truth honor integrity | sept 19, 2019

Welcome one and all to the tiny man show, who appears to get an awful lot of attention for an irrelevant group these days oh my
Quite a bizarre week in many ways, the word trust as in who can you trust appeared regularly this week, an observation of much tension and scatteredness in many people, who I suspect fear a future event, many things said in the shows of the past now coming into view, and that has increased anxiety which comes out in varying ways, you have the tools to correct that within your own armory, and up to all to enforce that.
Anyone else feel like clowns are trying to replicate the biblical flood in America alone?
In a week where Anna Von Reitz announces to the world she was appointed by a living god, and when you find out one particular groups investigation team is headed up by Robert Amenta who is an investigator for the Federal Reserve of New York, oops, and so now you all know why a certain group is targeting Kim and THI. A week where Alfred Weber declares Michael Salla, Corey Goode and Randy Kramer guilty for war crimes, Alfred like Anna is another self appointed judge.
A week where a whole show was exposing ITNJ and yet never mentioned Steele, hmm, but they did mention a blast from the alt media past turning up like a 4 year loop, who is as fake as a 9 dollar note, Hopegurl, who now goes by the name Hope Moore, no hope less with you girl.
I wonder if people ask the above for proof, clearly not. A week where an article advocating and or promoting the sale of human meat which got the withering responses it deserves, yet do we not consider how many people figuratively consume humans in differing ways, via gaslighting, harassing, enslaving, energy vampirism and using people to elevate themselves, the two are not directly related but in overview it is just the same, feeding off people.
A week where the internet and MSM sensation Greta Thunberg who apparently came out on nowhere talking about saving the planet, that inspired everyone but didn’t fool us, this week her guard finally went down and revealed herself to be the puppet spokeswoman for the old system, by declaring this week if we can save the banks, we can save the world, 85% of bots will no doubt rush to support that, the program does what the program says.

The show with groundcrew command yesterday was cancelled at short notice by Jim as he was preparing for the Cobra mass meditation this weekend, the show is scheduled again for September 25th.

IMF closed all is banks in Belize 2 days ago, military came in with guns and escorted all employees out of bank after interviews and fingerprints. Was told bank took the money from all account holders, any account holder had to have min 2000.00 in there account. She lost her money as well as some of her friends that 5 figures. Is the how the deep state is going to keep going across world? My friend received this first hand from an employee just after it happened.

Reports in UK of Lloyd’s banks and customers have difficulty gaining access to their accounts.

A member mentioning his friend going to SunTrust and asking for $18K cash to buy a car, only to be told wait 10 days, and yet we just accept this? Two solutions to that problem 1. call the police, anywhere else someone holding onto your money and not giving it back is called theft, why do we treat the same issues differently? 2. Write out a check show and ask the manager to come out, say here is a check for X amount, I want you to deposit it in my account now, but I will return and give you the check in 10 days time. Works both ways does it not? well clearly it doesn’t because we allow it is why. $18K now or I call the police and file charges of theft is the answer.

North America has lost nearly 3 billion birds since 1970, a study said Thursday, which also found significant population declines among hundreds of bird species, including those once considered plentiful. Overall, bird populations in the United States and Canada have declined by 29% in the past 50 years.

The New York attorney general’s office said on Friday that it had tracked about $1 billion in wire transfers by the Sackler family, including through Swiss bank accounts, suggesting that the family tried to shield wealth as it faced a raft of litigation over its role in the opioid crisis. The wire transfers are part of a lawsuit against Purdue and individual Sacklers in New York. Letitia James, now the state’s attorney general, had issued subpoenas last month to 33 financial institutions and investment advisers with ties to the Sacklers in an effort to trace the full measure of the family’s wealth. Forbes has estimated that the family fortune is worth $13 billion, a figure the family has not disputed, but many state attorneys general believe that the family has far more hidden away, as a safeguard against the cascade of litigation.

James Clapper endorsed many of the things mentioned in the shows in a statement this week, he made clear that the internet of things – the many devices like thermostats, cameras and other appliances that are increasingly connected to the internet – are providing ample opportunity for intelligence agencies to spy on targets, and possibly the masses. And it’s a danger that many consumers who buy these products may be wholly unaware of. “In the future, intelligence services might use the [internet of things] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials,” Clapper told a Senate panel as part of his annual “assessment of threats” against the US. Clapper is actually saying something very similar to a major study done at Harvard’s Berkman Center released last week. It concluded that the FBI’s recent claim that they are “going dark” – losing the ability to spy on suspects because of encryption – is largely overblown, mainly because federal agencies have so many more avenues for spying. This echoes comments by many surveillance experts, who have made clear that, rather than “going dark”, we are actually in the “golden age of surveillance”. Privacy advocates have known about the potential for government to exploit the internet of things for years. Law enforcement agencies have taken notice too, increasingly serving court orders on companies for data they keep that citizens might not even know they are transmitting. Police have already been asking Google-owned company Dropcam for footage from cameras inside people’s homes meant to keep an eye on their kids. Fitbit data has already been used in court against defendants multiple times. But the potential for these privacy violations has only recently started reaching millions of homes: Samsung sparked controversy last year after announcing a television that would listen to everything said in the room it’s in and in the fine print literally warned people not to talk about sensitive information in front of it. As Robert David Steele said it in a coded way about open source, public intelligence he called it, understand that terminology better now?

Donald Trump said on Saturday he had spoken with Benjamin Netanyahu about a possible mutual defense treaty between the two nations, a move that could bolster the Israeli prime minister’s re-election bid days before voters go to the polls. “I had a call today with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the possibility of moving forward with a Mutual Defense Treaty, between the United States and Israel, that would further anchor the tremendous alliance between our two countries,” Trump said on Twitter. He added that he looked forward to continuing discussions later this month, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session in New York. Israel goes to the polls on Tuesday. Trump’s tweet appeared aimed at buttressing Netanyahu’s effort to remain in power by showcasing his close ties to the White House. Opinion polls predict a close race, five months after an election in which Netanyahu declared himself the winner but failed to put together a coalition government. Some Israeli officials have promoted the idea of building on Netanyahu’s strong ties to the Trump administration by forging a new defense treaty with the US, focused especially on guarantees of assistance in any conflict with Iran.

Over the last 2 years, Israeli spies may have planted cell phone eavesdropping devices near the White House and other “sensitive locations” around Washington, DC, according to a recent explosive report. The Israeli PM denies this. The devices – commonly known as ‘StingRays’ – were first discovered by the Department of Homeland Security in 2018. They can trick cell phone towers into revealing location data and other identifying information, as well as the content of phone calls. They were likely planted to listen in on the communications of President Donald Trump and his closest aides, a former official told Politico. While it isn’t clear whether the eavesdropping operation was successful, a former senior intelligence official said it was “pretty clear that the Israelis were responsible.” The revelation is far from the first of its kind: Israeli spying operations targeting the United States have been a constant nuisance for American intelligence agencies over the decades, with Washington even naming the country as a top espionage threat, according to documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The head of United Nations Global Communications says that it is a “right” for migrants to illegally enter the United States. Writing on Facebook, Melissa Flemming asserted that, “the right to seek asylum is enshrined in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights & was made binding by the 1951 Refugee Convention.”
“It is never a crime to seek asylum in another country even if one enters a country irregularly,” she added. As head of communications, Flemming, who is American, is also the spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the same organization that Rep. Ilhan Omar advocated take control of the US-Mexico border last week.

The ozone hole over Antarctica this year could be one of the smallest seen in three decades, say scientists. Observations of the gas’s depletion high in the atmosphere demonstrate that it hasn’t opened up in 2019 in the way it normally does. The EU’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) says it’s currently well under half the area usually seen in mid-September. The hole is also off-centre and far from the pole, the EU agency adds. hmm I wonder why

UK running fear campaigns ran by the police and the Red Cross, who are associated with rogue mason and templars groups I might add, are telling people to have a bug out bag in preparedness, but don’t state what they are preparing for. In the illustration of the bag it included; Pen and notepad, Phone charger and battery pack, Flashlight, Radio, First aid kit, Batteries, Whistle, Personal toiletries, Seasonal clothing, Food and water and an Emergency plan. How can you have an emergency plan, if you don’t know what the emergency is?

Greta Thunberg the child prodigy with elite family background who has charmed the world on climate change and how people should pay for it, now reveals to the world to do that, we must save the banks.
This kid is being used as a tool for the old order, their new order wants rid of the banks in a decentralization program, which is ok to a point by me, we never needed banks to begin with, it was just convenient, but what are they replacing it with is the key?
Where are the think tanks of how to replace the millions of workers who rely on banks for their wages? What will happen to all the sky scrapers in many towns, will they be left to rot? repurposed? or 9/11’d?
This lack of future thinking disturbs me more than most, to remove something you have to replace it with something else, that something else has to be something better for real progression.
What Greta needs to understand it was the banks who created the problems on this planet to begin with, no not climate change, climate change is a money marketing scheme to make people pay for their other programs, pure and simple.
Question remains is with all their collection of global funds, why haven’t the UN paid for climate change? Why haven’t the 1% who have the funds (not as much as they used to) given their responsible for the rape of this planet?

The weather channel or better known as the fear porn channel, have spent last few weeks or so highlighting the Red Cross and how everyone should donate to them, there are hundreds if not thousands of philanthropic organizations who would love funds to go and help, why is it always just that one group, who has a detailed criminal background that anyone can find within an internet search within 5 minutes?

The media blackout in America and UK of the isRAel elections should be a concern for everyone, it does not augur too well and I suspect something major to go down there.
We are aware of clown and bank efforts to try WW3 again and it will be in that region, Yemen incident could well be self sabotage as will push prices up in America and other regions of which oil traders will stand to gain.

Banking issues raised their heads again this week, with the Fed adding $53B in cash Tuesday and another $75B Wednesday, why? it stated in the article posted, no liquidity.
Also stated the new Treasury debt that just came onto the markets, and also mentioned the Fed starting a repo market, I wonder which show warned of all of that? Weeks and months ago, don’t believe me, go and check the Intel portion in the transcripts on my patreon, it is all there to see, for those that don’t know all the main portions of each show are posted on my patreon generally within a week or two of the show, go to patreon.com/TommyW for a small donation each month you can see them all.
The article backs up not the fact that I was right, but the information we delivered was correct, that is the important thing.
They also cut the borrowing rate by a quarter of one per cent, which predictably Mr. Trump criticized via tweets, and yet he has been sitting on a lasting solution now to end the Fed given to him by the MWHT for near two years now, that will solve all of our money problems, and yet he has done what?
The debt cycle program operated by the Fed globally has failed, it fails us all, we have a new program that is based on an asset based policy, not debt based, that will kick start us all.
Mr. Trump has been given more knowledge, awareness, support and tools to correct this country than any other President combined and we are still pandering to the now defunct Fed, clowns in the fake Treasury, isRAel, old system groups wanting to stay in control of a failed system, the clock is ticking Mr. Trump, your time to deliver for and by the people is up, we want actions delivered now, not stupid tweets.

There is no physical or electronic evidence that the Fed transferred $1B never mind $128B, more illusion.

The minions of the order have been informed there will be no contracts this year, They are still meeting discussing a way forward. meetings have been going on for a week and was expected to last another 4 days as per Tuesday

The Draco queen has made apologies on behalf of her family to the others, and told them destroying this planet is not an option, and that they need to work toward restoration of it, not destruction. Asked all including our group to come up with a plan.

The Saudi Arabia oil incident could have been done by several groups, and regardless of who done it you would have to say it was justified when you really know what is and has been going on in that region. Rogue elements have been dividing up Iraqi oil for free, most of China’s imported oil comes from this region and their total cost of the oil is shipping costs only.
As well as China getting free oil, there are others who are getting a cut out of this deal also, Benjamin Netanyahu for one, Bush group no surprise there, Obama failed Pindar man and also Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran all are in on the deal of free oil.
The oil extracted has to be processed and that is all done by one company Aramaco in Saudi Arabia, before being shipped to China and Houston Texas, which plant was attacked in Saudi Arabia? Aramco.
Like I said regardless of who did it, Iraq, Yemen, some sub religious group from anywhere in that region or even Iran, you cannot blame them, they are stifling and controlling the whole regional market with this heist, if you were Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Qatar or any other oil producing or selling nation in that region and your whole business and trade is being stifled by these highway robber barons, wouldn’t you fight back and hit them were it hurts?
The whole gist of why the US is imposing sanctions of Iran is so they, Iran can’t sell their oil, and the above named keep and sell their stolen loot deal.
The key to ending all this is for the world to share out all the resources equally, to do that we have to get rid of the minions of the old order controlling all businesses, particularly in the field of energy.

There is a reason they were all in meetings for 11 or so days, to come up with a plan, our plan was fairly easy, but theirs has become very complexed, and the gist of it is, how can we come up with a plan that appears to help the planet and the people, whilst we remain in control of it all.
No doubt they have ran several AI scenarios and to date not one of their plans will keep them in control, this is why they have no plan.
Our plan was accepted by 99% on the Galactic Council and surprisingly and is a massive shift if fully confirmed, the hidden world council we referenced a few months back voted 4-3 in favor and support of our plan presented, that plan is it not yet set in stone and will be adjusted accordingly here and there when more input is placed into it, but that 4-3 vote is a major shift as all of them were old order minions, that vote two years ago would have been 0-7.
What it tells you is, the work we have done has rendered them in essence obsolete, an extraordinary achievement given lack of numbers and resources of those involved in that exercise.
The Emperor has no clothes, no ideas and no plans, wrong timeline and frequency folks, and you can keep denying it all you like, but reality bites.
There only response this week to fix it is, take Kim and I out, message to you doing that, yes you the Cult of Ra pedo group out of Utah, we don’t give a shit what you threaten us with, but if you think taking 2 people out, out of 7B plus will work, good luck with that.

In my piece last week on 9/11, my focus was on America and what happened that day and forward to Americans, but we also tend to overlook and forget what happened to other nations and their people.
So I need to highlight the cost to other nations also arising from that day, the peoples of Iraq have lost 1,609, 903, the peoples of Afghanistan lost 48,644, and people of Pakistan 35,000, near 1.7 million people lost who have never been near or in America, never mind the Twin Towers.
This goes way beyond an eye for an eye, this has wiped out more than the population of 11 of the 50 states, and on par with the 38th highest populated state West Virginia, imagine wiping out every single person in that state? Think about that for a second.
We remember our losses, but all people are equal, or should be, Iraq bombed into oblivion and for what?
Did any fake passport have an Iraqi person’s name on it? no, and yet the people of America, all at the time got behind that war, the people of the UK and Europe also, this is where we have to be more savvy than we have in the past.
It is proven beyond all doubt now, that believing official discourse is not only stupid, but also negligent, everybody has an obligation to check their stories for facts and proof of what they are saying, otherwise we become complicit.
It was convenience, that word again, that led us to believe official stories, let someone else do the research for us and then give their opinions, how has that worked out for us?

As owner of the World Trade Center site, the Port Authority has worked since 2001 on plans for reconstruction of the site, along with Silverstein Properties, and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. In 2006, the Port Authority reached a deal with Larry Silverstein, which ceded control of One World Trade Center to the Port Authority. The deal gave Silverstein rights to build three towers along the eastern side of the site, including 150 Greenwich Street, 175 Greenwich Street, and 200 Greenwich Street. Also part of the plans was the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, which opened in March 2016 and replaced the temporary PATH station that opened in November 2003. All reminiscent of lets bomb Iraq and then fund their own contractors like Haliburton, Bechtel et al to rebuild it, a case of create your own work and money.
In the book, Snowden describes in detail for the first time his background, and what led him to leak details of the secret programmes being run by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK’s secret communication headquarters, GCHQ. He describes the 18 years since the September 11 attacks as “a litany of American destruction by way of American self-destruction, with the promulgation of secret policies, secret laws, secret courts and secret wars”. Snowden also said: “The greatest danger still lies ahead, with the refinement of artificial intelligence capabilities, such as facial and pattern recognition. “An AI-equipped surveillance camera would be not a mere recording device, but could be made into something closer to an automated police officer.” He is concerned the US and other governments, aided by the big internet companies, are moving towards creating a permanent record of everyone on earth, recording the whole of their daily lives. Echoes much of our shows that.

A woman in Florida Taylor Bland Ball, lost custody of her child for refusing to give the child chemotherapy, becoming all too common, but what is all too common is, the acceptance of it and the lack of support for her.
It should send shudders through single every mother, not just in America, but globally, one day you think you own your child, the child gets sick and then they tell you the real truth, no family owns their own children, they are all wards of the state, unless not registered.
Where is the outrage? Why hasn’t this story gone viral? where are the women empowerment groups? or is that just about empowering women to earn lots of money and play this system? appears so to me, all about cor-pirate empowerment, not life empowerment.
Where is the self appointed bastions of female power like Ellen Degeneres, Rachel Maddow or the woman who advertises weight loss programs and yet is massively overweight herself Oprah, where are they in support of this woman? All sits their talking shit in their shows about how the females must all stick together and rise up, yet a woman has her child stolen off her and crickets, women empowerment is all bollocks and designed for divisive programs only.
So, you have a plethora of these agenda driven groups allegedly in support of women, and yet none of them get behind the woman having her child stolen off her?
What is wrong with people? well she wouldn’t allow her child chemo the stupid and ignorant cry, neglecting the fact that chemo does more damage than good, providing you do your own research and find out for yourself, that will become fact not fiction.
It’s all about fighting to keep the system and lies with these people, we have been shafted on every level of life and people are not only supporting it, but fighting to keep it.
The same applied with a recent story from Brazil, where Kim and MWHT were giving the doctor there, who has a 100% cancer cure rating, infact he has cured several heads of state and other prominent types of people, $10B to build an advanced cure and health center, and a mini town as a support structure, and in came the clowns to block it, which is all too familiar as they wish to keep their trillion dollar cash cow going, but we had the some people in alt media we referenced last week supporting the blocking of it also, supporting the blocking of a cancer cure center, wrap your heads around that fact.
But I ask again where is the mother support for that woman, who has just had a state mandated child kidnapping done to her in broad daylight, and the alt media is doing what to support her?
The women empowerment groups are doing what to support her? and all mothers are doing what to support her? nothing, makes me wonder what we are actually saving here, when the majority can just ignore all these crimes right in their face, of course until it happens to their child, then there is outrage, by then it’s too late then people.
The same thing happened with foreclosures did it not? people ignored it because it was happening to someone else, and you heard the words from some people saying, well if you don’t pay your debt, that is what happens, ignoring the fact they are too stupid to understand there is no debt.

Voldemort is the archenemy of Harry Potter, who according to a prophecy has “the power to vanquish the Dark Lord“. Nearly every witch or wizard dares not utter his unmentionable name, and refers to him instead with such expressions as “You-Know-Who”, “He Who Must Not Be Named” or “the Dark Lord”. Voldemort’s obsession with blood purity signifies his aim to rid the wizarding world of Muggle (non-magical) heritage and to conquer both worlds, Muggle and wizarding, to achieve pure-blood dominance. Through his mother’s family, he is the last descendant of wizard Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is the leader of the Death Eaters, a group of evil wizards and witches dedicated to ridding the Wizarding World of Muggles and establishing Voldemort as its supreme ruler. Fair description of the bloodline families is it not, and also the role of witches delivering it and evil. This is why I don’t like magic light or dark, A: it’s laziness due to not raising your soul development level where you would have natural abilities, provided you were responsible for them B: the dark path is all so easy and seducing on those practices, moreso with a society operating in comparative mindset.

The problem of groups of people targeting certain people or groups has become an all too common theme overtime, and particularly in our field.
This generation has seen a massive increase in it, as more and more people target others, because they haven’t addressed themselves, that is the top and bottom line of it, those doing it have no mastery over themselves, have done little to no shadow or inner work, have zero trust or belief in themselves, so instead of elevating themselves, learning mastery of themselves, integrating their shadow aspects and dealing with inner trauma, they are more intent of derailing other people and dragging them down to their level.
If your envious of another person’s status or lifestyle, or whatever that competitive based aspect is, the key is for you to work harder to achieve what you desire, not by trampling on other people, but by improving the self.
Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse used by narcissists in order to instill in their victim’s an extreme sense of anxiety and confusion to the point where they no longer trust their own memory, perception or judgment. The techniques used in “Gaslighting” by the narcissist are similar to those used in brainwashing, interrogation, and torture that have been used in psychological warfare by intelligence operative, law enforcement and other forces for decades.
The intention is to, in a systematic way, target the victim’s mental equilibrium, self confidence, and self esteem so that they are no longer able to function in an independent way.
Gaslighting involves the abuser to frequently and systematically withhold factual information from the victim, and replacing it with false information.
Because of it’s subtly, this cunning Machiavellian behaviour is a deeply insidious set of manipulations that is difficult for anybody to work out, and with time it finally undermines the mental stability of the victim. That is why it is such a dangerous form of abuse. The emotional damage of Gaslighting is huge on the narcissistic victim. When they are exposed to it for long enough, they begin to lose their sense of their own self. Unable to trust their own judgments, they start to question the reality of everything in their life. They begin to find themselves second-guessing themselves, and this makes them become very insecure around their decision making, even around the smallest of choices. The victim becomes depressed and withdrawn, they become totally dependent on the abuser for their sense of reality. In effect the gaslighting turns the victim’s reality on its head.
This is mk ultra tactics in it’s more milder form, mind control based distraction, and because so many people have an inferiority complex it works all to well for the majority of people, but it doesn’t work on people who have mastery of the self, as a certain group have found out.
It’s like being back at school, and some kids saying you are gay, which when I was at school was a major issue and a social pariah status, which upset many children at the time, but if they know they are not gay and have mastery over the self, that type of name calling has no effect, it is only when you don’t trust the self, and worry what others think of you, that is becomes a problem.
So, people can carry on calling me fraud, scammer or whatever other label they bring up, I know for certain I am none of those allegations, so I dont give a shit, it is reflective of their own lack of self mastery, that they choose to bring you down to their level, because they are incapable of mastering or elevating themselves.
But gaslighting whether in alt media or not, but it is not the only tactic in alt media that has it’s core in MK Ultra programs, the Q movement is riddled with it, and a few simple searches of it, should stop it in it’s tracks, the red pilling program, take the red pill not the blue pill because a movie called The Matrix told you so, who wrote the movie? they did.
That scene in that movie was a piss take on the people of how easily led they are, they offer you up an illusion of choice, blue or red pill which is duality and dueling, knowing full well the majority of people, awake or not will pick one of their selections, for an example use politics, very few will turn around and go triality choice and say neither, why? because it is programmed into you from a child, there has to be a winner and a loser, one choice or another, and people forget to think and select the third option, I don’t want either of the choices you gave me, they were not my choices, they were their choices.
The red pill everyone is metaphorically taking in the alt media, is a reference to the red pill LSD used in MK Ultra programs by the CIA, Mengele and Montauk groups, oops, yet again the word convenience comes up, you accepted their narrative as you felt it was easier for you to not waste energy researching it.
That is how people end up down wrong paths and ultimately consumes more of your energy, than if you had researched the material yourself, as once people realize they have been fooled, they then use vast quantities of energy doing two things, 1 they fight to cover it up and 2. they use gaslighting methods on the messenger consuming even more of their energy, it is false economy of your own energy.
Alt media has a plethora of these types of Mk Ultra based mind controlled people, Shane the Ruiner told you all that 4 years ago, even though he had been in the programs himself, Laura Leon, Marilee Neitain, Lily Earthling, Aug Tellez, Bill Brockabrader, Eva Moore, Duncan OFinian, James Casbolt, Max Spiers, infact all super soldiers have, Bill Ryan, Karen MacDonald, Patti Brassard and many others, that is not said to denigrate those people, they are victims let us not forget that fact, they need help, but I for one will not allow them to make victims of others, because they are not in control of themselves.
All of them at various times and this is a key to spotting them, have exhibited erratic behavioral patterns, their messages flip flop back and forth, contain a plethora of dark or fear based material, and some don’t appear to be the same person in some cases, for those that remember the Aug Tellez meltdown in our group, there is a classic example.
Monarch programmed females are also another method of infiltration into our groups as well, honeypot people, generally good looking and used to seduce males into changing their path, their programmers have designed them to do, again not their fault, but again we must be aware of the damage they cause to people.
“The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in U.S. underground military facilities which gradually became home to thousands upon thousands of  kidnapped American children snatched off the streets (about one million per year) and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling as part of the ‘training’. These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele’s mind control technologies. Certain selected children (at least the ones who survived the ‘training’) would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for thousands of different jobs ranging anywhere from sexual slavery to assassinations. A substantial portion of these children, who were considered expendable, were intentionally slaughtered in front of (and by) the other children in order to traumatize the selected trainee into total compliance and submission.”
At McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Ewen Cameron carried out a series of experiments for the CIA, effectively turning his patients into “vegetables.” The process, which Cameron called “depatterning,” relied upon intensive electroshocks, followed by 30-60 days of drug-induced sleep, to destroy existing patterns of behavior. In the end, the patient would become a tabula rasa, her mind wiped clean and empty.
For further examples of red pilling and it’s effects, one has to look at the Veterans and in particular the Vietnam ones, they were all red pilled, as in given LSD, as part of an experiment, you wonder now why so many of that era are afflicted with what is now known as PTSD, but perhaps it would be better known as PTLSD, that era was riddled with it, even songs by specifically created groups like The Beatles (Tavistock creation) sang about it, lucy in the sky with diamonds, Lucy, Sky, Diamonds as in LSD recorded same time as Vietnam war, coincidence? I think not, it is called seeding, planting thought process into the brain, it is how they work.

Connected to that is that I had to destroy an object I made. It was based on a vision I had in an Ayahuasca ritual. I thought back then it was all light, but realized that it was not, but something of the astral (although it was beautiful to watch, realizing now it was a seduction).
Also I cleared my space of more objects and had to symbolically destroy a contract I signed once at the beginning of a ritual, stating that I took full  responsibility for what happened to me in the ritual.
Through that experiences I learned to deal with the images I now occasionally get, I understand now they are attacks, they are weak now, less frequent and very easy to send back x 10 and destroy. This gives me a feeling of confidence and strength.
This was from a member and an example and validation of how the tools I have given out in the various shows do work in these fields and some times dimensions, but it also a prime example I would like more people to consider, of taking responsibility for their own actions, it is cathartic and a purging of your cord connections to darker elements and wrong paths, arrived at by various methods.
You cannot solve a problem by ignoring your own input into it, otherwise the solution fails and rebounds back on you.
It’s like banks, most in the alt media are by now aware of what they have done to us, yet how many realize it is us who feed them?
remember banks dont have any money, they only have ours, imagine if all alt media got together and removed all their money and paychecks out of the main banks? banks would be no more, remember it is our money they use to pay the millionaire and billionaires interest.

I saw a post the other day of impressive bs’ery, all of which all of us have bought into a varying times, so no shame in that.
2010-2014 brought in a range of elevated programs into the alt media all largely telling us what we wanted to hear.
The era of channeled messages of dear ones, that is your first clue it is fake, all engineered by voice to head technology for those susceptible to that level of programming, of how generally the Pleiadians are just on the outskirts of our planet or galaxy and were coming here to save us and bring us abundance and new technology, it and they never arrived.
Did anyone notice during their channeled messages of any of them telling you they were going to prevent another program that was running at the time, particularly by the fake Alex Collier, who from death records died in 2007-2009 period, of how they were going to stop Nibiru from destroying the planet, so they can come and meet us? funny that isn’t it?
Nibiru is coming to destroy the planet and (play) and none of the channeled messages mentioned or discounted it?
We touched on contradictory pieces recently but alt media is riddled with them, contradictory stories was the order of the day, people demanding when is NESARA, Collateral Accounts or the Birth certificates paying out, so people can go and buy lots of materialistic stuff, no one mentioned pooling funds and improving life or the planet, but at the same time people were demanding when are the replicator machines coming out, oblivious to the fact through lack of critical thinking, if you had a replicator why would you need money?
Various money programs, of how we are all going to get x amount from $1M to $6B each, from a plethora of platforms, and this post had them all wrapped into one post, like a magic carpet ride back in time to the golden period of alt media, where total bs’ery reigned.
All of them dates of two weeks, tomorrow, various full moons, July 4th extravaganzas came and went, and to be balanced and fair from an observer point of view, to date the Trust hasn’t delivered the way certainly Kim or I would have wanted, that is a fact, and yet giant strides have been made by the Trust in so many other ways, which will be lost on many outside of this group, conveniently lost by some groups also.
We have at least ascertained there is no NESARA, GESARA, RV/GCR, St. Germaine Trust and we got a full low down of what really was the Collateral Accounts and who are the murky players within it, what is the 5 star trust, the fact the Spiritual Wonder boy accounts actually exists, and a plethora of other revelations that gave the average person a chance to really understand who is who and what is what, it has given you all a more clearer picture, the biggest thing is it has allowed some people to focus in into better levels of thinking, and preserved your energy away from bs, and onto more valid things.
Yet out of all the monetary based programs peppered throughout the alt media, there was never a concerted effort by the alt media to discount or question any of those various programs, until The Trust came along, funny that isn’t it and to any impartial observer, it becomes indicative.
2014 brought in new programs involving money and new levels of bs’ery, the Blue Avian narrative, all designed to steer you away from some of the previous crap, as some of us started to work out their lies and levels of intrusion into the alt media field by agents, they were always there directing one program after another, as mentioned earlier contradictory.
By this stage many more Americans were coming out of their collective 9/11 induced amnesia, and many joined the alt media to study that, and down the rabbit hole you go into other fields, that had to be curbed by the authorities and in came the personality led narrative and characters, who still to this day, if you believe their faked algorithmic figures garner much support, the alt media had become MSM in disguise, ran by the same clowns.
Wilcock became the prime candidate for that program, having roped in Drake, Keenan, Anna Von Reitz and eventually Ben Fulford into his circle, and out went Kerry Cassidy, the question remains is why Wilcock doesn’t come under the same scrutiny as other shows, and in particular this one? why has he written absolutely nothing for the past 3 years, his latest post was a complete copy of ones he wrote back in 2012-13, he is busy writing for this book and movie, preparing for a conference to recycle old material and charge hundreds of dollars for it.
But here is something to ponder on after he has spent much of the last 10 years crying poverty, how does he afford to go to Banff every year? you do realize it is an elite hideout and all types of ritualistic stuff goes on there, not to mention the fact he goes there the same time every year it appears, around what is known as the harvest moon in September, which is when the elites do their rituals, virgin sacrifices and eyes wide shut type parties, of which I have photographic evidence of Wilcock attending them.
Has he ever told his followers of what goes on in those parties? no, so what is he hiding then, is the big question is it not?
The Blue Avian was a new program delivering promises to the gullible masses, in a story we would have all loved to happen, but a few questions on it and it all falls apart, but they played on hope, played on masses all too content for others to do things for them, played on their naivety and deep seated desire of the masses to know they are not alone, neglecting the fact we are not alone on this planet, never mind the universe.
Something to ponder on is, if we are the only living creature, that must mean we are god? that’s blasphemy the religious will cry, but is it with your contradictory thinking patterns? you cant have it both ways.
We can only be alone if we are the only living species on this planet, what about pets, animals, mammals, fish, birds, insects, plants and trees, do they not count as living species? so how can we be alone?
There are billions who believe in a non physical entity of one form of god or another, does he, she or it not count either? How can you go to church and believe in that entity, and yet still turn around and say I or we are alone or lonely? isn’t that a tad contradictory in what you believe? or perhaps it is a deep seated higher self telling you what is real or not?
The same people who believe in a non physical entity that they have never seen, turn around and tell you in some cases you are a bit mental if you believe in another non physical entity, called ghosts, is that not contradictory? so what your saying is only god can be in essence a ghost? holy or otherwise.
So on the one hand because you stand in a building with a certain book you will believe in the holy ghost, and yet dismiss people as cranks if they see a ghost and relay it to others? contradictory much?
The same people will tell you it is ridiculous if you believe in zombies, and yet ask a dead man to come back from being dead for 2000 years, to return and save them? save them from what exactly? what is he saving? have people actually defined what he is allegedly saving them from? Jesus will return and save us, from whom, from what, I thought we were alone?
Well he will save us from the devil, but didn’t the book say god created everything? that means he created the devil did he not? is he not responsible for fixing that mess? or does forgive us our sins only apply to god?
Most people regale at incest, yet it is mentioned in 48 verses of gods book, religious people regale at homosexuality, yet didn’t Jesus and or god say we must love all people the same? again all very contradictory is it not?
Why does gods book tell you to fear him 84 times? Many people believe the Lord is god and he loves them and is the all nice entity who does no wrong, yet the book tells you to fear the Lord 186 times, is that not a control system? do you think god or the lord should be making you fear him? God is love we are told which is a higher vibrational frequency, yet it is mentioned 270 times in his book to fear him, which is a low vibrational frequency, is that conducive to growth? since when is the fear emotion been about love?
It is not just Christendom that delivers message of what would be described as conspiracy in any other circle outside of religion with virgin births and talking snakes, but scriptures tell you that Buddha and Ra were born out of their mother’s side fss, adds whole new meaning to my sides are splitting, yes with laughter at the sheer stupidity of narrative contained within them books.
Questions to ponder on the subject of Jesus, would you know who he was if he returned? if you saw him in the street looking all raggedy would you help him or do what most do to raggedy people in the street, turn up their nose and scurry by, like a homeless person? remember Jesus if he returned as they say, would be homeless.
What if he came to you today and said hello my name is Jesus, what would your response be? f off zombie? your fake? you stink go and get a wash? you look like a Muslim terrorist? where is your ID? they may sound all funny, but is it not a true reflection of how society in general treat people? some would thump him for lying, what this proves is, no one would have a clue whether he was real or not, there is no defined proof, only a set of beliefs given to you by the system.
What is proof? there is none, if I told you Dave Biondahl was Jesus would you believe it? if Trump or Putin told you, would you believe it? if some fake channeled message told you, would you believe it? yet some Langley agent or think tank script writer tells you something fantastical on the internet, and so many believe it, in over view and on that basis, that makes the CIA the bastion of proof, does it not? cue my favorite mewe gif.
How does those last few paragraphs sound to you? does it make you feel a bit stupid? well we are all a bit stupid at times so don’t feel too bad, the key is to correcting our own stupidity, and this is were critical thinking comes in, you have forgotten to apply your own questions to any narrative, whereby you look at a narrative and weigh up your own questions on it.
Many will hear this piece and go wow I never thought of it that way, my question is why didn’t you? each and everyone of you is more than capable of bringing up those questions and analyzing them in that way, once you analyze many things in the manner of what we have been told, it all falls apart in a contradictory pattern.
It all comes back to you, what you put your energy into, a belief system or your own understanding and truth, many throw themselves into arguing about politics, and yet does not the famous saying reveal our folly of that?  “politics is the last resort for the scoundrel” and  politics is often the first refuge for the scoundrel, thief and idler, why would we waste our energy on scoundrels, thieves and lazy people?
Yet the whole Q anon thing on the internet focuses entirely on the political scene, does it not? lets look at that in overview shall we, we are asking a politician who are declared scoundrels, thieves and idlers to correct a corrupt system, of which all of them on some level are apart of that corruption, does that make any sense whatsoever? It’s like asking Al Capone to clean up the mafia is it not?
Everything comes back down to you, what you believe based on a relayed narrative, or what you know based on your own questioning of things and coming to an understanding? Should anyone listening to this believe everything I say as gospel, funny word that is it not, go spell, as in cast a spell, absolutely not, and I encourage you all to do your own investigations into topics where it is actually possible, although that type of investigations is now becoming narrower by the day, as search engines block whole batches of information on certain subjects, but if you seek, ye shall find.
I got all my knowledge from doing my own investigation work over a prolonged period of time, I studied material and individuals, where they consistent? did their frequency or path change and over time it becomes easier to spot.
Unlike many others I do not have a background in any agencies, brotherhoods, fraternal orders, religious sects, Cult of Ra, Talmudic, Cat Holic, Buddhist, Hindu teachings, witchcraft or bloodline families that makes me unique in many ways, as I am not poisoned, coerced or pulled into line by anyone, I chartered my own path, and that is the key, that is why I get so much attention.
I am not swayed by money, fame or titles either all of which are fake and or control systems, I just want a fair and transparent planet for all beings here, and a chance for everyone to prosper, not just survive day to day, that is not living, that is existing, nothing more and nothing less.
I was quizzed by a certain group of people last year of what I want, I told them the above and they said no your not getting it, what do you want, I said no your not getting I have just told you what I want and that is it, to do that we have to replace all the old failed systems as none were designed to work for us, some have to be deleted and some repurposed.
Too many do things for their own ends, I know some are in THI for the funds only, I get that but sometimes it would be nice if more people were in it for the bigger picture and the all, not just themselves.
My agenda is crush the old system that failed not only most humans, but all other living species on and in this planet, it was designed that way, and was inclusive of all so called special status people also, not just us lowly slaves, no M would never lie they say, all hail M, you stupid bastards he lied through his teeth to everyone of you, 1% truth 99% lies, and because of your own inability to critical think, it was all so easy to pull off.
To those people I hope you all listened to your special guest this week, I mean properly listened, because if you didn’t, you will pay a price for that level of non hearing and stupidity, you will not be allowed to stall the restoration of this planet, she and we have made that very clear now.
The Planet is about to go in a different direction in more ways than one could possibly think, the consensus on the higher levels of thinking is, what was done was wrong, there is a will and drive to correct that now, by enough beings, it will never be the all, and now more than ever we have a fantastic opportunity to turn this world into a much better, safer and harmonic place than it ever was.
It requires the participation of the all to drive that, initially it is and has been the few for various reasons, but doors will open, but you have to be ready to walk through them, that is not down to anybody else but for you to choose your path, just you.
If your first thought is to ask what can I do, you really haven’t absorbed the message of not only this particular show, but the hundreds of other shows I have done, people often ask how is Kim or I involved in the Council, it is not because we were appointed but because we both decided to do something that would or could have an effect, although Kim later was appointed by them as an Ambassador, no one told us what to do, the key is we just did it, everyone else on this planet had the same opportunity to do so, but never believed in it, but more importantly never believed in themselves.

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