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Show date set for August 3rd with Randy and Alan
The piece I did last week of children in adult bodies was so timely and further validates the show is ahead of the curve, as that trait became all so prevalent this week, all too predictable and all so unnecessary, but whilst people will not address their own issues, they will continue to play childlike games and fake attacks, when the real attacker is themselves manifesting in ways, they are unwilling to face up to, way more inner and shadow work for those people.
I hope you all enjoyed the last FRWL 6 piece, it was taken from a document that was sent to me and I added my own input into, it was fairly explosive the staggering depths those clowns have gone to over the last 130 years or so, to steal absolutely everything from us all, which appears lost on the anti THI groups, but that is what happens when you won’t face reality, and try to drag everyone else down to their sewer based levels.
The focus was heavily on the Rothschild’s and Freemason roles in it, there are lots of good people in the Freemasons and they have no idea of what they are giving their energy away to, I would love many of them to walk away from their so called Brotherhood and Fraternities, but I am also aware they are placed under threats of death, should they choose to do so in some cases.
Freemasons and Mormons operate same way, if you are in the circle, you largely stay above the law, and get certain privileges not afforded to those outside of it, like higher paid jobs and no bid contracts, yes it all goes on, threats and intimidation are all part of the package, but that package will backfire on you spectacularly going forward.
Isn’t it rather odd that the Rothschild’s and Zidomasons were involved in all these shenanigans, and yet Hitler was not only attempting to throw Rothschild’s banks out of Germany, but he also banned the Teutonic Knights and the Freemasons in Germany, something is clearly amiss with his story me thinks, but as always you decide.
Like most good things on this planet it has been corrupted beyond belief, by these dark forces operating off world programs designed to harvest us all, including the clowns, agents, minions, trolls and shills, this is what these people don’t get, a classic program of attack each other, rather than face the real enemy, it is cowardice in it’s highest form.
I guess our show is hitting too many raw nerves and making clowns and their minions uncomfortable, which I take as a massive compliment to the work I have done, but jealousy is a really damaging low vibrational thinking mindset, it is basically your own mind telling you that you are not good enough, and so you turn on and rail at the people you desire to be, not a good basis for soul development that.
The FRWL series is having a big effect and it pleases me a lot, a lot of work has gone into those shows, finding and compiling the various pieces together, adding my own knowledge into the mix in a way that is connecting many dots now, it is generating a lot of interest in the group, most good some not, and our group continues to grow, unlike some others who are falling faster than a pair of Stormy Daniels knickers, like CNN and other fake news outlets, that will continue to be the case whilst you spout lies.

To those that ask questions on Spreaker chat, that chat is not monitored at all, so admins cannot get to your questions to deliver them for the shows. All questions can go on pinned post on fb or mewe or via emails, please.

Apologies for late responses to emails my time has been much shorter recently with work matters.

SUB INTEL hints, indicative, dot connecting and or previous covered confirming pieces
The 2019 Miss World America Michigan winner Kathy Zhu was stripped of her title because of comments she made on social media about Muslim women and black people, she said. 
one of the Twitter posts read, “Did you know that the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within your own community first before blaming others.” which is a fact and has been highlighted on this show, but facts you see get in the way of agendas.
The other read,” There is a ‘try a hijab on’ booth at my college campus. So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?” That one was posted on World Hijab Day in 2018. Again something covered in this show and again a fact that women in Middle East, Africa and Asia are being heavily repressed by fake cultures and religions.
This is another example of the divide and conquer programs ran by the MSM, for those that don’t know and wish to shout white racism, Miss Zhu is one of the yellow race who actually told the truth, and I for one welcome it, many more should try it instead of being falsely offended by everything, kindergarten level thinking will help no one.

Taken from an excellent summary by Tyler Durden, A derivatives book of $49 trillion notional puts Deutsche Bank in the same league as the bank holding companies of U.S. juggernauts JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, which logged in at $48 trillion, $47 trillion and $42 trillion, respectively, at the end of December 2018 according to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. When Lehman went under they had a lot of assets, cashflow, bail outs and leverages to dig themselves out of the hole, now they don’t, it’s that simple. I hope you all understand the gravity of this situation and act accordingly.

Repo rates in China went up 1000% in one day recently.

The US federal government is to resume executing death-row inmates after a 16-year hiatus, the justice department has announced. Attorney General William Barr said in a statement he had directed the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to schedule the executions of five inmates. Mr Barr said the five had been convicted of murders or rapes of children or the elderly. The executions have been scheduled for December 2019 and January 2020. Indicative of policy of future events? time will tell.

PHOENIX — Several years have passed since Biological Resource Center shut its doors, but new court documents detail the hidden horrors investigators found inside. Former FBI Assistant Special Agent Mark Cwynar’s testimony says he observed buckets of head, arms and legs inside the building off 24th street and University Drive. Cwynar also said he saw a cooler filled with male genitalia, body parts piled on top of each other with no apparent identification to indicate what bodies they came from, even a torso “with the head removed and replaced with a similar head sewn together in a Frankenstein manner.” The Federal Bureau of Investigations raided the Phoenix based body-donor facility in 2014, after allegations that the company was selling parts of those donated bodies for profit.

Latest clown out of CNN and NY Times to spout utter drivel is Maggie Haberman, a document was released by WikiLeaks that showed the Clinton campaign’s use of Haberman to place sympathetic stories for them in Politico. Haberman born in NY born to Jewish parents, what are the chances? is it cohen cidence?

Here is another example from the news item about Ukraine leader, Zelensky was born 25 January 1978 in Kryvyi Rih, Ukrainian SSR, to Jewish parents.
Of course he won’t work with Pro Russian, he is another stooge is why, The Ukrainian people are being led down a dark path like many of the other former regions of Russia, like all the states of western side of Russia, all that was Rus, same applies to southern Russia and most of the istan countries, again was all Rus, until the Cohen/Khan group took over and led all a merry dance of lies and death. Ukraine is the latest country to play divide and conquer games with, following Yugoslavia, Czechoslavakia but in 1991 brought unprecedented changes when 15 countries were like Israel, created out of thin air. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldovia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, all of those are Rus countries and part of mother Russia, broken up into manageable parcels for clowns to easier control, plus steal the resources from them.

Another person of interest has popped up recently Ghislaine Maxwell and links to Epstein. Her father Robert Maxwell was accused of being a pedophile many years back in the UK, but as with all media moguls and rich elite is got squashed,
Maxwell owned the Mirror group newspapers.
Then there was the mysterious boating accident, some said suicide, some said murder and some think he did a runner, as we was under investigation for stealing all the groups pension funds totalling $570M, which after his death was mainly left to the British government to pay out missing funds.
Ghislaine Maxwell moved to the United States in 1991, just after her father’s death. Maxwell was photographed exiting the continent by luxury aircraft Concorde, causing outrage amidst the pension scandal. She quickly rose to prominence as a New York City socialite.
She then had a romantic relationship with the wealthy American financier Jeffrey Epstein in 1992 and remained closely associated with Epstein for several decades afterward.
In a 2009 deposition, several of Epstein’s household employees testified that Maxwell had a central role in both his public and private life, referring to her as his “main girlfriend” who also handled the hiring, supervising, and firing of staff starting around 1992. She has also been referred to as the “Lady of the House” by Epstein’s staff and as his “aggressive assistant.”
Maxwell has attracted press coverage for her friendship with Prince Andrew, Duke of York, , who attended social functions with her in New York. Maxwell introduced Epstein to Prince Andrew, and the three often socialized together.
In 1995, Epstein renamed one of his companies the Ghislaine Corporation; the Palm Beach, Florida.
In the year 2000, Maxwell moved into a 7,000-square-foot townhouse, less than 10 blocks from Epstein’s mansion. This townhome was purchased for $4.95 million by an anonymous limited liability company, with an address that matched the office of J. Epstein & Co.
In recent years Virginia Roberts, Sarah Ransome and Maria Farmer filed lawsuits against Ghislaine the first two of sexual procurement were awarded substantial damages against Maxwell, Maria Farmer case is ongoing and alleges that her and her 15 year old sister were repeatedly molested by Epstein and Ghislaine, which was reported to the FBI, clearly they ignored it, and actions against them who covered it up, should be filed also.
Farmer’s affidavit also stated that during the same summer, Epstein flew her then-15-year-old sister to his New Mexico property where he and Maxwell molested her on a massage table.
Ghislaine Maxwell born in the UK, born to Jewish parent. Father Robert Jewish and was also a Mossad agent.
Boris Johnson born in New York and despite his denial born to Jewish parents, how else would he had gained a job so far above his pay grade, answer is the same as America, pander to the whims of the Zionists.

Sigal P. Mandelker is an American lawyer and government official who currently serves as Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. Mandelker also served as the Acting United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury to Mnuchin. Born in Israel to Jewish parents so not born in New York, but significantly she is a member of the New York City, New York State, and American Bar Associations, why is this important? Mandelker is one pushing Iran sanctions.

So, now we have had the latest installment of the Mueller saga, 2.5 years on and still no mass arrests or actual evidence of all these thousands of indictments, just chatter and more chatter with zero actions of any sort of substance. The country is bankrupt and they all argue over who is more corrupt than the other? I would say the people deserve better, but the majority are either not interested or just participating in arguing over this circus act, called American politics.

Two Democratic U.S. senators will unveil a bill on Thursday to curb climate change by slapping a fee on oil, natural gas and coal and delivering most of the revenues to low- and middle-income Americans, one of the lawmakers said. Senator Chris Coons said on Wednesday he and Senator Dianne Feinstein will introduce the Climate Action Rebate Act, which aims to generate $2.5 trillion in revenues over 10 years starting in 2020. It would rebate about 70 percent of the money to families that make less than $130,000 per year, and use the rest for energy infrastructure, job retraining for fossil fuel workers, and research and development. Believe that steam pile of bs’ery and you will believe anything, real news to this is they are pushing the Mr. Pelosi backed Green Deal, which will deliver loads of funds to specific clown entities and like the Holocaust Museum In New York will spend it on themselves and their cronies.

Microsoft announced this week that their Nasdaq platform is now transferring to Excel, I guess their Oracle system turned into bacon and went sizzle sizzle, I wonder why?

To those who read the script of this show before it goes live, we have noticed, just saying, you people underestimate too much and will be your downfall.

Headline this week from MSM was Iran is squirreling away millions of barrels of oil in storage tanks at Chinese ports, avoiding a breach of US sanctions while providing its biggest buyer with a ready supply of crude to tap if supply is disrupted or sanctions are lifted. However, Iran has continued to ship large amounts of crude oil to China, where they’re placed in “bonded storage,” according to people familiar with Chinese ports who were interviewed by Bloomberg. You will find that is the black dragon and Kumantang groups and their theft out of Iran and Iraq, that went to China and also the Bush family based refinery in Houston Texas, that has now it has been blocked, so they use propaganda to label Iran and try to convince Trump and others, via John Bolton and Mike Pompeo that they must attack Iran, all so they can all steal the oil again.

The Russian submarine that went down mysteriously was involved in searching lost continent for treasures, Da’Arya has gained much attention it seems.

In the near future I suspect it will eventually break a plethora of so called famous peoples names off the internet, and out in the main public arena. Virtually every so called star of tv or stage is involved in it, every model agency implicated, politicians volumes of them in every country, music industry large numbers of the top stars from 1960’s onwards it seems all involved in pedophilia, the list will sicken many as their favorite TV stars are outed and implicated, but their is a sinister back drop to all of this, that must not go unnoticed or unrecognized.
The roles of certain agencies, namely Mossad and the CIA, along with Tavistock and other so called Institutes, is it Institute or Institution? upon investigations and my own sources those two are implicated heavily in these what I would largely describe as honeypot exercises.
I refuse to believe under normal circumstances this level of peoples are pedophiles, it just doesn’t compute to logic, and that many of them had undergone MK Ultra programming(CIA mind control techniques) and then they used the Operation Mockingbird which is a joint CIA and Mossad operation of control of the media, to cover it up and honeypot people, many of whom were on drugs, funny enough supplied by the CIA.

A new story that could that is straight out of the narrative of FRWL series, psuedo Russians, Iran and Israel.
The leader of the Mujahedin e-Khalq (MEK), an Iranian exile group often described by critics as a cult, had secretly traveled to Israel last week for meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad chief Yossi Cohen. Rudy Giuliani, a long-time supporter of the group, had apparently been a go-between. Who are MEK, described as a quasi Marxist group that fell afoul of the Islamic Republic after the 1979 revolution, the MEK has been in exile for most of the last four decades.
Both the U.S. and European Union used to consider the group a terrorist organization, a designation lifted just a few years ago after a high-profile lobbying campaign by many allegedly well-paid supporters like former CIA chief James Woolsey, Howard Dean, and, yes, Giuliani. In the early 2000s they were the source for several major revelations regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program. According to a 2017 report likely attributable to the Obama administration, Israel had teamed up with the MEK to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists. More recently, an Iranian terror plot out of Austria and Belgium in 2018 reportedly was foiled by the Mossad. The alleged target? An MEK rally in Paris. 

I have put out several warnings recently re: Trump and US Military and then you see media publishing stories of crimes committed by the US Military the weaponized ticks stories, ET stories and the role US Military had in them, then NATO open source man Robert David Steele chimes in this week and outs US Military, and others about military bases used for child trafficking.
All very valid Mr. Steele but why now? Because you are playing faction games Mr. Steele our faction is better than there faction, no Mr. Steele they are all corrupt murderous harvesting agents of death, period. They are throwing US Military under the bus as forecast on this show, because they are turning the public against the US Military now, as they no longer need or want their efforts in global domination, it costs too much to run 900+ bases globally, costs lots of money and also needs lots of spying or monitoring to keep them all in check.
Now they have millions of mercenaries, who don’t need bases, you just play the migrant card and push them into a country, like stated about Crimea in FRWL 6, it is estimated 1.2M of militants are now stationed there, alongside NATO goons, all ready to attack Russia again, overthrow Putin and install a fake monarch Maria Romanova.
Think about it logically, the US Military was pushing into selling ALL of their equipment, every ship, plane, tanks, rockets the whole kaboodle to a Chinese consortium not government, and have been leasing it back for the last two years, that consortium is Rothschild’s backed.
The Rothschild’s have been building up NATO, private security group known as contractors, real name mercenaries who will do anything for money, whose policies was to use people who have been bombed out of their towns and cities, and then given money to fight abroad, by the same programmed people who bombed them, it’s a classic CIA tactic that, that Steele knows all to well, given he was a private mercenary assassin at one point in S. America. his words not mine.
America needs to wake up and quickly, Russia also, and also in desperate, actually not desperate but dire straights is China, all 3 have been looted heavily, and have little in the way of real resources that can be monetized left.
I gave a solution around 18 months ago and some people sniffed at it, but to me it becomes more necessary by the day, is it fairly radical? absolutely but we live in very radical and critical times and needs strong leadership and a commitment from the people, otherwise we are going to collapse in chaos, for an undetermined length of time.
So here is my solution, by my I mean me only.
We will have to close down all American borders, no one in, no one out, for a set time period whilst operations are being carried out.
Cancel all global trade deals including the stock markets, this prevents transfers and further looting out of the country, whilst clean up takes place.
Cancel the UN, NATO and any other commissions or think tank groups operating under deceit to the public.
Issue executive orders to re-assemble the military, police and national guard under America dictates, can all be done under the Emergency War Powers Act, and instruct them to go and arrest all the top end criminals in one sweep.
Send in a taskforce team to takeover all media outlets, throw out the agency script readers and replace with people who will deliver real news and broadcasts, approved by The President, with series of shows detailing what has and is going on.
Remove all corporate and conglomerate advertising off the TV to avoid further lobbying attempt takeovers
Allow total access to entrepreneur media outlets not connected to current MSM media projects, news to not be based on propaganda or agency backed scripts.
Police to be brought back under the control of the government not private security holders like Citadel or Weiss, takeover Citadel, Weiss, G4S and all other so called private security groups, all work for the Rothschild’s cult.
Executive order to cancel operations of all troops fighting abroad, arrange their return and use them to defend America and it’s borders, or employ them to go after all these dark forces peoples globally on the condition other countries request help to do so, which is a must, trust is in short supply, otherwise it will look like another of the clowns invasion tactics again, we have much trust globally to regain, this would be a start.
Restore Organic Constitution and delete all the corpirate versions, Restore the bill of rights, delete Patriot act and restore an American government which we have not had since 1871, remove all references to United States, this country is not the US, US is a European power structure created by the dark forces.
Go to all AIPAC and other isRAel conducive offices, remove all people, all contents and freeze their bank accounts or sequester those funds for the operations, and close them all down. Find out who the top end contributors were and freeze their accounts until investigations are completed.
Go into the Federal reserve building throw them all out and takeover the operations in connection with MWHT, the lower end people working in there can be used for the investigations and operations within that building.
Issue a new American currency backed by the assets contained within MWHT and our own borders, with no references to the United States, notes or other debt instruments to be placed on the new money. No more 10% costs per dollar, saving the country a massive amount each year.
Go into the IRS building throw out all top CEO’s and management and takeover their operations, implement new tax structure already worked on and handed over previously to you to implement, take all funds collected illegally out of the IRS and give it back to the people in the form of rebates. New taxes will only go to America, not The Crown or other Rothschild’s slush fund accounts.
Go into the US Treasury and AU Treasury, plus other shell Treasuries and remove all top CEO’s and management and takeover all operations in connection with MWHT, lower end people in there can stay in their jobs and help with the investigations within the building. Eliminating several shell companies will have a huge savings on government spending.
Go into the UN building and close it down until further notice, can be used to notify rest of the world what is going on with real people talking common sense, not puppets on a string repeating scripted narratives and agendas. MWHT has 6 seats in the UN Council.
Go into Silicon Valley, strip it all down and never allow one consortium to run that type of project with no oversight, which is an actual National Security issue ever again, and deal with clowns connected to CIA and NSA in that industry.
Close down Google and Microsoft, two giant clown conglomerates that has cheated, lied, spied and looted this country beyond all reason, we have other solutions to not require either of them and they are ready to roll out also. The last two items will create more jobs and eliminate flagrant National Security issues.
Cancel all foreign aid, all grants to charities until they clean their act up also, all of them are vulture capitalists, harvesting funds off people under false pretences, lower end people can carry on doing the real work within those organizations of helping people and animals, currently they are helping only themselves at the top end. How can you say you are a Charity worker and claim $300K to $1M a year in paychecks? no you are just a self serving greedy bastard is your correct term. This will save huge amounts of funds that can be used elsewhere for better purposes.
Go into FBI, CIA, DHS and NSA and route out anti American and anti life peoples, scale agencies down as most are only spying on the American public, NSA can be eliminated entirely it is just a sub office of GCHQ and Crown operations, staff not immersed in clown operations can be diverted into many new jobs investigating each department for misappropriation and clown operations, this will save huge amounts of wasted public funds.
Create a taskforce and go into every so called Research center and assess all projects and experiments going on in those facilities, remove clowns weaponizing anything against the public, all research must be for the benefit of all people, living beings, plant life and the planet only, eliminate permanently the rest, this will save huge amounts of wasted public funds.
We must quickly set up manufacturing and agriculture, with the goal of the country becoming self sustaining with no imports forthcoming due to the cancelled trade deals. We have much of that already to roll out.
As other countries follow suit of cleaning out all of their filth, we can re-introduce trade deals, travel, currency exchanges and partnerships with those countries as appropriate.
Where will the funds come from? well the country will have massive savings with no Federal Reserve and the announcement of the elimination of their alleged debt, it has all been paid, no interest payments per day will make a start.
Great savings will be made on government spending as each department is overhauled using the staff within those organizations.
There has already been made massive savings in government spending due to the blocking of over half of the funds going to the Pentagon going out the back door.
Finally the Trust has stated it will fund this country until it becomes self sufficient which is estimated to be 3-5 years, we have the assets and werewithall to change this country and subsequently the world towards a better path.

So what can we expect in 2019 the words for 2019 is consolidation and validation, aligned with a steady but increase in awareness, progress, consciousness and vision, the latter will come in a variety of ways as the year unfolds.
With many of the masks visible, and those now gone or eroding, our progress will increase again next year, with less obstacles to overcome as many were removed in this past year.
The split of the two worlds will increase rapidly next year, partnerships will again be under pressure of those in relationships who are not frequency balanced.
Ear buzzing will increase, your own awareness will increase, you will become more in tune with yourself, environment and nature.
I suspect time will make less sense next year, glitches will increase as more is phased in and other parts phased out, dreams will get more vivid and more understandable, if you take note of them.
January could well be testing on financial and global levels for us all.
February and May could well be interesting months and late November could be extraordinary, should the 4 year loop news continue.
His-story will unravel much next year as more people start to question our real history, I expect some more discoveries to be made next year, as the drip fed disclosure rises again.
An understanding will develop more over this statement made, fact is fiction and fiction is fact.
The Trust will continue to erode all the former control system with a mixture of teaching, knowledge and hammers, and we are hoping for a full breakthrough next year in terms of the funding and the start of the changes, in preparation for the new decade.
Message to the clowns, factions, militaries, families, churches, politicians and agency peoples, your time is up, you all know that deep down, you are running a now defunct failed harvesting program, of which you were all part of the feast, you thought your titles and badges all gave you the special ticket of survival, sorry to burst all your bubbles but you were fooled more than we so called commoners were.
You are slaves now to a system that has collapsed in on you, whilst you waited for your titles, resources and pay outs, some of us went about destroying the illusion world you all bought into, and went about systematically destroying your theater of operations, none of which included violence, unless where deemed necessary and only in defense, a lesson for you all mired in death and destruction, we crashed you to your knees, without firing any weapons.
I stated on a show back in 2015 your control, wealth, assets and your system would all be eroded, and you will be left with a few psychopaths with little left but fear and illusion, whilst you doubted, we delivered on our promises and predictions.
You have two choices now comply and fly straight or die within your own failed system, again not by violence, you will not die from us via violence, but you will die internally by your own kind and ultimately your own arrogance and stupidity.

Clowns love their Cats and Cat references so it should come as no surprise the MSM created much fanfare of their latest two movies to highlight and program people, The Lion King remake and a remake of the show Cats. Other cats were in the news last week a Cat – holic priest spouting shite and saying fat people won’t make the cut, subsequently a very rounded lady ran on the stage and pushed the priest off it, as he had a cape on, he looked like a flying cat -holic.
Don’t believe this is a program, type any word in mewe or FB gif box and see how many cats come up in every selection, this is not some random cohen cidence, it is programming and worship of Ra. Just like the advert for cheaper drugs good rx, rx is symbol of Ra. No one is saying don’t love your pets, I am making you aware of a deep seated problematic program, that involves past life traumas, it is loop reprogramming in essence, throwing you into the past, when we wish to go to the future.

In light of Trump repeatedly complaining about biased coverage and fake news, is it not time it was address once and for all.
We have solutions to fix that Mr. Trump, sue them for slander, you know their funds are dwindling. 2. find loop holes in 1934 Telecommunication Act, I found several in scanning that document recently 3. declare them as a terrorist organization which essentially they are under the Patriot Act and remove their licenses. 4. Ban them from all rally’s and speeches 5. up to the people to create a nationwide movement and never watch their channels again.
I am sure there will be backlash as clown operators behind the scenes will shout dictator, fascist, Nazi if he does that, oh wait, they already do that now, so there will be no backlash.

Americans who wish to find out the depth of deceit in the White House and learn how a drunk became the Vice President and took advantage of an imbecilic drunk and coke head President, who was placed there due to father and the CIA connections to take over the role of President, need look no further than the movie Vice that came out last year. Just staggering and sickening in equal measure. question to ponder if America is the greatest at everything, why is there a meme or need of make America great again?

When a man has penetrative sex with a woman without her consent, that’s rape. But did you know that if a woman makes a man have penetrative sex with her, without his consent? That’s not rape under the law of England and Wales.

Society is led to believe that racism is a white only problem, despite numerous evidences to the contrary. One of the largest proponent of crying racism against them is the Zionist Jewish people with anti semitism, and yet we rarely hear of the racism within their own community, until this story broke.
Violent riots erupted in towns and cities throughout Israel recently, peaking on July 2, something that was clearly kept out of the Zionist ran media. Cars were set alight, property vandalized, scores of police officers were injured and demonstrators arrested. Hundreds of thousands of motorists were stranded for hours on gridlocked highways and secondary roads, in the heat, without water or warning. The protesters, predominantly members of the Ethiopian Israeli community and supporters, took to the streets to express their rage at what they condemn as systemic police brutality targeting their community. Numbering approximately 150,000 in a population of just under nine million, Ethiopian Israelis are black and their leadership is saying that this is rank racism. What sparked this latest round of protests was the death of 19-year old Solomon Teka on June 30. Teka was hanging around with some friends, reportedly beating up on a younger boy. An off-duty policeman happened by with his family and intervened. He claims that Tekah and his friends attacked him and he feared for his life. So. He drew his gun and aimed a warning shot at the ground. It ricocheted and hit Teka in the chest, killing him instantly.
There is a different version of events as to what transpired that night; that Teka was shot intentionally and directly. No ricochets.
Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan during questions, earlier this week the minister made a remarkable statement in a public ceremony: “I have met with dozens of Ethiopian Israelis who spoke about encounters with police. They didn’t invent the stories and didn’t co-ordinate them. Racism is a problem for all of Israeli society.” pot and kettle springs to mind and a case of get your own house in order before pointing fingers at others. This is what I keep warning the Jewish people, these Zionist clowns cared not one iota for any of you, they have used you as guinea pigs to expand their area of control, then discard you like Palestinians. Fight back against these goons, Palestinian people are not your problem, the system is.

The latest atrocities coming out of the Cult of Ra new zone of sacrifice and death, now known as isRAel reveals an ongoing issue of repression, replacement and deletion, all too common throughout my series FRWL.
Palestinians built homes; years later Israel built a wall. Now the homes must be demolished because they are too close to the wall.
According to the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions (ICAHD):

Since 1967 when the Occupation began in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, nearly 50,000 Palestinian homes and structures have been demolished – displacing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and affecting the livelihoods of thousands of others. Combine this with the 600 Palestinian villages that were demolished when the state of Israel was established (www.zochrot.org) creating 750,000 Palestinian refugees (3/4 of the population), and its ongoing demolition policy within the state of Israel itself, the figure exceeds more than 100,000 Palestinian homes demolished since 1948. This is a conservative figure because multiple level homes and apartment blocks count as one unit and it does not include the number of self-demolitions which is a growing phenomenon done because Israel issues a bill for the demolitions which many Palestinians cannot afford to pay.
Palestinian homes are demolished for various and sundry reasons: the land they own has been declared by Israel “agricultural land” or “open green space;” they have no building permit (which the Israeli authorities refuse to grant Palestinians); the slope of their land is adjudged as “too steep;” their houses are too near settlements or Israeli-only highways (although the houses were there first); out of collective punishment for some action the punished people had nothing to do with; the “clearing” of vast tracts of land for military/security purposes; destruction for the sake of expanding roads, settlements and the “Separation Barrier;” houses “cleared” to make passage safe for settlers or for other security purposes; homes representing “collateral damage;” and more.
Sixteen apartment buildings, home to more than 100 Palestinian families, will have their homes destroyed by Israeli authorities in Jerusalem after a ruling Sunday by the Israeli Supreme Court allowing the demolition.
The High Court accepted the argument of the Israeli government that the homes were “too close to the Israeli ‘security wall'”, despite the fact that these homes were constructed on Palestinian land and were permitted by the Palestinian Authority – and the fact that the Wall was constructed on Palestinian land with no consultation with the Palestinian Authority as to its route.
Meanwhile the world sits there and shits their collective pants and says nothing of these atrocities, American Presidents and Congress all bend over and proverbially take it up the ass, everytime isRAel says jump, they ask how high and bend to every whim, where it has now become in some areas of America a criminal offense to criticize or question isRAel, what happened to free speech and the 1st Amendment? just why is this one tiny region holding and wielding such power? and just why are we sending these death cult merchants $3B+ in aid every single year to destroy peoples lives? Why are we USA vetoing every bill resolution in the UN for war crimes labeled at this tiny state cult camp?

The stock market has surged for more than a decade. Since the recession low of March 9, 2009, the S&P 500 has rocketed from a devilish 666 to over 3,000 today. That’s a gain of 350% in 10 years. Talk about building wealth. Now the bad news: This incredible period of wealth creation has bypassed tens of millions of older Americans — perhaps including you. That’s because — get this — the wealthiest 10% of households own 84% of all stocks—and that includes pension plans, 401(k) accounts and individual retirement accounts (IRAs) as well as trust funds, mutual funds and college savings programs like 529 plans. That means 90% of American households own the remaining 16% of all stock. These sobering stats come courtesy of Edward N. Wolff, an economist at New York University, who tells the New York Times “For the vast majority of Americans, fluctuations in the stock market have relatively little effect on their wealth, or well-being, for that matter.” no shit sherlock, not designed for ordinary people, only the greed merchants and vultures who pick over the carcass, the carcass is us, in big capital letters.

Did you know that the attacks on Syria have been ongoing at regular intervals through time, here is a previous event.
The Aleppo Massacre often referred to simply as The Events, was a riot perpetrated by Muslim residents of Aleppo, although Ethnic non-Aleppine groups, including Bedouins, Kurds and Türkmen have also been blamed for the riot, especially by local historians, largely from the eastern quarters of the city, against Christian residents, largely located in the northern suburbs of Judayde and Salibeh. The riot began on the evening of October 17, 1850, and ended two days later on October 19, 1850. The riot resulted in numerous deaths, including that of the Syriac Catholic Patriarch Peter VII Jarweh. Ethnic non-Aleppine groups, including Bedouins, Kurds and Türkmen have also been blamed for the riot, especially by local historians. It has been argued, however, that The Events reflect instead more complex social dynamics, particularly the disruption caused by the sweeping reforms implemented by the Ottoman Empire in its nineteenth century attempts at modernization, also known as the Tanzimat, and by the Ottoman Empire’s incorporation into the modern world economic system. As the Ottoman Empire weakened in the 19th century, restrictions on Christians were eased, due to the increasing intervention and influence of European powers.
Not quite correct, based on this narrative, The reforms emerged from the minds of reformist sultans like Mahmud II, his son Abdulmejid I and prominent, often European-educated bureaucrats, who recognised that the old religious and military institutions no longer met the needs of the empire. Part of the reform policy was an economic policy based on the Treaty of Balta Liman of 1838, which two entities delivered this treaty? Ottoman Empire and United Kingdom, their plan was to integrate the houses again under the Edict of Gulhane, Gulhane means Rose House, House of Rose, Rose Line and Freemasonry and Templar stuff again.
It brought in the first banknotes, first post office (which was the monetary banks then), banking reform and legal reform, and the first taxation and paid tax collectors, so it became Crown led in essence.
Uniate Armenians and Melkites were officially recognised as Millets in 1831 and 1848, respectively. 1839 reforms allowed Christians to build new churches, which was previously prohibited. A newly formed municipal advisory council provided Christians with the opportunity to express their opinions. Perhaps most the most significant changes during this time, however, were the alterations being made to the Ottoman taxation system. Traditionally, direct taxation was only required for adult, non-Muslim males, through a system known as jizya, jizya has two meanings which is eerily similar to US incomes taxes, it means tax but also a tribute or compensation, again Crown terminology.
Taxes for Muslims, rather than being applied to the individual, were instead announced by the government and left to be collected by various corporate entities, such as guilds or quarters, from among their individual members. Yet, an individual head tax was introduced for Muslim residents during the Egyptian occupation of Syria in the 1830s, under Muhammad Ali Pasha, and was continued even after the Ottomans regained control of the region. Not only did this lead to increasing economic burdens upon the Muslim residents of Aleppo, spurring on dramatic decreases in their relative wealth while their Christian neighbors prospered because of connections with Europe, but it also created a sense of disillusionment in terms of the relationship between Muslims and the Ottoman state, for it undermined the distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims, thereby possibly calling into question the role of Muslims as the defenders of Islam as well. The already apparent class distinction became more dramatic with Muhammad Ali Pasha’s modernization efforts and led to the increasing social discontinuity that set the stage for conflict between the Muslim and Christian communities, ya see the Albert Pike prophecy was not just future, but the past.
These taxation reforms were coupled with an economic depression, that spread throughout Aleppo in the mid-1800s, and were thus particularly devastating for residents from the eastern quarters of the city, for they were largely engaged in the caravan trade and the grain trade, the two sectors most deeply affected by the economic depression.
As trade with Europe increased, merchants who were mostly Christians and Jews prospered, while Muslim residents faced increasing economic hardships. The Muslim population of the city was badly hit by inflation as a result of the foreign merchandise that flooded the market after Syria was integrated into the world economy. The ease of commercial restrictions upon Christians spurred on discontent among Muslims, for they perceived this to be a threat to their traditional economic advantages in the region. Muslims also sought to stop the building of new churches, without much success. Additionally, Aleppo had a large Janissary faction, which had been growing increasingly discontented with the Ottoman government since their official abolishment in 1826. The jannisaries largely resided in the eastern quarters of Aleppo, and were thus particularly affected by these economic hardships. When the Greek Catholic patriarch Maximos III Mazloum was carried in a procession through the city with much extravagance, Muslims saw this as a sign of increasing Christian domination of the city. Celebratory fire during the festivities gave rise to rumours that Christians were arming themselves. General reforms occurring within the Ottoman Empire as it attempted to modernize, specifically census-taking and the forced conscription of citizens, also led to increased tensions and feelings of insecurity for the Muslim residents of Aleppo. Following the first-ever census of Aleppo’s adult males, rumors spread that the Ottoman Empire intended to begin to conscript adult males in the area. Backlash against looming threat of conscription, then, meant that the taking of the census became the catalyst for the 1850 riots in Aleppo. All the world is a stage and his story always repeats.

Ministry of defence church defenders? infantry, drummer boys who marched before the troops, why? first line of defense using children
was aryan originally uryan ur means original, yan is an optimal state of mind for higher initiates

With debate raging globally over climate change and global warming, when the Russians announced in the late 1950’s we were potentially going into a global cooling period, which could explain some of the chemtrailing going on over last few decades.
But perhaps one thing has been overlooked, which is typical in my opinion, whereby one social engineering program then has wider impacts on other parts of life, it is typical of the ouru borus practice of the clowns.
That social engineering program was designed to cram as many people into towns and cities as possible, with the object of then being able to control them easier, it was also easier to mind control also, and bombard negative frequencies into that zone and create more issues.
This also had another aspect to it, as if you cramp peoples space, conflict arising from it is never far away, all part of their other program of divide and conquer.
There is a reason these high rollers live far away from cities and the masses, generally in massive grounds and neighbors far away, so as they are not bombarded with negative frequencies from the masses.
The main impact of this is building high rise buildings which generate way more heat.
An urban heat island is a metropolitan area that is significantly warmer than its surroundings. According to the EPA, the annual mean air temperature of a city with one million people or more can be 1.8 to 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than surrounding areas. In the evening, the difference can be as much as 22 degrees, as rural areas quickly cool down after sunset, while cities maintain their heat.
The main issue is concrete, this absorbs heat way more and makes city hotter, then you add in several high rise building with glass and that heat is reflected and magnified several times.
We have to move away from high rise building and condensed cities and towns, as both contribute to retaining heat which becomes unbearable in certain regions during the summer.
Look at Manhattan a sea of crude ugly high rise building generating massive heat, all playing the dickswinging contest of my building is bigger than yours, all built for the same money people who are pushing the climate change narrative.
So, if we want to cool down the core planet temperature, the very clowns who sit on think tank committees to discuss the problems, are or were the very ones who created it, up to them to fix the causes that they created first, not pass it onto the public, we never built or asked for concrete jungles, you did.

He studied why the volcanoes weren’t belching the much needed atmospheric gases, and thus not releasing any warmth. Things were getting worse. Nibiru’s problem was to be solved by getting gold to repair the atmosphere, and or to blast the volcanoes with nuclear weapons, or he could decide to do nothing.
Let with Weapons of Terror the bowels of Nibiru be cut open, let volcanoes again erupt! He then commanded, with Weapons of Terror skyborne chariots were armed, with terror missiles from the skies were volcanoes struck. The mountains swayed, the valleys shuddered as great brilliances with thunder exploded.
This was taken from the Nibiru Annunaki tablets of life on their planet, it can tell us as much about our own planet.
1. It was they who introduced nuclear weapons here, they used it on their own planet, to try and wake dormant volcanoes. it seems by this that, it is the volcanoes that create a planet’s atmosphere, which then creates the rain.
What one can deduce from that is, as I have covered in previous shows the northern and southern lights are not coming from the sky sun, but the central sun in the middle of a planet, as above so below, which heats up the inner core and drives the volcano fires, this must have been failing on Nibiru planet for whatever reason, and so the cycle of life started to die off.
The planet begins to shrink and shrivel up due to no expansion of the hardened rock that came out of the volcano, if a planet shrinks it then becomes a hollowed out planetoid, and subsequently resembles a moon, is it possible our moon was Nibiru after all?
Our current moon is too large to be a natural moon, and it as a course of nature cannot be in a fixed stationary orbit with only one side showing, which means it is a fixed satellite station only facing one way, and was placed there, not crashed into the earth and was created out of the debris, if that was the case, why are moon rock samples older than the Earth?
Of course they came here for the monatomic gold to reseed their planet’s atmosphere, but could it be the case that they mined too much gold on their own planet, given that gold is a planet’s ballast, which then sent Nibiru on it’s elongated orbit?
Perhaps there is a reason why many of our volcanoes are going off now, and why I warned to stay off mountains recently.

Du.Uru – meaning “In the Dwelling Place Fashioned”1st son of Enshar and a concubine – the “double seed” is broken!
Married Da.Uru, meaning “She Who is by My Side”, He married for love, not by blood relation – the bloodline is broken they cried!
They and many others were now infertile due to Nibiru’s enduring hardships. They found a son at the gate and adopted him as heir – all royal bloodlines of Nibiru are now broken!
This like the nuclear weapons was replicated on Earth by certain reptilian DNA families like the Rothschild’s, all about the bloodline and keep it in the family, which is not a saying, but literal.
They were marrying mothers, brothers, sisters and 1/2 brothers and sisters as long as the family line was kept.
This was prevalent in the Egyptian eras also, as that was a time of the fake gods and humans living on the planet together, we were treated as their slaves, as their incestuous bloodline was deemed more important than ours.
But over time that policy fails, the corrupted DNA of inter family relations erodes the family tree, and suddenly offspring are no longer produced by the females, then they introduced concubines, more commonly known as prostitutes to bear children, preferably a son as an heir to the line of the throne.
This led to family feuds which still plays out today in faction wars of who is the natural first born, and a line back to the king, and this is how Anu got to be King, when the real king was Alulu.
Alulu then fled Nibiru and came to Earth looking for gold to save their planet, hoping to return back home as a hero and claim kingship again.
This is likely the reason of the story of the fake gods mating with woman came about, it was seeding their genetics into another race or species, which then gave the right’s in their eyes, over that species, and continue their family line, that was now corrupted.
This is what the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s and all royal family lines have done all going back to Egypt and Cult of RA, women are chosen not based on love, but their ability to produce children.
All royal males sleep with a succession of various colored females from around the world, to bear children and then they are given privileged upbringing, and then suddenly turn up in one of the top positions around the world, Obama and Bill Clinton springs to mind as examples of that policy.
These so called top families are following an off world program, they are not based in love, only in keeping control and power, they envy us immensely, as so many go about their lives based in love, of which they can’t obtain, to them love is a weakness to be exploited, a desire and feeling that has to be buried, and without it, you are left a shriveled, withered down version of you, left in a shell with little life force, which brings me full circle, as that is how their planet failed.

What is life? most of it is pure drivel currently, meaningless chatter, endless examples of children in adult bodies, low vibrational mindsets that focus all the attention away from the self, because that person will not face or accept their own inner failings, or who and what they are.
They seek solace in the six hooks of life that drag them down further into the mire, drugs, alcohol, sex, religion, financial are the main 5, and ego imbalance, are all examples of the common failings of man.
All of the above five except ego are vehicles outside of themselves, of which you are not the driver, somebody else has hijacked your vehicle and is running it for you, that is mental and physical slavery in it’s crudest form, from which you can be manipulated, just like a puppet on a string.
Those with those 5 main hooks will never attain higher learning, divine essence soul development and will be left in with the mire of low vibrational astral type entities, playing the harvest or be harvested game, and this is what is playing out globally now, all dog eat dog, dickswinging, fighting for hierarchical status, wealth, fame and greed, are all examples of low vibrational soul development entities, and society is awash with it.
The 5 hooks are for those seeking a giant pacifier to soothe them through life, like a child in a stroller, waiting for a parent to pat them on the head and say everything is ok, but it is not, and deep inside those individuals who partake in those hooks, know it all too well, their intuition screaming like a child waiting for their mothers breast milk, but they ignore the intuition because they are not drive the vessel, and they then launch into a tirade against anyone that approaches their sphere of influence, it is called the projection game.
Ego starts within and if contained within works in accordance with higher learning, but some project it out, all about being important, when doing important has far more value.
The fame game which seduces quite a few alt media personalities, copying the insideous MSM game. is a path of rank misunderstanding of what it means to be alternative, media or otherwise.
Too many focus on numbers of how many likes they get to base their popularity, that is ego, someone with balanced ego cares not for numbers or likes, but what is the actual impact of what you are getting across, or trying to relay?
Why do you think our government is corrupt, morally bankrupt, deceivers, cheats and conniving? do you think that they are all in some way separate from us? that they are different? in some aspects that can be the case, but in overview aspects they are a representation of we the people, they are us in overview.
High society is a representation of low society, it is symbiotic in nature, as above so below, now this may disturb some people and cause them to react to that statement, but in overview and balance, you will find it to be more of the truth than your were prepared to accept or handle.
Our government is a truer gauge and reflection of our own society than most people are willing to admit, because it is easier to point fingers at people on a screen and project at the projection, than deal with, or face up to problems within our own circle, family or community.
This behavior again in an overview aspect, borders on total stupidity, our world views, opinions, culture, partnerships, friendships are mainly based on interactions with a projection screen, be that a television, mobile phone or computer monitor connections, some end up having confrontations with projections via a projection screen, ponder on that for a second.
Snap reactionary judgments are made based too often on one comment or one projection, we have all been guilty of it, myself included at times, which is why I prefer the let them hang themselves method, it allows you to step back from their low vibrational thinking, and not immerse yourselves in their field of inner chaos, inner chaos is at the root of all issues, engaging those people leads you to taking on their inner chaos and manifesting it into your life.
This is classic energy vampirism in the harvest or be harvested system created, and the only way it will all go away, is if you fix you, the ripple in the pond effect, some will argue that will have no effect it’s only one ripple, I will argue you don’t understand or comprehend your own power.
But what about the other 7B people, what about them? my response again is, since when is it your responsibility to fix them? why should another person put more effort into saving people, towards those who don’t wish to save themselves? that is vampirism again.
You help people who have the desire and wish to help others, waiting for the others to help us when they won’t help themselves is pure folly, and ultimately a distraction.
Everything that surrounds us from people, the materialistic aspect, governmental, financial and cultural aspects are all pure nonsense when you overview it, none of it makes any rational sense in a higher vibrational culture.
It is about as relevant as, is the earth flat or did we go to the moon, what difference does it make?
The real questions are do I have the 5 essential basics of life yes or no? food, water, clothing, home and energy, that determines the next stage of your life, with those 5 your next goal is the need to work on the self.
Those without those 5, have a much harder life task and essentially cast adrift from life itself, life is and never was, about existing, it is about experiencing, learning, development and growth, we need to relearn how to live, not to exist.
How can you live with the basic needs not met? you can’t, and we all have allowed that to take place on this planet, by adapting our own little life bubble, that what goes on elsewhere doesn’t matter as it is not affecting my life, that is the most stupid naive thinking ever on this planet, you are not as awake as you thought if that is your thinking, and you fail to grasp the fundamentals of the symbiotic nature of all living things.
Many of us struggle with family members and partners not on the path of the awakened, and the following multi layered awakening levels, and we feel an obligation to pacify or support them, but is it not often the case, it is the family who have rejected you? where are their obligations? why do we carry the burden and the guilt, of their own stupidity and non actions? well bollocks to that is my response.
But it is family and your blood Thomas, fair enough, but lets look at families and bloodlines in overview shall we, and maybe something to ponder on and reconsider your thinking.
One select group of people on this planet, has for centuries ran everything based on bloodlines, for them it is all about the blood group.
They have all married and had sexual relations within their own family line, produced offsprings that degraded them and their family heritage, plus all bloodlines who they subsequently seeded with, all with the desire of power and control, and the illusion of being more special than the rest.
Incestuous relations abound that was copied and was spread into general society, that created a miriad of problems of malformities and disease via mismatched genetics, has not bode well on this planet, the old saying you can pick your friends, which is your sovereign choice, but not your family.
All about the family is copying bloodline elites traits and that over time has not worked too well for them.
Think about it for a second, why would a female human with the blood type RH-negative reject a human baby? the ultimate creation in life, that requires an injection of poison so that female will not reject the baby, why would a mother reject her own child?
The answer is we are not all human, is the simplest and most logical answer, no matter how much that disturbs you or freaks you out.
We have all suffered via family and many of us have tolerated them because they are family, but families in essence are not a sovereign choice are they? many of us got dumped into family lines poisoned by their past deeds. You never chose to join that family or your name first and last name, you were not born Christian, Jewish, Cat-holic, Buddhist, Protestant or Muslim, that was created for you, all of it, none of it was a sovereign choice, you were railroaded into it by your family, along with their ancestral misdeeds.
Real family are amongst the stars, although some are here, it is based on frequency, not looks, titles, blood or wealth, but pure essence frequency, those that really understand that get it, those that don’t are not ready or not fully human.

Timelines fixed does not mean you or we have won, winning is not an end goal, winning is doing the right things on a daily basis in accordance with cosmic and natural law under the golden rule principle, developing the self is winning, addressing your core issues of inner and shadow work is winning, care and sharing is winning, service to others is winning, being an example of change is winning, overcoming fears is winning, being yourself is winning, making your voice heard is winning, you are the voice use it.
I would love the Jewish people to have their voice also against the globalist criminals in their midst, denigrating beyond all reason into being a patsy for their ills.

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