for their desired result, the group known as The Watchers does this far more than people realize, and yes can often and has been used for sinister plans, resulting in people dying due to an accident, a pre planned accident, like fridges being thrown off speeding trucks in front of Kim’s car.
You get up in the morning and do a set of tasks, then head out to work often going the same route, you may often see the same cars or same people because they are on the same timeline as you, but what if you took a different route to work? suddenly you will not see the same cars or people as you went on a different path, you have just changed the timeline, your interaction with different people, will change their timeline, instead of walking in a straight line on the sidewalk, they may have to move across as now you are in their timeline, that small side step to avoid you, has changed their day and the future.
That person who bumped into you along the road, when you stop and think and not turned around saying WTF, that person may have been sent to change your timeline, later that day, you may have been involved in an accident, that may have ended your life or someone else’s that is playing a role in a future timeline event.
When I left the UK 17 years ago last week, many of my circle stated their surprise I was going ahead with my migration to America (ooh that makes me an immigrant, should I be thrown out? haha) many were surprised I left my favorite soccer club behind, more than the people, I said this back to them, one day you will find out there is an overbearing reason as to why I am going, it is not fully clear to me just yet, but there will become a time when and why this move is being made.
My journey to be where I am now has been filled with timeline changes, personal, marital, location, member of a group, admin of a group, show host of a group, many wont realize the factions show I did in 2015 changed the next timeline, then when you think Drake and Neil were being nasty in their actions, it actually boosted my timeline into my own show, and subsequently lead to work with Kim and now alongside her, along the way people came in and changed things, Tanaath, Sunfire, Andy Simmons and Chloe, then Shane and Randy, Alan and Steve from OYM, the support of Holly and James has remained since September 2013 as my admins, just one of them not interacting could have sent me and us all on a different path, if you think Kim and I working together was an accident, you would be wrong in that thinking, that path to that current outcome all stated back in September 1991 when my wife at the time booked us to go to Florida in March 1992, that single event led us to where we are now and what we are trying to accomplish, I personally lost a lot along that journey, but ultimately found so much more also.
Ya see we are capable of so much more when we put our mind to things.
This maybe a small ripple in the pond, but if everyone created a ripple, it becomes a tsunami, and this is what I have been trying to get across, be the change not wait for it, because you never know what one change of habit can bring in the future, a change of your timeline, that leads to a chance meeting, that may lead to a new job, new partner or prevent a predicted outcome of your own life. Something to ponder on.

A channel 4 news program in the UK, just did more to validate my From Russia with Love series of what is really going on on this planet than ever. During a Brexit protest the portal person Jon Snow turned around and said “I have never seen so many white people” having previously stated “extraordinary scenes during the protest, we cannot confirm if there were any arrests”
So, having suggested there was trouble during the protest, he planted the seed of who the issue was, according to the portal people. Whilst the UK has had mass immigration since Tony Bliar got into the puppet seat, England still remains a predominantly white country, so why wouldn’t there be so many whites?
This is what I have been going on about, how they plant the seeds that this group is a problem, like the UK has for many years blaming the Muslims for everything, and America blaming the Russians, it’s all sleight of hand programming, and classic divide and conquer tactics, that people too easily fall for, we must see through the illusion before it is too late.
White nations have to stand up together and defend their creed, you are under heavy attack and have been for last 100 years, 2/3rd’s of the white demographic lost in under 100 years and yet outside this show it is barely referenced.
Where is the documentaries on the disappearing whites? Where are the scholars debating it? Where are the think tanks coming up with solutions to save it? why is it being ignored? America within next 20 years, or 25 at best will have whites in the minority scale, from 88.6% a hundred years ago, to less than 50% in the near future.
This is a serious extinction level problem of one group of people, and it’s not being considered as an issue, now people can call me on this and accuse me (which they have recently) of being a Nazi or white supremacist, to those people you are either beyond stupid or part of the programming, you have brains, use them.
The problem the white peoples face, is down to the WW2 program they ran of the Aryan superior race, which with some critical thinking would fall apart, did Hitler have blonde hair or blue eyes? Did Himmler, Goebels, Goerring, Hess, Mueller, Scherrf, so if they ran that program of all Aryan, they would have to kill themselves off, would they not?
Does that make sense? NO, so we can deduce from that alone, it was not designed to make sense and it is a program.
2nd problem is these stupid shaven head thugs operating as Neo Nazis, some of them are just that stupid and as we all now know, the bulk of them are stooges, inserted actors placed in positions to steer the narrative and the course of actions, those of you genuinely promoting the white race need to take a look at themselves, are all whites shaven headed and violent, spouting racist propaganda, hate and venom? NO, so you are not representing anything but a program, you are playing the game for them, they created that image for a reason, and you stupidly played along with it, you are being used as pawns.
Still think whites aren’t marginalized what about this story this week? A Fulham FC fan living in California is suing a state agency after he was banned from having the letters COYW on a personalised car number plate, as they feared the slogan “Come on you whites” had racist connotations. University professor Jonathan Kotler said he was “shocked” at the decision. Launching his legal case, he claimed the decision by the California Department of Motor Vehicles violated his right to freedom of speech.
To the shaven headed Neo Nazis “the way to get at your enemy is to shower them with love” nothing infuriates detractors more than that, they want you in low vibrational confrontation and angry, again don’t play their game, play yours, calm and balanced, 45-55, it defuses the situation, when they wish to escalate it.
This planet and its people have done enough of narrow minded thinking, and that is a global problem not just certain countries, I can give examples of many peoples narrow thinking in every country, it’s time to expand your thinking beyond the baseline low level narrative you have consumed, and broaden your thinking, not them thinking for you, and you repeating it, that is not fact or truth until you verify it, it’s only an assumption. Time to step out of their shadows and boxes they created for you, but you walked into.

I have to bring this to your attention as ultimately it can affect us all, and is setting a dangerous precedent, particularly highlighting the risks a show hosts takes on what, and how they present their information to their audience, and how it can be potentially used against them, either by people using the system against us, a sense of justice, a need to gain revenge, or just plain greed and vindictiveness. Time will tell which category the following comes under, I will not speculate I will just present the facts.
Following some sort of bad interaction between show hosts and a guest on their show, who didn’t turn up, words were exchanged that become hostile and led to the non showing guest deliver court papers to the show and hosts.
That case Robert David Steele vs Goodman Complaint – 9.1.17 – Case No. 3.17cv601
Plaintiffs (Steele) seek $6,000,000 in compensatory damages; $18,000,000 as three-fold damages in accordance with § 18.2-500” of the Virginia Code; $350,000 in punitive damages; prejudgment and post judgment interest; and attorney’s fees and costs. Potentially costing the 3 hosts charged $6.5M each in compensation.
Taken from the court documents, Steele describes a long list of professional accomplishments, presenting himself as a former Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) clandestine operations officer, a former civil servant, and the holder of various advanced degrees. Steele works to “redirect the craft of intelligence away from spies and secrecy enabling war and waste, towards open sources and methods favorable to peace and prosperity.” In support of this work, Steele formed and operated a company that ultimately helped draft the “NATO Open Source Intelligence Handbook.” Steele asserts, without elaboration, that “for over twenty years, Steele has dedicated himself to teaching individuals and organizations about the value of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering.” Steele “was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize” based on this work. In 2006, Steele founded Earth Intelligence Network (“EIN”), a Virginia 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, and Plaintiff in this action.
In 1993, Steele formed Open Source Solutions, Inc., which Steele describes as “a pioneering open source intelligence (“OSINT”) firm. OSINT is a term used to refer to data collected from publicly available sources to be used in an intelligence context.
What is vague is what does publically available sources entail? which is then transferred into an intelligence context, question is how is that different to now? Would it be safe to ask why Mr. Steele drafted the open source technology for NATO? since when have NATO been open with the public? Would it be prudent to ask why Mr. Steele set up that company in Virginia, which of course houses the CIA, of which he was a former operator, is that not a conflict of interest? Is it possible that it could be construed as a subsidiary of the CIA, that could potentially get around certain restrictive rules? To be clear these are all questions not statements, I think the public should be informed in greater clarity than has currently been proffered.
The donations from that website until the 3 defendants trashed on Steele’s website was over $29,000 a month and dropped to $200 a month according to Steele in the court documents, following the alleged defendants attacks. Steele states in court he posted the financials on his website, and yet I looked and no figures where evidenced.
Question is where was the $29k per month being spent, can it be evidenced? Is this service for the public benefit or a select group of intelligence experts, who to date have shown no desire to share anything with the public, should it not be made clear where this intelligence is available to the public, seen as the public are paying for it via his website, as a side note how is EIN non for profit group allowed a donation button, when The Peoples club also a non profit was fined $250 for same donation button on our website?
Steele also created The Golden Candle Society of which you have to search deep to find out what it is or entails, but essentially this is a private intelligence agents award ceremony, not to people in the public, oh no people, like a grammy awards for spooks, awards were given to those who work for MOD and NATO, another award to Met Police in London, a guy who works for exploited child unit in Brussels, Ministry of Interior Holland for promoting open source, Swedish military intelligence, Italian police dept, Spot image due to it’s global coverage with multiple satellites, the availability of vast archives of recent cloud-free imagery, and the recently introduced EAGLE VISION ground station,  imagery suitable for meeting military and commercial needs for accurate maps, target packages. Europol drugs unit, A Belgian judge, again does this suggest open source is for benefit of the people, or only private agency?
Steele also set website with the interesting name of OSS.net, the original CIA was OSS make your own mind up.
There is a common theme of former agency people creating subsidiary private organizations but essentially operate on behalf of a central organization, this is why we have these NGO groups. They take the knowledge and expertise acquired within the agency and then run it with their own people, it gets around all kinds of legal aspects, away from the glare of government oversight and allows them with the installation of people, who came from within the organization, to operate privately and practically above the law, in the same way 5 eyes is operating, not suggesting this is the case with Mr. Steele as I cannot confirm either way, as always I am open to what is the truth.
There is some common theme with Steele and his involvement within the alt media community. He approached Neil Keenan, and Neil changed or if I believe several other sources, the original Neil was taken out. He met Benjamin Fulford next and his appearance, demeanor and blog changed radically. Coincidence? could be, you choose.
He then promotes open source as something new, when it was in production from 1993 with information garnered from his participation as a CIA agent, promising it would benefit the people, when clearly it is only benefiting the 5 eyes group, again unless he can provide evidence to the contrary, and then I will happily correct that as well.
Steele was asked to appear on reddit forum back in 2017 under the name IAMA, where he was asked a series of questions, one involving Hillary Clinton, which the questioner pressed him for evidence proving that Hillary was a lesbian, pedophile, traitor and criminal, he was asked given his position to back that claim up, which Steele refused, subsequently the questioner following that exchange was then banned from reddit. Make your own minds up on that narrative, I only present the evidence.
Then he gets involved at a time when alt medias successful exposure of church, politicians, hollywood and state crimes, exposing pedophilia and sets up ITNJ, with a church minister of all people, himself with no background of it, Sacha Stone again no background of it, except he has family connections, and completely ignores extensive research on the subject from one group who have been active in this field a long time, ITCCS, ignores Kevin Annett’s pleas to be involved, refuses and denies evidence to be put forward, why would that group do that?
The question for the listener to ascertain is, if you are really exposing certain things, why not use the body of evidence already accumulated? Why not use that expertise? by denying that, is it not saying this is a closed shop? ran by the same system people that created issues to begin with, where is the transparency? that’s hardly open source is it? well actually when you analyse open source it is, a private group collecting data on we the people for their own ends, for the benefit of NATO, it states that in the court documents, since when has NATO been open with their real purpose?
How many people are aware that NATO is a Rothschild’s owned private army? is there a reason he asked for $6M? of all the figures you could use, why that one? question not a statement.
So, Mr. Steele it appears was not being up front with regards to the people he took to court for defamation etc, and those people went on an expose on him, and it appears they went a bit too far, and a little off track with their exposure of Mr. Steele based on the evidence produced in the court documents, but how is Mr. Steele benefitting the alt media when he threatens them with financial ruin for disagreeing with him? why such heavy handed dealings? Surely a cease and desist would have been sufficient?
Clearly he has the might of the establishment behind him as he referenced himself in the court documents, and referring his next attack victim to the British Home Office, again these are based on Steele’s own words not mine.
Steele said they were threatening him, and he draws a line with that, and yet documented evidence from email exchanges between Kevin Annett, Steele and Sacha Stone shows evidence of them both threatening Kevin Annett, “If I hear from you again, or if you malign the ITNJ whose undertakings are extraordinarily well documented, I may refer you to relevant authorities for a mental health examination as well as investigation for fraud and sedition. Sacha Stone” and “you are henceforth blocked as being an obvious lunatic with no legal standing.  I will defer to the ITNJ as to what legal action, including referral of you as an individual (Mr. Kevin Annett) to the authorities for psychiatric evaluation and possible removal from the public sphere. Robert David Steele” and the recommendation was sent to the British Home Office.
I would suggest line in the sand has to work both ways Mr. Steele, not all of us have the backing of Langley, London Metropolitan Police, UK Justice system and British Home Office in the UK like you appear to have.
But Mr. Steele wasn’t finished there either, a website posted the court documents of recent findings in Steele’s lawsuit, Mr. Steele not content with threatening Kevin Annett, now decides to threaten another website with these comments, Robert Steele says: This is actively defamatory and has been referred to both my attorney in the US who just secured legal judgments against Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron, and Susan Lutzky, and to the barristers in the UK who are handling legal matters for the ITNJ and Sacha Stone. If you do not immediately remove this post you will be added to my defamation lawsuit as a co-conspirator subject to financial penalty once a final judgement is rendered. He then posts the court rulings and then states this “Read it and weep. By repeating their defamatory false statements you are equally subject to legal judgment and financial ruin.”
These are all the facts taken from Steele’s own words and explanations in his court documents, plus copies of direct comments made by Mr. Steele himself, I don’t have to add interpretation to any of them, they stand and present themselves.
Questions arise from this is the following, to repeat they are questions not statements, so they can’t be misinterpreted to suit certain agendas. 1. Is Robert David Steele helping the people in or outside alt media? 2. Has or is Robert David Steele acted with integrity within the alt media community? 3. Why is it ok for one party to threaten, and yet others are not allowed to not only threaten, but appears we are not allowed to challenge any of their ventures or activities, without being thrown lawsuits or threats of losing your liberty? 4. If transparency is what Mr. Steele is promoting, why is he using the establishment to garner that? is that not flawed? 5. When requested to come on our show a few years back, he made the lame excuse that we didn’t have enough listeners, and yet then proceeded to go on two shows with less than 1500 listeners, 10% of our listeners at the time, even if that was the case, since when as alt media been about numbers? I will go on any show to give people transparency, something Mr. Steele given his interactions does not appear to wish to follow. 6. If this body of information is correct, of which you can all look into yourselves for the details of which and ascertain yourselves, and if you decide Mr. Steele is not acting in our best interests, the question is, is this somebody we need within our community? If you ascertain that Mr. Steele’s actions and deeds are not what the community needs, Is this type of bullying and heavy handed tactics helpful to our community?
The question that does not include Mr. Steele or Sacha Stone is, are certain agencies now using people within our community to impose fear tactics to prevent us exposing criminals?

Imagine if what people around the world have been told for last 2000 years comes true, kind of reminds me of the RV and it’s coming, it’s coming, but what if Jesus returns now and lands in America? particularly in DC, what would unfold.
Providing he wasn’t shot on the spot by gun toting agents, the DC security services would arrest him for trespassing, then he would be snatched up by ICE as an illegal immigrant because he can’t produce any ID papers, the MIC will demand an interrogation into how he arrived here, what was his mode of travel and can they back engineer or weaponize it, the FAA will enquire does he have a pilots license, the IRS will demand a hearing and file papers for 2000 years of back taxes, DOD will declare him a terrorist and potential jihadist, Jewish people will cry fake news, and is not the real messiah and instruct Trump to deport him to Jerusalem, order a trial and ask him does he like nails and wood, the Vatican will go along with the Jewish, same group is why, American people would demand he should be deported from whence he came as all illegal immigrants should be thrown out, portal people will demand interview to ask him to retract his past statements, asking him was Mary a prostitute and did any sleep with anyone else other than Mary, the alt media will ask is he a Q Anon, Democrats will demand an investigation into does he have any connections to the Russians, Liberals would demand compensation for him not taking their sins away, and half the planet will down tools because their own personal savior has arrived. Still think it is a good idea to return here?

The issue of the waste of our funds runs into this next piece when expanded thinking applies, and the issue of migrants came up again recently which according to many countries globally now is becoming a problem.
But is it a problem when you think in a different way? I have heard people in the UK saying the migrants are taking our jobs, houses and benefits and running the countries finances down, and that can be a valid argument, lets ignore at this point that it is a deliberate think tank program, it is and has been evidenced, but lets ponder on it from another angle.
People from poor countries flooding into richer countries for a better life and opportunity, you can’t blame them for that?
But the cry is we are paying for it, the reality is we are not, the people have never gained any benefits from government funding before mass migration, if they threw all migrants out tomorrow, do you think the government would use that money to benefit the people or just keep giving the military more money? I think you know the answer, so the cry we are paying for it is a smokescreen.
But if we the people are paying for it, my thinking is why shouldn’t we do that?
The Peoples club itself is about acquiring funds and people helping each other, but ponder on this, should we only help THI people? think about that for a second, should we only help THI people, from a wider perspective how will people outside of THI view that? would they get angry? probably, envy? absolutely, questions will be thrown up, why are they entitled to all the funds and we are not? Would there not be a flood of applications to join our group? do we turn around and say we are not letting them in? Is that being charitable? caring? sharing? and everything we stand for? clearly not, then why the difference with migrants? Think long and hard on this piece, real long and hard.
Allowing people who are oppressed, poor and lacking basics of life is not something we should be blocking, but something we should be encouraging, that is what caring and sharing is all about, no if’s and not buts about it, if you are wondering why the funds are low in your particular country, go and target who the real problem is, not the victims of their programs.
Lets use America as an example, raided Mexico, Columbia, Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Panama, El Salvador and Venezuela for drug and oil money, did they give the proceeds of that back to America? did they shite.
So now those peoples and their economies are now bankrupt, and so they have to uproot from their homes and migrate to where there is prospect of sustaining their lives and their families, where do they go to? the nearest country with the funds to accommodate them, the same country who created their poor conditions to begin with, and the very people within that country who now cry foul and we don’t want these migrants in our country, said what when the US military was blitzing and raping their countries? largely said nothing, saying nothing makes us all complicit in it, I am sorry people don’t want to hear that, but it is the truth, and brutal truth at that.
So, now we the people have an obligation to support those people now in my opinion, you ignore a problem long enough, it reaches your backdoor, it always does, you can’t hide behind your own bubble world forever, eventually it gets popped.
So, the vast majority of these migrants are coming to have a life of some sorts, allowing them in and supporting them is an act of charity, which we all have to learn to exhibit, it cannot and should not be selective, that is divide and conquer at it’s finest.
So, if you are complaining they are using up our resources, look again at who really caused the issue, not the victims of it.
America’s military and foreign policies dictated within and outside of this country, is what created it, it is up to we the people to fix it, why don’t we have enough money to feed, clothe and house these people? because we sit by and watch our tax dollars get wasted on a vast number of things and say little or nothing, the elephant in the room is the $989B a year which is 2/3rds of the government discretionary spending I might add, and ask, do we want or need our money spent in that way, or would we like to spend that $989B a year on the peoples lives, migrants included?
Welcoming law and abiding migrants into your country is a real act of charity on our behalf, and with regards to the western countries peoples, it is the least we should do to save them people, because it was largely our own lack of human caring that created it.
People have proposed for the funding to help the homeless in America, fine by me, but why only America? why such narrow thinking? expand it, homeless is homeless no matter what country you come from, think different.
Some will say that I am being harsh and a bit unfair blaming certain people, fine, suck it up your lifestyle doesn’t change regardless of whether you accept this piece or not, but I will tell you what is really harsh, sitting in your home minding your own business and then planes rain down bombs on people, obliterating their homes, businesses and families, then having to uproot and travel thousands of miles to live in another country, with unfamiliar surroundings and cultures just to survive, only for some people to turn them away or denigrate them, that is real fucking harsh on every level, least of all a human level. Ponder long and hard on that.
I appreciate this will cause some to react to it, you should react to it, but if it’s a projection at me, then you have missed or yet again ignoring the point, you didn’t care enough about the peoples of Central America, Iraqis, Palestinians, Vietnamese only your own country and it’s well being, your own color and it’s well being, your own religion, your own families and friends and their well being, that is me, me, me thinking, and the time for doing that has to stop now.
We are all involved in this together and we all have a common enemy, the dark forces, we have all been seduced by the dark forces for long enough, turned into narrow thinking and more and more narrower groups, labels or identities, stand up for your fellow man woman and children, because if you keep ignoring what is happening to other groups, there will be no groups left to save you, when it becomes your turn to face the enemy.
I will repeat my mantra again, how can you be an immigrant on your own planet? Think and act different is not just another THI mantra, it is our life saver, and the key to ending this madness. Was going to end the show with the song People are people and the words People are people so why should it be, You and I should get along so awfully, the key is we don’t have to, but then this next piece will end the show and a change of music is required.

Word on the street there was a high level meeting by the Rothschild’s family over the weekend discussing several things we heard, the outcome of that which has yet to be confirmed I want to make that clear, is that the Rothschild’s family is backing out and stepping down altogether. If confirmed it will have a major effect and shift globally, several implications that can be of benefit to humanity, the RV will get kicked into touch once and for all.
Of course it doesn’t necessarily mean their minions will step down also. Question remains what will the sheep followers do or be able to do without their “gods” oh my, well you all have a choice and new platform available to join a real movement of we the people, backed and supported by the MWHT, choose wisely now.
To repeat again if it is fully confirmed, The Rothschild’s family are backing out and will be stepping down.
Message to the minions who follow the Rothschild’s , the bankers, central bankers, the military, NATO, swiss guards, mercenaries, agencies, governments will be in our final song tonight. We weren’t born to follow.

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