truth honor integrity | july 11 2019

SUB INTEL previously touched on topics, indicative or confirming pieces put out previously
Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested for allegedly sex trafficking minors in Florida and New York from 2002 to 2005. He was taken into custody by the FBI on Saturday after landing in New York following an overseas flight, The arrest comes after a New York federal appeals court ordered last week the release of 2,000 pages of judicial documents related to Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell, who are suspected of taking part in an international sex trafficking operation. Epstein is a politically well-connected billionaire who for more than a decade has faced allegations of luring underage girls by hiring them to provide massages and then sexually abusing them. His alleged victims, some as young as 14, have accused the hedge-funder of using his private jet to transport girls across to such places as his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, a residence in New York City, and his private 72-acre Virgin Islands home, sometimes referred to as “Orgy Island.” Epstein was closely connected to former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II, who is the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. Both flew frequently on Epstein’s private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express.” President Trump was Epstein’s neighbor in Palm Beach and a former friend. He also flew on Epstein’s plane. None of the intel channels I engage with have ever stated Trump was involved in pedophilia. How ironic will it be or how indicative is it that James Comey’s daughter will be the prosecutor in this?

Is it more ironic or indicative that the very guy who gave Epstein the plea deal back in the previous case of Epstein, was appointed by Trump to be his Secretary of Labor. Trump may well fire him soon, hire, wait for attention and then fire makes more sense now doesn’t it?

India and China have expressed skepticism over Libra’s prospects, as both seek to limit the cryptocurrency trade. Beijing, in particular, is worried that US-controlled digital currency might undermine its financial sovereignty. Over 300 million Facebook users and over 400 million WhatsApp users in India will not be able to use Facebook’s Libra coin when the cryptocurrency hits the market sometime next year because of the virtual ban the government has placed on digital currency trading. “Design of the Facebook currency has not been fully explained,” India’s Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Garg. But whatever it is, it would be a private cryptocurrency and that’s not something we have been comfortable with.

As President Donald Trump named his picks to fill two influential seats on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, the price of gold surged. That may be because one of the them, Judy Shelton, is a believer in the return to the gold standard, a money policy abandoned by the U.S. in 1971. Shelton is raising eyebrows among mainstream economists for her views, which include slashing the Fed’s benchmark rate to zero and pegging the value of the dollar to gold prices. She’s not the first Trump pick for the Fed to advocate a return to the gold standard, with his two previous failed Fed choices — Stephen Moore and Herman Cain — also advocating for a revival of the policy. In picking Shelton, Mr. Trump is aiming to place a supporter on the Federal Reserve, which he’s argued is slowing economic growth and depressing the stock market by keeping interest rates too high. The Fed currently is maintaining its benchmark rate in a range of 2.25% to 2.5%, but Shelton has said she wants to lower rates “as fast, as efficiently, as expeditiously as possible.” Listeners to this show knows who are the only group with assets to carry that off, MWHT. Time will tell as always.

Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have seized a container ship operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Co., weeks after authorities found more than $1 billion worth of cocaine on the vessel in what was one of the largest drug busts in American history. US Customs and Border Protection seized the ship on July 4, a statement out Monday said. The ship is owned by client assets in a maritime strategy offered by JPMorgan Asset Management, according to a person familiar with the matter. It is operated by the Switzerland-based MSC. JPMorgan declined to comment. Mediterranean Shipping Co. did not immediately respond to an email inquiry.

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on Wednesday that Facebook’s (FB.O) plan to build a digital currency called Libra “cannot go forward” until serious concerns are addressed, comments that pressured the project and dented the price of the original cryptocurrency bitcoin. The strong comments from the most powerful U.S. financial regulator underscored the growing regulatory hurdles facing the proposed cryptocurrency, which has drawn scrutiny from policymakers globally.  “Libra raises many serious concerns regarding privacy, money laundering, consumer protection and financial stability,” Powell said during his semi-annual testimony on monetary policy before the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee. “I don’t think the project can go forward” without addressing those concerns, he added later. The price of bitcoin fell as much as 7 percent during Powel’s three hours of testimony.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell defiantly said Wednesday he would not accept being fired by President Donald Trump, who has waged an unprecedented public pressure campaign on the central bank. Like Mnuchin these people are being controlled by the system. Americans need to know and understand this, that your President is not in control of the country and you need to recognize that fact.

A new poll has revealed that China’s economic growth is expected to slow to 6.2% in 2019. The figure would represent a near 30-year low.

An Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander threatened on Friday to seize a British ship in retaliation for the capture of an Iranian supertanker by Royal Marines in Gibraltar. “If Britain does not release the Iranian oil tanker, it is the authorities’ duty to seize a British oil tanker,” Mohsen Rezai said on Twitter. The Gibraltar government said the crew on board the supertanker Grace 1 were being interviewed as witnesses, not criminal suspects, in an effort to establish the nature of the cargo and its ultimate destination. British Royal Marines boarded the ship off the coast of the British territory on Thursday and seized it over accusations it was breaking sanctions by taking oil to Syria. They landed a helicopter on the moving vessel in pitch darkness. While the European Union has not followed the United States in imposing broad sanctions against Iran, it has had measures in place since 2011 that prohibit sales of oil to Syria. Gibraltar said on Friday it had obtained an order extending the detention of the supertanker by 14 days because there were grounds to believe it was breaking sanctions by taking crude oil to Syria. Shipping experts say it may have been avoiding the more direct route through the Suez Canal, where a big tanker would typically be required to unload part of its cargo into a pipeline to cross, potentially exposing it to seizure. This is all because the clowns had their cheap or free oil deals cut off, meltdown time

Bitcoin, markets all expected to crash again

The Credit lines being cut to all banks as announced two weeks back is now starting to bite, and bite hard. The emergency meetings that involved Putin, Pence and others moving was nothing to do with the submarine incident, and all to do with global banking problems, as of Monday situation was beyond dire.

As we warned several times in several shows with regards to Deutsche Bank, they have badly toppled 18K staff slashed, workers sent home, this is the first to topple all major banks will follow, if they don’t change their course. If you have money in the following banks clearly you have not listened or don’t value your own money, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America, Chase, HSBC, Lloyds, Santander, RBoS, Nat West, Barclays, TD bank and the child trafficking bank Standard Charter.

Janet Yellen, Michael Cohen, Chuck Schumer, Stephen Mnuchin, Jared Kushner and Ivanka, Ruth Ginsburg, Kagan and Breyer who are all judges, Steven Miller, Rod Rosenstein, Jake Tapper interesting list of names, most if not all involved in some way to do with the Mueller investigation, but that is not why I brought up those names in this piece, those names were listed in the Jerusalem Post this week as some of the worlds top 50 Jewish people of influence. There is a connection and why I put it in the intel

Wednesday it was announced on Monday was the final, final and ultimate date of the infamous Regurgitated Vomit known as the RV, it seems they have totally forgotten the previous 2000 or so dates of it’s happening as Wednesday July 10th 2019 was always the desired date. It failed.

Deutsche bank issue and trying to be stage managed by others, is to do with the liquidity issue we mentioned a couple of weeks back, we said it would come, that is the tip of the iceberg.

The lack of free oil from the middle east has put a few governments including China and it’s deep state on the verge of bankruptcy.

USA needs money badly, there is talk of not making payroll on monday, which would lead to layoffs again.

The Pentagon to head off a potential catastrophe has been negotiating this week with 5 of the major US banks, 3 of which have signed up to agreements to our terms, (MWHT backed) we will see if they go through with it.

According to a local daily, The Heritage quoting a leaked communication from the office of the Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs at the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning(MFDP), Samora P.Z. Wolokollie, has revealed how he (Deputy Minister Wolokollie), on behalf of the Minister of MFDP, Mr. Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. and the Government of Liberia(GoL), formally wrote to confirm and reaffirm “our interest in re-negotiating securing a Grant valued at US$5,700,000,000 (Five Billion Seven Hundred Million United States Dollars) from Manna Holding Trust.” According to the leaked communication dated November 23,2018 and addressed to Steve Lipman, Manna World Holding Trust, a copy of which is in possession of this paper, Deputy Minister Wolokollie explained: “This letter is our confirmation that I have received authorization from the Honorable Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Hon. Samuel D. Teah, Jr. that we are willing and capable to receive and disburse funds on an IP Server to IP server special swift transfer basis through the Central Bank of Liberia. I confirm that I have consulted with our Finance Minister, our President and we have collectively reached a consensus to facilitate the above referenced transaction, provided that the procedure to accessing this fund is clearly laid out.” The deputy finance minister in his letter continued: “ It is our understanding that finance will be available for strategic national projects, as we prepare to receive the funds in trenches as agreed by all parties to this Grant Facility.” “We look forward to working with you on this as we seek further guidance on the details of the fund availability through a Grant Facility,” Deputy Minister Wolokollie concluded in his letter to Steve Lipman. The Manna World Holding Trust to Liberia is a company that holds Liberia’s development and road construction fund. It was gathered that Deputy Minister Wolokollie’s letter was in response to an earlier communication reportedly sent to authorities of the MFDP concerning the controversial deal.
The key part is this next piece to take note of also:
However, a million dollar question on the lips of some key observers is that what would Minister Tweah and Deputy Minister Wolokollie write formally to re-negotiate secure a Grant valued at US$5,700,000,000 (Five Billion Seven Hundred Million United States Dollars) from Manna Holding Trust supposedly behind the scene without the involvement of other key state actors, (actors being the operative word) including members of the Legislature, thus raising serious eyebrows, with the observers (observers are clowns and representative organizations) terming the re-negotiation of the deal as “bogus” and intended to enrich a few at the detriment of the struggling Liberian masses. “The whole discussion between authorities of the MFDP and Steve Lipman concerning the over US$5 billion deal was done behind the scenes, making a secret as other key state actors were not in the know least to mention the public,” asserted one of the observers. Yes the observers, notice no names of who these observers are, I will tell you who they are IMF, UN, Dragon groups and Rothschild’s clowns is who, who for those with an open mind can now see, they wish for no country to have anything. Of course negotiations were in secret, no different to Bilderberg, UN, Council of Foreign Relations and the 300 Committee, why the disparity? Negotiations were done with people who are interested in their people, those left out were clown puppets is why.
All people who are hellbent on denying the Trust, blocking it or discrediting it are anti life people, mired in their own insecurities of bitterness and their own abject envy.

G20 rejected bit coin as reserve currency, European Central Bank stated it is not a currency

And even fed rejected it, oops, why? because as I stated in Clowns in Panic show they are being cut out for a higher end game, dominated by billionaires, not millionaires.
We can confirm that several of the board members are coming forward looking for golden parachute, a personal pay out in turn for resigning.



The Tribunal that publicly indicted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and twenty other top officials and summoned them to a September 16 hearing in Vancouver has issued an Open Letter to Trudeau that requires that he comply with “the dictates of international law and morality”. 

Citing United Nations statutes, the International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC) has directed Trudeau and his government to refrain from “any further actions that aid and abet the continued genocide of aboriginal people”. These actions include destroying evidence and mass graves, silencing witnesses, granting tax exemptions to genocidal Canadian churches and even standing as candidates in the upcoming Canadian federal election.

The Tribunal’s Open Letter has also requested a meeting between ITDC officials and Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet in Ottawa next Monday, July 15, in order to seek their “compliance with these requirements of international law”. The Tribunal officials will be conducting a press conference and public events on the same day in Ottawa.

A copy of the ITDC’s Open Letter and a youtube broadcast link is provided below.

See www.murderbydecree.com (“ITCCS Updates”) for background material.

Issued July 9, 2019 by The Directorate of The International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada 

Two pieces of very disturbing news involving working women and menstruation have emerged in India in recent months. Periods have long been a taboo in the country, menstruating women are believed to be impure and are still excluded from social and religious events. In recent years, these archaic ideas have been increasingly challenged, especially by urban educated women. But two recent reports show that India’s very problematic relationship with menstruation continues. A vast majority of women, especially those from poor families, with no agency and no education, are forced to make choices that have long-term and irreversible impacts on their health and their lives. The first comes from the western state of Maharashtra where it has been revealed by Indian media that thousands of young women have undergone surgical procedures to remove their wombs in the past three years. In a substantial number of cases they have done this so they can get work as sugarcane harvesters.

Every year, tens of thousands of poor families from Beed, Osmanabad, Sangli and Solapur districts migrate to more affluent western districts of the state – known as “the sugar belt” – to work for six months as “cutters” in sugarcane fields. Once there, they are at the mercy of greedy contractors who use every opportunity to exploit them. To begin with, they are reluctant to hire women because cane-cutting is hard work and women may miss a day or two of work during their periods. If they do miss a day’s work, they have to pay a penalty.  The issue was raised last month in the state assembly by legislator Neelam Gorhe, Maharashtra Health Minister Eknath Shinde admitted that there had been 4,605 hysterectomies just in Beed district in three years. Prajakta Dhulap from the BBC, who visited Vanjarwadi village in Beed district, says from October to March every year, 80% of villagers migrate to work in sugarcane fields. She reports that half of the women in the village have had hysterectomies – most are under the age of 40 and some are still in their 20s. Kali Ma programming lives on in India to this day, removing body parts to get jobs? Why are we allowing this shit?

Police and security forces around the world are testing out automated facial recognition systems as a way of identifying criminals and terrorists. But how accurate is the technology and how easily could it and the artificial intelligence (AI) it is powered by – become tools of oppression? But what if the facial recognition (FR) tech was wrong? What if it wasn’t a terrorist, just someone unlucky enough to look similar, who defines who and what is a terrorist? remember people telling the police they were sovereign being labeled a terrorist, so you see the term terrorist is not that clearly defined.
An innocent life could be snuffed out,  just because we put too much faith in a fallible system.
Training machines to “see” – to recognise and differentiate between objects and faces – is notoriously difficult. Computer vision, as it is sometimes called – not so long ago, during a test it was struggling to tell the difference between a muffin and a chihuahua – a litmus test of this technology.
Timnit Gebru, a computer scientist and technical co-lead of Google’s Ethical Artificial Intelligence Team, has shown that facial recognition has greater difficulty, differentiating between men and women the darker their skin tone. A woman with dark skin is much more likely to be mistaken for a man.
“About 130 million US adults are already in face recognition databases,” she told the AI for Good Summit in Geneva in May. “But the original datasets are mostly white and male, so biased against darker skin types – there are huge error rates by skin type and gender.”
But such concerns haven’t stopped tech giant Amazon selling its Rekognition FR tool to police forces in the US, despite a half-hearted shareholder revolt that came to nothing, Amazon says it has no responsibility for how customers use its technology. Just this week, academics at the University of Essex concluded that matches in the London Metropolitan police trials were wrong 80% of the time, potentially leading to serious miscarriages of justice and infringements of citizens’ right to privacy.
So, 130M face recognition is mostly male and white, but report stated it is biased against darker skin, nice double speak programming language that, this is biased against most people regardless of color, why even turn it into a color based issue?
So Amazon you would sell a nuclear weapon to a child and be ok with that, as you have no responsibility? as long as it sells and they make money, they care not for it’s implications or impacts on society, is what they are telling you.

Wealth is the total net worth of a household, ie all assets including real estate, cars, jewelry, savings, mutual funds, IRAs, and more, minus any debts. The average US household has assets totaling $96,679, but the typical figure varies wildly depending on the state. Wealth inequality is also rife throughout America, with the richest 1% holding around 40% of the nation’s wealth while half the population survive paycheck to paycheck and 40 million live below the poverty line.
$96K per person sounds like a lot to some people, but in todays modern age of taxes for everything, extortion via paying for technology, and costs of living rising way faster than wages, $96K will not go very far, for some people that may only last one year, but even the most conservative couple it will last less than 4 years. When you takeaway from that figure that distorts those figures by the greed merchants in this country, it will be a whole lot less than $96K. When you add in factor it said per household, not person, shows how little the American people have left, whilst paying for every war and aid globally and yet Congress and other clowns just raped it and the people.

A few questions and ponderings for those thinking were all going to die again regarding 5G, have you considered getting rid of your phone?
If radiation is an issue, do you still have a microwave, and if so why?
If slow release radiation to do with 5G is an issue, should we get rid of the sun as well? (play piece)
If big brother is a concern to you, why do you have an automated home security system that listens to everything in your home, knows when you move, come in and go out, turns light, heating or cooling on and off from a phone? Lets not get into how and where they can view you with the monitors. How do you know whether the company who issues them are safe?
If you are concerned about people listening in on you spying, yet have an Alexa type machine, do you not realize you have signed up for it?

Childhood – the period in life when others chart your life for you, parents are their to protect and save you, teachers corral you into learning stuff not much of which has any real value. Adults are charting your path because you are just a child.
Adulthood – the period in life when you chart your own course, you protect, save, pay for and determine your own path with your rules and conditions not parents or teachers.
Which is it to be? what is your path? In age terms you are an adult, but are you living an adult based life structure?
It matters not which age you are, if you are allowing others to chart your life and path, you will always stay in the childhood section of life.
If you are unwilling to learn anything beyond what you were taught in school or college, you will remain in a child’s level of development, frightened of making your own choices, having little to no trust of others, but more importantly yourself, frightened of change and riddled in fear, begging for the system to look after and save you. These people are not adults, they are children who have never had the courage to develop, mired in savior programs and stuck in a cycle of fear and insecurity.
Which one are you?

The scanning a news channel on the internet brought up some rather strange things that got my attention this week.
The announcement of famed people dying, Martin Charin, Paul Benjamin, Milton Quon, Rip Torn, Valentina Cortese, Edith Scob, Billy Drago, Susan Bernard, Bob Dorian, Robert Bradford, Denise Dickerson many of them range from 63 to 105, but Cameron Boyce of Disney fame who also died this week was just 20, is it a sign of the times and does it point to something bigger?

Prior to the national holiday celebration there was much excitement within the alt media, Trump adding tanks and other military fly overs was a signal something big was about to take place, particular in the Q movement.
Trump in the middle of June, said just watch it is coming in 2 weeks, all very reminiscent of a Drake show that, alt media all built up in anticipation of things from mass arrests, JFK Jnr returning, documents being revealed, all wait and see something big happening, and we got a parade of military hardware none of which belongs to America, all American military was sold to a Chinese consortium and is being leased back.
I know this deflated quite a few of our members, but perhaps you all understand now why we pulled back a bit.
Loads of promises made to Kim, none delivered, and yes there are circumstances surrounding that, but as the saying goes, where there is a will there is a way, their will is currently proven not strong enough.

Did you know that China has 19K miles of high speed railways with trains that go up to 200 miles an hour, how is it they can do all that and yet the richest nation on planet, barely has a bus service never mind high speed rails in many of our towns and cities?
Yet again it shows how this country lags behind many other so called leading nations, China’s high speed trains have delivered 9B people to their destinations, without 1 single casualty, by comparison the USA loses around 500 people a year to train related deaths.
Likely many casualties were at antiquated rail crossing barriers, that seem to work about the same level as politicians which is 138 days a year, which is roughly 24 weeks, and even then it is intermittent as to their actual value.
But the lack of investment of infrastructure in America over last 50 years is staggering, due in large part to the controllers wanting to close America down.
In the 1930’s despite depression America’s GDP was a little over $1T and yet 4.2% was spent on infrastructure, as of 2016 with an $18.62T budget only 1.5% of it goes to infrastructure.
It is stated due to poor infrastructure that the costs to the American economy is $120B per year.
The tax on gas is supposed to cover the repair and upgrade of the conditions of roads and bridges.
The federal government levies an 18.4 cent tax on every gallon of gasoline sold in the United States. On top of that, each state imposes its own tax — and in almost every case, the state tax is higher than the federal tax. A handful of states charge more than double the national tax level.
Yet a report recently states that 235K bridges are in need of repair or replacement, that is 38% of the bridges in America, of which there are more than 130,000 structurally deficient and functionally obsolete bridges in the country.
We have the funds to change the whole American landscape, and yet we wait for those who think they are in charge to act on it.
Trump’s speech last Thursday was an ideal opportunity, missed in my opinion.

These next 3 pieces all highlight the continued divide and conquer policies driven in this country, recognize them and act accordingly regardless of color or nationality, they are using it against all of us not just one group.
The women’s world cup of soccer is ongoing, which you think it would be a nice celebration of sport, wrong. American players this week have turned it into some political and social agenda event.
Morgan thought it was fun to take piss out of the UK players with a tea drinking celebration, fine by me, it’s what happens in sport, bit of banter that some like and some don’t, was it necessary? not really.
But her comments afterwards did not augur well, and what disturbed me, she accused the questioners of her celebration as double standards when compared to the men’s game, and went on a rant saying men grab their ball sacks and no one complains, really? Creating the male and female division.
The Captain Rapinoe went one step further stating she would not attend White House if they won, as she doesn’t like Trump, ignoring the fact that Trump is not a symbol of America, but the White House is, again a political statement. Creating political division.
Rapinoe went further with the statement “you can’t win championships without gays in the team” what has that got to do with playing football? creating sexual division.
So, a tournament that is suppose to show the world how far women in this sport has developed, you have the USA team creating male and female, political and sexual division comments? When you throw in the fact that two USA officials were caught spying on other teams hotels and training camps, it more resembles an operation of the CIA than a sporting celebration, all very sad.
A great opportunity lost for the promotion of women globally of all coming together, and it is turned into further divide and conquer programs, these American women have an obligation, to set an example to the younger generation who look up to them, and this is the example they set?
Their behavior in this tournament is beyond crass, given they won the tournament, their antics should not be glossed over.

The American divide and conquer policy still prevalent it seems, we are told or led to believe racism only goes one way, generally done by whites against other colors, but this type of incident is becoming all so prevalent, just like Black lives matter, all lives matter is the message. The Eventbrite page for “AfroFuture Fest,” hosted by Afrofuture Youth, advertised an “Early Bird POC Ticket” for $10 — with POC meaning “people of color” — and an “Early Bird NONPOC Ticket” for $20. The group defined “NONPOC” as white people. Thankfully some common sense prevailed, as the Afrofuturisc group says it reversed its decision to charge white people more for tickets to its Detroit festival than black and brown people because they received threats. The real reason was some artists dropped out, and a ticketing website threatened to unpublish their event. These type of deliberate racism events have to be challenged by all people, not just the offended. We have the same in the UK women were not being charged to enter nightclubs and men had to pay, and the people just went along with it. We are the problem when they throw these small jibes in, if we don’t address it.

In light of the black reparations for slavery going on in America, perhaps a reminder of what really took place, and the pure nonsense of American’s being forced to pay again for something that took place long before America was allegedly formed, by Christopher Columbus, which is complete nonsense, but you get the drift.
The Arab slave trade, established in the eighth and ninth centuries AD, began with small-scale movement of people largely from the eastern Great Lakes region and the Sahel. Islamic law allowed slavery but prohibited slavery involving other pre-existing Muslims; as a result, the main target for slavery were the people who lived in the frontier areas of Islam in Africa.
The trade of slaves across the Sahara and across the Indian Ocean also has a long history beginning with the control of sea routes by Afro-Arab traders in the ninth century.
It is estimated that, at that time, a few thousand enslaved people were taken each year from the Red Sea and Indian Ocean coast. They were sold throughout the Middle East.
This trade accelerated as superior ships led to more trade and greater demand for labour on plantations in the region. Eventually, tens of thousands per year were being taken, on the Swahili Coast, the Afro-Arab slavers captured Bantu peoples from the interior and brought them to the littoral.
There, the slaves gradually assimilated in the rural areas, particularly on the Unguja and Pemba islands. This changed the slave relationships by creating new forms of employment by slaves (as eunuchs to guard harems and in military units) and creating conditions for freedom (namely conversion—although it would only free a slave’s children).
Although the level of the trade remained relatively small, the size of total slaves traded grew to a large number over the multiple centuries of its existence. Because of its small and gradual nature, the impact on slavery practices in communities that did not convert to Islam was relatively small. However, in the 1800s, the slave trade from Africa to the Islamic countries picked up significantly. When the European slave trade ended around the 1850s, the slave trade to the east picked up significantly only to be ended with European colonization of Africa around 1900. Between 1500 and 1900, up to 17 million Africans slaves were transported by Muslim traders to the coast of the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, and North Africa. In 1814, Swiss explorer Johann Burckhardt wrote of his travels in Egypt and Nubia, where he saw the practice of slave trading: “I frequently witnessed scenes of the most shameless indecency, which the traders, who were the principal actors, only laughed at. I may venture to state, that very few female slaves who have passed their tenth year, reach Egypt or Arabia in a state of virginity.”

The next 3 pieces can be termed laying down a marker.
The role of the cell is often overlooked in life seeing as it is small and is not viewable or external, but cells play an important role in role in life, and yet is barely recognized as such.
It can be looked at as a microcosm to the macrocosm, it is how life starts is it not? and so should carry more importance than it currently receives.
But it can also be seen as a lesson to us all and symbolic of what is life and anti life? what is evolution or devolution?
With many people playing divide and conquer games and some even in our own group, whether they recognize it as such remains to be seen, depending on whether that is corrected, how many times have we seen something started off as a good cause, only for one or two to hijack it and take it off on a different path, that is more about the self than the all, all too common and why the elites laugh at us, some people cannot work as a team, it always about promoting the self, which in part is down to the programming, but indicative of a complete lack of inner work to address that programming.
But life starts off with just one cell, that cells then replicates itself and becomes 2, which becomes, 4, then 8, then 16 and so on, that is evolution and life, whereby it increases the capacity in expansion of itself, cells don’t divide themselves and become less do they?
Those that divide and conquer are in essence devolution and anti life in a cell complex perspective, something for people to ponder on.

So, we had the latest addition of FRWL 5, that brought new names into the picture, created more patterns and connected many more dots.
By now you will have realized who is the main driver of much of what is wrong with humanity and the planet, their symbols and hidden codes are now being stripped bare, by many in the alt media.
You found out that some you thought were human, were clearly not, all hidden behind of program of religiosity whose life longevity superceded ours by many years, and again the common theme now of born of a virgin, almost as common as the rogue modern day elements of born in New York, born to Jewish parents.
Rituals and holydays shredded by misdirected sayings, shredded by mistranslations or hidden by code, but also hidden in plain site, thinking we would all be stupid and not look and or interpret it.
The show shredded the Melchizedek nonsense that anyone with a rational mind would see through it clearly, but the religious and new age mindset is not their own, and has clearly been manipulated beyond the level of common sense.
We heard in greater depth about the Kalergi plan, which many have read but many perhaps not grasping the full depth of it.
What followed after that was their plan, which go-ogle and other search engines, blogs and websites have gone to much great length to deny it existed, me thinks they doth protest too much, which signifies it does have a real component to it.
The secret covenant came out of The Protocols of Zion, was staggering brutal, cold and totally arrogant and indicative of those who follow The Talmud to the letter, non hebrews are there to be killed, poisoned and slow murdered at their behest.
But there was a piece at the end of that manifesto that all should take on board of how they are feeling, fear, and the piece of “should we find out who they really are”, with my series those anti life cockroaches are now being unveiled, for many more to see.
It then drifted into Hebrew terms and the moon cult traditions, coupled with real meanings of certain celebrations.
We then went to Mormon world of temples, pedestary and whole religion based on some alleged Egyptian plates who hardly anyone saw or verified, and their worship of all things temple and Ra.
We found proof of Kali Ma descendants from India to America and mixing with the indigenous peoples of America.
Then we dipped into the word magic and their hidden meanings and intentions, of how ethnic cleansing actually means deleting all the goyim, married woman named beulah, actually means wed to Ba’al.
We went into the modern day rise of Zionism and all their plans of taking over and destroying nations, New York’s role in it all and their obsession with all things Egypt, including the Cleopatre Needle in Central Park and the message contained upon it.
The show ended on an exposure of AIPAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee, I have no idea of why they mention the term American in their name, as there is nothing American about it, except how they use, abuse, cheat, harass, use fear programs and have most politicians dancing to the tune of the bar mitzvah.
These people control our policy, both foreign and domestic and have done everything to divert American funds and people into harms way for a fake country, that has no historical merit, except in fake books, no one on this planet can actually verify.
A book riddled in contradictions, hypocrisy beyond reason, crimes and description that defies all logic and rational thinking.
But you tell that to religious peoples, they will react badly, the fact they react badly is suggestive on a psychological level they are not sure themselves, people who are comfortable in themselves and their truth, do not react so aggressively. The answers as always lies within, something many refuse to do as they think there is no external reward for doing so.
For those who observe and sense that rewards is visible and obvious, the eyes often give it away, the window to the soul.
I did a call one of many recently and was shocked at the change of one person in the space of a few months, their eyes were filled with dark and indicative of that person going badly off track, going along with the flow, can lead to wrong paths and a retrograde movement of the self, very hard to elevate one self but all too easy to deflate, caution of who you engage and how you operate must always be monitored.

I hope you enjoyed Part 5, 6 is on the way and is not as detailed as some of the others, but connects more of the dots of his story and it’s fake narrative, but heads in deeper who are the main players of this cult.

So Mr. Trump delivered his July 4th speech and many waited with bated breathe, only to be treated with a complete distortion of America, it’s people and it’s status, with an oblivious crowd happy clapping all the way through, because he told them what they wanted to hear, of how great America was and is, except that is not reality.
No matter how much you sugar coat it, I’m sorry Mr. Trump but that was cringeworthy drivel, all about the image of how great America is, yet we lag behind other major countries in almost every subject you can mention, that is fact.
We top the world in the highest prison population and military spending, that is our legacy, and you are only fooling Americans, but the rest of the world sees through the illusion of it all.
America has so much to offer the world through it’s people, they are your backbone of the country, not politicians, military generals or agency goons, no wonder when those three groups met with off world beings, they all thought we were all nuts, militaristic and savages.
So what did the American people get treated to, a complete overwrite of history for a start, how great Washington and Jefferson were, heroic stories all based on lies, both were Freemasons, one worked for the British the other for France, yes great American patriots they were, again that is fact.
Brought out someone from the Red Cross, oh dear, no seriously oh dear, the damage, origin and purpose of that group appears lost on our President and many others around the world, except the children and families who suffered at their hands.
He even wheeled out the alt media savior general from the previous time loop to take a bow, General Dunford, and what has he done in last 6-7 years? Dun F all.
Trump reeled off a list of great achievements by Americans, yet most of those he referenced were 250 years ago, again how great America was and is, what use is that, in the here and now? the reality is our country is so far behind most other leading nations now, on every aspect, it is not funny, they need to be told the truth, not more illusion.
The whole piece was all about great wars of the past, with much distortion of facts in my opinion and knowledge, all celebrate US military, the strongest ever he said, if we are the strongest ever, why have we been and still are, in Afghanistan for 18 years, a ragbag group of towel heads in sandals we are told, and yet the greatest ever military has not eliminated or dealt with them after 18 years? or why are we still in Iraq after idiot Bush declared Mission Accomplished in 2003? Or still attacking Syria? If our military is that great how does it take that long in those regions, none of which have an air force to fight back with?
Trump spoke about the air force not losing any pilots ever, which I am struggling to believe, yet is that not the case that the 61 countries invaded since WW2, none of them have a recognizable air force? which would explain why no losses.
Trump stated America owns the skies, that statement is staggeringly arrogant, and not the image America or it’s people need portrayed around the world, no Mr. Trump it only owns the skies against countries who have no air force.
The reality is if we had gone up air wise against say Russia or Iran, we would have gotten are asses kicked, i’m sorry but that is the truth, same as having a ground war, like what happened in Iraq.
The British SAS went into Iraq first, why? because it was the British dragon led clowns who wanted and started that war, they secured all the keypoints and towns like Mosul, and then handed over to the Americans to look after, what happened, they lost them and the SAS had to go in again, don’t believe me, check it out yourselves.
Like in Vietnam 5-7 years required against another country with no air force, and how they struggled in that, yes we get all kinds of movies showing the glory of it all to the world, but rest of the world is no longer buying it.
Trump mentioned a government for and by the people, and yet despite much work done by our team and others, three years into his Presidency, it is still looking at much of the same old same old, appointing Goldman Sachs people, known neohawks, pedos, AIPAC disciples and people for The Fed which is essentially closed down, for change, things have to be different, currently their not.
So, we got a speech about military and wars, wars and more wars, and he spoke about the great sacrifices of our military, which should be honored, but the question is, why have we sacrificed anyone of our people in all those wars of the past 100 years, when no group or country has ever attacked America? not one, it is an important point to remember, we have not been attacked by any country, let that fact sink in, then ponder why we have sacrificed our children on far foreign shores?
Think about all the lives, homes, business, towns, villages and cities destroyed in the name of America in last 100 years, and not one of the millions of people killed, has ever attacked American soil.
I am sorry Mr. Trump or whoever wrote that script, which may well be an important factor in this, but this country does not want to be remembered by wars, wars and more wars, is that all this nations stands for? it is not what the people stand for, and you or your scriptwriters are doing them a great disservice, and sending a poor message to the rest of the world, with statements like America has the greatest military ever.
Despite being the 17th highest global expenditure on the planet, and more spending than over 100 countries combined GDP, A: we are not the greatest military and B: the people deserve better than spending 2/3 of our discretionary budget on one item, the military to get zero in return for that investment, when the people are in poverty, starving, ravaged with illness and disease, the towns and cities are crumbling, the infrastructure of what little there is, is collapsing, people are being pushed out of their homes, people are being pushed out of their states, FEMA is not fixing the now several disaster areas across the country, crooks are not being arrested, corruption is rampant, agencies are out of control, real jobs are being lost by the hour, you can flower figures with service based jobs paying $9-13 an hour, they are not jobs, that is slavery.
You are allowing vulture capitalists, the FED, IRS, agencies, NGO’s and the rogue Treasury to hijack our country, and financially cripple it, this is what the American people need to hear Mr. Trump, it is called the truth and reality, they don’t need to see tanks, planes, helicopters and bombers, you can’t eat military hardware Mr. Trump, we wish to see real change that is tangible, we wish to hear how and when you are going to fix the plethora of issues this country needs.
We do not care about investigations, documents and hearings, the people in the alt media already know all that shit, we want to see actions, not fly bys.
How about using that greatest military ever of ours of doing something of value for the American people for once, and fix this festering and steaming pile of shit mess this country is in. FACT
This country needs innovation, entrepreneurship, real teaching that doesn’t hover around the retard levels, it needs to engage it’s youth not for war but for their betterment, new ideas, new ways of operating, open, fair and transparent ways of operating in banking, government, agencies, military and NGO’s. FACT
It needs a new law system as this one clearly failed, the country like all others should become self sustaining and the greedy harvesters of everything needs to be removed and replaced with people based on need not greed.
That is what this country needs in a nutshell, a complete radical overhaul and to start again with fresh people not immersed in rich families, banking people or militaristic backgrounds, ordinary people with new and innovative ideas.
This country is a rancid, stagnated back drop mired in illusion and fakery, those that were not brought up in the Mk Ultra style education system can see it all so clearly, and are laughing at our stupidity, arrogance and sheer crassness, it breaks my heart.
There is a pot pourri  of peoples from all over the world and an opportunity to set the stage, and be a marker for the rest of the world to follow, wonderful people who have all been sold out and metaphorically left to float down the Mississippi without a paddle, eventually those people will tire, drown and die and that is the future of America unless we stop talking shite, get real with people and tell them no we are not the greatest actually, the only thing great about America is some of it’s people, period, we are great at nothing, but we can be great at everything, it just takes some will and some courage.
Quit talking shite and start the process of doing, and really fix the swamp, we don’t want proof of who did what, when, where and why, millions of us in the alt media already know it, we want the start of actions, like now.
A continued failure to acknowledge publically and implement the myriad of proposals to actually fix this country done by the Manna World Holding Trust will be your legacy Mr. Trump, and subsequently not only your downfall, but the people and this country.
I appreciate the levels of snakery that surrounds Mr. Trump, we know it all too well, but as Randy Maugans said on a post yesterday we cannot carry on much longer without acknowledging there is a major issue publically, and I personally will not carry on supporting something that doesn’t deliver on it’s promises to the MWHT or to the people.
Something big or very radical has to take place here and now, we and Mr. Trump know full well what is coming fairly soon and that is a full on matter of National Security, and the appropriate actions have to be delivered before it is too late, the MWHT will support you as we deliver on our promises always, now is the time to repicrocate.
Mnuchin at The Treasury and now Powell at the defunct Federal Reserve telling you that, you can’t fire them? Americans this is how your so called Government works, get that fact into your heads, Mnuchin and Powell telling your President that they can’t be fired for anything. That is not wishy washy flim flam or conspiracy, that is fact.
Like an alcoholic requiring treatment, it is only possible to fix the issue if that alcoholic recognizes it has a problem to begin with, this country is punch drunk with delusion and illusion, fakery abounds everywhere not just the news media, it is indicative of something or someone who will not face the truth or reality, and this countries truth and reality sucks ass big time. Time to fix it is now.
This message was the words of myself only, and had no other input into it from anyone else, the message was not at Mr. Trump, but to him, big difference.

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