truth honor integrity | sept 26, 2019

The show that brings information past 2014
There will be a point in tonight’s show were members will shake their heads and go seriously, wells the fargo, followed by shaking their heads again and a further round of wells the fargo’s. For those new wells the fargo is what the f.
This being the last week in september makes it now 10 months and counting.
Opening song if played when I first put out the two world’s piece and a heads up to all that listened back in 2015, wouldn’t have made much sense as people struggled to get their heads around the concept, I warned it would it would become more visible as time moved on, and it has. Another week we survived away from loop news and programs, as we get more true to ourselves in our world and stand our ground, all transparent for all too see, THI along with OPR and COWL are fast becoming islands as the dance of the two worlds ups the ante. Two worlds collided in 2017 briefly and has got wider ever since.

Walmart said Friday that it will stop selling electronic cigarettes at its namesake stores and Sam’s Clubs following a string of mysterious illnesses and deaths related to vaping. The nation’s largest retailer, based in Bentonville, Arkansas, said that it will complete its exit from e-cigarettes after selling through its current inventory. The move is due to “growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity” regarding vaping products, the company said in a statement. President Donald Trump has proposed a federal ban on flavored e-cigarettes and vaping products.

The government of Guatemala has declared a state of emergency that temporarily suspends some rights in parts of the country’s north after suspected drug traffickers killed three members of a military patrol. The state of emergency will be applied in various townships in the provinces of Izabal, Zacapa, El Progreso, Peten and Alta Verapaz. The decree suspends for 30 days the rights of assembly, transit, the right to carry arms and constitutional guarantees against arrest without a warrant. Guatemala’s president said Wednesday that drug traffickers were behind the violence. The military unit had been tracking an apparent drug flight from the ground when it was attacked.

At least a dozen Iranian students who were set to begin graduate programs in engineering and computer science say their visas were abruptly canceled and they were barred from their flights to the United States this month. But the students, most of whom were headed to schools in the University of California system, say their visas were revoked at the last minute, without any warning or explanation. Most were prevented from boarding flights in Iran, and others from boarding connecting flights in the Persian Gulf. One was detained at Boston Logan International Airport and then turned back.
One hopes this was done for the right reasons and not some stupid oil game war that benefits no one except select few. A lot of these foreign students are used to spy in and on, but also used as stooges for CIA in their education for information game.
That has gone on since 1950’s, were CIA agents go into a country and make offers or threats to young people to become spies and get varied kickbacks for doing so.

A petition to remove an “All Lives Matter” decal from the rear quarter panels of two Frankton, Indiana police department vehicles has resulted in the department agreeing to take them off following complaints that the decals demeaned the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The petition was started by Frankton resident, Molly Hobbs, who posted her reasoning for removing the decals from police vehicles on Change.org. The goal of this petition is to get the Frankton, Indiana police to remove “All Lives Matter” from their patrol vehicles. ​Frankton, Indiana is a small farming town in the Midwest, with not much diversity. “All Lives Matter” was placed on the vehicles during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM brings attention to injustices against people of color, mostly committed by police officers. The “All Lives Matter” group was created to silence and villainize people of color fighting for justice. This controversial slogan does not belong on the vehicles of those meant to protect and serve. I believe this slogan on the vehicles can give the wrong impression of the town. I also believe removing this slogan will increase diversity and help diminish the negative, racist stereotypes that rural Midwest towns receive.
Personally I believe Molly Hobbs needs to be arrested for stereotyping, racism based on only one color of peoples lives matter and wasting police and public time.

Israeli-Arab lawmakers have recommended that the former army chief Benny Gantz should become prime minister. Last week’s election put the incumbent leader Benjamin Netanyahu neck and neck with Mr Gantz, and the two are now vying to build a governing coalition. Joint List, the bloc of Arab parties that came in third, says it wants to oust Mr Netanyahu from power.This is the first time since 1992 that an Arab political group has issued an endorsement for prime minister. This was Israel’s second general election of the year. After the first, in April, coalition talks fell apart and a snap poll was called.

Earth’s magnetic field, the basis for modern global navigation systems, is constantly in some state of flux. However, it now seems to be going haywire, pushing the North Pole closer to Siberia, and no one’s sure why. The field changes as the molten metals surrounding the earth’s solid iron core churn and flow, creating electric currents and a corresponding magnetic field. As a result, the magnetic poles tend to shift slightly as a matter of course. However, researchers don’t know what’s causing the magnetic field to now move so quickly. The north magnetic pole sped across the International Date Line last year at a rate of 55 km per year, more than three times as fast as it moved before the mid-1990s. Now located in the Eastern Hemisphere, it’s moving away from Canada and approaching Siberia.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump, a dramatic turnaround by the Democratic leader that sets up a constitutional and political clash pitting the Congress against the nation’s chief executive. “The actions of the Trump presidency have revealed the dishonorable fact of the president’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections,” Pelosi said in brief remarks. “Therefore, today, I am announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry.” Impeachment is a rare and extraordinary first step that could lead to overturning the decision of U.S. voters in 2016 to elect Trump. A YouGov poll said 55% of Americans would support impeachment if it was confirmed that President Trump suspended military aid to Ukraine in order to push the country’s officials to investigate Mr. Biden.
All too predictable amount of distraction and why this show has largely moved away from politics, it’s bs, staged and drama laden environment, where no one acts on anything or discusses policies anymore. Can impeach the whole lot of them for me, as a dereliction of duty to this country and it’s people.
The question is not whether Trump asked for dirt on Biden, the question is why haven’t the military, Pentagon, CIA, FBI, NSA and DHS not investigated whether Biden was a national security risk? it is funny you can find all kinds of misdemeanor in the alt media about Biden and his son, and yet the aforementioned groups do or say nothing, that is the real crime here.

Same distraction tactics are being used in the UK, from Brexit to now investigating who the Prime minister goes on trips with and whether he is sleeping with her or not, like I said Johnson, May and Cameron were not the problem, its the system and too often people buy into it. Amidst all the noise of suspending Parliament for a few weeks over Brexit, what has been lost is the same people that wail, have had since April 2016 to make a plan, deal or decision and failed. Three and half years and they complain they cant debate for a few more weeks? That is the real issue, not the noise to deflect it.

Something to ponder on next year in elections is Trump will be 74, Biden 77, Warren 71, Sanders 79 and Pelosi 80 should that age group be representing the country at the highest levels?

President Jair Bolsonaro has insisted that the Brazilian areas of the Amazon rainforest are sovereign territory. Conservationists blame Mr Bolsonaro and his government for turning a blind eye to farmers and loggers clearing land in the Amazon, hastening deforestation. He said it was a “fallacy” to describe the Amazon as the heritage of humanity and a “misconception” that its forests were the lungs of the world. Brazil – home to more than half the Amazon rainforest. I understand where they are coming from on both sides, yet should Mr. Bolsonaro listen to countries whose degradation in their own countries tell others what they should or shouldn’t do? But one day it would be real nice if all countries shared resources and all contributed in protecting certain areas.

Expect Earthquakes and outages in varying fields over the coming days, Kashmir was not an earthquake it is part of the war.

The other races spent the weekend celebrating their Independence from the SSp last weekend through Monday, several battles took place underground for varying reasons and all went well.
Discourse which is ongoing is over us receiving some support in our battle to remove surface clowns, they not only hold us up, but them also, so looking for strategic support to deal with their threat.

Two underground stations of the others were destroyed over the weekend, one contained an array of computers that was interfering in a variety of ways.
Several Vril frequency interference machines operating from below ground were also deleted globally

Vril reptilian group lost many of their group also for interference with humanity and ignoring the peace treaty

Vril group are a major problem we have been dealing with recently, with their frequency based machines causing much havoc and disruption, particularly in the field of harvesting energy from selected groups, work underway to address those issues.
There was a plan of theirs to collect 20K people and bring them all to a certain region in America, give them jobs and funding, so they can be used as batteries, some people have a much higher frequency or essence they desire, that was prevented.
The gist of those below ground machines was to create a frequency that lowered the vibration of people on the planet, particularly certain groups who have turned their light frequency beacon on.
Remember I did a piece that kind of disturbed some asking was the planet and the being sick? I asked why some many species here are all vampiric, violent, divisive and chaos based, and I questioned whether grounding was a good thing, which again people didn’t resonate too well with, those machines are your answer to that.
They are or in some cases were infecting the ground with negative frequencies, and so another new age based ideology of being bare footed on the earth has to come into question at this point.
The old acupuncture was done in the feet for a reason, it has pressure points that goes to all parts of the body, and so they are receptors in one way.
There is also what is called foot detox pads that draws out all the toxins via the feet, if it draws out from within, it also proves it can draw in from without.
For those who look for excuses for the masses, this technology is not it, for those who did their work and elevated their frequency it becomes a mild to medium irritant, those that haven’t sink lower in vibration and frequency, you save you and two worlds all in one piece. I will leave you all to decide whether grounding is a good thing anymore, it’s your choice, I just provide the information.

I have told you and many believe it that this show has more of the direct knowledge of what is and has really gone on on this planet. We are part of the few with knowledge of the real control system, deep state are all bottom 5%, alt media covers the bottom 25% maximum. You have been told several things in this show that the governments, heads of state and several other so called high profile groups are not privy to.
If this next part doesn’t hit home of the levels of information you have, nothing will.
Kim received a call from The Fed, and they spouted their usual drivel, needing money and leveraging it for the benefit of clowns.
Kim spoke back in truth, as she has heard every bs story they and others have tried to feed her and spoke facts. Fact 1. you have no license and your contract expired in 2012, response was, we didn’t know Fact 2. You are owned by the Rothschild’s, response was, we are not aware of that either. As of yesterday they were approaching Mr. Powell to mention these bombshells, seriously, I guess compartmentalization is on steroids in that Department or they are memory wiped bots.

Last September this show warned Mr. Trump he was in deep trouble unless he acted on the several bodies of work done by MWHT team, from sovereignty, to tax reform, to FEMA replacement, to fixing the Fed and the IRS, restoration of the military and also how to fix the media and the consequences of not delivering at least one of them soon would have far reaching effects.
One year on I suspect the consequences of failing to deliver the best supporting package any US President has ever received, will now start the year of his downfall, unless actions are taken.
The Q movement is losing people in droves, bored by promises of this, that and the other and none being delivered, watch Comey go boom, no he got a wrist slap, they are tired of the wait and nothing happening club, the people also and the alt media in general, those people who waited on promises will quickly turn against Trump now, as no one likes the feeling of being fooled.
The man is in big trouble and will not be re-elected at this point, and yet delivery of 1 or 2 of those proposals changes everything, he would not need to campaign should that be delivered. Is it MAGA, MIGA or we the people being made great again Mr. Trump, 3 years on things don’t look too pretty, for you, the country or the people.

Given the 1000’s of teachers being charged with various inappropriate behavior with children or students, the test pilot program being ran in the UK mentioned earlier should be alarming on many fronts.
By test I mean, they are gauging public reaction to it, if only a few complain it will be ignored and rolled out into other regions, so it is all parents responsibility to make your opinion known.
What this also states is a few things that should be determined by the parents, demand to know which people, group or department came up with this suggestion initially as a proposal, and demand they be fired and or investigated.
Which group of people implemented this proposal and determined under whose authority they have to make this proposal, and demand they be fired and or investigated also.
There are various reasons why this is wrong to be teaching children this type of material at six years of age. 1. have they asked the teachers whether they wish to do this level of teaching 2. How will it make teachers feel if demanded to do so. 3. Have you taken into account that many adults in the UK are terrified of being around other peoples children in case they are deemed predatory, I have seen lost children in a park and a reluctance to help, as to be seen walking around anywhere with other peoples children, brings out the negative pointing fingers brigade 4. Will there be a test on this subject, is it interactive? you show me yours and I’ll show you mine taken to whole new levels, why are you home late Bubba, I got detention mum because I didn’t wank off properly in class, is that were we are heading? 5. This is the key in all of this, by implementing this and carrying it out, they are saying that parents are incapable of talking to their own children about sex education, and or they are saying now openly, we own them and we will do with them as we see fit? not good either way and all parents have an obligation to speak out now, not just the few.

In overview and balance I would like to get people to consider distinguish what people are offended by in comparison to what they are told to or expected to be offended by, and there are elements of society where this narrative yet again becomes contradictory as covered last week, I am in no way defending Mr. Trudeau but I want people to look at things in a different manner.
Mr. Trudeau has been slated for appearing as a black man in several photographs and singing traditionally black man’s songs, it appears to be a fancy dress, and so people do dress up, the fact he dressed up as a black person they suggest he is denigrating the black people, but what if he can sing like a black person? has anybody asked? no, they have led with that is wrong what he did, it is called planting the seed.
Lets look at a few other examples of dressing up Prince Harry was slated as he went to a fancy dress in a Nazi brownshirt jacket and was condemned for doing so, and most people would agree that was offensive as the Nazis killed millions of people in WW2,
one has to ask if that is the criteria for being offensive, why isn’t the US Military attire treated in the same way? US military have killed multi millions in 60 plus countries since WW2, what is the actual difference between the two?
We have a whole genre in society who started out as one thing, then acted as another, transsexuals, given most are male to female I will focus on that, if a white man dresses up as a black man it is offensive to black people, but if a man dresses up in woman’s clothes and acts as a woman, that is deemed not being offensive to a women? why the discrepancy?
Women who come out of a shower and the hairdressers with a towel wrapped like a turban on their heads and no one says a thing, yet if the previous criteria for being offensive is equal, why is that not seen as being offensive to Muslims?
There is also a common prank done by all colors when adults are pranking their children or friends, the art of putting a white sheet over their bodies and scaring them as a ghost, but if we are using colors to define what is racist or not, why are all the sheets used to scare the children white? in the above criteria is that not denigrating and stating all white people are scary and ghosts?
There was a derogatory term for white people, it was deemed and yet it came from an unknown origin called honky, if we are following their criteria, why hasn’t the term honky tonk music been banned?
Many people globally wear sports shirts of their favorite team and or player, is that not imitating those groups or individuals?
We had a plethora of white people in the 2000’s like Eminem doing traditional black music like rap and hip hop, infact we have one member in our group still doing it, why isnt that deemed offensive if it is imitating the black culture?
Why is that some forms of imitation are deemed acceptable and yet other forms are not? the problem is if you look deep enough you will always find something offensive in anything, it is all low vibrational mindset thinking, it hasn’t and won’t solve a damn thing.
I wonder why they haven’t banned the circus yet, as the lead performer looks like an elite globalist, surely that is offensive to them, no, because they are too busy finding ways to damage us, whilst the majority of people scrabble around trying to find something offensive they can complain about.
There was a very popular show back in the UK in 1960’s and into the 70’s called the Black and White Minstrel show, 18M people watched it at it’s peak, and I don’t recall people believing that the singers were being racist, because white people darkened their faces and sang largely black music, I do recall some in that show were black, surely if it was offensive, they wouldn’t have participated? 
As kids we played another game which now would be deemed offensive, cowboys and Indians, it would have to be renamed cowboys and Native Americans now, incase it offends some half wit with too much time on their hands if you ask me.
Who decides? I tell you who decides, racist think tank groups running social engineering programs, brought in, in the 1990’s called political correctness, which has turned into low vibrational people being offended by everything is what, the sadness is so many people buy into this rubbish, out went the words spade, ladies, blackboard, ethnic and a plethora of other words suddenly deemed offensive, even the spanish word for black, negro became offensive, colored and even the word black is now deemed offensive, at this current rate we will have a vocabulary of less than 100-200 words, at the rate people are getting offended by.
This is beyond ridiculous and what this has actually done is, denigrate the real racism issue done against black people, with the ridiculous segregation programs encompassing toilets, bars, buses, jobs, status and turning those atrocities against the black people that now borders on ridicule, those types of behaviors should not be replicated by any color going forward, but this word magic taking offense at everything must stop.
Making an issue of what Mr. Trudeau did near 30 years ago and turning it into I am all offended by it now, why not back then? is not doing the cause of black people or anybody else any favors whatsoever.

Benzion Mileikowsky; March 25, 1910 – April 30, 2012) was an Israeli historian. He served as Professor of History at Cornell University. A scholar of Judaic history, he was also an activist in the Revisionist Zionism movement, who lobbied in the United States to support the creation of the Jewish state. His field of expertise was the history of the Jews in Spain. He was an editor of the Hebrew Encyclopedia and Ze’ev Jabotinsky‘s personal secretary. Benzion Mileikowsky was born in Warsaw in partitioned Poland which was under Russian control, to Sarah (Lurie) and the writer and Zionist activist Nathan Mileikowsky. Nathan was a rabbi who toured Europe and the United States, making speeches supporting Zionism. After Nathan took the family to Mandate Palestine (aliyah) in 1920, After living in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and Safed, the family settled in Jerusalem. Benzion studied in the David Yellin teachers’ seminary and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It was a common practice for Zionist immigrants at the time to adopt a Hebrew name, the family name eventually was changed to Netanyahu, he is the father of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Interesting he was born in Poland as, The Poles government has also become a major player in the anti-Zionist movement following attempts by the Zionists to extort $300 billion from that country as compensation for the Holocaust. The Polish have published the Red Cross report on the Nazi concentration camps that claims 271,301 people were killed, not 6 million, remember not all in the camps were Jews.

There was a mass global public demonstration over the past week, with people given time off work and even children excused from school to attend the rallies, all in support of climate change.
Where a paid female child actress overtook a paid female adult actress Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as the voice for the portal people.
A child actress that has connections to the Soros funded social engineering group, and Antifa, which allegedly is anti fascist or Nazi, the irony is she is from Sweden who supported the Nazis in WW2, irony is lost on those people, it is also out of Sweden the scientist who is promoting cannibalism, as in canni Ba’al ism, as a means to combating climate change, a beautiful country that brought us Abba, Agnetha and Perla now reduced to playing the lead role in a globalist agenda.
Doesn’t the climate change every day, I woke up this morning a frosty 40 degrees, by mid afternoon it was high 70’s and sunny, so the climate changed from the morning to the afternoon, what is the problem?
Isn’t it odd the authorities will allow that to happen and support it, when it is a cause for globalist agendas?
Yet they would not allow if children found out the 49K of their kind died each day, and the children wanted to campaign for them, oh no, doesn’t fit the agenda.
Parents too stupid to understand it is an agenda, a program designed to make them feel guilty and subsequently, empty even more money out of their pockets to fund non existent climate change programs, it is another slush fund, pure and simple.
I feel for the child I would imagine she thought it was fun being popular and going on tv in the beginning, but like the child pageants in America it no longer becomes fun for the kid, and it becomes a tool for the parents to elevate themselves at the child’s expense.
People have taken to this child because she is in essence their hero, a beacon of their own non responsibility, this appeals to the non sovereign people and they feel she speaks for them, but she is also their patsy and when this fails like global warming failed, they will turn on her in a flash.
That child is their get out of jail free card for people who wish to do nothing, only follow someone they think is popular regardless of the message, and will spawn many other parents now pushing their children into the limelight, to become the new Greta.
The adults who have done nothing, follow this child as they feel it unburdens their guilt of doing nothing and saying nothing, so they don’t have to take responsibility for anything, pushing their responsibility onto the child, sad world when people are using children to negate their own responsibilities, whether the cause is valid or not.
Parents dragging their children along to these type of think tank sponsored events is a worrying trend, the last time that happened, of using children as activists to push an agenda, triggered this group did it not? Have we forgotten already?

Antarctic sea ice had barely changed from where it was 100 years ago, scientists have discovered, after pouring over the logbooks of great polar explorers such as Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton. Experts were concerned that ice at the South Pole had declined significantly since the 1950s, which they feared was driven by man-made climate change. But new analysis suggests that conditions are now virtually identical to when the Terra Nova and Endurance sailed to the continent in the early 1900s, indicating that declines are part of a natural cycle and not the result of global warming.
In 2009, Al Gore announced ‘there is a 75 per cent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.’ The dates by which climate scientists and politicians said the ice would disappear have come and gone, while the ice has remained. Undaunted, fresh predictions have been made in every subsequent year. One problem that persists is that there is still only a relatively short series of direct measurements on which to base our understanding of the Arctic. Satellite monitoring of the Arctic only began in 1978, giving us less than forty years of reliable data. This may not be enough to establish what is normal – or abnormal – for the region. Until the noise of a century of media hype and unscientific speculation about the Arctic has been removed from the public debate, science will be unable to explain what, if anything, the signal from the Arctic is telling us.
We know that sea ice in the Antarctic has increased slightly over the past 30 years, since satellite observations began. Scientists have been grappling to understand this trend in the context of global warming, but these new findings suggest it may not be anything new.
“If ice levels were as low a century ago as estimated in this research, then a similar increase may have occurred between then and the middle of the century, when previous studies suggest ice levels were far higher.” oops I suggest Greta Thunberg does some of her own research before spouting globalist agendas.

The US Government spends $121,067 per second of that amount the US Government borrows $52,162 each second.
The US Government spends $7,264,020 per minute of that amount the US Government borrows $3,129,756 each minute
The US Government spends $435,841,200 per hour of that amount, the US Government borrows $187,785,388 each hour
The US Government spends $10,460,188,800 per day of that amount, the US Government borrows $4,506,849,315 each day.
The US Government spends $73,221,917,808  per week of that amount, the US Government borrows $31,547,945,205 each week.
The US Government spends 318,166,660,000 per month of that amount, the US Government borrows $137,083,333,333 each month.
The US Government’s projected budget for year is $3,818,000,000,000, of that amount, $1,645,000,000,000 is borrowed money.
No one in the world has as big of a salary as the US Government, but it still borrows roughly 40% of the money it spends.
So roughly $1.5T  is borrowed at 10% from the Federal Reserve.
I would imagine these figures will have shocked you at the staggering amounts spent and borrowed, I will shock you more by saying these figures are not for 2019, but 2011. oops.

Life in prisons largely filled with people who under common or natural law, would not be there, under the no harm no victim crime rule, all designed to make people on the stock market rich, a bizarre concept in and of itself, I thought only criminals made money off crimes, yet hidden criminals in our midst make far more, and it’s legal it seems.
The very fact someone on this planet thought of making money off putting anyone in jail, proves how far sick this planet has become, and the endless desire to make money at all costs.
But lets look at how the prisons are ran shall we, it has an authoritarian structure, a dress code, an emphasis on silence and order, negative reinforcement, all walk in lines, a loss of individual autonomy, abridged freedoms, no input in decision making and set times for walking and eating in prison, and yet curiously, those types of disciplines are not just applied in prisons either are they?
It is applied in a different type of prison, that is every bit as controlling and mind debilitating is it not? like school, it has an authoritarian structure, a dress code, an emphasis on silence and order, negative reinforcement, all walk in lines, a loss of individual autonomy, abridged freedoms, no input in decision making and set times for walking and eating.
No different is it? what have the children done wrong? the progression of our species, the ultimate in creation and we imprison them in small rooms with oversized classes, again just like a prison, with a teacher because they have been educated and not taught, doesn’t know his or her ass from their elbow, it is not the teachers fault though, it is the system.
Americans have been taught shite since 1930’s and when you get an American asking a Brit which state is Pennsylvania in, boy do you realize how much trouble this country is in, and requires a radical overhaul, when a current employed teacher cant answer more than 3/4 questions out of 20, that a 14 year old was doing in a test exam in 1880’s, you realize how far behind we really are.

The world of learning the truth and being in the alt media brought in a plethora of money programs to seduce and none have delivered, they are by and large the distractions to real learning both of the self, the collective and the world.
A world far more heinous and hideous than we all imagined as we started off down the rabbit hole, that apart from encompassing the earth, spans both time and dimension, a seemingly endless cesspool of deceit, corruption, malfeasance, harvesting, vampirism, death and disease of the body and mind, largely enhanced by the experiment known as religion, who perfected the art of getting humans to seek outside of themselves, when all the answers and needs were within.
Fear programs has played a role globally, but even heavier in America as this list attests to:
from nibiru, asteroids, jade helm 1 and 2, fema camps, 9/11, agent orange, project blue beam, y2k, ww3, zika virus, ebola, h1n1, measles, school and mall shootings, Vegas shootings, California fires, floods everywhere, chemtrails, fluoride, 1,2,3,4 & 5G, add in dire education, vaccines, pharma drugs, other drugs, products resembling food but aren’t, red pilling, climate change, weather wars, mind control, spying everywhere, bent cops, politicians, justice system and agencies, failed governments, failed policies, banks and Fed looting us, no American government, Constitution or rights, agents, trolls and shills in our community, family, friends and loved ones discarding or ridiculing us, record homeless, prison population, divorce and foreclosures, then throw sin eating on a massive scale and you may all wonder how we all largely survived all that, most of which happened in the last decade.
So, how did we survive? because we are a lot tougher and resilient than most of you give yourselves credit for is why, too often the focus is on what we haven’t done or got, than what we have done and achieved.
The 33 events piece I did in previous shows, showed not only how far we have come, but also how easily we forget our triumphs.

Smart cities have been mentioned a lot recently, whilst parts of it has some benefits and validity, if you boil it all down the benefits are all based on convenience is it not? and by now you should all realize that convenience has done much damage to us all.
Smart cities are the Amazon world hub technological world envision by the globalists, the first stage into an all electronic technological world where your every move, cough, sneeze, sexual act and conversation is scrutinized and turned into a database collection and used to monitor your every day moves, you think it is bad now, this will be a thousand times worse, nothing and I mean nothing will be sacred or private anymore, in essence in that world you become a Sim character in a globalist game.
Check out the series Continuum for further clues.
Smart cities are like smart phones are a misnomer of epic proportions, and if you support smart cities, you are not as smart as you thought, there will be people who will like that concept, but it is not conducive to higher soul development beings.
Smart cities are for the lazy minded, big brother, state loving non sovereignty people who want everything done for them, and that is their choice and we must accept that, question is do you?

The predicted issues of all types of relationships is really coming to the fore now, painful decisions have and will be made.
Letting go is often painful, particularly if you immerse yourself in the situation, stepping away and analyzing what have these people done to or for me? what value do they bring? are they being nice? do they care? are they loyal? is their baggage affecting my life? do they care how your life is going?
These are all questions that can only be answered in private, preferably in peace also, your higher self will guide you to your choices, that may not be what you want to hear, be prepared for that, but the fact that you ask the questions is all very indicative of what will be revealed.
People often worry well I have no one left if I leave behind who they engage with, and yes I get that all too well having gone through it 6 years ago, in 1 month out went wife, 2 kids, 3 grandchildren, the dog and 7/8 couples who were all my friends in Florida, essentially everyone who had become my family with my original family all 4500 miles away.
All I had left was internet based people none of whom I had met face to face at that point, yet I not only survived that ordeal, but thrived, the fear of change becomes your own prison, you are a sovereignty spirit and soul, why would you create your own prison?

 Some listeners took last weeks piece the wrong way when I pointed out the contradictory nature of religion as not believing in a god, or as I call it source.
Yes there is a source and you can call it god as much as you like, but anyone can become a god under it’s original meaning, which is a person or being who has attained higher soul growth.
If a person achieves the 7 earth (earth just means inhabited planet) based levels of growth, they move onto the next 7 layers of growth, galactic and then universal, but then you have the multiverse level and metaverse, I don’t know at which exact level a person or being attains the level of a god, but I do know many of the ET and NT races who have not showed signs of sufficient soul level on the first level, have showed up with advanced tech and declared themselves as god or gods.
So, there is a distinct difference between source and god, one is the creator of everything, one is a person or being having been created by source and has gone onto achieve higher soul development.
What I refuse to believe in is books, none of them, it has levels of contradictory, violence, fear, incest, death, divide and conquer, the lord coming down to change the languages so humans cant communicate together (see generation ISIS for that, or better known as Genisis) and the messages contained within them all, that should make any rational thinking person question there validity, none of it makes sense in a real god (higher developed soul growth) or source.
People can criticize me all you like on my opinion and knowledge over religion, but on your next trip to your psychologist or doctor, please tell him or her you have just spoken to a snake, you watched a bush go on fire and talk to you, you parted the Mississippi, whilst walking across it, that marrying and sleeping with your sister and mother is ok, then you threw your only children out of the house because they ate an apple, whilst talking to a man who sits on a cloud spying on everyone that makes the CIA and NSA look like a fisher price spy kit set, oh and all people not Jewish are shit under the shoe and see where that gets you.
That may sound humorous to some and does to me in some cases, but it is actually very sad and those books, fake gods and the various religions have been the cause of billions of deaths and much suffering on this planet, which people who participate in that program appear to be oblivious to.
Religion was an experiment to see how far people would externalize everything about themselves, when everything needed was within, lets look at it rationally neither god, Jesus, Allah, Kali Ma, Baphomets, Devils, The Lord etc not one of them wrote a book, every single book was written by the control system and their minions, none of which, if your take away your blind faith, it is called that for a reason, makes any sense whatsoever.
These are the questions people must ask themselves, I know it is all encompassing and an easy path to look for everything outside of yourself, external is devolution, but your answers, truth, love, evolution and source ALL lie within, as the real god or source intended.

The world of love too few really have it, too few exhibit it inward or outward, too few wish to receive it frightened by their own doubts, peer pressure, society norms, fears, rejection and insecurities, what will others think? mastery of the self renders the last comment mute.
It must fit into society norms of money difference, age difference, intelligence difference, color difference, dress difference, religious difference, culture difference, gender difference are just some of the boundaries life puts up as excuses to not love a certain person or people.
Why have we as collective allowed those boundaries? well it’s the system Thomas, yes they created certain parameters of division, but we as a collective accepted them, because we forget to create our own, I will repeat that again so it sticks in, the system created certain parameters of division, but we as a collective accepted them because we forget to create our own.
There in lies the key does it not? we forgot to create or be creative, the vessel, soul and spirit with the most creativity and we allow the dark and their programs to subvert us into a loveless and non caring society, why have we allowed them to create our life and lives for us? because we are too f’ing lazy is why, a creator being that won’t create? Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? and yet we exhibit it daily.
All that is wrong in life is down to us not creating our paths, and allowing them to create for us, the $1 a week or month program I came up with is a prime example, because they didn’t create it for us and publicize it on their platforms, it was dismissed in emphatic mode of less than 5 participants.
That won’t work Thomas people think it is a scam, life is a scam everywhere you look, yet you all buy into it.
The lottery which is another tax on the people on just the Powerball and Power Play generates sales of tickets of around 10-12M per week, pulling in between $23-27M a week, how many really win? 1 person? 100 people a week get something of any use, and yet there was a program if all those lottery people 10-12M gave their $1 not $2 a week like the lottery, we could all win, but that is a scam they say.
This is why society is messed up, the key ingredient missing is a lack of love, why has society made it a weakness to love your fellow species?
Many people love animals more than people, why not love them the same, well people are nasty Thomas, because they have allowed themselves to be that way, no one has to be nasty, disrespectful, hate filled, they chose that path because they are weak and loveless.
A mindset I have used several times in our shows plays a vast part in this also, the comparative and competitive mindset, where the goal of love is based on how much someone earns, home, car and materialistic items, so they can show off to their peers, newsflash that is not love, that is vacuous vampirism, status based and rubbing your friends and circles nose in it, of what you have and they don’t, why would we participate in making our friends envious or have less?
It is all too easy to hate, the portal people do a great job getting Americans to hate on Russians, Chinese, Muslims and anyone who will not bow down to the Cult of RA country and their Zionist psychopaths, but behind those labels there are many people that have been bound into a narrative, who want the same as you, they want peace, they want a life free of war, free of the fear of war, they want love, they want their children to grow up in a better world, no different to you, neglecting those facts means you haven’t spent enough time to understand life, or the dance of inter-connectedness of living species here, it is symbiotic.
This is why we have so many lines and defined patterns like triangles, squares, circles, hexagons, pentagrams, mobius loops on this planet currently, they are all inorganic shapes and all are closed systems, nature does not create them shapes, it creates waves, spirals, snowflake patterns all of which have open ended patterns that allow for expansion and evolution, all of which are organic.
Solving the world’s ills will not be achieved targeting just the elites or hating other people online most of which you have never met, it will be solved by love, forgiveness and flexibility.

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