From Russia with love part 7

First we had the Thule and the Aldebarans, with SSP working with two groups within Germany SS and a main body behind that group, as I understand Hitler was not in the original inner circle, that was Himmler, Hess, Mengele.
First off I am not suggesting for one second that Hitler was good in anyway shape or form, but as an analyst of information that stands away from the narrative and looks at things objectively of does this make sense? something’s connected to the Germans and in particular Hitler, do not make much sense based on the narrative, we have been given.
Hitler was an artist and also a writer, he was interested in archeology and things of an esoteric nature, particularly relating to the artifacts mentioned in many scriptures, he was passionate about his country and people, with at times visionary intellect given he was in whole or in part responsible for motorways/interstates, known as autobahns, and also the VW Beetle car.
He then witnessed first hand the damage the bankers were doing to their country, this was the Rothschild’s (which is not a name it is a title) now one of the heads of the RA cult, (will reveal other names in a different show) which roped in a term called the Israelites, and also operating on behalf of other Israelites known as The Templars, it was they who started the banking system of harvesting we know today.
They took bags of gold and silver off people and the traders, which to this day, gold and silver is still the only form of real money, and gave people pieces of paper, stating it was for safekeeping.
Did you know you cannot pay off debt with pieces of paper, you are only discharging the debt, and this is why you never own your house, check your deeds, it is you are the tenant, not the owner.
But the Templars then went on war marches, known as Crusades which were along the same trade routes, and into the very towns where the assets came from and ransacked it, killing many under the guise of protecting the religious, yeah right, so suddenly they had lots of gold and silver and because of The Crusades, to few who came to collect their belongings back.
Why do you think they kept attacking what is now known as Israel? because they knew all the stuff looted out of Egypt was there, that was done by previous generations of these harvesting agents.
As a quick recap the original of what we now call Jews were in India worshipping the Kali Ma, which is the Dark Mother, which I believe is Lilith, related to the moon, this was the original Garden of Eden and there is archeological evidence to support this, they were sacrificing humans and animals to the gods.
The Rus and URS came to teach them of the errant ways, and threw the worshippers out and banished them to Egypt.
This is where they then set up the Cult of Ra, whereby they were attacked again, and they fled, this is known as The Exodus in the fake book, a return to the Holy land it is said, except they went to modern day Jordan, and set up again which is why Jordan capital is called Amman, as in Amun as in Amun Ra. Some of these peoples fled and went to Ethiopia and created Garden of Eden 4, which is why that country is populated with many Jewish people today, and some believe housed the Ark of the Covenant there for a while.
These were all followers of off world entities, and why both the Jewish and Annunaki are known as the chosen ones.
So, Hitler having watched his country get ransacked by the then modern day version of The Templars, whereby the German currencies went from 4 to 1 British pound to 20k, and vowed to turf out the Rothschild’s bankers, can you imagine him in this time epoch now? he would be declared a global hero, taking on the bankster’s who have robbed us blind.
In the year 2000 there was only 7 countries left without a Rothschild’s bank, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran, all familiar names and all attacked by the military arm of this cult, known as the US Military, fighting for freedoms my arse, fighting for this cult and their control is the real reason.
The narrative that Hitler wanted to eliminate all Jews, is kind of negated by the official Red Cross and other humanitarian groups who attended the camps, plus the two meetings, one of which Hitler attended, to transfer all Jews out of the camps into Palestine, why would he do that if he hated all Jews and wanted them all eliminated? It is also stated that not only Hitler but Goerring and others at the top of the SS, all had Jewish parentage, Hitler’s mother is said but not confirmed was Jewish.
Why put them in camps to begin with? If he is a homicidal maniac as his story tells us, why waste resources on putting them in camps for years, would you not just get rid of them straight off the bat? Something is amiss here in the official story.
How many writers, artists and someone actively interested in archeology have you met that are, or turn into killers or homicidal maniacs or maniacal megalomaniac’s, again does that make much sense?
The Thule girls were helping humanity and then got taken hostage, it is my understanding those girls are still alive being held underground somewhere, I suspect Greenland, the debate they were helping humanity is still uncertain and not a given, but like all groups there are good and bad, and so is kind of folly to broadsweep all as one thing or another, same applies to Jewish people, this cult is using their name as a banner, and vast majority of Jewish people are completely unaware of what they are being used for.
The Thule’s is connected to the Vril, and whilst the Vril energy is now being used for negative purposes, 110K years ago that energy was being used to power the Vimanas and Vitmara space crafts, and no they were not Indian at all, they belonged to the URS of Ursa Minor and the Rus peoples.
The criminal element of the SS were working with the Aldebarans, a particularly nasty group with hideous intentions for humans, these have been working with several groups of humans and playing them, for several thousand years, along with the Draco.
Is this not all suggestive and it is up to you all to decide not me, that there is evidence of two separate operations ongoing with regards to what we call today the Nazis and the SS?

With that in mind, lets look a little deeper into the past and the OSS, the original name for the American Intelligence Service formed in 1942 we are told, except there was an earlier version started in 1909, not in America, but the UK, OSS London with a subsidiary called SI, oops, the same year MI 5 and 6 was started, MI6 were also known as X-2.
Known as the secret service, which equates to SS or Schutz Staffel which was subsequently created in 1925, remember all the leading components of WW2, signed off an agreement to start a second world war just a couple of years prior to the forming of the SS, America (President Harding who mysteriously died in office just after this signing), China, Japan, Russia and major EU countries all signed agreement to have WW2 around 1922-23 time period.
Harding appointed the banker family Mellon to the Treasury, and also Herbert Hoover who became President of the US in the same decade.
The OSS was started in June 1942, and yet OSS 101 was running in Burma in April of that year under William Donovan.
OSS 202 was running in China(Kunming), Burma and India.
OSS 303 out of New Delhi and SACO China
OSS 404 China base at Kai Yuan and Kandy Ceylon, another name that changed and another country like India owned by Britain, now known as Sri Lanka
OSS 505 ran out of Calcutta India, remember just 5 years later the UK declared this independent, once the operatives were installed it seems. A year later Ceylon was handed over also, but like India, it had it’s own operatives in place and now installed to run that country privately.
Ceylon became the Democrat Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Democrat Socialist party in Germany that became the SS, just like the Democrat party in America came to the fore, and who were their security force for that party?
Why the KKK, known as Nazis or Fascists, or the real meaning which has nothing to do Germany or Germans, National Zionism, na zi, as in ashkenazi as an example, who originated from Asia and in particular India and the Southern Russian countries along the Kashmir region, Kashmir is an off world base, we are both travellers of time and space as the song states.
The KKK is a program, oblivious to those who took part in it, it was designed to achieve the opposite effect, supposedly to represent the white people, but the hidden controllers of it designed it in a way the general public would turn against it, reverse psychology programming again.
Once the public are turned against by media manipulation and is repeated often enough, the program becomes part of the psyche for many generations, the National Zionist program about the Aryans was the more modern example of the KKK, turn the public against supporting the white race, and boy was it successful, whilst the public turned away, the white race lost 66%+ of it’s global demographic in under 100 years.
Why has the alleged anti fascist group Antifa, got the same badge as the German Democratic Socialist Party which became the SS? all clever programming you see, the hidden hand programs and projects, reverse psychology and all kinds of mind control programs.
Their symbols and symbolism for too long remained hidden, and a public totally unaware of the implications, meanings or intentions behind it all, totally oblivious, but not no more it is not, and this is and will be their downfall.
Ceylon before becoming a British Crown Colony, remember the British Crown is nothing to do with Britain itself, The Crown was ran by the former Trustee and later passed onto the Rothschild’s family to operate, not own, like the Rothschild’s thought.
That country was owned by the hidden empire again, like covered in previous From Russia with Love chapters, The Dutch, before the beginning of the Dutch governance, the island of Ceylon was divided between the Portuguese Empire and the Kingdom of Kandy, who were in the midst of a war for control of the island as a whole.
The island attracted the attention of the newly formed Dutch Republic, when they were invited by the Sinhalese King to fight the Portuguese, and Dutch rule over much of the island was soon imposed.
In the late 18th century the Dutch, weakened by their wars against Great Britain, were conquered by Napoleonic France, and their leaders became refugees in London.
No longer able to govern their part of the island effectively, the Dutch transferred the rule of it to the British, although this was against the wishes of the Dutch residing there, British and Dutch Tea companies were not in opposition, that was the illusion, public become tired of one group, they install a savior group, who are actually the same organization, new boss, same as the old boss.
The capture of the island immediately yielded £300,000 of money in goods, as well as the acquisition of the cinnamon plantations, making this a valuable venture.
The Dutch and then the British via the Tea Company venture, was tasked with collecting and controlling all of the world’s assets globally, that cost many people their lives and livelihoods, to garner full control of everything, to which they could exploit, but Marduk could seize control of everything, in return he engaged the monetary exchange program, pieces of paper in return for the assets.
A seemingly endless supply of funds was handed over for these Tea Company pirates out of the Trust, pirates once of the sea, now on the lands, creating their cor-pirate companies, to eliminate people, steal their resources, take over their governance, parcel up and sell off their lands, install their people, destroy their history, force them into a new religion of their choice, and set the stage for the future Multinational Corporations, ran by the few.
The Dutch role in world domination is often overlooked outside of this show, but this is how they cause confusion, and researchers to be misdirected as to who is really pulling the strings.
Holland was the country of choice to launch that program, that doesn’t mean the Dutch people themselves need to be blamed or finger pointed at, so we don’t have to clog them!!
As you have heard in my shows, countries are irrelevant in all this, they like Britain, Israel, Rome and current enemy perceived by the world is America, yet they are all just the puppets, the string pullers operate behind the scenes of them all, Countries are just tools to be used by these people.
A hidden cult operating under the banner of modern day term Jewish, except these people are NOT Jewish per se, they are a satanic demonic cult that started in India.
They became powerful in Egypt and the spread through the European houses, churches and obliterated Russia, then Germany, then Britain and now America.
Think about it for a second of how you are determined via religion, that person is Jewish, negating the fact that all Jews descended out of India and the Southern and Baltic states of Russia, known as the sub grey race after the mixing with Russian whites, the Indians then were jet black, not brown, and were part of the African migration of the black people.
The Jews also came from the Istan countries, the Baltic and in part Caucasian countries, all of which except India was Rus and Aryan countries, they mixed deliberately to infiltrate and takeover.
But a child is not a Jew when born, no one was born a Christian, Jew, Catholic or Muslim, you are pristine and pure, devoid of labels, then society and ignorant parents brand you with a religion, brand means you become a product, but it also means you have symbolically been branded with an iron, just like cattle, mark of the beast is where that term comes, remember they consider us the beast, the black dictionary description of humans tells you that.
Products are bought and sold, branding is your barcode or Social Security or National Insurance numbers which comes under the banner of the UN, which is a subsidiary of The Roman Cat-holic church, for those new to this series I call it the Cat holic church, as that church is linked to the worship of cats, which is the representation of Ra, so your birth certificate is your documented proof you have been branded, and ready to be bought and sold, hence you are chattel, a property owned by someone else.
Slave came from when Otto captured the Slavs and sold them into slavery, the root word of slave in the Slavic language is robot, connecting dots now?
Then we find a word lost to us all now the describe how the chattel system works, called deodand, formerly in English law, a personal chattel which, having been the immediate cause of death of a person, was forfeited to The Crown to be sold and the money applied to pious uses, pious relates to the church and their god, but it was not just the persons estate that was forfeited to The Crown, because if a horse and cart ran over a person and killed him, the horse and cart is forfeited also.
The word fee also derives from ancient root words in several countries meaning cattle, perhaps you will understand why instead of getting the alloidial title we now get a fee simple.
So, originally they sold people off by killing them, then with Cestui Que Vie Act declared us all dead, this is why we have our name in all block or capital letters as we are classed as dead, and The Crown owns and sold us into slavery, this is why all gravestone names are block capital, it means they are dead.
As this passage of the actual act states, Cestui Que Vie remaining beyond Sea for Seven Years together and no Proof of their Lives, Judge in Action to direct a Verdict as though Cestui que vie were dead, or this If such person or persons for whose life or lives such Estates have been, or shall be granted as aforesaid, shall remain beyond the Seas or elsewhere absent themselves in this Realm.
Interesting term they used there Realm, heavenly realm suggesting more realms, or related to king and kingdom, the domain of the kings that says, so how then do you explain this next word that has vanished from general use, all very convenient if you ask me, that word is catdom, the realm of cats, oh my.
When born you have divine rights as a sovereign, you as the child did not decide your name, you as the child did not decide to become a religious label either, that was imposed on you, so if anyone says to you I am a Jew or Catholic, under sovereignty they are not, because that was not, that persons natural free will choice to become so, that person just accepted their branding and went along with it to fit into society, but it was never their free will choice, remember that.
There is no religious people on this planet that became a religious brand by their own free will choice at birth, I am Jewish, Cat holic, Protestant, Muslim etc sheesh, no you are a crown of creation and a source created being, not some made up branding label to be used for a divide and conquer, war making program. Remember who and what you are.

So lets get back to the OSS, and how they started long before the Paperclip crew arrived 1947-48, this involved all the upper echelons of society, bloodline families, royalty, stars of stage, music and films, plus the banking fraternity as the next piece shows.
During World War II, the Germans used the Enigma, a cipher machine, to develop nearly unbreakable codes for sending secret messages.
The Enigma’s settings offered 150,000,000,000,000,000,000 (150 Quintillion) possible solutions, yet the Allies were eventually able to crack its code, allies who cracked the code were likely tied to the former Trustee, as it is suggestive of their technology, not ours, remember he was playing both sides, he won either way.
The Germans bought the patent in 1923 for intelligence purposes, although Polish intelligence it was said was able to purchase an Enigma at a trade fair, and procure a codebook from a French agent, likely linked to the Rothschild’s, all very con venient that if you ask me.
When Poland was overrun in 1939, the Poles realized they wouldn’t have capabilities to solve the code, and gave the information and machine to the Allies, one wonders if the word allies mean all eyes, like five eyes, that is now no eyes.
By end of the war, the British were reading 10 percent of all German Enigma communications at Bletchley Park, in England, on the world’s first electromagnetic computers.
This is a three-rotor Enigma, the Germans eventually added two more rotors, and with each change, Allies had to obtain a new machine and codebooks.
The machine was developed by the Dutch to communicate banking secrets, it was decode using crypto – graphy, banking and crypto now where have we heard those terms recently.
The pre-fix “crypt” means “hidden” or “vault” and the suffix “graphy” stands for “writing.” decoding or deciphering hidden writing or code, crypto hidden or vault, currency a system of money, so hidden vault of money, but currency also means frequency and energy, so it could also be stated that cryptocurrency is to decode the energy and store it in a hidden vault. All in your face for those who can see through the illusion.


OSS is divided into a number of Branches, each Branch being responsible for a particular function, in the theaters of operations, Branch representatives are often called upon to assist in performing the functions of other Branches, and the functions of all are closely coordinated by local and theater commanding officers.
Interesting to note they call it theater operations, why, because it is all staged, a show, except the audience don’t sit there and clap or laugh, just get bludgeoned.
The two large OSS functions (Intelligence Services, and Strategic Services Operations) are administered by two deputy directors, under each deputy director are the several Branches which carry out particular parts of those larger functions for which he is responsible.

Intelligence Services
The SI (Secret Intelligence) Branch is responsible for obtaining secret intelligence by means of espionage throughout the world, except in Latin America (hmm Bush and Nazis country, what a Cohen-cidence), and by liaison with other Allied intelligence agencies engaged in espionage, this was now known as Five Eyes, which is now no eyes, we will find out other reason why they were not in South America.
It recruits agents, sets up chains of intelligence in neutral and enemy-occupied territory, and exploits existing sources for clandestine intelligence such as underground and guerrilla groups, and Allied secret intelligence sources. SI deals largely in spot intelligence reports (called SI disseminations).
Exploits local underground or guerrilla groups hmm, this is where your Farq guerrillas, MS-13, Al Queda, Wahhabi, Hizbollah, Is, Isil, Isis and Taliban groups came from.

The X-2 Branch is responsible for counterespionage abroad, this is MI6, as well as some security functions in connection with our missions in the active theaters.
The Branch’s spot intelligence products are used largely in support of the Army’s CIC, and the Branch works closely with the FBI.

The R&A (Research and Analysis) Branch is a research Branch which coordinates intelligence from all sources, and produces finished intelligence studies of a strategic, political, geographical, and economic nature.
R&A’s published contributions to the war effort have been numerous and important.

FNB (Foreign Nationalities Branch) has domestic functions within the United States, it studies constantly the political temperature of the various nationality groups in this country in relation to political events abroad, and publishes timely reports.
Classic example of this is called AIPAC.

The CD (Censorship and Documents) Branch has dual functions: (a) the securing of censorship materials for the organization, and special monitoring of enemy broadcasts for commercial and economic intelligence as well as political intelligence; and (b) research in, and supply of personal documents required for undercover operations by other Branches.

Strategic Services Operations

The SO (Special Operations) Branch organizes and/or supplies sabotage operations behind the enemy’s lines, sabotage operations is a fancy word for a false flag operation.
It furnished agents and communications and supplies to underground and guerrilla groups in Norway, (in other words NATO) also organizes special teams which are sent behind the enemy’s lines for the destruction of specific targets, for securing intelligence, and waging guerrilla warfare.

The MO (Morale Operations) Branch is responsible for subversion of the enemy’s morale, at home and at the front. Its techniques are called “Black” propaganda; that is, propaganda which purports to come from a source other than the stated one. Propaganda has a hidden term also, it means pro pagan da, da means skin, so pro pagan skin.
Its weapons are “black” radio, leaflets, rumors, poison pen letters, and a variety of “black” newspapers and other publications. This is your MK Ultra division in essence, black is a color coded program.

MU (the Maritime Unit) was organized to carry out sabotage against enemy shipping, (hello Iran recently springs to mind, modern day pirates would be best term for this group) by use of such means as underwater demolitions (USS Cole anyone?), and stealthy forays into enemy harbors.
The contribution of this unit has been most important in the field of water transport for agent infiltrations, and the supply of agents and underground groups. Marduk traveled around on submarines a lot with his minions.

The Special Projects Branch is organized to carry out missions of a specialized nature that do not fall in the jurisdiction of any other branch of SSO.

The Field Experimental Unit is a special operational group included in the SSO division for administration, planning and Operations of this group, however, is done under direct control from the Director’s Office.

The OG (Operational Group) Command organizes and operates guerrilla forces in deep penetration operations.
In China, and in other places, it has trained and officered guerrilla bands recruited abroad, in France just prior to and immediately after D-day the OG Command dropped groups for liaison and support to the Maquis, who were French resistance guerrilla style fighters.

Other Branches of OSS

All other parts of the OSS organization serve it in either an administrative or a supporting and supplementary manner.

The S&T (Schools and Training) Branch trains OSS personnel both in the United States and in the several active theaters, this Branch is also responsible for the preliminary screening of recruits for service overseas, by means of a psychological assessment program. hmm that is MK Ultra again, by inserting the group into several schools and universities under the banner of the student transfer program.

The Planning Group is the top planning and advisory group to the Director (Major General William Donovan), and it consists of about half a dozen men, two of whom are representatives of the Army and Navy on the highest echelon.
The Planning Staff performs research and technical services in support of the Planning Group’s program proposals.

The Registry of the Secretariat registers and stores the periodic OSS mission reports, and other reports from the field.
The Reports Office (not to be confused with the Reporting Board, which is a part of the SI Branch) is an editorial and routing office for such reports, which then transfers those reports to the portal people, better known as news readers.

The Communications Branch operates an independent OSS communications system with practically world coverage, so that the missions abroad not only have direct radio communications with OSS Washington, but with sub-bases and agents in the field.
It is responsible for initiating OSS cipher and code systems used in OSS communications. The Branch also supplies base radio operators for field teams and radio equipment for those teams. (OSS, utilizes Army and State Dept. pouch facilities for transmission to Washington of written reports, however, and also State Department cable facilities from some neutral countries.) Essentially stating they took over all government departments in several countries.

The Field Photographic Branch is the motion picture production, and picture taking Branch which records OSS activities in the States and abroad.
It produces OSS training films, and it has performed strategic photographic missions for OSS, the Army, and the Navy overseas.
Personnel of Field Photo accompanied the OSS City Teams which were dispatched quickly to newly liberated European cities.
Another division of the propaganda element then.

The VP (Visual Presentation) Branch employs artists and designers, its function is to present pictorially and in chart form all OSS activities. It is also the procurer of motion picture films produced outside the organization, and it has done such other jobs as the preparation of special training aids for the S&T Branch. So this division took over the media and film world, and all the actors and actresses in the theater of operation, all the world’s a stage you see.

The R&D (Research & Development) Branch acquires, develops, and supplies special, sabotage and other devices for use in field operations such as:–camouflaged devices for carrying concealed messages; various explosive devices and weapons.

The Hq and Hq Detachment, and the Naval Command perform the usual headquarters functions for Army and Navy personnel assigned to OSS.
The Naval Command is also the liaison and funnel for all DNI intelligence coming into OSS, but there are special Intelligence Liaison Officers for liaison with MIS, G-2 and the JICAts, the reason why Naval command was head of operations is they are the closest branch of the Military connected to the SSp, Norfolk Virginia is their main headquarters for current SSp operations, along with Whidley Bay off Seattle coast, which even has a place called Langley, and Wright Patterson.
For those new SSp are not humanity based, infact most are not human, they are not helping us at all, despite what several clown alt media led personalities tell you otherwise, they are at best ignorant, and worst humanity sell outs.

The Security Branch checks the security of all personnel before recruitment and is responsible for the physical security of OSS establishments in the United States and abroad.

The Special Funds Branch disburses “unvouchered” funds made available by Congress, for which the organization is not accountable in detail, for obvious security reasons.
This Branch is also responsible for the acquisition of the necessary foreign exchange in the field in support of undercover operations.
Right here this tells you of the black budget slush funds accounts they have been stealing from the American public, also stating they control Congress. “For which the organization is not accountable” hmm a common theme is it not, stealing, murder, subvert and cheat and not accountable, all very Talmudic that to me.

The Chief Surgeon is head of the OSS medical units here and abroad. This organization is responsible for the health of OSS personnel, and maintains small but well equipped hospitals at bases for treatment of illness and casualties. Officers of this Branch have also contributed to, and helped to evaluate, our fund of medical intelligence from enemy and enemy-occupied territory.

All the other Branches and divisions identified on the chart perform functions which their names imply.

The Mission of MO

Since MO, according to OSS General Order No. 9, “is responsible for the conduct of subversion other than physical”, its mission is to create internal dissension between groups, distrust between allies, and to unify and strengthen dissident groups so that the enemy’s fighting capacity is impaired.
“is responsible for the conduct of subversion other than physical” this is them telling you they use non physical mind control, which is more damaging than physical in many aspects.

  1. Objective–WITHIN THE ENEMY STATE, MO seeks deepen and enlarge the differences among enemy groups and peoples by creating resentment, friction, and civil strife among them. manipulating both sides this means to achieve desired outcome. Something we have covered extensively in our shows, their divide and conquer programs.

Black Radio Campaigns–Posing as “freedom stations” of a resistance group within an enemy-occupied country; or as clandestine organ of dissident group in enemy country; or as actual enemy station. These more modern day are Youtube channels and faction based alt media groups.

Word-of-Mouth Rumors–Planted by agents in an appropriate situation, and sufficiently plausible to retain their credibility. That can work both ways, we planted information into Langley 2 servers and Anna Von Reitz spat out the narrative on her blog, oops.

Forgeries–(Commercial Documents, Military Documents, Business Stationery)–Used to intimidate collaborationists, implicate enemy officials, and harass the enemy’s secret police.

Poison Pen Letters–Disguised as letters from actual business firms, soldiers, or other individuals, and containing incriminating information.

Bribery–Inducing enemy officials to perform acts favorable to our cause.

Operational Ruses–False military orders, manifestos, and demoralizing rumors disseminated behind enemy front lines to induce surrender or tactical withdrawal.
As you can tell by the depth and scope of this organization again founded in that time period of 1880- 1925, which was referenced in FRWL 4, they essentially took over everything from Government, Military, Media and Film industry and wrapped it into one gigantic control system.
The cost in and of itself in it’s original form as laid out above, must have been staggering.

Here is the operatives and what they engage in once they determine a target, many will think they will only target high level people, you would be very wrong to believe that.
Here’s a list of five particularly timeless tips from their Simple Sabotage Field Manual:
Managers and Supervisors: To lower morale and production, be pleasant to inefficient workers; give them undeserved promotions. Discriminate against efficient workers; complain unjustly about their work.
Employees: Work slowly. Think of ways to increase the number of movements needed to do your job: use a light hammer instead of a heavy one; try to make a small wrench do instead of a big one.
Organizations and Conferences: When possible, refer all matters to committees, for “further study and consideration.” Attempt to make the committees as large and bureaucratic as possible. Hold conferences when there is more critical work to be done.
Telephone: At office, hotel and local telephone switchboards, delay putting calls through, give out wrong numbers, cut people off “accidentally,” or forget to disconnect them so that the line cannot be used again.
Transportation: Make train travel as inconvenient as possible for enemy personnel. Issue two tickets for the same seat on a train in order to set up an “interesting” argument.
Many people also make the mistake that they would have to work in their country and CIA is American only, big mistake, CIA biggest base of operations is in Switzerland not America, they are locked in with 5 eyes, P2, Jesuits, Nazi, KGB, Mossad, Freemasonry and ultimately Cult of Ra.
So the question remains if they are not spying on other so called enemy countries as they are working closely with all of them, CIA and KGB have worked together since 1940’s, who are they spying on and what for, the answer is us and the subjugation of us.

Richard Helms and the Letter
As Americans celebrated victory in Europe in May 1945, Office of Strategic Services (OSS) officer Richard Helms wrote this touching and eloquent letter to his young son on a captured sheet of Adolf Hitler’s personal stationery.
Helms’s words captured the meaning of the war, not only for OSS but for many others who had fought against Hitler, Helms would later become Director of Central Intelligence.
What people miss is the OSS and the SS the original, there were two versions of the SS, were not all on the same side, the illusion is they were fighting them, you will see why as the narrative unfolds.
Richard Helms was a natural-born intelligence officer, throughout his life he was the soul of professionalism and discretion, an Easterner with an impeccable resume.
He worked as a journalist in Berlin in the 1930s, in other words he was a spy, not a journalist, in fact most journalists were spies, until the system eliminated them in the last 30 or so years, in favor of puppets reading scripts from a studio, which was started by another pseudo Jew Rupert Murdoch and Sky Tv.
Helms saw Jesse Owens win the 200-yard dash at the 1936 Olympics, and chatted with Hitler.
After Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, he joined the Navy, served in New York, and got pitched by an OSS officer, who said that he was “a natural” for “black propaganda.”
Accepting the pitch meant starting on a long career in intelligence, mostly in the field of espionage rather than “black propaganda.”
Helms received only two weeks of training, before being assigned to coordinate intelligence on Germany, which mostly meant handling the stream of reporting from the OSS Station in Bern, there is that program term again – two weeks.
In early 1945, he found his way overseas to London, where he worked for (and shared an apartment with) another future Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), William J. Casey.
One of his most memorable tasks was to prepare young men to parachute into Germany to gather intelligence, he ended his OSS service in Berlin, where he ultimately replaced yet another future DCI, Allen W. Dulles, as Base Chief.
It was, he remembered, a chaotic time of working against former Nazis, as well as keeping an eye on the emerging threat from the Soviets, Helms’s assignment in Berlin was the first of a series of senior management positions that would eventually propel him to the top of CIA in 1966.
His service as DCI was marked by controversy, it did not help that he worked for two Presidents who were suspicious of the CIA, many in the Johnson Administration considered CIA analysis on Vietnam to be too pessimistic, and Helms walked a fine line between serving the President and defending analytic integrity.
During the Nixon Administration, Helms became embroiled in countering the left-wing takeover of Chile, and had to fend off White House pressure for CIA to help quash the Watergate investigation, by the end of 1973, President Nixon had had enough of Helms and asked him to resign.
He refused, bit like Mnuchin then, but eventually accepted the President’s proposal to appoint him Ambassador to Iran, his last senior Government post, likely to set up the Iran Contra deals and ultimate fun and games that, that episode brought.
As a pointer to his background, Richard Helms grandfather was The first President of BIS, was the Rockefeller banker Gates McGarrah- who was an official at Chase Manhattan and the Federal Reserve. 

William Casey born in New York but born a Cat holic, worked with and for the Jesuits, and he was a member of the Knights of Malta.
During the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, he used prominent Cat holics in his government, to brief Pope John Paul II of developments in the Cold War, whereby Casey would fly secretly to Rome in a windowless C-141 black jet, and “be taken undercover to the Vatican, nice to know the Vatican got informed as to what was going on before the people, despite the people paying for it.
Casey was suspected, by some, of involvement with the controversial Iran-Contra affair, in which Reagan administration personnel secretly traded arms to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and secretly diverted some of the resulting income to aid the rebel Contras in Nicaragua, in violation of U.S. law.
Iran Contra was about delivering nuclear weapons to Iran via Israel, they gave Iran nuclear weapons, so all this current ballou about Iran getting nuclear weapons is pure lies and diversion, Israel in league with dual citizens in America sold Iran nuclear weapons in 1984, same time Iran contra was going on, cohen-cidence? your choice.
Casey was called to testify before Congress about his knowledge of the affair, on 15 December, 1986, one day before Casey was scheduled to testify before Congress, Casey suffered two seizures and was hospitalized, three days later, Casey underwent surgery for a previously undiagnosed brain tumor.
Casey died in hospital less than 24 hours after former colleague Richard Secord testified that Casey supported the illegal aiding of the Contras, funny as to how many times that happens is it not, you see this type of death, real or otherwise, did not start with the Clinton death trail.
“There is evidence that Casey played a role as a Cabinet-level advocate, both in setting up the covert network to resupply the contras, during the Boland funding cut-off, and in promoting the secret arms sales to Iran in 1985 and 1986, in both instances, Casey was acting in furtherance of broad policies established by President Reagan.
Remember this was Reagan part 2 after part 1 was shot and killed I believe.
The court found that “There is evidence that Casey, working with two national security advisers to President Reagan during the period 1984 through 1986 — Robert C. McFarlane and Vice Admiral John M. Poindexter — approved having these operations conducted out of the National Security Council staff with Lt. Col. Oliver L. North as the action officer, assisted by retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Richard V. Secord.
Secord retired from the Air Force in 1983 after allegations of improper dealings with former CIA agent Edwin P. Wilson, who was convicted in 1983 of illegally selling weapons to Libya, It was later found that the United States Department of Justice and the CIA had covered up evidence in the case, DOJ and CIA yet again covering up crimes, it has gone on a long time.
Although Casey tried to insulate himself and the CIA from any illegal activities relating to the two secret operations, again a common occurrence that as frequent as timely deaths, is cover up any involvement in links back to the CIA, as covered in Clowns in panic show.

William Donovan again born in New York, born a Catholic but this excerpt is indicative “With the expectation of studying law, Donovan eventually transferred to Columbia University, where he looked beyond “Catholic dogma” and attended Protestant and Jewish worship services to decide whether he wanted to change religions.
He joined the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, where he was a classmate of Franklin D. Roosevelt, funny how that happens also is it not, no coincidences, these meetings are all engineered, these Greek named fraternities are common with lower elements of the control system, no surprise Robert David Steele is in one of them, Pi Alpha Alpha.
In 1916, Donovan spent several months in Berlin on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation, seeking to persuade the governments of Britain and Germany to allow the shipment of food and clothing into Belgium, Serbia, and Poland, you see their trade must go on whilst everyone else spends time killing each other or hiding, this shows levels of thinking of these people, not go there and try and engineer peace, oh no, we must keep our money making trading platforms running.
Following his return to the U.S., Donovan took his wife on a combined vacation, business trip, and intelligence mission to Japan, China, and Korea, then went on alone to Siberia.
He went back to work at his law firm, but also took an extensive journey to Europe, where he did business on behalf of J. P. Morgan and gathered intelligence about international Communism.
So, Donovan worked for Rockefellers and now JP Morgan, setting the stage for future puppet role, gathering intelligence about international Communism, is bs, working for and with them groups, was promoting it, not investigating it.
Donovan also made connections with leading figures in Nazi Germany, but they say he was no friend of the dictators, publicly assailing Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin as totalitarians, he lies, as given the company he was keeping, all those top end people were working with and funding him.
He spent much time in Europe taking steps to protect his Jewish clients from the Nazis, why of course he would because it appears from this time, these are the only people that matter, and yet they mattered so much to so many, according to their own story, they allowed 6M to die in camps, again one must ask does that narrative make sense?
These people are not Jews, like clowns that dress up and present an image, these people masquerade as Jews.
In 1940 and 1941, Donovan traveled as an informal emissary to Britain, where he was urged by Knox and Roosevelt to gauge Britain’s ability to withstand Germany’s aggression.
During these trips, Donovan met with key officials in the British war effort, including Winston Churchill and the directors of Britain’s intelligence services.
Impressed by Donovan and cheered by his eagerness to help Britain, Churchill ordered that he be given unlimited access to classified information, in other words Donovan was being set up to create another British expansion of secret services inside of America, as you will see.
A quote from Winston Churchill in 1922 will raise eyebrows, “By the end of this decade we will live under the first One World Government that has ever existed in the society of nations… a government with absolute authority to decide the basic issues of survival. One world government is inevitable.” One has to ponder and wonder whether the word nation is actually nazion, from 1864 law the definition is A nation is an organized community within a certain territory, certainly fits with that description.
The term nation state did not come in until 1918, that same time period again, mentioned in previous shows.
Donovan returned to the U.S. confident of Britain’s chances, and enamored of the possibility of founding an American intelligence service, modeled on that of the British.
He strongly urged Roosevelt to give Churchill the aid he requested, Roosevelt wanted to provide such aid, and asked Donovan to use his knowledge of the law, to figure out how to skirt the congressional ban on selling armaments to the United Kingdom.
As you can now deduce, Donovan became a British puppet, The Crown having taken over American finances via the Federal Reserve, where setting the stage for installing their secret service into America, aided by agent Donovan in my opinion.
British diplomats, who shared Churchill’s admiration for Donovan, expressed the wish to State Department officials, that Donovan replace U.S. Ambassador to Britain Joseph P. Kennedy, who favored the appeasers and was defeatist regarding British prospects.
Joseph P Kennedy was the father of JFK, and know you know why Kennedy hated the CIA, like I have said this was a faction family war, and Kennedy was not operating on the side of the people, he was trying to take down CIA because of what they did to his father, and a hatred of the Bush Family.
Douglas Waller has said, “could not have formed the OSS without the British, who provided intelligence, trainers, organizational charts and advice – all with the idea of making OSS an adjunct to British intelligence, and there you have it.
Donovan began to lay the groundwork for a centralized intelligence program, it was he who organized the COI’s (Communications of Intelligence) New York headquarters (no surprise there) in Room 3603 of Rockefeller Center (again no surprise there either) in October 1941, and asked Allen Dulles to head it; the offices Dulles took were on the floor immediately above the location of the operations of Britain’s MI6, well I would never have guessed that, all very convenient is it not?
I wonder how many Americans realized MI6 was stationed on their soil before we had the CIA? or why they were there to begin with?
So having become centralized courtesy of the public money, they now with Robert David Steele and OSINT, the NSA and their data and crypto money programs wish to become decentralized, which means they are staging a global coup, that was the gist of the Clowns in panic show, seeing the picture now?
Donovan set up espionage and sabotage schools, established front companies, (now called shell companies or NGO’s plus private contractors) arranged clandestine collaborations with international corporations and the Vatican, and oversaw the invention of new, espionage-friendly guns, cameras, and bombs.
Donovan also recruited agents, selecting individuals with a wide range of backgrounds – ranging from intellectuals and artists to people with criminal backgrounds, this tells you of their profiling techniques and why they want more data on us all.
He hired a great many female spies, (and people thought only the Russians did that) dismissing criticism by those who felt women were unsuited to such work.
Among his prominent recruits were film director John Ford, actor Sterling Hayden, author Stephen Vincent Benet, and Eve Curie, daughter of the scientists Marie and Pierre Curie.
Other OSS recruits included poet Archibald MacLeish, banker Paul Mellon, (they of Bank of New York Mellon which is a Rothschild’s/Rockefeller jaunt) Alfred du Pont, (who started off in MIT, MIT eventually became a subsidiary of Harvard in 1914) Julia Child the tv chef, the psychologist Carl Jung, (oh dear the much repeated Carl Jung was a CIA spy) author Walter Lord, and members of the Auchincloss and Vanderbilt families.
There were so many aristocrats in the agency that the joke went around that OSS stood for “Oh So Social”
In 1942, the COI (Coordinator of Information) ceased being a White House operation and was placed under the aegis of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, again a common practice, the set up and funding supplied by the Government from taxpayers money, once established a cut off occurred, except not for the funding, just what they were doing, same applied with the banking takeover by the Federal Reserve, Roosevelt also changed its name to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).
Donovan was in fact very active in virtually every theater of World War II, he spent a good deal of time in the Balkans, to which he had urged both Roosevelt and Churchill to pay more attention to, yes because he was setting up the next stage is why, preparing for the coming of the private army, paid for by the countries and their people, stated to be for their self defense, but in real terms, was negating the countries military and going private, under the tutelage of the Rothschild’s family, which is now called NATO, which is the front for the hidden branch of Italy’s Decima MAS group.
He met in Europe with highly placed anti-Nazi Germans to broker an early peace that would allow for occupation by the Western Allies, establish a democratic Germany, and leave the Soviets out in the cold, question here is why didn’t he speak directly to the Nazis? answer is they were working for them and duping the other countries into allowing occupation by the Western Allies.
Western allies means the Nazis and the cult of RA takeover of Europe is why, all of it was a ruse the whole war, a ruse against the Rus, and the subsequent mind control program ran off it since, that the whole war was about persecution of the Jews, NO they were the patsies and also main beneficiaries of it, the pseudo Jew element of it anyway.
Loot went to Switzerland, state of isRAel created, retribution money appropriated in vast quantities, foundations, museums harvesting guilt money out of everyone, oblivious the whole thing was a ruse, the money was to pay for their harvesting program of us.
Donovan wanted to exact retribution for the torture and killing of OSS agents, when Truman named Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, another one based in New York, to serve as chief U.S. counsel in the prosecution of Nazi war criminals, Jackson, discovering that the OSS was the only agency that had seriously explored the issue, invited Donovan to join his trial staff.
Jackson lobbied Truman in person to approve of Donovan’s plans for a permanent postwar intelligence agency, the effort was unsuccessful, however, and on September 20, 1945, Truman signed an executive order abolishing the OSS, perhaps people were starting to put two and two together then, and they do what they always do, change a letter, a vowel or create a Hebrew name like Netanyahu, real name Mileikowsky, or Rothschild’s Bauer became Bayer.
This abolishing of OSS came just one month after the very group who delivered the Manhattan project dropped atomic weapons on the 6th and 9th of August, under the Office of Scientific Research, directed by Vannevar Bush, although no direct evidence is suggestive he was related to either of the George Bush’s, one must question as to why Vannevar’s father changed his name, as he was registered as Richard Perry Vannevar, so why did they change their name to Bush? Given we know that Bush is not the real names for the George’s but Scherff, one has to question why?
Truman moved forward with plans for a new intelligence agency, finally giving approval in 1946 for a watered-down interdepartmental “Central Intelligence Group, and the CIA was formed along with the National Security Act in 1947, interesting they were formed at the same time is it not, as any investigations into any skullduggery is denied due to “national security”, essentially the term national security is all about protecting the intelligence agencies and their nefarious programs.
Donovan had begun experiencing symptoms of dementia while in Thailand, and he was hospitalized in 1957, while in the hospital, he “imagined he saw the Red Army coming over the 59th Street bridge, into Manhattan, he was right, they were already here, but the Communists are not Russians at all, but Israelite cults of RA, the sub grey race out of ancient India.
Another example of an agent, once they have fulfilled their duties suffering from strange illness, disease or bizarre health issues, this is part of the MK Ultra in league with big pharma groups playing their dead people can’t talk game.
Donovan made this quote “…we cannot be sure that the clear and objective scholars who study the existing social systems, and draw up the blueprints for a society to suit our technology will always be heard, or that their plans will be put into operation.
We can almost be sure that this will not be the case, therefore some other power, some third class of individuals aside from the leaders and the scholars must exist, and this third class must have the task of thwarting mistakes, diagnosing areas of potential world disequilibrium, and nipping the causes of potential disturbances in the bud.
There must be a body of men whose task it is to throw out the rotten apples as soon as the first spots of decay appear. A body of this nature must exist undercover. It must either be a power unto itself, or be given the broadest discretionary powers by the highest human authorities.”
These comments essentially brought in the NSA and the National Security Act of 1947, a front to protect the front, to protect another front, this then created the NGO systems and led to people like Robert David Steele creating side companies, that gave the appearance of not being connected to the hub, but their very contracts do tie them into the CIA and their interests.

Allen Dulles, the Dulles and Rockefeller families are cousins.
He was dismissed by John F. Kennedy over the later fiasco of the CIA and the Bay of Pigs was final straw, but as said earlier, JFK wanted to destroy the CIA as soon as he got in office, due to what they did to his father.
Unsurprisingly Dulles was one of the members of the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of John F. Kennedy, one of the planning participants leading a commission into investigating themselves, bit like police inquiries, it’s all the same.
Dulles born in New York, born as one of five children of Presbyterian minister Allen Macy Dulles, but like Donovan appeared to change alliances of religion to another group as this piece shows.
In 1921, while at the US Embassy in Istanbul, he helped expose the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a forgery, then Dulles unsuccessfully attempted to persuade the US State Department to publicly denounce the forgery, you see they have been covering up stuff for a long time before Snopes (CIA agent) or Google, Twitter, Youtube all CIA subsidiaries started deleting their tracks.
Later in life Dulles claimed to have been telephoned by Vladimir Lenin, seeking a meeting with the American embassy on April 8, 1917, ah Lenin the Jewish Bolshevik leader who hid out in Rothschild’s country throughout the genocide, they are all connected is why.
He became a director of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1927, Dulles helped a number of German Jews, such as the banker Paul Kemper, escape to the United States from Nazi Germany, I wonder why they were not working to free American soldiers trapped there? stupid question I know, but shows where these peoples allegiances lie.
So like Donovan mentioned earlier of how he spent much time in Europe taking steps to protect his Jewish clients from the Nazis, I think it becomes clear by now, who these people actually worked for.

After the outbreak of the Second World War, Dulles was recruited to work at the Office of Strategic Services and moved to Bern, Switzerland, where he lived at Herrengasse 23 for the duration of World War II.
As Swiss Director of the OSS, Switzerland is the head branch of the CIA, not America, so much for their neutrality, but also at behest of the Rothschild’s.
Dulles was promoted to Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, second in the intelligence hierarchy, after the election of Dwight Eisenhower in 1952, Bedell Smith shifted to the Department of State and Dulles became the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence.
Bedell Smith was no innocent either in changing the CIA into a private organization, after World War II, he served as the U.S. Ambassador to the now Bolshevik not Russian, Soviet Union from 1946 to 1948, Smith then in 1950, became the Director of Central Intelligence, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other intelligence agencies in the United States.
Smith reorganized the CIA, redefined its structure and its mission, and he gave it a new sense of purpose, he made the CIA the arm of government primarily responsible for covert operations.
At Dulles’ request, President Eisenhower demanded that Senator Joseph McCarthy discontinue issuing subpoenas against the CIA.
In March 1950, McCarthy had initiated a series of investigations, into the potential communist subversion of the Agency, given Smith was ambassador in USSR and then seemingly just walks in as head of CIA, one was not surprised, although none of the investigations revealed any wrongdoing, the hearings were potentially damaging, not only to the CIA’s reputation but also to the security of sensitive information.
Of course none of the hearings went anywhere, that is why they created the National Security act three years previously, any awkward questioning of Langley is met with National Security Act, like recent piece I did on Marion Horn a former CIA agent, requesting documents held by the CIA of the Five Star Trust of which he was a signatory, until he went to use the funds and they jailed him and denied him access to the documents under National Security.
This is what another Mr. Horn, no relation said about the CIA back in 2001.
Rep. Steve Horn (R-Calif.) said the CIA should not be exempt from providing Congress critical information on security plans and policies for its classified systems. He said every other agency including other intelligence agencies has reported comparable information to the House Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Efficiency, Financial Management and Intergovernmental Relations.
‘The agency is assaulting Congress’s constitutional responsibility to oversee executive branch activities,’ Horn said. ‘The CIA believes it is apparently above that basic principle in our Constitution. We do not agree.
What that senator was referring to is the three branches of government, except what he and most of America don’t understand is, we don’t have a government, we have a corporation called USA Inc, with compartmentalization programs running on a massive scale.
Well you can thank Eisenhower and Bedell Smith for that, but like now, one has to ask where were Congress when all this was being arranged? perhaps they were bribed or as traitorous as the Congress back in 1910 with the Federal Reserve act.
George Tenet said it all in this quote at the time, he said the CIA willingly participates in hundreds of briefings each year, as long as they don’t involve divulging how the agency does business.

McCarthy as we all know has since had a character assassination job done on him, and even carries his own meme, McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.
This is a common practice of these people, remember it was these same people who created the term conspiracy theory or theorist, why? to divert attention away from what they are doing, or blame the other of doing what you are doing yourself, common theme in the CIA based alt media these days also.
McCarthy was right the CIA is Communist, but just not Russian Communism, the Israelite cult created Communism for their takeover of the world, they also created capitalism and fascism, and by and large has nothing to do with Jews or Jewish people, they are totally oblivious to it in large part, seduced by the promise of they are gods chosen people, no your not, your pawns like the rest of us.
Documents made public in 2004 revealed that the CIA, under Dulles’ orders, had broken into McCarthy’s Senate office and fed disinformation to him in order to discredit him, in order to stop his investigation of communist infiltration of the CIA.
The CIA installed disinfo to stop the investigation of communist infiltration of the CIA, do you grasp the enormity of that statement?
How and why has it been allowed? you do realize the CIA has done a communist coup on this country with pseudo Jews and their Rothschild’s British, French, German and Dutch counterparts.
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation‘s Skunk Works submitted a design number called the CL-282, this aircraft was rejected by the Air Force, the aircraft became what is known as the U-2 ‘spy plane’, and it was initially operated only by CIA pilots, stupid Lockheed thinking they were working for America and Americans, but only the Israelite communists could use the planes.
In 1953, Dulles was involved, along with Frank Wisner, in Operation Ajax, the covert operation that led to the removal of democratically elected prime minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh, and his replacement with Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran.
Rumors of a Soviet takeover of the country had surfaced due to the nationalization of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, British diplomat Christopher Woodhouse (haha British diplomat, he was an MI6 agent) had proposed the idea of a coup d’état to President Eisenhower to try to regain British control of the oil company, by British control they mean Rothschild’s Crown control, not the country.
Just like the state of Israel created by Britain, not the country but the Crown agents, Crown agents were also responsible for the American flag and anthem, oops.
Why is Iran so important and playing a major role in world politics, well the obvious is the oil siphoning, but it goes way beyond that and back in time, as covered in this series parts 1 and 2, this also involves what is known now as The Balkans states and Istan countries like Kazakhstan, Iran is named from the meaning the land of the Aryans, Balkans and Istan countries all belonged to the Rus and the Aryans, hence the Israelite cult who operate the CIA decide everything belongs to them.
President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman of Guatemala was removed in 1954 in a CIA-led coup carried out under the code name Operation PBSUCCESS.
Several failed assassination plots utilizing CIA-recruited operatives, and anti-Castro Cubans directly against Castro undermined the CIA’s credibility, they should never have had any credibility but for sell out agents being manipulated by The Crown.
The reputation of the agency and its director declined drastically after the Bay of Pigs Invasion fiasco.
During the Kennedy Administration, Dulles faced increasing criticism, so much so in autumn 1961, following the Bay of Pigs incident and Algiers putsch against Charles de Gaulle, Dulles and his entourage, including Deputy Director for Plans Richard M. Bissell Jr. (In July, 1947 Bissell was recruited by W. Averell Harriman to run a committee to lobby for an economic recovery plan for Europe. The following year he was appointed as an administrator of the Marshall Plan in Germany, Marshall plan was the control system ran by Marduk.
Bissell moved to Washington, D.C., where he associated with a group of journalists, politicians, and government officials that became known as the Georgetown Set.
Originally formed in 1945-1948 by a group of former Office of Strategic Services veterans from World War Two, the grouping would expand its informal membership around the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C, another private club which dictates so much of our society.
Bissell worked for the Ford Foundation for a while but Frank Wisner (who was involved in coup on Iran) persuaded him to join the Central Intelligence Agency. In 1954 he was placed in charge of developing and operating the Lockheed U-2 ‘spy plane’, after Frank Wisner suffered a mental breakdown in September 1958, Bissell replaced him as the CIA’s Deputy Director for Plans, funny how that all so suddenly happens within these circles is it not?
The Directorate for Plans reportedly controlled over half the CIA’s budget and was responsible for covert operations, in March 1960, President Eisenhower approved a CIA plan to overthrow Castro, the strategy was organized by Bissell. Sidney Gottlieb, who was born in New York and born to Jewish parents, of the CIA Technical Services Division was asked to come up with proposals that would undermine Castro’s popularity with the Cuban people. Gottlieb’s involvement was not his only involvement in skullduggery, he also ran the MK-ULTRA project from 1953-1964.)
They came up with a scheme and used the mafia to attempt to topple Castro, so the mafia is another of their enterprises, also forced to resign was Deputy Director Charles Cabell, Cabell was the person who set up Project Grudge, which then became Project Sign and subsequently Project Bluebook, also like Dulles and Helms was involved in the U2 spy plane out of Lockheed Martin.
One hypothesis regarding the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, has to do with what was known as the Renegade CIA Clique, funny Obama used same renegade name as his secret code name, he is Langley 3 is why, where one attempts to implicate Cabell and several other CIA officials, including James Jesus Angleton and William King Harvey, as well as the “three tramps“, and Cabell’s brother Earle Cabell, to add further mystique to it, who was the mayor of Dallas at the time of the Kennedy assassination? it was Cabell’s brother, Earle.
On November 29, 1963, President Lyndon Baines Johnson appointed Dulles as one of seven commissioners of the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of the U.S. President John F. Kennedy.
Johnson appointed Dulles primarily, so that Dulles could “coach” the Commission on how to interview CIA witnesses and what questions to ask, because Johnson and Dulles were both anxious to ensure that the Commission did not discover, Kennedy’s secret involvement in the administration’s illegal plans to assassinate Castro and other foreign leaders.

As covered in previous episodes, we are paying heavily for actions and programs from the late 1880’s through 1925, most of what I have covered grew from that period, and people think crypto is new, err NO, try this.
The Black Chamber (1919–1929), another of their color coded programs, also known as The Cipher Bureau, was the United States’ first peacetime crypto analytic organization, and a forerunner of the National Security Agency(NSA).
The only prior codes and cipher organizations maintained by the US government had been somewhat intermittent, and always abandoned, in attempts by Armed Forces branches prior to World War I.
Headed by Herbert O. Yardley (1889–1958), the Black Chamber was founded in May 1919 following World War I, Yardley had commanded the Army cryptographic section of Military Intelligence (MI-8) during World War I. MI-8 was disbanded after the war, MI is British intelligence not American, and was disbanded due to agent like Donovan mentioned earlier.
Jointly funded by the Army and the State Department, the Cipher Bureau was disguised as a New York City commercial code company, it actually produced and sold such codes for business use, but its true mission, however, was to break the communications (chiefly diplomatic) of other nations, according to intelligence historian James Bamford.
The Black Chamber secured the cooperation of American telegraph companies, such as Western Union, in illegally turning over the cable traffic of foreign embassies and consulates in Washington and New York, eventually, “almost the entire American cable industry” was part of this effort.
However, these companies eventually withdrew their support—possibly spurred by the Radio Act of 1927, which broadened criminal offenses related to breaching the confidentiality of telegraph messages, which then made the establishment buy all these companies up, the whole of the media and radio is now controlled by 6-10 groups, the breaking of these codes gave birth to modern systematic scientific code breaking.
The Black Chambers survived through to the Twentieth Century in a variety of guises and inspired similar organizations in other countries, such as the “Secret Office” of the British Post Office, and you all thought the Post Office was to buy stamps and send letters and parcels, no it created the first spying on the public database.
Then came the Telecommunications act of 1934, which is still in force today believe it or not, the gist of that Act, was to place all forms of communications, airwave frequencies on, below and above, in the hands of the US military and Department of Defense.
Subsequently they then had full access to ALL broadcasts, either by phone, telegram, code machines, all planes and ships coming into the area, and onto mobile phones, TV signals, radio signals and computer signals.
All of this was under the tutelage of Bell Technologies and AT&T, both of which are control system operated, all of which was funded by the people.

Our team went through that whole 300+ page document and found several loopholes with which the current administration could get rid of fake news entirely, and it was subsequently ignored.
Media propaganda facilitated by intelligence agencies, was first started with CBS in the 1920’s.
But it wasn’t the only thing the public was funding via the CIA, not only did they control all airwaves, but added new measures into the fray.
The costs of spying on the public and state propaganda was raised in early in 1970’s, when William Schapp’s report into Congress caused a major public stir at the time, and no doubt the corrupt media stifled it.
William Schapp’s testimony to Congress enraged the public when the bill for this black operation was revealed: “About a third of the whole CIA budget went to media propaganda operations… We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars a year just for that… close to a billion dollars are being spent every year by the United States on secret propaganda.”
Close to a billion dollars back in the 1970’s, can you imagine what it is now, it must cost them enough to run and pay agents in the alt media alone, never mind other fields.
CIA Director William “Bill” Colby attested before the Church Committee that more than 400 CIA agents were on payroll to feed media sources fabricated stories aimed at steering public opinion.
President Ford issued executive order 11905 in an attempt to reform intelligence agencies, until Reagan over ruled that and issued Executive Order 12333 which intended to extend powers and responsibilities of U.S. intelligence agencies and direct the leaders of U.S. federal agencies to co-operate fully with CIA requests for information.
Executive Order 12333 has been regarded by the American intelligence community as a fundamental document authorizing the expansion of data collection activities. The document has been employed by the National Security Agency as legal authorization for its collection of unencrypted information flowing through the data centers of internet communications giants Google and Yahoo!.
Ford and Carter banned the political assassinations via US Intelligence Services, but in 1998, the changed the wording and reclassified targets as being connected to terrorism, and so getting around the Executive Orders.
Good evening this is your news from CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, CNBC and Bloomberg all brought to you courtesy of the CIA and it’s parent company The Cult of Ra.
President Gerald Ford fired Colby after this revelation – that 400 CIA agents were on payroll to feed media sources fabricated stories aimed at steering public opinion, and during the proceedings – he brought in George H. W. Bush who completed the CIA’s testimony, well of course lizard breath would complete the testimony his successive family lines have done more damage to this country with each generation, most of which is oblivious to the majority of the American public.
Bush Sr. assured everyone there were no other programs to worry about, he even promised that the CIA would stop influencing the media, and if you believed a single word that came out of the demonic psychopaths mouth, you are at the point of being certifiable.

As covered in the Clowns in panic show of how the CIA is working directly with the NSA, one could in fact state, that these are in essence the same organization, all ran by the British OSS and more modern version known as GCHQ.
The CIA went into schools, colleges and universities in the 1940’s, with more of the American peoples funding, to play a new game of mind control and espionage with this story.
The National Student Association received funding from the CIA. and the N.S.A. itself, which was founded at a student convention in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1947, in order to represent the United States in the I.U.S.
The Madison convention also created an N.S.A. subcommittee on international affairs and gave it authority to deal with international issues.
The key move was the separation of the main N.S.A. office, which was in Madison, from the international division, which was housed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it was the Cambridge branch of the N.S.A. that received most of the C.I.A.’s funding and did most of the C.I.A.’s bidding, whilst Madison was kept out of the loop.
Guess which other organization is housed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT.
After the Second World War, our superpower solved this dilemma in exactly this way and on exactly this line of reasoning, from the more or less official start of the Cold War, Harry Truman’s speech to Congress in March, 1947, announcing his policy “to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures”—that is, Communist aggression—the United States created fronts and secretly infiltrated existing nongovernmental organizations in order to advance American interests abroad.
Almost exactly twenty years after Truman’s speech, in February, 1967, the government’s cover was spectacularly blown by a college dropout, the dropout’s name was Michael Wood, and the operation he exposed was the C.I.A.’s covert use of an organization called the National Student Association.
The revelation had a cascading effect, and helped to mark the end of the first phase of the Cold War.
Paget reveals that, even before Prague, American students were subject to surveillance and scheming by three groups of grownups: the State Department, the F.B.I., and the Cat holic Church.
As mentioned previously of secret flights done by CIA head Casey to the Vatican to give them allegedly details of the Cold War, which is a complete cover in and of itself, there was no cold war, it was just another way to create black budget programs, with alleged boogeymen, which they created, passed onto the American public in fear programs, telling them were all going to die again, when in essence it was all part of a covert psy op that involved many of the globalist elites including the Vatican church to takeover the world, for their New World Order.

So, who were the players in and around the Vatican church, well you have the 13 Black Nobility group who choose the grey and black popes, white pope is a public PR front and carries no clout whatsoever.
You also have the Italian mafia which was created by the church to collect funds from clandestine operations, drugs, gambling, trafficking and racketeering, of which proceeds of those funds went to the Vatican church.
Then you have the Knights of Malta crew also connected to the church, but the one that most avid researchers are familiar with is, the P2 lodge, known as Propaganda Due.
Another secret society that was banned in Italy, that just means they went underground, and not eliminated, so where does the P2 lodge kick in and do they have links with the CIA also?
Remember I mentioned earlier that the OSS had no jurisdiction in Latin America? here is why, Outside of Italy, the P2 was also active in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, it was in these countries that the P2 along with the CIA launched Operation Condor, which essentially was a takeover of the whole of the South America and install their puppets.
Argentina in particular involving Pinochet, the military junta who was aided in gun running by a certain priest named Jorge Mario Bergoglio more commonly known as Pope Francis, who was born of an Italian immigrant mother.
Although it, Operation Condor was described by the CIA as “a cooperative effort by the intelligence/security services of several South American countries to combat terrorism and subversion,” guerrillas were used as an excuse, as they were never substantial enough to control territory, gain material support by any foreign power, or otherwise threaten national security.
Condor’s key members were the governments in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. Ecuador and Peru later joined the operation in more peripheral roles.
It was said that The United States government provided planning, coordinating, training on torture, (which was perfected in Vietnam and known as Project Pheonix, I wonder where we heard that term mentioned several times? connect the dots), also technical support and supplied military aid to the Juntas during the Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and the Reagan administrations, such support was frequently routed through the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
A declassified CIA document dated 23 June 1976, explains that “in early 1974, security officials from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia met in Buenos Aires to prepare coordinated actions against subversive targets.” Condor was an operation similar to Operation Gladio, the strategy of tension used in Italy in the 1970s, of which Licio Gelli was a member.
Licio Gelli was an Italian financier, liaison officer between the Italian government and Nazi Germany, chiefly known for his role in the Banco Ambrosiano scandal. He was revealed in 1981 as being the Venerable Master of the clandestine lodge Propaganda Due, which is the P2 lodge, and proves the case of the CIA and the P2 lodge are part of a larger clandestine group, whose sole aim is to disrupt every single country and install their puppets.
It was discovered in 2010 that Henry Kissinger canceled a warning against the international assassination of political opponents, that was to be issued to some of the countries participating in Operation Condor.
The National Security Archive reported, “Founded by the Pinochet regime in November 1975, Operation Condor was the codename for a formal Southern Cone collaboration that included transnational secret intelligence activities, kidnapping, torture, disappearance and assassination, according to the National Security Archive’s documentary evidence from U.S., Paraguayan, Argentine, and Chilean files.”
Operation Condor killed 60K people of which 30K was in Argentina alone, 30K people disappeared and 400K were imprisoned.

Henry Kissinger played a prominent role in Operation Condor and there was an extradition order for him to stand trial, in August 2001, Argentine Judge Rodolfo Canicoba sent a letter rogatory to the US State Department, in accordance with the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), requesting a deposition by Kissinger to aid the judge’s investigation of Operation Condor.
On 16 February 2007, a request for the extradition of Kissinger was filed at the Supreme Court of Uruguay on behalf of Bernardo Arnone, a political activist who was kidnapped, tortured and disappeared by the dictatorial regime in 1976.
The editors of the New York Times defended Henry Kissinger, arguing that he should be given a pass for his role in Condor and other dirty works because “the world was polarised, and fighting communism involved hard choices and messy compromises”.

Arthur Hays Sulzberger, Adolph Simon Ochs and Arthur Ochs Sulzberger all owners of the New York Times, two born in New York, and all three born to Jewish parents, why does that not surprise me, and why they would defend Kissinger, all same people and all the same cult is why.
The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, headed by Anselmi, concluded that the P2 lodge was a secret criminal organization, allegations of surreptitious international relationships, mainly with Argentina (Gelli repeatedly suggested that he was a close friend of Juan Perón) and with some people suspected of affiliation with the American Central Intelligence Agency were also partly confirmed, not partly confirmed at all, but fully active, and a further example of the lengths investigations go to and preventing any negative feedback going to the CIA, all others get thrown under the bus, but they remain unscathed.

Another group who appear to be indirect and not related to the CIA, but are, is the Tavistock Institute, created two days after the CIA, formed and with the help of a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, the same foundation that funded Planned Parenthood remember.
Cohen – cidence I think not given the who was the background and driver of this Institute, Although he died before the TIHR was formally established, Kurt Lewin was an important influence on the work of the Tavistock, Kurt Lewin born in Prussia, modern day Poland and born to Jewish parents, how many times now has that got to come up before people see it as a common fact and not just spout anti semitic.
How is it possible a tiny minority of people are all central of almost every rogue organization or criminal group, the sheer volume of it in this series, should make even the most avid skeptic, not only raise eyebrows, but start to question the frankly absurd official narrative.
Lewin served as a professor at the University of Berlin from 1926 to 1932, during which time he conducted experiments about tension states, needs, motivation, and learning.
In 1933, Lewin had tried to negotiate a teaching position as the chair of psychology as well as the creation of a research institute at the Hebrew University.
Lewin often associated with the early Frankfurt School, originated by an influential group of largely Jewish Marxists at the Institute for Social Research in Germany.
But when Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 the Institute members had to disband, moving to England and then to America, in that year, he met with Eric Trist, of the London Tavistock Clinic, Trist was impressed with his theories and went on to use them in his studies on soldiers during the Second World War.
Lewin immigrated to the United States in August 1933 and became a naturalized citizen in 1940, a few years after moving to America, Lewin began asking people to pronounce his name as “Lou-in” rather than “Le-veen” because the misspelling of his name by Americans had led to many missed phone calls, yeah right another example of creating an Anglicized name to hide the fact he was Jewish.
Tavistock on one hand was a branding company involved in psychological social engineering, and on the other were the left hand path of MK Ultra in non physical mind control experimentation.
It is said they created The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, rap and also hip hop for subversive purposes, and were also involved in the feminism and transgender movements and programs, and various other divisive programs launched on the people.
Cited as Lewin’s influences was Leon Festinger, born in New York, born to Jewish parents, Leon became known for the term cognitive dissonance, hmm.
Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik born in Lithuania, born to Jewish parents, Morton Deutsch was another one cited born in New York but unable to obtain his parentage.
Lewin came up with the theory of Force field analysis, which may give people a clue of how they work.
Force field analysis provides a framework for looking at the factors (forces) that influence a situation, originally social situations.
It looks at forces that are either driving movement toward a goal (helping forces) or blocking movement toward a goal (hindering forces).
Key to this approach was Lewin’s interest in gestaltism, understanding the totality and assessing a situation as a whole and not focusing only on individual aspects. Further, the totality for an individual (their life space) derives from their perception of their reality, not an objective viewpoint.
Their perception of reality provides the clue, in that passage and here is how they deliver it.
An early model of change developed by Lewin described change as a three-stage process, the first stage he called “unfreezing”, it involved overcoming inertia and dismantling the existing “mind set”, it must be part of surviving, and defense mechanisms have to be bypassed.
In the second stage the change occurs, this is typically a period of confusion and transition, we are aware that the old ways are being challenged, but we do not have a clear picture as to what we are replacing them with yet.
The third and final stage he called “freezing”, the new mindset is crystallizing and one’s comfort level is returning to previous levels, Lewin’s three-step process is regarded as a foundational model for making change in organizations.
MK Ultra is also 3 stages and after the third stage, the person is unaware of who they are or what they do.
Lewin also worked on what he called Group dynamics, critics shared the opinion that groups did not exist as scientifically valid entities, it had been said by skeptics that the actions of groups, were nothing more than those of its members considered separately.
Lewin justified group existence using the dictum “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, he theorized that when a group is established it becomes a unified system with supervening qualities that cannot be understood by evaluating members individually.
This notion – that a group is composed of more than the sum of its individual members – quickly gained support from sociologists and psychologists who understood the significance of this emerging field.
I hope more who listen to this show having just heard the last few paragraphs, of how we change our mindset and think and act different, fits into what we are doing, not what they are doing.
We are deprogramming on a massive scale, and not all are up to the task, and why it is important for the group to remain unified, it is their antithesis of divide and conquer, and why this group is targeted heavily, who have undergone the mindset freezing program mentioned earlier.
If our light can’t unfreeze it or them, which is an external light from the programmed persons perspective, the key as always is their own internal light must shine, which is why it is pointless at this juncture trying to wake them up. They have to do their own work, and perhaps now people will understand this quote better “immigration of the future will not be country to country, but from their world, to our world”, a world of perceived reality, into actual reality.
I hope with this show it has connected some more dots for you in this series, the depth of which is staggering, this is a highly organized cult hell bent on taking over the world and it’s resources, at any and all costs, and only the outing of it and highlighting it, will bring an end to the amount of deaths, suffering, raping and pillaging that has plagued us all for many generations.
The question remains if all this fighting for freedom and getting rid of dictators, despots, Communists, tyrants that has gone on for last 100 years, with them all now out of the way, why hasn’t our lives improved one iota?
It hasn’t because the real tyrants are still in our midst is why, and perhaps the leading figures killed, where not the problem after all? Just the ones that killed them.

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