truth.honor.integrity_may_5, 2019

I want THI groups to form into 50 state groups in America, EU and other countries to create their own groups and can combine with other groups as they see fit.

Each state will appoint a leader for that state based on a state group vote. It is up to that leader to follow the guidelines set out in general today, and also in line with other state members, be flexible, it is not my way or the highway.
The only reason for appointing a leader is so I have a point of contact within that state, which makes things easier for me, so I don’t have like now, everyone bombarding me with issues, complaints, questions, it takes up too much of my time.

The reason why I say states and not cities or counties, is we don’t have enough people for cities or even counties, for cities we would need around 25K facebook pages and groups, for counties we would need 3300+ FB groups, or we keep it simple for now and have 50 state groups, and when it grows in each state, those in that state group can decide whether to form into counties or cities, each state decides their path only.
This is about each state growing their groups, and once sufficient people in each state reach certain numbers, and it becomes more beneficial to have county groups first and then city/town groups, the latter of which is the circles expanding I speak about.
Currently we are starting off with a few dots in any given state.
Important members go in the groups of their state only, this will become more prevalent as to why as time moves on, you still have the FB and Mewe pages to be with friends, these are working groups per se not just hangouts.

Each groups should create a structure and database of members and skillsets, arrange to meet on a call maybe once a week, to discuss things relevant to their state only, with only their state or country members only.
Possible projects, investigation work, ideas for the state and or the group, appoint tasks for each state members, arranged calls for that state to be posted in that state group page only to avoid confusion, not on main THI or Mewe page.
Once a state reaches 50 members, it should be considered by the group to move out of FB and into a blog or website for your info.

Every two weeks or a month calls to be made whereby all 50 states get together to discuss how they are progressing, put forward ideas that will be helpful to other states, discuss projects, ask each other for help with different things.
For the EU every two weeks they would combine, OZ/NZ/Asia the same.

Once a month arrange a call for all 50 states with me for state group Q & A only, no show stuff discussions.

There will be no separate groups created that are associated with THI, outside of the THI state or country groups without approval, the idea of that is to create a global network of us all pulling in the same way, not splinter groups which can create divide and conquer, everything has to be open and all inclusive.

There will be no private selling of personal goods on the sites, if members wish to sell stuff  to provide funds for TPC, then that is fine, but no personal selling allowed. Using the popularity of THI for personal gain is not what this group is about. I personally have not received a single cent for running that Foundation to date, so only fair no one else gains personally, TPC is about providing funds for projects or the needy.
Other countries outside of America can arrange their own funding or donations for their country, as they don’t currently have a foundation set up, like America has with The Peoples club.
One thing I would like to add is those creating THI state or country groups name is THI state or country only, that way it is easier to find via the search engine, whether that is in FB or mewe group. Eventually it will expand out into Country/State.thepeoplesclub.org

Purpose of this exercise of THI groups is to get people together within their own state or country, it is initially about getting THI message across, sharing ideas, learning to work together which is an important step, as evidenced this week, it is not as easy or as smooth as we would all like to think.
For too long we have competed against each other and forgotten how to work and speak together, this is the old system and we are creating a new one, which will always have hiccups it always does when transitioning, but remember we all have an equal say in this and don’t need one ruling over the other, that is how they did things, it never worked for us and ultimately failed for them, as they at the end turned on each other, due to power tripping.
Look at the cor pirate structure to get to the top, people trample on each other, their own work colleagues to get more pieces of paper and status, forgetting the basic human need of caring for each other.
Those at the top are not there because they are the best, or have best qualities, no, they are there because they forgot their humanity, and entered into the Darwinian world program of dog eat dog and survival of the fittest, in this case who is prepared to be the biggest shit, bully and sell their own granny to get to the top, morals go out of the window, this is not what we want to replicate.
Just because you suddenly can have a say in matters, does not mean only your opinion or ideas has to be the way forward, again that is repeating the old system and thinking, cooperative not corpirate, flexibility is required, and remember a true leader is not at the top, but the bottom guiding those above, around or in front of him or her, this is not a pyramid style control group with me as the capstone, that leads to complacency, can lead to idolatry and becomes a single focal point, when the object is for us all to become beacons and way showers, millions of Neo’s working together, not just one.
Essentially THI would be tasked of changing the world one person at a time, one step at a time, not waiting for the change, but being the change, and that starts with YOU.

Ultimately the State or Country FB and Mewe groups will expand from state or country THI groups into state or country The Peoples club groups when the funding arrives, this then puts you all in prime position to arrange for funding projects in your state or country, but first we have to learn to work together again, that in and of itself is a ripple in the pond of real change, that is both internal and external.
Just try to accept we are in paradise when we are seeing and understanding something new, our god should be change, our religion should be understanding, and searching for the truth is our greatest social challenge and purpose.

Warning to the jackbooted violent thugs operating as police in France, history will not look back on you kindly kicking, beating children and the elderly, you will be remembered as those who stalled the inevitable progress, most will remember and point at you and sadly some people will react badly against you and you will pay a heavy price. This message applies to all cops everywhere, you are the front line of protecting the system, a system that works against us and you, and also puts you in harms way, whilst they hide in meeting chambers. Humanity is rising and your violent thuggery will not be tolerated, and you will pay a price for that choice.

Monday set the stage again for the Federal Reserve promise to recapitalize all the banks, predictably by noon that never materialized, as despite claims by several other alt media clowns, the RV never took place.
They are using the potential at this point of delivery of certain funds from The Trust to be passed off as the roll out of the RV, don’t fall for it.

Banks are getting desperate now and why they are telling their customers must have a certain amount in their accounts at all times, be the change and ensure you have zero amounts in the rogue banks, join a credit union or bank of under the mattress.

Also on Monday The Pentagon is being threatened by Chinese Elders and also The Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, this could get real interesting now.

Tuesday became stark reality that Mnuchin and crew are blocking funds from MWHT being cleared to The Pentagon, basically they told The Pentagon to go and f themselves, so if anyone in this country is under any illusion still, this puts everything this show and Kim has stated several times now, this country has been hijacked and is ran by people intent on the financial destruction of America. It is being ran by Dragon groups, SSp, Fake Chinese Elders, Rothschilds elements and fake mercenary or private security groups.
Whilst it is frustrating the funds are being blocked, this may well work in our favor, more of the people within all govt depts will get to see the real issues facing this country, that our members are now aware of, but many outside of our group are not.

There is a load of gold floating around Africa that actually is owned by MWHT, it was housed in Saudi and has been trying to be sold privately in Sudan and also Mali, this is a scam connected to Boko Haram, this gold selling is to cover up a previous crime by the Haram group of sending and selling tungsten based gold in Africa.

All the banks in America were caught out this week, giving backdoor access to their banks to The Fed and The Treasury, recent intel about the Treasury and the 3 suspects in their interfering with the transfer of funds were dealt with, so the Feds and Treasury tried to get round that, with demanding banks install backdoors in their systems, so they could monitor and block funding. Actions were taken and all banks had their log ins cancelled, so they had no access to their systems, so the transfers on hand to The Pentagon could be pushed through. The Pentagon confirmed receipt of funds.

Feds responded by announcing they would be releasing a further Quantitative Easing program, which would be QE5, this floods the markets with fake dollars, as only Kim can produce real dollars with true allocation numbers, the Fed was blocked from it last year and also had their license taken away, and as the QE can’t be balanced by assets, this leads to inflation, which is a secret tax, and devalues your purchasing power.

The FDIC Insurance Account which is part of The Trust and is over all the USA banking system, was transferred to The Pentagon’s management for now, in essence a replacement Treasury for now, Treasury is being manipulated by Mnuchin and the deep state plus Chinese Elders, the reason for this is due to FDIC being used to transfer funds to Hong Kong again, at the request of Dragon groups and fake Chinese Elders.
Hong Kong demanded the Pentagon then transfer funds over to them, The Pentagon told them it’s not happening.

Other transfers of a more public variety have stayed on hold in banks since last Thursday, these were not pushed through by The Pentagon which raises minor concerns, but it can be overcome eventually.

The issues in Venezuela now with certain military running people over are to do with Russian mercenaries sent via Cuba operating on behalf of the Red Dragon group (not to be confused with fake red dragon ambassador) these are old Gorbachev and KGB goons, which represents the Deep State in Russia, and are not connected to Putin as I understand it.

Issues now surfacing in Ecuador and Assange is largely to do with Mike Pence doing backdoor deals not at the request of The President, Mr. Pence will be exposed for many things soon.

The Pentagons money sent by Kim was stolen and went out the backdoor, and landed to a back server of GCHQ in the UK, with accepted involvement of entity known as Hillary and the Blue Dragon groups, with input from The Templars, GCHQ is the head office of the NSA, anyway Kim located it and returned it all back to The Trust.
All I will say is GCHQ paid a price for that skullduggery.

Kim will not be returning the funds as Mnuchin has done a deal with fake Chinese Elders to send it all to China, they are planning on sending $2T and roll it out as the RV, haha failed again.
Trump is now aware fully of the fun and games, and also the blocking of The Trust admin fees owed for past payments, things are very fractious in top end circles now.
Finally some are realizing what Kim and this show has said all along, this country is being financially assassinated.
I will not speculate on what happens next.

A pointer from a news piece and now Trumps private finances being investigated, following failed Russian collusion investigation, failed mental and physical examinations, failed suggestions of ballot interference, this needs to be looked at closely by every American, forget political allegiances.
Is trying to discredit the President whether he is good, bad or indifferent the only reason these people are politicians? People need to take stock and remember, they are supposed to be there to look after we the people and the country.
I don’t care whether you like Trump or not, this current government set up is hell bent on running drama productions for the treasonous media to debate all day, because not one single MSM person has a thinking brain of their own, to come up with relevant discussions or solutions for the people.
The people need to call the shots here, and need to walk away from party politics altogether, that is the distraction and start to focus on the considerable issues pervading this country.
At the risk of escalating the problem here is an idea, Trump releases all of his figures requested, and there will be things in that many won’t like we know that, but not one single business person at that level is clean, Trump releases them when the Democrats release Obama’s real papers and records, the Clinton Foundation hands over all of their financial interactions, Pelosi hands over her husbands role and gain in the Green Deal, and AOC shows how she really became a politician, all looked at by a private independent commission with members of the alt media present, and then findings released to the public, whilst so called politicians are told to focus on what they are paid to do, look after America and it’s people.
This type of discussion and piece is relevant, and useful for when talking to the unawakened, it should encourage them to think for themselves for once, not parrot portal people rhetoric.

Word of warning to members of THI who are also participating in the group known as Soul Tribe Sanctuary, their leader Marilee Nietain has now officially exposed herself as in bed with paid clown members, some of which are connected to the mercenary group known formerly as Blackwater.
Marilee sent out an email message to David Rae, aka Bubba aka Barry Biggum, who spends all day thinking up stuff and putting it out on the internet for his whopping list of 30 members. David Rae is a criminal who is paid by Erik Prince to dig for dirt on Kim, I and the team and when that failed, he just made it up for people like Marilee.
Marilee when confronted subsequently denied it but I have the email evidence of her doing so, those of you who sent me emails complaining about her last year will see a common pattern, Marilee causes issues and runs, and leaves her entourage to face the music and clear up the mess, not this time Marilee, too many have caught onto it, and you need to get your act together, like Chloe in the past pointing fingers outside, is a mask of inner issues, you have to work on.
David Rae is a guy who is in bed with criminal elements of so called undercover agents who all have criminal records, just like David himself, one of their websites has no domain, in other words it is fake, another website is owned by a bent cop in India, and his own site is involved in scamming, of creating fake profiles and stating false evidence against them, then when the person he allegedly exposes, contacts them with proof of their innocence, he demands or scams fees off them to remove them from their website.
This is not a criminal investigation group, but a bunch of scammers making shit up and demanding fees from their victims to remove them, using the now classic agency think tank tactic of accusing the others, of what they are doing themselves.
David made it clear in his ramblings this week he is protecting the Fed, the very same organization that has looted every American of millions of dollars including him, these sheep will do anything to protect their slavery suit and system.
I know some members were sad when I exposed Marilee, and questioned me and my reasoning why, that expose was based on accounts from several of her own members contacting me after the show we did, maybe now you have your answer, her previous or current connections with the plethora of agents, trolls, monarch girls, witches and MK Ultra mind control groups out of Vancouver only adds to the mix. All very sad. Whilst Chloe was not entirely blameless in last years episode, Marilee and crew added whole new layers to it, to a point where Chloe was becoming suicidal, until I stepped in and helped her.
At first I thought it was just Marilee’s connections, but I found out from several sources Marilee also has access to satellite live streams for locating anyone that pings or uses her website and also ISP tracking programs, not the average geek material stuff that, so anyone who visits her site flags up a live satellite picture of where that person is and a picture of their house or vehicle, why would any average person do that? Explain that to your circle and repository Marilee.
David Rae was interested enough to write an article about my patreon so I changed the goal levels to fit accordingly, funny David and his crew never investigated the $29K per month Robert David Steele’s group was bringing in, but focuses on someone who gets $2300 which was higher recently thanks to one member donating $1000 a month for last 4-5 months. I want to say a special thanks to her, I won’t mention her name due to the targeting goons, I know who she is and I am very grateful for her support, as I am with all other members who have contributed.
I think most people would agree you get full value for your contributions with the shows, transcripts and the input from me, just sad others riddled with envy and bitterness exhibit their shallow selves for all to see. Currently my patreon pledges and goal per month is all public, that is something I wanted for complete transparency, but should members decide that it would be best for it not to be public, will I change it, I ask those in FB and Mewe chats to now write public or private to decide choice, I will abide by your decisions.
Sad it comes to this, but so many people live very sad lives, do nothing to fix world issues, these people provide no solutions whatsoever, but would rather spend all day targeting the ones who do. You see you can blame ET’s interference and cabal interference all you like, but this is a human problem on a repeating scale, we target each other instead of combining together, it is humanities main weakness.

Apparently the media over there is blacking out the importance of Malawian Teen William Kamkwamba, so we at THI will elevate it and his story. The media representation of people of Africa is they are all savages, and whilst it does have a violence and abuse issue, not all should be tarred with the same brush.
He William KamKwamba taught himself how to build a windmill from junk, brought power to his village, learned from books he read in the library! He was a simple farmer, he hadn’t see a computer and certainly not many white people in his life. But his mind prevailed and his inventions made lives better. At age 14, in poverty and famine, a Malawian boy built a windmill to power his family’s home. Now at 22, William Kamkwamba, who speaks at TED, here, for the second time, shares in his own words the moving tale of invention that changed his life.” William Kamkwamba was born August 5, 1987 in Dowa, Malawi, and grew up on his family farm in Masitala Village, Wimbe, two and half hours northeast of Malawi’s capital city.
The second eldest of Trywell and Agnes Kamkwamba’s seven children, William has six sisters, Annie, Dorris, Rose, Aisha, Mayless, and Tiyamike, (sheesh tough up bringing that bad enough two females in one house but seven – oh my)
William was educated at Wimbe Primary School, completing 8th grade and was then accepted to Kachokolo secondary school. Due to severe famine in 2001, his family lacked the funds to pay the $80 in annual school fees and William was forced to drop out of school a few months into his freshman year. For five years he was unable to go to school. Starting at 14, rather than accept his fate, William started borrowing books from a small community lending library located at his former primary school. He borrowed an 8th grade American textbook, Using Energy, which depicted wind turbines on its cover. He decided to build a windmill to power his family’s home and obviate the need for kerosene, which provided only smoky, flickering, distant and expensive light after dark. First he built a prototype using a radio motor, then his initial 5-meter windmill out of a broken bicycle, tractor fan blade, old shock absorber, and blue gum trees. After hooking the windmill to a car battery for storage, William was able to power four light bulbs and charge neighbors’ mobile phones. This system was even equipped with homemade light switches and a circuit breaker made from nails, wire, and magnets. The windmill was later extended to 12 meters to better catch the wind above the trees. A third windmill pumped grey water for irrigation. Subsequent projects have included clean water, malaria prevention, solar power and lighting for the six homes in his family compound; a deep water well with a solar powered pump for clean water, a drip irrigation system, and the outfitting of the village team Wimbe United with their first ever uniforms and shoes. Since receiving their sun and wind-themed uniforms, the team has been on a winning streak that has brought the village together with pride. The windmill project drew many visitors from kilometers around, including Dr. Hartford Mchazime, Ph.D., the deputy director of the MTTA, the Malawian NGO responsible for the community library. Mchazime brought press, including The Malawi Daily Times, who wrote a long story. Soyapi Mumba and Mike McKay, engineers at Baobab Health Partnership in Malawi blogged about the article, and news of William’s inventions reached Emeka Okafor, program director for TEDGlobal, a prestigious gathering of thinkers and innovators. Okafor searched quite diligently to find William and invite him to the conference as a fellow. William’s presentation led to additional mentors, donors, and companies supporting his education and further projects. William graduated from Dartmouth College in 2014 and started his tenure at Ideo.org as a Global Fellow. William’s time at Ideo focused on Human Centered Design and sent him around the world working on projects ranging from sanitation in India to gender-based violence prevention in Kenya. He is now working with WiderNet to develop appropriate technology curriculum that will allow people to bridge the gap between “knowing” and “doing”. WiderNet will distribute the content through eGranaries around Malawi and across the continent.

The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association is charging UNICEF and WHO with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus vaccination program sponsored by the Kenyan government. The Kenyan government denies there is anything wrong with the vaccine, and says it is perfectly safe. The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, however, saw evidence to the contrary, and had six different samples of the tetanus vaccine from various locations around Kenya sent to an independent laboratory in South Africa for testing. The results confirmed their worst fears: all six samples tested positive for the HCG antigen. The HCG antigen is used in anti-fertility vaccines, but was found present in tetanus vaccines targeted to young girls and women of childbearing age. Dr. Ngare, spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, stated in a bulletin released November 4: “This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored.” Dr. Ngare brought up several points about the mass tetanus vaccination program in Kenya that caused the Catholic doctors to become suspicious: Dr. Ngare told LifeSiteNews that several things alerted doctors in the Church’s far-flung medical system of 54 hospitals, 83 health centres, and 17 medical and nursing schools to the possibility the anti-tetanus campaign was secretly an anti-fertility campaign. Why, they ask does it involve an unprecedented five shots (or “jabs” as they are known, in Kenya) over more than two years and why is it applied only to women of childbearing years, and why is it being conducted without the usual fanfare of government publicity? “Usually we give a series three shots over two to three years, we give it anyone who comes into the clinic with an open wound, men, women or children.” said Dr. Ngare. But it is the five vaccination regime that is most alarming. “The only time tetanus vaccine has been given in five doses is when it is used as a carrier in fertility regulating vaccines laced with the pregnancy hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) developed by WHO in 1992.” It should be noted that UNICEF and WHO distribute these vaccines for free, and that there are financial incentives for the Kenyan government to participate in these programs. When funds from the UN are not enough to purchase yearly allotments of vaccines, an organization started and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, provides extra funding for many of these vaccination programs in poor countries. These local disasters are a common reason UNICEF goes into poorer countries with free vaccines to begin mass vaccination programs. Last year that UNICEF began a similar mass vaccination program with 500,000 doses of live oral polio vaccine to the under age 5, in the Philippines after a Super Typhoon devastated Tacolban and surrounding areas. This was in spite of the fact there were no reported cases of polio in the Philippines since 1993. A very similar mass vaccination with the live oral polio vaccine occurred among Syrian refugees in 2013, when 1.7 million doses of polio vaccine were purchased by UNICEF, in spite of the fact that no cases of polio had been seen since 1999. After the mass vaccination program started, cases of polio began to reappear in Syria. At least in Kenya, Catholic doctors are acting and taking a stand against what they see as an involuntary mass sterilization campaign designed to control the population of Africans.
This confirms what this show has stated many times regarding World Horror Organization, don’t make me laugh with the health part, UNICEF UN Injecting Children Eugenics First, both these organizations along with Gates family are death and horror merchants, and just because it is not happening en masse in western nations, should not mean we have to ignore it, like everything else you ignore, it eventually arrives at your door.
Most people struggle with the idea of organized death factories, corporations set up to make us sick, harm or even kill us, but you cannot keep hiding behind your hands like a scared child watching a horror movie, this is not a movie, this is real life.
WHO is part of the UN group and was being set up whilst WW2 was ongoing and was created in time for when Operation Paperclip was ongoing, as the same Zionist scientist and their death by whatever means plot, was transferred to New York for Operation destroy America.
WHO is based in Switzerland, in other words Rothschild’s country, Geneva is also the headquarters of many agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross, no surprise there then, the founder of the Red Cross Henry Dunant is credited with creating the development of the Geneva Convention, all very in house again.  Of course The Geneva Conventions was signed there, that comprised of four treaties, and three additional protocols, that establish the standards of international law for humanitarian treatment in war, was signed off by 196 countries, and yet the usual countries involved as pawns of warfare contravene those laws, by veto voting, you all know what countries I am referring to by now.
Geneva is the European headquarters of the United Nations, in the Palace of Nations building, which was also the headquarters of the former League of Nations. Several agencies are headquartered at Geneva, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the World Health Organization, the International Labour Organization , International Telecommunication Union, the International Baccalaureate Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Apart from the UN agencies, Geneva hosts many inter-governmental organizations, such as the World Trade Organization, the World Meteorological Organization, the World Economic Forum, the International Organization for Migration, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the United Nations Environment Programme and the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and last but not least the cabal worm hole escape plan after destroying this planet, and the machine known as CERN, which was rendered obsolete for primary purpose back in August 2015.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the Director-General of the World Health Organization (General is a military post not a health post, but tells you it is all a part of a wider program) He was formerly as a Minister of Health, Tedros was able to form a close relationship with most global health key players including former American president Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation .This ground for the Clinton -Ministry of Health Partnership was built on engagement of equal partners. Tedros brought to the partnership the leadership to sustain focus on the selected agenda, the political clout to facilitate enabling legislation as needed, and first-hand knowledge of what was needed. President Clinton and the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) brought to the partnership a commitment to assist Tedros’ priorities and their network, which provided sources money, expertise, and credibility. As a result, Tedros was able to restructure and reform the Ministry in order to better meet its goals.
Gates and his foundation was supported by military to force vaccinations on the villages, the African people then warned the next village they were coming and the children fled into the bushes, until the military with live fire flushed them out. Does that set up sound like something that is healthy or considerate of the people? shooting at kids to force them to having their death poisons?
Mr. Ghebreyesus is from Ethiopia the scene of the last Garden of Eden done by the Kali Ma peoples, he was born in  The Asmara under the Ethiopian Empire also known as Abyssinia, was a kingdom that spanned a geographical area in the current states of Eritrea and Ethiopia. It began with the establishment of the Solomonic dynasty from approximately 1270 and lasted until 1974, when the ruling Solomonic dynasty was overthrown in a coup d’état by the Derg, more dot connecting to the FRWL series.

A piece in Alan’s show on Sunday highlights the massive overhaul of our mindsets that each of you is responsible for doing.
Why is Kim or Thomas in those positions? why isn’t someone more famous, well known or wealth based doing it, you know what those famous, well known and wealth based people ran as trustees before Kim and I got together or before Kim became the trustee, and they did what for humanity? Nothing!
Mandela was famous and a trustee and did nothing for his people, Marcos likewise in Asia, Rothschild’s became wealthy because of the Trust, all famous or well known people are they not, all did nothing.
Jared Rand and the Rand corp are famous, as is Proctor and Gamble and the Thrive groups, and what did their family backgrounds do for humanity?
Now Kim comes along and people ask why her, who is she, question is who are you to ask, and why is that question relevant? If I asked you are you qualified to do your job, where is the proof you are qualified, most people would get defensive and or reactive, and yet these same people ask that of others without thinking.
So, if you wish to know why Kim is in that position, answer is she is the best qualified for it, period, or you can check out the multiple of shows and Q & A sessions done with Kim and decide from there.
Now the reason for this piece is not to validate Kim, but get people to look at how they think and act, for an example if you are going to demand Kim prove or validate herself, then I would like to ask you back, have you asked your children’s teacher, your banker, your doctor, your insurance agent, your mortgage lender and your politician are they qualified to do their jobs to represent you or your family? Please think for a second on that.
Those just mentioned impact your every day life and yet how many of you have questioned their credentials? yet some people come along on the internet to try and help us all and get grilled with repeat questions about their life and background, which is fine to a point, but why the inconsistencies? so if you haven’t done that, then you have to ask yourself why? why is it the case only Kim has to be grilled, queried or doubted, because you don’t know her?
So, in a new system of change the last thing we need is some famous tv personality being the front of the Trust or The Peoples club in some sort of fake glory role, the so called glory roles will go to the people that drove the bus, before these clowns realized their was a bus, the listeners, like me and Kim just ordinary every day people trying to do what is best, if you want famous people go back to MSM.
Those harvesting agents have devoured your life force energy, with their constant demands of look at me and how important I am, because I am on some giant movie screen, small tv screen or is a politician, if they looked after all people, we would not need to be doing this movement, your famous peoples you demand have all been involved in some form of criminality, and done some of the most heinous crimes you can imagine, and some people ask for these to be a front for we the people? Think different please.
We the people is not about so called famous people, so is it not ironic that two down to earth people, with no elevated status, balanced egos, service to others who won’t be thrown off track or bribed, are the very ones to drive it forward, whether that is Kim or I or someone else of those qualities, if that is not how you are thinking, you have insecurity issues or ego imbalance that only you can correct, and no matter what answer I give as to why Kim is the Trustee, will that appease people with that type of thinking.
Lets looks at some possible answers to why Kim is selected, does it alter in anyway of what she has and still is doing? lets say Jesus picked her to do, will people believe it? Pindar picked her, people will think she is part of the system, Putin picked her same as Pindar, source or god picked her, will people believe it? Trump picked her 1/2 will believe it 1/2 won’t depending on political persuasion, The British royal family picked her, people will think something else. You see at the end of the day it is not really that relevant who picked her and why, but what has she done? is that not the key factor? Hey Mr. Munchkin this is a hypothetical scenario which means not real, what if Trump was removed as President, and George Bush Jnr came in and announced sovereignty, declared the military American, removed the Fed Res and the IRS and eliminated income tax, plus drained the swamp, would that bother you or would you be pleased at what he did? No one on this planet is squeaky clean, and yet people go to great lengths to dismiss people or find faults in the very people trying to help, and yet the same people will not question a doctor, nurse, a banker who has their money, an investment broker or a politician, all just assume they are the best at their job, why not assume Kim is?

As we did 6-7 months before it broke on Nxium, there is another group out of Beverley Hills called Snctm, eyes wide shut parties I wonder if that is the one David Wilcock went to? Erotic pool parties where anything goes for the rich elites and private members, who pay between $10-50K to become a member. It’s a bit like the Heffner playboy mansion on steroids.

New Nazi style tactics to create fear, panic and control the people into forced vaccinations, it’s time people recognized the 4th Reich in all it’s glory, I remember stating this in early 2000’s and being told it can’t happen here in America, my reply it already has. Health officials said Friday that nearly 700 people at two universities in Los Angeles have been ordered to stay home because they might have had contact this month with two measles patients. At one point, roughly 1,700 people were under quarantine orders, but by Friday health officials had cleared more than 1,000 who had come forward with proof of vaccination, Los Angeles County public health officials said at a news conference. The highest number of actively quarantined people, 628, was connected to Cal State Los Angeles, where a single measles patient created hundreds of possible exposures by visiting a campus library, officials said. That number includes at least 106 staff members, according to the university. “We also issued a blanket order that asked anyone who had been in the library, on 4/11 between 11 and 3 to self-quarantine, notify health services and establish that they were immune before they exposed themselves to the public,” said Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County’s public health director. In a separate story from the portal people to add to the fear factor A cruise ship with nearly 300 passengers and crew was ordered quarantined in the Caribbean port of St. Lucia after a case of measles was confirmed on board, island health officials said Wednesday. MMR causes permanent deafness as well as other issues.
This is a classic program seeding episode, and reminiscent of the live drills they do so often, that serve no purpose other than to create fear and make public uneasy enough for them to demand actions, which they have already prepared before it all started.
Question to ponder on is, are they trying to replicate a Kent State University scene again? given it is the 51st anniversary this week, bet that just made some people feel a lot older! Patterns repeat you see, when the public rose up in the late sixties the system smashed them as it was not supported enough, this time it is different, more are aware and I suspect the arrest of the militia guy mentioned last week, was not about that particular guy, but a warning to all militia to stay away from future events. Remember they never do things for 1 reason only. I suspect they are brewing something up in the schools and universities again, remember some of the clown servers fried were in Universities, so there is your dots connect.

Julian Assange was born in 1971. His birth parents ran a touring theatre company but his father abandoned them.
When Julian was 8-years-old, his mother, Christine, married a member of “The White Brotherhood” – aka “The Family” or San­ti­nike­tan Park Asso­ci­a­tion, a private psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Melbourne Australia.
In the 1960’s-1980’s, the Santiniketan Park Association received CIA-Sandoz LSD-25.
The psychiatric hospital was part of a New Age colony with about 200 members. They were all professionals:  psychiatrists, medical doctors – 25% were nurses – lawyers, and ranking civil servants and social workers. The allegations were that these people used their authority to “collect” (kidnap) children. As many as twenty eight children had been ‘collected’ under the custody of the director, Anne Hamilton-Byrne, a theosophist.  Children were selected for their Aryan traits. This cult is well documented from the Australian investigations and court proceedings highlighted in the Oz media at the time.
According to Assange, his parents broke with the cult in 1982 and until 1990, they lived ‘on the run’  moving dozens of times. During this period, Julian was charged with computer hacking by the Australian police.  That’s all Assange has said about it, claiming that he doesn’t remember Hamilton-Byrne or anything about the cult. Cult members have disclosed the children were collected for a “scientific experiment”. Though  Hamilton-Byrne (left, insert) remained silent, members disclosed that Hamilton-Byrne predicted a global holocaust which wipe out most of humanity.  She was preparing the cult children to be “inheritors of the earth”. According to Hamilton-Byrne’s real daughter Sarah Moore the children hadn’t been told about that.  What they were told was that Anne Hamilton-Byrne was their birth mother, even though their number and ages made that impossible.  The were told all other members of the cult were their ‘uncles or aunties’ – even though some of these were the real birth parents of a few of them.
The “Family” was related to the Nazi “Lebensborn e. V.” organization   founded in December, 1935 as a “registered association” ostensibly to foster population increase in ‘declining’ ‘pure Aryan’ stock in Europe. Lebensborn e. V was under the authority of the SS “race and settlement bureau”.  Lebensborn is best remembered as a breeding program for SS ‘studs’ with select Aryan female volunteers.  The project included social workers of the settlement bureau screening schools and hospitals in Germany and occupied Europe looking for infants and children that fit the Nazi eugenics profile of traits.
Thousands of such children were ‘drafted’ into the program – kidnapped – and sent to  to remote hospital/academy locations for mind control programming.  There were over 30 of these facilities throughout Europe, which processed as many as 30,000 new births.
However, many more older children taken from other countries were sent to special facilities for “Aryanisation” re-programming.  The best source of information is the record of the 8th Nuremberg Trial, United States of America v. Ulrich Greifelt, et al., or the RuSHA Trial. The infamous Dr. Josef Mengele is generally remembered for lethal ‘experiments’ on children at Auschwitz . It’s often overlooked that the purpose of his butchery was the scientific improvement of pre-existing methods of Illuminati trauma based mind programming of children, and his techniques were instituted in Lebensborn “Aryanisation'” facilities.
Mengele was an architect of MK-ULTRA.   Mengele was protected by Office of Strategic Services (OSS) ‘Operation Paperclip’ and went to work for the CIA’s top secret MK-ULTRA projects. .  Mengele who goes by the moniker Dr. Green went onto torture, kill and program children in Canada, some of which are in the alt media.
Hamiliton-Byrne’s White Brotherhood operation apparently was a continuation of Lebensborn.   Hamilton-Byrne’s obsession with white-blonde uniformity to the point of bleaching the children’s hair and identical styles and dress is a bit too close to Lebensborn to dismiss.
Now Assange was charged with rape following an allegation made by Anne Ardin, except Anne Ardin is no ordinary person either, it is significant that the case was in Sweden, as rape trials in Sweden have no juries, leading to a potential set up case.
Her claim of rape was not based on Assange forcing himself on her, but an after the fact thought, after Assange slept with her friend of he never wore a condom during sex, constituted rape.
Agencies often use girls as a honey trap, often once those girls have received extensive training in a program known as Monarch girls, there is at least 3 Monarch girls connected to or within the alt media, they all have classic markers.
Ardin a Swedish political analyst also worked alongside or within the CIA in Sweden against Cuba or an anti Castro policy, she even wrote some books on it, and was also involved in men bashing, as a rabid feminist to boot, another agency think tank driven program, as evidenced by this piece.
A Swedish forum reports that she is an expert on sexual harassment and the male “master suppression techniques”. Once, as she was lecturing, a male student in the audience looked at his notes instead of staring at her. Anna Ardin reported him for sexual harassment because he discriminated against her for being a woman and because she claimed he made use of the male “master suppression technique” in trying to make her feel invisible. As soon as the student learned about her complaint, he contacted her to apologize and explain himself. Anna Ardin’s response was to once again report him for sexual harassment, again because he was using the “master suppression technique”, this time to belittle her feelings.

* I have warned several times about the seedy world of alt media, riddled with LARPs, agents of Langley, agents of NSA, agents of NATO, agents of FBI, agents of Mossad, faction led groups by that I mean they will tell you lots of interesting intel about other 2, 3 or 4 factions, but as a promotion of their own faction only, and in general govt agents are running youtube and the alt media.
A story has now broken within the alt media and this involves Q, (it is suspected at this point original Q was replaced) 4&8chan, Abel Danger, Field McConnell, Jeremy Corsi Israel agent, Robert David Steele CIA, Robin Gritz FBI and CIA, who was involved in 9/11, pentagon, WMD narrative, benghazi, boston bombing investigations or cover ups depending on which side of the fence you are on, she is also linked with the McCabe, Comey, Strok, Page and Flynn story.
Thomas Paine NSA, Jason Goodman and the multiple named person that goes by David Sweigert, George Sweigert and better known as George Webb who has stated himself he works or worked with the CIA, and also outed himself on a video that he works directly with Mossad, Goodman and Webb have both been accused of being paid $9K to be govt agents, Craig Sawyer, Roy Potter, Tracy Beanz, Steve Pieczinik, Alex Jones and the list goes on, of all being part of a cointelpro game at best, downright distraction and distortion at worst.
I am not going to make points regarding individuals of who is what, when, where or why or whether they are good, bad or indifferent, or whether all the accusations are true or not, only to highlight the cesspit that the alt media is, it is riddled with agents disseminating information of varying degrees of truth and lies, but what I will state this is an all out faction war being played out within the alt media, that may or may not involve some or all of the above mentioned.
The above in some cases are involved in high level dickswinging contests and varying degrees of misinformation and game playing, that the ultimate goal of which is to distract alt media listeners, but also largely get people involved in the drama of it all, just like the portal people, with a backdrop to create and alt media database with algorythms and metadata, in a nutshell this is propaganda or pro pagan da.
The major common denominator amongst all this which also rolls in Trump, Kushner and potentially Q is the Jewish connection that jumps out by scratching the surface, never mind going deeper down the rabbit hole.
There is now 2 alt media lawsuits Robert David Steele versus Jason Goodman and his crew, and Dave Acton aka David George Sweigert who is the brother of George Webb who also goes by the name George Webb Sweigert, also against Jason Goodman, and also listed on the lawsuit is Quinn Michaels described as Team Tyler hacker network, he of the fake Quantum system background.
The lawsuit involves some incident that was live on air with drone footage on the Jason Goodman site, Jason apparently owns or involved in a drone company as stated in the lawsuit, whereby it turned into a dirty bomb hoax and the Port of Charleston was shut down because of it, is what is inferred, they had prior knowledge or created the incident is what is being inferred.
This youtube genre is turning into like the supersoldier program and people connected to it, that was prevalent through 2012-2016 which ended with death of max Spiers, that incident with regards to Spiers, was a direct cause of someone or something from within the alt media. Show hosts of that genre were all connected to top agencies, the main one being MI5.
Now this collection of Youtube cointelpro intelligence led groups are as deep in it as the supersoldier program and narrative, and another death of a whistleblower following her interview or meeting with Thomas Paine of AIM.
Pick your poison wisely, all will bring you intel, but many are diverting you from the real truth also to protect their own crew or faction, it is a very sad turn of events that so much of the alt media is ran this way.
The Faction show I did 3.5 years ago now, was to prepare you for this time and give you a chance to see who is who, maybe some need a refresher of that show, once you discern which or any faction they operate from, then you can work out why their narrative goes in a certain stream, or if they are missing one faction out, then you can work out who they work for.
Something for people to ponder on when deciding who to listen to or not, If any or all of these high end intelligence insiders are valid, why did they not out about the missile attack on Air Force One until after our show? why did none of them out the Pelosi 9/11 style event in January? why have none of them reported on real issues in venezuela correctly? or the citadel heist in the Treasury, the blocking of funds into America, the firing of Mnuchin twice, Trump and Mnuchin nearly coming to blows, or The Fed being shut down, the IRS sending $800B to the Rothschilds, the American sovereignty letter the list could go on, these are all top insiders they tell us, and yet miss so much of the top intel stories out of their shows?
Thomas Paine of AIM last year did a whole expose on Trump and Kim Jong Un story, telling his listeners he had all the onground back story of what was going on there, and that event, yet never mentioned the missile? the biggest story of all.
This is not said to big up our show, that it is better than theirs, I am not interested in that childish level of games, where all the figures for each show is fabricated anyway, but to highlight these people who act as top insiders, but feed you MSM style narratives and miss the key intel out of their shows, what does that tell you as a listener?

In recent years Ireland has confronted the separate scandal of the Magdalene Laundries, institutions where “fallen women” as they were called, those who had pregnancies outside of marriage, were confined and used as forced labour, now the spotlight has moved on to the mother and baby homes.
Over the past two decades Irish investigative journalists have uncovered a string of allegations against the homes, and irregularities surrounding the adoption of thousands of Irish children to America in the 1950s and 60s, but this was going on in 17 and 1800’s with the abomination that is Ellis Island.
The film Philomena, starring Judi Dench, intensified attention. In 2014, a local historian went public with her theory that almost 800 babies could be buried in a septic tank at a former mother and baby home in Tuam in Galway. The international outcry that followed forced the government to act, announcing a full-scale investigation into 18 homes across the country.
This backs up claims made by Kevin Annett about bodies buried in various church, reform schools and other places children and mothers congregated.
The accusations against the homes include: Burying babies in unmarked and unrecorded graves, Coercing women and girls to remain, Poor medical care, High mortality rates for babies, Overwhelming pressure on mothers to allow babies to be adopted, Emotional and physical abuse, Illicit adoption; that babies were effectively “sold” to families in the US and elsewhere without proper procedures or consent, Allowing medical trials without informed consent,  Use of dead babies in anatomical research and Falsification of records.
So why did Ireland end up with a system of mother and baby homes? After independence from the UK in the 1920s, the new state had to decide how to deal with people needing government assistance. The new government was also worried about sexual morality and unmarried mothers, says Lindsey Earner Byrne. The Catholic Church had an important role in providing social services for the cash-strapped Irish state. Officials called on religious orders to set up special homes to deal with unmarried mothers. These mother and baby homes received public funds and were inspected by the state. Rights groups say that up to 90,000 unmarried women and girls had their babies forcibly taken from them since independence. The true figure will probably never be known. The scandal over the treatment of women like Bridget, Deirdre and Catherine has been brewing in Ireland for over 20 years. But the women say their experiences have never been officially recognised by the Irish state or by the Catholic Church. There has never been a full state apology. No compensation has been paid. While visiting Ireland, Pope Francis made a general apology for the Church’s treatment of mothers and babies and senior Irish churchmen have also made expressions of regret. But there has been no comprehensive apology and redress from the Church in Ireland. All three women gave evidence to the state inquiry opened in 2015 – the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation. On 17 April it reported back on just one aspect of the scandal – burial practices. According to the commission, more than 900 children died at Bessborough – or at hospital having been transferred. But the burial places of only 64 are known. The Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary – the order that ran Bessborough – said it did not know where the other 800 children who died at the home were buried. The commission said this was “difficult to comprehend”. The Angels’ Plot at Bessborough – the place Bridget was shown – only has one child buried there, the commission says. It is not thought to be William. The commission thinks it is likely that at least some of the children are buried in unmarked graves in the rest of the 60-acre Bessborough site, but does not consider it feasible to excavate the whole area. At least 14 women also died at Bessborough. Their burial places are also unknown.
The evidence gathered by the inquiry cannot be used in criminal or civil proceedings. Nor will former residents be guaranteed access to their own personal information, sounds very ITNJ that to me.
This is far from a one off to do with nuns, there was another high profile case of a nunnery doing the same in Liverpool England, they were selling off the children to Australia, packed them on a boat and off they went, some of those children were only there as part of the war evacuation, and these satanist’s just sold them off, Disciples of god they say, evil evil bitches if you ask me.
My own personal experience with these people was not too great either, one group I caught lying to get my son into trouble to protect a rogue teacher, and another came to the door to let my ex wife who was Cat holic know she hadn’t been to church, and if she doesn’t go she would burn in the fires of hell.
So many put their faith in these church people and yet so many people have been stolen from, abused violently and sexually, disturbed for life, threatened and worse killed, and it is all covered up, not just by the church or nunnery involved, but right at the very top of The Cat holic Church, and people wonder why I have no religion or faith, or believe in the church, the ignoring of the abuses, and yet still turning up to these churches and their ceremonies each week, is cognitive dissonance on an unprecedented scale, going back to the Kim and I piece earlier, have you asked these church people for their credentials? where is the donation money being spent? are they pedos? show proof of not being a pedo or child abuser? If not, the question is, why?
I will tell you why I have no religion, I am not blinded by bullshittery, a proper overview of basic questions surrounding religion sets off all alarm bells, except to the brainwashed, deep down you all know it, it is eating away at you from the inside, and yet because you have invested so much into it, feel it is better to save face and continue, actually it is not.
That institution, which is actually a sacrificial cult is for people who can’t stand in their own power and sovereignty, and rely on others outside of them as a crutch to lean on.
Is that a harsh statement to make? to some people yes, but I will tell you what is harsh, the billions of people who have died and suffered on this planet in the name of religion, including the country this piece was about, it is time to see through the illusion and stop making excuses for this heinous experiment known as religion, it is a harvesting killing machine.
By all means pray to your god if that is what you choose to do, but please stay away from these portrayers of evil, the evidence against them is overwhelming now, you don’t need a church to pray, the most famous of the 26 different Jesus’s told you that.

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