truth honor integrity | august 22 2019

We will be covering some old ground tonight, chunks of intel and yes more issues to do with the state and country groups. There is a lot going in and out of our group currently which will get covered tonight.
Welcome to the only show that is accountable, as evidence by my willingness to go on a No holds barred show first with Alan and then with Randy, and also Richard Hoagland’s show but apparently we are not accountable.
I show the financial records of The Peoples club, I showed my earnings from Patreon until people made an issue of it, yet no other group does that, is that not being accountable? Apparently now an apology is no longer an apology if I say it, okay.
There is a conference starting this week with all the alt media clowns and agents in it, charging $111 to listen from your home, couldn’t be bothered checking the cost of the live event tickets, $111 for an in home podcast? to disclose what we already know? they are disclosing nothing, just harvesting your energy and bank balance. Where are the internet warriors who attack me and us for those people? they will ignore these complete fraudsters, why, because they are apart of them is why, fake savior programs, humanity embraces all too easily.
The only show that has a Q & A section most weeks, even allowing that some members don’t like that section because of the levels and some of the intentions behind the questions, and yet we are accused of not answering questions.
People ask questions on the mewe and fb during the week and I answer most of them, but apparently we don’t answer questions. The only group although now in league with Randy and Alan’s show that encourages members to self empower, create their own leaders, make their own decisions, develop their own projects and ideas, asks for everyone to speak and have their say, and yet some say this is a cult, and it’s my way or the highway. Do these people actually listen to themselves?
This is all these people have, throw unsubstantiated barbs that have no basis of fact, they are mired in their own darkness, and hate the fact that this show alone is accountable, this show does encourage growth in all people, this show is not ego based like many others, this show encourages community and unity, backed with powerful knowledge for people to be sovereign, not demand it, this show does many things the right way, and those hellbent on staying in their old slavery suit and system, they haven’t yet noticed that along with their masks, it no longer works too well, or in some cases not at all, they cannot handle that fact.
I warned the two worlds would get wider this year, I suspect many of you are now seeing that evidenced, reality is most are just not ready for a new and better world, is it sad? yes absolutely, it pains me to see so many lost in their own illusion and delusion.
We have tried hard with many, but some fall due to there propensity to externalize things, and fail to internalize things, this has and will be their downfall, moreso between now and the end of this year.
Sadly some members where removed over this past week, all displayed poor behavior and actions conducive to keeping the old system and not creating a new one, expect to see more of this it has been a common occurrence in the past, to ignore the teachers, ignore the signs, ignore their own failings and projected onto others, and in particular against those who did do their work.
We have had a number of issues this past week that ended up with a tag team disrupting 5 separate groups leading to much discord, upset and negativity, me personally I know why it was done, it was a deliberate tactic to disrupt people and the groups, the majority of which were connected to one group, who have caused issues in the past, and shows no accountability for their actions or behavior, either within the group or their leader.
Often in the chaos most overlook where it all started from, that gets lost in all the barbs to and fro, the gist of it was one former member wanted to railroad her opinions onto me and other group members, she believed that Trump is a pedo and railed at me Randy and others for not believing her narrative, like I have said previously, no one knows unless you were there as a victim or an accomplice. Trump is or is not a pedo is not the issue, it could have been any subject, this is what these people do.
In came other harbingers of division to support her in their anti communal effort, and the stage was set, fuse got lit, and despite several attempts at reasoning, those 3 involved got what they wanted, discord amongst the groups, which led to a few to be removed.
This was orchestrated make no mistake, why would anyone start an argument over a fact no one can prove either way? When even proven he is or isn’t, doesn’t alter our lives one iota, this is what is lost with these divisive, low vibration, non thinking people, it solves nothing.
The fact that yet again it was 3 females involved, with a 4th hiding in the wings orchestrating it, sadly has become all too familiar, the ebook issues all females again, mewe this week female again, and several other issues I could cite, even going back into CV and UV, this disappoints me more than disckswinging men.
This is not the example the female archetype should be setting in anyone’s book, maybe I am the problem, perhaps I set the bar for female role models too high? let me know, have I set the bar too high or just maybe the general female archetype has gone so far down it is barely recognizable anymore, that I find beyond sad, the positive female reactions to my feminism piece last year, suggests you are all aware of the problem, the question arises is when will you fix it?

A question arose but of course we don’t answer questions they say, of why I was asking for skillsets of people? so I will set the record straight as to why, but oh the irony of those who ask that question, they splatter their whole lives across social media, but someone asks them their skillsets for the projects, somehow that is all very sinister and suspicious, so here is the reason why, those that think deep enough would know.
Skillsets are asked not for my benefit but the peoples benefit of each state or country group, I would like all members in that group to find a project, where all in that state are active within the one project.
This encourages a good use of the funds, instead of several doing multiple personal projects, why not all come up with a project and fit all of your skillsets into the one project? whereby you all continue to work together.
It allows group members to all be involved and paid within that project, and promotes far more teamwork than individual projects.
As an example 10 members, propose 10 projects requesting $1/2M each, total $5M, 10 members propose one project for $5M, which is the better proposal? the one project, why? because you will all continue to work together and can get more done in that vein is why, you have all been taught the different way.
The gist of it is I was looking after all of our members first, and yet some how that is considered being sinister or wrong, it literally beggars belief, asking for skillsets is datamining, perhaps these are same people who bought Alexa type machines or Home security systems that record everything in your home, or use online banking with a phone, or buy things off their phone, but asking for something that will make best use of the funds and increase the team to all work together, apparently that is now suspicious, that is a warped mindset and lack of thinking.

For those that don’t know I do not participate in any country or state group (I joined one group to monitor only) I don’t pick leaders, admins, calls or have anything to do with what goes on in said calls. Neither do I pick or delete members for those groups, my role was laying down a few basic guidelines and that is it. The idea was for you all to work together without my input on behalf of your state or country, this is where you all get to discuss your proposals and projects, not with Kim or I as we just don’t have the time, our role is to get the funding out, your role is to create the projects between you, again not very cultlike that is it? Marilyn Thomas THI Italy group was right in a wrong way, I don’t command any of those groups, this is what these lowlifes don’t get, they are not destroying or damaging me, far from it, they are doing this to you all that participate in those groups, they are not my groups, they are yours, your state or your country they are damaging, they are trying to damage the peoples groups of your own self empowerment and coming together, nice people.

Subsequently THI Italy has now been dropped from our database, the people in that group came to destroy it. Marilyn Thomas, Troy Megill, Marilee Nietain, Lacy and others, people so cowardly they hide behind fake names. These people think they are getting at me, there not, less groups makes things a whole lot easier for me, it matters not one iota to me whether we have a THI Italy or not, the group is for the benefit of the people of Italy, create projects and ideas and come together with a common goal.
My role is TPC club America not globally, so it matters not for me.
What they are doing is destroying people coming together, like the one or two in THI Australia did, these people are the perfect example of childlike behavior old women in their late 60’s or early 70’s, displaying behavior that not only is childlike in the extreme, it is cabal behavior at its finest, an utter blight on humanity, spending all day trying to stop you, the people joining and working together. They think they are stopping me, they are not, they blocked the people of Italy having an opportunity to be apart of fixing the planet, oops.
To the few who complained I was a bit harsh in apportioning blame to we the people, these people are your answer to that, who needs cabal when you have parasites like these.  Like I have said all along time always tells, is Thomas right or them, well there you have it.
This is why we should all fight hard and support each other, we are all we have, they fight to destroy us and we must fight to protect not my group, but your group, this is what these people don’t get, and never will.

Yes I am aware of issues in THI Germany also, the leader and admins of that group has one week to address concerns amicably with several members in that group, add Alan James in as an admin only, or THI Germany will be closed down, removed from the database and subsequently the funding and a new one set up, who will act in the right manner.

Message to THI Canada, this is what I have been warning about for a number of years now, the attacks are not just on me, they are on all involved in THI, they don’t like what we are doing.
This is why I warn of trolls, shills and also the possibility of psychic, mindcontrol, djinn and dark magician games.
This is how and why I produced the documents on grounding, centering and shielding, plus how to stop psychic attacks, they are for all your own benefit, please use them.
But Canada is a different ballgame of interference, Canada is a hot bed of clowns, always has been and the mindcontrol techniques are thick and heavy up there.
Canada is laden with alt media program members, by program members I mean they were used in mindcontrol experiments usually involving military, SSp, bloodline families or the Green project, whereby they are essentially mindcontrolled bots, most unaware they are being operated.
There is a plethora of these types of alt media program members largely attendees on the Alfred Webre show, will give you a clue to some of them, some are interconnected to Marilee Neitain and STS group, which is one of several witches groups connected globally, and particularly to the Vancouver region.
Vancouver is a hotbed of many of the worlds ill right now, as Kevin Annett will attest, and has a high percentage of alt media game players. For those connected with the THI Canada group I personally checked out Jan, Roger and Brandon and none have attachments/entities or demons.
Canada will always be a target, you have a higher percentage of witchcraft, mindcontrol Paperclip crew were based there, negative off world controllers based in Toronto, another off world negative group based in Victoria on the island, and SSp clowns on Whidley Bay between Vancouver and Seattle, and a plethora of program people, alt media or otherwise, all of these groups have wreaked havoc in Canada and on it’s population, and you all must be aware of that, all must not be in fear and all must look after and protect each other.

Leaders/Admins of all groups need to step up and step forward, it is your responsibility to ensure the few basic guidelines are adhered to, overall there was about 6 basic ones, and a few minor rules added here and there and to date not one group hasn’t had major issues, followed the basic guidelines or decided to make their own rules up as they go along. There is no excuse, I did 2 zooms explaining it, because people didn’t listen or garner what was said from the first one, I have repeated things and clarified things in the shows since, and still chaos, it is beyond disappointing. Now I am being asked to repeat them all again or do a spreadsheet for you, how about you take responsibility for your own group and sort it out, using the guidelines given.
Because those leaders/admins didn’t follow the guidelines, we added Holly, Ramona and Alan to help you and some leaders are just ignoring them, the groups are your responsibility not mine, Holly, Ramona or Alan.
You are not recognizing the fact that you are representing your state and country on behalf of we the people, not me, and seem unable to correlate basic guidelines and implement them. To date every basic guideline or the few additional ones for clarity has been misinterpreted, broken or ignored I am hearing, and no I do not want to hear from different states and countries in private messages that they are doing it right, I feel like at times I speak in a completely different language, everything was laid out for you in a very basic way, and yet 4 months down the line, people are in general not following the basic principles of it.
They are not my groups, they are yours, and need looking after and implementing in the correct manner much better than currently it would seem.

Need before greed you’ll hear THI say. Service to self was never the way.

Look where it’s got us, humanity lost. Signing over our sovereignty was too high a cost.
The true power structure, unknown for thousands of years. Harvesting souls by controlling our fears.
Fears driven and drilled into our modern day mind. Current-C the thing that helped us stay blind.
Trading our life force for paper, what an ingenious scam. Like taking candy from a baby secured in their pram.
But then waves sent from source came thick and came fast. “Wake up my children” this phase has now passed.
With consciousness rising and laws from up high above. THI took to the airways like the wings of a dove.
All have been lied to, all are at fault and all have suffered for the keys to the vault.
Oops said Thomas this will never do, Kim came a calling and together they knew.
It was now time for the souls created by source. To lead the way for the earth without violence or force.
Compassion, love and forgiveness, for ourselves and for all. Universal law rules and all must heed to the call.
All of earths resources now ready for a Manna World thrust. We step up as a leader collective.
And in Source love we do Trust.

Sign Posted on the Cosmic Bulletin Board *.
WANTED: Humans interested in rebuilding and maintaining Planet Earth as an example and actuality for what is lovingly possible for the entire Universe to witness! The Source of Life is hiring. Apply WITHIN (yourselves). Appointments accepted and acknowledged 24/7/365 always and everywhere.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly refused to accept any responsibility for inciting violence in American communities, dismissing critics who have pointed to his rhetoric as a potential source of inspiration for some citizens acting on even long-held beliefs of bigotry and hate. “I think my rhetoric brings people together,” he said last week, four days after a 21-year-old allegedly posted an anti-immigrant screed online and then allegedly opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, killing 22 and injuring dozens of others. But a nationwide review conducted by ABC News has identified at least 36 criminal cases where Trump was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence or allegations of assault. ABC News could not find a single criminal case filed in federal or state court where an act of violence or threat was made in the name of President Barack Obama or President George W. Bush. The 36 cases identified by ABC News are remarkable in that a link to the president is captured in court documents and police statements, under the penalty of perjury or contempt. In many cases of assault or threat, charges are never filed, perpetrators are never identified or the incident is never even reported to authorities. And most criminal acts committed by Trump supporters or his detractors have nothing to do with the president. But in 36 cases, court records and police reports indicated some sort of link. The perpetrators and suspects identified in the 36 cases are mostly white men. Still plugging the same racist narrative that bears no resemblance to reality I see, problem is they know people wont think for themselves and will run with the headline they provided for them, which is why they don’t like this show too much.

The House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday subpoenaed the owner of 8chan, the internet messaging board linked to three mass shootings this year, to testify before Congress. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and ranking member Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) issued the subpoena of Jim Watkins in order to support its ongoing probe into extremist content online. “Today the Committee on Homeland Security issued a subpoena to Jim Watkins, the owner of the website 8chan,” the leaders of the committee, which has partial jurisdiction over the issue of domestic terrorism, said in a statement. “At least three acts of deadly white supremacist extremist violence have been linked to 8chan in the last six months,” they said. “We have questions on what is being done to counter this trend so we can be sure it is being properly addressed. Receiving testimony from Mr. Watkins is critical to our oversight on this matter.” So 8chan is latest to fall foul of the authorities, the same authorities and people who are allowed to call the President racist, sexist, white supremacist, pedo, philanderer, not to mention the Pelosi led threat of the bombing of the capital building in January and the list goes on, yet suspiciously no one bring them to account. This is why alt media must unite.

US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has rejected Israel’s offer to allow her to make a “humanitarian” visit to her grandmother in the occupied West Bank. Ms Tlaib said that she could not comply with the “oppressive conditions” being imposed. A critic of Israeli policy towards the Palestinians, she had been blocked by Israel from making an official visit. But it said a private visit could go ahead after she agreed “not to promote the boycott of Israel during her stay”. Ms Tlaib and fellow Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar had originally been due to make an official visit to the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Sunday. Under pressure from US President Donald Trump, Israel denied permission for the visit to territory it controls. No idea whether Trump playing a game here or actively in the pocket of the Zionist group, either way it doesn’t look good for America, we were promised he would look after America, and yet the evidence stacks up that isRAel appears to come first.

The size of Britain’s armed forces has fallen for the ninth consecutive year, new Ministry of Defence figures show. The Army, the RAF and the Royal Navy have all seen a decline in the number of fully-trained personnel – with the Army experiencing the biggest fall. Labour said the government was “running down” the UK military – calling it a “crisis” in recruitment and retention. The Ministry of Defence said the armed forces continued to meet all their operational requirements. The latest figures showed the Army was more than 7,000 troops short of the government’s target of 82,000. In July there were 74,440 full-time and fully-trained troops, down from 76,880 last year. The RAF total stood at 29,930 of the required 31,840, while the Royal Navy and Royal Marines dropped to 29,090 of the required 30,600. The latest data showed 13,520 people had joined the regular armed forces in the last 12 months, an increase of 1,593 compared to the previous year. However, 14,880 people also left – up from 14,860 in 2018.nato the issue, plus american troops all over europe including 51K in Germany, 200K+ Americans soldiers deployed in 177 countries, over 800 bases and a cost to American public of over $100B per year. over 2.2M soldiers are employed by the American people. Yet again we are paying the price for something we gain nothing from, UK, France and Germany being protected by Americans at our expense, again that is not looking after America or Americans first is it. The reason it is being wound down and others in Europe is so we have no defense when NATO will attempt to launch war on you is why.

About 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of President Donald Trump’s overall job performance, according to a new poll released Thursday by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, which finds some support for the president’s handling of the U.S. economy but gives him weak marks on other major issues. Just 36% of Americans approve of the way Trump is handling his job as president; 62% disapprove. That is what happens Mr. Trump when you ignore all attempts to not only guarantee you another 4 years, but start to rebuild this country from the ground up. FEMA replacement ignored, Treasury Head still not fired, Fed Res still not dismantled, IRS still not brought to task, failed to reign in treasonous media, still allowing corrupt Hillary and several others to walk amongst us, MAGA when all are seeing MIGA to be the more prevalent moves, new tax implementation still waiting, funding for the people and the projects not dealt with, and American Sovereignty still sitting on your desk 19 months later, want to know why your ratings are low? there you have it in a nutshell. One or two years to clear the clutter is understandable, we are 3/4 through year 3 and nothing tangible has changed in my opinion.

Travellers have been delayed at several US airports due to an computer issue affecting the country’s customs agency. In a tweet, the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) said it was experiencing a “temporary outage” with processing systems. It added that the CBP would be using “alternative procedures” until the unexplained problem was resolved. The scale is unclear, but pictures on social media show long queues at airports in at least four states. Los Angeles Airport authorities said in another tweet that customs officers were “processing passengers manually” as a result of the outage. Issues with customs checks have also been reported by travellers in Seattle, Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York’s John F Kennedy Airport, and Dulles Airport in the US capital.

More power outages in NE of the country this week, they are increasing and will get worse as warned

After 14 months of bickering, Italy’s government collapsed on Tuesday, plunging a key European nation already hobbled by financial fragility and political chaos into a renewed period of crisis and uncertainty. take note not just Italy.

The chaos you are seeing in the group, world of politics and in general was expected at this time, and will get way worse.
The shake out is unfolding in front of you and many will not survive this time period unscathed, now through middle of September this will escalate on all levels.
Step back and away from their chaos, stand strong within yourself, do not allow others to lower your mood or vibration, those people have had long enough to correct themselves, focus on what is really important, not drivel, but the propensity of humanity is wait for the external to fix their ills, never worked in the past and will not work now. There is no savior, it was always you, accept it and act accordingly.


Meetings have took place around the world on all levels this week, many are not happy of what is unfolding, many are understanding what we have warned about, and many realizing they have been lied to and the shit is really about to unfold.
Many of the minions have now turned on the Rothschild’s for not delivering, including the big banks, all of which stupidly sent money to the Rothschild’s fake Chinese Elders fund with no return, isn’t it odd that they are suppose to have all these funds to deliver the RV, but require banks and governments to send them funds to keep going? and those clowns like Putin and Mnuchin send it to them, defies belief and logic.
The banks have been stealing from people’s accounts as we warned they would do, and yet no one stops and thinks to question it, funny that, given how accountable THI and MWHT are held accountable to everything.
The Rothschild’s turned around to them all last week and said ok, all of you come up with an alternative plan then, hence all the meetings.
Make of that what you will and the implications of it, I will reveal more, further in this section.

A NATO backed group in league with Jamie Dimon of Chase, TD bank and Royal Bank of Canada contacted us with haste this week, warning of catastrophic consequences to the banking system as $220T of derivatives is about to explode into the public arena, all the major banks have substantial deficits I have seen the actual figures with my own eyes, Chase is $43T, Morgan Stanley a derivative(pardon the pun) of Chase $29T, BOA $29T and all the others facing severe deficits.
Significantly all the investor or broker types like Schwabb etc never revealed their figures, again make of that what you will.
We were asked to fix it, no chance of fixing it, what is more why should we? FDIC is owned by The Trust and so that won’t be bailing them out either.
Those entities got bailed out with public money a decade ago, and what did they do? charged the public extra fees everywhere. They all need to go down and we start again, the kicker is many people may lose all of their deposits with it, when those deposits will be returned is anyone’s guess at this point, or whether they will ever be returned is another possibility.
No one in this group can turn around and say you were not warned of the failing banking institutes and the consequences thereof.

Update report on the 39 species below our feet, they have had several meetings between themselves and old wounds and fighting amongst them are being mended, healed and dealt with.
So much so they are now trading with each other and setting up meetings of how all can help each other with their daily needs, be it food, technology or general help.
It is wonderful to hear and an example of how things can be overcome with a bit of effort, flexibility and a willingness to fix things, no matter what the odds were against it.

People need to listen very closely to this piece, it is in the intel section for a reason. Several complaints have emerged recently like why give the order 1/3? why give the government anything? why fund the banks (forgetting it is we the people who fund the banks currently, but people still bank at Wells Fargo, BOA, Chase, HSBC, Barclays et al) why is kim or I in our positions? Why do you speak for me? and several other accusatory style statements, and yet when asked what the questioner or statement maker has done, or what are their solutions, you get complete crickets.
This has been a long standing problem on this planet, because what happens when you won’t take responsibility for your life, someone else will ultimately decide it for you, what is worse is, most people actively dissolve their responsibility in life and ask the government to fix and run their life for them, then every 4 years lie to themselves and think this President will fix your life, absolutely ridiculous in an overview look, and I don’t care who that upsets, truth hurts, the reason it hurts is because you didn’t face or deal with it.
When I asked people to not react to the 1/3 deal and explained some scenarios of the consequences, people still jumped at the headline, that is a none thinking process, the same applies to the survey in that show, most went with their own free will and picked 1-3, only one or maybe 2 picked option 4, then when I revealed the results, it was suggested by some I played a trick on them, not stating what option 4 was, no, you jumped to the answers given to you and ignored the one that wasn’t.
What you did in essence was run with the narrative I provided and not think for yourselves.
This is humanities biggest problem and why their programming works on you, critical and future thinkers bypass their programming and stand in our own sovereign choice, like the last election was do I pick Trump or Hillary, bypassing you have your own choice, not theirs, grasping this is a key to moving forward.
I get projected at a lot because I point out or trigger areas were people need to work on themselves, some don’t like it because they have lied to themselves, that they are further on than they thought, they don’t need to do inner or shadow work I hear a quite a few say, the reality is those people need to do a lot more work than those who have, but that is their choice, the problem is they have to do that themselves, and that bothers so many.
Inner and shadow work does not have a beginning or an end, it is a constant process, in this and future lifetimes.
So, why is this in the Intel portion, put simply most are just not grasping what is unfolding here and now, not some future Event, now, the Intel just mentioned above is not the first time you have heard it, concerning banks, which saddens me as I have done everything to prepare you.
This is the most crucial time period in this planet’s history for humanity, and many are just glossing over it and talking out of their asses about banal things that have no relevance, seemingly focusing on anything and everything to not face up to what is your responsibility, fixing this planet, I am struggling to see the urgency and the focus required or the gravity of what is unfolding here and now.
The current global situation is in utter chaos and it will only get worse, much worse and the focus in general is all over the place literally and figuratively, so I will spell it all out again, and hope people finally grasp the enormity of what is going on now.
1. We are all still alive (which is staggeringly overlooked and not even seen as an Event) 2. The former control systems top 3 layers have been decimated and will not be coming back 3. the lower minions including Illuminati, factions, royals, families etc are decimating each other and within, they will not recover either 4. The control system no longer has control of The Trust, the banks and the various slush funds attached to them either 5. Banks no longer have enough money to pay peoples current accounts balance, yes you heard that right 6. There is no longer interference from off or in world 7. Many people are turning on the Rothschild’s for not delivering and so he challenged them to come up with a new plan 8. several meetings on all levels took place over the past week, none of them have a plan.
That is the background of what has unfolded, whilst most slept or focused on wrong things, a very few took on the system and prevailed to give you an opportunity to build a new world.
The TPC and groups was launched for we the people to provide a plan and what happened? the people have argued, questioned, denigrated it and to date failed to come up with a plan, lets wait for Thomas or Kim to give us a plan.
So where are we now?  I will make things very clear for people who don’t listen clearly or think enough, The Cabal have no plan, I will repeat that again the cabal have no plan, We the people have no plan, again we the people have no plan, what happens when no one has any plans, with a looming bank and markets collapse? pandemonium is what, to the people who like fear porn, there you have it in bucket loads, it is not fear porn, this is reality folks in it’s rawest form.
Neither the cabal or the people have a plan, are you grasping that yet? do you grasp the consequences of it?
The world is going to hell in a hand basket and all people can do is project at me, but what have you done? Many in our group have done a lot and at least tried to help, but there are others who sit there and wait, passing their responsibility onto others, hiding in private messages chatting shit, criticizing and generally doing nothing to help the situation.
Like I have said all along, you don’t like me or Kim, fine, but it is not about me or Kim is it? This is about you, all of you, too many don’t get that, it’s about your family, children, grandchildren, your home, your country, your planet and our species existence, something far too many just overlook, as that means they have to do something, and therein lies the problem.
A problem humanity has faced many times, they ignored the teachers of the past, allowed them to be killed off, dismissed them as mavericks, sold out our species for fame, status and wealth, but we never have a say Thomas, you have had a say since 2013, what have you done with it? Most have done what humanity has always done, ignored it, because someone else will fix it.
This is what we are facing currently a total global collapse, Kim and the Trust gave the people their first genuine opportunity in history to mold a world in our image and what do we get in return? people squabbling over who is the leader, questioning why asking for skillset’s, calling it a cult, bickering in almost every group, including some with only 2 members in it, that is the general overview of what we got in return from we the people.
Not only me recently has warned you, Kim did it in her post and also appearing on the show recently, Randy and Alan warned you on the same show and their own, recent podcasts of Michele and Chloe warned you the same in differing ways, like I have said there are no excuses anymore.
The THI state and country groups have replicated the world of politics has it not, like I said last week, we are not so different, same lack of focus, same lack of caring, direction or willingness to correct issues, same propensity to delve into the drama of he said she said, as the country or world collapses around them.
The world is about to go into full meltdown and some think this is all some sort of social media game? or enhance their bank balance or status? it’s not an example of thinking or acting different is it?
Humanity have had everything put on a plate for you to step up, almost every conceivable restriction or technology that hampered you has been removed, the energy harvesting system stopped in it’s track, and still the masses just sit there whining about 5G, CERN, global warning or some other fear porn stating were all going to die, want to know the reality? many will and no I am not laughing this time.
There has been several pieces in several shows for your all to get a grasp of what is unfolding, there are no excuses whatsoever, it was your responsibility to act on them, not mine, I gave you the knowledge and the tools to change.
There is no cabal anymore, will repeat that again, there is no cabal anymore, hasn’t been for a few years, what is left of what was the cabal, is a small collection of deluded clowns, with dwindling wealth, illusion of power, illusion of control and no plan, and we the people have done what to take advantage of their downfall, nothing! (to the very few who have – thank you)
There is no cabal now, but we the people proved they didn’t need to control us or damage us, reality is we do it to each other, writing on social media this person is this, that and the other, and heaven forbid if one or a few people try to help you, they get labeled a cult, fraudster, con woman and various other unpleasant names, and they think they are solving their worlds problems by doing that, they haven’t even solved themselves.
Only humanity can win against all the odds, be given a platform to step away from control systems and slavery, and then contrive to throw it away based on envy, laziness, bitterness, lack of focus and service to self attitude, we are throwing our last opportunity away currently, and in the mean time proving the Draco and Cassandra right, we are incapable of looking after ourselves in a dignified manner, and that is the exact reason why, they have always felt, and believed, they have the right to look after us, because we are incapable.
Let me make things abundantly clear, there is no get out of jail free card with a planetary reset, and a cheat of go back to source and get a new vessel, not this time, this is it, this is your final opportunity, don’t believe me? fine, just carry on and watch it all unfold, it will get horrendously ugly, not a guess or assumption, but a fact.
Some will go on and retain their spirit or essence, those people will be very few on this planet, a few thousand at best at the current rate, the rest will not survive, this is it.
We can change it all, by changing ourselves then helping others. The final countdown to the very few is underway, take it or leave it, Kim and I have done our part, what happens next is down to you.

Greenland came up in the news again this week with Trump expressing an interest in buying the island for America, all too predictable in my opinion.
Greenland is a fascinating name and place for the matter, not much ever stated about it, except it’s owned by Denmark, who apparently have stated it is not for sale, and yet they allow an American military base on their island? Always a recipe for disaster that.
So it is called Greenland and yet is covered in ice from North to South of the whole island, which makes no sense since the south of the island is part of the jetstream which makes the UK have warmer climes and yet not Greenland, question I have is the ice real? Richard said he flew over it and stated it is full of ice, yet there is more melted ice in the North than the South of the island.
Yes the ice in Arctic is melting in original locations, but is increasing in many other regions including Antarctica.
Greenland it is suspected was part of the sister islands of the old continent of Da’Arya, along with Thule Island, Iceland which is green, but Greenland which is ice. The main part of Da’Ayra was north of modern day Siberia, but remember 110k years ago Siberia was not in that same place.
I suspect there is more under that ice than meets the eye or perhaps our understanding of certain technology, and the SSp along with other goons wants a piece of it.
My personal opinion is no island should belong to any country except their own, so would like to see all islands become autonomous in the future.
The reality is whole islands are destroyed for strategic military purposes only, like Guam and Hawaii, suggesting they are saving or protecting them, no actually you put those people in more danger, as Hawaii found out to their cost.

Trump and Israel the entry ban was widely criticised – including by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac), a prominent pro-Israel lobbying group. Now is that interesting that AIPAC didn’t support that tactic, making out they are all righteous when history suggests they are a much deeper problem than most are aware of. A classic case of playing both sides.

Many people criticize me because I discount certain things, but here is the kicker and perhaps the over riding questions to ponder on.
Where are all the people who gained or became the bastions of light and enlightenment by using crystals, stones, orgone, ayuascha, pot, breatharians, shamans and love and light? They have all been doing it since the sixties, where are they in leading humanity with all their enlightenment? where are they teaching their overwhelming enlightenment? and why isnt half of America overcome with this enlightenment? The proof they say is in the pudding, I am seeing zero evidence to support any of it.
Same applies to white witches, another group espousing enlightenment, where are they and what have they done to assist humanity? again no evidence to support it. I sincerely wish their was, but the facts state differently.

Something else to ponder on, lots of talk of healing machines and healing beds on the internet, and also people asking for replicators, you do realize most machines are replicators already, the healing machines are replicators, you know what they are replicating? you.

Something else to ponder for all those concerned over 5G, have you all got rid of your mobile phones yet? if not, why?

22 percent of millennials say they don’t have any friends. 25 percent say they don’t even have an acquaintance. Fairly staggering figures and also fairly sad. This was a deliberate program by the system, and can only be overcome by we the people.
Technology has played a big role in this, via video games, Ipads, Ipods, tablets and phones etc, people chat on machines rather than engaging, and has been that way for best part of 2 decades now.
So we have to learn to actually talk and engage each other, and people think that would be all so easy, until the joined the state or country groups, and perhaps was not as easy as you all thought.
It is something all can take part in, if you can type on a social media, you can pick up the phone and speak to people just as easy.
THI state and country group could play a big role in engaging people again, if we get our act together.
So that would be the common thought based on what we know, but, here comes Thomas wrecking heads again time, what if those 25% realize subconsciously the rest don’t matter? why? perhaps they are not correct frequency to be engaging, but maybe they know they are not real? 

Jay-Z is facing criticism for teaming up with the NFL following anger about the body’s response to footballer Colin Kaepernick’s 2016 kneeling protest. The rap star, who once rapped “I said no to the Super Bowl, you need me, I don’t need you”, will now help select acts for the Super Bowl half-time show. The deal is meant to “enhance live game experiences and amplify the league’s social justice efforts”, he said. Kaepernick’s girlfriend said “Jay-Z let them use him”, which was “disgusting”. Kaepernick has effectively been frozen out of the game for “taking a knee” during a pre-game national anthem in protest at the treatment of black people in America. His partner Nessa Diab said the deal had helped to “bury” her boyfriend. The NFL said the agreement would “nurture and strengthen community through football and music”.

More divide and conquer games this smacks of to me, seems many have forgotten the term free speech in this country, but he was dishonoring the flag, it is not an American flag to begin with, people need to understand that, or the anthem for that matter, it was written by a Brit.
Anyone else notice that most if not all social justice programs involve only one color, one gender or some other single entity and not the all? only we as a collective can correct that.

So, I finally made it onto a show with Richard Hoagland at third time of asking, and was largely a success from the narrative point of view. Yes I get some where unhappy at my lack of time on the show and some mentioned of the disruptions, but it is his show, not mine.
Richard challenged the narrative and I do like that, I have never failed to answer a question I have knowledge of, unless it involves plans, safety or operational stuff, that has always been the way, although I do get our members asking why is it only Thomas that gets challenged in that way and others can say what they like, unhindered, one of life’s great mysteries that, I am sure most of you will agree.
Like I have said on the show, one can analyse anyone’s material in the alt media closer, and genuine proof of a lot of the material is often hard to nail down, that applies to all who speak on shows, not just me, but we have garnered many proofs from this show, as overtime many have realized, but that takes time to build up that trust, and yet so often some new whistleblower shows up and people accept it straight away as fact, that is where discernment comes in.
But overall I was pleased how the show went, I wasn’t particularly in the best of health going into that show, so Richard talking a lot actually helped me, Richard really liked the info that did come out, and requested the possibility of doing several more shows on his platform, which if time allows I will do so.

For those new and people thinking Thomas dismisses a lot of the alt media people and their narrative, Nesara, Gesara, St Germaine trust, Collateral accounts, OPPT, birth certificates and the RV where all were discounted, before I joined up with the MWHT.
Some may think I have those opinions based on me working with the Trust, and I get that, but long term members will all tell you different.
I did work alongside Neil Keenan and Collateral accounts, but if Drake was honest, he will tell you all I doubted that from October 2013 onwards, but was told all is good and Drake had vetted Neil Keenan. My admins will confirm that also.
Once it got to the end of 2014 I had sufficient knowledge to know who and what that project was for and about, and again warned Drake several times, all of which he denied, despite at this point Keenan cutting him off, Drake used to send me to ask him questions at that point.
Nesara is a real program, but it was for the farmers of America, not a global pay out, Gesara has no validity, St. Germaine trust never existed, I have seen with my own eyes all the 6500 trusts (those trusts were infact slush funds for criminal enterprises by the elites) now it’s all rolled into one, and they have no access.
Collateral Accounts is based on Pindar Marcos stealing off every country, is a Langley based operation in league with the Black Dragon group and the Rothschild’s, more commonly known as the “Chinese Elders” officially there is no Chinese Elders.
OPPT and the birth certificates was another ruse on the people, seduce them with potential pay outs and take control of birth certificates so it went from one rogue organization to another.
Yes, our birth certificates has a lot of value, but that value can never be paid out, it would crash the whole economy, plus what use is everyone becoming multi millionaires overnight? to the Generals who listen to this show, please take note, society would collapse, things have to be phased in and phased out, a 180 with a society largely based on everyone for themselves, would be catastrophic.
The RV oh dear, was fake to begin with, but even ignoring it was a ruse to distract the global elites initially and then the public, to start that off would require more funds than everyone who has ever lived on this planet has spent for at least the last 1000 years.

Some final clarity on the Kent Dunn/Drake issue that has cropped up, so we can all move on. I warned Drake he was total bs back in 2014/15 time, will he admit that? probably not as pride gets in the way of much of who and what Drake is, and no matter what Drake did to end me on the Cosmic Voice show, all know by now it was wrong on his part, but it has worked out well for us both.
Whilst many where upset of what Drake participated in back in May 2016, the lies told against us to cover up what was really going on, didn’t sit well with many, me also, but time moves on.
Drakes show went his way, which he felt was not his show anymore, and we created THI and went on a more progressive based show, that encompassed many topics, including the self work.
I could not understand why Drake went in with Kent Dunn to begin with, since when has Drake needed clowns like Kent Dunn to get his message across? but it is an example of Drake being lured into wrong paths and people, that had even preceded me being part of that show, I don’t need to mention the names, most are familiar with them now, a litany of failed shows, platforms and people with much discord that went on for months in each successive group or connection.
I was one of the few that got to see the real Drake, his strengths and weaknesses, he lets few in, the man has a big heart, deep down, below the bravado he projects onto the show, it covers up much of the real Drake.
He carries a lot of unaddressed guilt, as we all do, and this is why it is key to process it, heal it and let it go.
Drake got led down a merry path by Keenan before I left and also after, once Keenan and Wilcock et al had got him to remove me, they then dumped him like a hot potato, parts of me says well you reap what you sow, but the larger parts of me feels sad for him.
He is his own worst enemy at times, he knows this deep down, and now he has been burnt by Kent Dunn, just like all the others before, except one person, that one person stood by him despite some of his questionable antics.
The difference between his show and ours is, one wants to take on the system direct and challenge it to a duel, the other wants to build our own system that has all working together, and once that system is built in our image, not theirs, theirs will disappear naturally, one talks of violence, one knows that will never work and not conducive to harmony, when better solutions are there if enough people commit to it.
Kent Dunn is the male version of Cindy Kay Currier pulls pieces off the internet and runs with it and makes shit up as they go along, one has to ask is why any of our members bother to listen to these people, talking about savior programs and bs, with a track record of zero of their predictions, promises or narrative ever coming true. That hour or so listening to clowns like Kent Dunn would be better spent improving the self and coming up with solutions to fix the world problems, would it not?
A case of not observing where your attention goes, as the case maybe.
Kent says he is Pleiadian fine, my experience of Pleiadians is not the glossy woo woo version portrayed by new age style followers all over the alt media, The Alcyone’s connected to Cobra sold this planet out to the Draco for tech many years back, they were the guardians here, and as for the other Pleiadians lets not forget the Nibiru crew came from that region also, with their annunaki fake gods, perhaps he is one of them, who knows for certain, but one thing we do know for certain is the man is a full on bs artist, and I am glad Drake is away from him, but I will never understood why Drake put himself and his followers into that field to begin with?
That is Drake in a nutshell whether people love him or not, he has more to offer than he presents, and that is a great sadness to me, and many others.

The illiterate for this century will not be like the last century, for those who couldn’t read or write, the illiterate for this century will be those who cannot unlearn the lies, they have devoured in this and all other centuries. This century will unravel and unveil the lies, deceit and perpetrators of crimes against humanity, ignorance will be a choice, and not a statute or a regulation. Law like sense will return to common again, all done in a nature-al or natural way.
In two generations our children will be walking libraries of real knowledge and truth, immersed in creativity, taught the ancient secrets of self healing, and set on a course of mental planes evolution and ultimately cosmic evolution and beyond, so they can become the beacon of progress for our species.
In two generations we can replace need not greed and put an end to the materialistic debt loop. of keeping up with the Jones’s in a competitive mindset of people, who trample over everything and everyone under a cor-pirate structure.
In two generations we can work and learn from all the different cultures globally in a way that is conducive to all of us, not under the rule of law, but under the directives of understanding, openness, willing and striven to improve,
In two generations we can completely overhaul all the wrongs on this planet, be it people, non humans or control systems, and set a course for not for only the living beings on this planet, but also the planet herself.
In two generations we can speak to, work with, learn together and set a blueprint for this Universe with all the ET’s and NT’s that are here, before those who wish to return to the homeworlds, all species working in harmony, not destroying each other, so they can go home and teach their species a better way also.
In two generations we can all learn to be harmony with the self, cure the sickness within us, of mired in self doubt, little me, envy, greed, insecurity, weakness into strengths, the lack of love, caring and sharing, the lack of consideration for others, where people are not defined by labels or chattel numbers or by one individual color of the spectrum, but we all become the full spectrum of color, radiating out for all the Universe to see, where all are inclusive, not exclusive, on planet where we create not destroy, a planet we treasure not disrespect, a planet of real hope, love, empathy and compassion, with us all exhibiting personal responsibility.
A planet we can then truly call home, set in our image not their image.
It will require the input of the all, not just the few, it will require for you all to be more flexible with yourself and with others, it will require you to be in service to others, not just for the self, it will require you to expand your consciousness, understanding and mindset, to think and act differently, it will require you to focus not on your home, neighborhood, city, state and country, but globally, it will require you to ditch your current old vessel riddled with dis-ease and lies, and recreate a new version of you that shines brightly, that learns, teaches, helps and strives for the better world we can all be proud of.
Not all of us will see it through to the end in this lifetime, but with the inner war gains we have done, all those who pass on and return to source, now have the opportunity to choose to return here one day to witness the fruits of your labor, we all have a duty and obligation, all of us to create a new world and give the children and subsequent generations a chance to thrive, and correct the ills we have all gone along with or helped create, ask less of what your country can do with you, and more of what can I do for my planet and all the living species on, around and inside her.
Just because others look like their winning, does not mean you are losing, they can no longer defeat us now, only we can do that.
One hopes all take note of what was said earlier and act upon it, time is ticking away fast now.

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