truth honor integrity | sept 12, 2019

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We received some twitter messages via Randy’s twitter as neither Kim or I are on that platform. Dr. Sley who is a pan African artist sent a message this week stating about MWHT, about 4 nations are in shock from a message stating the MWHT is stopping all negotiations, this will destroy a lot of reputations and make us look like liars.
Sao Tome got a letter of introduction from Sovereign Trust already via one of my channel. I was told. I went to Zambia and government was really happy and ready to receive. Kenya also very ready to closed. BUT GOT A VERY SAD NEWS FROM BIN SULEIMAN IN USA saying MWHT is suspending all negotiations. Can you please confirm. I feel so broken and my name and reputation is at stake here without a reason to give.
Kim is not familiar with Dr. Sley or Bin Suleiman and we suspect this is the latest attempt by clowns to block and or discredit the Trust, but at least they admit it exists now and Kim is willing to funds the countries.

Kim is still available direct for Presidents or Prime Ministers of countries to contact her, people at that level will know how to contact her.
There is an awful lot of people running around currently saying they are operating on behalf of Kim and the Trust, various duplicate Kim’s, agents of Rothschild’s and Jesper et al, and also some sell out people as well, trying make backdoor deals for themselves, it is difficult to keep track of it all currently for Kim and the team.
It is a difficult situation and one of the reasons why these people don’t want Kim to have funds is to stop her building and being able to pay her own team, there are very few people around who will do work for no pay like Kim, I and some others in team, and so it is kind of difficult to get a body of people you can trust to operate on behalf of the Trust.
Without pay or any sort of control or follow up as to whether those few people on the ground trying to do the right thing, those people are always susceptible to the devious and their wrecking ball ways, and some of them have gone awry as time has pushed on.
What has stopped is, Kim wasting her time negotiating with intermediaries, and going direct only, these middle men were mainly all found to be agents of the Rothschild’s, IMF or the UN determined for the people of Africa to get nothing.
The reason being is the Trust is giving them funding with no payback, and the clowns want the African countries to get heavy laden interest bearing loans from the IMF and make those countries default, at which point they take all of their assets to pay back fake loans.
Other reason is Kim is trying to transfer funds direct to the government and not using the fake African Central bank known as the Citigroup, all funds going into Africa currently must go via the Citibank to keep them afloat, the same as Central America with Wells Fargo acting as their Central Bank, JPM did a similar act recently that all credit union transactions must go through their platform as well.
I hope the people of Africa understand these facts of what is and has gone on in your country, and Kim is doing her utmost to correct those crimes, and get the much needed infrastructure and development up and running on that continent.

People seem to think the trust is like some sort of call center, it is a private organization that no one had heard of until Kim came along. It is impossible to make herself available for everyone who wants to speak to her. It is all day every day at all times of the day due to differing timezones 18-19 hours per day 7 days a week. I kept telling her to pull back from it since last November, some of these people just want to chat because Kim is “famous/known” and talk the most boring and non productive bs, whilst making all kinds of claims they can do this and that for her, until it comes to the proof and suddenly they vanish, I have heard the calls.
209 countries is a lot to deal with for one person, but due to trust and security issues, which real awake people would understand, and the ability to not pay people for their role or work currently, Kim has no option but to go alone at this time, is that suitable? Not really but when you have people acting in the wrong way and selling Kim out, like Jesper and there are others playing the same game with her currently, who can you trust in this world and at that level? The answer is sadly no one, even I came under scrutiny at times, and I just pulled back and allowed Kim to come to her own conclusions, even some members of the team have sold her out, Magan being one of them, but Kim has found out to her cost at times, there are few people on this planet with a sole only interest of improving it for the all, that is the saddest aspect of this, and why Kim would be right to trust no one.
I and we appreciate many want their projects to go ahead, but understand Kim operates mainly at a government level and above only, she cannot be available for everyone in every country asking when is the funding arriving, Kim would have loved you all to have your funding a few years ago, as then she can do something more suitable and pleasant than battling old system clowns.

Dear Ms. Von Reitzinger-Hapsberg,

I have not posted on the internet in ages, yet to increase your readability and your follower base which went to almost zero you feel the need to mention me. 

I am not at all interested in whatever “job” you are “in the running for”, so feel free to take whatever job you think I am stealing, I am not interested whatsoever. 

As for your posts about HSBC aka Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, please refer to some Chinese person, I do not engage with this bank, nor am I interested in some hysterical bonds, nor any currency revaluation with no economic relevance whats so ever, enjoy your world of fantasy transactions, I have other things to do. 

As for your claim of MERS, Ms. Von Reitzinger-Hapsberg, that is run by IBM. As in I – B- M, got nothing to do with me. Ms. Hapsberg, after all your family is the one that allowed the commoner “Rothschild” to marry into Royalty and begin their take over of Europe. Obviously, you want to carry on their legacy by begging repeatedly all their organizations for money. Good luck! One of your ancestors couldn’t help themselves and thought it was a great idea to allow the spawn into your house, why should you not as well? Certainly glad, I can say that did not happen with my family. You beg them for “redemption”, I am not interested. 

Lastly, the Vatican is broke, the Holy See is still waiting for money from Rothschild and it will never come, therefore you can write letter after letter to those pedophiles and it will fall on deaf ears. Maybe that is a good hobby for you, waste someone else’s time not mine. Good Luck  and happy hunting. Write more letters to the Vatican, and leave me out of it, I am not interested. 

To Marilee and Magan

Firstly, you must have an awful lot of free time. But here it is for everyone else, not you, not Magen. 

I do NOT care what anyone thinks of me, not on the internet, not in person, and certainly not the two of you. There is a lot I could say about the two of you, but I wouldn’t waste my breath. I am NOT trying to be an internet sensation, I do not have a youtube channel, nor any other medium. I work, and I don’t care about anyone knowing anything I do. I do not seek acknowledgement from anyone, least of all you.
I am guessing your demons are looking for some kind of “trigger” for me, well you won’t find it here. So continue to suck the life out of Magan and Marilee and leave me or die, your choice. 

The Donovan foundation has not been active since 2010, and it began in 2006. It was a “family foundation” therefore not able to acceptable, to accept donations from third parties, to that affect, I am the ONLY person that ever donated a dime to that foundation.
The foundation was formed by me to provide medications, travel expenses, hotel stays for parents and anything else needed by cystic fibrosis patients and their parents, I donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to this foundation until I could not anymore. It was a way for me to heal after the loss of my brother, and to honor a wonderful man who I still miss very much. 

For you to try to “find” anything you can on me, and to go searching through the death of my brother shows me that you can not find ANYTHING I have ever done, so since the organization has been defunct for over seven years there IS nothing you will find. 

So if you are searching for something I have done wrong, you will not find it in the Donovan Foundation, and if you have one person, one dollar whom anyone donated to the organization whom claims they were “wronged” please produce this person and PROOF. However, I know for a fact they do not exist. You are grabbing at straws. I know it, and so do you and Magen. 

I am not in Sedona holding seminars selling sunshine, I am not solicitation donations, I am not asking for anyone to do anything for me in anyway. Further, I am not selling anything, and I do not not need to “sell” the trust. I do not need to disburse a dime from the Trust, yet still fulfilling my obligations. 

So as far as Marilee, Magen and all their other cohorts, if this “hobby” of researching me makes you happy, then please proceed. If posting ridiculous accusations with zero proof makes you happy then please continue to do so. None of which bother me in the least, and if anything I am happy you have found yourself some entertainment in your horribly boring lives. 

In a nutshell, please provide me with one person who donated a dollar to Donovan Foundation, and please provide their bank statement proving so. If this exists, then I will then provide documentation. However, I know it doesn’t, but none the less, you need something to keep you busy, so rage on oh great demons.. I don’t care. May GOD bless you the way you bless others. 

Ms. Von Reitz, you are not legally registered as a judge in any court. However, you are regarded as a person knowledgeable in Global Marshall Law/Admiralty Law and many other facts about what happened to us legally. I agree in this respect, your earlier posts shows your extensive knowledge. However, you took a turn for the worse when you teamed up with Michael Young, Magen and Matt (known as Mr. and Mrs. M on the tolec show), Scott Owen Lennon and Marc Ciffelli. Let me take a moment to explain who these people are;
Marc Ciffelli works for a person he calls “grandpa”, this man currently goes by the name Lawrence Rossier or simply LWR. His birth name was Robert Ferrera and the information on Five Star can be found on the internet in part. He ran operations on behalf of Rothschild Trust and still does to this day. He will tell you himself “if you are not white you are not right” end quote. Marc is a loyal follower of Project Looking Glass and reveres this information as Truth. Mr. LWR aka “Grandpa” is NOT Chinese, he is white with blonde hair and blue eyes and is around 80 years old. He took orders directly from the Vatican Communication network, Thule Society and the Black Sun and carried out many operations world wide to include the Iran Contra Affair.
Next, Mr. Owen “Scott” Lennon worked for the IMF as a mercenary for many years. He then partnered up with Dr. Zvonko a former trustee for the Black Dragon Family based in USA and China. Dr. Zvonko went against the families back in 1998 and was fired as trustee. Supposedly he had an attack of morality after his firing and changed his ways. Regardless he is dead, killed by his own people after promising the UN/IMF he could release money out of Bedford Trust which was dissolved in 1998. Scott is tied to the IMF to this day and to all its globalist CIA/FBI/KGB networks around the world. He provides Anna with all her Intel and was arrested along with Dr. Zvonko for trying to pass fake bonds to the Vatican.
Michael Young, another partner of Anna’s works for the Illuminati and is a member of the Order of the Black Sun Italian Branch (Fulford calls these folks the P2 Lodge(the party who runs Jesuits, Black Operations and the creator of facism, etc.) He housed Matt and Magen (Mr. and Mrs. M of Team Bubba/ Mr. and Mrs. M show) at his home in Palm Springs CA for over a year before they moved to Sedona to do seminars on 7th Seal and other Gnostic Belief Systems. He is working with the Globalist Sector aka Deep State to bring forth the RV/GCR which will never happen. The Black Sun also runs all black operations for the Vatican, which is why you are getting false information about selling bonds against USA assets to them. Yes I still have those emails from you. The Black Sun, Gnostic Illuminati, Team Bubba, Blackwater etal all are tied together by Mr. and Mrs. M who are a part of all the above. I feel they are the ones directing you to keep petitioning the Vatican to try to access the old Black Eagle Trust. In the order of the Black Sun the branches are “Eagle”, as an example Hitler was Brown Eagle, Green Eagle, etc.
So you see Ms. Von Reitz, you were doing so well helping the people of America, and the information you were providing to people was real until you partnered up with the wrong folks and now your writings and blogs have gone awry. Please for the sake of the American People go back to being the intelligent, knowledgeable woman you are and stop being the “mark” in some Black Sun operation. The American people need the old Anna back! I too have made mistakes and trusted the wrong people, Jesper as one example, we are human and we all make mistakes. I suggest you take a long hard look at those around you and make your own decisions.
God Bless,

Lets do a logic based Q & A session of our own shall we for people to ponder on.
Thomas is a scammer, scam to obtain (something, such as money) by a scam, but my patreon which I was reluctant to ever use is voluntary. Funny scam that is it not, a voluntary scam scheme.
The Peoples club is a scam which also collects money based on voluntary donations, none of which as proven by the tax records has gone to any of the directors, donations each year have totalled between $5-6K per year as the submittal of records has shown, it costs around $2500 per year to keep TPC operation running with fees and agents costs, so again no scam.
Kim is a scammer, Kim has not asked for or received any money? so how is that a scam?
The MWHT is not real and a scam? People at the right level around the world all know it is real, the many countries in Africa know it’s real. The Trust gives funds to people not from people, so no scam again.
Thomas spends all day drinking whiskey and or smoking cigars? which is also a scam apparently, oh dear playground level accusations again yes I smoke cigars but last time I drank whiskey was at the request of a friend in the mid 1990’s, but don’t let facts get in the way of an agenda. My alcohol consumption is less than 25 beers in 3 years nearly 4 now.
The very fact they are making up absurd ways to make Kim or I look bad, is full on proof they have nothing real or evidential to pin on Kim or myself, none, and a major source of frustration to them and their paymasters, and with that I and we will move on altogether as trying to engage, teach or convince people wallowing in their own stupidity and darkness, whose only existence and intent is of gaining any relevance by talking and acting stupid is pointless, this was not some internet tiff as last Saturday’s show revealed and needed addressing accordingly, this was a co-ordinated deep seated plot by the former controllers, using pointless people to play their game and discredit all and sundry.
Now it is all addressed and people have all the evidence to make their own choice, having set the record straight, I and we will now bid them farewell and wish them well on their special type of journey, I ask all members to not send me what they are saying anymore, I chose to not engage any further, people who stoop to the levels to create a conspiracy, and then celebrate it, out of the tragic death of someone’s brother.

India’s attempt to land a robotic spacecraft near the moon’s South Pole on Saturday appeared to end in failure. The initial parts of the descent went smoothly. But less than two miles above the surface, the trajectory diverged from the planned path. The mission control room fell silent as communications from the lander were lost. A member of the staff was seen patting the back of K. Sivan, the director of India’s space program. He later announced that the spacecraft was operating as expected until an altitude of 2.1 kilometers, or 1.3 miles. “The data is being analyzed,” he said. All I can say is oops, just like the rogue Israeli one last time, it went kaboom.

A shadowy partnership between Amazon’s ‘smart’ doorbell company and hundreds of police departments across America has fueled paranoia and pushed the country closer to an Orwellian surveillance state, Redacted Tonight reports. Amazon’s Ring has given 400 US police departments access to its customers’ home surveillance footage, raising serious privacy concerns – particularly because many clients have reportedly never consented to participating in the program. As Redacted Tonight correspondent Natalie McGill argues, the company feeds on paranoia and prejudice, leading to a spike in reports to police that turn out to be false alarms. Neighbors are now encouraged to “upload footage and chat about suspicious looking people,” McGill said, adding: “and, by ‘suspicious looking people’, I just mean minorities minding their own f****g business.” More proof of Amazon and their skullduggery, their involvement in everything is indicative and they must be stopped for us to have a future.


Benjamin Netanyahu has distanced himself from his son Yair’s tweets about assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, which accused him of murdering Holocaust survivors and causing the death of 2,000 Israelis. The Israeli prime minister said in a statement that he doesn’t agree with his son’s statements, writing that Yair’s “positions are his alone.” Yair had claimed Rabin “murdered Holocaust survivors on the Altalena,” referring to a 1948 incident of fighting between the newly-formed IDF, of which Rabin was a commander, and the Jewish militia group Irgun. The incident involved the IDF shooting at the Altalena ship that had been carrying arms and recruits from Europe, but had offloaded its passengers before fighting began. He also said that the former Labour Party prime minister “caused the deaths of 2,000 Israelis” when he brought Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat “and tens of thousands of terrorists” back from Tunis, Tunisia, where they were based before peace talks began ahead of signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.  Netanyahu has long been accused of inciting violence against Rabin before he was killed by a right-wing extremist. Rabin famously called another Zionist psychopath who slaughtered many in the 1948 war, he called him ” the greatest field commander in our history”, that person was Ariel Sharon.

John McAfee has suggested that the recent contamination of CBD vape products could be tied to a research chemical that supposedly causes “zombie-like symptoms.” The cybersecurity expert and US presidential candidate tweeted about a claim that people are testing “infection vectors for the release of a powerful Research Chemical that causes zombie-like symptoms,” and linked to an article about a “purposeful contaminant” in a number of CBD products, saying it “should scare you.”“What better vector?” he added. Marijuana products used in vaping have been linked to a number of cases of pulmonary diseases in the US. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found the products were using an oil derived from vitamin E.

US health officials are urging Americans to stop vaping while they investigate at least five deaths and over 450 cases of a serious lung illness which has cropped up in otherwise “healthy young people” who vape in over 33 states. Hundreds of previously-healthy young people have been stricken with a rare, deadly and possibly-incurable lung disease called lipoid pneumonia since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began a multi-state probe into the mysterious epidemic, apparently linked to vaping, in August, according to a report released on Friday. Victims of the disease, usually caused by inhaling oil, suffer bouts of coughing, shortness of breath, vomiting, nausea and chest pain, often requiring hospitalization and oxygen. Five deaths from the mysterious illness have been reported so far, three of them on Friday. In addition to deaths confirmed by the CDC in Illinois and Oregon, Indiana, Minnesota, and Los Angeles health officials announced additional deaths on Friday. The CDC is still investigating another case.
As mentioned in last weeks article this is the next product for banning, not just in one state or one group of people, but all, it’s how it works.
Having convinced people for over a decade this was the best way to counter smoking and how safe it is, now suddenly that doesn’t work and lets ban it, how about prosecuting those who promoted it as safe, lets look at the FDA and how they approved it and aspartame shall we?

The FBI’s terrorist watchlist was declared unconstitutional earlier this week, but it still has over 1.2 million names on it, names that could have been added for reasons as innocuous as learning Arabic or having the wrong combination of religious practices, associates, and travel patterns. Americans on the terror watchlist don’t know they’re there until they’re turned down for a professional license or barred from boarding a plane – and even then they’re rarely told the reason for their rejection. This is how secret police operate in authoritarian regimes. The FBI has been monitoring “anarchist extremists” protesting US immigration policies at the Mexican border, along with “conspiracy theorists” and anyone suspicious of authority. Border protesters thus join animal rights protesters, environmentalist protesters, and “black identity extremists” on the FBI’s terrorist list, eligible for special surveillance for nothing more than their beliefs. “Extremists” on both Left and Right are increasingly discussed as “terrorists” by the FBI and other law enforcement. In 2010, the agency was reprimanded by its own Inspector General for classifying nonviolent acts of civil disobedience as “acts of terrorism,” and little has changed in the intervening nine years.

The BBC ran an extraordinary story that had more flip flopping and contradictory statements than listening to Drake each week.
They blamed the CIA for 9/11 and used all sorts of words like homogeneity, perspective blindness and homophily and the investigator was using statistics of racial profiling to fulfill a story not from this decade or even this century, but racial profile statistics from 1964, stating most of the CIA then was all white, neglecting the fact that back then and still has a higher proportion now, the fact is most of America was and is white, but lets ignore that fact shall we, because we have an agenda to fulfill.
It was stated that because the CIA and other policing or security services are all white, they missed the fact that the attackers were all black or middle eastern, seriously, when the same authorities on most days are accused of racial profiling against people of color, talk about flip flopping and reporting to fulfill an agenda.
What the article also failed to state is despite CIA being all white, and using statistics 37 years before the event, failed to mentioned that Osama Bin Laden, who despite being non white, as being on the payroll of the said same agency.
I am running this type of agenda driven stories to highlight what the system is trying to create here, it is not because I am labeled as white, reality is I am not more olive and Mediterranean looking than white.
If this was all a valid issue and whites are a problem area of society as portrayed by media across the western nations, the question remains as to why the same media don’t report a lack of white people employed in what you would class as the peoples services roles, like govt, police, intelligence, heads of state etc, why are they not highlighting the lack of whites in those jobs in China, India, the Middle East, Central or South America or most of Africa? Why is it so highly questioned in America of racial equality or inequality as the case maybe? and if we are talking racial inequality why does the same media not ask why so many Zionist and Israel oriented people are employed in high profile jobs in America or even the BBC themselves actually?
People have to be aware of the fact they are targeting one color for all the world’s ill currently, when in reality that very race is under severe attack by the system, and any sort of critical analysis based thinking, and people would see what is going on here.
What will the agenda be in 100 years time when the white race at the current loss of demographic will become a tiny minority or extinct, who will be the next for racial profiling and targeting? and if people think the loss of the white demographic is alarmist bs or some potential future event, the answer is no it’s not, it is the past, as the white demographic has gone from 30%+ down to 12% in under the last 100 years.

The BBC and their hypocrisy on their reporting didn’t end there, they ran a story, the BBC has tracked down a British pedophile who breached strict court orders by fleeing the country. The man embedded himself in a Roma community in central Bulgaria, out of the reach of British police. Funny that they will go all the way to Bulgaria to track down a pedo, and yet will not look inside their own establishment for several pedos, on their own channels, what was the name they used in the previous article ah yes, perspective blindness, fitting really.

Former national security adviser John Bolton is pushing back against President Trump for saying that he fired him. Bolton, 70, is instead claiming that he offered his resignation. Trump made the announcement about Bolton’s job status on Tuesday morning, tweeting that he “asked John for his resignation” saying they “disagreed strongly.” However, Bolton is pushing back on the president’s claim. His temporary replacement Charles Kupperman not born in this time but born to, you guessed it.
But, and it is a but at this stage, publically removing another one of the neo hawk old guard is a good move, as long as it is not replaced by another, whose sole attempts is to lie to the President that, this, that and any country is a threat to America, for the most part they are not, America’s biggest threat is from within, with a plethora of agencies, military sections and private security group running the country into the ground, syphoning vast sums of funds into their pockets, and a collective populace content with drama politics and brainwashed by a media also working for rogue organizations.

The leaders of a California based-church have been accused of imprisoning homeless people, forcing them to beg all day and taking the money. Dozens of victims had their papers taken, their welfare benefits stolen and were punished if they spoke of “things of the world”, officials say. Imperial Valley Ministries (IVM) operates about 30 affiliate church groups in the US and Mexico. A dozen of the group’s leaders were arrested on Tuesday. The former pastor of Imperial Valley Ministries, Victor Gonzalez, was detained in San Diego. Eleven others were held in El Centro, California, and Brownsville, Texas. The defendants are facing charges of conspiracy, forced labour, document servitude and benefits fraud. No chance of the so called Fraudfighters group in CA going after these types of people is there? Will people still go to these churches? probably and therein lies the problem, by turning up to these ministries you are not only part of the problem but complicit in their actions. If you must pray to whatever god you choose, do it at home, all churches are working against you, all of them, money making schemes at best, and no end of other far more serious criminal activities contained within their midst.
Thats unfair Thomas, not it is not, I will tell you what is unfair the Cat- Holic church with vast treasure troves and wealth collecting off Cat-holic people who are on the poverty line and most of them below it, that is what is unfair, you are paying heavily to seek some sort of solace or connect externally for a god you have zero proof exists, and whether he exists or not there is proof of the fact he has done nothing for the people on this planet, or for the beings within the planet either, and yet you all believe in him, it or her as an external entity, with the ridiculous concept of you will only find it if some human builds a building and calls it a church, did Jesus have a church? no, then why do you need one? the god like the truth you seek was inside of you all along.

To people all around the world, We, Hongkongers just experienced a terrorist attack planned and executed by our Hong Kong Police Force. At about 10pm today, our police force rushed into our railway system in Prince Edward station, got in to the carriage and indifferently beat up all the people in it regardless they are protesters or simply passengers. Pepper spray was used at close range.
Also, they beat up innocent people causing them seriously wounded. Some passengers kneeled before them asking them to stop but the response they got were beaten ever harder. Meanwhile, the police haven’t arrested the passengers after they got beaten up, showing that the only purpose of their brutality was to sort their anger to violence but not dispersing the crowd. We, Hongkongers are experiencing a humanitarian crisis and we hope that people all over the world can help us in anyways you can think of. Thank you and we will stay strong.

Further attempts to play games with Kim and the Trust were thwarted this week, and yet again they all failed, becoming a common theme failure Mr. Jon Von Wright is it not, be careful now you pay for incompetence in their world.

Further threats against Kim and the team were made following their failure

Shield up heavily over the next few days starting now through Sunday, the moon and Black Sun cult and their minions are at play and their sacrifice games, heed the warning please.

Lots of discussions this week on levels far beyond scope and understanding of most on this planet, whereby decisions are made for the benefit and collective of all, not just humans. Sobering, exciting and frustrating in equal measure the discourse that took place. Brutal truth also, that despite defending humanity, I for one do not and will not overlook our issues or responsibilities, and neither does Kim.
Certain negotiations have been held back to wait for humanity to get it’s act together, and their impatience with us is wearing thin, and I for one can’t say I blame them.
Following certain discussions that involved several, they are allowing us a bit more time to sort things out, and no I will not be revealing the timeline, so people can just sit back and take their time, and put things off until the last minute again either, act now or suffer the consequences, if you are acting in the right manner, you need no adjustments just keep on rolling, if you are not change it, it’s that simple.
Otherwise they will go ahead with certain things and do things without us, which will have major implications for our future and development.
They have been watching us very closely since 2012, moreso since August 2016, far more closely than many of you think or suspect, and have ventured out into our communities in record numbers, for those who can see.
They see the social media, they see the threats, violence and stupidity, and they see the incessant behavior of humans more intent on destroying than creating, their observations lead them to a conclusion and this is their opinion.
“We do consider you as a whole an unintelligent life form, with a few intelligent ones among you, and we have observed the fact that when the few bright “stars” amongst you show up, they are murdered, slandered or stifled by your own kind.” and you know what hurts me, Kim and others, that statement is 100% correct, if you don’t believe that statement to be correct, listen to or listen again to last Saturdays show, it’s all there in a nutshell.
They also recognize via this statement “We also understand delays is mostly coming from the same group of their “spawn” and that they are no longer listening to their “masters” either”, steps to correct that are underway, they are not only holding humanity up, but several other groups, talk is over, actions must be and will be taken.
What is also recognized is we have made more advancements in the past 5 years than any other time in history, in terms of knowledge, understanding, compassion, taking responsibility and actions conducive to development and a more adult like species, which has bought us some leeway, but more must improve in the right manner, and at this point you should not need me to tell you how to do that.

SNAP benefits formerly known as food stamp, a program for low income people, supplied roughly 40 million Americans in 2018. Approximately 9.2% of American households obtained SNAP benefits at some point during 2017, with approximately 16.7% of all children living in households with SNAP benefits. Some of your state politicians are trying to axe it.

Did you know Canadian doctors were being paid $300 for sterilizing Indian women in 1954, Vancouver and British Columbia skullduggery goes back way further than many think. All part of the Dr. Green/Mengele experiments and land grabs for minerals.

Eighteen years ago yesterday was the anniversary of one of America’s darkest moments, as near 3000k lives were lost on that day, and over a thousand more since due to the effects directly impacted from that day.
It will go down as the most magical day ever, where magical things took place and people did the most extraordinary magical things known to man, as you will hear in this piece.
The 100’s of thousands of people around the world with connections to the dead or dying, that day will live long in the memory, even myself living in the UK, I had a niece who lived and worked in New York and close to the World Trade Center also, thankfully she was spared, and typical of her she instantly responded to a plea for blood as hospitals were running low, stood for hours waiting to give blood to people who were complete strangers, only to arrive at the desk and when she gave her details and said she was a British national, she was told we wont take blood from people in the UK, another example of what happens to people who try to help others, and further example of the idiotic bureaucracy as far back as then, only it’s ten times worse now.
A recent dental appointment asked me what genitals I was born with, how many times I have sex each week and is it alone or with partners, for a freaking dental appointment, and people answer these questions! not me, I was tempted to ask the dental specialist the same questions before being examined, but my UK ironic humor sometimes gets lost over here, it has gone way beyond levels of madness.
But millions more were affected by that day, that sent 300M Americans into a state of shock, bewilderment and in many cases a state of partial or complete amnesia.
Much has been said and written about that day, many so called conspiracies proven to be more true than the official story, and certainly the treasonous commission tasked with, not revealing the full details of that day, but to obfuscate it in a storyline, one can only describe as a “conspiracy”.
It bordered on disbelief to any critical thinker, but to the amnesic masses it was a form of closure so they can carry on with their lives and thinking the world is all hunky dory, life to them is about the next beer, joint, baseball or football game or next shopping trip, with the delusion thinking process of it doesn’t matter because it didn’t happen to or affect me, it affected us all.
It set in motion wars totaling over $1.6T dollars and cost the lives of over 5000 American soldiers, with 10’s of thousands injured and it still rolls on, we lost freedoms and rights, in the mysteriously compiled almost overnight they say Patriot Act bill, thousands of pages long, no one read it and all voted for it, the reality was that bill was compiled before the event, which again was suggesting prior knowledge by some.
People can argue whether it was a plane, UFO, missile or whatever hit the towers that is the distraction, it is what unfolded after, that defies basic logic, all known physics and common sense, like many tragic souls that day, it went completely out of the window.
How can 2 buildings which were designed to withstand being hit by planes, but lets ignore that fact, the official story that jet fuel burnt the buildings and they collapsed, lets ignore jet fuel cannot melt steel at those temperatures required shall we, but the fact the fires where only on 4-10 floors in both buildings and yet it managed within an hour to melt every steel beam from floor 1 up to floors 76, magic stuff that is it not? but lets ignore that to.
The fire melted floors around 76 as stated, meant that should it have melted in the official way, the floors 74 and above would have toppled over and left the 70 plus floors in place, not according to the commission report conspiracy theorists, they went to elaborate attempts to prove the how it happened and what’s worse, people bought into it.
The gist is with the melting theory, is the building would have collapsed over many hours and many days, and would have collapsed in a concertina fashion, not a 9 second free fall, to have a 9 second free fall requires the building collapsing, and had no resistance, which means to every rational person even without a construction, physics or engineering certificate, is those buildings were brought down with some sort of explosives, so no resistance on the free fall was met, the average time to set up and carry out a detonated, and controlled demolition of a building that size takes 7-9 months to prepare for.
That means many knew well ahead of time when those buildings were going to be destroyed, who took part in planting the explosives? which the commission denied despite video evidence to the contrary.
What his story doesn’t tell you is a B-25 crash in 1945, an aircraft accident in which a B-25 Mitchell bomber, crashed into the Empire State Building. The accident did not compromise the building’s structural integrity, but it did cause fourteen deaths and damage estimated at $1,000,000, strange that isn’t it.
Then we get into some of the characters involved in this crime, people connected to Enron, all the investigation papers surrounding Enron all went up in flames and never heard about again, Rumsfeld who had just announced trillions of dollars are missing or unaccounted for out of the DOD a day earlier, Cheney who if you watch the film about him Vice will tell you all you need to know about him and his role that day, Bush family not just junior who was carefully placed as far away as possible in a classroom in Sarasota Florida, who famously slipped up before going into the classroom by saying “he had just watched a plane hit the tower” that footage by a seemingly unknown French photographer, but that photographer is more connected than most people realize, was not released until 2 or 3 days later, oops.
That faux pas is likely why they kept Bush away from the media for the rest of the day, and sent him and Air Force One on a zig zag across America all day.
The fact he was in a classroom reading the book The Pet Goat upside down, should not be overlooked or some of the, words being shouted out by the children either, planes and hit were just two of them, the children were asked to repeat by the teacher, as the substitute president Bush sat there seemingly oblivious, the real President was Black Dragon leader Dick Cheney.
Others complicit in that day is Mr. Larry Silverstein who bought those buildings 5-6 months prior to the event at the last minute, after Jared Kushner and his group was about to purchase them, Silverstein then proceeded to put some bizarre double insurance on both the buildings, which in the event of an incident would double his pay out, and yet the insurance company never questioned that, before or after the event?
Silverstein like Kushner knew when they were buying those buildings, they were in need of demolition due to the vast volumes of asbestos those buildings were built with, and many people were reporting sickness when working in those buildings, so Silverstein purchased the buildings for $1B, Jeb Bush’s company provided the security, and yet just months later he received a $12B pay out after they were conveniently demolitioned, 18 years on and still no investigations into Silverstein and his ilk.
The mayor that day Guilliani also made a faux pas stating the building 7 had to be pulled as it was collapsing, within two hours in a burning building it appears the demolition team that normally takes around 4-5 months to set up a demolition for a building that size, yet amazingly managed to complete that task in under two hours, as we all saw the building collapse in on itself in a controlled demolition, yet no planes hit that building, amazing magical stuff.
Also what was amazing is the same mysterious demolition company that did 4-5 months work in under two hours, also managed to empty out several floors of equipment, as stated by a janitor in that building when inspecting it for evacuation, whole floors where empty except the carpets, who authorized and carried out that task?
Then we had another spooky magical event where the BBC managed to state building 7 had collapsed 26 minutes before it happened, the BBC reporter was reporting live in a NY studio, and the building behind the broadcaster was building 7 and it was still standing, amazing broadcasting that, do they do the lottery at the BBC?
Then we had the curious story of a newly renovated wing of The Pentagon, the region of the real white hats, all that followed were largely fake, the most secure building in America we are told, with 1000’s of agents, cameras and surveillance all around the building, the most advanced security in the world, and they only could produce one 4 second very grainy video months later from a security gate camera, but lets ignore that shall we or the fact that agents went into hotels, gas stations and other buildings taken all the surveillance cameras and footage away, and yet amazingly never released any of it to the public.
The Pentagon of course had another miracle or magical event that defied logic and physics, of how a plane went through not one but six of the most reinforced walls, that are ten feet thick each and left a round hole in a wall, stating it was the nose cone of the plane, funny that, it appears the nose cone of that plane had magical qualities does it not, because when a few birds hit the nose of the plane it puts large dents or tears in it, and yet this plane went through 6 reinforced walls that were 10 feet thick each, and survived to reach the final wall.
Then we had the curious miracle event of the same alleged plane that crashed into the Pentagon, containing a known TV star who was married to Theodore Olsen, who successfully represented presidential candidate George W. Bush in the Supreme Court case of Bush v. Gore, and subsequently served as U.S. Solicitor General in the Bush administration, oh how the dots connect.
Barbara Olsen who attended University of Saint Thomas, whose island has recently come under investigation along with Epstein issues, and also she attended Yeshiva University, and so Jewish linked, but Barbara like the BBC and others in this story also managed to do miracle acts, by phoning from her mobile phone on a plane, when mobile phones never worked on planes then, and rang her husband to tell him the same story the media were about to put out, that despite the most sophisticated surveillance system and spying mechanism in the world, a few people with box cutters manage to takeover 4 planes simultaneously, obviously those hijackers had the same magical powers that many others had that day.
Olsen also had connections to the Clintons as she was part of investigations into the Clinton administration, In 1994, Olson became chief investigative counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. In that position, she led the Travelgate and Filegate investigations into the Clinton administration, was she another victim of the Clinton family death trail?
Then we had the fact that with The President out of the way, both Cheney and Rumsfeld told the American military to stand down, well the ones on the ground anyway, because by another magical cohencidence most of Americas Air Force at the time was carrying out a training mission to hone their skills, the mission that day was to train in the event of a plane hitting the Twin Towers and they were testing their response abilities, no military plane got off the ground in or around New York despite several bases within reach of the towers and The Pentagon.
Then we come back to Mr. Rumsfeld and the Shanksville plane, a plane that also did something magical by crashing into the ground and yet leaving little to no remnants of it, which suggests it was blown up in the sky to rational thinkers, and then Rumsfeld slipped up and said it was shot down on national tv, which is still curiously overlooked by many.
What was also overlooked is that plane had magical qualities again also, as people were able to use their cell phones on that plane as well, and it set the stage for the American hero story and all scripted in full blown Hollywood fashion was created, of how the passengers took on the terrorists and brought the plane down themselves to prevent more tragedy on the country, a very noble story, but given what Rumsfeld said, also highly unlikely.
I will leave the Shanksville story with a quote from the coroner of that time, Wallace Miller is the coroner of Somerset County, Pennsylvania, “I stopped being coroner after about 20 minutes, because there were no bodies there. It became like a giant funeral service.”
Then another magical event took place in an area that has a high volume of Jewish workers in those buildings and yet no Jewish people came to work that day, except one guy around 7.30am where he was told to get out by a Jewish based server system, how and why did that server know? again now we have magical servers like the BBC predicting events, no Jewish people who worked in those buildings died in that event, why did so many of them take that day off when it is not a Jewish Holiday?
These are the questions that 18 years on still need to be answered, so not only can the American people be informed in the proper way, and a chance to process and heal, but will provide closure to the many families who lost loved ones and who have suffered horribly since that day.
The real truth of 9/11 will be both shocking and cause outrage, official story makes little to no sense, and at this point is rendered a conspiracy theory, much of what has been written about that day was perpetuated throughout alt media to make the real unanswered question fade into the background, as more and more outlandish theories were deliberately spread throughout alt media to render the subject down to the levels of comedic and subsequently for the masses to reject it.
A song in memory of those who died that day and since, and also a remberance for one of our members who died a year ago last week, Lunalisa Dougherty.

For those who haven’t watched the movie Ghost in the machine, and don’t believe the several warnings given in this show about a technological future, any doubts will be removed paying close attention to that show. Hooked up to the network indeed, Clowns in panic show was the main warning.
Worried about 5G nope worry about that future, and do not consent, people are not using logic on the 5G issue, the real purpose of it is having as many people as possible with mobile phones to hook up to the network and for your phone to generate bitcoins via your bandwidth, to do that they need people alive and using the phones. Think logical.
The simple solution if you are that worried about 5G, of which all phones I have been informed will have to operate on 5G or they will not work from around mid winter onwards, and so you will require a new one from that point, that only operates 5G, is to discard your mobile phone, but will people make that sacrifice?

Many things I have said previously in these shows are all coming to fruition here and now, not that it has just started now, it hasn’t, it has been going on since 2013 largely in an unnoticed fashion by many.
One of the things I stated was things would get ugly, we are seeing the manifestation of that now, in this group, Randy’s group in particular, who is targeted by a succession of Monarch MK Ultra females all stabbing him in the back, you know who you are and more importantly so do I, you will face payback and karma of that I can guarantee.
Your games of playing with people is nearing it’s end, you are being manifested into real view for the all to see, some of you are even outing yourselves really badly now, and once that pandoras box is open, unlike in the past, it will not be closing and playing hide and seek anymore.
The djinns and demons are highly active at this time period, in a desperate attempt to stay and harvest energy, their time here as one of them told us this week is short, they are all about to depart.
The reason being is the tunnel to the event horizon is narrowing rapidly, their abilities to harvest and possess, are wearing off on the higher frequency people, their ability to sustain frequency in here is diminishing also, they cannot sustain the source energy frequencies anymore it is way too high for them, this was known would occur when those frequencies were released, and the subsequent ramp up of it over recent months.
To try and counteract this they have inhabited several vessels, some even in our own group to try and change the path, a path they fail to see no longer exists, despite holding hostage the Vrill girls and the now failed Looking Glass technology, we are not in same time space, your night of the Svarog is over, the gods are not returning, the various ET groups you relied on will not help you anymore either, the timeline they all desired is no longer in existence, and we are in a different frequency and timeline.
With regards to the looking glass technology we were informed this week that, that technology has only worked at a 20% success rate from the mid 1990’s until 2012, this ties in with the ending of what is known as the Night of Svarog, where the dark play for a period of 1000 years as our solar system is in a space conducive to that energy and or frequency.
The Night of the Svarog ended in 1996, and we entered the Day of the Svarog more conducive to the light, and that is why the dark forces unleashed mayhem in the same year 1996, when Reps, Archons and others poured through a gate and war ensued in the Congo Africa.
This is why you are seeing people’s behaviors changing rapidly, and why some of you are having difficulty believing this or that person has gone rogue, yes some have and some where pulled back from it within our group also, but whilst some will feel sorry that certain people have been possessed, and it appears all so random, it is not, those people taken over because their own frequency was low enough to allow it.
This is why we have said do you shadow and inner work and raise your frequency and vibration, you cannot raise your vibration bogged down with inner trauma, no matter which shaman or internet guru tells you differently, so the gist is, those people all lowered their own vibration by exhibiting low vibrational energies, once it was low enough and matched, the entity walked in.
One woman on her own podcast recently spoke of, said there is no need to do inner or shadow work and it was all bs, her whole demeanor had and has changed, thinking process shredded, sounding somewhat deranged, puzzled and bizarre in the extreme. This an example of a takeover/walk in style event, but you have to have lowered your frequency enough to accept it, stating no need for shadow and inner work, whilst exhibiting anger, lies and other lower vibration frequencies left the trap door wide open.
Even in the few zoom calls we had a few people change and flip before our eyes, whilst sad to see and some empathy must be shown, the main point is it is their own fault, they just haven’t done their work, and so content to drag down others.
The behaviors of some of these people will defy all logic and morals, but I am sure I am not alone in saying it boggles the mind the lengths some people will go to, to play games disrupt groups, slander people who want to create, those who have done some of their work. 
Some are upset at losing their friends in the group, but is it not the case the person opposite is a reflection of you, until you change frequency and they go. Ponder on that closely.
What is lost by those people is they are expending more energy with what they do currently, than actually acting the right way, vast energies trashing other people, creating schemes and scheming to target other people, running money marketing and extortion scams to bleed money out of people, who don’t have enough as it is, all cabal and elite thinking, people can rail at my comment of there is no cabal anymore, but the irony is, did we never needed a cabal to control us? when we do some much harm to each other daily? Which has been observed closely by the other species.
This time period is why I have warned of to shield up, I don’t say it to create fear or just as a filler for the show, this show has proven over and over again it sees things ahead of time, so shield up everyone, they are attacking heavily now, and there is reasoning behind it, main reason is they are losing, and losing badly, not only on a collective level, but individual level.
The dark ones have no option but to reveal themselves now, no longer can they hide their true selves as witnessed this week.
It is very important to remember they attack you because you are strong, not because you are weak, weak ones buckle all too easily, because they rely on others to do the work for them, no one can do shadow or inner work for you, those telling you that and charging you $80 an hour to do so, are bullshitting you, pure and simple.
A quote from a member said it all, It’s hard work and not pleasant I have been doing it for 25 years and still don’t always like what I see in the mirror, Slow steady progress I guess.
The pace of the progress is not the gauge, the fact that you are, is the key to it, this is not a sprint, it is a life long event both of the past, and for the future you.
The events have been unfolding, not all are the future the bulk is in the past, recognizing them is the key, the current one is ongoing and many will fall away, many are not ready, many haven’t done their work, many will make excuses to not have done it, all had the same opportunity, thrive or fail.
In the swirling vortex and as the event horizon approaches, many will be tested further, stay strong and true to yourself and principals, do not fall for the dark agenda or intentions, use your skills, abilities and remain in higher vibration, and remember only you can lower your vibration, don’t allow them to, do not consent.
2020 approaches rapidly now as the vortex spirals faster as it gets close to the horizon, and when the perception of time has been to speed up or be lost to some, 2020 it is forecast to bring real vision to many, more will see not just look. I will end tonight’s show with an appeal to all who have and are suffering the following afflictions.  To those with Stockholm syndrome, victimhood people, programmed people, bitter and twisted people, trauma based people, people mired in hate, vengeance and retribution, woe is me people, my life sucks people, Russian doll people, boxes and labels people, I want a nanny state people, all people with those issues, it is time to let it and them go. This song is your notice.


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