“The illiterate of the future will be those who cannot unlearn the lies of our past.” – Thomas Williams

There comes a time when enough is enough. There is a place in history where humanity wakes up to the realization they are being lied to, manipulated, and used. There comes a time when an entire planet must rise up and cast off the shadows and chains of the past. This time has come, that place in history is now, and the line has been drawn. We are not here to lie, confuse, or sow discord. We are not here to fight, accuse, or create division. We are here to tell the truth, as best we know it. We are here to reveal truths and hidden knowledge that can benefit all life on this planet. We are here to set the record as straight as possible in the hope we may all come together, and stop fighting about who is “right”. We are here to inform, create unity, and give humanity the chance to thrive it has always deserved, but whose chances were suffocated in selfishness and secrets. We are a collective of persons and peoples from around the world who know answers to questions the mainstream experts only dreamed of having. We are lifetimes of secrets, waiting to be shouted, loudly and in love. We cherish our fellow humans, our planet, and all life she supports. We are thankful to and empowered by the Source of all things that flows through us. Regardless if one is religious, atheistic, agnostic, scientific, progressive, conservative, or just simply confused by it all, we are one family. We cannot move forward if we are fighting. We make progress with hard work, humility, compassion, and cooperation. We thrive as a species when there are no controllers and no controlled, only sovereignty, honesty, and freedom. We are here to offer accurate information, real hope, and practical solutions to the world we call home. And though many of us come from deeply hidden and entrenched, ancient societies, we are not a new secret society. We are a No More Secrets Society.

We welcome you to join us in bringing light to the darkness. We will reveal knowledge that was kept from the public intentionally for thousands of years. It was kept secret to control you. You don’t want to be controlled, you want to be free and informed. With that we can help, and we must, before it’s too late. We want not to destroy faith or science, but to clarify them. None of the following information is dangerous, though it may well be frightening. Face this fear. A line has been drawn, and we refuse to return to the selfish past. Knowledge is power.

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