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Tonight’s show will bring some clarity to many things, get some things off my chest and a clearing of the decks to allow those who wish to move forward the opportunity to do so. There will be an occasional quote in this show from some of the members also.
The you that exists in the future is present here in the now, the question for all is, how are you going to change you in the now, to make it easier for your future self? Tonight’s show of questions, suggestions, triggers and solutions are geared to that statement, what you choose to do with them, is all down to you, it’s wheat and chaffe time, that is not meant in a derogatory way, it means who is ready and who are not to push forward.
Contrary to the opinion of some, I am not who makes that choice, all of you do.
I wrote this a while ago and worth repeating to open this show, as tonight’s show will cover the many aspects of this piece, and this piece gives you many of the answers, this show will bring up for you.
If you lead life in love and care you will prevail, if you lead life in fear and anger you will fail. Feel free for you to be the person you wish to be, not the person who conforms to what others want them to be. You are a multi dimensional being operating simultaneously on many levels, you are not here to conform, you are not here to be stifled, you are not here to be enslaved, you are not here to be abused, or to compete with your friends, family or neighbors. You are here to be the best you can be and do so as a crown of creation, now go out with the confidence of who and what you are, and excel in yourself, and in doing so inspire others.

Many reacted well to last weeks show and pushed forward with ideas and acted upon it, which is very pleasing, others went deeper into the philosophical side, which is great, some went back to basics and understanding and this show will reflect those traits in many ways, it will kind of go over old ground, but that wouldn’t be needed if we had progressed better in some areas, that is not to say we haven’t progressed, we have, but progress is continual and some aspects holds us back.
This show is about reiterating our own roles in it, were we can all improve, and hopefully will encourage many to let go of their fears, doubts, inhibitions, limitations, programs and learn there much to gain from the 45/55 balance in all of it.
This show is largely not about others, it is about us and where we stand now and where we go, none of it is personal to anyone, it is about us all, me included.
But some have said it is too daunting, or how we supposed to do this without this, that or the other, and yet the top order was taken down with little to no support or resources.
I am not being nice, fair or considerate of people and the shows have gone dark or negative, fair comment as all are entitled to their opinions, but I would like to pose a question back, do you consider how doing that show, and delivering that type of information makes me, or any other show hosts feel? Do people think that I or we like doing those types of shows? I can assure you now, I or we don’t, but it is what it is.
In the midst of last weeks show there was 2 very positive stories, but the propensity of people to focus on the negative becomes all too encompassing, what were the announcements? ET’s sorting out their differences and working together, it shows it can be done with effort and application, and the second was, there is no cabal anymore only a few psychopaths, that should have been a source of celebration and yet I was told by several, that is not right and irresponsible to say that.
People as Kim said love the boogeymen, all of which they created, because it is all so easy to point fingers of blame, than face your own responsibility, those two statements were groundbreaking, and yet the responses to them, was ignore or denigrate them.
Imagine being told 1, 2 or 5 years ago by 2019 the cabal will cease to exist except a few, actually I forecasted that in a show with Shane back in 2015, everyone would be celebrating, why not now? the gist of those reactions is, who do I blame now? if there is no one to blame does that make me responsible? yes it does, and that terrifies many brought up in a nanny state, an adult child in a nanny state is protected, the child has to drop in a non nanny state, and so in comes the fears.
Being the head of a radio show bringing in new information carries certain pressures, the pressure to perform in a show, to stay balanced, to balance family life, the incessant demand from listeners, more shows, more details, more proof, more actions, why have you said this, why didn’t you say that, can you do this, can you sort this out, dealing with other peoples issues, and then those of us who get intel, the pressure of withholding that information, when to release, when to not, sin eating on a massive scale, your every word, sentence or statement analysed, questioned, judgement for or against it, reaction formations on steroids, which then repeats the first steps I mentioned of more demands.
Would you like your life to be assessed, judged, ridiculed and dissected on that manner? then I have to ask why would you do that to others?
Contrary to the external fan club Randy, myself and Alan are just three ordinary guys trying to do our best for you all, we do this work to help you all, it is largely not for our benefit, and requires much sacrifice in our daily lives keeping you all happy, updated or content.
We are held to a level of accountability that far exceeds helping or supporting us, and is reminiscent of an all round parenting scheme, we have to do this, you have to fix that, you have to deal with this, one member confessed she loves one particular radio show host and all that he or she does, then proceeded to act in a manner that caused that show host no end of issues that affects them publically and privately due to her own poor behavior, how is that helping the cause or the show host, when that show host spends hours tidying up their mess, the gist is you should be holding yourselves in as much accountability, as you do to the various show hosts.
We are not professionals, this is not our job in general, we do it to help you all, but far too often people forget we have lives, feelings, emotions and struggles no different to you all, and yet some people dump their own issues and frustrations onto us and think that is fair play, it’s not, he or she was a bit angry, frustrated or negative on the shows, yes that is called being human, we are not a YT automated voice message deliverer, we have feelings and frustrations the same as everyone else.
Stating we should set an example, which we have to date, is only helpful if those watching the example being set, are not operating in the comparative mindset, because then the example is lost. Think closely on that statement.
There are way too many demands on us, and that is helpful to no one, least of all us, something to ponder on deeply, in some cases the demands, levels of abuse and general stupidity is making some of your hosts to consider walking away altogether. Consideration of others and think and act different is the way forward, our shows are about two things only, getting you to think and emanate personal responsibility, tonight’s show will reflect that.

Definition of a cult a system of religious belief, so that certainly wouldn’t apply to this group
2nd definition is someone that has become very popular with a particular group of people: certainly fits a bit better with our group, someone who is popular, yet strangely we are told everyone is leaving, and I am just a little man of no consequence, fine, I guess my popularity bothers you then, envy is a terrible trait and comparative mindset.
So the gist of calling a group of people a cult, is that person is too popular, which I take as a compliment, and the followers are all stupid for following a popular person, nice logic that and says more about them than us.

I am asked to comment on the woman from Australia video, yes I am aware she trashed all of our members, but I will not be wasting my time with that, describing it as an embarrassment would be an understatement, grown woman in her sixties reducing herself to do shows on behalf of others, it contained everything I expected, nice script by the way it revealed who was involved in it, people who like to not reveal things (which is a secret, will understand that more later) when they are reading off a screen should not wear glasses. oops, I will let time decide that course, it always tells. I will sit back and watch it all unfold, and it will. One thing to note was the interesting comments under the video, which showed her members supported her with that video, which was reinforced by her, which is fine, but our members defending our group is a cult and despicable – contradictory much? (contradictory will be a theme later as well) another example of not thinking before speaking or commenting.
But I will address the people of OZ & NZ as a matter of balance and I will leave them to decide their path.

Part of that staged drama laden video hid a more sinister purpose and so for the benefit of the people of Australia and New Zealand, whether you are a member of THI or not.
I get that you are torn now and struggling who to believe and the tendency is to go with people you are familiar with, and that’s ok no shame or fault in that, but perhaps you will be interested in the background story, as to what has and is going on in your countries, and in relation to the tribal peoples.
The Kingdom of Manna as many now know was connected with Kim and the MWHT, Jesper (aka Peter) Ellermann yes they are two separate people, a man convicted of rape and then 4 other rape type incidents which we have posted the evidence of such previously, involved himself in several of the tribes and has fed them a whole heap of distortions of who he is, what he is and who he works for, he distorted their history to fit a certain isRAel, Freemasonic and Rosicrucian narrative, because he is working with and for the Rothschild’s.
He awarded himself several titles, and this is how he presents himself as a man of the people, you decide if it is appropriate or not, His Majesty Michael-Uriel Gabriel Raphael Zaphkiel of All Saints, Royal Monarch, King’s Supreme Commander and Grand Master Knight, of the Sovereign Kingdom of Manna, a kingdom which is now defunct as the letter from last week showed.
He was involved with the tribal people who have possession of the kangaroo skin relating to the original agreement between the tribe and the Draco empire, he had disciples like Tzu Xander not his real name, Jan Roskott and Jenefer Marquis or Bell pushing their narrative on the tribes.
Kim and I were asked to speak to them, after we were told they had got rid of Jesper/Peter, but apparently not the disciples of them as Jenefer Marquis/Bell was still involved, but now acting as a member of THI.
We sat through four hours of a call that rendered me at the very least aghast and also mildly annoyed, as the now head tribal representative as she stated to me, Jenefer Marquis/Bell, would have known we would not find the information in that call, either valid or relevant.
Essentially the tribe were pushing the chosen one, one family by the name of Paynter, their words not mine, we were told they are part of the 13th tribe of isRAel and descendants of King Solomon, and that he and his family not only own, but are The Crown, and they are going to go through the legalese courts and the UN who were assisting them to prove it, and to gain access of funds and ownership of The Crown, of course the UN will assist them, it is ran by the Rothschild’s.
For those who have listened to From Russia with Love I need to say no further, on the 13th or any others of isRAel tribes or Solomon, as for The Crown that is now owned by The Trust as it was pledged as so, and Jesper/Peter knows this and is leading people into a plan that is never going to work, and could also get them jailed, The Crown was also ran by The Rothschild’s family, getting the picture now?
Once we told them the truth, things got very ugly behind the scenes, why? because not only did they realize they were not as important as they made out or were told, but Jenefer was telling her people she was the Queen and must follow her, not sure Queen of which, but like Jesper/Peter and his titles, and Mr. Paynter I am The Crown, it doesn’t sit too well does it.
Then the tribe found out that, not only were they not as important as they thought, but it was their ancestors who sold humanity out by signing the deal with the Draco Empire to begin with, now I want to make it clear, I don’t believe any modern people of any nation is responsible for the carnage created by our ancestors in any country, and I also want to make clear I believe all people are important, not just those with fake titles.
This set off a chain of events that led to Jenefer being removed from the group, for not one but several indiscretions within our group, both publically and privately, she placed herself as editor of the Ebook and was caught altering peoples own words in their chapters of the book, in favor of her and the tribe, which angered some of those who wrote those chapters, this is why that woman on the video was critical of Russia, and rudely racist against the Russian people, “who cares about Russians”.
The reason being is, the Australia tribes state they are the originals on the planet, and FRWL stated the Urs and Rus from Da’Arya, that is the basis to much of this dispute, comparative mindset again, who cares who was the first millenia ago, what are you going to do now to fix here and now is what really matters.
I cannot prove she is still connected to Jesper and KOM but her actions all point that way, and so was a risk to our group.
Jenefer was being monitored from autumn last year hence why I kept the details of her actions, it was triggered by her own comments she made to me in a private call, knowing that she was once a part of KOM, we were discussing a piece from a show about Mormons and Jen responded paraphrasing “I was tasked to go on the inside of the church and investigate them” I said jokingly sounds like you are a spy, and her response back was not very reassuring, at that point I became suspicious of her being a KOM plant, which was backed up by some of the security team.
Her actions on a weekly basis became more and more suspicious as time went on, including asking me to leave Kim and move to Australia to be with her.
I think most of the tribal people there have good intentions, and are being led down the garden path by a few unscrupulous people, who do not have their or humanities best intentions at heart, only their own, as the fake names and titles will attest.
That is the back story and people are free to make their own minds up.
Most of this piece can be cross checked yourself, which is the key to any information given out, and unlike that video last week, the author was me.

Some people have been asking for me to clarify the kangaroo skin, whether it is real or not, I am led to believe it is real, but one can never be 100% on it, authenticity on any ancient artifact is always subjective and hard to prove.
The kangaroo skin story and picture was sent by the Australian tribe mentioned in the last piece, Kim received a picture of it direct from the tribal people, and I received the copy of the picture Kim received from them.
Any further requests to the validity or authenticity of that kangaroo skin should be addressed to Jenefer Marquis/Bell as she is the Queen of that tribe which she told to some of our members, and also the head representative of the tribe as she relayed to me. I hope that clears that up. What we can state with 100% validity is that the peace treaty was signed in August 2016.

I was reading a couple of Anna Von Reitz posts the other day, she does talk a lot of sense sometimes when not being nasty and bitter against Kim.
She was railing at a Joseph Greg Hallet claiming to be king of England and The title of christ, and in another post a group Reign of Heaven now claiming they are the American government, which is a similar claim Anna and her husband claim rights to.
What is wrong with these legalese people, Jesper multi titled angel names, Jenefer is the queen, Mr. Paynter is the Crown, we own the government, King of England and title of Christ, even Anna’s own cousin Emily Cragg claims she is queen of England, David Wynn Miller another one who makes claims of titles, the list goes on.
None of these people get it, all these fake titles and claims are playing the old game of The Order, The Order is finished apart from a few psychopaths.
We don’t need this hierarchy structure to continue of one man must bow to another, it is demeaning, when everyone is equal. Titles of nobility were all forms of self importance to the incumbents wearing them, ooh look I am more special than you attitude, when the reality was the control system gave them the illusion of importance as a distraction, and in reality they were no more important than anyone else, just harvesters.
When this world grows up in an adult way, there will be no need for kings, queens, nobility, no countries, governments will belong to the people, all the world’s resources belongs to the people, then we will make real progress, until then we will have a lot of people running round claiming their own importance using a system which is also a false construct, legalese, when all that is required is natural law under the golden rule and everyone to act personally responsible.
An Oklahoma judge on Monday will decide whether Johnson & Johnson should be held liable in a $17 billion lawsuit alleging the drugmaker’s marketing practices fueled the opioid epidemic by causing a flood of painkillers in the market. The case by Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter was the first to go to trial out of thousands of cases brought by state and local governments against opioid manufacturers and distributors. Judge Thad Balkman, of Cleveland County District Court in Norman, Oklahoma, is scheduled to announce his decision from the bench at 4 p.m. EDT. The litigation is being closely watched by plaintiffs in about 2,000 opioid lawsuits pending before a federal judge in Ohio who has been pushing for a settlement ahead of an October trial. Judge ruled against Johnson and Johnson and ordered them to pay $572M which is never ascertained of where those fines will go to, but when you consider 400K Americans died between 1999 and 2017, $572M equates to $1430 per life lost. What will also get overlooked is no one is going to jail for this either.

Purdue Pharma, the opioid drug-maker owned by the billionaire Sackler family, is reported to be offering between $10bn and $12bn to settle thousands of lawsuits against it. The firm is facing over 2,000 lawsuits linked to its painkiller OxyContin. Purdue told the BBC it was “actively working” towards a “global resolution” but would not comment on the amount. NBC, which first reported the news, said the settlement would involve the Sacklers giving up ownership of Purdue.

The road to a world powered by renewable energy is littered with unintended consequences. Like a 40,000% surge in electricity prices. Texas power prices jumped from less than $15 to as much as $9,000 a megawatt-hour this month as coal plant retirements and weak winds left the region on the brink of blackouts during a heat wave. It’s a phenomenon playing out worldwide. Germany averted three blackouts of its own in June and has seen prices both spike and plunge below zero within days as it swaps out coal and nuclear energy for wind and solar. In the U.K., more than a million homes lost power on Aug. 9, in part because a wind farm tripped offline. This is them convincing the public that renewable energy is all too expensive and we have to stick to their archaic out of date technology which they control, all too familiar.

Trump’s presidential helicopter, Marine One, reportedly burnt the grass upon landing at Buckingham Palace two times in the same day during his visit to the UK in June. The Queen then complained about the damage to the grass to another state leader, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a source close to Morrison told The Times. The source said that Morrison “went straight to the palace to see the Queen, who led him out to the gardens and said: “Come and look at my lawn. It’s ruined.”
sounds like a social media exchange to me, all very drama laden, perhaps they are not that different after all.

All the focus on Epstein by many in the alt media, today rendered useless as this show did state previously.
A federal judge on Thursday formally dismissed the criminal sex trafficking case against financier Jeffrey Epstein in light of his death in jail earlier this month. U.S. District Judge Richard Berman had said at a hearing on Tuesday that he was legally bound to dismiss the case. Prosecutors said at that hearing that an investigation into Epstein’s alleged crimes would continue, and that the dismissal would not prevent them from charging possible co-conspirators in the future.

The Trump administration plans to shift at least $155 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster relief fund to support its policy of returning some migrants to Mexico. The Department of Homeland Security has informed Congress it will reprogram and transfer $271 million in total to its immigration enforcement agency from elsewhere in the department, including the FEMA money, according to documents, two things to say over this, is it wise under Hurricane season? do FEMA actually do anything, so potentially rendering first comment mute. Why is it 14 years after Katrina has only 5% of homes are rebuilt?

Chef Andrea Zamperoni, who was reported missing on Monday, has been found dead, the New York Police Department said Thursday. In a statement, the NYPD said the 33-year-old’s body was discovered in a building in Queens and that the cause of death remains under investigation. Zamperoni was head chef at Cipriani Dolci, a renowned Venetian restaurant inside New York City’s Grand Central Terminal

David H. Koch, who joined his brother, Charles G. Koch, in business and political ventures that grew into the nation’s second-largest private company and a powerful right-wing libertarian movement that helped reshape American politics, has died. He was 79. Charles Koch announced the death in a statement, which gave no cause but noted that David Koch had suffered from prostate cancer in the past. Hitching his star to the soaring ambitions of his older brother, David Koch became one of the world’s richest people, with assets of $42.2 billion in 2019 and a 42 percent stake in the global family enterprise, Koch Industries.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated for tumor on her pancreas: court spokesman, Justice Ginsburg has ‘tolerated treatment well’ and tumor was ‘treated definitively’ – court spokesman, she then undertook 3 weeks of chemo which ended on Monday, and on the same day she was wheeled out to the public, all sounds very weekend at Bernie’s to me.

President Donald Trump on Friday savaged the Federal Reserve chairman in a pair of tweets, slamming Jay Powell as an “enemy” who could pose a bigger risk to the U.S. than Chinese President Xi Jinping. “As usual, the Fed did NOTHING! It is incredible that they can ‘speak’ without knowing or asking what I am doing, which will be announced shortly,” Trump tweeted. “We have a very strong dollar and a very weak Fed. I will work ‘brilliantly’ with both, and the U.S. will do great.”
Trump and team are now seeing what the Trust has said all along of how the Fed is raping this country to fill the coffers of their own dwindling ilk.

Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services—the state agency that provides child protective services—has a practice of obtaining blank emergency custody orders pre-signed by judges. Social workers then fill out the documents with the necessary information after they’ve been signed by a judge and then use them to take custody of children from parents who have come under investigation. Let me repeat that: no judge actually reviews these orders, or the evidence used to justify separating a family, before signing them. This practice is a galling abuse of parents’ rights and basic civil liberties. It only came to an end after an investigative report by WDRB-41 spotlighted the practice: Previously, copies of the blank orders with signatures from Jefferson District Court judges were left at the Home of the Innocents on Market Street and filled in by cabinet workers – giving them the power to remove children without a judge reviewing the allegations written on the order or filling out other necessary documentation. “The system that is currently set up allows for the social workers to call an on-call judge on the phone and then fill out the order themselves, a blank order with a judge’s signature on it,” attorney Karen Faulkner said in an interview before the March 15 policy change. “Children are being illegally taken from their home without judges’ proper authority.” In some cases, attorneys and some judges claim cabinet workers have used blank copies of the pre-signed child removal orders to take kids from their parents, only later filling in the allegations and other items on the order. The judges and attorneys for the parents don’t see the orders until a hearing three days after the child has been removed.

Parliament will be suspended just days after MPs return to work in September – and only a few weeks before the Brexit deadline. Boris Johnson said a Queen’s Speech would take place after the suspension, on 14 October, to outline his “very exciting agenda”. But it means the time MPs have to pass laws to stop a no-deal Brexit on 31 October would be cut. House of Commons Speaker John Bercow said it was a “constitutional outrage”. The Speaker, who does not traditionally comment on political announcements, continued: “However it is dressed up, it is blindingly obvious that the purpose of [suspending Parliament] now would be to stop [MPs] debating Brexit and performing its duty in shaping a course for the country.” all as forecasted back when I was still on CV, as for the Speakers comments it is stopping MP’s debate it, what have they been doing for the last 40 months then? 40 months and still not implemented a policy the public voted for? just spinning wheels it seems to me, as forecasted.

As leaders of the world’s seven most developed countries descended on Biarritz for their annual summit, there was more disagreement than harmony among the group, and more petty squabbling than in a soap opera. These are your world leaders and some ask why do we have to do a plan?

The advocates of everything will change with mass arrests, John McCain died a year ago this week, GHWB now gone 9 months according to official sources, Epstein now gone and not much has changed has it?

I do worry about the future of humanity when I heard this story on Monday, the first ever crime in space (which is a misnomer given NASA’s antics) a woman hacked into another woman’s bank account whilst aboard the International Space station it is alleged, is anywhere sacred from skullduggery in and around this planet?

Home sales are hurting. Even with lower mortgages rates and a sales pickup in July, purchases of homes are still down significantly compared with those of 2018. But while analysts typically cite high prices and growing worries about a possible recession, another factor is also playing a prominent role: Foreign buyers, particularly the Chinese, have pulled back sharply from the U.S. real estate market. Something we warned of months ago.

Jyske bank and their story we ran last week the minus 0.5% mortgages and people think that is for our benefit, nope. If you never believed or dismissed all of my warnings about banks, then that article should have made you sit up and realize the dire warnings it contains, dire warnings will be missed by most as their focus is, they will get cheaper mortgages, the bigger picture of why is lost.
In the article itself it mentioned of the investors that are backing that enterprise, why would investors lose $500 out of every $100k they invest in? there must be a catch some will think, maybe some hidden fees to bump the money up, nope, not this time.
What they are doing is saving their nest egg, some again will think are they stupid, how are they saving when they are losing money on that investment? The answer is they know what is coming and they are prepared to lose interest gained and give away 0.5% to protect them losing 10/20 or 50% or more of their nest egg coming soon, so negative 0.5% is not too bad, what they are telling you is everything is about to collapse and there will be nothing left, smart move by them if you ask me.

Some people have emailed with various ideas of how to overcome many hurdles and most of them are valid and whilst I don’t give out plans or operational matters, which some non thinking people still demand.
We have tried many of your suggestions and more, but some have asked recently, have we worked with the minions stepping down, answer is many of them, as that is the remit of working for the Trust, it is not Kim’s role to eliminate anyone or any group, if they act right and will not impede anyone else, then she will engage.
For an example of her doing that, she engaged Tank and the RV crew and taught them reality, and got a lot of personal abuse back for doing so, but at least one of the one proponents of the RV, Tank walked away from it, one of the Koch brothers walked away after speaking to Kim also, plus many other examples with governments, heads of state and central banks.
The gist of why there is no breakthrough with the minions is a few fold. 1. they are sent by their paymasters to find out more info 2. They are looking after their own interests only 3. they are wanting the codes 4. they offer Kim a platform that will deliver the funds, but, and there is always a but, they want to control it. So that is the gist of few years and thousands of calls Kim has had to take from these people.
They are all self serving and or still operating for their paymasters, who subsequently don’t pay them, the next stage is all their world will collapse, and no doubt will come back to Kim and say you never warned it would get that bad, she did and you didn’t listen, they only tried to manipulate her and stay on their we must control everything path.

Prince Philip just received $950 trillion in Life Force Value Annuities that belong to the American and Canadian people. Followed by several lyrical descriptions of him being a bounder or a cad, and accused him of stealing off the American people, funny that, the same woman who wrote that tried to acquire 1/3 of America’s inground resources for her trustee friends and Rothschild’s.
Anyway the $950T was a scam ran by the IBM, it was uncovered as a supernote scam and dealt with accordingly.

From fed meeting in Jackson hike WY and G7, Following much debate and discussions within those meetings, the only thing I know so far is the fed was pushing fresh air tokens (crypto) and no G7 leader is buying it. Question for crypto and bitcoin people do you still think you are getting around the system, with both the Fed and the IMF, not to mention FB pushing it?  and also several rogue alt media as well.
Then the Asians came in with a deal, except yet again they pulled the same stunt as they gave done previously, with fake gold and again no one is buying it.
Some people don’t believe what I have been saying about the banks so here is a Fed person telling you, if that is more believable.
James Bullard, president of the St Louis Federal Reserve, stated ” the developed world had experienced a regime shift in economic conditions”. Indeed it has Mr. Bullard confirming what we have been telling our listeners for a long time now.

He went on “Something is going on, and that’s causing I think a total rethink of central banking and all our cherished notions about what we think we’re doing,” Bullard admitted. Yes you lost control of it due to gross mismanagement and theft, “We just have to stop thinking that next year things are going to be normal…It’s not normal now, you know it and we know it, you are scrabbling around looking for solutions, not to fix it, oh no, just to stay in control, and that’s not happening either.

Still struggling to believe it? try this as well, A letter sent out to a UK member warning them that their funds will be protected up to 85k by the FSCS in the event of a bank ceasing trading. FSCS is as bankrupt as the American equivalent FDIC so not sure what they are protecting. Ask people of Iceland and the investors into Iceland, whether they got their funds back, how much and how long it took, if memory serves me correct is was around 5 years for some people. To the thinkers this is your confirmation warning of what I have warned of several times in the show, others will ignore it and think I talk out of my arse, wait until it happens and say no one warned us.
They are telling you now and not just me, that the shit is hitting the fan, and currently no one can find the plug to turn it off.

The idea of having standardized groups names, documents and guidelines was for us all to be on the same page, and also prevent trolls playing games and protect your groups
The idea of having one group per state was to avoid confusion and bring people together not separate them, several state groups when only one is being funded makes no sense.
The registration database was done so we can know which states/countries are covered and not duplicated, the funding would go to those that registered only, again this was to avoid trolls playing games and protect your groups.
When the funding comes out that one registered state group would then receive funding as a TPC state/country, so groups not registered or duplicate groups would be discounted altogether, this was to protect your group and misuse of funding.
The idea of creating structure for the calls was to get people chatting together in their own state and country, which would spin out to connecting with other states and countries.
Unfortunately issues in individual states/countries cancelled the expansion of the calls and a call was to focus on your own state.
I cancelled zoom calls until people standardized their groups, yet 4.5 months on would you believe it is still not sorted.
I have been accused of stopping people engaging globally, but people haven’t sorted out the basics in their own states/countries, how can you run when you haven’t learned to walk.
I have been accused because of blocking separate leaders groups, again leaders in their own groups had not yet all delivered the basics, but wish to lead other groups who had not done the basics, that makes no sense. Those types of groups would be called committees and they are way further down the line than at the start, again running before walking.
Some people asked for a general forum to share ideas, the general forum for that was your calls, we did create a forum on the website and around 5 people engaged for a week and then nothing.
The skillsets we suggested would be helpful in deciding projects between you, also got criticized as being something sinister
Some people demanded town or city groups, yet we had less than 10 in most cases in the whole state, again running before walking, it was explained with the expanding circles format, to start that off you have to have a proper base to build from, otherwise we pretty much have what we have now, chaos.
Some have said I haven’t made things clear, I did in 2 lengthy zoom calls that laid out all the basics, plus several mentions of all of the above in several shows, plus the help Holly and Ramona have given you.
So all those as you can see where not done for me to control, spy or block you, they were common sense decisions to standardize, protect and build your group and prepare for your foundation, one day people will see that, if I was a control freak I would have just stayed with the one group already set up The Peoples club.

Something I have been pondering on for a few months now and came to my decision this week, I have decided to pull away from any input to or from all THI state and country groups permanently, the groups were set up for the benefit of the people, which I hoped would work out, but clearly it hasn’t worked for me, Holly, Ramona and Alan.
We have all put a lot of time into helping and clearly at this point has not worked, those groups were for people to come together and come up with ideas and plans for your state or country that was essentially looking after our members.
But it has caused much pain, time and unpleasantness, and allowed many who came in to create division amongst us, you all know who they are.
Is it sad, absolutely, I laid out a few guidelines and few basic points to get you all up and running, but apparently I am accused of herding people like cattle into the groups, being a dictator or guru, accused of datamining even though I never at any point asked to receive those skillset details, of intervening in the groups decisions and a whole heap of other baseless accusations, that is no longer the best use of my time.
As always it is just the few who ruin everything for the many, but it was a few in each group, and every day I turned on FB or Mewe I would get one or more groups complaining, someone is not acting right or infighting within the group, starting with the nasa debacle that rumbled on for months, and still rumbles in the background.
The groups no matter what some say were all for your benefit, it was a way for each state and country to get equal funding, for the members who have supported this show and Kim, a chance for you all to be involved with an equal saying in all of it, it was a payback for you all, nothing more and nothing less.
But some are just unwilling to put in the effort of creating anything, which is their choice and free will to do so, but not only will they not create or contribute they set about destroying the people who are willing to work for humanity, it is beyond staggering that level of childlike behavior, perhaps I am doing a disservice to children, as I have seen many children behave better than these people.
People sitting there complaining about this politician, the cabal or Illuminati doing this, that and the other are doing to them, and yet participate in ruining groups set up for and by the people? these are not the cabal, these are supposed to be we the people, and spend all their time contributing their time doing the control systems jobs for them.
Like I have said all along, this is not about me, some people miss that point entirely, this is about you, everyone of you.
What it is about me is I put everything on the line including my life, which the detractors dismiss or just call me a liar, and I did it all for your benefit, it certainly wasn’t for my benefit and more certainly not for Kim’s benefit either, six years Kim has done this for no pay, over 3 years I have supported Kim, been involved in several groundbreaking tasks, moved home at my own expense that cost me near $6K and ran The Peoples Club for three years for no pay, and this is what you get in return?
We have many wonderful people in this group and don’t let the lowlife biddies tell you any different, I have witnessed so many of you all grow and it makes it all worth while.
Some people think taking me down, denigrating the show or the groups, and removing me will change things, I could walk away from all of THI tomorrow and improve my life 1000%, and in their world nothing will change, they would still be mired in the RV, Law of One, worshipping Anu, waiting for Pleiadians to save them, cryptos which is datamining and people ignore that, but ask for peoples skillsets to support a project, oh no he’s spying on us, a whole heap of savior programs, complaining of 5G whilst on their mobile phones – too funny, those people will wait and wait for, I am not the problem, just their own projections, one day soon that will all dawn on them.(pun intended)
So there will be no more interaction from me, Ramona, Holly or Alan in the THI state or country groups hereonin, your on your own, what you all choose to do with the groups, like the decision to participate in it, is your own choice, you can carry on and still work together which I would love you all to do, as many have gone about things the right way, but the guru haha will not be participating anymore.
It is no big deal and actually is the way it was intended to operate to begin with, that is lost on some people who hear what they want to hear and not what was said.
So, I will not be doing anymore zooms, giving spreadsheets, guidelines or anything, I don’t wish to discuss projects, ideas, plans on this any further, and neither will I be answering those type of questions in the shows, neither will I answer questions asking why I have done this or what are the implications of me pulling back.
A quote from an admin ” If we can put our lives on hold or share it…why can’t they?” it fits and is a fair assessment.
I will go back to focusing what is best for the future in the background with a few select people to continue the work, which I am committed to, some people have the option to just walk away because they cant handle personal responsibility, some of us don’t have that option, but that will be lost on those people.
I appreciate this decision will not please some or many people, but one only has so much time in any one day and currently I feel my time is better spent doing things in a more private setting, where I can accomplish more, I tried my best to integrate you all into it, it hasn’t worked, and in particular for me, so to the ones who think I have been blocking or stifling yours and our progress now you have your stage to perform without the guru hampering things.
There are many wonderful people in those groups who have shown they wish to be the change, let that continue.

(M) I think another point is that, if we can’t get along even in our state groups in a feeling of teamwork and harmony, then how do we expect to change the world. That is what I got from Thomas’s message. Everything is not black or white…that was the old world. All ideas need to be considered, and let go of your damn EGOs to think that yours are always the best for humanity. It may or may not be. Sometimes you have to give other ideas a chance to succeed or fail to learn from them, and move on to better ones or adopt the successful ones on a larger scale.

(M) I just want to thank you for everything! I was just able to download the transcripts of everything from TPC and wow just wow! I know what to do now. I get so mad (triggered much) at people for not knowing what to their supposed to do and then realize that I don’t know what I’m doing lol. This shows personal accountability, prepared to learn things that I make no bones about are difficult to hear, learn and accept, a personal honesty to admit where you are short is not a weakness, it is a strength. Thank you.

One popular member left the group recently not because she didn’t like or trust me as I know differently, but the reason being she was not honest with herself, a lesson for us all to learn, for whatever reason she couldn’t face the truth of what was in our shows and also wouldn’t take her own responsibility in striving to fix things.
I know she is not alone in that feeling by a long chalk, people too often demand things of others, but don’t do themselves.
She choked at being handed the responsibility, and instead of accepting that and fade into the background which is her choice, she sought and chose like minded others out, to negate and justify her own lack of responsibility, and so she hooked up with them, and she thinks she will feel better in that environment, she may do for now, but their own intuitive niggle inside of her and the others, will always say different, and that is something she and her ilk will eventually have to face.
It’s all about mastery of the self, emotions, feelings, fears etc, that is the key aspect of the show and the message I am trying to get out, I am just the messenger, I did not do all the shows to makes you angry, apathetic or frustrated, shooting the messenger is always a sign of not dealing with things contained within yourself.

Trade war with China is now escalating and hurting both economies and an example of working to a reaction to the now thinking, and not future thinking.
Yes, those trade deals needed correcting as the Western businesses were being harvested in a transfer to the East, as a co-ordinated plan to transfer everything from west to east, as agreed by the former controllers back in 1910 via the Federal Reserve.
The deals per se are not country to country, and whilst the names America and China will crop up as the labels, the true reason is more to do with the Rothschild’s and the Dragon groups that operate in both countries.
The Trans Pacific and Trans Atlantic deals were nothing to do with countries, but again the Rothschild’s, Dragon groups and fake Chinese Elders axis.
The DOW went down over 623 points last Friday due to China increasing tariffs, and Trump threatening to impose more back on China, and whilst I agree in principle with that tit for tat, where I have issues is, there was no future thinking or planning in place for eventualities, and this, as recent shows has stated, is a big problem.
One of the several plans and solutions this show has put forward, was for America to close itself off from the rest of the world, clean house and implement new policies, our current policies on all levels don’t work, is not beneficial to the country, the President or the people, and is leading to utter chaos on levels not previously seen.
Yes the 1929 depression was bad from all accounts, but there are three things radically different between now and then, one must take into account 1. there was only 106M people then, not 330M now 2. most people then were self sufficient and more used to a shall we say more impoverished lifestyle, now America has had a prolonged period with more people living in a middle class background, albeit based largely on debt, the American way of life is vastly different now from then 3. Americans by and large have a sense of entitlement, they expect to be served quickly in a restaurant, shop, bar or bank, they are used to have things here and now, used to using debit and credit cards and the technological based lifestyle, what happens if it all goes or is drastically reduced? this is what I am warning of, not to put you in fear, but prepare in case.
So when people complain of the potential of giving 1/3 to the order or 1/3 to the government, without spending one second to think of the consequences of what happens if we don’t, or what happens if no one gets anything? you have what we have now, a recipe for chaos and disaster.
If you were asked to vote on no funds to order or us and chaos, or funds to both an less chaos, what would you choose, regardless of which answer you gave, that is future thinking, not reactionary thinking.
What Trump and team should have done is have contingency plans to protect the American people and jobs, before launching into an International trade war, that is future thinking, instead we have what we have always done, be it the people or the government, is a reactionary policy, and is an ouro borus plan of the previous controllers, whereby they launch one plan, lets say damage the family to reduce the population and various other plans, and then realize they have misused some many of the public funds, and that first policy now impacts on the pension funds and social security they have looted.
Another plan was it is easier to have many people on benefits as they are easier to control, without realizing only one group really pays taxes, the working and middle class, so now each country doesn’t have enough, which then feeds the Federal Reserve harvesting machine, as countries with not enough funds, have to borrow off them at 10% per dollar, but Marduk cared not for that as it just left the minions spinning their wheels, and like the ouro borus, round and round we go.
With future thinking Trump should have took the Trust funds and started the projects, and asked the people to target certain industries for investment or start up businesses, that this country would be short of, in the event of no import trading.
This is what we are trying to encourage the members to do and then teach the wider circles, future thinking has to be the way forward for progression, we have ran all levels of society with ouro borus and harvesting plans for the benefit of the few and ultimately the poverty of us all, so when presented with a solution or an idea, far deeper thinking is required on all our parts to progress, in life, business or government, and this is what we have to change going forward.

America has one major problem when facing future trading and or businesses, it relies heavily on military spending, and our major exports is military and control system based commodities and technology. Machinery including computers: US$213.1 billion (12.8% of total exports) Mineral fuels including oil: $189.9 billion (11.4%) Electrical machinery, equipment: $176.1 billion (10.6%) Aircraft, spacecraft: $139.1 billion (8.4%) Vehicles: $130.6 billion (7.8%) Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $89.6 billion (5.4%) Plastics, plastic articles: $66.5 billion (4%) Gems, precious metals: $63.8 billion (3.8%) Pharmaceuticals: $48.4 billion (2.9%) Organic chemicals: $40.2 billion (2.4%)
None of the more basic exports like food, clothing is in the top 10, and most of those industries above are all the conglomerate or military based industries, most of which those deals don’t get arranged by the government, or of any benefit to the government, people or the country, for America and all to flourish a policy change is required.

Boris Johnson suggested Trump must be flexible in trade deals to curry favor with the UK in trade deals, the UK import and export is running at a deficit of $220B a year currently, and America is the highest importer of UK goods and is responsible for 12-15% of the UK exports. UK imports of American goods totals $86B, American purchasing UK goods is $45.2B and 12-15% of overall exports, America is the UK’s highest importer, UK is Americas 5th highest importer and only responsible for 4% of our exports.
One would think on a country basis the UK has to be more flexible to protect their business dealings than America does based on those figures.

The US and the Taliban, we are led to believe, are close to agreeing a deal that would see the withdrawal of all US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. The question is though, will it? First some context, beginning with the fact that the tortured history of this landlocked country, whose geographic location as a land bridge between Central Asia and the Middle East, and in modern times also as a potentially vital energy bridge, entitles the Afghan people to believe that they are uniquely cursed. The inordinate price they have been forced to pay since the US-backed Mujahadeen overran the country in the early nineties, (the US-backed Mujahadeen, the same group now branded as terrorists, all very Taliban and Al Queda that to me) all the way up to now at the end of 18 years of US/NATO attacks, occupation, and the propping up of a series of corrupt governments in Kabul, should be inscribed on the gravestone of what has passed for foreign policy in the West, since the Soviet Union departed the scene.  
There is, however, an unofficial element to the US presence in the country. It is a presence both sinister and conspicuous by its absence from the draft agreement, drawn up in Doha.
It is here we come to the shadowy and sinister activities of an equally shadowy and sinister CIA. Calling to mind the infamous CIA-run contras in Central America in the 1980s, the notorious US intelligence agency has been running in Afghanistan what amounts to a private war with its own private army. Details of the CIA’s operations in the country are highlighted in a chilling report, produced by the Costs of War Project based at Brown University’s Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs in the US. Specifically, the report traces the origin of these militia groups to the initial2001 invasion, when US military forces and the CIA organizedthemto fight Islamist militants.” However the CIA” 18 years on “is still running local militias” in the country, which have “reportedly committed serious human rights abuses, including numerous extrajudicial killings of civilians.” Finally, the report’s authors make the point that “There is virtually no public oversight of their activities or accountability for grave human rights abuses.” This is a major issue America must face up to and deal with, these private armies and security groups are running everything sinister globally, and yet we the people are paying for them to destroy us. Most government services are now in the hands of these same groups, they need to be dismantled and we start again with better and more balanced people. A total of $780B has been spent on Afghanistan with a loss of over 2000 American lives and 20K injured, and we gained what from it?

Contradictory statements of we the people that I would like all to look at, it is not a criticism, or designed to pick faults or make you feel bad, but general observations of where we can look at things differently.
Banks are stealing from us people say, yet people still bank at Wells Fargo, Citibank, BOA, Morgan Chase, Santander, Barclays, Lloyds, RBS, RBC and HSBC
5G frequencies are destroying us, yet people still have mobile phones and microwaves
They are killing us with pharmaceuticals, yet people still buy and take their drugs
They are destroying our plants with GMO, yet people still buy them
We need organic food, yet only the few buy them
Amazon are destroying businesses, yet people still purchase from them
Walmart are destroying business and encourage low pay, yet people still buy from there
Governments are destroying us, yet people still vote for them
Charities are cabal and taking loads of funds and it’s not going to the causes, yet people still send them money
The courts are corrupt and against us, yet people still go into the same courts to argue against their system
Vaccines are bad for our children, yet people still agree to them being vaccinated
Schools are teaching children rubbish, yet people still send them to school
MSM is rubbish and fake news, yet people still watch it
Hollywood is full of pedos, yet people still watch their movies
Disney is full of pedos, yet people still buy their merchandise and attend their parks
There is no such thing as zombies, yet billions want a man to return from the dead (in other words a zombie) to save them
Everyone asks where is the plan, but don’t give you a plan
Chemtrails are killing us, yet people still go outside in nature every day
Our water has been poisoned, yet people still drink it without filtering every day
people ask for change, yet stay in bad relationships, jobs, towns and cities they dont like
people ask for sovereignty, yet wont be sovereign
IRS is stealing our taxes, yet people still pay taxes
Black lives matter, yet the highest violence rate is black on black
People say they love all people, then complain about immigrants
People complain about plastic, then Americans alone purchase 42.6B 1 litre bottles per year
If people love cats so much, why is it 3.4M cats are thrown in shelters each year, of which 80% of them are treatable, of which 1.4M a year are euthanized, poor kitties
These are just a few of the examples we could all look at and change our ways, but whilst on a contradictory theme lets have a listen to this.

This is from the Australian video mentioned earlier, play 1 so I answered all the questions and gave the answers, but then we get this play 2 so you want answers that you just said I gave you, and also said why is it such a secret, please explain this, and no the opening is not a norman collier sketch 3. cant say more but its not a secret, so if I dont reveal plans it is a secret, but she doesn’t reveal things it is not a secret hmm, getting confused yet, you should, perhaps I don’t reveal things to certain people also, because I do not want to waste my energy, on people who do nothing, get nothing and fail to understand anything presented, touche, 1. quick reminder of her first statement again.

In what was yet again another difficult week, there is always the few that pick you up, acts of kindness, acts of generosity, you know who you are, naming names makes you a target as some of you know all too well, so I want to thank those people immensely, it is never forgotten nor taken for granted.

There were many reactions to the final piece last week, some of that information I have held onto for a long time as it is disturbing in some aspects. Sin eating on that level takes a whole lot of processing, whilst still working with Kim, doing the shows, the emails, 2 pages and the plethora of private message questions, and then we added 50-60 state and country groups and more workload. I feel I need to reiterate certain things so we can all move on and get r done, so I apologize for going over old ground, but it is important we grasp where we are, and what we are doing here and now, and hopefully we all take it on board and then define our future.
I get much support from members in various aspects, and some complaints also, I don’t explain things enough, others say I explain and repeat things too often, I don’t give enough time to help people and explain things to them, others say I spend too much time helping people. Some say I haven’t told people what to do or how to do it enough, others say I do it too much.
Some ask for more inner details of mine and Kim’s work, others understand this is a war and you don’t give those details out.
Some ask for more zoom calls, others say you have already done them, we need guidelines, when they were done in April.
From an overview this is parenting again, gone from the control system parenting to government parenting to myself, Kim and THI parenting, were we have to look after you, answer every question and deal with and fix your lifestyles is it not?
I get many requests of you will have to help me with this problem on a plethora of topics, yet how many consider what I go through or Kim on a daily basis, I love helping people as many of you have witnessed, but there has to be some balance.
Both the ebook and the THI groups in differing ways was stated as and supposed to ease my load, yet far from easing it, they increased it 50 fold, and long assed private messages with 10 or more questions or 6-10 paragraphs of what I haven’t or should have done is not helping either.
Let this next piece sink in of what is Kim’s role, it is to secure the funding, do deals for the Trust, work out plans to fix a plethora of global issues in a private organization known as MWHT, it was never a public entity, it is a private entity always has been, none of you knew of it before this show.
It deals with Government, agency, families and think tank level people only, always has, yet despite Kim providing you all with transparency of the group for the first time ever, people demand more proof, details and several other requests, and people say she should be doing more calls, helping them with projects, giving them ideas and plans, and the classic comment recently is she should show her face on a zoom call, staggering lack of understanding, and an example of not considering other people, only the self.
Well I need answers some cry, you have already had them in bucketloads, what more to do you want or need? If you don’t believe that as a fact, go and take part in another group and see the difference of your knowledge to theirs, infact I recommend it to all our members as an exercise of how much you already have, society has a tendency to focus on what they lost or don’t have, not what they do have, the same applies to information.
Kim is a target globally and you are asking for her to show her face? none thinking and part of our biggest problem on this planet, those who asked that have not only zero understanding, but lack basic empathy of what Kim faces on a daily basis, threats on her life and the people around her, but lets ignore all that shall we, because we want or demand to see her, it is that accountability issue again, these people have never demanded that from any other group, so why despite revealing more higher level details than any other group, do people demand that off us, that they don’t from any other group?
Do people consider whether Kim or I need help? some do, but many don’t, oh some people will ask the question, yet asking the question of how can I help, is adding to our workload is not, your asking us to tell you what to do in essence, when the question is within, I have these skillsets, now where will my skillsets help Kim or Thomas either in the main group or the state and country groups is the correct way is it not?
I would like to ask do people actually consider my or our workload? trying to appease thousands of people at the same time, to give you an example on Friday I had to deal with 30+ emails, 33 private messages, well over 100 questions within those messages, including some fairly lengthy questions or how I am not doing things the right way, I help Kim, deal with clowns in and out of the group, helped 5-6 people with their private issues, sort out 4 groups all infighting, to add to the 3 in previous 48 hours, deal with some of the last show narrative, a zoom call, plus a call with Alan, start prepping for the next show all whilst being unwell. Not saying that as a pity party, but that is what I face thereabout on a daily basis.
Some asked for more encouragement in some aspects and that’s fine, but given the above workload, one has to ask do people consider me? the workload is heavy and people forget I have a life as well, not to mention the mental pressure of being an insider of hearing of this that and the other (sin eating of which members get a condensed version on the show and only hear less than 1/3 of it), on top of it all there has been several extra shows, yet members ask for more zoom calls, I am also preparing a plan for the website currently which got delayed by arguing within the group.
After 4.5 months of running the THI state groups people are asking about the basics already laid out in 2 zoom calls and several shows, and people are asking me to do another one to explain it all again? do you think that is fair to me? something to ponder on.
But there is an overriding feeling by myself and some members in the group, is too few consider the impact on my life currently.
A basic lack of consideration is something we should all look at and ponder on at times, the root core of it is a lack of thinking deep enough, reacting to the headlines, comments, plans, op-ed pieces, intel, instead of taking a step back and think different.
People still question on the potential deal not confirmed deal of a 1/3 to The Order, without thinking of the consequences of why that offer could be made, I wonder how many thought oh dear things must be really bad right now to consider that type of offer?
Well things are dire and some people who think on a different level are trying to make the best of a dire situation, it also shows flexibility does it not? something again we should all practice, lost in the reacting to that headline was a description of what we are all facing now, also lost was the conditions of that offer, no interference with we the people, or their funds will get pulled and the deal is off, they need funds more than we do remember, this is something more people have to start doing, future thinking, consequences of doing an action or plan and consequences of not doing it, this then gives the individual the bigger picture.
People often want to know the bigger picture, the finer details, yet they would already have it with future thinking, instead of asking for the whole narrative to be relayed, then diced and sliced and then pureed for some people, start asking yourself on pondering on the consequences of any such action, never mind one of the scope of saving the planet.
We don’t think enough on all levels, that is humanities underlying problem, not just the people either, look at the politicians they all do reaction policies with zero thinking of the consequences, like last week Trump signing for nuclear space craft, ignoring the fact the 1 in 15 launches ends in catastrophic explosions, but we will just go ahead with that program until the 1 in 15 event happens, then a load of sanctimonious people argue after the event how did this happen and why, I will tell you why, a collective lack of thinking before it started.
Same applies to THI groups does it not, people at the beginning did not think it out properly, demanded more and more guidelines as the groups lacked more and more direction, again it is reactionary thinking, not future thinking, lets discuss what we can spend the funding on, was the general observation of the groups, when none or few considered building the foundation with which to launch something of that nature.
If money was available today, none appear to be ready to receive it, something for all to take note of, any research of what you would need to set up TPC company? how many have looked into what is required to set up a non for profit company or LLC? which financial institute you would place the funds? who is responsible for the funds? what would be needed in logistics to set things up like stationary, printer, computers? who has the skillsets to do that all in house? do we have a legal or tax expert to call on? I can almost guarantee none of those things have been discussed except maybe one group, because one member has been involved in it previously.
If you were looking for guidelines or plans for your groups I have just said it, can anyone say the above list is all finalized, and should funding come out today, they would be organized enough to launch their TPC state or country?
Some will blame me for that for not telling everyone, what makes me different to you? if I can come up with those suggestions why haven’t you? I am no more special than all of you, I don’t have certificates, degrees or awards in anything and yet I can do so much, why? because I think for myself based on common sense solutions, none of them are rocket science, and when I need help I ask and bring people in.
I am not in anyway business minded, in the old model I am too soft and kind hearted to be involved in that cut throat harvesting system, yet I can come up with business plans, and so can you if you just apply yourself, and this is what I have been trying to get you all to do, be self sufficient, learn and understand your own knowledge, come to your own decisions, be sovereign, be you, not me, and yes I know some of you who have, this is a general observation not a personal.
This is why some label our group a cult, because everyone comes to me for the answers, I answer as many as I can to help you all, but how many are thinking to and for themselves? the cult is not me, what the detractors are saying is you are the cult, relying on one person to do it for you all, is that not the case?
But those same detractors are also the problem, their sole goal is to destroy people who wish to work together, which is exactly want the system wanted, their real goal is not to bring me down, that is the illusion, it is you all, which fulfills their second goal is to dissolve or neglect their own responsibility, find a boogeyman, lets blame him or her for all the worlds ill and focus on it 24/7, that way I won’t get asked to do or fix anything.
That is the gist of our new Group called THI waste management, 40+ people focusing on hating or denigrating 2 people out of 7B, but at least they are taking out the trash from our group and putting it into theirs, all involved in that group are not interested in humanity, only negating their own responsibility to do something or anything, that is at the core of it, me, kim or the cabal are not the problem, it is them.
Running around and spinning the wheels of the same narrative, so they don’t have to time to do anything, that would involve them thinking of how to improve themselves or the world, they can rail, blog and comment all they like that they are not, but they are, if Kim and I walked away tomorrow, they will all celebrate yeah we brought Kim and Thomas down, but what happens next?
Will the world’s problems all go away because Kim and Thomas are not here? your choice to make, I think most know the answer, some never will because they will go to any lengths to not act for themselves or others, sleepers are called that because they lack personal responsibility also, lets just carry on with our humdrum lives and it is ok if 49K children die each day, because it is not my child, it is ok that 1.3B have no electricity, because mine is on, it is ok that over half of the planet live in dire poverty, because is the ball game or some other banal tv program is on, it is ok that most of the planet is sick, they are ok because they can afford to take vitamins.

(M)Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts to educate and intervene, until someone hits literal rock bottom will they finally decide to change. No matter where they are at in the process, we remain calm and there to help when they are ready.

So, some of the awake people it seems are no different to the sleepers, politicians, cabal in overview, a collection of people hating on each other, not supporting or caring for each other, and the few that do, are labeled a cult and whole websites are dedicated to it, so we have what we have now, disorganized chaos, and people ask me or Kim how to fix it? when many haven’t fixed themselves.
This show has more than provided you all with the tools of how to go forward, not back, which is why we were selected to undertake the task of providing plans to kick start humanity into a new and better way, some find that daunting, but do people consider what I think or feel of undertaking that task? no, some people ask why are you in that position, because nobody else wanted it is why, nobody even thought of doing it and then acting upon it, nobody believed it is possible, so instead of asking why I am in this position, ask yourself why you didn’t put yourself forward to undertake that task in the beginning, not now after much of the groundwork has been done by the few.
Lots of people sit back and wait to join in when others took the initiative, but how many kickstart things off from scratch?
Some people have mentioned it is not fair that decisions for humanity have been placed on a few around the world, I agree, and yet so many in this group expect and or demand just two people do it, do they not.
So if it is daunting for a few thousand to take on that responsibility, how do you feel those two people think or feel? again something overlooked is it not?
A case of people screaming in alt media for years because they have no voice or say in things, an opportunity represents itself to change that, and people complain, oh it is daunting, how can we do it with no money, what chance do we have? a case of be careful what you are ask for, so which is it to be? run with the opportunity or let things stay as they are?
Humanity over eons have abused, denigrated, killed, tortured and castigated the few who would help them improve, and people wonder why nothing changes here? because humanity hasn’t changed is why, and we can all come up with excuses, boogeymen and groups as to why, but too few focus on how to counteract it, that is being mired in victimhood mode, victimhood people use that as another excuse to dissolve their own responsibility in overview.
He, she and they did this, that, and the other to me, but no words or descriptions of how they are going to correct that situation, it is the spinning wheel again, you never fix anything on a spinning wheel, only when you get off, take your own responsibility for yourselves and then others.
So, go ahead and rail at me for being negative in the shows, not encouraging you enough or pointing out other things I have done or not done, you are on the spinning wheel of neglecting your responsibility of what you haven’t done, it is easy to point fingers at what others have or haven’t done, this is about what you have done, that is the top and bottom line.
I have said before the value of this show will be lost on many until a much later date, I hope we have the time to absorb that, but currently waiting for that much later date to see the value of the show, as I understand will not materialize, we don’t have that time or luxury anymore, we really don’t and no I will not be giving you that timeline, as your reactions to recent shows information says many don’t want to hear the full truth.
You have had all the information, details, lessons, triggers, reminders, warnings more than anyone other group of people, you don’t need more of the same or it all repeated ad nauseum, what you do need now is, how to act on it, the future is in your hands, not mine or Kims, your hands, will you take an adult responsibility for that task, or stay on the hamster wheel avoiding it? Are you a human or a hamster? Are you an adult or a child? Are you a creator or a destroyer? Are you sovereign or a slave? Are you the solution or the problem? Are you pro-life or death? Do you want a future or not? Will this version of human exist or not?
All of those questions are in your hands to face up to now, in a much shorter span of time now than you all think, don’t believe me? then fine watch it all unfold, but don’t say you were not warned, because unlike the previous civilization prior to the flood, you were warned multiple times, and many ignored it or played the hamster.
You are not failing me with no actions, you are failing yourself, and you can blame me all you like, you are espousing your own inability to take your own responsibility in life and act.
The list in the op-ed earlier of what people complain about and yet shows how we facilitate it, applies to us all, only when you think and act differently will those issues go away, thinking and acting different means we have to change what we did previously and failed, repeating that thinking and acting will lead to the same failure humanity has had for millennia’s, and you all know how that has turned out.
This time there is a definitive and unpleasant end for our inactions, no more loops, cheats, teachers anymore, this is it.
Choice is yours, not mine, it always was, so those who reacted to the end headline again without thinking deeper, a repeated problem, do you just accept that only the few will make it? How many of you have used your creator abilities to manifest a different result? How many of you even thought of doing that? There in lies the issue, many reacted of where all going to die headline and never thought, what if I can change that?
Humanity just accepts the stark reality of dire situations and accepts the victim hood mentality all too easy. The challenge you all face is, which side of you wins through? the dark? the fake light? or the real light.
We all have fears but is it helpful you pass on your own fears onto others, who have their own fears, try to work through those fears yourself, and if struggling this group can help you, but projecting them helps no one.
Is this task of rebuilding the world daunting? absolutely, but what is more daunting, is not having an opportunity is it not?
Many of our ancestors and modern day people have sold humanity down the river of pain, what we are doing now is buying it back, in terms of our energy, which will be in form of your own energy and its substitute, money, which comes first is not a chicken and egg situation, your effort supercedes any substitute, don’t believe that? How did the ancestors before us survive with no money? they teamed together as a family and all chipped in, this is what we are trying to replicate, we are going back to the basics, so much of what modern life has destroyed.
All of those decisions are yours only to make, and that frightens many people who have lived through their lives having to rely on others making decisions for them, dictating their lives and who and what you are, this is now an opportunity for you to thrive, you to make your decisions and you to face your own challenges and hurdles, you to become the creator of your own reality, a chance for you to be sovereign, and you to be a part of something that goes beyond extraordinary, a chance for your light to shine like it was always meant to be, you or I will not do that replicating old behaviors and programming, learn to let it go it will not only benefit you, but all those around you.

(M) Get a grip. Sovereignty is what we want! Spiritual growth, love and INTEGRITY! We die alone!
I’m not in this for self! I’m tired of hate! Community, service is what we are working on!
Either your for the potential of humans to have spiritual growth or not! Pick a side!
I’d rather this be my last time here on this planet! Around and around we go in an, endless loop!
We learn to love each other with no preconceived ideas for each other’s talents of being honorable, honest and caring! Don’t bring your ego here! We either succeed or fail!
Let each of us work together to make it possible for the next generation to go forward!
Please please think! Division is what got us to this point!


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