truth honor integrity | august 1 2019

The THI ebook is now out finally with not as much fanfare as I would have liked due to certain issues arising, but that should not be allowed to take away from all the people who had input on that assignment in various guises, be it writing the chapter, compiling links, the art work, the design and lay out work, all done by people who have never met each other, I don’t think.
People from all over the world coming together and working on a project and delivering something a little bit special.
Special thanks to those who contributed to it like Amy, Zenja, Marcel, Jen, Michele, John, Truus, Dennis, Jess with other notable inputs from Gu Shift, BA, Marjolein, Michael J and Perla.
You will all enjoy it immensely and provide further back up and insight to the work I have put into the shows.
306 pages packed with knowledge, links, depictions and so much more, I am proud of all who participated, and shows what can be achieved with a desire, belief and willingness to develop, not only the self, I am sure all the individuals got much out of it, and went beyond their own expectations, but as a collective also. Thanks to you all.

Certain issues cropped up within the group and also outside the group this week, the two were related as it was part of a co-ordinated attack on myself, Kim and the group, that has been more prevalent since last November, we know why and we also expected it.
The agents of none change have ramped up their attacks, sending out their puppet minions to spy, deflect, distract and destroy, it is all they know.
Witches and djinns in particular are in play a lot now, they can play, but we can end it remember that, you know who you are and I know your signatures, the light you claim you had was extinguished and you dance with the dark, their days are numbered, and subsequently so are yours, final warning.
Those of a higher soul development know not to attack, but only defend, those who attack are subsequently dancing with and for the dark, and clearly not as developed as they thought.
Warning to the members also, it is not just me they target but all members of the group, it is how they work. You will require a step up of the shielding and fend off attacks techniques given to you, and if you are new, it is available on the website thinkdifferent.thepeoplesclub.org
Why is this group attacked so often? well it is several things and reasons, but I want to cover one in particular in this piece.
They hate the way this group has bonded as a family, it is the key aspect to it all, outsiders cannot comprehend it, it is the antithesis of life outside of our group in general, all arguing, all comparative and competitive mindset programming, bitter and twisted, divide and conquer, our group is breaking down their system, and boy do they not like it, they want us all divided like them.
You see some comments here and there and it becomes indicative, people stating of how much group members defend me and also vice versa, and so label it a cult in their abject ignorance, but what is wrong with defending what is right, defending your family is the real question to answer?
Is it not refreshing that a group of people globally all feel like they are in a family type setting, most of whom have never met, free to express themselves and defend their family? to the people who question or label it I ask, what is wrong with those traits or actions? and more importantly what is wrong with you?
The reason being is, they are part of the slavery suit system, some claim they are not, but their manners and actions tell us all different, and what they are displaying is abject envy and bitter jealousy traits, because they haven’t developed themselves enough to join in, that is the harsh truth, they can’t handle the truth, they can’t handle facing reality.
They target us because we dared to be different, we shine like beacons, we think different, we care for each other, we defend each other, all human traits that has to be admired, not denigrated, but this is their mindset, wracked in envy of us all for being the change for the positive, regardless of what goes on globally or outside of our group.
The system, clowns, minions and walking bots cannot handle what we have together, it rattles their dark empty shells immensely, time for all our members to ramp up our qualities and show the bitter ones, what they could have been with some effort, application, a splattering of personal responsibility, loaded with a desire of wanting a better world.
The rest are active in keeping the old world with the support of the non caring people, let them be, for they know not what they do.
I will repeat saying I said a while back now, immigration in the future will be from their world into ours, let us continue to protect our world, as those outside of it are mired in the ignorance, death and destruction system.
In THI, OffPlanet Radio and Circle of White light we trust, if you dare to be different, wish to shine like beacons, think different, care for each other, and defend each other, come and join us, if not go back to the bitter and twisted gutter of what you call life.
I will play this song as indicative of these outsiders, but you didn’t hurt us, you didn’t cause us pain or make us cry, we are far too strong to allow low level mindsets to do that.

rutger hauer 75 suddenly, gabe khouth 46 suddenly,

Remember the intel about large mergers? The U.S. Justice Department said Friday it is approving T-Mobile’s takeover of rival Sprint, clearing a major hurdle to a deal that would merge the nation’s third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers. Harvesting time for businesses. The companies have agreed to divest Sprint’s prepaid businesses, including Boost Mobile, to Dish Network Corp in order to move ahead with the merger, which was announced in April 2018 and was previously valued at $25 billion. But the deal still faces a significant challenge. A group of U.S. state attorneys general have filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York to block the merger, arguing that the proposed deal would cost consumers more than $4.5 billion annually. You do realize neither of these are American owned companies, T-Mobile, which is about 63 percent owned by Deutsche Telekom AG, German, Sprint owned 84% by a Tokyo company called Softbank.

These next two pieces are indicative: Keenan’s latest he talks about Japan and S.Korea again, all very reminiscent of his 2013 story that to me, same subject same two countries, not all have short memories.
“While smelling their own fear (defeat) and moving as quickly as possible to alleviate their worldwide financial losses – what better place for their next outlandish thievery than in South Korea with its hundreds of Global Accounts in bunkers with the majority being owned by the Golden Dragon Family!”
Those bunkers are largely empty as the real Neil Keenan would have known, and no they don’t belong to Dragons Golden or colors, it was stolen out of several countries and given to the Pindar Marcos, and his band of minions Soekarno, Sino and Kennedy’s, who Keenan is/was possibility related to, given he traveled on their jet as a child, Keenan name is a derivative of Kennedy and the only reason Indonesia is a focus of attention at all, is because Marcos was the Pindar from there for several decades, even after his fake public announced death.
Marcos harvested everything and was like the Central Bank for Marduk.
“Today we know them as the Global Collateral Accounts. The West did not use anything other than the stolen Assets or loot from the war itself” that comment alone says much, The west used the stolen assets, this is globalist speak, for a few reasons 1. the loot in those bunkers Neil refuses to identify the real countries it was stolen from, 88% of it was stolen from Rusland Neil or whoever is playing you, not China or the East 2. Classic divide and conquer program of blame the west 3. globalist were transferring all power, money and wealth from the west to the east under the Federal Reserve agreement of around 1910 the new Fed building was going in Macau Singapore 4. Fails to mention that a lot of that gold was stolen by the very people he works for 5. let us not forget the comment Neil said to me on a call Xmas 2014 “Thomas Americans are fat lazy bastards who need to get back to work and not live middle class lifestyles off the back of the wealth of the East, all of it belongs to the East”
It is 5 years ago now that Keenan allegedly went into the vaults and allegedly pulled out some small boxes, some say it was gold, and some say it was copper in the boxes, but one has to ask how and why the M1 and his latest position of leader of the Muslims on behalf of Allah, The Amanah, as to why he hasn’t been in one bunker since, and if he has, where are the collateral accounts?
Point being is that the original Neil Keenan from several sources was deleted in some way around September of 2016, shortly after a visit from RDS, no sources can confirm that the original is still around, the new one looks suspiciously like Michael Young and Dragon partner of Anna Von Reitz.
Largely it is irrelevant whether he is the original or not, what is relevant is this why as the M1 holder of all the collateral accounts has been and still is, begging for money from the public? selling massively overpriced healing machines? Why is The Amanah a disciple of Allah not able to deliver anything but loop stories on his blog and show pictures of something that resembles a giant golden dildo with a bag covering up the lower portion of it? what is the bag hiding?
I have said all along if Keenan delivers the collateral accounts to the people, I will be as happy as anyone on this planet, but this drivel he or his script writers put out, is helping no one. Like Jesper and teams, Generals they are being led a merry dance of which they should have long past worked out by now.

In South Africa anyone who is getting a Pension or Child grant now has to draw their money at the POST OFFICE  if it goes into a bank account the card is swallowed and they have to re-apply and when it is paid out at the Post Office money is missing in the grant or Pension amount. You have hundreds of people lining up at the Post Office to get their money which is paid short…. Do you think and is it possible the Rothschild’s are now looting the Pension and Children’s Grant money in the different countries…. Cause the money is short and those with banking accounts, their cards get swallowed so that they need to go to the Post Office.  Ask reserve bank of South Africa and bank of England what happened, and tell them to stop making donations to Chinese.

People may well witness changes in the moon.

AVR raised her head again this past week, no coincidence given work done recently, and her latest envious of Kim piece came to the fore, apparently her and her agency partners have decided to blame Kim for blocking RV, Vatican trust funds, global warming and the last ice age here it seems, but Anna never answers any real questions posed to her, and just rattles off verbage that contradicts herself and makes no sense, as you will see. “I never asked her to send a penny to the Vatican.  Why in the Hell would I, when all the money she says she controls is coming FROM the Vatican and its network banks? wrong all the money does not come from Vatican banks and their network.
She then states this, I want an account set up in the Vatican Bank for the Office of the Fiduciary, so that we, The United States of America, can conduct necessary business related to our assets which are mainly offshore in banks controlled by the Vatican. That requires us to open an account at the Vatican Bank and open the dialogue about these “legacy” accounts. Contradictory in anyway?
So now I am the bad guy for demanding that the accounts should be audited independently by the owners and asking Kim to set up an account for my Office of the Fiduciary at the Vatican Bank? So that we can pay our Auditors and support them while in Rome? For one she never states who these owners are, all too convenient, why doesn’t she ask the bloodline families she represents for the alleged funding to Rome? 2. we are not the United States, we are America.
That’s not giving the Vatican a “ton of money” — that’s accessing money already in the Vatican Bank that the American People are owed to do a duty required by any Fiduciary. really and all very reminiscent of her sidekick Neil Keenan, who despite being the M1 monetary controller needed $20K from his members to gain access to the bunkers, so now Anna is asking for not $20K but $10B to enter the bunker or vaults, anyone see the similarity?

So having stated I never asked her to send money to Vatican, then requests $10B to go into a Vatican bank? why not any other bank? why the Vatican? because Anna was personal legal secretary to the Popes, particularly the Nazi Ratzinger.
I asked her to put ten billion in an interest bearing account, so that the interest would support Asset Recovery Teams in Rome, the Philippines, and other locations where we need to send Auditors, Lawyers, and Bank Examiners. Q1 why would it take $10B to audit anything 2. who appointed these auditors, lawyers and bank examiners? auditors like Deloitte? Lawyers lie all day every day, so why should we trust them? bank examiners, oh my that’s like the police investigating the police is it not? Where is the public oversight in that Anna?
Questions back to the multi elite bloodline family named one, with family who thinks she is Queen of England. We know you work for the families, it is all in your name, what have they ever done for humanity? what did they do with the Trusts when they had access? all lined their own pockets with our money.
Now they don’t have access you think we are stupid enough to give them same harvesting family people access back in? you have spent too much time with Emily and her Yahweh channeling if you ask me.
So now she (Kim) is apparently “spreading” more false information. wrong again Anna I am putting out the information not Kim, and it is not false. 

“After what has gone on here, we are just supposed to take whatever we are given and not conduct our own audit?” why not, Kim has funded her own efforts to eliminate the harvesting clowns, what makes you so different?
“Kim has stood in the way of us doing that, just as she has stood in the way of accessing the other two trusts that could be providing relief to this country’s poorest people right now, today.”  Really and you expect people to believe that drivel, who did you blame for your non actions before Kim became a more public figure in 2016 Anna? who was stopping you in all the preceding years before 2016 back to 2007 when your master cut all your bloodline families off?
The gist of this is the families of which she is a part of, did not give a single thought to humanity whilst they were given our funds to build their mini empires around the world, then M cut them all off and they cried wolf and wanted their funds and trusts back, except those funds and trusts never belonged to them to begin with, it is the equivalent of Dick Turpin robbing a stage coach, carrying on through the forest and getting beaten up and his loot stolen, then complaining to the authorities, he’s been robbed.
$10B to go through some books, to put that into perspective shall we, $10B is higher than the GDP for 72 countries around the world, ponder on that for a second, add in all the banks in the world and she chose the Vatican, oh my, the same Vatican bank that was partially closed down 4-5 years back for corruption.
Give me a break with your desperate drivel Anna, it’s got more holes in it than Swiss cheese, the world is not as stupid as you all thought anymore, and is cottoning onto your elitist family games, as for your abilities as a legal expert, you lost in court both cases on your non paying of taxes and your home, both of which I have sympathy with you on those matters as both are fraud, but perhaps your legalese doesn’t work too well, despite being a Vatican insider.
When you realize your enemy is not Kim, the enemy is you and who you work for, then we may see the better version of Anna, stacked with knowledge and ideas of how to go forward for the people, not Houses or bloodlines, they have all failed.

Expect all forms of communications to be disrupted including banking and cable

From Q recently possible China monitored Mueller hearing, China analyzing 2020 election, China taking steps to interfere with 2020 election, China involved with communications with Democrats and some other China related issues like trade deals.
I want to make it clear, this has nothing to do with China the country, nothing to do with President XI or Chinese government and everything to do with globalists and Dragon related groups. It would be helpful if Q makes that clear, before we launch into another pointless investigation of Chinese collusion, providing Q is aware of it, if not it is steering people down a wrong path again.

Clowns found out now there is no more black screens for them to access, their backdoors into mobile phones, banks, the deep web, the dark web and other backdoor services is now gone. Did you know the deep web was accessible via online banking websites? well you do now.

Jesper Ellerman of the now defunct organization the Kingdom of Manna, their sovereignty and all banking codes was stripped in December 2017, is now officially the go to guy to deliver the RV, he is telling everyone he has the codes to the system and it will all happen, haha too funny Jesper, you Rothschild’s hand puppet, I would be worried if I was you, Roths are doing fire sales because they are sieving funds too quickly, quite soon you and your Australian, New Zealand, Shanghai, Fiji and African counterparts will not be paid.

Banks are in grave trouble please act accordingly, there is sufficient evidence in MSM, never mind what we know

Kim was contacted by an intermediary to discuss a potential contract agreement of releasing some funds, of which this particular group said they would but wanted control it, and negotiations would be on their terms, all discussed without Kim’s knowledge I might add, but she was informed later.
Following the discussion the person offering the deal then went to London to talk with his bosses to facilitate the process of the deal.
Then we found out who the London bosses were, they are called the World Government Council, and they have ran Rusland for many years, up until 2016 when the peace treaty was implemented.
The peace treaty negated and closed all non human entities trade deals and control, accept this group it seems.
The World Government Council ran out of London UK are all reptiles, these are the dark magician beings with black robes and red sashes, the same group that operates under The Vatican.
Message to them we know who and where you are, and we will act again on you all, not just the two of your group who were taken out last year, some people sing like a Canary, some take the Canary out.
They promised to release $100M for projects but on their terms, they failed to state what their terms are which is indicative, these type of groups operate on the premise, they facilitate something and then demand in the deal favors in return, and favors can involve anything, and punished by death should you not fulfill their favor or wishes.
Message to the Generals globally, do not engage these beings, they are dangerous and psychopathic, but they have nothing to offer us, and we will not be negotiating with reptiles on their terms, under any circumstance whatsoever.
We are not interested in what they offer, we are not required to engage them in any way shape or form, their power and control over humanity ended in August 2016, and reptiles are no longer playing the lead role, they can go and lay an egg or suck it for all we care.
But let it be known here on record, we will not be kowtowing to any reptile ever again on this planet, any future deals with those groups will be on OUR terms, not theirs, and will not be done via intermediaries, governments, generals, contractors or any other agenda driven groups either, just to be clear.
You all know who to contact and we will be clear in our intentions, deals will be what is best for the species designated as rulers of this planet, humans, your days of looting, harvesting, consuming and killing us are over.
Nice try sending the dorsay after us, that failed as well, you will pay for that.

The Draco queen again appealed to the clowns following M’s old program to stop their games, they refused and so they have pulled all support of that group away from them, so the Draco will not be assisting them in their games any further, this is a massive move and welcomed.
This will leave the clowns and other beings intent on playing essentially swinging in the dark under their own steam, as their isolation here now increases, and their control now over anything diminishes rapidly.

The general fertility rate in the United States continued to decline last year, according to a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics. “The 2018 general fertility rate fell to another all-time low for the United States,” the researchers wrote in the report, published Wednesday. The report found that the general fertility rate dropped 2% between 2017 and 2018 among girls and women age 15 to 44 nationwide. In 2017, the total fertility rate for the United States continued to dip below what’s needed for the population to replace itself, according to a separate report published by the National Center for Health Statistics in January. This was deliberately engineered by social engineering projects, based on them continuing their game, now it has failed, they start second program of bomb people out of their homes and countries, then push them into Western countries, who from their perspective bombed them in the first place, and with media fear programs of all Muslims are jihadists, we have a powder keg situation, it is the classic ouru borus programs that clowns are running now, where one program swallows the other.
When examined by race, the data showed that fertility rates declined 2% for white and black women, and 3% for Hispanic women, between 2017 and 2018. The data also showed that the teen birth rate, for ages 15 to 19, fell 7% from 2017 to 2018. Which is a good thing, far too many young girls start off their transition from child to adult, with children in tow and has largely a damning effect.
When examined by race, the data showed that teen births declined by 4% for black teenagers, and 8% for white and Hispanic teens. Also among all births, the percentage delivered at less than full term, or 39 weeks, increased — with preterm births climbing from 9.93% of births in 2017 to 10.02% in 2018, and early-term births rising from 26% in 2017 to 26.53% in 2018. I have yet to see someone addressing what are the causes of increasing in premature births? we all know why by now.
The percentages of births delivered at full-, late- and post-term declined, according to the data. Full-term births were down from 57.49% of births in 2017 to 57.24% in 2018, the data showed, and post-term births declined from 6.58% to 6.2%. The latter likely to be due to mothers having children well into their 30 and 40’s now, due to the rise of career oriented women and lack of finances. It is a sick world where the crown of creation, birth of a child is so now heavily based on finances, do people not think there is a basic fundamental problem with that thinking or actions?

The brain dead factcheckers on FB this week pulled up a post of little to no relevance whatsoever, about a bridge in Holland that goes over a highway for the benefit of animals, they pulled it because picture they said is of a bridge in Singapore, so declared the whole article fake, their description and reasoning however reveals there are some bridges like that in Holland after all.
People are being paid to do this shit, how about they go and do some real research and highlight the real fakery, like the owner of FB? or pick any news media site, christ you will get overtime galore investigating their fakery, or pick any government and do some real work, not whether an animal bridge is in Singapore or Holland FSS.

A few things come up with regards to latest breach of personal security, this time Capital One, following several other high profile breaches.
With all these breaches the question remains is how safe would be the crypto currencies many are pushing now? like zero, expect another breach or major story of some incident involving cryptos soon, with headlines X millions not accessible or stolen.
But the mention in this article about is the woman linked to it, worked for Amazon, the fact the article tried to play it down, is often indicative of their involvement.
Amazon are a part in the latest globalist takeover of everything, and why I have warned in sub intel of giant mergers taking place, they are harvesting everything up again, as a back up to other plans failing.
One has to question and ponder on is, are all these major data breaches coming from one platform and collecting the data for a new platform? these are not ordinary hackers, this is high level hackers, which means CIA/NSA and Silicon Valley goons.
Perhaps next piece will answer that question.

Remember the piece I did in the Clowns in panic show, about Amazon becoming world hub along with Robert David Steele’s open source technology, listen to this.
Aides to Donald Trump presented him with a document identical to one created by a top Washington lobbyist for cloud-computing giant Oracle, Kenneth Glueck, implying that competitor Amazon is only a favored contender for a major contract with the U.S. military due to a far-ranging “conspiracy” orchestrated by Jeff Bezos. The one-page document is the result of a squabble over the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) project, a $10 billion, 10-year Pentagon cloud computing initiative which has yet to be finalized. It suggests that Amazon is only one of two finalists in the bidding process (alongside Microsoft) due to corruption and a network of cronies within the Defense Department; it’s unclear how it made its way into the White House, though Oracle reportedly has made efforts to maintain close connections with Trump officials. The document contains a flow chart titled “A Conspiracy to Create a Ten Year DoD Cloud Monopoly,” and provides a visual representation of a narrative that Oracle has been pushing for months—that a web of individuals inside and outside the Defense Department were greasing the wheels for Amazon to win a cloud computing contract known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI). Oracle’s own bid did not make it to the final stage… why did Oracle not make it, because it was closed down as was being used to infiltrate banks and all govt and agency departments is why. Amazon declined to comment for this story.
Said chart shows a web of professional and personal connections, between current and former staff of both the Pentagon and Amazon, with the version seen by Trump featuring former secretaries of defense Ash Carter “(featured alongside President Obama)“ and Jim Mattis. It does not make any direct allegations of wrongdoing, instead relying on unsubtle innuendo and implication to make its point. Glueck hangs the document in the windows of Oracle’s DC office, according to reports, but denies any involvement in getting it to Trump. Oracle has aggressively contested what it sees as unfair pro-Amazon bias in the JEDI contracting process in court, as well as claimed that Amazon cleared the way for its front-runner status in part by offering a Defense Department official a job while he was involved in evaluating possible JEDI vendors. Additionally, Oracle has sought to cast a meeting between then-Secretary of Defense Mattis and Bezos in 2017 and former work for Amazon Web Services by one of his advisers, Sally Donnelly, in a suspicious light.
Their desperation to replace old systems with the same people in control is palpable now.

I remember several people telling me I was wrong on cryptos and it is getting around the system they said, now I for one am more than happy to be proven wrong if it helps us all, I have gone on record and said if Keenan delivers the Collateral Accounts as promised, I am more than happy to hold my hand up and accept I was wrong. But perhaps this piece will make some more people reconsider their crypto stances, time as always tells.
If you own bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you might want to check your mailbox. The Internal Revenue Service is in the process of sending letters to U.S. citizens who own virtual currency and potentially failed to pay the necessary taxes, and to those who improperly reported taxes on digital assets last year, the agency announced Friday. “Taxpayers should take these letters very seriously by reviewing their tax filings and when appropriate, amend past returns and pay back taxes, interest and penalties,” IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said in a news release. “The IRS is expanding our efforts involving virtual currency, including increased use of data analytics.” The agency said it started sending out letters last week that by the end of August will reach 10,000 taxpayers. The list of names was obtained through “various ongoing IRS compliance efforts.” In some cases, the IRS said taxpayers could be subject to criminal prosecution. Last year, popular trading platform Coinbase alerted 13,000 customers that it was complying with a court order to provide the IRS with information on accounts worth at least $20,000 from the years 2013 to 2015. The IRS did not say whether its mailing list was a result of the Coinbase disclosures. Based on guidance issued in 2014, the IRS treats all virtual currencies — including bitcoin, ethereum and XRP — as property under U.S. tax law. That means that like real estate, the sale or exchange of tokens for other goods is a taxable event. Most trades count as short-term capital gains, which can be taxed at as high as 39% depending on income bracket. Those who hold bitcoin for more than a year and then sell it, however, are only liable for a long-term capital gains tax, which is levied at a significantly lower rate of 15% to 23.8%. 

The series Dark on Netflix I just started watching season 2 covers various parts of our previous shows, it will get you pondering on time, portals, are we all connected, is everything connected, there are no accidents, players in differing roles lifetime after lifetime, consequences of actions, the number 33, what is time? is it an illusion? Check it out, I feel that is a full on disclosure program. Feels like much of that show resembles many of the detailed op-ed pieces I have covered, and looks like disclosure in many aspects, take note of the dates.

Lets look at two drinks shall with that are highly addictive and one I can confirm contained the drug cocaine, the drink was called coke for a reason, as it contained elements of the drug within it. Coke is what we are familiar with name wise now or Coca Cola, but did you know it’s original name was dope? Invented by a morphine addicted chemist who tested various toxic plants before using the final version, which not only gets you high in mild form, but proven to rot things as well, like rust, it will come as no surprise Dr. Pemberton died aged 57 of stomach cancer, irony not lost there.
The French complained about it mid 1900’s and described it as US Coca – Colonization, perhaps colon is the operative word, and said the agents selling it were from the OSS and then the now taken over US State Dept. oops
Then we come to Mountain Dew a very highly addictive drink I know personally as I watched youngest son drink 6 or more cans per day, then I came to find out Mountain Dew was the name of a product and could be potentially the cause of addictive drinking, Mountain Dew in 1839 was described as “raw and inferior whiskey”, whiskey being a spirit oops, mountain and spirits combine in the next piece as well.

Media merry go round, where trying to find detailed information on who owns mobile phone companies is like trying to plait custard, all too familiar as these groups hide behind shell corporations, so the public doesn’t find out who is who.
Verizon is 45% British owned and then comes under Bell, which is supposed to have not operated for many decades and yet Verizon and AT & T both have Bell as their part owners.
The reason being for this is that Bell, AT & T comes under military contractors rule under the 1934 Telecommunications act, infact the US Military owns and control all airwaves frequencies, now including cable, infact all forms of communications runs through the US Military.
Spectrum of course is the latest big player having bought out TWC and Brighthouse, under Charter Communications who went and filed bankrutcy in 2009, and yet still remain a big player, in 2018 Softbank who mainly owns Sprint own 5% now of Charter as well.
Question remains with 5G rolling out is not necessarily the frequencies that are of concern, but the fact our main suppliers in these fields are all non American, is that not a question of National Security? and why is the US Military still controlling all of our frequencies and bandwidths?

Lets look at the correlation between Larva and Lava and what can we deduce from it. Larva 1650s, “a ghost, specter, disembodied spirit” (earlier as larve, c. 1600), from Latin larva (plural larvae), earlier larua “ghost, evil spirit, demon,” also “mask,” a word from Roman mythology, of unknown origin;
Lava “molten rock issuing from a volcano,” 1750, from Italian (Neapolitan or Calabrian dialect) lava “torrent, stream,” traditionally said to be from Latin lavare “to wash” (from PIE root *leue- “to wash”). Originally applied in Italian to flash flood rivulets after downpours, then to streams of molten rock from Vesuvius.
lavation (n.)“act of washing, a cleansing,” which is where the term lavatory comes from, lavatory is a wash basin in America, in UK it means toilet.
Ashes meaning “mortal remains of a person” is late 13c, and later to complete the circle, it meant finely pulverized lava thrown from a volcano” is from 1660s.
Larva ghost, spirit or demon, Lava molten rock producing a stream, Lavation which means the act of cleansing, and ashes mortal remains and pulverized lava, does it all tie together, well I think so yes.
All mountains are portals in many ways, all volcanoes also, and there has been many sightings of objects going in and out of both mountains and volcanoes around the world, and not just in modern day either, why do you think the main mountains in Russia are called the URals, which means the gods of UR, of course the gods meaning of that time is a higher evolved being, and not a single bearded man sitting on a cloud passing judgment.
Is it lava or larva coming out of the ashes and creating a lavation the act of washing or cleansing taking place with a range of volcanoes all going off currently.
The Djinns reside in the mountains this we do know and can confirm, more prevalent in certain places than others, and so explains the term larva being a similar spelling and pronunciation the mountain spewing the larva or lava and cleansing the spirits.
Since the djinn issues surrounding Solomon and the 3000 year covenant and subsequent binding of dark spirits in here, who also took part in building that temple, there has been a steady increase in volcanic activity and this could well be the planet purging them, them being the djinns, where the larva (spirit) undergoes lavation (cleansing) and comes out in ash (mortal remains) in flowing lava.
Nobody really asks the question as to why the lava is so hot below our feet, science tries to explain it in their conformity to zero knowledge way, and talks about friction, but fails to mention the central sun in all inhabited planets, as above, so below, and it is this that creates the heat and causes cracks in the crust.
Like I mentioned last week of how Nibiru’s planet was dying, the reason being was their central sun was corrupted, possibly due to the power pack device being removed from central sun and used for rogue purposes, the pack was missing here until replaced and announced in our show around a year ago now, this kicked the drive back in gear and why the planet is moving more, more phase shifting is taking place, why stars are not in same place, why more people are having dizzy spells.
With the power pack in place the expansion of the planet is also underway, hence the warning to stay off mountains until things settle down, which could be for a few years yet.
The expansion will also lead to a cleansing of those deemed not suitable here, and the djinns were designated not suitable for development on this planet going forward, so the larva is being cleansed via lavation and spills out in the form of ash and lava.
It could also be seen in an elemental way as well, fire, water, air and earth, are these spirits being cleansed by the fire elements, that also uses water that when reacted with the air produces steam, the earth is then cleansed and replenished, as the spirits float off into the 5th element the aether, which is the element I suspect in part creates gravity here.
There are many old souls that became trapped below our feet, is the fire dance of the spirit elementals from the volcano, releasing the old souls for a return to source? something for all to ponder on the implications of that now and going forward.
Whilst volcanoes are often looked upon with fear, I feel they are playing a crucial planetary role here and now, of rebalancing and in part resetting the whole planet, with conditions that will aid all living beings going forward, including the planet herself.
Volcanoes also creates our atmosphere as proven in the piece last week, and appears to be playing a far bigger role in our development than many consider, as the lava flows, new land is created.
Fire has a fear attached to it as it can and has done much damage, and another version of something sacred that has been corrupted here into a fear, distortion or weaponized program, but fire is one of the four elementals that is integral to this planet,
and so yes fire can destroy, but also transmutes for the good, it re-invigorates the soil and encourages new growth in the forest.
Maybe in the future only the real shamans should live in communes close to the volcanoes, not masses of people, that is not sensible thinking at this juncture of time and development, like Hawaii with the lava cleansing continuing it seems ridiculous that people still live there, I know many were placed there to staff it for the US military, most islands are in use for strategic military purposes only, let’s get that right.
But Hawaii, Mount Etna and many other volcanoes vast numbers of people live, when there are so many other regions untapped to live safely in, same applies to living on the coast and rivers, one storm or downpour and you have lost everything, when you consider only 5% of this planet is developed, add in the expansion taking place which will reduce that figure, there is no need for anyone to live in danger zones of that ilk going forward.
Next time you go out in nature consider the impact volcanoes have on and what is around you, the air you breathe, the rain all at some point came from the inner sun heating up the lower crust. Feel the connection to the inner sun not just the planet, as without it, as Nibiru found out, there would be life Jim, but not as we know it.

It came to light a few weeks ago but was not mentioned in the show
Following discussions to determine the global demographics here, we were presented with some figures for your consideration, as always it is rather difficult to determine or prove, and requires some discernment of how it makes you feel.
It was stated that 62% here are human, 25% are non human but many in human form, and 13% are bots or clones.
A lot better than the 85/15% swing but neither can be 100% proven at this point, but 38% not being human here, tells a story in and of itself, particularly in light of who is or was running things on this planet.

Is life a movie, loaded with NPC’s like extras in the scene? whereby a series of events always plays out, epoch after epoch?
Well our show and Randy’s as well has covered this several times in several shows, maybe we will do another one together on the subject with Alan next month.
Shane also covered this in his blog and mentioned it on our show, “the movie must play out” he said, but what if it doesn’t?
Recently we have spoke about this time period of living people being the bearer and corrector of their own family lines, many people have recognized that statement within their own lives and families.
My own family on both sides had a history of violence to the children, a lack of love to the children, sibling favoritism passed down from generation to generation, which I sought to end with me, I had no idea at the time that it may have something to do with a bigger picture, but as life plays out, it did.
The family favoritism was one thing that hit hard to me personally as a child, as both parents made it blatantly obvious to all and sundry, that my sister was their golden child, I was the outcast, the black sheep, the person who would achieve nothing, whilst the sister would be the be all and end all, that never happened on both counts, to much embarrassment to both parents, but both have apologized in their own way since.
I was insistent that when married I only wanted one child so the favoritism that had gone on in the 3 generations I was aware of, would end, as it turned out a 2nd child came along, that was planned by one but not planned or told to the other, so this gave me another challenge.
When they got to 20 and 16 both were arguing one day, and both were accusing each other that they were the favorite, that to me was a result, that I gave enough to both that it all equaled out.
They say we become like our parents, but what if in the movie, the parents are us anyway? like a reflection in the mirror?
Many will argue against that they became like their parents, me in particular, given people often said where did you get him from? in not a pleasant manner I might add when I was a child.
They said the same as an adult but in a more pleasant way, so the old adage a leopard can’t change it’s spots, is not correct, people can change their spots every day, and often without realizing it.
The so called wild child came good which disappointed many within my own family, but inner insecurity runs deep in most families, too many happy to see you fail, rather than prosper, that is the gist of the competitive and comparative mindset program immersed in us all, unless you recognize it and work on changing it.
So, each and every person can be the change, and never underestimated the catalyst of one person being the change, look at you all now since THI started 3.25 years ago, most of you are not on the same book of life, never mind the same page.
We have encouraged and demonstrated extraordinary change within our own group on a personal and collective level, and I know I am not alone in thinking this, someone who was written off in life by parents, family, teachers and associates can rise up and deliver changes not just in me, but a whole mass of people globally, if I can do it from that background, why can’t you?
You know what I had doubts in myself, infact was riddled with them, but certain people came along and certain opportunities came along at certain key points of time, do you think that was a co-incidence? it wasn’t, why did it happen? because I asked for that opportunity and was willing to work at it.
No matter what unfolds in the future,  I am comfortable in the knowledge I did my best for everybody and the changes that came about, why? because I learned to believe in myself, trust myself, love myself all in balance, balance is the key in a dualistic world of all is black and white, they are extremes, going forward we need balance, not extremes.
Does the movie have to play out? NO! we are the editors remember, we can make changes to ourselves, which subsequently changes the movie does it not?
We have several glitches in the movie that have changed the scenes subtly within the movie, that has tilted the balance in extraordinary ways.
The key is believing in yourself and your own powers aligned with thinking and acting different, how many read a story of some dire prediction and go into fear mode? most people, how many think I wonder if I can change that, but don’t believe they can? again very few, well the glitches know they can change it and act accordingly.
The glitches are not special, they don’t necessarily have superpowers, but recognize they have abilities, believe in it and they themselves then act upon it, it takes practice the same as everything else, mastery and responsibility also.
Why do so few exhibit it? because most people will not go to any great lengths to improve themselves, too focused on improving materialistic aspects and all other things external of them.
Most others go into fear or don’t even think about the possibility they can change it, or don’t think about it at all.
You are a creator, so why come to people with problems? why ask others for solutions when you are more than capable of creating solutions for yourself.
The movie does not have to play out, we have changed it and we need to change it more, the more engaging in that enterprise, the quicker the movie ends once and for all.
It is not about becoming a Neo, that is ego, you are the Neo when you apply yourself in the correct manner.

The non return to source and are own “judgment process”, facilitated by soul trap, memory wipe and recycling reincarnation technologies, has been costly here, which is now all dealt with.
Only now are we beginning to get a grasp on it, and striving to correct it, this solicits anger and all other emotions of those who did it, but eventually reflections on the fact that, we also played a role in it.
By ignoring are own intuitions, ignoring our connections to higher self, neglect of the self due to over reliance on all things external and not observing of what is around us, add in non thinking, refusal to change, and we have recipe for disaster, which is what we have currently.
The purge is underway and manifesting in so many different ways and levels now, it can be difficult to stay the course with it.
But we failed in the past through lack of ignorance and endurance, playing the ego imbalance and divide and conquer games, and the biggest problem of all, is falling for seducements, just like the Australian/New Zealand tribe did 16500 years ago and sold us all into slavery until August 2016.
We have to get stronger, tougher, more resilient and more adult oriented to overcome not only the dark forces, but for the species progression also, that has stalled for so long.
There will be no ET’s, Jesus, Allah or any other god or goddesses coming to save, or even worse politicians, infact some of them created this problem to begin with, with their unsane thinking and wanting to be special games, only we can save ourselves.
It is a complete lack of responsibility and sovereignty, to except others to save us, and ultimately childlike, is it not?

Stakes are higher now than ever, a ramp up against us has increased, be without fear in the face of your enemies, do not cower to these cowards of the dark, who are so brave they hide in the shadows, lurk in hidden planes, hide in covens, and hide behind robes and masks. Be brave and upright, speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. We are here for a reason to face head on these dark forces, we are winning heavily, we know it and they know it, it is your warrior aspect duty and also your oath. Protect, fight and defend at all costs, our time has come and we must deliver.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay prepared and never let anyone put you in fear.

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