truth honor integrity | aug. 13 2020

So, it’s Thorsday again and as many of you countdown to this day and wait to hear what is revealed, some it seems cannot wait to find out and hack into my show page, yes I see and yes I know what your up to, some would get annoyed, I laugh as it proves me and our show is on target and ahead of the game, and they have more interest in what I do than I am of them. Thanks for validating me more.

Headline Joe Biden has embraced the radical left, really? what the hell does that mean? left and right wing are they birds, or another of the multi armed Hindu gods? it is ridiculous this label speak.
Can we have less of discussing portal people newspeak and more about discussing policies, labels are the distraction, policies are what impacts us all.
All the portal people debate about is labels and he said she said drama, political speeches the same, lets talk policies again shall we.
As the now criminal supporting based platform called You Tube introduces adverts prior to each video unless you sign up to their platform and pay, with one of their adverts that becomes indicative, of support the Democrats, oh my no political bias there then.
Biden of course was told this week who his running mate is, Kamala Harris a former top cop, so I guess her role hasn’t changed much, a no accountability role just continues then.

With the FRWL series gaining much traction and understanding globally, is it a cohen cidence the New York Times has decided to run a series and thesis based in bullshittery called the 1619 Project, one thinks not and another of their attempts to rewrite his story and fake narrative.

My interview in Germany is now posted and we had another private chat this week about a potential investment product for the TPC, I will mention it on Saturday and gauge the feedback.

Special mention to Steven Derbyshire who is struggling a bit personally currently, THI has been a safe zone to grow and overcome many hurdles my friend, life is a struggle for many now but we and you can get through it. THI supports you remember that.

Message to the people of Belarus, the people support you against the jackbooted thugs masquerading as police over there.
The world needs to know the atrocities of violence ensuing there against the people, now they know.

Jackass of the week award goes to? The University of Georgia, who are urging students to wear masks while having sex.
The university reportedly sent out notices to on-campus students that said they should “consider wearing a face mask during sex.
Heavy breathing and panting can further spread the virus, and wearing a mask can reduce the risk,”.
“You are your safest sex partner. Practice solo sex, or limit the number of sexual partners you have,” said the University of Georgia recommendations.”
Almost as stupid as the Texas politician calling for males to be fined $100 for masturbating, perhaps like her, those that made these policies just need to get laid, or go and f themselves.
As for the Nashville council member who stated those who dont wear masks should be charged with attempted murder, she has the right name Sharon Hurt, yes you hurt everyone’s brain with your abject levels of retard, please just shut up.
These people should be fired on the basis of a lack of common sense, sadly if that was the criteria we would not have many employees, common is a misnomer as from where I stand it is rare sense.

As an inquiry reveals what this show has said all along hospitals and those who run it at the very top are a criminal money laundering exercise as revealed this week on C Span.
Claiming that people had COVID when they didn’t, all to get more of the public’s money for the hospital, it is beyond sick and Trump and Co. need to file criminal convictions against all hospital CEO’s involved in this public scam.
Also revealed in the C Span hearing and revealed by Stranger than fiction news broadcast was the fact, and it is a fact that military and agency based research labs across this country have since polio vaccines, manufactured these diseases like Aids, Ebola, H1N1, Aids with the specific desire to drive the sales of vaccines and drugs, whilst depopulating the people.
This is not a rare event, they were doing this even as far back as 1920’s, in 1932 through 1972 the government told the people of Tuskegee they were getting free health care, only to administer them deliberately under false pretences with syphilis, and again this was run out of a University or Institute.
In several seemingly separate broadcasts from Boston, New York, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, N. Carolina, Michigan all stating they have 33 positive cases in all 6 States, 33 as we all know is the Masonic number, and what this confirms is the portal people are all reading the same script passed off as real news.
Now you know why this show called the news script reading media the portal people, as their news is not from our world, they have lied through their teeth to the people since TV started broadcasting the news.
Those in this country just took it to another level of brainwashing, courtesy of the CIA.
I am calling on Trump and team to issue an Executive Order to close down immediately all news organizations guilty of this high treason and arrest the CEO’s and major news readers for crimes against humanity.
Arrest the news script writers out of the CIA, they were exposed for and admitted doing this back in the 1970’s via the Church Committee, how long are we going to wait and watch these criminals continue to use and abuse the public, whilst spending record numbers of our dollars, intent on harming and killing the public and the country? enough is enough.
Their whole script is based on putting the public in fear and driving the pharmaceutical industry and their death poisons.
The CDC has admitted that the death figures have been greatly exaggerated, all designed to push their death poison vaccines.
Perhaps they really tell you about what they think of your health with the term wellness, ness added to adjectives to form nouns that refer to a quality or a condition: but what is the quality or the condition of the well?
Is it a fresh water spring or are you drowning in a cess pit?
Bearing in mind the word cess means to impose a tax upon, all very fitting if you ask me.
Wake up people before this goes from a humorous piece to stark reality.

This coming Saturday 15th August at 3pm est, I will be doing a Zoom call to mark the 7 years as a radio show host.
365 weeks 2/3’s of which I did not have to endure hearing 2 weeekks.
There will be a short Q & A with me at the start of the call, and then I will be inviting members to talk about how THI has changed their lives.
I know many of you have written to me and said so, but I want all members to hear it and hoping it will inspire others to kick on and or improve themselves at the same time.
Come on and tell your story, this is a celebration of us all not just me, too often we focus on what we haven’t done or lost, not what we have done or gained, this is yours and our opportunity.
All are welcome and we can accommodate up to 500.
Also next Tuesday evening another must listen to will be added to our series, that is prevalent today as it was in the past.

Good news from Mr. Trump this week on their attack against pharmaceutical giants and the prices of drugs.
As he said for years drugs made in the same plant are cheaper to buy into other countries than America, all courtesy of the drug pushing lobbyists.
I was interested in the fact that he said that, an executive order will require that U.S. government agencies purchase all essential medicines that we need from American sources.
Given the fact that several US government agencies have been involved in the more illicit drug dealing, this could well be a smart move to replace the funding loss of the illicit drug dealing, then illicit drugs should be made legal.
I personally don’t believe in the value of any of those drugs, but it is peoples free will choice to take it, the key is how to manage it and cut out the gangster world and the violence surrounding it.
Now some may not like that idea, but there are millions of jobs that depend on the drug trade, for instance Yakusa, how do you steer them away from the illicit drug crime, without them using violence against people?
You put them in charge of an organized drug sale, where support for the user is available, give the gangsters a reasonable pay structure and the profits go into the health service.
Either way this is a positive move by Mr. Trump and his team.
For me personally I want to see him go further, and delete all pharma companies indemnity clauses, like AstraZeneca with the potential Covid vaccine, any pharma company operating under indemnity clauses are banned from selling in this country.
That way we have less people in this country being used as guinea pigs for their obscene profit organizations.
Health related companies should have a limit set on profits, the peoples health is far more important than profits.
The fact we value pieces of paper with numbers on more than our health, that has been sponsored by our governments, shows how far society has fallen.

More good news from Mr. Trump and for me this is pleasing to hear.
This week he announced he was stopping the payroll tax for people making under $100k and also dropped the interest on student loans, plus $400 extra on unemployment.
This has all the hallmarks of working with and listening to Kim the Trustee and is music to my ears.
One of the issues I brought up with him in the past is, the lack of his own task force team to deal with the nest of vipers within the White House and other corridors of power.
Given the just announced directives, perhaps now he has got that team and will as suggested govern from a concealed room, and maybe why he said in Ohio last week, you may not be seeing me for a while, time will tell.

In a further sign of good news regarding Trump this week this story raised eyebrows and a smile this week, are we finally seeing a split with certain connections of the Hebrew flavor? time will tell and we must always be cautious.
When President Donald Trump connected by phone last week with Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson — perhaps the only person in the party who can cut a nine-figure check to aid his reelection — the phone call unexpectedly turned contentious.
The 87-year-old casino mogul had reached out to Trump to talk about the coronavirus relief bill and the economy.
But then Trump brought the conversation around to the campaign and confronted Adelson about why he wasn’t doing more to bolster his reelection, according to three people with direct knowledge of the call.
One of the people said it was apparent the president had no idea how much Adelson, who’s donated tens of millions of dollars to pro-Trump efforts over the years, had helped him.
Adelson chose not to come back at Trump.
When word of the call circulated afterward, Republican Party officials grew alarmed the president had antagonized one of his biggest benefactors at a precarious moment in his campaign. They rushed to smooth things over with him, but the damage may have been done.

Kim has now stated that the stimulus is coming from an American National disaster relief fund which went from $360B up to $1.8T, and witnessed by Trump, Mnuchin and Pelosi.
So where did this fund come from? this one of the many funds Kim and the Trust set up with the dissolution of the former name of the Manna World Holding Trust.
There are hundreds of these funds for various topics set up for each and every country, not just America.
She then went onto state that there is $2.874T equivalent in an account of the same name designated for the people, which was arranged by Kim, for every dollar the American govt receives, the people are entitled to the same dollar amount out of the funds. She then said the government will get the funds when the people receive their portion of the funds.
Perhaps she needs to be more clear on how are the Government spending their allocation, whilst the people’s is still blocked?
No people monies no Government monies should be the directive should it not?
It is not a criticism but things need to be made clearer and clarified better, are the Government spending funds out of the Trust here and now or not? and if yes, how and why?
One thing that did intrigue me which has been indicative to me for the past 4 months until this week is, she said perhaps Trump is now back on board with us.
One hopes that is the case given the 1000’s of hours both her and to a lesser degree I have worked to help Trump and the Government, enough of this flip flopping back and forth, this country is a disaster zone of epic proportions and needs hard and harsh leadership and actions to be taken, regardless of whether an election is coming up or not.
In this current environment of job losses, people losing homes, landlords not being paid for rents, businesses closing down, freedoms being shredded, all whilst the fat cat greed merchants harvest everything, as an example Wall Street, how are markets going up with everything closing down, it proves that whole operation is based on fakery and illusion.

Kim now claims that they have a global enforcement team now in place in several countries, and so we should look forward to reports of some high level arrests in the coming days and weeks, exciting stuff.
Enforcement was always the key in what we are doing here.

Kim and Tank spoke of assemblies being formed in each state and early reports of they are running into issues similar to the THI state groups, and they were requesting more to get involved, then perhaps the fledgling assemblies could team up in each state with the THI state groups, as THI state groups are well formed now and can give them help and a lift up.
Many of the things they requested, the groundwork has already been done by our members, so why waste energies and double up whilst dividing people?
That way things on a public level can progress quicker, just because of the split of the main characters in both groups is prevailing and the olive branch refused, it doesn’t mean the people themselves should be divided, it is a common cause and so as Kim has said it is all about the people, this would be a good move for the people of this country to engage on a wider scale.
Perhaps one of our members that listens to both channels can put this out in their next call.

SOTN was sent an email yesterday, Monday, August 3 — the day before this terrorist bombing — by an experienced Russian investigator and Israel research historian which stated the following: Attention: An Israeli citizen journalist recently explained that Israel is ready to start a war with two countries [Lebanon & Iran].
The Israeli military is moving soldiers, tanks, etc.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently charged with three crimes, and he can be jailed soon if found guilty.
He wants to start a new war, and instead of going to prison he has hopes of becoming an Israeli hero messiah who
would exterminate Hezbollah and other ‘enemies’ of Israel.”
Whilst the validity of this is not confirmed, I thought I would put it out anyway and potentially warn other countries in that region to be on alert.
Trump could help by stating any incursions or preparations for attacks ends the aid the US sends.

The danger that Benjamin Netanyahu will provoke Donald Trump into attacking Iran is not over.
In fact, the risk of conflict just increased — because the new U.S. special envoy for Iran is none other than Elliott Abrams, born in and born to yet again, and the defender of mass murder in the 1980s in Central America who is also fanatically pro-Israel.
That is the mass murder we covered in an earlier show called Operation Condor, carried by CIA and the P2 lodge.
But his misdemeanors don’t end there.
During investigation of the Iran-Contra Affair, Lawrence Walsh, the Independent Counsel tasked with investigating the case, prepared multiple felony counts against Abrams.
In 1991, Abrams admitted that he knew more than he acknowledged in his congressional testimony, cooperated with Walsh and entered into a plea agreement in which he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress.
For failing to cooperate, he would have faced felony charges of perjury over his congressional testimony.
He was sentenced to a $50 fine, probation for two years, and 100 hours of community service.
Abrams was pardoned by President George H. W. Bush in December 1992.

One hopes Mr. Abrams works for all the people, not just one country 8K miles away.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been accused of sending a hit-squad to Canada in order to kill a former Saudi intelligence official.
The failed plan to kill Saad al-Jabri was soon after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey, court documents filed in the US allege.
Mr Jabri, a veteran of the government of Saudi Arabia, fled into exile three years ago.
He has been under private security protection in Toronto since.
The alleged plot failed after Canadian border agents became suspicious of the hit-squad as they attempted to enter the country at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, court documents say.
Mr Jabri, 61, was for years the key go-between for Britain’s MI6 and other Western spy agencies in Saudi Arabia.
The 106-page unproven complaint, which was filed in Washington DC, accuses the crown prince of attempting to murder Mr Jabri in order to silence him.
Mr Jabri says this is down to him possessing “damning information”, the document says this includes alleged corruption and overseeing a team of personal mercenaries labelled the Tiger Squad.
Members of the Tiger Squad were involved in the murder of dissident journalist Khashoggi, who was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018, it says. Then, less than two weeks after the murder of Khashoggi, Mr Jabri says the Tiger Squad travelled to Canada with the intention of killing him.
The court filing says the group – which included a man from the same department as the man accused of dismembering Khashoggi – were carrying two bags of forensic tools.
However, Canadian border agents “quickly became suspicious” of the group and refused them entry after interviewing them, it says.
“Bin Salman in fact dispatched a hit squad to North America to kill Dr Saad,” the claim asserts.
Mr Jabri is accusing the crown prince of attempted extrajudicial killing in violation of the US Torture Victim Protection Act and in breach of international law.
For years he was the right-hand man to Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who was widely credited with defeating the al-Qaeda insurgency in the 2000s.
He was also the linchpin in all Saudi Arabia’s relations with the “Five Eyes” (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) intelligence agencies.
But in 2015 everything changed, King Abdullah died and his half-brother Salman ascended to the throne, appointing his young and untested son Mohammed bin Salman, widely known as MBS, as defence minister.
In 2017 Mohammed bin Salman carried out a bloodless palace coup with his father’s blessing, he effectively usurped the next in line to the throne, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, becoming crown prince himself.
That deposed prince is currently arrested, his assets have been seized and those who worked for him have been removed from their posts. Mr Jabri then fled to Canada.
Has all the hallmarks of faction fighting that story, but that will reveal more details for us to discern and connect more dots.

Protesters clashed with Lebanese security forces at anti-government demonstrations in Beirut on Thursday.
Officers deployed tear gas on dozens of people near parliament.
Demonstrators were angered by Tuesday’s devastating blast, which officials say was caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely since 2013.
Many in Lebanon say government negligence led to the explosion, which killed at least 137 people and injured about 5,000 others.
The explosion destroyed entire districts in the capital, with homes and businesses reduced to rubble. Dozens of people are still unaccounted for. The state news agency says 16 people have been taken into custody as part of an investigation announced by the government this week.
Since the disaster two officials have resigned. MP Marwan Hamadeh stepped down on Wednesday, while Lebanon’s ambassador to Jordan Tracy Chamoun stepped down on Thursday, saying the catastrophe showed the need for a change in leadership.

Lebanon’s entire government has collapsed as officials have fallen on their swords over the colossal explosion that killed 160 people.
Health minister Hamad Hassan confirmed the government would resign following an emergency cabinet meeting on Monday amid allegations of corruption and negligence.
Hassan also added that Prime Minister Hassan Diab will head to the presidential palace to hand over the resignation in the name of all the ministers.
Speaking to reporters, Hassan said: “The whole government resigned”
President Michel Aoun accepted Diab’s resignation and asked the government to stay on in a caretaker capacity until a new cabinet was formed.
Rage had been mounting as rioting swept the streets of Beirut following the blast last week that injured 6,000 and left at least 300,000 people homeless.
The horrific explosion was one fifth the size of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
It emerged that numerous officials – including Lebanese president Michael Aoun – knew about the stash of 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in Beirut which caused the disaster.
One hopes that this whole event was not to acquire regime change based on agency based selections, time will tell.
Throw in the links announced today of Israel and the UAE engaging and the dialogue ongoing, which is dependent upon Israel not extending or annexing more of the West Bank.
Throw in the fact that the Israeli people not backed down in their protesting, but actually increased it, just maybe there is sign of change, time will tell, message to the Israeli people the fastest way to end the hate and bloodshed is #hugapalestinian

Last-ditch negotiations at the US Congress to forge another stimulus package for the coronavirus-ravaged economy have collapsed in stalemate.
Democrats and Republicans remain at odds over everything from unemployment benefits to financial aid for schools to cash injections for states’ coffers.
The US unemployment rate stands at 10.2%, above any level during the 2008 financial crisis.
Jobless benefits have expired, as did a federal moratorium on evictions.
On Friday, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful elected Democrat, held a meeting in her Capitol Hill office with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.
Mrs Pelosi said in a news conference that she was willing to offer a compromise.
“We’ll go down one trillion, you go up one trillion,” she told reporters as she staked out her position, adding: “We have a moral responsibility to find common ground.”
In May, her Democratic-controlled chamber passed a $3.5tn (£2.7tn) stimulus bill. But it was rejected by President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans who hold sway in the Senate.
As he entered Mrs Pelosi’s office on Friday, Mr Mnuchin called her proposal “a non-starter”. Republicans prefer a package closer to $1tn total and want any deal to include legal protections for employers against virus-related health claims from workers.
They are also pushing to reduce the $600 a week unemployment benefits, which expired last month, and want far less aid to local governments than Democrats are seeking.
This is where I and all Americans should have a serious issue and ditch the ridiculous illusion games called party politics.
Whilst the Democrats have more snakes in their ranks than Republicans, let us not forget the snakes out of the Republican party also, like the Bush Family.
But the issue is, how is it any funding package that is beneficial to the public is strung out, and yet $1.2B can be sent to a British pharma company AstraZeneca with no debate, or the Fed can be bailed out with $454B without debate or most of the previous stimulus funds can go to Chinese companies without debate, and they can send near $1T a year to prop up a war machine that has zero benefits for we the people.
But these parasites debate and argue over how much Americans should or should not get of their own money, there is something seriously amiss with this picture and also the people for allowing this.

Cushman & Wakefield CEO Brett White told CNBC on Friday that he believes the size of the remote workforce may double as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
“If right now roughly 4.5%, 5% of the workforce is permanently at home, right now pre-Covid, we think that will double,” White said on “Squawk on the Street.”
But he said questions about productivity make it unlikely most people will work remotely. “In the early days, we talked about the high productivity at home. That’s changing,” he added.
Cushman & Wakefield CEO Brett White told CNBC on Friday that he believes the size of the remote workforce may double as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
But, he added, the vast majority will ultimately return to the office. yeah right not happening anytime soon, unless real actions are taken.

As he Cuomo fights off calls to raise their taxes – which he fears may scare them away forever.
Cuomo said on Tuesday that he speaks to the city’s wealthiest residents ‘every day’, begging them to come back, many fled for the Hamptons, upstate New York or Connecticut when the pandemic hit.
By May, at least 420,000 of the city’s wealthiest residents had fled the city, their exodus was cemented when riots and looting tore through the city in June.
Now, there are calls for higher taxes on the super wealthy to offset the projected $30billion deficit New York is facing over the next two years
Cuomo is resisting it, saying it will only drive the billionaires out of the city for good. hmm.
He is furious that there remains no national plan to tackle COVID-19, and says the ongoing catastrophe in other states is holding New York back, forgetting their jackass attempts at tackling it the Covid crisis, Cuomo’s response was to kill many of the elderly and then cover it all up, perhaps the Life Force enforcement team should arrest Cuomo first for crimes against humanity?
Crime is up in New York City with a shocking 286% in robberies on the Upper East Side alone, shootings have gone up and arrests have halved, after the NYPD lost $1billion from its budget in the wake of the BLM movement.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is begging wealthy New Yorkers to return to the city to save it from economic ruin while fighting off calls from other lawmakers to raise their taxes – a move he fears could permanently drive the top 1 percent out of the city.
Thousands of New York City residents fled Manhattan and Brooklyn earlier this year when the city was the COVID-19 epicenter of the world.
Many flocked to their second homes in the Hamptons or upstate, while others rented or bought new properties, abandoning their expensive city apartments.
Now, six months on with no end to the national nightmare in sight, many are laying down permanent roots.
While New York has overcome its battle against the virus, the rest of the country – where lockdown rules have been far more relaxed – is seeing a resurgence, blaming the rest of the country whilst New York and it’s sister state of criminality California has done much to devastate this country, along with their dark script written plots coming out of Langley.
It is preventing New York City from resuming its normal activity because Cuomo fears a second spike in cases will happen if people from worse-affected states travel in and infect residents again.
At a press conference on Monday, he said of the wealthiest residents who have long left the city: ‘I literally talk to people all day long who are in their Hamptons house who also lived here, or in their Hudson Valley house or in their Connecticut weekend house, and I say, “You gotta come back, when are you coming back?”
“‘We’ll go to dinner, I’ll buy you a drink. Come over, I’ll cook.”
‘They’re not coming back right now. And you know what else they’re thinking? If I stay there, I pay a lower income tax because they don’t pay the New York City surcharge,’ he said.
‘A single per cent of New York’s population pays half of the state’s taxes and they’re the most mobile people on the globe,’ he said.
This is the Ouroborus program in action at it’s finest.
We warned they were forcing people out, but in their desperation they forgot to think ahead, a common theme.
We warned the millionaires were going to get harvested, and they are, we warned they were turning certain portions of this country into a greed based enclaves, and they have.
But I must also reference at this point as a mild warning as the source of the information is not always reliable.
That they are emptying New York and moving the key buildings in New York into Connecticut by October, get ready for the now annual alt media scripts of October surprise is coming, but if this is happening, what is planned for New York after the money merchants leave is the big question to ponder deeply on? is an FF in the offering, just prior to the election?

The mass migration is not only happening in New York but California emptying goes on as well.
Lake Tahoe has seen a record breaking year of real estate sales and the inventory of properties is at a shocking low amid the pandemic as people working from home seek refuge in the picturesque mountains.
Local real estate agents in the Lake Tahoe and Reno area reveal home sales in the area are up 20 percent compared to July last year and the number of active listings are down 25 percent, with properties whisked off the market in a matter of days.
‘People were thinking of leaving the Bay area, leaving more populated cities and coming to areas like Lake Tahoe, which is traditionally a second home market, and buying homes there and working remotely,’ Senior Buyers Agent Sarah Russell with RedFin tells DailyMail.com.
She revealed that homes in the area usually take between 30 and 120 days to sell, but now they’re hitting the market and being snapped up in less than 30 days, often with many buyers expressing interest and handing in offers.
Bay Area tech employees are a part of the wave seeking greener pastures as Google, Facebook and Apple say employees won’t return to the office until 2021.
Remote learning in most schools means families can leave big cities for more outdoor space too. The influx of demand in Tahoe, which typically draws locals looking for a second home, has seen this year’s numbers skyrocket.
According to RedFin home sales are up 20 percent in the Lake Tahoe and Reno area for the four weeks ending in July 26 compared to this time last year. The median sale price is up seven percent to a median of $413,000. And the inventory of homes is at a historic low with the number of actively listed homes down 25 percent from last year.
The move out of the metropolitan areas and placing the masses in condensed cities perhaps is now finally over.
Having traveled a bit around this country, there are vast open spaces in every state that could accommodate many small towns here and there, and allow the government to tear down most of the buildings of the bigger cities and convert it to a more green space to balance things out better, and also reduce the global warming issue that is confined to the bigger cities due to excess concrete and roads.

Yu Meng, the Chinese-born Chief Investment Officer of California’s Public Employees Retirement System fund (CalPERS), abruptly resigned from his position late Wednesday. The resignation was effective immediately.
CalPERS’ investments in companies supplying China’s military complex were already under scrutiny by the Trump administration, and major questions about Meng’s allegiance to the United States were brought up by Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) due to the fact that Meng’s prior employer was the Chinese government, and since Meng has admitted to being part of the CCP’s “Thousand Talents Program” (TTP).
In the initial article, I wondered why Meng had resigned out of the blue and effective immediately. It turns out that just three days earlier, on August 2, Yves Smith at the Naked Capitalism blog posted a stunning, well-sourced exposé detailing Meng’s false filings on required financial disclosure forms, blatant self-dealing, and close ties to the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party government.
Smith reviewed the two Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700) forms Meng filed since returning to the United States from Beijing in early 2019.
The forms reveal Meng’s extensive investments in Chinese companies (some of which CalPERS also invested in), continued income from Beijing (over $110,000 in 2019), a failure to disclose more than 20 assets disposed of during the year, and his stake in private equity firms that were making bank off of CalPERS investments in exchange for a crappy return.
Meng also listed more than $100,000 in salary from the Chinese government’s State Administrator of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) for 2019, although he started his position with CalPERS in January 2019.
On his initial Form 700, completed when Meng assumed his position, he claimed to hold stock or investment interest in 13 Chinese companies: Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Petroleum & Chemical Corp, China Minsheng Bank, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom Hong Kong, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Petro China, China Petroleum & Chemical, PetroChina Co ADS, iShares China High Cap.
These holdings, the fact that retirement funds from California’s state and local government workers are invested in these Chinese companies and also enriching their pension fund’s Chief Investment Officer, and the fact that Meng continued to draw a substantial salary from the CCP while managing taxpayer dollars evidence an extremely troubling connection between him and his former (current?) boss.
Both articles point out that the association of Calpers with the CCP is under investigation by the Trump Administration, which brings me to my high octane speculation of the day.
Perhaps one might qualify it as an “off-the-charts” speculation of the day.
Let’s begin with Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard University’s chemistry department. Remember him? Dr. Lieber was arrested by federal authorities for allegedly not disclosing his financial relationship with China in conjunction with activities he was conducting for the laboratory in Wuhan.
More recently, a series of articles about the FBI’s interest in pursuing Chinese economic and espionage activities has surfaced to reveal it’s a major focus of that agency’s activities.
Finally, the Trump administration has invoked Obama era laws to promulgate a series of executive orders to deal with the corona virus scamplandemic’s economic consequences. So one wonders whether Meng’s resignation is all there is to the story. After all, he could hardly have done what he is allegedly to have done entirely or completely on his own, he had to have had help.
The question is, how deeply does that rabbit hole go? At this stage, we don’t know. What we do know is that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese chauffeur of many years was a Communist Chinese spy, and frankly, or forget Biden’s and his son’s involvement in strange deals with China.
But I need to make one thing clear here with references to the CCP, is not directly related to the government per se, but Deep State, with Rothschild’s, Dragon Groups and Black Sun involvement is behind all this.
Perhaps another confirm of what I said 5 or so years ago, that the clowns sold California to a Chinese consortium and complete their west coast takeover, time will tell.

This news item will come as no surprise to our listeners, all the usual names involved in it and more confirms of Clowns in Panic the Expose shows and some recent op-ed pieces.
The nation’s largest private equity firm is interested in buying your DNA data, at the going rate: $261 per person.
That appears to be what Blackstone, the $63 billion private equity giant, is willing to pay for genetic data controlled by one of the major companies gathering it from millions of customers.
Earlier this week, Blackstone announced it was paying $4.7 billion to acquire Ancestry.com, a pioneer in pop genetics that was launched in the 1990s to help people find out more about their family heritage. yeah right.
Ancestry’s customers get an at-home DNA kit that they send back to the company. Ancestry then adds that DNA information to its database and sends its users a report about their likely family history, either many of their details are false due to political and ideology programs over riding the real history.
The company will also match you to other family members in its system, including distant cousins you may or may not want to hear from, and for up to $400 a year, you can continue to search Ancestry’s database to add to your knowledge of your family tree.
$400 a year seriously and then they sell your data and more importantly your DNA?
Ancestry has some information, mostly collected from public databases, on hundreds of millions of individuals.
But its most valuable information is that of the people who have taken its DNA tests, which totals 18 million, and at Blackstone’s $4.7 billion purchase price that translates to just over $250 each.
Coming to a research center near you, target DNA viruses, all DNA centers should have oversight by the people and not agencies, Universities or Governments as it is too easily corrupted and leaves people vulnerable to being targets of psychopaths.
Traditionally, Ancestry has specialized in family tree information, leaving the personal and predictive health piece of DNA testing to competitor 23andMe and others.
But it recently has pivoted into health offerings as well. And the Blackstone merger is likely to supercharge that shift.
Ancestry.com, 23andMe and YT owners are all related as we revealed in an earlier show.

Whilst everyone in NZ focus on the pandemic the PM Ardern and New Zealand MPs, backed and supported by Obama and the SSP crew stationed there, have introduced the most extreme abortion law in the world, after the Abortion Legislation Bill passed its third reading in Parliament.
The bill passed by 68 votes to 51 – a much narrower margin than at the first and second reading.
The new law will mean that New Zealand has the most extreme abortion law in the world, this will include: Abortion will now be available on-demand, for any reason, up to birth.
Sex-selective abortion will be legalised, the current 20 week limit for disability-selective abortion will be scrapped and abortion will be available up to birth for disabilities including cleft lip, club foot and Down syndrome. There will be no requirement that a doctor must be involved with providing an abortion.
There will be no legal requirement that babies born alive after a ‘failed’ abortion are given medical support.
There will be no legal requirement that pain relief be given to babies being aborted between 20 weeks and birth.
There will be no legal restrictions on controversial methods of abortion such as intact dilation and extraction abortions (also knows as partial-birth abortions)
I guess they are short of foetuses?

New Zealand has gone 100 days without recording a locally transmitted Covid-19 case, a milestone that has both been welcomed and brought warnings against complacency.
The last case of community transmission was detected on 1 May, days after the country started easing its lockdown.
Sunday was the fourth day in a row that no new cases of Covid-19 were reported.
The total number of active cases in the country remained at 23, all in managed isolation.
New Zealand has fared better than other countries, recording 1,219 confirmed cases and 22 deaths since the virus arrived in late February.
Praised internationally for its handling of the pandemic, the country’s government has lifted almost all of its lockdown restrictions, first imposed in March.
But back came the fear and doom clowns just a few days after this report, and likely in support of the fascist actions ongoing in Australia at the moment.
New Zealand has put its largest city back into lockdown after recording four new Covid-19 cases, ending a 102-day streak without a local infection. A three-day lockdown was swiftly imposed in Auckland after the cases were confirmed. The four new cases are all members of a single family. None had travelled recently.
As the “moon” reveals more of it’s secrets in the visible again this week perhaps this song will be indicative

The CIA and German intelligence spied on the secret communications of governments around the world for decades in a covert partnership, controlling a top encryption company and installing backdoor vulnerabilities in its products.
Founded during the Second World War, the Swiss cryptography firm, Crypto AG, has provided top-of-the-line devices for encoding communications to some 120 countries. Starting in 1970, however, the CIA and then-West Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the BND, secretly bought and controlled the company, using its devices to eavesdrop on enemies and allies alike, according to a joint investigation by the Washington Post and German public broadcaster ZDF, based on a classified internal CIA history.
First dubbed Thesaurus” and later renamed to Rubicon,” the CIA hailed the decades-long operation as the intelligence coup of the century” in its classified history.
Foreign governments were paying good money to the US and West Germany for the privilege of having their most secret communications read by at least two… foreign countries.
Though the intelligence agencies formed a relationship with the firm soon after World War II, they would step up their role in 1970 following a $5 million deal to take over the company. From there, the agencies controlled virtually every part of Crypto AG’s operations, ranging from hiring decisions, directing sales targets, and designing its high-tech encryption devices – with secret backdoors accessible only to them, of course.
The company’s clients, none of whom were ever made aware of the intelligence agency involvement, included Iran, various Latin American governments, India, Pakistan and even the Vatican. Throughout the 1980s, some 40 percent of all diplomatic cables and other government transmissions analyzed by the US National Security Agency (NSA) ran through Crypto AG’s devices, suggesting the agencies drew a vast amount of material from the eavesdropping operation.
The CIA ran a victory lap over the apparent success of Rubicon in its 96-page history, gloating:
Imagine the idea of the American government convincing a foreign manufacturer to jimmy equipment in its favor… Talk about a brave new world.
While both China and the former Soviet Union were distrustful of Crypto AG and never made use of its products during Rubicon’s Cold War heyday, the compromised devices were used to gather intelligence during a number of high-profile geopolitical events – including spying on Iranian leaders throughout the 1979 hostage crisis, and to feed the UK information on Argentina’s military during the Falklands War.
Crypto AG made millions of dollars throughout the nearly 50-year operation, with the profits split between the two agencies. While the BND reportedly used some of the funds to finance its own field operations, the CIA leveraged its proceeds to buy up competing cryptography firms, apparently hoping to corner the market and funnel sales into Crypto.
Oh dear THI was right again, crypto is ran by the CIA and NSA, because they created it, but you carry on buying your end humanity freedoms and death coins because it is “bucking the system”, yes it is bucking the old system but this their new one, that is a thousand times worse than the old system of control. 

Snippets from recent chats that I thought might be of interest to our wider audience as not all are on social media.
But the recent storm of east coast called Isaias may well be more of their symbolic clownery, Isaias actually means Yahweh is salvation oops
The very fact the media and fear porn channel known as the Weather channel went to such great lengths to tell the public of how they should pronounce it, tells you it is a spell cast and or program, where they trying to get us to call in their fake salvation god known as Yahweh?
So I looked it up for more details and came across this.
The wars of the ninth century and the peaceful security following them, produced their effects in the latter part of the next century.
Cities sprang up; new pursuits, although affording opportunities of easy wealth, brought about also an increase of poverty.
The contrast between class and class became daily more marked, and the poor were oppressed by the rich with the connivance of the judges.
So here we are 1200 years later with the same issues, greed based peoples accumulating easy wealth, and those that participate in that then create the consequence of that, poverty.
The poor oppressed by the rich and facilitated by judges, has not changed either has it, judges were the priest class then and priest class now, known as Cohen’s.
A social state founded on iniquity is doomed, but as Israel’s social corruption was greater than Juda’s, Israel was expected to succumb first.
What they are referring to here is the House of Israel, not the country.
Greater likewise was her religious corruption, oh my, not only did idolatrous worship prevail there to the end, but we know from Osee what gross abuses, and shameful practices obtained in Samaria and throughout the kingdom.
Osee is another name of Hosea.
Whereas the religion of the people of Juda on the whole seems to have been a little better.
Juda was taken over by the House of Israel and became the religion, not of god, although the question is which god, but the religion which means binding of law.
Hebrew and it’s derivatives Talmud and the Torah, are all based on law, not law and justice as we know it, but a group of rules that applies to all of the people, except them.
Juda, becames Judah, and spawned the term Judas and later the term Jew, Judaism means Jew Hood, Hood means to cover and so Jew hood means to cover the Jew, hood also means gangster and given the antics of the silk road these people controlled, and throw in the Knights of Jerusalem known as the Templars, the description does indeed tend to fit in.
But to cover the Jew is certainly what applied when other words came out from Jud or Juda, and all are related to law and the priest class who represent them.
Words like jud ges, jud iciary, jud gement, jud icious, jud ex which means the one who declares the law.
Jud ges in Jewish history refers to a war leader vested with temporary power (as in Book of Judges), from Latin jud ex being used to translate Hebrew shophet.
The Hebrew term shofet, which is translated into English as “judge,” is closer in meaning to “ruler,” a kind of military leader.
Then we have other words that connects to the Jewish law not religion, with ju ry, ju stice, ju risdiction.
The English term for justice and law was doom, for passing jud gement, adds whole new meaning to the term doomsday book now doesn’t it, which means it is a book of law, and then you add in the Christian doomsday narrative of these same people passing jud gement upon us.
We know, however, as regards these, that at the very time of Isaias certain forms of idolatrous worship, like that of Nohestan and of Moloch, probably that also of Tammur and of the “host of heaven”, were going on in the open or in secret.
So the Israel’s were worshipping Moloch and most in our circle are familiar with that entity, but who or what is Nohestan?
Is the derogatory name given to the bronze serpent on a pole first described in the Book of Numbers, which God told Moses to erect so that the Israelites who saw it, would be protected from dying from the bites of the “fiery serpents“, which God had sent to punish them for speaking against him and Moses.
The Israelites set out from Mount Hor, where Aaron was buried, to go to the Red Sea.
However they had to detour around the land of Edom (Numbers 20:21, 25). Impatient, they complained against Yehovah (who is Yahweh) and Moses (Num. 21:4–5), and in response God sent “fiery serpents” among them and many died.
The people came to Moses to repent and asked him to ask God to take away the serpents.
Moses prayed to God, who told Moses, ‘Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole; and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he seeth it, shall live.’ (Numbers 21:4–9)
This did not remove the source of the people’s suffering; it enabled them to survive it.
Seriously is this the type of god you should be worshipping? Do people not read this shit and go wells the fargo?
Sending fiery serpents to hurt the people stated to be the chosen ones, over a disagreement? seriously?
This is the fake god your are all not praying to, but being preyed upon, pray spelt PREY.
What the previous caption told you is, this group of people were Moloch worshippers who sacrificed theirs and our children.
Moloch or Molech in Egyptian means owl, and why they have that giant owl in Bohemian Grove, and where they sacrifice children, although there are rumors of Bohemian Grove being burnt to the ground to remove the evidence.
Just like the Temple of Solomon and Herod, and also Angkor Wat and all the other global temples, and they are trying to build a 3rd Temple in Is RA el? and you have people desiring or wishing for this construction?
Do you still wish to follow “god”? This is not our god, that is the god of the non thinking and adult children, I am sorry but it is.
You cannot read those scriptures rationally and think that is all holier than thou and righteous, it’s just not.
All goes back to Egypt again and their laws, incest, hierarchy, slavery and dominance over the people, Egypt went to New York check out Cleopatra’s needle, it went to Utah with the fake Mormon religion and went to California were the elites built a hidden pyramid called Opus 1, opus one is all very Opus Dei to me.
Opus Dei means the work of god, the question is who or what is their god? the answer has many names but for simplicity lets just call it Satan.

There was a discussion on GMO and how we should avoid it, which is fair comment, but there is nothing new under the sun and his story always repeats.
But what most don’t know is, the great gods as ascribed to by the tribal peoples globally, and they speak of how they gave them technology to aid them, like agriculture, which is actually correct.
But that technology came at a price, those same gods genetically modified the wheat here hundreds and thousands of years ago.
It was altered in a way to fatten up the “harvest” and was given to the tribal people.
The harvest was us – just saying.

The mention earlier of the serpent pole given to Moses by god is now in symbolic use today as the Rod of Asclepius, it is also the symbol of the UN, WHO and known as the Star of life which is a double symbology slap in the face, as it is the symbol of the serpent wrapped into the 6 pointed star.
So not only did they corrupt law but health as well.
This rod of Asclepius or the caduceus is littered in medical centers all over the world, and yet no one questions of it as to why?
Lets go back to the words earlier about this rod, “this did not remove the source of the people’s suffering; it enabled them to survive it.” this kind of explains the whole medical industry does it not?
It doesn’t cure it or end your suffering, only makes people endure it.
They are not one and the same, caduceus has two snakes and wings, used as a symbol of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius, with only a single snake.
Does anyone ask why god sent serpents to attack the people with any rational thinking pattern?
Could it be what our series has said all along, that our laws, religions, poisons all came from the people known as Jews today, but are not, and they are the reptile based entities, of which are their actual gods.
They are the Hebrew Annunaki and they are the sub gray race, and they have used the people and Jews alike on this planet for a very long time. Wake up peoples, hear it not as a quiet hiss but a loud clarion call, or the serpent will issue it’s death rattle for our species.

During my research I came across an interesting term and went to look deeper and this is what I came across.
The word is octarine which is the hidden color and another example of the hidden knowledge on this planet, as all the occultic circles operate within the hidden world.
Octarine is known as the eighth color, but is this another example like the 12 + 1 being prominent, of which we have covered many times in our shows, but this is an example of 7 + 1, and are there any other examples of this?
The notes of a piano or musical instrument is 7, and is A through G, so why do they call it an octave, which symbolizes 8? what is the hidden note?
Then we have the rainbow of 7 colors and yet Octarine the plus one is hidden?
So, what other important aspects connected to the number 7 and is there a hidden element to them yet undiscovered?
We have the 7 chakras, 7 years of blood change, 7 year itch, 7 year connection to your previous sexual partners.
All people of the world except the elites are declared dead at age 7 and in 8th year the state claims your estate you didn’t know you had.
Then it is said we have 7 continents, Asia Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia, but what about the Arctic or the mention of Da Arya? 7 + 1 again.
Then we have the seven days of creation, but does anyone ask what was done on the 8th day?
The Tavistock mind control created group The Beatles sang a song called 8 days a week, is that 7 + 1 again and if so why?
This cropped up in research and may explain it, in the Burmese version of Theravada Buddhism, the week has eight days. Wednesday is divided into Wednesday proper (midnight to noon) and Rahu (noon to midnight). hmm Rahu is the hidden then, for those who have listened to We are not 1’s and 0’s Part 1 will grasp that more.
After 7 days which is a week, but by the end of the week you become weak, having had and been the weakened, by the weekend.
So, back to Octarine again and is it significant, perhaps this next description will give pointers as to why it was hidden?
Octarine, also known as the Colour of Magic or the King Colour, was the eighth colour of the spectrum.
It was visible only to wizards and cats. oh my the bastions of dark magic rears it’s head again, snakes in fur.
It is generally described as a fluorescent greenish yellow-purple (as described in the colour of magic). The only time non-wizards can see it is when they close their eyes; the bursts of color are octarine.
So, this color of magic with its greenish yellow purple can be described as the color violet, and given the new age scripts based on the color violet, with the violet flame etc, brings that particular narrative and color into question, does it not.
Follow the violet flame they say, all hail St. Germaine and the violet flame, no the golden one is the correct color above your crown chakra.
This next description is from a book and also a game and you know how they love to put fact into a fiction based scenario.
The presence of octarine generally signifies the presence of magical energy, such examples are the Rimbow, where a spell of significant level wizardry is taking place and Unseen University.
Yes there is an unseen University but as often is the case it comes with a trap, the magic and wizardry is the trap, as you are conjuring the dark forces to get you to the unseen University.
To get to the unseen University more commonly known as the Akashic, you have to develop the inner self to a level of mastery required, to then enter the real Unseen University.

Again they always put it in plain sight and this is a name of a company as well, called Octarine and this is their words of the details of that company, is it a heads up and indicative?
Octarine harnesses synthetic biology to develop functionally superior cannabinoid and psilocybin derivatives.
Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide. Really?
Using our unique biosynthetic platform we engineer microorganisms to produce a range of natural and novel cannabinoid and psilocybin derived molecules with improved pharmacokinetic and therapeutic properties.
We make super molecules! Improving on what nature already offers in ways that aren’t feasible with traditional organic chemistry.
We have developed proprietary enzyme platform technologies to efficiently modify molecules, and fermentation platforms to effectively scale-up production.
Biosynthetic sounds to me like transhumanism testing.
Then we come to this section and is it related?
VMware plans to buy early-stage Kubernetes security vendor Octarine to simplify DevSecOps and enable cloud native environments to be intrinsically secure from development through runtime.
The Palo Alto, Calif.-based enterprise software vendor said its proposed purchase of Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Octarine, will provide full visibility into cloud-native environments, so customers can better identify and reduce the risks posed by vulnerabilities and attacks.
Octarine will be embedded into the VMware Carbon Black Cloud to better secure containerized applications running in Kubernetes, VMware said.
Kubernetes (commonly stylized as K8s) is an open-source containerorchestration system for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management.
It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
It aims to provide a “platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts”. It works with a range of container tools, including Docker.
Many cloud services offer a Kubernetes-based platform or infrastructure as a service (PaaS or IaaS) on which Kubernetes can be deployed as a platform-providing service. Many vendors also provide their own branded Kubernetes distributions.
Kubernetes (Greek for “helmsman” or “pilot” or “governor”, and the etymological root of cybernetics)
Cybernetics and biosynthetics oh my and throw in open source and the plot thickens does it not.

For a final look into the term Octarine I came across the new age based article and you can judge for yourselves if it is indicative.
There has been a lot of buzz lately in the mainstream Indigo circles about the “Crystal” children, a new ‘ray’ of manifestation engendered by the Indigo/Cobalt people.
According to the popular literature, Crystals are extremely sensitive to the point of near-autism, and are extremely impressionable in many ways.
In many ways, “Crystals” are more difficult to handle and understand than Indigos are/were.
Are they? Time to don the old Cobalt Spectacles of Discrimination… Let’s think about what crystals are for a moment.
They vibrate in response to things around them, they are totally transparent, they are fragile and can be easily shattered.
They are great for extremely sensitive electronics gear that requires precise frequencies to function correctly, like this computer, for example.
Why would anyone be born with that much vulnerability and hope to survive intact and sane to functional adulthood?
Life in this world is difficult enough for the Indigo soul, but it would be nearly impossible for a Crystal soul.
The answer is that they are not.
It would be nearly impossible to survive a Crystal childhood without being drugged or institutionalized, so no soul will voluntarily enter the world manifesting that psychic frequency.
The Crystal manifestation is something that happens in the midlife of an Indigo, after they’ve made it through their life trials and have developed their senses.
Transiting up to “Crystal” is the culmination of their Indigo work, and close query has uncovered another interesting fact: The ‘color’ isn’t Crystal at all, it is Octarine.
Which is a color that isn’t in the normal visual range of human eyes, but is the manifest color of high magick, and on another color octave entirely.
To the untrained eye, it appears to be without color at all, therefore Crystal, but the extremely high frequency of the energy field is what gives it away.
A common trait of the Wiccan, witches and new age based people is to immerse themselves into magic, whatever the spelling, spelling being the operative word.
To keep my points and writings clear, I shall from now on refer to this energy field as Octarine, instead of Crystal.
Transition into Octarine begins at around the 39th year for most Awakened Indigos, and flowers into full manifestation during the 42nd year.
Transition is marked by changes in eating and sleeping habits, sudden ending of some interests and beginning of others, and a series of strange and vivid dreams, that are remembered into waking periods.
These dreams are all connected and have consistent themes and ‘tones’, some are teaching dreams, some are warning dreams, and some are nightmarish in their cinematic quality and depth.
Octarine is also marked by a sudden increase in sensitivity to everything from noise, to smell, clutter, people, etc.
You might have such a harsh transition that you nearly become a hermit, shunning the places you used to enjoy visiting, like concerts, movies, sports events and other crowd drawing events.
The pressure of the people is like fingernails on chalk all of a sudden.
Food habits will change- sometimes radically, processed foods may seem harsh and overseasoned to you, and you may crave more wholesome foods.
Listen to and obey your body- it knows what it requires. Alcohol will be nearly intolerable, as will tobacco. Sweets will be too sweet. Most snack foods and drinks will become inedible. Drink lots of water, cut back on caffeine.
Concentration will change, too. It will become harder to multitask, if not impossible. If you write, you probably will not be able to write with the radio or TV playing, and possibly only certain kinds of music.
You’ll find yourself almost obsessed about certain things, and totally ignoring other things that used to totally engage you.
Clutter will become oppressive to the point of distraction.
If you get the urge to de-clutter, do so, even if it means renting a storage place to put it in. Order and beauty will refresh your suddenly sensitive soul. Clean house. You’ll feel better.
If you are ill or injured, your healing time will shorten exponentially. Conversely, some illness will hit you harder than others. You will also be able to help heal others, either by touch or intuition. No matter what religious Path you are on, you will strive to deepen your practice or your devotion, and plum the inner secrets of your faith.
You will learn things that many people on your faith Path will not. And you will become a deep well of wisdom for those who seek to learn from your Path.
Cultivate them with compassion and care- some of them may be your own Indigo peers who seek the company of like minds.
Your psychic gifts will grow significantly, and others may also manifest themselves.
At times, you’ll feel like you’re living in a time warp, having deja-vu experiences and other synchronistic events nearly constantly.
If you can integrate these changes gracefully, you’ll do fine. Just become aware that your ‘antennae’ will be much more sensitive and events will effect you more deeply.
Learn to take some time to sit still and listen within. If you already meditate, continue. Keep a journal. And take some time to marvel at the great gifts you have been given. Transiting from Indigo to Octarine will not be easy, but it will be ultimately rewarding. Strive to learn and serve with grace and humor, and enjoy the ride.
It is my opinion only as much of the descriptions above do and will fit in with your own personal soul growth, as your awakening continues, but, adding in a hidden label is the hook at the end of the line, that often most people don’t discern or see until it is too late.
This practice has wrapped many people into cults, witchcraft, Wiccan and Druidic practices, new age programs and also religions.
It speaks to you with what you want to hear, and that is the seducement, and the trap and hook follows.
Perhaps this next line will give you further clues as to it’s intention, as one must also consider this hidden color was once something good and has been corrupted by the dark forces.
In the practice of 21st Century Chaos and Ma’at Magick, Octarine is the ‘color’ of Magick- the next octave of energy, and the ‘stuff’ of “The Force”. It is a highly refined energy frequency, and requires a highly refined being to access it and utilize that. Your transition, difficult though it may be, will permit you to sense and use this energy frequency. It is a vital gift for those who have chosen to help this world through the major transitions ahead.
Ma’at Magick and we are back to Egypt and the fake gods again.
Ma’at’s masculine counterpart was Thoth, the avian entity who fell. Ma’at is known as the ruler of law and was where the day of judgement came with measuring peoples hearts with a feather.
Roman and Greek law came from Ma’at it is said, given Roman and Greek were taken over by the Egyptian Hebrews, perhaps Ma’at is the origin of the Talmud law based religion?

People were asking how do we see ET’s amongst us? But how many go into Wal-Mart and go hmm are all these people here human? no you are conditioned to assume everyone is human, and so with that mindset, few “see”.
One member said we need those glasses from the show “They Live”.
But is it not the case you already have those glasses, those “glasses” on that show are the external technology, when you have your own internal technology.

It was once said all the world is a stage, and that is correct, but perhaps now it is all the world is a mask?
In a world where they wish to have blanket facial recognition, they now wish to cover everyone up, does that make sense or another version of the Ouroborus programs they seem to run all too frequently these days.
Of course the elites all wore masks for their ritual and sexual fests for hundreds of years, masks were worn in a masquerade ball in 1600’s, is it a masquerade or a mass charade?
The symbol of Ra was the eye and was highlighted with mascara, masca means to hide, Ra, and so mascara means to hide Ra, a bit like Islam means to hide Isis.
Perhaps this mask charade means to hide the fact they are both losing control and the plot?
Was the art of mummifying done to cover the face if so why? 3000 cats mummified if so why?
If Yahweh is the salvation, with the Brussels building on fire having a sign saying the future is here, is this why Trump said you wont be seeing me for a while? have the gods returned?

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln
I am calling on the good people in the media to step forward as expose the criminals in your midst, silence equals deaths.
I am calling on the good people in the CIA, FBI, NSA and DHS to stand up and expose those criminals in your midst publically, silence equals deaths.
I am calling on the good people in the Police to step up and expose those in your midst, silence equals deaths.
I am calling on the good people in the Military and Pentagon to step up and expose those in your midst, silence equals deaths.
I am calling on the good people in the Masons to step up and expose those in your midst, silence equals deaths.
I am calling on the good people in Universities to expose the agency based clowns in your midst, silence equals deaths.
I am calling on people in hospitals, drug manufacturers, research centers to stand up and speak out now, silence equals deaths.
Yes silence does equal deaths, and it is your duty and obligation to stand up and speak out, I put myself at risk the same as many other alt media show hosts to reveal this criminality each day, so I am not asking you to do anything I haven’t done.
You all owe it to your family, your friends, your colleagues and your country to remove their fear programs and speak up.
To make America great again, you have to be great, not a fear based mute, we cannot allow our fears to overcome us and must fight this evil head on, we must route them out and make them accountable to the people.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for we the people are with you and we will comfort thee.

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