From Russia with Love part 6

This is Part 6 of our series and was not originally part of my series, but the information contained is prevalent in today’s world, I felt I had to release the information now, and we all get a greater understanding of world issues and also what happened to Russia.
Repeated looting of it’s treasures, vaults, industries and people, all done by the same hidden hand peoples that live amongst us today, weaving it’s web of sacrifice and harvesting, that spread like a cancer all over this planet.
What was Part 6 will now become Part 7, this is a much shorter part than most of the previous 5, but no less intriguing, impactful and dare I say it in some parts fairly explosive in terms of knowledge, it will not disappoint you.
This show is like financial tyranny on steroids, that will stagger, shock and dumfound you in equal measure, you will realize how far they will go, it will connect more dots and shine the light on the cockroaches of the planet, beyond all reason.
This is intel in booming form that will make many uncomfortable globally as they thought they could hide forever, not no more they can’t, a lot of what you will hear tonight will be very new.
The tales of Russia has been rewritten by the victors several times over, most of which is not based on fact.
It’s global achievements ignored, the advancements of spirituality, knowledge, technology and wisdom rendered mute outside of small circles within that vast country, those advancements need to be spread globally, not only for the benefit of the Russian people, but for us all.
Their ancient ways can teach us much, no longer must it hide in small circles it needs to be expanded out to the world, the world needs to hear the real Russia and it’s past, which will impact us all, like it did in times of Da’Arya, more commonly known as Hyperborea and it’s sister island Thule.
The music tonight will reflect the Rus Slavonic peoples, this is etched into Nordic, Scandavian, Irish, Scottish music and much of Europe and lives on and through it today, I hope you all enjoy it.

THE ILLUMINATI, ROTHSCHILDS CLAN AND ZIDOMASONS, WHO STOLE FROM RUSSIA, ruined the USSR, are robbing Russia and trying to establish in it a monarchy and settle foreigners…

The pillage of Russia began as early as the reign of the Russian Tsar Alexander II. In 1876, the Rothschild billionaires concluded with the Russian Tsar, an agreement for the storage of Russian gold in Spain.
Gold in the amount of 47,800 tons was laid in the mountains of Spain, and the Tsar of Russia determined 19 people as the custodians of this gold in Spain.
These are some of the former trustees of what is now known as The Manna World Holding Trust, none of them did anything for humanity, only to serve themselves.
One of the Rothschild’s became a financial manager in the royal treasury, and the Rothschild’s clan stores all documents for this gold in the state of California, USA, and is currently the owner of this gold, except they are not as it all belongs to The Trust now.
In 1904, a group of representatives of 48 states (G-48) at a secret meeting in Paris, approved the Procedure for the Establishment of the International Financial System (IFS) and the World Monetary Source, nice precursor for the coming monstrosity known as the Federal Reserve.
The Russian Tsar Nicholas II, in agreement with the leaders of other states, decided to create the League of Nations (now called the UN), said to improve trade relations between countries, but the reality of it was much different, it was decided on the basis of the League of Nations, to create a single World Financial Center with its own currency.
To create a “golden pool” of the League of Nations, Russia through the banker of the House of Romanov, Edward Rothschild, contributed to the “authorized capital” of the World Financial System (IFS) by delivering 48,600 tons of gold to the US, which was then sent to the Fort Knox store.
With this delivery of gold to the US in 1904-1912, Russia received rights to assets in the Golden Pool in the amount of 52 billion dollars in gold.
But the Rothschild’s deceived Nicholas II, the Emperor of Russia, after he took out the gold to ensure the operation of the new world currency, then the Rothschild’s forced US President Woodrow Wilson, with troubled finances for his election campaign, to transfer to their private property the Federal Reserve System together with the gold of the “Golden Pool”, in other words The Rothschild’s asset backed the Fed with Russian assets.
In 1912, HSBC Bank issued 12 Liberty Bond certificates, which was transferred to the US President, which then in 1913 were deposited in the banks of the US FED system.
The Federal Reserve Act was signed two days before Christmas in 1913 by US President Woodrow Wilson in exchange for funding his election campaign, with the Rothschild’s, and thereby deprived the America of it’s political and financial independence.
The Federal Reserve was created – a private enterprise of the Rothschild’s, founded in 1910, during a secret conference on the island of Jekyll, all very fitting they did it on Jekyll Island as the evil played by Mr. Hide and seek with our finances and freedoms, this meeting which included all major US banks and banks of other states.
A huge share (88.8%) of participation in the Federal Reserve System and in the share of the World Money Source belongs to Russia, and the remaining 11.2% to 43 International Beneficiaries.
Receipts in the amount of 88.8% having Security Code 1226, corresponded to the International Code of the Geneva Register of the Permanent Representative Organization 14646 ACS HQ / PRO 14646 ACS HQ, of the Higher International Committee of the League of Nations (subsequently the UN), are under the control of the Rothschild’s, and were transferred to the family of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II in 6 copies.
The annual income for these deposits was fixed at 4%, including the “LIBOR rate”, and denoted the annual interest rate for the use of the Gold Deposit, now you know why the clowns were refixing and fiddling the LIBOR rate, involving all banks, yet again all at the Rothschild’s request.
It is my understanding that the 4% interest has not been paid to asset holders since 1961.
The LIBOR rate was to be paid annually to that state, and to that representative that pledged gold, but this was not done as agreed, by the order of the Rothschild’s who then unleashed World War I.
This rate instead of the transfer to Russia annually settled on account X-1786 of the World Bank for 300,000 accounts in 72 International Banks, what was accounted for in World Bank operations, three signatures were identified for each account, only one of which was true.
The accounts are subject to 8 committees: AK-1, AK-2, and so on to AK-8.
The resources on these accounts are the property of the holders of the IFS (G4-8) and they have a separate accounting from the outstanding dollars, The United Nation International High Committee determines the Commissioners authorized to execute the Issue.
Notice in 1904 there was a G48 and now it is G4-8, so they dropped around 40 states out of the agreement.
These institutions are the FED, provider of financial instruments, and the Treasury Department of Washington D.C., cash collection facilities for the financial instruments based on the World Bank’s X-1786 account resources.
All these documents confirming the gold pledged in the Federal Reserve from Russia in the amount of 48,600 tons, the mother of Tsar Nicholas II, Maria Fyodorovna Romanova, placed it in a Swiss bank, which is accessible only by the heirs, and is controlled by the Rothschild clan, ah the neutral Swiss again playing the lead role.
Initially, all the gold certificates that belonged to Russia, the Emperor Nicholas II, were left for storage to Grigory Efimovich Rasputin who was the most Spiritual Orthodox Hieromonk at that time.
The Rothschild’s gathered a whole Masonic conference at which it was decided to get rid of Grigory Efimovich physically and steal the gold certificates from him.
Samuel Hoare, a resident of British intelligence MI6 in Russia, and part-time representative of the English General Staff at the Russian General Staff, led this operation.
Rumours began to circulate that Rasputin and Alexandra Fedorovna were leaders of a pro-German court group, and were seeking a separate peace deal with the Central Powers in order to help the survival of the autocracy in Russia, this was during WW1.
These rumours were picked up by MI6 agents based in Russia, John Scale, a British agent working in Petrograd recorded: “German intrigue was becoming more intense daily.
Enemy agents were busy whispering of peace, and hinting how to get it by creating disorder, rioting, etc and that things looked very bleak, not for peace oh no, these people never wanted peace, they wanted war and the spoils of Russia, as this next piece confirms.
Recently released files show that Samuel Hoare, the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service in Petrograd, sent a message to Mansfield Smith-Cumming, the head of MI6, now under the banner of OSS.
Hoare said he believed that Rasputin was sabotaging the Russian war effort, and if he was murdered “the country would be freed from the sinister influence that was striking down its natural leaders, and endangering the success of its armies in the field.” What he means by natural leaders is not a reference to the Russian people, but the Zionists.
The fear was that Rasputin’s influence would eventually persuade Tsar Nicholas II, to negotiate a separate peace with Germany.
This would have created serious military problems for British troops fighting in Europe it was noted, it shows how cold and empty souled these people are, “created serious military problems for troops” said like war is some sort of a day trip parade, all wars create serious problems for the people fighting in them.
Rasputin was lured to Yusufov’s house, and at that moment his apartment on Gorokhovaya Street, 20 was thoroughly searched, they turned everything upside down, but the certificates were no longer there.
Grigory anticipating the end gave them to the Tsar, who in turn left them in the custody of his God-Son Peter Nikolaevich Dolgorukov, then, copies of the gold certificates of the Royal Family were distributed among family members and hidden in different places.
The Rothschild’s clan for 99 years, while the treaty on the creation and formation of the Fed was in effect, and the US dollar was the world currency, have managed the capital of the former Royal Family of Russia.
This clan also managed the capital of the USSR and the Russian Federation, located on the accounts of the Fed, which were exported under the leadership of the Rothschild’s from Russia in the early 20th century.
As the Rothschild’s are no longer in control of these accounts and the Trust is, this is why Kim has been returning some of the funds to Russia, only for clowns there to transfer it to the Rothschild’s led Chinese elements, she will not be sending anymore of Russia’s monies owed, until Putin and Russia get their act together.
For those new just because I said Chinese, do not make the mistake of thinking that is the Chinese government, infact naming countries and blaming countries, is not the correct way to point fingers, they use countries as their vehicle to loot from, China itself wants rid if these clowns also, as they have been looted severely and are in deep trouble financially currently.
Later, the Rothschild’s ruled the capitals of the USSR, under the rule of Lenin and then in the period from 1955, and especially the last thirty years, when the USSR collapsed and the Russian Federation was robbed under the leadership of Boris Yeltsin.
Boris Yeltsin was recruited by the Rothschild’s clan, and incorporated into the administration of the USSR and then the Russian Federation.
Yeltsin in 1994 took initiation in the Knights of the Order of Malta, along with Primakov (Kirshblat), Shevardnadze, Yakovlev, Chernomyrdin, Roman Abramovich, Lisovsky, Shaimiev, Aushev, Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Smolensky, Gaidar, Chubais, Yavlinsky, Borodin, Luzhkov, Sobchak, Grachev, Borovoy, Fedorov, Govorukhin, Tsereteli, Kasparov, Lebedev and many others became masons.
At present, there are more than 500 Masonic lodges in Russia, known as The Order of the White Eagle is headed by the gold mining company of V. Tumanov, awarding masons with orders and medals, ah the seducements elements again, here have some house or contracts, and a nice shiny medal to keep you all distracted.
In the governing bodies of the country, there are now 356 Masons who received orders and medals from the hands of the Chevalier of the Order of Malta – Maria Vladimirovna Romanova and her son Georgy Hohenzollern in recent years.
Maria Vladimirovna Romanova and her son Georgy Hohenzollern, are “false-heirs” of the Russian throne, are constantly in touch with the Rothschild’s and, on the order of the latter, systematically visit Russia and practically set the tone for all masons in the government, and other state bodies of the Russian Federation aimed at the collapse of the Russian Federation, and the establishment of a Russian monarchy.
The State Duma of the Russian Federation and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation are also headed by Masons, under the control of the Rothschild’s clan.
At present, when the FED term dated 1913 expired, the Rothschild’s clan is trying to extend its management of the Fed and Russian capitals and the existence of the US dollar, through the “false heirs” represented by the Chevalier of the Order of Malta – Maria Vladimirovna Romanova and her son George Hohenzollern and other members of the Order of Malta, who rule the Russian Federation in secret from the Russian people, and trying to establish a monarchy in Russia.
Essentially what they are doing here is, installing new controlled Russian royalty into Russia, then demand the return of Russian assets out of The Trust, and then the Rothschild’s has control of the gold again, and starts up a new Fed likely based in Russia, which in trun may anger the Chinese elements, which then creates division between Russia and China, as Rothschild’s will play both sides, this is how these clowns operate at this level.
It was the Rothschild’s clan that in 1917, through their representatives in Russia, Zhivotovsky and Ryabushinsky, financed Trotsky, Lenin and his team, organizing a revolution in Russia, and then demanded Lenin to destroy the entire Tsar Family of Nicholas II, in order to become the owners of all the capital in the FED on behalf of Russia.
And it was only thanks to Stalin, who was a cousin of the father of the Emperor Nicholas II, that a group of people close to Stalin managed to save the Tsar’s family, take them away from Trotsky (deceiving the Rothschild’s themselves) and hide them for many years, such that the people in Russia were unaware of this fact for several decades.
At present, the Rothschild’s clan does not need such a monarchy, after the Hohenzollerns are made monarchs, they will leave the Fed’s founders on behalf of “their grandfather and great-grandfather” Nicholas II, and then the Rothschild’s will have legal grounds to own the money of the whole planet.
The original agreement of 1913, of the Rothschild’s management plans to move the FED to the island of Macau, next to Singapore, but under the jurisdiction of China, and from there the Rothschild’s will manage the entire financial world system, was the plan, that failed.
In Russia, the Rothschild’s plan to create only a duplicating center of FED, which, according to their plans, should be headed by A.S. Voloshin.
Voloshin was retained in the government when Putin took over in 1999, Voloshin resigned on 29 October 2003. While Chief of Staff, Voloshin was widely regarded as pro-business, and his resignation came amidst the prosecution focus on the Yukos Oil Company.
In 2018, he became a secret co-owner of American Ethane with Konstantin Nikolaev, Mikhail Yuriev, and Andrey Kunatbaev, based in Houston Texas and Bush country, no surprise there, and same region where all the stolen oil out of Iraq and Iran is going, funny how you don’t hear in the media of these business transactions, in light of alleged Russian collusion, isn’t it.
The independence of Russia, and indeed, of the rest of the world shall thus come to an end right away. Everything in the world: land, water, forests, natural resources will only be in the Rothschild’s hands, they already through the Christian Fund of V.I. Kobzar bought up all the lands in the European part of the Russian Federation.
In the meantime, the Rothschild’s actually use the main package of the Federal Reserve System – 88.8%, but this property belongs to Russia in the person of its former Emperor Nicholas II, as well as those assets that were taken out by the Rothschild’s during the reign of Lenin.
After that, this export of gold took place according to the international agreements signed by the USSR during the reign of Khrushchev, Perlmutter, Brezhnev, Budilovsky, Andropov, Flekkenstein, during the period of Gorbachev’s rule with the help of the special group “Z”, under the secret Washington agreements and during Yeltsin’s rule through exported capital, and the so-called Yeltsin’s “family”.
It should be emphasized that the group “Z” was established in the USSR on the initiative of the Rothschild’s, after the signing of the Washington agreements, by the Rothschild’s and other Federal Reserve managers Rockefeller, Morgan, Baruch with the traitors of the Russian people (Dolgikh, Falin, Pogodin, Bykovsky, Ermolaev and others) in September 1977.
I think by now we all know who the Z group represents don’t we.
This agreement provided for the training of influence agents, the construction of clandestine factories, the export of gold, diamonds, rare earth metals, oil, money through specially created funds and banks under the control of the mason traitor V.V. Gerashchenko, under the pretext of allegedly creating a “safety cushion” for future generations and the prevention of World War III.
To carry out this operation the Rothschild’s clan created a special organization called “Fonton” at the FED. Fonton initially in 1980-1984, on the territory of the USSR, formed a special group of individuals with non-Russian nationality, numbering 184 people, who studied in Uzbekistan, and then in the Chekhov, Moscow Region.
This group under the provisional name “Z” included persons hostile to Soviet power, who were heirs of the former tsarist estates and princely families of tsarist Russia, who, through their activities, sought to regain their property lost in 1917, then in the late 80’s another 2000 people joined this group.
To finance this special group “Z” operating in the USSR, which activities were directed at undermining the ideological and economic foundations of the USSR, the Rothschild’s created in 1982 a special fund called “Wanta” which accounts, replenished by the FED due to the order of the Rothschild’s, later used to create 33 financial funds in the USSR, these funds engaged in the withdrawal of capital from Russia.
Yes the Wanta funds as in Leo Wanta, was funds stolen by him and his Langley 2 co-conspirators to loot Russia again at the behest of the Rothschild’s.
Leo was then subsequently thrown under the bus and cut out of the deal, and then thrown in jail for good measure, this is what happens to agents, all think they are important, but all are expendable.
Among these funds were: Gladyshev Foundation Head Gladyshev V.I.; Social protection Fund of youth of Kononevich (FZZM) Kononevich E.I.; The Planeta Foundation
Azharmachev Yu.V.; “Simako”; Interregional public charitable foundation “Man – Earth – Universe”, later renamed as the Non-profit organization Charity fund “CZV”
Pospelov S.I.; Non-Profit Partnership “International Fund for the Formation of Energy Flows
“Manyshev-Egorova-Kononevich”head Egorova E.V.; Interregional Public Fund for Social Support of Veterans of Civil Service – Fund “Referent”
Mazaev V.G.; International Reserve Fund of Maria Pavlovna Romanova;
“Siabeko”; “Depository” Russia”; Fund “Princely Council of Rus”
Duminika V.A., Charitable Foundation “Repentance”; World Peace Fund of the USSR (Karpov);
International consortium “Society for Children” the head of both – Zagrebelniy M.N., Fund for the Promotion of Scientific and Technical and Cultural Programs
“Nika” Sergeev V.M.; International Charitable Christian Foundation
Kobzar V.I.; Philanthropic Foundation “In the Name of St. John the Baptist”
Morozov A.V.; International Cooperative Holding “Golden Section”
Krents S.V.; International Cooperative Holding “Golden Axis”
Kudryavtsev A.; Foundation for “Presidential Programs”
Malyshev N.G.; Territorial and branch financial-energy Union of the Department of Public Prosecutions Latysheva E.B.; International Supreme Coordination Council for interaction with economic and financial structures
Avdeev-Ilchenko N.V.; International Charitable Foundation to Assist Professor A. Gerasimov, Nekrasov S.N.; International consumer society “Golden Axis”
Polonsky Ya.V.; International consortium “Infomir”
Lanov O.A.; Russian Fund for Assistance to Refugees “Compatriots”
Demidov M.A.; The Platina Foundation; Funds in the form of billionaires club: Belgium – International Charitable Fund for Mercy and Health – MKM MSK-RUS7; Liechtenstein – International Innovation Fund – MKM SIR-144, World Innovation Capital Fund – MKM ZOR8; Switzerland – World Insurance Fund – MKM ARS-24; Germany – World Indivisible Fund – МКМ UR-27; Monaco – World Accumulation Fund МКМ SWET9; England – Investment and Industrial Consortium – «ZOLOTOE SECHENIE»; France – Scientific Consortium «ZOLOTOE SECHENIE»; Spain – World Foundation for the Survival of Humankind «ZOLOTOE SECHENIE».

The same World Club of billionaires was created in Russia in the form of the Consumer Society “Club MKM” under the leadership of General SVR Merkulov V.V., and for the management of all these companies the Management Company – Consumer Society International Cooperative Holding “Zolotoe sechenie” was established with general director Krents S.V.
In 1982, under the pressure from the Rothschild’s, and by decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU (Communist Party of Soviet Union) and the Presidium of the USSR Armed Forces, a gold deposit of the USSR was made from the volumes of Russia’s historical values in the USA in Fort Knox Gold Depository.
This depositary mortgage provided for the satisfaction of the investment needs, of a number of states in agreement with the USSR as the Guarantor of the World.
Responsible for the storage of this gold in the Fort Knox Gold Depository ,from the USSR was the appointed lieutenant-general of the KGB Kobzar Ivan Stepanovich, in whose name all documents were drafted in the fort. And in the USSR all documents were issued for Major General of the KGB Kobzar Vladimir Ivanovich – the son of I. Kobzar. Y. Andropov led all operations on the preparation of documents.
So to the American people who have been told to fear those nasty Russians, how does it feel to be told that a KGB Russian agents was employed inside Fort Knox, to allegedly look after America’s gold assets?
Where is the media on this? where is the real Russian collusion, except majority of these people are not Russian at all, but Zionists.
At present, only these individuals have the authority to this gold after the collapse of the USSR, at present, this deposit in the amount of 35,000 tons of gold was transported to a storage facility in Houston, Texas, of course it was and into the hands of the Bush Cartel, operating under the Rothschild’s banner, as this person has said there is no gold or little left in Fort Knox it is all just a front.
This collateral gold was used as a tool, for the formation of their own independent investment funds, and subsequently used for targeted programs of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation.
All is issued through the Certificate of a gold stock on 1 million American gold ounces, each in the form of bonds – Note Golden Deposit amounting to mortgaged 35 thousand metric tons of gold.
Debt receipts are issued by the US side represented by the US Federal Reserve Bank in favor of the USSR, which indicates the right to sign by a single individual V. Kobzar who was appointed by Andropov.
The International Charitable Christian Foundation, was established under the leadership of the Rothschild’s clan and Masons of Russia and several religious structures – “Churches of the Name of Christ” – Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pentecostals…
Among the founders there are no official Catholic, Orthodox or Old Believer churches.
Still think Christian is anything to do with Jesus? all a banking front organizations, including head bank of that field The Vatican, money launderers the lot of them.
The Foundation has branches in more than 150 countries, the center of this Foundation is located in the USA, where it is headed by a preacher-Protestant, a former Soviet dissident prisoner who spent 18 years in jail, and now – the personal confessor to the wife of the former US President, Hillary Clinton, Ivan Stepanovich Kobzar.
In Moscow, his son, V. Kobzar, heads the branch of this Foundation.
Can you all believe this shit, it is so far from the narrative we were told in public or by alt media clowns it beggars belief, perhaps we should rename Ann to Clintonovsky, or fuckoffsky more like it, remember that Ann is a Rothtillian and Bill is a Rockefeller, another one of their fake marriages of convenience.
That last piece confirms FRWL series all in one paragraph, fake Russians, Zionists, churches and charities involved, slush funds and the bullshit theory of the Commies are coming, when they arrived over 100 years ago, and no Russian are not commies or Communist, quit falling for that illusion, this is the Cult of Ra/Kali Ma worshipping sacrifice and death cult, using more modern day terms like Zionist, Masons, Templars and Jewish.
How does it feel as an American to be told all your development, progress and lifestyles over the last 100 or so years, was built off the back of the Russian peoples, oops.
This goes against the Financial Tyranny piece put out by agents for Langley 2 Wilcock, Keenan and Fulford, where they all stated the gold belongs to Asia, not Russia, why Asia? because the Fed’s were transferring operations to Macau under the control of China, but ran by The Rothschild’s.
The original financial tyranny was written by an English person, and the one Wilcock used for his piece was heavily doctored and nowhere near the original findings by the original author.
That author who contacted me a few years ago, had his home ransacked and that document was seized by MI5/6, upon leaving they nailed his cat to the front door and killed it as a warning to quit.
So Wilcock, Fulford and Keenan were using stolen documents which were then doctored to suit the Rothschild’s, that was given to them by the agency people, not just ordinary agency people, but rogue agency people oops.
Kobzar is number four in the list of “managing signatories” with a high degree of dedication, for the CPSU which stands for the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
It is not by chance that the leaders of the Moscow branch of the Moscow Interdistrict Inspectorate, are quite often officers of the KGB and the GRU, better known as Spetnaz, relatives of the former leaders of the CPSU and the USSR – Suslov, Primakov, etc, there are groups in Hong Kong, London, Germany, Australia, Latin America, and Canada.

Since October 1994, the organized international criminal community, consisting of citizens: I. Kobzar, his son V. Kobzar, V. Romanova, S. Egurnova, I. Bekhtina, foreign citizens, through INFINCO and the International Charitable Christian Foundation and the SOSTEK-HOLDING company and the SOSTEK-MONITOR company, both companies are headed by V. Durov , with the assistance of Biniteks, A. Shmakov, and the support of the heads of power structures, stole and smuggled out of Russia about 2 trillion US dollars, which settled on private accounts of those and other individuals in the Western banks.
This money supply was collected from various regions by the financial and industrial group, on the so-called “Chechen aviso” in the amount of $86 billion, oil exports and other sources, including budgetary funds in the amount of $100 million, which were transferred from the Central Bank of Russia under the control of the Rothschild’s, and appointed by Gerashchenko and Paramonova to the above companies, these budgetary funds were then never returned to the state.
This is the same as what happens in America with the Fed and the IRS, all monies get funneled out of the country, and not a single dime goes to America, that practice is now halted in America as I understand.
To steal and withdraw this money and supply it to the Western banks, INFINCO opened 20 representative offices abroad, through which money was exported, in particular: to banks in London and England – $ 20 million, Liverpool – $ 20 million, Australia-Sydney, Canberra – 200 million dollars, Washington – USA, San Francisco – $ 100 million each, Sweden-Stockholm – $ 20 million, China – Shanghai – 20 million dollars, South Korea – Seoul – $ 10 million, Japan – the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Cyprus-Nicosia, Kenya-Nairobi, South Africa-Cape Town, Mexico-Mexico City, Brazil-Rio de Janeiro, etc., including $ 216 million, were transferred through the Lithuanian Embassy in Moscow ЕNС.
As a result of this operation, the return was $2 trillion, which in parts were distributed among individuals in Russia, and settled on the accounts of these masons involved in this operation, notably: Chubais, and Chernomyrdin, and other members of the “family” through whom, the whole operation for exporting capital to Russians was launched, they took 45%, in the USA – Clinton family took 15%, and Yasser Arafat took 23%, oh dear Yasser Arafat part of the system oh my, the remaining 17% went to England and Germany B. Birshtein, Brinnkmen,  and Colombia to the drug lord Escobar family, which is ran by the Bushes and the Langley 2 group.
The money laundering of this financial group was carried out through the banks of Hungary, the Rothschild’s and Kobzars directly supervised the operation.
In the London “ABC” bank, under the control of the Rothschild’s, a group led by Gerashchenko and others, stored the documents for 65,000 tons of gold, the so-called Philippine gold, it is not Philippine gold that Langley 2 operators in the Philippines and Indonesia have been trying to loot, it was Russian gold, this gold was imported by Japan to the Philippines from the countries it occupied, documents received during the reign of Andropov in 1983, as the share of the USSR after the division of capital, at the request of Stalin by the victors in the Second World War.
This proves what I said in the Factions show that WW1 was about removing Russian Tsars and the wealth of Russia, WW2 was about several programs, eliminating whites, destroying Germany, France, Britain and America, plus stealing all the stolen gold again for a smaller select group.
This is what the clowns are doing again now with their powerplay Libra, collecting all the funds and controlling it with a smaller group, history repeats always unless it is dealt with.
This gold was issued for the President of the Church Treasury member of the group “Z”, Gennady Tiannikov, one of the heirs of the ruling families in Russia, and A. Lezhnev oversees the account of Philippine gold.
Under this gold, 486 accounts were opened in various banks of the world in favor of Russia, which bear trillions of US dollars, managed by the Geraschenko criminal group and illuminati of the Masonic order.
But the Russian people do not use these funds, and they are not being introduced into the economy of the Russian Federation, but only being used by the Rothschild’s clan and the traitors of our Motherland, traitors suggest that these peoples are Russian, upon closer inspection most of them aren’t, like Roman Abramovic he is Jewish, not Russian.
The export of capital from the country aimed at plundering and disintegrating the USSR, was managed by the employees of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Falin, Dolgikh, Deminzev, Kryuchkov, Kruchina, Pavlov, Brutenets, Moiseev, etc.
In fulfillment of the Washington agreements, during 4-5 years underground refineries, new refineries, where foreign equipment was delivered, were built and new technologies for gold, diamonds and oil production were delivered.
The products produced at these clandestine factories were all smuggled abroad, where they were stored in various storage facilities, specially created for this purpose located in the territories of the USA, England, Germany, Bulgaria (likely Sofia CIA Eastern Division which just happens to be the same location Keenan lived or lives in, depending on whether you believe he is dead or not) Hungary, Switzerland (remember the stories of a few years ago about the storage bunkers cabal were using there? now you know why), Syria (oh dear), Sweden, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, China and other countries of the world.
During the period 1985-1995, under the general management of the Rothschild’s, a large number of Soviet assets in the form of money, gold, platinum, palladium, hundreds of millions of tons of oil, diamonds and other tangible assets were stolen and exported abroad by the “Z” group.
The bulk of these assets were credited to the accounts of hundreds of the “Z” group members.
Some of them worth 1 trillion 750 billion US dollars were credited to the accounts of close persons to the Gerashenko group.
So, in 1989, the financial manager of the Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU N. Kruchina, in the presence of the head of the group “Z” N. Moiseev, handed over 5,636,315,078,660 USD to one of the members of the “Z” group – V. Mikheevsky.
Mikheevsky and another member of the group “Z” Gorbanovsky transported these huge funds to Switzerland, ah the lovely neutral country Switzerland again home of the CIA, yes the CIA’s main branch is in Switzerland not the USA, UN, WHO and various other high profile International bodies, and the base for the Rothschilds, the same Switzerland who receives the American income money from the IRS, near $800B was sent by wire from IRS to a Rothschild’s Swiss Bank last year, until Kim intercepted it and put it in the Trust.
Under these funds, accounts were opened in 21 countries of Western Europe, and 18 accounts were opened in the US, Canada, Japan, that were taken under the control of the Russian-American company “RAC”, led by the Rothschild’s.
These capitals were sent by order of a secret government managed by the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers, for Russia to enter the international trading operations of the Fed.
The Rothschild’s and the world government were created in the US, Europe and Asia three trades.
The main trend in the United States is managed personally by Rothschild, others in Europe are currently led by one of the representatives of group “Z” Victor Bilevsky, and in the Asian territory recently led by Yeltsin’s daughter – Tatyana Dyachenko, who has now changed her surname and citizenship from Russian to Austrian.
This is a common theme in the global elites appointing inner circle with name changes, to fool the public into thinking they are some ordinary none connected person, their not, Bill and Hillary were Rockefeller and Rothschilds, Ivanka Trump and Kushner could be another example, Rothtillians and Rockefellers have been spreading their seeds everywhere in the upper echelons of society, for this very purpose.
After the collapse of the USSR and the coming to power of Boris Yeltsin, supervising the withdrawal of capital from Russia, foreign managers of the Masonic Order (Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Bush Sr. and Margaret Thatcher) demanded Yeltsin to take over the torch to further loot the Russian Federation.
For Yeltsin’s conspicuity, the secret world government through the International Reserve French Fund managed by the Knight of the Order of Malta, Maria Vladimirovna Romanova, in which the assets of Russia in the tsarist period were concentrated, transferred $46.8 billion to Yeltsin as a bribe.
These funds in April 1992 were divided into 5 parts and transferred to personal accounts of Tatyana Dyachenko, Chernomyrdin, Shaimiev, Nazarbayev and the American Al Gore.
The money for Tatyana Dyachenko Yeltsin’s daughter was transferred to accounts opened in banks in the Solomon Islands and Australia.
Part of the money, in the amount of $20.6 billion, allocated to Chernomyrdin, was subsequently distributed among those close to Yeltsin and Chernomyrdin: Abramovich, Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Smolensky, Potanin, Khodorkovsky, Prokhorov, Lebedev, Fridman, Alekperov, Mamut, Lesin, Chubais, and others, a total of 24 people who, with the help of the money received, managed to buy up and privatize the country’s main production facilities, this facilitated the stealing of all Russian oil company and the rise of the oiligarchs.
Having received the above amount of funds through the VEB from the International Reserve French Fund, Chernomyrdin, in agreement with Yeltsin on the command of the Order of Malta and the Rothschild’s, signed an agreement with Gore on the sale of the 500 tons of weapons-grade plutonium for $11.9 billion to the USA, when the real Plutonium cost at that time was at least $8 trillion.
With the export of weapons-grade plutonium to the United States on submarines, one of the eight submarines, when exporting 7 tons of weapons-grade plutonium, made a treacherous escape and did not return to base in Russia, remaining in the West under the control of the Rothschild’s and the secret world government to date.
Hiding this fact from the Russian public, the Russian government announced the wreck of this submarine.
I suspect that submarine is the Kursk.
However, this nuclear submarine is still commissioned in the interests of the traitors of the Russian people.
In April 1992, group “Z” under the supervision of N. Moiseev and P. Brotsky, under the general guidance of the Rothschild’s, organized the export of Russian gold in liquid form by pumping it through oil pipes, and then exporting 3207 tons of gold in submarines outside of Russia.
Diesel submarines in the amount of 21, which exported this gold, never returned to Russia and are now used under the guidance of the Rothschild’s, by the secret world government for their own mercenary purposes.
One of those submarines was the base of the former Trustee Marduk to hide out for long periods of time, ultimately he lost his game of hide and seek and we took him out 3 years ago.
After this operation, all persons who directly participated in the export of this gold under the order of the Rothschild’s, that was agreed with Yeltsin, were physically destroyed, including the leaders of this operation Moiseev, Brotsky, Savitsky and others.
As warned in the last show on Thursday, this is a warning to the top generals and agents here in this country, how easily they just discard people they no longer have use for, do you still think you are protected? you are not, wake up boys, it’s time to die time.
We know they need to cull many involved in these operations and to save costs, you are the first to go as many of you know and have seen too much.
At that same time, Yeltsin also signed numerous agreements with different countries for the export and storage of assets in the form of gold, diamonds, platinum abroad.
He concluded unfavorable deals for Russia, and signed numerous agreements with the United States that caused economic and political damage to Russia.

Under the guise of execution of the “Program for the Revival of the Russian Economy”, the monetary symbols of the 1961 issue, in the amount of RUR 44 trillion, handed over by all the former republics of the USSR for exchange in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, as well as 11.8 trillion rubles in the accounts of Soviet citizens in the USSR Savings Bank, in 1992-93, by the decision of the Rothschild’s and Masons of Russia, Gerashchenko and others, and the Yeltsin government were converted and accumulated on the accounts of Tan Bank, as a branch of the Central Bank of the USSR located in Kazan and its branch in Alma-Ata.
This operation was conducted under the supervision of foreign owners of the Central Bank of Russia, and the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, when Morgan, Baruch, etc. became members of the Masonic Order of Rothschild, and under the direct control of Shaimiev, Gerashchenko and other employees of the Central Bank, and in Kazakhstan under the control of Nazarbayev.
The transfer of money and their introduction into the economy, passed through a system of so-called “Chechen aviso”, held under the supervision of the leadership of the RF Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance.
These “Chechen avisos” were introduced into Russia through an active member of the Masonic Order – Anatol Rapoport, who was born into a Jewish family, under the direct supervision of Gerashchenko and the heads of the offices of the Central Bank of Russia.
In early 1993, through the International Islamic Bank, which was founded by the Governor of the Kemerovo Region, Aman Tuleyev, in addition to foreigners, Lebanese Colonel Walid of the United Arab Emirates smuggled 20 billion US dollars into Russia.
The division of these funds in the interests of the Yeltsin group and also the funds transferred to the bank “Tan” led to a dispute between the factions of Yeltsin, Gaidar, Chernomyrdin on the one hand, and Rutskoi and Khasbulatov on the other hand, it ultimately resulted in the execution of the white house in October 1993, Russian government building is also known as the White House.
After the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, the ruble lost one third of its value, and in the following years while the country was gripped by civil war, the ruble dropped from 31 against the dollar to nearly 1,400. The ruble hit its historic low of 2.4 million per USD after the civil war and the year the revolution’s leader Vladimir Lenin died. It was re-denominated to 2.22.
The ruble collapsed along with the Soviet state, and different currencies were set up in the 15 different republics. The Central Bank of Russia replaced the State Bank of the USSR (Gosbank) on January 1, 1992 and the Russian ruble replaced the Soviet ruble. The new Russian Central Bank set the official exchange rate at the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) at 125 rubles to the US dollar. By December 1992, the ruble had already lost about two third’s of its value. Russia’s post-Soviet economy was dominated by ‘shock therapy’, and as President Boris Yeltsin’s reforms spurred rapid inflation, millions of Russians lost their savings, now you know where their savings went to.
Boris Yelstin’s political infighting with the Communists in 1993 caused the ruble to slide more, there was no political infighting all that was a ruse, and it slid down to 1,247 per 1 USD. Yeltsin won the political coup, it was said, of course he did he was backed by the Rothschild’s and Masonic Order is why, and a constitution was signed on December 12, 1993.

In 1993, the president of the US Export-Import Bank USA Kenneth Brodu, under the order of the Rothschild’s and Yeltsin, signed a three-part agreement on financing Russian projects with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the person of V.V. Gerashchenko, and the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation in the person of A.V. Vavilov.
According to the agreement, all projects supported by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, in the form of guarantees of the Government of the Russian Federation, were subject to investment with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in order to allocate funds provided by the IMF.
According to EBRD reports and the agreement signed by Kenneth Brodu, Gerashchenko and Vavilov, $12 billion was sent to Russia for the correspondent accounts of the Baltic Transit and Parex banks, and yet only the sum of $300 million was received, and the sum of $11.7 billion was stolen with the assistance of the Rothschild’s, and transferred through the offshore zones to the personal accounts of the Rothschilds, Yeltsin, members of his family and members of the so-called Yeltsin “family” – Vavilov, Chubais, Chernomyrdin, and others.
The all too familiar back door banking exercises known well now to listeners of this show.
This then caused more financial upheavel in Russia, On October 11, 1994, an event known as ‘Black Tuesday’ hit the Russian financial market, and the ruble collapsed 27 percent in one day, which on top of a decline in GDP and massive inflation, catapulted Russia into an economic recession. By the end of 1995, chronic inflation had reached 200 percent.
In 1996 the currency closed at 5,560 rubles per US dollar, an era of stability prompted the government to devalue the currency and slash 3 decimal places, and on January 1, 1998, the ruble was set to 5.96 against the US dollar.
The bottom was ready to fall out of the economy, On August 17, 1998, Russia announced a technical default on its $40 billion in domestic debt, and ceased to support the ruble on the same day.
At the time, the bank only had $24 billion in reserves, the stock market and ruble both lost more than 70 percent, and nearly a third of the country’s population fell below the poverty line.
Along with the default came another mass devaluation of the ruble. In six months the value of the ruble fell from 6 to the dollar to 21 to the dollar.

In 2000, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation conducted an audit of Vneshtorgbank of the Russian Federation, but this bank, at the direction of Gerashchenko, refused to provide full information on the tranches of 1993-1994, all very like The Fed no audit games is it not?, and therefore, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation indicated in the report that the amount of $11.7 billion that Rothschild’s stole, was included in the total external debt of the USSR, and subsequently passed onto the Russian people to pay back, again just like The Federal Reserve antics.
Later, part of the IMF tranches, which passed through the International Investment Bank a non-resident of Russia, the USSR-registered bank in the UN  controlled by Gerashchenko, Chubais and Vavilov, was transferred to their accounts for the entire period of their activities, it ultimately led to the default of the Russian Federation in 1998.
A part of the money supply, transferred in 1992 to Tan bank accounts, was sent under the control of the Rothschild’s and the CIA American Masonic agent Ray C Dam  through the “Tan” ASER, the head is Shashurin S.P. for the purchase of gold, oil, gas, rare earth materials, Kamaz cars, which were then exported abroad.
Part of the money was also used to create the depositary and strengthen state property of Tatarstan by the Shaimiev clan, as well as the creation of the Alfa Group Company and part of it was brought to the Arab countries, where it settled on personal accounts of Shaimiev and his clan.
Under the gold, diamonds, oil and gas located in the country, packs of securities were formed, then, through the company DGK+ CJSC, created for these purposes, under the leadership of the member of the US Federal Monetary Committee and member of the Security Council of Russia, E. Kononevich, the packages of securities were pledged to the US Federal Reserve and foreign banks.
As a result of the activities of the company DGK+ CJSC in the period 1994-1998, in 74 banks of the world, huge amounts of money have been accumulated – hundreds of trillions of US dollars.
These capitals in the form of money, gold, diamonds, platinum, steel, oil withdrawn from the country through the Tan ASER, Tan bank, Shashurin S.P. charitable foundation, and hundreds of other companies and funds were withdrawn from the financial turnover of Russia, and are under the control of the Rothschild’s.
Under the control of the Rothschild’s in 1996, 62% of Russia’s budget money was withdrawn abroad under the leadership of Yeltsin and Chernomyrdin, this financial scam eventually led to the default of the Russian financial system in 1998.
Part of these large funds amounting to $42.8 billion was used by the Rothschild’s to cover US debts to the Fed, and the rest were kept in foreign banks on accounts of various companies, funds and frontmen: Zagrebelnoy, Ushakov, Khairullin, Shakirzyanov, Lyakhov, Pospelov, Churilov, Beregovkin, US citizen Magelaeshu, Frazer from Canada, Haz and many others, only in the banks of the Solomon Islands there are $37.8 trillion USD belonging to Russia.
From the USSR and Russia between 1986-1998 22,100 tons of gold were stolen, and exported under the control of the Rothschild’s, of which 11,200 tons were smuggled out, 9,700 tons of platinum, hundreds of tons of copper, millions tons of oil, silver, tens of tons of rare earths materials were exported, all of the country’s riches are kept abroad, and subsequently leveraged against.
Hundreds of accounts have been opened for gold, two percent of the exported gold assets was the shares of the mason Luzhkov, and was then transferred to the accounts of his wife E. Baturina’s Inteko CJSC.
In particular, the authorized capital of Inteko CJSC was transferred from Tan Bank in 1994 – 4 billion 680 million rubles, and stolen and exported diamonds worth 2 trillion USD were kept in 8 foreign banks.
In the “Standard Chartered Bank” (USA) there are 8 tons of uncut diamonds, smuggled out of Russia illegally and credited on the former employee of the SVR of the Russian Federation – V. Drobyshev, now a citizen of Germany, parts of the diamonds and gold, under the control of “shadow business”, are hidden on the territory of Russia, Uzbekistan and Belarus, Standard Charter Bank is a high end money laundering operation and they are also involved in the child sex trafficking, they funnel money via Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC owner John Henry.
Under the control of the prime minister of Tatarstan Muratov and Shaimiev in 1993-94 2050 kg of gold together with diamonds for the amount of 2.8 million USD were exported to Israel.
In total, through the TAN ASER via 268,000 payment documents, $73 trillion of Russian assets have been withdrawn overseas, which are stored in the Spanish bank “Santander”, and a total sum of $116 trillion is taken out of Russia and stored overseas.
The stolen funds were transferred and kept under the control of the Rothschild’s clan in the accounts of the Med-Fin Group Foundation, the Erdogan Foundation, the Jacques Chirac Foundation, the Gorbachev Foundation, the Gladyshev Foundation and many other companies and foundations of the world, and International clubs of billionaires under the control of Colonel-General of SVR Merkulov and his company “Golden Section”, “Golden Axis” and others.
The group “Z”, under the common control of the Rothschild’s clan and the managers of this group, continues to own, use and dispose the material means taken out of Russia.
The international government manages these capitals in its own interests through the company of Gubkin. Graifer Valery Isaakovich – Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC RITEK.
Demin Sergey Igorevich – Chairman of the Board of Directors, “Synergy Technologies” Ltd.
Dmitrievsky Anatoliy Nikolaevich – Director of the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Ilyichev Vyacheslav Alexandrovich – First Vice President of RAACS.
Kalyuzhny Viktor Ivanovich – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation. Kozlovsky Evgeny Alexandrovich – Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
Lavrov Nikolay Pavlovich – Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Lobov Oleg Ivanovich – Chairman of the Board of the Russian Society of Civil Engineers.
Margulov Grant Javanshirovich – President of the International Fuel and Energy Association.
Moskaev Shamil Abdullovich – Head of Most-1 Ltd. Paton Boris Evgenievich – President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Takhautdinov Shafagat Fakhrazovich – General Director of OJSC TATNEFT.
Chilingarov Artur Nikolayevich – Member of the Federation Council.
Chirskov Vladimir Grigoryevich – President of the Russian Union of Oil and Gas Constructors.
Shafranik Yuri Konstantinovich – Chairman of the Council of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia. Shokhin Alexander Nikolaevich – President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
Chairman of the Board “Mikrus” Romashin Alexander Savelievich.
Rustamov Enver Ganbarovich – Deputy Chairman. Members of the Board: Anatoly S. Badardinov. Hajiyev Haji Aligadzhievich. Gerasimenko Leonid Alekseevich. Dzhabrailov Said Magomedovich. Zhegunov Sergey Mikhailovich. Lantsov Alexey Yakovlevich. Stanislav Vasilyevich Meshcheryakov. Mikhailov Yuri Georgievich. Novitskaya Marina Vasilyevna. Rasstrigin Ivan Ivanovich. Rybalkin Leonid Mikhailovich. Rymar Alexander Alexandrovich. Khavkin Alexander Yakovlevich. Sharafutdinov Odilzhan Borisovich. Audit Commission: Yaskin Sergey Vasilievich – Chairman of the Commission. Members of the commission: Dzugov Boris Petrovich. Mihailin Vyacheslav Mikhailovich.

A brief significance of the contracts signed directly, and through intermediate foreign companies: “SOV” finances projects of the Firm “Mikrus” for sums exceeding tens billions of EURO.
Sergei Olemsky also signed the JVA with the company W.F.Malta, former General of the GRU Mikhail Ivanovich Golitsin , thereby acquiring the support of one of the main founders, the main operator of correspondent interbank relations with Russian banks: Deutsche Bank, today 35% owned by the Maltese Order World Foundation.
This money on falsified financial documents, by criminal conspiracy with corrupt officials of the European Financial Monitoring, have been tested by the European Financial Monitoring, as well as by the Deutsche Bank, and have approval of the main founder of the World Fund Bank.
The necessary verification and permissive documents were received from Rossfinmonitoring and the Central Bank of Russia.
The first tranche of dirty money was put on the correspondent account of Deutsche Bank, with the delivery address of the settlement account of the firm “Mikrus”, Russia, in an amount exceeding 1 billion EURO.
Another huge part of the money, exceeding $500 trillion, was transferred via the interbank communications of KTT from British company CDB to HSBC Bank in Swiss Credit, a subsidiary of the Belgian firm Ceres, to a master account registered with Elisa Bets K. Hungary, the holders of the money are: M. Mail, Valery Tsymbal, Sergey Belozerov and others.
In 2004, the Rothschild’s clan issued a testament to the management of Russian assets to a Jewish freemason Tsymbal Valery, a resident of Israel, who, with the help of these documents, tried with the help of Olemsky and other high-ranking officials, the Masons, to commit embezzlement of money from the Russian budget, but this attempt was suppressed by the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.
The main Russian executors for implementing the above mentioned will, of the Rothschild’s and the Masons of the Order of Malta in Russia are the Russian Masons: Yevgeny Primakov, Viktor Gerashchenko, Alexander Golenok, Mikhail Golitsyn, Valery Pashkulsky, Sergei Olemsky, Valery Tsymbal, Sergei Belozyorov and others.
The Rothschild’s Clan and the Russian Masons in power, having the goal of dismembering and disrupting the Russian Federation, and establishing a monarchy in Russia to carry out their secret criminal plan, have recently done a great job.
Initially, they financed extremist groups that organized opposition rallies throughout Russia and terrorist acts in the Caucasus and other regions.
Then they financed and sent to Russia numerous crowds of migrants, Muslims from the Central Asian republics according to the planned program “The Golden Arc of Turkestan”, according to which at least 15 million migrants entered Russia.
As I have mentioned in this series and also the main shows, they are using these people to create incidents and fulfill several operational programs that ends up in turmoil, whilst they continue to loot, so quit blaming Muslims for the ills, these are planted programs designed by these criminal elites and like the Jewish, the Muslims are taking the blame, when it is a carefully planned and coordinated attack.
It is problem reaction solution again and the stupid people always give them the reaction they are looking for, we have to get smarter.
If you think the none Zionist Jewish people are the problem, you are naive at best and stupid at worst, if you believe the Muslims are the problem, again naive and again stupid thinking.
When the Russian president demanded from the government of the Russian Federation to restrict access of migrants to the country, the Rothschild’s clan changed their tactics of seizing the Russian territory.
Currently, this criminal plan is being implemented in the territory of the Caucasian Republics up to 1 million 200 thousand militants, these are your Baltic states all infiltrated at the top levels by NATO goons, ready by the command of the Rothschild’s clan to begin seizing kindergartens, schools, administrative buildings, stations and airports, in all the regional centers of the KFD and the SFD, and even marching to Moscow and support the actions of those who are trying to overthrow the President of Russia.
In the suburbs, an extremist group from Chechnya has arrived, and is stationed with about 300,000 insurgents who possess all the information about each employee of the FSB and FSO of the Russian Federation, which tells you this is an intelligence led operation, all done by NATO’s opens source handbook, ain’t that right Mr. Steele? and are ready to destroy these employees and their families at any time when the order comes at hour “X”.
These bandit formations are under the control of the Masons – the siloviki from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the members of the “Z” group remaining in Russia, who have already completely surrendered to the Rothschild’s clan and the Order of Malta, and are ready at any moment to join the traitors of the Russian people.
Only one example, about the upcoming capture of the school in the Ossetian city of Beslan, a report about the upcoming events was placed on the table of the ex-minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Jew Nurgaliyev, a week before, but he did not take any precautionary measures!
Masons have prepared the collapse of the CIS, which will begin after the referendum in Ukraine about joining the EU.
In fact, the disintegration of Ukraine and the CIS has already begun after the President of Ukraine Yanukovych signed a document on European integration on April 8, 2013.
Immediately, the Parliament of Ukraine decided to pay compensation to the Tatars evicted from the peninsula in 1944.
After that, the leader of the Crimean Tatars Mustafa Jamil called on the Tatars of the whole world to come to Crimea, allegedly to receive compensation, which was not provided for in the budget of Ukraine! ah the seducement plan, but like the RV it never materializes.
This was just an excuse, for the concentration of militants in the Crimea, since some of the Tatars who came to the Crimea had been fighting in different hot spots around the world.
Moreover, Maria Vladimirovna Hohenzollern-Romanova already considers herself as the queen of Russia, she declared in Turkey that in November she would be the absolute sovereign of Russia, and in early September 2013 she signed with the Turkish sultan, an agreement under which she passes the Crimea peninsula.
In connection with these agreements in early October 2013, a group of citizens from Turkey in the number of about 10 thousand demonstrated the seizure of Crimea, stepping in an extremist column through the streets of Simferopol, none of the power structures of Moscow and Kiev even reacted to these invasive actions of the Freemasons.
Immediately after the referendum, Crimea shall be separated from Ukraine and become part of Turkey.
The Rothschild’s clan acts on legal grounds, signed at different times by the leaders of the USSR and the Russian Federation, as follows: in 1915, all the Royal families signed the agreement of ZT  Trillenium at which the gold of the families and the country was transferred to the international trust.
In 1944, the Bretton-Woods agreement became the receiver of ZT Trillenium, which was signed by the USSR for a period of 50 years.
In 1953-1954, metal accounts were opened in the Central Bank of the USSR, where a large amount of bank gold was deposited.
The Trilateral Commission of the Trillenium Gold Reserve, hereinafter referred to as the “TTTGC” operated during the 1944-1955 period, with the participation of various states of the world for a period of 50 fifty years.
During this period, the Commission was in possession of a mandate, rights and powers with regard to the United International Collateral Accounts, consisting of capital that was removed during the specified period, and especially during the Yeltsin period with the participation of the “Z” group.
After a period of 50 years, various states of the world, disillusioned with the prejudiced use of the United International Collateral Accounts for 50 years, agreed not to extend the existence of the TTTGC, and in exchange appointed by the Rothschild patronage, a single independent person to the position of International Financial Controller with rights, powers and legal ownership of the United International Collateral Accounts “RAC” which is led by the Rothschild’s clan.
So what does this tell us? 1. The Collateral Accounts were all stolen Russian assets 2. Those involved in it like Keenan, Dam, Keith Scott, Del Bosco were all agents of the Rothschild’s clan.
Keenan said so himself stating the gold doesn’t belong to America, it belongs to the Asian’s and Dragon groups, both of whom are operated by the Rothschild’s.
Benjamin Fulford told Wilcock that Keenan was a head CIA Eastern Division agent in Bulgaria, he then disappeared for a bit, and someone resembling him turned up again, doing interviews with a Rothschild’s family member and also with a Romanov, who is involved in cocaine dealing, of which the current Fulford partakes heavily, you can see that on several videos yourself, all disheveled and off his trolley.
The leaders of this company manage the “Z” group, which currently consists of 48 masters of Russian capital management around the world, 12 apostles (12 apostles oh my on a par with ass ended masters that) and 168 custodians.
Among the masters of management there, are representatives of the group “2”, Michael – Mihailov Mikhail, now a US citizen, Gasper Alexander, Arthur, Prokhorov, Kobzar (who like Anna Von Reitz has a Nazi AAIA number), Alikbekova Galimat, Pakhomov, Latysheva, Dergachev, Beregovkin, Olensky and many others.
Kobzar eventually fell by the wayside as did all Rothschild’s former Trustees.
The Rothschild’s clan also took control of both the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and the former USSR bank (now the bank of Russia, managed by Gerashchenko) and seven other banks of the Russian Federation, from which the country’s financial resources go for the maintenance of the European Union, Britain, the United States and Israel, this is not the maintenance of the people of those countries, oh no, it is the maintenance of the operations crews only, in other words the agents and minions of these groups, so don’t go blaming the countries.
A significant part of Russia’s profits is controlled by Washington through the Fed and the Rothschild’s, mirroring the accounts of the Central Bank of Russia, where it is fixed at the exchange rate for that day in rubles.
Further, this profit is used to support the exchange rate of the Euro, the Dollar and the Pound Sterling, while the Central Bank of the Russian Federation buys and pushes extra dollars in cash, through its representatives in Moscow in its “Kashirka” store.
To date, more than 21 trillion US dollars have already been concentrated there, but they do not give anyone this money.
The Rothschild’s are preparing this pillow of security to finance a coup d’état in Russia, via their new army which is replacing the US military lock, stock and barrel, NATO, and the establishment of a monarchy in it, for the ascension of the Cavalier of the Order of Malta – Maria Vladimirovna Hohenzollern or her son Georgy – to the royal throne.
What Rothschild’s plan and end up achieving is no longer a given like in the past, much of their plans have been shattered by Kim and the team.
The central bank of the Russian Federation, under the control of the Rothschild’s clan, forces Russian banks to borrow money around the world in the branches of the Rothschild banks, moreover, in accordance with the Charter of the Central Bank of Russia, it has no right to grant loans to the Government of Russia, the Federal Government or the municipal authorities!
Thus, though the Central Bank of the Russian Federation earns on the natural resources of Russia, the entire monetary resource leaves the country, pumping under a negligible 2% in US dollars, or our money is used to buy non-secured US derivatives. 
That’s why Russia is on the brink of death, since the Central Bank of the Russian Federation can suck it out like a huge pump, therefore, machine building, aircraft building, shipbuilding, agriculture and other industries are degrading, in general, like the whole country.
At the same time, all wars waged by the armies of the European Union, the United States and Israel are paid for by our Russian financial resource!
And it’s time for the Russian people to think about how to take this resource from them through nationalization, as in most European countries.
Highly placed government officials, law enforcement agencies and control officials support the Rothschild’s clan and the group “Z” in Russia.
It is necessary to note that in dirty force support, with the use of episodes of threats, practical actions of physical violence and kidnapping, professional militants of the Chechen Republic are acting, with the personal participation of the head of the detachment of Adam and his deputy Elbrus and the head of the group “Z”.
The criminals planned to use the main financial assets, from sources of stolen and exported financial assets during the periods of 1917-1924, during the Second World War and from 1955-1982, as well as the huge financial resources stolen from the peoples of the USSR, during its disintegration and robberies of modern Russia.
Recently, by conspiracy, the Rothschild’s clan and the Olemsky group tried, through the foundation of the late Richard Gravet and one of England’s trust companies, to commit embezzlement of Russian capitals, using the German company “SOV” established in 1996, the asset manager of Russia, for counterfeit documents.
In 2012, this group signed an agreement with the Russian firm Mikrus, which general director is Olemsky Sergey Stepanovich, a citizen of Ukraine, who lives in Russia in Moscow.
The president of “Mikrus” is Serov Valery Mikhailovich; the chairman of the Board of Trustees is Shmal Gennadiy Iosifovich, President of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia. The Board of Trustees includes: Abbasov Abbas Aydinovich – Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Azerbaijan Branch of the Fund.
Abdulatipov Ramazan Gadzhimuradovich – President of the Republic of Dagestan, Chairman of the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia.
Anisimov Yuri Nikolayevich – Lieutenant General of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Batally Yuri Petrovich – Honorary President of the Russian Union of Oil and Gas Constructors.
Alexey Alexeevich Bolshakov – Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC Polymetal.
Vladimirov Albert Ilich – President of the RGU of oil and gas.

On January 20, 1995, on the recommendation of the Rothschild’s, the Department for International Financial Control was established and one of the members of the Rothschild’s clan was appointed the head of this body – Dr. Ray C. Dam.
That is, since 1995, a sovereign international organization Department of International Financial Transaction Control (OITC) was approved as a receiver for many assets, including banking gold.
Dr. Ray C. Dam was appointed as the International Financial Controller, the legitimate heir and the owner of all the United Global Collateral Accounts, for the Global Credit with full right and dispositive control over them, in accordance with the legal decadence of RSD 1088 signed by various states of the world.
Following the confirmation of the Rights and Powers of His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam, by the “Washington Commission” in 1998, on January 20, 2003, the establishment of the Department of International Financial Control, signed by the President of the Russian Federation, was completed.
After that, under the control of the Rothschild’s, on the basis of the content and requirements of the various International Treaties, the Department of International Financial Control took over the management of all assets of Russia, and this organization was granted the status of a sovereign organization in accordance with the UN Charter with the control number 10-60847.
Since its inception and to date, OITC is the largest sole owner of mortgage securities in the world under the control of the Rothschild’s clan.
OITC is the largest single owner of gold and platinum reserves in the world and, in addition, a major owner of Bank preferred securities, international treasury securities, cash and other types of securities, all of which are registered as assets of the United Nations Global Collateral Accounts, conducted within the framework of the Federal Reserve System, the Bank of International Settlements, the US Treasury, the Swiss State Bank, the Swiss Federal Financial Agency, where all Russian assets are stored over the past centuries, including assets that were illegally exported from the USSR and Russia by the “Z” group – at least $80 trillion. All the above powers for OITC were issued by the UN Security Council and confirmed by various states of the world, through international treaties in accordance with the Innsbruck Swiss conventions, granting it the Status of a sovereign organization, in accordance with the UN Charter with the control number 10-60847.
That sovereignty has now been stripped just so you all know, both the OITC and the UN.
The Department of International Financial Control, located in Thailand, is a non-public organization which objective, as indicated by various states of the world and stipulated in a number of international treaties, is “providing financial assistance” to various states of the world.
All illegally exported capitals from the USSR and the Russian Federation by the “Z” group, for an amount of at least 80 trillion US dollars for the last 30 years, were in the hands of the above-mentioned international bodies, under the control of the secret world government, the Rothschild’s clan and the Masons of Russia, who betrayed the Russian people and robbed the huge country, putting it on the verge of an economic catastrophe.
It should be noted that the assets of the United Nations International collateral accounts are constantly used, providing financial assistance, in whole or in part, to countries and organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the International Development Banks, the United Nations, and tie the USD as the currency of the international reserve, yes funds to their shell corporations and cronies is all.
Due to the capital taken out of Russia under the leadership of the Rothschild’s, the budgets of the USA, England, Germany, France and other countries have been financed; the debts of these countries are paid off, this was not paid off out of the Russian assets, that was done by the Trust.
The assets placed on the united international collateral accounts, including the assets of Russia, illegally withdrawn by the “Z” group, are in the sole and absolute possession of the Rothschild’s clan and His Excellency Ray C. Dam, as their rightful heir and owner.
Without the permission of this person, Russia cannot obtain any assets for investment in the Russian economy.
His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam, is a designated and authorized person with all the rights and powers with respect to the said assets, due to the powers conferred to him by various states of the world, including the RF which interests he represents, and such credentials have been certified and subsequently registered with the UN.
As chairman of the Trust and the Foundation and the Single Arbiter, and the legal owner of all assets located in the Divine Fund and the International Heritage Trust, (which is the very fund Anna Von Reitz Langley 2 tried to get hold of) and their internal and auxiliary trusts, foundations and corporations and on the basis of such ownership granted to him, by the International Community on January 20, 2005, His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam had the absolute right to determine and decide, as long as the enforcement of such decisions, if necessary  by the Ministry of Justice of the United States of America.
This right of control is guaranteed by the Congress of the United States, confirmed by the United States Senate and registered by the Administration and Budget Office (under the President of the United States which was then Rockefeller Bill Clinton), after that the authorization of this person and his status of full exemption from liability, were certified by the Great State Press No. 632259984 and additionally registered with the International Department of the Ministry of Finances of the United States of America, the Bank for International Settlements, the Swiss State Bank and the Swiss Federal Financial Bureau, on the basis of which, his definitions and decisions on all matters relating to assets under his control are unchangeable, and the execution of such decisions cannot be postponed, changed or canceled by any contract or agreement between other parties and or institutions or any other decision not endorsed by the International Community, or so they thought, they thought wrong.
The decisions and determinations made by His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam against the United Nations Global Credit Collateral Accounts took precedence over all and any laws, judgments, legal norms or similar documents determined by any court of any kind, or any other state, including the International Courts or World Courts.
This is why it is pointless challenging them in courts, they control it all and subsequently is a quango operation of the Rothschild’s clan.
In addition, the International Secret Government administered by the Rothschild’s, for the control and management of assets exported by group “2”, specifically created a Russian-American company called “RAC”, led by billionaire Jacob Rothschild himself.
Group 2 is Langley and Ray C. Dam and his wife Karen Klanmother McDonald are or were both Rothschild’s assets, also in that group was Keith Scott another of Neil Keenan’s sidekicks and another like so many following him, departed the playing field.
Here is what happened in 2006 with OITC, and is eerily the same figure Neil Keenan stated the costs to go into the bunkers, coincidence? you choose.
In April 2006, Ecuadorian investigative journalism periodical Blanco y Negro reported that in December 2005, Germania Ullauri, mayor of the municipality of Ona, met with OITC representatives in Cambodia and returned as the organisation’s “ambassador” to the South American nation.
The following month, she summoned a meeting of six mayors from the Association of the Municipalities of Ecuador, to convey the OITC’s offer of a $150 million loan to finance development projects. There was only one catch: They first had to place a $20,000 deposit in a Malaysian bank account, which Blanco y Negro reports they dutifully did, to date, no OITC financing has materialised in Ecuador.
OITC went quiet for a few years until an incident involving another out of Langley 2 group like Leo Wanta, both of which got sold out of deals, in 2017 and an Oregon federal court, where one Winston Shrout is charged with having attempted to defraud the US government by trying to pay off his taxes with fraudulent bonds, In response, Shrout filed a motion to dismiss, claiming that he was appointed an emissary of the OITC by Ray Chhat Dam in 2010 and as such enjoys immunity from prosecution.
To account for, control and analyze the capital from group “Z”, the USA also established in Washington an analytical department AU – Treasury Department, which dominates and manages the gold market of the whole world in a very disciplined and highly competent manner.
According to the Rothschild’s forecasts, this AU-Treasury Department will be doing this for the next 30 years, again what Rothschild’s thought, is no longer guaranteed unlike the past.
Thus, within this jurisdiction there are three secret institutions run by the Rothschild’s, and the secret world government for the management of world capital: The department of International Financial Control: this institutional organization exists to assist and advise the International Controller.
The AU —Treasury Department, hello Mr. Mnuchin the Rothschild’s puppet.
Consolidated Credit Bank Limited is a non-public domestic Bank, that has the authority and is considered to be the last holding bank, the only bank in the world that has the legal authority and legal capacity to confirm the assets and accounts of the International Financial Controller and issue any legal obligation for such accounts, and to send beneficiary payments to such accounts. Not no more they are not, oops.
This bank is an institutional bank established within the Federal Reserve System (FRS).
This bank is closed to the public.
It cannot be found in the publishing houses of the Bankers Almanac, the Banker himself or any other guide.
So they created a fresh air bank that exists, but nobody knows it exists, and nobody can locate it, all very bitcoinesque that to me.
These three above-mentioned legal bodies determine the order and control over all the Tsarist, Soviet and Russian capitals, and capitals of the whole world under the direct control of the Rothschild’s and the Masonic Order.
That is, the entire world financial process is completely controlled by the US (they all have access codes to all accounts and the slightest movement of financial funds), although 2/3 of all cash dollars and gold, platinum are outside the US, these control bodies have fantastic detailed information, as they are connected with all banking structures, such detailed information is not available to any other country.
Those codes are no longer accessible and haven’t been for best part of the last decade, only one person has the codes now, and she will not be transferring it to clowns and their world domination games, it will return to the people, to whom it belongs.
Russia, the territory from which these riches were exported, does not even have part of such control and accounting, you would if you all get your act together and remove all the obstacles, same applies to every other country, the world has had enough of these Rothtillian psychopaths with their inherent reptilian DNA.
Assets of the United International Collateral Accounts for Russian capitals exported from Russia over the last century under the Global Loan are located in the following countries: Japan, United Kingdom, USA, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Jordan, Singapore, France, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway, the Caribbean, Egypt, South Africa, Uruguay, Argentina, Italy, Solomon Islands, and in many other places, in countries around the world, in the Russian depositories, the CBR, IIB, Sberbank, VEB, VTB, Profbank, Citibank for an amount exceeding 21 trillion USD.
Citibank issue has now been resolved they have zero left and will follow Deutsche Bank into the toilet.
Actual accounting of funds in accounts ledgers is maintained within the Federal Reserve System of the USA, the US Treasury, the Swiss State Bank, the Swiss Federal Financial Administration and the Bank for International Settlements.
The transfer of any Russian assets is limited to the framework of the International Central Banking System.
In order to restore historical justice and return the looted People’s Capital from the Russian Federation, the RSFSR, the USSR, Tsarist Russia and other historical assets of Rus and the Russian people stolen over the past millennia, on the recommendation of the Russian and the RSFSR Leader, and perhaps the Leader of the entire Soviet People Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, a Foundation for Social and Economic Development of the Regions, the RA Treasury was established.
The RA Treasury Fund was given the status of Supreme Organizational and Executive Body in the monetary, social, economic and cultural spheres throughout the territory of the Commonwealth of Soviet Socialist Republics for the fulfillment of the above stated purpose, and also the only Authorized Body of the USSR irrevocably approved the RA Treasury Fund to receive all the above-stated assets.
The above powers were irrevocably given to the RA Treasury Fund by the expanded Presidium Plenary Session of the Military-People’s Council of the Commonwealth of the SSR, which is the legitimate successor of the USSR.
As for the RA Treasury this is more sidetracking bs’ery, these are based in Thailand, and they are linked with Ray Dam team and the Rothtillians, typical plot of clowns when things go wrong, present another solution that appears to be congruent for and by the people, but operated in secret by same clowns, a bit like ALL crypto and blockchain drivel, a bit like the BRIC’s organization, bit like Proctor and Gamble and their Thrive movement, and Jared Rand and his bed med, all given the illusion they want to help us, all of it total bollocks.
It should be noted globally that there has been 1.875M metric tonnes ever mined on this planet, which far exceeds what we have been told, of the 1.875M tonnes, 1.3M tonnes belongs to The Rus, another fact his story will never tell you, a common theme.
But this series is about telling the truth, many people don’t want to hear the truth, they can’t handle it.
I have been labeled a white supremacist, Nazi and anti semitic because of this show, but that is another common theme of the global system of control, to label people with derogatory terms and hope some of it sticks.
A bit like the term conspiracy theorists which came out of Langley, essentially label anyone who dares to tell the truth or give a different perspective or opinion, from their bullshit narrative.
Those people can call me what they like, their too stupid to get anything, and arguing with or against them is the height of pointlessness, let them stew in their own unsanity.
This is what Kim and the team took on, global financial skullduggery everywhere you look, and you now know over time we have managed to locate and reclaim most of those stolen assets and return them into The Trust for future dispersal back to the origins of where they came from.
All the gold, resources, assets, off shore accounts, trust funds, back door looshing of countries all is now blocked, it is and was a staggering undertaking to take on, and moreso to achieve the levels accomplished to date.
Perhaps now people will understand the depth of the work undertaken by Kim, myself and the team, at great cost to their lifestyle and way of living, living under a daily threat basis of life, is no fun for anyone, trust me I know.
So when people ask where are the funds and why it is taking so long, perhaps with this show you will begin to understand why, if not then you are beyond ignorant and disrespectful to the work undertaken by the few.
The people of Russia you know who you are and I know your listening in, it’s clean up time and all the filth, clans KGB 1 & 2 elements, the SS (who are not largely Germans), Zionist elements and Dragon clowns all have to be removed, before further transactions of money owed to Russia contained within The Trust will be forthcoming.
The previous batch sent to you was transferred onto the same now Chinese elements, except they are largely not Chinese at all, who have participated in the destruction of Russia for centuries, Kim pulled all those funds back.
The latest transfer was heading the same way, and Putin needs to decide once and for all which side he is actually batting for, before anymore time wasting transactions takes place, again Kim pulled back all those funds as well.
Mr. Putin your sole interest is for and by the Russian people only, you have been told that several times, not oiligarchs, dragons or spying agencies both foreign and domestic, the people only Mr. Putin, fix it and Kim will help you, until then quit playing the games, we see your moves way before you do.
The question remains Mr. Putin is how is it two westerners who were not born there, and only one of them has visited your country, has done more to enhance Russia than you have?
I don’t say that for plaudits, I say it for you to see the mire and illusion you have surrounded yourself with, and I hope it inspires you to fix it for the Russian people.
They have much to teach the rest of the world, vast quantities of knowledge and understanding way beyond the levels in the rest of the western world, why wouldn’t you want to promote that?
Tell the world who really created Communism, tell the world about Radomir, Mary, Nicolai and Svetlana, and tell the world about your past history and the achievements of The Rus, plus who really built the Great Wall and most of the world’s monuments falsely attributed to Greeks or Romans.
We all want to hear it.
The question remains Mr. Putin are you the Cult of Ra’s Putin or the Urs and Rus Putin?


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