Members joining fb no profiles sometimes not being added to the groups. This is something we check on as admins of THI, not all are let in the group, so if you feel you have been blocked from joining THI and your FB profile is limited, then send us an email of who you are and why you are joining, please keep it brief.

One thing that has cropped up as noted by our admins when going through the groups, is some admins are not members of THI either the FB or Mewe groups, when taking your votes on group leaders or admins, please check they are members of main groups first, if unsure please contact Holly or Ramona. This is to prevent outsiders playing games, those positions should be for long time THI members preferably.
We will be adding one of the main THI admins to each page, they will monitor only, not engage, so please don’t be pestering them within that group, this is prevent future issues and certain people commandeering the page. A back up plan and preventative measure only.

It pleases me to hear so many groups are up and running now and get to know each other better in calls, keep it rolling.

One thing that has come up from the calls is people throwing in ideas and structures of a corporate nature, that is old pattern and thinking folks, and a reason why their businesses all failed, it didn’t work, and for those who have followed this show long enough, it was not designed to work either, it was a harvesting program.
So, why would we copy it? Look I know programming runs deep and we follow old habits, systems and structures, but look around you, it has all failed, it’s collapsing on a major level.
If we put funds into and copy the same cor pirate structure we are going to fail, analyse yourselves of what you are saying or promoting, if it resembles cor pirate structure ditch it, we need a new way of thinking (which takes time so don’t be hard on yourselves) and operating to undertake, which is cooperative not competitive.

So the person who thought that the Truth, Honor & Integrity show was the main deal, then goes onto create chaos, gets warned to follow guidelines, fails in double figures to follow those guidelines, to a point where I initially suspended her and asked to lay low for a bit, whereby she then goes on to trash me, calls over a dozen of our members and admin’s trolls and trashed Randy and Alan as splinter groups, which led to her being removed from our group, now believes we are all a scam, “if you know me you know a lack of honesty is a deal breaker, indeed it is Lacy.
But the lack of honesty is in your own mirror girl, it is in your own words you printed out, after being told over 10 times to stay in her own group, she says it was just 3, when for everyone else it was just one was required, then when I asked her why she was creating city groups when I asked for states, she denied it, then last week in her rant she stated this “I (being Lacy) needed to create city groups for the HR bills”, she then went on to create groups that could only be accessed by her in other states, again ignoring stay in your own groups, but those moves has elements that appear to be of a more sinister intent, of which is beyond Lacy’s capabilities and is suggestive of other rogue elements pulling her strings, 13 groups created with a hidden creator, not good folks it’s just not good.
Perhaps you need to take a look at one of our other members Lacy, as an example of service to others Stephanie Arkilic, she sold stuff at her own expense that all went to TPC, with no fuss, no chaos and no look at me attitude.
Try to talk to Lacy was like platting custard, Why do I say that? because any discourse with Lacy ended up with the most bizarre answers back to questions posed, this became evident in some calls she was on, almost resembles NASA, never a straight answer. I could go on for another 1/2 hour with this but not wasting mine or your time, but giving you the gist of why she was removed, as some seem to think she was hard down by, over 10 warnings to follow the guidelines, including two final requests, all of which she ignored.
I will not sit by and have her accusing our admins as liars or trolls, and trashing all connected to this group, that is not happening Lacy, and you will be exposed like all the others have been over time, of running a personal operation off the back of THI with some very sinister motives or intentions behind it. As a reminder Lacy you were removed from CV back for similar issues were you not? I gave you another chance in THI and you threw it in our groups face. Some members believe she has the right intentions but as our admins go through each group, we are finding more and more elements of very wrong intentions. Who is your string puller Lacy? Hoping this is the last discourse on this, I went to great lengths not to out her publically, but her own actions, lies and complete refusal to accept any responsibility, left me with no choice.

chimera man, the man with the multiple names on our spreaker chat known more commonly as Bubba, as most of our members don’t participate in that chat, I thought I would let you all know, I made an offer to bubba last week, he was offered a show to come on air with me to spit out his issues and allegations he throws at me and Kim, so it can all be transparent and out in the open, and he declined, now all members are aware that only one of us has something to hide Bubba. Time to go and play hide and seek again Bubba.

This is what gets me with people like Lacy and Bubba, and the clown who appeared on Randy’s post this week, and we have had them on our page too, stating Kevin Annett is a fraud, based on what? erm Alfred Webre said so, really if Alfred Webre is your source of information? you may as well go back to MSM with that path. Webre was a govt agent under the Carter Administration, do you really think he can be fully trusted? He is also a registered BAR lawyer in DC and yet lives in Canada’s own satanic Hollywood and pedo capital known as Vancouver BC. Webre could spend all of his whole shows just investigating what goes on in Vancouver, has he done any shows on that place? If not, then ask yourselves why?
Kevin is a scammer they say, hmm ok where is the proof? he Kevin writes his own books and has a donation button, neither are mandatory, so where is the scam?
We had another incident this week, where a member creates his own blog, of which it appears over 90% of it is material out of this show, promotes his own blog on our page, then makes a statement he doesn’t trust Kim or Me, which is fine actually, but why be a member of a group, or use all their material for your service to self blog if you don’t trust them? again the issue is himself, not me or Kim, it’s ok to use us and our material to promote his own blog, but not to trust them? It’s unbelievable self serving behavior and that will not get us out of this mess, which is largely of our own making.
The cabal have a plan and purpose and stick to it, which includes eliminating these game playing types of people, and yet they spend their time playing games with the wrong people, who are actually trying to help them, it’s Stockholm syndrome on steroids. Bubba spends all his week coming up with stupidity to trash THI, me or Kim what a sad life and existence that is, and a complete waste of life force energy, when he could actually do something useful with his life. It defies belief the levels of stupidity people will go to, something both should ponder heavily on, their issue is not me, it is within themselves, but refuse to face it.
How is it the internet warriors always attack the few willing to stand up for them? Spend more of their time digging into the lives of Kevin, myself or Kims, when they don’t do that in their own lives and interactions with people, those who have a more direct influence on their lives? like doctors, teachers, banks, accountants, lawyers, does anyone of you fake keyboard warriors and agents, ask into their private lives? or whether they are competent to do their jobs? no! why the double standards then? passive aggressive behavior on steroids.
For these type of people looking for faults not solutions, the problem is them, because they are incapable, unwilling or too fucking lazy to act personally responsible themselves, they attempt to drag people down to their level of inactions, rather than aspire to be like them, or get off their backsides and actually do something.
Lacy doesn’t like using the word sovereignty and uses S instead, there is your answer Lacy, you want sovereignty but not prepared to be sovereign which requires you to do something and act in personal responsibility, not run off the back or popularity of others.
Sovereignty means you look after yourself, self sufficient under the golden rule and help others to do the same, not state I am sovereign and ask everyone else to do things for you, that is slavery.
Nobody has to hate on Lacy, she went a wrong path, it is up to her now to recognize where she went wrong and self correct it
Last night Randy and I recorded a show that expose the sinister side of the old alt media, littered with factions, agents, agency recruiters, sell outs and just wannabes. It is very sad how it has all unfolded and time more people recognized it as such, and boycott these people in our midst.
They are not helping us, they never delivered disclosure just distraction and subjugation, eventually people will see what we are saying, and have been saying for many years now, too few believed us back in 2014 when we outed the Blue Chicken cult, now 5 years later everyone is jumping on the bandwagon it seems, including some who happily went along with them to sell their books and boost their own popularity, it’s sickening to watch.
ET disclosure they said, well were is it? has it made a difference? are more people believing it? has it ended poverty or criminal acts against children? so what did it actually produce? it confirmed something many of you already knew, and therein lies the problem, a lack of trust of the self. I don’t need anyone to tell me ET’s and NT’s exist, why should I? and more importantly why should you?
All of these people in alt media have helped in some way or other, but sadly some got wrapped into the programs, some of them money making programs, which happens to too many, and some of them far more sinister like what Wilcock and Corey got involved in, a dark magician circle operated by a coven member, not an ordinary coven, but the control system coven.
They were told before they joined several times and ignored it, used Jordan and Teresa like marketing whores that has left them both damaged by drug abuse, Teresa went into the background, but Jordan went from fire into the pit with his handler Robert David Steele, one hopes he escapes that clutches unscathed and joins the real community again, he would be a useful asset to get message across to the younger generations.
But last nights show was not just about outing certain behaviors and actions exhibited by the many people mentioned last night, both Randy and I threw open the door and offered an olive branch to everyone of them, step down, tell your story, apologize to the people and lets build a new alt media together, where we all combine together and we are not fractured into several groups and ideologies these people have created, they destroyed the old alt media and we are creating a new one, we would love them to join us as equals and drive this movement forward again.

If ever there was a time to close ranks and come together stronger, now is the time.
There is a full out assault on the few genuine people in the alt media by the clowns, agents and their minions to disrupt and ultimately destroy our community.
We have all worked hard to build this community up and learn the truth together, they wish to fight to destroy it, we have to fight to protect it.
Truth warriors it’s time to stand up and be counted, clowns don’t like how the alt media is winning the narrative, lets make sure they always have that mindset, it is our community not theirs.
I, for one will not be backing down, neither will Kim, we have had enough of parasites and psychopaths running our world, it’s time for WE the people to take back our planet.

House Democrats have renewed calls for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, after a former White House counsel failed to appear before Congress despite a subpoena. Donald McGahn skipped a hearing on Tuesday about the Mueller report. In an extraordinary move, President Trump has vowed to block all subpoenas of his current and former staff. “Our subpoenas are not optional,” said House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler, after the failed hearing. “Let me be clear: this committee will hear Mr McGahn’s testimony, even if we have to go to court to secure it,” he said. The Trump administration claims that the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, into allegations of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice, cleared him of wrongdoing, and that there are no further questions to answer. The administration also claims that the Congress cannot legally be compelled to testify, but Mr Nadler said he would hold Mr McGahn in contempt and pursue other means of compelling testimony. “We will hold this president accountable, one way or the other,” he said. So who is Jerry Nadler, jerry is blah blah blah blah blah blah and was born in NY and born to Jewish parents, just saying.
Comments from the two blunderwomen? “We need to do our job and vote on impeachment,” tweeted Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.” get back to tending bars, as you are not particularly good in your current paid acting role.
And the all slurring, non comprehending and non legible House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she scheduled a party meeting Wednesday to discuss the issue, and left the speaking to her deputy, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, said: “I don’t think we’re there, at this point in time.”
Steny Hoyer born in New York but not to Jewish parents this time, but lo and behold he works alongside and with American Israel Public Affairs Committee. In January 2017, Hoyer voted for a House resolution condemning the UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which called Israeli settlement buildings in the occupied Palestinian territories a flagrant violation of international law and a major obstacle to peace.

As Democrats in the U.S. Congress debated possibly impeaching Republican President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday that he is engaged in a “cover-up.” Speaking to reporters after a meeting of House Democrats on Capitol Hill, Pelosi said: “No one is above the law, including the president of the United States. And we believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up.” Democrats who control the House of Representatives and Trump are engaged in a high-stakes power struggle over their ability to investigate him, with the president stonewalling multiple investigations of him by congressional committees.
Hypocrisy in its highest form, a typical agency type tactic of accusing others of doing what you have been doing.
I could spend the rest of this show highlighting the cover ups of the Democratic party, but lets just list a few shall we.
Uranium 1 deal, Benghazi, Obama birthplace, nationality and records, Clinton death trail, Clinton Foundation rogue donations, harvesting children in Haiti, Dems groups harvesting children at the border, Biden and Mnuchin fiddling with kids, Huma Abedin with Hillary skinning kids for adrenalchrome, Dems are KKK, Antifa and Black Lives matter, Obama sending cash to Iran, Mnuchin working for the Chinese dragons and committing treason against the country, 2 years and vast amounts of public money wasted based on a fake and fabricated document sent by the Blue dragons and MI5 at request of Hillary about Russian collusion, how Hillary had done deals to sell all of America’s inground resources off in September 2016 to foreign groups, How Mnuchin and Hillary are blocking the MWHT funds going to the people, How the Pelosi family will generate vast fortunes off the Green deal, why Mike Pence is working with Dems to oust Trump, why is a bar tender with no political background promoted as a paid actor into a major political role, yes you AOC your as fake as a glass eye, the Hillary server issue and how she has control of the FBI, CIA, NSA and DHS, or why Hillary via Citadel and or Weiss group which runs NYPD is blocking the NYPD investigation into ritual and sacrificial abuse to children committed by her and her lesbian partner, who is also a Muslim Brotherhood agent Huma Abedin, or how the dems got the highest number of females and black people into their ranks and not one of them is helping the people, you want investigations and no cover ups eh Pelosi, try and investigate all of them, then we have a real story Pelosi, Trump can then release his tax returns and it is all transparent. Then we can lock you all up and put people in charge of this country, that has the interests of the people only.
Pelosi oh dear a national embarrassment, facelift central, I believe she is appearing in a movie shortly called Eyes pinned open.
A former CIA officer has been jailed for 20 years for disclosing military secrets to a Chinese agent, the US justice department says. Kevin Mallory, 62, was found guilty of several spying offences following a two-week trial last June. The fluent Mandarin speaker from Leesburg, Virginia, held top-level security clearance and had access to sensitive documents. He was convicted of selling secrets to China for $25,000 (£19,600). Evidence at his trial included a surveillance video which showed him scanning classified documents onto a digital memory card at a post office. He also travelled to Shanghai to meet with a Chinese agent in March and April 2017, the justice department said.
Since 2010 there has been 10 incidents of Americans selling secrets or working privately with China, in half of those incidents CIA was involved, mainly so called ex CIA, one suggests we have to be very wary of ex CIA people, not just in international terms, but ones in our own community.
Now if only we dealt with a certain country in the middle east, who have repeatedly sold secrets to the Chinese, instead of sending them billions of our dollars in aid, they clearly don’t need, then we are getting somewhere.
All banks on Friday were put on notification in the private side of the bank, although some tellers may have seen the screen notifications, of this bank is under audit.
Yet again the top brass and highest levels of the government were shown and made aware of the fact that no one has any money, yet again as of Saturday, we received crickets.
Of course on Friday was the latest in #operationstupidity more commonly known as the RV, yet again I don’t need to tell you it failed, groundhog week on a loop for well over a decade, and these people think they will still deliver?
Complaints and surprise the Trustee is female eh fellas, whilst anatomically she has no balls, she has more real balls than all of you combined.

Following the audit a report was made and delivered with notification of criminality of the highest order, that is subsequently at that level of treason, was issued against Steven Mnuchin again, the time to act is now 7 months past fellas, you all know he was fired back in October last year and again in January, and you all just sit there? We have the most major National Security issue in this country that has been running for the last 4 years, and you lot ignore it? In case you were too busy counting your pallets of dinars, I will remind you all of what that National Security issue is, the financial assassination of America.
For a further reminder of what happens when that fully takes place, is none of you will have jobs or the perks you have now, that clear enough for you?

The Fed notified the banks about issuing a QE against treasury notes – They collected them all from the banks, and then the Fed sent them all to China, yet more of our money syphoned out by these banksters, eh top brass, reminder again is that not a National Security issue, a defunct bank with no license sending our money to China? So lets get this right, a Langley guy mentioned above gets 20 years for selling secrets to China, and yet a bank on our soil that is nothing to do with America, can send our money to those same nasty Chinese and what?
On the back of that deal Mr. Munchkin negotiated 35% loan against them notes, on the promise they would get pay out on them from China ..guess what? They got nothing. Essentially he made a donation to deep state of China. Hello Mr. Trump, hello the Military, hello The Pentagon? what and when are you going to act on these criminals in our midst? We don’t need you all playing Nero fiddling whilst everything burns, we need Neo’s not Nero’s.

Clown hack o rama began at 1.30 this morning as their panic increases to more desperate levels, yet again – it failed, you can’t teach stupid it seems. Just quit it, you have lost and get over it.

A significant shift to this planet frequency wise was undertaken yesterday, some of you may have felt the effects, if it works as planned, it will change things permanently and will have a profound effect.

SSp goons have been drilling again into level 7 underground into the realm of other beings, this time in New Zealand to gain access to certain items and systems because they are now locked out of not just banking systems, but others well, turns out for them a complete waste of time – as that failed as well

Bank of England, HSBC Hong Kong and London, Deutsche Bank and BIS all tried breaking into the system – all failed

Chinese deep state, appears your plan has been rumbled, tick tock the ouroboros effect strikes again soon, oops

SSp then requested The Pentagon to allow them access to their system, to then gain partial access to Quantum System, that failed also.
Issues they are having is now escalating badly for them, each failed attempt costs them more, it is called cause and effect SSp, you meddle, we fix and we change, you not only lose access to one area, but whole heap of others as well. What no eyes or ears now? can’t say we didn’t warn you, but of course you all know so much better you feel, as you have all found out, that assumption was wrong, oops.

Thomas is clear on many things but not on the money aspect of the Trust why? answer is it is not for me to decide where the money goes, I only come up with guidelines of what I envision for our future. But if people put in a proposal and I vote against it but majority do vote for it, that proposal will be funded, so as you can see I am not the decision maker.
It is for the people to decide mainly with some guidelines which I have already laid out. So the reason it is not clear on where the money goes to is, because it has not been decided yet.
Part of the problem with this and it is an issue overall with people, is the alt media people have been hammered with promises of free money, where they don’t have to do anything for it, but just collect a check, whilst that sounds nice, except A: all them promises have failed to deliver and B: those that future think will get this, those that don’t will react, should that happen, in my opinion chaos would reign, people would go on a materialistic spending spree, of which the elite clowns own all the businesses that you buy from, and guess what within 6 months they will have the money to use against us and you. This is what we are trying to prevent, were we the people build up our businesses and our ideas, we the people become our own brand, we the people sharing not competing.
Do I support a debt jubilee? across the board? no, you have all spent that money and yes there are circumstances whereby that was forced upon you, but we have to learn to operate in a different and better way, but the main issue is people forgotten largely how to budget, how to manage what they have, live within their means, I can hear Ramona now going yes yes yes, we have to start teaching that again starting with the youth, of course what is behind much of the spending is the competing game again.
Do I support everyone getting a check each week? not particularly for same reason stated in previous answer.
But here is where the kicker of future thinking should kick in, if not people should work on it.
Our tax reform of no income tax, no fed taxes on your bills, is that in and of itself like an extra check each week or month?
We have spoken about the Trust eliminating student debt, is that not an extra family based paycheck each week or month?
We have spoken on the Trust reforming the Social Security, do you think we would promote more pay or less, would that not constitute an extra paycheck per week or month?
It is the same issue again of reacting to the headline and the now, and not future thinking of the overall picture, this is what I am trying to teach with this group and wider, it is like the clickbait headlines on YT sites, and people react to the headlines, without going deeper into the narrative, and thinking for themselves. Future thinking is the key to progress and understanding.

Bill De Blasio (real name Warren Wilhelm Jr) comes under the microscope again and his wife Chirlane McCray for setting up and funnelling vast funds of New York money into a program that hasn’t worked, of course it hasn’t, these people don’t make anything work, just come up with fake project, foundations and shell companies and all share out the publics money between them.
DOMHM head is Oxiris Barbot who we referenced recently to do with promoting mandatory vaccines, well they have to keep their budgets up don’t they.
De Blasio and McCray are joint mayors which is bizarre in and of itself, but Wednesday, when the City Council was startled to discover that McCray and Team Thrive are closing in on having spent an eye-popping $900 million since the program’s inception — and nobody seems to have a clue on what.
I have looked for connections between Team Thrive and the Proctor and Gamble Thrive movement, but didn’t find anything, other than this was set up around the time Thrive group wound down on the internet.
Add that to this announcement by co-Mayor Bill, this week announcing that his signature Renewal school program was closing up shop after spending $773 million of public money on it, and you begin to understand what these people are up to, creating fake shell companies throwing huge public spending into it, and then going oops when no results are forthcoming, there never was any end product, just more public thievery.
All overlooked by a New York Comptroller called Scott Stringer whose wife Elyse Buxbaum is responsible for implementing fundraising strategies and overseeing efforts to raise support for program funding, annual fund gifts, and major gifts., and she works for? The NY Jewish museum.

ACS (Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch Up (ABC)3.3$ 3.3$ ACS GABI – Trauma Svcs for Families 3.7$ 3.7$ ACS Social-Emotional Learning ECE – Trauma Smart3.4$ 3.4$ Budget DFTA(dept of aging) Expansion of Geriatric Services: Volunteer Visiting1.8$ 1.8$ DFTA Geriatric Mental Health in Senior Centers1.4$ 3.1$ DHS (Homeland Security) Mental Health Services in all Contracted Family Shelters27.2$ 27.2$ DOE (dept of Energy) Mental Health Clinics in all Renewal and Community Schools13.2$ 13.2$ DOE Mental Health Services for 50 High-Needs Schools6.2$ 6.2$ DOE Social-Emotional Learning ECE – UPK9.1$ 9.1$ DOE Mental Health Trainings (KOGNITO, YMHFA, MEP)0.7$ 0.7$ DOHMH (dept of health and mental hygiene) Mental Health First Aid6.3$ 6.3$ DOHMH Media2.0$ 2.0$ DOHMH School Mental Health Consultants10.5$ 10.5$ DOHMH Social-Emotional Learning ECE3.6$ 3.6$ DOHMH Public Health Diversion Centers5.3$ 9.5$ DOHMH Talk to Your Baby1.1$ 1.1$ DOHMH Expansion of Newborn Home Visiting Program2.0$ 2.0$ DOHMH NYC Well12.1$ 12.6$ DOHMH Expanding Access to Buprenorphine Treatment in Primary Care Settings(Buprenorphine is a derivative of the opioid alkaloid thebaine that is a more potent (25 – 40 times) and longer lasting analgesic than morphine.) 0.4$ 0.4$ DOHMH Coordinated Mental Health Planning0.4$ 0.4$ DOHMH Mental Health Service Corps38.5$ 45.6$ DOHMH Thrive Learning Center0.6$ -$ DOHMH Early Years Collaborative (EYC)0.1$ 0.1$ DOHMH Create Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities1.0$ 1.0$ DOHMH Mental Health Innovation Lab1.6$ -$ DOHMH/DHS/NYPD NYC Safe36.0$ 36.0$ DVS Veteran’s Outreach Program0.6$ 0.6$ DYCD (YOUTH DEVELOPMENT) Mental Health Services in all Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) Shelters2.0$ 2.0$ ENDGBV(DOMESTIC VIOLENCE) Mental Health Services in all Family Justice Centers3.3$ 3.3$ H+H Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programming for all Youth at Rikers3.8$ 3.8$ HRA health reimbursement account Connections to Care JobsPlus-$ 0.7$ Multi-Agency Expanding Access to Naloxone (Abrupt reversal of opioid depression may result in nausea, vomiting, sweating, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, tremulousness, seizures, ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation, pulmonary edema, and cardiac arrest which may result in death)9.3$ 9.3$ NYPD Crisis Intervention Teams / Training4.4$ 5.3$ NYPD Victim Advocate Program14.7$ 14.7$ OEO (EQUAL OPS) Connections to Care6.5$ 6.5$ OEO Evaluations1.3$ 1.3$ OLR (OFFICE TO LABOR)Thrive in the Workplace-$ 1.2$ Total ThriveNYC 234.1$ 248.3
The Jewish Museum donations, lets look at this and analyse for a second of how and why that museum garners so much in donations?
$100K+ 28 donations of $100K plus $2.8M
$50K+ 44 donations of $50K plus $2.2M
$25K+ 58 donations of $25K plus $1.45M
$15K+ 46 donations of $15K plus $690k
$10K+ 91 donations of $10K plus $910k
$5K+ 107 donations of $5k plus $535k
$2.5k+ 130 donations of $2.5K plus $325k
$1k+ 363 donations of $1k plus $363K
$9.25M per year that is the bottom end figure this organization pulls in, in just donations, top figure could well be nearer $40-50M a year, and for what? to see some artifacts that largely have nothing to do with Israel and more to do with Egypt? Spitting out a narrative that we the people are not allowed to question? A bit like a church that collects loads of money, and when church roof leaks they ask for more donations, err hello Notre Dame anyone?

The Vatican has opened its doors for its annual exorcism course amid increasing demand among some of the world’s Catholic communities. As many as 250 priests from 50 countries have arrived in Rome to learn how to identify demonic possession, to hear personal accounts from other priests and to find out more about the rituals behind expelling demons. Exorcism remains controversial, in part due to its depiction in popular culture and horror films. But there have also been some cases of abuse linked to exorcisms in a range of religious sects. The week-long Vatican course is described as the only international series of lectures of its kind. Entitled Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation, it first opened its doors in 2005 and the number of priests attending has more than doubled since then. The event costs €300 (£260, $370) and covers the theological, psychological and anthropological background to exorcisms. Another money making program being made off a problem that church was part of creating, like I have said previously it is suspected around 80% of this planet is possessed by a non form entity, they, the church have propagated.

Did you know in 2016 alone there was 5712 incidents of murdered or missing Native American women.
In 2018 the National MMIWG said, “We want Canada to understand the breadth and depth of this national tragedy.” Plans to present its final report will take place June 3, 2019 in Gatineau, Quebec. The report comes after 24 hearings and statement gathering events across Canada in 2017 and 2018. The report is being translated into French, and numerous Indigenous languages, such as Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun, and the executive summary will be available in Dene, Gitxsan, Innu-aimun, James Bay Cree, Mi’kmaq, Michif, Mohawk, Oji-Cree, Ojibway, Plains Cree, Shuswap, French, English, Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun. According to a news release, their final report was granted additional time “due to an obligation to achieve the highest quality of translation.” The final report will include the experiences of 1,484 family members and survivors of violence and 83 experts, knowledge keepers and officials, and 819 people who shared their experiences through artistic expressions.
Another report is from surprise surprise Vancouver BC, Canada’s own Hollywood pedo and murder center, The Missing Women Inquiry began on October 11, 2011 to find answers as to why the Vancouver Police Dept. and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) failed to work together to find an answer to why over 65 Vancouver women, and 18 women from the Highway of Tears have disappeared in British Columbia over the past 40 years. This report was done by Trace Hentz.
The cat program came up again this week, when a thing known as Grumpy cat who was viral on the internet, sadly died, and was that much of a news story it was published on the BBC, do people really not see this as some sort of issue – like a program? Then came the begging letter of the cats owners being financially strapped now the cat has died – oh dear, just like the church, out comes the begging bowl, despite receiving numerous donations previously. SMH

Americans are among the most stressed populations in the world – on par with many countries in the developing world, according to a new survey on global well-being. Some 55 percent of Americans reported feeling ‘a lot’ of stress within the past 24 hours, according to the Gallup poll of roughly 150,000 people around the globe – including more than 1,000 U.S. adults. That puts Americans well above the global average of 39 percent. It also means America is tied for fourth-place with Sri Lanka, Iran and Albania on the list of the world’s most stressed out nations. Greece ranks first (59 percent) for stress, followed by the Philippines (58 percent) and Tanzania (57 percent). Notably, Americans are more stressed out than people in Uganda (53 percent), Venezuela (52 percent) and Rwanda (52 percent). Gallup researchers have been polling internationally on stress and other emotions since 2005, focusing on negative and positive feelings that residents have experienced in the day leading up to the interview. Their work also revealed that 22 percent of Americans felt ‘a lot’ of anger and 45 percent felt worried in the 24 hours prior to the survey.
I am not surprised by this, this whole country has no sense of standardization and is ran on all levels of it on pure chaos, the political level a prime example, the people have become that accustomed to it, they think it is normal, it’s just not.

Women who use antibiotics for more than two months at a time are at increased risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke, research suggests. Experts believe the long-term use of the drugs wipes out healthy bacteria in the gut – creating an imbalance that increases inflammation, narrows blood vessels and ends up damaging the heart. They think this creates a cumulative effect, so the more frequently a woman uses antibiotics during her lifetime, the greater the eventual risk. The researchers, who tracked 36,500 women in the US, found over-60s who used antibiotics for more than two months were 32 per cent more likely to develop heart disease in the next eight years than those not taking the drugs.

Niek works in Mali to develop together with 23 mayors of the communes, a decentralised governmental planning team and CARE-International on an integrated development programme (10 years) for the Sourou in the Mopti Region in a participatory way with the local population (bottom-up approach). Niek’s role is in addition to technical support is to work behind the scenes to combine efforts towards population-led development based on a common vision and synergy and alignment. During his stays at CARE in Mopti/Sévaré (every 2 month for 2-3 weeks) Niek participates in the daily security meetings and hears thus a lot about all the attacks that are taking place. Just prior to his last departure to Mali, almost an entire village was killed, coinciding with the UN security mission to Mali. Niek and I worked together in this in consciousness, in observing the energetic field and naming what agenda we saw. After that we could see the retreat of that energetic field. We observed the agenda behind this event (i.e. prolongation of the UN presence in central and northern Mali) and as expected some persons were arrested and the minister called last week for an extended role of MINUSMA (= UN). Due to the attack on the village, the planned validation of the programme with the local communities could not be held, so we had around 150 people coming to Mopti which was not easy for them due to safety issues (improvised bombs next to roads) and of course emotional and practical issues. Nevertheless, Niek and the local team had a fantastic 2-day workshop with them and increased the social cohesion in that group and talked about action they could undertake to promote the social cohesion and thus peace and security. Following this workshop Niek met a local old wise independent man who shared his plan how to go forward with young people (around 30.000) making use of existing traditions and customs). This plan combined with the programme has the potential to be the shift towards population-led development and provide jobs for around 28.000 young people. n individual conversations between Niek and people from local security, it appears that there is a growing insight among the population that cross-connections can be made between the presence of the UN and certain events and choices. “It is most likely that it is white men behind this all (i.e. ethnic conflicts)”. Also last year an attack preceded an extension of an UN-mission in Timbuktu. Other observations are that attacks take place with sometime brand-new cars with logos/stickers of various organisations. The local people are also becoming more alert, for example when a stranger spoke in Peuhl language about the frequency of the use of the drink water well, the woman answers neutral, walks away and looks back, and saw the person putting something in the well. This immediately raised the alarm in the village and the well was closed. Whether or not poison has actually been put into the water has been investigated by the lab of the water authority (650 km further away) and it was reported today that the water is still safe to drink. Some other general observations by Niek include: Fear and wisdom blocks people from speaking freely what they see and know; People suffer from trauma-based stress (a simple conversation putting things in perspective gave in one case already a big relief); The caste system in Mali is still actively determining the interactions between the various ethnic groups; UN is still building presence, creating new forts (Gourma region of Mali/Niger/Burkina Faso) as expected, the UN cannot simply be deported; the concept of mutual cooperation (synergy and alignment) is new in Mali; the current adult generation has grown up with the dominant presence of foreign aid that determines everything (brainwashed; saying no to a donor is a taboo); cooperation across borders when Africa Unites requires encouragement and strong local people (that can resist the old paradigm of who has money rules over others); these strong people with vision are certainly also present in Mali and undoubtedly in every country of the African continent; Last week the government resigned due to the attack on the village and the lack of promised security by the UN and still request the UN prolonging their stay in Mali.

Al Jazeera has suspended two journalists over a video they produced that denied the facts of the Holocaust. The Qatari state-funded broadcaster had published the video on its online AJ+ video service in Arabic. During World War Two, six million Jewish people were systematically killed by the Nazis. Al Jazeera’s video said this number had been exaggerated and “adopted by the Zionist movement”, and that Israel is the “biggest winner” from the genocide. Its narrator also asked, “why is there a focus only on them?” – referring to the Jewish victims – before claiming that the community uses “financial resources [and] media institutions” to “put a special spotlight” on Jewish suffering.
Look I am not being funny or disrespectful here but we have had enough of this 6m narrative, it has been rammed down the worlds throat for last 70 years, it’s like nobody else died during that war, now that is, disrespectful, that the focus is on one group of people dying, when millions died globally.
It’s 70 years passed and we have museums, holocaust tours, bills banning any questions, laws preventing any questions on the subject, people jailed for daring to question it, and I for one am sick of it, the truth never fears investigation is lost on these policy makers.
In piece in the BBC this week highlighted Jewish peoples love of Europe and in particular for the recent Eurovision song contest, in which Israel took part, and then this statement came out Yet many also say they see Europe as a source of anti-Semitism, a place where the Holocaust is becoming less prominent in the minds of a new generation of young people. Good to hear if you ask me, perhaps they would like to find out how many of their own culture were killed in that war, not some proxy state?
And many also see Europe as a source of what they see as unfair criticism for their government’s policies towards Gaza and the West Bank, coupled with a failure to understand Israel’s existential security threat. Well if you were not living illegally in someone elses land, perhaps they wouldn’t be such a threat?
This sentiment is fanned by Israel’s recently re-elected prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who before Christmas described the EU as “hostile and hypocritical”.
It is this sense of entitlement, that they are more important than anyone else that gets under peoples skin, always the victim and never their fault, reminds me of Liverpool fans in the UK actually, and the Jewish people need to recognize it.
America the land of the free speech unless you mention Israel or Jews in bad light, is this America or a proxy Israeli state?
Lets get real with this, where are the museums or endless mentions or references of the 70-90M Russians killed by the Zionists between 1919-1940? 12-15 times the number killed that is alleged of the Jewish people, and you get crickets, the white race demographic numbers have gone from 30%+ globally down to 12% in less than 100 years, or seen as they like history how about the world record number of deaths in a single day 800 years ago when Genghis Khan (which is Asian for Cohen) slaughtered 1.75M Aryans in modern day Iran, again it’s crickets.
Millions of Africans have died from malnutrition, and the most staggering figure that few know or choose to remember is 49K children per day lives are lost, 49K per day, where are the media, museums, thesis’s, tours and narrative on that fact? 22K per day to trafficking, organ harvesting, rituals, sexual and adrenalchrome issues and 27K per day to malnutrition related deaths, 343K per week, 17.8M per year every year, and these people or programs want to remind us of their 6M, from over 70 years ago! do me a favor and fuck off with this narrative, and it’s pity party, guilt laden program, seriously it is time to move on.
The people have had enough of it, it can’t be and isn’t that helpful to the Jewish people either, a constant reminder of how their families died, this is a mass MK Ultra program they are running on the people globally, when as my series FRWL revealed, it is these people masquerading as Jews (not German largely) that killed the Jews, and also refused to get their so called own people out of harms way when it was offered.
If you keep playing the sympathy and victim song over and over again, people lose interest and sympathy turns into agitation, which turns into anger and then hatred of the ones who keep playing the song.
Everyone who lost their lives to the fake wars including Jews matters to me, all of it was unnecessary, and all of it was planned and agreed to back in 1923 and signed off on by Russia, China, Japan, UK, Germany and America by President Harding, all the main countries agreed to go to war in 1923, fulfilling Albert Pikes plan not prophecy. This is what people really need to focus on, America you are the 4th reich, Jewish people you are their pawns, religious people you have been duped, will you ignore it and hope it goes away? or join together and defeat a common but far less hidden enemy than anytime in recent or past history.
It just requires thinking better with your own mind, currently most peoples minds are filled with the driven narratives and agendas others have given them, to play their game, time to stop playing pawns, time for us all to become kings and queens, to be the real monarchs we all are, and knock them off the board.
Many think of THI and think of the intel we put out as the most important, many will think of all the people it has exposed as the most important, some will think of it as keeping up to date with global issues as we have done with the news section, some will think of it in terms of the op-ed pieces that go deeper into many subjects and get you all pondering. Some will see it as drip fed disclosure, many like the music pieces, and it can be some or all of it. But THI is in essence one giant psychology project in overview, how to get us all thinking and acting different, removing the lies and the programs, learning to stand in your own sovereignty, learning to stand in your own truth, raising your vibration, and removing the shadow, inner, limitation and ego problems, and learning go forward together, as one, as we the people. I will leave you all with this, and it is something to remember, outside of you is an opinion, but inside of you when properly honed, is not an opinion, as buried within your own layers resides yours, and THE truth.