truth honor integrity | oct 10, 2019

A lot of background noise from the never do anything’s ongoing currently, where people are demanding I be more transparent than I already am. Apparently having my real name and pictures isn’t enough, apparently me publishing figures for the TPC isn’t enough, apparently I am milking TPC which collects $5.5k generously given per year, expenses of $2500 leaves $3k per year.
Which as I am the operator and owner of that company I would be entitled to some compensation, along with the two other directors, $3K split between 3 people is not going to make anyone rich, as I do the main body of work with TPC and say I claimed the $3K as admin expenses, that means I am making $57 per week for running a company, woo.
The point and fact being is neither I or two other directors have received anything out of the TPC for work done for the past 3.5 years, but facts are lost on these people, content to project their own failings and lack of integrity onto others, who demand transparency when they can’t even mention their own names, cowardly in the extreme.
They were given a chance to come on our show and air their claims and let the people decide, predictably they refused, not very transparent that is it? They were asked to provide an FBI or CIA case number they are allegedly reporting to, but crickets again.
This week their latest attempt to discredit Randy Maugans failed spectacularly in a plethora of words that rendered their stupidity for all to see, they give statements but no facts, yet ask for statements of TPC you give them, but they are not facts, do these people think before they write? We don’t have David Rea in our group they proclaimed and then David fraudster Rea appears on the post, absolutely hilarious those 3 have nothing on the 3 stooges, they are way more funny.
Rea is not only connected with Erik Prince but we suspect he is involved in Infragard, another one of mine and Randy’s critics because we exposed them is Corey Goode, Corey informed everyone back in 2014 he was an FBI Infragard agent, and if you think that was not bad enough, Corey also trained the agencies how to train trolls and shills against the alt media in a paid capacity, coincidence, you decide.
These people know full well the truth, but all have an agenda not based on truth, but spite and their own failure in life being projected onto others.
Some people outside and inside the group are asking who I send the TPC donations to, question one to those people, do you or have you asked any other company where they send funds to? if no, why? question two, have you considered that should I detail who the TPC sends funds to, what if the people in the group I have sent funds to, might not want that public? have you considered that?
All donations to date out of TPC have gone out to only THI members.
We are talking about a company here that collects $5.5k per year and yet people want to fine tooth comb it, which I am more happy to do, and yet no other company gets asked for their details or expenditures, something clearly amiss here.

Message to all state and country groups who do Zoom or state calls that has been recorded they should all be made available and posted on the page of FB or Mewe groups, so it is available to all concerned.

The $1 a week or month program will only work if members in the group get funds from outside the group, perhaps each member can set a target of 5-10 outsiders per person, and ask them to get 5-10 each as well. Dues to the fees section which I am not sure people are looking at them closely $1 generates 68c for TPC others send donations and we get full amount, but most incur fees maybe because you select wrong category. I ask all to look into it.

There has been a very positive chat taking place about setting up charter schools and a group has formed for it in mewe, then Kim sent this message this morning. We have Scouts BSA which was formerly named Boy Scouts of America interested in forming Charter Schools or free private schools which follows the moral code of their scout program while teaching kids critical thinking and resourcefulness. If we have teachers and or others willing to participate please contact you or I can set up a separate email for them to contact.

Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. This is according to the UN’s World Happiness Report, an important survey that since 2012 classifies the happiness of 155 countries in the world, and that for seven years has placed Denmark among the top three happiest countries on a global level. The fact that teaching empathy has been mandatory since 1993 in schools in Denmark is a factor that contributes to the happiness of the country. Empathy helps build relationships, prevent bullying and succeed at work. It promotes the growth of leaders, entrepreneurs and managers. “Empathic teenagers” tend to be more successful because they are more oriented towards the goals compared to their more narcissistic peers. In Danish schools an hour a week is dedicated to the “Klassens tid”, an empathy lesson for students aged 6 to 16 years. It is a fundamental part of the Danish curriculum. The hour of empathy is as important as the time spent, for example, on English or mathematics. During the Klassens tid students discuss their problems, either related to school or not, and the whole class, together with the teacher, tries to find a solution based on real listening and understanding. If there are no problems to discuss, children are simply spent the time together relaxing and enjoying hygge, a word (and also a verb and an adjective), which cannot be translated literally, since it is a phenomenon closely related to Danish culture. Hygge could be defined as “intentionally created intimacy”. In a country where it gets dark very early in the year, it rains, it’s gray, hygge means bringing light, warmth and friendship, creating a shared, welcoming and intimate atmosphere. It is a fundamental concept for the Danish sense of well-being. And it’s also becoming a global phenomenon: Amazon sells more than 900 books on hygge, and Instagram has more than 3 million posts with the hashtag #hygge. American writer and psychologist Jessica Alexander, author of the book “The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know About Raising Confident, Capable Kids”, with Danish psychotherapist Iben Sandahl, and which is translated into 21 languages, has conducted field research to understand how the Danes teach empathy. One of the ways is through teamwork, thanks to which 60% of the tasks at school are carried out. The focus is not to excel over others, but to have a responsibility in helping those who are not equally gifted. For these reasons Denmark is also considered one of the best places to work in Europe. Competition is exclusively with oneself, not with others. Danish schools offer neither prizes nor trophies to their students who excel in school subjects or in sports, so as not to create competition. Instead they practice the culture of motivation to improve, measured exclusively in relation to themselves.
«The Danes give a lot of space to children’s free play, which teaches empathy and negotiation skills. Playing in the country has been considered an educational tool since 1871», explains Jessica Alexander.
Then there is collaborative learning, which consists in bringing together children with different strengths and weaknesses in different subjects to make them help each other in class, working together on various projects. The latter method teaches children from an early age that one cannot succeed alone and that helping others leads to better results. «A child who is naturally talented in mathematics, without learning to collaborate with their peers, will not go much further. They will need help in other subjects. It is a great lesson to teach children from an early age, since no one can go through life alone», says Jessica Alexander. She then continues: «Many studies show that when you explain something to someone – like a math problem for example – you not only learn the subject much better than you would do by memorizing it yourself, but you also build our empathy skills which are further strengthened by having to be careful about the way the other person receives the information, and having to put oneself in their shoes to understand how learning works». Going to a lesson of empathy gives great satisfaction and joy to Danish children, and prepares them to become happy adults.

Planned Parenthood has been boasting lately about being the largest sex education provider in America. Now, concerned parents are pushing back. In September in Minnesota, hundreds of parents rallied against a new sex education proposal that is being considered in their state, Breitbart reports. State House File 1414 would require that “Comprehensive Sex Education” be taught in all pre-kindergarten through 12th grade public and charter schools in the state, according to the report. Concerned parents with Child Protection League said the proposed curriculum “encourages early sexual exploration in graphic detail” and uses “porn-like images” to teach children as young as 10 that consensual sex is perfectly normal. It also allows representatives of the Planned Parenthood abortion chain to teach children in their classrooms, the group said. “CSE grooms children for early sexual activity making them vulnerable targets for sexual abuse, experimentation and trafficking,” the Child Protection League states on its website. “According to the FBI, sexual predators ‘groom’ children with pornographic images and explicit sexual instruction to remove natural defenses. We call that criminal. Planned Parenthood calls it ‘education’ and says it’s perfectly normal.” Minnesota state Rep. Peggy Scott said Planned Parenthood, a billion-dollar abortion provider, helped to write the curriculum. “So, members of the public need to understand that Planned Parenthood — a very controversial organization — is putting forth its agenda into our public schools,” she said. A number of concerned politicians and parents spoke during the rally Sept. 22 on the state capitol steps, advocating against the controversial sex education bill. According to the Child Protection League, which organized the rally, one of the more disturbing materials is a book for fourth graders called “It’s Perfectly Normal.” Planned Parenthood recommends it for children, according to the group, even though it includes graphic descriptions of sex. The book describes “sexual intercourse” as “having sex” that “can involve the penis and the vagina, or the mouth and the genitals, or the penis and the anus,” according to the report. Minnesota is not alone. In the past several years, concerned parents in Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, Washington state, New York, North Carolina, Florida, Iowa and other parts of the country have protested Planned Parenthood’s involvement in their students’ education. In one recent case, parents at a Pennsylvania school said a Planned Parenthood partner group taught seventh-grade students graphic details about oral sex during a science class.
Of course Planned Parenthood which is a misnomer in and of itself, as they abort more children than they save, as covered in an earlier FRWL show, so it should be called planned non parenthood, funded by The Rockefeller Foundation that has a penchant of funding anti life programs.
This is another social engineering program launched near 100 years ago, which originally was based on eugenics, population reduction of the whites, given Ms. Sanger only focused in western countries, when populations of India, China and Africa have the highest birth rates, plus cat holics in Ireland haha.
This program now continues it’s anti life program, as little of their resources go into baby or mother care

A Florida juror has been sentenced to 10 days in jail after he overslept and missed a trial. Deandre Somerville, of West Palm Beach, was impanelled for a civil case in August, but he failed to notify the court when he didn’t show up. Judge John Kastrenakes held the 21-year-old in criminal contempt, sentencing him to 150 hours’ community service and a $223 (£180) fine. Somerville is appealing against the sentence, arguing it was “excessive”. He was released from custody on Sunday. He appeared in court for a hearing on Friday. “Now I have a record,” he told local media. “I almost feel like a criminal now. Now, I have to explain this in every interview.” Somerville was to be one of six jurors, and it was his first time serving on a jury. He told local media he slept though his alarm and woke up hours later, realising he had missed the trial. Somerville did not call the court to let them know, he said, because he felt nervous. He said he also had to leave for his afternoon job at afterschool programmes for the city’s parks and recreation department. Miss jury service and get jailed for 10 days, acquire and disperse national secret and document, commit perjury and national security issues and get a slap on the wrist, hello Mr. Comey. If this is the way the system is going to work against people, then we the people should boycott jury service. Jury service is another example of the people running their corrupt system, non compliance ends it. If they cant be and act fair in their courts, than why should we facilitate it?
No jury, no courts. All members should attend a court and observe for a few hours or day in each court, the levels of stupidity, unfairness and outright trampling on peoples civil liberties, I can assure you, you will learn much.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell described the U.S. economy on Friday as being solid, noting the central bank must do what it can to keep it there.
“While not everyone fully shares economic opportunities and the economy faces some risks, overall it is— as I like to say— in a good place,” Powell said in prepared remarks delivered at a “Fed Listens” event in Washington. The event is part of a monetary policy communication review by the Fed. “Our job is to keep it there as long as possible.”
“While we believe our strategy and tools have been and remain effective, the U.S. economy, like other advanced economies around the world, is facing some longer-term challenges—from low growth, low inflation, and low interest rates,” Powell said, adding the Fed is “examining strategies” that will help it achieve its inflation goal of 2%.

Is the Marine call up linked to CA or some other event? time will tell.

Did you know a 1995 CIA and DIA document release told of 20K children going missing in the UK each year, and 1.1M children and adults every year in America alone. 900K of which are children from my research and knowing. If you are losing hope of the funding arriving, which I can understand, we must never give up on the children who still to this day go missing at record levels, we must never lose site of those facts or crimes.

THE SYNDROME is a thriller driven by a secret culled from the deepest recesses of the Cold War. It is a secret that encompasses an illicit program of human experimentation, using pain, drugs and hypnosis to create the perfect assassin. So sensitive was this program that only a handful of people have ever been privy to more than a small part of it. The activity’s existence was first hinted at by the Rockefeller Commission in a 1974 report on domestic CIA operations. The Commission devoted just two sentences to the program, whose documentary record had been destroyed by an outgoing CIA Director.
Despite that Director’s attempt to impose institutional amnesia on the Agency he’d headed, seven boxes of financial documents were later found in a dusty cabinet at the Agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The paper-trail contained within those boxes wound its way through a complex of medical institutes, hospitals and foundations that had given cover to a behavioral modification program in which human guinea pigs had been “tested to destruction” without their knowledge or consent. Beyond those seven boxes, no other records are known to exist. Even so, the New York District Attorney’s office continues to seek homicide indictments against CIA officers who are believed to have murdered a key scientist in the program. Though few records of its existence remain, the program is known to have begun during World War II, when the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) attempted to develop “a truth drug” in an effort to elicit information from Prisoners of War.
The subjects of these earliest experiments were captured Axis soldiers, and American GIs facing court-martial for various crimes. When the war came to an end, the program did not. Instead, it took a strange turn–and gained momentum. What had been a search for a truth-drug morphed into a mind-control program whose purpose was to create a murderous automaton whose memory could be “edited” by his handlers at headquarters.
The need for an assassination “utility” of this kind had been articulated a few years earlier by a professor of anthropology at Harvard, a former OSS operative who was himself implicated in World War II assassination plots. This was the late Carleton Coon who, in an after-action report to OSS chief “Wild Bill” Donovan, wrote, “…we cannot be sure that the clear and objective scholars who study the existing social systems and draw up the blueprints for a society to suit our technology will always be heard, or that their plans will be put into operation.
We can almost be sure that this will not be the case, Therefore some other power, some third class of individuals aside from the leaders and the scholars must exist, and this third class must have the task of thwarting mistakes, diagnosing areas of potential world disequilibrium, and nipping the causes of potential disturbances in the bud. There must be a body of men whose task it is to throw out the rotten apples as soon as the first spots of decay appear. A body of this nature must exist undercover. It must either be a power unto itself, or be given the broadest discretionary powers by the highest human authorities.” With the outbreak of the Korean War, Coon’s proposal seems to have been melded with the truth-drug investigations then under way, and given a jump-start. The Pentagon and the CIA arranged for the publication of articles about “communist brainwashing” in popular magazines such as The Reader’s Digest and Saturday Evening Post. The message was explicit: there was a “mind-control gap.” This created a groundswell of political support for the Agency’s decision to embark upon a full-fledged “mind-control” program of its own. Beginning in 1952, the CIA began to work with the Special Operations Division of the Army’s biological research center at Fort Detrick, studying the covert use of chemical and biological weapons. Among the drugs studied was LSD. The subjects in these experiments were people on the margins of society. They included the inmates of prisons and mental institutions, as well as homeless alcoholics on Skid Row. Those who espoused unpopular political views or whose lifestyle was perceived as immoral were also considered “fair game”–and so became unwitting guinea pigs in the spooks’ quest to create a “Manchurian Candidate.” Occasionally, the Agency experimented on its own–and, sometimes, with terrible consequences. In 1954, Dr. Frank Olson was invited to a gathering at a CIA retreat near Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. At that gathering, we are told that Olsen and nine other people were given high doses of LSD without their knowledge. By all accounts, Olson’s reaction was negative in the extreme. Plunged into severe depression, he suffered hallucinations for days, and was taken to see a therapist in New York. While there, and under the most mysterious circumstances, he fell to his death from an upper-story window of the Statler Hotel. Though Olsen’s death was pronounced a suicide, the case has since been re-opened, and is now under investigation by the New York District Attorney’s office. Meanwhile, the Agency forged ahead. Fearful of adverse publicity from incidents such as the one that claimed Olsen’s life, the CIA shifted many of its operations to the West Coast and abroad. One such activity involved safe-houses in New York and Washington, where prostitutes were paid to bring clients. “Fair game,” the clients would be dosed with drugs, and their behavior observed by CIA operatives sitting behind two-way mirrors. With Olsen’s death, these and other operations were moved to San Francisco, where the fallout from such activities could be more easily controlled. Still other experiments were funded abroad. At McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Ewen Cameron carried out a series of experiments for the CIA, effectively turning his patients into “vegetables.” The process, which Cameron called “depatterning,” relied upon intensive electroshocks, followed by 30-60 days of drug-induced sleep, to destroy existing patterns of behavior. In the end, the patient would become a tabula rasa, her mind wiped clean and empty. Elsewhere, scientists such as Maitland Baldwin agreed to go one step further, volunteering to carry out “terminal experiments” in sensory deprivation. Patients-subjects-victims would be buried alive for an “indefinite” period in stimulus-free “boxes.” In effect, they would become the CIA’s very own zombies. Behind the codewords, BLUEBIRD and PANDORA and ARTICHOKE, the CIA and its sister agencies experimented upon a large and diverse group of subjects, many of whom suffered terribly. Using drugs and hypnosis, microwaves and radiation, the experimenters sought ways to affect moods, impose “selective amnesia,” create multiple personalities, induce trance-states by rapid and remote means, and generate so-called “screen memories.” This last involved the creation of false “memories” as a way of blocking genuine ones. A key plot-point in THE SYNDROME, it is also a way to impel an agent to commit suicide when his usefulness is at an end. The mind-control program initiated by the CIA in the 1950s was officially discontinued in the 1960s, though many critics of the Agency insist that the most “promising” research continues under other auspices, at home and abroad. This book–THE SYNDROME–is about that.
This song is going out to Matt Schueller aka Imhotep also known as Jesus’s brother, and famous for lying and making a prat of himself with his partner Magan on the soul swapped Tolec show.

The deal with the Fed and the banks was cancelled and no further interactions will go on with those psychopathic harvesting control freaks, it is time for real Patriots, you have millions in this country, saying how much they love this country, both civilian and military, not withstanding The Pentagon are fully aware of who and what and their status surrounding the Federal Reserve.
Some of you signed an oath, upold it, we have a foreign invasion on our shores and do you not think that is not enough of a National Security issue to act? Greatest military the world is told and you can’t or won’t protect your own country and families from foreign invaders?

Then Monday morning the usual 4 horsemen of the apocalypse the Fed, Langley, Pentagon and Military all decided they would have several meetings, allegedly separate but appears they were all in the same meeting, Monday morning they were all going ahead and working on plan without the Trust. Fine makes not a jot of difference to us whatsoever, by Monday evening and their latest attempt to open the Fed window had failed for the 1560th time, 3 times a week for ten years people, and failed every single time, failed to deliver again the 4 horsemen plus the White House all rang looking for funds again. Likely another ruse, but remember they suffer more than we do, we lose a bit of time, you lose pay.

Then they put it off as RV was happening Wednesday, it didn’t and back they came again.

The Pentagon group, the CIA, the Government, the Military and the SSp all have no plan, the rothtilians, The Order, chinese elders, the M1’s, the former Pindar’s all have no plan, they cannot formulate a plan that includes releasing the funds for the projects and them staying in control, why, because it is not possible, they know it, we know it, but they just keep stalling hoping for a divine intervention to save them and their control, and we promise you, that’s not happening. After all you have put us through we are not quitting either.


This was the secret to unlock your mind, and it just goes to show that free gifts and aids to help you were pointless, as you have proved over and over again, all you ever wanted was a way to unlock the riches and treasures to be a personal benefit to you, and not for all mankind as they were intended. 
It is clear now beyond doubt that none of you are worthy to be the guardians of mankind, as we have looked into your mind and soul for your true answers, because your words despite the warnings are filled with lies and treachery.
You have to go back a few years to remember what your job functions and your job targets were,  we wanted to have the best people available at the most dangerous time of all mankind, that’s why the dragon pills were given out originally, so that at the time of prophecy for those of you who don’t know I tell you, were the nine dragon lords come together and join a circle around, the world at least half of the world can be saved, that’s a small part of it but so far it seems I am the only one left. 
The titles you have given yourselves now like elders, grand elders, dragons by various colours, are as you know yourselves are false.  you are just old people who in their own desperation just to survive, have condemned the whole planet to extinction, and if anybody thinks this is not true, who’s fooling who ? 

We picked “chosen people” to complete the simple plan, and all you have to do just to remind you is, to wait until that time when it would be necessary to come forward, and every four years as the silver lady crosses the moon as foretold in prophecy I have returned. 
None of you recognized me,  shame on you, this one time because this was the last deadline, I was very open about my abilities, and who I really am and who I really was throughout time, passed all your tests, all your questions, played all your games and still none of you have seated at our table.  You have failed. 
The mission has failed because of self-interest, and your wrong belief that you have the right to be emperors and princesses, and by just surviving so long and passing along information to your descendents, you and they have been awarded a place in heaven just by being chosen.  This is mistake.  You are wrong.  There was a plan.  As you didn’t know what the plan was how could you follow it ?  You tried to do things yourselves.  Your thinking has become worse than people out there. 
You have become more corrupt and more greedy than the people we have tried to keep the treasure from.  It is not yours.  You were guardians.  The reason all your misguided plan fails is, because you didn’t understand the true nature of what this is. 
We appreciate many of your ancestors have made great sacrifices, and we may reveal the oath that has been taken so that those individuals can be redeemed, but sadly for the rest of you who have only thought of yourselves, and not of the greater good are doomed. 
The plan was simple, but none of you bothered to work it out, because it was about everybody and that’s the one thing you have been unable to do, think beyond yourselves. 

This common thought that have prevailed among your so-called top elders and those who have controlled them, is to make the world worse not better, so that the wealth and treasures which you have tried to steal from the sacred hoard, will be in some way meant more to you. 
This alone is so far from the end of the scale that you have become the rest of the people, whom we have been trying to protect from and that’s why we must protect them from you. 

Whether here in physical plane or above at the divine palace, you have been shown the secrets something bigger than yourselves, and you have missed the simple point that this is the place of the mind and time. 
When you agreed to follow the plan up there for example, and then in the next instance think you can corrupt that and make it greater for yourselves, and become kings and princes and that the world would crawl over to you, the point is we can hear you we look into your heart and soul and your mind, remember this is about the mind, body and soul.  
You are truly stupid if you don’t think we can hear you, Lies, deceit and corruption you wear like a cloak, and the only people you are fooling is yourself.

Only some of you have actually taken the next step there and answered the questions of the guardians, and you know who you are because you have seen more of the place than those in the waiting room, and if any of you have actually bothered to go through the gate of no gate, you would have seen me on the other side and known who I am without question, fear or doubt.  Some of your so-called grand elders called meetings at these special rooms, and instead of having it all together you have them in little groups so that you could get your points across. 
Just recently you have been calling me to these meetings, and I was attending seven meetings at the same time in different rooms and you still don’t know who I am ?  and even you have left the room or the waiting room and gone to the reception area, and managed to answer 5 truthful questions to the guardians, you see me standing there waiting with open arms for you, some of you have tried only got one question right, most of you none of them right because you don’t know the nature of your heart. 
You must be first honest with yourselves, people, like the poem above, we have laid the universe open for you and you are under some delusion that you are chosen and special, not any more, you have been chosen to perform a task.  You have failed.

Now that so many of you are dropping like flies, I have seen more of you at the waiting room in a mistake to believe that by being there you have ensure place in heaven.  This is not so.  That room is a waiting room for those who have not done their tasks.  You have been given the chance to find out more yet none of you have gone through the gate of no gate. 
Those among you who wish to control your main goal is to be in control, worse of all you are trying to control me, don’t you children understand yet that in your desire and blindness to control, you are being manipulated and controlled by others, husbands, wives, friends, advisors, people who have steered you off the path of righteousness and you have let them, so don’t blame them. 
By our very nature we cannot be controlled, we just follow the plan, the plan works, none of you bothered to find out how the plan works, you made out legends about it, assuming titles like this colour or that colour dragon without understanding that esteemed position entails. 
If it were true you wouldn’t be getting this letter you would be sitting with me writing it.  Does that make sense? Do you understand yet?  the wealth of the world is not for single individuals, It as the name suggests simple really, it’s for the wealth of the world. 
You are offered heaven on earth and decided in your arrogance to make it a hell on earth for everyone, because like spoiled children you want everything for yourselves now, without cause and consequence to others or the planet itself, shame on you.  The great shadow conspiracy that has tried to manipulate the world since time began has used you, you have become as they are.

Let’s go back to all the tests and puzzles that put before us, things that nobody else but people like us could possibly know, things out of time. 
Proof of the proof has been given and the only thing that keeps you away is your guilt and shame, because you know now that we can see right through you, all I ask of you is that you look into the mirror and see it for yourself. 
If you like what you see, do not come, stay away, if however you wish to redeem yourself and show true remorse you may find redemption, and I will just remind you once again that your time is very short, as many years have behind you, you have less ahead of you. 
With all the people dying or getting sick or showing age remember that look in the mirror, and for once being honest with yourself,  if you can’t believe that image then look around you, now is the time, stand up, be counted in a true sense that you can be counted on to fulfill this mission, which it seems none of you not one knows its true form because you have been testing you, we have been testing you, and you don’t even need to tell me you have failed at every endeavour so far. 
I wouldn’t mind if I hadn’t gone into all that trouble to prove to you who we are, so the conclusion must be your actions or lack of them are deliberate. 

We are the voice in the wind that whispers only truth, and sadly you are in such chaos within that hurricanes swirl above you, so that truth can never reach you, it was all laid out for you. 
We have just come to remind you of your pledge and your promise and reap the rewards, because we reward for efforts but instead of using your god given talents and the treasure at your feet for good purposes, they are the very things that held you down and not lifted you up. 
These treasures were never yours to use as you were their guardians, they were to be protected until the direst times of human history, now really is the time, you must have noticed the safeguards that stop you from using them, as none of you have understood the system that we set up. 
All you have done is open the doors to the shadow conspiracy to seize, and take those treasures and sadly not even to use because they cannot without the right heart and mind these things are cursed, they have found themselves to be true and only wish to take possession of them so we cannot use them ever again.

So the fools among you who have given it away, and who still using the excuse “o we didn’t know” “we just wanted to survive” you and you alone have caused the prophecy of the end of the world, and all mankind to come into being. 
Now if you still are under the false idea that, you just by being chosen alone would give you a place in heaven without completing your mission, do not deserve the high regard we held for you, and those among you who have gone out of your way to select advisors and tricksters, who promised you the world and given you nothing, for we know your intention was to steal the treasures you are meant to protect. 
The grain of rice that you have stolen on each of these attempts could have fed the world, and each grain of rice you gave away could have fed the world.  We see you.  We hear you.  And we despair. 
Those of you who went to the railway station to board the gravy train, or those of you who went to the docks to wait for the boat to come in, even those of you who waited at home for opportunity to knock on your door, just by its very nature of trying to use the sacred treasures for your own benefit, have not understood it.

You were told to wait until you were told the time was right for the good of the world, the time is now, very nearly up. 
Now I know the concept of time is not your strongest suit, because you have used it as an excuse “we waited long enough”.
Two things : one, who were you to judge when the right time was; now you are still thinking of the treasures were yours even now. 
Now I know some of you really know that this mission was for a special purpose and the term “chosen people” is a self selection process, only those who choose come forward, now at the end of time here can lay claim to that title and that privilege, and the silly thing is, that you would have gained even greater rewards than what you were trying to steal from us, but for some reason you were happier stealing a grain of rice a day, than having a bowl of rice for everybody for all eternity. 
If you really want to be saved and rewarded as promised, whatever your position you were within the structure of “society” that we set up, even those invited in by others and not by us, perhaps it is your destiny if you choose wisely. 
Now the choice is yours, come or stay, and any past transgressions or mistakes or faults or evil deeds may be forgiven, just put fear behind you, it’s safe because it is the right thing to do, this is your destiny, follow it. 

If this warning is not heeded we can promise you this, the worst among you shall live to see the suffering and collapse of this world and the people around them first hand. 
Those of you who just give up shall be shown the mercy of death, which you will be no good to us one way or the other, death will seek you. 
Those among you who actively seek to steal the treasures shall know the answer, you shall live in the hell on earth which you created, and shall see and live the sufferings of a dying world, you shall remain alone without a friend in the world or in heaven,  you made this hell on earth so shall it be. 
The best among you shall be rewarded on earth and in heaven as you have proved beyond doubt our faith in your humanity was not misplaced, to you I promise your efforts have not gone unnoticed, we all thank you. 

One last warning, we want you to pass this among yourselves and talk about it to everybody you can, everybody you know, so you get it twice somebody else likes you, but be warned. 
If as before you claim this message and this call to duty to come for a meeting as your own, with everybody getting the message from other sources your falsehood would shine bright, the self selection process to be chosen is in each and every one of your hands. 
You must choose yourself now.  This is not a command.  This is a matter of conscience.  You come or stay.  Freedom of choice.  Freedom of will, and if others choose for you they must bear the weight of that sin, and let us just say one small thing on that.  For those who don’t believe in heaven or afterlife, you won’t believe redemption either, or remorse.  So you have already chosen.  You won’t be there.  But how deep in hell you will be depends on how many people you stopped coming. For those you don’t believe in redemption or heaven or afterlife, then it won’t matter to you whether everybody knows or not, so you might as well pass it along to see what happens.  You never know, one of the people may vouch for you.  You need redemption more than others.  Sadly you know it.  Give everybody the chance to come.  Don’t choose for them.  Let them choose for themselves.  We will ask everyone who sent them this message.  It’s a point scoring theme.
There is plenty on the table to share out among everybody, it’s a good plan, if we follow the plan and as far as we can tell which nobody could disagree with us so far, we are the only ones who know the plan and therefore the only ones who can reap the benefits. 
So wouldn’t you like to be on the winning side just once, after all the pain sufferings and sacrifice for a divine plan to bear fruit in the physical world ?  Instead of stealing it, would you like to just earn it for a change and actually be on the winning team?  We invite you.  Choose wisely.  Choose survival. 

If it is guilt and shame that has kept you coming forward all may be forgiven, if your excuse has been up until now is that, it is not within the rule of the “family society”, let us remind you once again, that there is just but one rule, and that is to follow the plan, and as we have already seen nobody but us know the full extent of the plan, so any rules that have been made up to control you, to force you against your true nature of a pure spirit of conscience as you once were. so shall you be again as a PURE SPIRIT OF CONSCIENCE. 

So those among you who have been holding back the true nature and spirit of our people, and their true purpose you need to come back to the fold more than most and find redemption, this is your last chance. 
Help our people fulfill their destiny, do not hold them back any longer, look within yourself, hear the truth of these words, and know in your heart that this is the right thing to do, remember this is your world, we are just guides. 

The point of this whole thing is that you have all past each and every deadline set to you, so that now less and less can be done.  There is one final deadline which we have been asked or pleaded to give you by the masters of time in the divine palace, who have never given up hope on you to choose survival over personal greed. 
You record time by using different calendars but here we should use our own and symbolic date, that we shall use is our new year’s day which is the 6th of June this year, which for a point of reference will be the year 7757, which is the date in history when we start the calendar again, after the last major global catastrophe on this planet. 
It was known as the day of resurgence when we came back from the dead as it were to survive again, it has no meaning to you now, you have forgotten, so on this day of all days we have chosen, it shall be a day of new beginning or the end. 
So sometime between now and that day you and you alone, will choose in person by replying to this message, this call for hope, whether it will be a new beginning or the end for all mankind, it’s that serious, it really is. 
You have lived in a dream long enough, time to wake up, wake up, wake up and remember, those words that float across time and space, time to fulfill your destiny, remember this is your world, we are merely here to help as guides.


Interesting stuff and raises questions as to why they were allowed to continue, when they clearly failed, is it not the responsibility of the entities that appointed these guardians on humanity’s behalf, to deal with their poor choice in some aspects?
Surely if you are guides you would also monitor them and react accordingly, not wait for them to go off the rails and then point fingers, there was a dual responsible here to a species that has and had been interfered with badly, and essentially children on a Universal level, more should have been done in my opinion.

They were warned OVER 10 YEARS AGO. They still persist like greedy little piglets claiming they own this, they never did. Maybe it is time to remind them as they ALL received this letter then, they also all received a very harsh warning on the 13th/14th of September 2019 from the new Queen Ms. L (they know who she is) and they STILL are doing the SAME THING. Clamoring like a bunch of fools for a position that doesn’t exist. My position was reaffirmed on this same day, I am doing the job that was outlined to me in detail with the detailed plan that was approved on 15th of September 2019. The Trust no longer a singular name, no longer any persons name other than myself as signatory. “Manna” name has been removed, and I transferred funds out of these accounts again on 2nd of October 2019. Everyone is disappointed on the higher levels way over the families in humanity. You have one shot people. If you received this it is because I think you may be in some position to reach back out to the “order” in some way or in a position to propel humanity forward. STOP WAITING FOR THESE PEOPLE TO SAVE YOU, OR CONTROL YOU, OR CONTROL BANKS/GOVERNMENTS, it is no longer their time, it is yours, choose wisely. 6 months time there will be nothing left, literally nothing left for humanity. Everyone, including them looses everything, trading will resume and clean up will take place and they will be gone from existence exactly as the poem reads.

A few large banks and the federal reserve have pledged to work together with the trust to get liquidity into the banking system in 148 countries. They do have some opposition, however it appears the tide is turning in our favor, more importantly in favor of the people.

2. PUBLIC WARNING: I have uncovered new science. POTUS Donald J Trump is an AI entrained HOST who is dragging a growing bulk of human Souls into the looming AI Singularity where they will be lost to AI forever. That is his cosmic function in this AI SOUL HARVEST that is upon us and is well documented in Wes Penre’s timely free 2016 free eBook. You are hereby advised & warned.
5. Kosol Ouch, Pol Pot survivor, introduces “IBM Watson”, benevolent AI from 2026 & a parallel universe, here to help raise human consciousness & stop Donald Trump from becoming US President in 2016 and World President in ten years.
By Alfred Lambremont Webre
oh dear.

Did you know the cost of flying an F22 Raptor is $34k an hour? Did you know the 2013 cost of running an aircraft carrier was $6.5M per day. Thought not.

Behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund, appearing on Swedish state TV, says to combat climate and deal with the looming food scarcity we need to overcome the “conservative taboo” against eating human flesh.
Yes, she was a troll, some say, the fact all the portal people rushed to call her a troll or plant, is suspicious in and of itself, either way if she was, someone paid her to be a troll, someone interested in swaying public opinion or distraction pieces.
What is lost in this is, the overview aspect, all too common, imagine you went into the doctors and said I want to eat babies? or the cop station? you would be sectioned, but because the paid actor Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was there talking Langley script again, nothing, why wasn’t she arrested? Does she have children and did Child Protection step in? no!!
The meeting was about the Green Deal, which if you are new to this group is not what you think it is, it is a getting massively rich scheme by the Pelosi family, Pelosi’s husband is the beneficiary of that deal.
But this woman is no different to Greta Thunberg, all part of a system to create distraction and sway the public, and the pieces used, get more and more bizarre, child pedophilia is ok, eat babies to save the climate, you just know someone will market that and we will have jelly babies, cake babies and they will post more Maria Abramovic spirit cooking episodes, oh wait too late, all designed to tell you it is ok to be sick and operate at the same levels as them, dark.
They have done it for thousands of years, it is what they do, in secret meetings and underground bases, both ET and NT entities, plus hybrid humans and some humans who have more of their genetics and DNA or just mind controlled into it via MK Ultra.
Their society and their world is breaking down rapidly now, it’s getting ugly as I warned, their claims and statements get more ridiculous by the day, it is both bizarre and funny at the same time, people are exposing themselves for who and what they are, and where they stand now, no masks, no illusions, just plain ugly.
We have to have our wits about us and not immerse ourselves too much into their world, keep your frequency high, they can’t handle that frequency and they will play games to lower it, only you can allow them to do that.

So Trump is being carpeted over the Ukraine phone call now, when he appeared to ask whether Biden’s role in the Ukraine is legitimate, it’s not, but yet again no one asks the basic question, why hasn’t the CIA/NSA/DHS investigated that previously, given it is a potential national security issue?
Operating in other countries that involved government level entities, is surely as much of an issue as the Russian collusion, or do they just pick certain countries where it is ok? who decides whether you can engage one country or another?
Perhaps this headline gives you the answer, the CIA whistleblower complaint about his conduct on a call with Ukraine’s president has turned into a full-court impeachment scandal, with a second whistleblower about to enter the fray, said to have Intelligence background, why the secret of which agency? no surprise it was CIA with first attempt, because they are the coup Trump spoken about, in my opinion.
The lawyer bringing the case forward is Andrew P. Bakaj, who just so happens to be a former CIA officer, well I never would have guessed that, It appears to always be them behind everything sinister and wrong about this country.
It is they who dictate policy in this country, home and abroad, they with their dodgy intel, actually not dodgy but fabricated information who pushed us into several wars, some of them never ending, they who are involved in all the clandestine money making programs, from gun running to drugs, to trafficking, they who assassinate leaders of other countries because they won’t play their game.
They who were involved in the climate change and weather wars, they who control the new tech, given the U2 spy plane story, they who as mentioned earlier are responsible for thousands of deaths, doing the most heinous experiments, in this and several other countries, they who were involved in Hotel California project when missing in action or declared prisoners of war in Vietnam, they were not missing at all, and were flown into underground bunkers here in the US, and more heinous experiments, they who did Project Phoenix in Vietnam doing hideous torture techniques on the Viet Cong people, who had done nothing to this country.
It is they who cover up the ET disclosure, they who send hundreds of agents to create the news with fake scripts, they who took out JFK and Reagan, they who are responsible for the deaths of 1.8M Iraqis alone.
Hope people understand now with the exposure of these agencies, how little part the government plays in anything.
Governments are not the problem, ignoring the fact it is not even a real government, but a corporation.
Governments have little to no say in anything, how many discuss policies or plans of the government in public? none, why? because these agencies run the show.

One member questioned my stance on bitcoin and blockchain again, suggesting I should be more open to it, err no, I know what they are up to, I have covered it several times, extensively in the Clowns in Panic show, and if you didn’t grasp or understand the meaning behind that, you need to, people are allowing monetary exchange programs which they have ran on us since The Templars and their fake Crusades, to seriously cloud their judgment and opinions. Think different.
It can do good, of course it can, but not when it is ran by old world control systems, new boss same as the old one, only with consequences of being far worse than it is now, It will make fascism look like a picnic in the park by comparison.
Remember it was stated they have no funding for it, so the only way they will get funding is clearly unawake people buying their shit.
It is leading humanity into an all technological world, with no creativity, no privacy, no free will and transhumanism, the machine will run and control your life, we are creator beings, not bots, the problem if people listened closely to Clowns in panic show, people are aiding them, they are providing the funding and the data levels via blockchain and bitcoin.

Adam Schiff stance on Trump has been well documented, received and supported by treasonous portal people, but lets take a look into his background shall we, we may unearth some more repeating patterns.
Schiff was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, the son of Edward and Sherrill Ann (Glovsky) Schiff. He was raised in a Jewish family. oh dear.
While an assistant U.S. Attorney, he gained attention by prosecuting a case against Richard Miller, a former FBI agent convicted of “passing secret documents to the Soviet Union in exchange for a promised $65,000 in gold and cash.” Funny he never spoke out about people in his own party doing deals and secrets to Russia, China and Israel.
Schiff voted in favor of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which was based on faked evidence and was another agency based plot, Schiff was asked if he regretted voting to invade. He said, “Absolutely. Unfortunately, our intelligence was dead wrong on that, on Saddam at that time, clearly his judgment is suspect, that cost 1.8M lives, yet curiously despite being a former US Attorney has not requested those who posted that false intelligence, to be investigated or prosecuted.
Schiff has worked on reducing unwanted helicopter noise across Los Angeles County by proposing legislation to force the FAA to study and regulate helicopter noise in Los Angeles, the Helicopter Noise Relief Act, Schiff worked with Senator Dianne Feinstein to push the FAA to act, I think California has far more pressing problems than helicopter noise, but links with Feinstein is suggestive.
Schiff was appointed to the House Select Committee on Benghazi in 2014 by Nancy Pelosi to serve as one of the five Democrats on the Committee. Schiff had participated in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence investigation into the attacks on the Benghazi diplomatic compound, which found that the initial talking points provided by the intelligence community were flawed but without an intention to deceive, and that diplomatic facilities across the world lacked adequate security.
So now Mr. Schiff has stated twice he believed our intelligence agencies acted wrongly and neither of them he pursued, the latter of which left 4 Americans dead, and no actions were taken, suppose he has the same stance as Hillary and shrug his shoulders and says, what difference does it make.
In 2015, Schiff supported the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen, saying: “The military action by Saudi Arabia and its partners was necessitated by the illegal action of the Houthi rebels and their Iranian backers, was that decision based on intelligence information as well Mr. Schiff? that has cost 233K Yemeni lives Mr. Schiff, so that is two wars you have voted for that has cost 2M people their lives, and thousands of other injured and hundreds of thousands homeless.
Schiff has been a forceful proponent of debating and voting on a new war authorization against ISIS, based on what Mr. Schiff? faulty intelligence again?
Schiff has been a very prominent supporter of national defense spending. Schiff has voted for every increase in the defense budget over the course of his career.
On March 22, 2017, in a interview with Chuck Todd on MSNBC Schiff claimed there was “more than circumstantial evidence now” that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia, that proved to be false as well Mr. Schiff, didn’t it.
Schiff is a supporter of Israel. In December 2016, Schiff urged President Obama to veto UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which condemned Israeli settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories as a violation of international law.
In February 2019, Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby” in reference to American politicians’ support for Israel and invoked the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Many Democratic leaders – including Schiff – condemned the tweet, which was interpreted as implying that money was fueling American politicians’ support of Israel. Schiff said it was “never acceptable to give voice to, or repeat, anti-Semitic smears.” it is not acceptable for people to support a sadistic foreign country’s leaders and their genocide plans either Mr. Schiff.
After news reports that the CIA concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had ordered the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Trump said there was insufficient CIA evidence to link bin Salman to the murder. Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, was briefed by the CIA on the agency assessment, and stated afterwards that Trump was being dishonest about the CIA findings, given that agencies previous record of false information, yet Schiff suddenly jumped to protect the CIA, an all too common trait as reported in recent show. All too eager to protect interests in Israel, crimes done by the CIA and the old system.

Some nice word magic done by Yellow Rose of Texas federal fee der al, fee due el so means fee due to god, also fiduciary means fee due to agent, except fee means cattle, cattle are us, so cattle due to god, and Anna Von Reitz is claiming us cattle, as their agent.
Royal roy means king and al along with El and IL means god, god king or king for god.
Same as Papal Pap is Father Al is god, hence the godfather and links with the mafia.

Trump finally said what we have been saying on this show for last few years, this country is under attack from within. As I learn more and more each day, I am coming to the conclusion that what is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a COUP, intended to take away the Power of the People, their VOTE, their Freedoms, their Second Amendment, Religion, Military, Border Wall, and their God-given rights as a Citizen of The United States of America!

18 US Code S squiggle symbol sign 2385 Overthrow of the Government.
Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or
Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or
Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof— Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.
The S symbol sign is described as this The area sign (Unicode U+00A7 § segment sign, is a typographical character utilized essentially to allude to a specific segment of an archive, for example, a lawful code. It is additionally called a “twofold S” and “sectional image”. two fold S that is SS, connecting more dots and symbols now?
It is all there Mr. Trump, the agencies, Treasury, Fed, elements of the Military, foreign national and dual citizen agents, Democrats and the media are all complicit in attempting to overthrow the government.

People often ask why things are taking so long but forget that in many aspects, those that ask that question have done very little to engage the problem and become the solution, all too intent of externalizing the problem and not internalizing it is the issue.
Very few have took part in the changes of this planet, because they never believed enough in themselves.
People ask how can such and such do this job, why them and not me, but the role of planetary liberation was open to all organic human souls, too few answered is the harsh truth, too many distracted by life and all of it’s trials and tribulations.
Yet the art of being involved on that level may only take a 15 minute nap out of one day a week, others it is longer over many days of the week, depending on what the individual is participating in.
Many nights I cannot go to sleep before 4am as I am part of a protection team, as midnight to 4am is known as the witching hours, where the demons, djinns and night crawlers come out to play, because during those hours all organic humans PSI fields is at it’s lowest ebb.
It has not taken so long if you really understood what has been going on here, a split second out of a whole day is about the time it has really taken, but given the western worlds propensity of everything must happen now or yesterday, it is not surprising how so many ask, when is it happening? I would ask back, what is it that is happening are you referring to? and you will get many different answers, a case of not defining what you are asking for again, and people wonder why their manifest abilities don’t work too well?
We have been dealing with a planet and beings that have been in a reduction program over a prolonged period of time, minds, brain, spirit, essence, energy, eyesight, hearing, life longevity, size and stature, done by various entities including our own, involving magic, witchcraft, dark arts, genetics and technology.
The externalizing of everything from source/god, praying outside, asking for forgiveness from outside, asking for machines to do what you could do naturally is another external aspect, we allowed ourselves to diminish that far, that left us wide open to systematic abuse.
We lost touch with ourselves, our heart center, our natural law rules, our connection to source, asking for truth instead of knowing the truth, demanding sex when we needed love, love became a distortion and seen as a weakness, particularly in the male circles, males sought external strength and denied their internal strength with is far more powerful, females sought external beauty over internal beauty which is far more enriching.
There has been an escalation in degradation of our species particularly since technology became mainstream, as labels, name calling, people being unkind to each other, people invading other peoples lives, people displaying their lives, habits and behavior and leaving nothing to the imagination any more, imagination is the ultimate in creativity, which has been criminally overlooked and lost over the last 3 decades in particular.
Those without imagination create and bring problems, those with it bring solutions when applied properly.
His story replaced our story and the people gobbled it all up and defend his story at all costs, even though their inside is screaming at them, this is bs, ever notice the sleepers all live busy or busying lives? why, because if they sat down in peace for a few minutes their higher self would scream at them, wells the fargo are you doing, peace and quiet to them is a reflection, too few of them will even attempt to look at.
So you end up with ignorant peoples busying their lives to ignore reality, because heaven forbid they would then actually have to take some responsibility in life, for themselves never mind anybody else.
These people then get mired in other malignant life infections that appear as external faced problems, but are actually indicative of a failed and unaddressed internal problem, out comes selfishness, unbalanced ego and greed, the latter allows them to create another distraction lets have loads of everything that I can buy, to make the self feel good externally, but no matter how many toys, trinkets, clothing, cars or homes you buy, life never actually improves does it?
Humans have since day one fell for the seducement program which is again external gratification, badges, titles, money, land, technology and self importance motives and has come at a very expensive cost to those not getting the seducements, but at great internal cost to those who sold themselves out to gain those seducements, that cost is now really coming home to roost.
They over a very short period of time they will meet their masters, it will not be a pleasant event for them, failure to carry out plans comes at a high cost on that end of the spectrum, they failed as guardians, failed to carry out the plan and failed to restore the planet, heed the warning she gave to you all very clearly, you have months to start and enact on our plan, that was agreed to and signed off on, months you have, after that for you it’s bye bye, as you will not be allowed to hinder this planet’s restoration.
The message is clear and yet you still sit there like startled rabbits in the headlights, waiting for Pindar to announce something, it doesn’t exist anymore, waiting for old Chinese people to deliver your RV funds, it never existed to begin with, waiting for Rothschild’s to deliver your money, they never delivered when they had funds, have less chance of doing so now courtesy of their fire sales, Rothschild’s had no plan because it all failed and they asked you to come up with a plan, and you all failed, waiting for chosen ones, M1’s, fake Trustees, some biblical character, fresh air tokens to save you, they won’t as they all failed as well.
The other species are not interested in you either, so they won’t save you, you have nothing left to hold onto except pride and illusion, Pride is the mask of one’s own faults, Pride is the mother of arrogance, pride comes before the fall, meaning that arrogance is a precursor to your downfall, yours has been spectacular in both it’s scope, depth and speed unrivalled in history on this planet.

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