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Welcome to one and all including the people who dissect the show each week, like our members I know how they cant wait for this show each week, they get all giddy at the prospect of a new show, not surprisingly now they talk of Thomas has a point there to be fair, be careful now we are becoming infectious.
An event filled week whereby I barely read the news, too conflicting to me, the story of the 3 white men with glasses, then an Hispanic looking male turns up with name Crusius, not very white that name, does it mean crucify? Then we had a News Channel reporting directly out of the portal, and reporting event to us 25 minutes ahead of time, nice of them to warn us, with that level of insight, perhaps they should replace the FBI to prevent further incidents? Also like magic the media ran the two agendas that this show warned of for a while now, white supremacy which is an illusion in and of itself, we are all slaves, and gun crime, and they wheel out the failed Pindar Soetero to demand changes in gun laws, the very same man who spent 8 years in the White House. why didn’t he change them then? and lets not forget he was a part of the cover up of Fast and Furious, which involved high level government employees doing what? giving guns to Mexican criminal gangs! 
The fact remains unless you were there you cannot verify with 100% proof all got shot or none got shot, some died or none died, assuming they did is not and never was fact. Too much of our day to narrative is based on assumption, not fact, largely fed to us by fake news from their world, not ours.

Last week I mentioned the new Fed building in Macau near Singapore actually it is near China, not Singapore to clear that up.

Thomas should write a book, Thomas should attend more calls, do more zoom calls and Thomas should this, that and the other, or I need to speak to you privately or the classic I know you are busy but please watch this two hour video and give me an assessment or read this 2-3 page email and get back to me with your opinions. So people want me to write a book, one would like to ask where do you think I will get the time to do that? I wonder do people think I am entitled to some sort of personal life?

We have the shows, we have the transcripts on Patreon that is a mini book each week, judging by the amount the click on the transcripts hardly anyone reads them, so writing a book will be no different? There is a book each week for people to study and learn, we also have the new ebook done the members that covers a vast amount of topics.
So we had two shows last weekend, a disrupted show with Randy, and so not to be defeated we ran the show again on Alan’s platform that was 3 hours of total information on many important topics that effect us day to day. Great input from all, and these shows seem to be universally popular, we will endeavor to do one show each month with varying topics for the three of us to cover each month.
So that is one extra show each month, then on Sunday we did a new show for THI on inside the matrix, that covers similar topics to Groundcrew Command show as I understand it, and we had a ripfire 2 hour show that spanned thousands of years and dimensions introduction for Jimi’s listeners, I hope their heads have recovered, whilst topics are not new, some of the information contained is, thanks to Jimi who was a great host, allowed the guest to speak and engaged in a great way, well we had an impact on that show as well, and they asked for me to come on the first Sunday of each month, so that is two extra shows per month now, and people still want me to write a book in between? The point is I have written several books, and it is your obligation to read them on my Patreon, if you feel you need to understand or learn more.

Coming up this weekend will be two shows again, Saturday at 2pm will be a must listen to and important for all to grasp, I have done it at that time so members in UK and EU can listen live. If their schedules fit in, I might have Randy and Alan on late on that show also for a short time.
Sunday at 2pm est also will be An Evening for Thomas, where people can find out some of my life and background with Alan from Circle of White Light being the host.
From Russia with Love 7 is still in the works and close to completion for show release, so these are busy times and I suspect will get busier hereonin.

OZ/NZ issue

This was written for the BBC by their latest agenda driven script based writer Anthony Zurcher, he wrote It’s become a familiar refrain after every mass shooting in the US. Will this time be different? Will outrage over the violence compel political action, as it has done in the UK after Dunblane, Australia after Port Arthur and, most recently, New Zealand after Christchurch? Among gun control activists, there is a certain amount of resignation whenever a new incident splashes across the headlines. If public sentiment did not force action after the 2012 Newtown shooting, when 26 people – including 20 young children – were killed in a Connecticut school, then nothing will ever change. If the double tragedy of El Paso and Dayton ends up being different, however, here are a few possible explanations. Recent mass shootings in the US have been attributed to a variety of causes – disaffected youth (Parkland and Santa Fe), mental illness (Annapolis), workplace conflict (Virginia Beach) and family discord (Sutherland Springs). The deadliest such incident in modern US history, the 2017 shooting at a music concert in Las Vegas that claimed 58 lives, still has no attributed motive. In this case, however, all evidence indicates that the El Paso shooting was a calculated political act drawn from the white nationalist rhetoric that has become increasingly prominent in modern US politics. In that way, it’s more akin to last October’s Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, which prompted discussions about rising anti-Semitism in the US, or the 2017 violence in Charlottesville, which served as a jarring display of the strength of the modern white supremacist movement. Time for BBC and agency script writers to change their fake narrative and address real issue of fear generated false flag events, which does not necessarily mean some didn’t die, but involves Langley, Montauk and Mengele based psy ops done under mind control techniques. This is the real issue here and it needs some attention, add in the fact that these extremist groups KKK, Black Lives Matter, Antifa etc were all created by the same think tank groups, then you have a real story Mr. Zurcher.

The American middle class is falling deeper into debt to maintain a middle-class lifestyle. Cars, college, houses and medical care have become steadily more costly, but incomes have been largely stagnant for two decades, despite a recent uptick. Filling the gap between earning and spending is an explosion of finance into nearly every corner of the consumer economy. Consumer debt, not counting mortgages, has climbed to $4 trillion—higher than it has ever been even after adjusting for inflation. Mortgage debt slid after the financial crisis a decade ago but is rebounding. Student debt totaled about $1.5 trillion last year, exceeding all other forms of consumer debt except mortgages. Auto debt is up nearly 40% adjusting for inflation in the last decade to $1.3 trillion. And the average loan for new cars is up an inflation-adjusted 11% in a decade, to $32,187, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of data from credit-reporting firm Experian. Middle class is an illusion based largely on a credit card debt cycle.

Let us pray that the Lord will free the victims of human trafficking and help us to respond actively to the cry for help of so many of our brothers and sisters who are deprived of their dignity and freedom.
It was your Lord and his bunch of lizard minions who started that shit, passed down to and through the churches and the Houses. The Lord is dead and will not be returning, praying is not the answer, because if prayers worked that shit would not have happened to begin with, dealing with it in hard actions is the answer.

BBC A Trump supporter who admitted sending mail bombs to critics of the US president has been jailed for 20 years. Cesar Sayoc, a 57-year-old ex-pizza delivery man from Florida, posted 16 pipe bombs to 13 targets last October. Prosecutors called for a life sentence for Sayoc, who they said was motivated by a “hate-filled ideology”. Since when has political persuasion been mentioned as a motive for a crime? when an agenda is being ran. One wonders when their is a crime in Boston we are going to see the headline Boston Red Sox supporter who are linked with Standard charter and child trafficking commits a murder, to make the headlines?

China has sharply rebuked an Australian government MP for comparing the West’s approach to China to what he called the “catastrophic” failure to hold back Nazi Germany.

Fears of far-right violence are growing in Germany, after politician Walter Lübcke was shot dead in June, allegedly by a right-wing extremist. In one quiet area of Berlin, local residents are also being targeted.

BBC again ran this headline, El Paso shooting: Has US neglected fight against white extremism?

BBC again ” I’ve never been scared of being Hispanic ever before, but now I am,” says Ivonne Diaz, 31, bursting into tears. I wonder how much that girl was paid to read that script, of course there has never been gun violence on a mass scale in Hispanic countries, no mexican cartels, no Farc guerrillas and no MS-13 gangs, deary me, these people love their fear programs don’t they.
But please stop with the agenda driven drivel the media is providing for you.

3 shootings 3 similar looking white men, media narrative of white supremacists rammed down everyone’s throat, for those too stupid to get it, the American people are being steered into civil war, one hopes you have more intelligence than that.
People of all colors have to get smart, they have pulled this stunt on us several times, so we fight each other and leave them alone, dig deeper and you will find a common enemy.
Trump made a speech on where he appealed for Unity over Racism, only in the America media, politicians and the criminal corrupt BBC can that message be deemed as a negative, he is correct, I would have liked him to go further and tell the public you are being played by think tank groups and the agenda driven Democrats, that party is the last to talk about racism, given the paramilitary arm of the Democrat party was and is the KKK.
The KKK was created for and by the Democrats in the 1860’s, and murdered Republican politicians and tens of blacks in a convention the same time period, check it out for yourselves.

Similarly Ivanka was attacked for highlighting a range of deadly shootings in Chicago again this weekend, As we grieve over the evil mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, let us not overlook that Chicago experienced its deadliest weekend of the year.” “With 7 dead and 52 wounded near a playground in the Windy City — and little national outrage or media coverage — we mustn’t become numb to the violence faced by inner city communities every day,” all sounds good to me, except the Obama backed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot took umbrage because Ivanka in tweet not a letter, which means it only contains a number of characters, that all incidents took place in or near the playground, a typical ridiculous response and deliberately misrepresented to fit an agenda, Number of people Ivanka reported dead was 7, official deaths reported was 7, number of people Ivanka said wounded was 52, official reported number of wounded 52, both of which was correct, regardless of which part of Chicago it took place in, it is this type of childish responses that the American people need to wake up to, whilst they bicker over minute details, they are neglecting their real responsibility of looking after the region they are paid to do.
What has Lori Lightfoot done to prevent more gun violence in Chicago? Hey Miss Lightfoot or is it Lightbrain, 293 gun deaths this year in Chicago, which is only 33 short of all of last year, focus on that, not misrepresenting tweets.
In 1999, Lightfoot was issued a warning for misconduct by judge Richard Posner in a case in which she was found by the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit to have misled a United States Circuit Judge regarding a suspect’s whereabouts, making it impossible for the judge to stay the suspect’s extradition to Norway.
Was appointed originally into public office by Rahm Emanuelle, who she eventually succeeded as mayor, despite her poor record as Lightfoot faced criticism from criminal justice activists over her poor record in police accountability and as a prosecutor.
Two months ago she announced that the city’s police department would not assist U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, denying ICE access to the city’s police database in an effort to protect the city’s immigrant population from the threat of deportation. Any wonder Chicago is in such a state appointing Mayors with poor working practices and methods from previous posts.
The news story earlier from Africa, I didn’t see the headline blacks don’t want immigrants, two questions why the difference in narrative and would that mean all black people? first is because its an agenda and secondly broadsweeping any group is pure folly.
We the people have to get smarter, the enemies are not us, it is the think tank policy makers who deliberately create these events, they have done it all our lives, and way past time all people saw through the illusion of it all.
Something to ponder on after their repeated attempts to wipe us all out via wars, famines, vaccines and viruses, perhaps this is their latest version and is much cheaper than other policies, is to get us to wipe each other out? Think about that long and hard please.

2 major shootings within 24 hours over the weekend, following three others in the previous week, we did warn of it and so did Q. All too predictable whether real or not, I am not going to get into the details of errors in the narrative, it no longer serves any point of wasting energy on it. The focus is why does it happen at convenient times is the key to understanding things.
What is it covering up, what is the focus, what and who gains from it? what is the purpose of the distraction? these are things you focus on and that is future thinking, delving into the past and repeating same horror reactions as the last event, serves only the designers of the fear program.

HSBC CEO Abruptly Ousted, Bank Slashes 4,000 Jobs As Profit Outlook Plunges
Dow closes 760 points lower in worst day of 2019, why, because there is no Plunge Protection anymore.

All banks in and beyond dire straights, Treasury in negative liquidity, China had only $300M left it’s less now, and we have warned several times it is all about to collapse. Hardly any money transactions are moving now behind minor amounts, larger amounts not so, banks frightened to release larger amounts as they will run out entirely.
Citibank has been stealing from customer accounts and sending to Shanghai on the promise of the now quite frankly ridiculous notion they will be paid out by the RV, despite it failing for the past 12 years.
We are entering the time spoken about where we sit back and watch all unfold, knowing we did everything possible to prevent collapse. Kim will not be bailing out the Treasury or government again until they fulfill their end of the deal, as that is not forthcoming, because they don’t wish the people to have anything, then that is that, a tentative date range which we knew back in April for it all to implode, is August 15-17th.
The banks ignored the Secret Service to do a deal, banks ignored the Pentagon to do a deal and so there is nothing left, as we warned you all.

FDIC is keeping banks a float, the trust was the FDIC, now the Fed requests 10% off deposits from every bank and suppose to provide insurance to support the banks, but Fed is just collecting it keep themselves, and banks are now begging Fed for funds, but Fed has none as they send it all to Chinese Elders.

Not much in the way of reportable intel this week, all I can say is all hell has broke loose, and mass panic prevails not just on Earth based levels either, their system of control is collapsing around them and when you have no real leaders, a scatter gun approach to things abound, this is what we are seeing, We are in the Final Countdown and the key pondering question is, what happens next?

This piece is taken from a file I saw recently and highlights the skullduggery that has gone on for a long time.
The CIA Front Man and the Five Star Trust.

I deplore the description of General Ferrera as the “front-man”. You are not to be a “front-man”, but rather, as our full partner, you shall be our spokesperson and our image unto the public. Baron Phillipe du Daphne, President of OECD, in a Confidential 1989 letter to Marion Horn, Jr.

It was October 2002 when I met the richest man in the world, He was in prison alongside me.

I was introduced to him while playing chess in the prison courtyard at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky.

A tall heavy, set man with a slight smile approached me, “Somebody said you knew a lot about computers!” A question, not a statement.

“Well, I used computers in my publishing business,” I replied.

“I need somebody to check a bank account for me. What I need is a screen print-out of the balance,” he explained.

“I can’t do it . . . for a while anyway, I’ll be in prison until 2016.”

“Don’t you know someone on the outside who can do it?” “Not off hand, but I might be able to find somebody. It depends. Is this something illegal?” “No, it’s my account. I can’t tell you everything here in front of everybody. Come to my room later and I’ll explain, he said. It was several days later before I bothered to see him.

His name was Marion Horn, Jr. (aka “JR”) and he claimed to be the sole signatory and executive trustee for Five Star Trust, an Isle of Man trust, with over 100 bank accounts worldwide holding billions of dollars!

No government official would publicly admit to the existence of these funds, he said, because they were acquired illegally by various government agencies, primarily from CIA drug trafficking, in concert with the Department of Defense.

Later, he told me there were several trillion dollars in the accounts, No one was really sure how much there was, but I asked him how there could possibly be that much money.

“This has been going on since World War II, and the amount of money, just kept growing. It got out of hand and they don’t know what to do with it,” Horn said.

“Who was behind this?” “The main operation was started by a group of five: General Edward Lansdale, Major General Robert Ferrera, George H.W. Bush, Richard Armitage, and William Colby. Five people. Five Star Trust.” “How did you wind up in control of it? I asked.

A trust was created to launder part of the money through me. I was supposed to be paid a commission, but they reneged. George Bush was the problem. But General Ferrera, who had control of most of it, took me under his wing to help me collect my commission. He put all the funds under my name, figuring they wouldn’t kill me as long as I had control. And it would force them to pay me. Afterwards, Ferrera faked his own death and hid in Mexico so they wouldn’t kill him.”

“What are you in here for?” I asked. “I tried to use the trust fund as collateral for a real estate loan. The government didn’t want the funds exposed, so they had the Justice Department charge me with wire fraud by claiming they didn’t exist. My lawyer tried to subpoena documents from the CIA to prove my claim, but it was denied on national security grounds.
I couldn’t prove the funds existed so I had to plea guilty. My lawyer lied to me and told me I would get 5 years if I didn’t plea, but it would have only been five years. So what I need now is a screen printout from one of the accounts to prove they exist in order to reverse my conviction.”

Over the next few weeks, Marion Horn gave me additional details about these clandestine bank accounts. The money was in off balance sheet accounts, and large amounts of gold bullion were in some of them, he said. I asked him the same questions over and over, expecting to catch him in a lie, but his answers never changed. Still, it was too unbelievable to be true and I made no attempt to verify the accounts.

Then the CIA admitted they had records.

Horn handed me a copy of a June 5, 2002 letter his son filed with the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). He had requested the following: “All or any records corresponding with Five Star Trust, its bank accounts (account number 405110-92, ref. 118-65), tax I.D. #61-6234232), and/or Marion Horn, Jr. (his Social Security number 403-52-0827) excluding any court case documents.”

He also handed me the CIA’s August 9, 2002 response, which effectively admitted the funds exist and that Marion Horn had been deeply involved with the CIA. It was signed by one “Chris K.” for Kathryn I. Dyer, Information and Privacy Coordinator.

The CIA’s response states: “We have completed a thorough search of our records and have located material which we have determined must be withheld in its entirety on the basis of PA exemptions (j)(i) and (K) (1) and FOIA exemptions (b)(l) and (b)(3. FOIA exemptions (b)(1) and PA exemptions (1C)(1) state: “applies to material properly classified pursuant to an

Executive order in the interest of national defense or foreign policy.” FOIA (b)(3) and PA’s (j)(l) relate to: “intelligence sources and methods . . . names of certain agency employees .. . in accordance with the National Security Act of 1947 and/or the CIA Act of 1949 ••• “ Horn even showed me a letter his son sent to the CIA appealing their decision to withhold everything “in its entirety” instead of only the segregable portions. I still didn’t believe it because documents can be forged.

One day, however, I was standing right beside Horn when a letter from the CIA arrived denying his FOIA appeal. The red meter imprint on the envelope was even stamped “McLean, VA”, the CIA’s city and post office location –not “Langley,” as many believe.

Of course none of this proved the funds in Horn’s accounts contained CIA money, let alone the phenomenal amounts claimed by Horn. It was merely evidence that Five Star Trust and Horn had been involved with CIA interests at some point.

I wanted to believe the government was involved in a massive money laundering conspiracy, but was still skeptical of Horn’s explanation for needing me.

Why doesn’t your lawyer get the printout? “I asked.”He doesn’t know how to do it discreetly,” Horn replied.

“So you want me to do something that might be dangerous?” I protested.

“Yes, it will be dangerous because they are going to know it instantly when he goes in. But if your man knows computers he should be able to tap-in anonymously.”

“Why should I take the risk?” “Because I can get you out of prison if you do.”

“Vertically or horizontally?” I asked.

Considering all the publicity and sworn congressional testimony on CIA drug trafficking, I knew the money had to be somewhere. I decided to go ahead with a “sneak and peek” at his alleged bank accounts. I expected to discover that Horn’s name wasn’t on the accounts. It was. The first person I contacted on the outside said he didn’t want anything to do with the “Cocaine Importation Agency.” Others were simply too skeptical to even look. Then I attempted to contact two hackers I knew. One had moved without leaving a forwarding address, and the other didn’t respond to my letter. I kept Horn apprised of my efforts and he gave me still more information about Five Star Trust. I was especially interested in seeing the 400 pages of documents he possessed.

“One of them is a 22 – page Top Secret FBI report about the CIA’s drug trafficking , Five Star Trust , and me,” Horn said. “It was stolen from Ted Kennedy’s house in 1989.

He was going to use it as a stepping stone to the White House against George CH.W.Bush, but Kennedy never got the [Democrat] nomination.”

“Can I get copies of those 400 pages?” I asked.” No problem. Your man can access them through my e-mail address. They’re encrypted with the same encryption program used by the Department of Defense.

He can download the encryption program and you can give him the password to unlock the files.”

“Okay, and I’ll still be working on someone to do the printout.” “I’ve been thinking. I ought to just move some of the money into my, personal account and pay taxes on it. Let them say it doesn’t exist then!” Horn said.

Well, if we do that, I’ll have to get a lawyer to approve moving your money I don’t need another charge,” I replied.

“I’ll give you my lawyer’s phone number for yours to call, if you like. But what recourse does the government have? It’s my money. Besides,’they put me in prison by saying the money doesn’t exist. How can they put somebody in prison for moving it without admitting it does exist?” “Good point. But my lawyer and computer man will need to be paid if we move any money.” “How much do you need,” Horn asked.

“How much money do you want moved?” “Let’s go with $lOO million to start.”

“Okay, I want $25 million.”Now, getting someone to move 100 million dollars by computer

is not an easy thing to talk someone into especially when it’s monitored by the CIA!

Even harder is finding someone you can trust with the account information and password to hundreds of billions of dollars! Horn didn’t hesitate in giving the codes to me, but it took several months to locate someone I hoped I could trust. Then I had to figure out how to safely mail the codes to him. Another problem surfaced when Horn changed his mind about providing the 400 pages of documents on Five Star Trust. My computer man insisted on seeing them before getting involved.

“What does he need them for?” Horn asked. “He wants to verify everything,” I replied.

“It’11 be verified when he checks the account.” “What can I do? He says he won’t do it without seeing the files.” “If they catch you or him with those files they’11 kill both of you!” Horn said with agitation. It took two more months to persuade Horn into releasing the files. Since he was completing his sentence, it was decided that he would have someone deliver the files on a computer disk to my agent. The hand off was made at a department store. After my man read the documents, he backed out. “They contain lots of  not so nice details on government murders. Believe me, Ken, they intend to keep the funds

secret at any cost. Have a nice day.”

Now I had to find yet another hacker to move the funds. I turned to a 68 year old man I’d met at FCI Yazoo City, Mississippi. He’d just been released from prison and was in the process of raising funds to help me get out. And I knew where to get the funds.

His name was Ray Sermon, a former supporter of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Although he was a socialist and a fan of Lyndon LaRouche, all I cared about was finding someone who was not happy with our government. Since agents of the U.S. government killed his wife and tried to kill him in Central America, he was motivated. Perfect. Despite my warnings that the government was tracing and monitoring Horn’s calls, Ray called him from his cell phone. Though he had an unregistered cell phone, they could still trace the call to his location. “There’s nothing wrong. with just talking to him,” Ray replied. “Okay, it’s your life,” Horn freely discussed Five Star Trust with Ray,’ Too freely, apparently.

The last time I spoke with Ray, he was in a panic. ‘I’ve got to move away from here,” he said. “I can’t explain right now.” I never heard from him again.

In the meantime, Marion Horn changed his mind about moving the money.

He’d begun receiving anonymous phone calls concerning the “survival and prosperity” of him and his family if he tried to move the money or pay taxes on it. Or even write a book about it. As a matter of fact, he no longer wanted a screen printout. Instead, he was going to file a lawsuit for his CIA records in the U.S. District Court in Washington,D.C.

The Lawsuit As mentioned, Marion Horn,Jr. was tricked into pleading guilty to wire fraud because his lawyer lied about the amount of time he would face in prison if convicted.

In addition,the CIA refused to release their files on him and Five Star Trust that he required to defend himself. Horn was specifically told in court that they would not be released due to “national security.” Most revealing is what his plea agreement stated:” Defendant will cease dealings with Five Star Trust or anyone now or in the past associated with Five Star Trust,” and “Refrain from any and all representations as to the existence of the foreign bank accounts.” At sentencing, however, his judge threw out this provision of the plea agreement after the prosecutor argued that the government should be given control of all Five Star Trust bank accounts! i.e., the same bank accounts Horn was prosecuted for on the grounds they didn’t exist!

Throughout Horn’s ordeal, others tried to secure the CIA’s Five Star Trust files on his behalf. One person was Harold B. Haggard, a minister and friend of Horn’s from Rock Hill, South Carolina.

He wrote to then Senator John Edwards in January 2003 asking for assistance in Horn’s “pursuit of information that could prove the innocence of a man serving time for a crime he didn’t commit.

” Haggard wrote that Horn was “a fine Christian man, a good family man, and a Masonic brother of mine, who I have always found to tell the truth.”

Attached to Rev. Haggard’s letter to Senator Edwards was a brief statement by Horn. It reads, in relevant part: The Government contended in the indictment and charges against Marion Horn, Jr., that Five Star Trust and worldwide accounts in U.S.Dollars, account number 4051100-92 (ref.118-65) did not exist, and Mr. Horn was using these to obtain monies from different people.

However, in each case there was no damaged party coming forward; only the government was portrayed as the damaged party. Mr. Marion Horn,Jr.’s former attorney from Washington,DC, Mr. Lew Rivlin (ex-husband of Ms. Alice Rivlin, who was formerly the Head of the Office of Management and Budget under President Bill Clinton, as well as the former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve), has confirmed the accounts of Five Star Trust, through Mr. Bill Siwy, a friend of Alice Rivlin and a graduate of West Point, who confirmed that Five Star Trust does exist and the accounts of Five Star Trust number in several hundred, and range into the trillions of dollars.
Mr. Lew Rivlin [had] email address: rivlinlaw@aol.com,and was listed in the Washington, DC legal directory. Mr.Horn and Mr.Rivlin, along with Dr.LevMak, attended a meeting at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. on February 11th, 1999, with Undersecretary of Defense, Admiral David Oliver and others wherein the accounts of Five Star Trust were discussed with the Undersecretary of Defense and others, on how this might be resolved. An earlier September 26, 2002 letter was mailed to former Senator Tom Daschle by Horn’s daughter, Sonya Taylor. She requested Daschle’s assistance in getting Five Star Trust files released.
She wrote: My father, Marion Horn, Jr. was accused of wire fraud. The basis for this accusation was on the premise that the accounts my father had put up for collateral didn’t actually exist.

A friend of President George W.Bush, Mr. Cox [a US.Secret Service agent and private body guard of Bush for 4 years), said that my father was trying to defraud people by “using” accounts that didn’t actually exist. Mr. Horn had no intentions whatsoever of defrauding anyone.

These accounts were frozen. They do however exist and we believe that members in the government are using the monies in these accounts that are in the name of Five Star Trust and Marion Horn, Jr. Please help us in our pursuit of information that could prove the innocence of a man serving time for a crime he did not commit.

One of the senators, Edwards or Daschle, submitted a fax of his letter concerning the processing of Horn’s FOIA request. But since all existing records were still denied release, Horn took the next step.

On March 21, 2003, he filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. See Marion Horn, Jr. v. George W. Bush, et al (the “et al” being George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency), Civil Action No.03-0725.

In response to this lawsuit, the government assigned three attorneys to the defense of Bush and Tenet: Roscoe C. Howard, the United States Attorney, and Mark E. Nagle and Stratton C. Strand, assistant U.S. attorneys. Horn, on the other hand, had been rendered destitute and was forced to “wing it” pro se. On September 17, 2003, Marilyn A. Dorn, the Information Review Office (IRO), Directorate of Operations for the CIA, filed a 31-page Declaration” into the district court (at the request of defense attorneys).

Ms. Dorn was also the Records Validation Officer, and had TOP SECRET clearance, with delegated authority to review the CIA’s files on Marion Horn and Five Star Trust.

Ms.Dorn stated in her Declaration that a diligent search of the Directorate of Operations files, which is the component responsible for the clandestine collection of foreign intelligence from human resources and covert operations, turned up two records. These were described my Ms. Dorn as “two cables consisting of one and a half pages and eight partial lines of text. ”(The same two records the CIA refused to give Marion Horn, even in redacted form.)

As discussed a moment ago, these records were withheld pursuant to FOIA exemption (b)(a),

,b) (3) and Privacy Act (PA) exemption (j)(i). Dorn states in her Declaration that the two records are “operational cables to or from a CIA covert field installation” and are classified SECRET.
Ms. Dorn expands on the “justification for withholdings” on pp.17 -18 of her Declaration: As IRO, I am responsible for the determinations set  forth in this Declaration.  After carefully reviewing the two documents at  issue, I personally have determined and affirm that  CIA information withheld in this matter  may not be released for the following reasons:  (a) The withheld information, if released, reasonably could be expected to lead to the unauthorized disclosure of  intelligence activities, sources and / or methods, including cryptonyms, targets of collections, and unacknowledged and covert locations, which the DCI is charged with protecting under Section 103 of the National Security Act of 1947. Consequently, such information is exempt from release pursuant to FOIA exemption (b)(3) and PA exemption (j)(i); (b) Certain of the withheld information reveals

internal CIA organizational and functional data, including but not limited to, component designations, which is category of information exempted from disclosure by Section 6 of the Central Intelligence Agency act of 1949. Thus, this information also is exempt from release pursuant to FOIA exemption (b)(3) and PA exemption (j)(l); and (c) Certain of the withheld information concerns other individuals not employed by CIA, including a U.S. person, which if released would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

Such information is, therefore, exempt from release under FOIA exemption (B)(6) and PA subsection (b); and (d). Finally, in addition to the foregoing, certain of the withheld information is properly and currently classified, pursuant to Executive Order 12958, as information requiring continued protection against unauthorized disclosure, i.e., intelligence activities, sources and methods as well as foreign relations. Such information is, thus, also exempt from release pursuant to FOIA exemption (b)(l) and PA exemption (K)(l). (emphasis added)

The attorneys representing George Bush and George Tenet filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on October 22, 2003, with Marilyn Dorn’s 31-page Declaration attached. Horn replied with a cross motion for summary judgment in his favor. Not surprisingly, U.S. District Court Judge Paul L. Freidman DENIED Horn’s cross-motion and entered judgment for Bush and Tenet instead. No CIA records would be released.

Analysis Ms.Dorn’s declaration is a coverup. First, it is highly questionable whether releasing “two cables, consisting of one and a half pages and eight partial lines of text” would endanger national security. This is especially true since the normal procedure is to redact any sensitive parts. But regardless of this suspicious claim, the inescapable fact is that no reason exists to maintain classified records of Five Star Trust and Marion Horn unless they relate to the CIA’s secret accounts!

I can assure you that Horn’s golfing activities, for example, are not classified SECRET!

Second, the government and its agencies lie and hide documents, as revealed in the FBI report. Yet it is inconceivable the CIA would destroy all records of their well publicized drug trafficking and money laundering operations.

They would certainly maintain records of ongoing activities by their own agents!

Lastly, since I’d confirmed that vast amounts of money was in Five Star Trust bank accounts,and knew of the CIA’s involvement, I submitted a specific FOIA request to the CIA in August 2009. I requested ONLY those “records related to Five Star Trust and U.S. Mortgage and Trust Company as conduits for laundering drug trafficking profits or other illicit funds.

In other words, my request EXCLUDED the “operational cables” on Horn and Five Star Trust admitted by Marilyn Dorn — unless they related to drug trafficking and money laundering!

The confirmation arrived in a September 9, 2009 letter from Delores M. Nelson, Information and Privacy Coordinator for the Central Intelligence Agency.

It stated my request was denied “pursuant to FOIA exemptions (b)(l)and(b)(3).” If these are the same records denied Horn, which seems likely, then it proves they are related to the CIA’s money laundering activities with FST and USMT. The CIA will obviously never admit their criminal activity or connection to these secret bank accounts, and the second paragraph of their response reflects this.

Take note that the CIA admitted having records on Marion Horn and Five Star Trust in 2002. But when I made a specific request for ONLY CIA drug trafficking and money laundering records through FST and USMT, they refused to “confirm or deny” the existence of such records.
This wasn’t a change in FOIA policy because only months earlier I had requested records on myself and was told “no records exist.” In other words, when they have records of CIA misconduct the “existence or non-existence” of those records is classified. We need not be concerned over the CIA’s usual obfuscation and cover-up because conclusive proof of these secret bank accounts is revealed in this book. Nice try, CIA agents.
You see this is how the top end clowns work, like Keenan, Jesper, Ray Dam, Wanta and many others have or will find out, they just use people and discard them like pieces of trash, and this is why I have said in this show, your badges and titles will not protect you, even entity known as Ann is being thrown under the bus now, many others will follow.

The cycle of abuse that is so prevalent here, has like hierarchy been passed down from race to race, species to species and group to groups.
Here all started with the Abraxan’s a group of humanoid based species, whose egos went off the charts of self importance, followed by greed, followed by subversion, followed by a complete dereliction in and if, the sanctity of life.
Living beings, planets and solar systems all deemed their property and did what they wished with it, predictably as movie Jupiter Ascending covers, there was family disputes at the top level, all fighting for more control and dominating more regions, replicated with Alulu and Anu, Cain and Abel, Anu, Innana and Marduk, Set and Osiris all too familiar back then, and prevalent now in your own family structures.
This is what I spoke about recently about healing the past lines, it is not just our species that needs to do it either, but all in this Universe and some beyond.
All of it is one giant harvesting machine designed to feed off anything that moves, except where it came to this human vessel, the elixir of life as stated in the movie also, people placed on tables and life force energy extracted, today it is known as adrenachrome extraction, there is a common saying of as above so below, perhaps with this piece we need a new one, as before and so it is now, and this has to be corrected by everyone.
This is a participation game, and all must abide by, the days of waiting for saviors to save people largely from themselves, but also people who put little effort into helping or saving themselves is over folks, you save you, get it?
Who do you think taught them that adrenachrome and other dark and light magic, neither of which are good? all passed down for those weak enough to sell themselves, and souls out for the illusion of fame, titles, wealth and power, but also groups like the military to gain favor with what they think is new and advanced tech, it’s not by a long chalk, but also do you think an oppressor would give you their latest gadgets and put themselves under threat?
These entities whilst by far are not the brightest, have perfected a system of control by the virtue of having raiding and engaging so many other solar systems and planets, this is like a drug to entities of the psychotic mindset, nothing is ever enough, like a junkie always needs another fix.
One can go back to many epochs of time but things started to really get bad here around 150K years ago, with the arrival of the craft called Atlantis, no Atlantis was not some continent in the Atlantic that collapsed, that was Da’Arya 40K years later, and was Northern Russia, not the Atlantic or Pacific.
Was there whole cities that resembled what Plato wrote, yes absolutely, but they were not our technological marvels, but theirs.
For many years humans lived peaceably with off world entities here, developed a high level of spirituality, in tune with nature and plant life, like the movie Avatar, which is why so many cried after watching that movie, latent memories and also a reflection of how bad things are here now, so far removed from that dance with harmony.
The URS were one of those groups that taught species a better way, it was they who began teaching the rest of humanity, outside of Da’Arya later known as Hyperborea and it’s sister island Thule, a better way to interact and be, until dark forces called Koshey’s back then, more familiar names would be the various reptile groups, ant based groups but also humanoids like Abraxan’s and Alduzanni.
Various species have had their upbringing here including the Draco, until one group wiped out their food supply, the dinosaurs, which then left humans as a new source of food on their menu.
But the cycle of abuse went further as more and more fake gods turned up, be it Roman, Greek, Egyptian or Sumerian, none were gods at all, none were godly either, just a repeat of the previous cycles of abuse, that went round and round, like a hamster in a wheel.
Real godly people, by godly I mean those of higher soul growth development, teach others, not destroy them, but teaching this particular vessel and species was deemed by the dark forces, a must stop at all costs item, and so it unfolded.
16500 years ago back came the Draco with their lies and promises of help and support, and despite warnings by The Elders here, the tribes went ahead and took the seducement pill, but all too quickly that faded, and full on control system was underway.
The Parents (their version of humans 1.0) created much earlier were designated to control the humans on the planet, they were abused and lied to by the Draco.
The Parents or 13 of the 21 of them ran the next stage down the Covens, the dark magicians, watchers, game players and general all round evil to run amok amongst a population, oblivious of their powers, existence or if it was all real or just magic or a coincidence, there are no coincidences in life and this group largely played those roles, but they were abused and lied to by the Parents.
Covens then control the Families, Bloodlines, Royalty, Dragon Groups mainly Blue, Green and Black et al who were abused and lied to by The Covens.
The 301 families controlled the Bilderberger, Club of Rome, Freemasonic and other Secret Society groups, Religious orders, the Factions, Military, Security groups, and subsequently down to the pit of the control system, politicians, all these groups are in the bottom 25% of the former control system, these groups were also abused and lied to as well.
These groups controlled those outside the system and abused and lied to us.
We then created another system amongst us and abused and lied to each other, seeing the pattern now?
The cycle of abuse just rolls on over a hundred thousands of year and is still prevalent today.
Much of that structure and abuse has been eliminated or rendered barely operable, they have on each level with the ones they have left, have to correct their ways and abuse, and admitted they were lying and were lied to.
We outside of the control system, have to do likewise, quit the divide and conquer that is largely based in the comparative mindset game, it has not served us well, we have not served each other well, and we can make excuses until the cows come home, as to why, but there was never a law or executive order stating for humans, not to care for each other.
The cycle ended with us, the cycle can be broken by us and filtered up the chain of former command, be the wayshower.

This next message is from Kim and all need to pay attention, listeners, members, clowns and minions who we know listen to this show, take heed. This piece will form the background of the show this Saturday.
We have reached a critical point in which humanity has a chance to rise up and become its own ruler, the back work has been done, there is nothing standing in your way, they fear YOU not the other way around, let me explain.

The 3 main controllers of humanity, and the order “givers” to the Order and the Parents, Families, Family Masters (if you do not know what this is, then you should find out) have pulled all support from their Covens and the 13 Bloodlines, known to most of you as Rothschild, Chinese Elders, Bauers, Vatican, Black Sun, Greens, Browns, Whites, the color coded programs, and so forth.
Many names you don’t even know exist, the upper people don’t even use names, they use code names, like the Dark Prince, which could have been any one of 21 people and not necessarily male.
A lot of the internet talk about “the Cabal” doesn’t exist in reality, remember, they create the problem and create the solution, create the Devil and create the Savior, start the war, create the boogeyman then create the hero, this is their game of control, don’t let them fool you. 

The money system was a means of control, it was created to do NOTHING but take control over all the wealth of the world (human souls, energy, minerals, not currencies).
“M” convinced the Parents and the Order to assign to him everything, and gave out pretty papers in exchange we call MONEY.
He issued stupid family registrations and trust papers, like they meant anything to him at all and they all fell for it, the whole system was nothing but a great big lie, but it kept the Order in Control, known to him as the Slave Masters, never the Royals or Kings/Queens they portray themselves to be, He loved to lie, I knew him well. 

So here I stand, and there you are, When is Kim going to transfer the Money? We need Money! I hear this on a daily basis and it is frustrating to me. Why? Because there is a bigger picture here, learn it.
For whatever reason I now have M’s accounting, M’s assets, and yes M’s control over the money magic system, I have extended olive branches to the Parents, Covens, and their minions you know as “Royals” the Asians, the Brits, THEIR tribes, they refuse to face the fact that M was a liar, he lied to all of them with grandiose promises of being Rulers, Owners and Controllers of Planet Earth, HE LIED, face it. Move on.
To those of  YOU, those begging them for money and exchanges of air tokens and dinars dongs and (insert currency here)? They WERE the money issuers for thousands of years, greedy little piglets didn’t share ANY with you, but you think today is the day? never going to happen.
They still sit, yes including the Chinese Elders or other Asian variety, in their big mansions eating their 5000 dollar meals with their concubines and maids, they can afford to give all of you at least a little money out of their own pocket, but they have not, and they never will. 

In order to BE controlled, all you have to do is sit back and wait for someone else to do something (me or anyone else), every single day that goes by that you do NOTHING, they do SOMETHING, a new war, oh look here at what Iran, Iraq, the Russians, are doing, create the problem, create the solution. 

The only way to win the game IS NOT TO PLAY, It is their game, they are eating each other alive with false promises and no delivery.
Bitcoin anyone? Oh, you will be “outside the system” or how about the Libra? Just another currency THEY CONTROL.
Create the term “Cabal” for the bad guys and the good guys the “Chinese Elders”, they are the SAME PEOPLE from the SAME order, and ALL take orders from the SAME People! Wake up..

The groundwork has been laid for you, the control system of the masses is rapidly deteriorating.
When something goes down, something MUST take it’s place, I hope I didn’t make a mistake when I bet it all on YOU, the people, there are days I feel like I did, maybe all of you are not ready? Don’t let us down, by us I mean the human race. 

STOP looking for a Savior, if you find one, most likely it was created for you. Oh wow you say, MSM is reporting the “deep state” now. Seriously? They WANT you to know, “here is the boogeyman little sheeples” now where is the savior?
It was BRICS, then it was Putin, then the Chinese Elders, next it will just be another person from their group.
We need a “Global Reset” you say? Well let me tell you something, either you are going to be the new leaders or they will appoint one for you, it’s just that simple. 

There is a reason the “Alternative Media” is being filled with “their people” right now, old dogs coming back, new ones appearing, they are losing control of those that pay attention, those that are awake or awakening, those of you that consider that to be YOU, become the leaders of this “reset” (and I am not referring to the currency reset). 

What’s the plan I am asked CONSTANTLY, why would I make a “New Plan” without YOU? I am NOT them, I am not a part of them, I am a part of YOU.
The New Plan should be written with ALL OF YOU, not just some council of people of my creation, Does that make sense? THERE MUST BE A NEW PLAN, Where is everyone? Reminds me of the Pink Floyd song, Comfortably Numb “Hello, Hello, is there anybody in there, nod if you can hear me”. NOW IS THE TIME. 

In Short, STOP looking for a Savior, be that a human or otherwise, if you find one it was most likely created for you.
Yes, there is Source/God, “dial direct” you do NOT need an intercessor nor an interpretation nor a book.
To make a “New Plan” there must be a human (live human soul) who participates and makes decisions, STOP just reading blogs then going about your day, THINK, please THINK.
THI “Groups” were created for this purpose, THINK TANKS for the PEOPLE, anyone can join there are no restrictions.
Please, if you haven’t started yet, please start now, If you need guidance or direction, please ask, if your system or new plan has a hierarchy system it is wrong, start over. 

Help me help you, and remember I bet it all, my life, my security, my job, my money, my time, my family, my home and everything else they have taken from me to STAND for YOU, I believe in YOU, Source/God believes in YOU, we only need to Unite to make this happen. I am NOT your savior, YOU are. 

Everything has collapsed, our system of control has undergone several Events, whilst everybody waited for the Event, while you waited, thankfully others made it happen.
Extinction level event on humanity, infact several of them like Ebola or other viruses, rock throwing at the planet, air, water and food poisoning, World War 3, Armageddon the list goes on and they all failed.
The main Draco left and failed, the saturn/moon matrix failed, the electro magnetic veil failed, plus their recent moon attempt failed, marshall law failed.
Soul traps, memory wipes and reincarnation technology all failed.
Marduk, Anu and the Mantid Queen all failed.
Their subjugation against the various species below are feet also failed, Demons removed and djinns failing.
The Draco failed, The Parents failed, The Covens failed, The Illuminati failed, The Families failed, The Dragon groups failed, SSp failed and their factions are failing.
Sniper attacks, gang attacks, djinns attacks, Dorsay attacks, financial attacks, psychic attacks, family attacks, agents attacks on us all failed.
Their banking system of harvesting failed, Babylon, Hercules, Prometheus and Annabelle systems failed, their black screens and codes failed
The mind control construct experiment we call religion is failing.
Their his story is falling apart, their media is falling apart, their alt media is falling apart, their politician are falling apart, their narrative is falling apart, fake creations like BRICS, Nesara, Gesara and St. germaine Trusts failed,  RV’s, Bitcoin and Libra falling apart or failed.
Their US military experiment has failed, 18 years in Afghanistan and similar in Iraq tells you that.
Neohawks and their agency minions failed, isRAel failing.
It is all there for those that overview and see, but the propensity for the many is to wait for the external fix of funds or mass arrests, then the media announcement, all those may come one day, but do you wait for it, or prepare for something else?
Get rid of this group and that corporation we hear often, but how many says what will we replace it with? or how are we going to fund or transition it? this is the lack of future thinking, no future thinking equals no future progress and will drag out longer than you all think the mass arrests should have happened.
Fire all 536 politicians, fine, what happens next and crickets, the groups are for you to discuss those possibilities, not just how you will divvy up the funding for projects, think different, act different are not just cliches, they are your new bible for progress.
Don’t like the way the current government operate? can you help and support them develop a new one, don’t like how schools are run, you develop a new one, don’t like cost of homes and how they are built? you develop a new one, don’t like how justice system works, you develop a new one, don’t like how the health system works? develop a new one.
These are your responsibilities, all of you, too many content for Kim and or me to come up with solutions or ideas for you, what if Kim and I came up with all the solutions? do you think the all will be happy with those solutions? of course not, no one solution fits all, which is why Kim and I are asking you to provide them, your input, your ideas, your solutions, this is about us all remember.
Rest assured if you don’t come up solutions, the remnants of the clowns will provide more for you, and you all know how that works, or actually doesn’t.
Message to the clowns and their minions, sucking lemons all day makes you bitter, you lost everything and that hurts, you feel like you have been stolen off and sold out, welcome to our world, perhaps for the rest of your days here this lifetime, you can ponder on the selfishness and your greed, because one day the boot will be on the other foot, oops that day has arrived.
We have opportunity to go forward together, or we can leave you to wither away and die, your choice until then I will leave you with a song reminder.

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