truth honor integrity | july 4 2019

As it is the 4th of July and I think the first time I have done a show on this date, today America celebrates their illusion of independence, from here forward we celebrate dismantling that illusion and creating a real version free of Crown and clown harvesters.
As I cant be there this year to witness it, I am going to play a recording of it, this Epcot on the 4th of July, enjoy the show.

That last song goes out to Reverend Ross who died peacefully on Saturday, aged 78, following a long illness. He was well known to Evertonians, having served as the official Club Chaplain for 25 years. He had also been the vicar at St Luke The Evangelist, adjacent to Goodison Park, from 1977 until his retirement in 2010. Goodison Park is the only soccer ground in the world that houses a church in it’s grounds, never brought us too much luck though, Mr. Ross a well known Blue was symbolic to the church and the club, we wish him well on his journey, perhaps he can find out why the devils club across the park, gets special treatment and stop it. For those that don’t know Everton is my hometown soccer club, who are also known as The Peoples Club.

Full fact UK version of bs journalism although the factchecker does reveal things as you will see, and then they get pedantic with words, their design to discount also reveals it to be true in another aspect, but they know people will not read full article only the headline. A post that was blocked by FB gestapo revealed the following.
HEK-293 is not a flavouring, and not directly “made from” aborted foetus cells HEK-293 is the name given to a specific line of cells used in various scientific applications. It is not in itself a flavouring, but one of its applications  is to help mimic taste-receptor cells in the development of new flavourings. That aside, the implication that these flavourings are “made of” human cells is misleading. Though cells derived from human tissue may be involved in developing some flavourings, those cells are not in the flavouring itself. The original cells were taken from the kidney of an aborted baby in 1973. HEK 293 cells used nowadays are clones of those original cells, but are not themselves the cells of aborted babies. Senomyx, a biotechnology company, has patents appearing to relate to using HEK-293 cells in developing flavourings. HEK-293 is not in the flavouring itself. When we asked them for comment Campbell’s, KraftHeinz and the Coca-Cola Company said they did not use products made by Senomyx. Campbell’s and KraftHeinz also confirmed they do not use any flavourings developed using HEK-293 cells in any of their products. PepsiCo confirmed to us that they do collaborate with Senomyx on research, but that none of that research uses any human tissue or cell lines derived from embryos or foetuses. Nestlé did not respond to our questions.

Bitcoin consumes more energy than the entire nation of Switzerland, according to new estimates published by researchers at the University of Cambridge. An online tool that launched this week called the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, or CBECI, estimates how much energy is needed to maintain the Bitcoin network in real time, before using this to calculate its annual energy usage. Currently, the CBECI says the global Bitcoin network is consuming more than seven gigwatts of electricity. Over the course of a year that’s equal to around 64 TWh or terawatt hours of energy consumption. That’s more than the country of Switzerland uses over the same time period (58 TWh per year), but less than Colombia (68 TWh per year). Yet again the staggering hypocrisy of the ouro borus clowns, on one hand we must save and conserve energy on the other we must use vast quantities of energy to create fresh air tokens, this is beyond madness, that waste of energy would be better served providing the 1.3B on our planet who still to this day, do not have access to electricity.

Congress is weighing a bipartisan bill to crack down on the sharing of child porn on Defense Department computers after a watchdog group found the Pentagon’s network ranked among the top US ISPs in sharing the vile content. The notion that the Department of Defense’s network and Pentagon-issued computers may be used to view, create, or circulate such horrifying images is a shameful disgrace, and one we must fight head on,” Abigail Spanberger (D-Virginia) said in a statement on Tuesday as she and co-sponsor Mark Meadows (R-N. Carolina) introduced the End National Defense Network Abuse (END Network Abuse) Act in the House. Congress has known for at least a decade that child porn trading on Defense Department computers was a problem. Immigration and Customs Enforcement identified 5,200 people subscribed to websites that were known to contain child pornography during 2008’s Project Flicker investigation, including hundreds of individuals affiliated with the Defense Department, some of whom even used their government email addresses and military post boxes to register on the offending websites. Worryingly, dozens possessed some form of security clearance. While a handful of the offenders caught in Project Flicker received jail sentences, thousands more – up to 80 percent of those identified in the ICE report – did not, as combating child pornography was not one of DCIS’ investigative priorities,” The Defense Department’s network ranked 19th out of 2,891 internet service providers for peer-to-peer trading of child porn in 2018, according to the National Criminal Justice Training Center, suggesting the problem has only gotten worse in the 10 years since Project Flicker wrapped up.
One has to ask why this now, why when it was clear there was a problem under the Obama administration was nothing done?
Is it a case it has only become a problem now as The Pentagon has in part gone against the old system, and worked with MWHT?

If one of the world’s leading smartphone makers, Huawei, turns away from Google’s Android operating system (OS), the US tech giant risks losing a huge number of users, Huawei’s CEO has warned. “[Huawei] will always be on the same line of interest, and if we don’t load Google’s system, Google will lose 700-800 million users in the future,” Ren Zhengfei said in an interview to CNBC. The Chinese telecommunications major was blacklisted last month by the Trump administration after Washington accused the company of spying for Beijing. Google, whose Android OS is used in many of Huawei’s phones, was among the American tech companies prohibited from dealing with Huawei. The Silicon Valley firm is allowed to send software updates to Huawei products until August 19 this year, but when the ban fully comes into force the Chinese phone maker is set to lose access to some Google apps and will only have access to the open source version of the Android OS. Huawei said earlier that it is working on its own mobile operating system called Hongmeng and has already filed a trademark. In his interview, the CEO stressed that Hongmeng will allow the company to protect its growth if it is forced to replace Android, which Huawei does not want to do.

Chipmaker Broadcom Opens a New Window. Inc is in advanced talks Opens a New Window.  to buy cybersecurity firm Symantec Corp, according to sources familiar with the matter, as Broadcom seeks to diversify beyond semiconductors. Now Symantec is starting to be exposed like Monsanto, merger or sell it under a new name, common theme.

Facebook, YouTube tweaking algorithms to fight misinformation Wall Street Journal reporter Bob McMillan reports that Facebook and YouTube are being flooded with potentially harmful information about cancer treatments.

FB, Twitter, Whats app going down or not functioning properly oh my

Trump tweets:
Texas will defend them & indemnify them against political harassment by New York State and Governor Cuomo. So many people are leaving New York for Texas and Florida that it is totally under siege. First New York taxes you too high, then they sue you, just to complete the job, People are fleeing New York like never before. If they own a business, they are twice as likely to flee. And if they are a victim of harassment by the A.G. of the state, like what they are doing to our great NRA, which I think will move quickly to Texas, where they are loved. New York businesses in search of anything at all they can find to make me look as bad as possible. So, on top of ridiculously high taxes, my children and companies are spending a fortune on lawyers. No wonder people and businesses are fleeing New York in record numbers!
Maybe Trump is finally getting around to recognize where many of our countries issues arise? New York and it’s business way of operating is and has killed this country, so pleased Trump is now seeing it.

China and Europe playing big currency manipulation game and pumping money into their system in order to compete with USA. We should MATCH, or continue being the dummies who sit back and politely watch as other countries continue to play their games – as they have for many years! This is Black and Blue Dragons games he is referring to, not the countries or regions.

Banks continue to play games now deciding themselves, despite no clearance account, to deliberately hold back checks and pay checks, something has to give shortly, particularly when China crashes. I have received several reports now just from our members alone, so this is a much wider problem that media will not cover. One thing I have noticed is when people write in is a lot still banking with BOA, Wells the Fargo, Chase and Citibank and wonder why there are problems, I have warned of these banks for many years and yet people still bank with them? why? convenient? you know how convenience works for us, or not as is the case.

Deutsche Bank now plans to tell hundreds of U.S. equities and rates traders that they will no longer be employed there, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. Chief Executive Officer Christian Sewing may present a major restructuring plan as early as this week, slashing as many as 20,000 positions worldwide. Last week, the American business got a lift with the news that it passed the Federal Reserve’s annual stress test. Sewing sent a note to staff calling it a “great step forward.” The feeling of triumph didn’t last long, replaced within hours by more reports of deep job cuts in the U.S.

Stephen Moore thinks he has the answer to fixing volatility in the cryptocurrency market. Moore, whose nomination to join the Federal Reserve board was eventually rescinded by President Donald Trump, has joined a new crypto venture that’s building what it calls “the world’s decentralized central bank,” according to Fox Business Network. The goal of the bank is to balance the volatility in the crypto markets by controlling the supply of cryptocurrencies similarly to how the Fed oversees the supply of money in the US. the bank will be called “Decentral” and will trade its own tokens for other cryptocurrencies. Decentral’s tokens are expected to be controlled by an algorithm, and tied to the value of the US dollar or determined by a stable valuation method, company representatives told Fox Business. The company hopes to stabilize cryptocurrencies by regulating their supply in the same way the Fed monitors the supply of money in the US. The bank will be called “Decentral” and will issue its own tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

Bank of America Opens a New Window. CEO Brian Moynihan spoke this week about embracing digital payment transactions while moving toward a cashless society. “We want a cashless society,” Moynihan told Fortune’s Shawn Tully. “We have more to gain than anybody from a pure operating costs (perspective).”
Some countries have already embraced the cashless route. In a survey conducted in 2018, just 13 percent of Swedes reported using cash for a transaction. The country’s retailers predicted by 2025 that they would stop accepting cash for transactions. Some Swedes have even gotten a microchip inserted into their hands as a quick and convenient way of paying. There is that word again convenient, convenience leads to slavery and tyranny.

I warned recently of avoiding mountains in a recent piece, events of this week re-enforces that, can we say expansion is underway?

Some of the earthquakes felt today were kind of shallow in depth were they not? including one in the aptly named town in Utah called Independence.

More from the Yellow vest movement thanks to Ella Ster.
Both president Emanuel Macron and the Interior Minister Christopher Castaner are indicted for crimes against humanity.
On June 11 2019 Francis Lalanne, one of the most prominent spokesperson of the Yellow Vests, filed a complaint and request to prosecute Macron and Castaner at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
In a petition he initiated, Lalanne was able to collect the 250,000 votes needed to start a court case. Lalanne accuses Macron and Castaner of crimes against humanity and relies on Article 35 of human rights.

According to Lalanne: “A crime against humanity is one of the following when committed in the context of a widespread or systematic attack on civilians.”
On his trip to The Hague, Mr. Lalanne was accompanied by lawyers Sophia Albert-Salmeron and Ghislain Mabanga, the latter is the authorized ICC attorney who will be in charge of the case.

The lawsuit is against Macron and Castaner because they are the main police commanders, Lalanne said. During the demonstrations, the police used weapons against the demonstrators, which are defined as “war weapons”: hand grenades and hard rubber bullets.
The French president and his minister can not invoke their immunity before the International Criminal Court, according to a lawyer from Lalanne. They would enjoy immunity in France, but not before the International Criminal Court.

The complainants should receive an ICC response within one month on the admissibility of this case.

So far the main stream media has not reported on this impending lawsuit.

Randy Maugans did a fantastic no holds barred interview with Beth Martens that will have resonated with many who listened.
Randy spoke about his own trials and tribulations of overcoming personal conflicts and also attacks beyond your normal scope.
The pressures of being a father, husband and his gender orientation, plus the general things that life throws up like finances, children, grandchildren and fitting it all in, as time currently is being squeezed into much narrower spins.
He spoke about the pressures to perform or to be available, and the thinking process of why am I doing this? is always bubbling just below this surface, and I concur with that thinking also, particularly when you observe much stupidity and ignorance borne out of social media chats or pages, it is frustrating more for us, when we have put so much into it.
Thinking that comes into your head and I know Randy and Alan will agree with this is, why are we putting in so much energy to save people, whereby our desire to save or help is more than the person does for themselves, think long and hard about that for a second, a stranger wanting to help you more than you want to help yourself? That is part of the problem here is the lack of caring, and that type of disparity in effort, renders it under one term only, vampirism.
Why shouldn’t people fight as hard to save or help themselves? it is bizarre in the extreme
Randy spoke about the varying roles and the impact that starts to bleed through into your private life, and then begins to consume it in many aspects, I know that from personal experience, this is essentially a 24/7 job, and we have both wondered how many consider the work involved, and how it impacts our daily lives, or do we actually have a life?
To me this is like a hobby and I do enjoy what I do, but the demands on us both can be relentless, people always wanting to talk to you, or engage you in emails, and trying to keep as many happy as possible, whilst balancing some kind of life.
Churning out show after show that involves much sin eating, moreso myself given I have a greater access to the intel, can be very draining on your emotional aspects, and in Randy’s case led to depression and of great concern for those around him.
Randy spoke about a number of defining moments on his radio path, starting off as a religious based show until narratives started to fall apart and he morphed into ET’s and a plethora of other subjects, that goes down the rabbit hole that has no ending.
My defining moment was a conference, but I never saw myself as a radio show host or guest, as I felt I didn’t speak clearly enough, would have issues with the UK accent and I was softly spoken to boot, so unlike Randy I felt I didn’t speak too well, but people like Randy who pushed the boundaries to allow people like me to step forward.
Randy spoke of the struggles of being a male these days, in particular the white male, we are by far the most marginalized, Beth asked what can women do to help, answer would be to stop pushing them away, stop being intimidating, stop basing your love on how much they earn or will spend, and stop putting us down, just because men did it, does not mean it has to be replicated.
Look at how many single females there are, look at how many single mothers there are, the figures are staggering, at this point it cannot be solely that men are all bastards, and after one thing.
Clearly there is a deeper underlying problem here now, particular in the Western world, that females are just being to damn demanding, too much taking and not enough giving, at a time of when men have basically been stripped of their archetype role, and render unable to show or share feelings or emotions when things go wrong, that is a male problem, oh shut up and stop being a girl or get a grip of yourself will not apply to the modern day man, which Randy got across oh so well.
The duality dance, the tags, the labels, the boxes, the roles and the culture have all rendered the male and female into a mish mash of confusion, mistrust, distrust, fear based and limiting, this as randy said has to be addressed by us all.

Then we did a fairly deep show that covered many topics between Alan, Randy and I and I must say there was a great flow to that show, all done in a non competitive way, all respecting each others time and words, all promoting each other, that has to be the way forward for a new alt media, all comfortable enough in our own skin to not need to feel better or weaker than any of the others.
I lot of what we say is nothing new, all words, thoughts, ideas and plans have all gone before and during us.
What we are doing is putting our own essence and consciousness into it, formulating and packaging it in a way that transcends time and space, but it is all about the timing and the flow, and approaching things not in a head space but more heart spaced thinking and solutions, and I look forward to doing further shows with Randy and Alan.

As AOC wails to an empty car park in a media style staged event, that yet again that backfired, the reverse psychology program of oh the poor migrants, all designed to make the American people feel guilty and in some way privileged, what word has raised it’s head again recently – white privilege, can you see the pattern yet?
What about the poor migrants when Obama was in charge? or how about investigating the poor Irish, British and East European treatment in Ellis Island? oh I forgot it is only the black and hispanics that are treated badly in immigration.
All people have been treated badly entering another country, let us not forget that, although media will discount that and alt media refuses to cover it.
I want all people to be looked after well regardless of color I want to make that clear to those unable to use their own thinking patterns, I have black, Hispanic and Jewish friends in my wider circle, but this is being used as a program to create division, not highlight certain plights of people, that none of us can prove.
“They are being made to drink out of toilets” is one quote, horrifying if that is the case, but no one unless there can prove that is the case, from either side of the debate, it is an assumption to us all, and they are pushing a narrative designed to cause doubts or upset, in this case it goes to the top and Trump is a Nazi.
Which leads us to Antifa an anti Nazi group we are told, replete with anti German, anti white and anti supremacist overtones, but these people are stupid and essentially paid actors playing a role, Nazi is not German, Nazi is not white supremacists, Nazi is not pro white either.
Nazism and Germany was the second stage, because the Nazis first ransacked Russia under the banner of the Bolshevik revolution all done by the isRAelite race people, newsflash whilst labelled as Jewish under the modern term, they are not Jewish, this is not a religious war, they are using the religion and their peoples, to cover up a political and genocidal ideology.
Antifa people if genuine need an our story lesson, not his story, I understand if they are fighting for a cause that has been pushed by academie, media and historians throughout their lives, but they have to understand and learn, the people are not the problem, it is a clever plotted scheme that has gone on for thousands of years, but when you look below the surface a completely different picture emerges.
Lenin and Marx were Israelites, who funded Antifa? George Soros another Israelite, who runs New York and all it’s establishment including the media, Israelites, Rothschild’s family are Israelites, who famously refused to take all the Jewish people out of the concentration camps into a safe zone, they refused, as did Menechim Begin Israelite in a previous attempt to remove Jews from the camps, organized by none other than Hitler himself, based on their story does that make any sense?
Hitler saving the Jews, of course it was Hitler who threw out of Germany the Rothschild’s banks, who destroyed their economy.
I am not asking people to believe me here, I am asking you all to go and research it for yourselves, it is all there.
Although a note of warning the go ogle search engine is being culled more and more each day.
The black reparation debate rages on, I have made my stance clear, if you want compensation for the alleged slavery, your real source of claiming reparation is the country of Africa and also the Israelite cult linked with the Rothschild’s banking system, your descendants were used and lied to like everyone else, throw in the fake DNA experts 123 & me and Ancestry.com, add in Darwinism and Eugenics and you may find your ancestry, came from not Africa, but were indigenous to here, oops.
So why have I wrapped in these three pieces together? because they all have a common theme running through them is why, and all three are interconnected in two ways.
First they are creating racial division to generate enough public reaction and anger to kick start wars on the streets.
Secondly and this is a key to understanding all of the last 100 or so years, but actually goes back over 100K years, the migrants issue is being blamed on the whites and the Democrats have all labeled Trump a Nazi (ignoring the fact that the KKK was the paramilitary division of the Democratic party from it’s inception) all orchestrated and played out by the Israelite media.
The black community have been fed lies their whole lives about slavery and white role in it, when my series showed it was the Israelites who collected them and sold them off, and it was the Africans themselves who rounded up their own people and sold them off.
White people have problems in their midst the same as every other color, but if you want an example of what happens when all whites go, look what happened in South Africa and Zimbabwe, you see white per se were not the problem, it is the hidden string puppet masters that ruin and destroy, the whites left some alive but many murdered, and the economies, food industry and other industries collapsed and suddenly no one had any work or income, don’t believe me, go and ask some South Africans, infact I have heard many black S.Africans now say they were better off under apartheid, they now know the whites they threw out were not the issue, but the hidden hand again, of which Mandela was a part of it.
Black lives matter, who funded that? Israelite George Soros again, the blacks scream white privilege and in comparison I can see that to a point, but it is all an illusion once you scratch the surface.
Then you have Antifa playing out that all whites are fascist and German role models from WW2, when the whites lost more of their population during that war than any other color, same happened in WW1 as well.
Three stories, three narratives denigrating the whites not below the surface, but right in your face, these Israelite clowns who run practically all of society now are hellbent on eliminating one race of people, they have been doing it for thousands of years, and run counter operation programs like I have listed, and get the people themselves to enforce it for them.
It is the classic 3 pronged attack they have used over and over, problem which they create and they have the solution lined up, when the public go into the next stage, which is reaction, once the public react to the generated situation and start to demand things they have no idea of what they are demanding, the solution is rolled out.
They used it to takeover Russia, they used it to takeover Germany, they used it to create the state known as Israel, which they run as an operational base, and care not for the Jewish peoples, and their final use is to create war in the 4th Reich for the full takeover of America and a removal of whites in this country, these three stories are to create one thing which will be in the song, if that happens, all colors will suffer far more than you ever realized, war on the streets = marshall law, in comes curfews, in comes hand over your guns and in comes the Israelite gestapo, and life as we know it, will cease to exist.
Whilst I am not in favor of guns, recognize it is the volume of people in this country who have guns, that have kept us all alive to date, fear works both ways.

phone scam, so here is the kicker, you buy a product that gets looked after, used sparingly and then the people you bought it off, decide they will discontinue that product and it will no longer work, fine ok as I have insurance and repair warranty, either you fix this product or give me a new one then, as it was you who decided to make my product not work. NO! you have to buy a new one, we can give you a temporary one but that won’t work by the winter either.
Seriously can you believe this shit! and why is everyone just tolerating it? more is the point, they have sold us products that have a limited lifespan, based on updated technology, nonsense they had this technology decades ago, but slowly introduce it to cream money of each stage.
Can you imagine the reverse scenario of signing up for a year contract and giving them a credit card to charge you, but 1/2 way through that contract your credit card expiry date ends, and you turn around and say well I gave you the details it is not my fault the card expired, you will just have to run your contract to the end with no payments, because that credit card no longer works, why should I give them a new credit card number during the contract, if they wont replace a phone they made defective?
Word on the street is a lot if not all of 3G and some low end 4G phones will not work by the end of the year, what I was told that 5G makes those phones obsolete, so for those who paid $600-1000 for phones a case of tough shit, we should not tolerate this nonsense.
The technician I spoke to said the phone and text phones will go obsolete shortly also and you will have to get the full on spy phone to make calls and texts.
Fairly simple solution to this is everyone refuse to buy their new phones, won’t happen of course, but that would end this nonsense.
How is it you can buy a smartphone for $60 off the shelf at Walmart and yet other smartphones are $1100, what are you getting different? a few apps? For $1100 I can buy a 55″ HD smart LED TV, a Blueray DVD Player and CD player, and a HP 15″ Intel I3 with 4Gb laptop, an XBox one with 1Tbite, and still have change for a nice 14 oz. NY strip meal at a local restaurant for the price of one 6″ x 3″ phone, do people not see the madness in that?

With the changes in technology and the potential loss of several lines of employment along with job market changes, will be challenging to many people, how will cope with reduced earnings either with a lower paid job and or the benefits system.
There is one thing that can be done that would benefit all people on how to overcome those losses, by becoming self sustainable on some aspects of food.
The mass production market has failed, on so many levels, as less and less people each generation retained the knowledge of how to grow their own food, and because so many can’t or won’t we are all bound to the system, of which they control that has led to some catastrophic changes to how our food is produced and processed.
Mass experimentation to it, plastic rice, baby fetuses in products, vitamin and nutrients stripped food with the GMO crap.
Animals squashed into cages of tighter proportions, animals pumped with all kinds of drugs to fatten them up, animals fed nutrient deficient  grass, and others fed all kinds food containing shit, this is our legacy for going convenient.
Like I have said in a previous show, convenience is the most common growth for the control system, it has been damaging to us all.
Their are spiritual aspects to growing your own food, grounding with the planet, getting hands dirty improves your immune system, you have a greater attachment to nature, but the bonus is if grown right, your food will actually taste better, why because you nurtured it.
Growing your own food means less money spent on weekly or monthly groceries, which means you will require less labor efforts to earn money, but the biggest key is you have more control of the self and your life.

Decentral interesting term suggesting they are breaking up the big banks, and that will be portrayed as something that will be beneficial and work for us, except it is an illusion, as essentially we have already done that with the work with The Trust.
But De means the, of, or from, so they think they are being clever with their hidden double ending meaning words again, they are not, decentral means of central, with them in smaller numbers at the helm is what they are saying, but what they say, think or do matters not to us, it is what we say, think and do that will count.
They revealed their weakened hand and using a poker analogy staging a bluff of epic proportions, they are already low on chips having rolled the dice too far, and are now reduced to gambling on a last hand with jacks, queens, kings and aces discarded from them, the dealer is no longer corrupted and is now transparent, and so we called their bluff on their last hand, and now they have to play a game outside of their comfort suit. Let the play begin.

swedish,  2 meanings             UR-SPRUNGS-BE-FOLKNING  =  1)   the FIRST that lived in an area
=  2)   those that later tribes originate FROM
ursprung  +  befolkning, ursprung  =  the beginning, the first, the well, the origination
befolkning  =  the people living IN AN AREA, folk  =  people in general, nation, tribe, VOLK in german
ur-befolkning  =  those that lived in an area IN THE BEGINNING, ur  =  first part of a compound word,  of,  out of
UR = pocket-watch,  something that measures TIME, sprung  =  past tense of verb SPRING, ursprung = sprung  ( out )  of
ursprung  = sprung out of UR ?  ( URS ? )             URSPRUNG should be URSSPRUNG   ?            
we ( folk ) have through time, sprung out of THE URS that lived in an area

In life there are givers and there are takers, and sadly takers from my perspective are around 90%, that figure has to change, as an example Alan ran a program that I came up with of $1 per person for 10% of the population, would give The Peoples club $33m per month, in Ireland around 1/2 a million Euros per month, imagine what we can do with that, and yet Alan received just one enquiry, and yet clowns come up with a new taxation scheme that seduces you with a chance to win millions, where the odds of winning are in the hundreds of millions to one, and people throw all kinds of money at it each week, that tax scam is called the lottery, choice was there a one in 200M of winning or winning every week with your one Euro, and people rejected it, therein lies the problem, too many won’t help or save themselves, and leave it to the few to help them, and the ridiculous notion that plays out is the few that care more, are using more effort to help or save people, than those people are doing, or caring of helping or saving themselves.

In our final piece tonight I want to start off with a reminder I was sent by one of our dearest members.
“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”
With that in your headspace I want to discuss where we are all at in terms of self expression, inner knowing and a deep bond between us all, that I know exists between many in the group, and I know much of that love and camaraderie is directed at me as the leader of the group, I do feel it and treasure it, and is reciprocated.

As I reach the anniversary month that started to elevate me more as a public figure six years ago, a month that was very painful for me in private when in the space of 4 days I lost an uncle and a cousin and my dad went into permanent care for his Alzheimer condition, but it didn’t end there.
I had a school friend who was going through a rough time due to a failed relationship, I knew he was struggling, and asked him to come to Florida for a week or two to ease his pain, he said he would think about it, but I knew he wouldn’t and he ultimately took his own life, feelings and thoughts always come in, could I have done more? we all go through that, but overtime you satisfy yourself it was his choice to end his life.
He came through to me on the other side a month or so later, with a message for one of his friends I had to relay, I managed to locate her online and relayed the message, which predictably freaked her out and she thought I was messing with her head, after several exchanges she accepted it, it freaked me out as well but these were strange times for me.
But that month and the traumas didn’t end there either, 3 deaths and dad going into care is enough for most to absorb, but my wife then went into external interference mode, and suddenly things that were strained from 3 months earlier got a whole heap worse, with the tipping point of me becoming the radio show host for Drake, the wife thought I was going above my station (pardon the pun) and ultimately three weeks later, that marriage of 32 years came to an abrupt end, and bizarrely out went all what I thought were my friends in Florida, none have spoken to me since.
Amidst all this chaos I spent many nights up to early hours of the morning trying to save another person who was also suicidal out of Cosmic Voice, of course long term listeners you will remember the chaos of that month as Universal Voice transitioned rockily to Cosmic Voice as well.
Just when you think all that is too much, there was another layer added into it for good measure, that month was a trigger for me to embrace new abilities, an awakening to a different reality, is this real? Am I going nuts? Where do you start to comprehend this new reality? at a time when there is complete chaos all around me, as well as within me.
I was supported by Drake and Tanaath to a point, but those two are not the warmest hearts outwardly, inwardly yes and so was rather difficult with them two initially, I received support from a few others, Andy Simmons helped, but those who supported me the most were Chloe and Sunfire, they helped me over the initial stage until after several 3D physical confirmations of what I was experiencing, became accepted into my own reality.
It is not an easy process to absorb, emotions, thoughts, ponderings, doubts, insecurities and triggers all surfaced in one giant inner world explosion, these are key junctures in your life and you have a decision to make, do I bow down to the pressure to conform, or do you accept you and your life, and strive to improve the aspects of it that hold you back?
Throughout my life I have bowed to no one, it’s hierarchical and damaging to us all, so I chose to embrace this new reality and vowed to teach, help and trigger others into remembering who they are.
People come along in your life who are the doors in essence, do you walk through their door and embrace, or wait for another door? or do you stand in the corridor in the vortex of bullshittery.
You have all had several choices of that ilk in life, some of those choices made, never went the way you had wished, but those choices are neither right nor wrong, they are learning experiences we all need.
Other people came in with their doors that made the show what it is today, Shane the ruiner being one, he filled in a lot of missing pieces at a time, when the alt media and it’s narrative I felt was going badly astray, and was damaging many and sending many off track I felt.
A later door was opened and Kim was on the other side, that took things onto a whole different level for both of us, spanning dimensions, time and space, she is very dear to me and regardless of whether funds do get released or not, the progress we have made has been beyond measure, my goal was never about pieces of paper, plaudits or titles, my goal is to improve life and lives, and ensure this species had a future.
Money in and of itself per se, does not change lives, unless those lives receiving it are healed, and their inner selves are corrected in a better way, than it has been for us all.
We have forced the all powerful, with unlimited resources at their disposal to admit, they have lost the battle over control of peoples life force energy, and pushed them into a desperate measure of trying to create a new one, that looks flimsy at best and release their program of we want people to buy our fresh air tokens, it is a staggering success, that will not sink for many until much later.
Recent doors have opened although one particular door kept getting open and closed, due to his own inner trust issues and his journey of finding himself enough to project it, but I knew he would have a much bigger impact once he truly found himself, that person is Randy Maugans, and I am delighted that he and also Alan, are now fully on board with a vision to change the way alt media operates.
The three of us have much to offer individually, but collectively we create a synergistic energy that radiates through the shows we have done to date, none moreso than the one last Sunday.
A refreshing flow of ideas, thoughts, honest interactions that spanned many topics, and yet we still have so many more collectively we can cover on a wider and deeper basis, and this we will go into, in further shows, all three of us have endeavoured to do at least one show per month and discuss varying topics on deeper levels, plus go into how if given the funds to do so, we can change life and lives accordingly, and steer humanity onto better paths.
Following another now legendary bust up that was all too familiar with Drake and his shows, THI was launched after several members requested it, that I start my own show, my at times too deep humble side was taken aback by the response and the desire for me to launch my own show, I had doubts but realized the people believed in me, more than perhaps I believed in myself, particularly Holly, James and Chloe.
So THI was launched and several names came up for what to call the show, and a few people were chiming in with suggestions, and so I went inwards and came up and out with, Truth which is important to me in particular, and us all, after all the lies we have gorged on all our lives, Honor and Integrity are again important to me, and following the split from CV it was shown that some clearly don’t get the concept, of Honor and or Integrity, I am loyal to people to a fault, but one of the hurdles I have had to overcome in my own mind is, too few will honor that loyalty in return, as people with masks are a representation of a chameleon, they change sides like the flip of a switch.
Kim has had similar issues in her life as well, even some who were in the team in the past, it is kind of brutal to have to deal with, people who sell you out, when you think we are all on the same side, then one or more reveals they are not, some are more than just a two sided coin and their interactions can leave you cold and frustrated.
But by supporting each other we have managed to address those issues individually and collectively, and come out even stronger despite the background noise of hostility, threats and intimidation.
Trust is a big issue, but we all get warnings of certain people who are in our lives, but we largely ignore it and project it at the wrong ones, generally the ones who they fear, due to their own insecurities, this eventually breaks down and the real perpetrators of the issues unmasks themselves externally, and it becomes all too obvious where the problem lies, this can be avoided by being in the heart center thinking mode, not head.
Ignore your instincts at your own peril, they will come back to bite you at greater intensity than initially, there are few genuine people around, just because they are minority, does not mean you have to ignore them, inner knowing overcomes all hurdles.
The roles of telling truth and exposing the lies on this planet comes with a great burden and sacrifice, as Randy mentioned in his show with Beth Martens last week, people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of being a show host in this field, but we do it because it is the right thing to do and cathartic to finding ourselves also.
Some people joined THI because of the MWHT, others for the ET knowledge interspersed throughout many of the shows, others join as the intel is a bit more interesting than solving Q puzzles and the, be ready waiting game, some like the fact that I have highlighted the plights of peoples in other far flung countries, which is rarely covered in the mainstream or alt media either too much.
Some like the history sections, that were introduced at various stages during the past 3 years or so, some got more involved due to the must listen to series, and then I introduced a new section called the OP-ed pieces, which goes in much deeper than some liked initially, but as they grew into themselves and began to flower, those op-ed’s started to make a whole heap more sense.
Those Op-ed’s and must listen to series took us out of the old timeline narrative, that still pervades most of the alt media to this day, I know many of you who listen to this have recognized, the gulf in knowledge of those who have been with the show from the start, and those new starting off on their own new journey, although I’m pleased to see some members often try to help these people along also.
Op-eds brought in the pondering pieces, the triggers, the deep thinking questions that many would not face internally or externally, some pieces were fairly brutal to absorb as it shook the foundations, of what you thought you knew and created a door to a new reality, most believed in only one reality, that is the limitation programming we have all absorbed.
Yes those pieces triggered people, some of the people then chose to project at other members, but largely at me, as their masks were peeled off by this funny talking person with a foreign accent, who was slamming them into fields of consciousness some never knew existed, and some too comfortable in their limited and limiting skin suits.
THI is in overview a psychology learning on many levels, and also planes that we all think we chose to be a part of externally, you were wrong to think that, you arrived at THI internally when you were ready, your decision made internally to throw off the old you, and embrace a path towards the new you, the real you.
That new you is what you are now, still with work to do within the self, we all do including me, as that path is infinity, it does not have an end or defined goal, that is the limitation programming again.
So those that think they have done all of their shadow and inner work and addressed it, or don’t need to do it are lying to themselves only, those people have allowed themselves to become bots in essence, unwilling to change, unwilling to develop and only wish to do, repeat loop and stagnation programs, no one or thing, progresses with a stagnated mindset, and is not congruent to what this group is all about, it is about progress to infinity on a life, soul, spirit, planet and universal levels.
For some it is all too much and they disembarked our train and joined their own levels, some wracked in bitterness, but largely in envy, which is a reflection of themselves and where they are at, the focus of their anger may well be at me or the group, but it is really about themselves and their own inner failures, time as always will show that, and one of the things I am blessed with is patience, with teaching on this level it is a prerequisite, otherwise chaos ensues.
Is our group perfect? nope, still residual programming stuck within us all, that causes issues within the group, we are all different and at different levels of learning, but all desired deep down to push each other on.
The competitive mindset and unbalanced egos still simmers in some, which then triggers in others who have not thrown off their chameleon skin suit, but they are far fewer than other groups I have to say.
Then we come to the game players, the agents, the trolls, the shills whose lives are so shite, shallow and debased they resort to attempting, to destroy others intent on a better path, some are obvious, some are more subtle, none escape the frequency they give out to myself or certain members of our group, despite thinking they are so clever at hiding it, newsflash, you haven’t, some can see, feel and sense beyond your low vibrational understanding of it.
We see it in the chat section, people twisting words and playing mind games, or whenever a deep seated discussion comes in and is in full flow, they chime in with bizarre comments or questions to disrupt the flow, whether intentional or not, some just seek their own attention field to draw people in, rest assured it rarely goes unnoticed for long, either on FB or Mewe.
So here we all are warts and all, all congregated together after many lifetimes of trials and tribulations, making and being the difference, have we arrived here by accident? you can convince yourselves that that is the case, your not convincing me, well it is was co-incidence or by a fluke Thomas that I arrived here, again not convincing me, there are no coincidences in life, only events in the epochs of time.
You are a part of a soul level group and or family, many of you have formed bonds that go beyond 3D level thinking or understanding, I have long since known this and recognize it as such, it transcends normal boundaries, time and dimensions and illicit’s an inner knowing and connections that spooks many of you, until you reach that point of understanding.
We have come far together, but we must not rest on our laurels of achievements to date, that is stagnation, but push onto greater heights within ourselves and within our group.
This group has afforded you the time and space to unburden your life, and reveal your own unique experiences, it has allowed you your say to express in a free way, which is often not allowed outside of this group, or within your own circle.
As one person after another started exposing their stories, many common shared experiences emerged, again that is not a coincidence, this then allowed members to go deeper and release some of their deeper and or more painful experiences, safe in the knowledge, no one would judge them.
The series An Evening with Thomas went deeper again for the 19 people who have participated to date, much unburdening, much revealed and all will say they ended up saying more than they thought, I wonder why that was lol.
All will say they felt better and a release once they processed the show, what they don’t know is many who have been on that series unblocked their throat chakra, oops, it is common for those in alt media to be shut down there, and is a block to connecting fully with the heart center and alignment.
This is what happens when you are unable to speak freely, it creates a block at the throat, I know I had it for long spells in my life because my opinions, ideas and understanding were almost 180 from all around me, it wasn’t until my mid thirties I started to open up a bit.
I have been through many experiences in this lifetime, feels like several rolled into one, many choose to keep those experiences within, I know I did for a long time until September 2011, when I decided I needed to share my knowledge and insight, although many of my experiences have not been revealed.
It has been for all of us, a lonely journey, being involved in this type of unlearning and relearning of something that is more real, than what we were fed, a stair step journey of learning and a change in frequency, not only for you, but those around you.
Many don’t think they are influencing people just by standing there, it creates fields of opposite and attract, those fields have been getting sharper, more defined as some drew towards you, but many retracted, why? because they could not handle your frequency internally, they gave you the external projection of it as rejecting your narrative, but that is the illusion, they couldn’t handle your new frequency.
Many pondered on recent pieces and statements of the 85/15% conundrum, some showed fear, some didn’t understand it or refused to face it, some were puzzled by it and some embraced it, all of it good except those who just dismissed it, as it encouraged thinking on deeper levels, not surface headline reactions, which plagues many people.
We have all expressed concern of how lonely this path can be, how people fell away from your lives and at times, the pain that brought, but you pushed through it and came out the other side, you overcame the rejection, overcame the abuse and or ridicule and pushed on regardless.
I wonder how many thought on that 85/15 piece and thought, you know what, around 85% of my former circle is now gone already, and I came through that? Is it not the case that that transition has in part already taken place? So replicate that on a wider scale than just your own circle, and perhaps that figure makes more sense now.
I keep saying to stop waiting for events, events have already unfolded on an internal level, the external verification has not yet manifested fully, but it will.
This is why it is essential to thinking things through on a deeper level, that leads to more understanding of you and your surroundings, you observe not see, you listen not hear, you sense not feel, that puts you in tune with far more than your external understanding of things.
Quite a number in our group have a deeper connection to me that goes beyond love partnerships or desires, that also transcends time and manifesting into the now, but that connection is far from one sided, and is reciprocated by me also, we are in 3D recognizing it is a chemical bonding, but we are in essence remembering the frequency of the past and we all loved together.
On this world it is all about possession of the person, marriage defines that, but ignoring the sexual aspect of it, which is in and of itself another possession aspect, and is separate from love and that frequency, so why can’t we love more than one person? what is stopping us doing that?
The system here is what, designed to keep us all separated, it breeds jealousy, frustrations, insecurities and bitterness, which is exactly what this planet was operated to do by the dark forces, it is up to us all to push out and away from those boundaries, reject their limitation programming, forget their divisive conquests, reject their contracts of bonding only to the one, bond to the all, embrace it, nourish on it and spread it out.
To the men who listen, let go of your inhibitions and programming, that you can’t love a male outside of your family circle, love and sex with should not be blurred into one field of thinking, they are entirely separate, the fear of showing love to your fellow man is because of concern of what others think, fuck them and what they think that is another program.
We men have been trampled on for far too long and used as bait for the controllers to abuse, marginalize and destroy, reduced to quivering wrecks and terrified to speak, act or do anything for fear of what other think or say, time to take back our partial archetype, and find balance within us, that also embraces the feminine aspect we all have.
I am pleased no end we have all assembled here in alignment with Randy and Alan with their respective shows, and I hope this piece reaches you all, this group has given us all a purpose to change in life, there are many in the group that has come through suicidal tendencies, weaned off drugs, weaned off long and short term medications, weaned off alcoholism, weaned off religiosity programs, gone through painful divorces or partner splits, lost family members or lost direction, and we have come through it all, we are all still here and all still fighting, all still learning and I hope all is still progressing.
I could not have done this show for this long and covered so many topics without the help of you all, I love you all I want you to know that, and will never take your affections, attentions or interactions lightly, it is not what I am about.
I am proud of what you have all achieved on a personal level and collective level, and I know I have played a bit of a role in that, but the credits must go to yourselves, you did the work, you embraced it, and you started to flourish and remember more of who and what you are, and more importantly who and what you wish to become.
I was asked a question which I perceived as based more on the trust funds arriving or not, whether THI will fade out or wither away, my reply was even if I leave THI it will never burn out, as it is imprinted within us all now, it is etched into our psyche and frequency that will never fade away.
Thanks to and big love and hugs to all of you who have been on this journey together, it will not just be this lifetime either, we will meet again outside of this 3d meat suit, as this soul group and family transcends that.
We were born not manufactured. We did not choose, we are chosen. Those who understand need no explanation. Those who don’t understand, don’t matter.

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