truth_honor_integrity_may30, 2019

Welcome to THI the show that doesn’t tell you to overthrow govts but work to with them, to have empathy with some of them operating under a system they are not in control of, the show that doesn’t tell you to not pay taxes, or not get a driver license or apply for sovereignty, because can get you arrested, a show that doesn’t tell you to threaten the police or use common law in their courts as again that will get you into trouble, a show that does tell you not to be violent way shape or form, a show that tells you to think, understand and comprehend matters for yourselves, a show that empowers people, a show that encourages us all to come together to fix things, and that my listeners makes you and me a massive target.
Agents are running amok in our group and also the whole of the alt media, why? they are crumbling and have lost not only the narrative in the alt media, but mainstream also.
Be vigilant at all times, watch your backs, beware of people friending you and asking odd questions or stating misleading narrative, so why are we under so much attack? because we rumbled their games and plans is why, we spoke the truth, we got likeminded people together, thinking and acting in a different way, we are not violence based and that my friends when all combined is a powerful tool against tyranny.
They want us all distracted, they want us all divided and arguing, immersed in their created dramas, but we learned to step back and away from the bs’ery, again that terrifies those who think they are in control.
Their programs, projects, adverts, subliminals, banking, finances, assets and control are whittling away, and all they have left is intimidation and threats.
We have taught compassion, caring and sharing, cooperative not competitive, got people from all over the world to become friends and learn from each other, finding out we are far more similar than society has led us to believe, got you all thinking and in common sense, which is rare we all know, in a way that doesn’t invoke revenge, threats or violence in any way and that my friends is the biggest threat ever to their system, people being better versions of themselves in an empowered way.

Appointing leaders and their roles, up to each group to appoint a leader and 2 admins plus an added admin holly or Ra in a monitoring only role, they are not there to lead your group or to participate in any things that come up within your group, only as support for me. A leader is not required to do all the tasks related to their group or page, all about sharing the responsibility.
Leaders are not there to rule only to guide.

Q: why doesn’t Trump mention MHWT? safety for all concerned hottest thing on the planet right now and people will kill over it

Q: Is Thomas setting these groups in some ways as a ruse, whereby he only created these groups as an experiment for people to just get on together and no funds will arrive. People who ask that are blinded by money only, not particularly interested in life skills of getting along with people, again that is service to self attitude and why humanity is in a mess. We can blame govts and cabal all we like, but just look at the issues that has come up by creating a few groups globally which was for your benefit, not mine and asking people to join together, and chaos, egos, bitterness, backstabbing, cliques and mischief all developed, do people not see that is helping the cabal? we want to run things ourselves people say and look what happened, despite all the teachings in this show of how to be, think and act, if we can’t get it right, what chance do the rest have?

People putting 2 + 2 together and making their own numbers up this week, because I stated on Randy’s show it is not about the money, and some have predictably at this point jumped on it. Despite going to great lengths and time to explain everything, which people still accuse us of not, it beggars belief, proof will never be accepted by many, as too many don’t want the truth, they are weak have no inner strength, spent no time developing themselves and just harvest energy and drama off others, don’t like that statement? why because I said the truth?
Statements like we are trying to prove to others MWHT exists, why is my question? Kim and I put information out for those that want to listen or hear, neither of us are here to sell the trust, what are we selling? It is clear to all now the alt media is riddled with agents, miscreants and never do anything’s, they wont allow even me with all my knowledge to go on their shows, never mind promoting MWHT.
I rarely big myself up it’s not what I am about, which appears to gall some people with agendas, and neither does Randy, yet how many invites do either of us get with all our vast knowledge to go on other peoples shows? Yet the sell my book crew, Blue Chickens, Steele go on spouting their bs willy nilly and people say nothing, therein lies the problem here, not me, not Kim, not Randy, not Alan all of us have given the people vast amounts of our time to help you all, and all we get his ridiculous comments, misdirected statements and accused of scamming.
Scam a dishonest scheme; a fraud, for it to be a dishonest scheme, one must gain something from it, Kim has gained nothing from it, I have gained nothing from it either, I did reluctantly eventually bow to member pressure to have a Patreon, but that is a compensation for my time and vast amounts of energy I put into these shows, and the times I help people within the group, the vast majority of people are more than happy, but there is always the do nothings in life people, whose only goal is to drag others they by and large envy down to their low level of mindset, insecurity and general operation, it is these people who hold humanity back.
Tank charges certain fees on his site, which I don’t approve of and I have stated, but it’s Tanks site and Tanks choice what he chooses to do with his site, not mine, but you see, that gives certain people an avenue and a wedge to then accuse Kim and I of running a scam, yet neither Kim or I are getting any of those fees Tank charges, and yet people with just roll us into it.
Not because they believe it particularly, but because it gives them an out from doing something themselves, it is the same dilemna people scream for sovereignty, but when you state you have to do something, oh no someone else will do or fix that.
The people who really bother to listen, will have understood clearly when I said it is not all about the money, for those who have ears but don’t listen, I will explain clearly again, money is a tool, it is also a control system, it has also become a god to many people, doing all heinous types of things just to make money, organ harvesting children being a prime example.
Money has no value, it is a piece of paper with numbers on it, that they ascribe as being of value, not we, because if it was we, we could all draw $100 bills and use them.
Can it help our current situation? absolutely, but only if our mindsets are correct, clearly many are not, with wrong mindsets the money will be wasted and squandered on self serving needs, and not the needs of the all.
Neither Kim or I are interested in the money aspect, we have far important tasks to do individually and collectively that will have a far bigger impact on this planet than money will ever do.
We both want the trust funds out and people doing their projects, so we can move away from clowns, agents, the people who want proof upon proof upon proof upon proof and still cant make their minds up, service to self and the never do anythings onto far more rewarding levels of work for us personally and collectively.

Q When I tell people about THI they always ask ‘Where does this info/intel come from?’ I tell them TW is in contact with inside sources. Some are content with this and some are not. Is this the best answer to this question? This is the lack of thinking again on their part, would be nice if they went to all the other shows and asked the same questions, but nevermind, but do people thinking or understand what they are asking?
say I tell you my sources and those people get killed was that answer worth it? say I told you and now you know, what difference does knowing that answer mean to the questioner or anyone else?
it changes nothing in their life knowing who someone else’s sources are, none whatsoever, but potentially puts peoples lives at risk and operations ongoing? people really need to start thinking way more than they are currently, this is a war, war has casualties, not for those who sit at keyboards and demand these types of answers. Lets look at it another way, and I gave you some random names of high level people who are my sources, say I said Putin would people believe it? or Trump and or Q would people believe that? or I said I speak to Jesus, now lots of people believe in him but would they believe he was speaking to me? or lets say people believe I speak to Jesus and he gives me all the intel, does that actually validate the information because I speak to Jesus?
The answer to the question is a question back, has the intel put out in our shows proven correct more times than not? who or where it came from is irrelevant is it not, when people really think.

It is past time for the US intelligence community to stage an intervention against Trump chuck schumer
CNN posting a picture of JFK and Jackie getting off air force 1 on fateful day, with headline Inside Trump’s air force one its like being held captive, with a time stamp of 3.22 which is Skull and Bones who took part in taking out JFK. This is and was direct threats to President Trump, it matters not here whether people like Trump or not, but the media and our politicians are engaging in open espionage and war like tactics on planning to take out the President.
It should disturb every American regardless of your stupidity in following party politics.
It should be a reminder that, it is the people who are meant to decide who is the President or not, not agency or fraternal like secret societies.

Kim wanted you to know that she’d be happy to provide proof of her title, position, abilities, and access. “As soon as someone provides proof of what I (Kim)asked for a year and a half ago…names of Chinese elders, and proof of a running QFS which they ALL have banked their lives on, I (Kim) will provide proof of my capacity.”
Kim has repeatedly moved funding in to various countries, including the US Government to pay for various aspects of the business operations within the Government.
Every random person claiming to have access to the Heritage Accounts, Historical Assets, or any of the Major Trust Accounts has been given the opportunity to enter their codes into a proper terminal and bring funds into the financial system accept Kim. None of them have been successful, but Kim has funded every country in the world without a terminal.
The Chinese Elder’s version of their alleged Quantum Financial System lasted around 12 minutes the last time it was launched before the real Quantum System shut it down completely.
Kim offered to enter codes into the system at the same time as anyone else on the planet to prove who has the authority over the assets of the planet and the Quantum System. To date, no one has dared take her up on this offer.
Kim also wanted me to share a more clear view of her personal values in reference to some comments made attempting to attack her character and worth: Tank
For the people in life who want to dig into peoples lives to find faults because it justifies their own sad existences, some background on Kim. Kim ran her own business with hundreds of employees and was making a million dollars a month, she was very successful and diligent of what she was doing. She had the nice house and nice car, traveled all over the world on business and pleasure. Whilst in Russia doing a gold deal on behalf of American government, this role was presented to her, of which she had no idea what it entailed, or whether she would qualify for it, or how and why she was asked to do it.
But this she found was no ordinary role, it was only later determined the implications of it, the DNA aspect of it, the enormity of it, and the sheer scale of it, both in terms of assets and other lets say interesting things.
She had in her own words not much knowledge in terms of what we cover in our shows, around 20% she felt.
She went on a quest to find out information of who is who not only in terms of finance which was her business, but everything as this job covers all aspects of life, the planet, society and requires a knowledge of most of them to go forward with.
Think of where the funds will go, it involves all levels of society including government, I can see Kim rolling her eyes now, government Thomas I wouldn’t do that job for all the tea in China, not because of the people involved in it, but because of the way that system is run, it is archaic and not designed to run anything resembling smooth for and by the people, only chaos.
As she wasn’t getting any answers from the so called higher up people, she sought out knowledge within our community, our show with Shane and the follow up Faction show garnered more attention, and after speaking with Shane for a bit, she then came to me, then the learning curve went up for both of us, we were like sponges, Kim telling me what she knows, and I partaking of my knowledge and abilities.
The last 3 years have been quite a rollercoaster ride for us both, but in particular Kim, like me she expected so much more from people in so called important positions, but the tentacles of corruption, gang stalking, threats verbal and physical, people not doing their job, most of whom are only being paid because of Kim, people committing treason against the country and not held accountable, whilst good people are labeled terrorists because they had the audacity to speak the truth, ain’t that right Pelosi?
People asked her for proof and she showed them, people asked her to transfer funds to governments and Treasuries and she did, when it was time to return some of the funds owed to Kim, which is hers by right, crickets, blocks, threats ain’t that right Mr. Mnuchin? and before all the sanctimonious people ask why Kim is entitled to 2% of the transaction? where were you people asking that for the previous trustee holder? none of you asked then did you? none of you had the balls to challenge M, you all sat their like pussies, bowing to his every whim, whilst he stole everything off us.
To the people in the alt media questioning the 2% fee, would you walk away from a $1m a month job for no pay? well would you? think, and I mean really think. Would you carry on in a job for no pay for 6 years? well would you? Would you put your life on the line every single day to do a job for currently no pay? Being shot at, poisoning attempts, djinn attacks, your bank accounts blocked, assassination squads turning up on your doorstep, well would you? Of course none of you would, and therein lies the problem, all too easy to sit at your computer and complain about 2% fees, or ask why Kim is in this role, or me for that matter, none of you would last 5 minutes in this role, none, that is not a compliment to me or Kim, that is an indictment of the rest of society who won’t really stand up and be counted, to not only save this country, but yourselves.
Kim is entitled to the 2% fees, because Kim is the guardian of The Trust, and I don’t want to hear legalese stating that is not in the trust rules, this trust does not operate under earth based rules, it is an entirely separate entity get over it.
Nobody questioned the running of it before Kim, so don’t question it now. But Kim is not collecting the 2% for herself like her predecessor, it is going to be shared out amongst the people, which is the main reason why the clowns and the service to self agents don’t want Kim to have the 2%, they want the public to have nothing, I will repeat again for the hard of hearing and never listen people again, they want you the general public to have nothing, let that sink in, and I mean really sink in.
Many want to sit at the top table for the glamour of it, Kim and I to a degree work at the top table, but both of us are content to sit in the bleachers with you all, this is the essence of Kim, something for all you critiques of her, and the people with titles and badges need to aspire to become, let me tell you this here and now, and this is my opinion only, none of you are fit to lace her shoes, and I will repeat none, so when you all sit there in your so called high offices, sneering because she is a woman, you are the epitomy of what is wrong with society today, riddled with insecurities, fear, low self worth no matter how many fake badges or titles you collect, or you were given to play their game, that in our world is called bribery, look it up, none of you have the balls Kim has, not one of you has the courage, conviction, fortitude, will, inner strength, compassion or valor to match her, none of you, look up the word valor eh chaps and grasp it.
I would love for you all to prove me wrong, infact I welcome it, but my challenge to you all is, will you?
The system created a monsterous plot against humanity, and placed you all as miniscule cogs within that wheel, most of you had or have no idea of the depth of it or what Kim, I and some others have been fighting for on your behalf and the battle for humanity itself, that wheel is grinding to halt because of the few, only time will reveal the full extent of our work, but it is time for you to do your part in it, but have you got the balls?

You are witnessing the systematic collapse of global politics, in particular here in America.
The clowns have brought in the whole circus acts now, and it is now visible to many, what the few always knew.
A theater act of distraction, played by puppets, with a supporting cast which is also collapsing, the portal people (MSM).
Nothing ever gets fixed, because the very people to fix it, gave that away to the puppets to do, except you were never the string holders, you were the gallery clapping like performing seals, whilst chaos went on around you.
Politics is systematic of the ills of society, whether you like that statement or not, the idea that politicians are somewhat different from us is a myth, they are a mirror of our own society, and no matter how much we deny that fact, it doesn’t alter the reality of it.
Our government are sick, drama laden, non focused, unwilling to help or care, self serving, somebody else’s problem, someone else will fix it, from an overview and a collective, is that not what we as a collective have become and are?
Is this the society or government we want? then we have to change it, changing politicians and parties has never solved a single thing, like ever, it only changes when the people change and demand a better way of doing things, with all parties to the change being accountable, not just politicians, all of us.
Tuesday delivered FRWL 4 feedback suggests it was well received, Part 5 is underway and will enhance things further. A plethora of dot connecting, that tied many things together and also posed lots of questions in it for people to think on, particularly from a religious aspect.
It is a difficult subject to civer as so many want to believe in its narrative and message, but it also so damaging and intricately tied into their history not ours.
How they took over the churches the houses, the countries, divide them up and changed their names, all to erase our past.
Mass genocides everywhere all to serve this despicable group of people following a sacrificial cult, operating under the banner of jewishism.

The WHO declared India “polio free” in May 2014, so why are close to half a million young Indians experiencing polio-like paralysis?
A new study titled Correlation between Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis Rates with Pulse Polio Frequency in India has recently been published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Using data obtained from the National Polio Surveillance Programme (NPSP) as reported by the Government of India, the findings corroborate well over a decade of research showing a strong link between rates of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) and India’s oral polio vaccine (OPV) campaign. The incidence of polio acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) in India has decreased. However, the NPAFP rate has increased since 2000.
In 2005 there was a sharp increase, more than doubling, in India’s national NPAFP rate which coincided with the introduction of a high-potency monovalent vaccine. The new vaccine contained five times the number of Type 1 viruses compared to the previously used one. Pulse polio immunization refers to periodically vaccinating all children under the age of five years against the polio virus. The study’s authors previously showed in 2012 that the subsequent ‘pulses’ sharply increased the rate of NPAFP when more than six rounds of pulse polio are used in the year.
In the recent study, NPAFP rates in Indian states from 2000 to 2017 were examined and again found a high correlation between the number of pulse polio rounds conducted and the NPAFP rate in the state. The researchers state: “For each round of pulse polio there was an increase of 1.4 cases of NPAFP per under-15 population of 100,000. The highest NPAFP rates were seen in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, where there was an increase of 2.7 cases of NPAFP per under-15 population of 100,000 for each round of pulse polio.”
India has been considered ‘polio-free’ for over 6 years. In the absence of wild polio transmission, it was expected that the AFP rate would reduce to around 2/100,000 however that has not happened. The exaggerated NPAFP rates of anywhere between 6.43/100,000 to 35/100,000 found in the new study fall well above the expected rate of 2/100,000. A total of 640,000 children developed NPAFP in the years 2000–2017, suggesting that there were an additional 491,000 paralyzed children above expected numbers for children with NPAFP according to the new study. The authors state: “…our findings suggest that the increase in NPAFP (and the later decrease in such cases) was indeed an adverse effect of the pulse polio immunization programme.”
Are these numbers just artifacts related to over-enthusiastic reporting by governments? An analysis in 2005 showed that where one-fifth of the cases of NPAFP were followed up for 60 days in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, 8.5% of them had died, and 35% were found to have been left with residual paralysis. A 2007 analysis of NPAFP data from Uttar Pradesh found that the mortality rate in patients with NPAFP was twice the mortality rate for wild polio. The first detail that demands attention was that the rates of NPAFP were higher, more than doubling, which coincided with the introduction of the monovalent vaccine. Second, it was after India was declared ‘polio-free’ the NPAFP rate was shown to decline with a reduction in the pulse polio doses as the country tapered back the polio vaccine program. Although the AFP surveillance data from India does not provide information about the etiology of the NPAFP cases, OPV and its associated campaigns have been continually shown to leave increased rates of adverse effects across the globe.

The show Randy and I recorded last Wednesday and was posted on Saturday was fairly packed with information, largely not of a positive nature, exposing criminality or game players rarely is, but it was a show that was necessary and has been a long time coming.
Randy and I outed many of these clowns 2, 3, 4, 5 or more years ago, and we had to sit back and wait for the rest to catch onto what is going on here, both of us have received no end of flak and abuse for stating the truth, from people in the alt media and listeners or followers alike.
Many will still stick with their so called favorites, because they have invested so much time into it, and they feel it reflects on them if they admit they followed a wrong one, please don’t be so hard on yourselves, why is it a reflection of you if someone else has lied or was distorting the facts?
It is not your fault, we have all followed bs all through our lives and not just in the alt media either.
It only becomes your fault if you are made aware of it, and the facts are all there for all with an open mind to see, then you are promoting a fake program or agenda, after that show, it now becomes your responsibility to act.
It was the line in the sand for the old alt media riddled with agents, faction based shows, programs, project people, covens and sell outs, where the truth goes out of the window, when requiring a fame status or self serving money engineering programs.
It was all laid out, and although many names were revealed, there was others missed as the flow of the show undulated from one theater to another, the depth of the distraction and distortion is both staggering, and uncomfortable I would imagine for many listeners, as one by one the most prominent headline people were all exposed and laid bare.
A case of cause and effect, you heard the effect, but the cause lies in think tank groups, secret societies and Langley, they are the cause, their cause is to fight to keep humanity dumbed down and stupid, oblivious to what is real and what’s not, pushed out to people who don’t trust themselves, yet blindly trust others as an easy way out from doing their own work.
Their cause is to keep us all under their control, but that control is all but an illusion now, another of their hidden games and programs has been unearthed and brought into the light, and is subsequently crashing around them, it is happening on many levels now and tangible proof is being garnered now, by even those who refuse to see.
Is that show we did rather sad? absolutely, the fear and cowardice of clowns knows no bounds when it comes to stopping the people developing, they have to control us they feel, why? well anyone who needs or desires to control others, does so out of fear, ya see they are terrified of us and yet the majority can’t see it.
They operate on low level vibrational thinking to which we copied, no f’ing more we are not, enough of that shit, we are here to blossom and progress not stagnate in their slavery suits, which they created for all of us, their time is up, our time is upon us, and requires the participation of most of us.
This is why Randy and I extended the olive branch to all that were named and others who didn’t, you all know full well who you are, step out of the programs, step out of your paid nondisclosure jobs, come forward and do a show with Randy or I and tell the public what is real, then lets all go forward together.

I read a rather detailed report on Zerohedge not from Tyler Durden this time he writes many good analytical articles and I like his style. This piece went into details of certain characters connected to or part of Q, then certain ones backtracking and denying it.
It seems there is one than one Q which makes sense, but is suggestive of the shifting and change in style noted around 12 months ago.
It seems team Q are plagued the same as every other group, we have witnessed enough in our own group, as egos go awry, love and light is replaced service to self players and hate, an all too common theme amongst all walks of life.
The propensity to be the I and not the we is all too prevailing, questions or comments stacked with I and me gives it away to others, but rarely recognized by the self, and this is what shadow and inner work is all about.
Analyzing you and why you are involved in this, the real reason and not the lie, is the real reason service to self or tilted towards service to others? all about being honest with yourselves, others can see through you more easily now than you think, masks are falling rapidly.

The ET program and narrative, another mind control program of epic proportions, another wait and see program, another disempowering program and ultimately a nondisclosure program also.
Yes it is an interesting subject, it is what started me in the alt media after trying to make sense of my own experiences.
But being an observer you see the patterns and the programs developing and playing out, by 2011 it had become saturated with buy my book people, glamorized into a looshfest industry and packaged to draw in more of the mainstream, with shows like Ancient Aliens, which was not largely about disclosure, although it did have some, it was more about wrapping people into a program.
Like the X files series, again it didn’t tell us anything new, the only value of that was sitting with non believing people with a smug grin, thinking I told you so, but it is just a fictional series they cry, ya see proof is and will never be enough for those people, they don’t want to hear it.
Essentially it Et’s became the new program, after the new age movement which was spawned as far back as 1880’s failed, they knew back then the religious program would start to fail, so they created a new one a new age movement, for the eventual collapse of western religions, the collapse happened but the new age never really developed the way the planners wanted, so they created a new one.
ET’s, aliens and all things space related, with an added in extra of external spirituality, and they thought they had got it cracked, wrong, sufficient of us saw through the illusion, culminating in that show I did with Randy last week.
The whole ET narrative now is a glossy packaged cottage industry, it is riddled with facts that are not provable (funny no one asks these people for proof like I get asked) but here is the kicker, you cannot prove what other people have experienced.
Clickbait headlines delivering ET knowledge that was largely all revealed in the alt media back in the 1990’s, it is not new stuff, it’s decades old material, repackaged like a loop system of regurgitating the same old same old, but you see, like sex for MSM, ET’s sells for the alt media.
In came a plethora of buy my books peoples in the community, more interested in selling, than getting the truth out, all carefully marketed and sold to people to hear what they want to hear, but not what they need to hear.
For decades now we have heard how the ET’s are coming to save us, which is a repeat program ran for 2000 years, of Jesus is coming to save us, repeat patterns you see, or the RV is coming to save us, Putin will save us or Trump will save us, it is disempowering and a massive wait club program, the real answer is none of them are, the real answer for who saves us, is us, period.
Get off your own backside and empower yourself to save you and others, is what is real, the powers that were don’t like to or want to hear that, oh no, it’s their biggest fear you see, because empowered people don’t need them, the reality is we don’t need them, but by source do they need us, operating as slaves, harvesters, loosh and battery packages, they survive because we feed them.
Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Lyrans, the various Councils, Galactic Federations of Planets and Liars, Blue Avians, Sphere being Alliance, Angels Michael and Gabriel, Agarthans, the SSp fss all coming to save us, I am sorry but they are not, I said this back in 2013/14 time, and here we are in 2019 speeding rapidly towards 2020 and nothing, all of those mentioned groups, the ones that are real anyway, have used us in many ways for their own ends, and I mean all of them.
I don’t care who that offends, I talk in reality and from knowledge, not some fake channeler with the greys technology mixed with AI talking bollocks, spouting condescending narratives like dear ones or space brothers and sisters, the reality of their interactions with us, has not been conducive to this vessel, soul and spirit package.
Some ET’s have helped there is no question of that, more so since 2016 peace treaty, but if you think for one second they are all landing to save us, bring us magic ET tech, ET packages and magically fix our world, you are living in fantasy land, because most of our interactions with other beings have not been conducive to humanity, and trust needs to be built up on both sides, long before the masses fully engage other beings in my opinion, as exciting as it all sounds meeting other beings, the reality is far harsher than most can imagine.
To those still waiting for disclosure of ET’s, snap out of your own amnesic program, you have already had disclosure, if you hadn’t had disclosure, how do you know about ET’s?
It will not be some great big fanfare future event, yes you Cobra or whoever is representing or controlling you these days, it will continue to be spoon fed in tiny amounts over time, because the problem with disclosing ET’s in a fanfair event is, it will expose the folly of the religion program, and the fact that these ET’s have been misrepresenting themselves as the god or gods, and that is too big a scab to pick in this current timeframe.
We have to learn to fend for ourselves, allowing fake gods, ET’s, parents and covens to run us has been devastating for the progress of our species, this planet is now designated for humans to take their reign as the protectors of the planet and all the species in and on it.

Do people ask Jehovah’s witness, have they witnessed Jehovah?
If the lord can cause plagues and Moses make the sky go dark for 3 days, they can do bad things but why haven’t they done good things?
If Jews are the chosen ones, why didn’t Yahweh save them in WW2?
Do people realize when getting a flu jab, it has the live flu virus in it?
Why is a flight box date recorder called a black box when it is orange?

The topic of we are in a simulation came up again, so we will dig into that a bit.
This is a bit like the Russian dolls again for me, we are the one doll, but we created all the dolls inside with programs external and internal, in fact all are internal, because we allowed them to take hold on us.
Clowns and their systems, programs and projects can do what they like, but we have forgotten with have our own sovereignty to uphold, so we do we accept their programs? Did you evaluate it and come to a balanced choice to make? no, we just rolled over and accepted it on many levels, we became complacent and accepting that others will look after us, again that is not being sovereign, Kim can declare the world sovereign over night, but it wont change a damn thing, why? because people haven’t changed is the simple answer, sovereignty with no understanding or comprehension of what it means, is another lazy assed savior program.
Society is always creating labels to define themselves, when your very presence is defining, not some bloody title or label.
If people believe they are in a simulation, then in essence they are, because as creators, we create, if you create it, it manifests as your reality, I don’t believe it and so it is not part of my reality and subsequently I am not in a simulation.
We had a situation a long time in the past, where all of humanity were put in pods, sleeping pods, some still believe many are still in them, now I have seen the pods, I got in one and stepped out of it to experience what it is all about, I made the choice not to partake in that amnesic state.
It is like the lie, if you repeat it often enough, it becomes the truth for many, so you manifested the illusion that the lie is the truth, you can also manifest the truth from the lies, can you not?
We have all had a family member that always focuses on themselves being sick, and what happens? they are always sick, are they just unlucky or have they manifested their own sickness to play the victim game?
Other people state I have no luck, and so they get none, these are just examples of how we all manifest our own reality, and yet don’t sit down with themselves and analyze what they are thinking or saying, it is a big problem humanity faces going forward.
All that energy creating boxes, lies, illness and bad luck for ourselves, can be switched into being ourselves, truth, health and luck with a simple change of our own thought processes and mindset.
As for the simulation it is your choice to believe you are in one, I choose to not be, which is why I travel far, if I was in a simulation, that wouldn’t take place.
Now there is a situation which I have explained before of an illusion of minor holographic nature of things here, a copy of this is in THI FB files and it is done with frequencies draw a wave line on a piece of paper starting from bottom and curving up, now draw a 2nd wave line starting level with top of your waves and curve it down and if drawn right it intersects in the middle of each up and down wave curve. 1 wave is organic 1 wave is inorganic and an overlay, what happens if you frequently overlay a picture? it becomes holographic in nature. Now turn you paper 90 degrees and what you will see is a series of figure 8’s, that is the mobius loop we have been trapped in for 6 periods of 13k years, the middle of the eight figure is our escape, it has an east and west gate, which I explained in a show February 2018, the were all going to die piece.

Time for a bit of a piece to find out where we are all at, in terms of the self, our surroundings and the collective.
Have people done their shadow and inner work? many will say yes, many will lie, not only to others but to themselves also.
Do people really not step back and look at themselves and realize, how lying to ourselves is beyond pointless, it is also stupid, and yet we do it all the time.
The question along the journey of self discovery is what is the underlying issue to it? Find that, and you are on your way to correcting it.
The key to it all is, self healing, what? self healing Thomas, you mean to say we don’t need healing machines, pills, psychologists or some new age multi titled, made up label person, to fix me? err no, you don’t and that is the key, it all starts with you.
Do you want to heal and fix you, or are you content hiding behind the mask and living the illusion, except those masks just don’t work like they used to, do they? as many are now finding out.
The masks are falling rapidly, as the truth waves washes over the planet, in a tidal wave that just keeps rolling, will it stop? not this time.
We demanded the truth, and the truth is what we will get, in all it’s, at times, brutal glory.
THI members were given a heads up on this in June 2015, with regards to shadow and inner work, and late 2016 through 2017 with masks of illusion beginning to fall, 2017 was also cut off point for those who didn’t choose to awaken to the new world and the new reality, many people beat themselves up over this, but it is not our fault they are not ready, it was their choice to ignore and accept a brutal, cruel, criminal led, fraud laden and heinous crimes world, not ours, those who choose to ignore all those facts it could be argued, whether they are worth saving.
As always when something profound or way outside of the box, of what is consider normal, many choose to ignore it and then rush when another date looms, not this time.
We all received many calls to step or stand up, and for the vast majority of people they ignored it, some will make excuses well I didn’t have a landline or my mobile reception is not good in this area, it was not that type of call people, this was the inner call, it rang out loud and clear, some rose to it, many didn’t, a case of most have ears, but not all listen.
Thankfully a number did listen, and began the work they were tasked to do, most quietly, many in the background, some up front and some on front line and active, some have awoken, but there are many still unsure of their role or task, and yet certain people ask, why they are in that role and not them? because you didn’t hear the call, or you did and wasn’t sure of what to do, you never defined you own sovereignty or tasks ahead, but that is ok so don’t be too hard on yourself, the key thing is some did hear and act on the call, if not I suspect none of us would be here now.
The problem in life is bundled into a number of things that are all co-related, apathy, limitation, victim/savior program, non sovereignty and no personal responsibility, now we can reel off, a range of excuses or reasonable reasons as to why those problems pervade throughout society, but the buck stops with you.
There is no government executive order stating you have to be all or some of the above, unless that was sneaked into the Paris climate agreement as well, there is no bill stating we should not care for each other, a majority of society caring or actually giving a shit, will solve most of the worlds problems overnight.
The bigger picture problem on this planet is the lies told to all, but the lies stuck as people forgot to think critically or future think, and learned only to delve into the past, and react to the now, but the past, present and future are all one and the same, three planes of existence with one wave undulating through all three layers, so you can be in all three at any given time, don’t ask me to explain that more, think on it.
I did a piece the three awakenings, but there is another 6 or 7 that follow that, that get you in full alignment, of not only who and what you are, but also what you can become.
Life is all about our emotional and mental states, one or the other being off, will set the whole of you off, and unable to gain the next level of development.
Emotional states is all about reaction, and subsequently how we deal with those reactions, anger, rage, envy, insecurity, over sensitivity, projection, upset, melancholy, anxiety, frustration are all emotional reactions we perceive are external of us, but the key is recognizing it is actually, an internal aspect of us.
Someone makes you angry and you rage back at them, is often a common trait to undertake, it feels better some say, and whilst that can be the case is some minor cases, where you have allowed yourself to hold it all in and harbor that frustration, and just let it all blurb out, most of the time anger and rage is because you haven’t mastered your own emotional state.
This is where the 45-55 comes into view, being 45 calm and 55 angry is a manageable range, as it doesn’t take much to recalibrate, all out ranting, face going red, frothing out of the side of the mouth increases your blood pressure, heart rate and sends the body spiraling out of control and sync.
No one ever won an argument by ranting in peoples face, it is a loss of control, and you will get picked off by someone in control of themselves, if you did win by ranting, you have only achieved that by brute force, threatening and bullying behavior, that is not winning an argument, that is losing self control and mastery, and also a loss of respect, in overview you won nothing, but lost much.
One of the biggest issues within this framework is low self worth, which leads to insecurity, indecision, non trust of the self and turns many aspects of their life into envy, and comparison and competitive mindsets with all those around them, which is the most destructive aspect of how and why, we struggle to interact with each other.
So where does it all start? well sometimes it is a spill over of family traits of your ancestors that has bled through into this one, but often it is your relationship to your parents and siblings, that generate most poor emotional states.
For some in this lifetime, it has been, or is your role to correct the ills of your own bloodline, some will have recognized that, many will not, but correcting the bloodlines of their own family, has been the role of many in this time period.
To start anew, we have to cleanse and more importantly heal the past.
Families have histories of generational sexual abuse, or alcohol or drug abuse, aggressive behavior patterns, violence, divorces which spill over into successive generations from one or both sides of the family, it may have been your role in this lifetime to correct that.
Comparative mindset starts young, comparing yourself to your siblings and peers, comparison in the pursuit of curiosity can be a healthy learning tool, the pervasiveness of this throughout society though, suggests it is far more damaging than most realize.
There is barely a single object or interaction that we haven’t fine tuned our brains into making comparisons towards others, and the most damaging aspect is, it is within your own circle, be it family, partners or friends.
If you are always comparing yourself to what others have done, and feel bad about yourself that you haven’t achieved that, which then leads to envy, how are you ever going to recognize your own contribution to society and more importantly your own value and development?
One person in my life has a plethora of certificates, awards, degrees and achievements, but is riddled with insecurity, lower self worth, that, that the person always feels they have never done enough, because their siblings did this that or the other, when that person has achieved so much in life themselves, which should be a sense of pride, but because of low self worth and self imposed comparative mindset, where they always have to feel, they have to prove themselves.
This then leads to a type of self harming behavior, self sabotage where they perpetuate their own narrative of I’m not good enough or as good as someone else, where to be recognized they go off the path in a deliberate move, which garners discontent or reaction from those around them, which that person is waiting for, to then feel bad about themselves again, this is a rollercoaster of emotional and mental instability, of which, that wheel can be very difficult to get off.
From overview the behavior is bizarre, but it can be difficult to raise those types of people, once they get into a lifetime rut, that they are never as good as someone else, the wheel just keeps spinning and interactions becomes much more frequent.
First off they have to recognize it within and of themselves, to then begin the process of the self healing, it is not an overnight process, it is not an easy process either, it takes hard work, but if that person can spend so much time lowering their own value? why not spend as much time lifting their own value?
The Mental aspect can be the cause and the consequence of emotional instability, but they also work together in a constant battle, in essence this is your left and right brain, which I will get into later.
Emotional instability can erode the mental aspect with constant battling within and of the self, leads to apathy, lack of will, lack of fortitude, lack of integrity and a complete dereliction of who you are, this leads to another wheel of self perpetuating behavior as well, because you are no longer you.
You have become a mirror version of yourself, a projection, a mask, of how you wish to be, but because you lack the will and fortitude to master yourself, you have become a shadow being, or multiple shadows depending on the environment and mindset you keep.
Integrating those shadows is key to mastering that instability, it is not about erasing the shadow but integrating it within you, that mirror version you falsely project is how you wish to be seen, why not work hard and become that version you falsely project as you, but currently isn’t? Yet often is the case in victimhood mode, they are actually that person and yet don’t see it in themselves.
The energy people expend to become and act in alignment with the false shadow of you, again can be harnessed to become the real you, so it is not like it takes that much more life force energy to correct it, you are wasting more energy portraying the false you.
The mental and emotional issues of trust, is a big thing for many, even when just applying it to the alt media, I have lost count of how many questions I have answered or sometimes not, of is this person or group good Thomas? often the questioner states their own doubts within the question, if you are asking me that question, you already know that person or groups is not 100% for you, why do you need me to validate it? what makes my opinion more important than your own? we are back on the wheel again with insecurity, lack of trust and low self worth are we not?
Discernment is the word often used and many struggle with, in most cases it is not discernment that is the issue, it is a lack of self trust, those who master self trust just know that answer before the question is posed, how? why? you may ask, because the frequency within it changes, it’s like a mini alarm bell that goes off, it is called intuition, which we all have, yet so few will use it. Many will come up with all kinds of bizarre excuses to themselves, to justify themselves not listening, well it was just a coincidence, or deja vu or it was the mandella effect, no, it was you, the real you, like I said earlier people have ears but don’t always listen, to others or more importantly themselves.
Again from an overview it is bizarre behavior, you are given a heads up from a brief interaction of your higher self, and you ignore it, it’s no wonder for the many, the higher selves haven’t been switched on fully, because most of us are profligate about not using it, it’s like a muscle, use it or lose it.
The key to it all is healing the past and the present, to allow yourselves to have a better future, and remember you may not just be healing your own past, but also your bloodline as well, but healing requires hard work on your part, no one or thing can fix this for you, only you can heal the you, people can guide you towards the path, but only you can walk it.
In the midst of all of this personal and emotional instability, lies the you, the you in essence is the Russian dolls, you started off with one and created copies, none of which is the original, there lies the you that has achieved far more than you all give yourselves credit for, the classic example is I am just a house wife who looks after the children, erm you created a living being, is that not an achievement in and of itself? and you often hear oh I’m just a joiner, a painter or a wage clerk, without realizing what they are saying or putting across.
So, you can only do joinery? is that who a being, that is the crown of creation should describe themselves? just a joiner indeed!
the limitation of the self program runs deep in many, defining ourselves by our current job, many of which most of us don’t like doing? well if you don’t like your job, do something you do like? but I’m just a joiner, like that is going to appeal to a person potentially hiring you, all that is required is a bit of thought and application to change your situation, you can in a lot of cases do much more than you ever imagined.
But it all requires the mastery of the emotional and mental state, without these being individually corrected, your path to merging them into one becomes limited, controlling emotions and mental states closes down the noise that reverberates through our minds and energy centers, all that noise is much of what you created to drown out the part of you that says, I need you to address this, suddenly you are then presented with an opportunity to address it by what many think is some random event, it’s not, the inner you is screaming fix this trauma or emotional issue, and another vessel hears it and puts it and you into the arena, to see if you will play or will you run.
The best formula apart from meditation which can be done to gentle musical rhythms or not, with eyes closed or open, once you have mastered the memory code of that frequency zone, the greatest thing is to do what you were created for, being creative, it is this version of humanities greatest gift, we are better at it than any other species.
Yet so often we neglect it, buying instead of fixing, getting others to do things when with a little patience(oops I said the patience word, cue teeth gritting by one member) and perseverance, we can do that ourselves, values in life of being creative have plummeted on a monetary scale, and that is a deliberate ploy by the system, to erode another of our abilities.
Arts and crafts rendered to a level of struggling existence jobs, music also except for the few that sell their soul for the illusion that is fame, so the people with creative abilities end up serving burgers at McDonalds to get by, rather than displaying their natural talents.
Lets get into a myth of separation we re-enforce ourselves with word spells, left and right brain thinking, this is duality and divide and conquer again, when they are best combined into one thinking process, this then puts an end to the dueling between the two hemispheres and duality, and brings in the harmonic aspect of you, the triality.
The two hemispheres like the two eyes only give you half of the picture, that is within the forest, when the two hemispheres work together not duel, in comes the third aspect, the third eye if you like that sees through both eyes, and has an overview aspect to it as well, this is really seeing things from a whole different perspective, not only on this plane of existence but others as well.
Once those three aspects are mastered and combined like a trinity, it then creates a cord connection to fire up to the heart center of thinking, it is a heightened version of the mental and emotional states of consciousness, in comes empathy, deeper understanding, wisdom, higher intuition, a broader spectrum of the senses of the five and beyond.
Your understanding of life and you goes into a whole new realm, the downloads become more frequent, who and what you are, your purpose in life becomes more defined, everything becomes more fine tuned as you are no longer a nest of dolls, you are your own Neo.
Spirit inner and your spirit outer becomes more defined in what you wish to do, no longer operating almost as a separate entity, you and it become one, and when your abilities kicks in, not only the world is open to you, but the Universe and for the higher mastery again, the Multiverse and the Universal Tree.
We need technology to travel amongst the stars? when you really master you, you will become to understand how ridiculous that statement is.
Currently, most people are stuck in the astral layer of travel, which although cleared in some aspects, it is not all as I understand it, portals and wormholes are often the realms of travelling in the astral, outside of astral does not always require the use of such technology, mastery of the self and your own consciousness allows you to travel instantaneously via the cord, your memory code kicks in and your destination awaits you.
All must try to not use the term astral travelling, like that is the only place to go, it’s not, there are far more jewels and magical creations to travel to than just astral, astral travel is going into the dark beasties realm, so be careful about using that terminology, word magic and contract are all so important, and often we are naive in what we say or mean, so no more I’ll see you in the astral later please, you wont see me there unless direct actions are being taken, which is far less now than previous.
All this beauty and wonder, magical journey’s and abilities, meeting places and beings you thought were only in your imagination, or in your dreams, well, you cannot imagine something that doesn’t exist, somewhere not in the vastness of space, because that reality of vastness is another limitation program, all designed to propagate the little you persona, that exists what your visions have shown you.
Word of caution awaits those that reach these levels, it will be a massive test of your ego, because thinking and acting god like, destroying all and sundry because you can, lording over others because you can, will cause you to fall, just like the allegory of the biblical angels fell.
You are not god, you became a higher evolved being, higher evolved beings should not display a lack of responsibility and play dick swinging contests, you have worked so hard to become that higher evolved being, but that does not, and never will make you the god, because that is source the creator of everything, of which we are all a part of, in essence we are the creators also, all coalesced in a massive dance within the spark of creativity, as you become as one within yourself, and your own divine connection to source.
So, to recap do you still want to keep your limitation, dualistic, self loathing, self lying astral projecting suit? or do you want to expand into your own source connection and blood code?
It is starts with you, one simple decision changes your whole life and timeline, which is seen as a small leap for you, but a giant leap for mankind, as another starts the journey to their ultimate destiny, once that decision is made, then starts the healing, it is all about the healing of your trauma and your bloodline traumas, to give you and your future generations a rebirth and growth opportunity.
Do you wish to float amongst the stars or walk through the treacle of 3D life weighed down by your own lack of self worth, or become the highest evolved version of you, in many millennias, do you wish to loop around the mobius or reach the number of completion, the figure 9. Is it a 6 or 9 when combined? or is it both one and the same from all perspectives, as above so below, during the lovemaking act which is the male and which is the female? it matters not from high above as it all becomes the one, divine male and female were not designed to be separate, that is more duality nonsense, before, long in the past, they were one, because if you draw a 6 and a 9 together, and look from above it becomes technically 0 but more importantly the shape of an egg, the home of the ultimate rebirth and the creation of new life.
The zero shape and the egg from the overview is how it all began in the beginning, out of nothing/zero, came the cosmic egg and the birth of all that ever was.
The journey of it all starts and ends with you.