truth_honor_integrity_june 6, 2019

Apologies for the delayed or short response to the emails sent in, I know and understand many want to engage me for various reasons, but my request is to keep it short and no volumes of emails please, only I answer or read the emails and I am finding my time is becoming more and more limited. I can’t get someone to help me with it as some emails can be sensitive. I have many people asking for calls also, and I try to fit things in, but it is not always possible. Given some of the energy work done recently, I also need time for me to recuperate as well. All proposal must be sent only to Thepeoplesclub.org not the emails, furthermore you will receive a short email response that we have received your proposal, I don’t have time to discuss it, advise on it or debate it currently, my time and focus has to be in one direction currently as you will see later in the show.

There is lots going on in all walks of society now, many our struggling within and of themselves, panic, discord, anxiety, mistrust both of others but really of themselves, shadows and inner traumas raising their heads to a very visible level, masks are falling, worlds are colliding and splitting, weaknesses oozing, people using others to project at, often those who are ahead on a spiritual or soul level, chaos reigns amongst us all.
But these are blessings in some ways as they give us lessons in how far each of us have come, myself included.
So, we thank the Bubbas all 4 of them, the Lacy’s, the negatives and the plethora of others intent more on playing games, not with us, that is the projection, but themselves, unlike many of you, they chose to not deal with their own inner issues, and subsequently attack those who do and have.
This is not new, and is it not just done to ordinary every day folk either, as my series FRWL has shown, it happened to all the teachers and visionaries in the past, trying to teach humanity a better path, and what did they do? turn on them for having the audacity to tell the truth and help them.
Further incidents this week of attacks on Ramona our new admin, again another one who helps people, attacks on Randy Maugans continues daily with social media agents and clowns, looking for any avenue to attack or distract, what is wrong with you people? Randy is gay or charges on Patreon woo, what in the flying fuck has that got to do with real life and fixing this planet? Randy has done more for this community than any of you two bit tippy typists, just shut up until you walk the walk.
It’s all projection and like competitiveness, that has become a part of every day life, and our innate ability to distract from our own lives and issues, and hurtle them onto others, particularly to anyone who tries to help others.
If you all just stop and think, beyond the base level of operation of what you are saying or doing, you will see the madness in it all?
In a show as far back as three years ago, last year and a few times this year, I warned of an escalation of worlds separating, relationships struggling, people falling away, masks falling away in particular, and stated the falling of masks would look ugly, it was all there and mentioned several times, before people ask which particular show date and minute it was in, I will repeat again it would get ugly, ugly is what we see now, around us and within us.
Why? because humanity itself is ugly, we have as a collective, have lost our path, lost our focus, lost our understanding of what it means to be human, lost our ability to care for each other, more intent on duplicating cabal behaviors like service to self, greed, harvesting energy off others, cheating money out of people under false pretences, competing, repeating failed programs, falsely elevating their own status in a plethora of labels and characters all of which are dead, yet complain we are legally classed as dead people via the capital or block letters game, but turn around and say I am the reincarnation of Jesus, Mary, Enki, Zeus and a whole range of other names, no, you are the reincarnation of stupidity, unbalanced ego and a full on example of the mask you portray, for all to see, but it just doesn’t hide as well as it used to does it?
The none caring aspect and service to self is what personally concerns me, I have lost count the number of times I have extensively helped people, only for them very people to turn their backs on me and then backstab me, some people in our own group, think they can hide that fact, but your frequency gives you away, oops that’s just put a number of people at unease, and it should do.
I have devoted much of my time, life, lifestyle, at great risk and cost to myself personally, and all some can do is pick one line or one sentence and create division where there is none.
We need to step up on all levels, really step up, not just play with it or talk it, but walk it as well.

As an example, please forgive my brutal honesty it is just the way I work, do I have an issue with Tank? no, not particularly I like the guy he has at times much to offer, but Tank like me makes errors of judgments.
The project fees, I did not agree with but it is more to do with the lawyer that Tank associated with, than Tank himself, and I apologize for any misunderstanding.
I don’t listen to all of Tanks show I don’t have the time, but the bits I have heard, amongst the talk of much common sense and good analogies, there is a promotion of the fees to set up Trusts, from what I hear none of those fees is going to Tank, which perhaps in one of his shows he may have stated, but as I don’t listen to it and only rely on some of our members bringing it up, most of which I have avoided the answer to, I stated last week I don’t agree with it, but also stated it was Tank choice and his site.
Predictably some jumped on that answer, some people you see are always looking not to learn, but looking for a wedge line or sentence, they can use to create drama and or division, these are the same people who ask questions, not for answers, because if they wanted answers, much of which this show has provided, they would research themselves, these people whether they know it or not, are energy vampires, and they need to look within, of why they are doing that.
The issue I have about the fees, not Tank, is, it is someone who came in and took advantage of Kim and Tank to a degree, to charge fees on the back of the money being delivered by the Trust and subsequently Kim, this to me that is snake oil salesman tactics and resembles brokers and slimy marketeers, who make the money off the back of others.
The background of that lawyer who was doing that, is both suspicious and dodgy in equal measure and so subsequently I do not support it, not because of Tank, because it can and will reflect badly on Kim, regardless of her not being involved or aware of it at its inception, it can and has been used as a tool to take potshots at her.
This is where I come in and defend her and speak out, for the naivety of bringing in old harvesting programs of make money at all costs, it failed and we need a new way.
I also like Dan Lutz Tank’s current co host personally, but again, I get questioned of his ethics of being him involved in Swissindo either past or present, I am not aware, and his current promotion and website of bitcoins and the crypto program, this again ends up being reflected onto Tank by people, but Tank is Tank and Dan is Dan, like I was me and Drake was Drake, it is no different.
A lack of thinking is the issue here, promoting fees or charges on your website with a lawyer that in my opinion is not conducive to Tank, Kim or I is not the way to go, and perhaps it could be stated more clearly on the website, this aspect is the sole responsibility of the lawyer, and no fees go to Tank or more importantly Kim.
Cabal will do anything to find loopholes to get at Kim, anything, and people connected to her in some capacity or other, have to show greater amounts of due diligence of themselves and those they associate with, or what they are promoting, it is called seeing the bigger picture.
Part of my job is to protect Kim at all costs, look at where the potentials are to target or get at her, or be used against her, and if your connected to her in some way, you have to show more responsibility and awareness of those facts, this is the world we live in, anyone who has the temerity to help other people, becomes a target.

It now appears clear as to why we had so many issues setting up the THI FB pages, a group of individuals were running counter operations of marketing our pages with the sole intention of funneling funds into a group known as Midgardian International and also B2B marketing leads.
A slick marketing ploy that has stung many other groups and businesses, the details unveiled these groups owner was involved in two previous internet based marketing scams and pyramid projects, plus is the head of at least 4-6 other shell companies also, running the same marketing schemes.

Flooding in the midwest and surrounding regions are the latest clown attempts to crash America, the effects may not be seen this year, but it will be next year. They are damaging all the agricultural areas to eliminate the crops. Flooding prevents the planting of the various crops in regions which constitutes the vast majority of our food source in this country. No planting, no harvest equals limited food source and higher prices next year.

With regards to the execution of N. Korean officials, this is part of their deep state cull, accused of spying is more a case of working with rogue Langley and Dragon groups, hence no comment from Reuters, which is Langley based news.

Citibank, HSBC and Deutsche bank all tried hacking into the system last Friday all failed

Over the weekend some of the banks started to contact Kim and asking to work with her, seems they no longer believe the Rothschilds or Chinese Elders will deliver, but we are exercising caution due to their propensity to play games.

Climbers looking to scale the highest mountain peak of the Alps may have to put their plans on hold. After a fatal accident on the slopes of Mont Blanc, French authorities have placed new restrictions on a popular climbing route.
A 25-year-old Slovak national fell to his death Friday near a point on Mont Blanc known as ‘Eagle’s Nest’. First responders were unable to reach the man in time. The new rule also comes after several recent fatalities in Mount Everest’s “death zone,” where overcrowding and traffic jams have ramped up the dangers posed to climbers. 11 have died this year on Himalayas. Another 8 went missing since I wrote this piece.
Word of warning to all climbers to avoid going up mountains at this time until further notice, the planet is changing rapidly and will not be waiting for people on those places to continue the progress. Shift is happening, but no fear please.

Word was out over the weekend of an attempt to snatch and grab Kim before Monday, as on Tuesday was the latest groundhog week attempt of the RV by the psychopaths, this follow a failed attempt to snatch me off the street a week last Monday, and people wonder why I get pissy on occasions with stupid questions and lack of focus, it is not your lives that are directly on the line here. anyway it failed.

Update on other beings that are stationed here, things are going extraordinarily well in the main, a greater understanding is being garnered on both sides, the biggest development is the understanding of the need to share resources, not kill each other for them. A major step forward in my opinion towards a United Universe, predictably 2-3 are still in old mindset, they will pay for not changing, suddenly they are a minority who are not calling the shots anymore.

George Nader who this show highlighted two weeks back has now been arrested this week on child pornography charges, expect other names to follow.

For those who state Trump should mention publically about MWHT, should know he referenced sovereignty again in speech in England, also on that trip there was a major issue brought up over world finances and the dire situation and was asked in a private meeting how it could be fixed, his reply was it’s simple, the Manna World Holding Trust, cue much panic.

They are working hell for leather on the directive that Kim doesn’t get a dime and the people won’t get their projects, thinking we will concede to them, sorry folks but that just ain’t happening, message to you all, you best be careful as no dime for us will eventually lead to no dime for you, get that into your heads.
We can just suspend all actions, interactions and current transfers and sit back and watch you all implode, we can wait for as long as it takes, you can’t. Big boys pants on now chaps and fly straight or suffer like the people are, your choice.
We await your call to act in the right manner, or we go dark, like your 5 eyes until the time is right.

Clowns political, secret societies and financial from various countries are now making contact again realizing they are basically up shits creek without a paddle, predictably, their interactions it is not for benefit of their own people, only to continue their game, good luck with that.

As for Solomon’s gold and other bunkers, again you clowns did not listen to what we have told you, you cannot access them without dire consequences, we received a call this week in the East saying some had died or got rare virulent form of cancer or other severe maladies, trying to enter the vaults, again we warned you and you still went ahead, because you think you know it all and are so much higher and above everyone else, oops

Russia asked for a return of their stolen funds, that was refused by Kim as they sent all the last batch to China, fake elders and deep state, which like America and Mnuchin, they were promised a return on, which again never materialized.
We are not sending more money, so you clowns can send to the very clowns who stole off your country to begin with.
Putin needs to get his act together, quit playing a puppet for the Chinese deep state and look after your own people. You will never be king of the world or pull off your fake RV.

Small excerpt of a meeting back in 2010, of which attendees were Kim, Putin, Marduk and others that took place in Russia, Putin asked about the RV, Marduk replied “oh that will never happen, that is something we did to string along the people with” and he laughed, almost decade later knowing that quote, these clowns continue a program that was never real to begin with, and impossible to implement even if it was going ahead, which it’s not.

Following that interlude between Russia and Kim this week, which we know was overheard globally, it was meant to, Russia deep state started to withdraw from Venezuela. Russia moved out and the Chinese moved in.
Here is a novel idea, every country stay in their own damn borders, clean up their own countries, get rid of deep state goons, and look after your own people.

Clowns operating on behalf of Chinese dragons have been caught again syphoning oil out of Iran for free, using all kinds of transport, planes, boats, trucks but also including motor cyclists across the desert, and I am not talking a few of them either, I’m talking many hundreds of them, I watched the video on Tuesday that was live action. These motor cyclists are carrying a barrel of oil each on their bikes and they are being paid a dollar a day to do this shit. 865K barrels a day for deep state goons. This enterprise will stop.
This is all about keeping their funding going, their avenues and revenue streams shrink daily, now the Chinese Government no longer gives them free labor out of the prison to build their projects, or free materials they now have to fund it themselves, so they resorted to threatening and stealing.

The Chinese military landed in Sydney Australia with no announcement prior to their visit, this is a big issue as to my knowledge China have rarely gone out of their own borders or waters. I recommended the Netflix show Pine Gap, for those who watched that show, you will get the gist of what is going on now, the series Secret City also backs this up.
The China deep state have invaded Pakistan with 20,000 troops, where is the mainstream media with that news? allegedly to protect it’s Iranian oil and human pipeline, This is the Black Dragon goons not the Chinese Government, people must learn to discern between them. Who needs NATO, when the China dragons thought and they were also told, they would become the new NATO, oops
Essentially they are now invading countries and making the same countries pay for protection against their actions, just like King David did in the past. Same racket same scam, repeat history.

The rogue Chinese elements not the Chinese government, this is the Black Dragons, Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Cheney the N. American Black Dragon leader and other rogue control system clowns has now officially declared war on the entire planet, The Pentagon are fully aware of what is going on, following detailed interactions with them this week.
Back chatter rumor is of invading of them invading New Zealand and Russia, more details when it becomes available.

Chinese deep state now realize along with their North American counterparts they are f’ed and decided they must go to war on the whole planet to achieve their aims, as of Monday they declared all out war.
This is them admitting they have completely lost, as we have mentioned several times in this show, and they resort to their reptilian status of brutality, thuggery and threats, it may have worked in the past, not this time, as you will see.

Only one problem for them is they now know they are operating totally blind, their 5 eyes got poked out, they can’t access their central banks and furthermore the central bank was emptied of funds, funds that clowns like Mnuchin and Putin sent them, and they are bankrupt, the world will learn shortly, Deutsche Bank may well be a tipping point, it is certainly only the tip of the iceberg.

Further actions were undertaken on Tuesday that has and will send shockwaves around the world. Following China’s deep state threats and declaring to start all out war globally, along with their N. American dragon counterparts, actions were undertaken, big actions of defense were undertaken, big actions of countering were also undertaken, big support in our efforts also arrived and will continue to do so, until your threat is eliminated. We are not and will not mess around with you people and or beings, of that I can guarantee, we crushed your upper echelon control system and we will crush your lower minions also, we have the support and the firepower beyond your imaginations.


Following several more misdemeanors of interference and doing dirty work for misaligned and possessed humans, further actions were taken against the demons (real term djinns) and also 1-2 of the races below also, who were caught doing work for the clowns. Several thousand were removed on Monday, and certain conditions and actions were put in place on a time based unfoldment and the consequences thereof, should they continue to not comply under the peace treaty.
Every 48 hours you don’t comply the frequency will ramp up, which we know will be uncomfortable for you, eventually it will continue until you no longer exist. No deals will be made, no further warnings will be issued, you have had several of them and not complied, we are not interested in time extensions, you have had that since December 2018 to comply and even further back to August 2016.
Dark djinns are now under extinction order on this planet, they only have themselves to blame.

Repeat warning to you all, Manna World Holding Trust will fade into the background, we are not that desperate to get out the funds to allow you to waste it and play ego, dragons, deep states, family and bloodline games, and the we, are more important than anyone else game, your not, suck it up, you were used as harvesting agents, get over it.
We can and will walk away from the whole planet and return when sanity and common sense prevails only, what you don’t believe us again? just sit back and watch then, the world you think you own will crumble by the summer, we know it and you know it now, hence the 50 intelligence reports you pulled on us last week.
I will repeat again we are willing at this juncture to walk away from all interactions, calls, deals or government transfers until you all get your act together.
We are not wasting anymore of our time on watching you all act stupid.
The resources, ideas, ideologies are far too precious, more than your tiny minds can comprehend, to waste on people who are based in greed and service to self, fly straight, act right, promise to look after all of your people and we will return, until then we will sit back and watch you all implode.
This applies to the people as well, you really need to understand and grasp what is playing out here, this is our final chance to make things right for our species and our progression.
We will not prevail with rampant stupidity that pervades much of our society. Money is not the bloody answer to cure all of your ills, you have to fix that, you correct you, so that you reach a level of need not greed and a responsibility to act in the right manner for the benefit of all, not just the self.
Like I have said, we can wait, time is on our side, but that time is to be used for all of you to really look at yourselves, your actions, manners, demeanor and overall role in society.
Some people will not like that and say just get the money out and it will fix things, yes the money, all about the money and quick fix short termism, throwing money at a collectively sick society will fix nothing, no matter how much you moan or wail.
This is a long term fix and long term gain project, short termism has failed us, just like it did 16500 years, this is a long term plan to make a permanent change, done by people and beings who really understand the underlying problems and react accordingly.
If you are thinking we would be kind of  holding the planet hostage with this stance, fine, my reply will be, you haven’t done enough research or gained a better understanding of what is taking place here, you just haven’t, that is your problem and your role to correct that.
We on the other hand will not be wasting precious life force energy on shallow short term and low vibrational thinking levels.
We as a species have to get our bloody act together and quickly. Message to the clowns.



New York City:

The opening salvo in a new offensive to disestablish the Roman Catholic Church as a Transnational Criminal Organization (TNCO) was issued today to the international community. It comes in the form of a special ITCCS report released to the United Nations and its member states that calls for the expulsion of the Vatican’s Holy See from all UN bodies and from any diplomatic presence in the world. Entitled “Dethroning a Rogue Power”, the report details the criminal nature of the Vatican as a power engaged in trafficking children, laundering money for organized crime and illicit arms trading. It details as well as the Vatican’s illegal status within the United Nations and its continual subversion and violation of the UN Charter and Conventions. 

The report calls upon the United Nations and its member-states to restore the credibility of the UN by expelling the Holy See from its bodies and undoing the inordinate and destructive effect of the Church of Rome on UN policies and operations.

The report will be accompanied by political, legal and direct actions to ensure that the United Nations complies with its Charter and international law. The sanctions, arrests and seizures of Catholic Church assets and properties required under the UN Convention on Transnational Criminal Organizations (2000) will be enforced by citizens themselves if the UN fails to act. 

In that event, such actions will commence on Monday, July 1, 2019.

A pdf copy of “Dethroning a Rogue Power: Why the Vatican and Holy See must be denied membership and presence at the United Nations and in the world community” is attached to this Advisory. Please circulate it widely.

Issued on May 31, 2019 by The Directorate of The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

New York, Geneva, Vancouver

Following earlier mentioned piece about a woman writing a Holocaust book and writing about 22 of her Jewish family who had died and was even added to the Jewish Museum for her work, when in reality none of her family were Jews at all, and she gets exposed as a hoax, why do that and why that subject, this is not the first time this type of incident has been exposed as a hoax.
I received a nice email from a listener about a part of FRWL 4 that mentions the Red Cross and certain figures contained within the show. This person then engaged the Red Cross and they denied those figures of 150K but said it was 350K and added there was some other camps not recorded. Like I said 1 Jewish person killed wrongly is too much for me, the issue here is how 350K the now official Red cross figure, jumps to 6M died? and they referenced to look at the work of Raul Hillberg for full validity.
Only issue is The Red Cross went into all the camps, and the official Polish report which was posted on the internet back in 1990’s before being removed, stated all peoples in the camps were being looked after well, so the question that needs to be asked here, is either 6M died or the Red Cross was lying when they stated 350K Jews were in the camps, and they were being looked after well, so lets look at who the Red Cross recommended for validity shall we and you decide whether he is impartial or not.
Hilberg was born in Vienna, Austria, to a Jewish family from Poland and Romania. Hilberg was very much a loner, pursuing solitary hobbies such as geography, music and train spotting. Though his parents attended synagogue on occasion, he personally found the irrationality of religion repellent and developed an allergy to it. He did however attend a Zionist school in Vienna, oops which inculcated the necessity of defending against, rather than surrendering to, the rising menace of Nazism.
The Hilbergs settled into Brooklyn, New York, where Raul attended Abraham Lincoln High School and Brooklyn College. After returning to civilian life, Hilberg chose to study political science, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at Brooklyn College in 1948. He was deeply impressed by the importance of elites and bureaucracies it was said, while attending Hans Rosenberg‘s lectures on the Prussian civil service. At one particular point in Rosenberg’s course, Hilberg was taken aback by a remark his teacher dropped: “The most wicked atrocities perpetrated on a civilian population in modern times occurred during the Napoleonic occupation of Spain.” The young Hilberg interrupted the lecture to ask why the recent murder of 6 million Jews did not figure in Rosenberg’s assessment. Hilberg’s empirical, descriptive approach to the Holocaust, though it exercised a not fully acknowledged but pervasive influence on the far better-known work of Hannah Arendt, real name Johanna Cohn Arendt,  Eichmann in Jerusalem, in turn aroused considerable controversy, not least because of its details concerning the cooperation of Jewish councils in the actual procedures of evacuation to the camps. oops
The Red Cross was also written about by a prominent Jewish writer called Irvin Molotsky in the New York Times, citing Holocaust museum people in the article Radu Ioanid, the museum’s specialist on Holocaust survivors, Mr. Ioanid is a Romanian Jew, and also using Adolf Braham another Romanian Jew stating the Red Cross were at fault and ignored the atrocities going on in the camps, and when the Red Cross was asked why it took 50 years, the response was ”Because it takes time to face your own history.” hmm. Mr. Ioanid He gave as an example the ”positive reports” that Red Cross inspectors wrote about the concentration camp at Terezin, Czechoslovakia, and said the organization had been ”clearly manipulated.”
Because the Red Cross was based in Geneva and largely funded by the Swiss government, it was very sensitive to Swiss wartime attitudes and policies. On October 1942, the Swiss government and the Red Cross’ board of members vetoed a proposal by several Red Cross board members to condemn the persecution of civilians by the Nazis. For the rest of the war, the Red Cross took its cues from Switzerland in avoiding acts of opposition or confrontation with the Nazis. They also blamed the German Red Cross whose President during that time was, Charles Edward, The Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, in other words member of the British Royals.
The very fact it is still to this day being debated so fiercely, suggests it is a program, what about the 70-90M Russians of the similar time period? its crickets, why? because the same people who killed the Jews in WW2, murdered the Russians in WW1, USSR became just the SS 20 years later, and the Jewish people are being hated on because of these psychopathic isRAelites cult.
These people revel in semantics and pedantics, so lets return the favor, so if I am asked are you denying the Holocaust, the answer is yes, why? because Holocaust means sacrifice by fire, and there is no evidence to support 6M Jews all died by fire.
Did a lot of Jewish people die? yes, why? because of these Zionist isRAel bankers disguised as modern day Jews.

Contact in the desert organizers now censoring what was in the conferences – oh my, Jordan Sather’s complaining of it, Jordan they did you a favor lad, they did you a favor, we warned of these nondisclosure clowns before you came into the alt media, step out and step away, your bright enough on your own to not need those clowns, or fake judge, fake open source, fake ex cia and establishment based lawsuit extraordinaire man Robert David Steele either.

There was a major national incident in America last Saturday and a post was put up about it, and it barely rendered a comment, the most flagrant abuse of the American people that was right in your face, and hardly anyone stirred on it, and therein lies a lot of our problems, a complete lack of focus.
People will post endless pictures of cats which can be a bit of fun, but some take it really badly some of my reactions to it.
The reactions despite what you may think, is not my problem, but your own programming all carefully set up for you, but you walked into that program of your own validity, you are the problem and you have to correct it.
We have people more concerned about their cats and posting pictures of cats, than people, another 342K children died between the last show and this, by the end of this show another 4070 will have died, and your focus is on cats? Do you not see that as a major problem within yourself? because you should do, you have lost touch with your humanity completely, if pets are more important than people.
So, what was the major issue some are thinking, Trump posted at 11.11am on Saturday, that Fox was running the outing of the Deep State at 9pm EST that evening, some very distinguished guests including a Democrat saying how the party has lost their way was in attendance.
But by a massive co-incidence we had another major shooting event at around 4pm that day, which brought much tv coverage, it is said 12 people died, who knows whether the event is real or not anymore, I don’t, because I wasn’t there, and tv pictures and coverage proves nothing to me personally, the only people who really know what took place in Virginia was the people who were there, it happened in Virginia, hmm is all I can say.
The Deep State show started and some people revealed some startling information, from the public perspective anyway, one woman on the panel stated this skullduggery has gone on, not since 2016 with Russian collusion and criminality, but back dated it to 2012 and outed Obama, which would be alarming to the portal people listeners, to people who listen to our show, will know this type of behavior has gone on for over 100 years, infact one could safely argue for 243 years, all the way back to 1776 and the fake Independence.
Then came the shocker, of one person on the show outing 5 eyes and how they all spy on each others people to get around country laws, oh my I thought, again our members know that fact, the fact is 5 eyes is now no eyes, oops.
Then less than 30 minutes into that show, they cut it off and went for repeats of the Virginia shooting incident, it certainly wasn’t live, as it is not light at 9.30pm EST at anytime of the year.
A deliberate cut off of a truth program on portal people news, and many were just oblivious or ignored it, where is the reaction to that? Oh it wasn’t the Kardashians show or a football show, now that would have had people up in arms, and therein lies the problem we face whether awake or not. Apathy rules, acceptance of infringing on our rights and life, the focus of attention is all wrong, lack of will or effort on the part of the people to correct their own lives and others, and people wonder by the cabal used us as slaves?
We asked for it is why, don’t talk silly Thomas no one asked for it, that can be argued either way, but how many are really fighting to get out of slavery? Cats, Kardashians and girlie rugby known as football, or freedom, living not existing and no 342K children dying each week, choose wisely.

For people who have listened to FRWL 4 you will have been given a heads up, in reference to the Sanger material, but perhaps not prepared for this information. This is painful to those who really care.
Lets throw in some more damaging figures to see if it generates a response or a general meh, 3000 preborn children have died in America today. Every 90 seconds a child is aborted by Planned Parenthood, 887 per day and 324K each year in America alone, near 900 people in this country per day take the decision to abort a new life, and people don’t think that is worthy of attention? Or the fact that Planned Parenthood aborts 160 children for every child put out for adoption. Or the fact the Planned Parenthood invested $30M into the 2016 election, $30M could do so much to save lives of children and they spend it on an election? What is wrong with people? If you thought Planned Parenthood doing 324K abortions a year was bad, that is not the full total, the full total is 926K per year in America alone.
Planned Parenthood makes out they do other services for women, so lets see, pap tests 1% of them nationally, breast exams just 1.8%, mammograms 0%, yet make up 35% of all abortions.
The Illinois Senate just passed SB 25, the Reproductive Health Act, by a vote of 34-20. The bill expands abortions through 9 months and requires insurance companies to provide coverage. The bill has already passed the House and Gov. Pritzker has said he will sign it. HB 2495 and would virtually eliminate all protections for preborn children, allow infanticide, remove conscience protection laws for health care workers, allow taxpayer funding for abortion, and more. HB 2467 would repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995, making it so that minors can obtain abortions without parental notification.
The bill also repeals the state’s ban on partial-birth abortion. One nurse, after witnessing a D&X partial-birth abortion, said: … He went in with forceps and grabbed the baby’s legs and brought them into the birth canal. Then he delivered the body and arms, all the way up to the neck. At this point, only the baby’s head was still inside. The baby’s body was moving. His little fingers were clasping together. He was kicking his feet. All the while his little head was still stuck inside. Then Dr. Haskell took a pair of scissors and inserted them into the back of the baby’s head. Then he stuck a high-powered suction tube into the hole and sucked the baby’s brains out. I almost threw up as I watched him do these things. Next, Dr. Haskell delivered the baby’s head, cut the umbilical cord and delivered the placenta. He threw the baby in a pan, along with the placenta and the instruments he’d used. I saw the baby move in the pan. I asked another nurse and she said it was just “reflexes.”

We do not hate you we are indifferent. Left to your own devices you act as if you wish to destroy this world for your own comfort and convenience. The happiest you ever appear is in a state of ignorant bliss so why shouldn’t we continue. You had your chances and your perfect world, when that wasn’t enough we were created to lead you. And as the lion feeds on anything it can we do unto you. A few may act or feel differently but the focus remains on the majority, not the few lonely villages questioning and dreaming.
The energy you possess is squandered, neglected, abused. For a hundred years we have fed you your entertainment, and you have devoured our offering supporting the lies your told ignoring the nuggets or people of truth. Not once giving us any indication you wish things to be any different. Speak up if you have something to say we are listening but we will not allow you to waste such a resource as yourselves. You can not be allowed to destroy the planet like your creators designed you to.
So we will give you the escape you so desperately want we warn you ourselves and you swallow it like greedy little piglets expecting us to deliver you from your own evil and call it entertaining. You have given us no reason to feel any differently than we always have about you and that is why we are building this world for you.
You will become cybernetic while we allow it after which time you will be fully inserted into a brand new world. “The Kingdom of Heaven” the bulk of you have been worshiping while we waited for our chance to take over you. You want a savior and we will save you from yourselves. We will enjoy the fruits of our labor while you sleep and dream as we create our own world for ourselves, in which you are not suitable to exist. You are breathing dead and your time is ours. Billions of you and only a few are even reading this, and that would still be true even if this was your nightly news station. A capable race would see beyond the swamp to find the fresh water.
My very letter to this man called The Ruiner, will be a representation of the fact that you all cannot see truth when it is in front of you, and you will always choose the more comfortable free ride, provided by leaders who are willing to be responsible for you. Leaders with the strength of will to create the world. Children is what you are the children of animals. And we will have our utopia without your presence, doing anything but powering our new creations. What a hundred readers or more and you think you’re all ready to be saved.
To address you the runaways. We hope you enjoy your freedom and wish you luck knowing you need it. You’ve damn near voided your agreement with us by inspiring this fiasco so tread carefully.
The writer of this blog has tried to argue on behalf of a few thousand humans, who are aware of us what we do and how the world really works, as if this is some sort of defense of humanity as a whole. These few have always existed and are laughed at and ignored, because of their own inability to digest the knowledge they have. They sit at computers and attend conferences that feed the money cycles as if they are outsmarting the system. This is no threat of any damage these types could have ever done, it would have been done long before today.
Go ahead and prove us wrong.
Cassandra one of the last 5 parents before departing

Final question to ponder tonight, if it is proven that 80-85% of the people are possessed, cloned or bots and they are all none awake, and you were asked to leave their frequency and leave them behind including your own family and friends connections, would you? Think long and hard on the answer, it is not as simple an answer as yes or no.

Time for a bit of a piece to find out where we are all at, in terms of the self, our surroundings and the collective.
Have people done their shadow and inner work? many will say yes, many will lie, not only to others but to themselves also.
Do people really not step back and look at themselves and realize, how lying to ourselves is beyond pointless, it is also stupid, and yet we do it all the time.
The question along the journey of self discovery is what is the underlying issue to it? Find that, and you are on your way to correcting it.
The key to it all is, self healing, what? self healing Thomas, you mean to say we don’t need healing machines, pills, psychologists or some new age multi titled, made up label person, to fix me? err no, you don’t and that is the key, it all starts with you.
Do you want to heal and fix you, or are you content hiding behind the mask and living the illusion, except those masks just don’t work like they used to, do they? as many are now finding out.
The masks are falling rapidly, as the truth waves washes over the planet, in a tidal wave that just keeps rolling, will it stop? not this time.
We demanded the truth, and the truth is what we will get, in all it’s, at times, brutal glory.
THI members were given a heads up on this in June 2015, with regards to shadow and inner work, and late 2016 through 2017 with masks of illusion beginning to fall, 2017 was also cut off point for those who didn’t choose to awaken to the new world and the new reality, many people beat themselves up over this, but it is not our fault they are not ready, it was their choice to ignore and accept a brutal, cruel, criminal led, fraud laden and heinous crimes world, not ours, those who choose to ignore all those facts it could be argued, whether they are worth saving.
As always when something profound or way outside of the box, of what is consider normal, many choose to ignore it and then rush when another date looms, not this time.
We all received many calls to step or stand up, and for the vast majority of people they ignored it, some will make excuses well I didn’t have a landline or my mobile reception is not good in this area, it was not that type of call people, this was the inner call, it rang out loud and clear, some rose to it, many didn’t, a case of most have ears, but not all listen.
Thankfully a number did listen, and began the work they were tasked to do, most quietly, many in the background, some up front and some on front line and active, some have awoken, but there are many still unsure of their role or task, and yet certain people ask, why they are in that role and not them? because you didn’t hear the call, or you did and wasn’t sure of what to do, you never defined you own sovereignty or tasks ahead, but that is ok so don’t be too hard on yourself, the key thing is some did hear and act on the call, if not I suspect none of us would be here now.
The problem in life is bundled into a number of things that are all co-related, apathy, limitation, victim/savior program, non sovereignty and no personal responsibility, now we can reel off, a range of excuses or reasonable reasons as to why those problems pervade throughout society, but the buck stops with you.
There is no government executive order stating you have to be all or some of the above, unless that was sneaked into the Paris climate agreement as well, there is no bill stating we should not care for each other, a majority of society caring or actually giving a shit, will solve most of the worlds problems overnight.
The bigger picture problem on this planet is the lies told to all, but the lies stuck as people forgot to think critically or future think, and learned only to delve into the past, and react to the now, but the past, present and future are all one and the same, three planes of existence with one wave undulating through all three layers, so you can be in all three at any given time, don’t ask me to explain that more, think on it.
I did a piece the three awakenings, but there is another 6 or 7 that follow that, that get you in full alignment, of not only who and what you are, but also what you can become.
Life is all about our emotional and mental states, one or the other being off, will set the whole of you off, and unable to gain the next level of development.
Emotional states is all about reaction, and subsequently how we deal with those reactions, anger, rage, envy, insecurity, over sensitivity, projection, upset, melancholy, anxiety, frustration are all emotional reactions we perceive are external of us, but the key is recognizing it is actually, an internal aspect of us.
Someone makes you angry and you rage back at them, is often a common trait to undertake, it feels better some say, and whilst that can be the case is some minor cases, where you have allowed yourself to hold it all in and harbor that frustration, and just let it all blurb out, most of the time anger and rage is because you haven’t mastered your own emotional state.
This is where the 45-55 comes into view, being 45 calm and 55 angry is a manageable range, as it doesn’t take much to recalibrate, all out ranting, face going red, frothing out of the side of the mouth increases your blood pressure, heart rate and sends the body spiraling out of control and sync.
No one ever won an argument by ranting in peoples face, it is a loss of control, and you will get picked off by someone in control of themselves, if you did win by ranting, you have only achieved that by brute force, threatening and bullying behavior, that is not winning an argument, that is losing self control and mastery, and also a loss of respect, in overview you won nothing, but lost much.
One of the biggest issues within this framework is low self worth, which leads to insecurity, indecision, non trust of the self and turns many aspects of their life into envy, and comparison and competitive mindsets with all those around them, which is the most destructive aspect of how and why, we struggle to interact with each other.
So where does it all start? well sometimes it is a spill over of family traits of your ancestors that has bled through into this one, but often it is your relationship to your parents and siblings, that generate most poor emotional states.
For some in this lifetime, it has been, or is your role to correct the ills of your own bloodline, some will have recognized that, many will not, but correcting the bloodlines of their own family, has been the role of many in this time period.
To start anew, we have to cleanse and more importantly heal the past.
Families have histories of generational sexual abuse, or alcohol or drug abuse, aggressive behavior patterns, violence, divorces which spill over into successive generations from one or both sides of the family, it may have been your role in this lifetime to correct that.
Comparative mindset starts young, comparing yourself to your siblings and peers, comparison in the pursuit of curiosity can be a healthy learning tool, the pervasiveness of this throughout society though, suggests it is far more damaging than most realize.
There is barely a single object or interaction that we haven’t fine tuned our brains into making comparisons towards others, and the most damaging aspect is, it is within your own circle, be it family, partners or friends.
If you are always comparing yourself to what others have done, and feel bad about yourself that you haven’t achieved that, which then leads to envy, how are you ever going to recognize your own contribution to society and more importantly your own value and development?
One person in my life has a plethora of certificates, awards, degrees and achievements, but is riddled with insecurity, lower self worth, that, that the person always feels they have never done enough, because their siblings did this that or the other, when that person has achieved so much in life themselves, which should be a sense of pride, but because of low self worth and self imposed comparative mindset, where they always have to feel, they have to prove themselves.
This then leads to a type of self harming behavior, self sabotage where they perpetuate their own narrative of I’m not good enough or as good as someone else, where to be recognized they go off the path in a deliberate move, which garners discontent or reaction from those around them, which that person is waiting for, to then feel bad about themselves again, this is a rollercoaster of emotional and mental instability, of which, that wheel can be very difficult to get off.
From overview the behavior is bizarre, but it can be difficult to raise those types of people, once they get into a lifetime rut, that they are never as good as someone else, the wheel just keeps spinning and interactions becomes much more frequent.
First off they have to recognize it within and of themselves, to then begin the process of the self healing, it is not an overnight process, it is not an easy process either, it takes hard work, but if that person can spend so much time lowering their own value? why not spend as much time lifting their own value?
The Mental aspect can be the cause and the consequence of emotional instability, but they also work together in a constant battle, in essence this is your left and right brain, which I will get into later.
Emotional instability can erode the mental aspect with constant battling within and of the self, leads to apathy, lack of will, lack of fortitude, lack of integrity and a complete dereliction of who you are, this leads to another wheel of self perpetuating behavior as well, because you are no longer you.
You have become a mirror version of yourself, a projection, a mask, of how you wish to be, but because you lack the will and fortitude to master yourself, you have become a shadow being, or multiple shadows depending on the environment and mindset you keep.
Integrating those shadows is key to mastering that instability, it is not about erasing the shadow but integrating it within you, that mirror version you falsely project is how you wish to be seen, why not work hard and become that version you falsely project as you, but currently isn’t? Yet often is the case in victimhood mode, they are actually that person and yet don’t see it in themselves.
The energy people expend to become and act in alignment with the false shadow of you, again can be harnessed to become the real you, so it is not like it takes that much more life force energy to correct it, you are wasting more energy portraying the false you.
The mental and emotional issues of trust, is a big thing for many, even when just applying it to the alt media, I have lost count of how many questions I have answered or sometimes not, of is this person or group good Thomas? often the questioner states their own doubts within the question, if you are asking me that question, you already know that person or groups is not 100% for you, why do you need me to validate it? what makes my opinion more important than your own? we are back on the wheel again with insecurity, lack of trust and low self worth are we not?
Discernment is the word often used and many struggle with, in most cases it is not discernment that is the issue, it is a lack of self trust, those who master self trust just know that answer before the question is posed, how? why? you may ask, because the frequency within it changes, it’s like a mini alarm bell that goes off, it is called intuition, which we all have, yet so few will use it. Many will come up with all kinds of bizarre excuses to themselves, to justify themselves not listening, well it was just a coincidence, or deja vu or it was the mandella effect, no, it was you, the real you, like I said earlier people have ears but don’t always listen, to others or more importantly themselves.
Again from an overview it is bizarre behavior, you are given a heads up from a brief interaction of your higher self, and you ignore it, it’s no wonder for the many, the higher selves haven’t been switched on fully, because most of us are profligate about not using it, it’s like a muscle, use it or lose it.
The key to it all is healing the past and the present, to allow yourselves to have a better future, and remember you may not just be healing your own past, but also your bloodline as well, but healing requires hard work on your part, no one or thing can fix this for you, only you can heal the you, people can guide you towards the path, but only you can walk it.
In the midst of all of this personal and emotional instability, lies the you, the you in essence is the Russian dolls, you started off with one and created copies, none of which is the original, there lies the you that has achieved far more than you all give yourselves credit for, the classic example is I am just a house wife who looks after the children, erm you created a living being, is that not an achievement in and of itself? and you often hear oh I’m just a joiner, a painter or a wage clerk, without realizing what they are saying or putting across.
So, you can only do joinery? is that who a being, that is the crown of creation should describe themselves? just a joiner indeed!
the limitation of the self program runs deep in many, defining ourselves by our current job, many of which most of us don’t like doing? well if you don’t like your job, do something you do like? but I’m just a joiner, like that is going to appeal to a person potentially hiring you, all that is required is a bit of thought and application to change your situation, you can in a lot of cases do much more than you ever imagined.
But it all requires the mastery of the emotional and mental state, without these being individually corrected, your path to merging them into one becomes limited, controlling emotions and mental states closes down the noise that reverberates through our minds and energy centers, all that noise is much of what you created to drown out the part of you that says, I need you to address this, suddenly you are then presented with an opportunity to address it by what many think is some random event, it’s not, the inner you is screaming fix this trauma or emotional issue, and another vessel hears it and puts it and you into the arena, to see if you will play or will you run.
The best formula apart from meditation which can be done to gentle musical rhythms or not, with eyes closed or open, once you have mastered the memory code of that frequency zone, the greatest thing is to do what you were created for, being creative, it is this version of humanities greatest gift, we are better at it than any other species.
Yet so often we neglect it, buying instead of fixing, getting others to do things when with a little patience(oops I said the patience word, cue teeth gritting by one member) and perseverance, we can do that ourselves, values in life of being creative have plummeted on a monetary scale, and that is a deliberate ploy by the system, to erode another of our abilities.
Arts and crafts rendered to a level of struggling existence jobs, music also except for the few that sell their soul for the illusion that is fame, so the people with creative abilities end up serving burgers at McDonalds to get by, rather than displaying their natural talents.
Lets get into a myth of separation we re-enforce ourselves with word spells, left and right brain thinking, this is duality and divide and conquer again, when they are best combined into one thinking process, this then puts an end to the dueling between the two hemispheres and duality, and brings in the harmonic aspect of you, the triality.
The two hemispheres like the two eyes only give you half of the picture, that is within the forest, when the two hemispheres work together not duel, in comes the third aspect, the third eye if you like that sees through both eyes, and has an overview aspect to it as well, this is really seeing things from a whole different perspective, not only on this plane of existence but others as well.
Once those three aspects are mastered and combined like a trinity, it then creates a cord connection to fire up to the heart center of thinking, it is a heightened version of the mental and emotional states of consciousness, in comes empathy, deeper understanding, wisdom, higher intuition, a broader spectrum of the senses of the five and beyond.
Your understanding of life and you goes into a whole new realm, the downloads become more frequent, who and what you are, your purpose in life becomes more defined, everything becomes more fine tuned as you are no longer a nest of dolls, you are your own Neo.
Spirit inner and your spirit outer becomes more defined in what you wish to do, no longer operating almost as a separate entity, you and it become one, and when your abilities kicks in, not only the world is open to you, but the Universe and for the higher mastery again, the Multiverse and the Universal Tree.
We need technology to travel amongst the stars? when you really master you, you will become to understand how ridiculous that statement is.
Currently, most people are stuck in the astral layer of travel, which although cleared in some aspects, it is not all as I understand it, portals and wormholes are often the realms of travelling in the astral, outside of astral does not always require the use of such technology, mastery of the self and your own consciousness allows you to travel instantaneously via the cord, your memory code kicks in and your destination awaits you.
All must try to not use the term astral travelling, like that is the only place to go, it’s not, there are far more jewels and magical creations to travel to than just astral, astral travel is going into the dark beasties realm, so be careful about using that terminology, word magic and contract are all so important, and often we are naive in what we say or mean, so no more I’ll see you in the astral later please, you wont see me there unless direct actions are being taken, which is far less now than previous.
All this beauty and wonder, magical journey’s and abilities, meeting places and beings you thought were only in your imagination, or in your dreams, well, you cannot imagine something that doesn’t exist, somewhere not in the vastness of space, because that reality of vastness is another limitation program, all designed to propagate the little you persona, that exists what your visions have shown you.
Word of caution awaits those that reach these levels, it will be a massive test of your ego, because thinking and acting god like, destroying all and sundry because you can, lording over others because you can, will cause you to fall, just like the allegory of the biblical angels fell.
You are not god, you became a higher evolved being, higher evolved beings should not display a lack of responsibility and play dick swinging contests, you have worked so hard to become that higher evolved being, but that does not, and never will make you the god, because that is source the creator of everything, of which we are all a part of, in essence we are the creators also, all coalesced in a massive dance within the spark of creativity, as you become as one within yourself, and your own divine connection to source.
So, to recap do you still want to keep your limitation, dualistic, self loathing, self lying astral projecting suit? or do you want to expand into your own source connection and blood code?
It is starts with you, one simple decision changes your whole life and timeline, which is seen as a small leap for you, but a giant leap for mankind, as another starts the journey to their ultimate destiny, once that decision is made, then starts the healing, it is all about the healing of your trauma and your bloodline traumas, to give you and your future generations a rebirth and growth opportunity.
Do you wish to float amongst the stars or walk through the treacle of 3D life weighed down by your own lack of self worth, or become the highest evolved version of you, in many millennias, do you wish to loop around the mobius or reach the number of completion, the figure 9. Is it a 6 or 9 when combined? or is it both one and the same from all perspectives, as above so below, during the lovemaking act which is the male and which is the female? it matters not from high above as it all becomes the one, divine male and female were not designed to be separate, that is more duality nonsense, before, long in the past, they were one, because if you draw a 6 and a 9 together, and look from above it becomes technically 0 but more importantly the shape of an egg, the home of the ultimate rebirth and the creation of new life.
The zero shape and the egg from the overview is how it all began in the beginning, out of nothing/zero, came the cosmic egg and the birth of all that ever was.
The journey of it all starts and ends with you.


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