truth honor integrity | nov 14, 2019

A week where another alt media clown exposed their own level of stupidity, Kent Dunn the latest, no longer has Drake to share the load of drivel each week, now asking for funds to send onto the Draco and they will return your soul.
Now there is a man he doesn’t understand the finer aspects of life, there is life in Kent, but not as we know it, return our souls indeed, no avoiding ass holes like Kent Dunn. I heard he got dropped by the Asian woman he was spinning his yarn on, if Muggsy has any dignity left from her channeling bs exploits, she will boot him as well.
Their drivel used to be a source of amusement, now it’s just embarrassing. Enjoy the west gate Mr. Dunn.

A week where Sacha Stone sends his followers to our page to plead his case, Sacha is in trouble due to his own actions, with unproven at this point allegations of pedophilia, proven cases of disrupting the legal process with ITNJ, proven cases of using the control system to bully alt media speakers, proven death and verbal threats to other alt media speakers, the man with the stage name is in trouble, one suspects he will go missing or quiet like Neil Keenan did, as is partner in crime will do.
I suspect the stone will be thrown under the steele bus.

A week where the Vatican proved my From Russia with Love series is 100% correct, as they along with several other organizations are all part of a satanic cult, under the orders of the Black Sun, the Vatican installed Moloch in their grounds the entity who sacrificed humans, mainly children, represented by the owl in the Bohemian Grove, as the Egyptian word for owl is Molech or Moloch.

A week where a young girl appears on stage to ask for people to embrace pedophilia and pedophiles, now I can support the last part as it requires those people be given help with their hook addiction, as for embracing pedophilia that is a no no, just because some get off on abusing children, does not mean we have to support it, the damage it does to children is lifetime lasting.
The solution is put them in a facility, and give them access to the extensive archive of child porn that the DOD, CIA and FBI have there they can jack off all day and not be allowed near children, subsequently they can get help within that facility, and I mean a facility, prisons are for those who acted out live on their addiction, but we need to build a facility whilst in prison grounds but not part of the main facility, this will cut down on violence and vigilantism.
Help people with their addiction by all means, but embracing that concept is a slippery slope to the dark path, and feeds the heavily Zionist based porn industry.

abortion trial concluded Wednesday in Texas with the abortion industry arguing that they should be allowed to continue dismembering living, second-trimester unborn babies while their hearts still are beating. Earlier this year, the abortion chains Whole Woman’s Health and Planned Parenthood, along with other pro-abortion groups, challenged Senate Bill 8, which prohibits dismemberment abortions, a method typically used in the second trimester to kill nearly fully-formed, living unborn babies.

Hillary Clinton better known as Ann, has said she is “under enormous pressure” to challenge US President Donald Trump in next year’s White House election, and make a run for Presidency, make a run? stupid droid cant even walk up or down stairs never mind run for anything.

I did say it will get and look ugly, too many have not dealt with their inner traumas, I am pleased that many in our group have, you can feel and sense the difference in those who have, the ones who haven’t will continue to spiral down, until they reach the bottom of their own pit, that is a long way up, than if you had dealt with it earlier. But I did my part in warning people back in May/June of 2015 of what was to come.

Licenses that would allow American companies to resume selling parts and software to blacklisted Chinses tech giant, Huawei, will be forthcoming very shortly,” US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, told Bloomberg. Ross said that some 260 firms have filed requests for such licenses, promising that quite a few of them would be approved. In May, as the trade war between Washington and Beijing escalated, Donald Trump put Huawei on the Commerce Department’sentity list,” citing national security reasons. Firms on the list are barred from working with US businesses if they don’t have a special license from the government. Huawei repeatedly denied accusations that its tech is used for spying by the Chinese authorities, pointing out that Washington never provided proof to those claims. If this is the case, the government needs to tear up the National Security Act entirely, as with this and several other business ventures has proven, National Security means absolutely jack.
Huawei would have full access to our systems with this venture, spying on a massive scale. So the Government has to come clean here, we are either in a trade or cold war with China or we are not, if they continue with former, then Huawei and all over foreign controlled entities that involves communications here have to be removed and we create our own network independent of any other nation.
You cannot talk of National Security and have cable owned by foreign groups, internet owned by foreign groups and our military owned by foreign groups, then turn round and preach to the people about National Security, sort it out Trump.

SaskPower has announced that they are removing all the smart meters that were installed in the province. The minister responsible for SaskPower Bill Boyd said the utility company will be taking out all 105,000 smart meters around Saskatchewan. “I think the concerns about safety are paramount here, the concerns are significant enough, anytime families are at risk in Saskatchewan, actions have to be taken and that’s why we’ve directed SaskPower accordingly,” said Minister Boyd. The removal of the smart meters over the next six to nine months will cost around $15 million, according to SaskPower. “We view it as similar to a recall situation and the people of Saskatchewan shouldn’t be responsible for the costs of this and we’ll do everything we can to recover those costs,” said Boyd. Boyd will also be reviewing why the new meters weren’t properly studied or tested before they were installed in homes. “I don’t know whether there was enough testing done. We’ll certainly be conducting, along with SaskPower, an internal review of the procurement procedures around this around the safety concerns people had,” added Boyd. “We want to determine when these were originally ordered, if there were safety concerns known at that point in time, so we have a lot of questions we’re going to be discussing with SaskPower about how this came to be.” Earlier this month SaskPower temporarily suspended its installation of smart meters around the province after half a dozen caught fire.
Smart meters, phones and cities, none our particularly smart as in clever on our part, but smart also means to burn as well, and we have been burnt too often by these smart offerings.

Wearing glasses at work has become an emotive topic in Japan following reports that some firms have told female employees to remove them. Several local news outlets said some companies had “banned” eyewear for female employees for various reasons. Among them, some retail chains reportedly said glasses-wearing shop assistants gave a “cold impression”. That has sparked heated discussion on Japanese social media over dress practices and women in the workplace. The Nippon TV network and Business Insider were among the outlets to report on the issue, which looked at how firms in different industries prohibit women from wearing glasses. They included safety reasons for airline workers, or being unable to see make-up properly for women working in the beauty sector. Have you ever heard such marketing type drivel in all your life, marketing people are what happens when you educate not teach, they have zero understanding of life and are obsessed with pieces of paper with numbers on them.

A university professor is suing a wildlife park for enforcing facial recognition, in one of the first significant legal challenges to China’s rapidly growing use of the technology. It is an issue that has become a matter of heated debate. Prof Guo Bing says the Hangzhou Safari Park is “violating consumer protection law by compulsorily collecting visitors’ individual characteristics”, after it suddenly made facial recognition registration a mandatory requirement for visitor entrance. The park has since compromised by offering visitors a choice between using the previous fingerprint system and high-tech facial recognition, China Daily reports. The park is one of many institutions to introduce facial recognition at its entrances. China has been aggressively rolling out facial recognition in the past five years, originally as a means of boosting security but now as a means of bringing consumer convenience to people’s lives, particularly in e-payments. However, since Prof Guo questioned the necessity of it, there have been bigger conversations about the extensive amount of data kept on citizens. Dr Mimi Zou, a Fangda Career Development Fellow in Chinese Commercial Law at the University of Oxford, says the case is very likely to be dismissed if Prof Guo continues to pursue it. She says that, at present, “there is not a legally binding instrument that deals directly” with his claim, which is that the park is making collection of his biometric data a condition of entry, and therefore rendering his consent meaningless. Those cameras are everywhere, and far more prevalent than most realize, nice to see some take a stand.

A bill obligating all devices in Russia to have local software pre-installed on them is being considered by the Parliament. If it becomes law, there are fears that Apple could leave the $3 billion market altogether. The legislation, which passed the first reading by the MPs on Tuesday, stipulates that any smartphone, computer or smart TV sold in Russia must have Russian applications by default on it. Such software, it claims, is friendlier and more attractive for Russian users than Western counterparts.
Experts warned earlier that Apple may be forced to abandon the Russian market if such legislation is adopted. The US company’s philosophy is to only install its own iOS operation system and apps on its devices, no matter the country where it operates. It won’t be a problem for devices running on Android, though, as the platform was always friendly to software from other developers.
The proposed law also imposes hefty fines on sellers or manufacturers who fail to comply. The government will have to define which devices and software will be covered by the bill which the lawmakers say will “protect interests of Russian internet companies” and help overcome “foul play by large foreign IT corporations.” “When you buy an Android or iOS-powered smartphone, you see apps designed by those companies but not the Russian ones,” Oleg Nikolaev, a Fair Russia MP and one of the bill’s authors, explained to RT. “Now, the legislation says there must be icons of apps designed domestically.” Alexander Yushchenko from the Communist Party added that foreign corporations may be willing to abide by the new rules because they can’t afford to lose the Russian market. To become law, the bill has to pass through the upper house and then be signed by the president.

Remember we mentioned about giant takeovers becoming prevalent, as the market is about to get squeezed again, into a smaller few. try these next two items.
Brewer Anheuser-Busch Inbev NV will buy the rest of Craft Brew Alliance that it does not own in a deal valuing the Portland-based brewing company at about $321 million, the two companies said on Monday. Shares of Craft Brew Alliance soared 122.6% to $16.32 after the bell, hovering near the offer price of $16.50 in cash. The deal is a reversal in stance by the world’s largest brewer, which owns 31.2% stake in Craft Brew and had said in August it would not buy out the company. Global brewers are facing several challenges in large developing markets in Asia, Latin America and Africa even as people consume less beer in Europe and the United States.

KKR & Co. has formally approached drugstore giant Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. about a deal to take the company private, in what could be the biggest-ever leveraged buyout, people familiar with the matter said. The New York-based private equity firm has been preparing a proposal to potentially buy out shareholders of Walgreens Boots, said the people, who asked not to be identified because discussions are private. It’s unclear how feasible the transaction would be, given the need for large amounts of financing, and Walgreens Boots and KKR could decide against pursuing a deal, the people said. Deerfield, Illinois-based Walgreens Boots has a market value of about $56 billion and $16.8 billion of debt. At that size, a take-private of the company would top the largest leveraged buyout in history: the 2007 sale of utility TXU Corp. to KKR and TPG, which was worth about $45 billion including debt, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Google has gained access to a huge trove of US patient data – without the need to notify those patients – thanks to a deal with a major health firm. The scheme, dubbed Project Nightingale, was agreed with Ascension, which runs 2,600 hospitals.
Google can access health records, names and addresses without telling patients, according to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the news. The tech giant said this was “standard practice”. Among the data Google reportedly has access to under the deal are lab results, diagnoses, records of hospitalisation and dates of birth. Neither doctors nor patients need to be told that Google can see this information. The Wall Street Journal reports that data access began last year and was broadened over the summer.
In a blog, Google said its work with Ascension would adhere to industry-wide regulations, such as the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). “To be clear… patient data cannot and will not be combined with any Google consumer data,” the firm added. Ascension said the deal would help it to “optimise” patient care and would include the development of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to support doctors. The company also said it would begin using Google’s cloud data storage service and business applications known as G Suite.

The shooting in another school today, all too familiar when the news narrative turns away from their agency fed bs, perhaps they are using word magic again with name of the school, this is how these people think and work with codes and coding, THE school is called saugus, saug means to choke, so school is called to choke or strangle us. May or may not be relevant, time will tell.

Clowns continue to play their failed games again, this time Moscow university and USC attempted to hack on the Kims system- it failed
Ain’t it funny that Kim is not the Trustee, or talking shit or irrelevant and yet they all want to access her system, add her to their failed systems and try to loot the Trust they spent so long trying to dismiss, funny that isnt it.
Phase 1, implemented is the Financial key integrated monetary system.

Kims 1 has been confirmed by Fed, Bank of England (not that they like it) and Russia this week

Phase 2 launched Sunday Key intelligence and Military systems. This became only operating system for world for all intelligence and military systems. Has monitoring for attempted false flags, Intel, TRUE Intel dating back to 1940s. Under the treaty of Versailles, also registered as an instrument sold to the trust to gain money for wars, was used as legal entitlement to create KIMS 2 this week

Technically that is phase 2 and 3
I Wonder what Phase 4 and 5 will be? Media? Judicial and Legal Systems? Corporates? Guess we will find out next week

As for the attempted hackers, they received an indication of what happens when you attempt to hack KIMS

To the clowns who still like to play games and halt progress that eventually you will not be able to halt, here is a song from Kim, this was sent directly to clowns who tried to hack, I hope you liked the response you got back.

A Long Island football coach has been reprimanded after his team thrashed another high school 61-13 in a game. Plainedge High School’s head coach, Rob Shaver, was suspended for one game after violating the local county “lopsided scores policy”. Under the rule, coaches have to explain their winning margin to a committee if it exceeds more than 42 points. The policy has been in place for three years and is intended to prevent poor sportsmanship. Mr Shaver is reportedly the first to be punished under the unusual rule. Rules, Rules and more rules, yet very little in the way of solution based policies, made by people who stack their own games so high in terms of disparity, with regards to wealth, power and asset retention, now imagine if they set the rules to limit their gains, how much better this world will be.

Technology comes in various forms today it is all about the phone and computer, and it has many beneficial aspects to it, yet so many use it for dark purposes, look at war it went from hand to hand combat to swords and archery, to bombs and the cowardly act of dropping bombs from 30K feet, to attacking countries with no defence, again that is cowardly, again the path of the dark.
Look at America the latest body of land to be used for the purpose of war, have they attacked Europe, Russia or China, or even Iran? no, think about that for a second, because according to the world of politics, portal people and add some alt media narrative to it, those three places are a big problem to America the land mass, yet they won’t attack them, only countries like Iraq, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Honduras, Guatemala and many others, all because they had no big war defensive weapons.
We have another land mass that is causing this country no end of problems, constantly highlighted in the media that is right on our doorstep, a killing machine, child trafficking and slow death poisoning cult, called Mexico, if America is fighting for freedoms and defending this nation, why hasn’t it ever attacked Mexico? In light of events this past week or so where 11 Americans were slaughtered by drug gangs, it is a question Americans should be asking.

It is not just America here is some recent statistics in Canada, and the fastest growing crime, the issues of sex trafficking in Canada, 93% of victims in Canada are Canadian born, average age is just 14, 24 hours or less it takes to fall victim to a sex trafficker, hwy 401 is the main sex trafficking highway of victims in Ontario, psychologists say it take 3 years to recover, them and their book read analysis, the reality is most never recover because they don’t have the support structure like we have in THI.
Quite a number of our members have overcome abuse patterns and addictions because of the support of the group.

Very interesting part about the Fay and Fate. Up until my 20’s, I thought there was something a bit special about me, because I had an experience, which I considered a kind of blessing, with the Fay when I was about 5.
It was only a few years back (late 40’s)that I realised it was a curse all along, and how it had directed my life in negative ways, all geared towards Soul and energy harvesting, as well as possession, severe loneliness, isolation, lack of emotional stability, and low self worth.
I have been using frequencies and subliminals to help break these curses and rid myself of entities, but it’s amazing how deep these go, they latch on to the nervous system itself in its quantum form, , burrow into the marrow, intercept the subconscious and psychic messages.
Sometimes it feels like I am the embodiment of the curse(s) itself, the feeling of being used, then becomes the frequency of existence, attracting the reinforcement of that feeling.
Not knowing how much of my spirit has been eaten, how much is left, whether it can be restored, and what will happen to me when I die, are awful uncertainties that I experience on a daily basis, when you die you will be ok so no worries on that front, that technology has been removed.

My only comfort are my emotions, not the anger, but the tears, my empathy and compassion, it is when I experience these things, that I can believe I still have a Soul, yes you do, all communication with my Soul itself is intercepted, as is my attempts to communicate with Source, and do grounding, that was the plan of the dark forces to cut all in here off from source, via tech and manipulation, and the worse thing anyone can do when faced with these issues, is play the victim card.
Yes it is also easy to do, I did it myself when I was younger, but that not only feeds the beast, but returns you back to that timeline and subconsciously replays the event as live, in some cases, that then becomes self torture.
When I communicate with Earth, using heart and will, I do get the signs, the breeze, the animal etc, that cannot be intercepted, so that’s cool and I’m very grateful for that.

The Fay I experienced were not the little butterfly people, but they came as coloured beings, not bright, but a bit misty, in female form, each one was a different colour, orange, green, yellow, blue, purple etc, there was an activation of my sexual energy, my first ‘sexual’ experience, even though there was no sex.
It was chakra based, and it was through this interference that my energy had been used, for all those years, to my own detriment, deciding my ‘fate’, I do feel that this changed some years ago, and that’s when the ‘war’ that I’m waging really began.

Another group of entities on a par with the Pleiadians that has been over glamorized as something benevolent, when clearly this is not the case.
In my experience and knowledge these beings are, particularly their dark elements on a par with the djinns, like always there is good and bad, but these entities fell a long time back, why? because they dabbled in the magic is why, the seducement was set and they bought it.
For some insight into comparisons between the djinns and the fae, read the Solomon texts, there is a 40 page version online, instead of the 300 plus one, and then watch Lost Girl on Netflix, the series is not that good and a bit over sexual in content, but that is related to the fae, it tells you quite a lot about the hidden world and also who fell.
The Fae like the Elves fell, the elves in particular went dark, the epitome of them is Batman, he is a dark elf, who resides in Gotham and symbolized in the sky by one beam of light, now which city has now a single beam of light and is referenced as Gotham? ah New York again, with man worshipping hatton in manhatton, hatton which is aton, and an anagram of NATO.
It’s all there in your face when you connect the dots.

The UPS workers brigade are out in force again judging by this article, once, if you wanted to assess how well someone might do climbing the career ladder, you might have considered asking them to take an IQ test. For years, it was thought that the intelligence quotient (IQ) test – which measures memory, analytical thinking and mathematical ability – was one of the best ways to predict our future job prospects.
More recently, there has been increased attention on emotional intelligence (EQ), broadly characterised as a set of interpersonal, self-regulation and communication skills, EQ is now widely seen as a tool kit that plays an important role in helping us succeed in multiple aspects of life.
Both IQ and EQ are considered important to our career success, but today, as technology redefines how we work, the skills we need to thrive in the job market are evolving too.
Enter adaptability quotient, or AQ, a subjective set of qualities loosely defined as the ability to pivot and flourish in an environment of fast and frequent change.
“IQ is the minimum you need to get a job, but AQ is how you will be successful over time,” says Natalie Fratto, a New York-based vice-president at Goldman Sachs who became interested in AQ when she was investing in tech start-ups.
She has subsequently presented a popular TED talk on the subject, the same TED talk that brought that child telling you to embrace pedophilia, Fratto says AQ is not just the capacity to absorb new information, but the ability to work out what is relevant, to unlearn obsolete knowledge, overcome challenges, and to make a conscious effort to change.
AQ involves flexibility, curiosity, courage, resilience and problem-solving skills too, as society changes, could AQ be more crucial to career success than IQ? If so, how do you identify it – and is there a way to hone AQ to future-proof your career?
If you think they are doing this to find out or encourage those skills, you are mistaken, this is profiling for the AI database, since when have they been interested about employing people with critical thinking skills? IQ, EQ and now AQ when they want bots who copy and repeat? I would suggest a new category the fq. fque

Years before Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft made population reduction the official foreign policy of the United States Government, the Rockefeller brothers, most especially John D Rockefeller III, or JDR III as he was affectionately known, were busy experimenting on human guinea pigs.

In the 1950’s, brother Nelson Rockefeller was occupied with exploiting the cheap, non-union labor of Puerto Ricans in the New York garment center sweatshops, flying them into New York at cheap rates on the family’s Eastern Airlines shuttle. He was also engaged in setting up cheap labor manufacturing directly on the island, far away from prying US health and industrial safety regulators, under a government program named Operation Bootstrap.

At the time, Nelson was Under Secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and a shadowy and highly influential figure in the Eisenhower Administration.

In Nelson’s version of Operation Bootstrap, the boots were owned by the Rockefeller family and their business friends. The only straps were those used by sweatshop owners on the island to force a higher level of productivity.

While Nelson was thus busy encouraging the spirit of free enterprise among Puerto Ricans, brother John D. III, was running human experiments in mass sterilization on the poorer citizens of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was an unfortunate island whose sovereignty got lost somewhere in the shuffle of American diplomacy. It was a de facto US colony, with ultimate legal control decided far away in Washington, making it an ideal experiment station. Through his newly founded Population Council, JDR III first ran some of the experiments in population reduction which would later become global State Department policy under Henry Kissinger’s NSSM 200.

JDR III made Puerto Rico into a huge laboratory to test his ideas on mass population control beginning in the 1950’s. By 1965, an estimated 35% of Puerto Rico’s women of childbearing age had been permanently sterilized, according to a study made that year by the island’s Public Health Department. The Rockefeller Population Council, and the US Government Department of Health Education and Welfare—where brother Nelson was Under-Secretary—packaged the sterilization campaign. They used the spurious argument that it would protect women’s health and stabilize incomes if there were fewer mouths to feed. Poor Puerto Rican peasant women were encouraged to give birth in sanitary new US-built hospitals where doctors were under orders to sterilize mothers after two children by tying their tubes, usually without the mother’s being aware of what was being done. By 1965, Puerto Rico was a world leader in at least one category. It had the highest percentage of sterilized women in the world. India lagged badly in comparison, with a mere 3%. It made a difference when the Rockefeller family could control the process directly without government meddling.

It seems that the CIA had problems [in the immediate post World War II period] distinguishing between underground groups and above-ground armies. Langley used Marshall Plan money to support a guerrilla force in the Ukraine, called “Nightingale.” Originally established in 1941 by Nazi Germany’s occupation forces, and working on their behalf, “Nightingale” and its terrorist arm (made up of ultranationalist Ukrainians as well as Nazi collaborators) murdered thousands of Jews, Soviet Union supporters, and Poles.”

It has reported in a documentary that 200,000 citizens of India were driven to suicide after being bankrupted by a conspiracy plotted by Monsanto in which they were conned into using copyrighted Monsanto seeds, instead of natural seeds they had used successfully for thousands of years.

Closer to home, veterans who survived Vietnam, and didn’t get taken to Hotel California, in one piece took their honorable discharge paper and planned a happy future, what they did not know that the discharge contained a secret code, known as the SPN code.
The code was linked to a book of “slurs” like “apathetic” and “bed wetter” which was made available to many employers and left the unknowing veteran unemployable.

The gods and the elites plans and experiments in their aeons search for life longevity and or immortality, some of which we covered in FRWL 8, and there is a further reference in this piece.
You would buy eternal health and physical life. and, that’s exactly what the political elite bought. Millions of innocent people were “sacrificed” in medical experiments to unlock the secrets needed to prolong physical life indefinitely, the original techniques involved consciousness transference from one physical body to another as described in ancient Tibetan yoga manuscripts. oops.
Later, the science of time manipulation originated when scientists noticed temporal anomalies during nuclear tests. This research eventually led to the full understanding of temporal science and technologies to simply “turn back the clock” and restore youth to the old.

The British, Irish, Scottish, Luxemburg, Germany, Italy, French, Dutch, Swedish and the European Commissioner all have one thing in common, none have children, new world order plot where the few rules and an end to the hereditary program, does decentralization make more sense now?

Was the Cold War another example of their mirror word magic whereby the US took on the SU, as the saying goes there was lots of smoke (djinns) and mirrors (illusion and magic), perhaps that term has great meaning now having listened to FRWL.

This was taken from an agency based document and bears some elements of truth, remember they had access to the Looking glass technology, ah the mirror again, I don’t think it was a cohen cidence this came to my attention again now, but we have covered much of this in various shows.
This is the type of dissolution described in the Book of Revelations in the statement, “I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth, as the old Heaven and Earth had passed away”.
This event is not some kind of “makeover” where the Earth remains intact but just gets “spruced up” to look new, it is clear from the Biblical text that it first, ceases to exist and later returns to existence.
The reference to Heaven is a reference to the Astral world, which is correct and is a trap, because most people go to the Astral world between physical lifetimes, they believe it is Heaven, actual “Heaven”, of course, is in the Spiritual planes which are not subject to dissolution.
Dissolution does not mean that the Earth will explode, burn up or start cracking into pieces as proposed in the latest “2012” movie, Dissolution means exactly what the term implies, matter is deconstructed and simply ceases to exist.
If you are living in the physical or Astral universe at the time of a dissolution, you will no longer have access to a physical or Astral body because those levels of matter have been removed from the creation, however, you will have your Soul, which is imperishable, as well as access to your mental and causal bodies, our knowledge disagrees that the soul is imperishable, as entities have been feeding off them in these realms, and it is my understanding that some are not retrievable.
However, anyone who is not Spiritually mature enough to function at the higher density, or vibratory level of at least the Causal plane will essentially become unconscious or asleep, and will remain in that state until a new environment is created [new Heaven and new Earth] where they can again become conscious.
These people [Souls], called “the meek” in the Christian Bible, will “inherit” the new Earth at the beginning of the next cycle. The alert Souls will likely complete their development on the higher material planes, and then leave the created worlds for their real home in the Spiritual worlds.
So, you could compare these events to a type of graduation, those who passed move up and on, and those who did not make the grade are held back to repeat it.
The work being done by the Trust and team is to ensure that process is not interfered with again, like many times previous, quite a few of the other races did not want this creation to develop and go forward, due to envy of our abilities, the feeling is this cannot be stopped this time, those that came into help this time, came in better prepared and with better plans to ensure a different result from the previous failures.
This started off as an all move on, it then became a rescue and now a salvage operation to ensure as many move on for the development of the species, whilst in some ways it is sad it is not the all, it is what it is, this was a tough school to progress from and also a very harsh lesson to protect your own sovereignty, not be tricked by lazy mindedness, and never give away your own powers like we have again.
It is important the most developed in here push forward like the pioneers in some respects, we were not meant to stay on this planet forever, it stunts growth needed for the Cosmos, only the dark forces like the stunted growth, as they can then feed off it.
Some will feel sad at something’s in this piece, but that is a common human trait, to focus on what we don’t have or what we lost, and not focus of what we gained as a species.
This was a monumental effort to salvage what we have over many thousands if not millions of years, it has been achieved against the odds on an unimaginable scale, the enormity of which will not be realized until you are out of here.

So we wrapped up From Russia with Love 8, with 8C on Tuesday night, with what was longest THI show ever recorded.
Yet again it was packed with anecdotal and dot connecting information, that was connecting it all so fast, it was looping very rapidly, like the hamster on the wheel that kept running, so did the wheel, but does the wheel cause the moving or just the hamster?
We have been that hamster, running the wheel for millenia, not recognizing the fact if you step off, the wheel or loop stops, we just kept running faster and faster, hope for the wheel to stop or the view to change, but it never, because if you keep doing the same things, you will get the same view, same actions, same responses and same outcomes as before.
Outside the wheel the dark forces just laughed at us, yes they gave us the wheel, but we jumped on it and ran it ourselves.
The core of everyone of their programs ran on us in deceit, is we play and run their programs for them, they don’t need police states, they just ask people to be busy bodies, divide and conquer the same, hating on other peoples or countries despite never meeting the people or visiting the said country.
We allowed their banks to flourish, because we gave them our money, we allowed their puppets to run our country, mainly into the ground, as we voted for them, we allowed them to poison our children with vaccines, because we didn’t bother to investigate or question what was in them, but we didn’t know Thomas, exactly you didn’t know because you never asked the questions.
I will give you an example, a person comes up to you and your children in the street, and says can I inject your children with this vaccine, and I will give you a $25 shopping voucher at Walgreens, would you accept it? and allow the strange person to inject your children?
The answer would be no, yet you don’t know who the Walgreen shop assistant is, and yet you still get flu shots? also you don’t know your doctor or nurse giving injections to you either, yet you accept it, how and why are they different to the strange person in the street offering vaccines? the answer is they are not, but your programming tells you that teachers, doctors, health experts, politicians, church people are all nice people, knowledgeable and with your best interests in mind, wrong thinking, that is assumptions again, assumptions are not truth or facts.
Our story has shown over and over again those assumptions have been the ruination of us.
Am I saying all those people in those positions are bad? no, just ignorant, in some cases arrogant, because they have done exactly what their clients have done, and assumed what they were taught is correct, when clearly we have all not been taught, but educated, which is training of animals.
We have been educated just enough to operate their system, but not enough to understand it, or the hidden meanings or intentions behind it.
People often say how can we stop all this and say I am just one person doing this, which is limitation speak when you analyze it, why are we talking that way?
Lets look at it in terms of a virus, one cell, which is interesting that they call all the matter that makes up our bodies as cells, cells are also prisons, that one cell mutates into 2, then 4, then 8 and so on, are you saying you are a devolutionary cell and not capable of doubling your cell?
If everyone wakes up one person, who then goes on to wake another person, have you not issued a virus of good into the community? and what do they call it when it reaches a certain point, and the 40-60% of people who are designated as followers of patterns, it goes viral, which is a derivative of virus, so our own type virus, becomes the antedote does it not?
The alt media itself is a virus to the system, not just portal people, why? because it is syphoning their energy away, this is what this whole movement is about, syphoning the energy they stole off us, via banks, religions, governments, spiritual groups, fake gods and ET’s.
This is the essence of The Trust, it is not about pieces of paper with numbers on, it is all about returning life force energy they have stolen off us, if you think of it in terms of the money, then you are not as awake as you thought you were, and clearly require cutting loose more of the old system and programming, you have allowed to consume your thinking and vessel.
It is only takes 10-12% for anything to go viral, and people have said well I am just one person leaving that organization, but you are forgetting you will likely have friends within that organization, who now have doubts, and people will follow, remember people will walk away from things quicker than when the joined.
So how did we get into this mess? through laziness, not willing to learn, only to copy and repeat and just follow the leader, except the leader was corrupt on all levels, and people will say but we were duped, yes but the stronger ones see through the illusion, the key is making everyone stronger, not weaker, we elevate each other, not drag each other down.
The key is to chart your own path, yet so many just copy their parents, and that in and of itself, becomes a hidden copy and repeat program.
Humanity is inherently lazy, mindwise, and some can argue all they like against that statement, but it is true, we have so many skill sets and most wont use them, they remain latent and hidden inside of you, because you seek the external gratifications.

You can wait for NASA to build rockets and spacecraft to travel to the stars, or work on yourself and go yourself? which is more beneficial? many can’t do it as a collective as we are too immature and lazy, waiting for things to come to them, rather than they going to it.
People often say well or werrrllll it doesn’t matter, then you learn that matter is a beam of light, are you saying we should ignore the light? everything matters, because as FRWL has shown, everything in their world is all interconnected and was locked tight so much, that the majority of the people were oblivious to it, so clearly to the dark everything matters, and we must replicate that in a light way.
The key to spirituality is to go within, you don’t need fake shamans, lamas or priests to do so, they have been taught rubbish on a bigger scale than we have, perhaps the word consciousness will make things clearer. Light bulb moment coming up.
There are lots of new age and alt media bandying that word around, but I suspect only a few really understand it or the concept,
Consciousness 1630s, which means internal knowledge, from conscious + -ness. Meaning “state of being aware of what passes in one’s own mind” is from 1670s; meaning “state of being aware” of anything is from 1746. Whilst many will equate it to be aware, aware of what I would ask.
Aware that politicians are corrupt, churches are fake, banks rape us, yes all examples of being aware or awake as we say, but they are all external awarenesses, are they not?
Consciousness is internal knowledge not external, consciousness is about you! now do you understand what I have been telling you all along, THI is about you gaining your internal knowledge, the external knowledge is largely for awareness of your surroundings, and to protect your inner knowledge and being, via consciousness. Hello McFly haha.
You have been on a knowledge consuming exercise, perhaps the term I use in the shows called sin eating, makes more sense and now has a deeper meaning or trigger to it.
Knowledge or sin eating, you have to consume it, then process it, with the goal to then convert it or transmute it, to gain energy(power) from it, and then when it is all filtered, poop out what is not needed.

Lets look at some of the details of the show and some will say it is only a few lamas or priests doing this stuff, you can’t just dismiss things because of a few bad apples, if that is your thinking, you are missing the point, it is not the individuals I am referring to, it’s the program, who operates it becomes irrelevant.
It is the same as the government, parties and presidents change, but it all remains the same, it is the same program is why, and yet so many of us follow it, there is a reason why they say following blindly, because you don’t see what is going on, it is a spell cast, to make those with eyes to not see, once you “see” their whole illusion program falls apart.
Another thing we referenced in earlier FRWL show was the Gardens of Eden, not one but four, original one was in India, whereby Cain was cast out for murdering his brother, and sent to the Land of Nod, to the east, so I looked what was East of that region, and lo and behold you find Tibet, cohen-cidence?
Mary got pregnant by the Holy ghost they say, so if Jesus was son of god, that means god is a ghost? they tell you it is the father, the son and holy ghost, what happened to the mother? immaculate conception again? deary me ghost as a word did not come in to the language until the 15th century, so how can the church base this on something that was alleged to have happen 2019 years ago? like the letter J never existed until same time period as the word ghost, it makes no sense.
The term ghastly derived from the word ghostly, it is not a coincidence, but lets look deeper into the word ghost shall we, given it’s a relatively new term in comparison to the timeline of the bible.
Another word for ghost was ghoul, meaning an evil spirit who seizes things, who fed on the dead, until they were taught how to feed on the living, also referenced as a demon, G for ghoul and then host, the ghoul hosts, whether that G is indicative of the Freemasonry symbol remains to be seen, but would not surprise me if it is actually referencing that, the ghost in Christian references is clearly undefined, but has to be male if it got Mary pregnant, or maybe not, because in their world they just make shit up as they go along, critical thinking on the matter, destroys their illusion.
The information makes no sense unless your are comatose, but it is not your toes in a coma, its your brain and thinking pattern, if sense is common, why is it rare when it comes to these programs.
All of it is
fake Jewish Hebrewism ruining everything that was sacred here, backed by their Annunaki counterparts, yes they are linked, and one and the same.
They went about distorting are THOTHS yes that is where term thoughts came from, and much of life as we knew it, is and was fake, the masks worked well, but no more they don’t.
Thoth is another one like Solomon, was supposed to be helping here, and fell for the dark seducement, another of the Pleiadian Nibiru crew who wreaked havoc here, his group the Avians, not the fake blue chicken variety, are one of the five groups of beings, that made up the Annunaki.
As an added piece to 8A and we discussed the missing zodiac
Ophiuchus, the constellations of the Zodiac are generally associated with the months of the Hebrew calendar hmm, because it is lunar based is why, and why the Jewish people follow Lilith, the dark mother, now known as the Kali Ma, which means dark mother.
This is not to be taken as a denigration of Jewish people, they have been used as pawns more than we have, and they like the rest of the world, have to see the illusion and break through it.
Some of the more religious sectors of the alt media are crying saying the cabal is ending the connection to god of the book, yes exactly that is the case, but the god of the book is not yours or my god, so they are actually doing us a favor in a roundabout way.
What they are doing is creating a new god, which is them, with the power center in Jerusalem, as one illusion falls they create a new one. The word god needs to be universally replaced with Source, and the people told their Source not god is within them, not external.

The key to it all is people coming together, this is what they fear the most, and as a reminder of their fear, when the people in the past started to come together and build a city and became a community this biblical chapter tells you what happened next.
Genisis 11-6 And the LORD said, “If they have begun to do this as one people speaking the same language, then nothing they devise will be beyond them. 7 Come, let Us go down(us I thought the Lord was singular) and confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.” 8 So the LORD scattered them from there, over the face of all the earth, and they stopped building the city, or this.
The Lord will bring a nation from afar, from the ends of the earth, to swoop down upon you like an eagle, a nation whose language you will not understand, most will have misinterpreted that, which is understandable, but what this is saying is, they will swoop with the Phoenix, not with a country as people assume nation means, the reference to a nation being a country was not introduced until 1864.
A nation means a race, tribe or species with a different language, there is your ET disclosure right there in that sentence, a language you don’t understand means it came from somewhere else, not Earth, that language was Latin, that rules law, which religion is known as the religion of Law? Judaism, which I believe or know is connected to the Draco and subsequently the Annunaki.
What this also tells you about this Lord that so many worship is, he was an evil, demonic and psychotic son of a bitch, one thing that will be overlooked in the bible is, the lord, is always spelt in capital letters, which means the Lord is dead, yet we are told they are immortal, funny that.
Scriptures, bibles and fake Emerald tablets done by Thoth to distort real knowledge, but hidden within bullshittery are gems of truth, once you grasp the understanding, those books and scriptures where not about us and our story, but them and their story, them being the off world entities, then it all comes into view, as clear as day as they say.
Those books said to be all holy are riddled with wrath, vengeance, blood letting, incest, sacrificing, bodily fluids and waste of all kinds for ceremonies, deception, sorcery, magic, black magic, worshipping non humans, binding, plagues, demons, beheadings, denigrating women, dark sexual magic, word magic all done in a veiled hidden cloak of deception and wrapped into programs said to be good for you, like religion and spirituality it is corrupted beyond repair, and needs to be scrapped and the true story told, the bible is their story – not ours.

It has been a tough learning lesson that is littered with traps, spells and misunderstandings, the key to it is intention, intentions that you set, not the entity Set, who laid out the path of doom for you, you have to learn to chart your own path, only you are responsible for that.
Man “fell” it is said, no we all fell into the pit of darkness, and only now, some are seeing the shaft of light at the top of it, and beginning to emerge out of it, it was an emergency one word, now it is three words, emerge and see.
The climb out is and was muddy, filthy, brutal and strenuous, but ultimately worthwhile as the animus within us takes hold and goes forward, animus means rational soul, mind, life, mental powers, consciousness, sensibility; courage, desire, we will require all of those qualities and more going forward, we are in the quickening period.
They set traps everywhere, they killed us in the sea after 7 years, but we were reborn and another trap was set, as we emerge out of the sea onto the land, they put us in quicksand, left our heads in the sand, key is now establishing ourselves on the land, not the quicksand or mari time traps, maritime is Mari and again a reference to the dark mother.
But Thomas it’s all a bit depressing hearing the alt media, religion and spiritual practices are corrupted, and I get that to a degree, from my perspective its enlightening, because we are seeing the illusion, through the fog, passed down to us from the mists of time, it is the true path to real enlightenment, which comes from within.
The dark have far more work to do than us on themselves, as they are more out balance than we are, they brought it on themselves also, via the misuse of freewill.
All about riding the waves as you bob forward which is progression, this is not linear line actions, but vertical timeline events, on linear events you are told to wait for things to happen, if you stand still on a linear path, you go backwards, in those terms, it can perhaps be deduced, that the wait club was actually a spell cast? A warning to those not only in Cosmic Voice but also the Q movement.
Some will say well what does it matter or it doesn’t matter, unaware they are more spell casts, matter is a beam of light, and all light matters.
Some will say nothing is sacred anymore, not on the external it isn’t, but what is sacred is, you, yes you for the hard of hearing, how are you going to help, prepare and develop you, and protect that what is sacred, is the key.
It is an arduous process we face and faced, but we work with what we have, its a challenge, maybe the biggest challenge you will ever face, but with attitudes of I’m possible instead of impossible, it is not insurmountable, as shown in the giant strides of progress we have already made.
It requires fluidity, which is flexibility, and the fluidity is recognized by what is inside of you, water, we are 70-80% water, and we can make our own oceans be angry and violent, or we can calm them like the rivers.
Your water is streaming again inside you, those illusions you absorbed were for the purpose of creating dams inside of you, dams restrict the flow of water, water is source of life they say, and we are the only planet that has living water, perhaps water is THE Source, subsequently you are the living embodiment of living water and the source spark within you.
fluid movement water that is within you is, a river stream of thought, love and consciousness, love they say it is a river, I say let it flow.


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