truth honor integrity | aug. 27 2020

This is the hunt, not for the dark but for the shadows, to be integrated, within every living being there is light and shadow, the shadow has the propensity to operate with and within the dark, we at THI are the shadowhunters.
As we view their world in an increasingly upside down view, where everything is assbackwards, bizarre and downright ugly, stepping back and observing becomes a necessity as things get more bizarre by the hour in their world.
In a week where Tank says we are bringing the world together, for those who are wishing to save the world, but we have drawn a line on one group who have an alternative agenda, which is suggestive that the THI group is not about changing the world.
In a week where listeners who questioned the security of the app based on Tank and Kim’s own words, that questioning by people with genuine concerns has now deemed us all, at THI and in some cases Lifeforce members as rogue elements.
All in his own words.
Since when has asking genuine questions and supplying ideas for their group, plus discourse from some of our members to help them, is that deemed as rogue elements? the irony of a former RV guy and drug pushing salesmen accusing good people of being rogue elements is not lost on me.
This is not the way forward for a genuine news channel for and by the people, and currently whilst promoting and stating extraordinary things, is all too similar to the MSM of divide and conquer.
The fickleness of people is extraordinary of how you can go from the person who is a vastly underestimated help in April, to being deemed now as a rogue element of society 4 months later, is in and of itself extraordinary.
People in their group complaining of comments being deleted and questions being ignored has zero to do with me, but not sure how any group can progress in that manner.
All too predictable and all very disappointing in equal measure.

Jackass awards this week go to several people and bodies this week.
Following the announcement from the World Health Organization that the COVID-19 pandemic may be around for two more years, whilst creating a 53 page document issued on how to respond to ‘vocal vaccine deniers’.
Why read or study a  53 page document only for the vaccine denier to tell them f off bot, is both classic and hilarious.
In Tennessee, Sharon Hurt, a Nashville City Council member, proposed that if someone passes the coronavirus to another person and it kills them, then the person who passed the virus should be tried for murder or attempted murder.
However, the city council cannot create criminal legislation, only the state legislature can, and it would be impossible to prove who transmitted a virus.
In Wisconsin, Department of Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole advised employees to wear a mask to participate in a virtual meeting on video-conference calls where they could be seen by others.  In Maine, Democrat Governor Janet Mills issued a guideline option for restaurant servers to wear an inverted face shield similar to a plastic “cone of shame” for dogs that is fitted at the neck and is open at the top, instead of a mask.
Trinity Metro in Ft. Worth, Texas has installed ROSA, a robot that can detect when people are not wearing face masks.
The CEO of the company said that his mind was blown by, how many more people are complying with wearing  masks when a machine tells them to do it.
He also said that sales are increasing as businesses are bracing for the possibility they’ll have to enforce Covid-19 safety measures for “years to come.”
Well here come the eventual police replacement system, our show warned about a long time back.
What are the implications of this, can you knock over the bot and tell it to shut up? what are the legal implications of forceful interactions? under what authority or law does this machine operate? is it constitutional? does it contain facial recognition and database records of all people? is it armed?
Extra special jackass award of the week goes to Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups, for the statements made this week of
Antifa and BLM now promise violent retaliation to anyone who says all lives matter, yet have the audacity to label one group supremacists, irony is far too high on the intelligence scale for those people to comprehend it seems.
Throw in the portal people for their reporting on Winsconsin on the second shootings and making a crime now into a political label infraction, all very desperate and shallow thinking reporting.


U.S. prosecutors are preparing to charge Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. with conspiring with competitors to raise prices for generic drugs, according to a person familiar with the matter.
The Justice Department is planning to charge Teva as soon as Tuesday after the company rebuffed a settlement that would have required paying a criminal penalty and admitting wrongdoing, said the person, who declined to be named because the matter is confidential.
Teva’s U.S.-traded shares fell as much as 6% on the news and were down 2.3% to $9.41 at 3:25 p.m. in New York.
Charges against Teva, the world’s largest generic-drug maker by market value, would mark the most significant case to come out of the Justice Department’s years-long investigation into allegations, that companies conspired with one another to prop up the prices of certain widely used medications.
Nine of every 10 prescription drugs dispensed in the U.S. are generics.
Five other companies have settled charges and agreed to pay a total of $426 million in criminal penalties.
Where did that $426M go to? the people who were robbed blind by this companies cheating, no, and therein lies a deeper problem.
With every purchase tracked now they could quite easily gone through the database and re-imbursed the purchasers based on their quantity of buying with a rebate.
This criminal penalty issue has the hallmarks of money harvesting and in some ways laundering.
Chief Executive Officer Kare Schultz said in an interview earlier this month that Teva didn’t engage in price-fixing and that the company was prepared to fight any charges.
Schultz said the company wouldn’t agree to an accord that could limit the company’s ability to sell products in the U.S.
Teva Is at Center of Drug Price-Fixing Case Filed by States.
The Justice Department’s antitrust division, which is conducting the investigation, has offered Teva a settlement known as a deferred prosecution agreement, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Such resolutions suspend charges but require a company to admit wrongdoing and cooperate in the investigation.
Teva told the government it would only accept a non-prosecution agreement that doesn’t require the drugmaker to admit wrongdoing, the person said.
Admitting to wrongdoing would expose Teva to a potentially costly settlement in pending civil litigation against the company tied to the price-fixing allegations.
Investors have long aired their concerns about Teva’s mounting legal exposure in both the generic price-fixing probes, as well as separate suits alleging the company played a major role in the opioid epidemic.
Teva is strapped for cash as it attempts to reduce its more than $26 billion debt load. In October, the company offered to settle thousands of opioid lawsuits in the U.S. through a $250 million payment along with a donation of drugs valued at $23 billion. Experts have said a settlement is still years away, and that the offering of a drug donation is a means for the company to avoid a hefty cash payment.
Schultz told investors earlier this month that Teva’s liabilities remain difficult to model, though Teva will do its best to avoid “insurmountable financial damage.”
In addition to the U.S. case, Teva and other generic-drug makers are grappling with civil lawsuits from a nationwide group of state attorneys general that accuse the companies of colluding to rig prices of drug and allocate customers. One of the lawsuits portrays Teva as masterminding a conspiracy with competitors that led to inflated prices on more than 100 different drugs.
So Teva and the Sackler family were both involved in the opioid crisis and both are Jewish based, just saying.

Some families have abandoned balanced meals for lack of money during the coronavirus crisis, while many have faced physical and mental problems, according to a report.
Researchers from the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and the Church of England (C of E) spoke to parents who said they had been forced to sell possessions to protect their children’s quality of life, and found that 80% of poorer families surveyed felt they had become worse off financially since the lockdown began.
The findings underline the disproportionate strain being placed on the poorest households as the UK struggles to deal with the pandemic.
In June the Resolution Foundation said that while many low-income families were turning to credit cards to get by under lockdown, many higher-income households were able to save more money as their costs fell.
The CPAG and C of E researchers found that costs had gone up for many low-income families, many of whom were having to spend more on food and utilities than before.
Meanwhile, many had lost work either as a direct result of the lockdown or the loss of support such as childcare.
The CPAG said it found many children who were eligible for free school meals in England had not been receiving them.
It called on the government to extend the scheme to all families in receipt of universal credit or working tax credit, with a view to bringing in universal free school meals for all children in the long term.
The charity also said ministers should “increase child benefit by £10 a week and add an extra £10 a week to the child element within universal credit and child tax credits” and “abolish the benefit cap, or at least suspend it for the duration of the pandemic”.

The Democratic-led House on Saturday passed legislation preventing U.S. Postal Service cutbacks at least through January and providing it with $25 billion in additional funding, reflecting Democrats’ concerns that delivery delays affecting basic mail service would spill over into an election being held during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a rare Saturday session held during August recess, the bill passed 257-150, with the support of 231 Democrats and 26 Republicans. It was opposed by 149 Republicans and one Independent. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) brought the measure to the floor over the objections of House Republican leaders. They say she is promoting conspiracy theories that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a major Trump donor appointed to the position in May, is cutting costs at the financially struggling service to hinder voting by mail, which President Trump has criticized.

“Representatives of the Post Office have repeatedly stated that they DO NOT NEED MONEY, and will not make changes,” Mr. Trump said Saturday on Twitter. “This is all another HOAX by the Democrats to give 25 Billion unneeded dollars for political purposes, without talking about the Universal Mail-In Ballot Scam that they are trying to pull off in violation of everything that our Country stands for.”
Does anyone ask why the Democrats are so interested in mail boxes all of a sudden, and wish to push through funds for mail and yet not for the people?

Argentina is extending a price freeze for TV, internet and mobile services until the end of the year, deeming them “essential public services” and imposing the type of controls that could complicate a deal with the International Monetary Fund.

The freeze means providers won’t be able to raise prices going forward without government approval, according to a statement sent after-hours Friday.
Prices on those items had been frozen since May, with the ban set to expire at the end of the month.

Following months of wrangling, Argentina clinched a deal with investors in early August to renegotiate $65 billion in debt after its ninth default.
Now, amid what’s expected to be its deepest economic contraction ever, the South American country has to win back the confidence of global markets.

Inflation is running at 42% annually, and the nationwide lockdown to curb Covid-19 deepened the economic contraction. Argentina has already frozen prices on 2,000 consumer goods it also deems essential.

“As we face the restrictions the pandemic imposes on us, nobody should have to give up part of their income to cover price hikes on those services,” President Alberto Fernandez said in a tweet Friday night. “We’re guaranteeing access for everyone.”

His government has banned layoffs, doubled severance pay, and implemented various currency controls. The decree was published Saturday in the official gazette.

Fernandez’s populist stance on telecom prices contrasts with recent comments by Economy Minister Martin Guzman, who had hinted the country may move toward removing strict capital controls and would seek to renegotiate its payments to the IMF, said Bloomberg Economics’ Adriana Dupita.

“It will be hard to reconcile the insistence on this type of measure with the typical conditions embedded in IMF deals,” Dupita said.
Mr. Fernandez needs to drop the IMF altogether, they are a financial terrorist organization that deliberately engages countries to increase their debt base, then demand portions of the country and or assets to pay off fraudulent debts.
Argentina like all other countries has assets accumulating within the Trust, and would not require loans or refinancing via the IMF, providing they can remove the Operation Condor elements within their country.

An asteroid has a slim chance of putting us out of our misery on November 2 as it heads toward Earth one day before the US election, according to NASA. Named “2018 VP1,” the asteroid is pretty tiny, with an estimated diameter of 1.8 to 3.9 meters, NASA data show.
So it is a similar size to the social distancing scam is it, perhaps it will social distance Earth given the banality so many exhibit these days.
It’s only 0.41% likely to actually impact the Earth, CNN reported, but celestial objects that size tend to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere anyway, according to NASA.
2018 VP1 has had a few close encounters with Earth before, dating back to 1970. It last visited in November of 2018, roughly when it was discovered at California’s Palomar Observatory.
It’s due back, after a two-year orbit around the sun, to come within 4,800 and 260,000 miles of our atmosphere, NASA data show. For reference, the International Space Station sits about 254 miles above the planet.

The debasement of the dollar continues, and according to a recent piece, China is the main threat for that to get even worse: Conflict with China is by far one of the single biggest threats to the dollar.
So it’s worth paying attention to, because, as the last Cold War proved, it can escalate rapidly and persist for decades.
But there is another threat to the dollar that is being developed on our own shores – and by our own central bank.
Just six months ago, the idea of a centralized digital currency in the U.S. was discussed by officials as a mere plan, erm it wasn’t we warned of it over a year ago, although I suspect the injection of funds into the Fed in March has escalated that prospect much.
Fed Governor Lael Brainard went as far as to admit that it could eventually replace the dollar.
Brainhard who was born in Germany and has frequented all rogue enterprises like Harvard, MIT, CFR, Brookings Institute so not expecting her to do much of validity for and by the people.
Fast forward to today, and in a speech titled “An Update on Digital Currencies”, Brainard is now suggesting that the plan could materialize much sooner than they had ever led us to believe.
From the speech, we get an idea of how far the Fed’s plan has come, now in the experimentation phase of development: Any time the federal government creates or gets involved in a major system, the results are almost always bad or ineffective.
They’ve meddled with Social Security, jeopardized retirement savings, even messed up a very important registration website for the Affordable Care Act.
Now the Fed is taking on the payment system at the root of everything.
Once anything like Fedcoin gets implemented, it could replace the dollar, and Americans will be a short step away from a cashless society.
Robert Wenzel offered a strong warning about the current “update” from Brainard’s speech in a recent blog post:
The update is not good news for privacy advocates who don’t want to see all their money transactions tracked by the government… There is little doubt that such a digital Fed money will have the capability to track all transactions.
Newsflash they have been tracking all our purchases outside of cash for quite sometime, via the chips in credit and debit cards.

The Maine state government is in the doghouse with residents after an order mandating that restaurant staff wear face shields upside down, attached at the collar, which netizens dubbed “cones of shame” more befitting a family pet.
The latest “Covid-19 prevention checklist” issued by Democratic Governor Janet Mills lays out a series of rules one might expect amid the pandemic – such as good hygiene and social distancing.
But one guideline for restaurants has raised eyebrows, demanding that servers don collared face shields reminiscent of those fixed to dogs after a medical procedure.
“Front-of-house staff may wear a face shield in lieu of a face covering only if the shield is designed to be worn inverted, attaching below the face (e.g. as a collar) and open at the top of the shield, with the shield extending above the eyes and laterally to the ears,” the guidelines say.
Face shields that are open at the bottom, directing breath downward, are not acceptable replacements for face coverings for front-of-house staff.
While the rule only applies to those who decline to wear a typical face mask, netizens have hounded the Mills administration over the outlandish guideline, mocking the collared shields as demeaning “cones of shame.”
“Let me guess, Governor [Mills] is a Democrat. Dog cones for the people. We call that the cone of shame in our house because my dog hates it. Imagine how people feel wearing this stupid thing,” one user said on Twitter.
This has zero to do with Covid now, and is all about demeaning the people and making them look ridiculous, whilst they are immune from wearing them.
At which point do the masses see this for what it is, a giant piss take of the public, by their own representatives.
I call for demonstrations outside this woman’s home until she steps down.

It IS safe to go back to school: PM says failure to reopen is not an option as UK’s Chief Medical Officers tell parents their children can return to classrooms next month as they face an exceptionally small risk’ from Covid.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said failure to reopen schools next month is not an option – as the UK’s Chief Medical Officers tell parents their children face an ‘exceptionally small risk’ from Covid-19 in the classroom.
The highly unusual ‘consensus statement’ from the country’s most senior experts removes the final hurdle to the resumption of full-time teaching in September – to the relief of parents who have been forced to home-school the majority of children since March.
Meanwhile, a Whitehall source told The Daily Telegraph Downing Street has made clear there can be ‘no ifs, no buts’ in delivering on the national priority.
They said the fatality rate for children aged five to 15 who become infected was just 14 in a million, ‘lower than for most seasonal flu infections’, and while every death of a child is a tragedy, ‘almost all deaths [from Covid] are in children with significant pre-existing health conditions’. genetic virus.
The experts report that just one in a thousand children under nine who show Covid symptoms would need hospital treatment, a figure that rises to three in a thousand for ten-to-19-year-olds.
That is still an order of magnitude lower than the four per cent rate for the general population, and the experts add: ‘Most of these children make a rapid recovery.’
Want to know the real reason why they are desperate to get children back in school? because they are learning too much outside of it is why.
So, lets get children back into the fear classrooms and indoctrinate them further.
Parents should demand no child of theirs returns to school until the masks in their state are removed permanently, as only then is it deemed safe to do so.
If they think this virus is so bad to require masks at most times, even driving alone in your own car, to the people who do that, you do realize you look a jackass – just saying.
So whilst masks remain, the threat of the virus remains and so parents have right to say no school for their children, use their ouroborus program against them.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has blamed a “mutant algorithm” for this summer’s exam results fiasco.
“I am afraid your grades were almost derailed by a mutant algorithm and I know how stressful that must have been,” Mr Johnson told pupils at a school in Leicestershire.
Replacement grades caused chaos and required changes to some results.
In the fall-out from the exam problems, the Department for Education’s permanent secretary has stepped down.
The National Education Union (NEU) called Mr Johnson’s comments “brazen” and accused the prime minister of trying to “idly shrug away a disaster that his own government created”.
The prime minister had previously described the controversial exam results as a “robust set of grades“.
Mr Johnson had been empathising with the problems of young people during the pandemic – including the “mutant algorithm” for exam grades.
Mutant algorithms does and has not just applied to the UK exam results – just saying.
It steers internet traffic and search engines are probably the most used mutant algorithms.

A Tennessee school district is under fire, for asking parents to sign a form agreeing not to eavesdrop on kids’ virtual classes over concerns they could overhear confidential information.
After significant pushback, Rutherford County Schools is allowing parents to tune in with permission from the teacher but they can’t record the classes.
“It’s ridiculous. It’s so hypocritical because they’ve been data mining our children for years, compliments of common core,” Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, said on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday.
“What are they trying to hide? What is the problem? Why won’t they let us sit in?” the homeschool mom of five asked.
“Obviously, because they are teaching our children propaganda that they should not be teaching,” she said. “They are trying to socialize our children.”
She added: “We have had a major problem in education, not just here in Tennessee, but across the country where they are indoctrinating our children with propaganda.”
Cardoza-Moore questioned why the school would encourage parents to snitch on one another and what would happen if a parent violates the waiver.
“Does that mean somebody from the school district is going to knock on my door and pull my kid out of my home, his virtual classroom?” she asked.
“Or is it going to be my tax dollars that fund my child’s public education, my child won’t get to participate in education because of it?”
What this story confirms is what this show has stated all along, they have been indoctrinating our children from day one, and with parents more aware now due to this scamdemic, now they don’t wish to allow parents to listen in.

President Trump announced Sunday that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized convalescent plasma for emergency use, to treat patients sickened by the novel coronavirus.
Trump, who has been looking to announce progress in fighting the virus, touted the news as a “historic breakthrough” at a White House news conference on Sunday, saying it would “dramatically expand access to this treatment.”
Experts have expressed optimism about the treatment, but former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb called the move “incremental” earlier on Sunday, noting that convalescent plasma is already available to thousands of patients, though the new announcement might make it more widely available.
The move also comes amid concerns about political pressure from Trump on the FDA, and whether the agency is authorizing the treatment prematurely without adequate data about how well it works.
I think the Lifeforce group thought Trump’s comments on FDA and new treatment was about their biotech machine, with this story and the timing of it, it appears to not be the case.

Two men accused of planning an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne have had their homes raided and been arrested.
Police vowed to crack down on the protest, planned in Melbourne’s CBD on Sunday, calling it a “blatant breach” of COVID-19 restrictions.
Officers seized phones and a computer, charging a 41-year-old Mooroolbark man with incitement.
A 41-year-old Chirnside Park man is expected to be charged on Friday.
The Facebook event has called on people to protest in opposition to the city’s six-week shutdown and claimed to be a broader movement of planned protests.
“Let’s blow this one up and fill up the streets to show these criminals we won’t give up our country and livelihoods without a fight,” the event description reads.
It had more than 100 confirmed attendees and 400 expressions of interest late on Thursday evening.
If they turn up, Victoria Police said it wouldn’t hesitate to hand out $1652 on-the-spot fines or arrest protesters.
“This is a completely blatant breach of the chief health officer’s directions and puts Victorian lives at risk,” police said.
As the number of cases grow – 471 new ones on Thursday – so too do the number of fines.
A glimpse into a future world unless stopped, made more possible with technology, just replace live cops with drones and bots.
Don’t like their rules, then instant credits removed from your account with no recourse, credits of sorts will replace money in their technology world.

The federal government appears to have backtracked on COVID-19 testing guidance, according to a statement released late Wednesday from the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Controversial recommendations posted to the CDC website on Monday suggested people exposed to the coronavirus “do not necessarily need a test” unless they’re having symptoms, are older or are otherwise medically vulnerable.
In the new statement, the CDC’s director, Dr. Robert Redfield, now says that “all close contacts of confirmed or probable COVID-19 patients” may consider testing.
“Dr. Redfield appears to have walked back from that a little bit,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.
“I think this is a black eye for the CDC. They’ve got materials on their website that really can’t be scientifically justified,” said former CDC Dr. Tom Frieden, who is now president of Resolve to Save Lives, a global public health initiative. oops

This is a small report from a science doctor, and he said it was important enough that I wanted to get it out immediately.
My research into the NCBI database for nucleotide sequences has lead to a stunning discovery.
One of the WHO primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 is found in all human DNA!
The sequence “CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT” is an 18-character primer sequence found in the WHO coronavirus PCR testing protocol document.
The primer sequences are what get amplified by the PCR process, in order to be detected and designated a “positive” test result. It just so happens this exact same 18-character sequence, verbatim, is also found on Homo sapiens chromosome 8!
As far as I can tell, this means that the WHO test kits should find a positive result in all humans.
Can anyone explain this otherwise?
I really cannot overstate the significance of this finding. At minimum, it should have a notable impact on test results.

A group of Doctors this week made good points that echoes the warnings I gave in our show many months back, and serves as a reminder of what we face by complying.
The doctors Michael Lederman, Maxwell J. Mehlman and Stuart Youngner.
The article is a good summary of the endgame of this pandemic:
1) Vaccines should be mandatory. 2) No religious or personal objections to receiving the shot or shots should be honored.
3) Harsh penalties should be adopted to pressure the populace to comply, including:
4) Tax penalties, higher insurance premiums and denial of many government and private services for the un-vaccinated.
5) Refusal of private businesses to serve or employ the un-vaccinated.
6) Refusal of schools to allow un-vaccinated children to attend classes.
7) Exclusion by public and commercial transit companies — airlines, trains, and buses — of the un-vaccinated.
8) Requiring by public and private auditoriums of evidence of immunization for entry.
A registry of immunization would be needed with names entered after immunization is completed.
People who receive the vaccine would be issued certification cards with expiration dates.
These certifications could actually be embedded in the skin of individuals.
A person would be injected with a bit of dye that’s invisible to the naked eye but easily seen with a special cell phone filter.
Or each person would need to “present their papers” to use any (virtually all) restricted services. Ze papers please
America the 4th Reich is not a future event it has been happening here for the last 70 years, 70 years is the reboot time period for old programs, 1940’s became the 2010’s and the creeping back in of the term Nazi, now you are starting to see it in your face, next stop food rationing, oh, that’s already started as well.
As a reminder Nazis are by and large not German, they are and always were the Zionists regardless of nationality although many of them are Hebrew, and subsequently connected to or running Annunaki anti human programs, one has to wonder what the Earth Ambassador is doing about that at this point.

Following last weeks piece on the two most prevalent alt media groups Q and LifeForce, here is a round up of their news this week.
Q posted panic in DC again as something different, when it has been panic for near 4 years.
Q also posted the term 5th column, again this is nothing new, the reality is the entire governmental structure has been 5th column to the American people since a minimum of 1871.
Kim mentioned a new general within the White House and claims 70 deep state actors have been removed, great stuff
Kim also resent all the fulcrum files again this week of all the dirty laundry on all the politicians and various entities connected to the Government, one hopes that this time it is used appropriately and actions are taken accordingly, which was not the case with the previous deliveries of those documents.
Kim 8 weeks after claiming she eliminated all student loans, 6 weeks after she was rebuked on her show because they returned after being suspended for 3-4 months due to the Care Act, now claims to have eliminated student loans again this week as a favor, in return for giving the government $1.47T, in exchange for paying off all student loans.
Other stipulations Kim and her team made was the conditions of funding, was that the mandatory vaccines had to be removed from the stimulus bill, and the stimulus checks to the people must be added in, that is a great move.
Kim stated there was a guarantee that Trump would announce the end of student loans by 5pm EST on Monday afternoon.
As of writing this on Wednesday no announcement was forthcoming.
Kim claimed that the Clinton’s transferred all the child trafficking and pedo stuff over to KPMG recently, which is odd given they were on the KPMG system when Kim accessed it around February, and saw for herself the crimes committed and content, and also the evidence of the Team Bubba’s group involvement in pedophilia and child trafficking as well at the same time.
Team Bubba leader is linked to the DNC via a child exploitation ring, how many others in that group are connected to it remains unknown at this point, or whether the sex porn server issues that brought up several leading alt media personalities, which is also tied to the DNC is unknown at this point as well.
Kim claimed that KPMG was now shut down and this will lead to progress going forward.
As of yesterday the KPMG website and servers were still operational.
We have had no update on the progress of the Enforcement unit and subsequent arrests we all look forward to.
We got no answers to the questions we posed last week, although it was suggested that they would do a Q & A section early next month.
For those who have noted a certain repeat loop reverse time jump pattern to the content of their shows, yes I see that and we will watch it closely.

Kim and Tank claimed they have FDA approval for a healing machine which is in and of itself great news, but I am exercising caution at this point not because of Lifeforce, but due to the several claims of others in the alt media circles like Keenan, Keshe and others claiming their machines will do this that and the other, and to date none have come to fruition, on any public wide basis.
The same will apply to the Cosmic tower brought forward by Harald Thiers, it requires deeper thinking on any potential side effects or if it can be weaponized in some way against the people, that is my only concerns, is it beneficial to the people? does it have any or potential side effects?
Just because Harald is connected to our group, I will still question Harald with the same vigor as anyone or anything else, before I get accused of just attacking one group again.
But I am hoping this one can breakthrough and help the public provided it does what it says in the claims made, and has no side effects.
The machines are $25K each, the session costs is $250 per session, although it was stated a general physician would only charge $100 an hour, Tank states the Medical Insurance should cover it but was unsure.
One of the questions posed by their follower and not answered by Lifeforce yet is, please explain the interfacing connections and also the quantum aspect and how it comes into play.
Last, what does it change or modify inside a person’s body? If its going to change our being, into a different or controllable person then I don’t want it.
There were similar concerns raised within the comments section and that pleases me, as people are thinking more and better.
For too long now we have just accepted the narrative on a plethora of things, and not looked at the potential kick backs, weaponization of it or side effects.
Upon my own research of a similar or the actual device because it was not stated who the company were is, it consists of an electronic frequency style box, a cable that hooks into your laptop or computer, and a head brace with wrist and ankle straps which you attach to the person and then hook into the computer to interface and interact with.
At the risk of being called a rogue element again, I would like to raise my concerns about this is, if your computer contains viruses or programs can this not be interfered with on a computer level?
Can it send rogue frequencies to interfere with people and endanger the people using it?
With Go ogle, NSA and various other CIA connected entities all hooked into and controlling our computers, one feels our computers and phones would have to be made clean, before we hook into this machine in this manner.
One has to ask is the CIA now going to the CAI?
Lets run a scenario shall we, this machine initially starts to work and it goes viral, medical giants start to lose vast amounts of money, what happens next?
In come their kickback funds to computer tech people to create a program that kicks in every time someone starts the healing machine program, and meddles not only with the program itself, but the people using it.
One other thing that I was tweaked into a pondering was the Montauk chair, where people were strapped in a chair, bound by straps and wires and wore a head brace and were hooked into a machine, that was MK Ultra program, could the rogue elements of society suddenly turn all these machines into heightened versions of MK Ultra on people who are already weaker due to sickness?
Does this scenario sound far fetched? am I just being a killjoy? or is it valid discussions before we launch people into a potential disastrous scenario?
Remember for many of you a decade ago, you thought TV was not a mind control device, you thought school taught children not indoctrinate them, you thought the government works for the benefit of the people, you thought the justice system brings fair justice, you thought the government wouldn’t poison the food, water and air, you thought their drugs and vaccines were safe, you all thought wrong, and this is why we have to question things in a balanced and non biased manner.
Given the memory shift described in the show in relation to PTSD, which sounds like a switching of the alters within a person in my opinion, which is not a cure but a transference of the problem, and that should be made clear to people.
Switching of alters may bring relief to one problem, but it can bring whole heap of other problems.
I know this all to well having done work with people with alters and attachments, so I am not speaking without knowledge here.
These need to be addressed urgently before we launch into another piece of technology, virtually all have which to date, have been weaponized against the people.
It can be seen as challenging or dismissing the Lifeforce channel, but that is a deflection and the people require answers to valid questions posed.
I have posed issues to do with technology since I started broadcasting, and quite why it is now seen or deemed as a deliberate ploy or critique of one group, remains a mystery to me, and to many of you in THI and also the Lifeforce/UNC members who have contacted me with these concerns.
Due to people questioning both me and Kim, here is a final statement on what did and what didn’t happen.
THI didn’t pay Kim any funds, as THI has no funds, because THI is not a business.
TPC didn’t pay Kim either, repeat again for hard of hearing the Peoples Club did not pay Kim any funds out of the donations.
The TPC has not paid me one cent despite running over 95% of it myself in the 4.25 years it has been running.
That is all anyone needs to know.
All donations that was sent all went to the right cause(s) or destinations as requested by the donators.
My patreon and how I spend it or who I spend it on is nobody else’s business.
I want to thank all members far and wide who have and continue to donate to me to support my work, and also the TPC in what are difficult times for many, it is never forgotten or taken for granted your generosity.

Whilst on the same subject this was brought up by one of our members this week who said this.
This is something I’ve been researching for the past couple of years now, bio resonance frequency testing and therapy. Long story short – it works and works fast!
I’ve spoke about this in THI UK group meetings, and even had the idea that all drug pushing doctors should be replaced with bio resonance therapy, as it’s much safer and a lot more effective than prescription medication.
To show I raise concerns with all of this and not just one group as stated, I asked the question, so we replace all doctors and nurses with a machine, what do you do with all the doctors and nurses?
This is where I come in as I look at things from an overview basis, some people think it is being critical or critiquing, it is not, it is widening the picture and covering all bases, that this show is known for.
People too often get lured in and are focusing on the product, funding or the event, and not what happens next? consequences of actions should always be considered, unless we wish to replicate the clowns ouroborus programs.
I am not dismissing the healing tech per se just to be clear.
But it is interesting it comes up now as they roll out their tech control world, and something we all have to be aware and careful of, and go beyond the sensational headlining.

New Genetic evidence came forward recently and suggests that just over 4 millennia ago, a group of Indian travelers landed in Australia and stayed.
The evidence emerged a few years ago after a group of Aboriginal men’s Y chromosomes matched with Y chromosomes typically found in Indian men, up until now, the exact details, had been unclear.
But Irina Pugach from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, may have recently solved the thousand-year-old case.
4,000 years before the First Fleet landed on our fair shores, Indian adventurers had already settled and were accepted into the Indigenous Australian culture.
By studying the single-nucleotide polymorphisms and their patterns, Dr Pugach revealed a diverse tapestry of ancestry, one different from the lineage of New Guineans or the Philippines.
The study found a pattern of SNPs that is only found in Indian genetics, specifically the Dravidian speakers from South India.
Dr Pugach’s results were consistent with the Y-chromosome data found years earlier, using both results she calculated exactly when India arrived in Australia.
Dr Pugach estimates this to be around 2217 BC, an interesting time for both Australia and India, Indian civilization was just about formed, (that is a wrong statement it was fully formed in some aspects, particularly around the Garden of Eden in India) and Australian culture and wildlife were rearranging.
The Indus Valley civilization (India) emerged between 2600 BC and 1900 BC, during this period, Indus Valley managed to develop seaworthy boats, which they used to trade with their neighbours in the Middle East.
This new technology was used to get to Australia.
There is evidence of a shift in technology that coincides with the time Indians were thought to have arrived in Australia. Indigenous Australians switched their palaeolithic crude, stone tools, for neolithic refined tools.
This is confirmation of our FRWL series that the sub gray race and Kali ma followers thrown out of India, did not just go to Egypt but went north to Mongolia, then either across the Baring Strait and into America, and mixed with Native American tribes, which is why they were called Indians, and also now via boat to Australia.
It is my belief that these people subsequently infected all other tribes globally via their DNA, the reason I say infected is nothing to do with diseases, but the dark force voodoo spirit prevalent in those peoples.
They also taught other native tribes about sacrificing people and working for and with the dark forces, some of which reside within the spirit realms.
In other archeological evidence of the dark race Indians going to Egypt, they have now found that monkeys in Egypt once thought to come from Africa, were actually from India, in particular the rhesus monkey, which brings up a whole heap of ponderings given the rhesus negative connotations.

I received a proposal property tax bill this week for taxes payable in November and observed something that people should be made aware of what is coming.
With revenues down everywhere and payments deferred and or stopped, this practice will creep in on the American public hereoin as they make us pay for the stimulus checks and the virus bill.
Appraised taxes increase seems to be 10% up on all categories taxable within your bill, this despite providing no or reduced services this year.
With reports of 1/3 mortgages foreclosure before fall and more by end of the year, those costs will increasingly be left payable by the few, and raises major concerns, but here is another of their hair brained plans they are putting forward now and adds weight to the warning I have given in previous shows about UBI.

An unconditional basic income is given to citizens of a country because they are citizens, not conditional upon other qualifications. Some people have suggested that a universal basic income (UBI) would be a good way to eliminate poverty and deal with unemployment. A majority of the public in several countries support the introduction of an unconditional basic income, including France.
Basic income pilots have been conducted in United States and Canada in the 1960s and 1970s, Namibia (from 2008) and India (from 2011).
Switzerland had a referendum on the topic in 2016 which rejected a UBI, Finland and Spain were conducting trials as of 2018.
Iran was the first country to introduce a national basic income. Since Autumn 2010 it has paid an income to all citizens and replace the decades long system of subsidies of petrol, fuel, and other supplies.
In 2012, the sum corresponded to about 40 U.S. dollars per person per month.
With the Corona crisis and resulting economic struggles it is rather likely for UBI to find even more acceptance in the societies of strongly affected nations. At the same time it stands to reason that the unconditionality of it will be dropped and pay-out at one point in the future will be connected with compliance in receiving vaccinations to combat all current and upcoming viruses.
The 20/80 society is a projected society of the 21st century. 20% of the population will be enough to keep the world economy going. The other 80% live on some form of welfare.

The 20/80 society is a concept which has been discussed by Hans-Peter Martin in his book “The Global Trap” after he visited the Fairmont convention that has taken place in 1995 in San Francisco.
He was one of three invited journalist at this conference where he overheard global business leaders discussing how much, or less workforce they actually need to keep their companies running.
The book is known for defining a possible “20/80 society”.
In this possible society of the 21st century, 20 percent of the working age population will be enough to keep the world economy going.
The other 80 percent live on some form of welfare (while not explicitly mentioned, likely Universal Basic Income) and are entertained with a concept called “tittytainment“, a term uttered by Zbigniew Brzezinski, which aims at keeping the 80 percent of frustrated citizens happy with a mixture of deafeningly predictable, lowest common denominator entertainment for the soul and nourishment for the body.
Streaming services like Netflix for movies and TV series abound, and a coming wave of full robotization have made this a very likely future scenario.
The Pareto Principle is a rule that defines that 20 percent of business activities will account for 80 percent of results/revenue.
What will the 20% will think of that? will that be another class system all over again? will new labels be created for the 80%?
The problem they face with this is, they have created in the western world at least, a society of everyone for themselves and I am alright jack attitude.
So, with many people now looking after numero uno, how will those people who are now designated as the 20% feel about funding the other 80% now deemed idle?
It is another classic case of ouroborus programs by the clowns, where the new program impacts and ruins the gains or ideals of the previous program, it is jackassery on unprecedented levels.
Who decides who is the 20 or 80%, is it more government style dictatorship?
Will it be enforced? who enforces it? robot armies again?
Where are the funds coming from to support this? fresh air tokens – anyone?

Last week I mentioned a mortgage plan and here is a rough idea of how I have formulated it, although with algorithm machines it can be modified accordingly based on defined percentages calculated.
So we will start with an averaged priced home in most regions for this example.
A home for $350K with 10% down, leaves you with a mortgage of $315K, after paying for a period of 8 years the principal balance is now around $270K, and your payment with an interest rate of 4.5% is $1598 per month.
But you are struggling to make the payments and your home is underwater and now only worth $250-260K, which is market value and not true value.
You are now in danger of foreclosure which is costly and often prevents you owning a home again for a while, pushing you into a rental market with over inflated prices, like the average in New York mentioned last week of $3620 a month as an example.
But the true cost of your home is around $175K not $250K or the $350K you paid for it, and this is where the Trust can come in.
A refinance of the home from the $270K owed on the mortgage down to $175K, and a new loan of 30 years with an interest rate of 2% renders your mortgage payment now at $645 a month.
The Trust pays of the remaining balance to the banks, with a deal that does not require it to pay the full $95K balance less 10% admin fees for instance.
This then has a number of benefits
1. it floats the banks, 2. this then lowers the mortgage payments and keeps people in their homes. 3. this begins the reduction of house prices so all can afford one and end the mobile home living scandal. 4. keeps people out of the courts and legal fees that comes with foreclosure 5. it increases in the inflow of taxes on homes as more homes are populated and affordable, which helps the counties finances 6. with more people paying property taxes due to affordable homes and 100’s of thousands of homes not sitting empty, this will reduce everyone’s property taxes 7. improves peoples credit 8. improves peoples stress levels and lifestyles.
9. This will ensure the proposed TPC villages does not have an adverse effect on the local market prices.
Now this would have an adverse affect on the housing markets in the near term, so to counter that and prevent misuse of this new program, here are some stipulations that should apply to these new financed homes.
1. The price of that new financed home remains permanently at $175k plus inflation added on each year or goes down if inflation rates are lower.
2. The home becomes a designated Trust named home to determine the new home as a separate entity, and now not rated anymore at market value.
3. The mortgage loanee must stay with the Trust loan for the duration of the mortgage, that way the Trust gets back their investment on reducing the costs of your homes.
4. The lowering of the mortgage from $270K to $175K should not be classed as a taxable income item, the payments were fraud to begin with, and if the IRS wishes to gain from it, they should seek out those taxes from the lender, given they were paid for the loan up front anyway.
5. Given the savings cost of going from $1598 down to $645 per month, and people have more money in their pockets, perhaps a savings scheme of say $100 per month with the bank the mortgage was financed with becomes part of the package.
Which stays in the account until that savings account reaches the level of the deposit you paid down on the home, which in this case was $35K, which leaves you a nest egg at the end of the mortgage, which is then something extra to leave to children or grandchildren.
6. This then encourages savings again which is lacking badly within the western world.
7. The flow of money is increased amongst the people and not all harvested by the banks.
8. People would have more money to spend which aids all of the economy and creates more jobs, many of which were lost due to this fake scamdemic.
9. It ends the marketing snake oil people plans of boom and bust that would envelope everybody should their system carry on as currently.
I said in June of last year the millionaire people would be harvested and run down, they have as evidenced in recent shows, no one is safe in their homes anymore financially.
This would make a massive change to this country on all levels, and everyone gains from it, the banks, the Trust and the people.
It puts an end to the home based class status and runaway borrowing costs of keeping up with the Jones’s.
A home is something to live in and protect you from the elements, intruders and critters, it should not ever be a class based item, it is a basic requirement for living.
The Trust for another of their favor programs needs to acquire land for new towns and TPC villages to spring up.
There is vast quantities of open land available in America to build upon and end this practice of condensing people into over populated cities or towns, and also move people away from coastal areas that are consistently plagued and ruined by storms.
That way we can demolition vast quantities of high rise buildings and derelict sub divisions and return them to nature and make all our cities and towns better and less resembling concrete jungles.
Then we can all get by with just a little help from our friends.

I have attempted to write about and cover this subject for quite a while now, but always put it off for more appealing stories.
This time I am going to do it, the great hidden subject that too few are aware of, and even less will mention it or cover it.
There are many reasons it doesn’t come up in any conversations or is covered too much in alt media either.
People will speak of this in very small circles and rarely in the public realm of social media or otherwise.
This topic is ultra-sensitive to those who have experienced it, and so we have a team in place to help people who have undergone this issue and daren’t mention it anywhere. more details of that later.
This topic is astral rape both in dream time and experienced in the physical and awake.
So, what is this all about? why is it not covered? where are the books on it? why will the medical profession not discuss it? is it real? and a plethora of other questions arise for the victims.
So, what does it entail? it involves all the same aspects of a physical rape except you cannot see the perpetrator.
It is terrifying as the person feels all the same sensations and yet cannot see the person or entity who is doing it.
Once the event is over is, when the real issue starts, the physical emotion of rape is bad enough, but then a new reality kicks in and  the questions come thick and fast for the victimized.
Who do you speak to about this? your partner? your family? your doctor? the police?
Your male partner is going to think have you been unfaithful? are you nuts?  explained away as a bad dream, your family also, asking are you working too hard or stressed? are you taking meds, are you on drugs or something, is the general line of questioning.
As for getting so far as telling your doctor, that is fraught with double dangers, as that profession is missing key components to any full, true or valid prognosis.
Taught by the book, a book replete with zero knowledge of how to deal with this or mental issues, beyond the drug pushing ideology they are all too and so keen to promote.
The doctor is a loaded gun option as their levels of knowledge of this is by and large zero, so what happened? erm I was raped, did you get a good look at the person raping you? no, I couldn’t see anyone, the quizzical looks you would get in return to just that exchange is enough to put anyone off.
Have you been sleeping? have you been drinking or on drugs? what meds are you on? how is your partner and love life? and all the usual bs’ery the normal world uses to explain the unexplainable in a rational way, but there is nothing normal or rational to this event.
Your doctor is just going to recommend pills, unless you get agitated, and then the likelihood is you are whisked off into mental facility and a world of frustration as no one is believing you.
This leads your self esteem plummeting, sends your mind spiraling and eventually the person often buckles under the weight of pressure from a disbelieving world, then begins to doubt themselves and mistrust their own experiences.
Some then just agree they were just making it up or was just confused, because society refuses to believe them and ultimately leads the person into mass depression, and their sex life with their partner suffers greatly also.
Just where do the victims of this awful act go to? no one believes them, due to the chronic lack of knowledge in and of the hidden world, be it of magic, the spirit world, the dimensional world, extra terrestrials or by and large, the earth based planes.
The so called experts in medical or psychology departments can’t help them, it must be just about the most horrible experience, it is a life changing event and the world discounts it all, because of the control system and fear based religious world we inhabit.
The church won’t help them either, as the pretext of the church is a dance in and of the dark, and people can argue different, but the evidence against that is now overwhelming, providing you see and think clearly without the overbearing fear program that, that fake avenue of spirituality brings.
So, what does this entail? the victim is often lying in bed in a semi or unconscious state, when the bed starts moving and the first thought is often it is their partner getting over amorous with them.
Once fully awake that thought process quickly turns to panic or horror, often they cannot move or speak, leading to increased panic about what is unfolding in front of them.
They lie motionless unable to do anything to stop the event, praying it is just a bad dream and trying desperately to wake up, only the longevity of the event and the sensations in the genital area, deem that a pointless exercise and the victims mentally and physical torture goes on.
What do they feel? they feel all the same sensations of the penetrating act, as experienced with their partner or former partners, although often this experience is of a more brutal and forceful act than general lovemaking.
Is this just a female victim event? no, males have experienced it also with general rape and also buggery rape, and they are less able to speak about it than females.
I have been a witness to this type of event and yes it is all too real, but being familiar to the hidden world that operates just out of most people’s range of sight, it was easier for me to embrace this reality and try and help the person suffering.
Often people who experience it essentially end up alone and lonely, as they no longer feel the world or people are beneficial to them, following the world of disbelievers creating an almost bubble world of reality for them.
This often leads the victims to withdraw from society in many aspects, and an insular world all too uncomfortable.
This is kind of similar many who listen to this and other alt media shows, were we attempt to teach a disbelieving world of reality, and we are or were all too brutally dismissed.
The difference is, we can easily mend our rejection and go within and find like minded individuals to engage, but not so for the astral rape victims, as nowhere do people cover this in any great detail, or without some level of dismissiveness.
We at THI have often approached and covered the difficult aspects of life and have engaged people on a different level.
Provided a safe environment for people to come and speak of their shortfalls, wrong doing, lifestyles, experiences of a more esoteric nature and many other topics, and this is the essence of THI.
If you feel or have been a victim of this crime, please feel free when ready to do so, and come and speak to us.
If, you are female and don’t wish to speak to me out of embarrassment, that is fine as we have Holly and Michele to engage you on that level.
We will be setting up a monthly zoom call for self help issues, if we receive sufficient feedback to do so, which I will attend with Michele, Holly and Ramona.
This song whilst fitting lyrically it may also be a trigger, but know THI is and always will be here to support you.

What is value? have we defined it? does our modern day world reflect true value? it is worth what people are prepared to pay is often the saying, but that is not true value is it, as our mortgage plan revealed.
Do we value the self enough? do we value life force energy? do we know what our life force energy is all about? have we defined it?
Your life force energy is the most precious commodity bar none in this Universe, for proof watch Jupiter Ascending.
Pieces of paper with numbers on are a poor substitute for your life force energy, a full understanding of that will send you towards a better life path.
A society that does not honor or deem necessary true values, and instead uses the term market values, is always destined to fail, it did and we have.
The modern day values is skewed beyond all reasonable excuses now, and to get to a society where all gain and participate, a true value of life, creativity, consciousness and spirituality needs to be attained, and achieved, by all the people going forward.
It has to become our goals in life for the future.
This world is an abomination currently, riddled with corruption, perverts, perverse thinking patterns, greed, envy, anger, bitterness and unbalanced mindsets based on harvesting it all and not sharing it all.
This is the vision laid out by THI for our future, where radical changes of people, thinking, lifestyles, manners, engagement, government and cultures have to be made to ensure a real future for the people and this planet.
The first step to that, many of you listening have already made, THI has been the change, not waiting for it.
But the next stage I need you all to ponder on is.
What is and of value? and what is and not of value currently? and then how do we change that to a true value in life, across all the differing spectrums of life and living?

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