From Russia with Love 1 & 2

On our paths of discovery, many aspects of the truth and revelations have shocked us to the core, that this was a lie, no this and that was a lie as well, read the next chapter of discovery, and it therein contains a whole heap more of lies, one giant tapestry of deception on so many levels, that permeate throughout all levels of societies and it’s operations.
The truths and history, as in his story is always written by the victors of the spoils they say, another line is make a lie big enough, and repeat it often enough, it then installs itself as the new truth.
Truth is a funny thing as it is subjective to the individual at the time, but not always fixed at that time, providing the individual remains open to all possibilities, that truth can sometimes change, as new revelations present themselves in a way that triggers the individuals to take notice of it, and possibly realign with it.
Truth has been distorted due to the lack of knowledge, criminally denied to us as a species, and has subsequently severely hampered our development as a species, like the education system tells you repeat after me, but is it not the case you are blindly repeating something, you have no idea of whether it is correct or not, teacher tells you it is, and many just accept it, but who said the teacher is knowledgeable, no one, we just assumed they were, this is what has led us to being where we are at today, searching for answers.
Ghandi said the truth is the truth, even if it is in the minority of one, society tells you teachers, doctors and msm tells you the truth, so that one person cant possibly be right or true, that is what is known as programmed thinking, and the only way to avoid that, is be a critical thinker, add in some long term memory and an ability to overview things, and you got yourself to be one bad ass for the programmed society, and in general a target for attacks from the system, and the frankly stupid people, who propagating the whole system of control up.
Any true observer will see this madness for what it is – total unsanity
This show will peel back the layers and the players of the lies, that delves into one particular region of the planet, of which we know so little about, and what we do know is distorted beyond all reality, that country is now known as Russia, we will be delving into the missing names and peoples.
If asked to name 3 things to describe Russia, most of you will say commies or communists, Putin and Vodka, their story not her story, has been brutally destroyed and hijacked perhaps more than anywhere else across the world, well we are going to redress the balance in this show in some way.
Where you will learn who are the Rus, Lemuria, lost continents, wizards, how it was taken over and the current version of communism implemented, and by whom, evolutionary advanced human beings, ET help and the teachers, ET destruction and how, how modern civilization span out not from Africa but the Slavic Aryan Rus regions, how religions have distorted the original teachings, where did those teachings come from, ancient wars, ancient peoples, death, destruction and reseeding of life, and the ongoing battle to restore humanity back to the levels of spiritual evolution the people of Rus Slavonic Aryan where at, and ultimately a triumph of light over dark, done in a way that doesn’t wipe out the dark, but gives them a chance to redeem and come back into a balance.
Before we get into the deeper layers and the ancient past, I would like to cover the more modern version of the destruction of the USSR and by whom.
I know and I have relayed in other shows, that WW1 was all about stealing the wealth and destroying Russia, at the same time certain peoples who were instrumental in that catastrophic collapse of a country and it’s peoples, where busy in another country setting the stage for future battles of control via The Balfour Declaration.
This was readying the stage for creating a new country, to stage their death and destruction, control and resource stealing, whilst feeding the lower astral with a plethora deaths and karmic energy, that was in England, meanwhile the stage was being prepared in Germany for another theater of operations and all this happened around 1919, not long after the same group of people, took over the world’s financial center via the Federal Reserve. A systematic global takeover by one particular group doing the dirty work of a hidden element, many people deny exists, but it also must be remembered that we must not tarnish all the peoples connected to this group as all being the same, they are not and have been damaged in more clever ways, using psychology than their political agenda peoples have done to Russia and many other countries. The beginning of this show is about the Russian Bolshevik Revolution in 1919. I hope you enjoy this show and here is a piece of music to get things started.


Among the great empires there has been much history revealed, Roman, British, Ottoman, Genghis Khan mongol, Greek and current American Empire, all lavished with narratives of great achievements in battles and conquests, and yet curiously hardly any in the rest of the world know of the Rus empire, or region of Tartaria or even less about the whole continent that went missing north of Siberia, history teachers never told us any of that knowledge, tonight we will find out why.
Back in 1919 when USSR was being looted having lost the war, a Revolution as it was called took place, not by the Russian people, but outsiders claiming all the spoils of a deliberately engineered war, the plans of which were laid out in 1888 by Albert Pike 33rd degree Mason, where it was stated this was to be the first of three world wars the clowns in power wished to unfold on the people of Midgard (the real name of Earth, Earth means inhabited planet), these were all laid out as some sort of mystical prophecy, but delve deep enough into all the so called prophets and prophecies, a hidden dark agenda appears when you scratch the prophets surface, prophecies are not possible future events, far from it they are prophecies, these are and were plans the clowns in power wanted unveiled.
You see, to them all the world is (or was) a stage, they played the lead roles and we were the extras in the scene, expendable ones at that, so having played out Act 1 with WW1, now they went about creating the next stage in the theater of operations.
All people or nations of the Earth, independent of their real role in the world’s fate, wrote their Great History, there would be nothing wrong with this, except it appears that everything that concerns Russia is filled with obvious hatred on the part of those who wrote the history of the Russian people.
In their opinion, the Slavs lived in earth pits until the 9th century and were so

primitive that they did not even have their own state system and had to invite the Varangians (Swedish) to govern them, historians neglected to mention the Swedes had no organized state then, and were essentially ran by criminal gangs who looted their neighbors, Varangians were the Vikings or real meaning of vikings VI = 6 kings, they operated under the 6 kings flag.  The historians also were terribly ignorant until in the 9th century stating two saints Cyril and Mefodiy created the Slavonic written language on the basis of the Greek one and thus, gave the “light of knowledge” to the dull Slavs. Moreover, the Mongol-Tatars had kept the Russian people in slavery for three hundred years, and only when Peter the Great “cut a window through” Europe and transformed Russia according to the European “image and likeness”, did Russia become the Great Empire, etc. So that is the history of Russia they have portrayed it.
It appears that the modern history of the Russian people was actively created at the time of the Romanovs dynasty which came to power in 1613, and the Bolsheviks took the baton from them after the revolution of 1917, or so we are told.

The Romanovs history of Russia was created in the 18th century by the “great Russian historiographers” none of which were Russian people, but – Gottlieb (Theophil) Siegfried Bayer, Gerard Friedrich Müller, August Ludwig (von) Schlözer, all of whom were German. They had never learnt Russian, but, nevertheless, they wrote the history of the Russian State.
A pretty interesting picture is observed – anyone who feels like it, be they German or Jewish, can write the history of the Russian people, but not Russians, who are made out to be so primitive they are unable to write their own history.
Many of the Russian historians were dismissed completely, and Gumilev spent his best years in a concentration camp, and Fomenko and other historians were disregarded for because they were declared, not certificated specialists.
So, these Germans and later Jewish essentially did an overwrite of Russian history and completely neglected the Vedics of the Motherland, their knowledge and light mastery, all conveniently reconstructed in their image, and continued what started over 1000 years ago known as The Night of Svarog, according to the Vedic texts Nights of Svarog are areas of space in which our planet periodically enters with the rotation of our Galaxy and which create a negative evolutional warp, this launched a 1000 years of dark which ended in 1996. If the term Vedic texts seems familiar to you, and you are thinking it is all to do with India, this show will show exactly where those texts originated, and it was not India.
Rurik the Varangian was invited to reign according to the then existing Slavonic tradition which was – to choose as a ruler the most deserving Slavonic prince at the Veche (a popular assembly). This kind of invitation usually was temporary, and only in the matter of special services for the good of the people; the rule of a prince could be lifelong, but was never inherited. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in Rus there were two branches of power – a civil authority and a military one which initially were equivalent; that is, one authority did not submit to the other.
These branches of power served as a counterbalance to each other, preventing one from dominating over the other, oh how America and other countries require that balance of governance now.
Rurik created the Russian state with Russian laws from the Vikings’ law system which, in principle, can be reduced to one law – the law of the sword or simply, the law of force.
So according to history rewritten the Slavs were a backward race that needed ruling, and yet they had a whole empire known as The Slavonic Aryan Empire with a sophisticated state system, long and deep books of knowledge, operating in a higher frequency and evolutionary spiritual development way beyond any other species before and after, for thousands and perhaps millenias, whose whole empire encompassed most of Europe as it’s provinces. So, lets shed light on the real history of the Great Russian people.
It is stated that chauvinism is alien to the Russian people, and not a single minority resident on the territory of the Russian State was destroyed, even when they came as enemies; they all kept their language, culture and traditions. In addition, many minorities were kept safe only because Russian blood was shed; the Georgians, Armenians, Tajiks, Kirghizs, Kajsans, Kalmucks and many others were saved from being wiped out by their enemies. Something the Chechens have forgotten the most,  they appealed for help against “Russian chauvinism” to the world community and primarily, to the USA, for some reason forgetting or “simply” not knowing that in this very country, Russia which defends human rights all over the world, “human rights” for “some” reason were repeatedly violated.

When the migrants from Western Europe arrived in North America, there were about 20M American Indians (almost the same number of people lived then in the whole Western Europe) who formed more than 2200 tribes and nations of the pre-Columbus America. Today only 500 tribes with a population totalling about 800K persons that live on reservations, which are in the worst and least productive parts of their Motherland. 1700 tribes of Native Americans disappeared forever from the face of their own land, but their number could now have been equal to the European population.

250K Americans of Japanese origin were thrown into concentration camps in 1941 just because they had Japanese roots. The Americans never shed a drop of their blood rescuing others. It is true that they “politely offered” the Kingdom of Hawaiian Islands their protection from the Japanese, during the American-Japanese war in 1941-1945 provoked by President Roosevelt, but for some reason their “defending” and “care” went so far that since then Hawaii has became the fiftieth, and for now, the last state of the USA. Persons interested could ask the native Hawaiians what they think about this kind of “defence” and “care.” But for some reason no one sees all this, while Russia is blamed for all deadly sins. And this is done instead of gratitude that Russia saved dozens of small and not so small people from total extermination, both physical and spiritual.
Certainly, as in the history of any other country, Russia has had its black days; there were enough degenerates and dregs among the Russian people who held nothing sacred, who became social outcasts at their wish and treated their Motherland like the enemy. Luckily, there were not so many of them.
The most powerful blow to the Russian people, to the Hyperboreans, Aryans direct descendants, was inflicted at dawn of the Day of Svarog, when in 1917 Black Freemasons, who for the sake of public opinion called themselves Bolsheviks, took power in the Russian Empire. There were almost NO ethnic Russians in this black power, which pounced upon the Russian people, on their culture, history with all its force. In the concentration camps created in Lenin’s lifetime millions of Russians, the cream of the nation – the Russian nobility, Russian intellectuals, the Corps of Russian officers, Russian industrialists, Russian merchants, were destroyed. All these classes were destroyed sparing no one – not only men, but women, children and old people were mercilessly killed outside of any court and trial, because NO COURT would be able to bring any legal foundation, to justify the destruction of entire classes of society according to the principle of belonging to a class. All this took place with the implicit agreement of the rest of the world (often with its active assistance) and no one yelled about the GENOCIDE of the Russians, about the destruction of the flower of the Russian nation!

Most people bred into the Soviet education system can object: “But these were the representatives of exploiter classes!?” The “great” Karl Marx and his no less “great” followers like Frederic Engels, Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin), Leo Trotsky  (Bronshtein), and many, many others wrote and said so. All people mentioned above, as well as most other “theorists” and practical “workers” of the revolution were ethnic Jews. So, why is the revolution in Russia called the Great Russian Revolution, if Jews theoretically laid the foundation, and put it into practice, using money from the American Jews?

The last part of this money – $20 million – was delivered to Russia in August, 1917 by Leo (Leyba) Trotsky an ethnic Jew born in the Russian Empire, but also an American citizen, it was this money, in gold, an unbelievably enormous sum for those times, from the Russian “ally” America, which allowed black freemasons of Judaic nationality to hire Latvian hit-men and Chinese criminals who together with Judaic fighting squads perpetrated the Great “Russian” Revolution.
After the overthrow of The Russian government and officials the demographics of the important positions in Russia,  According to data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik state in 1918-1919 there were: 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts [Latvians], 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Czech, 1 Karaim, and the two key figures  just 17 Russians, and by far the largest number of peoples at 82% of the overall numbers, 457 Jews.”
After the “Great Russian Revolution” had won and the flower of the Russian nation had been destroyed, new black rulers organized an artificial famine, which ultimately starved to death twenty million peasants, the vast majority of those killed were Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians, then they set about  trying to make people “voluntarily” enter into kibbutzim (collective farms); an idea that came from Lazar Kaganovich, who presented the idea to Joseph Stalin, both of them were Zionists.
A zionist education was stated that the peasants must operate in the light, and in order to do that to the Russian muzhik, the Israelites in power decided to organize, what they called “the enlightenment of souls” and created an artificial famine, taking away from peasants all grain, including seeds. On collecting an enormous amount of the first-class grain, communists sold it for nothing on the American exchange through the Soviets’ best friend – Armand Hammer, another Zionist, thus, causing a crisis at the exchange, as a result of which the American farmers were forced either to throw out their grain, or to sell it for peanuts to Hammer. And he sent barges filled with this grain for the starving in the USSR in exchange for priceless religious artifacts, with which militant atheists filled the same barges. The Russian Orthodox Church had accumulated these “knick-knacks” for almost a thousand years…which is why it may have been of historic importance when Russian Orthodox Church visited Israel for the first time in many years recently, perhaps they were getting back their artifacts?
So how did the new rulers lives go? in essence these were migrants not natives, but here is how they lived.
As member of a kibbutz on the territory of Eretz Yisrael, they received a cottage for the time he lives in a kibbutz and receives some salary; in return he must “work off” only a few hours a day, and the rest of the time he can learn Hebrew (free of charge) or study. A migrant was free to do all this only, if he wishes, but never under compulsion.
While the Israelites-Bolsheviks drove the Russian peasants into collective farms by force, taking away everything that they gained by their labour, but the forcing of the Russian peasants into collective farms ultimately failed, the Zionists came up with a new plan, a wealthy peasant was declared to be a kulak ( Russian term for wealthy farmers) and five million persons immediately were stripped of all their possessions and sent to Siberia, with only the clothes they wore when being thrown out of their homes. History tells you these were “voluntary migrants”, but they were not sent to dwell in, ready-made cottages in well-equipped settlements, but to live “alfresco”, in the open country, more precisely in the virgin taiga, which is essentially unincorporated land, no buildings no agriculture, nothing. People were dropped off in the middle of nowhere and given one axe, one saw and one shovel for the whole group, and basically, they were back to hunter gatherers and rebuilding, but few could survive the winter in these conditions, this is Siberia after all.

History told us that the party of Bolsheviks served the “proletariat” aka the revolutionary class,  but neglected to specify that the party of social democrats (the Bolsheviks faction) came from the Bund, which was a Judaic (Jewish) nationalistic party, in other words, a Zionist party! There were almost NO workers or peasants among Israelites! It is hardly revolutionary when it only appears to serve one class of people, that were not native to that region, that means the so called Revolution, was really an invasion of Russia. The fact that all highly qualified workers were the first people the Bolsheviks destroyed. This class, whose interests the Bolsheviks-Leninists defended so zealously by means of the dictatorship of proletariat, was simply wiped out by them. The fact of the matter is that the skilled workers did not need anyone defending their interests, they got a good salary, at times greater than their colleagues in the “developed” western countries. There were kindergartens and day nurseries in their enterprises; they could afford to spend their holiday in Italy, Greece, etc, which obviously did not coincide with the image of the oppressed class, which had “nothing to lose except for its own chains”. In order that there would be no one who could appeal against this kind of “defense”, they were “simply” destroyed, and then it was much easier to defend the interests of an already non-existent class.
This can be confirmed by the fact that at the moment of the revolution there were twenty five thousand members in the Bolshevik party, almost all of whom were professional revolutionaries, and the majority of them lived in immigration, being in need of nothing, which required in those, not so distant times, considerable sums of money. I would like to remind people that a professional revolutionary is engaged only in the revolutionary activity and in nothing else, so in other words and to bring it up to modern day terms, these revolutionaries were mercenaries.
So, if there had been workers in this party, they would have been only former ones. All party members were professional revolutionaries whose “work” consisted in the undermining of the existent political system, and required enormous financial means. Therefore, bank robberies and other similar methods used by the criminals-soldiers of the party (by the way, Joseph Stalin was one of them) could introduce only a tiny share. The main means for the Russian Revolution came from far away America and, oddly enough, the American multimillionaires who played the role of Santa Claus for the Bolsheviks: again, these American multimillionaires for “some” reason were all Jews.

It turned out to be quite strange, the Great “Russian” Revolution, didn’t it? It was prepared by Jews; it was performed by Jews; it was financed by Jews; the country was headed by Jews after it. But, nevertheless, in all the history books it is called the “Great” Russian Revolution! A revolution that destroyed mainly only Russians and other Slavs.

Stalin subjected to repression dozens of millions of persons, the majority of whom

again were Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians. Certainly, all other people who lived in Russia also suffered from all this, but the overwhelming majority of victims of the regime were Slavs, Russian people, as well as most of the victims, of the Second World War. Out of the fifty million who died in WW2 about 30M were the people of the Soviet Union, in comparison the Germans, lost around nine million people.

However, even when the war was finished, the process of destruction of the Slavs did not stop, but only took other forms.

In fact, the whole 20th century – the last century of the Night of Svarog [The Night of Svarog began in 6496 (according to the Slavonic-Aryan chronology) (988 A.D.) and finished in 7504 (1995-96)] – was the century of the genocide of the Russian people, which lost, according to different calculations, from seventy to ninety million of its sons and daughters, and this is only the direct loss. So when the whole world accuses Russians of the distribution of the communist pest, I sense there is a great bitterness in Russia because of this kind of injustice. For me personally if I was asked the essence of why I do what I do, the answer will always be injustice and wrongness of this world. Final portion of this portion of the show is from Nicolai when asks Who yells about it most of all? It is exactly those who are the real culprits in all these crimes, the peoples known as the Israelites, who hypocritically making themselves out to be the “victims” of this system.
History yet again rewritten by the hands of the victors, it is way past time humanity received the real truth and make their own minds up, as what is real and what is not.
I want to make it clear again, this is in no way disparaging to all Jewish people, no more than American people can be blamed, for the total genocide the US military has perpetrated globally since WW2.
This is a select group within their community, being led by insidious psychopaths that care not for humanity in the slightest, and least of all the Jewish people, to them it is all about a political ideology and agenda, with an end goal of them controlling the whole world, it’s people, the knowledge and our resources, and then holding us to ransom.
I think it is high time the treasonous act against humanity is shut down once and for all, and people see Russia and it’s people in a new light, and I mean light and not the total darkness that has been portrayed to the world.




Man, as a living organism, occupies a certain niche in the ecological system of Earth. In fact, this niche is not arbitrary, but the one which corresponds to the abilities and properties of a human organism and his way of life as a gregarious living creature. Therefore, the appearance of man as a species becomes possible only when the Earth’s ecological system becomes complex and multilevel enough in the process of its evolutional development for free ecological niches to appear.

The latter impose on the species which try to master them certain requirements; the adaptation to these niches results in the appearance in these species of the properties and qualities necessary for the origin and development of mind.

In other words, the evolutional development of the vegetative world, as the foundation of the pyramid of living matter on any planet, results in the appearance of mind at a certain stage of its development. Every ecological niche imposes certain conditions and limitations on the species which occupy it, such as: the size and forms of living organisms, qualitative and quantitative composition of food, a certain periodicity of vital processes. Only those organisms which managed to adapt themselves to these requirements and conditions were able to survive during evolution.

Let us see, what happened to the “ecological compartment” occupied by modern man before his appearance on Midgard-earth: who dwelt in “our” ecological compartment?!

Before Homo sapiens — modern man — appeared on the evolutional arena, his ecological niche had been occupied by a humanoid species which the anthropologists called Neanderthal man, who had thoroughly mastered this “ecological compartment” for several hundred thousand years.

Besides, Neanderthal man forced all other humanoid species out and reigned on Earth alone. Thus they populated the whole Earth, all its climatic zones, but, nevertheless, different races of Neanderthal men failed to appear during all these millennia. Only one Neanderthal race reigned over the whole Earth; each considerably excelled Cro-Magnon man physically and was covered by thick hair which they never got rid of. A sabre-toothed tiger was the only serious enemy which could cause them some trouble. Also Neanderthal men devoured individuals of their own species. Everyone who was not a member of their clan, herd or tribe could be considered food. Certainly, it is difficult

to judge Neanderthal men’s intellect, but there is no proof that they were more stupid than Cro-Magnon men. So, they had reigned calmly for hundreds of thousands of years until, about forty thousand years ago (according to the anthropological data), no one knows from where, modern man suddenly appeared. (Note: three races, black, red and yellow, appeared on Midgard-earth then, while the white race had appeared about six to eight hundred thousand years ago). The fossil remains of modern man, which have been found on different continents of Midgard-earth, have exactly this age.

For subjective and objective reasons, there is no information about the fossil remains of modern man on the territory of Siberia, or about the sunken north continent.

Homo sapiens appeared everywhere at once on all continents; he was naked, without hair all over his body, and was weak in comparison to Neanderthal man. Several quite different races which had considerable differences in both the colour of the skin and the structure of the skull, skeleton, and type of exchange processes appeared simultaneously, as if by magic, but for all that they had one common feature—they were compatible between themselves and this gave viable posterity.

A new species cannot appear at once without having some transitional forms and going through the process of the accumulation and strengthening of positive mutations. Nothing of the kind is observed in case of modern man. Homo sapiens just “materialized” from nowhere. Not a single skeleton older than forty thousand years has been found, although human skeletons are found everywhere since then and up to the present.

However, according to the found skeletons the white, yellow, red and black races can be clearly determined. Moreover, the “older” the skeletons, the stronger the racial features which indicates the primordial “purity” of these races which existed until they actively began to mix. Therefore, there could not be some single race (according to the opinion of orthodox science it was the black race) which, on its settling in Central Africa—mutated and as a result, new races—white, yellow and red—originated. The facts show quite the contrary. It is not the appearance of new races that has happened and still happens, but, on the mixing of these races, the origin of sub-races and their gradual convergence occurs. Now it is almost impossible to find representatives of an absolutely pure nationality, because of the fact that the process of people’s mixing comprises both different nationalities within one race and different races. What the consequences of this are we will consider later and now let us come back to the subject of the appearance of modern man and different races on Earth… According to this information, at least four transitional humanoid species must have existed and, accordingly, four species which had the necessary positive mutations. Neanderthal men, who by the way were the only humanoid species which had preceded modern man, were not and could not have been modern man’s progenitors. This is not a supposition, but a “bare” fact: the DNA research of a Neanderthal man found frozen in the alpine glacier gave a sensational result — Homo sapiens and Neanderthal man are as genetically incompatible as horse and zebra, although these species belong to one and the same mammal order, the Artiodactyls.

These two humanoid species are only not incompatible; they were not even able to produce sterile hybrids, as happens, for example, when crossing horse and donkey.

The only skeleton which combined characteristics of both species — Cro-Magnon man and Neanderthal man — was found in the South American mountains; but its “proprietor” did not live till puberty, i.e. died whilst still a child, which indicates the complete incompatibility of these species and makes this a fact.

Moreover, Neanderthal men had “happily” lived for hundreds thousands of years and had rapidly died only when modern man appeared. It took them only a thousand years of co-existence with a more progressive specie to die out in an “organized” manner in order to vacate the place for Cro-Magnon man.

All humanoid primates have thick hair which covers almost their whole body. Such species like gorilla, orangutan and chimpanzees which are considered the closest species

to modern man are almost fully covered with hair, although they have dwelt in the climatic conditions of the tropical and equatorial zones for millions of years, but failed to shed their hair cover and to become reasoning, while modern man appeared “ready-made” naked, with only rudimentary remains of the hair cover on the body. Exactly this rudimentary hair cover indicates that once it was not rudimentary, but, being unnecessary, it came to naught in the course of time. The question arises: where did it take place, obviously, not on Earth, so the question arise where did they come from if not originating from here, all scientific evidence garnered has never found or been able to show who or what is the missing link in the human evolution. In the next phase we will delve into the real origins of modern man.


The great continent we have never heard about was called Da’Arya is mentioned in several sources. Slowly, it began to sink on the seabed in the area of the modern North Pole one hundred and ten thousand years ago:
This was also known as Hyperborea, that is best known for the only Olympian out of the 12 in Greek history to frequent that place in winter times and share knowledge, healing and seeing with the peoples of Hyperborea, that person was Apollo who was venerated by the Hyperboreans who sent him gifts down to the temple in Delos where Apollo resided.
A place beyond the Boreas (north wind)” — was perfect, with the sun shining twenty-four hours a day. A sister island of Hyperborea was Thule, and many of you will know the legend of the Thule girls of which Maria Orsic was the most famous known of them who went onto form the Vril Society. Yet again these appear to be of Rus origin blonde haired and blue eyes, and I am aware of the stigma that brings to peoples thoughts,  due to how the whole Aryan race was written around WW2, but like the jewish peoples in the previous chapter we cannot sweep them all with the same brush, when so much of our history is reversed and distorted. Maria was born in Croatia and was very advanced spiritual and other ways, she was helping Germany initially in WW2 until they realized there were others behind the front man Hitler, who had very wrong purposes for her knowledge. Maria completely disappeared in 1945 and never seen again, it is possible that she is the one the powers still to this day hold hostage.
People will say she will be dead now, but what if she was from the line of the original Thule and Hyperborea were it was stated that people lived to the age of one thousand and enjoyed lives of complete happiness.
So what happened to the continent Da’arya well here is the texts describing what took place 110K years ago where the most advanced species that have ever resided here – spiritually wise.
You have lived a tranquil life on Midgard since olden times,

Since the world became a safe and settled place…

Remember Dazdbog’s deeds as they are written in the Vedas, (Dazdbog (another name Tarkh), an Aquila’s god-patron. He gave 9 Vedic books, the term gods back then meant By gods means our ancestors, who were understood to be highly evolved people.

How he destroyed the Koscheys’ bulwarks (bases) Placed upon the nearest Moon…

How Tarkh would not permit the insidious Koscheys To destroy Midgard as they had destroyed Dea. Dea is now the asteroid belt between the orbits of the planet Mars (the Earth of Orey) and Jupiter (the Earth of Perun).
The waters of the Moon created the flood. When the Moon shattered to pieces

They fell from the sky to the Earth like a rainbow, And like Svarogiches’(meterorites) array came down on Midgard…

The Ancient Threads which reached far, Distant Palaces were destroyed…(palaces means constellations)

And the links between the Worlds were broken…The far away calls were not heard,

Many Vitmaras  were lost in the heavens… Vitmana, a celestial chariot. Then people moved large distances of planetary scale by means of Vitmanas and

between planets by means of Vitmaras. Each Vitmara could carry up to 144 Vitmanas. (

Until new Threads were born And their calls were heard in the Palaces.
As it follows from the Vedas, Da’Arya sank into the ocean abyss as a result of Dazdbog’s actions to destroy the base of the Koscheys, rulers of the grey, part of which was located on Lelia, the nearest moon to Midgard-Earth, which was one of three Moons which our planet had then: Fatta, Lelia, Mesiats (some Slavs still call the remaining Moon of our planet Mesiats). Lelia, the nearest Moon, took only seven days to orbit the Earth. Fatta’s orbital period (ancient Greeks called this planet the Phaeton) was 13 days;
Dazdbog, or the God Tarkh Perunovich, a God-Keeper of the ancient Great Wisdom, was called a giving god (dazd or daj is to give, bog is a god), because he gave Nine Santias to the people of the Great Race and the descendants of the Celestial Kin. These peoples were known as The Rus, hence term Rus-sia.
The Koscheys, the Princes of Darkness, were the authentic rulers of the Dark Worlds, along with the Dark Legs and Dark Arlegs. In Russian fairy-tales the Russian epic heroes battle with Koschey the Immortal rescuing Vasilisa the Beautiful, who symbolizes the Motherland, Midgard-earth, from his claws.

As a result of star wars between Light and Dark Forces, one Moon, Lelia, went off its orbit and its splinter-svarogiches fell on the Earth, causing a planetary catastrophe: the tectonic plates were displaced, and Da’Arya sank into the Arctic Ocean. Undoubtedly, this continent did exist and was an ancient Motherland of the white race; as a result of the catastrophe it went down to the seabed, but there is another question then: where are the sunken continents, which were the ancient Motherlands of other races — yellow, red and black?! And, if these sunken continents existed, the probability of their simultaneous immersion on the bottom of the ocean is zero; in fact there were not many “unnecessary” continents on our Midgard-earth. Thus, there are no arguments which would explain the absence of the fossil remains of transitional forms.
The reason this is impossible to explain is simple: modern man, basic races of Homo sapiens, never evolved on Midgard-earth.
The Slavonic-Aryan Vedas tells that after Da’Arya had disappeared under water: “… Many people died then, before they had time to go up in Vitmanas, or to go through the Star Gates and to hide themselves in the Palace of the Bear (Ursa Minor and Major). … The Threads of constellations are broken again. That is why the Celestial Needles lost their colour; in order for the Needles to shine again with colours, you should replace the Crystals of Irkama … by Crystals of Tara…and you will recover the Threads through Zimun …”

The Threads of Palaces were broken again, therefore the Celestial Needles lost their colour…” — this phrase clearly tells about the devices of the interplanetary or interstellar connection which our ancestors named Celestial Needles. And it was necessary to replace the Crystals of Irkama with the Crystals of Tara in order to re-establish the broken connection.
First, the Crystals of Irkama were not located in the ocean depths, where Da’Arya went down, but on dry land, and most likely, in the territory of modern Siberia, where according to the Vedas, our ancestors moved.

Second, the Crystals of Irkama did not work, either because of the death of a “subscriber” or as a result of the receiving device’s destruction — the “local” Celestial Needles. Third, it is offered to restore the connection through Zimun (the constellation which coincides almost fully with modern constellation of Ursa Minor) and to use for this purpose the Crystals of Tara. This means that each Crystal provided the connection with different star systems and had its proper name and different internal structure.
Some, as it follows from the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas, abandoned Midgard-earth on Vitmanas; some went through the Star Gates and hid in the Palace of the Bear. In other words, some people, one way or another, were able to abandon Midgard-earth and settle on one of the planets in the constellation of the Bear. There is a question: did all who had not died abandon Midgard-earth or some, nevertheless, remain?!

If no one was left on Midgard-earth after the catastrophe, then it turns out that the second colonization of our planet happened about forty thousand years ago and those who saved themselves in the constellation of the Bear (Ursa Minor) returned. Or probably, some people had moved to the Siberian expanses and begun to grow roots in a new place. If that is so, Siberia continues to keep the proofs of the presence of a highly developed civilization in the bowels of the earth; and the time will come (probably has come already) when these proofs will appear before an amazed humanity which has forgotten its star roads.
A sobering thought is that our ancestors who lived in harmony with nature, where highly evolved spiritually and evolutionary plane levels, stacked with knowledge who also had the ability to travel by crafts to all corners of the universe, speak to other beings on other worlds, as a matter of fact and all that was stripped away by the Dark Forces who go by many names, and what we are left with due to the broken star gates and celestial needles, left us cut astray far away from all our brothers and sisters in the universe and beyond, and have been left to be abused, tortured, terrorised and looshed like a battery at the behest of the demonic dark forces.
But the worst aspect is we are reduced to not knowing who or what we are, where we came from, little to no knowledge, a confused state feeling that everything is outside of us, and we have to worship externally to god or gods who are just looshing your energy and your life force, like children of the universe and only now are we reawakening from this amnesic hell and taking the first steps towards restoring ourselves and Midgard back to it’s former glories.

In the previous piece I mentioned about worshipping god or gods as looshing our energy, and how and why I come to that conclusion, how that was achieved by the programming the populace with external belief systems, known as religion.
This mode of control has done much damage to the human psyche, not to mention the endless deaths perpetrated in the name of god or Jesus, since when did Jesus as he is more commonly known as, but will add more on that later, advocate violence in his name? Why would a loving nice god of wisdom declare that fighting in his name, death and destruction be advocated as something of virtue?
So we have to take on board what the Vedas knew and report about religion.
 Modern “science” has nothing intelligible to say on this occasion therefore we have nothing left but to fix our eyes on legends, myths and religions. The basis of the majority of the contemporary world religions is Judaism. All branches of Christianity “came” out of it, because The Old Testament is the Talmud adapted for non-Jews, which in turn is an interpretation of The Torah, or more precisely of The Pentateuch. Islam, in its turn, is an interpretation of Christianity and was one of its sects till 1180, when the Constantinople church hierarchs proclaimed it an anathema (denunciation involving excommunication): «… Anathema to the god of Mahomet which is said to be the God forged by hammer which did not give birth, is not born and which no one is like…». On the subsequent Ecumenical council the excommunication was accepted. In other words, Islam is a Protestantism of the Eastern Christian sect.
Before the Aryan tribes first arrived in Ancient India four thousands eight hundred twenty one years ago (in 2817, according to the Slavonic-Aryan chronology, or in 2692 B.C.), Dravidia, as India was called then, had been inhabited by the Negroid tribes — the Dravidian and the Naga people. The Aryan tribes brought them the Vedic knowledge, banishing from Dravidia black magicians, who had practiced the cult of the Goddess Kali, the Black Mother, to which they offered human sacrifices. It is fully possible, that the phrase “… they were both naked (nagas), the man and his wife, and were not ashamed…” could mean that they were the people of the black race and worshiped the Goddess Kali, the Black Mother and were not ashamed of this. The Israelites, using the ancient Vedic sources for writing their sacred books, could miscomprehend the sense of the word or did not want to focus their attention thereon. The point is that the Israelites belong to the so-called grey sub-race which originated as a result of the mixture of two races, the white and black ones.

The Aryans conquered Dravidia for the first time about five thousand years ago, but the active interracial mixing between the white and black races and the origin of a new sub-race (sub means hybrid), the grey human one to which the Israelites belong, had begun long before, I will explain this group later in the show,  Derelicts, the people who were either rejected by the white race or voluntarily abandoned their Motherland, because Aryan Law “prevented” them from realizing their ambitions, had come to Ancient India long before the First Aryan Campaign took place. Most likely, waves of derelicts rolled over Dravidia for several millennia one after another: by the time the Aryans first conquered Dravidia, the grey sub-race had been already formed. It is of interest that the Old Testament, being in fact a mythological description of the history (from The Torah) of the Judaic people, places the paradise in Eden in the East:
There were 4 Edens the main one being in what is now known as India, From the old Testament And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads. The name of the first is Pison: that which encompassed the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; And the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium (aromatic gum) and the onyx stone. The name of the second river is Gihon: the same as that encompassed the whole land of Ethiopia. The name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria.

And the fourth river is Euphrates. And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. all good stuff but then says don’t eat the fruit of knowledge for that is a sin and you will be cast out, really? well when you find out who the Lord is and it is not god, but Anu the reptile king of the draco perhaps then it becomes more clear of who this being is and his intentions, look at it logically he made man in his likeness and image, but didnt want him to have the knowledge? why bother putting the tree their in the first place? because he wanted man to fail is why, an obedient no knowledge slave, for those who don’t know, the name for the god of knowledge is known as Sin.
The river Pison is the river Ganges, because Eden in Hebrew is Gan Eden. When the Aryan tribes had defeated the Dravidian black magicians’ civilization, they came to Mesopotamia (which means “The land between the two rivers”); later on, the representatives of the grey sub-race created there the Sumerian civilization. It is also noteworthy to point out that the country known as Iran literally means land of the Ayrans, Azerbajhan also, the former is where the original Manna Kingdom was in the 1st Millenium BC.
So clearly as some would like to proffer up as a denial and pull out the race card, of all things Aryan is all about the white race only, it was about teaching all peoples of the world to be in a better vibration, colors, races or countries didn’t matter, only the political correct narrative aligned with the bs history written into and surrounding WW2, having destroyed near 55M Rus peoples erased from history in the previous 30 years, they set out to denigrate everything negative about The Aryan race and the German narrative about a special super race of blue eyed blondes, they were right in the special race part, but the conditions laid forth to accomplish that, was never Aryan in origin. Irony is of all this, is neither Hitler or any of his leading SS were blue eyed blondes, so in their alleged narrative, they would have been wiped out also, given Hitler’s mother was Jewish and also possibly a Rothschilds, it makes less sense and in some ways more sense of what was really going on and being portrayed to the public.
The Dravidian black magicians were not fully destroyed; some were able to hide in their Ancient Motherland — the African continent, most likely in Ethiopia which was called the Land of Kush. The greater part of the Dravidian and the Naga people remained in India-Dravidia, some returned to the northeast of Africa to Ethiopia, the Land of Kush, and some settled in Mesopotamia and in the Middle East. However, most likely the majority of descendants of derelicts, who had formed this new grey sub-race, abandoned their new Motherland fearing the punishment because their ancestors had violated the RITA laws (which means divine law or truth)
Eden was clearly a sacred place for the tribes of the Dravidian and the Naga people, who worshipped the Black Mother, especially for the priestess’ of the goddess Kali-Ma, because the servants of this goddess were mainly women.
Basing his research on the Bible, Alexander Filipov left in search of the Biblical Paradise … and found it in… India (Dravidia). He saw a picturesque valley with striking plants, animals and birds. It indeed had a border in the form of a horseshoe- shaped chine (the word “paradise” means in Persian “a stone swell which surrounds a garden”). The river Son which flowed from the valley also had an obvious border in the form of an even line of rapids, beyond which even the colour of water was different.

Everything emphasized that this landscape was not of this world. There were stone gates (in the east side of the valley) at the confluence of the rivers. Near the gates there was an enormous statue with a sword. (It is impossible not to remember Cherubim and a flaming sword put to guard the gates of Paradise). Not far away from it a tree grew with the sculptures of three cobras. It was enclosed and decorated with flowers and beads. There was an enormous hand-made tree with a serpent winding around its trunk in the heart of the valley. It turned out that for the Hindu (descendants of the Dravidian and the Naga people) it was a sacral place. They think that Shiva was born in this valley. Shiva in Hinduism and Brahmanism is one of three Supreme deities, along with Brahma and Vishnu. Brahma is a God-Creator, Vishnu is a God-Keeper and Shiva is a God- Destroyer. Shiva in Hinduism is a Great God, Mahadeva, only Brahma and Vishnu are his equals.

Shiva is eternal; he is the head of evil spirits, the God of fury, madness and wild orgies, and, at the same time, the God of asceticism and the head of yogis. Shiva is a killer of Kama, the deity of love, who dared to trouble his soul. His symbols are a bull, phallus and moon.

He is usually portrayed with a trident and a necklace made of human skulls. Shiva’s cult requires human sacrifice. Shiva’s wife, Kali the Horrific (Kali-Ma) is an exact likeness of her husband.

It should be noted that Shiva’s cult originated in the time of patriarchy which forced out Goddesses, in particular the Goddess Kali-Ma, into the background, occupying her “niche” and keeping her specific feature — the human sacrifice. The human sacrifices to Shiva have never stopped and continue at present. There is real confirmation of this: “Bijnor: in a gruesome incident, a temple priest chopped the head off an eight year-old boy with a dagger to propitiate a deity by human sacrifice in a town in Bijnor district, police said on Thursday. The incident came to light when the boy hailing from Kalagarh was reported missing after he had gone to the Shiva temple to play with his friends, police said. His body was later recovered from the nearby bushes. On interrogation, the priest confessed to the crime, police said, adding the priest has been arrested.” Certainly, human sacrifice takes place secretly and on a much lesser scale compared to ancient times, but it does not change the essence of this cult. So, the god Shiva “simply” adopted a historical relay-race from the hands of the Goddess Kali-Ma. Shiva’s status as a husband of a Goddess called Kali the Horrific only confirms this succession.
I am not telling you there is no god as it is called, to me it is known as Source and each and everyone of you is a part of that, so in essence you are all the god particle? so why not worship yourself? All the so called gods in scriptures were not god at all, but sick and twisted individuals portraying and bestowing themselves with false titles, the embodiment is replicated here via the bloodline families, another group who think they are more important or special than everyone else, message to them – your not.

This topic has kind of bugged me for a number of years, after seeing patterns of names in places and planets as to why UR was in some many of them, now I have finally got a handle on it and lots of things suddenly all start to fall into place.
Who or what are the Urs? they are highly developed people who came from other planets and

lived among the people of the white race in Hyperborea, Da’ Arya and Lemuria regions, they came to Dravidia-India together with the Slavonic Aryan Rus tribes.

The Urs were the Aryans’ teachers and defenders. They possessed extensive knowledge and tremendous abilities, which seemed supernatural for the people of other races, in this case — for the people of the black race, to which the Dravidian and the Naga people belonged. The Urs were the representatives of the Light Forces of the Universe; they were the Volkhvs, Veduns and White Magicians for the Aryans. In principle, exactly these Volkhvs organized the Campaign and led the Aryan tribes to Dravidia in order to stop the distribution of the Dark Forces influence, the conductors of which were the Black Magicians of Dravidia.
Next is an excerpt stating what took place:
In the times of a new Great Assa (battle in the heavens), which was the battle between light and dark

The Dark were expelled from all Earths Of the Makosh(great bear), Rada(Orion) and Race(Leo) palaces(constellations)

Therefore the Dark Way of Spirits and Souls began, To go only through the World of People,

Who lived on the Earths in the Arm of the Swati Galaxy, and ascension along the Golden Way became possible only through the World of People:

Midgard-Earth, being in the middle – between Light and Darkness began to play an important role; Therefore the Dark Forces decided, To give power over the people to Demons,

That is why there is a fight between Dark and Light forces on Midgard-Earth,

In which people from different Clans and Nations take part…
Demons are mainly the non corporeal forms known as Dark Djinns, smoky beings or the spirits.
Of course people in recent times of the western world, but not so amongst the native tribes known as the other races Black, Yellow and Red, started on the same path of the other 3 races using hallucigenic drugs to get highs but also enter the spirit worlds, whether knowingly or not, people know my opinion on those drugs, but here is the medical and Urs knowledge of what happens and the consequences of taking these drugs.
Until now the American Indian shamans from Central and South America use peyote, ayahuasca and other plants which contain one or another narcotic substance to bring themselves into the state of trance in order to contact the world of spirits. The shamans of Siberia use poisonous mushrooms for those ends, for example, fly-agarics. Nevertheless, the majority of these plants grow in the equatorial or tropical zones of our planet which historically were a natural habitat of the black and red races. Most known hallucinogens are fatal, being taken in large doses; lesser doses cause serious psychical disturbances pretty quickly and lead to death in the end.
Narcotic substances belong to the group of vegetable poisons which render maximal effect on the neurons of the brain, because the nerve cells are the most sensitive and the blood, going on its small circle of circulation, first enters the cerebrum bearing the maximal concentration of hallucinogens.

As a result, the quantity of poisons that enter each brain cell in a time unit is several times greater than the neurons of the human brain are able to neutralize. Therefore, the poisonous molecules, getting through the cells’ “protective billows” begin to destroy neurons of the brain. The nerve cells begin to die and … in order to prevent the death of the brain and the whole organism the human spirit is forced to unfold its brain structures of other levels of reality when the brain is not ready for this. As a result, the powerful streams of primary matters, which flow through the brain, destroy the poisons and for a short time a person gets the possibility to see, hear and feel what is going on at other levels of reality. Moreover, a person who possesses brightly expressed paranormal abilities is able to act there, which the ancient priestesses and priests used in full measure. So, the prohibition to eat the fruits of the tree of knowledge, as it follows from the above, had quite a real basis. Now everyone is aware of the fact that drugs destroy the human organism, psyche and tell on the descendants of a drug addict. Moreover, drugs have a very pernicious influence on the development of a person, who in most cases degrades and becomes a toy in the hands of spirit-parasites which is, actually, the real death of a person. Excess alcohol can have the same effects, and has for the spirit drinks like whisky, vodka, rum et al, they call that spirits for a reason.
I can feel an awful lot of gulping amongst listeners now, omg I never knew that, you see there is a reason those plants grew in the tribal areas, as they were more susceptible to the spirit invasions, and were used as tools of the dark to get at the rest of the populous, so don’t go blaming people of color, they were used as pawns.
Dancing in the spirit world with no knowledge is why some many people in a way became infected, what do I mean by infected? well it has a few points, most drugs give you a high and then a low, leading to swings in moods, that is not being in balance. Mood behavior can be quite severe in some cases leading to criminality, abuse both projected and self harm, social outcast, and some drugs make you apathetic and lethargic, so you don’t see what is going on around you and subsequently don’t fight back against the system, this to me appears to be a major problem in western countries. Another aspect of dancing with the spirits is, it can lead to the body getting illness or disease, spirits reside in the astral realm and their only source of sustenance is us, this is where cancer comes from, an astral realm infection passed across by the spirits.
But the worst aspect of engaging the spirit world is too few know what they are getting into, so many go in with no shielding and also psi field (aura) damage for previous drugs use and spirits hitch a ride in and on your vessel – oops, a one way ticket unless you know someone who knows how to get rid of them.
These can be known as walk ins, and you would be amazed at how many people carry hosts, how can you spot them in a person, well the average person should be able to notice a marked change in character and behavior, seers can see the physical manifestation.
For those that disbelieve I will repeat lines from verse above Therefore the Dark Way of Spirits and Souls began, To go only through the World of People.

Dark and Light forces, good and evil… Some may say that all this is very subjective and relative. They are partly right, but only partly. Good manifested toward one person can bring evil to many, and evil manifested toward many persons can bring good to one. The concepts of good and evil are not absolute, but relative. But these concepts become absolute ones when they are applied to certain situations and events. Besides, if we take into account the fact that very often evil puts on robes of holiness and speaks on behalf of the latter, it is possible to recognize the true mask of evil only through the deeds.

Parasitism feeds Dark Forces, and creation — Light ones. Parasites are those who exist at the expense of others. There are plenty of parasites in Nature. We may assume that parasitism is a natural, necessary, phenomenon of Nature and this will be absolutely… wrong. Any parasite, which parasitizes on a living organism or on the “organism” of the society, sucking out the vital juices, either dies together with the donor or finds a new one.

One way or another, any parasite brings destruction and chaos with him and, therefore, carries negative evolution. However, in the animal kingdom parasites fulfil a positive role, eliminating weak organisms, primarily, the genetically weak, which favours the preservation of species, and evolution of the most healthy and adjusted individuals. In the end, they favour positive evolution.

Unlike natural parasites, social parasites first eliminate the strongest and healthiest elements of the social organism, thus, completely destroying it. Therefore, social parasites promote negative evolution and, undoubtedly, carry evolutional death, whatever point of view one may consider.
According to Slavonic-Aryan chronology, 2817 years after the Day of the Signing of a Peace Treaty (or in 2692 B.C.),  just over 7500 years ago there was a war between Arimia (ancient China) and Great Russenia, a part of the Slavonic-Aryan Empire42 which occupied the territory west of the Riphean (the Ural) Mountains. The war was very severe and unequal. However, Great Russenia won a victory over ancient China–Arimia. The victory was so significant and heavy that the Russian ancestors selected the Day of the Signing a Peace Treaty on September 22, according to a Christian calendar, as a new reference point of their history.
The Aryan tribes undertook their first Campaign in order to stop human sacrifices and worship of the goddess Kali-Ma in Dravidia, after banishing the priestesses of the Black Mother from the temples, they returned home. The campaign lasted seventy six years, the Aryan tribes returned to their Motherland in 2893 (or in 2616B.C.) After they had left, the Dravidian and the Naga people went back to the old traditions for the reason mentioned before. Therefore, the Aryans undertook the second Campaign which, due to a number of reasons, took place only six hundred and ten years after the first one in 3503 (or in 2006B.C.) The second Campaign differed fundamentally from the first one. A part of the Aryans stayed in Dravidia and began to form the civilization which is known now as the Indian civilization. The Khan Uman, the Supreme Priest of the Goddess Tara Light cult, (The goddess Tara was a patroness of Nature and her senior brother Tarkh (or Dazdbog) was a keeper of the ancient Great Wisdom) headed this Campaign and was appointed a Spiritual adviser to the tsar of the forest people. This is how this event is reflected in the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas:
Other Clans of the Great Race will settle, All over the face of Midgard-earth,

Some will cross the Himalayas-mountains, To teach the people with skin the colour of darkness.

The wisdom of the world of Shine, So they will stop making frightful and bloody Sacrifices to their goddess, the Black Mother, And to snake-dragons  from the world of Nav And to found there a new Divine Wisdom and Faith.
Everything is clear here. However, I would like to draw your attention to the phrase: “… And to snake-dragons from the world of Nav…” and how it relates to the Old Testament

First it mentions the Serpent which tempted Eve: … And the woman said, “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat…” Both the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas and the Old Testament tell about a serpent(s), manifesting through a woman-priestess of the Goddess Kali, (Eve).

Second, according to the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas the world of Nav is the name of the world of spirits, where the souls of both people and animals continue to exist after death, as well as the spirits of extinct species converted into spirit-parasites, essentially this is the lower astral realm. The existence without physically dense bodies made the spirits of extinct animals adapt fundamentally to another level of existence: incorporeal, without bodies, which, unfortunately, led them to parasitism. Some extinct animals became creature-parasites which devoured the life-force of those who luckily possessed physically dense bodies and were transformed into so-called astral animals which, according to the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas, dwelt in the world of Nav. That is why the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas tell about snake-dragons, the spirits of extinct species of reptiles, dinosaurs, which many people call dragons. In all Russians folk tales and legends dragons were called Zmey-Gorynyches. In Russia and Ukraine, a particular dragon-like creature, Zmey Gorynych, has three heads that grow back, is green, walks on two back paws, has small front paws, and spits fire. It is interesting that both the Old Testament and the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas mention this fact (and this is not the last one). However, some more interesting things are yet to come. Next part of the text is revealing of what happened after the conquests, and those unable or unwilling to shine the light and wished to dance with the dark.
Using lies and sinful flattery, They will occupy many lands of Midgard-Earth,

As they have done on other Earths, In many Worlds in the days of the last Great Assa (war between light and dark), But they will be defeated And exiled to the country of Artificial Mountains(Egypt), Where people with skin the colour of Darkness And the descendants of the Celestial Clan Who came from the earth of the God Niy, will live.

And human children will begin to teach them to work, So they can grow cereals and vegetables to feed their children. During the second Dravidian Campaign the Aryan tribes defeated the troops of black magicians, the majority of whom were women-priestess of the Black Mother cult. The surviving supporters of the black cult were “… exiled to the country of Artificial Mountains (Egypt)” which may explain the changes that were ongoing in Egypt around that time, where they started erasing history, eradicating and defacing certain statues of the buildings that were never built by the Egyptians, Pyramids are at least 25K years old and Sphinx was built before them, even some archeologists have worked this out now.
The Sphinx has water erosion, and yet that region has had no significant rain for last 11K years, so quite why they keep spinning the nonsense of 5K years ago is beyond me. Reality is, is even with our current advanced machinery and technology, we couldn’t build the Pyramids to that tolerance level now, plus how did they know all the compass points of the planet, or the fact Giza is in the center without viewing it from miles above, this type of unsane logic seems to bypass most who have zero critical thinking skills.
After the second Aryan Campaign, when the Aryans not only expelled the Black Mother priestesses and priests, but also stayed and continued to work on changing the Dravidian and the Naga people’s genetics. Black magicians were also interested in genetics: the people of the so-called grey sub-race were of particular interest to them, because they carried both types of genetics (the white and black ones) and were an ideal weapon against the white magicians, and against the white race civilization. After the Aryans had defeated the black magicians of Dravidia-India, they, probably, offered them several places for their exile, because the Urs, who were the white race’s spiritual leaders and teachers, never destroyed the defeated enemies, but tried to help them to follow a righteous way, about which the black forces leaders knew perfectly well. Therefore, they prepared the centres of the future fight against their opponents and secured the “support” of their followers beforehand. Thus, the black magicians created three centers: Dravidia (India), the Land of Kush (ancient Ethiopia) and Mesopotamia (Assyria). The last one was a secondary centre, being, in fact, a

connective link between the first two: at approximately the same time frame, the Land of Kush, (ancient Ethiopia) in the middle of the 8th century B.C. and Assyria in the first half of the 7th century B.C. began conducting a very aggressive policy toward their neighbours. As a result, ancient Ethiopia conquered Egypt, and Assyria controlled almost the whole of Mesopotamia, continuously waging wars with their neighbours for eight centuries. The cult of the Black Mother was imposed everywhere, however, under different names.

The majority of them were people of the grey sub-race; some were of the black race, the Dravidian and the Naga people, and a small part of the white race derelicts. All of them were the Black Mother cult followers and remained as such , and they began their long journey from Dravidia to ancient Egypt which lasted for almost two centuries. They moved with their families and all their belongings through the lands, where far from everyone received them with open arms. Often they had to stop for many years to regain forces, or to force their way with weapons in hand through tribes hostile to them. In the course of time they became nomadic tribes which later historians will call the Hyksos. At the end of the 18th

to the beginning of the 17th centuries B.C. they conquered Ancient Egypt,. The Hyksos governed there for about one hundred and ten years and only a part of them went south, to the land of Kush, which is mentioned in the Old Testament as a new Eden). At the end of a long road the supporters of the Black Mother cult reached their new paradise and a new epoch of Midgard-earth civilization began. Thus, the Old Testament does not tell about the origin of man, as a result of divine creation, but about the fight between Light and Dark Forces

on Midgard-earth, as a result of which the supporters of Dark Forces were defeated and exiled.
So sadly Eden was not always a garden of paradise, all 4 of them as portrayed in Old Testament, riddled by dark magicians and people with no purpose or developmental goals in their life, taking the easy path of darkness.
So, there are no saints and righteous men in the Christian Eden, at least in that Eden about which the Old Testament tells. And Christian people should consider carefully where to place their paradise: Particularly the fundamentalists, not the faithful, because the word faith has nothing to do with religion. The word faith means the enlightenment by knowledge, and there is no knowledge in the Old Testament and, actually, cannot be, it was written by the Dark Magicians, Some, nevertheless, might object that if Eden is on Midgard-earth, in India.

Let us remember that the Old Testament is a version of the Talmud adapted for non-Jewish people, which, in its turn, is a history of the Jewish people. This fact unambiguously follows directly from its text. The events expounded in the Talmud do not concern whatsoever the past of other people, except for those events which were “borrowed” from them. If we consider otherwise, then it turns out that all people living on Midgard-earth are Israelites, because Adam and Eve were Israelites. Everyone perfectly understands this, and the Israelites, who call all people of the white race goyim, totally dissociate themselves both from the latter and from the people of all other races. Thus, the defenders of the biblical version of origin of man have nothing to say on the subject.
The Israelites belong to the so-called grey sub-race which is an intermediate sub-race, between white and black races with prevailing white race genetics. Correctly saying, people related to the grey sub-race have an insignificant admixture of the black race features. Everyone, who is acquainted with genetics, even slightly, knows that a number of features such as the colour of the skin, hair and eyes, the structure of a skull, the type of exchange processes, etc. predominate over the same features of the white race. Therefore, when white and black races mix, the first generation will have most external signs of the black race, including black skin.
Now before anyone states this is racism or anti-semitism, please look at the facts, it is not a denigration of any color or race, it is basing an assumption based on the facts delivered.
In an earlier show of this type I mentioned The grand Experiment about a number of races being brought here in the past, for a range of differing reasons, it could also be assumed many were refugees of the Light and Dark war, they were placed in regions of this planet that was conducive to their own, and one of the key stipulations of that time, was there was to be no mixing of the different races, now could this be determined as pure racism? yes, in our current world of political correctness, it appears everything is racist or offensive to someone these days, it leaves people frightened to speak, which only helps the control system, remember it was said in the scriptures Genisis I think, where it stated the Lord (Anu) did not like the human mixing well together and speaking same language, it made them a threat, so he came down and split them up and gave them other languages, so much for the Lord being nice and divine it seems. So did we have racists back then? who knows, but what is the more likely the reason, and evidence does support it, is genetics. Despite looking alike, all the different people all have different genetics, some mix, some don’t. Take the example of RH- types, who have to have injections to stop the body attacking and rejecting the baby, I mean why would a mother’s body attack and reject her child, it doesn’t make sense unless you apply differing genetics that don’t match, like the horse and the zebra can’t mix either, rarely do you see in the animal world them mating with a different type, why is because of genetics, and nothing to do with racism. People may cry at this point and with valid reasons, but we are all human, yes in essence, but very different humanoids would be my response, with very different genetics, so it is not possible the bible is correct that we all came from Adam and Eve, because if that was the case according to the book, we would all look like Israelites, we don’t, and worse we would all be a product of incest, and you only have to look at the royals or the bloodline families to see how that worked out, UK royals kept incest offspring who didn’t turn out too well either mentally or physically were placed in the tower, rumor has it current Queen has a sister locked away there.
So, back to genetics and the Israelites, the black race were either endowed with or given as unsure at this point, black magic, more commonly known as Voodoo, it is powerful and dangerous magic, and is and was used for occult and cult practices, like in India with worship of the Kali-ma explained earlier.
In ancient times they were given the knowledge of mixing with white race peoples, which would enhance the voodoo even stronger, with the addition of the white magic, this was then used against the Light Forces and the great white race ( I don’t say that to be racially superior, but that white race was the most advanced evolutionary spiritual race, ever on this planet), and so the mixing was used by the Dark to weaken the light.
This is where the Israelites came from, a mixture of white and the black race out of the main Eden in India, they then migrated for 200 years towards Egypt and settled in various places along the way, which would be Southern Russia as we now know it, hence the terms Khazarians and Ashkenazis and onto the more familiar terms we have now.
It mentioned earlier how these peoples were rejected in many countries due to their poor behavioral traits, that was before AD, but since AD these peoples have been thrown out of 106 countries, so they have been an ongoing problem in society for 1000’s of years.
They were not called Jews back then as was not possible, the letter J was not in circulation before 14C, the term Jew came in 17thC, so when you then realise no letter J from AD1 to 1400’s, the names Jesus, Job, Jewish, Jerusalem could not have been possible, if those names were so important, why have they altered those original names? I will have more on that later.
Should we denigrate a whole race for that? absolutely not, these peoples were used as the tools of the Dark forces, fed a whole heap of pure unadulterated lies, told to think they are special and above all others, which always leads to derision, told to wish for world destruction by means of Armageddon, of which only they would be saved, total genocide just to save them? that is wrong thinking on every level. Personally I think the general Jewish people have suffered enough, the issue is who is pulling their strings, always was and always will be., they are being used as pawns on a massive scale, by people and beings with hidden dark agenda.
Of course their role in world history and in particular last 4-500 years has been one of great suffering, damage and deaths at the hands of these Zionist Dark Forces, names like Rothschilds, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Begin (who refused to take the jews out of the concentration camps in 1942 when offered by Hitler and Churchill (who has a statue honoring him in Jerusalem) Warburgs, Bauer, Weishaupt, Netanyahu all rolls off the tongue as deliverers of evil, torture and death, all were ethnic Jews. These were the people who took part in or set about creating a new country along with the Balfour group, not returning the state of Israel, but creating it to fit a narrative, with it’s main center a part of one the biggest lies perpetrated on this planet. Israel is a worship of the dark gods Isis – Ra and El which like AL means god.  In the last 100 years they have destroyed Russia and it’s history, destroyed the Middle East and parts of Arabia, infiltrated the top levels of Britain and with their dual citizens and lobby groups have totally hijacked not only our political system, but our justice system, train our police force in brutality, but also hijacked our whole financial system via the Federal Reserve, then via Rothschilds family who are closest in DNA to the Draco of any family here, took over virtually every countries banks.
These people are total parasites, and yet so much of our American money goes into funding the brand of genocide, this has to stop. So perhaps now it is easier to grasp why these people that got the person known as Jesus killed, it was another version of the Light and Dark war. The title of this song explains their current position of people known as the Jewish, but going forward we should go together with the better elements within their group in harmony as one, but until then.

In part 1 yesterday we laid out the erasing of Russian history and it’s people, 70-90M of them between 1917 and 1945, more followed after that.
A country taken over by Zionists with an agenda that encompasses finance, land grab, resource stealing and a complete wiping out of, all that are not a part of their agenda.
People will say well you don’t really believe some people would want to wipe out 90% of the population, that’s ridiculous, my answer is they wiped out close to or possibly beyond 90% of the cream of a single nation in Russia, they killed over 90% of all American indigenous peoples also, 20M down to 800K, they wiped out totally or near to extinction various other tribal people’s also, be it in the Amazon, Maoris, Africans or the Aboriginals.
One third of Europe was wiped out across Europe via the black plague, which then reached Asia and the Middle East, do you think that was an accident?
Millions of people across Europe were displaced and killed across Europe between 15-1700 at the behest of the Roman Catholic church, whole towns eradicated Spain, France, Portugal and UK to name but a few, a fact that too few are aware of due erasing of history or knowledge.
Or the fact that not only content in having WW1 that killed vast quantities of people, laid the foundation for another theater of operations for another war 20 years later, but they introduced Spanish Flu all in the same year 1919, that flu alone killed an estimated 500M people, I could go on for a whole show in itself giving examples of the dark’s atrocities, but if you don’t see what they have done in the past, that plays out in our present, then you are incapable of any useful input into society, when knowledge was not available you had an excuse, now ignorance is a choice.
Was yesterday’s piece harsh on certain religions and cultures, yes, and I make no apologies for that whatsoever, it has to be said, I think it is beyond time that the full truth of the dark past and agendas of this world, was brought to light and faced up to, processed and dealt with once and for all.
If your a part of the religions and cultures that were mentioned yesterday, you have an obligation to change from within your own circles, a failure to do so makes you complicit in their actions.
You can’t sit back as a Catholic and ignore the vast crimes against humanity committed by that organization, thinking everything will be ok if I just go to church or read some ancient book, of which you have no definitive proof is real or valid, praying saved no one in case you hadn’t noticed.
4.5B people all pray each day to their various gods to come and save them, their country or religion, you would think with that amount of effort and free will choice something would change, but it hasn’t as it? no one came, no one is coming to save you or anybody else, one giant trick played on the whole of a planet, by the dark forces to make you inactive and seeking an external source, when the answers all along where internal, the answer was YOU, The god you have sought outside of you, was always within you, you are the savior, you always were, you just forgot, time to remember me.

Urs-teachers stayed in ancient India in order to bring the light of knowledge to the Dravidian and Naga tribes and to change their genetic qualities for the better. According to the Indian legends, seven white teachers (rishi) came from the North high mountains (the Himalayas) and brought to the local populace the Vedas and new Vedic beliefs which in the course of time were distorted and transformed into Hinduism, just like the term Sanskrit is not from India or East either, but is an old Russian language,  but the Urs were also geneticists and they also tried to change the genetics of the dark infected races and end the reign of the Dark Forces here.
Seven white teacher-Urs knew perfectly the connection between psychical and behavioral reactions and the human genetics. They understood that worshiping Kali-Ma, the Black Mother, for thousands of years was not something accidental, but the consequence of the resonance of this cult with psychical and behavioral features inherent to the genetics of the black race. These properties and qualities showed up especially strongly through the X-chromosomes of the black race, because in a genetically pure black woman each X-chromosome strengthens the dominant properties of another X-chromosome which causes a substantial mutual strengthening of their properties and qualities, creating a brightly pronounced female dominant. Understanding this, the Urs-teachers had to change the genetic code of the Dravidian and Naga tribes, adding some fragments of the white race genetics. They conducted this genetic correction everywhere in order to block negative psychical and behavioral reactions in the tribes of the black and yellow races which appealed for help to them. Most tribes, which the Urs-teachers resettled from Asia to North and South America, underwent this kind of genetic correction. This migration had lasted until the Bering Isthmus between Kamchatka and Alaska disappeared.

In the case of the black race, the white Urs-teachers came across a special situation, when their own genes added to a genetic “caldron” were not enough to get the necessary qualitative changes in the psychical and behavioral reactions in the race as a whole. The active X-chromosome did not give this possibility because of the reasons indicated above. Moreover, the other twenty two chromosomes also possessed their active properties handed down by the distaff side. Therefore, the Urs applied a new principle of genetic engineering. To create a new sub-race they used passive (recessive) masculine chromosomes of the black race. For this purpose they used the cells of the yellow masculine marrow, as the most suitable for this purpose. When these cells divide, they produce white blood cells which have many functions, the main of which is a building one. The blood stream delivers the white blood cells to tissues, where they form one or another cell necessary for the human multi-cellular organism. Yellow marrow is located in the cavities of the bones of the human skeleton, including ribs. The simplest way to obtain the yellow marrow with minimal consequences for the human organism is to extract it out of a rib. Most likely, an Ur-teacher who was “responsible” for the genetic correction and had a powerful psi-field immersed “Adam” into deep hypnotic sleep and took yellow marrow from his rib, as was described in the bible.
Until recently, genetic engineering was science fiction, so, what can we say about the Dravidian and Naga people for whom the abilities of the Urs were obviously supernatural, and these tribes regarded them as Gods. The so-called American Indians expressed exactly the same kind of reaction; they worshipped White Teachers like Gods. White Teachers abandoned these tribes, when they began to bring in their honour human sacrifices and rejected a request to stop doing this. The Hopi and other tribes talk of the Great White Brotherhood returning, I think it is safe to say this Brotherhood was the URs.
So, what did the Urs do well they took  the marrow cells from the black (Negroid) race man being taken; the Urs changed a passive Y-chromosome into a passive X-chromosome. As a result, it united with passive chromosomes of the black race inherited from men. When they had artificially created a double set of female chromosomes with a passive set of features, the result was a hybrid grey sub-race female embryo. These embryos (using ova from white women) gave girls who now did not have psychical and behavioural properties inherent to the black race, which made the representatives the latter conductors of Dark Forces. Thus, the Judaic Eve, a woman of the grey sub-race, was created. According to the plan of its creators, she should have brought the descendants of the black race to light. For the genetic correction to be dominant in the descendants of the black race, some period of time must have passed for these changes to accumulate. Only when the number of carriers of the changed genetics reached critical quantity, would the genetic changes become irreversible and dominant. But the Hierarchy of Dark Forces did not allow time to complete the process of genetic transformation. The creature-parasites made a successful attempt to renew their destroyed system in the active sacred area, the Biblical Eden, using the remaining genetic manifestations. It was not full, but it was enough to turn back the process that the Urs had launched. Both the work done at the genetic level and the knowledge brought to the black race were unable to neutralize completely the possibility for the restoration of old habits. Thousands of years of the Black Mother worshipping did the dirty deed. The grey sub-race bred by the Urs came to be the creature-parasites’ next victim.
This could be looked at two ways, one the dangers of meddling with creation and nature and how it always appears to rebound back and bite ya in the ass, or two in desperate times, desperate decisions have to be taken for the benefit of all, this was one of these cases, as the dark infection was not just about here – Midgard, but all the other Earths also, throughout the universe.

Spreading to different Spaces and Realities, Wise thinking creatures,

Conducted by Ancient Patron-Gods, Explored and rendered habitable

Splendiferous uninhabited New Earths Of the Light World of Nav,

And after that they returned to the Heavens.

This was the way the harmonious Worlds Of Yav (the inhabited world we have now)  and Nav were inhabited.

They had been conceived in The living Light of Joy, Which the Great Primordial Ra-M-Ha radiates.
It follows from the above that modern man appeared on Midgard-earth as a result of intentional migration from other Earths (planets). The very fact that several races appeared on our Midgard-earth thirty five to forty thousand years ago indicates that:

  1. The migrants came to our Earth from different Earths (planets) of our Universe which had similar climatic conditions, but, nevertheless, not identical. The humanoid races had been formed on each of these planets independently. They were physiologically close to each other, but had different types of exchange processes, the colour of skin, some distinctions in the skeletal structures, but these races also have different psychical and behavioural reactions conditioned by significant distinctions in their biochemistry.
  2. Some distinctions within one and the same race are conditioned also by the fact that different tribes independently evolved on different planets, which had almost identical natural conditions, or they are representatives of one civilization which had originated on one and the same planet and later settled on other planets with very close living conditions.
  3. All migrants were placed in those climatic areas of Midgard-earth which were maximally close to those of their native planets. Our planet was inhabited within a very short historical term. In the past, Midgard-earth was a part of the system of civilizations of our Universe which communicated, mainly, with the help of star gates or by means of Vitmaras, interstellar ships:

The next verse describes it entirely
The Priests, the Keepers of Ways, Which went through the Star Gates, Said to Perun the Thunderer: Tell us, our Wise Teacher, What is happening in the Great Svarga?

Why have many Gates been closed to Makosh and Rada?, Why do the Crystals of Motion not shine? Why has a quarter of the zarbin Circle grown dark? Why have the Celestial Needles lost their colour? Why do many Vitmanas not answer to our call?

So it was clear this planet was in connection with several other Earths and Constellations, but due to the war, everything was cut off due to the collapsing of the Star Gates during the war with the Dark Forces and their weapons of total destruction.
Perun the Wise answered them: Know, Keepers of the Gates between Worlds. That there is a Great Assa in Svarga…The Great Battle is taking place now In Makosh, Rada, Svati and Race With Alien warriors from Hell.

There, Light Gods from Prav, Smite the enemy hip and thigh; And cleanse every Palace Of the World from the warriors of Darkness, which come from the Dark World
Most likely, the Priests, keepers of ways which passed through Star Gates, maintained and repaired these devices which were intended for travelling between stars and planets. A person entered into the Star Gate on one planet and exited on another. In order to realize similar transition, Star Gates must be on both planets. Their damage or destruction on any planet made the contact impossible.

It was explorer-wanderers who installed these devices on Earth-planets suitable for life; they moved within the Universe on spaceships, the Vitmanas. These ships were used for different purposes: for long and short-distance flights, for movement in space at different speeds, sometimes enormous ones which, several times exceeded the velocity of light, but they were always limited, because their building material, bio-metal, had limited capabilities.

Star Gates were devices which forced space through (changed its dimensionality) so that within these Star Gates two spatial points which were situated at enormous distance from each other sometimes millions or billions of light years would close into one. After the installation of these kinds of devices, it was possible to shift from one planet to another almost instantly.

Exactly through these devices, Star Gates, installed in several places on Midgard-earth, all the main races of Homo sapiens came to our planet. Moreover, each race came through its own Star Gate. The migrants settled in those climatic zones which were maximally close to the living conditions on their native planets. There were many of these planets:

So there was four galaxies engaged in star wars with Dark Forces: the galaxy-Makosh, galaxy-Rada, galaxy-Svati and galaxy-Race. At the same time, Light Forces liberate one constellation (Palace) after another in these galaxies (Worlds) from the warriors of Darkness who came from the Dark World (Dark Galaxy). Many civilizations of these galaxies took an active part in this intergalactic war, including some civilizations which had transport connections with Midgard-earth. And this means that: First, our Midgard-earth lost the transport connections with many planets, and that the Keepers of Gates between Worlds were unaware of why the Gates on these planets did not function.

Second, there were a great number of other planet-Earths with which Midgard-earth was able to make contact. The Gates were switched off on these planet-Earths because they were in the area of military operations, and there was a risk that Dark Forces could control them. If Dark Forces had managed to take working Gates, they could have quickly and unexpectedly appeared on many other planet-Earths, with which the Worlds mentioned in the extract had contact, through the Gates.

Therefore, when a planet-Earth was threatened to be taken by Dark Forces, its Gates were blocked immediately. In other words, this kind of action was an ordinary precautionary measure. Perun tells about this:

To protect from those spiteful enemies, Who converted flourishing Earths to ashes,

Who shed the blood of innocent creatures, And spared no one, neither young nor old,

Many Gates were closed, In order that alien enemies could not get to the Light Earths of the Great Svarga…And they did not repeat Troara’s fate, Which had illuminated the Worlds with its wise Love In the Light Rada.

We can clearly see that Perun had not been a God, although he was considered as such afterwards, but was one of the Hierarchs of Space Light Forces. He arrived on Midgard-earth with a mission to explain to the Keepers of Star Gates what was going on both in Big Space and on Midgard-earth. Similarly, we may assume that all the other Gods of the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas occupied one or another position in the hierarchy of Light Forces in accordance with their evolutional qualities and abilities, this is in relation to your soul development of going through not only the 7 midgard planes, but advancing through the 7 Cosmic planes and then the 7 Universal Planes, being who had done that, become the teachers and heirarchy of the Light Forces, the dark forces wanted and still prevents beings from developing beyond the lower astral plane of the subsequent Earths. for one it stifles development and 2. feeds the astral beasts who are under their control.

It is of interest how Perun describes to his listeners and subordinates on Midgard-earth the consequences of Dark Forces’ attack launched against some planet-Earths with which our planet had contact by means of the Gates:

Now Troara is deserted, left without Life…The Multi-Gate Circle is torn to pieces, Mountains are brought down on many Needles…And only ashes of seven sazhens (1 sazhen equals 7 feet) are there…The same image, sorrowful and cheerless, I saw in Arkolna, on Rutta-earth, That had shined in Light Makosh.(great Bear or Ursa Major)..

The Gates between Worlds are now fused stone…Celestial Needles are roadside dust…

All cities were destroyed by the strong flame That rose from Rutta’s surface to the sky…

There is no Life in that Earth anymore Without Sun there are no plants, birds and animals…

Wind carries only ash to the valleys, And fills up the canyons with it …

It is cheerless and quiet in the world of ruins, Where once Life dwelt everywhere…

The Fash-destroyer evaporated all rivers and seas, And the sky is filled with black clouds,

Not a ray of light can pass Through the pitch-dark gloom…

… Life will never come back to this World …

The Fash destroyer is described as atomic or nuclear weapons by the Vedas, and could well be the name of the weapon that created all the deserts here, before these wars we never had deserts, the north pole and Siberia regions once had lush vegetation or woolly mammoths would not have resided there.

This happened on many Earths to which, The enemies had come from the Dark World.

They were attracted by the riches in the Bowels of those wonderful Earths;

Using flattery, they wormed into the confidence, Of the inhabitants and set people against each other…This was the way wars were born in those Worlds…
All sounds too familiar doesn’t it, just like Draco and Annunaki

When the wars were over, The rest of the survivors were exposed to tziran rays…

And people were deprived of their Consciousness and Will, And they mined the riches from the bowels of their Earth, Submitting to the Alien enemies’ orders…

When the riches of those Earths were exhausted, And the bowels of the earth were emptied,

The enemies destroyed all the people, And took everything they had extracted from the Earth.

But when people were able to drive them out, The Strangers sent the Fash-destroyer to these Earths…
Perun describes the consequences of using the Fash-destroyer  Taking as an example the fate of two planets, Troara-earth and Rutta-earth, he gives a detailed description of the consequences of the nuclear blows delivered to these planets and describes the Dark Forces’ strategy and tactics. “… This happened on many Earths to which the enemies had come from the Dark World…” Perun continues the narration and we can see the picture of horror and senselessness of this space catastrophe unfolding before our inner eyes. Star wars are not an invention of science-fiction writers, but the reality of the past and present.

The fight between Light and Dark Forces is not some conditional concept that depends on the point of view, or desire of the person who expounds it, trying to describe himself from the best side and wishing to make the truth favourable to him. This fight is the fight between life and death, evolutional movement forward and evolutional dead-end. When a social parasite of the planetary level gets the possibility to act in Space, he becomes very dangerous, especially, if he has a weapon which can convert planets into deserts.
The words, as such, mean nothing, but only that which they reflect or transmit: Dark Forces or Devil, Koscheis or Dark Arlegs, Princes of Darkness or Chernobog — Draco. Mantids, Raptors, Reptilians, Greys the name is not important, but the essence is! Without understanding of the essence which is behind these and other words it is easy to become a plaything in the hands of these forces, when black is declared to be white, and white — black. In order to avoid this kind of trap, it is necessary to penetrate into the sense of these words. One needs to feel them deeply in his heart, comprehend with his soul and reason and be filled with the light of knowledge and understanding of what is going on, words are magic spells that the dark uses to bind us to their dark deeds.
In simple terms the essence of dark and light, of which all living things have both aspects and it comes down to choice, is parasitic in nature, dark beings are parasitic of which they feed off others, whether you are a Draco, Creator being, Angel, human or animal, if your whole existence is about feeding off the energy of others for selfish purposes, that in essence the definition of being Dark.
Many people can have right intentions on a face to face basis, but hide their true intentions in what I called the mask of illusion.
We all have masks of illusion at various stages of our lives where we fake this or fake out, and it used to be able to cover all kinds of weaknesses, traumas, guilt and shame, plus the more obvious scamming of people, but a change has come on a massive scale, that I warned would happen near 2 years ago, the masks of illusion would start to come down, not only for the cabal and the EL-ites, but all of us.
This is why there is a total fracture in society now, as the masks no longer work like they used to, I warned there would be greater exposure of the criminality in our midst and a vast volume of information and revealings would take place, I think most would agree that has been borne out.
But, I also warned things would not be pretty on an individual or collective basis, as we would see many people losing it, the reason being their masks have worn off, no longer can they project an image of themselves as all love and light, whilst their parasitic nature remains hidden, that no longer works.
What has also happened is people notice things a lot quicker than they used to, because you are paying more attention to it, as an example, look at how quickly many of you spot trolls on the page now, compared to a few years ago, that’s only a small part of it, but that also transfers onto other aspects of life, people no longer tolerating vampiric family members or loved ones anymore, you think that is a co-incidence? it’s not.
Those that have done their inner work, and I mean have really done it and not continued to lie to themselves, will reap far more benefits of heightened sense of awareness, than those who haven’t, those that have can now clearly see those who haven’t, the difference in the being is now very marked.
Regular listeners know I have referred to The 100 series on Tv as a good guideline to some of our past history, and way back in time humans chose to not remember their past lives due to not being able to deal with the trauma, in the series it is called taking the City of Light pill, where everyone walked around like zombies, drinking alcohol and doing drugs and a veritable free for all sex orgy, sound familiar? it should do.
Those are 3 of the 5 hooks they can trap you into the system with, money obsession and religion are the other two, all are energy looshing concepts and so vampiric, drinking and drugs brings in the spirit worlds which have been heavily corrupted for and by the dark, all psychedelic drugs all have one thing in common, ALL are low vibration plants, so they are not to enlighten you, but stifle your own development.
Drugs are about forgetting life’s ills and you go to the other worlds and can forget this realm for a while, and whilst there is much about this world we would all like to forget at times, is that not repeating the City of Light pills?
The only way to really forget is to face up to it, deal with it and move onto a different and better path, whether you call it serving your karma or by some other description, the same effect is felt, and the only way to deal with anything of that nature is go through the pain and trauma, process and let it go, masking it, ignoring it, denying it has led us all where we are today.
Pain, trauma and the dark can also be great gifts of learning on the physical and soul levels, it all depends on how you approach it.
We have spent far too long in the dark, forgetting, ignoring stages brought about by the failure to address matters on an individual level, that developed into a collective level, of us all giving away our energy, life force and who we are to the vampiric parasitic, who all too greedily sit back and just wallow in, not only our essence but our own stupidity, we handed control over on a plate, it’s time we took it back and giant strides to that fact have been made.



So, why does life feel so lonely here, an earth that appears to be in the middle of nowhere, well as the texts stated, that was not always the case, until the Gates were collapsed or closed.
Mainstream science is only recently catching to some of the concepts of life back then, but they are hampered by religious dogma, and compartmentalization of the knowledge.
All of it is wrapped up in theories, most of which is downloaded by them to confuse and distract, that includes Einstein and Tesla, they received the downloads, Da Vinci also in some aspects, but as I understand a lot of those drawings where copies received following a trip organized by the church to China, that unearthed a vast array of knowledge unknown to the rest of the world.
A detailed description of the consequences of the nuclear blow on Rutta-Earth fulfills this task the best way. However, Perun pronounces only a few phrases about Troara- Earth. Now Troara is deserted, left without Life… The Multi-Gate Circle is torn to pieces; mountains are brought down on many Needles…”

The Slavonic-Aryan Vedas mention the Multi-Gate Circle only once. These words, said as if by chance, have enormous value. The human consciousness simply skips them, because almost no one understands this concept. The point is that the Gates between Worlds united Earth-planets into a system, into some kind of a star transport network, the working of which was provided by means of a powerful source and obviously, this source was not located on our Midgard-earth. Besides, the nature of this source was not electrical, magnetic, gravitational or any known combination of them. Modern orthodox science has only touched the real natural laws. All forces and sources of energy which are known to it now are mere manifestations of the real force of nature which is a result of the interaction of anisotropic space (having a physical property that has a different value when measured in different directions. A simple example is wood, which is stronger along the grain than across it) with matters which exist in this space.
As covered in the humanity unplugged shows, all areas of space have different properties and depends on the environment and consciousness, but you cant have life in a space/time that doesn’t have the requisite properties to begin with.

The space with continuously changing properties and qualities interacts with matters which have certain characteristics and qualities. As a result of the interaction of infinity with finiteness, the Universe, which is partly accessible to human understanding, originates. Understanding the nature of this interaction, one gets the possibility to control these natural forces. My belief of this hidden force of gravity and the so called dark matter is aether, the 5th element, it is pliable depending upon it’s surroundings and interacts accordingly to the vibrational frequency of the space/time, but also the consciousness of living things that are immersed in it. The operational principle of the Gates between Worlds is based on the understanding of the nature of the interaction of space with matters.

First: The Gates between Worlds are united in the systems; each of them has its own source.

Second: Each of these sources has its power limit, because the qualities and properties of materials of which these field generators are made have their limitations.

Thus, the number of Gates between Worlds which can “sit” in each field generator is limited and depends on the distance between planets-Earth and the qualitative state of the space between them. The system of Gates between Worlds can be pictured as a “string of Christmas-tree lights” where every “bulb” is a Gate on a planet-Earth. And all these “bulbs” “shine” on the Tree-Universe only when this string is “plugged” into a “socket”.

In order to understand what this “socket” is, we should pay attention to Perun’s words: “…The Multi-Gate Circle is torn to pieces…” The Multi-Gate Circle is this “socket” which switches on all “bulbs” of the Gates between Worlds “string”. The force generator, the Multi-Gate Circle, is located on one of the Earth-planets, for example, on Troara-Earth. The name of this circle indicates that many Gates between Worlds located on different planets-Earth were united in a single whole. The pumping of this generator of force is carried out by means of the Needles which influence the space dimensionality around it and, thus, satiate it with streams of matters.
The line the multi gate circle was torn to pieces is a key in this, what I interpret from this and from my own understanding, is the very fabric of space was torn to pieces, that then leads to different properties and qualitative states filling in the void, those different properties means the Gates collapsed in on themselves, like a black hole, they are still around, either in the vortex of the black hole, the singularity, or in the white hole, which is on the flip side of a black hole, or it has gone through the membrane of the singularity, and is now in a different universe or section of space/time.
This is the origin in my opinion of the big bang as science describes it, a blinding flash of light and then everything appears, yes the matter that went through the black hole was advancing to a higher level of consciousness and vibration, and when the new space reaches it maximum output, it crosses the membrane and comes out of the white hole, it is only white and blinding as it was hidden in the void or the singularity, like a train in a tunnel, you see a tiny white light that gets bigger until the light explodes as it is close to you, this is how I feel this universe came to be, the right qualities for the type of life and growth where already created, and the development of another universe had reached it’s growth cycle and was ready to transfer to a higher growth cycle, but only when it reaches full evolutionary development.

Just as the streams of water will always fall downward under the force of gravity, the streams of matters created by the Needles will satiate the Multi-Gate Circle, thus, replenishing all Gates between Worlds which belong to one system.

For the whole system to be “switched off”, it is enough to destroy the Needles (seven Needles are necessary within the limits of our Universe) around each Multi-Gate Circle located on a key planet-Earth. Perun tells to his listeners about exactly this event: “…mountains are brought down on many Needles …” and therefore “The Multi-Gate Circle is torn to pieces…” When a “plug” is pulled out of a “socket” the whole bulb string switches off. Likewise the nuclear blow inflicted upon Troara-Earth, which was the key planet in the interstellar transport system and the place of location of the Multi-Gate Circle, resulted in that all Gates connected with Troara-Earth were shut.

But our Midgard-earth was “attached” exactly to the Troara-Earth system. The Gates between worlds were closed: “…to Makosh and Rada…” (Makosh is the Great Bear constellation; Rada is Orion constellation) means that the Multi-Gate Circle on Troara-Earth connected our Midgard-earth with exactly these constellations. Many Gates were shut down, but not all! This indicates the fact that there were Star Gates on our Midgard-earth which provided contact with many constellations of our galaxy.

The Multi-Gate Circle on Troara-Earth was destroyed (torn to pieces) by the nuclear blow and this planet-Earth is turned into lifeless desert for a long time. Therefore, all Gates between Worlds which were in the Troara-earth “string” had to be switched to another key planet with a working Multi-Gate Circle. Perun tells the Keepers of the Gates exactly how to do this:

For the zarbin Circle to be recovered, And the Spiral between Worlds to shine again,

You must extract the Crystals of Motion, From the part which grows dark.

You must insert the Inglia Crystals, Instead of the outermost Svarga Crystals of Motion

Destined for Svarga’s Palaces…The Light of the Other World manifested in Nav

Will shine in the Inglia Crystals, And its powerful stream

Will recover the zarbin luminescence…

What does this all mean? The Svarga Crystals of Motion provide the ability to displace within the boundaries of our Universe, in our World, but they are unable to plug a “bulb” in a new “string.” The activation of the Gates (switching on a “bulb”) takes place when our World (our Universe) is linked with other World-Universes.

There must be a transition from one point of our Universe to another through the Other World. The point is that the natural laws of both our World-Universe and other Worlds stop acting in the area of linking. There is a neutral area, some kind of a “door” between the World-Universes, where the natural laws, as we understand them, do not work.
In my opinion that is called the singularity, zero point or the void, the connection between the membranes of Universes via black and white holes.
Modern science gives a very “simple” explanation of this phenomenon: being under the influence of certain energies, electrons break through the potential barrier and “jump”. The electrons disappear in one place and appear in another at some distance from the place of disappearance. When the electrons disappear, they do not exist in our World-Universe and this is most important. This in essence as what we would call teleportation so, If they do not exist in our World-Universe, although for a very short period of time, there is a question: where they are then? And the answer to this question is quite simple… they are in another World-Universe which differs from ours qualitatively, where completely different natural laws operate Similar phenomena are observed when passing through the Gates between Worlds. A person enters a “door” in one place and appears in other place through another “door” similar to the first one. There is a principle difference: a person is not driven at a high speed like electrons in quantum tunnelling; the necessary qualitative state is created by a special device, the Star Gates. A material, called zarbin, plays the most important part in this device, more precisely, the Circle made of zarbin.
There are many gates across this planet, but one of the more obvious doors is by Lake Titikaka, a door way into the mountain, most mountains and certainly volcanos are portals of some kind, which we told you in a recent show, that access has been totally cut off from the SSP, SS being the operative word, all military on this planet are controlled by the others and rogue families with high elements of DNA non human, SSp is a breakaway faction of those elements.
If you see the pictures of the gateway by Lake Titikaka you will see the evidence stated in Vedas texts, where it says The Gates between Worlds are now fused stone, when you see the picture of that door you are likely looking at the evidence of one of the fused gates.
So, how is this fixed, well Dark will do anything to not have people co-operating and working stuff out together, but we are many, and many are now waking up to the reality of ours and many others combined situations, and have spent many years, lifetimes and re-incarnations getting to a point of solving this problem, and restoring worlds, rasing consciousness, understanding in harmony with all others, like the great teachers the Urs had accomplished before disaster struck.

As soon as you see an even shine of the Spiral On the zarbin Circle,

You must change the Crystals back as they were, Because the Other World will be in front of you. Know, the Light of the Other World is baneful, It takes the radiation of Souls…

And Mind dims in the Rays of the Other World, Powerless to understand what is happening with the Soul…

And the life of unreasonable, soulless creatures, Does not go to Svarga, but it goes to Hell…

And there they pine away in darkness, Knowing neither themselves nor what has happened.
This is an interesting verse, to change it back via the Crystals you will see the other world again, riddle with irradiated souls, this proves there was nuclear weapons here long before the last century, as I keep saying in the shows, technology is not now or a science fictional future but it is the past, they just introduce it at certain times to fulfill an agenda.
2nd part mentions something that has only recently been made aware of, the soulless creatures, which we have covered in a few shows. In the final judgement they will not survive as we transition into a new phase of space/time that is more conducive to soul growth and evolutionary development of the living organic souls in here.
So this was a traumatic time for many billions of souls and why Perun then appeared before the Keepers of Ways after Da’Aria had sank in the ocean abyss because the nearest Moon, Lelia, had fallen on Midgard-earth.

  1. The reason for his appearance was the damage of the permanent interplanetary transport network called the system of Gates between Worlds. The greater part of this system was deactivated because of the nuclear blow inflicted by Dark Forces to a key planet, Troara-Earth, where the Multi-Gate Circle was located and replenished this transport system with power.
  2. The star wars between Light and Dark Forces have lasted for dozens of thousands of years and our Midgard-earth for several reasons has an important value for both sides. More precisely, Dark Forces try to take it, while Light Forces try to prevent this.
  3. Dark Forces need to occupy Midgard-earth, not to destroy it. Otherwise they would have used a nuclear weapon a long time ago, which they did many times with other planets, as it follows from the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas. The appearance of their bulwarks (bases) on Lelia, the nearest to our Midgard-earth Moon, confirms their aspiration to seize our Earth, not to destroy it.

Perun, as a representative of the higher hierarchy of the union of civilizations, in which our planet was granted a membership, as a colony of migrants from other planets, which were the members of this interstellar Light Forces union, came to Midgard-earth in the period of the next tension between Light and Dark Forces. He passed on the information about the interplanetary transport network breakage and necessary actions for its renewal, reported about a fundamentally new tactic and strategy applied by Dark Forces during their offensive actions against civilizations, members of the Light Forces union, and also gave out information about the supposed actions of Dark Forces and their consequences concerning Midgard-earth.
This is covered in the next verse:
The Volkhv Sviatozar, From the glorious Clan of the SviatoRusov, asked:

Tell us, Father-Perun, What will happen to the Saint Land of the Great Race

And with the Faith of our Ancestors? Tell us, Light God,

If a severe time will come For the Sons of the Great Race,

Who will be able to save the Saint Land of the Great Race…

And the descendants of the Celestial Clan?
A terrible ordeal inexorably approached our Midgard-earth—a direct contact with the legions of Dark Forces, which devoured everything healthy and strong like a cancer tumour. Our planet was destined to become a ground for these parasitic forces. It was inevitable, because of certain periodical processes happening in the Universe. Then, Light Forces did not possess the abilities to resist Dark Forces so that they could protect themselves from aggression, and completely neutralize the enemy.

Our Midgard-earth was extremely important for Light Forces, because they attempted to create a new qualitative civilization of Light Forces, which would possess a level of power inaccessible for anyone, when it would be possible to influence the global processes of the Universe by the force of mind, which was being implemented by the Urs in connection with peoples of Rus and Slavonics, of which they attempted to then spread out, to teach others across the planet. Unfortunately, Dark Forces knew about it and they undertook one attempt after another to seize Midgard-earth. They wanted very much to take advantage of the results created by Light Forces and exactly this is a typical approach of a social parasite.
Dark Forces had learnt the lessons of their past defeats and dramatically changed their strategy and tactics of actions. Possessing certain knowledge and abilities of a parasite, Dark Forces began to penetrate through the immature elements of Light Forces. Skillfully playing on ambitions and spiritual blindness, they created situations when through these elements they could get very important information about the systems of protection of the Earth-planets which were on the Light Forces’ side. This has echoes of today, where people with ambitions sell themselves and everyone else out for selfish purposes, I did a piece recently about the two main issues we face, fear and seducement, far too many have sold out to the Dark Forces for fame, wealth and fake titles, King this Pindar that all an illusion of control, that too many people with lack of morals and weakness, all too easily succumb to.
This became possible when Nature itself involuntarily favoured them. It was a periodic change of the streams of the primary matters, which form both our and other Universes that created an “Achilles’ heel” for Light Forces. The domination of one or another primary matter in the overall streams of primary matters dramatically influences the evolutional development of reasoning creatures at the initial stages of their development. Dark Forces used precisely this temporal evolutional vulnerability of young and developing civilizations.
So in essence humanity was about to go through a developmental transition back then and like now, dark forces have tried to ramp it up and stall or prevent it, this time will be different.

The power and density fluctuations of one or another primary matter streams are periodical.

Each World-Universe has its own order of the primary matters which dominate in the overall stream; it is determined by the quantitative and qualitative structure of this World-Universe. The domination of streams of certain primary matters can cause instability and vulnerability in people, and create favourable conditions for Dark Forces to influence the civilizations on their initial intra-planetary phases of development, when the majority of reasoning creatures have not crossed the area considered to be dangerous for the positive evolutional development.
This speaks of the awake and unawakened in our midst, they failed to heed the many calls, failed to address any of the symptoms of the dark, within themselves or collectively, and why I said over two years ago it is too late for them now.
Nothing too bad will happen to them, but they will have to face their own judgements and rememberances, our own judgements are often far more severe than external ones.
They will go on for more development phases as I understand it.
It should also be noted that no one who listens to this and other shows is responsible for others not awakening themselves, each person is responsible ultimately only for themselves, it’s called personal responsibility, that oh so few actually exhibit.
So, please don’t beat yourself up because those close to you failed themselves, you should not carry any guilt for the failure of others, please re-enforce that to yourselves, no guilt no shame and no regrets please.
Dark Forces use precisely this time and this evolutional stage of development for capturing reasoning creatures and converting them into their obedient instruments. If a civilization succeeded in general in getting through this dangerous “evolutional window”, all the following fluctuations of the power and density of the primary matters streams, do not have any serious negative influence for the evolutional development of this civilization. Unfortunately for our Midgard-earth’s civilization, Dark Forces stirred to greater activity, timing their next attempt exactly to the beginning of the period when it was crossing this dangerous “evolutional window.”
The next verse tells the following:
Know people, the stream of the River of Time will bring hard times

To the Sacred Land of the Great Race…Only Priests-Keepers of the Ancient

Knowledge and Secret Wisdom Will remain on this Land…

Because people will use The force of Midgard-earth’s elements

And destroy the Small Moon Together with their beautiful World …

And the Circle of Svarog will turn then, And the human Souls will be horrified…
“Only Priests-Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge and Secret Wisdom will remain on this Land…” (this could well be describing what is known as The Elders, explained in the Shane shows who have lived for thousands of years, take note these are not related to any fake Chinese Elders)
So only the higher caste of priests-keepers where able to avoid the danger of the Dark Forces influence, because they would have already passed the intra-planetary cycle of evolutional development and, therefore, would be immune to it. All the others, who failed in completing this evolutional stage of their development, would be unable to withstand the “virus”.
As stated earlier, it is clear this planet was in part, used as a safe house for refugees fleeing war and destruction on their home worlds, and this is why I get pissy with people saying we don’t want refugees in our country, it is just wrong on so many levels, the question is, what if most of the souls resided here currently, are all refugees? Does that change your opinion, for those who won’t welcome refugees in their time of need, perhaps they need to think and act differently with the new knowledge available.

The described events reflect the consequences of the armed conflict between the Ancient Slavonic-Aryan Empire and Antlan (Atlantis), its province which had separated from it. It happened over 13 000 years ago. The war for world domination resulted in the planetary catastrophe, when the small Moon, Fatta, was destroyed and its fragments fell down on Midgard-earth, causing tremendous natural cataclysms. The axis of Midgard-earth changed its angle to 23.5 degrees (And the Circle of Svarog will turn then), the continental plates began to move, causing powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; the clouds of volcanic ash, thrown into the higher layers of the atmosphere hid what they called the Yarilo-sun; twilight set in for a long time; vast areas of dry land sank into the ocean abyss, while the others emerged from it.

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean hid in its depths the rebellious Antlan (Atlantis) forever.

New mountain ranges rose at once, giant tsunamis turned around Midgard-earth several times, the climate was dramatically changed. All this cast Midgard-earth civilization from the intergalactic level to the level of almost complete savagery with rare islands of civilization which the Priests-Keepers managed to preserve. Perun warns his listeners precisely about these events:
The Great night will wrap Midgard-earth. And the Celestial Fire will destroy many Lands of Earth…

Vast Deserts will be there, Where wonderful gardens flowered…
Seas will be rolling on Where life-giving dry land was

And high mountains covered by eternal snows will appear, Where sea waves washed…
This all took place 13027 year ago, which was around 3000 years before the Draco arrived here, stating they were coming here to save us, whilst all the time plotting with the dark forces to gain maximum advantage, the Keepers of the Ways known as The Elders did advise humanity to not align with The Draco, that advice was ignored, and The Elders then sat back and watched us fail.
Up until 2014 there was still 11 Elders here from that time, and I tried with Shane to arrange a meeting of how they could help us in the now, but it seems they too were in the pockets of The Draco as that meeting was refused or ignored, during 2015 it was relayed to me that two of them left, at least one of them due to suicide.
It should be noted for listeners, those at the top end of the game appear to have a no kill policy, but they efforts of the dark is to get people into a state, whereby they take their own lives, this has a devastating karmic effect on the individual in the next life, as they drop down a scale of personal evolution.
During the war between the Ancient Slavonic-Aryan Empire and Antlan (Atlantis) nuclear weapons and the psi-influenced forces of Nature were applied, the conditions here were described clearly.
People will hide in caves from, The poisoned death-bearing rains,

And will eat the flesh of animals, Because the fruits will be filled with poisons

And, having eaten them, many people will die …

The poisoned streams of water will bring, Death to the Children of the Great Race and Descendants of the Celestial Clan, And thirst will make people suffer…
It reduced Midgard-earth’s civilization from the level of a colony of the enormous union of Light Forces civilizations to a level of primitive savagery. In times of full strife the lessons learned it seems can return us in an instant, back to the primitive everyone for themselves mode, and subsequently have and have nots, aligned with divide and conquer.
The reason for this horrible situation was the spiritual immaturity of Antlan’s higher caste, the representatives of which were, beyond measure, carried away by technology, forgetting about the spiritual aspect of development. Possessing knowledge sufficient to create high technologies, they, nevertheless, remained spiritually immature. The conditions for inharmonious development had originated in the midst of this civilization created by the migrants, natives of one of the Slavonic-Aryan tribes, the Ants, and, in the course of time, led to the desire to dominate the whole World.

These distorted souls became a nutrient medium for the Dark Forces “virus” and created an environment which allowed the Dark Forces secret emissaries to penetrate into our planet.

Star parasites succeeded in penetrating our Midgard-earth. From this moment, the nuclear catastrophe which happened thirteen thousand years ago became inevitable. Ours became one of the Earth-planets infected by a Dark Forces virus. (this could well be related to the fractal virus described in our shows and also in greater detail by Sunfire and Tanaath) The secret preparation of the representatives of Antlan’s ruling caste, infected with this virus, for taking the power on the planet by force resulted in the nuclear war, which, in its turn, resulted in the catastrophe which eliminated the majority of those who were affected by the Dark virus. However, small groups of the higher hierarchs of Antlan (Atlantis) managed to board Vitmanas and Vitmaras at the moment of the catastrophe, survived and became those Dark Forces’ seeds which “fruits” we “harvest” even now:
Following the advice of Strangers, Who secretly arrived on Midgard-earth,

People will start to take the Life of each other…

For the sake of a sip of fresh water and a piece of clean food
And they will forget the Ancient Wisdom And the Laws of the God-Creator
The great Disunion will come to the World of Midgard

And only Priests-Keepers of the Sacred Land of the Great Race

Will keep the purity of the Ancient Knowledge, Despite all ordeals, privations and death.
So the earth inhabitants of our planet had now become infected by the Dark Forces “virus”,

Midgard-earth was isolated from other Earth-planets of the Light Forces. The Gates between

Worlds (Star Gates) on our Midgard-earth were disconnected from the transport system of Light Force civilizations to prevent the “virus” penetrating other planets. Our Midgard-earth was put into quarantine, which will last until our planet either rids itself of this “virus”, thus, getting immunity to it, or is destroyed by Dark Forces. There is no other option.
It is safe to say we are in one of those times now, whereby certain people on this planet have cleansed themselves sufficiently of the virus and it’s temptations of the dark ways, this is why everything currently is in chaos, one desperate group clinging onto the old paradigm, which despite their protestations to the contrary, has failed, and one group pushing forward with the new paradigm and a potential return to the old way of being, taught by the teachers to the general populous and then spread out across the lands.
The Gates between Worlds located on Midgard-earth were disconnected because Dark Forces had penetrated our planet, and the danger of their further penetration through the Gates to other Planets-Earth which were connected with Midgard-earth to the united interstellar transport network, occurred. That is why the Gates between Worlds do not function at present. And they will not function until our planet is free from the influence of the interstellar parasitic system. The Russian language has preserved some traces which indicate the use of the Gates in the past. The word to leap (sigat’) meant the same then as it means now, except for the fact that one leaped not from one step to another, but from one planet to another through the Gates between Worlds. This adds to a whole new meaning an understanding of one leap for man, one giant leap for mankind, does it not.

The point is that a sig in the Slavonic-Aryan tradition is a time unit equal to approximately 1/300-billionth fraction of a second. Accordingly, the word sigat’ initially meant almost instantaneous transition from one point of space to another through the Gates between Worlds or in the process of teleportation. So, there are traces of the Great Past in Russian, we need only to think about the sense of the words which we use every day…

The Night of Svarog which has lasted for the last millennium is over now. The dawn of the Day of Svarog has already begun and Dark Forces have no chance of waiting for a new Night of Svarog to try again taking complete control over Midgard-earth. Humanity has to take the next step along the evolutional ladder during the Day of Svarog. If this happens, the next Night of Svarog will not help the Dark Forces to attain their goal. They know this perfectly well and this is the reason why the last Night of Svarog was the most terrible and bloodiest out of all previous Nights. The dark, parasitic forces have almost succeeded in gaining their object, especially during the last century of the Night.
So the next 1000 years the day of the Svarog is all about the progression of the species, and our spiritual and evolution developments, which will ultimately restore the common bond we had with the other 27 earths connected to the Gate, for those with negative thought processes, this does not mean it will take 1000 years to complete, this version of humans is the most creative of all the different races by far, we develop in 10K years, what takes the draco 120K years for same progression to build whatever is required,
It is expected that it will take 40 years before the full changes are made on this planet, we will all see and have seen great changes in just last 2 years, but there is 489 different aspects of life that has to be deleted, corrected or totally altered during that time period.
The biggest key to that is the same as all developing species, the offspring, they have to be taught or others brought in to teach them so they go onto to teach the next generation, by that time the two older generations here now, will have passed on and taken with them the few with development or the majority with their over programmed hived mind thinking with them.
This set the platform for humanity to really go on a fast drive forward of personal and collective development.
Will there still be issues, likely for next 10 years I would think, but as more gets exposed, there is less of them to propagate the dark system of control, whereby it will become and be considered almost a laughing stock to continue in the failed ways of the past.
Remember it is us who provides them with their platform to operate, we are their batteries, well if the batteries take back their own power, they have nothing left to run on, and then in a huge piece of irony, it is they who will turn on each other and devour themselves, just like they did to us in the past. Karma and irony it seems, can be a bitch.
Many people would love to travel on space craft, many of you may not realize you already have and that wasn’t a pleasant experience for most who endure that, next topic will be all about crafts used here in time of The Rus and Slavonic Aryan race.

There were two main craft here used by the Urs and the peoples, Vitmanas and Vitmaras.
In addition to the Gates between Worlds, our ancestors used spaceships, Vitmanas, for displacing to other Earth-planets. In the past Vitmanas were used for reaching the planets which did not have Star Gates. Let us remember that the Gates should be installed on a “sending” planet and a “receiving” one. There are the followings reasons for the absence of the Gates on a planet:

  1. A planet has reasoning life, but it is not a member of the given union of civilizations for

one or another reason.

  1. A planet has reasoning life, but its civilization is at the initial stage of development and

therefore, is not ready for interstellar contacts.

  1. A planet does not have reasoning life and there are only research bases on it.
  2. A planet does not have life and is not of any interest to the union of civilizations.
  3. A planet is unknown to the union of civilizations.

Vitmanas were also used for space travelling between planets which did not have the Gates between Worlds, they were used for cargo and people transportation at long distance (from one Earth-planet to another) and for short distance (within the boundaries of one planet). And this is not a supposition. Let us read The Tale about Finest, the Brave Falcon:

“… Then the Brave Falcon said loudly: — Farewell, my fair maiden! If you need me, you will find me, although I will be far away! Before you can see me, you must cross Three-by-Nine Earths and come to the Three-and-Tenth Palace. You will have to wear out seven pairs of iron boots and eat seven iron loaves.”

What do Three-by-Nine Earths mean? Where or what is it? Is it a distance or a location of some place? This is both things. Our ancestors called other planets Earths, and Three-by-Nine Earths means twenty seven Earths (planets) of the Yarila-sun system, (which in meaning is the Central Spiritual Sun, and not the Sun of the Solar System itself,  which was the number of the inhabited planets united in one system. It was not the number of planets revolving around a star. In other words, Midgard-earth was a member of the union of civilizations, which was called the Yarila-sun system and had twenty-seven inhabited Earth-planets! These twenty-seven planets constituted a united interstellar system, which had one hierarchy, a unified system of laws and, most likely, one and the same culture and language for communication which was … the Old Russian which has changed very little since then!

Moreover, the Brave Falcon indicates in what constellation his planet of the Yarila-sun system will be—in the Three-and-Tenth Palace; i.e. he will be in the thirteenth constellation of the system which corresponds to the Slavonic-Aryan name of the constellation of Finest on the Circle of Svarog. For Nastenka to get there, she must cover Three-by-Nine Far Distances, (or 27 Far Distances).

Thus, if we know the meaning of the words and understand their original sense, a few phrases dropped by the Brave Falcon, will transform into the precise co-ordinates of the place where she will find him. In her sleep Nastenka had heard the Brave Falcon’s words and in the morning decided to go searching for him, having a clear idea of where she could find her promised.

First, she had to find a spaceship, the Vitmana, to travel to other Earth-planets:

“… Nastenka had not been travelling for a day, or two days, or even three days: It was a very long journey. She crossed open country, urman woods and high mountains. Birds sang songs to her in the fields, urman woods welcomed her, she admired the whole world from high mountains, and she finally reached an astounding valley from which trade Vitmanas took off into the boundless heavens. Nastenka entreated good people; they allowed her to board their trade Vitmana and she left for a long journey to the place which lay Three-by-Nine Far Distances from her beloved Earth After a long way she reached: “…an astounding valley from which trade Vitmanas took off…This means that people knew about landing strips for spaceships, trade Vitmanas. And if there were trade Vitmanas then there were trade relations between our Midgard-earth and other Earth-planets.

Someone can object: this is a tale, it is all fiction.

First, a tale is a narration about real events of the past slightly embellished by some bright images.

The fact that the landing space grounds exist can be proved by very solid confirmations which no sceptic can dispute. In 1999 Professor Chuvyrov found a stone plate in the southern part of the Urals near Chandar village. This plate proved to be a relief map of the West-Siberian region (rivers: Belaya, Ufimskaya and Sutolka). Even today it is impossible to create a map similar to this one. In addition to the natural landscape it has 2 systems of channels with a general extension of 12,000 kilometres and a width of 500 metres each and 12 dams, 300-500 metres wide, up to 10 kilometres long and up to 3 kilometres deep.

Second, there are several diamond-shaped “strange” platforms near these channels on this map. The image on the surface of the map is made on a scale of 1:1,1 km. There are also some written signs on the stone plate in the form of hieroglyphic-syllabic letters, which for some reason were at once considered to be the Old Chinese language. Later this was proven not to be true.

This three-dimensional map contains details, the mapping of which demands at the least, the existence of artificial satellites and technologies unknown to modern civilization.

Professor A. Chuvyrov also discovered the Governor-general of the city of Ufa’s archival documents of the 18th century, where the latter mentions 200 white stone plates, which allegedly had been found near Chandar village (Nurimanovskij district). It is supposed that, all put together, they formed a three-dimensional map of our planet, Midgard-earth. Professor Chuvyrov’s new expedition found the second stone plate that confirms the archival information. It is improbable that all plates could be found, but what has already been found is sufficient to prove that a highly developed civilization existed on Midgard-earth, which was a member of the system which united many civilizations of the galaxy quite recently, thirteen to fifteen thousand years ago. The finding of these volumetric maps totally confirms the information from the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas and turns them into a reliable source of information about the past of our civilization.

It appears that these diamond-shaped platforms served as landing grounds for Vitmanas. Alexander Nikolaevich Chuvyrov found out that several grounds of different forms (from diamond-shaped to three-cornered) and different sizes were on the relief map.

The purpose for these grounds remained a mystery to the researchers. However, they are nothing but landing grounds for Vitmanas and Vitmaras of different purposes and size. For example, the size of the diamond-shaped grounds is simply enormous and, most likely, served for enormous Vitmaras to take off and land. To clarify the situation, I will give the information from the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas about the purpose of our ancestors’ spaceships. Vitmaras were mother-spaceships which could carry 144 Vitmanas. Most likely, Vitmaras were spaceships of intergalactic connection and reconnaissance. We were both travellers of time and space as the song says

Let us pay attention to the followings lines in the Tale: “… urman woods welcomed her, she admired the whole world from high mountains, and she finally reached an astounding valley from which trade Vitmanas flew into the boundless heavens…” The words urman woods say nothing to modern man. But urman woods covered the slopes of the Urman Mountains which is the old name for the Urals (which later were called the Riphean Mountains)! So we have already heard about the group of teachers known as the Urs who went onto teach man, and they clearly became one when you breakdown the names of the places in Russia. Urman woods the cojoining of the two, and the main set of mountains in Russia is the Ural, or UR and AL, AL like EL means god, but they had a different meaning of god back then compared to now, it just meant higher evolved being.
These beings had gone through their initial development on a planetary level, followed by 7 levels of galactic level and 7 levels presumably of Universal development, to then be able to spread their wisdom amongst the developing species.
The UR name is in 3 of our planets Saturn, Mercury and Uranus, you think that is a co-incidence? or maybe why American spellings have dropped the U before the R in many words? like colo-ur to col-or.
Or the fact that there is a place in Russia that far predates the middle east called Urusalem – oops that will rattle a few people no doubt. Let’s break it down UR-Rus -salem, Ur are the teachers, Rus where the learners and tasked to spread the message of Light and Salem means peace, Urusalem was the original name in Russia of what is now known as Jerusalem, even the current Jerusalem was not the only one, as Constantine created Jerusalem as Constantinople.
In the UK the most favorite hymn is Jerusalem, a line in the song tells you it is not a fixed place, but transient, And was Jerusalem builded here, Among these dark Satanic Mills? I will not cease from Mental Fight, Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand: Till we have built Jerusalem, In Englands green & pleasant Land.
It was written in 1804 in relation to a story of Jesus with Joseph of Arimathea travelling to England, then known as Albion, then to Glastonbury.
I have spoken to people who have recall of the time of the teacher more commonly known as Jesus, and there are some depictions of it in hidden paintings and murals, all of them say he had blue eyes, blue eyes are not native to middle eastern climes, but they are native to more northern climes and the people’s known as The Aryans, question is what if Jesus was really a fake name given by Roman Church, for a specific agenda, and the real Jesus was Russian or Rus having blue eyes? Is there further evidence to support the people known as Jesus and Mary Magdelene were not from middle east, yes, depictions in Last supper and other art pieces hidden mainly but I have been able to view a few, Mary Magdelene was a blue eyed blonde, she lived on in France under the protection of Knight’s Templars until the Roman church military killed her after hunting her and her children down for years, but her last child managed to flee before they slayed her and all of her followers. If you think the crimes of the RC church are new, think again, they have been a blight on humanity from day one, and they run and operate on behalf of the dark forces, period. Jesus’s real name was Radomir (why do you think the Russians called their space station mir) and it is my belief that he was part of the Urs teachers and Mary was one of the Rus, it is also possible that both were Urs also.
Both of them were special people with abilities, Nicolai and Svetlana Levashov also had the same special abilities, both were slain by the same dark system, but their memories and also Radomir and Mary’s will live on, and we should thank them for their services to humanity, but here is the kicker, why does society only listen after these teachers of light have already died? A lesson we must all learn it seems.
In some aspects the name can be seen as not being important, others due to word magic are, but the teachings and ways are of ultimate importance.
The main people of the URs named were Perun, whose son was Tarkh and his wife Tara, the latter being important as the crystals in her name are the ones to fix the gates, Tara travelled also to Ireland and there is a hill of Tara named as a sacred place there, and what is common of the Irish race? blue eyes, who sent armies to destroy the Irish and their history? RC church sent Dutch and British kings after them, William of Orange and all, ya see it is all about erasing history, so they can rewrite their own bs narrative.
History it seems is not what it appears to be does it, our truth of what happened here on Midgard is distorted beyond all reason, but are these shows done the truth for you, that is your choice. One hopes it makes you think  and act in a different way, and research these topics for yourself. The truth they say never fears investigation, and yet we are denied knowledge on a plethora of things, why? Because they wish to continue to leave us floundering in the dark, only when the faith comes through will we begin to heal and go forward again.
The gist of this piece was not to denigrate whole people’s far from it, the gist is to combine all people’s together as one, with a common enemy, we will only do that from a position of full knowledge.  It may well get attention that it is targetting the Jewish, religions and black groups, but might I remind listeners I have spent way more time on our shows, highlight crimes of the white race also, and I don’t hear anyone complaining about that.
Bush, Clintons, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair, Churchill, UK and EU royals, British Empire, Dutch Empire, nazis all those groups are white, and I have never heard one complaint from a white person saying I am denigrating the white people.
So one hopes some will not see this piece, and use it as an excuse to deflect and distract under the banner of racism, as what has been made clear is colors, races and countries did not matter to the various peoples the Urs, Rus, Slavonic Aryans met, only to teach them to change from the dark forces ways, of bloodshed and sacrifice. Otherwise why would Iran who are not white skinned per se, name their country The Land of the Aryans and was the original site of Manna Kingdom.
Manna means a divinely supplied spiritual nourishment.
We cannot allow the continuation of stifling the narrative under the banner of it offends this or that, if those people are that shallow in their understanding, that criticizing poor behavior and at times heinous behaviors of their particular culture, either in the past, now or future is deemed racist or wrong, then you have lost not only any moral fortitude but what it means to be human.
It is about love, compassion, understanding, caring and sharing and not violence, anger, greed and self serving.
We have a real chance to go forward for a better world for all, we can only do that by coming together and learning the truth together, truth is painful and also traumatic, but also a life lesson, if history keeps ignoring life lessons, we will continue to endure the devastatingly corrupt, perverted and dark world we see today.
Time we all learned to be a beacon of truth, have large doses of humility and engineer a new spirit that was set out so far back by the Urs, Rus and Slavonic Ayran race.

Faith had an original meaning, the enlightenment of knowledge. Time we all relearned to collect, absorb, take actions and learned to keep it. Keep the Faith. 


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