truth honor integrity | august 15 2019

The illiterate for this century will not be like the last century, for those who couldn’t read or write, the illiterate for this century will be those who cannot unlearn the lies, they have devoured in this and all other centuries. This century will unravel and unveil the lies, deceit and perpetrators of crimes against humanity, ignorance will be a choice.

Immigration of the future will not be country to country, but from their world into ours.

We know the world has many problems, we also know many people have problems also, whilst in no way are we neglecting them, problems are 10 a penny, what is short is solutions, solutions are what ends or mitigates the many problems the world faces. That is what is required going forward, solutions and a focus of how we the people take things forward, not backwards.

In a show in September 2017 I made a statement that turned out to be not correct, the background or gist of it, the where or why it was said has no relevance or mitigation at this point in the now. I made a statement that was proven to be wrong and I will apologize here and now to Dani McKenney and her friends.

Can I ask all members to not post transcripts of our shows out without prior approval please. The reason being is people may misrepresent it, mishear it and put down something that was not intended that way, leading to all kinds of uproar, like the misrepresented MWHT allegedly ousting the government piece last year, that was a simple mistake by one of our members and led to all kinds of chaos.
I can stand by what I put out in the show, but others doing transcripts I cannot. Hope you all understand and observe it.

Australia and New Zealand has now opened another group minus the ones who ruined the last one.

The THI Italy will be disbanded as they are not operating the way it was requested, if a member other than the current two in the disbanded group from Italy wants to start another group, feel free to engage Holly and Ra in setting it up and appointing admins.

Canada is currently designated as one group, over time and if approved by myself, Ra or Holly groups will be broken down into provinces. All new groups must be registered first with Holly or Ra, this idea of creating groups not based on the original policy is what caused all the issues with Lacy.
If there is no group in your state or country yet, set up a new one having checked the database in files section of FB and Mewe, then contact Holly or Ra for details and registering, this is to prevent double entries in same state or country.
Each group must have either Holly or Ra as an admin or Alan James for the rest of the world.
Real names only within the groups only please, if you apply with a fake names, leaders and admins will deny you joining the group, this timeline there is no need to hide your name or go under a pseudonym, first and last names only needed, can add middle name if you choose.
You must join only one group, the state or country you reside in, if there is no state or country group already set up, then you are free to start one with the help of Holly or Ra two of our admins in the FB and Mewe page. Your group must have either Holly, Ramona for the States or Alan James for Europe and the rest of the world, this is to avoid people meddling within the group as has already been the case, if you have not done that yet, please do so, would like this all completed before the end of this month.
Any group not following that basic instruction, will be removed from the database and calls.
I will get update list posted on both pages tomorrow, please ensure the few guidelines originally set out are in your group description or files.
Leaders of the group it is your responsibility to make known your group details on the database list.
If there is anyone in your state and country not from that state or country, they must be removed, this is not about your friends on FB, this is a working group for each region.
For those new the THI team Bubba is not affiliated with THI, they are a group of fraudsters, ran by a convicted fraud and people with nothing better to do other than support the old system, anyone found being a part of their group will be deleted from all groups automatically, the head people of that tiny group work for the system.

1. name (proper name only) 2 county 3 phone no (not compulsory) 4. skillsets

I would like leaders/admins to give all new members a copy of the THI guidelines to read upon joining, each group should have their guidelines which is available on the website for download in each group, saves a lot of confusion.

Please do not send proposal, ideas or plans to me for assessment or approval, please discuss it within your own state groups, that is what they are there for, eventually they will be presented to the regional zooms for discussions with other groups.

Please be courteous in all groups, it is fine to disagree with something I say or another member says, but agree to disagree and move on, it serves absolutely no purpose arguing over points of contention, be more flexible in what you believe in and put across.
We do not wish to go down the separation path for example the law people on the internet, Anna Von Reitz, Judge Naidu, John Darash and a few others, all arguing over each individual point, of common law or natural etc, does it matter what you call it? what matters is we fix the current legal system over into a lawful system, if you are going to argue over legalese points, you miss the point of the exercise, the object is to end it, not argue over a false and failed system. Create a new one for and by the people under the golden rule, it cannot get any simpler, no harm no crime, personal responsibility.
I don’t expect to agree on everything proposed within the group, infact it can be healthy, but put your case across where you feel it can be improved and then let other members debate it, don’t turn it into a point of contention.

We spent time today discussing providing the basis of The Peoples club and how it and the funded businesses should operate in conjunction with not only The Peoples club, but also with each other, these will not be competing with each other businesses, that is the old way, new way is ensuring all businesses and staff thrive and prosper.
Once that is completed, it will be made into a video and presented to all state and country groups and will be placed on the website for all to not only observe, but learn and understand the principals behind it.
Overtime it can be fine tuned here and there, but for now we are laying down the foundation of it, then we will get into the tasks of filling out the details of projects, ideas, plans etc.
We are working towards having it available on thepeoplesclub website by the end of next week. Next phase to do then is, what should we being promoting or funding as the first phase businesses?
Once the first phase is done we will present it on the website, but also a zoom call with the leader of each state or country, only one person per group please, it will be then asked for the presentation of the guideline, in your representative state or country, to play the presentation and discuss it amongst you. Then come up with anything based on the guidelines you feel should be add or enhanced, then we can move onto the next stage.

I am also working on my own very detailed project which will be TPC villages, once I get the draft of it out of my head and down on some paper, I will then require some input on various aspects contained within the villages. So as you can see I am more than busy to be answering every question proposed each day. It is time to think for yourselves also, get ideas ready, questions ready, where you would like to participate in the planning and present it en masse with a zoom, not a daily questionaire please.

Changes within group will be observed as to where people are at, people are being triggered into reactionary statements due to some of the content contained within the shows, some it is just a case of a bad day and we always allow for that.
Others are more intent on harvesting other peoples energy with their stories all about me, myself and I, and we all do that at times, but when it becomes the normal mode of chatter, it can become wearing to other members.
Of course we also have a ramp up of agents within the group, stating one thing and pretending it means another, you may get away with that contradictory narrative in another group, but not this one.
Expect to see more of these people in coming weeks, why? because we are forming a larger group with better thinking is why, they hate that, and what’s more they know they cant stop or control it, so just send in disruption agents to create division where there is none.
There is a concerted effort to fracture the groups ongoing now, they do not like we are combining.
THI itself has much impact and they have done their best to isolate me and us. now that has failed and we are expanding and cojoining they are sending minions here, there and everywhere largely at request of Jesper/KOM, but others like Erik Prince, Ann and Pelosi are involved, along with usual Langley/MI group minions.
There are a plethora of members globally whose sole intentions are to disrupt not only THI, but Off Planet Radio and Circle of White light as well, these people are anti life and slave system worshippers, so be on the alert as ever. The one thing they don’t like is people working together, that doesn’t fit the fear based narrative and divide and conquer programs you see.
The comedy act Kent Dunn is the latest puppet pushed out onto shows to create division, quite why people listen to him is beyond me, but there you go, 2 shows this week Mr. Dunn has pushed out a script based on lies designed to create doubt and or division.
On show 1 he stated Kim is wanted by Scotland Yard in the UK for being a con woman he states, presented no evidence only a statement, a typical clown based tactic, for those that don’t know Kim hasn’t been to the UK since 2009, so it would seem a tad incompetent on behalf of Scotland Yard to not capture her after 10 years would it not? particularly since she is known and her location is known by every agency on the planet.
What clown parody act Mr. Dunn doesn’t realize is, Scotland Yard are an internal investigation unit not international, oops, 
so, if she was wanted it would be MI6, several agencies have ran 1000’s of profiles on Kim and much to the chagrin of most of them, nothing came up, so they send people out to make shit up and hope it sticks, nice try Mr. Dunn, but failed.
Show 2 Mr. Dunn came up with an even more bizarre and hilarious comment, who writes his scripts? his channeler buddy Sam Muggzi? Langley 2 agents? So in the world of Kent Dunn, he was asked where is Drake Bailey these days? his response? he is now working with Randy Maugans and Offplanet Radio and subsequently with me again, oh dear, near two years of shows they had with Drake and they haven’t worked the man out yet, Drake’s pride will not let him back down and bring me on his show, he did ask Randy to work with him a few years back, and Randy decided against it.
What this shows people is they are terrified of THI, Off Planet Radio and Circle of White Light combining, why make up a blatant lie that Drake is working with Randy otherwise.
This is why we are combining people, even with some who we never got on well with previously, it is time to do so.
Their fear is as heavy as their bullshit, people coming together with good ideas for the common good, has always terrified them, what is worse is these our groups and people with real knowledge to support it, double whammy for them, hence the game playing and a string of fake alt media spouting crap. One wonders if the same people will go and pester Kent Dunn to retract and apologize to his members, like they do we me? Time will tell, but the lack of making all accountable, becomes indicative to me.

Nearly a million people have been affected by a major power cut across large areas of England and Wales, affecting homes and transport networks. National Grid said it was caused by issues with two power generators but the problem was now resolved. Blackouts were reported across the Midlands, the South East, South West and North East of England, and Wales. Hundreds of people were stranded at King’s Cross station as trains were delayed and cancelled. Traffic lights in some areas also stopped working.

Freeport..Brunswick Maine area.. Businesses lost all power. Computer service everything for several days.. Just going up and running this AM (Monday)

Tumblr, the blogging site that has been a hub for the internet’s most weird, wonderful and occasionally worrisome content, is getting yet another new home. Verizon said Monday it has agreed to sell Tumblr to Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The move will make Automattic the third company to own Tumblr in just six years.

As predictable as night follows day in their world, and the Clinton death trail rolls on, even when people are in prison.
Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced millionaire who was facing federal sex trafficking charges, died by suicide early Saturday in his Lower Manhattan prison cell, three law enforcement officials told ABC News. Epstein hanged himself, law enforcement sources said. He was transported in cardiac arrest at 6:39 a.m. from Metropolitan Correctional Center to New York Downtown Hospital, according to sources. Epstein, 66, was set to stand trial next year for allegedly sexually abusing dozens of minor girls in New York and Florida. His death came less than three weeks after he was found unresponsive in his cell at the federal prison in Lower Manhattan, with marks on his neck that appeared to be self-inflicted, sources told ABC News. He had been on suicide watch since the July 23 incident.
One has to argue why he was in prison in New York, given most of the perpetrators are from there, plus the fact that NYPD is ran by Citadel/Weiss which is like the enforcement arm of the Clinton Foundation.

BBC ran an article of conspiracy theories surrounding this and then unleashed this gem.
Perhaps the most far-fetched conspiracy theories were pegged to the hashtags #ClintonBodyCount and #TrumpBodyCount, which both trended on Twitter over the weekend. The first was primarily used by conservatives to suggest that former “first couple” Bill and Hillary Clinton were linked to Epstein’s death. The latter, perhaps predictably, was used by liberals who speculated that Mr Trump was somehow involved. Neither side had any evidence to work with. The baseless theory of the Clinton’s involvement harks back to a long-running conspiracy that originated in the 1990s and claims the couple secretly kill their enemies. This was roundly and methodically debunked at the time by the fact-checking website Snopes. haha Snopes the Langley factchecker and the BBC are sighting that as proof, oh dear, Snopes was exposed badly last year and dropped out to be replaced by another clown enterprise called FB factchecker, when if you actually read their narrative of explanation, they actually prove it is true, funny since I highlighted that, on the last three they factchecked on our site the description was missing, they got rumbled, just like Snopes. BBC will have to come up with better script writers as they getting as embarrassing as CNN by the day. For those that dont know BBC is ran by MI5/6 along with Blue Dragon group, whose leader is entity known as Hillary Clinton, hence them pushing anti Trump rhetoric on a daily basis.

Cisco Systems has cut about 500 Silicon Valley jobs, according to documents filed with the state of California. A filing said 397 employees at its San Jose headquarters and 91 in Milpitas, Calif., were laid off as of July 31. The jobs cut were mostly in engineering roles.

The Dow dropped more than 800 points, while the S&P 500 fell 2.7% and the Nasdaq sank 2.9%. The Cboe Volatility Index, Wall Street’s fear gauge, jumped to a high of 22 on Wednesday. Bank stocks led the declines as it gets tougher for the group to make a profit lending money in such an environment. (they can’t lend no money, and since the credit lines were blocked due to negative liquidity, lending has crawled to a halt) Bank of America and Citigroup fell 4.7% and 5.2% respectively, while J.P. Morgan also dropped 3.6% (no surprise them 3). The SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF is down 2.9%. “The U.S. equity market is on borrowed time after the yield curve inverts,” wrote Bank of America.
Investors are increasingly worried about a global economic slowdown as weaker-than-expected data in China deepened the gloom in the world’s second-largest economy. Official data published Wednesday showed growth of China’s industrial output slowed to 4.8% in July from a year earlier, the weakest growth in 17 years.
Adding to the fears is Germany’s negative GDP print, which raised the risk that Europe’s largest economy is on the verge of falling into a recession. Euro zone GDP also grew by just 0.2% quarter on quarter, a significant slowdown from the 0.4% growth in the first quarter.

So it is the 15th of August and although markets and all kinds of pointers towards economic collapse indicate we were right to warn of it, some may say well you got that wrong it didn’t collapse, despite date range of 15th to 17th, I am hoping we were wrong in that projected date which was known to us back in April. The situation is still volatile and all indications are both sides will not relent, one side is flexible, one isn’t. From their perspective they would sooner everything collapses than the people getting anything, that is who they are and how they think – child minded.
We will push on privately trying to provide solutions, but some wont budge, some wont act and some are in fear and panic mode to do anything, as it stands.

I read out Cease and desist to Jesper (aka Peter) Ellerman and the former know Kingdom of Manna

The Epstein saga as mentioned earlier, whether alive or dead it really matters not, why did they arrest him? because they had the evidence to do so, the black book has already been circulated with all the names involved, did the book die as well?
So, whether he is alive or dead changes little, we have all seen the staged pictures and can make our own minds from there.
Three possible scenarios crop up with this, 1. Clinton crew took him out 2. Clinton crew and connected Mossad agents removed him to another safe location to stop or delay enquiry 3. Elements in the government knowing the involvement of Clintons and Mossad, plus some Deep State characters faked his death and moved him out of their range.
Whichever scenario it is, the so called authorities still have enough evidence, which is why he was arrested, unless that was all a staged event also, have people considered that a possibility?
We have all assumed he was arrested, but with doubles, clones and clever camera work, none of us can really state with 100% conviction that the person arrested was who the media said he was.
Media make up scripts as they go along, to fit certain agendas of the day, and it is by the day now, no longer can long term planning aid them, that is part of the push back we have done.
Who knows who did what to whom, all of it is an assumption on who is and who is not a pedophile, I would like to say time tells on this topic, but perhaps not on this subject, I hope to be wrong and whoever has done dirty deeds with children is brought to justice.
Some members were fairly prolific in posting Trump is a pedo, again no one unless you were there can say with 100% he is or isn’t, it is all an assumption, which is not fact.
Given all of what I have just stated, should our attention be on it at all? Currently we have to rely on authorities to act and do their job, and we all hope they do, Epstein alive or dead, convicted or not, it in overview does not or will not change our lives, our focus is on what can we do to change life here and now, we cannot change what Epstein has or has not done in the past.
The media is rolling us into one fake event after another, another shooting yesterday we are told, in Temple Square by the Temple University, did anyone make that connection and go hmm.
The guy who allegedly shot 6 cops, had history of criminality and known to the police including narcotics and gun crime, how ironic he called an attorney during the stand off, of a company with only one attorney, named Shaka Johnson, Johnson’s previous posts were a police officer and a narcotics investigator, cohen-cidence? you decide.former police officer and narcotics investigator
In the hour that it takes a new Walmart employee to earn the $11 starting wage, the family that owns the retail giant has banked $4 million. In fact, the third-generation heirs of Walmart  founder Sam Walton have amassed a $191 billion fortune to top Bloomberg’s list of the richest families in the world. And that has grown by $39 billion since the Waltons topped the list last year.
$39B profit in one year and they are paying staff $11 an hour? This is why the TPC businesses have to be different, it is all pure greed, nobody needs $39B, all of it is a dickswinging contest, buying out competitors and more control, The TPC cannot and will not replicate that under my watch.
The report breaks that out to the Walton fortune increases by an eye-watering $70,000 per minute, $4 million per hour or $100 million per day. Walmart rang up $514 billion in sales from more than 11,000 stores across the globe, and the family holding company Walton Enterprises owns a 50% stake in Walmart, which paid out $3 billion in dividends last year, yes $3B in dividends to the same greedy fat cats, TPC will endeavor to limit profits and share amongst all the staff equally, excess profits will go into helping other TPC based businesses.
It’s been a good year for all 25 of wealthiest families in the world, yes economy boom or bust, these same snake oil salesman always have good years, and during the bust we pay for their good years, the 25 who collectively control almost $1.4. trillion in total wealth, which is a 24% increase from last year. Yes it is always a good year for these parasites. The top family The Walton family, behind Walmart: $190.5 billion, 10th top is The Cargill and MacMillan families, behind Cargill Inc.: $42.9 billion. This is what we are going to change these vampiric energy harvesters, what do they need $1B for never mind $191B it is obscene, when so many go starving, and over half the world below the poverty line, that has to and will change, when we create our own brands and shut these people down.

In the world of so much poverty and many without the 5 basics in life, another story came up in the UK of one soccer player who has played only 112 games being given a new contract of $300K not for the year, but for the week. Imagine if that was replicated in the real world, you turned up for work 112 times, which is 22.5 weeks and suddenly you were given a wage of $300K per week.
A 22 year old kid suddenly being thrust into the global elite earnings scale, for turning up to work 112 times. Some, infact most jobs globally you can work 5 days a week for 112 months and not earn that amount, he earns each and every week.
It is not the kids fault he got that pay rise, it is the system that creates that vast gulf in earnings, but it is we who can change it.
For $300K per week you can fund 8/9 or 10 nurses for one whole year, what is of more value to society? 10 nurses or 1 footballer?
It is these examples we the people have lost, on what is value? for example a training shoe is a training shoe in general, yet one training shoe costs $30 with no branded name and the other has been branded by the Council of Foreign relations as the brand and charge $90+, same with phones you can get a samsung smartphone in Walmart for $60, and yet another Samsung phone was just short of $1100, is it made out of a precious metal? do both phone, text and have internet access, yes, so what is the difference and what is the discrepancy in cost and value?
Like art, who decides the value? we have several artists in our own group more than capable of drawing and painting the picture called The scream, to me it resemble a painting of no higher than a 5th grade students capabilities, yet that painting sold for $120M in 2012, then we have Picasso nude, green leaves and bust again looks like a kids collage painting to me sold for $107M, mind boggling at the discrepancies in value, those two painting sold at that price, are higher than the GDP of 150 countries whole year spending. 
This is what the state groups are tasked with, altering things back to what is true value, their world is riddled with sickening examples of obscene discrepancies of what is of value, we are all responsible to correct that, and it starts with you.

Given we have some people focused only on one or two topics within the group, I feel I will address it publically.
My stance on 5G has a plethora people concerned on levels that I feel doesn’t warrant it, that is my opinion, nobody asks you to agree with it, but it looks me to me to all intents and purposes a driven agenda in the alt. community to divert attention, and more recently divide the groups.
We have seen all this before, Nibiru, Nesara, GCA, RV, Jade Helm, FEMA camps, Trains with guillotines and coffins,  and the previous attempt Chemtrails, I discounted them all as fear porn or distraction apart from GCA and Keenan but evidence collected privately was different than I presented publically, for over 2 years, which I have explained why.
Chemtrails, Nibiru and Jade Helm I was proven right, they were distractions, the other one was the FEMA guillotine trains and coffins and as forecasted it never happened.
Chemtrails has not had the effect the way the alt media reported it either, otherwise none of us would be here, that is now a fact, it just moves from one fear platform to another. This is what people have to ask and think better, well over a decade of chemtrailing now, has it had an effect? well, some got morgellons, but can that be proved to be due to chemtrails, or have you consider the fact, that is was the DOD who dropped morgellons out of the sky? after all they revealed about Typhus, Lyme Disease
Where was the outrage over 1,2,3 or 4G? why wasn’t there the same focus on that in the alt media? because certain individuals were promoting other fear porn is why, now their other fear programs failed, they bring a new one to the table.
I have been in this game long enough to see how they work the people, they throw out an narrative, then get agents to push it and then get non deep enough thinking people to drive the narrative within the groups.
They use fear often as a way of dragging peoples vibration down, that is a deliberate tactic they have used on the American people for at least 70 years, someone or something is coming to get them, commies, russians, muslims, african killer bees, viruses, then the classic psy op by Orson Welles and HG. Wells novel, both of who were part of the elites agenda program in 1938 when they ran that broadcast that Martians were coming for them, and caused some panic, the levels of which are not fully known.
These are part of the American psyche to play fear on the public, why? because the main body of America has never been attacked and so they use other methods to create fear, neither Hawaii or Alaska for that matter are really America, check your history if you think different, the Hawaii attack was known ahead of the event and that could have been prevented.
For some reason the elites decided mainland America would not be attacked, so the people get comfortable in that fact, so they create the boogeyman and fear programs to keep those people in fear, the rest of the world largely all experienced being attacked in the last 100 or so years, and so it is stored in the memory and passed down the generations.
Do I think 5G is good, no, because we have other alternatives when the people push the system hard enough, do I think it is as bad as some suggest? nope again, why? because until someone shows me the elite people have got some sort of special hat or anti 5G tablets preventing them from being harmed by it, it makes no sense, and so the levels of fear do not correspond.
Trump is a pedo, Trump is not a pedo is the latest to drive division, my stance? I do not know for certain either way, which is why I cited comments from inside sources, and all came back and said no he isn’t, that was what was said, but that is their opinion, not mine.
Trying to cause division because I cited someone else’s opinion, looks to most people like an agenda.
No one really knows if he is or isn’t, that is a fact, it is based on assumptions and opinions, and all are free to have them, but an assumption is not fact though is it? but it becomes an issue, if that is the only issue some want to argue over, again that looks like an agenda.
The same applies to the god in the bible, your 5 senses cannot prove that god in the book exists, and so the god in the book is not proven as fact, it is a belief and an assumption, neither of which are fact, take note I said the god in the book for a reason.
The main point of it all is, say Trump or anyone else in the government is a pedo, what does it change in your life? you jump up and down because your assumption was right, great we have all done that, but then the real question is what happens next? Trump gets replaced by Pence? Pelosi? Hillary? Cruz? Jeb Bush? Liz Cheney? Bernie Sanders? Biden? what has that changed in real terms? The answer is nothing, except in some respects to the alleged victims, they may feel they have gained some justice, but the key factor is for the victims, it doesn’t take away their memories or pain of it, by proving A, B or C was a pedo, those that have had the misfortune to have been victims will all tell you that, the pain and memory remains.
There are 16-18000 words on average per show each week and people want to focus on less than 15 of them in shows dating back 2 months ago and even two years ago is suggestive of looking for faults in the narrative, than learning more on the plethora of subjects and topics I cover, do I get it all right? no, as evidenced by opening statement that was mentioned as a rumor, but unlike others I am prepared to correct statements I have said when proven wrong, now if only people would do that in return, how much of a better world we would have?

The Committee of 300, also known as The Olympians, is a group alleged to have been founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. Proponents of the theory alleging the Committee’s existence believe it to be an international council that organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts, not no more they don’t.
Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, guide the economic destinies of the Continent and seek their successors from within their own environment. In context, Rathenau was actually deploring the oligarchic implications of this statement, and did not suggest that the “Three hundred” were Jewish. However, by 1912 Theodor Fritsch had seized upon the sentence as an “open confession of indubitable Jewish hegemony” and as proof that Rathenau was the “secret Kaiser of Germany.” The idea became more popular after the World War I, and the spread of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Rathenau addressed the issue in a 1921 letter, stating that the three hundred referred to were leaders in the business world, rather than Jews, Rathenau was the leader of Prussia and yes was Jewish.
After Rathenau’s assassination in June 1922, one of his assassins explicitly cited Rathenau’s membership in the “Three hundred Elders of Zion” as justification for the killing. This prompted the Reichstag to pass a Law for the Protection of the Republic making propagation of the myth a prosecutable offense. Nevertheless, it was still used by the Nazis before and after they took power.
Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich wrote that the group may also be known as the “Hidden Hand”, which is headed by the Rothschild family of international financiers and based loosely around many of the top national banking institutions and royal families of the world.
British aristocracy in the present day they retain only the rights to stand for election to the House of Lords, dining rights in the House of Lords, position in the formal order of precedence, the right to certain titles (see below), and the right to an audience with the monarch. Still, more than a third of British land is in the hands of aristocrats and traditional landed gentry.
This is your branding corporation, they brand people, ideas and politics, can highlight and promote a nobody like Alexander Ocasio Cortez into public spotlight, or they brand program members deciding she has had enough of being a fuckbucket for elites into a raving lunatic, like Britney Spears, or elevate a seemingly unknown companies like Microsoft and Amazon into world conglomerates.
They decide your culture, policies and politic ideologies for us, their days are numbered, they will number less if more people stood up and took responsibility.

Following recent claims of violence between races in America I decided to go and fact check it myself, it was not an easy task as figures are in part missing on almost every site I went on.
I graphed outlined three different groups white, black and hispanic, white crimes against other people brought up figures of 82.4% crimes of white people was against their own color, 7.8% against Hispanics and 3.6% against Blacks, so the majority 4 out of every 5 violent offences was against their own color.
Black violent offenders the highest was also against their own color 40.9%, next was against Hispanics 38.6% and whites was 14.5%
Hispanic violent crime was 50.7% against whites, 40.1% against hispanics and 4.7% against blacks.
The conclusions from this is only the Hispanics attacked another color more than their own, both white and black attacked their own people more than the other two, although black on Hispanic was on 2.3% below their own color.
The highest rate of all the categories was white on white 82.4% which goes completely against the narrative being put out by the media and paid crying actors on the news channels does it not?
All violent crime is unnecessary and serves no purpose whatsoever, but I did this piece so people can see the media are spinning a narrative, that bears little resemblance to the facts.
Particularly the El Paso narrative, black and whites combined figures of violence against Hispanics is 22.3%, yet Hispanic figures for attacks on blacks and whites total 55.4%.
One hopes we see those figures come down, but the fact remains there is more violence by and between the black and hispanic races, which is largely fuelled by gangs, involved in drugs, gun running and prostitution, that distort the narrative.
It would be interesting to see the actual violent offense figures when those 3 criminal enterprises are removed from the figures, I would imagine the figures are very low, and more so given there is over 350M guns in circulation.
The problem that needs addressing is the gang led turf wars in those three criminal enterprises, if we can fix the drug and prostitution issue by having it legalized and moderately controlled, it would remove many of these gangs way of making money and remove much crime off our streets, this would then also lower homicide and violence rates considerably.
So, all the facts do not support there is a major problem between the colors, the problem is the crime fields they participate in,
so we the peoples own factchecker on white supremacy and general races conclude, it’s all bullshittery and fake news.

Thomas raw I could have gone woe is me, I chose to go my own path. yes a lot of hurt, lots of things that people could have helped me with, but chose not to, but I stood on my own, and my own 2 feet and chartered my own path. I avoided the 5 hooks and also the ego imbalance of becoming a public figure so they had to use other methods of targeting, all of which failed, they tried the seducement and that failed, discrediting and that failed.
Yes elements of my life where targeting was fairly brutal, but I chose to tell them to stick where the sun don’t shine and strived harder, anything can be overcome in life, provided you have the inner strength, as compared to external strength, I know which one I prefer.
My path is one of fighting injustice initially for my school peers, then my own and eventually onto as many other people as possible.
I try my best for the all, but realize that is an impossibility at this juncture, judging by some of the emails I got this week, still despite it being a busy week, some of them emails gave me quite a laugh, it seems the desperate are going antsy. As each piece of mud they throw slides down the wall and doesn’t stick, the never do anything’s get more and more frustrated. 8.5 months and counting.
This piece has no bearing on the opening statement piece but there is some past overlay, how is it only one person is held accountable for what they say on the radio or blogs? How is it the only group who puts out transcripts for accountability, is questioned on their narrative? How is it there are several people who read news scripts and form their own opinions with no intel background, can sell all kinds of new age woo woo can charge their listeners, and yet my patreon gets questioned? The only show who most weeks has a Q & A section in show (not to mention the q & a sections when I go on fb or mewe during the week) gets accused of not answering questions? How is it when someone gets into a position of perceived importance that is beneficial to the people, do the people attack those few willing to stand up for them? Why is it that people are more intent in looking for faults in the narrative than providing solutions to our collective problems? How is it people can question what I put out in the shows, those people don’t spend the time questioning themselves as to why they were triggered by a portion of the show.
Such is life I suppose and an example of child mind thinking from an overview, mired in the victimhood of their own unaddressed shadows, you and we will never fix anything on this planet, operating at that level.
For too many the alt media has become a life distraction, mired in the drama, popularity contests and bickering that is a replica of the MSM platform, why would people copy a failed platform? Where we not suppose to be the awake ones? Different from the masses? yet for some they spend their whole days looking for faults, cracks, perceived wrong information in others, when the problem is them, they will not face up to their own reality and lack of doing their own work on themselves.
These people stand out like beacons now, they dance in two worlds acting like their awake, but their actions and words state differently, who needs the cabal when we have people within our own community, more intent on looking for faults, twisted words, unable to agree to disagree on points, questioning things that really have no relevance and just rattle on with no direction or any specific purpose to it.
They might be awake with some knowledge that is considered outside the normal, but these people are fast asleep on the inside, they are kidding themselves only, as people can see a lot easier now than previously, they remind me of a kids wind up toy that is silent and says nothing, then the button is pressed and they repeat the same few sentences until the timer runs out, or until someone presses the button again and again they repeat the same lines and narrative, that gist of that analogy is, despite pressing the button several times, nothing changes, it only changes if you change the toy or take the battery out and it all goes silent then.
These people use us as a battery, consuming our energy with mindless drivel and nuances, as Kim said in last week’s piece, don’t play their game.
Some people have reacted to last Saturday’s show and stating I am blaming we the people too much for our role in the mess, I am sorry you feel that way, but will not apologize for saying all in that show, over time and deep down everybody really knows that  everything stated was 100% correct.
We have played a role in it, a bigger role than many would like to admit, I could give several examples but I spoke to quite a few people this week and one mentioned they bank at Wells the Fargo, one banked with HSBC and one mentioned about buying something off Amazon, all very minor details, but why would you bank with cabal banks? Why would you buy from a company that is hell bent on destroying all other businesses, and as the world brain role in the future, destroying all of us.
Why haven’t you been the change on those aspects? all down to convenience is why, it’s easier Thomas, yes, but easier doesn’t help any of our goals does it?
Why would we vote for people to look after us, when they have never looked after us ever, why would we allow them to vaccinate our children without doing due diligence? Why would people take their pharma drugs when if you read the disclaimer you end up with potentially worse symptoms than you started with? Why would 150M working Americans allow a 10-40% theft out of their wages each week, for something that is illegal and worse voluntary? Why did we ignore people in our streets to have their homes stolen from them and not fight back?
There is an old child saying when questioned on whether they have done something wrong, the child responds, it wasn’t me mom or dad, all I see in those who fail to accept their role in things, is that child going it wasn’t me.
Look we have all done that throughout our lives, the alt media itself is riddled with finger pointing away from themselves, and for a while in my shows I did it as well, it was all the cabal who did everything wrong, but it is not the correct picture from the overview is it?
My shows are about balance and true perspective, and I am aware that some will react to some things that come out of my show and again I will make no apologies about that, I said in the very first THI show, “I am not going to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear” as well as we have to think and act different.
Saturday’s show was a fantastic cojoining of the three groups and also Kim chiming in, on how we fix world problems, a daunting task, but no more daunting than the first Europeans who arrived here over 1000 years ago, not 600, infact there is some reference to a Welsh guy being here in 500’s, they were called The Pioneers, they started with nothing and built up, and we start with much and have an opportunity to forge a better path.
The 4 essentially separate groups all coming together for a common cause, it is wonderful to see, but it is up to you all to drive this collaboration, not just us 4, all 4 are very busy with many things, and it’s up to all participants to take some of that burden of us, not increase it.
These are two comments from our members

People in general are conditioned to externalize everything, including blame or fault. We’re conditioned to think early on that to accept blame is a weakness and so to keep from feeling or appearing week we try to pass it off to others. It is a hard thing to break but true gets us nowhere. I was very lucky to have a mom who wouldn’t allow me to do that, who taught me to think on my actions and to admit blame when it was mine. It’s hard sometimes. Very hard, but in the end, I have always felt better to admit my faults than to try to pass it onto another.

Influence without affluence 
I consider all of the tragedies in my life to have been a gift to empower me to make a difference to other…you might consider or say my life has been a road of thorn’s, but I’ve made friends with those thorn’s, my life has become beautiful,  but I can give beauty to many other in their lives…that’s the difference of influence without affluence, the power of compassion is far greater then anything that money can do, but money and knowledge, strength and skills are built on that foundations of that compassion, then not only is our own life enriched beyond our comprehension but we can make such a difference, we can have such influence in the world each and everyone of us, whoever we are, wherever we are, because everyone is so inherently special and nothing or no one can take that away from us, as long we are aware. To be an instrument of compassion, an instrument of true influence that’s beyond affluence.

When people en masse work out the key to our future is not what the elites have done in the past, or doing now, what elites do and have done will not determine our future, arguing over it is pointless and is actually helping them continue the illusion of their control.
They have lost control of everything and we are providing them the platform to keep the illusion going.
What determines our future is not mass arrests, 5G, who is a pedo or not, earth is flat or not, god is real or not, we went to the moon or not, none of those things will determine our future.
If bringing the Government down worked, then everything after the Watergate incident would have changed things for Americans, it didn’t, it actually went worse, not because the right ones weren’t removed back then, but because we the people did nothing on our part to make the change we would like to see is why.
We have an opportunity to drive the change, those wishing to do so and pushing forward our plans should be applauded, not have someone mired in the old world dragging them down to their level, you are either with and for humanity and wish to push on with a better change in life for the all, or you can focus on pointless items and stay with the programmed bots in their world, if the latter is you, please stay in your own world, you have no purpose other than the self.
Humanity has much work to do to correct the worlds ills and our focus must be on that, is it daunting? yes, but it only took one man in India to be the change at that time period, Ghandi to drive a group of people into fighting back against injustice.
I want you all to become that one person and lets get this show on the road, and not allow people of their world drag us down or divide us, they are all based in fear, our future and destiny depends on having no fear, and remember everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

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