truth_honor_integrity_june 20 2019

Still ongoing issues within the groups that I have been asked to address by some in and out of those groups.
People asking can and will they get funding if not participating in the groups, yes you can, but that negates what I was trying to achieve with the groups, people working together and not all separate.

People complaining of having X amount of members and only 1/4 or less turn up for the calls, this is a common theme and why I said you didn’t have to make a fuss over leaders, as many would not participate anyway, after the initial interest wanes.
Some groups have taken the steps, to remove members out of the groups for not participating in the calls or groups, which is their choice, but one hopes it doesn’t lead to a whole raft of emails to me complaining about it, email or message your group leader please, not me.

Couple of news comments that supports what this show has said recently, and another example of things said creeping into MSM.
First off as expected the funds by high end corpirate companies that they were going to put large funds to pay for the damage at Notre Dame church, predictably those funds never arrived, all a sick and slick marketing ploy as advertisement for their over priced brands. Add in the herd mentality and guilt of oh my god the poor church and the ones who always end up paying is, the people. Imagine if they did that and put it into The Peoples Club fund I proposed a few years back, just 1 dollar, pound or euro a month, the money could go to the real projects and people.
CNN ran a piece about the reducing white population in America, hmm he says, but it is not just reducing in America, it is globally, 30%+ down to 12% just like the dark forces wanted.

Facebook announced launch of Libra crypto currency oh my, all those people who said crypto was bucking the system, I suspect we will hear more on this subject soon.

Keith Raniere, a self-help guru accused of leading a sex cult that enslaved women, has been found guilty of all charges against him. Raniere, 58, was convicted by a jury after a six-week trial in Brooklyn, New York. He allegedly oversaw a “slave and master” system in his group, called Nxivm. He was convicted of all counts against him, including racketeering, sex trafficking and child pornography. Mr Raniere, who pleaded not guilty to all charges, could face life in prison. During the trial, the court heard how female recruits in the group were branded with his initials and coerced into having sex with Raniere. Recruits were told it was an all-female group and were asked to hand over compromising materials that were later used to blackmail them, prosecutors said.

Fiery debate has erupted at the first congressional hearing in a decade to explore whether the descendants of US slaves should be compensated. Some witnesses said reparations would damage the relationship between white and black Americans, while others said it was imperative to achieve justice. Several Democratic White House hopefuls have taken up the idea of reparations. But Republican leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear no reparations bill will pass while he controls the Senate. The House of Representatives judiciary subcommittee on the constitution, civil rights and civil liberties said Wednesday’s hearing would examine “the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, its continuing impact on the community and the path to restorative justice”. Lawmakers considered a bill proposed by Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee to set up a commission to study the question of reparations for slavery. Hundreds of people lined up outside the hearing venue and filled the overflow room to watch.

The girl is no more than five. She cowers in her room, crying incessantly. “I don’t want to die,” she sobs. Her parents have finally been persuaded the vaccine is safe. She is brought out to watch her siblings stick out their tongues for drops. But she continues to wail. The fear in the house is palpable. The polio workers were earlier barred by her relatives who were bearing rifles. The team called in help from Dr Uzma Hayat Khan, a public health adviser. Khan, who monitors the country’s vaccination campaigns, is experienced in dealing with refusals. But she was nervous as she approached the house.
She had been greeted by a group of men with no intention of letting her inside. The stand-off only ended when another relative appeared – a doctor. The polio team then managed to vaccinate all the children except the sobbing girl. They decided to try again the next day. Many people in Pakistan are suspicious of the polio vaccine, despite the fact it saves lives. But tensions were running even higher than usual. The day before their visit, a mass vaccination at a village school in the suburbs of Peshawar had ended in violence and arson. The headmaster of the school, in Mashokhel village, had previously refused to allow the polio vaccine. This time he had bowed to government pressure and the innoculations had gone ahead. But shortly afterwards he rang parents to tell them their children were fainting and vomiting. Dozens of students from the school were taken to hospital. All were found to have no symptoms and were discharged. But it was too late to contain the panic, which had spread quickly via social media. Furious parents gathered outside a local government health facility, broke down its boundary wall with hammers and sticks, kicked down the front gate, and barged inside to burn it down. All of this was shown live on local TV, which sparked even greater alarm in Peshawar.
In all, about 30,000 children from various schools in the city were taken to hospital, according to the government. In a press conference, the provincial health minister said the panic had been further fuelled by local mosques urging parents via loudspeaker to rush their vaccinated children to hospital. All the children had been found to be well, the minister said. yeah right the polio vaccine we highlighted in India now rolls into Pakistan.

It is suspected Egyptian former leader Morsi has been removed from public gaze, he is one of Obama’s puppets

Oil tanker incident is nothing to do with Iran, and is completely fake, A ship hit with torpedoes full of oil, massive holes in it and no oil slick? our wtp/anon factchecker declares this fake news.

Mr. Shanahan’s withdrawal is due to clowns putting pressure on him and trying to isolate Mr. Trump

Trump is being put under severe pressure by neohawks within military, pentagon, agencies and government to attack Iran, whether Trump’s statement on Iran made a big mistake is real or a comment to play the game remains to be seen. But if we dont want our soldiers or equipment shot at or down, then get out of that region, it’s that simple. Can you imagine the uproar if Iranian, Russian or Chinese had warships, planes or drones flying over our territory, same rules apply, either we are still the globalist puppets or we chart a new path, time is running out on that Mr. Trump.

IBM is attempting to recreate the birth certificate , mortgage program this is the latest version of the hercules, babylon, systems.
It will not work, same as the repeated attempts to leverage in ground assets of the world to the Shanghai exchange.

Since we changed the coding language, they are trying to create a new financial system using the same enslavement birth certificate systems…Guess what currency they will use? Why the Facebook libra

The plan is to build them both and link the two, to make the leverage against birth certificates global, That is the securities behind the Libra they are discussing, not speculation, fact.

RV failed again on Tuesday and that was another deadline day to take Kim out, both failed and so they launched their new program Libra.

We placed a large sum of funds at citi bank, which the Clintons think they control in the name of trump 2020 reelection campaign fund. They have tried every which way to get it and can not. It is visible, all of be it restricted by Kim at the teller window, which means it will no longer bouncing back to the Rothschild owned compliance centers.
I chose shitty bank because the Clintons, who are running the DNC needed to see my appreciation for the contract she put on my head last week.

Hearing that the Pentagon has started an enforcement unit for the banks, which started today, also rumors at this stage but not yet confirmed, is that the US Marshall Service maybe assisting the Pentagon in these actions, no update as yet as to the status of those operations.

A recently released “report card” failed 78 out of California’s 100 largest police departments. Campaign Zero, which focuses on police reform, used data from California’s OpenJustice database, public record requests, national databases and media reports to conduct the nation’s first statewide “Police Scorecard.” An expansive amount of data for each department was collected, converted to represent a score from 0 to 100 and then assigned a corresponding letter grade. According to the campaign’s key findings, using this formula, “a police department received a higher grade if it made fewer arrests for low level offenses, used less force during arrest, had fewer homicides unsolved, did not have racial disparities in arrests and use of force, and upheld civilian complaints of police misconduct more often than other police departments in the state.” The results turned out less than favorable for most of the police departments, especially Beverly Hills, which received the lowest ranking of all 100 departments. While 78 received a letter grade of an “F,” only one department, Carlsbad, received an “A-,” the highest score received. Of those studied, only a small fraction of departments required officers to use de-escalation when possible, prior to using force. The study also found that 90 percent of the police departments under review had more permissive use of force standards than the national average. This may help explain why more than half of the people killed or seriously injured by police were unarmed.

Many people from aged thirty onwards pay into a death fund, known as life insurance, another harvesting program that if ever there was one, your not telling me after harvesting millions of dollars in taxes over your lifetime, the system cant pay for your funeral and expenses? again in death the vultures swoop in on family estates to take as much as possible, off someone who has already given more than they received, it is beyond despicable, and yet few think about it and most just accept it.
Death taxes! what in the name of satan’s portion is that all about, you have taxed us to death, and then the family is asked to pay more?
Life insurance is a fear based program, pension funds also, both are based in fear of not having enough, think about it on a different level for a while, we are told we only have one life, yet spend vast chunks of our life force energy on the end of life and upon death money programs, does that make any sense?
Accidental death insurance, holy shit if only more people realized the elites bet on people dying, yes you heard that right they do death betting amongst each other, who they can take out next, how many they can kill in one go, winner takes all, and why they trained 100 accidental assassins to take Kim and the team out, perhaps like coincidences, there is no accidents in life, only preplanned events waiting to play out.
The more you look at things from an overview, the more you see the madness all of us play a role in, this whole country is based on one thing only, harvesting life force energy and giving you as little back of it as possible, they give just enough so the people don’t rise up and break their system, and so they just slowly but surely chip away, and people to preoccupied with bs’ery all take it up the ass with barely a whimper.
I will use one example I could go on all night, student loans people, $1.6T debt as it stands, you will likely not know this fact, as it is amazing how little Americans know about their own country, where it matters and in particular what effects us, who, how and why this loan program was brought in.
Who initiated it? the military under the title the 1958 National Defense Education Act.
How? because of the dumbing down from 1910 onwards program, initiated by the Ford Institute and forcing Carnegie University to stop producing people at the level of Tesla, which was so successful they ran it in schools from 1930’s onwards, so all who listen to this in America, have been educated not taught utter shite, their whole lives long before common core.
Why? because the Russians launched Sputnik and everyone shat their pants, thinking the Russians are more educated and technologically advanced, newsflash, they always were, all about the URS and Rus you see.
A classic example I speak of, of programs chewing at both ends, the ouro borus at its finest, make the masses stupid has consequences they appear to be too stupid to envision, so a reactionary program is launched to make up for the shortfall, but by then it is too late, reactionary thinking leads to irrational conclusions, steps and programs, that ultimately fail, proactive thinking leads to far less mistakes and a much superior chance of your venture to be a success, hence the THI groups, although in some cases that appears lost, as to the propensity of people to wait before acting or doing something.
How many people complained at that program? student loans for being taught shite, come on people, what where the parents thinking at that time? clearly not for the child, saddling a child with long term debt, which leads to deep seated fears, unbalanced young adults and we wonder why some many ended up addicts via drugs or alcohol?
Title II of that act is classic misdirection and totalitarian creep, whereby it is attempted to pass off as one thing, but delivers another, bit like the Paris Climate agreement, which was originally remember a treaty, but that was changed to agreement as the UN was no longer sovereign and could not sign off on treaties.
“Initially, Title II provided scholarships (also known as grants) rather than loans. However, some members of Congress expressed worry about the message sent by giving students a “free ride.” oh the irony saying the public might have a free ride, Congress have ridden a free and prosperous ride off the backs of the people, for at least the last 148 years. The House version of the bill eliminated scholarship money, while the Senate reduced the amount of scholarship money. By the time the bill was passed into law, student aid was exclusively loan-based.” I would make the military repay all of it back out of their budget, they brought it in and so they should pay for it.

This is a story from one of our members, and my comments follow. My father I lost all too soon in a young mans life. I’m working on releasing of these inner pains so that I may become closer to Source. Shadow work isn’t fun. Anyhow. My father served 3 tours back and forth in Vietnam. And for what? Now I know for what. He was sick as long as I can remember I had to listen for him and call 911 when he would fall and bust open his head in the kitchen or the bedroom when the seizures would go further than the familiar staring ones and he would fall right to the ground shaking violently. My hero’s head in my arms bleeding. Helpless. It’s a lot for a preteen young man to cope with. He was never able to do anything physical with me or work outside on bikes or cars with me once he cut his fingers off civil service on post AGAIN working for those who wouldn’t take care of him and give him 100% medical retirement after he had served his 20 years in the army. And the old army where retirement wasn’t much and benefits kept getting cut and cut. Between getting blasted out of a Bradley hitting his head on a steal hatch on his way up and out to land on his head and neck on the ground which started his epilepsy, which he hid so he could continue to serve. .. agent orange that they sprayed at will anywhere and everywhere all over the Tripp’s which we all know. Not being able to hear taps because he heard it so much for those he loved and those he didn’t even know. For what I ask this world. Pieces of paper and resources the dead and dying soul diers would never see and still haven’t. I had only part of the man that went to serve his country proudly bravely with valor. You’re right they don’t even know the value of life or the meaning of the word valor. I lost my father in 94 at 19 after he was sick for 10 years. I’m sorry to keep you. But here’s a little tapestry I wanted to share with you it shows the mind state of the sol diers that are in the thick of the shit away from their loved ones in strange places told to kill its fine because it’s for you country to protect our way of life and whatever other bullshit.
Back in 2013 I wrote about this on Cosmic Voice, it drew much ire, and was suggestive I was being disrespectful to Americans, those who have served and the military, who fought and died for their country, funny how time changes opinions, I said it not to cause attention or create division, I said it because it was the harsh truth, and the American people needed to snap out of their military MK Ultra style amnesia of all things military.
The military have never been on our side since day one, yes you heard that right, fake pre arranged civil wars that did not involve us, but rich elite programs trying to serve themselves, but the people fought their wars of control for them, as outed recently in FRWL series, G. Washington worked for the Brits, T. Jefferson the French, this type of practice has gone on for far too long on this planet, people fighting wars not of their own making, but the playing out elite and hidden beings games, the middle east is a war of the past, of the 5 annunaki factions all playing it out again.
This release of information on a mass scale will hurt the psyche of Americans badly when released. They have been educated to worship and praise the all American conquering military heroes, all cheer, wave flags and wave away off our loved ones, all reminiscent of the Roman Gladiator sent into the pit and to fight to the death, from an overview thinking, as they are sent off to a far foreign land to pursue the quest of control for the psychopathic elites and the former king.
Participating through blind loyalty of the wanton destruction of humanity, for the twisted amusement of elites, to satisfy the globalist bankers, the scavenging and vulture like djinns picking over the carcasses of death, and looshing on a massive scale.
That is the reality of being, not a soldier, but in a soul dier program.
Almost every war was preplanned WW2 was signed off on and agreed to by America, China, Russia, GB, France and Japan in 1923, the Dutch born President of America Warren Harding did that, aided by the Vanderbilt group, who one of their family members died this week and it became news, who gives a shit about them, pictures of her this week rendered looking like a cabbage patch doll? Vanderbilts were another family who operated out of New York and harvested everything, so now I don’t have any sympathy for any of their family passing, why do clowns think we should show an interest in the fake famous group dying, more than our own kind?
70-85M people wiped out, millions more traumatised for the rest of their lives, and that doesn’t include the 70-90M Russians genocided in that period leading up to that war either, history never counts Russians it seems, there is a lesson in that somewhere.
I watched a show this week on the Nevada test site for nuclear weapons, how Vegas monetized and turned it into a tourist attraction, defies belief, the most destructive weapon on the planet in modern history, and people turn up just to view it, it’s car crash type thinking, and shows how easily the people go along with their programs of damaging or destroying us.
The blowing up tons of radiation based explosives and they told the soldiers to walk towards it FSS, are we that stupid to follow orders to the point of unsanity?
Thousands of soldiers sitting less than two miles down wind in trenches as the shockwave rolled over them with no protection, think about that for a second, is that not direct evidence they don’t give a shit about Americans, or the several other projects like MK Ultra, Hotel California, spraying chemtrails, sypllis, tb and other germ warfare on unsuspecting towns and cities, killing or maiming millions of our so called own people.
Operation Northwoods and Mongoose stating they would do false flags attack on Americans to create a reason to go to war with Cuba, but the people clap, wave flags and cheer on this madness, we are the problem, not them, because we comply with it all.
During the Cold War, the United States spent, on average, $35 billion a year on its nuclear weapons complex, $35B a year and that was over 60 years ago.
Dropping Agent Orange on them in Vietnam, the Iraq war Americans lost more troops to friendly fire at one point, than enemy combat, do you think that is normal? do you think these people, and I use that term loosely give a monkeys ass if your son or daughter dies? do they shite, get that into your heads, they don’t give a shite, even when they brought home the dead troops from Iraq, what did they do, they brought them in overnight, so the press and no one could see how many they lost, is that the way to honor a war hero, as they are called, sneaking lost soldiers in, like some secret undercover drug shipment drop off?
Wait until people find out more about Hotel California as it is called, missing in action or prisoners of war they said, being held by the communist (read zionist/RA based cult) vietcong, no they were on American soil in an underground facility being used as lab rats by Nazi scientists and other species, you can check out but you can never leave indeed, 100’s if not 1000s of Americans hoping their loved ones arrive home or they are rescued, when they were already home and being used by these MK ultra based psychopaths, don’t believe me? fine, carry on feeding your sons and daughters into the harvesting machine then, all under the frankly ridiculous conspiracy theory, of protecting your country and it’s freedoms, you have no country or freedoms, it is all an illusion.
Badges for killing people? I for one fail to see the honor in that, honor is in saving people, not killing them, that is the difference between someone who thinks and people who just follow orders, no matter how unsane they are.
It is in overview, a total abandonment of our moral duties and obligations as parents, to protect your child or children, which the majority have blindly neglected, due to the programming of our military is the be all and end all, it is not, it is a death and destruction program, that harvests up everything, $989B a year to kill and maim people and hardly anyone says anything? and what is worse we the f’ing people pay them for the privelege of using our children in that manner, it’s f’ing unsane.
We have just had memorial day, and all dignitaries turn up to pay respects to the fallen or so they say, it’s vacuous and fake in the extreme, all laying wreaths which are the very symbols of Rome and the UN, the very organizations who created the fallen to begin with, if it was genuine, they would stop and think the same as I have done in this piece, and work towards a proposal to scrap the harvesting machine known as the US Military which is nothing to do with America, or is it protecting Americans, by law they are not allowed to do so on our soil.
United States is corporation started by the corrupted Houses peoples in Vienna Austria back in early 1800’s, check it out, United States is not and never was America.
As for the military I would propose to scrap their whole budget in it’s current format and start again.
Get rid of the neohawks, the zionist warmongerers and harvesting agents, use the military budget to use all ships, planes and other transport, to transport food, water, clothing, housing and energy to the vast number of people around the world, who don’t have that.
Rebuild the towns, cities and infrastructures smashed into oblivion by cowards dropping bombs from high or from afar.
Employ all soldiers to be operating in peace not war, this will aid their rehabilitation program which will be extensive, and also karma.
Recycle the vast array of weapons based hardware that sits in vast desert fields just rotting away, and put the scrap to good use elsewhere.
Decommission and ultimately destroy all weapons of mass destruction particularly nuclear, the thinking behind that was based on an off world program of the destruction of us all.
Decommission the current US Navy as it is being ran by the SSp, create a new one and initiate them to clean up all of our oceans of the vast amount of toxic wastes they have dumped in there.
Evaluate and assess all research centers whether it is beneficial to humanity and destroy all that is not, in particular the bio warfare labs, again that thinking was based on destroying us all, not just communists, muslims or some other fake created group, it was designed to end us all, get that into your non thinking heads, replace them with research for human progression only.
Eliminate the UN entirely and create a new global group based on peace for this planet, and a combined global military force with no country having domain or power over the other, all countries must participate and create a planetary force that defends this planet only from external or internal forces.
End all land based wars based on this is isRAel or this is Palestine, this is our home, settle all the issues out with the ultimate goal of removing the divide and conquer borders, so that people and the fake created cultures are not defined by lines on a map.
Evaluate all what is considered new technology, none of it is new, and either release it to the public in stages, or completely destroy it if not beneficial to mankind.
Eliminate the stranglehold the military has on another act, called the Communications Act of 1934, it has control of all forms of communications be it landlines, mobiles, cable, television, wires, radio and internet, essentially anything along with frequency waves allied with AT&T and Bell they own and control, this came in under the spying act, which is more of their fake news.
Eliminate the duplicity of several agencies linked to and with the military under National security, espionage and safety, we are now aware that whole program is total fakery, you were all spying on each others citizens to get around laws, and as for safety of the country and narrative, we must not let other countries find out what we are up to, that is the biggest steaming pile of manure I have ever heard. Countries do not go to war, they are used at certain times as pawns, and all sides knows what each other has, infact under 5 eyes which became 9 eyes and ultimately no eyes, they all worked together,  CIA, Mossad, the KGB oh my, Pine Gap, Asian Intelligence, GCHQ and MI5 & 6 unbeknown to their citizens have all worked together for last 70+ years, let that sink in, still think they were protecting us? like bollocks they were.
If we wherever considering real National Security, we would not have given weapons and secrets to isRAel, who subsequently passed all intel and information to Russia and China, and worse, gave nuclear warheads to Iran, don’t believe me, check it out yourselves, Iran building nuclear warheads is fake news, Israel gave them nuclear weapons in 1980-90’s.
Employ plethora of people based private accountants, not in house or lackeys or PriceWaterhouse Cooper or Deloitte who are globlaist establishment stooges, to go through all books and do a full audit, which reports back to the President, Congress and the public.
Close down or repurpose the thousands of NGO groups spawned out the MIC and SSp clowns
Slowly release information of all so called new technology for later possible introduction to the people, which will be open to entrepreneurs not just government or military contractors.
Reveal all that has been built underground and for what purposes and by whom.
A full disclosure of crimes with full disclaimer and no comeback, with the exception of anything connected to children or harvesting.
Assemble a military task force in league with other countries and go in and rout out all drug runners, child harvesters, organ traffickers, adrenachrome traffickers, pedophile operators and cults like Nxium, there are many more in Mormon, Scientology and other so called churches.
Finally scrap a number of American bases and turn them into healing centers to aid the PTSD, maimed, MK Ultra’d, drug addled and poison injected soldiers, with the goal of eventually returning them to their families. These can be study centers also for soldiers to learn new skills for their return to society, all of which comes out of your budget, we the people paying twice or more for these military programs have had enough of that.
When all the above is started only then will this person believe the military and surrounding connections will be on our side, because the above is a real military that protects the people and the planet, not so jumping jack clown in a Punch and Judy puppet show mired in a globalist psychotic agenda.

Pope Francis has blamed globalization for the growing disparity between nations and said it has been conducive to the “individualistic culture of hate” that gradually replaces “traditional” societal norms of compassion. “Technological development and economic prosperity may have benefited many, yet even more have remained hopelessly excluded,” the Pope told the Permanent Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Bucharest. The pontifex, who came to Romania on a three-day official visit, warned that, although globalization “tends to level differences,” it has also contributed to the dismantling of traditional values and ethics. The result is “a growing sense of fear,” which, if deliberately stirred up, could lead to “rejection and hate.” The Pope decried what he called the new “individualistic culture of hate,” which he compared to the persecution of believers in Romania under Communist rule. While no longer “ideological,” this new phenomenon is still “no less materialist” and much more pervasive, the pontiff warned.
Hypocrisy at the finest deary me. Perhaps he needs to listen to FRWL series or shut his pie hole, because that rhetoric is beyond embarrassing coming from the supposed head of that cult. He needs to make his mind up, wasnt he talking about globization as the way to go recently? “dismantling of traditional values and ethics” and “a growing sense of fear,” oh my the church of Rome under the cult of RA have dismantled everything, which, if deliberately stirred up, could lead to “rejection and hate.” interesting terminology deliberately stirred up, suggestive it is a program to those unaware of it, leads to rejection and hate, which is what this church has done to many peoples for last 3000K.

In light of RV ban mentioned earlier, I wish there was a ban on the monetary RV bs, Yet again they blocking people from where they are allowed to live, not content with driving people out of their homes via bank fraud, high rents, interest rates and shark lending practices, not concerned that a vast majority are forced into what has now become a home, that was once a 3-7 day vacation rental item, that are fire, weather and mold death traps, now they want to deny that as well. Question for the government is when are you going to deal with this national crisis, are you still going to argue like children amongst yourselves, making threats to sue, indict or impeach each other or actually do what your paid to do and fix things. Deal with this national emergency of a few select families owning 72% of American lands, reality is we all own it, time to learn to share it out evenly.

Chris Evans on Wednesday blasted a small group of men who are planning to hold a “Straight Pride” parade. The Marvel star sent a strong message (via social media) that those individuals seeking a permit for the parade in his hometown of Boston were “homophobic” and had issues of their own with which to deal. “Wow! Cool initiative, fellas!! Just a thought, instead of ‘Straight Pride’ parade, how about this: The ‘desperately trying to bury our own gay thoughts by being homophobic because no one taught us how to access our emotions as children’ parade? Whatta ya think? Too on the nose??” Evans tweeted to his more than 12.2 million followers. He added, “Wow, the number gay/straight pride parade false equivalencies are disappointing. … Instead of going immediately to anger(which is actually just fear of what you don’t understand)take a moment to search for empathy and growth.”
Mark Sahady, vice president of Super Happy Fun America, an apparently serious group “on behalf of the straight community,” announced its parade is tentatively scheduled for Aug. 31. “We will have the streets closed and be allowed floats and vehicles,” Sahady wrote in a Facebook post of the group’s plans. “This is our chance to have a patriotic parade in Boston as we celebrate straight pride.” When asked about the “Straight Pride” parade, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a Democrat, reportedly issued a statement stating “Every year, Boston hosts our annual Pride Week, where our city comes together to celebrate the diversity, strength and acceptance of our LGBTQ community,” Walsh said. “This is a special week that represents Boston’s values of love and inclusion, which are unwavering. I encourage everyone to join us in celebration this Saturday for the Pride Parade and in the fight for progress and equality for all.”
Predictably this has caused much angst, which the organizers of these so named minority groups like LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, Feminist movements hope to achieve, unfortunately the LGBTQ community in some circumstances failed to see the damage they cause. If there is a gay pride week, which I think is unnecessary and inflammatory, what is wrong with a Straight pride week? If there is a black lives matter, why is a white lives matter deemed toxic? it’s the metronome effect as it swings from one side to the other, no balance.
The stark reality of all these programs is to isolate one group, and they can deny it all they like, the facts speak for themselves, as the pope said in the previous piece ” which, if deliberately stirred up, could lead to “rejection and hate.” of course it is deliberately stirred up, it is what the clowns do, but we the people don’t have to perform in their circus. They have played this game with the people for far too long, why? because the people walked into the roles and played them is why.
All the sleight of hand tactic, pretend to target one group, when actually attacking the other, and in some cases both, with the desire to achieve a certain outcome. Over promotion of any topic always leads to a hidden agenda that is generally 3 or 4 fold, the outcome of this focus on sexuality is in my opinion, leading up to the next phase, which will be to promote pedophilia as something normal, it has already raised it’s head briefly as a tester of public opinion.
The minority in and of the system now is the white, male and heterosexual group, it is not represented in any way shape or form, they have targeted that group for thousands of years, like my series FRWL shows, people can call me sexist, racist and homophobic all they like, as they speak from a position of ignorance, oblivious to see the bigger picture.

So last weeks piece brought mixed emotions, that was only a fraction of what was revealed, and maybe over time more will get revealed in this show.
It was riddled with triggers, riddled with ponderings, and riddled with joy and despair, it was one of the most difficult pieces to ponder on, write and then relay in a manner that was not fully in your face for all, but the reality of it depending on where your head and heart is at the time, dictates your emotion to it.
The must listen to shows and various op-ed pieces were in a way designed to bring you to that piece, new members may well struggle with that piece, due to coming in later to the show and the message.
The key part is the potential rapture for want of a better word, what if that unfolds? what are the thoughts and emotions attached to it? did we not do a piece recently of how to control your thoughts and emotions? I wonder why lol, who will stay? who will go? what will it look like? how will I cope? could I handle the grief? how do you get over that event?
All of those answers I can help with, but all of those answers are also inside all of you, you have just forgotten it.
Some may well think, well I will lose my family or loved ones, but stop and think on that, who made you their judge and jury, to decide whether they are going or not?
The only judge or judgment is of yourself only, the biblical and scripture programming tells you otherwise, for the sole reason to keep you in smaller mode of operation and thinking on that level.
There is no pearly gates or Egyptian cult heart weighing centers, unless you create them, only you know if you are ready to progress, your own frequency or signature dictates that.
It is all about letting go, the levels of inner work dictates that, the more you let go of your shadow mask role player and bring in the real you, the easier it gets, most peoples vessels were full of dark, where past memories either this or previous lifetimes for that matter, were rarely of a positive nature, only the negative events stick to you like you have been tarred, and in some cases feathered.
Water is the source of life they say, maybe here it is the actual source, but it wont mix with oil, our bodies are 60% water, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.
Trauma, pain, anguish, anxiety, suffering, disease are all part of, and the consequence thereof, of the overflow reminiscent of toxic oil of trauma, we need it to be water, water reacts with frequencies to transmute things in a better way, but if water is blocked as oil becomes a barrier, this then leads to disease, mental and physical.
It leads to unhealthiness, and leads to negativity and increasing masks to hide it, you then have a person out of balance, and their reactions, emotions and projections increase on a rapid scale, leading to emotional breakdown, where almost every interaction with someone else, leads to a trigger to that person.
You hear peoples say I always meet people like this, that and the other, why? you haven’t learnt to deal with them or let them go, the classic example is a female in a violent relationship, they leave it and jump into another violent relationship, some will say that is bad luck, no it is not, it is an example of that person not dealing with, processing and letting go of the last relationship, essentially whilst the looks of the new person will be different, they are still with the original person they left to begin with, it’s an archetype, you have just convinced yourself these two partners are different, sub consciously, they are not.
How does that work we have all pondered on, the answer is you reap what you sow, ooh that will sting some I know, what your telling me I bring this on myself Thomas? the answer is yes, when you merge your sub conscious to the conscious you will understand that answer, like brain hemispheres they should not be separate.
When you master the mental and emotional states then those happenstances will just magically disappear, although you can get reminders from time to time.
To use a Seth term, as within, so without, so what was within, will come out as well, same as what is above so below, so what does that mean, each emotion and thought has a code frequency, like magnets they attract to each other, miserable people will find miserable people, enlightened will find the enlightened, cheats will find cheats, happy people will find happy people, sheep will find sheep, masks attracts masks in essence, thinkers attract thinkers.
I am glad people liked some of the Sethikus material, but predictably some chose to focus on his more gutteral language, if that is your focus of attention, then you have missed the key part of his intent and message, and is suggestive you have more work to do internally.
There is a term often used called Debbie downers, do you not see them people drawn to each other? you see it is all about sub conscious attraction, manifesting into the conscious, the minute you change your life and frequency, those people fade away from you, and their later presence can and will, become painful to your frequency and presence.
Opposites attract they say, no, that is an external judgment, a difference in age, looks, profession used as examples of their an odd couple, as a conformist to the normal opinion only, and subsequently it must be seen as programming, and yet is it not the case more times than not, that the odd couples last longer than the so called perfect match couples? why is that do you think? could it be they are matched on the internal not external aspect? the answer is yes, so opposites attracts is another myth and basically a program to conform to, what they decide or consider the norm, normal is a control based program of branding people and items, all laid out by puppet based think tank programs, at the behest of their masters.
There is too much made out in new age bs’ery programs of soul mates and the likes, but what is often overlooked is of the role of soul families, that may or may not have originated from here, people often wonder how and why they met, it is all an accident they say, nope, it wasn’t, it was a predetermined destiny, for when you reached a certain frequency and understanding.
How many of you would have listened to my show 3 years ago, or 5 or 6 years ago? so why does it resonate now and not then? because you where not in the right frequency or thought pattern zone to receive it is why, but also remember, I was not in my current frequency and thought pattern then either, it is called progression.
People pondered heavily I would imagine, of what happens if volumes of people just disappear? could it be argued they were not for you to begin with?
There is a few ways of looking at that, and I will also pose a question back, what if those people were not real to begin with, just fillers in the movie scene? That has just rattled a few heads I would imagine, extras in a scene of our own making, all designed for your benefit and for you to get your act together, have you considered that as a possibility?
Is the world full of non playing characters? I know Randy did a show recently on this, maybe you should all check it out, yes it is a possibility, the more I look at matters and go deeper, the more I see 80-85% of people not being real.
The easiest excuse for our thought processing is, the option that those people are largely possessed, and evidence does support that, but then we have the synths or bots, an army of people all going around oblivious to the world or their own surroundings, mired in a hive minded program, clones are the lesser variety although they do exist, but not on a mass scale.
Which fits, one, none or all? that is the question for the listener to answer, synths or bots does explain the non playing characters depiction rather well.
We have all struggled with the concept of people not waking up, to us it makes no sense, to those programmed we will never make sense, they were not hardwired for that level of reasoning, again it resembles robotics or artificial does it not?
To those people facts or truth have little to no relevance, they prefer the lie, or perhaps programmed with it, which to us makes no sense whatsoever, but you can’t tell a microwave to do the job of a radio or tv, you cant tell a digital watch to boil an egg, so how can you tell someone who doesn’t have the software to understand basic facts? you can’t.
This then leads us to a deeper level of thinking and understanding, which then poses some more questions, what if those people were only there for you to chart your path? essentially LARP’s, live action role players pushing you into a certain mode of operating, we get our best lessons not from the light, but from the dark, do we not?
Have you thought it a possibility that these LARP’s who largely ignore you from day to day, suddenly decide to engage you and why? lets use an example, you walk along same road to work unhindered, then one day someone bumps into you, how do you react? most say sorry even if it wasn’t your fault, some grimace, roll eyes, frown and raise eyebrows with a look of contempt, and some F and blind at each other, for those people it will happen again, maybe in the supermarket, and people say I have had a strange day, people kept bumping into me, what’s wrong with these people, are they all drunk? no, you didn’t react the right way the first time, and so it repeats again as another bot slams into you, although this affects is now complicated due to people looking at phones instead of where they are going.
I could go on with repeat scenarios of that ilk, but you all get the gist, but lets take this a stage further.
What if everyone here was already awake and playing roles, and it is we who needs the great awakening on a different level, what if the people we meet are there to assist us, for us to wake up? Is that a possibility you have considered? There is a propensity is there not that we are ahead of them, and how frustrating it is they are not catching up, but what if they have already attained a frequency, and are assisting us to gain that frequency, by being the opposite, being the herd, being the dark lesson? testing us to see how far we will go into our own awakening, it is something to ponder on.
But lets go deeper again into your thinking process, time to look at life through a different set of eyes, most people when faced with this possible scenario, focuses on what they lost, not what they gained, like past life memories, the predominant memory is almost always deep trauma based is it not, which is why I don’t think it is overly useful to people in here, and in the now to recall, no matter how much fun it sounds, the many people I have met and spoken of this, all talk in trauma based narratives.
Death is the problem on this planet, due to our lack of knowledge and trust, all laid out by the anti life program known as religion, it is they who created the fear factor surrounding that subject, and it plays out in the sub conscious on a daily basis, occasionally coming out to the conscious level, when a member of your circle gets ill or dies, all of us deep down wonder am I next? all fear based programming, there is no end only a new beginning.
The key to understanding and overcoming this is something this show has focused on for a while now, the external and internal aspect, a family member dies and you have perceived it as a total loss because of everyone’s programming of operating in the external, but those people are not lost internally are they? They are still there in frequency, heart, mind and memories, you are part of the all, so they are part of you, are they not?
The internal and external issue came up today on the chat, people were focusing on the external Schumman resonance figures to validate what they already know, that the frequencies have gone up, why do people need other people or technology to validate their own knowing?
Often is it not the case we are selfish with loved ones, wanting them to stay alive at all costs, despite suffering, disabilities, pain when the humane thing is to let them go, quality of life, should always trump quantiity where sickness, injury and pain is overbearing in their lives, we put animals down for less as it is the mercy thing to do, yet when loved ones are sick, it is keep them alive at all costs.
Here is another question to ponder on, What if they are not going missing, but waiting for us on the other side? What if they have ascended previously and they have avatars in here to elevate us? Always a distinct possibility, as their behavior in here makes no sense whatsoever, if they are avatars as based in this scenario, it would seriously make more sense of the 85% in here of not being real.
But there is another emotion in here that would be difficult for not just one side but for both, if one group phases out, they have lost 15%, of mainly people they have discarded in society anyway, but for us the 85% apparent loss would deemed to be much larger, but how many are we really attached to in real terms anyway?
The trauma on either side would be fairly heavy, but here is another conundrum and something to really ponder on, given the past, present and future are all one and the same, what if the trauma of losing them is not a future event, but a replay of something that happened in the past? in that scenario we are not losing people in the now, but reliving possibly something that happened long in the past, given our past memories are sketchy and the frequent memory wipes, that could well be another possibility.
If that is the case, then this event would not be a loss and trauma event, but possibly a reunification with the real live versions of those people.
The key to it all is letting go of the external connections, all connections are really internal, and when time is right for you take the great leap of faith that must be done with no limitations, with earth bound and physical limitations imposed on the self, that leap becomes impossible, change imposible to I’m possible, and never follow the herd, they will always lead you astray, just maybe that is what they are there for?


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