truth honor integrity | oct 17, 2019

I warned several times in several shows, people would go “ugly” its happening everywhere not just in or around thi or the alt media circles, we are in the phase of chaos and madness, and important we hold onto our own dignity and sanity, let them thrash about and just observe. A week where Pelosi’s face is not the only portion of her vessel going into meltdown, her brain also, an iconic symbol of America some said, rest of the world says – national embarrassment, you have spent too much time in your California vineyards Pelosi, the same vineyards that are protected from wildfires, earthquakes and direct energy weapons, funny that.

Nevada group was closed down this week due to infiltration and game playing, up to you all to protect who is coming into your group, whether they are from that state or not, Nevada has been removed off THI sheet altogether, no group no automatic funding its that simple. If your are not responsible for looking after your own group, how can you be responsible for the Trust funds?
We are close to closing down all THI groups as even after 6 months people are not following basic guidelines and acting in a manner that show, they will look after the funds of the Trust, many are resembling the failed Dragon guardians entrusted to look after them in that letter last week.
Should that happen, we will endeavor to collect the few who have done things the right way, into smaller committees to focus on specific tasks, those groups were for your benefit not mine, a chance for you all to be involved in the process, and yet what has been observed is posturing, marketing strategies, people trying to divert the funds into other groups or private interests, for the first time you were all given a say in how things could change, and only the few took that opportunity and did things the right way, can’t blame me, Kim, the government or the cabal for that. It’s disappointing to say the least.

I have been made aware, there is a few protagonists emanating out of Tank’s group trying to divert our members over to Kre8change via the state groups, no idea whether Tank is aware or not, but it is free will choice if people wish to join Tank’s group fine by me, people wish to join the Bubba group fine by me also, it won’t change what I am or we are doing. Other plants are from Bubba group, Keenan, CV and the former group known as Kingdom of Manna.

Our spreaker platform in their wisdom no doubt supported by Clowns In America and their algorithm games, decided to alter the figures for the shows, said it was a new way of calculating it, I knew what was coming next as I refuse to monetize Spreaker or YT by allowing ads on our shows, plus this show is too far over the target and creates a vast shadow over the clowns globally, so Spreaker changed the show listeners figures and dropped every show by around 50%, haha you have to laugh at their stupidity, you can drop them another 50% for all I care, we know who listens and we know how far the show goes.
So THI will do our own adverts, try these.
Hey kids instead of being Divergent, be detergent buy Tide Pods, the perfect snack between meals for hungry and errant children, half price on a full moon. Are you worried about climate change, save the climate, eat babies, brought to you by Margeret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and the DNC, with generous donations from The Rockefeller Foundation.
Tired of throwing your money away on banking fees, here’s the solution buy bitcoin the ultimate in fresh air tokens, all stored safely for you, on some elderly, Chinese persons computer, or try this one help erase the world famine crisis and eat plastic cheese and rice. Never had measles, rubella or mumps well don’t worry we have the solution for you, you can solve that by having your friendly doctor or nurse inject it into you, via a syringe, vaccines are safe, here is the list of side effects, it may cause wild shites, cancer, heart defects, menstruation in men, erections that last longer than 4 hours, baldness, gout, acne or death, brought to you by the world horror organization, injecting poisons into humanity since 1948. Men do you have a testicular problem one is a different size to the other, go to our specialist Chinese herbalist, Dr. one hung low and all will be cured. These adverts brought to you by the CIA and NSA and should not be interpreted as an endorsement by this host, show or the group. Should have got Drake to speed read that last piece.

In a recent video involved in and connected to the alt media ring of subversion, harassment and defamation cult, she wanted to know what what what whats happening or what can we do, and was suggestive of not revealing operations, here is a reminder, PLAY WHAT PIECE the following is what happened, is what we did, and I will now reveal one of the things that was operational, whilst she is not in that group along with Jen who wrote that script, along with marilee nietain, the echo chamber is now resonating to a different tune as it where, she and Jen are and will be under investigation also as co-conspirators.
On Tuesday after collecting several pieces of documented evidence, on several lead characters in team Bubba, involving threats, character assassination with no proof, defamation, slander and impersonating FBI and or insuating FBI involvement within their group, which is actually a felony.
Links, screenshots and other documented evidence of obscene taste and discourse, including the one making a conspiracy and the taunting of Kim and her dead brother, all of which was supported by the 57 members, some even went to great lengths to praise the poster for bringing it up, not one said that had gone too far, that makes all 57 members complicit.
All files have now been forwarded to the FBI to provide a case, which will likely at this point lead to a lawsuit against all 57 members for character assassination, defamation and slander based on the lead people in the group to extort money out of Kim and the Trust, he Rea has done this before, you were all warned of it and chose to continue to participate in it.
There is precedence for this type of claim as Robert David Steele is suing the Truth network group of 3 people for $6M each, lead members of the Bubba/Rea group can expect a similar amount of damages against them, all others can expect an amount of at least $1M each, should we choose to persue it, upon a successful completion of that lawsuit, some funds will go to myself, Kim, Randy, Alan and Chloe, the bulk of which will go to The Peoples club to fund projects.
All 57 names including the fake names which will be traced back to IP address and the names of the cowards who demanded transparency, whilst they hid behind masks, will no doubt be revealed within the FBI investigation.
As for those who claim in the group we are not part of David Rea, we have screen shots and emails of several of you referencing David Rea, that has also gone in the files to the FBI.
On top of all that, there is separate and very serious implications and details surrounding that group, the lead protagonist David Rea along with all other members within that group will be investigated about their participation or not, in a child auction site based off a Lithuanian server, and several other connected child pornography sites, from what I understand about that matter is, they are auctioning off very young children for sexual purposes and worse, we will allow the FBI to do it’s job on that particular matter.
In light of that last piece one must raise the question, not a statement of fact, that there is a common theme amongst people currently to accuse others of doing what they have participated in, David Rea a prime example, Democrats another, but you have Tere Joyce, connected to and with Steven Kelly, along with Lily Earthling (who has a known pedo listed in her friends list I might add) and David Rea, and other members of that group accusing Randy Maugans of being involved in server porn, when now that group and those people are under investigation for the same thing, coincidence? not my choice to make or to infer in any way, but it does beg the question.
I guess the GIA and THI trumps the Fisher Price spy kits.

You know what, I personally find that last piece sad, I shouldn’t given the lies, slander and deliberate defamation of me with zero proof to support it, but it is still sad. Did I wish it to go this far, no, I tried several times to get them to see through their own stupidity, but they are wrapped in their own darkness, a pit of their own making that just got deeper, their next pit just might have bars on them.
We reached out on a show to give one of their main protagonists a helping hand, she reacted by going to deeper into the pit with even worse thought processes and actions, a very sorry state of affairs that people go so far down they cannot see the light themselves, or reach out to it when offered.
Since that update and the FBI done a review and assessment of the case, I am told they believe there is sufficient to push forward with this, and have now opened a case file.
All of you in that group are now under investigation, you brought it on yourselves, you allowed yourselves to be swayed by some very dark elements within that group.
David Rea knew the score from the off, in his emails to me and Kim he stated Thomas is smart and has integrity, oh my he has integrity, but because I wouldn’t play to his fake gallery, suddenly my integrity turns into I’m a conman and thief, bigger flip flopper than Drake.
Debra Heap Kale, Richard Hobbs, Thomas Packard, Lacy Eckhardt, Andrew Simmons, Kaz of Australia, do you still think you made the right move to switch to them? None of you were tricked into joining that group, all went because their vibrations are so low, they attracted it. I still find it sad though.

Avoiding dangerous global heating will require governments around the world to impose stringent taxes on fossil-fuel usage that will mean a 43% jump in household energy bills over the next decade, the International Monetary Fund has said. (what the average person doesn’t know is, the IMF are telling countries to push up energy prices, as a portion of that increase is going to them, it is their new way to get funding along with the UN, and nothing to do with global warming or climate change) The Washington-based Fund said the battle against climate change could only be won if the average carbon tax levied by its member states increased from $2 (£1.63) a ton (907kg) to $75 a ton. The IMF said governments worried about a political backlash against big increases in the cost of heating homes and motoring, and should use the extra revenue raised from the tax to compensate consumers. “To limit global warming to 2C or less – the level deemed safe by science(haha by science bought and paid for grant people, the majority of which no jack and repeat scripts given to them) – large emitting countries need to take ambitious action,” IMF economists said. “For example, they should introduce a carbon tax set to rise quickly to $75 a ton in 2030. This would mean household electric bills would go up by 43% cumulatively over the next decade on average – more in countries that still rely heavily on coal in electricity generation, less elsewhere. Gasoline would cost 14% more on average.” Calculations by the IMF’s economists show that a $75-a-ton carbon tax would also lead – once inflation has been taken into account – to an average 214% increase in the cost of coal and a 68% increase in natural gas. For the UK, the increases would be 157% for coal, 51% for natural gas, 43% for electricity and 8% for petrol. Details of the IMF’s call for a much higher carbon tax came in a chapter from the organisation’s biannual fiscal monitor released before its publication next week. The IMF said it was calling for a substantially higher carbon tax because the carbon dioxide from fossil fuels accounted for almost two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions and was the most immediately practical to control. (If global energy is such an issue, make Rothschilds, Rockefellers Bushes, and other elite families that have reaped vast profits via this energy cartel, it is they who should pay to repair any damage that has been caused by their cartel)

Amazon’s AI-based home security system is sending footage of users’ private moments to dozens of algorithm trainers halfway around the world, according to former employees – not unlike its Alexa “smart” speakers. Amazon’s Cloud Cam home security device regularly sends video clips to employees in Romania and India, who help “train” its AI algorithms, according to five current and former employees who spoke to Bloomberg. The workers review the clips in order to help the system distinguish pet from threat – benign movement from malignant intruder. The only problem? Cloud Cam users have no idea they’re being watched by human eyes. The Cloud Cam’s terms and conditions say nothing about humans watching footage from their security cameras, and an Amazon representative insisted that the only clips reviewed by employees are submitted voluntarily, for “troubleshooting” purposes. Other than that, “only customers can view their clips,” the spokeswoman told Bloomberg, insisting Amazon “take[s] privacy seriously.” But there were no “obvious technical glitches” that would indicate the clips were selected for troubleshooting, and some included obviously private content – specifically, couples having sex – that customers were unlikely to want shared, two of the employee whistleblowers claimed. The auditors typically watch and annotate about 150 20-30 second clips a day. Amazon acknowledged that clips containing inappropriate content are flagged and discarded so they are not used in training the AI, but avoided explaining how the inappropriate content would have ended up in front of the trainers in the first place if – as the spokeswoman claimed – all clip submissions were voluntary. While the company has tried to keep a lid on the program, barring employees from using their phones on the floor where Cloud Cam clips are audited, some of the juicier footage has leaked out, one source claimed.

The Ugandan government has announced plans to reintroduce legislation paving the way for the execution of homosexual people, five years after the bill was thrown out by the constitutional court on a technicality. The bill, dubbed ‘Kill the gays’ within Uganda, will be reintroduced within weeks, according to officials. Currently, Ugandans face life imprisonment if convicted of having sex with another person of the same gender. Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo said the bill is being reintroduced because of allegedlymassive recruitment of gay people” and current laws are too limited in scope. “We want it made clear that anyone who is even involved in promotion and recruitment has to be criminalised,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “Those that do grave acts will be given the death sentence.” Those that confess to love god and commit acts like these are as fake as a glass eye.

Mastercard, Visa, eBay and payments firm Stripe have pulled out of Facebook’s embattled cryptocurrency project, Libra. Their move, first reported in the Financial Times, follows the withdrawal of PayPal, announced last week. It represents a huge blow to the social network’s plans to launch what it envisions as a global currency. The project has drawn heavy scrutiny from regulators and politicians, particularly in the US. Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg will appear before the House Committee on Financial Services on 23 October to discuss Libra and its planned roll-out. Regulators have raised multiple concerns over Libra, including the risk it may be used for money laundering. Mercado Pago, a payments firm serving mostly Latin America, also pulled out. It means of the six payments-related firms first involved in Libra, just one, PayU, remains. Netherlands-based PayU did not respond to the BBC’s request for comment on Friday.

Back in 2014 I warned Californians of a potential issue of the elites tipping everyone out of California and having the State themselves, since then we have had water shortages, which is ridiculous, there is no water shortage, only a lack of investment, imagination and will. Fires done not to random areas but key areas, has anyone not noticed the Rothschilds and Pelosi vineyards havent been touched? Yet private pot farms have? cohen cidence, I think not.
Then it went from draught to floods and lets drown people out via breaking the dams.
House prices and rent forcing people out of the region is another deliberate policy, introducing gang culture into a region is another deliberate policy.
Now we have lets turn off their electricity and see if we can force more people to leave, throw in the odd underground explosion and tell people California’s going to sink and were all going to die via the San Andreas fault, yet the Rothschilds, Pelosi’s, Browns and Feinstein’s all remain, funny that isn’t?
When will people see they are running a program, that is happening in many American regions.

In CV I warned of casinos as one of the reasons behind Katrina, there was a drive by an Israeli based business group who ran gambling ships off the coast of New Orleans, who wanted to go onto the land.
American law in many states does not allow gambling, unless it is on an Indian reservation, those that have casinos on their land, means they have sold out their land and people for western style gains based on pieces of paper, this is why I have warned many of the tribes have been or are corrupted, certainly at the chief levels.
American law prevented those gambling ships coming ashore, those ships had to travel 3 miles out into what is called International waters to then be able to gamble.
Then a story crops up this week that the new casino being built in New Orleans has collapsed and killed some people, but how can they do that, well first you have to move the occupants of the land out, then make sure they don’t have the funds to rebuild back on the land, then various brown envelopes are passed onto local politicians, they then create a bill that this land is no longer habitable and needs to be rezoned, and some ancient tribe lived there once, they just so happened to remember it and stake claim to the land, which is then given back to them under conditions, and then they build the casino.

Further funds were allocated to various accounts in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, JP Morgan and other leading establishments, all funds went across and accounts deemed as pending, which means the transfers were successful.
Then in came the blocker mechanism again, to stop and or divert the funds, this time directly from Langley.
All are aware now of who is the main issue stopping the liquidation of all banks, funds going to the government, Pentagon and the projects for the people, time for them to take action accordingly.

Several thousand near 3/4 of a million of a certain group on this planet were deleted permanently this week, following a request to the Council which was agreed upon, the details of who and they will be revealed in FRWL 8, suffice to say the world is better off without them, utter parasites.

Further work with the banks and the Quantum system has progressed rather nicely, is what I will and can say, but as always with this show we exercise caution, we have had to many let downs to make wild claims for clickbait on this show, and only puts more pressure on those involved in it to deliver, that we don’t need, but things are progressing well.

As above so below, as within so without, the great mirror effect that can work both ways, but people in general only see it as one way.
Mirror reflects back and the eyes see what the brain tells them, but our eyes are limited, a few percentage points of the spectrum, our brains have had varying doses of MK Ultra, for most people on a non physical level, some have endured the tortuous physical level, both render the individual a controlled or controllable asset.
Designed to follow, must obey, all very They Live as an increasing public use of technology ensnares more, into the subtle MK Ultra program.
All people have endured MK Ultra in some form or other, to deny it is ignoring the problem, an all too common human trait.
You watch TV, play video games, partake in various social media, the most damaging of which is twitter, there is a reason they only allow you to post a certain number of characters, it is streamlining the narrative, so you operate in soundbytes and headlines only, and don’t delve into the deeper aspects of a narrative.
Via the television controlling via the advertisement program, adverts are strategically placed every 8 minutes or so, because they have managed to reduce the average American’s attention span down to 8 minutes now, through TV programming.
Video games are a massive problem, it is seeded with dark malignant frequency music, dark subliminals that pulse into your brain, which is entrainment tactics, and frequencies that disrupt the brain thinking pattern, it encourages competitive streaks and win at all costs.
Riddled with violence and gory scenes, where it is ok to run over people and shoot cops, military games always include the latest boogeyman like Muslims, Iran, Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea, but these games are also connected to their AI network and not only do they assess the strategies by each player, but more damaging is, they are profiling each player registered on the network.
Yet again an example of how we do their job for them, so they will set tests within the game, which player will shoot at all costs and how far individuals will go to win the game, will they cheat? cheating is an advantage to those running the data profiling, because if the person is willing to cheat, they are willing to do other things more nefarious to attain their goals.
Will the player take out a key element with single strike, or will player destroy the whole village to take out the one person, the person who does the latter is of interest to rogue elements in military, mercenary and security groups, and subsequent targeting of that individual to be pushed into those live roles, this is how data profiling works.
The same on social media, do you think those life questions that pop up are for entertainment? no those that fill in those questionaires like are you an empath, how spiritual are you, what is your IQ etc, and people all fill them in, and it all goes into the database, whereby you are profiled into labels and categories, do you like this food or that item, where would you like to go on vacation, would you buy this product or another one, is all about setting you up for personal advertising marketing.
Many will say well I never thought of it that way, how could we know they were doing that, the answer becomes a question is why you didn’t? because you didn’t look behind the mirror or the hidden hand, you accepted their image presented, when all of their images are false or misrepresentations, the key to understanding it is, if you think on it, break it all down, observe it, assess where they can weaponize it against us, because everything else has been used as a weapon against us, harmed us or tricked us.
Remember they are the image and the hidden hand, they created the problem and the solution, they create the boogeyman and the savior, it’s like hospitals they say they are to make us better, but then give us poisons to consume, they give people cigarettes to smoke, then they tell you it is not good for you or your health, but we have already established they are not interested in our health, otherwise they would stop blocking genuine cures, they would stop putting shit in our food, water or air, clowns blocking cancer cure hospitals and retarded people supporting it.
Our life is consumed by supporting and upholding the lie, we argue over politics and not policies, we argue over politicians and not their voting records or what have they achieved for the people, if you select people based on image and personality, you get in return faceless drones, with no thought process and certainly no solutions on anything relative.
So how do I correct it, you correct it by fixing you, and if all took that responsibility, life, politics and finances change, those with a mastery of the self, will see through all their illusions.
So how does that work and how can it be fixed? when you look in the mirror you see one image which is you, you are conditioned to see just you, you miss the shadows of the self, the ones not integrated into you, as you couldn’t face that shadow aspect of you, but as an observer of you looking at you, you will see the shadows, if you go to the other side of the mirror you will see you looking at you and back, you have now seen through the illusion.
But you cant look through the back of the mirror many will say, because your mind is entrained to think that way, the brain is software and programmable, you are the programmer once you are the master of you, with your imagination, you rewrite the program, first stop the limitation program, I can’t do this, you can’t do that, says who? teachers? science? media? psychologists? and since when, where they the bastions of delivering the truth, knowledge and empowerment?
Life is the mirror, when you add more mirrors, is there not more versions of you? but I thought you were just one? what is real, what is the illusion?
Is it not the case everything is inverted in life the same as the mirror? Life today is about things being external, when all is internal, in the external the focus of most people is the I and not the we, this leads to selfish agendas, life is all about me and others don’t matter, the endless world of comparison and competition, that has so damaged us all.
So on the external we are attempting to pull back the I and focus on the we, which is not an easy task as many of you have found out, it is not an easy program to break, but then we have the inversion on the internal aspects, as within so without.
Internally we are programmed to be the we and not the I, which is the reverse of our external traits.
What is the we he is talking about many will ask, the we is in the brain, the two duelling hemispheres, one says I want to do this, the other side says come on you are too old, too weak, you cant learn this, you can’t do that, how many of you have said I would love to do this and then the excuses crop up of why you can’t?
I would love to go to paradise beach, but the kids, the school, the time off work, the money and same applies to the projects many of you are working on, I can’t take part in this project because blah blah blah, that is the limitation program installed into your brain, shutting it off is the key.
So internally many face the problem of the duelling hemispheres which is the we, combining them it becomes the I, the I internally when mastered, makes the we externally far easier.
Once you have mastered the hemispheres the next stage of the trinity within the head is to merge it with the third eye, the single unseen eye, that sees more than the visual two eyes, once that stage is complete, the next stage providing the throat chakra is not blocked is the cord to the heart, that is where you magic kicks in, operating from there opens many doors physical and non physical, more senses than our basic limiting 5 senses, the real definition of the warrior with the sword manifests.
Two hemispheres are the two side handles, third eye is the handle, cord to the heart is the blade.
The blade like the mirror is double edged, use wisely and it will serve you, use unwisely and it will cut you, that requires responsibility, many don’t like the responsibility, and so why too few achieve their own mastery.
People all too content to let others do for them, that means if things go wrong they have someone else to blame, that is why many rely on the government, but governments fail because the people didn’t take responsibility, not because of politicians, but because you are responsible having selected them, to make them accountable, the people are responsible for the plight of the country and the government, and have neglected it, to allow someone else to take the blame.
People have become so frightened of failure, that it prevents them becoming who they should be or what they want to do, failure is an opportunity to see where you went wrong, failure brings learning lessons, the same as mistakes, and remember a winner is a loser who got back up and gave it one more try.
So the key to mastery of the self is internally the we must become the I, externally the I must become the we, external only truly becomes possible with the internal mastered, otherwise it is all an illusion, of what you believe you are doing, not what you are doing.

What has been garnered over recent months is how fickle some people can be, you can help people for weeks, months and in some cases years only for them to shit on you from a great height, does it hurt yes, but you learn to manage it better each successive time it happens. Recent comments and their excuse for leaving is I dont like his stance on 5G, Chemtrails, Bitcoin, Blue Chickens and the classic this week, his comments on super soldiers that they are all killers, stated by one woman as the reason for leaving and joining a hate group, newsflash lady because you are ignorant of facts or too cowardly to face it, that information came from me speaking to 3 super soldiers in person, all said they work or worked for the cabal as assassins, you don’t think they created super soldiers in black budget, off ledger programs for the greater good of the people do you? these people are as shallow as the dry river bed in Death Valley, with that in mind it leads to our final piece tonight, which will be in three parts.
This is a global message and not necessarily directed at our group, but some aspects still apply to us all, me included.


What is human? strange question to ask under normal circumstances, but can it be defined? what have we done to define it? with the varying cultures, most of which was created for us, all of them in some way are exclusive not inclusive, riddled with errant ways, masks, false history and false present, each culture presented with an image, none are free and all conform to some ancient book or ritual passed down by the dark forces.
I have covered most cultures and peoples around the world, and not put them in a good light as a whole, why? do I really have to answer that question? you can all see why, but many refuse to face the reality.
A world riddled in poverty, a world where the many don’t have the basics in life, many people labeled as savages or third world without understanding the connotations of what is being said, the western world riddled in greed, over indulgence and falsehoods, and if you want to see real savages, look at social media, particularly in the west.
People riddled with insecurity, bitterness, sniping at each other, inflammatory comments or posts designed to get them likes or comments, laden with drama all with the intent of projecting their own failures onto other people, be it friends, family, social media friends, the government, the deep state, the cabal, the illuminati, the order plus some who blame off world, that is the top and bottom line of it.
Truth becomes a byword to the low self esteem, insecure and vessels riddled, with malignant venom of their own making, their lives are shit, dark and devoid of humanity, because the truth hurts them so much, because what comes with truth is, personal responsibility, which is a no no for far too many whether awake or asleep.
People who are intent on making others accountable, and yet neglect their own accountability or being accountable as well, social media is riddled with it.
Most people walk past or step over the homeless in the street, because they are seen as lesser people, but they are no different to you, but with the comparative and competitive mindset, they are seen as lesser people, which is no different to the working class frowning on people on benefits, no different to the middle class frowning on the working class, no different of the upper class frowning on the middle class, no different of the elite frowning upon the upper class, no different for the order frowning on the elite families, no different to the former trustee frowning on us all, nobody told us to do that, we just did it.
How many people in the world genuinely care that 900k children go missing in America each year, 49k children die each day, 1.3B have no electricity, 1B have no clean water, over 3B don’t have a decent home, yes our members have heard about it, but did your life change because of it? did it cause you to be more grateful of what you have, not what you haven’t?.
TPC donations sent a package of food basics, medicine and child essentials to a small village in Venezuela, after their country was ransacked by the same clowns running and ruining this country, a small gesture, it didn’t require much funding and was a godsend to that village, much can be done with little, yet people feel you need a lot to do much, it is the mindset.
You have lawyers charging $2-300 an hour to read or write, people charging thousands of dollars for consultations and fake presentations, I heard one story of someone charging $75K for that line of work recently, that’s 3 years pay for the average service worker in this country, yet $75K can feed a whole village for a year in most cases, all about perspective.
Examples in new age style social media people, presenting themselves as spiritualists and then charging $2-400 to hear one line of kumbaya bs after another, one member in our group charges people $2000 to meet and greet him, it beggars belief, goddess this, angel that, starseeds like they are the only ones who came from the stars, we all did, the arrogance is astounding.  
We had millions of love and light people in the late 60’s, did the world become better place? no, we have billions extolling the virtue of the church, religion and god, all praying for salvation, has the world changed with that program? no it has turned this planet into a war zone, so neither of them programs worked to bring a better world, why? because it was all fake is why, only those in denial would repeat those programs and expect them to work.
Many are still asking for a 2000 year old dead man to become a zombie and return to save them, it’s madness, ignoring the fact of why would he want to come back? you all ignored him and left him to die 2000 years ago, is that harsh, yes, but it is the truth, the people never saved him then, what chance would he have now, with a baying mob of internet warriors who believe everything, except when it comes to the truth.
I could give and spend a whole show on what is wrong and how we are also responsible for that wrong, and yes many will point out it is the government, agencies, the illuminati who have done this all to us, that is the lie or at best partially true, we are them and they are us, but reality bites as most was done by us, due to lack of care for our fellow men, women and children, and failing to address that, leads to what we have now, a free for all in chaos, confusion, anger, bitterness, envy and riddled in the worst malignancy of humanity, the self.
What is human? do you know? what lies beyond our own self entitled bubble world? do you see? do you feel? do you sense? do you have real empathy? and the kicker do you care?
Words often lie, words have spells, most us are oblivious to, but the devious amongst, but actions don’t, in this current time/space vibration, those lies, hidden agendas, masks, projections don’t work too well, all of it is being exposed on a massive scale, on every single level, and what you see, is very ugly no matter where you are from.
The reason being is most people on this planet are fake, yes many pretend to be all love and light, throwing out love emojis and memes, but inside they are far from it, if that wasn’t a correct assessment, the world would be a much better place, it’s not, all can see that now, whether awake or not.
The letter addressed to the top order on this planet was stark, in it’s condemnation of their inability to follow a simple plan and look after the treasures that belonged to us all, but if you paid attention and listened closely, that letter could well have been addressed to us as well, you see we are no different on every level of society, in every class of society, in every culture of society, in every religion, color or gender of society, the letter was no different to the Cassandra letter addressed to the alt media, none whatsoever.
Now you can ignore all that, and humanity is adept at ignoring things, both externally and internally, or face reality and the brutal truth, we have failed as a collective, of what it means to be human, me included, once a problem is established and the finger pointing away from you stops, then it becomes about solutions to fixing the problem.
But there is hope as well as many are now starting to act in better ways, using their energy to improve things for the all, not just the self, in our own group there are many wonderful examples, of people accepting their own responsibility and striving to improve themselves and working towards helping others, I won’t list them as we still have comparative mindset people within and outside the group crying about favoritism, the problem is not that they are favorites, the problem is you and your own unaddressed insecurity, fix it, it is destroying you, not me or anyone else, that is your responsibility.
Many people have helped me to do this job more efficiently than I was previously, for the people who gave $1 a month to some who gave $1000 a month, I am grateful to you all, including to those who couldn’t give in terms of financial support, they gave in their energy of supporting me in bringing about a change, there has to be a near 180 change on many levels, as all the previous model has failed on all levels.
Some complain about me and yet none of them would do this work for 5 minutes, they know that deep down, but the comparative mind runs through many people’s vessel like a malignant cancer cell.
The gist of those who complain is, they wish they had the vision, balls and gumption to do what I do, but never had the drive or vision to do so, so rather than trying to elevate themselves into a similar position, they take the easy way out and try and drag their target of envy down to their level, this is why as a collective we all fail, do you not see that?
Everyone dragging each other down, means we all end up at the bottom, like war, an eye for an eye and we all end up blind, how is that progressive? is that being human?
This show is about harsh truth reality, and it is harsh, it has to be because we have all gorged on bullshittery our whole lives, this show is about elevating us all, many of our members have complained to me I don’t give myself enough credit, yes I see that, but that is then putting me on a pedestal, the drive for me is, we are all on the pedestal not just the one, the one is replicating the old system.
The old system created for us failed, but it was created for us, because we didn’t take responsibility to create a system for ourselves, and if people think playing the old movie over and over again, like Groundhog day will bring change, your as deluded as they come, stuck in the programs and programming of non creative thinking, and lets all play bots, of copy and repeat, is that being human? fss, wake up.
Education, Government, Health, Charity, Finance, War and Military, class structure, culture, religion and business all failed, and failed spectacularly, not as spectacular as what was known as The Order, but nonetheless it all failed, to the few who really know what has gone on, on this planet, we knew it was all designed to fail is why, are we really that stupid to keep repeating failed old models? or do we analyze each section and come up with solutions of a better way, for the first time in 110K years at least.
That is the task we all face going forward, our past legacy is not pretty, and people can carry on projecting at others, the reality is they are projecting at themselves, this is why you are seeing so many in public, alt and social media accusing others of doing what they have done, or participated with themselves, oops, their own lack of humanity prevents them from seeing what the observer sees, the problem is YOU, but sadly you are not alone in that thinking, it is a pandemic within society.
Cassandra said we have told you the truth, and even the few amongst you relaying the truth are dismissed and ridiculed to a point of exasperation, that is a fact, for people who believe in Jesus what did his followers or the people do to protect him? nothing, Radomir or Mary Magdelene? again nothing but a very few who tried to protect them, Anna in the 1500’s again the people stood and cheered in the square, as she was burnt alive by the Cat holic church for daring to teach the truth.
All people who stand up for the real truth get treated the same way, denigrated, abused, threats of violence, their lives destroyed trying to help you all, that is the price people pay for trying to help you, Kim and I have gone to great lengths to help the all, and that is what we got in return for doing so, Shane the Ruiner, Randy Maugans, Alan James as well, think about that for a while, you cant blame any other organization for doing that, it is you, humanity as a collective who did and does that.
What is worse is your friends and family do the most damage, is that being human?

What is human? have we defined it? like what will life be like in a better world? too few have defined it, what does it mean, what does it entail? how will we go about it? how will we achieve it? Do we want to achieve it? is their a plan?
We have a plan, but do you have a plan? or are you too content for others to make a plan for you? which is exactly what transpired in the old model is it not? Where is your plan? where are your solutions? why is there a propensity to only bring problems or faults with others?
Pushing others into making a plan for you, is dissolving your own responsibility, so when the few only back the plan and it fails, people can then point fingers at those who failed, but that is the illusion, a plan fails, as the all didn’t participate in it, to make it work.
If the all participate in it, any plan has a better chance of prevailing, but people fight over being leader, their ideas are better than yours or they want to control the plan and the narrative, for an example of that, look in the THI state and country groups, too busy arguing over pedantics and control, self serving agendas, rather than coming to a common consensus and solutions, you can’t deny it, that happened.
Awake are no better than sleepers in that mode, why, because the you hasn’t address the self problems, low self esteem or confidence, ego imbalance, and the comparative and competitive mindsets are the ills in us all, these are the reasons behind our collective continuing failure in life, you are responsible for that change, if you don’t, and you go in a group setting, you then trigger others to jump back to the old model way, then it becomes a loop, a hamster wheel, of repeated and repetitive failure mindsets.
So the change is YOU, YOU are the change, it is symbiotic and infectious, like attracts like, you can attract negative which is the subset of humanity now, or you can be and attract positive higher vibrational energies, the choice is yours.
Are you going to create change and be different, or say you will be creating change, but run the same failed, old model program?
Because there are too few who are aware of what is going on, within them or around them, they have become vacant empty shells, vessels whose programming ran out and failed, and there is no one to tell them what to do now, so panic ensues, this is what we are all witnessing currently, they are like a child’s first time on a bicycle, waiting for a parent to push them along, thrashing about with no direction, life whizzing past them, the majority of which they are oblivious to.
Look around you, nothing works, people are going nuts, behavior and demeanors get more bizarre by the day, hey lets all eat babies to save the planet, eat humans to stop the climate change, sounds like an off world restaurant to me that, but they warned you all of it, back in 1991, with the movie Silence of the lambs, you didn’t think that was about entertainment did you?
I said recently fact is fiction and fiction is fact, do you understand that concept now, most people just thought that woman saying lets eat babies was a joke, it’s not, it is implanting the seed in people’s psyche, from eating babies to sexually molesting children at any age, they are programming you to accept it, and as they know most people ignore everything they do, they get away with it.
The few that challenge it, then become targets by internet warriors, some of which are paid to do so, or coerced into doing so, by the fact the authorities have dirt on them, and are using that as leverage against them.
Who are you? and some will reply I am me, but what is you? have you defined what is you? are you the body? the spirit? the soul? the mind? you do realize a body without a spirit dies in organic humans, it is the primary cause of death in the sleep, the spirit didn’t make it out of the astral level, was attacked and consumed by the energy harvesters contained within that realm, science won’t tell you that, neither will your doctor, psychologist or hospital, they just say it is unexplainable, it’s not, it is clearly explainable, but who wants to hear it?
A new chapter of what it means to be human will have to be defined and rewritten going forward, all cultures are culpable and responsible for this current mess, don’t believe me, here is a small reminder, based on the collective, not the individual.
White people based in greed, all about the self, and walk around with fake avatars of the real person, have a serious alcohol abuse problem, have numbers of white people within elite circles with vast wealth, none of which is shared amongst their own people, your history is false.
Blacks in America and Africa, lots of ill gotten gains from drugs, gun running, prostitution none of which is shared within your own community, creating ghettos, high levels of violence and deaths between your own people, trading your own people as slaves long before the Europeans arrived, your history is false.
Tribal groups again involved in clandestine money making schemes, plus oil and casinos and yet none of it is given to your own people, forced into living in shacks and ramshackle reservations, forcing their own people to work as slave labor on the reservations, are stated to be in tune with mother nature, and yet drill right through her to harvest bacteria poop for monetary gain, that is not being in tune with nature. Stated to be in touch with the spirit world and promote psychedelic concoctions that puts people in grave danger, because they are ignorant of the facts, fake shamans with less than a years training, all designed to make money, none of which is shared with their own people, your history is false also.
India and that region of Asia, you run a caste system even to this day, that was blamed on the Dutch and British and yet you still persist with it today 72 years later, is it the Raj or the Ra, 8 of the top 10 richest people are Indian, yet do they share amongst their own people, like all other groups, the answer is no, forced marriages, forcing children into marriages, making out Buddha and Hinduism is based on your culture, its not it’s fake, the Rus tried to teach you a better way, you failed. 1/3rd of the worlds hunger problem is in India, 7000 die each day in India from hunger, so much for Buddha and Shiva teachings being about love and consideration. Your history is false.
Australia/New Zealand the group who sold humanity out 16500 years ago for weapons against a local tribe, Aboriginal group also corrupt, gaining back their lands only to sell it onto developers, create oil fields none of which the proceeds goes back to their own people, your history is false also.
Hispanic peoples like the black population involved in clandestine money programs against your own people, using them as slaves and patsies, involved in drugs, laundering, trafficking, child sex related programs, and in Central America child rituals programs, none of the proceeds goes back to their own people, your history is false also.
Middle East riddled with same criminality as above, added in religious ferverism and you have a cocktail of violence, death and destruction, your history is more fake than the rest combined, vast quantities of minerals, treasures and artifacts the proceeds of which are not shared with your own people either, you can’t even share the land.
Chinese and Japan, again riddled with gang warfare generating vast profits off their own people, again not shared amongst their own people, even in Hong Kong there has been an incredible surge in wealth in recent years, did they share it? no.
Pol Pot, Chairman Mao, and many other leaders in that country murdered millions of Chinese over a difference of opinion, Yakuza and Triad gangs assembled vast wealth, again none of it shared with their people.
The world has 838M people under nourished and yet we have 1.6B people overweight, of which 742M are obese, that in and of itself shows a lack of sharing, need not greed.
People say there is no money and yet so far this year $316B has been spent on illegal drugs alone, all about priorities isn’t it?
The role of the archetype mother is to care for her children, yet to date this year there has been 33.5M abortions globally, you can make excuses for a portion of those aborted births, but nowhere near that figure.
2m to date this year have died of alcohol abuse, can afford to buy alcohol which is not a basic in life, but not feed the millions starving around the world?
All a classic example of greed not need, of looking after the self and not the all.
Millions poured into the UN and charities globally in 2017 it was estimated that $402B was given to charity for various causes, from children to care, health, malnutrition, animal welfare etc and yet not one statistic, has shown any improvement in those fields, not one, we had live aid and vast billions were given to Africa, did it improve one iota? are they all fed? no, just another slush fund for greedy self serving bastards is what it is, charity CEO’s on $400K plus per year, those people are not interested in charity, only serving themselves, as an example my salary for The Peoples club was set at $50K a year, like I said need not greed.
So, we ask the question again what is human? is this section a fair example of being human? many will dismiss it, a common theme, many will react badly to it, again a common theme, and the few will look at themselves and go, you know what, all of that is the truth, we have failed each other badly.
In the old system way, the people had one role in a recurring plot put forward by the policy makers, they repeated it over and over again, and like bots we copied and repeated it over and over again, by being lazy minded and lacking critical thinking,
that one role was in reaction, the order had a new solution, so they then created the problem to push forward their solution, we the people provided the reaction, time and time again.
They wanted war in the middle east, they fed the western world a story, people reacted to it and off to war we went, to those that disagreed with it the time, this next line does not apply to you, those that went along with it, believing fake news, you are partially responsible for the deaths of 1.8M Iraqis alone, along with 6500 Americans, that’s not fair people will cry, it was the politicians, but YOU voted for them, you left them to make decisions for you, you are just as responsible for the actions of your country, as anybody else.
Going forward we must all see the problems, generate the right reaction of a goal to fix it, then come up with the solutions to solve the problem, all people, not just politicians, they are the equivalent of the gladiator arenas in Rome, we are the spectators and you throw people into the lions to get savaged, sitting there cheering as they get ripped to shreds, not realizing the reason those people are getting shredded, is because the people don’t take responsibility, it’s always someone else’s problem, that problem is YOU.
Millionaires and Billionaires is that being human? Vulture capitalism is that being human? Child traffickers is that being human? Militaries awarding badges for killing people, is that being human? Spending more on military and weapons, than food or health, is that being human? Religious people confessing to be all holy and god loving and yet rape their communities, trafficking children, mentally physically and sexual abusing them, is that being human? creating wars of my god better than your god, is that being human?
Many will blame the ancestors and there is some justification in that narrative, but we, this last 2 generations, have all been in the timeline of the greatest jump in knowledge, this current civilization has seen, via the internet, and what has changed from a collective stand point? Ignorance back then was easily controlled and passed onto the masses, ignorance now is a choice, that all of you bear responsibility for, are you part of the problem or part of the solution? will you ask or demand change or will you be the change? will you be mired in fear and victimhood programs or take responsibility and shine like a beacon?

So, what is human? our record outlined is a not too pretty picture is it? in the fake book written by controlling elites men, not god or source, it states let us create man in our image, now I have gone on record to state that book was written about the Annunaki groups and there offspring, they all carried the mark of the nefilim.
From Melchizedek, to Genghis Khan(cohen), to the Indian gods to Noah, as did Noah’s offspring Shem and Ham, all it was said they had a coat of armor when born, described as scaly skin, and no it wasnt eczema or psoriasis, it was reptile skin.
Many have interpreted the term let us create man in our image, too few ask who is us and what is our, I thought it was said god made us, are there more than one? many took that statement as a sign that they made man literally, they didn’t, they the gods, fake ones, set about turning man into their image via mind control and low vibrational frequency traits, divide and conquer and hierarchy all came from them, now they are gone, and can no longer interfere on the levels previously, there will always be some who wish to continue that program, we have enough humans who are as psychotic as their leaders where, what are we going to do to create man in a new image and light?
We have an opportunity to forge our own path for the first time in history, without interference, do we like our current image? labeled as savages by some, labeled as low intelligence by others, is that what we wish to be labeled by? or will the collective stand up and finally take some responsibility of the mess this world is in? come together and forge a better path?
Whilst they created the image, like bots we followed it, when a little circumspect reflection, of your self and the world around you, could have easily changed this abomination a long time ago.
THI has been on a journey of correcting the past ills and exposing the hidden world, too few could see and even less believed, what made us different is, we pointed the fingers not just at those who hurt, controlled or damaged us, but at the mirror and back toward us, and what our role was in it.
You can’t create solutions by looking at only half of the problem, that is why this world is a mess, too few see the bigger picture, too few realize there is a bigger picture, never mind see it, too few critical think or analyze, and the ones that do analyze, largely do so for negative purposes.
Too many are reminiscent of the children in kindergarten class, listening to the teacher read a book to them, or worse George Bush Jnr, all just swallowed it up, and regurgitated it ad nauseum, only the few asked the questions of it’s validity or whether it was true or not, adults are no different to those children, the children had an excuse they were learning the world, and were relatively new to it, adults don’t have that excuse, you chose to be a bot, listen and repeat, that is not being human, that is a machine.
I am overall pleased at how many of you in the group have embraced the message, and gone onto making better changes in your life and those around you, it is arduous I know that more than you all, truth comes at a very heavy cost to those delivering it on this planet, and the least anyone can do is support those who are, yet we see several examples of those mired in their own shit, projecting it onto others.
Do we want a world that throws shit everywhere and creates a massive stink? or do we take responsibility for ourselves and create a much cleaner world, where the stink is in the minority, and not the majority?
Many of you have took up the mantle and changed yourself, your outlook and your own image, and some have gone onto helping others to do the same.
This group has taken many members off pharma drugs, other drugs illegal or otherwise, alcohol abuse, victimhood programs, religious programs, cycles of abuse programs, we have made giant strides in this arena.
Many have written to me and said their whole lives have changed since being in THI, people from all over the world who have never met me, all stating the show turned their life around, and yet we have all been targeted for doing so, why is that? is that being human?
They target you not because you are weak, but because you are strong, never forget that, they target you not because you have external strength, but inner strength, never forget that, they target you not because you are stupid, but because you have more intelligence than them, never forget that, they target you not because you don’t care, but because you do, never forget that, they target you not because you have low vibration, but a higher vibration, never forget that.
Remember where you were, head and heart wise before THI, and see and feel your own development, no low vibration person can take that away from you, never forget that either.
I brought forward a vision of how to be, but you delivered it and the low vibrationals cant take that away from you either, they are lost and stuck in their own world and their program has ran out, and they have no idea what to do, so they revert back to type, of those who created the image for them.
The hu in human has three meanings higher universal, the Sumerian Annunaki term hu means serpent, in Sanskrit it means dragon, which is it to be humanity? dragon man, we had an example of the dragon guardians failing last week, serpent man worshipped by the Cat holic church or Higher Universal man, the choice now rests solely in all of your hands, which of the three you become.
No masks to hide behind, no cabal, no Illuminati, no ET’s or NT’s groups, no global Martial law, another hidden group decimated this week, cloaked technologies destroyed or revealed, no psychotic AI, no simulation, no matrix, and the top order on this planet decimated down to a relative few psychopaths, only fear, threats and a lack of responsibility keeps the illusion that the old order is still in control, the reality is, they are not.
There are no more excuses, you are on your own to create and be creative, be free or stay in your own enslavement, are you mind or heart based, real or fake, it’s all out in the open now, and the frequencies are telling the real truth, not the lies you spew out or have been fed and absorbed as fact.
Disclosure people cry, you have already had it, that is why you know of it, question is now, what next? Do we carry on not caring, carry on not sharing, carry on in their image or create our own image? That image we create needs to be an almost 180 turn on what went on before, that failed, we failed, now is the time for a new way, a different image, a progressive change and a drive to take this world of children into a progressive, flourishing adult based species.
The whispers in your ears are getting stronger as the reconnection to the higher self bonds closer and closer, but will you listen?
So are you waiting for the event? or have you realized yet, you are the event?
We end the show with the question we started with, what is human? now with a blank slate, it and we becomes what you make it.
Choose wisely and fss learn to be nice to the all.


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