truth_honor_integrity_may 9, 2019

we are creating documents for standardization across all THI groups, also creating a database of all the groups, which will be viewable and update on the website and also a how to create a mewe or thi page for your state and or country all of which will be available on the thinkdifferent.the peoplesclub.org website
Ask all to bear with us as we complete this task, and again reiterate to all, only state groups or country groups, NO side groups at this point, this creates future issues which I wish to avoid. Self appointed leaders could find themselves ousted at a later date because the few guidelines posted where not adhered to. State or country leaders will rise in a natural progression way, rather than self appointed.

some people are concerned with mentioning their details or skillsets, the reason behind this is, if say a project starts in Iowa and we have a member who wishes to do that particular job, then it will be open for that person to take it up first, before position is thrown open to those outside of THI/OYM or Offplanet radio members.

I want all members to take up positions in the jobs/projects they desire to do, not just take any old job just to exist like many do now, where your job is your hobby, it then becomes not a job, but a passion. This may require you moving state in some cases, depending on skillset required.

important we use these funds for maximum benefit, so no duplicate projects in same town etc. I would sooner give an existing company $1/2M and ask them to employ our members and incorporate our ideals, than spend $1M on a new start up.

For example one member wanted a care home for the elderly, so then that state members would look at any homes in the neighborhood? are they up for sale? are they in financial trouble? can we buy them out? can their facilities be expanded are some of the investigation work ideas I mentioned in the guidelines

discussions and ideas on how to employ people who are disabled or too ill or elderly to work, one idea is to create a pension pay for those people out of the profits of companies funded by TPC.
These are all just guidelines and points of discussion ideas for your state calls, ideas can then be made to other states via regional calls, for future reference local is your state or country only, regional would be all states or all EU or all Africa or all Aus/NZ/Asia calls and international call would be global with me.

Members are free to post the transcripts of must listen to shows only please on their fb or mewe files section pages, but not weekly shows as that is for the paying patreons, and as I rely on that currently, it is important I protect my patreons and conributors.

Even after several requests and notifications there are some people in more than one state or country group, please stay in your own groups it is important. It was decided if there is only a few members in one state, they should join up state calls with a state that is connected to theirs by a border, until those groups fill up and can run on their own.

Some people have started to register their state or country, as a business enterprise, those who have done that will have to cancel it. As stated several times that is Phase II not phase I, I wonder sometimes if I speak in a different language. The reason being is once funds come out it will no longer be THI but will transfer to The Peoples Club and like current format of the THI states or countries, it will be standardized similar to this Ireland – The Peoples Club or Iowa – The Peoples Club, with emails Ireland.thepeoplesclub.org or Iowa.thepeoplesclub.org. The main object of doing it this way is to make our stand against the bureaucratic nonsense we have today, and standardize things across the board. Makes it easier to find in a search engine and in essence we are bucking the current system, from chaos to the peoples order. Trying to find anything relevant on a search engine now is a lesson in mindf’ery, so as we are not following the old failed model, we change it.
As stated in zoom call last weekend the essence of what I wish to see with all our groups, is keep it simple, standardize everything, be it names, documents, statements, ways of operating, ways of communicating, the few rules or guidelines are based on keeping it simple and creating a tight knit group, which is why I don’t like splinter groups, they will only be necessary as committees or such when things expand out.

Issues have arisen within and connected to these groups already with egos out of balance, some people jumping ahead, some joining several groups, some wanting to control more things than necessary and some using the THI popularity to sell their wares or create private groups. I don’t wish or need to name names regarding this it is not necessary, but it shows the levels of work required to get people to work together as equals. Some peoples inner and shadow sides have raised their heads to be addressed in these exchanges, and it is up to those involved to look at that and make minor adjustments. A couple of minor issues is to do with leader or leaders, over time out of all of you, a group of natural leaders will emerge, there is no need to push to be the leader, that is the old school way remember, not the new way we are striving to do.
It should be noted we are not creating the Thomas Williams club, as you can see my name is not referenced up front for THI or TPC, we are creating our club, we the people as collective and individual names don’t matter, something a few of you perhaps need to take a look at.
Don’t feel bad with yourself, I would sooner you just quietly take stock of actions and make necessary adjustments of thinking, changing anything requires a transition, that can lead to chaos within the mind, 30-40 days are generally the guideline for changing a habit and to adjust to a new way of thinking or acting.
As an example many at first did not like the Mewe group but over time people have now stayed in there and some have now dumped their FB page, society has created a situation were for many starting anything new becomes a fear, oh I won’t be able to do this or that, quit that, you are capable of being so much more, if you just set yourself free from your boundaries of limitation we have all engaged, a reminder of a small piece that is important for all to look at, engage and adhere by.
Just try to accept we are in paradise when we are seeing and understanding something new, our god should be change, our religion should be understanding, and searching for the truth is our greatest social challenge and purpose.

Western countries participating in the Iran nuclear deal have warned Tehran there will be serious consequences if it takes steps that violate its terms. The UK, France and Germany said they would still back the deal as long as Iran upheld its commitments. It follows Iran’s move to suspend some commitments now the US has left the deal and begun imposing new sanctions. The 2015 accord was intended to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions in return for relief from sanctions. But its economy has been badly hit by the new sanctions policy of the Donald Trump administration. The value of Iran’s currency has dropped to record lows and its annual inflation rate has quadrupled. Questions to be asked if Iran is such a threat why are EU countries asking them to continue the program? Does not the UK, Germany and in particular France have more pressing concerns to deal with in their own countries? Given Iran’s currency rate has dropped I predict coming soon buy your Iranian rials to go with your zims, dinars, dings, dongs and dungs currencies, we will all become multi billionaires when the 800 numbers arrive. For those new no there will never be a GCR or RV like the internet clown agencies and their minions predict, repeat never, no one is stopping it, it was never happening to begin with, even Benjamin Fulford admitted that this week, another one who said our show talks out of its ass, and another example of this show keeping things real.

To much fanfare the Fed will roll out the RV and all the worlds banks will be saved tomorrow at 10am EST gather all your dinars, zims and dongs folks its pay out time (play buzzer sound) and back in the real world thats not happening again

Deep states of America, Russia and China’s latest plot was to leverage gold out of North Korea, and divide it up between them, they went to the vault which was flagged up and their presence noted, and it was decided to grant them access to the vault, and we watched. Into the vault they went and shock horror the vault was empty, oops, they stole our gold it was over heard, erm no, it was never your gold to begin with, like we said to all who wish to access the vaults, they were emptied and sent to a location inaccessible to clowns, safe guarded until it is returned to the rightful country and its people only. One day some of them will listen to what we have to say.

Citibank has been operating as a private Central Bank in Russia, Russians have been doing an audit and found all banks are in massive deficit.

A full on banks restructuring took place this week with them all being disconnected from various other intrusions from other banks, to agencies, Fed, rogue treasuries etc, all that work by Kim was completed yesterday, so now for example Credit Union of Oregon is not being routed through several terminals to get to it’s destiny.
Each terminal connection was taking that money holding it and then leveraging it from 50 up to 10000 for every dollar on the one transaction, this process should now end that nonsense and so money goes from point A to point B without harvesting agents, collecting money that doesn’t have anything to do with them, leveraging it and then keeping the profits, that have no basis in asset support.
All major banks globally no longer have access to other banks transactions
All banks are now disconnected from each other and are now autonomous
Banks have been disconnected from central banks also as they were looting and leverage machines
Citibank is no longer the hidden central bank terminal for Russia or Africa
Wells Fargo is no longer the hidden central bank terminal for South and Central American countries, all cut off and no access
All agencies are now cut off of monitoring and controlling currencies, this ends the ridiculous duplicity programs of several groups all doing the same job, certain specified groups will be given access if approved with a read only option. Monitoring of currencies will be done by one designated group approved by the government and The Trust, be that the Treasury when they clean house or as in the case currently the pentagon under a temporary agreement with the Trust.

We also undertook recently a change in the banking system itself of rewriting the code, to a language they won’t understand and only known to Kim and a select few others. Gone are their binary codes and is replaced with a new language implemented and can only be decoded by the Trustee, when gaining access to the banking system. Certain access will be granted over time to certain organizations that need to gain access, but that will be far more discretionary than previously.
Message to the banks central or otherwise, rewriting and adding new software to your system will not work anymore, it is not in your language base hereonin, but go ahead and try be all means, we like to test our systems and see who and what is still playing games, rest assured those who are, will be noted and discounted when request access in the future.
So to put it in simple terms, you mess about and cheat to try and buck the system and your access will be denied until you get on board the new way, it may not be a quick approval system for those playing games, just to make that clear.

President Donald Trump plans to nominate acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan to formally take over the top spot at the Pentagon, the president’s spokeswoman said Thursday. Shanahan needs Senate confirmation for the post most recently held by James Mattis.
The reason for this appointment is Mr. Shanahan was appointed by Trump on the proviso he worked directly with the Trust. Mr. Shanahan contacted Kim direct and engaged her in a range of questions and asked for various proofs which Kim provided, so now the DOD are onboard and aware of who and what MWHT is and what we expect, also how we do things in a fair and transparent manner.
The issue at the top end is the disbelief of how firstly a woman can know so much, and then acquire such perceived power and knowledge, it rattles their manhood cages a bit at first, then their disbelief of how Kim and small assembled team can have wreaked so much havoc and changed so much with so little resources, it kind of boggles their mind a bit.
It’s not possible of what you have done, a complete group of unknowns bucking the multi trillion dollar system and checks and all power stored within, the answer back from Kim was, but we did. oops
But fair play to them all, they are now starting to see, what Kim and we are all about and taking first steps to running with us, not against us.

Lets have a real look at the state of America and its job market and the real size of the labor force. It contracted in April by nearly half a million people and fell for the fourth straight month. The last time the labor force fell four months in a row was during the waning stages of the 2007-2009 Great Recession. And before that one has to go back to 1950. As a result, the so-called labor-force participation rate slipped to 62.8% from a six-year high of 63.2% in January. That is, every 63 of 100 able-bodied Americans 16 or older either have a job or are seeking one, that means 37.2% of Americans able bodied over 16 have no job. Nearly 4 of every 10 Americans not in work, but it says 63% have a job or seeking one, that means the figure of those actually working is less than 6 out of 10.
The social impact of this is enormous and why America lags so far behind in many aspects these days and falling rapidly.
There is a solution provided other people do their jobs and not pander to private groups, with no interest in any country, never mind America, MWHT can put everyone back to work in jobs they wish to do, not just have to do.
Think about that for a minute, roughly one in two Americans able bodied are not working, add in the fact that many Americans are doing more than one job and the figure could well dip below 1 in 2 working, these are the real figures not the fake figures put out by the government, they understand math as well as the top CEO of Wells the Fargo, like zero.
Half of the populace not engaged, half not exercising their skillsets leading many to a life of crime, the cost of which of that is astronomical, never mind the pain creating of the people they steal off, or damage or kill.
We have to engage the children again, create apprenticeship in manufacturing skills, which has been decimated over the last 3 decades, give people value again, that will create less sickness or mental issues. Create training centers available to all, some our children are not pushing down the narrowing corridor program called military training, all designed to fill up their soul dier program. Have people noticed these military job training programs all come to the front when the countries job prospects diminish? This is a deliberate program, make jobs and training scarce, then promote jobs and training in the military with an almost guaranteed position, it is way past time Americans saw through that illusion and program, that pattern has repeated often, many should have seen through it by now.

People complaining without thinking or doing due process came up today with regards to the proposed 23% spending tax. It is something we need to observe in us all, of reacting to the headline and not future thinking of what are the pros and cons of this, we too often don’t go deep enough and look at and into the process, an example is the Paris Climate agreement, yes it says climate change, but in reality it is about stealing 2% GDP of every country each year. The Patriot act is about defending Americans, no it was taking away their freedoms. THInk different please and step away from old programming, scratching the surface only with a premeditated headline, will not lead to deeper understanding
Lets have some future thinking on it, say it is a 23% spending tax, have you considered or totalled up how much savings on no income tax will you make? savings on sales tax? savings on federal taxes that are on all types of insurance policies, all utility bills and phone landline or mobile than add them all up, and then balance against what you spend. The more you spend the more you pay tax and it applies to the ALL, currently the most hit with taxes are the working class, which is the real class of most who consider themselves middle class, remember the elites and top level businesses pay jack.

Brussels and Vancouver: The top leaders of the notorious child sacrificial cult known as the Ninth Circle will gather in Vancouver, Canada in mid July and will conduct at least one “black mass” involving the ritual killing of children, according to confidential sources. The Ninth Circle conclave will occur during and under the guise of the Anglican Church of Canada’s 42nd “General Synod”, to be held between July 10 and 16 at the elite Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre at 1088 Burrard street in downtown Vancouver. At least four convicted felons associated with the Ninth Circle and Crimes against Humanity in Canada will be present at the Synod, including outgoing Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz, Bishop Bob Bennett, Bishop Mark MacDonald and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. According to one source, this conclave is the first of its kind in recent years, involving cult leaders from Europe, Asia and North America. Unofficial observers from other criminally convicted churches – the Roman Catholic and United Church – will be present at the Synod, including Ninth Circle members Archbishop Michael Miller (RCC) and Gary Paterson (former United Church Moderator). The same source states that a Ninth Circle sacrificial ritual killing of at least three children will take place at midnight on July 16, 2019, somewhere in the underground tunnel system linking the notorious Vancouver Club and the Anglican and Catholic Christ Church and Holy Rosary Cathedrals. In response, the global ITCCS network will be mobilizing its forces and common law Sheriffs to disrupt and stop these ritual killings and arrest those responsible, including by enforcing the standing Arrest Warrants against the aforementioned felons. The ITCCS and its INTERPOL associates have notified the Vancouver Police of these facts and requested their assistance in making these arrests. In addition, a coalition known as The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) – which commenced the first protests at these same Vancouver churches in 2005 to protest their genocide of aboriginal children – is reassembling to confront the killers at the July Synod. The FRD is working with local aboriginal activists to stage a series of occupations, public protests and other direct actions at the Synod. We make an appeal to all people of conscience to join these efforts and bring a stop to child trafficking, torture and killing by these criminal churches and the Ninth Circle.

As you have requested vaccines for my/our child(ren), it is my duty as a parent to protect them in the event of the vaccine(s) causing adverse reactions to my/our child(ren).
I am requesting you sign this indemnity form before you administer the vaccine as a protection for my/our child(ren).
In the event of my/our child(ren) becoming sick or other maladies following this vaccine, you the administer of the vaccine are responsible for damages totalling $250M plus all the medical costs to correct it.
Should you choose to not sign this indemnity, which in effect states you cannot guarantee the safety of my/our child(ren), then it is my responsibility and right as a parent to refuse this vaccination.
Name and position(capitals)

As archeologists find several discoveries in the Middle East exposing the myth of Israel, Jerusalem and the peoples known as the jews, this is one of the latest discoveries, an ancient tablet that was stated by the authorities to say the House of David but mysteriously part of that was damaged covering the name, upon a more detailed examination has found, that it states the House of Balak oops.
Archeology in that region and Egypt is beyond a joke, people denied access, theories put forward denied, grants cut off to people and awarded to in house groups that only relay their official narrative and his-story, that ties into Egyptians built the pyramids and all the pharaohs were Egyptian, and all of Jerusalem and surrounding areas fit into the bible story, as it has been relayed to us.
As an example lets look at Zahi Hawass antics more closely, Hawass has been accused of domineering behaviour, forbidding archaeologists to announce their own findings, and courting the media for his own gain after they were denied access to archaeological sites because, according to Hawass, they were too amateurish.
People wanted to do DNA sampling, but Mr.Hawass has been skeptical of the DNA testing of Egyptian mummies, “From what I understand,” he has said, “it is not always accurate and it cannot always be done with complete success when dealing with mummies. Until we know for sure that it is accurate, we will not use it in our research.” He is not skeptical at all he is blocking investigation to fit a created narrative of our history.
In December 2000, a joint team from Waseda University in Japan and Cairo’s Ain Shams University tried to get permission for DNA testing of Egyptian mummies, but was denied by the Egyptian Government. Hawass stated at the time that DNA analysis was out of the question because it would not lead to anything.
But in February 2010, Hawass and his team announced that they had analyzed the mummies of Tutankhamun and ten other mummies and said that the king could have died from a malaria infection that followed a leg fracture. German researchers Christian Timmann and Christian Meyer have cast doubt on this theory, suggesting other possible alternatives for Tutankhamun’s cause of death. In 2012, a study signed by Hawass disclosed that Ramses III had a haplogroup that is associated with the Bantu expansion and is the most dominant in Sub-Saharan Africa, E1b1a.
So a case of use DNA when it is conveniently controlled eh Mr. Hawass
Bantu expansion started on the west coast of Africa and spread out from there, here is something to ponder on, what if that expansion was due to people arriving on boats from other regions? A bit like the Europeans arriving on East coast of America and expanding out from there? Like some the Europeans arriving in America the Bantu groups eliminated the pygmy’s and also Khoisan populations, Khoisan were the indigenous peoples of Africa
The word Ubuntu comes from Bantu, is a Nguni Bantu term meaning “humanity”, in a philosophical sense it means “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”. Shame such a good concept morphed into another money making exercise by certain individuals in the alt media, such is life these days.
The real reason Hawass and his band of grave robbers, which is essentially what they are, wont allow independent testing, is many of those so called pharaohs had red hair and that is not native to that region, oops.

Making a profit on the basics needs in life must end if we are to progress as a species. Now some will not like that idea as they are immersed in the old harvesting system, and life is all about making extra pieces of paper, newsflash – it’s not, it’s a program.
Look at the boards of the top corpirate companies and the conglomerate companies, many are known politicians for a start, add in bloodline families, royals and other elite peoples and you have a cartel.
Politicians are lobbyists for these private companies and focus more on that, which lines their pockets and gains them brownie points inside of their sick world, rather than focusing on doing things for and by the people, and they largely get away with that because, we the people don’t make them accountable enough.
The piece last week were the Dems are pushing the Green Deal in which Pelosi and her husband stands to gain enormously, these people are not interested in all things green, remember these same people are on the boards of oil, coal and nuclear companies, or worse military contractors groups, what part of blitzing the planet with weapons constitutes going green?
They are also often part of chemical companies that include a range of uses including pharma, again those chemicals going into our water, is that going green?
Food, energy, health industries, care centers, utilities and water distribution should not be for profit organizations, these incase people have forgotten, they are what we all need to live or survive on, why does it have to be profit based?
We pay a ridiculous amount just to live on this planet, where at one time essentially everything was free, it just required your life force energy (labor) to acquire what was needed, so the question is, if we are paying for everything, who is the landlord of the planet?
Well we knew who he was and what they were, but that entity and group is now gone, and it is time we forged a new path based on the growth of humanity and all living things on this planet, one not based on how many pieces of paper you can collect, but how much effort has each put in to make this planet an abundant oasis for the essential things in life.

Here is an idea that will shut up these fake humanitarians in families like Rothschild’s yes you David you utter parasite, Jared Rand, Proctor and Gamble all talking humanitarian now, and fake climate change, but where were they when their families and others looted everything mainly with the support of the former Trustee?
So if the planet is messed up because of your over harvesting be it in oil, fishing, tree cutting, weaponry, chemicals, war etc all these families have made their fortunes of raping and in part destroying the planet, you lot created the damage along with the church, banks and royals, how about you all put your fortunes of ill gotten gains together, due to insider trading with the former trustee, and you fix the planet?
Why is it they, like the Federal Reserve just push it all onto the people? we never profited off oil, big pharma, military operations you did, that makes you lot responsible, not we the people, we the people funded your enterprises and then paid heavily for it at the production end, and you lot think we should pay for it all again? after you all ignored the devastation you were causing, all because the bottom line and pieces of paper were the god and king, err no, you created it and profited, so you fix it.
Lets see how many of you are humanitarian or climate interested then, the lot of you are as fake as a glass eye.

Talking about goons who make staggering profits pay no taxes and then loot more money out of the system with these level of grants, all likely non returnable.
Boeing $774M, General Motors $454M, Lockheed Martin $277M, IBM $268M, Dow Chemicals $267M, Honeywell Int $205M, Ford $189M, Archer Daniels Midland $176M, General Electric $149M and 3M company $114M all of these companies have a net income of over $1B a year and they are taking these freebies? I wonder what would happen if the Peoples club asked for what Boeing are getting $774M a year? I can guarantee that $774M will be better spent, improve more lives and create more real jobs and make this country more productive, these harvesting pirates have to be stopped. The same people on multiple boards and being paid by all of them has to be stopped also, need not greed.
This statement or story doesn’t help either, President Trump has said the losses his business made in the eighties and nineties were “for tax purposes”. He was tweeting in reply to a New York Times (NYT) article claiming that from 1985-95 he made losses of over $1bn. The newspaper said that Mr Trump’s property empire from 1985 “continued to lose money every year, totalling $1.17bn in losses for the decade”. Mr Trump tweeted “You always wanted to show losses… and often re-negotiate with banks, it was sport.” A sport that is not accessible to the average person on the street Mr. Trump, not a good image to set that.

Oh my Sri Lanka people in state of shock just like NZ people, and whilst all were in shock in came reason two for the bombings, not to remove bomb equipment from people or arresting terrorists oh no, removing the peoples safety weapons to be able to defend themselves.
How is that stopping terrorism? It’s not, and all part of their game played out on the people.
People of Sri Lanka have to think long and hard, and ask will the so called terrorists hand in their weapons? will they shite, so you handing in yours puts you in a vulnerable position, where you are then relying on the state to protect you.
The state neglected intelligence in both countries of recent incidents, and the bombings took place and 260+ died due to their incompetence.
Keep hold of your weapons at all costs and ignore these goons running your country.
Over 100M people died following the last 4 countries to hand over guns, nothing to defend themselves from local and subsequently national criminals, masquerading as the government, but ran by the global parasites.

Questions people don’t ask
1. mr. politician what are your policies 2. if russians had colluded, how is the CIA meddling in every other country election any different? 3. doctor during your training how much of it was spent learning cures? 4. Lawyer, do you understand common or natural law? 5. Lawyer why are you working for the Brits under BAR rules? 6. Teacher do you realize we have all been taught crap for 4 generations? 7. Do people ask the church for proof of what they are saying? 8. brokers, were you a 2nd hand car salesman before this job? 9. Banks and Govt, do you realize you both only have our money, not yours?
10. Do people ask banks why their savings interest is 1/2-1% when they charge us 15-26% to loan our money (not theirs) back?
11. If guns kill, who pulls the trigger? 12. Bank/money lenders can you explain the difference between discharging or paying off your debt? 13. blue or red pill, does anybody ask why we have to take either? 14. Charities, were did all the money for Africa go? why are millions still starving there? 15. people in the military is it acceptable to kill someone because someone else asked you to? 16. To the IRS why are you forcing me under duress to pay for something that is voluntary? 17. humanity in general, is it acceptable to hate people from another country if you have never met them? 18. If Jesus returns will he not be a zombie? 19. how do we know that the people who wrote the bible, talmud and other scriptures were not fake news? 20. Doctor do you know what is in this vaccine? can you verify it? can you swear on your life it is safe to use? will you sign a $1B indemnity should he or she answer yes to all? 21. If inflation is a secret tax and we pay more, do we get a refund for deflation? 22. Do people ask why in a general election do only two parties get recognized? 23. what would happen today if you told a cop or doctor you saw a bush go on fire by itself, and then whilst on fire it spoke to you? 24. Who told us we had to pay to live on our own planet? 25. Has anybody asked how can you be an immigrant on your own planet? 26. Do TSA workers at the airport go through same checks as we do before starting work, if not, why? 27. If your country is democratic and you have royals, who voted for them? 28. If oil is fossil fuel why are they drilling below the fossil levels? 29. If nuclear power started in the last century why is there a layer of fall out across middle east and SE Asia buried beneath the soil? 30. If Adam and Eve were the first two on this planet, does it not mean all of humanity is born out of incest? 31. If vegetarians are about saving animals, why are they eating all their food? 32. If elections are fair, why haven’t we had a person interested in humanity? 33. If GMO is good for us, why does it have no vitamins or nutrients in it? 34. If Fluoride is good for our teeth, why does it require a Hazmat unit to clean it up? 35. If all trails from planes are contrails, who developed the planes that don’t leave contrails and why 36. If a woman is a 2nd class citizen, why is she responsible for bringing up children? 37. Why can’t a large number of current American teachers not answer all the questions a 13 year old was tasked to answer back in the 1880’s 38. Has hip hop ever done a song that doesn’t include the lyrics shoot cops, bitch, mofugger, N word, F word or hoe? 39. Why is everyone sick or dying including the dog in country and western music? 40. If black is deemed as dark, why is the White House called white? 41. If Columbus founded America, does that mean no one was here before? 42. Did Columbus bring millions of Native Americans ashore with him? 43. If America gained Independence from Britain on July 4th, why did Britain send America it’s new higher tax tariff 2 weeks later 44. Why did all domesticated cats only originate in Egypt? 45. If air travel is safe why do they call their building terminal? 46. If Israel and Jerusalem is so important then why do most Jews not live there? 47. On a search for pictures of Hillary Clinton, why is their different shapes and sizes of Hillary? 48. If Mnuchin is the chosen one, why isn’t he The President? 49. If every country is in debt, who is the money owed to?
50. If the originals were called the Founding Fathers, who founded them? 51. If ET’s have been in orbit around this planet since alt media started, why haven’t they landed or helped? 52. How can a country with a GDP of $18B (9 zeros) sustain a global currency reset of $7Q (15 zeros) or more? 53. If the earth is wobbling how can the eclipses be consistent? 54. If the earth is flat why hasn’t anybody fell off yet? 55. Which executive order, statute, rule or regulation created by our incorporated companies acting as our government, stated people shouldn’t care for each other?

The National Security Act of 1947 was a major restructuring of the United States government’s military and intelligence agencies following World War II. The majority of the provisions of the Act took effect on September 18, 1947, the day after the Senate confirmed James Forrestal as the first Secretary of Defense. The Act merged the Department of War (renamed as the Department of the Army) and the Department of the Navy into the National Military Establishment (NME), headed by the Secretary of Defense. It also created the Department of the Air Force and the United States Air Force, which separated the Army Air Forces into its own service. It also protected the Marine Corps as an independent service, under the Department of the Navy. Aside from the military reorganization, the act established the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S.’s first peacetime non-military intelligence agency. The act and its changes, along with the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan, were major components of the Truman administration’s Cold War strategy, so we are told and yet The Cold War didn’t start until summer of 1950, when the US got involved in war between North and South Korea. Funny how history throws up these strange anomalies in the timeline.
The bill signing took place aboard Truman’s VC-54C presidential aircraft Sacred Cow, terminology of sacred cow? A person or thing immune to criticism or questioning, as in The rules governing the press conference have become a sacred cow in this administration. Yes that clearly fits the bill within politics, the first aircraft used for the role of Air Force One. The day after the Senate confirmed James Forrestal as the first Secretary of Defense. His power was initially limited and it was difficult for him to exercise the authority to make his office effective. This was later changed in the amendment to the act in 1949, creating what was to be the Department of Defense. Forrestal only lasted one year after being critical of Israel and in favour of Arabs and Palestinians, Forrestal clashed with journalists and politicians alike during this time, when he suddenly developed an none defined illness, described as going in a daze, and was whisked from DC to Florida, then onto Maryland hospital declaring him mentally unstable whereby they placed in a room of the 16th floor of a building and he subsequently fell out of the window and died.
As quirk of fate it may seem, it was stated that President Roosevelt was also under stress like Forrestal was announced, and Roosevelt attended same Bathesda Hospital in Maryland for testing, not long after he developed a headache, slumped and died in his chair aged just 63.
The American myth of you can’t serve more than two terms goes out of the window with Roosevelt he was on his 4th term when he died, all in all he was president for just over 12 years.
This act set up the base for the modern US military and agencies being outside of the control of Government, presented as being standardized and slimming down but really meant fattening it up and having zero oversight to launch death and destruction against countries that never attacked America once, and became the focal point of the military might of the control system.

A lesson in how old ways failed us and how to not operate going forward. Just how far can you get in the New York City socialite scene without a real fortune of your own? Incredibly far, in the case of Anna Delvey – real name Anna Sorokin – who tricked the city’s elite into thinking she was a billionaire heiress. She hired a private jet, went to all the best parties, and threw cash at everyone she saw – a $100 (£78) tip if you carried her bag or were her Uber driver. Yet, ultimately, her time at the top was short-lived. And it unravelled spectacularly. In real life, Sorokin had no multi-million-dollar trust fund. Her father is a former trucker, who runs a heating-and-cooling business. After her credit cards began to fail – repeatedly – and she was kicked out of the luxury hotels she lived in, other people were left to pick up the bills. Following a month-long trial, Sorokin has now been found guilty of multiple offences, including stealing more than $200,000. “As proven at trial, Anna Sorokin committed real white-collar felonies over the course of her lengthy masquerade,” District Attorney Cyrus Vance said in a statement announcing the conviction. Sorokin, who chose not to testify and pleaded not guilty, now faces up to 15 years in prison and will be sentenced on 9 May.
So how did this woman in her mid-20s cause financial chaos across a city, leaving people picking up her tabs in the US and beyond? Anna Delvey came to New York City on a mission. At least that is what she told people. She wanted to start an arts centre, with a chic Soho House ethos. She was considering calling it the Anna Delvey Foundation, according to New York Magazine, and she claimed to have lined up renowned artist Christo for the inauguration. For the venue, she had her eye on a six-floor space – 45,000 sq ft (4,200 sq m) – in Church Missions House, a prestigious, late 19th Century building, on the corner of Park Avenue and 22nd Street, sounds like a recent proposal sent in to TPC, I want a mini empire is not the way forward for we the people, the empire is The Peoples Club going forward, where everyone gets a share and a say, not creating status or millionaires when many people globally dont even have the 5 basic essentials in life, think different.
An all too familiar theme of people trying to be something they are not, refusing to accept no matter what job or lifestyle they do or have, is more than enough in society.
This is an all too common story of a person who didn’t love themselves enough, and wanted to create an illusion world, that she perceives as being important, except it is not, a socialite is often a parasitic existence to begin, filled with people being fake, competing over materialistic shallow wealth trappings, when in reality many are fuelled into debt cycles they can’t keep up with, because heaven forbid these people lose their falsely perceived status, all acting like mini royalty or global superstar, who most don’t realize are fake also.
It is a cycle we at THI, OYM and Off Planet radio are trying to break, away from the vacuous unrealistic materialistic debt based lifestyles, where it is about living in abundance of the basics in life, not a harvesting lifestyle that renders many one paycheck away from disaster.
Some people live 3-5K sq foot homes which may have been fine with loads of children around, but are they happy there? and then there are people who live in 2-300 square foot homes and are as happy as anything, lower costs less debt and free to live, once you walk away from the program of status within your circle, you are freeing yourself away from an inevitable debt cycle, or an expenditure list that no matter how much you buy, will never bring or guarantee peace or happiness.
We all lost our way over the last 40 years of buying to keep up with the jones’s, drafting the illusion of middle class like that is the be all and end all, but for the vast majority it is all based on loans and credit card debt, that is NOT middle class that is a debt based cycle you will struggle to get off, forgetting the fact the class in and of itself is a divide and conquer program.
It hasn’t served us well and we forget how to live and enjoy life, and take part in all it’s wonderous beauty, that is all still there to see, once we open our eyes and see life in a proper way.

One of the members posted something this week, which highlights my mistrust of medical diagnostic peoples, in particular psychiatrists. Psychology is not learned from a book, but visual observations of people, and correlating it with wisdom.
These people make stuff up as they go long, and here is a prime example, drapetomania, a condition of mental illness for a black person or slave, who exhibits an irrational desire for freedom and a tendency to try to escape.
Beyond comprehension that type of thinking, and indicative that, that profession is not ran based on mental illness or medical assessment, but political programming rhetoric.
I will state again most mental patients as they are called, in my opinion are suffering from a form of possession by non form entities from the spirit world, a majority of that spirit world is infected or taken over by the dark forces.
To understand anything to do with the body of another person, requires empaths, you don’t get that from a book, or passing their incompetence level tests.

Here is a new word for the cabal, deep states and rich elites, halfwittedry an irrational condition of delusion, and deep desire to hold onto power and control, for a system that no longer exists.

Something came up in zoom call at the weekend, which Kim attended to much surprise and glee to the listeners who tuned in. It was in regards to chambers or business organizations involvement.
I think some are under the misconception that we have to sell the funds and MWHT to people, we don’t, we have nothing to sell, only to teach them a different way. Initially we need to focus on what the members in THI need and want to do, set themselves up in positions they want to do for work purposes, before we engage the outside circle. We don’t need chambers or biz orgs, those are old systems and failed us. Once everything is set up and THI members are sorted, then we engage outside the circle on how they can change their way of operating, should be the path to follow.
Some will say why set up THI first? because our members have been taught to operate and think in a better way, taught money is not the be all and end all, to the outside circle apart from Randy and Alans groups, it is a case of ooh free money, give it to me, that’s greed not need.
Plus the fact only our group with Randy and Alan’s have done anything to not only promote it, but investigate it as well to then garner an understanding, the rest basically ignored it or told us to g and f ourselves, so why not support the people who gave their time and engaged the MWHT, the main aspect though is to teach a new and better way, and as only those 3 groups have participated in that, they are the ones I feel to take it forward.
Our members I want to go out and teach the rest of society, better ways, better thinking, need not greed, away from the materialistic competitive world and show a path to a new way were all of us can thrive, not just survive from day to day or week to week.
Helping each other changes your frequency, too many in society have low vibrational frequency and thinking, and we can all play a role in changing that.

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