truth honor integrity | oct 24, 2019

I want to say thanks to all the people who donated to the TPC this month it is encouraging to see, maybe on the zoom calls next week can come up with ideas of how to take that project outside of THI donators, and we can really get this moving. Thanks to you all.

Legal marijuana in California as a business was supposed to be a no-brainer. How could it not be profitable in a liberal state pushing 40 million residents where some of the best weed in the world has been grown for decades? But nearly three years after Proposition 64, the law legalizing the adult use of the drug, was passed, California cannabis producers are not seeing the windfalls predicted. They tell Sharyn Alfonsi that regulations and a robust black market are cutting into legal pot profits. The California law gives local governments the right to regulate the pot shops so towns can prohibit them. A whopping 80% of the state’s towns and cities have turned legal pot shops down. In a state, much of the illegal weed isn’t just being sold by shadowy dealers, but in illegal storefronts in strip malls, where buyers aren’t being taxed at 45% and the dealers don’t buy expensive permits from the state. Legalization has actually made illegal weed cheaper and easier to buy.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared confused at a London court hearing on Monday, struggling to recall his name and age in his first public appearance in months as he sought to fight his extradition to the United States. On Monday he appeared clean-shaven, without the long beard he had worn at his last public appearance in May, when he was sentenced to 50 weeks jail for skipping bail. He appeared in good health, with his white hair combed back and wearing a navy suit over a light blue sweater and white shirt. But he mumbled and stuttered for several seconds as he gave his name and date of birth at the start of a preliminary hearing in the case. When the judge asked him at the end of the hearing if he knew what was happening, he replied “not exactly”, complained about the conditions in jail, and said he was unable to “think properly”. “I don’t understand how this is equitable,” he said. “I can’t research anything, I can’t access any of my writing. It’s very difficult where I am.”
Either MK Ultra’d or switched out entity, remember this guy was sent to an Australian cult where they died everyone’s hair white, i’m not sure this guy is the be all and end all, and it does have elements of being faction based to me.

The Trump administration’s perennial push for steep budget cuts, an exodus of senior staffers with decades of experience and constant allegations that agency employees represent a deep state has sent morale at the State Department to an unprecedented low. On top of that, President Trump has fired a senior diplomat after a whisper campaign mounted by his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and abandoned steadfast allies in the Middle East to fend for themselves on the battlefield at the behest of Turkey’s government. Current and former diplomats say the weight of those events is taking a startling and measurable toll on American foreign relations, and on their ability to carry out policy set by the White House. Those diplomats are increasingly concerned that the White House and senior State Department leadership do not have their backs, particularly after Trump’s allies launched a whisper campaign that ended in the recall of Marie Yovanovitch as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine. They also worry the president’s decision to withdraw American troops from northern Syria – abandoning longtime Kurdish allies who fought the war against the Islamic State – will cause other allies to think twice about partnering with the United States. “We have squandered our global leadership, alienated our friends and emboldened our enemies,” said one U.S. ambassador.
This is what these people dont get we have no friends and we have no enemies, its all an illusion, hampering our abilities to carry out policies oh dear, and have just one of your policies worked? and 2. are any of the said policies beneficial to the people? don’t bother answering we already know. Kurdish allies, like all the other named groups in that region are all ran by rogue agencies in this country. Hiring Guilani as anything was not a smart move imo, he is like a chimera, half fox and half snake, sly and slippery.

So Justin Trudeau has been voted back in Canada, despite being mired in controversy, conspiracy, criminal acts and all kinds of other fun and games, he got back in despite losing heavily on the NAFTA act, despite bowing down to elites over the pipeline, election reform was ditched, elbowing a female politician in the assembly, to having to explain and apologize for eating chocolate during a debate.
Justin Trudeau inherited a booming economy, but he’s been accused of squandering it. His uncontrolled spending and tax hikes is making life harder for Canadians, a net loss of 17,000 jobs in Canada so far this year, claims of over regulation and high taxes.
Throw in scandals that includes prostitution, threats and bribery, and despite all that Canadian people voted him back in, but the problem is the cabal right? wrong.

In 2018, financial giant JPMorgan Chase hired more than 20,000 people in the U.S. Roughly 10% of them — about 2,100 — had a criminal history. And if CEO Jamie Dimon’s plans are realized, those employees will eventually be joined by many more co-workers with similar blotches on their records. JPMorgan today is announcing several major steps to encourage second-chance hiring for those with criminal records. The bank is officially “banning the box”—removing all questions about criminal records from its job applications. It will steer more than $7 million toward organizations that provide job- and life-skills training to the formerly incarcerated. The bank is also launching a new “policy center,” a think tank of sorts that will design and advocate for regulatory changes around certain economic issues. Its first agenda item: reforming rules that effectively bar former felons from employment, in finance and elsewhere.
Positive move in some aspects, given most put in prison would not be there under natural or common law, given the elements of criminality at the top end of that company for over a 100 years, suggests this is not a new venture they have always employed criminals.

S.168 Summary
S.168 is a bill that has been filed in the Massachusetts legislature by Senator Montigny under the guise of a solution to end human trafficking. The bill, if passed, would require professional licensure for more than 200 alternative and complementary holistic modalities that direct movement or work with energy in the body, which the bill defines as bodywork. Licensure would require training at state-approved schools, for which no courses of study are currently available for these 200+ modalities, offering no direct route to licensure for many of these practitioners. An example of how bills work in their world, always double meaning, always hidden clauses and many sinister intentions

Defense Department official Laura Cooper is scheduled to testify Wednesday in the House impeachment inquiry about the U.S. withholding military aid from Ukraine while President Donald Trump sought the investigation of his political rival. Cooper, who serves as the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia, was set to appear behind closed doors before the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight and Reform committees. Her testimony had been scheduled for Friday, but was moved to Wednesday. Congressional investigators want to ask Cooper, who oversees Ukraine policy, about why the administration withheld military aid at a time when Trump was urging Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.
The same DOD who wont or never investigated on why their own department lost not $2.3T as mentioned by Donald Rumsfeld on September 10th 2001, which like the funds was lost in another event, that was to unfold the following day, but the real figure missing is $23.5T, all stolen off the American people, where is the enquiry into that Ms. Cooper?
Lets look at Ms.Coopers record or past shall we, served in DHS, studied in the private Georgetown club in DC, also at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a think tank group with centers in Washington D.C., Moscow, Beirut, Beijing, Brussels, and New Delhi, since when have the Carnegies or any other bloodline family been interested in peace, if they are interested in peace, why do they have a center in Moscow? seen as everything Russian is very bad, and the DOD continues to peddle all things Russian are bad.
Carnegie is ranked the third most influential think tank in the world, after the Brookings Institution and Chatham House, not done very well have they, seen as the world is in turmoil, and yes I am being rhetorical, these are not interested in peace, only division.
She has described the Russian intervention in Ukraine as “a brazen violation of international law, really Ms. Cooper? learn some of our story, not his story, all those so called Baltic countries belonged to Rus, before your think tank groups played divide and conquer with them.
During a 2018 visit to Ukraine she noted that Congress had authorized money for military aid, and she said that “one of my goals on this visit was to discuss with the Government of Ukraine what its priority needs are for security assistance, so she herself is involved in Ukraine as well, why is that not an impeachment offense? How about discussing aid for the American people Ms. Cooper? it is our money you are giving away in the billions, under the banner of aid, but in reality world it is called bribery money.
A prior assignment in the DOD had been as Afghanistan Team Chief, Stability Operations Office, responsible for stability and security. In 2004 she presciently noted that to achieve these objectives, the efforts had to be enduring, with no end in sight, oh a freaking prophet as well, no end in sight? well it won’t have an end in sight, as these wars and aid packages are money laundering projects, so lets investigate Ms. Cooper and the DOD shall we on behalf of the American people.
She said the Ministry of Defense and the Afghan National Army needed to be reformed and rebuilt to counter the resurgent Taliban and the powerful warlords; a police force was needed to combat crime; the justice system had to be assisted to insure the rule of law; prisons had to be built. The rule of law, the principle whereby all members of a society (including those in government) are considered equally subject to publicly disclosed legal codes and processes.
Touche Ms. Cooper.

Google says an advanced computer has achieved “quantum supremacy” for the first time, surpassing the performance of conventional devices. The technology giant’s Sycamore quantum processor was able to perform a specific task in 200 seconds that would take the world’s best supercomputers 10,000 years to complete. Scientists have been working on quantum computers for decades because they promise much faster speeds. The result appears in Nature journal. In classical computers, the unit of information is called a “bit” and can have a value of either 1 or 0. But its equivalent in a quantum system – the qubit (quantum bit) – can be both 1 and 0 at the same time. This phenomenon opens the door for multiple calculations to be performed simultaneously. But the qubits need to be synchronised using a quantum effect known as entanglement, which Albert Einstein termed “spooky action at a distance”.
So they say, the world according to go ogle, yet it will not rival the real QS for a very long time, but what this does do, is expose the lies of alt media personalities that said they have had several Quantum Systems, when Go ogle has just announced it has only just achieved that status. Lies everywhere it seems.
Go ogle also just announced it was going to start charging for the data storage cloud services, pushing millions of people towards either paying for their cloud or lose all of their data, like emails, pictures, documents or videos etc. #boycottgo-ogle if you ask me.

There is no evidence to support Operation Black Eagle which is a control system group, Black eagle, dragon, trust etc being posted around the internet.

Last week we mentioned about Langley blocking the transfers, some in Langley admitted this was the case on Friday and said “on high” is taking measures to correct this issue. oh to be a fly on the wall, I hear some contractors are not too happy their own people are blocking them from getting paid. oops

Also part of that blocking was GCHQ and all it’s partners under a program called “The GateKeeper” program
Supposedly they were awaiting for one more key code, they thought was internal or was told by “someone” it was to come from them and to wait and they will issue it, but it is not, it comes from Kim and she sent it onto those trying to work through this banking stand off, that caused a great opening of bowels globally, well at least it came out of the right end, as it normally comes out when they flap their gums.

An attempt was made out of Belgium to leverage all inground resources and the Birth Certificates again, via the ANNA and the XN system, this was blocked.
Pelosi was in Jordan this week and is illegally negotiating deals, as the speaker of the house she has no legal right to negotiate with foreign heads of state, where is the portal peoples outcry over that, no headlines of Jordan collusion or pressurizing or bribing a foreign head of state?

Clowns were trying to get Trump to call Kim for money for the RV, and the numbers they requested bordered on the ridiculous, not 1 cent is going towards the RV, because it is never happening, and after a decade of trying, only the criminally insane continue to plug or follow it.
clown logic: step 1 – we have no money step 2 ask for money 3. refuse real money 4. request issue of non existent money program 5. told there is no money in that program 6. ask real money person to deliver the non existent money program 7. stomp feet after they are told its not happening 8. the loop repeat cycle again.

Tuesday brought an opportunity for the Fed to see the in ground assets all over world and all have liens on them, those liens are all owed to the Trust, not some rogue organizations or bloodline families that they state is theirs, pay back time on the liens or it is foreclosed on.
The Fed some quite some time going through all the liens on the inground resources, all of which was pledged to the Trust, as none of them paid back the liens on what they took out of the Trust.

As you may have seen with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook trying to convince everyone to buy the crypto currency Libra, has failed, the G20, all the money transfer programs have all refused to buy into it or allow it on their platform.

The globalists then played lets repeat a former attempt at leveraging money and hope the minions don’t remember the last attempt failed, the perpetual money cycle program loop, that always ends up back where it started, as failed.
After attempts to launch TRN’s failed, they turned to cryptos and that failed, and so they went back to something they tried previously and failed to the SDR, which means special drawing rights.
What is SDR, well a country say S. Korea gives their gold to China, and then draws funds off that asset, the one who holds the asset is always the biggest gainer out of that deal.
Well the clowns decided they would do an SDR which is linked into the Paris Climate agreement this coming December, you all thought that deal was about climate change, wrong climate they are referring to, the climate change is in the banks.
Essentially all signing up for that deal consigned their country to hand over all in ground resources to the IMF/UN and World Bank stated to pay for climate change, but it is not, it is a heist on each country to collect and control these assets, ignoring the fact all the assets belong to the Trust, this is why America is pulling out of that agreement, thankfully some at the top of this country listened to what we were telling them.
The added reason for this is the IMF is bankrupt, it owes the Trust $196T, the UN is bankrupt and runs out of funds this month, and as both of them are connected and so is their bank, known as the World Bank, they are bankrupt also.

The IMF less than 12 months after telling everyone to ditch their currencies and go with crypto fresh air tokens, which have failed, are telling countries to buy SDR’s and they will sell them at a discount to the banks at 25% of value, and come December they will all revalue and everyone will be rich again, all very RV that to me, one bank turned around and said I thought the idea of an SDR is you give us the money, not we buy it, where are we getting the money from to buy these SDR’s, we have none, oops banks have no money that is stating, and yet some refused to believe what this show was telling you.
The positive aspect is at least some are starting to think and question the narrative now.
The point is they are not buying anything, there is no asset to support their SDR, none, zip, nada, it is like the buy dinars, zims and dongs again, mainly fake currency and they sell it for your real money and keep themselves going, all of it is fake and many are now seeing through that illusion.
Many are now learning the knowledge both Kim and I have put out now, and asking questions against the official narrative, that is real progress being made, if we keep doing that the final turning point cannot be that far away.

This week Kim sent over $150B to liquidate the Fed and some banks, which again included and was agreed to the 2% fee owed to the Trust, for operational costs and the balance will fund some projects, in rocks Li Kwon, who must be valid because he has a Chinese name seems to be the thinking in these establishments, and blocks it and tells them to not accept the transaction.
No one asked did this Li Kwon have the authority to do that, or under whose directive, it beggars belief.
I mean that is a national security issue right there in your face, and what are the security authorities in the main doing about this? nothing, as most are in on it is why.
This is beyond ridiculous and requires actions to be taken, following that interaction Kim the trustee will no longer be known as Kim, but Me Kung Po – yes that’s right she is now known as Me Kung Po, under the title, Empress the Chinese younger, maybe then some of these clowns will listen to what she is saying.

The gist of last weeks what is human piece is, no matter which level, label, box, country, awake or asleep, wealth or not status you reside in, all levels really have no discernable difference from anyone else, in terms of actions at very least, this disturbed some listeners and garnered a negative reaction, some felt the show wasn’t upbeat or positive enough, and was declared negative, this show is not entertainment, it is real life, reality and it will not be sugar coated, because some won’t face reality. 
We have to face reality, no one can genuinely dispute or put a counter argument up against that piece, deep down you all know it is true.
Once we all accept that fact, which then recognizes we have a problem, currently that problem is always someone else’s issue, then we can come up with solutions to correcting the problem, you can’t fix a problem fully with parts missing.
There is a common theme that has been used by us all in the alt media, to put up the control system as a pyramid with various entities on the upper levels, and we the people are the foundation of the pyramid, which is largely true, but factor in that people from all the levels to the top, are all by and large came from the same foundation, not something some want to hear, as it is far easy to say they came from a privileged or different background, plus the fact I would call being born a Rothschild a privilege, more like a burden.
But lets look at the pyramid from a different angle or perspective, like looking in the mirror as the third person, place the pyramid on the floor, then add a piece of wood, that is equal both sides on top of the pyramid, that pyramid is now the fulcrum of a see saw, we the people on one end, the control system on the other, which way does the see saw go? well currently although not as much now, the see saw end with the people on, is tipped on the floor which puts the control system above us, how is that corrected? it is corrected by those at the bottom lifting themselves up and rising up the plank towards the fulcrum, the pyramid, which is exactly how the pyramid was created, the key then is, is the climb up with a different perspective and ideals, or down and join them and become the system or change you and become part of something bigger than yourself.
All of us have been lied to, and all lie to each other, all or most of the key aspect of his story is false, and we either “see” in the mirror, or follow the illusion in the mirror, the latter of which has failed repeatedly.
Some are all too content to focus on the reflection and the subsequent deflection, and not introspection, which is what is required by all, and for the hard of hearing, that includes me.
Shadow and inner work cannot be fixed by fake online “spiritualists” or new age bullshitters, they cannot do that for you, only you can do that, doing it for you is following the illusion path, hundreds of dollars later you are back where you started, just like a loop.
Its a tough process, but it brings many rewards that far outweigh pieces of paper.
There is a beginning to it, most refuse(d) to face the beginning initially, but there is no end, do your waves flow fairly evenly or slosh about wildly? and that is where the 45-55 comes in nicely.
The head in the sand approach did and does not work, otherwise we would have a much better world.
The message was we are no different to anyone else, we all have to step up, awake, asleep, minions and families, we were taken on a one way ride to a point of no return, too few are fully yet to grasp that, 2012 was our cut off, the end, and many worked hard to get us a final chance to be different.
But you can only do that by being honest with the self, and you can only be honest and also humble within the self, if the self is at peace and levels of mastery attained, issues will always crop up and those issue are beacons to show where you still need more work.

People ask for sovereignty again without defining what it is or entails, sovereignty is about holding your own space, not allowing others to run it for you, which means personal responsibility.
This is a comment from one of the members, “Let it go” is a term we use frequently in my practice, open the mind to all possibility, mind is infinite, there are no limitations only those self-imposed…. that is at the essence of Aikido, let go, become one with source, have vision, become the kind of human you choose to be, and build the life and society you choose, based on a foundation of love and protect all creation, help all things grow and develop, got my work cut out lol
The key is to put that practice to work and gain mastery, it always disturbs me that they called the doctors work center a practice, a practice is for the non learned is it not, all in the words.
We are all still learning, that is called progression, the old learning ways was stagnation, it was designed that way, if you stagnate on linear time, you go backwards, on vertical time you stand still, most people currently operate on linear time, but like the see saw analogy the key is to climb, not stagnate.
Very soon infact in some aspects it is already underway, humanity will face their very own D Day and their version of the Dunkirk landing, were we come out of the sea, having been declared dead at sea under the maritime law.
The sea with all it’s fury surrounded by a mist of fog, so no one could even see the beach, never mind landing on it, that fog is now clearing rapidly for many, and the beach is in sight and reach.
Once you have achieved that and are now out of the sea and away from all the sloshing about of the waves, endlessly tossing and turning, frothing at the beach edge, undecided whether to land or go back into the sea of illusion with the masses, you will run a new gauntlet up the beach, will you avoid that by putting your head in the sand and subsequently be washed out to sea again?
Or plough forward regardless, but running up the steep and hazardous beach with people firing at you, not with guns or bombs, but with words, lies and projections thrown at you, all designed to pull you back into the swirling frothing mass of the sea.
Once at the top of the beach or the fulcrum, you then have another test, do you sail down the other side and join the hidden hand of darkness in the pit? or do you become the non hidden hand and reach out and pull others out of the sea of discontent? some will say you can’t reach the people from the top of the beach, I will say not on your own you can’t, but if you use your imagination, you will join hands with others on the beach and form a chain to reach your goal.
Whether you are on the land or the sea we are creating a new blueprint of what it means to be human, all other attempts failed, because they repeated the same process.
When the we becomes the I on the internal, and the I becomes the we on the external, the path of the sword is forged, we all fell for the sickness – that is why the word is called ILL usion, because we all became sick on it.

One thing I need to address and I can guarantee, I will not be wasting the Trust funds placed in my care, we are not repeating the failed serpent guardians and then the failed dragon guardians on my watch. This is life force energy not pieces of paper, it will be used wisely and all on the team will guarantee that not just me.
The Trust is not hopium or a jubilee, it is hard work, to step by step correct all the ills, there will and has to be priorities, there are too many people vulnerable, sick and homelessness in this country, that has to stop, to give them a chance to participate in it as well.
The whole ethos of TPC/THI is to not repeat the failed old programs, we are not the loop club.

A member went through a harrowing ordeal recently in an airport and we have covered that location before in our shows, our member was singled out for full on search of person and baggage by the TSA total sexual assholes, is it a coincidence our member was singled out? history suggests it is not.
Her privacy was invaded, her belongings thrown everywhere and her property damaged, of which they have a disclaimer on the form notifying you of the search, that they are not responsible for the damage.
This is a common theme of no one taking responsibility for anything, but whilst the TSA are not responsible, remit for damages should then be passed onto the Airport Authority, as it was they who employed these perverts.
Now people can blame the TSA and in most cases that applies, but the problem is the people doing the job themselves, these are not from some elite families, these people are from our own community, if no one takes up those positions, that program of invading peoples privacy, on top of treating us all like cattle being herded into a pen, would end.
Like the violent police officers, shame these people in their own communities, let them know they are pariahs within our communities, it is no different to the sexual predators list, people often turn into vigilantes and excert violence on those people, that is not required, just shaming them is enough, let them know like child rapists, we don’t want you in our community if you continue working that job.
Another example of we the people creating our own issues, another method is just don’t fly, no one flies, no airports no TSA, problem solved, and our sovereignty restored.

This piece was written in whole by Randy Maugans, that carries much value, validity and the all too rare common sense approach to this subject, that has become as much of a parody, as clowns in the circus.
Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy (TTSA) is the next phase of navigating the UFO landscape, or should we say, managing it.
Now fronting the operation is Christopher Mellon, a former intelligence undersecretary of Defense,  member of the wealthy Eastern Establishment Mellon family, and a Rockefeller minion, Christopher Mellon, like many family members before him, has longstanding ties to the US intelligence community and the DoD.
He spent nearly ten years as the Staff Director for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. In 1998, he became the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Security and Information Operations. Then, in 1999, he became the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, a post he held until 2002. After leaving the DoD, he became a Minority Staff Director for Senate Select Committee on Intelligence member, Senator Jay Rockefeller.
While DeLonge’s rockstar cred, as the former front man of 90s pop-punk band, Blink 182; and his “aw shucks, look what they showed me” form of soft disclosure blended with 1950s sci-fi reverence to “travel to the stars”, jump started TTSA. It is Mellon who now lobs the long runs into mainstream media slots.
The Mellons have long been “useful” in shepherding cult movements into the mainstream. It was Mr. Mellon’s aunt, Peggy Mellon Hitchcock, who funded the famous Millbrook LSD experiments for Dr. Timothy Leary in 1963, an MKULTRA program that produced what became the Hippie Woodstock generation, and one of the largest generational mind control experiments in history.
Ms. Hitchcock, by the way, was also the first wife of the late Walter Bowart, author of “Operation Mind Control”.
With UFOlogy in a free fall over the last few years, largely due to the pollution of UFO conferences by pseudo-disclosers like David Wilcock and the regrettable Corey Goode; the falling fortunes, and credibility, of figures like Dr. Steven Greer, and Steven Basset’s yawning Citizen’s Disclosure Hearings; the ongoing moral disruptions inside MUFON, as well as the aging demographics and loss of conference staples, Jim Marrs and Stanton Friedman; UFOlogy has been growing long in tooth, and still short of ever proving much beyond some dubious Roswell trinkets and grainy photos.
Mellon, with his aristocratic chiseled looks, snappy suits, and readymade resume, is airtime friendly, and capable of the New York Times op-ed piece sizzle, that can engage the skeptical edge of intelligensia.
Largely drawing off his stock of declassified military intelligence data, Mellon has appeared on major media outlets with recycled data that sounds amazingly newsworthy.
Yet, behind the wagging newsheads, lies a small, but lucrative corporate structure, with a vertically integrated entertainment and licensing division, an ambitiously funded university materials research project, and an anticipated public stock offering, all tied to the ever looming big challenge to solve the UFO enigma.
Adding to the roster, we find James Semivan, also on the Board of TTSA. A “former” CIA agent (where have we seen this before? Robert David Steele.), who describes his career as: “…a wonderful twenty-five-year career…working briefly for the Directorate of Science and Technology and then later transferring to the Directorate of Operations, the clandestine service, for the bulk of my career.”
His bio reads: Jim Semivan retired in 2007 after a 25-year career in the Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service. At the time of his retirement he was a member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service. Jim served multiple overseas and domestic tours along with senior management positions in CIA headquarters. He is the recipient of the Agency’s Career Intelligence Medal.
Finally, the “icing on the cake” in the spookiest way is Luis Elizondo, a retired official at the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. Interestingly, the same department claimed by Mr. Mellon. Mr. Elizondo, however makes even higher claims of being the director of a government UFO program known as AATIP, for Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program; allegedly an “unclassified’ secret investigatory effort funded by the United States Government to study unidentified flying objects. That alleged program, as presented, resembles one championed by Nevada Senator, Harry Reid in concert with Defense Contractor, Robert Bigelow.  Bigelow, interestingly enough, purchased the famous paranormal site, The Skinwalker Ranch for $200,000 in the mid-90s and sold it in 2016 to an ‘anonymous’ real estate holding company called “Adamantium” Holdings for $4.5 million; Bigelow also managed to commandeer both the official flight reports of UFOs coming through Federal Air Traffic Controllers, and also the records of MUFON, including thousands of abductee files. 

The official narrative has Elizondo resigning from his Pentagon position in 2017, to “protest government secrecy”; just in time to join TTSA as their “Director of Global Security & Special Programs”. Information about Elizondo’s official credentials, though, seem to be murky. Competing narratives about Elizondo’s actual position seem to contradict his claims, and “officially” neither his position, or AATIP appear to officially exist. 
While Mellon supplies the beef, DeLonge, the sizzle! and Elizondo the shadow; the éminence grise of TTS is none other than CIA-Stanford Research Institute remote viewing program head, Scientogy-published author, and metaphyics collegiate, Howard “Hal” Puthoff. As a signatory director of TTS, Putthoff brings to the table his history at Stanford Research Institute’s military-funded remote viewing project, and the 1980s Austin, TX firm, EarthTech, and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin (IASA), also based in Austin. EarthTech garnered one (1) contested patent, after five years, for “modulated information of data without electric or magnetic field components”, which has been labeled by one patent law professor as “valid patent, but classic pseudo-science”. 
Puthoff’s alliances with various paranormal figures such as Israeli spoonbender, Uri Geller, psychic Ingo Swann, his SRI remote viewing partner, Russell Targ, and original RVers, Pat Price and Joe McMoneagle,; as well as high-placed assets in the intelligence communities, means TTS also has the ambiance of a classic spook cut-out operation. 
TTSA is currently running as a “ a public benefit corporation” with a public stock offering in 2017. It operates on a budget as disclosed in the June 2018 SEC Filing, on $1,026,000 of funding from its Regulation A Offering. According to Norio Hayakawa, TTSA is a multimedia entertainment company, which is currently airing the History Channel series, “Unidentified”
Given the relatively “kitchen table” business model of UFOlogy in the last two decades, TTSA, while modest compared to SpaceX, Bigelow AeroSpace, or Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, is heads above the current state of “UFO business”. If successful with it’s visible funding sources (absent any intelligence agency “storefront” funding) of entertainment ventures, product licensing, and investor endowments, coupled with stock offerings, TTS could be the model of UFO “disclosure” in the next decade. The bar of entry is low. UFOlogists never prove anything except their own theories; they tell on the “woo woo” factors rolled out in endless PowerPoints, and the audience gladly settles for just a whiff of the suspense that…tomorrow…some day…we WILL know. 
The winners: DeLonge, Mellon, and Puthoff, all who seem to be willing players in a game of “What If”. Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Robert Bigelow, each running for-profit “privatized space” ventures.  The military, intelligence, and defense contractors, who play an endless shell game of plausible deniability, cloaked behind NSA firewalls; and NASA, which locks down “space” from inquiring eyes.
The losers: All citizen-run, volunteer UFO research and investigation groups (formerly MUFON, NICAP, and The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO)), the real alternative media talk show outlets of UFO genres, and the public-at-large, which look on incredulously as the X Files appears to go live on CNN. 
Whether the Truman-era MAJESTIC/MAJICK 12 (MJ12) is legend, or fact, it was fact and SSp killed them all recently, the stories of a group of controllers, sanctioned at “Above Cosmic” level clearances, called The Aviary (Group), have long prevailed over the UFO scene. While that is another story for another time, what we now see, in full public display, is the methodology of a control narrative, staffed by the very profile of people long detailed in speculative form. 
Hollywood, which has long been a pawn of intelligence agency propaganda, is glad to deliver alternating narratives about UFOs and “alien” beings; from Von Danieken’s “Chariots of the Gods” (1970), to Spielberg’s long string of speculative fictions; to the current crop of pseudo-historical History Channel offerings. Few, if any, ever take on BOTH the anecdotal/testimonial information of people who experienced encounters with UFOs (Travis Walton’s “Fire From the Sky” being an exception); and the hard evidence of the 10,000s of photos, videos, and crash sites, which remain secreted in the bottom drawers of researchers. 
TTSA manages to hit the balance between show business and high stakes aerospace, with the added glitz of rock’n’roll spaceboy appeal to bring in GenXers and beyond. But, on closer examination, what TTSA really represents is an amalgamation of the same old narratives and exploits. The presence of Pentagon and Intelligence operatives using mainstream media to “expose” what is essentially the same story for nearly 3/4 of a century; fronted by “credible” (read, staged) mouthpieces like Mellon and Elizondo; is now just the current from-facing operation to contain any actual “disclosure”. Employing compartmentalized government-military structures, private corporate contractors and black budgets as a pretext for insider information is an old ploy as well. 
The models for this form of entertainment seldom vary. The GaiaTV/David Wilcock/Corey Goode “Cosmic Disclosure” franchise proved, again, that wild, concocted narratives can coexist with establishment-figure “whistleblowers. That moving demographics and tweaked “new age” spiritual concepts (from Edgar Cayce, Carla Ruecker’s “Ra//Law of One”, L. Ron Hubbard/Scientology, the Raelians, etc.) continue to roll out endless versions of the same scripts. Of externalized metaphysics, “nuts-and-bolts” craft, hostile/benevolent ET figures, and a “shadow government” veil of secrecy (“X Files”). There is no discernible difference between TTSA and Goode/Wilcock’s “Above Majestic”, as both are entertainment (entrainment) packaged for an audience that is receptive to the memes.
Nothing different. Except the size of the theaters.
As Randy so eloquently pointed out, all these Ufologists in particular in alt media, are ALL being ran by intelligence agents or agencies, this is further confirmation of what we have both been saying consistently now for past 6 years in my case, and Randy longer.
Since when have intelligence agency members, ex or otherwise ever told the truth to the public? for an example look at MSM all of that is their scripts, they just spew out a raft of words and expect people to follow it, all propaganda or pro pagan da as the case maybe.
In reality the UFO theme collapsed in August 2016 with the signing of the peace treaty between the multi species, no more abductions, no more interference and no more using us as food products, no one new with information since has come forward, as Randy said it is all just a rehash of very old information.
Most of what passes off now as ET crafts in the skies and oceans are the SSp, and no they are not on humanities side, despite agency based assets in alt media, telling you otherwise.
Talking of rehash, the latest in bullshittery coming out of the Camp David and Corey Goode, Corey the man who can be whisked by a blue orb to the Kuyper Belt, yet requires $12K off his listeners to move house in the same state, is The Cosmic Secret movie, what is so secret about it? when millions around the world already know, it’s not very secret is it.
One look at the symbolism of the art work promoting it tells you all you need to know, the 6 pointed star, Egyptian pyramids, and the hidden Key of Solomon in the O in Cosmic, when you add in these two clowns promoting Ra and the Law of One and it all connects the dots, what this cult group and their intelligentsia are up to.

What is life? similar to what is human we did last week, again we have not defined it too well, life is living, experiencing good, bad or indifferent, life is learning from the light and the dark, infact are best lessons and learning mode, come from the dark by observance, which is far better than participating in it.
But this life here is not about living, as each generation passes, it has become more about surviving and existing, than living, has it not? so much so now that surviving day to day for well over half the planet is their very existence, whilst the select few gorge on life and consume everything, like it is all suddenly going to run out any day soon.
The classic think tank tactic of create or announce scarcity where there is none, remember according to those scaremongers in the 80-90’s we were going to run out of oil before the turn of the century, all lies, oil which is bacteria poop is abiotic, which replenishes itself.
For the former that is not living, it is an abomination of life, and the more people recognize that fact the better, because you have the five basics does not mean I am alright jack, and not care for the rest of society, that is no different to being a member of the elite in it’s base form.
Even those who have the five basics do not see they live like kings compared to many on the planet, there is always the desire, not need, to have more, the western society is riddled with entitlement, in comparison to many parts of the world.
It’s funny how they compare everything else in life clothes, homes, handbags, shoes, cars and looks, and even how many likes or friends they get on social media, but when comparisons are made with anything elsewhere, involving the life or lack of life of others, the comparative mind suddenly switches off into ignore mode, that has to stop if we are to progress as a species.
So switch it back on for a second and absorb these figures, and comprehend what they are saying about us as a collective.
838M don’t have enough food, that’s one in every 9 people, 785M don’t have clean water, 2 billion people don’t even have a toilet, 1.3B have no electricity, adequate homes, the last time the global authority supposedly tasked to deal with this, and bothered to check it was 2005, and 1.6B people didn’t have an adequate home, suffice to say that figure is much higher now, 58M children have no education, 876M adults are illiterate and 4.4B don’t have access to the internet.
Read and weep that you are not in those categories, it is not said to make you feel guilty of what you have, but it is said to you, to kick start you into concern and caring, about what others don’t have, they are the priority.
The haves and have not’s leads to an increase in crime, the propensity is to frown on people who commit crimes, but if a mother steals food or clothing from a shop to feed or clothe her children, because she has no means to provide for them, is that a crime by her? no it is a crime by the system that created that situation, and the public not caring enough.
Life is riddled in a fear based cacophony of noise, we have various insurance based expenditures for fear of losing what we insure against, college funds is a form of fear based insurance that our kids don’t fail in life, kids don’t fail in life because they have no pieces of paper called certificates, degrees, doctorates or phd’s, they fail in life if you don’t teach them the basics, personal responsibility, manners, how to be self sustaining, basic finance, principals, how to care, there are many examples of people going onto achieve great things in life without achieving in school, I am one of them, Einstein, Nassim Harramein and many in our own group also, intelligence is one thing, intellect is another.
Pensions are another fear based insurance of having nothing later in life, is that living?
Our working life takes up nearly half of our day, 8 hours work yes, but what about the time preparing for work, or commuting to and from, for 5 or in some cases 6 out of every 7 days, so that by the time we get some time off, we are too knackered to enjoy it, is that living?
Working conditions are like sweat jobs, pressure to perform, deliver and conform to make the maximum profits for the very few at the top to gorge on, via first class flights, expensive cars, clothes, accessories, meals and hotels, whilst you scrape by on $10-15 an hour.
The cost of that lifestyle then impacts on the children and or family life, if work takes up 10-12 hours a day, sleep 8 hours a day, that leaves 4-6 hours a day for time with the children, your partner, friends, extended family, cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, never mind research, self improvement, hobbies or even a sex life, is that living?
We are just being drained like batteries, and yet the very people who are being harvested of energy and living, are the same ones fighting to keep the status quo, what is the definition of insanity? doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.
The thinking of more equals better, it doesn’t, it never has and it never will, do you all understand that?
Think different, act different and be different, ours and their old model failed, on every single level of society.
Thinking and acting different and mindset change is leading from the front, you don’t have to be awarded or voted for that position, you just do it.
So what is life, really for so many on this planet, they have no life, existing and getting by is not living, not questioning or not complaining our life is not what we wanted, is an acceptance and consent what they offer us, which is nothing.
We need to define what we consider as life.

One of the members asked this week what is love? do we really know? again like last week and the last piece have we defined it?
An emotion that is far too casually used in words, memes and throw away lines these days, and one of the reasons I am not overly enamored with Xmas or birthday cards, sweet poems, sugary based lines all mass produced and none of those words came from the heart of the person giving the card.
Those are not your words written on that card, it was written by marketing strategy based groups, all designed to sell, but love is not something to sell or buy, it is not a bloody marketing tool.
The definition of what is love, and the descriptions of it today, really goes nowhere near the real meaning of it, and is often dictated now in a society that has lost it’s way, with a majority of people who don’t care beyond their own bubble world, by bubble world I mean those within their own circle, and even in their own circle there is bitchiness, comparative and competitive mindsets, envy, and a desire to have to be better than the next person, we have all done it and that has to change, if real love is to be garnered, I am pleased to see many of our members stepping away from that bubble, but their world is riddled with it.
Love is a higher vibrational frequency, how can many give or experience it, with low vibrational frequencies and energies? they can’t, so they fake it, many will not like that statement, but on a frequency level it is true.
If everyone is so loving, why is the world in such a mess? clearly as a collective we are not.
You have loads of people who don’t even love themselves, because they are comparing their looks, life, belongings and achievements with other people, if people don’t love themselves, which means they don’t have that frequency contained within them, how can you put out the same frequency to someone else, that you don’t have for yourself? as within so without, ponder on that for a second.
The issue is you can’t, but you can fake it, you can say it a thousand times a day and believe it, but love is not words, words lie, words are spells, actions can be staged or faked, but frequencies don’t.
You cant really love others, if the self doesn’t love it self, it becomes a projection of love, a false image like the mirror, an archetype of what it means, not real love, and society needs to learn that for future development as a species, we are not here to compete, but grow as a collective.
I love my partner or husband or wife because he buys me things or they give me what I want, again at the base level that is not love, love can’t be bought, no matter how many cars, homes or apparel is bought, you can never buy a frequency, like heaven it is a state of being.
If money bought love, why are all the elites miserable looking bastards? Why are many of the elites all cavorting with several different partners? is that love?
Love has become distorted by lust and sex, but just having sex with someone does not make it love, sex is meant to be a pleasure act, which many do alone, with one partner or several partners before they find love, or so they think, only for many to find once the novelty of the sexual act wears off, their desire to be with that person is not the same, and so many seek affairs, for various reasons some of which are valid, some of which are not, the latter being the higher category.
We have seen the rise of people loving the same sex particularly the last 3-5 decades, but is that based on the sex act or real love? or is it role play? which many couples do in their own bedroom to spice things up, but there is a contradiction in loving the same sex partner?
Where the man dresses in female clothes, female dresses in male clothes, if lesbians love each other as same sex partners, why does one play the role of the man? isn’t that defeating the object of loving the same sex? and kind of supports the fact that, the world is messed up and very confused psychologically and emotionally, and that is why defining love has become all so difficult.
I am not against same sex partners, I don’t have a say in the matter and neither should anyone else for that matter, that is their sovereign choice who they choose to be with, and it is nobody else’s business really, but life is dictated now by people interfering in other peoples lives and choices.
Partners, married or not are seen as object of desire, something to show off to their friends, one group will ask how much he earns, the other will ask is she good in bed, and then they ask do you love her, then comes the awkward moment if the male says yes to his mates, it generally follows along the lines of don’t be stupid, are you going soft on us, why don’t you sleep around a bit.
The female who brings her partner to her circle, and when asked what does he earn or do for a living? they either lie, fudge the answer or if they turn around and says he is out of work, oh the frowns, puzzled looks, twitching nose and the awkward shifts and eyes diverted away reaction that person gets, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, come on you all know in both genders that is what happens, you have seen it or done it, either way it is damaging and not that conducive to letting love flow is it?
Love is a weakness they say, particularly in male circles, but actually it is a strength, but I will tell you what is a weakness, relationships with a controlling factor, a relationship with one partner controlling the other is not based on love, but weak individuals excerting what they think is strength and dominance over the other, but is actually showing their weakness inside.
Real love does not have a controlling factor to it, it is like a frequency, which is a wave motion, you ride the crest and the fall in the same way, which means to be flexible and it is give and take, anyone in a controlling relationship is not based on love, controlling is not love, they see you as a threat to their perceived dominance, and so control you.
So, what is love, essentially it is un-definable, or not easily describable, it’s a state of being, and that is because this world has been tipped into much darkness, negative thought forms, controlling natures, comparative and competitive mindsets, mixed with the showing off the trophy aspect, based on looks, physique or the size of the covered up parts, it has become largely lost in desires, lust and the fear of being alone, the latter of which keeps many in varying degrees of toxic relationships.
That is the base level of it, the higher level one could say is where we really lost it, too few have real connection to source, that is often faked also based on the religious construct of what it is supposed to be, that construct is so far removed from connection to source, it is beyond comprehension.
That disconnect done by various means including our own, is all too similar to the loss of real love here, both are a frequency, similar in nature and experience, a longing, a remembrance long in the past, it is in essence, a feeling, a memory and an experience all rolled in one blissful moment, collecting that and bottling it, then bringing it back into this existence and accepting it like a memory code, then describes better of what is love.
Many people can love, but being in love is different, some thing lost in this manufactured world of marketing, false idols, masks and a perception of what love, life or human is, not a knowing.
You can love many people, you can desire to have sex with many people, but that does not equate to loving someone or being in love, as many of you all have found out, there is a clear distinction between all three, people often don’t define what it is they really want, love, sex or to be in the love frequency, three very separate actions all too often blurred into the one, distorted on a massive scale.
Some females go out and expose all kinds of flesh, with the desire to get men or women to look at them, but if the average bloke takes more than a glancing look, some react to it badly and exude of volume of cuss words, venom and demeaning terms, as an over view observer, it is sending mixed messages is it not? on the one hand for your vanity, attention and self confidence you want them to look, but if they do so and you don’t approve of the person looking, it is not acceptable, yet if it was Brad Pitt or Leonardo Decaprio depending on your choice that is acceptable, well actually it’s not.
Like most situations in life we send a plethora of mixed messages, and rarely define what we want or what we are looking for, it is that lack of real understanding as much as communication, that creates so much division between us all.
As some awaken to the higher forms of awakening, and the memory of those frequencies start to return, the soul family frequencies, the soul partner frequencies of the past begin to stir up within you, and you find you maybe attracted to people you have never met in the physical, under normal circumstances in the physical that is desire, a longing to be connected to something or someone, but this is different, it is not necessarily the person that is desired, but the frequency that person emits from a long time in the past, an enduring memory of the all encompassing frequency, that is love. 
But the common misconception in life is to find that love frequency, that it must come from the external connection, but like everything else it comes from within, the mastery of the self and the sword, makes that connection all so much easier.

What has become clear in these articles over the last two shows is, we are not very good at defining matters, what is and what isn’t, without that ability or realization to define things, how can you possibly use your innate abilities and manifest a better way or path? Do you know what you are asking for? throwaway statements like I want a better life, is not a definition, it’s just a statement, you have not defined what that better life entails, or what is human or what is love.
Learn to define, then throw in your imagination, which brings in, manifest and not magic, but your own inherent abilities that changes your “timeline” and subsequently your life.
Again it is all in the words, the word fine originally around 1200’s meant a termination, end of and so death, de is to move away from, so to define things you are moving away from the end, and a new beginning.

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