Psychic attack defense

*Attacks on our group and members have increased rapidly over the past month or so, a range of viruses and other ailments, meddling with cars, psychic attacks and 2 members with strokes, 1 survived 1 didn’t. Now some may think these are all co-incidences, I can assure you they are not.I rarely give warnings out on this show unless it is essential, we have all had enough of the fear porn riddled throughout the internet, and I don’t wish to add to it, but I have warned in the past month of a ramp up of attacks, they don’t just attack me you know, it’s all of you. Sometimes they cant target their main point of attack, so they target those around them, to try and create cracks and weaken the structure of the group, that makes you all vulnerable.

They have a range of weaponry to attack that most think it science fiction and the future, but I kept warning you technologies are the past not the future, from inducing strokes to heart attacks to aneurysm’s. I spoke recently about they have tailor made viruses to target specific groups and not just blacks either, too often ignorance allows much to carry on, whilst they carry on unhindered and blazing a trail of death and destruction. This is why I have given up much of my life, as I will not sit back and rest, and allow these incestuous hybridized fake god worshipping psychopaths to continue operating for one day longer than it takes to bring them down. Our own ignorance has played a part, psychic attacks that cant happen to me, inducing strokes or heart attacks, don’t be silly that is all fiction in James Bond movies, that technology is years away, well we have paid a heavy price for that ignorance, and I hope this show and platform has given you all a chance to get the bigger picture and a grasp of what is, and has gone on here for thousands of years, and in many of your own lifetime memories here. Lets do a review of the psychic attacks, these are sharp unannounced pains that form into a small mass about the size of a quarter above either eye around the temple area, no it is not some random migraine or headache, it is what it is and you ignore it at your own peril, the split second it starts you have to go into action, don’t sit around rubbing it and hoping it goes away, envision yourself putting a ring or box around the site and then envision you expelling that mass out of your body and with message return to sender x 10, no more than that is required, as controlling and expelling it takes away some of your life force energy, it must be used wisely, as it is not easily or always replenished, so no times 50, a 100 or more please, 10 is enough for sender to not repeat 95% of the time, if it returns repeat the same steps until it is gone.
We did the grounding, centering and shielding documents available on files section on the FB page and also available on the thinkdifferent website to benefit you all and preparing yourselves for these times.
I know many of you are using it and have gained a big value from it, the grounding and centering is important that you are anchored in the now, and centering is all about balance, we have mentioned many times of the 45/55 balance aspects that should be applied in many aspects of your life, not just the adrenaline levels, but how you react to situations, if you are coming at something at 90/10 with over reaction, you end up off course and reacting in a wrong way, which most tend to regret at a later date, before you interact in any situation it is best to breathe and go 45/55, a 5% swing is easy to pull back to center, 90/10 is not.
But the important aspect of that document is the shielding, it is where you get to use your own magic, but you must believe in it for it too hold and protect, 1/2 hearted attempts at it, leads to a half arsed shield that will be penetrated.
Each will have their own shield and your own imagination and magic will decide what is best for, an oval shape around you that goes beneath your feet is a common one, a 1/2 moon dome over you will not cover what is below, so be careful many make the mistake of only going to the floor, dark spirits or entities with no physical form know no boundaries like floors, walls or ceilings.
My own favorite is a cone shape wider at the bottom and narrowing over the head, but seal the floor first, I see a blue and white spiral coming up from the floor up to the head, word of warning if you see it and it stops or stalls somewhere on your body or the person you are helping, it means you or the other person is blocked at that energy center with this method of shielding, so it is not just a shield it is a scanner as well, you don’t want to shield in an attachment do ya? remove obstacle with blast of energy from the feet up and through the crown, and continue with spiral, the outside of the spiral I use contains fire which consumes those who approach too close, like an early warning system, which is rather effective for the few who have witnessed it close at hand. What you choose to put as a warning or non invasive alert is your own choice, it is only limited by your own imagination or belief in it.

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