*So Trump cancelled another deal, this time Iran. The Iran deal was less about nuclear capabilities and more about slush funds being channelled through Iran by Obama and Ann. $1.6B in cash was involved in that deal with no apparent oversight or questioning until now, full disclosure on Iran will lead to high level arrests eventually – be patient. Iran has been the source of skullduggery going back to the 1970’s and the Shah removal and then the Ayatollah, most may remember the Iran Contra scandal and Oliver North, Funds and other things where then moved into UAE to set that country up for future issues alsothat was the cover up version as others had worked it out what they were up to, involving arms smuggling, tech smuggling, overthrow actions and creating a real but ultimately fake army to cause future issues in the middle east.

*ecuador, was sent funds to kick start their economy along with Argentina, what happened next is IMF sent pretty much storm troopers to the Central Banks and threatened them to not receive the funds, this also applied in African countries as well. Some are backing down and some are not, it is time they all stood up to these people and their organizations. They have proven over and over again they only rape countries not, help or supply it.
IMF along with World Bank and other central banks have systematically looted every country (funny thing is they still cant fund jackshit despite that) they come in with offers of loans here and there, then jack up interest rates until country defaults on their debts, this is then when they start saying well we will have this island, or this port, or this airport, or this resource, all to pay off their bogus debt.
This is how and why so much of the land and resources ended up in control of The Trust, you would think that was enough, but no they then leverage those assets into oblivion following that, and so this is where we stand today.

*Some countries and possibly including here, still to full ascertain have been using the train fund monies for other purposes, due to pressures from clowns, Rothschilds and agency goons, backed by the now defunct IMF and Blackwater groups.

*We have found an underground network of thieves, So what happens is they are putting their notification number on accounts in banks. Then when the client goes to make a transfer of funds they notify their stooge in the bank to transfer it to their account. So far we have found several accounts which have received funds all linked to Rothschild or known dragon family members.

This is going on all over the world, They do this through a phone network. This is the same way they are now stealing from governments as well using network of people working in central banks. This is what they started doing only days after we closed the back doors, but was detected within hours,This mode will be blocked also.


*RV or #operationstupidity failed again at least twice this week, no change there then, but as forecasted last week, who do they blame now for their continued failure? yes ya guessed it Kim and MWHT, predictable as night follows day, lets find a new boogeyman or woman to blame for their own stupidity and failure, except it is not a failure, it is a simple economic fact. I hope people who still follow this total bs’ery realize how and why it will always fail, here goes.
For the cabal (and it is the cabal) to pull off the RV they would require $4.25Q in assets to do so, except their ain’t that much to begin with, outside of ridiculous leveraging or dodgy derivatives betting, which is just creating the illusion.
Now they have to put up 10% as an asset base to go forward, due to new Quantum system that is designed to not cheat into oblivion and make all the public pay for their stupidity.
$4.25Q equates to roughly 40 years global gdp, 40 years of what everyone spends in one year, do people seriously still think that will go ahead? truth they say is stranger than fiction, in their world of illusion it is yes.

*Following the attempts over the last few weeks of the team known as KOM and Jesper Ellerman, I subsequently decided to call their bluff and deliver the stated proof according to them, that Kim is no longer the trustee. (funny she is no longer the trustee in their world and yet can block the RV fund, i’m sorry not all follow your and their twisted illogical thinking process) So the solutions are simple.
1. Jesper shows valid proof of those claims of Kim is not the trustee
2. Jesper shows people around the world he can and has access to trust account
We request full proof within next 72 hours(midnight Tuesday EST) as we know you will be busy on Monday again, to show this group the full evidence and I will retract claims against Jesper and KOM group and subsequently apologize, failure after 72 hours and the members of his group on this page will then have their answers as well, and we will expect them to reciprocate with apologies to this group. jesper and KOM failed to deliver, up to the listeners to decide where they choose to put their energy going forward, and I hope one day the puppets sent to disrupt our page will see through the illusion Jesper and his close associates are putting out.
So, to wrap up this piece his followers need to ask for the same proof and put Jesper or is it King Julius or is it Archonangels Michael and Uriel now in lieu of statements made against Kim, where is his proof he is trustee and not Kim, where is his proof he can access to quantum system and pull funds out, once you find that lot out, the next crumb of information should then provide more clarity, jasper and Chinese elders are trying to use some of the old expired authorities Kim issued back in 2013 but they are expired. The lengths people and others will go to delay Kim and her quest to release the funds back to true owners is staggering.

*Following another attempt to snatch or eliminate Kim of which there have been many, perpetrated by either Ann, Obama, Cheney or Bush. I thought I would share a funny outcome to one of those events. Cheney sent armed goons to try and track her down and descended on a particular place they think she was located, well those goons like the ones that went before them paid a price for their stupidity, but the funny aspect of it all was, Cheney has a vacation home in a region in America, someone borrowed a bulldozer and completely flattened Cheney’s home to the ground – utter classic, Cheney then fled to his 8 level bunker in home in Montana and has not been seen since. Here’s a song for the bulldozer people I hope you keep busy with that machine.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying shortly will be potentially significance is trump will have 3 judges aligned, 2 more and game over supreme justice

* The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide which is equal the population of the following states combined. Wyoming, Vermont, DC , North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Idaho, W. Virginia, Nebraska, New mexico, Nevada and Kansas, like the famous saying I guess they are really not in Kansas anymore. and 4.5 million people trapped in forced sex trafficking around the globe, which is a higher number than the population of 26 states in America.  At least 100,000 children are prostituted annually in the U.S., adding to the $9.8 billion U.S. sex trafficking industry.

*At this point this is a theory but I think I have seen sufficient patterns to support it, it is said Earth is the nexus planet for not only this solar system, but possibly the galaxy and even the Universe. Why is it the key? well I believe the resources here are not replicated anywhere else. The vast array of species, plant life, minerals etc i dont think at are replicated on other worlds, like a pot pourie of life and resources, but there is one aspect I think that maybe overlooked and another possible reason why Earth is key, I believe all resources here are replenished, so you can take oil for example out of the ground and science tells you it gets to a point where it runs out of what they deem is peak oil, in other words no longer economically viable to scoop out of the ground, except if you leave an empty easy flowing oil well for 10 years, it replenishes the oil, so that ends the bs’ery they put out it is all fossil fuel, it’s not it is abiotic. But what with the et race here for seeds for their home world added in, what if everything here is replenishable, no matter how much you dig or drill up?

* i wouldnt bother they have too many backdoors to gain access, encrypted also, encryption tech came from langley

*SSp have been attempting to build new time portals in the mountains of the SW, all other access to go out of here and also gain access to inner heaven is now cut off to them, but they are trying to create a new element to get around the closed portals, building labs in the hills boys, will not end well, trust me. Unpentium indeed, that will be blocked here until you step down and act in the right manner or face being wiped out altogether.

*SSp who it will be no surprise to most are aligned with rogue elements within Langley. Following meetings with certain beings last week and previous months are under a shoot to kill policy for interfering in regions they shouldn’t and trying to access places they are not allowed.
The varying greys at least 3 versions of them, tall whites, some djinns, aquatics and raptors are no longer allowing them access to their world underground anymore, and should they do so, they et groups down there can deliver shoot to kill as the SSp entry into their domain is considered an act of war and against the peace treaty now imposed.
SSp need to quit their games and the naval group supporting it, I don’t suspect they will as they appear will go to any lengths to exercise their control, all at the behest of The Draco and the family with the most DNA resembling that race known as The Rothschilds.
SSp are getting desperate to gain access back to the portals so they can acquire certain rogue technology, they will not be allowed to do that, and if they can think they can take on the beings below, good luck with that, as you have recently found out.
Some of the volcano eruptions are not what you think, it was set off from below to deny SSp access to the portals, Hawaii may well be an example of that.
Of the various species down there one race in particular who has major access to tech but doesn’t use it, their sole purpose here is botany, why? because the draco/SSp destroyed their home world with the desert creating tech is why, so they came here for samples and test to see if they would be able to then re-seed their home world and return and restore it. I’m hoping the interaction with them provides a solution for both of us to work together and delete rogue elements here and get them a safe passage out of here and back to restoring their home world, this applies to all other races here, who ended up being trapped in a Draco/Mantid system, whilst they are trapped here currently by a more benevolent system to route out the rogue ET’s and Humans, it wont always be the case, so if the ones who want to return home quicker, an appeal to them went out last week, to come and support us in our quest to remove for good the dark forces once and for all.

*There comes a time and I think many of you are facing it now, when you decide when is enough really enough. Back in November 2016 I made a statement, it is time to pull back from the unawakened and let them face their own consequences. This brought mixed responses, only a few agreed with it at the time, and both reactions are valid, neither is right or wrong.
But given some of the staggeringly awful information out recently, most of which was declared by these same ignorers of truth or facts as conspiracies, I wonder whether it is time for a new statement to be made.
Last week I asked for all to bombard news media for spouting propaganda, distortion and lies and again it is a valid thing to do, we should not allow them to continue in that mode.
I, often hear people vainly trying to wake people up, and hear often “but they won’t listen Thomas” and I agree I have had the same responses for last 40+ years, and as my patience with these people is running out, largely to do with one subject the children abuse, I wonder now whether a more radical approach is required with these people.
So, question is how radical, well my suggestion is perhaps we should no longer tolerate their brush offs, mocking laughter and dismissiveness any further and call it as it is.
If for example they choose to ignore child trafficking, abuse, sexual molestations, ritual abuse and torture of children stories or narrative, say ok fine you dont want to hear it, but I want to say one final thing to you are you an accomplice to it and also complicit in horrific child abuses, you have been given the evidence and chosen clearly to ignore it, and that makes you because I have given the burden of knowledge of it over to you, a condoner and complicit in their actions, I hope you can live with yourselves and walk away. Let them have their own burdens and tiny bubble world rippled for once, because when you know of stuff and have some ability to alter that path, you have a personally responsible to do so, we have done our part in exposing it and absorbing it, it’s time we gave them their responsibility too. As a reminder 49K children per day go missing for abuse purposes or malnutrition, those who choose to ignore are ultimately responsible for it, not us.

*Golden column is something that needs much work, most stuck between red and blue = purple (new age bs)

*Questions arising from this is why do we accept so much as truth, with no direct evidence to support it, like the piece I did last year, does Australia really exist, to most that seems a ridiculous question, but most people have never been to Australia so how can they definitively know Australia exists? they 100% dont but accept the proof of others that it does, and this applies to all walks of life, we just accept so much of the narrative given, when upon investigation into so many of those aspects of life, renders the official narrative in my opinion as a conspiracy. The burden of proof they say in a criminal case is on the prosecutor, and proof in life is like the prosecutor in many court cases is meddled with, twisted, interfered with and coerced, whilst the public is largely ignorant and defends the system at all costs, largely because they dont want to appear fools, ironically in their mirrored world, the fool is always in their mirrors.
Some people just never get things no matter how you explain them or deliver them, I was asked to produce documents sent to MSM this week to other alt media, two things about this, those are govt level and above documents and are not generally released to general public figures, but excerpts of criminality contained in some of those documents have appeared in our shows, maybe our listeners are spoilt and dont realize the inherent dangers related with this type of information delivered, where you cant go on a short break without being stalked by hired assassins, would you do it? How would you like walking around knowing there is a sniper gun with target on your head, or black helicopters with gun turrets circling over you, and 2 asking me to deliver them to alt media is biggest joke yet, all know about our shows and I mean all, yet none ask for me or Kim to come on their show and get what is now clearly verified truth in some many of the stuff we have put out, those persons or groups are not interested in the truth, only the distort lies versions they are told to put out in most cases, otherwise we would have had multiple requests to appear on their shows, we had 1 request from OYM and that is it, I warned you all 2 years ago that around 75% of alt media figures were fake, I deliberately lowered that figure from what I knew as it would appear only a few are real and it would have looked like I was playing the Wilcock game of only me with the intel, intel put out means it is not only me who gets it, you all do as well.
Ya see the alt media has had all kinds of documents put out via the internet on a plethora of subjects, but what have they done with it? very little imo, too busy focusing on whether earth is flat, round or square, or whether we are all going to die with asteroid, Nibiru, global pandemic or alien invasions, all of which were ruse stories put out by rogue agency think tank groups designed to distract, so if you think putting out doc A, B or C will change the game over night, that thinking is flawed, because the truth has already been put out multiple times on multiple subjects, and still people ask for more proof, truth or validation, my question in return is at which point of origin does truth become validated? as I see it now in many cases that question remains unanswered by too many in alt media.