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Israel’s moon mission that went badly wrong described as a technical glitch, it was shot down by the space fleet(not the alliance or SSp) as it was carrying cargo not deemed suitable, any other attempts of that nature will be met with same response.

The wheel looking craft seen on videos, is a real depiction of a certain space station platform that is largely benevolent, whether that picture was faked or not.

Rothschild’s did not step down officially, but their game playing has cost them more minions, last week they tried leveraging $10T and that ultimately failed also. To us, it matters not that much whether they continue their failed mission and games or not, we can work with or without them, the only benefit would have been, if some of the minions stepped down with them, and came and worked with us.
There is no guarantee Rothschild’s stepping down, would have been a full on benefit to us, as there was no guarantees the minions wouldn’t just step into that role, a bit like when Soros died or Ann died, minions keep rolling the program.

Military people, all top brass had meeting in Miami last weekend, to discuss matters and the outcome of that was all put a fund together $100K and into a team, to take out Kim and the team, nice work chaps just because you are too stupid to see beyond your own pallets of dinars and billionaire dreams, that has become a nightmare, doesn’t mean you blame the wrong people for your own stupidity.
Global GDP is $114T (12 zeros) that is world expenditure, so please explain how a country who is 48th in GDP and has a GDP of $250B going to sustain or finance $7Q (15 zeros) 1000 trillion is 1 quadrillion for those of you unable to count. At the current rate $7Q is 56 years global GDP, and one small country with a GDP of $250B is going to sustain and deliver your fake RV?

Introducing a USN or TRN won’t help, because currency EVEN WHEN ASSET BACKED does not eliminate the need for a production line. So if there is no production line to support Quads of “new money” you will devaluate that currency, be it TRN, USN or Hostess Twinkies it will be worth exponentially less then the USD is worth today. The basics of this is you can attain $7Q and somehow support it with assets, but you also have to justify where the $7Q is being spent, $7Q is 56 years of global GDP, where in the hell are you going to come up with a plan and what are you going to spend $7Q on? the simple answer is you can’t,  Maybe you have been talking to the top CEO of Wells the Fargo, cos he knows jackshit of economics either, micro or macro, that clown asked Kim not for $7Q that is not sustainable, but $80Q which is 658 years of global GDP. Clearly when you have spent your whole lives following orders, they never taught you common sense.

On Monday a call was made directly to Kim on a rarely used line, that came directly from the Pentagon much to their surprise anyway. Certain things were discussed about their lack of funding and delays for the RV. Kim again explained it wasn’t happening, and offered an alternate choice, with the condition but you have to defend America, it’s interests and the people against all others, no deals will be made with connections to Rothschild’s or Chinese Elders.
Should they go ahead The Pentagon itself will be much better off, as they would no longer have to give half of their budget to the Chinese Elders or Rothschild’s slush funds, and we requested guarantees of such.
At which point the Pentagon called in a top economist to explain whether the RV could work, the response after considering it all was, it’s not possible, there are no quotas to support it, the economist stated, just like we have been telling all and sundry for years. The Pentagon response was, so we have been lied to then, oops.

More transfers were delivered by Kim, and again Citibank and Wells the Fargo blocked the release of those accounts on Monday
via The Treasury.
Pentagon rethink on matters had started to proceed as it appears they are now finally getting it, and are now pushing against Rothschild’s and Chinese Elders, following suspected blocks on the funding, this time from The Treasury, The Pentagon contacted them and The Treasury told them to basically F off, which hasn’t gone down too well, I hear.
Kim proceeded to shut down The Treasury for the day, shtf and they are now desperate to get it back up and running, message was pay up the peoples funds or stay shut down.
The Military was deemed partially on board as of Tuesday also, given some of their contractors haven’t been paid in a while either, kind of sad it all comes down to money and not honor, but it is what it is.

Wednesday more transfers to The Pentagon took place and they were blocked from receiving from within this country, so if anyone is under the illusion that this is just a foreign issue, clearly this incident should change that thinking.
It was suggested The Treasury is now blocking it, seems The Treasury and in particular Mnuchin have been given orders to block everything coming out of the Trust. Maybe next time Treasury ask for their pay, we’ll block it and see how they like that.

Further reports came in this morning that the FBI was blocking funds yesterday also, what this shows is proof all their other servers have now gone down, and are using all other servers as back up to try and continue blocking the funds, eventually as forecasted last year, they will run out of servers and options.

Fincen (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)is a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury, that collects and analyzes information about financial transactions, in order to combat domestic and international money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes.
It was found out by the team to be siphoning billions out of banking system using the fbi, under the guise of compliance, but was really stealing funds for Hillary Clinton.
This shows they were involved in former banking levels 3-6 and as each got neutered, they switched to other levels and servers, eventually they run out.
This is why Ann is no longer prevalent, we cut off their supply with the restructuring of the banking system, and their levels of interaction with it.

Actions were taken today and is now confirmed Fincen is now down permanently. Clinton thought FINCEN was their personal pocketbook, $30 billion was recovered and only $12b had no apparent source or destination. They even tried to steal hundreds of millions going to the veteran aid foundation.

We have reports the Military is now wavering away from the clowns, should that be the case, with the Pentagon and the Military turning away from the old system, we should be able to make the desired progress sooner rather than later. It is far too early to make bold statements on the Military or the intentions of The Pentagon, as too often we have seen these interactions to be used as a ruse for their purposes, not ours. But as the noose tightens in the inner war, which is largely away from the public glare, anything is possible, and we are open to working with anyone who wishes to change for the better.
Hope springs eternal, and if this is another blind alley game, it matters not in the long term game, the noose is around their necks, not ours. But currently both The Pentagon and the Military are actively pursuing moves away from the old paths and control systems to a new way, which we the people must pursue and ascertain what the new way is to be, we must chart the path.

Message to those who can use enforcement, The Fed, The US Treasury and the IRS needs to be totally emptied out of staff, particularly those in the top end positions, if we have any hope of moving forward those three need to be cleaned out now.

Plot cancelled on Kim and team by Military cancelled.

So the Mueller report came out and following a brief scan of it for things that pop out, a couple of things from the contents came up of who the issues potentially are, first one that sprang up is Henry Oknyansky a Florida based Russian, with name like Oknyansky you would think ooh Russian collusion, except his real name is Henry Greenberg, now you are seeing more of the pieces of my series FRWL now, Mr. Okyansky was put in touch with Roger Stone another New Yorker, who was a shadowy figure behind the scenes in Watergate and Nixon, According to Stone, during the day he was officially a scheduler in the Nixon campaign, but “By night, I’m trafficking in the black arts. Nixon’s people were obsessed with intelligence.” Stone maintains he never did anything illegal during Watergate. The Richard Nixon Foundation later clarified that Stone had been a 20-year-old junior scheduler on the campaign, and that to characterize Stone as one of Nixon’s aides or advisers was a “gross misstatement”. After Nixon won the 1972 presidential election, Stone worked for the administration in the Office of Economic Opportunity. After Nixon resigned, Stone went to work for Bob Dole, but was later fired after columnist Jack Anderson publicly identified Stone as a Nixon ‘dirty trickster’. Mr. Okyansky aka Greenberg it was stated had damaging information on Clinton and brought in a Ukrainian guy named Rasin, claiming to possess financial documents of money laundering done by Hillary Clinton in Ukraine, hello Joe Biden and son, oops.
Clinton missing emails it is suspected, according to the report was collected by Russia no surprise, China no surprise and Iran, even less of a surprise, but with all this laundering, and a public detailing and a mention of it by the portal people, where is the investigation of Obama and the $1.8B sent to Iran in cash? I bet many have forgotten about that, which is understandable as they use the media distraction pieces well to cover up these types of stories, and get you to focus on the distractions. This is what I have been warning you about, the minute the heat is turned on a narrative they don’t want covered, out comes the distractions, bit like this week with Notre Dame, whose demise was covered in a video I pet goat 6 years ago.
Like The Simpson episode of Trump winning the election, going down the elevator with the same sign, it is all staged theater events, pre planned long before, this is what they do.
Two other names cropped up within that report that this show has warned about for a long time and in several shows is, Jared Kushner and Erik Prince, I will cover them in another show.

In another dump this time from Wikileaks which to me was rendered of little use to us in general, a letter from 2007 shows how these people get away with stuff with no comeback, Julius Baer (likely a Rothschild) who had banks in Zurich and Guernsey, wrote to Angela Merkel asking to her to remove her accounts from the off shore bank. In the letter it cited Merkel was committing fraud by using these accounts to pay off German politicians, one particularly payment which raised concerns was for $1.2M to an account in Credit Suisse.

A piece of reporting by the Bush led Carlyle Group, Victims of the credit crisis  Bear Stearns (investment bank) Saved from bankruptcy by government backed sale to JP Morgan Lehman Brothers (investment bank) Bankrupt           
AIG (world’’s largest insurance co.) Bailed out Washington Mutual (6Washington Mutual largest US bank*) Assets seized by the government and sold to JP Morgan Wachovia (3Wachovia largest US bank*) Sold to Wells Fargo after an aborted bid by Citigroup
Under the Troubled Asset Relief Plan (TARP), the Treasury Department is: Purchasing up to $250 billion in equity stakes in US financial institutions, including $20–25 billion stakes in Bank of America, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo and $10 billion stakes in Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Purchasing up to $700 billion of financial sector assets The FDIC is guaranteeing certain types of bank debt and has increased deposit insurance to $250,000. The Federal Reserve has taken extraordinary steps: Allowed banks to post unconventional assets as collateral. Begun purchasing commercial paper from corporations Extended a $50Bn credit line to money market funds Begun paying interest on bank reserves.
In the United Kingdom RBS The British government is recapitalizing Europe’s largest bank by assets. HBOS & Lloyds The UK government is injecting capital into both banks (Britain’s  4th&5th largest), having already engineered their merger. Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley Two of the UK’’s largest mortgage lenders became insolvent and were nationalized. In Germany Hypo Real Estate Bailed out by the German government. In France & Belgium Fortis Europe’s 11th largest bank was sold off piecemeal, and partly Dexia France and Belgium were forced to recapitalize Europe 16th largest bank.
Specific national policies include: The UK Government is guaranteeing bank debt and injecting 50 billion pounds into banks including RBS, HBOS, and Lloyds TSB. Germany is guaranteeing up to $544 billion of bank debt and plans to buy equity stakes worth up to $109 billion. France is creating a state fund to buy stakes in financial institutions and has guaranteed $435 billion of bank debt. Spain is guaranteeing up to $136 billion of new bank debt, and plans to has set up a facility to purchase equity stakes, and plans to buy up to $68 billion of bank assets Iceland has nationalized its entire banking system, and may borrow billions of dollars from Russia and the IMF. All nicely engineered and harvesting designated for further up the chain.

1913 to 1921 (exact date unknown): Colonel Edward Mandel House to Woodrow Wilson found in Wilson’s personal diary/logs.
House originally from Texas was known as The Colonel and yet never did any military service, moved to New York in 1902,  where he was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, look closely into them you will see the theme of FRWL. “Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property (that’s you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattels (property) and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (\Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the high office (presidency) of our dummy corporation (USA) to foment this plot against America.”

The ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge travelled west across the Mediterranean before reaching Britain, a study has shown. Researchers in London compared DNA extracted from Neolithic human remains found in Britain with that of people alive at the same time in Europe. The Neolithic inhabitants appear to have travelled from Anatolia (modern Turkey) to Iberia before winding their way north. They reached Britain in about 4,000BC. The migration to Britain was just one part of a general, massive expansion of people out of Anatolia in 6,000BC that introduced farming to Europe. Before that, Europe was populated by small, travelling groups which hunted animals and gathered wild plants and shellfish. One group of early farmers followed the river Danube up into Central Europe, but another group travelled west across the Mediterranean. DNA reveals that Neolithic Britons were largely descended from groups who took the Mediterranean route, either hugging the coast or hopping from island-to-island on boats. It now appears that The Rus/ Slavonic Aryan peoples built Stonehenge, oops.

Has anyone noticed in the world of drama known as politics of how in the last 4-5 months the two female mouthpieces barked loud and then fell silent? yes you Ann and you Pelosi, why because the Justice Democrat group threw in two actors to play new games of projects that have failed abjectly since 2012. Cortez is playing the Hispanic people, and representing them as well as Obama represented the black community, badly, and Ilhan Omar rolled back out the anti Muslim rhetoric, which curiously went silent for last two years, but that was because they rolled out a previous failed program, of it’s all the Russians fault.
Cortez and Omar may well be nice people, whose egos and importance have been inflated to think they are making a difference, the answer is you are doing females, Muslims and Hispanics a massive disservice with prepared orchestrated scripts, these two are duping the public to stir up racist based programs for the public to follow, and provide vast quantities of column inches and hours on portal people news debating it, all to avoid talking about the real issues, see the program, it always repeats.
Pelosi and Ann have gone quiet because the public worked them out, it is only matter of time before these two paid actors go the same way.

Given we have a load of new listeners a small recap because I am seeing loop news and loop people creeping back into the alt media with their agency based scripts of distraction. The latest example of loop news and people is a woman who syphons info off alt media, and then packages it into bullshittery, is Cindy Kay Currier and her Court of Ages group, she is a fake.
She is like Anna Von Reitz, and until she got jail Heather Jucci Jarraf and co partner Randall Beane, all stating they have legal knowledge, all think they are some sort of legal authority above the system, be it a fake judge or otherwise, asking you to fill in forms and obtain various pieces of paper putting you outside of the system, but this has led many people to lose their homes and some ended up in jail.
Ignore these people and fight for the all to step outside the system, it is the only way it will work, the system just picks off individuals.
If AVR was that good legally and her standing as a so called judge, she wouldn’t have sadly, lost her home to foreclosure in the courts, and she also lost her non payment of back taxes case with the IRS to boot, so if the so called judge cant buck the system with all her standing and knowledge, what chance do you have?
OPPT people have appeared on the scene again Caleb Skinner and possibly Brian Kelly, another group asking you to sign stuff away and at a fee, whilst leader Jarraf and co-conspirators Dani McKenney and Lisa Harrison (both alt media show hosts) fled on a jaunt at the people’s expense to Morocco.
Swissindo is another ruse, this group is another of the fake Marcos, Soekarno, Sino and other names from Indonesia and that whole region, they are/were in involved in child trafficking, and also off world trafficking, nice group, that whole region and it’s narrative or should I say script in the alt media comes directly from the CIA, they are the sole avenue stream for these people in alt media.
CIA was heavily involved when Kennedy was meeting with Soekarno back in 1961, and the discussion of the vaults and other riches were discussed, Kennedy tried to do a deal with Marcos to sidestep Langley, which was ran by the Bush Family, the Kennedy’s hated the Bush family, and that interaction and his speech of secret societies, was a power play against the Bushes, which he ultimately lost, that was not a people versus’s the cabal war, that whole thing was a family feud. Kennedy’s are one of the 13 American bloodline families remember.
The whole reason for the focus of Indonesia, vaults, fake M1’s is, Ferdinand Marcos was the Pindar for decades and all the stolen loot from several countries, was put into several vaults in that region.
Marcos was the Pindar for a number of years even after his public death announcement, he didn’t die then, he lived on for a while as the Pindar, away from the public gaze.
Another name which will be new to you but not to the team is Mark Cifeli, the latest claiming to be the new M1, I’m sure Neil Keenan (ted kennedy family lookalike, connect the dots) will be impressed with that, or the other 70 odd people running around the world claiming to be M1 either.
Cifeli has joined up with former Trust team member sell out Magan, who followed the RV path, and her rogue partner and Pentagon insider man, who claimed to have the codes and access to the Quantum System which failed, Matt Schuller.
We are sad Magan allowed her ego to get the better of her, she thinks she is Mother Mary re-incarnated, but I don’t think Mary Magdelene, would have been interested in an RV currency exchange some how, or Matt who thinks he is Jesus’s brother, clearly not following his brothers path if that was the case, can you imagine if we had real news and the Headline news Jesus’s brother using Pentagon machines tries to hack into the Quantum system, it failed like I said.
Cifeli is the latest agency based front to discredit Kim and the team, like all others – it will fail.

Following the news piece earlier, is there much in life more annoying, terrifying, invasion of privacy, feelings of being uncomfortable, treated like cattle than flying on an air plane these days, it is also a warning of how quickly we let our freedoms slide in the name of national security, which like the term conspiracy theory is a misnomer.
Drastic difference in prices for the same seats, sub standard food and water which you now have to pay for, it was once part of the deal, you arrive at the airport and try to avoid excessive parking fees, so you try and drop off luggage and passengers near the gate, only to be met by segway Nazis telling you to move along before you have a chance to unload or say goodbye to victims flying.
You then enter the terminal, nice name that for people who are frightened of flying, you quickly try and search for your flight on a screen to see if it is on time, delayed or even overbooked, check in were you wait 15-45 minutes to then be called up to check bags, where the art of confusion reigns as different airlines have different allowances and payments for baggage, which used to be part of the deal.
Then you are then subject to humorless drone people, they then ask stupid questions like do you have a bomb, anything other than a stern no is flagged further down the line, then comes the weighing of bags, your bag is 8 ounces overweight that’ll be $90, ok I will empty some out, then the eyes of the server burns the back of your head, as they stand over with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
Proceed to the gate were you endure more lines and eventually reaching another stern looking nazi saying ze papers please, your passport or ID is handed over, then follows frequent looks at the ID and your face, making you feel like some sort of terrorist, then it’s stamped and on you go into another line, where you are then sniffed at by bomb and drug dogs, the feeling of being uncomfortable grows and heaven forbid there are people with burkas on, everyone watches them like a hawk, and just when you think you have had enough, no the next stage of your torture begins.
Take off your shoes, belts and all jewelry, wallets, take out your phone and laptops place in separate bins so we can view and invade all your private stuff, then the checklist comes in, does my arse and vag itching cream pass the criteria, remember now no non clear bottles, no food and no water bottles allowed, at this point your thinking why did I bring all this stuff and why am I going on this flight? and off all your different items go into the spy machine, then some Nazi tells you to proceed through to the radiation machine, which you must insert yourself into, genitals and boobs come alive on the perverts screen, I’m through at last, but no some eagle eyed Nazi decides to flag you and wants to now fondle you all over, whilst your thinking is that person male or female.
Then you collect all your belongings from several bins, back on with your shoes, coats, belts and jewelry and you head off for your flight finally after 2 hours, only to arrive at another waiting station to be called for your flight, then you are herded onto the flight in batches, and onto the flight you go, only to be greeted by 2 flight attendants who have doused themselves in some nostril burning cologne, that lingers for the next half hour, until they march up and down to sell you pile of unwanted crap from a magazine, or encourage you to watch or listen to our inflight entertainment but you must buy our headphones.
Several hours later you arrive and you end up at the furthest part of the airport, show passports again before walking another 1/2 mile or so to collect your luggage, some of which arrives and some that doesn’t, then a scramble to get out of the airport, and the next stage is snake oil fear porn salesman selling you insurance and upgrades for a hire car, another hour has passed and you are on your way to your destination, dreading the return.
All in the name of so called safety and national security, and we tolerate this shit? Simple answer is don’t fly, they will soon change all this shit, drop prices and inconvenience of it all, if no one flies.

So the synagogue of satan, the elephant in the state, the real powerhouse and cesspit of this country, no not DC that is the illusion, that place is named Gotham for a reason, Batman or real term Dark Elf was not a superhero to the people as portrayed in the movies, comics and shows, although later ones got nearer, The Dark Knight in particular.
New York and it’s plethora of dark occult occupants, steeps to new lows, equating 600 measles cases out of 300+M people, of which there are 19.5M in New York, to some epidemic of global proportions, and now decides it requires to mandatory vaccinate all people against measles, to a group of people who already resemble a pin cushion.
600 cases requires politicians from all sides to get involved, the usual sponsors of medical death by pharma WHO, ramped up by the portal people to a point of mass fear, and sadly too many to this day just accept it.
This vaccine order was signed off by a woman called Oxiris Bardot, is it Oxiris or Osiris, they love their Egyptian symbolism in New York don’t they, Oxiris Bardot is another of those is it a man or woman questions to boot.
Lets step out of the forest and analyse, 600 cases of a fairly moderate illness, that has produced no deaths, suddenly turns into a mass panic situation of (play piece) does that make sense? if it does make sense to you, you are past the point of helping, unable to think for yourself and welcome to your robot world, where they think for you.
If it doesn’t make sense, then you should now know by now what is playing out, a program, what you may or may not know is, programs are rarely for one reason, look behind the magicians hand.

Talking about New York I read an article on a new building that went up there that frankly looks like a monstrosity, and yet apartments cost $32M in some cases, rented 2 bedroom apartments are $9000 a month, it is that type of unsanity we the people have to stop. This tactic is multi pronged, 1. creates elitism as only the few can afford it 2. it congregates the elites all in one place for other programs, for an example of this think Sandy Hook and Connecticut 3. pushes those who play the game and think they are the elite to chip into the project, assess them how far they will go to keep or discard them 4. Takes money off the middle class 5. Creates debt bubble of which when it fails, they then buy up for pennies on the dollar, when reality bites to most people is, yes we wanted that nice shiny apartment in an elite district which gets me brownie points in my circle, but in the real world we can’t afford it, these vipers rely on peoples like you, recognize it and don’t participate 6. keeps out all of the real people and pushes them into the zoo, they created, where it becomes survival of the fittest, all very eugenics isn’t it?
This program is being rolled out by these goons globally, I warned of it in California 5 years ago.
$9000 a month for rent or mortgage for that matter is beyond unsane, no wonder they call it seeking asylum to join a country.
That would build 1 – 2 tiny houses per month and you live rent free, but in this materialistic world of all about status, fashion and bigger and more is better, that doesn’t fit the illusion world does it, they have us all competing over external items, when we should be comparing how far we have come internally, we have become shallow and only we can change that.
The so called elites can’t or won’t change, but it is we who creates their elitism, and it is we who can remove it, by leaving their overpriced enclaves empty, as for New York and it’s people, perhaps the Q Anon meme works best #walkaway.

Perhaps a new wall should be built in this country around Gotham city, wall them all in so they don’t effect the rest of the country with their dark magic, that shining beam from ground zero is only missing the bat emblem, you don’t think they put that beam up just to look nice did you?
Like the series the cops are useless, and in Batman came suited up to fix things, except Batman is not who you think it is, it is another outsider like The Draco who comes in with technology to fix things for you, that never worked too well for us did it?
I have encountered these Dark Elves many times, I was told by others these were guardians, it never sat well with me, as whenever there was attacks, one of them was always in the scene, often encountered when females were being raped by an entity they couldn’t see.
Some people may think that is not possible, think again and I hope you don’t experience it, it is harrowing for the victims and it has happened to men also, how can you comprehend that type of incident? who do you talk to? try telling the cops or the doctor I have been raped by an entity I couldn’t see, you will get whisked off to the mental ward. Can you tell your family or friends, they will refer you to doctor, or worse a psychologist, which again sends you on a path to psychotic drugs and or mental facility.
This shit is real, and is more frequent than people imagine, but many are frightened to speak out, so kudos to the people who reached out to me over Simon Parkes, which I outed, and he subsequently blamed it on his father Anu.
How is this possible? it is a bit like the Star Trek transporter for those who have gained certain abilities, you transfer your consciousness over to another region and can then interact accordingly, more commonly known as bi-location, you physically will remain in the same location, but parts of you can be in another place, world or universe, for those who act responsibly with it, which is a must.
But if you come across a Dark Elf engage with caution, most are not for your benefit, despite what others may claim, I have seen more than enough evidence to support my claim, the first sign of malevolence, take it out.

On a lighter side lets look at some of the other characters in the series Robin originally was more popular in early days than main character, then he was killed off by the Joker in storyline “death in the family” all very Cain and Abel that, then turns up as the Red Hood, in the story “The Man Behind The Red Hood!” the man later known as the Joker was a master criminal going by the Red Hood alias, The Red Hood is an alias used by multiple fictional characters and a criminal organization, the redhood then becomes The Joker after an accident. Red Hood, Red Shield becomes Rothschild.
The Joker plots and the jokes are on us, Penguin is a Jewish looking suited business man, The riddler is the portal people, then you look at some of the lesser known characters, King Tut there is that Egyptian link again, Egghead possibly referencing the conehead people, no not David Wilcock but a much earlier date, think Nefertiti.
Mr. Freeze symbolizes our economy, Bookworm symbolizes Google, worm goes into the book and removes or changes the words, the Mad Hatter all very Alice in wonderland and project looking glass that, False face character know as Malachi Throne, another Hebrew reference, who in two episodes never showed his face, only a mask, Minerva closely associated with Greek gods did head massages to get into the brains of people, bit like MK Ultra really isn’t it, oh and that is in New York also, on Long Island.
Cassandra spellcraft a tip to one of the Parents and the grimmoire, which is grammar and subsequently grammar is a book of magic spells, the boyfriend of Cassandra was Cabala, another Egyptian/Israelite reference, Nora Clavicle appeared for one episode with a plan to destroy Gotham for insurance money, hello Mr. Silverstein, AzRAel who replaced Batman when he was injured az RA el, Azazel and Ra, Azazel is a Hebrew referenced demon, he was sent as the scapegoat bearing the sins of the Jews during Yom Kippur.
Talia al Ghul – is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and is the mother of Damian, Nimrod the Hunter someone who Batman helped, well he would, wouldn’t he, and last but not least oh my the Catwoman needs less explanation now doesn’t it, it’s Bastet, symbol of RA, it’s all there when you look, New York is the new Babylon, new cult of RA site replacing Egypt, former home of Joachim and Boaz, the twin towers until the sacrifice by fire incident came in, back came the tower of Babel to replace it, replete with the Black cube in the water monument in front, all observed by a freemasonic statue, we are told is female when upon close inspection it’s not, holding a torch of fire to light the altar.
This why New York is riddled with Egytian symbolism, from all the artifacts in the Metropolitan museum, Cleopatra’s needle in Central Park, Museums in New York riddled with Egyptian artifacts, infact the Sackler Gallery has half of Dendur in there.
Recently a picture was posted on New York celebrating end of WW1 and they built a monument out of German helmets, in which shape? the pyramid of course,

The two shows on Netflix Secret city and Pine gap, highlight the seedy world of politics, espionage and global spying games.
It highlights in some ways Australia’s dislike for all things American, and who can blame them? backed into a corner between two fake countries playing war rhetoric games, whilst Australia plays the proverbial piggy in the middle. Go with America and China crashes their whole economy, go with China and it loses it’s illusion of autonomy, and is saddled with Pine gap and it’s spy center stuck on it’s own soil, quite a predicament.
Shows like these are presented as fictional, but for those in the know, there is more fact in there than meets the public eye.  
The shows show the seedy world in it’s full ugly naked glory, It is riddled with back door deals, shady insiders, espionage, spooks, double and triple agents, covering up indiscretions, country to country backdoor deals, life played out via a computer screen and audio listening monitors, except people suffer whilst they play child like video games oblivious to real life.
Shooting down planes to keep trade deals going, pushing one country to support you despite you killing their people, sign this trade deal or we pull out, Langley and Pentagon were at forefront of it all, under the guise of protecting American interests, they must have created a new term for American interests, because those two groups have displayed with much documented details, they had no interest in what we the people would call American interests. None whatsoever, self serving, death and destruction merchants who all bow down to The Rothschild’s like gods, meanwhile the soul diers who are their responsibility are poisoned, drugged, thrown into the lions den and if they survive, and are lucky to return home not in a body bag, they are left to rot on our streets, is that American interests Pentagon or Langley, well is it? I wasn’t even born here and show more compassion for the American people, than you lot combined, but it doesn’t have to be that way, step out of your own mind control theater and step into reality.
It is all there in those two shows, the staggering amount of wasted time, energy and funds to run that theater game is beyond astronomical, 5 eyes alone must run into Billions a year, when all we have to do is grow up as a species, we wont do that playing video games at the public expense. An adult species doesn’t need to spy on each country, or spying on every human, or fight over resources that are abundant, which we could share out in an adult way, after all, all resources belong to everyone on this planet, not some megalomaniac psychopaths operating in a reptilian mind fashion.

In a week where the ritual of fire starts, which is a tribute to Ba’al which runs through to May 1st and Ba’al tain day, Bel means Ba’al and ritual sacrifice, tain means to hold or bind, you are bound to Ba’al day, all dress up, look like pratts and dance around the may pole now. sheesh.
The Notre Dame Cat – hedral goes up in flames during a reconstruction process, after certain religious trinkets have been removed from that particular section prior, almost like they knew something would happen, but ironies end not there, another fire event happened six years to the day with the Boston marathon bombing, but that is just a co-incidence, Abraham Lincoln was fired at and assassinated on same date. April 15th is recognized in the UK, by a soccer tragedy event were 96 soccer supporters died attending a match on the same date back in 1989, and 107 years ago the Titanic sank as it split in two, and went into the water like a giant spire, that event with anti Federal Reserve people on board, signaled the death knell of America financially, one wonders what does this weeks church event symbolizes?

As of writing this on Tuesday $902M had been raised for a buildings demise, funny those same people will not put that amount in to save peoples lives isn’t it. All about marketing you see for these billionaires who have put funds into it, Billionaire François-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of the Kering group that owns the Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent fashion brands, pledged €100m (£86m; $113m), AFP news agency reports. Another €200m was pledged by Bernard Arnault’s family and their company LVMH – a business empire which includes Louis Vuitton and Sephora, according to Reuters(which is ran by the CIA). French cosmetics giant L’Oreal and its founding Bettencourt family have promised to give a further €200m. Now there is an industry of a total waste of space, the perfume industry, using all kinds of heinous animal testing to make people smell good apparently, Musk for those that don’t know is a rat, charging vast sums in a bottle that resembles a pee sampler and people buy this shit, the clue is in the name Eau de Toilette, Toilet water aka piss.
Total, the French oil giant, has pledged €100m. How about pledging $902M to the French people you complete parasites, or any other people around the world who have no food, you can’t eat a bloody church FSS. It’s utter madness.
My own personal suspicion of this event is two fold, first one is money laundering, cabal cannot transfer large amounts in ways they used to, so are using events like this to launder and raise funds for their ventures, using the general public to chip in as well, and continue to stay in the game a bit longer.
Whether this was a planned cabal event or not, it has shocked the French psyche, like 9/11 shocked Americans, one wonders what effect it will have on the burgeoning Yellow Vest movement, with this type of national event unfolding. What new laws will be enacted that will take peoples rights away, which follows all these major events. 1666 brought Cestue Que vie act, Reichstag fire brought in all kinds of acts, 9/11 brought in Patriot Act, a common theme once you see the patterns.

One of the links about the fire was on FB and I clicked on it, and ended up on Paul Joseph Watsons page, he of Alex Jones fame or infamy depending on your perspective. Jones has clearly had a certain effect on Watson and his followers though, in some of the worst anti muslim rhetoric I have ever seen. Muslims did it, really? Did the Muslims remove the artifacts before it went on fire as well? Watson along with Jones both are working with a pre prepared scripts from their paymasters, you people are beyond stupid at this point, saying you are all awake and can’t see the illusion planted or plants. Albert Pike told you all in 1888 that WW3 will be between Christians and Muslims, remember both of those religions stemmed from Hebrew, all pre planned you see, and followers of Watson are clearly being taken for a ride with that rhetoric, if war breaks out and Christians and Muslims destroy each other, who conveniently is left? yes the Cult of Ra, Hebrew, Israelites. Think different.

Without bullying or the non compete act of 1975, America would have zero businesses on a global scale, eventually we will have none anyway, as our stupid politicians and retarded generals and high office peoples are oblivious to what is going on around them, never mind afar.
All world trade will come from Far East, whilst we argued over Trumps affair, his tax returns, Russian collusion and FISA documents, they carried on doing deals globally and we got left behind.
That’s fear porn Thomas we lead the way in multiple aspects, yes like the number of incarcerated people, the number of black people in jail, the number of cops killing civilians.
Manufacturing which equals self sustaining, has lost over 50% in under two decades, 38M living in poverty, 27.5M without health coverage, 1 in 6 children in USA below poverty line, why? because we have no economy and outside of military hardware sales, which is largely imposed on certain countries under threat, we have nothing to sell anyone.
This is why Trump wont address Saudi issues and the Khashoggi affair, as too many trade deals are on the table with them.
We are more expensive, our products are sub standard and we have insufficient expertise in all walks of life to fix it quickly.
The backdrop to this is our teaching methods in all fields is dumbed down, which has a consequence of lack of skills in the various economic trades. Our purchasing value has plummeted where the dollar to gold ratio per ounce was $28.50 in 1913, now it is $5177.
The real money gold and silver has ratios of gold 103 pieces of paper representing gold to 1oz of physical on hand, silver is leveraged 194 bits of paper to 1 oz of physical.
If you want to know why America is failing, we have a country that has the most million and billionaires, and yet 80% of jobs is service sector, between 12-25% of all jobs in each state works for the government, manufacturing percentage is 8%, that means we are only 8% self sustaining or have available sales to abroad, and you all wonder why our trade deficit is high? we have nothing to sell is why.
Yes CEO greed merchants are to blame, but not totally, this was an engineered program that top brass in this country are failing to see as yet, of an economic and systematic collapse of this country and shifting all the wealth and power to the East.
Military top brass are to blame for recent issues, their being funded by the Deep State of China currently, ain’t that right DOD with your vouchers? the capital syphoned out of our banks in the past six months to Shanghai never returned did it? just like we warned you.
We have a bonafide solution to really rebuild this country, and also afar, and yet clowns play the old failed game their fake leaders have led them to, which is ultimate failure, quit arguing with Omar’s, Cortez and Pelosi Trump and lets get this rebuild on the road, we have far too much to do, than you and most Americans realize, quit stalling it for faction games.
We are on the edge of major change should events ongoing continue the current path and not have hidden agendas, the work Kim and the team have put in, appears to have finally achieved a breakthrough against the system, which was based in lies and distortion. We hope they gain much courage in stepping away, but know the people await you and are willing to support you in any way we can, lets get transparent about this and open up their can of worms.
Cautious optimism abounds at this time, but discretion is always advised.
We have come too far to let loose lips sink ships, this week 107 years ago the people ship symbolized the death knell of the American financial system, maybe this week will symbolize their downfall, the peoples freedom ship has docked, and the world is about to disembark.

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