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SUB INTEL previously touched on topics, indicative, pointers or confirming pieces put out previously
President Trump is considering replacing Dan Coats as director of national intelligence and is holding informal meetings with potential candidates, national security sources told Fox News. Sources told Fox News that Trump spoke to two people in the past week about the job. Among the candidates he is considering are Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Fred Fleitz, who previously served as chief of staff to National Security Adviser John Bolton. looks like HAF method I mentioned last year does it not, hire, attention then fire

To answer the question posed by Tyler Durden on Zerohedge of honeypot blackmail, your destination point was in Virginia.

The dollar volume of homes purchased by foreign buyers from April 2018 through March 2019 dropped 36% from the previous year, The Chinese were the leading buyers for the seventh consecutive year, purchasing an estimated $13.4 billion worth of residential property. Yet that was a 56% decline from the previous 12 months and comparatively the biggest percentage drop of all foreign buyers.

well Steven mnuchin saying funds run out in sept bears out what I said, except not sept but struggling to make payroll this monday

Stephanie Niznik, an actress who appeared on “Everwood” and in “Star Trek: Insurrection,” died unexpectedly in Encino, Calif. on June 23. She was 52.
Irish actor Karl Shiels, who starred as Robbie Quinn in TV soap opera Fair City, has died at the age of 47.

Latest bs is FaceApp, where an Ai generated system that digitally enhances your picture and you can allegedly see how you age.
All very cool except it’s not for those that think straight. This is another cleverly disguised facial recognition database and people are participating in it? Those that never thought of that use, need to future think more and think of how items can be weaponized against us, because almost all technology is weaponized against us currently.
The CEO of one of America’s most influential Israel lobby groups has stepped down, amid reports of a funding crisis. Though unacknowledged in the reporting, Josh Block’s resignation as head of The Israel Project comes less than a year after an undercover documentary revealed many of the group’s covert activities. Donors and trustees are likely to have viewed how the organization allowed itself to be infiltrated by a reporter as a serious lapse. In a note to supporters, however, Block blamed “the polarized political climate in the United States” for making it more difficult for the group to recruit. The note was seen by the JTA, an American Jewish news agency. Block refused to speak on the record to the JTA. Funding to The Israel Project dropped by almost half from 2015 to 2016, the JTA reported, based on the group’s most recently available tax returns which predate the undercover documentary. One of The Israel Project’s funders is convicted tax cheat Adam Milstein, the undercover investigation revealed last year. In it, the group’s fundraising director at the time privately admits that Milstein “funds The Israel Project,” as well as Canary Mission – an anonymous anti-Palestinian blacklisting website. The film, The Lobby – USA, was made by Al Jazeera’s investigations unit, but never broadcast by the Qatari channel, after a massive censorship push by the Israel lobby. Their undercover reporter observed The Israel Project from the inside, becoming an intern in 2016, later even being offered a job.The Electronic Intifada released all four parts of the film last year. The film reveals that The Israel Project is running a massive online influence campaign. The group runs a series of Facebook pages which appear to be about subjects unrelated to Israel, such as history, women’s rights and environmentalism. But in reality, the pages are run by The Israel Project, and they have produced content that has reached millions of viewers. “A lot of it is just random topics and then maybe like 25 percent of it would be like Israel or Jewish-based,” explained a staffer who worked for The Israel Project on the pages. “We have a lot of side projects that we are trying to influence the public debate with,” Jordan Schachtel told Al Jazeera’s undercover reporter. That’s why it’s a secretive thing,” Schachtel admitted. “Because we don’t want people to know that these side projects are associated with The Israel Project.” In February, The Electronic Intifada revealed that Facebook had given a green light to this secretive influence campaign on behalf of a foreign state. A Facebook spokesperson claimed to The Electronic Intifada that the influence campaign’s pages “don’t violate any of Facebook’s pages policies.”

a SCANDAL has broken in Puerto Rico! Since the arrests by the FBI of former Secretary. of Education Julia Keleher plus some others related to the current government a scandalous Telegram PRIVATE CHAT that incluyes the governor Ricardo Rosselló and his close circle of associates has been made public! The true character of these people has been exposed! No one spared! It is in Spanish with some slang. I am wordless and astonished! All the people involved have either resigned or being dismissed. Yesterday the governor came from his interrupted vacation in France and asked for forgiveness. But this is morally and politically unforgivable. One of the mentioned was the federally named ex Police Reform Monitor and he went to the FBI to denounce the situation and gave them the chat. There was a private party meeting last night and all requested the governor’s resignation in 24 hrs or he will be impeached starting next week! What a timing to release this chat! He messed with Pres Trump…

President Trump, unrepentant after hurling racial invective at four nonwhite lawmakers, accused one of the first two Muslim women in Congress of harboring animosity toward Jews in an apparent attempt to claim the moral high ground in an explosive contest over identity, patriotism and bigotry. Trump asserted that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), a Somali-born refugee who fled civil war when she was 12, “says horrible things about Israel, hates Israel, hates Jews.”  “Hates Jews,” the president repeated from a lectern at the White House on Monday. “It’s very simple.” The speech control system working in it’s full glory, known as political correctness, Trumps initial comment taken totally out of context, which is what this system was designed for.
It encourages racism and all kinds of so called minority groups to get offended at anything and everything, all designed for one group using the terminology of being a Jew, but real terms are Nazi, SS and Zionists, one could go further and say Kali Ma worshippers and the Cult of RA.

That’s what happened with Deutsche Bank, when as we reported two weeks ago, the quant fund pulled its cash from Deutsche Bank as a result of soaring counterparty risk, just days before the full – and to many, devastating – extent of the German lender’s historic restructuring was disclosed, and would result in a bank that is radically different from what Deutsche Bank was previously (see “The Deutsche Bank As You Know It Is No More“). In any case, now that RenTec is long gone, and questions about the viability of Deutsche Bank are swirling – yes, it won’t be insolvent overnight, but like the world’s biggest melting ice cube, there is simply no equity value there any more – everyone else has decided to cut their counterparty risk with the bank with the €45 trillion in derivatives, and according to Bloomberg Deutsche Bank clients, mostly hedge funds, have started a “bank run” which has culminated with about $1 billion per day being pulled from the bank. As a result of the modern version of this “bank run”, where it’s not depositors but counterparties that are pulling their liquid exposure from DB on fears another Lehman-style lock up could freeze their funds indefinitely, Deutsche Bank is considering how to transfer some €150 billion ($168 billion) of balances held in it prime-brokerage unit – along with technology and potentially hundreds of staff – to French banking giant BNP Paribas.


The RV back on July 11th 2012 was given a 7 year date for completion, even though leading figures like the Trustee Kim and Putin were told by the former trustee back in 2009-10 that the RV was a ruse to distract people and would never take place.
Having lost control of The Trust they had to come up with new plans, and this is what you are seeing play out now with Libra.
Well July 11th which is another one of their numbers ritual days came and went and the RV failed.
As my show Clowns in Panic revealed, the current players in the global game are being forced out, no longer a millionaires game, but a multi billionaire game, pushing out technology which then reduces the need for people to be in it, saving them costs.
Essentially their costs was only doable with The Trust and bank cheating with figures, now that is all stopped, they are left with no alternative to go technological route, with added bonus of removing loads of people in their corpirate structures.
This is what mainly Kim and our show have been telling the minions, most of the alt media believes the minions are the top of the tree, they are nowhere near it, alt media across the board covers the bottom dwellers of the former control system, those bottom dwellers are being cast out, used as bait and public will be satisfied with mass arrests, central banks and Federal Reserves going, but they the hidden top end clowns are the ones who are pushing it, as too many worked out their game now, and they have become a costly liability, they have no ability to afford anymore.
This is why Mnuchin pushing for 99 year renewal of the Federal Reserve this week, and no that is not happening either, they are hoping because everything is in turmoil we will just relent our stance over them, not happening, Federal Reserve is spent everyone knows it Mr. Mnuchin.

Why have they done this? because they all realize now they are being pushed out of the game, this is a multi billionaire game now with Draco offspawn Rothschild’s pulling the strings. As I said in Clowns in panic show, the old guard is being dismantled by them as well, and millions of people will get cast aside, particularly in military, agency and banking circles – Decentralization folks in action. Well they can’t say we didn’t warn them, Kim told them all extensively they would get swatted aside.

The Federal Reserve issues currency allocations, not only for USA but also for 148 countries and currencies. Under the Fed agreement that our treasonous Congress signed off on in 1913, no other country can issue it’s own currency without the signature of fed.
So when the Fed started putting fake supernotes of usd in the system they did the same in 148 countries.
For those new who don’t know what supernotes are, every note has an allocation number on it, all numbers are documented and recorded, there can only be one version of any allocation number. As the Fed was legally blocked from any more currency printing in 2012, which requires new allocation numbers for them, which they are blocked from doing so by Kim.
The Fed and Rothschild’s clowns started printing notes via the De La Rue company with copy numbers of the original allocation numbered notes, these are supernotes and counterfeit.

So the Fed started placing these notes in 148 countries and began stealing the real notes, but now they have another problem as they can’t get those originals back in the system either, as it would be flagged by the system.

148 countries now have over 80% of fraudulent money in circulation making the Federal Reserve the largest counterfeit organization in the world

The whole world is being scammed by waiting for federal reserve allocation numbers from the fed. Since 2017 NO country needs to wait for the Fed for allocations, they just go to the Trust.
At what point is the whole world going to get together and stop these harvesting agents looting every country on a massive scale?

The Draco empire now has a new leader after Anu was discarded and dealt with, no more king draco, this one is a queen and is currently displaying many characteristics of peace and harmony, which has not gone down well with the Draco minions here.
Whilst we at this stage can’t fully trust what she is saying, the energetic’s of this being is vastly different to the previous incumbent and augurs well should that stance continue, I for one welcome it as an opportunity to enhance the plan put forward 5 years ago of us all working together.
Trust has to be built on both sides over time, Anu promised to help in 2015 and went the opposite, one hopes she takes up suggestion I made to appoint the ambassador for her people on this planet as requested, and ensure the ambassador is not interfered with in anyway, and able to do the work unhindered by entities under the former regime.
She has support of 75-80% of their home world who grew tired of Anu, their family antics and wars, and wish to seek a new way based on cooperation and a common goals to be achieved between the two species.
She is being supported by the Council and we look forward to sharing ideas with her, that unlike ideas that was shared with Anu and promises were made and subsequently they never followed through with them, maybe this one will be able to garner a mutual trust between the two species, my advice to her just don’t meet up with agency or military clowns, those groups are not representative of we the people, and have done more harm than good.
We are not interested in fancy technology that can be weaponised, like almost every previous piece of tech that was re-introduced to us, we want solutions to stop the fighting, harvesting and blocking the development of not only those two species, but many others as well.

Ottawa and Vancouver:


A prominent Canadian Senator, Larry Campbell, has been issued a Summons to Appear before a September 16 Genocide Tribunal in Vancouver. The Summons is being delivered today to Campbell’s office in Ottawa by the International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC), which has also summoned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and twenty other officials. (A copy of Campbell’s Summons is attached).

Senator Larry Campbell is a former RCMP officer, Mayor and Chief Coroner of Vancouver. He was appointed to the Canadian Senate by Prime Minister Paul Martin in August of 2005. Paul Martin himself is on a “third party” list of people who may be summoned to appear before the Tribunal.

Three other individuals have also been Summoned by the Tribunal to give testimony in relation to Campbell’s appearance: convicted serial killer Willie Pickton, an unnamed former operative of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and a former Vancouver prostitute.

According to ITDC spokeswoman Ellen Bradbury-Dufort, 

“Senator Campbell has been asked to appear before our Tribunal to answer questions regarding his knowledge of missing and murdered aboriginal women in the Greater Vancouver area. These questions will include the issue of the alleged complicity of RCMP, government and church officials in the abduction, ritual torture, killing and disposal of these and other women.”

When asked about why three other individuals are being summoned in relation to Campbell’s subpoena, Bradbury-Dufort said,

“All of these people have relevant testimony regarding Senator Campbell and the murder of aboriginal women in British Columbia. If Campbell and they are indicted by the Tribunal that testimony will become a matter of public record.”


MW 005 Regarding Vaccination Policies

Resolution adopted by the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, HQ New York

Resolved, that the Executive Council, meeting in Linthicum Heights, Maryland from June 10-13, 2019, adopts the following policies with respect to the vaccination standards within Episcopal institutions and programs:

    All Episcopal institutions, programs, facilities, and services must ensure the safety of participants which should include requiring that all participants and staff participating are vaccinated in accordance with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Immunization Schedule and/or applicable state law; and,

    Outside of the United States, local health agencies, ordinances and protocols should be followed in place of the CDC Immunization Schedule in the same spirit of ensuring participants are protected from preventable disease through the use of immunization and the best available medical services and research; and be it further

Resolved, That a participant may be exempted from this vaccination requirement only by presenting a certificate from a licensed physician to the staff stating that due to the physical condition of the participant one or more specified immunizations would endanger the participant’s life or health; and be it further

Resolved, That the coordinator of applicable programs and facilities should review for completeness the immunization records of all participants, staff, and volunteers for the safety of all involved in the program; and be it further Resolved, That dioceses, parishes, schools, camps, daycare and childcare programs, and other programs at Episcopal facilities or sponsored by Episcopal institutions should strive to ensure funding is available or partner with charities to ensure that vaccinations can be made available so that no child is prohibited from participation due to financial burden of vaccination; and be it further Resolved, That the Chief Legal Officer is requested to create a model policy for the church based on this resolution.
Closed for Construction, Immanuel on the Green, New Castle. The church will be closed to the public from June 17 – July 31 due to needed construction work. The Thursday 6pm services and Sunday 8am and 10am services will continue as normal during this time. Thank you for your understanding.
These hideous harvesting entities are a blight on this planet, with their fake morality books none of the participants in the higher order of the church follows, rules for us and rules for them, for those that keep asking how can I help, walk away altogether from all churches is helping, people who go there are feeding the beast.

Eric Tradd Schneiderman (born December 31, 1954) is an American lawyer and politician who served as the 65th Attorney General of New York from 2011 until his resignation in May 2018. Schneiderman, a member of the Democratic Party, previously served for ten years in the New York State Senate. In May 2018, Schneiderman resigned his position as Attorney General after The New Yorker reported that four women—including three former romantic partners—had accused him of sexual and physical abuse. Schneiderman was born to a Jewish family in New York City
Schneiderman was the Democratic Party nominee for New York Attorney General. He denied being involved in a hit-and-run automobile accident in July 2010. In August 2013, Schneiderman filed a $40 million civil lawsuit against Donald Trump for his “Trump University” (now known as Trump Entrepreneur Initiative), alleging it to be an “unlicensed university” and calling it a “bait-and-switch scheme”. Trump denied all accusations, calling Schneiderman a “political hack”. On May 7, 2018, Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow reported in The New Yorker that Schneiderman had physically abused at least four women during his tenure as Attorney General. According to the report, Schneiderman had, between about 2013 and 2016, committed acts of violence against four women: the blogger and activist Michelle Manning Barish, the author and actress Tanya Selvaratnam, an unnamed female lawyer, and a fourth woman. The women said that Schneiderman had repeatedly choked, hit or violently slapped them, all without their consent. Selvaratnam added that Schneiderman spat on her, choked her, called her his “brown slave”, ordered her to call him “Master” and say that she was “his property”, and demanded that she find another woman who would be willing to engage in a ‘ménage à trois’. Mayer and Farrow reported that they confirmed the women’s allegations with photographs of wounds and bruises, as well as with statements from friends in whom the women had confided after the assaults. Governor Andrew Cuomo assigned Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas as a special prosecutor to investigate possible criminal charges against Schneiderman. On November 8, 2018, Singas announced that Schneiderman would not be prosecuted. Singas stated that she believed the allegations made by Schneiderman’s accusers, but added that “legal impediments, including statutes of limitations, preclude[d] criminal prosecution”.
Madeline Singas On April 3, 2018, Singas appeared at a rally and spoke before an audience of about 200 people at Temple Beth Israel, a synagogue in Port Washington, New York born in new york and jewish parents, hence why she wiped the Schneiderman case oops

genesis (n.) Old English Genesis, first book of the Pentateuch, which tells among other things of the creation of the world, from Latin genesis “generation, nativity,” in Late Latin taken as the title of first book of the Old Testament, from Greek genesis “origin, creation, generation,” from gignesthai “to be born,” related to genos “race, birth, descent” (from PIE root *gene- “give birth, beget,” with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups). Greek translators used the word as the title of the biblical book, rendering Hebrew bereshith, literally “in the beginning,” which was the first word of the text, taken as its title. Extended sense of “origin, creation” first recorded in English c. 1600. is the first weekly Torah portion (פָּרָשָׁה, parashah) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading. we suspect that the name Pishon may be a Hebraized form of the Sanskrit name for the Indus, namely Sindhu (hence the names India and Hindu). The word Sindhu consists of sim, meaning region, and dhu, meaning to shake or tremble. Pishon is from Garden of Eden So genesis or is it generation Isis stemmed from the Hebrew texts as well, further confirmation of FRWL series is it not.

The origin of the word Museum 1610s, “the university building in Alexandria, originally “a temple or shrine of the Muses.

Origin of the word repository, book-repository,” from biblion “book, bib lion is reference to the cat again, why are lions on all the bloodline families crests?

Chantel “common repository for deads bodies,” late 14c., from Old French charnel (12c.) “fleshly,” from Late Latin carnale “graveyard,” properly neuter of adjective carnalis, from Latin carnis “of the flesh,” genitive of caro “flesh, meat,” “flesh,” originally “a piece of flesh,” from PIE root *sker- (1) “to cut.” As an adjective from 1813. The Late Latin word was glossed in Old English as flæschus “flesh-house.” all very covenish to me of feeding on the flesh.

COURT late 12c., “formal assembly held by a sovereign,” from Old French cort “king’s court; princely residence” (11c., Modern French cour), from Latin cortem, accusative of cors (earlier cohors) “enclosed yard,” and by extension (and perhaps by association with curia “sovereign’s assembly”), “those assembled in the yard; company, cohort,” from assimilated form of com “with, together” (see com-) + stem hort- related to hortus “garden, plot of ground” (from PIE root *gher- (1) “to grasp, enclose”). Both senses of the Latin word emerged in English. From the purely physical sense come “palace, residence of a sovereign” (c. 1200), “enclosed space connected with a building or buildings” (early 14c.), and the sporting sense “smooth, level plot of ground on which a ball game is played” (1510s, originally of tennis). Also “short arm of a public street, enclosed on three sides by buildings” (1680s), formerly noted for poverty or as business districts. From the notion of “surroundings of a sovereign in his regal state” (c. 1200) comes the legal meaning “a tribunal for judicial investigation” (c. 1300, early assemblies for justice were overseen by the sovereign personally), also “hall or chamber where justice is administered” (c. 1300). As an adjective, “pertaining to a court,” late 13c. This begs the question for law people whether courts are valid under a non sovereign administration? as for tennis game set and match, game also means to hunt, Set also means Setan, Match also means light a fire, is it deuce or Zeus, when people find out how and why Andy Murray rose up the ranks, not negating his talent, but once you find the backstory to it, it shows the influence that can be invasive into society, random acts are not random at all.

Back in November 2015 I did show termed the faction show, that was way ahead of the curve and it gave people a future opportunity to see the bigger picture, further down the line.
I have spoken about certain alt media and YT shows being faction based, yes you will get lots of juicy intel on the other factions, but they are still operating for and by their faction.
Factions are battling for control of this planet and throwing each other under the bus big time now, this is what we are seeing with the pedo stuff, fraud, corruption and both figurative and metaphorical assassinations on a number of leading figures.
Hollywood being a prime example, why throw Hollywood under the bus? because it has ran it’s course and they have switched the arena to Vancouver BC is why.
The focus on Area 51 and a load of people going there to find ET’s, media happy to play along, as Area 51 was emptied out back in 2013.
Why the focus on the Fed and IRS because they want to replace it with a decentralized system is why.
Why the focus of legalizing pot, because they plan to takeover the whole operation via Bayer Company is why, CIA ran it and made vast funds, but the cost of running it was becoming prohibitive, and also attracting too much controversy, so present it to the public who think they have forced the authorities into legalizing it, wrong thinking and very naive.
Like when they banned alcohol called Prohibition, was all just a ruse to get certain mafia families and the Kennedy families untold riches, as only they controlled it, so when it all came back out, they were in the position to run the entire operation.
Follow the hidden trail not the well beaten path, and it is not always a case of follow the money.

So word out on the street of it is all coming again perforates the alt media narrative, this time the Hillary/Huma video.
The world and in particular this country is in enough trauma, without adding something that cannot be unseen, people think that the shit happens only in horror movies, nope horror movies replicate what they do in private.
Stories of royal family and others having children hunting parties, now where have we seen that before? yes Hunger Games.
Something’s are just too heinous to see and that case is one of them, what benefit will people get from being severely traumatized in that manner?
What effect will it have on the family and circle of the child in the video?  these are the future thinking things that people have to consider, this is not on a level of rubber necking car crashes along the road, this is real live action crimes of the most hideous nature, that is not easily chomped on in a sin eating way.
It cannot be slowly digested like most pieces in my shows, this is a full on body slam that is not easily absorbed or processable. There is a saying of be careful what you ask for, this is one you will severely regret asking, but there is sufficient who know of this, where it took place, who was involved and written and video evidence that requires no media circus or snake oil lawyers and their system of denial of all facts.
As I mentioned as a solution many years ago now, which seems to be gathering popularity, a military tribunal is the only way forward, many of those in the military have already seen and or done similar horrors and so better able to cope with it.
Give those involved a formal hearing, outline what they have done, there is no point in having a defense lawyer, as that is beyond defendable, even for lawyers.
No firing or death squads far too much blood has been spilt on this planet, and it is of esoteric value and knowledge to not do that path.
Many will want blood or hanging, and I get that, but why replicate their levels of violence? and also have you considered that that is an easy way out for many of these horror criminals?
So what is the alternative solutions? Get Hillary, Huma, Podesta and many others on national TV and read out the full list of their crimes, no redacted bits, no plea bargains can I not say this that or the other, the full unredacted list of crimes on their own mind control box, known as TV, this is called ironic justice part 1.
Ironic justice part 2 is they are housed underground in the bunkers they used to torture, kill and sexually abuse the children in bunkers underneath Epstein island itself, this will give them time to ponder their criminality in the very place many of them excerpted their power over the children, maybe some of the children left on that island still in spirit form will get some closure and justice for themselves.
This puts them all miles away from the general public, no outside contact, no visitors and no perks with no chance of parole, their only role is to correct as much of themselves before there time is up here, and work off some karma so as to not infect future timelines with their dark desires and intentions.

The last piece last week brought up differing emotions of the message to Trump, it inspired some, bothered others and some went into their shells of it is all too much to fix.
The American people and indeed the rest of the world needs to find out the real truth of their country, culture or race, to give us an opportunity to move forward.
Truth is brutal at times, it causes projections, causes pain and hurt, but only because those traits were not faced sooner.
The gist of the last piece was I do not see America or it’s peoples legacy based on war and military traits, that is a slap in the face to the people, many here do not have a violent bone in their body, and yet they where broadsweeped across the world in with the nations triumphs of wars of the past, 90% of which is all total bullshit.
So, no Mr. Trump or whoever wrote that script, the American people do not want to be remembered or revered for killing people in wars, many of which were fake.
The US military does not define America or Americans, the reality is they have never represented America, only the US, which is not and never was America to begin with, it only represented the agents of death and destruction and is not something to be proud of, people need to quit chanting USA, you are re-enforcing and consenting to that program and it’s energy thought form.
These same people have rained down poison from our skies and not just chemtrails either, nuclear fallout from Vegas testing area, all kinds of biowarfare dropped on unsuspecting towns and cities all over this country, it is all there in the released documents archives, at a staggering cost in financial terms, but more importantly a staggering loss in terms of quality of life and the loss of lives.
The people want to be remembered here for the many good things they do paid or voluntary, not wars, the people want an opportunity to really participate in fixing the filth that pervades this country, the people no longer want to pay for criminality and wish to enhance all peoples lives, not just the few venture or real term vulture capitalists that surround Mr. Trump.
The people no longer want to pay the IRS to fund other countries, groups or families either, fix it.
The people no longer want a fake foreign banking system harvesting up everything known as the Federal Reserve, fix it.
The people no longer wish to be ruled by The Crown either, you were given sovereignty on a plate, fix it.

What is energy and how do we view it and interpret, it is a key thing in understanding life on a much deeper level. Too many just take it for granted, a bit like the cells piece done last week.
Energy can be positive and negative, but also neutral, it is the neutral aspect that people need to engage, why? because it is not yet formed, and so can be transmuted and manifested into something more positive.
a lot of the new age shit was highly damaging on an energy level, too few understand it and how it works, grounding, crystal, stones, amulets all riddled with energy, and yet how many stop and think is this object laced with negative energies from the previous holders, or the region it came from? the answer is largely no.
People assume it is great and vibrant because they marketeers who sold you it told you so, these crystals give you this or that energy they say, but how many crystals or stones comes with a warning to clear them of previous energy, before you use them?
None, and therein lies the problem, people assume they are good and ready to use, because someone else with no knowledge or awareness has told them so.
Chloe mentioned an incident of how I help a member of CV with an entity that was pushing his wife over and causing all kinds of issues, her main issue was her husband I’m sure older members will attest to that.
But this particular agent had traveled the world and been to many of the historical sites like Chichen Itza, Tibet etc and along the way collected trinkets from these various sites, he had quite a collection in his front room which freaked him out as to how I knew that, those trinkets carried lots of negative energy and pulled in the negative spirits, although his excessive drinking habit pulled in more.
Because he thought they were all from spiritual sites, he assumed the objects from there would be spiritual also, like I said that new age program did far more damage than people realize.
You must never assume anything, you investigate it, explore all the possibilities of it and then come to your own conclusions.
This is what future thinking brings to the table, this is my action, now what are the consequences of such?
Like yoga it can be very therapeutic, but I had to make people aware of the issues surrounding it, as the so called “experts” will not tell you that, not entirely their fault as that info is rarely revealed. any pulling in or drawing off of energy has to be assessed first, same applies to crystals and stones, praying, ti chi, massages, healing etc we are not told of these things, and it has been costly, that lack of knowledge.
The same applies to sexual engagement, in new relationships or one off encounters, you are not just sleeping with one person, you are engaging the energies of who they slept with previously, unless it is over 7 years.
Grounding is another thing overlooked, why assume all ground is beneficial? mother earth is infected in various places is she not,
what if it was a former burial ground in the past, imagine the trauma energy surrounding it, these things that have to be considered, before you engage it.
There has been wars all over this planet, the soil has been poisoned with all sorts, dark spirits and negative energy people have trampled all over it have they not, and yet you assume that ground is beneficial to you, it only becomes beneficial when you prepare and create that space.
People often ask what can I do, do people think well what if I decide here on forward, every step that I make is clearing the dark energies of before? ponder on that for a second, the answer is likely no you haven’t, because people don’t think deep enough or accept the responsibility of being the change, once you really think on a deeper level and remove the lack of belief in yourself, there is no end to what you can do to change the world, only your own self imposed limitation and distraction programs stifles that.
We overlook energy trails and frequency remnants, far too easily, and so the object of me saying this is to get people to think not just assume, clear your field and shield before engaging anything that draws on or engages energy.

Message to the clown minions like Mnuchin and several other high profile names, your money cash cow of slush funds, trust accounts, black project funds, brown envelopes, off shore hidden accounts have all but vanished, first M cut you all off, and we added to it, now they are cutting you off and leaving you to swing at the behest of the masses.
Now is your time to make a choice of your own for the first times in your public offices, your choice not their choice.
You have danced to the tune of global hegemony and all because you fell for their seducements of money, power and fake titles, none of it is real, all of it is an illusion.
All of you know less of what is and what has gone on, than the average THI/OffPlanet Radio or Circle of White light show listener, why is that? because of the classic program of “you don’t need to know” again all of that is illusion as well, designed to make certain ones feel more important and subsequently distracted.
You have all followed orders and done as you were told like children, all of your working lives, your thinking is childlike, your behavior, manners and demeanors also.
Your public scrutiny is unlikely to go away, too many know now what you have all done, and the top end clowns will enhance that as time goes forward, with a steady release of pictures, documents and videos, to enhance your own downfall.
Your warning that no one is safe was given in the UK a few years ago, when the tabloid papers showed old photographs of the Queen doing Nazi hand signals, you don’t think that was random do you? that was Dragon/Faction wars pro pagan da.
Generals of the US military, do you think your fake badges will save you? they won’t, but going forward those badges will be useless, you are about to be replaced as the chosen group of destruction, which you all bought into with bollocks of fighting for freedom, or your culture which they created for us, culture is a divide and conquer program, or worse your religious faiths, another program designed for divide and conquer, which you all gladly played along with, and got pallets of fake currencies and or nice shiny rewards to pin on your jackets for killing people.
Did at anytime in your child like thinking brain, consider that was wrong? all those people wiped out because somebody else told you to do so?
Did you ask why they would want to do that? or just followed orders for protection of your own status and positions?
There is a common child scolding technique used by parents, where the child blames someone else for their actions, the response was if someone asked you to put your hand in the fire would you do it?
Yet you people in the military did it every single time, your hands must be like Freddie Krugers face now, you got burnt every single time, do you not understand dark lessons? clearly you never as you kept repeating it, just like the RV is coming 2-3 times a week for over a decade, calling it stupid at this point, is beyond an understatement.
Your replacement is the new Rothschild’s army called NATO, anagram of ATON look it up, same people doing the same things for many thousands of years, this is why Paris Climate agreement is prevalent, all countries signing up for it have to give 2% of their GDP to fund NATO and other control system enforcements, of which you will not be a part of, they are trimming the fat, and despite your blind loyalty to the cause, you are still considered part of the fat that needs to be trimmed.
They already forced you into selling off all of your military hardware equipment, and now you are in the quite frankly ridiculous position of leasing it back, from the very people who will close you down, has your hello McFly moment kicked in yet?
If you think it is a future event, you missed the warning, it has already happened, look around you all, look for yourselves not follow others orders for once.
The country you are professing to love, cherish, honor and protect has collapsed around you, all under your watch, step down and step away from the clowns, and their psychopathic orders and do the right thing, come and join us and help fix this mess.
Agency people also, you have been strung along playing a spying game only to find out you were the ones being spied upon, all of you should know this now, if you don’t find out, not much of a spying agency if people not connected to the agency know more than you do, are you? step down and come and help it will save you, the old program will kill you all off, they have already started it incase you hadn’t noticed.
You know who we are, you know where we are located and you know where to contact us and arrange a 1-3 day meeting, we can change everything with detailed plans and thinking within those 1-3 days, with real solutions, real ideas, real promises that will get delivered and a guaranteed future for us all, currently those in the US military and certain agencies have no future.
Those in the other world your time is up we knew it 7 years ago, you just carried on being the puppets on a string, thinking your fake titles and supposed levels of authority or clearance was going to save you, or allow you to carry on in a special group category, the golden tickets, there is no golden ticket club for lower minions, you played your role and they are finished with that product.
No I am head of blah blah that won’t happen to me, really think JFK, think Gaddafi, think Hussein, think Lincoln, think Tsar Nicholas and a plethora of other leading figures who were all puppets to the system, until they no longer had use for them, all cast aside like cattle in an abattoir.
That is your new reality, they no longer want you on their payroll, now rendered the same level as us, useless eaters, don’t believe me then carry on and watch it all unfold, you won’t have long to wait, you won’t see it coming, as it has already happened.
Carrying on trying to revitalize old money systems, old banking systems, old control systems when they have all failed is beyond stupid, and completely delusional, they lost, and as one of their puppets so did you.
Everything in this world is about branding and marketing, throw in labels and you have your whole control system in place, and like Microsoft with their Windows package it reached at critical point an optimal and that was Windows 7, all that followed went downhill with each successive level, the cabal of which you are just a puppet, reached it’s optimal in 2007 and M pulled the plug on you all.
He had what he wanted, everything you clowns gave to him on a plate in exchange for fake paper, titles and illusion of superiority, and bang it was all gone, you were all given the illusion that you were so clever and so important, it blinded you to what is reality and what is not, an all too common human mistake, falling for the lies, seducement and the illusion.
You have all spent 12 years now trying to change it back to what it was, it will never go back to what it was, it is all done, that time, timeline and frequency all vanished into the aether, and a new path was chartered for you, when you are ready.
Currently you are not, you still believe you can get back into the game, still believe you can find the missing pieces to complete the jigsaw, newsflash, your parents threw your games and jigsaw out in the trash a long time ago, and playing Peter Pan will no longer work.
This new timeline and path will be an adult world progression we are heading for, and we will no longer be held back by children in adult bodies, it’s time to get out of your diapers and get some big boy and girl pants on, and act like adults.
It will be a long transition going from a childlike species to an adult one, and we need as many on board to achieve it as possible, we welcome all minions to come and join us on our journey, and it is time you transferred yourself from their world, into ours.
We have all been fooled, abused, lied to and deceived on a massive scale, throughout all levels of society, you can carry on believing in fantasy and conspiracy, or join those you labeled conspiracy theorists, but actually spoke more of the truth than you could handle.
Those who can’t handle the truth are children, no matter what their age is, the child mind will no longer serve you, as the teachers of stupidity who taught you your truths, have all but vanished, your schools are closed permanently.
That last statement may hurt or disturb some, and I will make no apologies for saying it, because it is the truth, those that can’t face truth or reality is child mind level oriented, all waiting for a parent to come and soothe you with a pacifier, mummy the nasty scary monster man is saying bad things, there, there my child don’t listen to him, and it will all go away, not this time, they have to face it, discuss it, process it and deal with it, like a supposed adult.
This planet has had enough of our childlike behaviors, don’t believe we are childlike, go and look at any blog or chat of what people get offended by, it is beyond pathetic, we have no backbone and far too many walk around in their own insecure worlds, frightened of anything and everything, just like a child.
We got rid of the parents who controlled us for so long, we got rid of their energy harvesting system called the banks, we got rid of their off world imposters Draco et al, we negotiated a peace deal with the others, we exposed the length, breadth and depth of their system, we have exposed the real control system for likely the first time in history, we rendered the bloodline families mute, we ended their matrix, simulation, veils, their overlay systems, their soul trap, reincarnation and harvesting systems, we obtained positions of humans on the Galactic councils for the first time in history, and much more over this decade.
All that wasn’t done to drag billions of Peter Pan style adults around the world and save them from their own stupidity, it was done to progress the species, and those who wish to morph out of their child avatar and into a new world making adult decisions, adult thinking, adult actions and adult behaviors, currently they are the very few, but we welcome many more to join our world, and leave the old world illusion behind.

Certain events all took place in early June that those that took part in it, where hoping it would change things on a much grander scale than few can imagine, those have been hinted at in different shows, and we were hoping the culmination of those events would all converge into a complete reversal of certain aspects here, and chart a new path for the organic human souls and other beings here, the changes were felt and we smiled, but Kim got a message a week or so later that confirmed many things, this has been held back for a bit for certain other things to unfold, reveal or were operational, and this is what you hear now.
6/13/19 “all the timelines have now converged” This is the beginning of the new time. Pure time unaltered by the past. Approximately 5:01 EST the convergence was complete. There will no longer be memory of other timelines as you go forward, change takes place only in the present. Evil beings trapped in the dimensional planes will be absorbed by the “nothing” and go forth into the darkness. Your strength will come from the knowingness that this is the dawning of a new day, this is similar to the “judgement day” you have in your books. Do not be surprised to see many human lives fall away. This is because they were not human souls to begin with, but a merely a mirror from another plane or point in time. As each layer falls away there will be a new sense of understanding among the general population of earth. Congratulations, since the dawn of creation there has not been such unity in the oneness of all. We are proud to welcome you to the dawning of a new age one full of possibilities of the creator, once again in an ever expanding universe no longer stifled by the darkness we have all felt for eons. King Anu has passed on as a direct result of his misdeeds in the universe, earth will no longer be plagued by this insidious race of beings. His passing would have been around 1am EST today. The Mantid Queen has thrown down her arms in favor of a peaceful alliance with the Universal Council. You too will feel this change as the shift becomes more apparent throughout the days. As the rightful heir to the throne granted by our creator in his infinite wisdom, the King shall not rise again but instead a Queen will take his place to insure no more suffering for his children. This is the word of Source, The Creator the Oneness that binds us all. You will see the sword of truth cut through all that has bound us as slaves. In time all will reveal itself unto you. Lead the charge, do not waiver. We know the journey has been long, but your unwavering faith has led you and in turn us to this point. Thank you for having faith in us, your leadership forward will be most welcome and critical. The Probationary period is over, the council welcomes you as a full member of the leadership committee.
Can I take you higher? I would love the opportunity to do so.

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